Holiday Gift Guide: Black-Owned Wine and Spirit Businesses

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2020 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Featuring over 60 Black-owned businesses with wine/spirit gifts, mixers, books, decor, glassware, apparel, food, and more!


TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents.................................................................... 2 A Note From The Creators................................................... 3 About Ashlee & Nadeen....................................................... 4 Apparel......................................................................................... 5 Books............................................................................................. 7 Condiments................................................................................ 9 Decor, Coasters, & Candles................................................. 12 Entertaining............................................................................... 18 Food............................................................................................... 20 Glassware.................................................................................... 22 Mixers/Cocktails....................................................................... 25 **Please note all product titles and photos contain clickable links that will take you to each business's website.


A NOTE FROM THE CREATORS Thank you for viewing our 2020 Black-Owned Holiday Gift Guide. We collaborated on this guide to highlight Black-owned businesses out of our shared love for wine and spirits. For Will Drink For Travel, Ashlee has compiled the most comprehensive list of over 100 Black-owned spirits available online. On The Sophisticated Life, Nadeen has an extensive list of Black-owned wine brands and holds a Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 wine certification. We couldn't think of a better reason to join forces than to highlight Black-owned businesses that offer accompanying items to use with your Black-owned wines and spirits. This guide contains over 60 businesses that provide tableware, glassware, coasters, candles, spices, apparel, and many other products that can be used to entertain in your home. We hope you enjoy this guide and choose one business - or all - to support during this holiday season. Cheers, Ashlee & Nadeen




ABOUT ASHLEE Ashlee Tuck is the founder and editorin-chief of Will Drink For Travel, a website dedicated to all things travel and mixology. Her goal is to show her audience that traveling the world through food and drink is a way to immerse themselves into cultures other than their own. Ashlee considers herself a cocktail enthusiast and self-taught mixologist with a heart for highlighting Black-owned spirits. On Will Drink For Travel TV, Ashlee interviews Black spirit owners about their journeys, what motivates them, and the future of their brands. Check out Ashlee's list of 100+ BlackOwned Spirit Brands to Support!


Meet Dr. Nadeen White. “Blogger by Day, Physician by Night�. She is the creator & editor for the award-winning blog-The Sophisticated Life. She strives to inspire others to travel around the world by sharing personal travel experiences and providing detailed travel guides. Over the years, Nadeen has written about and supported Black-owned winemakers and wineries on her blog. She is also an Amazon best-selling author for her travel, food, and wine e-book series. Check out Nadeen's list of 45+ BlackOwned Wineries and Businesses to Support!

APPAREL 3 LADIES ON A VINE 3 Ladies on a Vine wine blog and events company is made up of three sisters: Niambi, Aisha, and Ayanna. They "Live the Wine Way of Life" through simple recipes, easy-to-do crafts, and trendy party ideas, all using wine. They offer a wine-related sweatshirt and t-shirt that come with four handmade wine charms. The Ladies also carry wine bags.

IG: @3ladiesonavine

PALATINI'S Palatini's sells premium wine brands including Black and Women owned brands, premium-designed wine inspirational cork coasters, slate charcuterie boards, cork boxes, their Palatini's Relaxation Wine + Spa Collection, and apparel.

IG: @palatinisofficial

THE LOTUS & THE VINES The Lotus & The Vines is creating a seat at the worldwide wine table for “New Age� wine drinkers, beginners, and intermediates. As your Wine Best Friends, they show you that wine is more than a glass with your entree, but can unlock power moves and take you around the world in just minutes.

IG: @lotusvinewine


APPAREL WINE EN STYLE Wine en Style is an online boutique for winethemed apparel, accessories, and gifts. They provide stylish looks for wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, and those who enjoy a casual sip...en style.



BOOKS 99 BOTTLES: A BLACK SHEEP'S GUIDE TO LIFE-CHANGING WINES BY ANDRÉ MACK In this entertaining, informative, and thoroughly unconventional wine guide, award-winning sommelier, winemaker, and wine educator André Mack presents readers with the 99 bottles that have most impacted his life.

IG: @andrehmack

DRINK PROGRESSIVELY: A BOLD NEW WAY TO PAIR WINE WITH FOOD The book lays out a unique approach to wine - the Progressive Scale - which groups wine together by its body as opposed to varietal or region.

IG: @urbangrape

HOLY SPIRITS! CHARLESTON CULTURE THROUGH COCKTAILS Holy Spirits! is the debut publication from popular beverage and hospitality bloggers Cocktail Bandits, Taneka Reaves and Johnny Caldwell, that provides readers with an overview of Charleston cocktail culture from a unique, urban perspective.

IG: @cocktailbandits


BOOKS MANEUVERING ROSÉ WINE WITH STYLE BY CHARLES SPRINGFIELD MANEUVERING ROSÉ WINE WITH STYLE takes an introspective look into the pink wine category. The chapters feel like one-part wine class, one-part seminar and one-part heart-to-heart kitchen table talks. Written in a conversational tone, the book shines a light on the historical perspective of pink wines, the trends, available styles and the popular grapes used.

IG: @thewinestylings

MASTERING THE POUR: CRAFT COCKTAILS FOR THE ULTIMATE CONNOISSEUR, DIGITAL COCKTAIL BOOK This mini digital cocktail book features six cocktail recipes bursting with flavor and booze...plenty of booze!

IG: @potentpours


CONDIMENTS BE EDIBLE Be Edible infuses all types of wine, but their most popular is their infused red blend. Each 6oz serving contains approximately 35mg of THC, which is a very cozy way to unwind after a long day of working from home. They also infuse honey, sugar and olive oil.

IG: @beedible

BASBAAS Basbaas is the only authentic, packaged Somali line of hot sauces and chutneys currently available in the United States. Designed to perfectly complement Middle Eastern-inspired spicy chutneys and other ethnic sauces, Basbaas is hand-crafted in small batches, and are all-natural, locally sourced, glutenfree and vegan.

IG: @basbaassauce

CAMELLA'S KITCHEN Founded by a mother and daughter duo from Trinidad and Tobago, Camella’s Kitchen helps you to elevate your meals at home and on-the-go with their bold Caribbean flavors. Rooted in tradition, all of their flavors are handcrafted in small batches. They make hot sauce, marinade, spices, cakes and more. Camella's Kitchen believes in high quality ingredients and tries to source from local farms as much as possible.

IG: @camellaskitchen


CONDIMENTS CAPITAL CITY CO. Established in 2011, Capital City, LLC, is a specialty foods manufacturer, based in Arnold, Maryland, and produces a regional cult-like chicken wing condiment called mambo sauce. The company’s flagship product, Mild Mambo Sauce, is the first commercially bottled alternative for those who love the taste of mambo sauce, but no longer have access to it or simply prefer to eat their meals at home.

IG: @capitalcityco

ESSIE SPICE Essie Spice sauces and spice blends have been crafted in small batches using traditional WestAfrican spices and cooking methods with influences from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Europe. They draw on the uniqueness of each place, but also the seamless fusion of the different spices that complement each other.

IG: @essiespice

KRISSY'S VINAIGRETTES Krissy’s Vinaigrettes is an all-natural vinaigrettes line with five different variations of flavors, all EVOO based. Each flavor is uniquely made to provide a flavorful addition to any salad or meat. The Maryland’s Finest is most popular and pays homage to Krissy’s home state with a unique bay flavor. The line also includes three spices, all of which can be found via the website

IG: @krissysvinaigrettes


CONDIMENTS KYVAN FOODS KYVANÂŽ Foods is a line of specialty products created by Reggie and Sheila Kelly. Their products, such as Honey Apple Salsa, Honey Apple Butter, wing sauces, salad dressings and seasonings, cater to your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Their products are unique, full of flavor and made with LOVE. "One taste and you will appreciate the goodness!"

IG: @kyvan82

MASSET SPICES Masset Spices are African-inspired with fresh flavor in BPA, toxin, chemical and lead-free jars. Each jar is made from thick high-quality glass that make them very sturdy and withstand the test of time. Shop Masset now and add some flavaaa from the motherland to your sweet and savory meals, as well as your drinks.

IG: @allmasset

TRADE STREET JAM CO Trade Street Jam Company offers low sugar, vegan jams for cocktails, cooking, baking and more.

IG: @tradestjamco


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES COAST 2 COAST Coast 2 Coast by Tye Thorpe specializes in handmade customized coasters and trays that will suit any home decor and color.

IG: @coastbytye

D&S CRAFTWORKS D&S Craftworks has devoted themselves to the singular goal of designing and creating outstanding items that bring your ideas to life with precision and detail. They have a variety of creative coasters, cups, cutting boards, and more.

IG: @dandscraftworks

JP SCENTS CANDLES JP Scents Candles specializes in liquor bottle candles to bring light to the darkness.

IG: @jpscentscandles


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES KULTURED KITCHENS Kultured.Kitchens is a unique kitchenware brand that specializes in creating culturally expressive dinnerware. A family-owned business, Kultured.Kitchens was founded in 2019 on the idea that cultural expression should be displayed in every area of your home.

IG: @kultured,kitchens

MACKLIN BATH & HOME What once started as a simple, yet unfruitful search for a bath tray to help destress has grown into a full luxury brand for overworked women with limited time to themselves. The brand now offers bath salts, silk robes, and beautifully scented candles, as well as a variety of bathroom accessories like bath pillows and extendable bath trays. Macklin Bath and Home is an exclusive brand of premium bath accessories designed for modern living.

IG: @macklinbathandhome_

M.DOT CELLAR M.Dot Cellar is a wine lifestyle experience brand by the "Wine Lifestyle Diva". M. Dot Cellar produces handmade jeweled ice buckets and hand poured wine scented candles.

IG: @wine_lifestyle_diva


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES OASIS SOUL SCENT CO. Oasis Soul Scent Co. is a body and home goods company whose products are inspired by feel-good music (cue “Sweet Taboo” and “Lovely Day”). Its offerings include an array of luxurious candles, body scrubs, body oils, room/linen sprays, and shower aromatherapy steamers.

IG: @oasissoul

OLFACTARE CANDLES Olfactare Candles offers hand-poured 100% soy wax candles and home fragrance products. Founded in 2019 by Janai Smith, their products are all about stimulating your senses. More than just a simple candle company, their goal is to promote self-care, self-awareness, and increase your quality of life.

IG: @wickflamescent

RAIN SKY HOME Rain+Sky Home Decor was founded in 2018, St. Louis, MO. Now located in Atlanta, Georgia, Owner and Designer Asia Clayborne is committed to curating pieces that celebrate culture and partnering with retailers worldwide that share a passion for community. Their Africa Coasters Collection, is an original collection, hand sculpted and designed in their in-house studio. They consider this collection functional art...pieces designed to function as both, art and decor.

IG: @rainskyhome


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES SHAY PIERRE CANDLES Shay Pierre Candles is a Black Couple Owned luxury soy candle company in Austin, TX. They sell natural soy wax candles with scents that have been curated to help their customers create their peace! Their brand highlights their passion for candles, wellness, and love for one another. This passion shows through in the quality of their products and customer service.

IG: @shaypierrecandles

THE 125 COLLECTION The 125 Collection is an urban luxury candle brand based in Harlem, NY. Constantly inspired by New York City and pop culture, their candles are designed to empower, inspire, and entertain.

IG: @the125collection

THE BLACK HOME DESIGN The Black Home is the destination for inspiration dedicated to highlighting the black experience. Understanding the fear associated with Black as it pertains to color and culture, Neffi Walker creates a space where black is celebrated all ways, in all ways. Often creating platforms to showcase black chefs, artists and other creatives, The Black Home represents a communal collective of excellence. This initiative paired with her exquisite eye for design and precise execution captivates audiences from all walks of life.

IG: @theblackhomedesign


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES THE LUXE FARE The Luxe Fare sources unique, high-end home decor products to suit the taste of the discerning eye.

IG: @theluxefare

THE MUTED HOME The Muted Home is a collective vision of home decor products to enhance every area of your home. They are a family run and operated business specializing in bringing customers unique handcrafted home goods inspired by their travels, dreams & creative designs to form. Simple, subtle, and stated touches from their family to yours.

IG: @themutedhome

THE RANDLE CANDLE COLLECTIVE The Randle Candle Collective is committed to providing you with eco-friendly, aromatic scents! They make their candles in small batches to ensure you receive a quality product. All of their candles are made with soy wax and hand poured with love in Washington, D.C.

IG: @therandlecandlecollective


DECOR, COASTERS, & CANDLES UNLIKELY MARKET Unlikely Market is an online gift boutique that offers a little something for everyone including apparel, accessories, and monogrammed items.

IG: @unlikelymarket

WAX BY WILLS Wax by Wills is a small candle business which includes fragrance sprays and wax melts. All of the candles and wax melts are pink and are made from Coconut-Soy Wax blended with fragrance oils and topped with beautiful dried and fresh flowers. Additionally, the fragrance sprays are 100% organic blended with 100% natural essential oils. There are a wide range of scents available that are perfect for any type of candle lover.

IG: @waxbywills


ENTERTAINING BLUESMOKEATL Blue SmokeATL carries whiskey cubes that simply chill your drink, without watering down, over-cooling or altering the flavor in any way. They come in gold or silver with BluesmokeATL beautifully etched on one side. Search the word “cubes” in the search bar to purchase yours today.

IG: @bluesmokeatl

HAPPIEST OURS Happiest Ours is a mobile bartending company that serves the Inland Empire area in California, bringing delicious cocktails to the best parties at any location.

IG: @happiestours

POP-UP PICNICS ATL Realizing how limited social gatherings had now become, Pop-Up Picnics ATL was created with the idea of setting up the perfect scenario for any occasion that you can imagine with family or friends. Their guests have the option to choose from one of Atlanta’s scenic parks, breathtaking falls, or even the comfort of their own homes.

IG: @pop_up_picnics_atl


ENTERTAINING SAINTKITS Delivered directly to your door, saintkits combines everything you love about events - the cocktails, the music, the decor, the conversations and the vibes - all of which can be enhanced with virtual experiences and classes such as mixology, yoga, interior design, and social justice. They also aspire to highlight independent Black makers. From an intimate date night, bachelorette party or corporate events, this team has you covered in this post-covid world of engagement. No matter if you’re 6’ apart or 600 miles away, anyone can create an unforgettable experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

IG: @saintkits

THE PERFECT PICNIC The Perfect Picnic is a boutique event company, specializing in styling one-of-a-kind picnic experiences. They are passionate about elevating the alfresco dining experience by creating charming picnics to go along with breathtaking views. Allow them the pleasure of coordinating, styling, and doing all the work for your picnic experience. Their service implements bespoke pop-up picnics for any occasion or just a way to dine differently.

IG: @theperfectpicnictable


FOOD CANDIED BY TRICIA BRILEY Candied by Tricia Bradley sells various types of gourmet popcorn, including some infused with Jack Daniel's, Hennessy and Crown Royal.

IG: @candiedbytriciabriley

DRUNKEN FRUIT Drunken FruitÂŽ is certified organic fruit aged in a proprietary blend of alcohol. Exquisitely versatile for the distinct palate it is a dessert, a cocktail, a garnish, an aphrodisiac, a bottle appetizer, a chef's dream, the perfect gift, or whatever you desire!

IG: @drunkenfruit

NIKO'S SPIKED GELATO + SORBET Niko's Spiked Gelato + Sorbet is authentic Italian gelato & sorbet infused with alcohol.

IG: @nikosgelato


FOOD NOW BOARDING STL Now Boarding STL specializes in charcuterie boards and curated graze boxes that are perfect for outings like picnics, date nights, winery trips, client gifts, corporate events and so much more.

IG: @nowboardingstl

PHILLIP ASHLEY CHOCOLATES Phillip Ashley Rix is one of the world's preeminent chefs and designers of luxury chocolate. He is an award-winning chocolatier and known as "The Real Life Willy Wonka of Chocolate". They specialize in virtual chocolate tastings and their chocolates are enjoyed across the globe. Whether you’re a business gifting thousands, thanking special event guests, or an aficionado wishing to indulge, Phillip Ashley Chocolates makes the perfect gift for any occasion. In 2020, Phillip Ashley Chocolate Turtles were picked as one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

IG: @phillipashleychocolates


GLASSWARE A DAY N JUNE A Day N June is a vintage lifestyle concept shop in Baltimore, MD specializing in apparel, accessories, and home goods.

IG: @adaynjune

BINKIE THE CRAFTY CREATIVE Binkie specializes in custom wineglasses and other novelty items.

IG: @binkiesthecraftycreative

CEDRIC MITCHELL DESIGN Cedric Mitchell Design is inspired by an eccentric mix of Graffiti Art, Pop Culture, Mid-Century Modern and Memphis Design. Cedric creates work that ranges from functional to decorative art, combining simplicity in design with bold colors to craft hand-blown vessels with a purpose.

IG: @cedricmitchelldesign


GLASSWARE COLORFULL PLATES Colorfull Plates is a thoughtfully designed children's tableware company with diverse characters that portray children seeing themselves doing things they imagine. Let your children fly through the stars with carrots, and conquer the world with their favorite meals.

IG: @colorfull_plates

ESTELLE COLORED GLASS Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand of hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels. The Estelle Colored Glass collection is comprised of original commissioned pieces made by glass artisans in Poland at a glass making company with a rich 100-plus-year-old history. Estelle Colored Glass pieces are best described as "jewels for your table."

IG: @estellecoloredglass

SERENITY STAPLES Serenity Staples provides exquisite, hand-selected limited tabletop collections along with ideal home staples that will transform your dining and cooking experiences into an oasis of serenity.



GLASSWARE THE GUILTY GRAPE Co-founded by Nichelle and Nicole Nichols, The Guilty Grape's Diamond Stemless Wine Glasses sit straight up or tilted at an angle for a unique viewing experience. The angles of this glass give your favorite spirit a dramatic presentation. Whether its whiskey, vodka, cognac, scotch, bourbon, or brandy, all of your alcohol will look fantastic in their Diamond Whiskey Glass.

IG: @theguiltygrape

THE WINO SHOP The Wino Shop is your one-stop-shop for wine accessories and apparel. The perfect wine accessories will elevate your wine lifestyle and impress your guests. They specialize in wine glasses, wine gadgets, wine bottle stoppers, corkscrews, wine bottle openers, coasters, tumblers, home decor, and more!

IG: @thewinoshop


MIXERS/COCKTAILS AVEC DRINKS Launched in June 2020 by WOC Dee Charlemagne and her co-founder Alex Doman, AVEC is on a mission to help you drink better. Their line of premium better for you mixers are made in Brooklyn with all-natural ingredients — real juices, botanicals, and spices— to create delicious, naturally low-sugar/low-calorie replacements for existing alternatives. Think of an updated version of a ginger beer but with 80-90% less sugar or an updated margarita with Tequila AVEC Jalapeno and Blood Orange. AVEC's sampler box is an amazing way to try all 5 flavors and a great gift for that wannabe-mixologist in your life.

IG: @avecdrinks

BLUE HENRY Blue Henry produces a line of all-natural rich simple syrups, candied and dehydrated fruit, and sugars and salts for rimming glasses.

IG: @bluehenry

BROOKLYN BREWED SORREL Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a delightful brewed and aged hibiscus-spiced beverage based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage started by Brooklyn born, 1st generation Caribbean American foodie and designer Nzinga Knight.

IG: @brooklynbrewedsorrel


MIXERS/COCKTAILS CANE COLLECTIVE Based in Baltimore, Cane Collective produces nonalcoholic mixers made with fresh ingredients.

IG: @cane_collective

CHARISMATIC CREATIONS Charismatic Creations offers natural cocktail mixes made with fresh fruit and herbs grown in Washington, D.C. and Southern Maryland. These mixes pair well with all spirits or can be simply enjoyed on ice with soda water or ginger-ale. Imagine enjoying an Apple CinnaMint Margarita or Blackberry Lemonbalm Martini!

IG: @charismaticcreations

HELLA COCKTAIL COMPANY Hella Cocktail Co is a minority-owned premium mixology company crafted with integrity and rooted in discovery for everyone who wants to taste more and know more. Currently offering a super-premium line of non-alcoholic cocktail bitters and mixers for premium retail, bars and restaurants, and of course your home! Also newly released, Bitters & Soda is a line of non-alcoholic sparkling aperitifs that get their refreshing flavor from a French Gentian tincture. Enjoy a 15% discount when using the code STOCKUP15 upon checkout.

IG: @hellacocktailco // @hellabittersandsoda


MIXERS/COCKTAILS HIDDEN SPIRITS COCKTAILS Hidden Spirits Cocktails, Ltd. is a ready to serve cocktail company that thrives on making some of the worlds most loved beverages into an adult beverage that provides the same benefits as a shot of liquor while suppressing the strong taste of alcohol. These tasty beverages are all 1921% ABV (alcohol by volume) and are not afraid to sneak up on you providing the same buzz as a whiskey on the rocks.

IG: @hiddenspiritscocktails

HUX SPIRITS Hux Spirits offers Cuban-inspired rum and bourbon infused sangria. They are smooth in taste, rich in flavor, and strong enough to satisfy an experienced palate.

IG: @huxspirits

INSPIRING SPIRITS Inspiring Spirits carries gourmet, premium cocktail and mocktail mixers, as well as a seasonal subscription box service. They also offer custom gifting and a Virtual Toast Experience, which allows groups to purchase kits that include mixers, custom cups, and have a mixologist join their virtual session to teach tips, tricks and techniques to mixing!

IG: @inspiringspiritsco


MIXERS/COCKTAILS MIXIN' MIMI MIXOLOGY LLC Mixin' Mimi Mixology LLC is a beverage catering and event staffing agency that services the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas. They produce "Handcraft Creations" such as Blueberry Mint, Raspberry Rosemary, Tropical Island, and more. The fan-favorite is the Guava Sparkleberry - a berry, fun, and glittery lemonade! Order online at

IG: @mixinmimi

PERFECTLY CORDIAL Perfectly Cordial premium craft mixer is made from a variety of fresh squeezed juices, a unique global spice blend, and pure cane sugar. Simply mix with your favorite spirit for the perfect cocktail or combine with sparkling water or tonic for a refreshing mocktail.

IG: @perfectlycordial

SAVILE COCKTAILS Savile Cocktails is a ready-to-drink, all natural, gluten-free, vegan friendly, and non-GMO cocktail. This island-inspired drink is meant to "take you away" to that Caribbean vacation spot you know and love, or have always dreamed of. It's not too sweet and doesn't require any mixers, just pour over ice!

IG: @drinksavile


MIXERS/COCKTAILS STICKEE SUGA Stickee Suga LLC. is a woman-owned simple syrup company that specializes and takes pride in creating all natural and organic simple syrups. Stickee Suga only utilizes organic cane sugar and natural spring water. They let the fruit combinations do the rest. The method and attention that is put into each unique flavor, will surely boost your favorite beverage of choice. They presently have ten staple flavors and are working on new blends daily.

IG: @stickee_suga


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