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thursday, march 31, 2011


of the events we had to cover didn’t seem like they would exactly be up our alley, but one of the editorial column most valuable lessons I roxanne hathway-baxter have personally garnered dan hawie from my work as an edimyles herod tor is that you have to give things a chance. You Just as quickly as it began, it’s all have to try new things with an open over. It’s the season finale, the cur- mind and often afterwards you’ll tain is coming down. It’s this year’s find yourself to be pleasantly surlast issue of ANDY and may I just prised. Cliché, no? say, it’s been an absolute trip. There We started off the year as have been some late nights, some re- ANDY editors with humble goals. ally late nights, and some very corny We hoped to be a helpful source puns, but now that it’s all over and for culture, both locally and abroad. done, every minute spent straining We wanted to get students out of our eyes, and every article laboured the campus bubble and see that the over seems more than worth it. Let Hamilton area is filled with great this editorial serve as the newspaper arts and culture if you just look equivalent of that last blessed class around. Did you guys get out there? before exams, the one in which you Maybe it was walking up review everything and you find out and down James Street for a monthwhat you have both missed and ly art crawl or getting to Robinson learned. Memorial Theatre to be in the au Working as editors for dience of one of the Honours PerANDY has given us many oppor- formance Series plays but, either tunities to interview celebrities, as way, we hope that our little magawell as review movies, plays, and zine/newspaper/publication thing exhibits. We learned that many ce- served as somewhat of an inspiralebrities are a lot nicer and more tion. intelligent that you might think, It’s very easy to fall into and speaking to them has provided a rut when you’re in school. The some great insight into topics we readings pile up, the essays don’t renever could have imagined. Some lent, and then when you’re reeling


from everything that the university can throw at you, those dreaded exams begin. When you finally get a chance for release, especially in Hamilton, it sometimes feels like there is nothing to do. Well, not nothing to do exactly, but just the same things over and over again. You can only go to Hess Village so many times before you’ve frequented every bar at least twice. As time goes by, you can sometimes feel the borders of the half a million-person city getting smaller and smaller. Although it might not always appear to be on the surface, Hamilton is a fantastic city. If you can get through the smog and the colourful characters who frequent Jackson Square, you will find that there are countless restaurants, boutiques and galleries just an HSR bus ride away. Through my four years at university I grew to view Hamilton as a diamond in the rough, and I really think that’s the best way to describe it. You have to work a little harder to find the best bits, but that doesn’t make it any less great. Besides, when you find something truly amazing, don’t you feel it was more than worth the wait all along? I feel like I’m writing a speech as the valedictorian I never was. I’m not getting teary-eyed, I

the silhouette’s art & culture magazine • D3 swear, but I am getting a little sad. The whole year came to an end so fast, and now all that’s in my foreseeable future are exams and hot, unemployed summer days. Please don’t leave me, ANDY. The three of us at ANDY would like to throw out a humongous thank you to our dedicated volunteer base. Without you guys, the weekly issue would have been just a bunch of blank pages. Thank you for coming to the meetings to keep us company in the dank and curiously hot basement that we began to call home. We owe you many, many beers. And, finally, we’d like to thank our readers. Thanks for putting up with the terrible puns and cheesy jokes for a whole year. We probably lost a lot of you after February’s bad joke overload, but for those of you who stuck with us through thick and thin and corny, you’re the best. Seriously though, without you we wouldn’t have had jobs. Pat yourselves on the backs, ANDY readers. You kept us eating for a whole year. You’re heroes, really. Stay sexy, Roxanne, Dan, and Myles xoxoxo

ticklin’ the staff

andy’s picks

1. Closing Time Semisonic 2. Leaving on a Jet Plane Peter, Paul & Mary 3. Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Let it Die Feist 5. A Slow Parade A.A. Bondy 6. Woke Up New The Mountain Goats 7. The Tide Spill Canvas 8. Better Days Graham Nash 9. Don’t Dream It’s Over Crowded House

where are you ticklish?

compiled by christopher chang & roxanne hathway-baxter

“behind my knees” kaitlin peters assistant inside out editor

“my inner labia” jonathon fairclough assistant photo editor

“my parasitic twin” peter goffin executive editor

“my hoo-hah” cassandra jeffery opinions editor

“my gooch” santino marinucci business editor

March 31st, 2011  

March 31st, 2011 issue of The Sil

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