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FOR SHOW CATTLE PEOPLE! We have a driving passion for the show industry. Striving to formulate NEW, modern show products for you! Hide & Hair

The hottest NEW Hair growth product.

Not only has Hide & Hair been shown to grow hair, but it also encourages skin health which is essential for optimum hair growth. It contains kelp and seaweed which has been shown to lower body temperature. Hide & Hair contains no melatonin. With melatonin, there is a point where hair growth comes to a peak and then it sheds, but with Hide & Hair you are able to achieve consistent hair growth. Initial reorders have been very strong!

Instructional DVD’s by Dave Guyer These superior quality DVD’s are stuffed full of great information to help you succeed in the show ring. Dave is a tremendous fitter, educator and cattleman. He reveals significant information that gives you a competitive advantage. Five different DVD’s: Selection and Feeding, Daily Care, Clipping, Fitting and Showmanship.


Sullivan’s PEACE Pellets FLAIR


Flair is a tremendous feed supplement that contains the perfect combination of proprietary nutrients to promote the growth of luxurious, full, fresh, hair coats. Originally created by the Wilcox Family of Indiana, they consider Flair the “secret ingredient” to their family’s tremendous show ring success.

This pelleted feed supplement is fed daily to calm and take the edge off show cattle. Mixes easily with your daily feed ration. Provides a calming effect during daily stressful times and allows the exhibitor to handle show animals more professionally. It also helps to break animals and take stress off. A Great New Product!


Fitting Tip From The Pro’s With the arrival of your calves this fall, here are a few things to get you off to a good start: Check with the breeder to assure the calf has been propBarry Nowatzke erly vaccinated. Take your time when breaking your calf to minimize stress. After washing your calf the first time, use a heavy coat of Kleen Sheen. Comb and blow the sheen into the hair, then apply a heavy coat of Final Bloom to the entire body, including the legs. Continue to blow while applying more Final Bloom to any dry skin or dandruff areas. This will help to get the hide in better condition, promote hair growth, and train the hair.

Shop at Sullivan’s for the showman on your Christmas List. Check out our on-line specials at

- Barry Nowatzke

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November/December 2010

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