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Knight Life

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The toll hike affects Commuter Students and Faculty Members IMANI PAUL Staff Writer Many students have decided to attend the University of Bridgeport for a number of reasons. A majority of the UB community travel home on weekends and some are able to commute, therefore saving money. However; there seems to be a glitch in the system of saving money. For the student and faculty members who commute or travel home on weekends, whether it is by vehicle or by public transportation, they will be the victims of the rise in prices on tolls, metro cards and PATH train tickets. There will be several new fees including paying an additional $1.50 at the tolls, which will increase from $8 to $9.50. However, the new price is only offered to those who own E-ZPass as those who do not will be paying a whopping $12. This is a downgrade from previously proposed prices of an increase up to $15. The hike will affect all major bridges such as the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Hol-

UB and Sodexo welcomes “The Hub @ Marina” to campus CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor The long-awaited “Gears of War 3” is released p. 17


UB Volleyball p. 23

Issue 1 September 2011

September 22 marked an important day on the UB campus as “The hUB” formally opened its doors to the community. It will be the new home for the student body to enjoy food and hangout with friends. Introduction speeches by President Neil Salonen, Dean of Students Kenneth Holmes and Vice President of Grounds and Facilities George Estrada led off the processions followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The hUB saw 400 people stop by during the first hour and a half of its opening and in total served 600. Estrada said that from the get go the food court produced a lot of positive vibes. “We are very excited and we kind of feed off the energy of the students and can feel that there is a Continues on page 2

land Tunnel, Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing. “I’m not against it”, said Math Professor Montalbano about the rise in toll prices. “A lot of construction has to

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Chaffee Hall Reopened

New dormitory provides air conditioning

COLTON YOUNG Staff Writer A new dorm on the campus of University of Bridgeport is now open for business. Chaffee Hall, which was renovated over the summer now, has something none of the other dorms have: air conditioning. And with the temperatures being considerably high during the first part of the semester, some students have been complaining about the heat within their rooms. Sophomore and writer for The Scribe Shanice Drakes, is a resident at Chaffee and considers the hall a "cool dorm" (literally and figuratively). In Drakes’ opinion there is no better choice for a dorm. “It’s a cleaner version of Cooper but with air conditioning,” Drakes said. “I can’t even sleep at some nights [because of the heat,]” resident of Cooper Hall, Sophomore Jolie Ciss said. With the high temperatures of Bridgeport being in the mid-80s, it is much warmer inside the dorms. Cooper has Plexiglass windows; it decreases the ventilation, according to Robert Vass, Director of Residential Life and Student

Conduct. The benefits of the renovated Chaffee are its central location, it’s newly renovated with new furniture and it has air conditioning. Edna Marant, a senior and resident of Chaffee said, “Compared to Bodine (previous dorm) Chaffee is more up-todate as how college living should be. Also, it’s a more mature atmosphere and peaceful.” “Chaffee gives students a dorm to look forward to and work towards [being that only upperclassmen can reside there],” Vass said. Vass said that there is a $500 per semester charge extra for Chaffee residents, which is for the air conditioning, new furniture, and the remodeled look. Long term plans and goals are to

Chaffe Hall || Photo courtesy of Rachelle Jeanty

renovate all of the dorms one by one, and install air conditioning when done. Chaffee’s renovation is the “first step to getting things done,” Vass said.

Physician Assistant Program Up and Running Well NATALIA WONG Staff Writer Today, the Physician Assistant Program is on its way to new heights. First, the program started with 21 students and eventually will progress to 40. All the students in the program were able to maintain a 3.0, something definitely challenging when all the students had a, “full plate of 21 credits,” said Dr. Cervonka the program’s director. The Physician Assistant Program kicked off in January 2011, but before students occupied the second floor of Eleanor Dana Hall for UB’s first ever semester in the program, it was a ‘construction site.’ A new lounge was added that included: A coffee machine, WI-Fi and bar style area with stools and lights hanging from above. Classrooms feature smart boards, surgical sinks and tools needed to carry out a proper medical examination. The program demands high expectations of the 21 students that were selected; a mere 14 percent of those that applied. The university hopes for the best from their selected students in order to fill the need for cli-


nicians around the country. However, UB has Dr. Cervonka as the director of the Physician Assistant Program who is a Yale graduate and has 21 years of experience in emergency medicine. Before the Physician Assistant Program began, Dr. Cervonka said that he has a vision that one day, “UB will have the top PA program in the country.” Now that the fall semester is already on its way and the Physician Assistant program is now starting its second semester, will the results be good enough for Dr. Cervonka vision to still be a reality? Really it takes five years for a program to be solid, but for now minor tweaks are made to the lectures while still following the same curriculum. Dr. Cervonka’s new found vision for the PA program to be the, “top program offering unique, interesting program that these students will find completing in their studies.” An idea he hopes students this semester will see.

Returning students are ‘pumped up’ for another semester; bringing them even closer to graduation from the intense 28-month program. “The perfect student has a mind for science and desire to care for people,” Dr. Cervonka said. Students Tadecher Ellis and Dan Paoletti are nothing less of perfect for the program. “The professors are 150 percent knowledgeable in their areas and some PA’s themselves; the real deal,” Ellis said. Ellis is looking forward to opening her own practice and her fellow classmate Dan Paoletti wants to help out in a community practice before eventually starting his own practice. Ellis expressed the, “overwhelming pressure and yet gratefulness” in being chosen for such a program. Both students are excited to leave their marks as the first ever PA class. Not only will they be the first to graduate from the program, but also the first to make a mark on the world.


September 2011

Toll hike affects Commuters and Faculty Continued from page 1

be done and I pay more in gas anyway.” “I have E-Z Pass; I think it is ridiculous for people to not have it. I want those who don’t to explain to me why.” For students and faculty members who commute or travel home by either PATH train or MTA transit system, will see a rise in price that varies. In an effort to encourage citizens to not be wasteful of MetroCards, MTA has decided to charge a $1 fee on newly purchased cards. The goal is to promote recycling of previously used cards as some only use their MetroCard once before diposing of the card instead of refilling the card. This way MTA bus and train riders will think twice before deposing their card as

they will be charged a $1 cover fee. Samuel Reynoso, a sophomore Business major, who commutes to UB by the Metro North and MTA transit from Brooklyn, New York said, “It sucks cause I already pay school out of pocket and the rise of toll if they go up will force me to spend even more money in the commute.” Reynoso also feels that the hike prices “sucks more money out of my pocket that is already empty.” The PATH train will see an increase of 25 cents, raising the price up to $2. Junior and Health Sciences major Julynette Torres, is a resident of Barnum Hall and makes it a priority to travel home once or twice

a month. “I don’t think its okay,” Torres said. “Back home I know a lot of people who take the trains and if they keep raising the prices it will make it impossible for me to get down there [Bronx, New York].” The rise of toll prices, PATH train and MetroCards is hitting close to home with some of the students of the university. In a world where students are struggling to pay for tuition, books and dorm fees, the hike in prices with public transportation and tolls do not make it any easier.

slaw. Another is the Noodle Bowls that comes in chicken, beef or vegetarian style. The Ultimate Baja has everything from burritos, tacos and nachos to taco salads. Finally Grill 155 offers a variety of burger choices such as the ultimate double burger, turkey and black bean

veggie burgers. It also has sandwiches including Chicken and Philly Cheesesteaks. “It [the hUB] is a lot different than Marina [and Knight’s],” sophomore Maliek Sterrett said. “It actually makes me want to eat [here] and I see myself coming here a lot with the variety of food it offers.” As for Knight’s End Café, it will be converted into a self-serve dining area until next summer. Estrada said that the space will be accessible for students to study and use the new concession based vending machines with items such as drinks and frozen meals. By the next fall, its kitchen will be gutted and the future space usage will be determined by Estrada and Dean Holmes. The hUB will see promotional items run throughout the year as well as planning to have student groups run special events. “The bottom line is that there is a trust factor here and they [UB community] know we are here to serve the food and students the best way we can,” Resident Dining Supervisor Corey Baker said. “We are here for UB and the students first and foremost.”

“The Hub @ Marina” Continued from page 1

great energy with this new facility,” he said. “I think it is going to be a very well received addition to the overall student body here.” There was a big student push over the past year for having a place that entails late night dining on campus and the demand helped Sodexo expand the hours till 11 p.m. every day. The main food stations include Star Ginger, an Asian style grill and noodle bar, Ultimate Baja, a south of the border Mexican style place and Grill 155, a sandwich station. Jenn Currier, General Manager of UB Dining Services said that the feedback received was encouraging. “Everyone liked the new food offerings,” Currier said. “They were really happy with the Star Ginger pieces, the freshness of the product and the difference of the menus now. [They were looking for] Something [that has] better varieties for them to choose from as opposed to what Knights End [Café] used to be.” Each station has a wide variety of food items and everything is priced under eight dollars. Star Ginger’s menu consists of Thai BBQ Chicken that is served with yellow curry sauce along with jasmine rice and Asian

UB Students enjoying their meals at “The Hub” || All photos courtesy of Rich Lubrano



September 2011

Former CT Laureate makes first time visit to university Marilyn Nelson shares her renowned poetry at Necessary Voices

ALTHEA BENLOSS Editor-in-Chief The prolonged silence experienced in the Tower Room of the Arnold Bernard Center on Thursday, September 15 was a chance for listeners to absorb the words of Marilyn Nelson. She is an award-winning poet and helped to kick off the first Necessary Voices Lecture Series of the semester with an evident passion for the art of poetry intertwined with history. Due to construction being undergone in the ABC Building, the Necessary Voices Poetry Reading was held in the spacious Tower Room, on the 9th floor, which provided a scenic view beyond the vast windows. At 4:30 p.m. English Professor (Dr.) Diane Krumrey officially opened up the 2nd year of Necessary Voices, which she explained began last year at the University of Bridgeport and is meant to energize the discussion of ideas and the arts. Krumrey then went on to introduce a “great, poetic treasure,” Marilyn Nelson. Nelson has been teaching for over 30 years, is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Connecticut, has written poetry, music lyrics, children’s books and poetry translations, and is well-known for being Connecticut Poet Laureate from 2001 to 2006. According to The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism (CCT), the Poet Laureate serves as an advocate for poetry and promotes the appreciation of and participation in poetry and literary arts activities among Connecticut citizens. Nelson began her reading by first emphasizing briefly the importance of meditation, stating that “we learn in silence,” and then moving on to begin a reading from her book, “The Fields of Praise.” She introduced a series called “Mama’s Promises" in which she in-

tended the poems to be about feminist theology, where she calls God “Mama,” and started with a poem entitled, “The Lost Daughter.” It highlighted parenting and the importance of children being seen by their parent(s), however, is based on a true experience of being lost in a department store when she was younger. “[It’s about] accepting the responsibilities of parenting, yet finding it terrifying,” Nelson said. “But connecting it to generations of parents who felt the same way.” She mentioned her love of historic research and read other poems that were influenced by figures in history—whether it was Venture Smith and “A Treasure Buried,” Connecticut’s official state heroine Prudence Crandall and “Jump, Jump, Jump,” or even “Not my Bones” written in honor of a set of human remains unknown at first but later found out to be an 18th Century slave named Fortune. She shows admiration for George Washington Carver and described him as a saint. Nelson has written poems on Carver

and felt that this man is what motivates a person to live a virtuous life. “I’ve fallen into accident [into] writing about history,” Nelson said. “[I’ve] fallen into it by coincidence, not by choice.” Sophomore Julie Torres attended the Poetry Reading and said she had read a couple of Nelson’s poems before. Although appreciating Nelson’s historic focus, Torres admits wanting to know more about the person behind the verses. “I love history,” Torres said. “I wish she would have written more about herself.” A few years ago, English Professor Eric Lehman saw a wonderful presentation of her work at the Florence Griswold Museum at which “they paired her Venture Smith poems with the work of artists.” “It was quite moving and got me interested in the rest of her poetry,” Lehman stated. “I hope that my students will be inspired to read and write poetry.” Professor Krumrey hoped that her students walked away from Necessary Voices appreciating how inspiring it is. “She [Marilyn Nelson] really showed us how history can be an inspiration and can be transformed to people of our own time,” Krumrey said. “She’s a really important Connecticut poet and has a lot to inspire students at UB; plus, she’s cool and fun to listen to.” “I write poetry in an attempt to find deeper truth,” Nelson said. “The truth we are seeking is essentially the same truth.” When asked what she hopes listeners took away from her readings, Nelson said, “the kind of pleasure that comes from a story told well.” Marilyn Nelson || Photo courtesy of Roseborn Cudjoe

Read about Heidi Gottlieb, a cancerous brain tumor survivor and her 250-mile walk from New York to Boston. Visit The Scribe website and see how you can help contribute to her organization “Brain Matters Inc.” and join her in the walk!


September 2011

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Readers, Welcome back to a brand new year of the newspaper you all know, love and have missed dearly! Also, welcome Class of 2015 who I know will grow to love “The Scribe” just as much! It’s a new year and there’s a lot happening on campus. From the new hours at Wahlstrom Library to the new Hub @ Marina Grand Opening, UB has been making some really significant moves. “The Scribe” has also been improving by transitioning from being exclusively print to going viral. We’re proud to be spreading the news on Facebook, Twitter and on our fairly new website. I encourage you to check out our website at and keep yourself updated with the latest news that comes in between our print publications. “Like” us on Facebook and be sure to follow us on Twitter @TheUBScribe. If you have any story ideas or want to become a contributing writer, E-MAIL US at This is YOUR newspaper and our goal is to improve every issue…you can help us achieve this goal. Enjoy Issue 1! Althea Benloss Editor-in-Chief Op-Ed Disclaimer: The Scribe neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made. The Scribe will not be liable for any loss, damage or hurt feelings caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained from the advice column(s). It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through The Scribe. Please seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice or other content. The Scribe Editorial Copyright Statement and Policy: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in the newspaper do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Scribe or official policies of The Scribe To submit articles, story ideas, illustrations or photographs, please send an e-mail of interest to, describing the article you would like to have published. After receiving expressed interest, please save the complete article in DOC format and send as an attachment. Please include full name and contact information (telephone number and e-mail address—to be used by editors only). Be aware that submission does not guarantee publication and all submissions are subject to editing.


Knight Life The Keys to Writing in a Modern Way CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor In today’s media crazed world, where new information is demanded every second and newspapers are becoming obsolete, blogs are now a key component in the journalism industry. They are the new source of how people receive their daily news nowadays. Blogs have only been around for a little more than a decade now, but since they are free to create and use, most writers have turned to them to promote their work to the world. Websites including and wordpress. com offer free services for you to run one on your own. One UB faculty member, who runs a successful classical music blog called Sonic Labyrinth, is Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, Director of the Music Program and a music writer for the Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Times and Hartford Courant. Since creating it in June 2010, he said that having a blog is important in order to showcase

one’s own talent. “Everyone should be writing one [a blog] and be writing it as something professional that they view as something that could potentially advance their abilities to write on a subject for which they have expertise [in],” Dr. Johnson said. “If you are a good writer and are really writing well on a subject somebody will find it because that is the nature of the internet.” Sharon Housley, a writer for, recommends several important guidelines in order to maintain a successful blog. She says that staying on topic is a key component while writing and that the readers are only interested in the main theme of your story. Another is having a schedule and sticking to it meaning that is essential to keep writing and updating your blog weekly in order for your audience to constantly read your work. Housley also mentions that having a RSS [Really Simple Syndi-

cation] feed will boost readership. “[Running a blog] helps [you] express spontaneity and random ideas you are thinking as the days go by and allows you to show off your work,” senior and finance major John Benitez said. “[My] day to day photography gives me a lot of versatility and the ability to focus on the little things I want to add [to my blog].” Benitez runs, a photograph blog/website that he uses to document any pictures he takes throughout his travels and daily life. His blog was created this past June and he said that an average of 150-200 people observe his site every day. “Having one [a blog] improves one’s writing and you might have such a peculiar gift for that area [of expertise] and that angle [may] help you create your own vacancy in the world’s most perfect job [for you],” Dr. Johnson said.

9/11 Tributes: Peace Pole Addition to UB DEVIKA HUDSON Staff Writer In remembrance of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the university came up with the idea of displaying a peace pole, located in the Student’s Center. Students that came to honor the fallen soldiers and encourage families that lost loved ones, were allowed to write positive words or quotes on the peace poll, a tall white pole. A tall, white pole with black lettering filled with numerous bible scriptures and common phrases to promote peace in different languages along with English. Along the peace pole reads, May Peace Prevail on Earth. SGA President Colin Capaci opened up the ceremony by saying, “Out of all the crimes that has happened on the campus of the University of Bridgeport, there has never been a hate crime.” By coming out to this ceremony, students and staff were allowed to write letters to active troops fighting, make books for families that are still being affect, or any contribution that they felt could help honor, such a day. Jennifer Turner, the Community Service Coordinator, organized the event, hoping that just glancing at the peace pole would uplift students’ spirits. “It will become such a reminder of how


much peace is an important factor on this campus, especially with the big percentage of international students on campus,” Turner said. She came up with the idea of the peace pole, by doing research and realizing that it is located all over the world. “I had students write on it to make it more personal and significance,” Turner said. “It was place inside to prevent certain weather precautions, as well as to keep it safe and make sure it stays around.” She hopes that one day, the attendance for 9/11 will grow on the same level of significance as Martin Luther King Service Day. Senior Delia Amsterdam came out to support the event because her uncle was a firefighter. She explained that her uncle died, while attempting to save someone. “It was hard dealing with his death, but knowing that it was a good cause, made me feel better about him being gone.” Amsterdam took part of the writing activity, mainly because she was recently engaged to a marine, so she understood how brave each person was by having that special connection with him.

“I explained in my letter how I felt so free, because of their bravery and strength to fight for the country,” she said. Visitors can stop by to see the peace pole in the SC to add any positive comments or encouraging words with Turner’s permission. Anyone who wants to make any contributions in honor of September 11 Attacks, should submit donations to your local Red Cross.

Peace Pole standing tall in the Student Center || Photo courtesy of Devika Hudson


September 2011

Sipping with Style

Drinks at the Café Scribe

EBONY LONICE Staff Writer With great changes happening on campus this past summer and throughout the fall season, why not spice things up at the university’s very own Café’ Scribe? Having an attractive modern atmosphere is to be expected; you’ll want to drop in at Café Scribe when first entering the library. Whether you’re on your way up or on your way down the Café is well located and sure to keep your day running efficiently. Jody Guarente, manager of Café Scribe, specializes in customer satisfactions as she reassures that the appearance of the place is always kept spotless and sparkling. Whether it’s the help yourself stations or its the warm and friendly sitting area that’s great if you’re in between classes, or just want to sit down and catch up on your academics. First arriving on campus in February 2010, The Café is the only establish on university grounds that offer a variety of quality and specialty beverages along with other to-go items such as their hand crafted sandwiches and salads, along with baked goods all delivered fresh each morning. Since there are so many beverages to choose from, such as bottled water/soda, cider and tea, Café Scribe’s area of expertise is in their Caf-

feine beverages. The buzz is about coffee and espresso considering these drinks can be served both hot and cold, pending preference, mood, and even season. They offer general drinks such as their Carmel Macchiato, White Chocolate Mocha, Café Americano and cappuccino. What many don’t know is that they also offer seasonal “Flavor Shots”, which you can add to these menu ordered drinks or you can spice things by creating your own personal drink. The fall flavor is pumpkin, followed by gingerbread and peppermint for the winter. Flavor shots offered are vanilla, hazelnut, vanilla & hazelnut sugar free, caramel, peach and bursting summer flavors like strawberry, cherry & raspberry. “I enjoy French Vanilla iced coffee with extra sugar,” Senior Stephanie Brice said. “That’s my sunny days drink.” Whether it’s a hot sunny day or a cold winter

Students gathered at Cafe' Scribe over fruit and beverages|| Courtesy of Ebony Lonice

day, add a drink from Café Scribe to your day; and with the library’s newly extended hours, the café is now open Monday thru Thursday until midnight. So go get your drink on. My recommendation: Peach hazelnut iced coffee with 2% milk.

Take it Easy

Health tips for relieving stress this school year

SHANICE DRAKES Staff Writer September is coming to an end, which means midterms are around the corner. Many of us are staying up later, possibly taking advantage of the 24-hour access to the first floor of the library. However, the late night study sessions are taking away from our sleep time; keeping us awake in our room, and messing with our sleep patterns. If you are an athlete, things get a bit more stressful with morning practices and upcoming games. With our stress increasing and relax time decreasing, our health is in jeopardy. Here are just a few health tips that can benefit you in the long run:

•Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water keeps the body hydrated, refreshed, and helps to flush toxins out of the body. •Ease up on the sugary drinks, and coffee. This makes you more tired than energized during the day, causing a craving for more sugar and caffeine. •Stretch at least 5 minutes a day to help reduce stress, improve flexibility, and increase blood flow in the body. • Are you an insomniac? Turn off all the lights, and electronics (to avoid temptation). This will tell your body it’s time for bed, and will help you stay asleep longer.

•Try your best to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. This way you are more energized in the morning, not needing the caffeine, and sugar to keep you awake. • Always remember to never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal. It aids in keeping your brain, and body, functioning throughout the day. A happy body is a healthy body!



September 2011

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SGA off to a fast-paced start TASNA MOYER SGA Correspondence Secretary The Student Government Association (SGA) is off to a fast-paced start this semester under the leadership of its newly appointed members. Following the creation of the Student Planning Board (SPB), SGA’s focus has shifted towards matters of academics and governance here on campus. SGA’s efforts are already producing results with the newly extended library hours and the Voter Registration drives which have been held around campus in an effort to get students involved in the surrounding city and community. We are your voice! Help us to be so by get-


ting involved. Attend your class’s monthly Town Hall meetings put on by your Class Representatives and College Senators. These forums are designed for you to share your concerns and ideas. Part of a club? Your attendance at House of Reps meetings (every other Wednesday at 9pm) and SPB meetings (every other Monday at 9pm) will help us be there for you. As a small school with dedicated faculty and a diverse student body that represents a plethora of cultures, nations, and faiths, we as UB students are extremely privileged. This is

our university – and hence it’s in our hands to mold and shape our experience. As yet another school year begins the members of SGA look forward to working together with each and every one of you to elevate the academic experience of the students here at UB. Students are encouraged to contact SGA at our new email and our office number 203-576-4818 with any questions, thoughts, or ideas!


September 2011

The Natural Hair Revolution IMANI PAUL & ASYA RAINEY Staff Writers There is a new thing in town and it’s more than just buying the latest apparel. It is a way of life. That’s right, natural hair is in! Going natural appears to be the thing to do. First, let’s define what it is to be natural. According to being natural means to have 100% unprocessed hair. That means no perms (relaxers) or texturizers. Some individuals go as far as to believe if you have a dye or rinse in your natural hair, you are viewed as unnatural because you used a chemical to change the color of your hair. When people think of being natural, they think of being Afro-Centric. Celebrities like Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, India Arie and more represent the natural hair movement by reflecting the diversity of natural hair. You can rock an afro, locks, curly afro, and many other hairstyles. UB has a wide array of individuals with different looks and many of them rock natural hair. Alphea John who is currently a sophomore and a double major in IPED and Criminal Justice said growing up she disliked her hair like any other little girl. She began to love her hair when she went to Japan and got so many compliments, so much so that a few people called her Janelle Monae. John said her natural hair is a way of life and not conforming to society’s view of women. It defines who she is. “You can’t find another Alphea around

because rocking your hair comes with confidence,” she said. “ It’s all about the confidence and loving who you are.” Although John has natural hair, she does flat iron it from time to time which does not take away from her being natural. She tries to keep her hair in various hairstyles in order to maintain it better. She said her favorite hairstyles are “Chiney Bumps (some call it Bantu Knots or Knots) and using flexi rods.” She believes it is easier to manage; she wakes up in the morning and sprays her hair and go. The two products she uses the most are Olive Oil Moisturizer and Pantene Moisturizer for natural hair. The key to taking care of your hair is using products that best suits your hair according to John. Although she has never had a perm, she believes it is much more time consuming maintaining hair that is natural. Here are some helpful blogs and websites geared toward natural fashionitstas:

different side of what it is to be natural to her that differs from John. Growing up, Chapmen had many struggles with having naturally curly hair such as battling her frizzy curls to become straight. Although Chapmen is now back to natural, she once processed her hair. “When I was younger I saw a lot of other kids with perms and their hair was very straight and pretty and my hair is very curly and frizzy so it’s hard to get my hair straight,” Chapmen said about getting her first relaxer. People always assume that Chapmen’s hair is not natural and though she has had a relaxer in the past, it bothers her when people assume she has one. “Yes it does because people think just because I’m dark-skinned I can’t have nice hair or people always think because I’m black, my hair can’t grow. They believe that only lightskinned girls or white girls or Spanish girls can have nice hair,” Chapmen said. When asked what it means to be natural Chapmen said, “Natural to me means no chemicals involved.” What being natural was years ago and what Freshman Ashley it is now has changed Chapmen is another proover the years—it is natural student. However, more embraced, more Chapmen is biracial and she tackles a wearable and more Ashley Chapman & Alphea John || Photo fashionable. courtesy of Ashley Chapman & Alphea John


ROSEBORN CUDJOE & DEVIKA HUDSON Photographer &Staff Writer This month you and a partner or rival are in a big fight about your roommates, parents, houseguests, housing situation, home-improvements. The entry into fall is slow and sleepy for you, Libra. Although work is demanding, thanks to activator Mars in your career sector, you still need time to relax. The first half of September is a time when you are quietly building up your confidence, resources and strength prior to launching new initiatives in your life. There are a lot of details to be quietly attended to, and health in body and soul is a high priority. This is your moment to shine, Libra, so you’ll need to be strong. Don’t let someone else’s crazy mak-

ing derail you from your dreams. You will make a massive change in your life and it will be hard for others to adapt to this new change. By the end of the month, you have a great deal of positive romantic and financial blessings pouring into your life. Lucky numbers- 8, 11 and 0

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Celebrity famous Birthday: September 25- Will Smith September 28- Naomi Watts October 13- Kelly Preston October 16- Tim Robbins



New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2012 SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

New York Fashion Week collections have come and gone, but you can start to develop the prominent trends that have appeared on the runway for this upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 season. Vibrant, cheerful and optimistic are some of the many words that describe the overall mood for this season. From the vibrant and positive colors, to new silhouettes introduced and levels of creativity of the designers have all been inspiring for many fashion admirers. Many styles have been developed on the runway, but the one that has stood out on numerous runways is the American sportswear trend; separate pieces such as blouses, jackets, skirts and pants seemed to have dominated the runway. Graphic and bold prints such as floral, tribal and mix matched media prints grabbed the attention of many designers, and classic pieces of the 20s, 50s and 60s made a significant comeback. These are some of the silhouettes that graced many designer shows; beautiful silhouettes of the 60s that inspired boxy dresses with a touch of neon in the Peter Som collection, full and

voluminous dresses and peplum shapes in the Jason Wu collection referenced the 50’s era, but added a touch of edge and elegance to personalize such iconic silhouettes, and the ease of elegance of the 20s referenced by the Coco Chanel period, with beautiful drop low waist dresses, that were so stunning and pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, the Alexander Wang and Altuzarra collection focused on a more edgy, cool, sports trend, by focusing on fast pace speed, and energy that is inspired by the lifestyle of an everyday woman. Sexy body-con shapes also compliment any woman’s figure and there were amazing handbags that you would want to own in every single color in the Victoria Beckham show. Calvin Klein collections strayed away from the bright and bold colors and focused more on minimal, clean and beautiful clothing in stunning pastel colors. There have been a few trends that made a comeback on the runway for this upcoming fashion season. The Spring/Summer 2011 color-blocking trend has returned, better than ever

New York fashion week Spring/Summer 2012 trends || Courtesy of

in monotone shades. Anoraks and parkas the ultimate outerwear trend this fall have made its way into the spring season in lighter and sheer fabrics. This NYFW has been such a wonderful source of inspiration, creative intelligence and new innovations. Follow Shaniqua’s Blog, Color Me Chic, at

Dress casual, dress classy —Wear a Shirt Dress! CASSIE TUCKER Opinion Editor/Columnist

As classes commence and the leaves begin to fall, I am reminded that unfortunately I will soon be unable to walk around in my jeans shorts and a camisole. Summer is reaching its end, but I am not ready to let go of the casual summer weather and comfy summer clothes! It is true the weather is getting chilly and more layers have to be incorporated into my wardrobe, yet that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice some of my favorite pieces. Fall is a terrific time for casual dresses, and the one pick that is topping the charts this season is the shirt dress. Casual yet cute, it is sure to secure you a few compliments this autumn season! Shirt dresses can be business casual or everyday chic. I have to travel to midtown Manhattan two days a week for my editorial internship, and I am required to dress the part. The


dress code is business casual, and my everyday wardrobe is not exactly “business-like”. I am one of those girls that are most comfortable in a cute, tight dress or shorts and a tank top (a woman’s suit isn’t exactly hanging in my closet). I was pleasantly surprised to discover the shirt dress, which has sleeves like a shirt, yet is conveniently a dress. I found a sleek, black shirt dress at Charlotte Russe for thirty dollars, which met the length requirements for business wear [and it also has a collar]. It makes me look like a professional and true Manhattan native! Shirt dresses are not just for professional wear, they also can be found in a variety of casual fits and styles. I always recommend Forever 21 for the most affordable options (usually around ten to twenty bucks), and in a vast array of colors and fabrics. The shirt dress is a con-

Girl wearing khaki shirt dress and headband || Photo Courtesy of

venient one-piece outfit, just slip it on and you are good to go (hooray for lazy Monday mornings)! Stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom have more sophisticated styles for a date or girl’s night out, and casual shirt dresses are abundant at Pac Sun, JC Penney, Rue 21 and of course, Forever 21 (my favorite store on the planet; I’m biased)! Look no further for a cute, fall dress to incorporate into your closet. Worried it won’t last you into winter? Pair a long-sleeved shirt dress with leggings and some boots and you are set to go. The shirt dress is a versatile piece that every girl (intern or everyday student) can wear with style. Who says dresses are only summer wear? (Not this girl)!


September 2011

SYDNEY BROWN Fashion Columnist Regardless of what you’re wearing, confidence is your best accessory. Realizing that beauty comes from various aspects- inside and out, can alter your mindset completely and allow you try new and creative ways to express yourself through fashion. Our trendsetter this week is starting the fall semester with self-confidence and style. Name: Liandra Tonge Year: Junior Major: Human Services Hometown: Bronx, NY Heritage: West Indian Where are your favorite places to shop? Urban Outfitters; I love Buffalo Exchange-a thrift shop in Brooklyn, as well as Beacon’s Closet, Forever 21 and H&M. What inspires your personal style? I would have to say my personality, my style matches my personality, it’s not too girly yet it’s not too tomboyish. What style/trend do you wish never happened or would go away? Leotards. I wish leotards were never in style. People wear them with jeans and leggings and it looks terrible! Actually I should say American Apparel leotards- the black and sheer and the pink and sheer ones. What item in your closet could you never live without? Cardigans. I have to have a cardigan on at all times; it could even be 100 degrees outside. My favorite one is my burgundy, Rugby varsity cardigan.

Liandra is wearing: a Rugby cardigan, a Gap button-up shirt, shorts that she made herself, and Minnetonka moccasins. || Photo courtesy: Liandra Tonge

Why is fashion and putting together unique outfits important to you? It’s important to me because it reflects my personality. I think style is a form of expression. Since clothes are what people first see of you, what you wear reflects the type of person you appear to be before someone gets to know you. What are you bringing into Fall ’11 that is fresh and new? My hair, I’m natural now as of this summer. I believe my newly natural hair reflects my style; I should have done it a long time ago. It makes me extremely confident.


Express Your Scribe Ellipsis It’s constantly playing in your head Just going continuously Scene by Scene only repeating Word for word. At first you laugh a lot Then a little But now not at all. The sound of it only drives you insane, Sending the sanest of sane completely mad, Totally bonkers. Terrorizing your thought process, Corrupting your mind, And for what “Friends”? Friends that put foolish ideas in your head Only giving you the option you know you should not take. But you do. And Why? For the love of people who probably run Run in the slightest sign of trouble. Leaving sitting in the corner like a speckle of dust To be blown away in lightest of wind

Trisha Bartholomew Staff Writer

*HAIKU* Encouragement

New York I Love You Dear New York I’m watching your history Your brilliant lights People of all shapes and colors Fire trucks hustling down the streets Parks filled of youths playing basketball The elderly relaxing in the sun under the trees So, So many bridges I see all this ambitious city has to offer. I take the train to 42nd My favorite place of them all My head stays positioned to the sky No stars, no silence, no turning back. Blues, yellows, greens, pinks I’m being surrounded by lights The warmth of the city welcomes me The cool ocean breeze calms me

The meter rolling away While I was stuck in traffic Yet I can’t stop smiling. 92.3, Hot 97, Z100 All at my finger tips I reached into my pocket to get my camera Man I looked and looked It was nowhere to be found. Finally I remembered bumping into a man. He stole my camera! The very first time I was ever pick-pocketed Yet I can’t stop smiling. I placed my fingers in the air in the shape of a camera And captured the picture that I will always remember, Then I shouted: New York I <3 You!

I walked pass the Hard Rock Entered and left Mc Donald’s Stepped in a puddle while getting in a yellow cab Natalia Wong Staff Writer

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Show your pretty smile. Show them that you are so smart. Hold your head up high. Shanice Drakes Staff Writer




Beijing: Bringing something new to music DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor One New Haven band is rising to the spotlight with their influential 90s grudge/pop melodies. The band, Beijing, came alive a couple months ago by four band members who wanted to rock out. With music running through their veins, they couldn’t wait to show people what they were about. The band consists of Bill Pruchnick, drummer, Jack Hoopinggarner, bassist, Thomas Smith, who takes on two roles as the electric guitarist and the band’s spokesperson and finally Eric Thornberg, the band’s lead singer. The name Beijing popped out after three weeks of trying to search for the right title for the band. They wanted a name that wouldn’t mislead music lovers into judging their style based on the name alone. Smith explained that they decided to name the band Beijing since “it’s memorable and non musicality.” Unlike the heavily autotuned mainstream music, Beijing brings on the rawness and honesty in their lyrics to the table.

The band’s first EP album, “It’s Not So Simple”, consists of four songs that takes you back to the 90s. With the positive response from their fans, Beijing has decided to do two full-length albums which will be out later next year. The band has the album online for only $3.96. Go to to listen to their tracks. Of course, their motives of being in a band are noble. Being rock stars of the rich and famous are the last things they have in mind. In fact all they care about is to just simply get their music out there and meet new people. “It’s hard to say what the future will hold. With any luck our music can get out to as many people as possible. We don’t really have any desire to be signed to a label or anything grand like that,” said Smith. Even though they’re still fresh in the music market, Beijing will be on everyone’s mind with one grudge melody at a time.

From left to right: Jack Hoopingarner, Bill Pruchnick, Eric Thornberg, and Thomas Smith of Beijing || Photo courtesy of Thomas Smith.

The Lion King makes its way to theaters once again ... with a 21st Century twist ALTHEA BENLOSS Editor-in-Chief The world has come a long way since cassette tapes, beepers, Walkmans, CD Players and VHS. We live in a fast-moving world, filled with smart phones, laptops, wi-fi connections, iPods, DVDs and, of course, 3D televisions and movies in theaters. So when fans discovered that their beloved 1994 Disney movie would be re-released, in 3D, for just two weeks, one could only imagine the excitement felt. “The Lion King” is currently the 28th highest grossing film ever, grossing $783 million worldwide during its 1994 release. On Friday, September 16 and almost two decades later, children, teens and adult alike got in line to pay for movie they had already seen numerous time before. So why shell out the cash for a movie that you’ve already seen before? Why sit through an hour and a half movie when you are fully aware of Scar’s evil ways? Why endure the off-key singing of “Hakuna Matata” by the other movie-goers? And finally, why get


emotional when Simba discovers that his father, Mufasa, is dead (and by his own brother)? The only answer that one has for all these questions is: It brings back memories. So many people long to return to the carefree days of childhood and being able to watch “The Lion King” on the big screen may have been a chance for many to re-live their childhood days of no work, worries, or bills. Experiencing it in 3D may have been even better--for the youngsters, most likely. The three-dimensional images from beginning to end did not really grab you like the memories of “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” did. 3D movies have become such a huge epidemic and quite frankly, it has lost its original hype. All those fancy effects weren’t needed...yes, it made it all the more fun to watch, but for the teens and adults, it was simply a rare opportunity to sing aloud the same songs that contributed to the smile on their face and happiness in their heart as a child,

in the theater. All-in-all “The Lion King” in 3D is a mustsee, whether you have it stored away on VHS, have seen it countless times already, or haven’t seen it at all. It not only brings back recollections for those who were just a child at the time, but teens and adults can fully appreciate the positive message produced through this nostalgic, musical, fun-filled film on the big screen.


September 2011

I don’t always read the newspaper but when I do I prefer

The Scribe Stay informed my friends. Pick up your copy of The Scribe from the news stand today. What grinds my gears…about Going Back to School Compiled by Denise Gotay

Ben-Shidah, Freshmen

In this first issue of “What Grinds My Gears,” I’ve asked students what bothers them the most about being back in school. From being a newbie to getting fined, these students had a lot to say about what ticks them off.

“Waking up early for morning classes and not having time to eat breakfast.” – Mabel Oppong, Freshmen “…not being able to stay up late and blog on Tumblr.” – Rachelle Jeanty. Freshmen

“What grinds my gears about going back to school is to try and adapt to the work load all over again.” – Noelle Charles, Freshmen “… trying to start all over again and being fresh meat. I miss being a Senior.” – Toyin

“The amount of money that I spend on buying room necessities, books for classes, in addition to tuition.” – Geralda Moise, Junior

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

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Demi Lovato breaks out new album JANISSE ASHTON Staff Writer Demi Lovato’s comeback album is all about redemption. Her breakout single “Skyscraper” addresses her past in rehabilitation and all the negative emotions around her. “You can take everything thing I have/you can break everything I have/ like I’m made of glass.” This single gave way for what the actual album would be about. Featuring artists such as Missy Elliot, Timberland, Jason Derulo and IYAZ, Lovato has matured in her musical career. Instead of the rock’ n ‘roll niche that fans have come to expect, Lovato takes a different

approach venturing into a different genre of R&B and lyrical ballads. While this album does feature pop, upbeat songs, the overall theme of the album is redemption. On songs such as “You’re my only Shorty (featuring IYAZ)” Lovato talks about hoping that the romantic encounters of last night carry over into the next morning. “Last night was crazy and today it’s heading in. Did you really mean it and could you say it again?” “On All Night Long (featuring Missy Elliot and Timberland)” Lovato expresses the “bad girl

pop” side of the album with songs that are made for the club with risky lyrical content. “There’s danger, I’m addicted to the danger.” Lovato never shies away from the microphone, as her vocals are passionate and powerful on tracks such as “Fix a Heart” and “Hold up”. Lovato has displayed incredible growth since her first album. Although Lovato suffered from self –harming and bulimia, the tracks on her latest album display that she is ready to move on from her troubled past.

Beijing’s “It’s Not So Simple” is the Sound Track of the 90s. DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Back” intensifies the raw vocals of a sad break up song. “New Beginning”, their last song, will keep you in a trance filled with a guitar solo that will keep you wanting more. “It’s Not so Simple” is sold on ITunes for $3.96. To check out the tracks, go to to hear the album.

Even though this is their first EP album, the band Beijing sounds like they’ve been playing for years. Debuting back in late July, “It’s Not So Simple” brings back the influential 90s grudge/pop scene and puts it back into today’s sound. Their first track, “Glitch” will fill your mind with the raw rough vocals of Eric Thornberg, as he belts out against the clashing of drums the screeching guitar riffs. “Hands in Front” has a danceable beat which goes well with the patterned drum beats and the smooth guitar sound. The slow melancholy rhythm of “Come Right

Cover of Beijing’s first EP album It’s Not So Simple || Photo courtesy of Thomas Smith.

Rihanna’s “We Found Love” already #4 on iTunes COLTON YOUNG Staff Writer “Yellow Diamonds in the Light…” starts off Rihanna’s first single from her sixth and upcoming album. “We Found Love” makes Rihanna’s 26th solo single and jumped to iTunes #4 spot in less than 24 hours on September 22. The sound is incredible and new to Rihanna’s reign, having a Ke$ha inspired disco vibe. Calvin Harris, also new to the Caribbean songstress, aided in making this single. Harris, a Scottish DJ and producer, has written songs for artists such as Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, and has actually turned down Lady Gaga.


In Rihanna’s twitter [@Rihanna], she replied ““I’m EXCITED, NERVOUS, ANXIOUS! I cud throw up [to be honest],” when a fan asked about her emotions about the new single and album. But according to the single, Rihanna “found love in a hopeless place.” Rihanna’s sixth studio album is due this fall, which she decided to make a brand new album instead of a “Rihlease” of her fifth album “Loud.” She wrapped up recording in late August.

Rihanna’s “We Found Love” || Photo courtesy of


September 2011

Third installment of renowned “Gears of War” series released JORDON WARMINGTON Staff Writer After three years of waiting, the fans of one of Epic Games’ greatest creations and Microsoft’s top series finally received some sort of closure. As one of the most anticipated video games of 2011, “Gears of War 3” was released on September 20. Taking place a year and a half after “Gears of War 2”, the final game in the series tells the story of Marcus Fenix, the head “Gear” (soldier), and his team of elite Gears, known as the Delta Squad, a major part of an army known as the COG, fighting off a horrifying new threat called the “Lambent.” Most gamers who have played “Gears” before know there was already a war going on against a race of species known as the Locust, who successfully killed off a major portion of the human race. The war eventually becomes a three-way battle between the humans, the Locust and the Lambent. The game introduces a ton of new things. For example, you can now play the “story mode” known as Campaign with four people

“Gears of War” || Photo courtesy of

via Xbox Live Co-op. In addition to the Campaign mode, there are tons of other new features in the game, such as Beast mode, which is the opposite of the Horde mode, a major feature in that you fight off “waves” of enemies until your very last breath. Each wave brings on more new enemies and tougher challenges. In Beast mode, you play as the Locust fighting off the humans. They have also expanded

Horde mode. You can now buy items such as tools to build a fort to protect yourself against the threats coming your way. Aside from Beast and Horde mode they have kept the multiplayer modes that everyone loves the same. As IGN (Imagine Games Network) puts it best “Epic’s epic epic ends epically.” Although like most sequels and conclusions, the game will live in the shadows of the previous games, it still manages to do the job the game was meant to do. The company has set in stone what a true third person shooter should be like, graphically, sound wise and game wise. This game will last in the history of classic Xbox titles. “Gears of War” has been one of the most celebrated video game series of all time and though the journey of the Delta Squad ends with this last game, this certainly will not be the last time you see “Gears.” Gameplay: 4/5 Sound/Graphics: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.5/5

“Moneyball”: A movie Baseball fans will appreciate JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor On its surface, “Moneyball” looks like a story of David vs. Goliath, with the small market Oakland Athletics representing David, and big market teams like the New York Yankees representing Goliath. But the real message lies in a quote said by Brad Pitt’s Billy Beane at one point in the film: “Adapt or die” Directed by Bennett Miller, and based on the 2003 bestseller Moneyball by Michael Lewis, the movie tells the story of the Oakland A’s and general manager Billy Beane, and how they are forced to retool their roster after the 2001 season. Beane is dealt some great hardships, as he loses three of his best players in free agency; Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Jason Isringhausen. Given the A’s small payroll, Beane knows he cannot rely on free agency to fix his problems, and he feels his scouts are stuck in the past, so he must find a different way of doing things. There enters Peter Brand (portrayed by Jonah Hill), a graduate from Yale with a degree in

economics. He tells Beane that he should not be buying “players”, but rather “runs”. They in turn begin looking at players who are underappreciated and undervalued, which allows him to get them cheap. The rest of the film deals with a counterclash against Beane’s approach, as he comes under fire from scouts, the media and his manager Art Howe (portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman), for essentially trying to change the way the game is viewed. Pitt does a terrific job portraying Beane, through all of his struggles, as he desperately wants his team to win, and knows he can’t unless he does it his way. The film also does a good job of weaving in Billy Beane’s back story as a former MLB player, and how traditional scouting’s totally failure to properly judge his skills influenced his thought on scouts. The film does a good job of pacing, and never feels bloated or over-dramatized. It also does a good job in not “Hollywood-izing” the film as there is no happy ending for Beane and the A’s, as they lose in the first round of the playoffs,

Movie Poster of “MoneyBall” || Photo courtesy of

just like in 2001. Of course, it was never meant to portray a happy ending. It was simply meant to show one GM and one small market team trying to survive in a sport dominated by large market teams. Inevitably, baseball fans will appreciate this movie more than most. However, that does not mean it isn’t a great movie, because it is, and I would recommend it for anyone.


Opinion Strike One… You’re Out? The Possibility of a Second Chance after Cheating BY COLTON YOUNG & CASSIE TUCKER

HE SAID Should I stay? If so, why should I stay? Should I leave? Guys, if your significant other has cheated on you, you should think about the situation and ask yourself a LONG series of questions. Did you actually catch them? Or worse, did you catch them in the act? Sometimes it’s easier to deal with a problem if you don’t witness it in person because psychologically the scenario may haunt you forever (or until the relationship does end). Did your partner actually tell you that it happened and that it was a horrible mistake? If you have a relationship that’s exceptionally special to you, then you should realize that your partner has made a horrible mistake and forgive, but not forget. Wounds take time to heal, but they can and DO heal. How long have you been together officially: weeks, a few months, years? If not long at all, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. The person is wasting your time and does not respect you at all. On the other hand, if the two of you have been together for a decent amount of time, it may be that your partner is just unhappy, sexually or emotionally and just needs comfort. If you can work through that, then all smiles to you; Congratulations! If not, you should look at yourself and ask: “Is it me or them?” If the answer is yes to either question, maybe you should exit the relationship because there is the ‘wasting time issue’, and life is too short. Were you completely shocked when you found out? Did you kind of already suspect that it was happening? If you expected that it was going on you should know that your partner is “not that into you”; take the hint and break up. An unhappy relationship is not a good thing. I’d rather be unhappy by myself than unhappy with a mate. Along with that, ask yourself if you are happy with the relationship because this may be the excuse you need to escape the relationship if


you are not happy. Ask yourself, “Would I cheat back, if I could get away with it?” If you answer yes to this question, you most definitely shouldn’t be with your mate, because you are not into them in a sexual/ romantic way. Maybe you should just be friends (which isn’t a bad thing), or just be in an open relationship if all you’re going to do is cheat! You could also be ‘friends with benefits.’ A female friend of mine says, “Stay! Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but if the cheating is continuous you should leave.” I agree with this 100%, and it wraps up this column. Good luck with your relationship, but remember that YOU are most important. If you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love someone else? SHE SAID As another fall semester begins, I am faced with new classes, new students and a new internship. (You could say I have my hands full.) With new beginnings around every corner, it is hard not to be bombarded by thoughts of second chances. You can reinvent your wardrobe, your GPA and your group of friends, but can you reinvent a relationship after someone has been unfaithful? Is it even possible to start anew and forgive and forget? Where does one even begin to repair the damage? I once heard the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” To cut it short, when giving someone a second chance you run the risk of being hurt again. If and when that mistrust is experienced again, the blame is on you for giving that person a second

chance to begin with. (You now look like a fool, not the best feeling in the world.) If your partner cheats on you once, what will stop them from doing it again? If your boyfriend truly loves and respects you, then why would he ever want to be with someone else? These questions are some you will be confronted with after experiencing a partner’s infidelity. The idea that it is vital to “forgive and forget” is complete stupidity to me. Readers, in no way am I telling you it is a good idea to hold grudges, but I do know it is a good idea to have enough self-worth and self -respect to walk away from a situation in which your significant other OBVIOUSLY has no respect for you. There is never an excuse for cheating on your partner, and whatever excuse or reasoning they compile to win you back is just going to make you feel like less of a person in the long run. You are severely emotionally damaged, and it is a good idea to spend some alone time to gather your thoughts and see in what direction you want your life to go. Don’t focus on how angry or sad you are, but rather what road you need to take to continue living your life and enjoying what it has to offer (with or without him). I don’t believe that “once a cheater always a cheater,” but I do know there is some hidden layer of truth to the accusation. Cheating really shows how unprepared someone is for a serious relationship; Immaturity and infidelity go hand in hand. Eventually you two could work things out and possibly re route your relationship, but for right now I suggest that you take things a day at a time by focusing on yourself. Loyalty is respect and respect is love; there is someone for everyone, and you need to keep moving and NEVER look back. The road life brings you down will find you love, but staying with a cheater will find you nothing but lost sleep and lost time you can never get back. Liberate yourself and take charge of your own life!


September 2011

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Temptation Quotes from the Bible - Christianity

Quotes from the Qur’an – Islam

“No temptation has overtaken you expect what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so you can endure it.” – 1st Corinthians 10:13 NIV

“You will find others that wish to have security from you and security from you and security from their people. Every time they are sent back to temptation, they yield thereto. If they withdraw not from you, nor offer you peace, not restrain their hands, take (hold) of them.” – Surat An-Nisā’ 4:91

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” -Mark 14:38 NIV “When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own desire and enticed.” – James 1:13, 14 NIV

“And protect yourselves against a temptation which will definitely not afflict in particular the ones who did injustice among you; and that Allah is strict in punishment.” – Surat Al -‘ Anfāl 8:25 Miscellaneous

the hardest victory is the victory over self.” – Aristotle “When I am able to resist the temptation to judge others, I can see them as teachers.” – Gerald Jampolsky “Virtue is nothing without the trial of temptation, for there is no conflict without an enemy, no victory without strife.” – Pope St. Leo the Great

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for



September 2011

Looking for advice? The Scribe is all knowing Dear Scribe,

Dear Confused,

I’m a freshman and it’s my first semester at UB. I’m really enjoying the college experience so far – the newfound freedom, interesting classes and entirely new set of new people I am surrounded by is pretty exciting. Even so, I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t overwhelmed. I feel pretty lost most of the time; the combination of new, rigorous courses, the juggling of homework and work study as well as the attempt to develop new friendships is nerve-wracking. I don’t know where to turn – what clubs should I join, how do I make new friends, how do I juggle my school work and my social life? My mind is on a million things at once and I don’t know how to juggle them all. Help?

I know how you feel about being overwhelmed with your newfound freedom. When I was a freshman I had that same exact problem as well. In order to get through college, you have to learn how to do time management. There’s a reason why your college schedule isn’t like your high school schedule. After getting out of class, do your homework as soon as you can. Procrastination is a killer among college students. Since you have work-study, it can be a juggling match for you. But make sure you set aside time to do your studies no matter what.

Sincerely, Confused in College

As for making friends, there are tons of ways you can develop friendships. When it comes to deciding on what clubs to join, focus on what activities you like to do on your spare time. You can also meet people through your work-study. Get to know your employee and your co-workers. You can even make friends from the classes you’re attending.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything will come together at the end and you’ll get better at managing your time. After you learn how to balance your time, college will be a lot easier to handle. Good luck and welcome to college. Sincerely, Denise Gotay Entertainment Editor

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The love and hate of the game for sports fans MIKE MEHL Sports Writer Since the beginning of sporting events there have been those loyal fans that have stood by their teams through success and through failure. Fans have never been shy of letting the sports world know how they feel about not just their teams, but also about teams that they truly can’t stand. From trash talk to violence, fans have never relented when it came to showing their true feelings of support for the teams and sports they love. Jeff Jean, a sophomore said the New England Patriots were his favorite NFL team, and that his two most hated teams were the New York Jets and the New York Giants. “Well they’re the rivals of the Patriots,” Jeff said, about his hate toward the New York Jets. Rivalry between sport teams has always been a main contributor to which teams fans have hated. The Jets and Patriots rivalry has lasted since the 1960s and has promoted different trash talk between the two fan bases. This rivalry between New York and Boston is one of the biggest rivalries in sports.

Jets and Patriots helmets, butting heads || Photo courtesy of

“In the Super Bowl the Giants came back and upset the Patriots, the Patriots almost had a perfect season but Giants ended it and upset Patriot fans all over the globe,” Jean said. The Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history in Super Bowl 42 by defeating the undefeated New England Patriots. Jean will go as far as taking it to the internet

to post up trash talk. Mike Easton a freshman said that his favorite [NFL] team is the New York Jets. When asked was there any team that he disliked he replied the Steelers. Easton said he doesn’t really hate them, but he is also not a fan of them either. The Steelers and Jets don’t have much of a rivalry with one another but the Steelers ended the Jets season last year in the AFC Championship Game. “I actually had a family member on the Steelers, Hank Poteat, who moved to the Jags then New England for 2 years then the Jets, then Cleveland,” Easton said. He said that he’ll go as far as putting up trash talk against the team he hates Facebook or even mess up a picture of the team but he doesn’t take the trash talk seriously. In sports there are certain teams that one likes and there are the others which people can’t stand. Jean and Easton are both examples of fans that show their respect to the teams they like and show how much they dislike a certain team.

Men’s Cross Country sets their sights for top of the conference ISAIAH RHODES Sports Writer “Give a man a fish he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.” These were words from University of Bridgeport men’s cross country and basketball coach Mike Ruane. These are also the type of sentiments that the men’s cross country squad runs with every day to motivate themselves to accomplish their goals for the season. Going forward this season, Ruane’s goal was to expose his team to the top level


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of competition in an effort to elevate and progress at all levels. Following the Purple Knights 12th place finish at the CW Post invitational on September 17th, he saw nothing but positives from the performance. “I was very impressed with Dave (Clarkin),” Ruane said. “Him finishing first in his first race was a surprise especially it being his first year.” These hidden jewels within the team are what give Ruane the confidence to believe that his team can be a top team in the East Coast Conference. In a performance this past

weekend (September 24) at Father Leeber Invitational at Fairfield University, the Purple Knights finished 8th. With each performance, Ruane sees big strides from his team. “I believe can finish in the top four of the conference,” Ruane said. “If Rich (Lubrano), Vinny (Audinot) and Brian (Bor) perform and add that experience while the new additions run up to their capability our possibilities are endless.” There is a deeper undertone with Ruane’s motivation though that can take the overall progress for the team to another level. Ruane’s goal is not just for this season, but for future years of the program and his players. “As we face the top level teams we will see we will need each other.” Ruane said. “That is the type of internal motivation that they need to push for to elevate us to a top program.” The Purple Knights will be back in action again on October 7, at Post University at 4:30 p.m.


September 2011

Volleyball team getting adjusted JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor Last season, the University of Bridgeport women’s volleyball team went 25-5 and advanced all the way to the NCAA tournament regionals, before falling to Dowling 3-0. This year’s team looks quite different, as only six of fifteen players from last year’s team returned for this year. The team also features five freshmen. “It is two different teams; last year, we had some power, this year we have more quickness on the defense,” Head Coach Leo Uzcategui said. Despite the turnover, the team has started out well this season, going 5-1 in their first six games. Uzcategui said the new players are working very hard, and that they understand what they want. One player in specific he mentioned was Biljana Savic, a freshman from Serbia. “I think that she can become one of the best players in this conference and even the region as an outside hitter,” he said. Uzcategui also said the veterans on the team like Taylor McBeth and setter Tamara Leite have been helping the new players to adjust. Senior Carolina Lobato said the team gets along “real well”. Lobato has had to make some of her own adjustments though. Playing primarily as a defensive specialist last year, she’s switched over to libero this season, which places more responsibility on her. “As a libero, I am the one that’s always going out and coming back to the court so I can talk to coach (Uzcategui),” Lobato said.

“I get to pass the message from coach (Uzcategui) to the girls, and I need to improve on my communication.” One of the concepts Uzcategui has been preaching during practices is stepping up and making your own plays. “Everything that happens in volleyball, it doesn’t depend on the other team, it depends on you,” he said. “I don’t care how strong the other team is; if I’m in the right place, I can stop them.” Uzcategui, who is in his third year as coach of the team, said he has not adjusted his coaching style much, and that he puts the onus on the players to perform and for them to set their own goals. In the end, expectations

are high for the team this year. “I think we have a great chance to be the champions this year, not just the conference champions, but the regional champions,” Lobato said. The team continues its ECC road trip with a trip to Mercy tomorrow, and then to Dowling on October 4th before returning home two days later to play New Haven in Hubbell Gymnasium at 7 p.m.

Number 1, Biljana Savic & Number 17, Carolina Lobato || Photo courtesy of Rich Lubrano



September 2011

Sports Schedule Home Games = Bold

Women’s Cross Country: Sep 17, 2011 at C.W. Post Invitational 12th Place Sep 24, 2011 at Father Leeber Invitational @ Fairfield U. 9th Place Oct 1, 2011 at St. Joseph College Invitational 11:00 am Oct 7, 2011 at Post University 4:30 pm @ Black Rock State Park

Women’s Soccer: Sep. 20 at Bloomsburg W, 1-0 Sep. 24 C.W. Post * W, 2-0 Sep. 28 Stonehill 6:00 PM Oct. 1 NYIT * 3:00 PM Oct. 4 at St. Anselm 3:30 PM Men’s Soccer: Sep. 21 Bloomfield L, 1-0 Sep. 24 C.W. Post * L, 1-0 Sep. 29 at Wilmington (Del.) 3:30 PM Oct. 1 NYIT * 6:00 PM Oct. 5 Bentley 5:00 PM Women’s Volleyball: Sep. 22 NYIT * W, 3-1 Sep. 24 Caldwell W, 3-0 Sep. 27 at Molloy * 7:00 PM Sep. 29 at Mercy * 7:00 PM Oct. 4 at Dowling * 7:00 PM


Men’s Cross Country: Sep 17, 2011 at C.W. Post Invitational 12th Place Sep 24, 2011 at Father Leeber Invitational @ Fairfield U. 9th Place Oct 7, 2011 at Post University 4:30 pm @ Black Rock State Park Oct 9, 2011 at NJIT TBA

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Issue 1 -2011/12