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11/1/10 11/3/10 11/3-4/10 11/3-4/10 11/4-5/10 11/4-6/10 11/5/10 11/6/10 11/6/10 11/6/10 11/6-7/10 11/7/10 11/7/10 11/7/10 11/7-8/10 11/11/10 11/12/10 11/12/10 11/13/10 11/13/10 11/13/10 11/13/10 11/14/10 11/15/10 11/15/10 11/16-18/10 11/17/10 11/19-21/10 11/20/10 11/20/10 11/20-22/20 11/21/10 11/21/10 11/21/10 11/26/10 11/26/10 11/26/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27/10 11/27-28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28/10 11/28-30/10 11/29/10 11/29/10 11/30/10

NWSS Jr. Market Lamb and Goat entry Deadline The Legends Sale Graves Cattle Co. Online Female Sale X Bar S Land & Cattle Online Sale The Special Reserve Sale COBA Select Sires A.I. School Sharing in the Progress Vol. VII 14th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale Guyer/Bonham Private Treaty Phone Bid-Off Sale Purple in the Hills Sale Vol.2 Whitestone-Krebs Generations of Quality Sale Blind Badger Ranch Back to the Basics V Sale Bochop & Lone Willow Angus Female Sale Lucky Strike Show Cattle Fall Female Sale NAILE Market Swine Show Drager Cattle Co. 3rd Annual Elite Eleven Sale Market Lamb Mamma Sale Run for the Roses at the International Donors on Ice Fesmire Show Cattle Private Treaty Sale Kentucky Bluegrass Invitational Sale NAILE Wether Lamb Show NAILE Steer Show ACA National Sale Maine Focus Sale COBA Select Sires A.I. School NAILE Wether Goat Show Ree Heights Fall Gathering On-Line Auction Tree Lane Farms Annual Sale Heritage Cattle Company "Sharing the Legacy" Sale Nate Lupher/Hixon Online Auction Burke Show Cattle 20th Annual Sale Huston Cattle Co. Heart of the Herd Sale Wagner Angus Complete Disperson Pembrook Cattle Company Black Friday Sale Conley Cattle Black Friday Sale See & Believe Elite Female Sale Guyer Cattle Co. Customer Appreciation Sale Kolt Cattle Co. MCF Top Cut Female Sale Dameron Angus 27th Annual Production Sale Divas & Donors Genetic Perfection Sale Holmes Show Cattle Private Treaty Auction Rutledge Farms 27th Annual Club Calf Sale Heart of it All Show 2nd Annual Dream Girl Sale Cow Time 2010 Geffert Cattle Co. Online Female Sale Heath Cattle Co. Online Female Sale Jones Show Cattle Online Female Sale Joyce Show Cattle Complete Cow Herd Dispersal O'Leary Cattle Invitation Only Online Female Sale The Chosen Few (Janssen Farms) Elliott Cattle Co. Online Sale K Bar K Cattle Grateful Harvest Sale May Cattle Co. Online Show Heifers Sale Prairie View Farms Online Sale

November/December 2010

12/3-5/10 12/3-5/10 12/4/10 12/4/10 12/4/10 12/4-6/10 12/5/10 12/9/10 12/10-12/10 12/10-12/10 12/11/10 12/11/10 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/14-16/10 12/17/10 12/17-18/10 12/18/10 12/18/10 12/18-20/10 12/22/10 12/28-29/10 12/29/10 12/30/10 12/31/10

Badger Kick-Off Classic Show Hoosier Beef Congress Jewels of the Northland Simmental Sale Sullivan Ranch Power in the Blood Sale Thomas Ranch Mature Cow Herd Dispersal Sieck/Barham/Sullivan Holiday Special Online Sale 6th Annual Colorado Connection Production Sale Landgren Ranch In the Goods Online Female Sale AGR Holiday Classic Show Kansas Beef Expo First Class Female Sale Sandeen Genetics 1st Annual Production Sale Holtkamp Cattle Company Rising Stars IV Sale Hartman Cattle Company 15th Annual Sale Holtkamp Cattle Company Rising Stars IV Sale COBA Select Sires A.I. School Bryan McKay Cattle Co. Elite Female Sale Nebraska AGR Winter Preview Show Season Finale VIII Griswold Cattle Co. Classic Female Sale Bedwell Cattle Co./Bremer Show Cattle Online Sale Roecker Bred Female Online Sale Apex Cattle Online Female Sale Incredible Female Sale Vol. VI Holiday Classic "The Sweet 16 Edition" The Winners' Circle Sale

1/4/11 1/5/11 1/6/11 1/7/11 1/8/11 1/8-23/11 1/9/11 1/10/11 1/15/11 1/15/11 1/29-30/11

Word Ranch Fall-Born Private Treaty Sale Dakota Summer Borns Private Treaty Sale Begalka Summer & Fall Born Private Treaty Sale Strolberg Farms Summer/Fall-Born Sale Guyer Cattle Company Chosen Few Sale NWSS Royal Edge IV Sale Wiss Cattle Co. Fall-Born Private Treaty Sale AMAA Bright Lights Sale Western Elite Foundation Female Sale VCCP Winter Classic Jackpot Show

2/1/11 2/4/11 2/4-6/11 2/4-6/11 2/12-13/11

Nate Lupher/Todd Hixon Online Bull Sale 6th Annula Dakota Classic AGR Classic 2011 (Missouri) Purdue AGR Preview Show Gibson County Preview Show


Jones-Stewart Angus Sale

6/22-25/11 North American Jr. Red Angus Show 6/26-7/1/11 Maine-Anjou & Chiania Junior Nationals 6/27-7/2/11 Shorthorn Junior Nationals

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