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Graduation Edition SUMMER 2009

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THE SHORTHORN Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

Monday, August 10, 2009


Tough job market shouldn’t discourage summer graduates A full résumé, internships and the right interview skills can help search, Career Services coordinator says. BY JASON BOYD The Shorthorn news editor

It’s tough out there after graduation. A National Association of Colleges and Employers’ national survey of summer 2009 graduating seniors showed less than 19 percent had a job. In this shrinking job market, employers want more from applicants than ever before, said Debbie Villagomez, Career Services employer relations and career events coordinator. Graduates compete with past graduates who have come back to school and are re-entering the job market for employers, who are hiring less and less. “The biggest piece of advice we can give is a degree isn’t enough,” she said. An internship, maybe two, can put students on the top of hiring lists, Villagomez said. Soft skills, like how to talk to others, also help set one apart, especially in an interview. Villagomez suggests getting involved on campus. Ms. UTA Rosita Tran has been involved on campus for more than two years, and

recommends it to anyone wanting to develop interpersonal skills. “You need help inside and outside of the classroom,” she said. She said she’s formed lasting friendships that will help her network in the future, learned her strengths and weakness, and has something on her résumé that gives her an advantage. Villagomez’s office offers mock interviews, including a webcam recorded one that can later be critiqued. Using this service to catch bad habits, like repeating “um” and “like” and not making eye contact, can result in better real-world results, she said. Career Services offers help year-round, she said. The office is open to alumni, not just recent graduates. The need is more evident today, she said. Though she used to be surprised when someone came into her office two years after graduation, she now has alumni visiting who walked the stage 22 years ago. Even with the right interviewing skills and a full résumé, students can benefit from thinking outside the box, she said. Many fall for the lure of big name companies and get dismayed when not hired, while a smaller company may offer an even larger salary.

She also sees, particularly at job fairs, the need for students to see their degree’s scope. For instance, accounting majors can apply anywhere because every company needs accountants, not just accounting firms. Also, government jobs are booming right now, and they also tend to offer better health benefits and 401(k) packages, she said. Some ignore this avenue, chasing the big name companies, she said. Many respondents to the NACE survey said they would enter the job market, despite the small hiring pool. But, more 2009 graduates expected to head to graduate school at the time of the spring survey — 26 percent compared to 24 percent in 2008 and 20 percent in 2007. Villagomez said she hopes graduates don’t pursue a higher degree just to wait out the storm. She would rather them concentrate on learning those soft skills. Overall, she advises students to not become distraught by such a fierce job market. “At the end of the day, this isn’t going to be the economy forever,” she said.


BY THE NUMBERS 19% of Summer 2009 graduates have jobs in hand 59% of spring graduates had begun job searching 22% down for spring graduate hiring projections from employers

Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers

POST-GRADUATE HELP The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out a Occupational Outlook Handbook yearly. The 2008-09 edition can be found at It provides information on training needed, expected expertise and projected job rates in several fields.

Monday, August 10, 2009

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The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

actions Behind words This senior wants to uncover criminal justice’s unresolved issues

The Shorthorn: rasy ran

Psychology senior Marcia Vasquez serves as parliamentarian for the 2009-10 Student Congress and plans to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. vasquez says she wants to specialize in forensic psychology at the University of California, irvine, to help people understand the inner workings of criminology.

By JoHnaTHan SilvER The Shorthorn staff

Graduating psychology senior Marcia Vasquez said she wants to use science to help understand crime. Vasquez, Student Congress parliamentarian for the 2009-10 academic year, said she enjoys making a difference. She worked with the Science Constituency Council, part of SC representing the College of Science, and consequentially met SC senators, who encouraged her to attend congress’ meetings. “After a few meetings, I had a strong urge to change things on campus,” Vasquez said. “Being active in Student Congress was the

way to get things done.” Vasquez said she gets strong support and motivation from family. Her father, a pre-trial officer and Dallas County chemical dependency counselor, encourages her to do her best. “My father is my inspiration,” she said. “He was the first child [of his family] to graduate from college. It seems that his passion is so amazing that it motivates me to seek helping people.” After graduation, Vasquez said she will pursue a second bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and plans to go to the University of California, Irvine, for graduate school. She said she wants to specialize in forensic psy-

chology and work in a setting focused on victimology and criminal profiling. She said more degrees are ideal to prepare her for a career with the federal government’s internal affairs, which is her ultimate goal. One of Vasquez’s passions is eyewitness testimony. “I have found that this type of testimony is not nearly as reliable as we have led ourselves to believe,” she said. “Within internal affairs, I hope to bring new light to the way criminals are prosecuted and sentenced based on eyewitness testimony.” The criminal justice system and politics as portrayed in the media leaves some questions unanswered, she said. Understanding the

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psychology and reasoning behind peoples’ actions will be part of Vasquez’s trade, she said. “I am an optimist and feel that there is so much more to be understood about crimes and the victims that these crimes are happening to,” Vasquez said. “I only want to be able to aid in the growth of understanding crime and the effect it has on the victim.”

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All rights reserved. All content is the property of The Shorthorn and may not be reproduced, published or retransmitted in any form without written permission from UTA Student publications. The Shorthorn is the student newspaper of the University of Texas at Arlington and is published in

JoHnaTHan SilvER

the UTA office of Student publications. opinions expressed in The Shorthorn are not necessarily those of the university administration. The Shorthorn is published Tuesday-friday, except school holidays, during fall and spring semesters and Tuesday and Thursday during the summer semester. Mailed subscription rates are $50 for a single semester or $100 for one year. Send checks payable to the office.

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The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation edition

Monday, August 10, 2009

The candidaTes* for

The class of sUMMer 2009

Graduate School School of architecture ProGram in architecture Master of Architecture

Jeaneane Pogue Chisholm Joel Jonathan Gallegos Jeff Patrick Garnett Daniel Alexander Kirby Sara Jane LeTourneau Jose Salvador Mejia Christopher Michael Mueller Vibhuti Rambhai Patel Roberto Miguel Ramirez

colleGe of BuSineSS adminiStration Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

Vikram Singh Bhadauria BE, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya, 1991; MBA, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya, 1997; MS, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya, 2002 Dissertation Title: To Test Before or to Test After – An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Test Driven Development Supervising Professor: Radha Mahapatra James Richard Guzak BSBA, University of Nebraska, 1974; MBA, University of Nebraska, 1975; MMgmt, University of Dallas, 2003 Dissertation title: The Role of Intuition in Ethical Decision Making Supervising Professors: Kenneth Price, Yongmei Liu Jin Dong Park BA, Yonsei University, 1996; MBA, Yonsei University, 2002; MS, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, 2004 Dissertation Title: Managers’ Forecast Guidance in Earnings Surprises Around Employee Stock Option Reissues Supervising Professor: Chandra Subramaniam

Keng-Jung Yeh BBA, National Taiwan University, 1995; MBA, National Taiwan University, 1999 Dissertation Title: Reconceptualizing Technology Use and Information Systems Success: Developing and Testing a Theoretically Integrated Model Supervising Professor: James Teng Program in Business Administration

ProGram in BuSineSS adminiStration Master of Business Administration

Ashley Elizabeth Alcorn Patrick Walter Amstein Mohammad Asad Matthew Joseph Boyd Staci Brandt Catherine Anne Broumley James Kenneth Brown Mary Louisa Carpenter Jerry Jacob Cornwall Katherine Doughtie Curtis Ramakrishna Dantu Harrison Huy Doan Paul Carl Graves Tiffany Angeline Green Paul Foster Greer Krista Diane Griffin Dale Douglas Hall Raymond Alan Hamaker Kelly Hart Henry Atkinson Hawkins IV Elizabeth Jane Hendricks Luz E. Henry Julie Ann Huval Phat Huu Huynh Demarqus Terrell James Laura Vanek Keesee Summer Rose Kenny Jameel Ahmad Khan Deanna Gilbert Kiser Jonathan Sampson Kurth Kiran Kumar Manjunath Jimmie O. Marks Jr. Bryan S. Massie Benson C Mathews Brent Mayfield Paul Joseph Mehlmann Lauren Ashley Morgan Stephen George Mota Bernadette M. Nagib Shadrach Andrew Nanney Dorothy Jeanne Nelson Chidiebere Obiajunwa Ozurigbo Candice Renae Payne

Robert Raymond Popp III Benjamin B. Pylant Nitin Rajpurohit Puneeth Ramaiah Danielle Reboli Julie Redman Ruben Rivera Griffin Clay Roark Benjamin Malcolm Robertson Darshak Thakor Shah Matthew Warren Shelley Laura Siebert Heather Stover-Beasley Travis Glenn Swindle Taylor Alan Takacs Kyle Andrew Thomas Evelyn Urbina Ana Maria Valdivieso Payva Adityaindra Nath Vyas Jason Edward Warner David Michael Westfall Brett Michael Williams Online Master of Business Administration

Ya-Hsuan Yuan Yu Zhang

commencement Schedule

dePartment of accountinG

Friday, August 14 School of Nursing and College of Education - 7 p.m.

Master of Science in Accounting

Alessandra Marcella Bueno Kimberly Diana Downs Ricardo Omar Favela Ariana Gomez Ashleigh Brianne Johnson Gregory Peter Katopody Sharonda D. Lacy Prabin Maharjan Jason Glenn Miller Christian Swauger Jessica R. Valek

Saturday, August 15 School of Social Work - 9 a.m. College of Engineering - 12:30 p.m. College of Business - 4 p.m. College of Liberal Arts - 7:30 p.m. Sunday, August 16 College of Science - 1 p.m.

Jeffrey Ward Sharita Nicole Wilson Jennifer G. Wohlferd

Master of Science in Taxation

dePartment of manaGement

Lee Megan Bellinghausen Lennie Cathern Griffin Maritza Vazquez

Master of Science in Human Resource Management

Don Edward Akins, Jr. Ryan Nicole Goodman

ProGram in health care adminiStration

Executive Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Health Care Administration

Hua Chen Wan-Hsing Cheng Chia-Yu Chiang Ming-Ying Hsiao Doddato Yu-Ting Hsieh Hsiu-Yen Hsu Li-yen Hu Eugene Jiang Chi-Cheng Jonas Liao Morgan Ming-Der Lin Chen Lung Wen Ou Mei-Yuan Shih Chih-Ting Tsai Li Wang Wei-Ming Wu Department of Accounting Master of Professional Accounting Patricia Robledo Craig Rachel Michelle Daniel Thomas Edison Elliott Chen Gu Amanda Nichole Sajia Tabassum Hoque Chun-Pai Huang Danut Madalin Ionescu Christopher James Lawler Paula Anne Melvin Cary Mesnard Ogello Ehsan Rahman

Shohreh Bahrami Racquel Bragg Maricruz Cantu Jennifer Lee Corrado Kristopher Antonio DaCosta Sunny Lynn Drenik Robert Earley Stacie M. Goyne Ann-Sofi Maria Horton Michelle Hutson Deepashree S. Jani Venton Carlos Jones Jr. Maegan Elizabeth Kuykendall Tu Thanh My Le Sondra Lester John Joseph Lurkins Brandon Lee McCurry Vong Miphouvieng Cheryl L. Mobley William Nguyen Keshnel Shawn Penny Dung Van Pham Nitin Rajpurohit Tania Ray Randall Scott Rogers Ronald Keith Skinner Jr. Erin Gabrielle Syrinek Withawat Thothong Xuannhu Thi Vo

*Students listed in the program for degrees and those listed for honors are candidates. Official status will be determined by final semester grades.

Zachary Ross Anderson Ryan Robert Rothermel

dePartment of information SyStemS and oPerationS manaGement Master of Science in Information Systems

Brock Allen Addicks Cynthia Annette Aicklen Jaime Gabriel Avelar Darren Robert Beck Efren Cigarroa Gus Cortes Ahmad Ismail Daqrouq Andrea L. Felder Amy Ruth Gilbert Christie Michelle Giles Victor Willis Gutzler Marsha Monea Holmes Rashid Ahmed Khan Lisa L. Kruczynski Craig LeBeau Scott Mangan Jessica Jae Mathews Erick Blair Miles Mohammad Moosa Gustavo Ortiz Jana Kay Prew David P. Raybuck Blake Weston Smith James W. Stewart Megan Topham Randy E. Young

Monday, August 10, 2009


Matthew Peter Stephenson Rui Wan Department of Finance and Real Estate Master of Science in Real Estate Ramya Rajajagadeesan Aroul Jason Christopher Belle Joshua Edward Smith Zhao Xuan

Bianca N. McCloud Ryan David McCoy LaShawnda Delane Moore Eric Daniel Ogle Terence Lamar Rogers Kelly Rosado Therese Marie Ryan Marisa Belin Saenz Maria Azucena Ruiz Salazar Olivia Salas Salinas Lakisha Lashawn Thomas Tinika Walton Michelle Corlette Watts Christopher Michael Weaver




Master of Science in Exercise Physiology

Master of Science in Marketing Research

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Rebecca Lynn Cavitt Amber Winette Chalmers Brenda Nicole Fuller Holli Hall Julie Michelle Khan Denise Sue Rettmann Nancy Leigh Halcomb Scott Leslie Ann Thompson Master of Education in Teaching

Darren Lee Breedlove Jacqueline Grace Freeman

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THE SHORTHORN Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

The Shorthorn: File Photo


Dhruti Choksi Mayank Jain

Economics graduate student Juan Araiza, right, gives mechanical engineering senior Blake Hinsey tips before his run on the Sports Car Club of America style course at the July 25 Autocross Weekend at Lot 49.


Pamela Marie Clingenpeel Jones Stephen Michael Keedy Robert Jason Masino Lisa Diane Mayo Wendy Pena Cara Beth Wisenbaker Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Christopher Chad Bates

Kimberley Lynette Blackwell Samuel Elias Blocklyn Amanda Welborn Crawley Betina Carol Edwards Williams Cynthia Ann Erwin Joe Estrada IV Stephanie A. Baird Renee Sanders Johnson Helene Elizabeth Kilianski James Glen Kirkpatrick Jeffrey Lee Krieger

Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Engineering)

Tre Raymond Welch BS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1998; BA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1998; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2005 Dissertation Title: Advances in Helical Stent Design and Fabrication: Thermal Treatment and FluidStructure Interaction Studies of the

Simulated Plaque-Laden Artery Supervising Professor: Cheng-Jen Chuong Doctor of Philosophy (Civil Engineering)

Juan Bosquez Jr. BS, Texas A&M University, 1992; MS, Texas A&M Kingsville, 1995 Dissertation Title: A Comprehensive Study of Recycled Concrete Aggregates as a Drainable Base Layer for Pavements Supervising Professor: Anand Puppala Diego Dario Perez-Ruiz BS, Universidad del Cauca, 1987; MSc, Universidad del Cauca, 1991; MS, University of Puerto Rico, 1993 Dissertation Title: A Novel ServoControlled Cubical Apparatus for Modeling Unsaturated Soil Response Under Suction-Controlled Stress Paths Supervising Professor: Laureano Hoyos Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Engineering)

Srividhya Rajendran BE,SardarPatelUniversity,1998;MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2003 Dissertation Title: Autonomous Abstraction of Policies Based on Policy

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Monday, August 10, 2009

The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

DEpartmEnt of ElECtriCal EnGinEErinG

Homomorphism Supervising Professor: Manfred Huber

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Tengkok Aaron Thor BS, Texas A&M University, 2000; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2003 Dissertation Title: An Auction Mechanism for Grid Scheduling and Resource Allocation Supervising Professors: Gergely Zaruba, David Levine Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

Brent Jason Lagesse BS, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2004; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2006 Dissertation Title: Autonomous Trust Management in Dynamic Systems Supervising Professors: Mohan Kumar, Matthew Wright Byoung Yong Lee BE, Kangnam University, 1996; ME, Soongsil University, 1998 Dissertation Title: Energy Efficient Routing Structures and Wakeup Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks Supervising Professor: Ramez Elmasri Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical Engineering)

Wei Jiang BS, Southwest Jiaotong University, 2003; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2006 Dissertation Title: Multi-port Power Electronic Interface for Renewable Energy Sources Supervising Professor: Babak Fahimi Jing Liang BS, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2003; MS, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2005 Dissertation Title: Signal Processing in Radar and Non-radar Sensor Networks Supervising Professor: Qilian Liang Sanjeev Malalur BE, BangaloreUniversity,2000;MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: A Family of Robust Second Order Training Algorithms Supervising Professor: Michael Manry Mohammad Shahriar Rahman BS, Bangladesh University of Engineering, 2003; MEngr, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology,

The Shorthorn: File Photo

lEaDinG thE tunE Assistant music professor Matthew Luttrell directs a band composed of high school students from around the Metroplex and beyond. Four bands of varying skill levels were created for the Summer Concert Band Camp, which took place June 14-18.

2005 Dissertation Title: Reliability of Advanced Dielectric in Gate Oxide and MEMS Packaging Supervising Professor: Zeynep Celik-Butler Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Science and Engineering)

Vishwas Narayan Bedekar BEngr, Mumbai University, 2002; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2006 Dissertation Title: Self-Powered Detection of Pressure and Magnetic Field by Combining Novel Sensor Architectures with Energy Harvesting Supervising Professor: Shashank Priya Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering)

Willard Leo Hanson BS, University of MassachusettsAmherst, 1991; MS, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, 2005 Dissertation Title: Development of a Quantum Dot Mediated Thermometry for Minimally Invasive Thermal Therapy Supervising Professor: Bumsoo Han Gilberto Moreno BS, The University of Texas

at El Paso, 2001; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2005 Dissertation Title: Experimental Investigation of Flow Boiling and Spray Cooling on Enhanced Surfaces in FC-72 Supervising Professor: Seung Mun You

DEpartmEnt of BioEnGinEErinG Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Olumide Olanipekun Aruwajoye Vijayalakshmi Chinta Shruti Ishvarlal Kanakia Bilal Anwar Khan Rodrigo Lozano Amit Mistry Naga Sandhya Mitnala Aaron Dennison Palmer Birava Mayoorbhai Patel Matthew Ruff Sukanya Varadharajan Jamie Wright

DEpartmEnt of Civil EnGinEErinG Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Konstantin Khenokh

Amanda Christine Pash-Brimmer Michael Solares Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Carlos Flores Jubair Hossain Tito Peter Nyamuhokya Teri Lynn Schmig Department of Computer Science and Engineering Master of Science in Computer Engineering Gautam Ravendra Chavan Mrugank Kumar Kaushik Kumar Dalal Jeevan Kumar Gogineni Sankalp Vinod Shere Master of Science in Computer Science

Amrut Sureshbabu Budihal Supreeth Chakravarthy Kriti Chauhan Santosh Chirra Monideepa Ghosh Pavan Gururaj Muddebihal Dinesh Kullangal Sridhara Calvin Richard Noronha Lipsa Bharatkumar Patel Kushal Jitendrakumar Shah Arun Varadarajan Robert J. Walls

Rohan Umesh Adyanthaya Jonathan Daniel Armstrong Kevin Bastin Kaushal Brahmbhatt Vishal Savio Coelho Imran Omer Muzhar Desai Ajaykumar Shivpujan Gupta Jeffrey Brandon Hall Abhishek Kumar Jain Rohan Karande Najla S. Khan Esther Tai-Chun Lu Vidhya Nagarathinam Shenbaga Murthy Girishkumar Keshavlal Panchal Chirag Suryakant Patel Matthew Cole Ragsdale Aruna S. Ravi Sidharth Sapru Shaoshu Sha Harshil Mahendra Shah Altaf Amirali Sunesara Syam Pavan Vadapalli

DEpartmEnt of inDuStrial anD manufaCturinG SyStEmS EnGinEErinG Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Vishwajeet Maruti Chigadannawar Kaushik Kalyan Gorahava Maysaa M. Hamdan Judy Heredia Naveen Kadadavar Neha Malhotra Sohil Rajesh Mehta Thanawut Osuwannarat Kunaal Rambhia Shivkumar Salgotra Thomas Evan Taylor Chakrapani Velugubantla Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Thomas Albin Doran Adam David Nabors Department of Materials Science and Engineering Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering Nathassia Corzo Chen-Yu Wu Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Alex Prative Raj Kumar Alphonse Joseph Raj Michael Patrick Frink Hou-Kuan Lee Varad Rajan Sakhalkar Beibei Wang

Monday, August 10, 2009


Rachel Elaine Hamilton Abigail Beth Willis Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Jane-Wit Kampoon Hari Narayanan Nagarajan Amit Ramesh Oza Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Gobi Kumar Ryan Matthew Rapisand Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Aditya A. Battin Tenok Octavio Dehoyos Nikhil Narendra Kavadia Kartik Kiran Parikh Joonas Ilmari Ponkala Samar Jyotindra Shah

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Doctor of Philosophy (English)

Bridgitte A. Barclay Arnold BA, Evangel University, 2000; MA, Southern Connecticut State University, 2002 Dissertation Title: “A Condition of Potentiality”: American Women’s Utopian and Science Fiction, 19201960 Supervising Professor: Kenneth Roemer Seung-Won Kim BA, Soongsil Univerisity, 1998; MA, Soongsil University, 2000; MA, Texas A&M University – Commerce, 2003 Dissertation Title: Growing Up Dual in Korean American Juvenile Bildungsromane Supervising Professor: Tim Morris Doctor of Philosophy (Linguistics)

Szu-Yen Neal Liang BA, University of Utah, 1998 Dissertation Title: The Acquisition of Chinese Nominal Classifier Systems by L2 Adult Learners of Chinese Supervising Professor: Laurel Smith Paul Alan Schaefer BA, John Brown University, 1994; BA, John Brown University, 1994; MA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1996 Dissertation Title: Narrative Sto-

THE SHORTHORN Summer 2009 Graduation Edition ryline Marking in Safaliba: Determining the Meaning and Discourse Function of a Typologically-Suspect Pronoun Set Supervising Professor: Donald Burquest Catharine Moore Welch BA, Baylor University, 2003 Dissertation Title: The Acquisition of Pragmatic Softeners in Spanish by Instructed Learners of Spanish in the Study Abroad and Immersion Contexts Supervising Professor: Laurel Stvan Doctor of Philosophy (Transatlantic History)

Andrea Kathleen Brinton Haga BA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2000; MA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2002 Dissertation Title: Shaping British Identity: Transatlantic Anglo-Spanish Rivalry in the Early Modern Period Supervising Professor: Steven Reinhardt Melissa Canady Wargo BA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1991; MA, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1996 Dissertation Title: The Bordes-Binford Debate: A Clash of Interpretive Traditions in Archaeology Supervising Professor: Steven Reinhardt

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS Master of Arts in Communication

Rebecca Jane LeBreton LaShonda Deniece Walker

DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Amanda Kent Jessica Marie Millares

DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Master of Arts in English

Robert Doane Lipscomb III Luke Tesdal Pamela A. Tracy Katherine Elaine Wallis Department of History Master of Arts in History Jeffrey David Brubaker Aaron Dean Johnson


Myounghee Im Master of Arts in TESOL

Hana Renee Ouattara Adam Keith Stein Department of Political Science Master of Arts in Political Science Jessica Exine Mitchell Michael Wayne Morris Nathan Andrew Stallings


Chawki Ahmed Belhadi Marta Alicia Galvan Program in Humanities Master of Arts in Humanities Lyndon Page

SCHOOL OF NURSING Master of Science in Nursing

Julianne Newsom Anderson Olukemi Olutokunbo Atoyosoye Camille Nevada Botsford Cobb Christina Kay Crump

Shelly Renea Devillier Jennifer Michelle Dinubila Amy Denise Estes Sherry Denise Ferrell Stacy Gail Florsheim Sheila Ann Ford Francesca Chiara Hoover Lindsey Laura Jensen Jennie Blakeley Jones Cristine Marie Kerr Merin Mary Mathew Amy Lynn McAnulty Laura Sue McClenny Erin Gay Milligan Autumn Brianne Morris Caroline N. Ndungu Monica Joy Nelson Karen Indra Riggs Meredith Murr Rooker Brandi Leighann Skiles Leah B. Smith Jill Elise Stephens Courtney Shea Stewart Alicia Karen Su Angelique Tchounkovsky Brooke Cheneil Torbert Elizabeth Wanjiru LaJontee’ DeMetriel Ware Ami Jeannette Perry

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry)

Jaime Antonio Flores BS, Pontificial Catholic University of Peru, 1993 Dissertation Title: The Chemistry of

Page 7 Fluorinated 1,3,5-Triazapentadienyl Coinage Metal Complexes Supervising Professor: Rasika Dias Bibhu Prasad Mishra BS, Utkal University, 1999; MS, Utkal University, 2001; MTech, Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur, 2005 Dissertation Title: Mixed Lineage Leukemia Histone Methylases in Gene Expression and Cell Cycle Regulation Supervising Professor: Subhrangsu Mandal Doctor of Philosophy (Experimental Psychology)

Colette Jacquot BA, Kennesaw State University, 2004; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2007 Dissertation Title: Gender Differences in Science, Math, and Engineering Doctoral Candidates’ Mental Models Regarding Intent to Pursue an Academic Career Supervising Professor: Monica Basco Niveditha Parthasarathy BA, University of Madras, 1998; MS, University of Madras, 2003 Dissertation Title: Ingroup and Outgroup Members as Determinants of Performance in a Brainstorming Task Supervising Professor: Paul Paulus

Page 8

The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

Monday, August 10, 2009

Doctor of Philosophy (Math Science-Mathematics)

Nathan Nguyen Dong BS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2001; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: Logistic Regression With Misclassified Covariates Using Auxiliary Data Supervising Professor: Doyle Hawkins Meri Trema Hughes BS, East Texas Baptist University, 1993; MS, Baylor University, 1995 Dissertation Title: Uniqueness of Minimal Acyclic Complexes Supervising Professor: David Jorgensen Maria Luisa Bambozzi Oliveira BS, University of Sao Paulo, 1999; MS, University of Sao Paulo, 2002 Dissertation Title: High-Order Numerical Schemes For High-Speed Flows Supervising Professor: Chaoqun Liu Adina Oprisan BA, University Of Bucharest, 1997; MS, University of Bucharest, 1998; MS, Michigan State University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Large Deviation Principle for Functional Limit Theorems Supervising Professor: Andrzej Korzeniowski Humberto D. Perez-Gonzalez BS, Universidad De Sucre, 1996; MS, University Of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, 2005 Dissertation Title: Analysis and Simulation in Neuron and Fibrosis Models Supervising Professor: Jianzhong Su Fransell Rena Copeland Riley BS, Louisiana Tech University, 1999; MS, University of Texas at Arlington, 2001 Dissertation Title: Testing the Equality of Regression Coefficients and a Pooling Methodology from Multiple Samples when the Data is Multicollinear Supervising Professor: Chien-Pai Han Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics General Mathematics)

Mehmet Ali Akinlar BS, Anadolu University, 1999; MS, Anadolu University, 2002; MS, McMaster University, 2005 Dissertation Title: A New Method for Nonrigid Registration of 3D Images Supervising Professor: Guojun Liao Natee Pantong

The Shorthorn: File Photo

a Cry for frEEDom A protester, who wishes not to be identified, holds up an image of Neda Agha-Soltan after she was shot dead at a protest June 20 in Tehran. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Dallas City Hall on June 23 to protest against the violence following the Iranian elections.

BS, Royal Thai Air Force Academy, 1996; MS, Royal Thai Air Force Academy, 2000; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2007 Dissertation Title: A Globally Convergent Numerical Method for Coefficient Inverse Problems Supervising Professor: Jianzhong Su Doctor of Philosophy (physics and applied physics)

Fajer Bitar Jaafari BS, Al-Baath, 1993; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: Simulations of High Lattitude Lonosphere-Magnetosphere Region Plasma Density Structures and the AifvĂŠn Wave Affects Supervising Professor: Ramon Lopez Doctor of Philosophy (Quantitative Biology)

Brian E. Fontenot BS,TexasA&MUniversity,2000;MS,

DEpartmEnt of Earth anD EnvironmEntal SCiEnCES

The University of Texas at Tyler, 2003 Dissertation Title: Natural Hybridization and Speciation in Toads of the Anaxyrus Americanus Group Supervising Professor: Paul Chippendale

the Southwestern United States Supervising Professor: Robert McMahon

Mansi Motiwale Kunte BS, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya, 1999; MS, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya, 2001 Dissertation Title: Analysis of Novel Regulatory Region and Function of a Young Drosophila Retrogent: Dntf-2r Supervising Professor: Esther Betran

Gloria Andrea Acevedo Margaret Monica Bejm Vicente Adrian Bernal Christopher Austin Hamilton Victoria Idio Michael Latter Logan Savannah Gayle Simonds

DEpartmEnt of mathEmatiCS

DEpartmEnt of ChEmiStry anD BioChEmiStry

Mark Edward Kipling Katherine Elizabeth Yeager

John Thomas Morse BS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1999; MS, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2001 Dissertation Title: Thermal Tolerance, Physiological Condition, and Population Genetics of Dreissenid Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha and D. rostriformis bugensis) Relative to Their Invasion of Waters in

DEpartmEnt of BioloGy Master of Science in Biology

Master of Science in Chemistry

Mallikharjuna Reddy Bogala Nancy Ruth Graciano Diaz Priyanka Prashar Man Yung Tong

Master of Science in Geology

Richard Charles Odom

Master of Science in Mathematics

Rim Zarrad Gouia

DEpartmEnt of phySiCS Master of Science in Physics

DEpartmEnt of pSyCholoGy Master of Science in Psychology

Amber-Rani Nitara Harris Pushpani Menaka Herath Jared Adam Hooste Theresa G. Moehrle Shana Leigh Wiggins

Monday, August 10, 2009

ProGram in EnvironmEntal and Earth SciEncES Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Science

Kathryn Bradfield Victoria Regina Gonder Janice Zeller Pyles Master of Science in Environmental and Earth Sciences

Madhu Rani Theodore Robert Skingel

School of Social Work Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work)

Dheeshana Sugandhi Jayasundara BA, University of Delhi, 1998; MA, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2003; MSSW, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2008 Dissertation Title: Reproductive Health of Women in Developing Countries and Human Development: A Test of Sen’s Theory Supervising Professor: Vijayan Pillai Master of Science in Social Work

Kristi Lynn Ballard Brandi Michelle Bezant Heather Sarita Bhatt Dana Deniece Brookshire Joseph Virgil Brown Megan R. Canedy Gary Cantu Natalie Niemeier Cilek Tricia Davis Mechelle Marie Deckard Jennifer Ann Didier Michelle Ann Donahue Shannon Marie Dyer Carrie Marie Ellis Andrea Rochelle Ewing Eleanor Vaughan Gallins Sandra F. Greer Haydee Hall Andrea Lea Hawley Christen Colananni Hayes Ali Renée Johnson Janaka Johnson-Smith Alison Nicole Jonell Yi Jin Kim Melody Dovel Kisinger Felissa M. Maddox Marquita O. Martin Megan Elizabeth Garrett Maxwell Kelli King McAdams Marcela Nava Chrishaundra Antwinette Nesmith Obiageri Nnena Obioha Lauren Ann Paduano Warren Neil Ponder Cherice L. Poole

Page 9

The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition Denise Ramirez Kattina Danielle Raymond Amanda Rendon Aaron Adam Richard Kenisha Rotibi Afton Marie Rutherford Marla Beth Schick Andrea Marie Shank Beverly Ann Shockey Hector Alejandro Soto Amy Gail Spellman Rabail Umrani Michael Joseph Vela II Angela Walker Jeanna Kay Wright Christin Chamise Young Bernadette Maria Zahn

School of Urban and PUblic affairS Doctor of Philosophy (Public and Urban Administration)

Tiffany Gurley-Alloway BS, Indiana University, 1996; MEd, University of Toledo, 2002 Dissertation Title: More than Money: Higher Education Decisions of Low-Income, Minority Students Supervising Professor: Edith Barrett Marilyn L. King BS, Bowling Green State University, 1978; MBA, Baldwin-Wallace College, 1986 Dissertation Title: The Relationship Between Management Diversity and Supplier Diversity Program Development: A Supplier Diversity Professorial Perspective Supervising Professor: Sherman Wyman

ProGram in city and rEGional PlanninG Master of City and Regional Planning

Donald Gore Jr. Brian Todd Guenzel Chawana Mwangeka Program in Public Administration Master of Public Administration Artricia Danté Allen Ryan Cameron Miller


Olaide O. Akinfolarin







Summa Cum Laude Diwakar S. Panchamgam

James Jason Mathews Nnaemeka Chijioke Mozie Jon Alexander Orosco Ruben Resendiz

Magna Cum Laude Taylor A. Kelly

Cum Laude Evan J. Sheets

Cum Laude Jaehoon Kho

Seth Pringle Shortes

Aaron T. King Michael James Lampkin Clarisse Ngunda Mafumba

Magna Cum Laude Michael Robert Smoldt Wai Ian Tam

collEGE of bUSinESS Bachelor of Business Administration International Business/French

Summa Cum Laude Hannah R. Johnson Azibert Mahamat-Saleh Candice Jolan Mitchell Kennya D. Sanchez Bachelor of Business Administration International Business/Spanish

Heather Nicole Briggs Eric Guerrero David Paul Immler

Magna Cum Laude Ya Hong Li Lou


Andrew Rene Martinez Alex Mauricio Montiel

Rachel Lyn Paxton

Magna Cum Laude Nathan Scott Stafford


Natalie Torres Tello

Magna Cum Laude Wai Ian Tam

dEPartmEnt of accoUntinG

School of architEctUrE

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Jorge I. Barraza Marcelo D. Barron Paul Ashley Brightwell

Cum Laude Amy Kathryn Brooks Benje Feehan Armando Garcia

Magna Cum Laude Joshua Kirk Goad Zelalem N. Haileselassie Alison R. Hernandez Joshua Andrew Inge

Magna Cum Laude Patrick Joseph Kratz Lorena Elizabeth Martinez Monica Irasema Martinez

Akinlolu Oladosu Akanni Audrey Denice Anderson Gabriela Arzaga

Cum Laude Tahnia Ashrafi Jeffery Bruce Campbell

Puran Khadka

Cum Laude Prabin Maharjan Magna Cum Laude Goolsby Scholar Daniel Scott Orth Sheilly Kirit Parikh Jacob E. Pirtle Nancy Pradhan Henrietta Nicole Prempeh Fernando Javier Rodriguez Maricela Rodriguez Brenda Kay Sanchez Anugraha Maharjan Singh William K. Spring

Cum Laude Christian Cole Swauger Thien Tran Devon Grey Vincent Daniel Hyuk Zhi Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bo Inthasone Chanthapanya Betty Gail Henry Debra F. Holladay Bruce Allen Saxton Edward Lacey Scott Ian A. Standlee Mohsin Syed Rebecca Ann Treske Tai Anh Vu Ronnie Glen Woolbright

dEPartmEnt of EconomicS Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Cum Laude Joshua Quintin Key Jacci Lynn Reeder

Stephanie Dawn Dhalla Ariana Gomez Brett Allen Gregory Angela M. Guerrero

Bachelor of Business Administration (Economics Concentration)

Magna Cum Laude Sushil Gurung Yan Hou

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Cuc T. Huynh Janelle L. Hyatte Shruti Kansakar Jelena Kasjana

Colin Michael Talbot

Michael Paul Balfay Mario A. Calix Courtney Nicole Love Kolyn Rana Paskey Corey Lemuel Vaughn

Page 10

Monday, August 10, 2009

The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

DEpartmEnt of financE anD rEal EStatE

Magna Cum Laude Jonathan Wesley Hansen

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance Concentration)

Nicholas Andre Hardy

Cum Laude Jennifer Diane Harris

Talal Aymen Al-Qadhi

Cum Laude Zeenat Sayyer Alam John Alexander Khurram Shehzad Arien Dara Yvette Ba-Mashmoos Jeremy Becerra Bradley Alan Buckles Chao-Yu Cheng

Cum Laude Amy DeLynn Covington Logan Lewis Cutter Deandre Deshard Dorsey Djoko Y. Ebama Tarek I. Eljizi Saira D. Fiscal Samantha Elizabeth Fisher Daniel Alejandro Garcia Syed Azhar Habeeb Benjamin Hundt Hamman Andrew James Hassell Rimi A. Hatoum †Marisol Hernandez Husain Noorali Hooda

The Shorthorn: File Photo

a cloSEr ViEw Film senior Bret Curry shoots a scene while alumnus and team captain Aaron Holloway watches May 23 during the 24-Hour Video Race.

Magna Cum Laude Anna Jane Huie

Summa Cum Laude Aimara Karina Ramirez

Naser Khaled Husain Ahmed Ismaeel Yusuf Ismaeel Imad Azmi Ismail

A. M. Hasnat Rashid Alissa Mande Rios Bryan Matthew Robert Brandon Kyle Robison Sabrina E. Rundlett Daniel L. Satterwhite Tonya K. Shields Kenneth Sullivan Ogbode Kasimu Sunday Christine Taniya Tharian Kevin Ngoc Phong Tran Hong T. Truong Makeda Edmee Turner Rajal Vashisht Daniel Lynn Walsh Charel Chane West Bryan Christopher Westlake Tempest M. Williams Ai-Hua Yang Jesselyn M. Yap Judith Chih-Chun Yeh Jose Manuel Zapata Ashley N. Zarth

Cum Laude Steven W. Jacobs Tizgowere Rita Jere Erik Douglas Jessen Omar Jobe Saira Khan Summa Cum Laude Sameer Ahmad Khan Michael W. Kithua Michael Sean Littrell Jason Scott Loyd Tammy Hieu Lu Stephen Kyle Luxton Liu Na Mai Summa Cum Laude Dustin Kyle McCarty James Christopher McManners Jason Kyle Mitchell Haseeb Mughal Amanda Marie Nelson Mergim Neziraj Peter Anh Nguyen Trung Thanh Nguyen Carley Gayle Noss Abraham Isaac Ollervides Jairaj R. Parikh Marisonia Perales

Bachelor of Business Administration (Real Estate Concentration)

Christopher K. Baiamonte

Summa Cum Laude Dustin Kyle McCarty Kierra S. Mitchell Kenneth M. Rieke

DEpartmEnt of information SyStEmS anD opErationS manaGEmEnt

DEpartmEnt of manaGEmEnt

Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems Concentration)

Afifa M. Ali Jenessa Marie Baldi Daniel Barrientos Joshua Joe Bunch Rachel Ann Campbell Demond Napoleon Chappell Bradley P. Clark Dustin William Clinard Jason Michael Cunningham Lisa A. Dail Phelicia M. Dang Dominique D. Dawson

Jacob Wade Brizendine Peter Serunjoji Bachelor of Business Administration (Operations Management Concentration)

Imelda Karina Jaime Ajay D. Patel Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Lydia Breaux Karen T. Fraser Jarrod E. Hogue John Jelinek Mason Wayne Loewen Umang Khemchand Nangrani

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management Concentration)

Cum Laude Phouttha-Aphai Bobby Dimanh Merry S. Ekpo

Cum Laude Angela Diane Faulkenberry

Cum Laude David Stanley Nickle

Isaac Hadden Feldhaus Michael Andrew Fruge

Phillip E. Pegues Douglas David Petton Saul Portillo

Magna Cum Laude Mary L. Fuller (M)

Cum Laude Husni Faisal Samara

Elida Anna Garcia Marcella Garcia Andrea Camille Green

Lyne Achieng Sellanga Wasim Asaad Sosak Monica T. Taylor

Summa Cum Laude Preety Gurung James Michael Hansen

Michael A. Haynes James O. Hitchcock Aaron Matthew Holleb Maragret C. Hummel Sunny Ihazah Kevin Jones Sarah Ali Khan Christopher Robert Kirschner Kevin Lateko Merina Manandhar Raj Prakash Mehta Tiffany Mendez Ronald James Newton Fifi Hoang Nguyen Hai H. Nguyen Byron Jacob Arthur Nuffer Matthew Patchen Carlton Frank Pittman Kelley Leigh Raymond LaTasha DeShawn Rhymes Frank Rivas Zaira Berenice Rodriguez Anton George Sardos Holly Helene Searles Joseph Simmons Addison P. Skov Aaron J. Tynan Richard Wellington Vanname, Jr. Leslie Elaine Weatherly Ashley Yvette Williams Christopher Lee Wright Whitney Nichole Wright Department of Marketing Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Concentration)

Summa Cum Laude Nicholas Blanton Kathy A. Brooks Rebecca Brooks Christine L. Brougham Jecica Chade’ Brown Natalie Michelle Burch

Magna Cum Laude Caleb Robert Campbell Todd Andrew Carpenter

Cum Laude Kyle J. Chin Jennifer Nicole Colvin Ichel Maria Cook Christopher Eric Hailey Janine Vanessa Hill Monica Renee Holdren Aneta Obalek Jones Jennifer Marie Kalush Thanh L. Kieu Jacob King Yuk Fai Lam Ruth Estefania Loyola

Monday, August 10, 2009 Ashley Jayne Mann Alexandra Lea Martinez Keric Donnell McGowan Gaston Mendy Karensa C. Moore Matthew Paul Mullen Nghia Trung Nguyen Laura Locker Pak Andrew George Rizk Jesenia Rodriguez Jessica Michelle Rubalcado Valerie Leigh Sheppard Clifford Wang Bryan Guitar Witherspoon Joshua G. Wu Daniel Lee Youssefzadeh Kristen Jane Zilligen

DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Summa Cum Laude Ziad Benslimane Nancy Jimenez Robyn E. Johnson Nitesh Manandhar James Milling Pearson Samuel Z. Rakaba Jonathan Eric Ruffin Daniel Russey Fatoumatta Sissoho


Magna Cum Laude Brandon A. Skinner


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology

Sebrina Elaine Graves Kyiesha Ronaye Smith Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Olaide O. Akinfolarin Tanie Mardell Bates Lauren Michelle Carroll Cindy Dong Tyler D. Garner Stephanie O. Ikeogu Fatai Ayodele Lawal Gregory M. Lee Stephen James Mass Deborah Kay Risler Chad Smith Roberts Olivia Leeann Vines

Chance Ray Eary Nicholaus T. Foster Chirag Bharat Gajjar Daniel E. Missel Sara Sulay Scheell Bryan A. Taylor Suraj Thapa Phuong T. Tran

DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Yasir Arafat Rockne N. Ardoyno Charles J. Belicek


Summa Cum Laude Rohit Pradip Deshpande


Arturo Dominguez Vineet P. Kapadia

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Cum Laude Tamara Aleksa Gart

Page 11

THE SHORTHORN Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

Cum Laude Harleen Kaur Kohli Jonathan R. McGraw

Fred Nyakundi Momanyi Danny Nguyen Huy Ngoc The Nguyen

Summa Cum Laude Diwakar S. Panchamgam


Baly Hang Denny George Jacob Eric P. Lara Blair Michelle Liles David G. Luu Nicholas Andrew McMahan Richard Anthony Ortiz Nathan David Reyna Christopher P. Rincon Justin Jeffrey Wilson

Magna Cum Laude Howard L. Ragunton

Laura Carpenter Caren V. Patterson

Ashma Saxena Mohammad Shahid

Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Broadcast Communication)

Magna Cum Laude Thomas H. Garcia

Paul Agbo

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Cum Laude Cory M. Armstrong


Sakurako Takahashi Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Richard Daniel Clark Stephen Michael Dickinson Timothy Michael Ewing Terrence A. Hamilton Josiah Eliot Julin

Magna Cum Laude Ali Samman Karimloo Eric A. Larson Anthony Andrew LoBianco Eric M. Luke Nathan W. McEuen Tuan Duy Nguyen Uche Augustine Onukwu Christopher Ryan Perkins

Summa Cum Laude Sara Sadeghi Jock Sisoukraj Ryan T. Tucker Thomas M. Walter

Kevin Brown Patricia Dolores Calderon Katherine Elizabeth Cassity

Cum Laude Rueben D. Gonzales (C) Keylon Kyle Herrley Cody Lamar Kindle Cameron Honore Kyle Katharina T. Miller James Edward Rhodes

Magna Cum Laude Amber Lea Taylor (M) Hung Manh Vu Pei-Chin Wu

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Advertising)

Tamara LeAnn Bohls William Winter Bradley Callan Marie Brattrud Christian Burgos-Baltazar (Second Major in Spanish) Rodrick M. Epps

Cum Laude Mayra Gutierrez

Heather Renee Black Michelle D. Echevarria Gregory Jai Paul Ghee Kristina Marie Grace Yoli Yolanda Hernandez Timothy James Kowalski

Cum Laude Samuel Chun Yiu Lo David Mannering Rae Lynn Masterson Alisa Ann McChristian Jae Young Oh Gordon M. Patterson (Second Major in Communication Studies) Julianne Plauche Matthew T. Reagan Blake S. Smith Anthony C. Williams Meleah A. Willis Tonesha E. Winters Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Communication Studies)

Haley Allen LaKeisha S. Anderson Hannah Grace Brown

Page 12 Cum Laude Kelly S. Cagle Brooke D. Castile Vilma Veronica Chavarria Dariah Deviniece Jackson Marriam N. Khatib Carl Brandon Kinney Mark Anthony Matamoros Ghadir Ezzideen Qaddura Blake A. Ritchie Ryan Eric Wright Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Communication Technology)

Shanaeya M. Silas Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism)

Isha A. Gaines Abigail M. Howlett Julie Ann Sanchez

Magna Cum Laude Macy Laine Thomas Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Relations)

John Louis Barclay Martha Lorena Flores Craig K. Green Derry Wayne Johnson, Jr. Robin G. McDavid Kimberly A. McEvoy Tiffini Caschelle McGill Kim Leann Montoya-Roberts Jennifer Esosa Osunbor Krystina J. Pedescleaux (Second Major in Broadcasting) Phillip R. Pressler LaRhonda T. Rucker Jacie Leigh Scarborough Danielle Suzanne Schauer Jana Nicole Shull

Summa Cum Laude Laura Alexis Silva Jennifer Leigh Stalnaker

Cum Laude Bianca J. Vanaudenhove Jia Zhou

DEpartmEnt of CriminoloGy anD Criminal JuStiCE Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Banu Abusoglu Perla Bernal Sade A. Boyd Shanica Shonta Coles Cynthia Cruz

The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition Amanda Helen Gilbert Elza Marie Gilmore Stephen James Hibbard Nicholas Demarcus Hubbard Hennessy Nicole Jaramillo Shawn Hoi Lam Jakisha Lynette Lampkin Abelinda Lopez Claudia E. Lopez Rosario Alberto Luis Anna Mercado Mitzi Lee Mobly Myra Jacqueline Molina John Nicholas Moon

Cristina Plasencia Snoke

Magna Cum Laude Luke A. Story Angela F. Taylor Jason D. Trickett Julie Michelle Wing

DEpartmEnt of hiStory Bachelor of Arts in History

Hannah Arnold Samar Aslam Cassandra Joanne Bartol Kathleen Mae Beeson Mary Catherine Czajkowski

Magna Cum Laude Juan Gabriel Olmos Leia Aurora Ortiz Jessica N. Perkins Flinda G. Rayson Jennifer Serrato Brianna L. Smith Jillian Michelle Smith Lauren Marie Sossi Luis Alberto Torres La’Cresha Montea Van Jeffrey Preston Vann Leslie Arthur York

Cum Laude Matthew Ryan Dearden Jonathan Philemon Ehman Ashley N. Hargrove Elisabeth L. Hoeninghaus Jeremy Maisonneuve Adrian Fernando Martinez John Nyembo Mbuyi Kyle David Proulx

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Duryl L. Smith Krista Jo Thornhill Department of Modern Languages Bachelor of Arts in French Nicole R. Campbell

Tara Marriah Chadwick

Cum Laude Sharla Lea Gaines Daniel Wesley Greene Kiamesha Kiera King Glenn Allen Koch Taylor Lee McNeely Douglas Michael Patton

Cum Laude Lina Rinh Bachelor of Arts in Russian

John Coleman Cain Jeremy Maisonneuve

DEpartmEnt of EnGliSh Bachelor of Arts in English

Rhema Hope Amachigh Christa Lynn Barreras Sierra Rose Betsill Amy Padilla Calamaco Christopher Wayne (Second Major in History)

Magna Cum Laude Adrian Heather Shapiro

Cum Laude Argin M. Taylor Bachelor of Arts in Spanish


Cum Laude Mark David Draz Magna Cum Laude Shahidjah L. Freeman Sandra Lynn Gaskill Shellie Michael Greene Erin Nicholle Kennedy Tasha N. Lawless

Summa Cum Laude Micheal Allen Lawson

Cum Laude Cham’yon D. Duncan

Sindhu George Madathikunnel

Billy Derek Dye

Magna Cum Laude Elisabeth Esther Rodriguez

Perla Bernal Mariah-Kae Breen Omayra Judith Contreras Juan A. De Leon Dustin Deweerd Aurnell Dright Sandra Eloisa Esparza Kevin Scott Jasick LaChandra Michelle Kendrix LaTasha Lindsay Araceli B. Luna Rosa Lidia Monreal Alex Mauricio Montiel

Magna Cum Laude Jona Maureen O’Brien Alfredo Portillo Wilson A. Rodriguez

Cum Laude Argin M. Taylor Viridiana Trevizo Sergio A. Ulloa Jia Zhou

DEpartmEnt of muSiC Bachelor of Music

Christopher J. Casey Sergio Cepeda Reagan M. Deming Amanda L. Dickson Theodore Daniel McElwee Michael John Morrison

Monday, August 10, 2009 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Jonathan Becerra

Cum Laude Tim A. Bielik Elizabeth Ashley Cox Matthew Kent Hammond

Summa Cum Laude Mary Magdalene Kmak Candice Shanee Louis Vanessa Lea Mayhew Rachel Lyn Paxton (Second Major in History) Natalie Taitt Pullen

DEpartmEnt of philoSophy anD humanitiES

DEpartmEnt of thEatrE artS

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Summa Cum Laude Tyson Lee Jones

Magna Cum Laude Todd Andrew Amundsen Cum Laude Steven F. Darling Vivak Maheshbhai Patel Victoria Alexis Yates

DEpartmEnt of politiCal SCiEnCE

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

Elizabeth Gaige McWithey Grace Elaine Neeley Ashley Elizebeth Oringderff Afton Danielle Trotter Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts

Timothy P. Brown

Cum Laude Mary Virginia Jerome

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Melissa Lea Kendall

Alexander Cecenas Ashley J. Dickson Vi Thuc Doan Marc Anthony Green (Second Major in Russian) Morteza B. Karimi

SChool of nurSinG

Magna Cum Laude Ryan Ethan LeClair Rosario Alberto Luis

Summa Cum Laude Maria C. Navidad

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Kelsey L. Ackerman Jiala Montero Baclay Jennifer Lynn Bell H. A. Caraway Boyce Wayne Davis

Cum Laude Karen Elaine Durham

Kristin G. Pennington

Randa Gail Evans Blessings Fanka Holly Marie Fuller John Christopher Green Rayford W. Henslee Maggie Elisabeth Horne Benjamin A. Imhonde Amie Marie Jordan Cyndi Briggs Kelley Whitney Leigh Kelley Kristin Michelle Kussmaul Shawana Regina Lee Elina Maharjan Kimberly Hewitt Malone Darren T. McCutchen Monica Joann McEntire Stephanie B. McNeese-Lopez

Magna Cum Laude James Earl Tuttle

Cum Laude Renee Nicole Miphouvieng

Ryan William Polchinski Tami Rodriguez Dearman

DEpartmEnt of SoCioloGy anD anthropoloGy Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Sivashankari Radha Fagan Michelle A. Kilgore

Cum Laude Erin Louise Nichols

Monday, August 10, 2009 Arati Pandey Cynthia Angelica Riojas David Riojas Vanessa Diane Robinson Emawayesh Wolde Shinge Antwoin Maceo Smith Gina Louise Smock Erin Charday Sparks Chad S. Stewart Jennifer Marie Thomas Tamala Rochelle Thomas Justin Wade Weiss Laura Lea Woodall Lidya Yoseph

Erick A. Catalan Prado

Summa Cum Laude Susan L. Chung Cum Laude Vi Kim Dinh Tuan Cahn Do Amber M. Ewing

Summa Cum Laude Judah Shane Gentry Fika Suwito Homan Phillip Gail Hopkins Ester N. Huff Robin Gemlyn Hughes


Magna Cum Laude Katherine Mai Huynh

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Steven Clyne Arnold Michael Emery Eldredge Vishant S. Maharaj Neerali L. Mehta Tara Lee Neill Jesus M. Rodriguez Shahin S. Saber Charoletta LaFaye Smith Charlene Turner Spurlock Melissa Diane Stuart Kevin L. Thomas Sha’Londa D. Towns

Cum Laude Zahra Jafry Jessica Michelle Kosarek Ashley Elizabeth Lewis Vinita P. Madavaraj Whitney Taylor Mann

Magna Cum Laude Gohar Shahwar Manzar Cum Laude Johar Abdar Manzar

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Laura M. Maroun Nabeella Rafique Masih Tiffany Ann Mathew Tonya K. McDaniel Kelly Jean McDonald

Iram Abid Hideaki Aihara James Matthew Alldredge Mohammad Asad Darius Van Bonds Linda Sharon Carrier

Summa Cum Laude Elizabeth Shik Measday

Magna Cum Laude Andra L. Carter


Julie Ann Sanchez

Summer 2009


Page 13

THE SHORTHORN Summer 2009 Graduation Edition Amit Mistry Elhum Naseri

Magna Cum Laude Thao Nguyen

Summa Cum Laude Kyle T. Nguyen

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Toshiharu Okazaki Yaw Ohemeng Osei Saul Pacheco Aaron Dennison Palmer Anish Mukund Patel Punit K. Patel Courtney D. Paul Abhijeet Rajpurohit Kelly R. Roberts Ranya Mohamedelkhatim Siddig Moeed Haq Siddiqui

Magna Cum Laude Erin Gabrielle Syrinek Summa Cum Laude Lauren Rachel Vasek Amy Michelle Witcraft Christina Wong Nancy Ybarra

Audrey Hien Nguyen


Victoria L. Condreay Milton Cortez Amber Marie Cunti Joshua Freeman Tyler J. Hargrove Jeffrey David Haws

Magna Cum Laude James D. Hoelke Pukar Mainali

Cum Laude Caitlyn Marie McCoole

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Ludmila M. Veloso

Marque A. Denysschen Rachid Moulay Eljazouli Jandira Lima


Cum Laude Ruth Lynn Osborne Skyler Ray Wood

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY Bachelor of Science in Biological Chemistry

Bruk Yilma Hailu

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Cum Laude Thu Ann Dao Adam C. Kirk Carl E. Looney

Cum Laude McNair Scholar Antonio Lopez

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Andrew Dean

Summa Cum Laude Scott B. Lacy Cum Laude Justin Andrew Sanches

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Bachelor of Science in Physics

Felipe L. Mulford

Summa Cum Laude Layne C. Price (second major in Mathematics) Daniel L. White

DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Olajumoke Kudirat Bakare

Magna Cum Laude Pamela Elizabeth Cioffi Cum Laude Regina B. Davis Holly Eddy Hanan S. Elfallal Nichole M. Ford Elizabeth Garcia Erick Eugene Geiger

Magna Cum Laude Jessica Lauren Girard

Page 14

Monday, August 10, 2009

By Email: 5.No refunds are given on classified advertising. credit balances from cancelled ads will be applied to future advertising.



Egg Donation

Extraordinary Women Needed for egg donation Healthy non-smoking women between ages 21 and 32 • Extended flexible hours • Two monitoring locations – mid-cities and North Dallas • Compensation for time and travel $5,000 per donation (up to 6 donations)







WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT Women Leaders... TrailBlazers... Business Owners... Dreamers... Doers! Step into leadership, unlock your full potential, and learn how to attract what you need to succeed in business, leadership and life. This powerful 1-day event will equip you with the skills and relationships you need to take charge of your life, balance health and life, leaving you inspired, refreshed and discovering your main purpose! Bob Duncan Center, October 17, 2009 contact Dr. Gail Demery or (817) 501-1351

Wanted: graduation tickets for August 15, 2009. Business Commencement. Any at all. Buy at a good price! Natalie 817-903-2201 Please call ASAP.

The Shorthorn

Organizations Join my writers support group! Poets, Novelists, Writers of all kinds! Call Nikki at 817-542-6675.

• Reporter • Ad Sales Rep • Sports Reporter • Photographer • Editorial Cartoonist • Illustrator • Graphic Artist • Copy Editor • Page Designer • Ad Artist • Online Assistant • Columnist


DR. RUTH Q: My husband is having a problem with impotence, and he is depressed. He says he does not care about anything. He doesn't open up to me. He avoids conversation with me. He doesn't kiss or touch me, and he says he has no desire. He says he doesn't even know if he loves me. How can I help him?

is currently accepting applications for the following positions for the fall semesters;

EMPLOYMENT SURVEY TAKERS NEEDED: Make $5-$25 per survey. PART-TIME ADMIN ASST 20-25 hrs/week, flexible M-F 8-6, $10/hr, for small film production company in N. Arlington. Duties include assisting president with a variety of tasks including client services, clerical planning, and accounts. Must be dependable, organized, and professional. Ideal for PR, marketing or business student. Must be willing to work a minimum of one year. Qualified candidates send resume to:

Q: My wife lost her sex drive in the beginning of her pregnancy. My son was born 16 months ago, and she still has not regained her sex drive. She feels bad about her body. Also, she feels that sex is dirty now that she is a mom. I have tried everything I can think of to remedy the situation, including housework, bubble baths, candlelit dinners, etc. Please help!

A: This doesn't sound A: The two like a sexual problem, but of you have to get away rather one of depression. If from parenthood for some he's depressed, then that will brief periods -- even as little turn him off sexually and Dr. Ruth as a few hours in a nearby romantically, and there's Send your motel would help. You have nothing you can really do to reconnect to each other as about it. He needs to see a questions to Dr. psychiatrist, because in all Ruth Westheimer a sexual partnership. You need to leave the baby with probability he will need to be c/o King relatives or a sitter and take put on antidepressants. Now, Features you should know that a side Syndicate, 235 E. some time off for yourselves. Drink some chameffect of antidepressants can 45th St., New pagne, share a bubble bath, be a lower sex drive, but dif- York, NY 10017 reconnect in as many ways ferent medications have difas you can, and in all probaferent side effects, so if it turns out that a medication he's on has bility, your sex life will get started. It this side effect, have him ask his doctor might take several such getaways, but if he could try another one, which hope- definitely plan one for as soon as possifully would be just as effective at help- ble to begin the process of reconnecting. ing his depression but have a less of a side effect in the sexual arena.


Get a job description and an application TODAY! Student Publications Dept. University Center, lower level. Also available online at: All are paid positions for UTA students. For more information call; 817-272-3188






The Shorthorn is seeking a Marketing Assistant for Fall 2009.Must be a UTA work-study student available to work some mornings & weekday afternoons. Apply at For more information call 817-272-3188

Fort Worth Symphony Ticket Office seeks p/t reps

UTA radio looking for webmaster to update and maintain Applicant must be a UTA Computer Science Student. Please call 214-815-3142 Part Time Help needed for a State Vehicle Inspector. We are located about two blocks from UTA. Please apply in person 8-10am Mon-Sat. No experience needed for the right person. Flexible hours. 817-275-0341 Got Ideas? Start ur business? Why work for someone else? If you have the imagination and guts to start your own business, let me help you make your dream come true.

Hospitality/Service !Bartending! $250/day potential No experience nec Training provided age 18+.ok 1-800-965-6520 x.137

Medical 1ST EYE CARE Part/ Full time help needed in a medical eye care practice. No experience needed. NEEDED: great attitude with our patients. Located in Grand Prairie. Contact Alma: (972) 641-0011

Office/Clerical Medical practice in Ft. Worth seeking individual to work at front desk. Computer skills & typing capability of 50wpm required. Reception work involved. Will train. Permanent P/T position. Minimum 4 hrs a day. Hours flexible. $12/hr Fax resume to; 817-731-7981

The Shorthorn is seeking an Advertising Assistant for Fall 2009 Must be a UTA work-study student available to work weekday afternoons. Apply online at For more information call 817-272-3188

The Shorthorn is seeking a Receptionist for the summer semester. Must be a UTA work-study student. Mon - Fri, Noon - 5pm Apply online at For more information call 817-272-3188 Arl Insurance Agency needs p/t help. Weekdays 2-5 p.m. Great phone voice, energetic. Will train. 817-261-5777


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis ACROSS 1 Cough syrup amts. 5 Shoot the breeze 9 Pirate’s chum 14 Soccer rarity 15 Mascara target 16 Dwelling 17 Like a couch potato 18 With 10-Down, approximately 19 Sure to end in failure, as a situation 20 “American Idol” contestant’s dream 23 Swiss painter Paul 24 Stand in line 25 Wander (about) 28 Handyman’s tasks 30 Shriner’s hat 33 Name on a rap sheet, perhaps 35 Place for mil. planes 36 Jazz jargon 37 Hard data 41 On the house 42 Fish eggs 43 FBI operative 44 Mummy’s threesome? 45 Bead of morning moisture 48 Oink spot 49 U2’s lead vocalist 50 “Planet of the __” 52 Like a movie auto chase scene 58 Bert’s Muppet buddy 59 Connect the __ 60 Kitten-lifting spot 61 Ivan of tennis 62 Blunt blade 63 Kitchen suffix 64 Iron alloy 65 Cincinnati team 66 “To __ it may concern” DOWN 1 “Finally, the weekend!”

By Billie Truitt

2 Coke or root beer 3 Pilot or Treo maker 4 Streamlined, as a sports car 5 Copied genetically 6 Passed (out) 7 Dating from 8 Mislead deliberately 9 “Praying” insect 10 See 18-Across 11 Village’s cousin 12 Emmy winner Falco 13 Craving 21 At __ for words 22 Temple leader 25 Faux pas 26 Clock radio feature 27 Prepares ham for an omelet, say 29 Bored with life 30 Pink-slips 31 Happening 32 Tart and spicy 34 Wolfed down

8/10/09 Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2009 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

36 Moonshine container 38 Rock concert venue 39 “Ah, that explains it!” 40 Rubbernecker 45 “This I gotta hear!” 46 Traveled like Huck Finn 47 Numbered works


49 Back of a 45 record 51 Tendon 52 Agonize (over) 53 Ill-fated Boleyn 54 Nitwit 55 “I do,” for one 56 __ no good: plotting 57 Evidently are 58 Trains above streets

Instructions: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

Solution Solution, tips and computer program at

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CUSTOMER SERVICE REP Flight Services Front Desk Harrison Aviation at Arlington Municipal Airport has an immediate opportunity for energetic person with superior customer service skills. Flexible schedule but must be able to work weekends! APPLY IN PERSON ONLY 5070 S Collins in Arlington (South of I-20 at Collins Exit)

Seasonal V-BALL OFFICIALS NEEDED $1750-$2000, Evn &Weknd, Jr Hi & HS,, dues and uniform req. Jul 23rd -Mid Nov (817) 483-4338

HOUSING Apartments Benge Oak Apartments Walk to UTA. 1 Bed/ 1Bath Move in special $199. (817)291-3385 Remmington Square Apts 1006 Thannisch. Large 1 bd/ 1 bath. $450/mo. Free cable and internet. 817-274-1800. 704 Lynda Lane 1 bd/ 1 ba $400/mo laundry on property, free basic cable & water paid. (817)-274-1800 Quadrangle Apt. 509 Bowen Rd. 1/bd 2 level apt. $475/mo includes water. $150 deposit (817)274-1800 ALL BILLS PAID! 1 Bedroom-$475/month Clean and quiet, No pets Walking distance to UTA 817-277-8243 Cell: 817-308-5229 $199 Move In Special On 1 & 2 Bedrooms 817-274-3403

Condos CONDO FOR SALE Why rent when you can own? Updated 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath condo in desirable north Arlington location. Great floor plan for roommates. Washer, dryer and refrigerator will remain with acceptable offer. 1105 Bert Drive #B. $94,900 Call Robert with Temple Realty (972) 978-3950

HI-RISE CONDO FOR LEASE 2 bedroom, 2 bath, great corner unit with 5th floor view of Lake Arlington and condo pool/ spa area. 10 minutes from UTA campus. (214) 418-4754, (214) 418-4754 Condo For Rent Spacious 2-2 Newly Redecorated with w/d connections. 10 min. from campus, near Green Oaks and 303. $625 + dep. 817-453-1044 or 817-939-4933.

Duplex Perfect off-campus duplex for roommates! Only 2 1/2 miles from campus - 2Bd/ 2 1/2 bth, 1100 sq ft with assigned parking. Updated with new carpet, tile, cabinets, fixtures. Clean, safe and secure. Only $700/mo. Call 214-693-8582 for more details or showing. One bedroom duplex., all bills paid. 6 blocks from UTA, nicely furnished, w/d, patio, $550/mo. (817)296-7306 WALK TO CAMPUS 1 and 2 bedroom units $550-675 a month. Water and lawn paid. Clean and ready, on Elm St. Call Jason (817) 472-5455

Homes House for Rent - 3 bed 1.5 bath, minutes from UTA (214)478-6559 Charming 2/1/1 @ UTA, lg fenced yrd, hdwd floors, 1 car garage (817)478-7794 HOUSE/ROOM FOR RENT 3/2/2 with pool in quite neighborhood, 10 min from UTA. $1200 for house/ $500 for room +bills (817) 233-6691 For Rent 3 BR house: 1 Block from UTA. New paint, carpet, and appliances. 214-837-8946 Wimbledon Home/Rooms 2700 sq. ft. 3BR/ 2.5 B, pool, double garage, fenced yard, Perfect for roommates. 10 mins. from UTA. $1450 house/ $475 for rooms. 254-898-1000 or





Wedding Services

Looking for a roommate. Catalina Apartments, across from Rec. $315 + bills. I am awesome. 817-705-2244

QUIET LUXURY HOME Rooms for rent (ABP) Furnished with Internet and Private Parking. $450/ mo Loc at I-20 & HWY 360 (817) 938-7476

Need Roommate for UTA Apartments. $511/month & elec. Can move in ASAP! for more info. Timber Brook Apt. Looking for a female roommate for apartment or house. ASAP Call 254-315-2339 or email ROOM 4 RENT BILLS PD FREE WIFI UTA student seeks mature and dependable roommate to share 3 bedroom house. Room is furnished with full bed, chest, and desk. I-20 and Cooper off Bardin Road. Access to Highway in 2 minutes. Close to Mall, Highlands Entertainment District, Harold Patterson Sports Complex, Free Wifi and Laundry! $450/ mo. KATE (817) 966-2977 Roommate wanted: GLBT, kid, pet friendly. $400/month. All bills paid. Includes wireless internet, less than a mile from campus. Call 817-891-2543 Room for Rent Luxury Apartment Gated Community Quiet Neighborhood 24 Hour Exercise Room Pool, Females Only Furnished BR. $400 per month plus 1/2 utilities. Call 817-723-3407 Lake Arlington Home 3 Rooms for Rent: 4 BR 2 1/2 Bath 10 min from UTA. $399 per month/ utilities split. Free wifi & cable. 1 garage space available. No pets. 682-556-6423 or HAVE ROOM TO RENT Looking for a female student to rent a room in my south arl home. $450 mo. Free wifi, satellite tv, must love cats! No smokers. International students welcome. Looking for a roommate, guy or girl for 2b/2b apt. off Lamar and Lincoln. Rent less than $350. Call Maloie 817-739-6495

2 Roommates Needed ASAP Share 3 BR house near UTA $300 each plus bills. Call 203-252-1388 or email

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY The magic of your wedding with artistic memories that will last forever. Zak Zatar 972-330-1353

HOUSING Townhomes 600 Grand Avenue 2 bd/1 bth townhome. Washer/dryer, water, and cable provided. $625/mo 817-274-1800 Townhouse For Sale or Lease Cute 3/2.5 with 2 car carport ready for move in. Lots of trees on greenbelt, but HOA maintains! 230 Westview Terrace. (817) 543-0000

TRANSPORTATION Autos ABC AUTO SALES BUY-SELL-TRADE Biggest selection of cars in the country at the lowest prices! 817-535-0075

Motorcycles 2006 Honda CBR 600 RR For Sale. 2 Year warranty. New Tires, HID Lights, Carbon Fiber Exhaust, 6000 miles $6500 Call Emmanuel @ 830-765-2195

MERCHANDISE Miscellaneous Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dress for sale Size 8-10 Retail $5500 Will sell for $500 Ivory w/ crystal embellishments, mermaid style. 903-517-4647 or


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The ShorThorn Summer 2009 Graduation Edition

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Shorthorn: File Photo

ThE facES of SUmmEr Art senior Francisco Moreno paints 30 portraits this summer. He received the Ideas in Art Award, sponsored by the Wishful Wings: James S. Barnett Jr. Charitable Foundation.

Cum Laude Sally Ann Goble TeAirra R. Green Amber D’Anne Jenkins

Magna Cum Laude Charise Johnson Kimesh Karsen Timothy M. Little-Schmidt Melinda A. Lopez Samara A. Morris-Bobzean Rosa Palacios Tina Liz Pena-Marosi Damanjit K. Sidhu

Summa Cum Laude Tiffany Ann Sparks Marcia K. Vasquez Suneeta M. Virani Heather Fair Wood Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Kelly Nicole Garza Michael Patrick O’Kelly Ngoc H. Thai

School of Social Work

Holly R. Edwards Monique G. Fletcher Jessica C. Godin Ashley Marie Gordon Benita D. Grant Monica Rosa Hernandez

Magna Cum Laude Mary H. Hoang

Magna Cum Laude Jerrod Neal Chadwick

NeShell Lynette Jackson Lynne E. Kaska Blanca Lopez Luis Moreno Jennifer D. Murillo Amanda Rose Mynarcik Myra Mata Payen Christa D. Popham Jessica Raymundo Mary M. Rivera Tamara Tillison Robb Tammy Lynnette Scott Michelle DeLea Sheffield Natalia LaVonne Smith Mercedes Solorzano Patricia R. Spears Jaleesa Brenshay Todd

Hamida Chagani Audrey Brooke Chandler Wesly Cherian Olga Maria Chernomorets Shane Peace Christian Eric D. Coleman Felisha Marie Cortez Jason Lynn Cox Tiffini Mayo Crum Kimberly Denine Daniel Ryan Paul Davis Cynthia Diaz Cindy Anna Dominguez

Magna Cum Laude Julianne Marie Watkins

Bachelor of Social Work

Miranda Ann Wiprud

Angela O. Aghagboren April Shawn Baker Danay Natese Bryant Avigail Carrasco Jaime P. Chacko

School of Urban and PUblic affairS

Cum Laude Joel Chaverri Amanda R. Davis Karel J. Denison

Cum Laude

LaToya S. Boston Christopher Stephen Brady Mariah-Kae Breen Amy Laura Burnett J. Michelle Canton John Patrick Causey

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Dorothy Achieng Adidas Daisy Denise Aguinaga David Keith Anderson Robby Allister Aranguren Athena Jourdan Banks Bassey Christopher Bassey Jeffery Earl Bell LaShaunda N. Bell

Cum Laude Erin M. Ellis Andrew Leo Fagan Jacob Navid Fakheri

Magna Cum Laude Jason Thorstein Fanning Jennifer Grace Garza Gricelda G. Gonzalez Christi Lee Greer Brandie Nicole Halford Eric Don Hamilton Lindsey Rhea Harpole

Summa Cum Laude Cheryl Lynn Hart Almaz D. Hawariat Gayle M. Henry Wayburn B. Henry

Cum Laude Jennifer Lynn Hill Kristine Elizabeth Hill Elise Nicole Hines Ozie Laughlin Hood Ford C. Hook Chase Jeremy James Armando X. Jimenez Carmen Antoinette Jones Jennifer Lea Juniker Sannaz G. Karimloo Sarah D. Killingsworth Sowmya Krishnan Kathryn Elizabeth Laing Brenda Elizabeth Landeros

Magna Cum Laude John M. Larosa An Bich Le Rebekah Judith Lee Jayson Cordell Lewis Brandi Lynn Litteken Araceli B. Luna Monique Elizabeth Lux Drew Evan MacKenzie Ciara Helene McHaney Justin Franklin McLaughlin Alicia Frances Meyer Cristi L. Mitchell

Cum Laude Stephanie M. Monk Jessica C. Moreno Eric Robert Mowery Thanh Quoc Ngo Quiana Yvonne Olivares Barack Austine Omondi Otieno Diana A. Padilla Sean A. Passes Brett A. Patterson Huy Pham Ai Thi Phan Kyle Phillips Paul J. Pinto

Chad Richard Price Blanca E. Ramos-Gaona Jennifer Danielle Reddick Amy Lynn Reeves Ellen Reid Adrian Javier Rodriguez Whitney Lynn Romeo Robert Steven Saal Jamie Lynn Schmitz Erica Erin Scott Anita Marie Shelburn

Summa Cum Laude Maria H. Smith Matthew Scott Smith Rachel Amber Stollings Efrain Tovar Larry D. Tucker Giovanni E. Vaquerano Todd S. Wheatley Rachel K. Whitehead Franklin Daniel Worsham Heather Celeste Iren Yager Benjamin Aaron Yang

Cum Laude Colin A. Yarbrough Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Cinderella O. Aidoghie Saviour Ehinomen Akharoh Gemeral E. Berry Charles Michael Gideon Shamirra C. Hall Jamal Islambouli Matthew E. Leach LaToria Shantell Lee Peggy Sue Melton Mussammat B. Mohid Britnay M. Nesmith Amana Qamar Francisco E. Rodriguez Gim-chek Teoh Manuel E. Torres


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