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Issue 10 April 2011

UB committee announces impending Drake concert ALTHEA BENLOSS Editor-in-Chief Concerts are exciting—the rush to get tickets before they sell out, the anticipation of the concert date, the endurance while waiting in line and finally, the thrill and enjoyment of the performance. Thanks to the UB Social Event Planning Committee (SEPC) students will be able to experience all of this on campus, this semester, with the performance of none other than Drake. Rapper Aubrey Graham, best known for his stage name Drake, will be making his appearance on the University of Bridgeport’s campus this month to provide students and faculty with a performance like no other. Senior Nan Zi, the president of SEPC, is very excited to introduce Drake on stage on the day of the concert, but described the preparation of the entire event as very difficult and stressful one. “It’s Drake! He’s a very busy man,” Zi said. “It took a very long time for him to even get back to us,

Rapper Drake || Photo courtesy of

because he was always out of the country or having a concert in another state.” Zi explained that Drake agreed to perform at UB because he is attracted to the university’s diversity and also

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Lady Gaga runs against Sarah Palin in the 2012 race for presidency

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DENISE GOTAY Staff Writer “Twilight” vs. “True Blood” Debate on p. 8


New UB Football Team p.9

Pop singer Lady Gaga has decided to trade in her music career to become a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election. She is up against former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, who had previously run as Vice-President for the 2008 election against President Barack Obama. After briefly being in the political eye for persuading senators to appeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, Gaga has further interest in pursuing politics. Last week, Lady Gaga posted a video on YouTube stating her motives as to why the sudden career change. “I believe that it’s time for Americans to start living the life that our forefathers wanted us to have. Just because I am a pop singer doesn’t mean that I do not know anything about the true meaning of life, Continues on page 3

Find the different colored circles for a new scent!


Paranormal Investigation major to be offered to prospective Ghost Hunters CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Are you a fan of “Ghost Hunters” or the “Paranormal Activity” movie series? If so, starting next fall the University of Bridgeport will be offering a new major entitled Paranormal Investigation, President Dr. Betty Sue Buckburger announced on March 29. The idea of introducing this new major was three years in the making after students came to together and told Dr. Buckburger about their interest in possibly pursuing this as a new curriculum. There will be a limit for students who want to join the program, as it is opened to only the first 50 students who sign up. “We are really excited to offer this new program because it allows our students who are general studies major to have a clear focus in this new exciting major,” Dr. Buckburger said. “The ability to learn from the experts in this field is a true blessing for this university.” Running the program will be well-known demonologist and head investigator of the “Ghost Hunters” TV series Tom Quiggle. He comes to UB with over 30 years of experience working in paranormal investigation. His goal for new students that are interested in joining the program

is for them to be able to learn how ghost activity is formulated and captured by having faith in his preaching 100 percent. “People need to understand that to be a good ghost hunter, you need to understand the entire process that goes into a productive ghost hunting system,” Quiggle said. “Based on my extensive history working in this field, I want my students to feel comfortable believing in my abilities to run a successful and enjoyable class.” Students in this major will be meeting three times a week in the basement of the ABC Building that will be converted from a model design shop into a paranormal based classroom setting. Quiggle will guide the ghost hunting findings throughout several deserted buildings around campus. Those include Ingleside Hall, Howland Hall, Schine Hall, among others. The benefits are endless with so many abandoned buildings around campus, according to Quiggle. “It’s not often that you find a campus that offers so many buildings that aren’t being used all at one time,” Quiggle said. “This will allow our pupils to gain knowledge in these buildings with different structures and layouts, so that

they will know what kind of surroundings they are facing when they are in the real world.” For the final project, students must record and analyze a paranormal finding that they were able to make by themselves somewhere they know of ghostly activity and present it to the class in order to prove to Quiggle that they can have a bright future in this field if they want to pursue this as a career. If impressed, he plans on selecting his top three students to intern at the “Ghost Hunters” TV show during the summer of 2012. Cornelius Harry, an incoming transfer undergraduate from Bernie’s Burger Institute in nearby Norwalk, is very attracted by the idea of joining this program and knows he will benefit greatly from it. “Being a big fan of “Ghost Hunters”, I have faith in Mr. Quiggle and his ability to provide and develop the necessary skills I will need to become a good ghost hunter,” Harry said. “It is my passion to becoming the world’s best paranormal investigator someday.”

Drake comes to UB Continued from page 1

because he has a younger relative looking to be enrolled here as well. SEPC has been trying to get a celebrity to perform at UB for two years, and all members agreed that they were thrilled when they had an official date for Drake’s performance set. “It’s going to be the biggest event at UB point blank,” Junior and Treasurer of SEPC Andy Lane said. “We’ve never had an event like this before and I’m excited to see everyone’s faces.” Students are already anticipating the arrival of the renowned rapper and can’t stop talking about it in the dorms, in Marina, in class, or anywhere. “It’s about time UB did something like this!” Sophomore Manda-Lee Coach said. “I love Drake’s music and the opportunity to see him live in concert at my own university is awesome!” Freshman Rodney Quepet said that he refused to believe it at first, but when he realized that Drake’s concert was for real, he was


ecstatic. “Drake is the man, no doubt,” Quepet said. “I’ll be first in line to get a ticket!” According to Zi, Drake has agreed to meet with one female backstage after the show. Females interested must purchase a ticket and then submit her full name, to be later drawn in the on-stage lottery. The rapper will choose one name at the end of the concert and meet with the winner backstage for a brief photo shoot together. “Drake said he will also be bringing along a special guest, but I’m just not allowed to say who it is,” Zi said. “But it’s someone who Drake fans will automatically love.” Drake’s concert will be held in Merten’s Theater in the ABC Building on Saturday, April 23 at 8 p.m.; and doors open promptly at 7 p.m. Tickets for UB students are $15. (Non-UB students are $20). Tickets will be on sale in the Student Center beginning Friday, April 1, until they are sold out. Drake rapping on stage || Photo courtesy of



Carr o


On-campus bowling alley to re-open next fall

Gra p

April 2011

CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor After much thought and consideration in deciding to upgrade the student activities at UB, President Dr. Wes Kung Jukk announced on March 26 that the university’s bowling alley will reopen after a 21 year hiatus. The decision was made after an ever-growing concern from the student body that there weren’t enough activities to do on campus. Renovations will start on May 2 and will be completed by August 19 and finally open on Labor Day weekend. Dr. Kung Jukk feels that this new opportunity will not only benefit the students, but also give UB more recognition. “The fact that our students want more entertainment and want to be involved on campus was the icebreaker for me to approve of it,” Jukk said. “This will allow potential prospective students to imagine themselves doing someday and they will tell their friends and families about this unique gem we have.” In 1990, the bowling alley closed due to mechanical and electrical issues with the equipment and funding was hard to come by at the time to upgrade everything. The facility which originally opened in 1970, will have a more modern touch to the place with 20-25 lanes for bowling 15 widescreen TV’s, a mini food court with a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell and a Quizno’s included. Funding will come from the Connecticut Bowling Association. Sophomore Sharica Chickadee, who is an avid bowler herself, knows this will be a great

Gaga for President

way to keep herself busy during the weekends and show off her skills. “I am really excited to know that I won’t be stuck in my dorm anymore during my days off from school.” “It’s great to know that I have the opportunity to show my UB friends my proficient bowling,” Chickadee said. The bowling alley will have very flexible hours each week for everyone’s schedule. It will be open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. from Mondays to Wednesdays, Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m, Friday and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to midnight and Sundays from 12 noon until 11 p.m. The cost is two dollars for each time you want to bowl and shoes are included for no additional cost. If you want to rent the place for a party or special occasion that is also an op-

tion. Buddy McFry, the man in charge of the renovation project and the new owner of the bowling alley, wants students to be able to take pleasure in this oasis to the fullest since he knows college life goes by fast. “My vision is for the UB community to embrace and take advantage of this beautiful place on campus, so that you will have living memories being here,” McFry said. “Enjoy it now because before you know it tomorrow you will be graduating college and have a hectic life ahead of you.”

Design concept for the UB Bowling Alley to be opened in the fall || Photo courtesy:

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liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Gaga said in her video. “It is unfair and ludicrous that we cannot properly practice our God-given rights as a democratic society.” In order to show her fans and critics how serious she is with her decision to go into the political world, Lady Gaga will run for presidency under her real name, Stefani Germanotta. Toniann Witherspoon, a junior political science major, thinks Lady Gaga would be a very interesting candidate for the next election. “I mean, Lady Gaga has a very solid loyal fan base so there is no doubt that she will have supporters,” Whitherspoon said. “If

Arnold Schwarzenegger could run as governor of California, then Gaga wouldn’t have trouble running for president.”

Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga || Courtesy of: &

José Cielo, a freshman political science major, said that it’s the worst idea he has ever heard. “Lady Gaga should stick to what she knows best – as an overexposed pop singer. There’s a reason why the pop world and the political world can’t mix,” Cielo said. “The day Lady Gaga becomes president is the day I’m moving to Canada; at least their government officials have common sense.” Her dedicated fans not only support Gaga, but also have even gone as far as to make a face book page called “Gaga for President.” So far, the page has 200,000 followers.


April 2011

Barnum’s birds infect campus


ARIELLE CARON Staff Writer It has recently been discovered that a variant of the Aviary Flu Virus has transmigrated across the pacific to Bridgeport. This highly contagious and potentially lethal virus is being carried by none other than the specific species of the Leftwinged African Green Parrot that was brought here by the Barnum and Bailey Circus, in mid19th century: nearly 170 years ago. So far, the students on campus have avoided the frontal blow of the virus, as the strain carried now by the green parrots is less enduring in the system of the birds. However, 22 students have been quarantined in Cooper Hall and are under medical supervision directed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The university’s public relations representative has commented that students do not need to leave campus, however should report to Health Services if they begin to feel feverish and numb in their fingers and toes. The population of the Left-winged African

Green Parrot has been reported to be as large as 20,000 birds in the Long Island Sound region. So far it appears that this virus has not spread to any other bird species in the area. There is reason to believe that the cause for the sole vulnerability of these parrots lie in their immune system, which is unique to birds of African origin. Leslie Cimaton, a UB Graphic Design major has been routinely sketching and observing the parrots since she enrolled here in the fall of 2010. “No one notices these birds because they are green, but they really are all over campus,” Climaton said. Cimaton, who spends a lot of time outdoors, spoke of one experience with an aggressive member of a green parrot flock. “One time, they were flying from one tree to the other and I looked up at them, with a sandwich in my hand, and a bird just came down and locked its beak on the bread in my hand.”

Zombie 101 to be offered in Fall 2011

Cimaton has been checked thoroughly for traces of the virus and although none were found, she has been given a precautionary sequence of special antibiotics to ensure that a small amount of the virus would not spread. Health Services reports that it is in the process of obtaining a plentiful amount of these antibiotics for the student body. Until then, they believe students should not panic and go about their business as usual.

Birds flying high above campus || Photo courtesy of Steve Baldwin

CHEYENNE OWEN Staff Writer Students wanting to educate themselves on the zombie culture, which has been highly popularized by Hollywood as of late, will finally get their wish. As of the upcoming Fall 2011 semester, Zombie 101 will be implemented as an elective for all interested students. Highlights of this course will focus on the social aspects and behavioral tendencies of ghouls and mob mentality. Students will learn how to effectively eliminate zombies and which weapons, including: swords, guns or fire will be more effective in combat. Junior Mackie Kleinberg is hoping this course will clear up his confusion on the subject of zombie combat. “I had heard that katana and wakizashi blades were the most reliable in close combat, but I was never told what was good for distance elimination,” Kleinberg said. Professor Layton Wright who will be heading Zombie 101 says that this is the precise reason why the course was created. He states that there is nothing more important than survival. “With 2012 approaching quickly, there is increasing speculation that the end of the world will come at the hands of zombies and their


carnivorous appetite. After conducting several interviews with people on the street, my fellow Zombologists and I have concluded that not enough people know how to protect themselves from ghoul attacks.” The textbook required for this course will be Max Brooks’ “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.” This book details the keys to survival down to the clothes one should wear when fleeing from ghouls and describes documented zombie attacks throughout history. The guide will be available at the UB Bookstore for $13.95. “I was once almost a victim to a zombie attack while I was working at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago. I want my students to know that knowledge in that situation literally means life or death,” Wright said. Zombie 101 will seem a bit like a science course to some. Professor Wright will introduce students to the existence of Solanum, the virus that destroys ones frontal lobe and stops the heart, effectively creating a zombie. Using slideshows and exclusive footage collected through the CDC, students will get a glimpse at

the reanimation process of the living dead and how they earned this contradictory title. Sophomore Marik Ishtar expressed his enthusiasm for the class, already planning on takPhoto of text required for Zombie ing it this fall. 101 course: || Photo courtesy of “I’m truly looking forward to learning about the recorded attacks,” Ishtar said. “That’s stuff you wouldn’t find in any library book and certainly wouldn’t see on the evening news for fear of mass hysteria.” Despite Zombie 101 dealing with such a macabre subject, this course provides you the benefit of keeping alive and in turn helping loved ones survive. Echoing the words of Max Brooks, “They feel no fear, why should you?”

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Knight Life

Kurt Cobain’s daughter to attend UB next fall Denise Gotay Staff Writer

NewsP r in


The University of Bridgeport will be welcoming many students for the Class of 2015 for the fall 2011 semester, but one student in particular will definitely stand out from the rest. Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and rocker Courtney Love has decided to attend UB next fall. Originally, she had her eyes set on going to school in New York City but decided to come to Connecticut instead. Traveling from California, all the way to the east coast, Cobain wants to experience college on her own. She believes that it would be an exciting opportunity to become not only independent, but also have new experiences. “When I was searching for a great school to go to, I was torn between the University of Bridgeport and Ithaca College,” Cobain said. “Even though I don’t like big schools, I felt that Ithaca was a tad bit too small for me and it wasn’t as diverse as the University of Bridgeport.” Freshman Jenny-Ann Sanchez is looking forward to having an individual such as Cobain at the university. “I think having someone like Frances here, would be so good for the school’s rep,” Sanchez said. “Come on, she’s the daughter of a music legend!” However, Junior Jay-T Prince feels that having Cobain, or any famous person enrolled at the university, is not a big deal.

“The only reason why everyone is so excited, is because they only hear the name ‘Cobain’,” Prince said. “Kurt Cobain was an awesome musician, but Frances Bean was just a baby when he passed away—so it’s not like she’ll have much to say about him. She’s a regular person just like the rest of the incoming freshman students.” Cobain is interested in studying Journalism and said that she previously interned for Rolling Stone Magazine from June to August of 2009. She also stated that she is hoping to being treated like an average student at UB and is looking forward to learning new things. Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain || Photo courtesy of

UB’s diversity attracts Designer Marc Jacob COLTON YOUNG Staff Writer Fashion students who have already taken the Fashion Accessories class will probably be very upset. Next semester, Celebrity Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs will teach and lecture one class. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in fashion, fashion merchandising, and not to mention, meeting Mr. Jacobs and learn great lessons about fashion and accessories. He is scheduled to come on the week of September 12, 2011. Jacobs is currently the Creative Director of the French design house Louis Vuitton, the head


designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, so therefore his time is quite limited. Jacobs however made the effort to do his research on University of Bridgeport. “I want to go somewhere where fashion isn’t well known, and I want to have a diversity of networks, and when I heard that University of Bridgeport is one of the most diversified schools, I looked into their fashion programs,” he said to the fashion accessories professor. “I want to make a difference in fashion, and everything is in New York (with emphasis), we

need to make fashion bigger and to do that, you need to start with the small.” Jacobs decided to do a lecture for the Fashion Accessories class, because he has superb experience with that division of fashion. Marc Jacobs has eyewear, perfume, jewelry, amongst more. “Thank God I haven’t taken that class already,” Sophomore Fashion Merchandising major Deona McFlowers said. “I’ll be the first person in line to register for that fall class!” Make sure you register for this class, before it fills up!

Fashion Future Fashion Trends: Fall/Winter 2012 SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor Extreme, fun and over-the-top trends have been predicted by many fashion forecasters for Winter/Fall 2012, which will surely make your head spin. Many forecasters have foreseen numerous new silhouettes fabrics and techniques that has never been seen on the runways never before at any season. Designers will be introducing; heels that will reach super high lengths, various amounts of colors and loads of inspiration that will be appearing more than ever. If you can’t wait until next year, here is a sneak peak of what will be some of the hottest trends on the runways for the sensational 2012: Garbage Bags: I know it might sound crazy, but garbage bags will be a hot new fabric for the fall/winter in 2012. Many designers such as Valentino, Alexander Wang and Chanel will change the everyday trash bag and relate it to techniques such as laser printing, weaving and draping. They also develop garbage bags to different fibers, which will make the quality of the material more durable, long-lasting and stronger than ever before and also be used as jackets,

evening dresses, among other things. Caution Tape: Do you remember the Lady Gaga video “Telephone,” and the caution tape outfit she wore? Well numerous designs such as Marc Jacobs, Balman, and Isabella Mirant are going nuts over the look inspired by Gaga. Seen on their story boards, they have envisioned caution tape worn as swimwear, leggings, gloves and graphic t-shirts. This trend should bring out the inner Lady Gaga in you. Plastics: Transparent plastics will be making a major comeback on the runways, since its last debut in the early 90’s. Plastic sandwich bags will be used for ladies everyday handbag use. Grocery bags will be worn as casual sun hats including sombreros and fedoras and classic saran wrap will be the

ultimate party outfit, such as body con dresses and skirts that will be flattering to the body. Sweet as Candy: One of the most exhilarating meals of the day has to be dessert. Well, designers such as Zac Posen, Betsy Johnson and Prada have will be incorporating their favorite childhood treats to sizzling styles for the fall. Neon bubble candy gum drops made into bangles will be the essential accessory in 2012. The hems of skirts have been lined with numerous cotton candy flavors. Heels will have an interesting design by being made out of 10-inch Twizzlers for your ultimate runway look. Enjoy these new chic and desirable trends for Fall/Winter 2012, as they will be available in a few stores in Trumbull Mall and Loehmann’s in Norwalk. Future runway trend the garbage bag for Fall/Winter 2012. || Photo courtesy of

SYDNEY BROWN Fashion Columnist

Heritage: Thug life

Joseph is wearing a gray University of Bridgeport hoodie and sweatpants || Photo courtesy of Sydney Brown

Where are your favorite places to shop? Baby Gap, Kmart, Wal-Mart... Those are my favorite places to shop. How would you describe your style?

What fashion trend are you into right now? Pampers pull-ups; they make your butt look fat. What sets you apart from others on campus? My ability to really not care about what I’m wearing. I just throw it on and it happens to go together.



Black C

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT


Major: Popping bottles

I don’t really know the name of styles but retro and casual. Picture a lime green shirt, khakis rolled up at the bottom, church shoes, and glasses with empty frames.


Year: Sophomore

ss ra

Name: Joseph Conrad


Fashion is… well just read on and see what our trendsetter this week thinks of his style.

Fresh Cu t

Do you have any fashion advice for others? For others? Yea… step your game up and fashion’s really not a big deal. What is your favorite piece in your closet to wear? Well I have these leggings that…no just kidding.


Opinion “How to Drive By”

Yo, every year it gets tough out there for a gangster. I remember the days when I could go rob the corner store without getting caught! Plus, leave with a beef patty and a 50 cent blue flavored juice; things are changing son. Just yesterday my home boy Big Tee told me he was going to leave the game because of all these young cats trying to take over the streets. Forget that son; I’m never leaving the game; I run the streets. So today’s lesson is how to set up a successful drive by. First you have to know what your

DEBATING Cam: So… “True Blood” rocks and is better than “Twilight” for like, all of the reasons in the entire world. Althea: Umm.. you are terribly mistaken. “Twilight” is way better than “True Blood.” Cam: No way man, “True Blood” is so real and Twilight is beyond fake. Like, they would not talk about the ramifications of a vampire marrying a human in Twilight on the scale that they did on the True Blood tv series Althea: Don’t call “Twilight” fake! The money they made at the box office sure wasn’t fake. Do you know how many fans of Edward Cullen are out there? Even Hot Topic snagged him and had his face on a majority of the shirts and merchandise. He’s a pretty cool vampire! Cam: Well that’s true about Hot Topic, but Eric Northman won the hottest man on Twitter award and Edward wasn’t anywhere near the top 10. He beat out Castel yo! (That’s a TV show on fox in, case you don’t know)


mission is. For me it’s that I don’t like the color of the fifth house on Frank Street, so I want to shoot it up, so that the owner can paint that red house over. Ya know what I mean? So then you get yourself two home boys with tex nines and a fly a** ride. Then you cover your face with your flag of choice and make sure it’s dark outside (I prefer around 7 or 8 p.m. New England time), then shoot the place up. Yo, the rush I get is crazy son!!!! One more thing about this gangster life is the babies mamas always be tripping son. Just yesterday I went to pick up my little girl Moniqua Shaliqua Nara Fatara Tekicka Eason the 3rd and her moms was like, “Hell naw LIL KHI KHI, you didn’t even pay your child support and I need to go get her some juju beans and a snow cone; so pay up,” and I was like, “hell no I paid you child support six months ago how much do you need dang”. I just wanted to see my seed, ya heard mae? She off the hook


with her side pony tail. (Damn, I love that girl). Anyways, I hope I taught all you college heads how to keep it real Gangster. To that preacher dude guy YOU NEED A LIFE SON!! Preacher dude my A** I just want to say: Once a gangster always gangster, all day bro. Oh yeah, in God we Trust son, or else!!!!!! Here is a word from my “Hoodible” The Hoodible states in (Tameka 1: 3-8) “Die by thee home boy and cry by thee home boy. (4) If ye shall steal; ye better not get caught! (5) When life gets hard; take thee brothers social security number and buy crap online (6) Trust in ye gang. (7) Never say a sentence without a swear. (8) Trust NO ONE!!! Not even ya mama.” Bullets and knifes, LIL KHI KHI Gangster DUDE

Althea Benloss and Camille Jones

Althea: And Edward Cullen won the hottest vampire award, considering his large fan base. So, when exactly will “True Blood” be hitting theaters? Twilight is already three movies in. Hmm... do I hear crickets? Cam: Ew, did he? “True Blood” already had 3 seasons, the 4th starts in like, two months and what, like, 12 books and the 13th is coming out soon! BOOYA! WHAT WHAT “TWILIGHT” IS ENDING AND “TRUE BLOOD” WILL LIVE ON FOREVER!!! Althea: I’m standing right here, why are you yelling? Anyway, “Twilight” will remain fresh in everyone’s mind--a short and sweet kind of thing. “True Blood” on the other hand is bound to get old and tired. Give it time, it’ll get stale. Cam: “Twilight” will be over in like, two years but “True Blood” had 13+ seasons. Well, my biggest argument with people is about the vampires and what Hollywood has painted them as, and how Stephanie changed it.

Althea: Everybody and their sister has complaints about Stephenie Meyer’s portrayal of vampires. What’s wrong with providing readers [and viewers] with a different view on these mythological beings? So what if Edward sparkles in the sun, rather than spontaneously combusting? It shows that “Twilight” illustrates creativity and doesn’t stick to the ho-hum norm. Cam: OH, I don’t care that he doesn’t catch fire in the sun; my problem is this venom nonsense. I don’t understand how it works! You turn human by drinking a specific amount of blood and/or dying. I can’t wrap my head around the venum. Them not having fangs I can let go of, the sparkling I will accept… but the venum is a no. Althea: Oh, will you give this “True Blood” balony a rest already? (Throws a red apple at Camille) TWILIGHT! Cam: What baloney?! “True Blood” is better! (Throws one of 12 books at Althea) I got amo yo! You only have four books. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THROWING A GARDEN BURGER AT ME! *Althea and Cam go on like this until the break of dawn (Haha, get it?). Shiny red apples, fangs, books, DVDs, sparkly glitter and bottles of true blood are thrown.*


Charlie Sheen serving as assistant coach to baseball team JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor University of Bridgeport students, be warned: Charlie Sheen has landed. The embattled star of “Two and a Half Men”, and films such as “Major League” will be serving as the assistant coach to UB’s baseball team. “We are very excited to have someone of Mr. Sheen’s caliber here,” UB Head Coach Michael Balroggle said. Sheen has been helping the team with fielding and hitting drills, and providing coaching advice. “He’s been a great influence so far,” pitcher Duce Campbell said. “He knows so much about the game.” However, Sheen’s start with the team has been suspicious, at best. He reportedly has ordered the team name to be changed from the Purple Knights to the UB Martians. According to anonymous sources, Sheen says, “I’m Charlie f—ing Sheen, I’ll do whatever I want!” According to 3B Patrick Ritrick, Sheen ordered him to hit right-handed, even though Ritrick naturally hits lefty. When Ritrick refused, Sheen called him a “dimwitted troll” and benched him. Game decisions by Sheen have also come off as peculiar. During a game last week, he kept right-handed pitcher Jacob Tulwarski in to throw 351 pitches. When asked why he kept

Tulwarski in so long, Sheen said it was because Tulwarski “had the blood of a goat in him.” Sheen’s weirdness hasn’t come just during the game though. According to several anonymous sources, Sheen was seen in the clubhouse sitting in a circle, surrounded by snakes, and chanting “SHMALAK A ! SCHMALAKA! DON DU NAMIS! SCHMALAKA!” Balroggle is not put off by Sheen’s weirdness, and seems to enjoy it. “Sheen’s a character,” Balroggle said. “He livens up the clubhouse quite a bit.”

When asked to comment on the reports, Sheen said he doesn’t “deal with losing losers like the rest of us”, and that he “eats and breathes victory.”

Assitant Coach Charlie Sheen on the baseball field, in his new UB uniform.

UB Announces Football Program JORDON WARMINGTON Staff Writer The University of Bridgeport has many attractions, though many people have felt that they have been missing some things. The school and the administrators have been working extremely hard to change the school to the liking of the students. After many years of being one of the few colleges in America without any sort of football team, the UB Scribe and the University of Bridgeport would gladly like to introduce the newest edition to the Purple Knights! To help broaden the idea of championship Connecticut football teams, the National Football League donated approximately $750,000 to the school to create a football team for the school. The administrators felt that this new team would not only bring more money to the city but also more students and support for the campus.

Just like UB’s other teams, the football team will also wear the colors purple and white though a new team logo is being developed. The new team will begin playing in UB’s soccer field that will receive a new makeover between the years 2011 and 2012. The field will be both beneficial to the soccer and football team. It will also be able to hold more events for the campus. The tryouts and scouting will start in the fall. Bridgeport will start as a Division II team. Prices for games are looking to be around $11 for students with their school I.D. and $13 for anyone else. The school is hoping to get the best coaching staff possible. Bridgeport is hoping to get a couple known names for their coaching staff. More than likely, they will be aiming for new and young talent. Many retired members of the NFL have al-

ready expressed interest in some of the coaching positions. The school has not set a goal yet to how long they think the team will actually be prepared for a status as a contender as a championship team but they are looking forward to seeing what new talent will end up here. The team will make tuition more affordable for everyone including new and returning students. “It’s very exciting,” New Assistant Coach to the Football Team Ike Petersand said. “We are looking forward to recruiting students who are serious about football.” The new team will take five years to develop. This will be a long and difficult project to accomplish, but with the students support and school spirit they are hoping to become one of America’s best college football teams.


April Fools section disclaimer: None of the stories you read prior to this page are factual. All names provided during supposedly conducted interviews are not real. All stories provided were fabricated, and therefore should NOT be taken seriously. The section is meant to provide humor in the spirit of April Fool’s Day. Subsequent to this page is “The Scribe” that you all know and love—in which all information, names, etc. are factual.


The Scribe University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, CT

Scholarship winner, Sheila Pimental p.13


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Issue 10 April 2011

Japan hit by the Great Tohoku Earthquake DANIEL PANZER Staff Writer With a recorded magnitude of 9.0, the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, based off the east coast of Japan’s main island Honshu, in conjunction with the resulting tsunami, devastated Japan. According to the New York Times, as of March 26 the death toll reached 10,418, the people listed missing reached 17,072 and the number of people in refugee centers reached 244,339. The damage to the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station, the partial meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the release of radioactive material into the atmosphere and water supply are alarming consequences of the nuclear emergency, which as of March 26 has yet to be resolved. The March 15 statement advising people who live within 12 miles of the power plant to stay inside has been overridden by an evacuation order issued on March 25. In addition, the government has been

All proceeds from the Fundraiser Luncheon went to the earthquake relief efforts. || Photo Courtesy of Edina Oestreicher

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First ever in-depth book on Connecticut Wine is released

What grinds YOUR gears about Facebook?

CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Review of a pizza place in Fairfield, The Colony Grill, on p.18


Swim Team Update on p.23

It wasn’t until 1978 that the state of Connecticut passed the Winery Act that allowed owners and winemakers to be able to have their own places to make the wine. Now, there are over 30 wineries throughout the state alone, which made English Professors Amy Nawrocki and Eric D. Lehman interested in pursuing the idea of writing a book on this subject matter. Their new book, “A History of Connecticut Wine: Vineyard in Your Backyard” was released on March 18 and published by The History Press out of Charleston, SC. The book, which is the first indepth publication on this topic, illustrates the history of CT wine before and after the Winery Act was announced. It also answers the question: Why should people go to these local wineries and taste wine? Continues on page 12

UB students tell The Scribe on page 22

April 2011

New book on Connecticut Wine


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“We wanted to make it very approachable and readable for people who love wine, have traveled in Connecticut and visited some of the wineries,” Nawrocki said. “We were also thinking about expanding the readership to people who maybe weren’t even interested in wine at all but like to travel or wanted to experience something new.” The timetable for the development of the book was over a nine month period, which started last April and concluded this past February, by spending close to 20-40 hours per week working on it, whether it was interviewing, tasting, traveling or conducting research. They visited multiple wineries all over the state including nearby Jones Farms in Shelton off Route 8, which they focus on in chapter seven. Also toured were, Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston (New London County), Priam Vineyards in Colchester (Hartford County) and finally Sharpe Hill Wineries in Pomfret (Windham County), which has the number one wine in New England, called Ballet of Angels and the St. Croix grape grows very well there too. Lehman says he learned a lot of unique tidbits from the talking with an array of wine owners and makers last summer.

Cover of “A History of Connecticut Wine: Vineyard in Your Backyard” || Photo courtesy of Professor Eric Lehman

“One thing I learned was that you really, as a wine maker or owner, had to pay attention to your particular land and climatic conditions are,” Lehman said. “You have to pick the grapes and figure out what grape may do even better and what grew well for them. You needed to educate people about what you like and try it.” They also discovered that most of the wineries used to be in and around the Hartford area but seemed to disappear and that the Black Rock Park section of Bridgeport once had a winery between the 1820’s and 70’s. Interestingly, there has been a lot of wine and grapes growing in Connecticut since the early 1800’s and not many people knew about it according to Nawrocki. The cover of the book is a photograph taken by Wally Koek of Gouvia Vineyards in Wallingford. Next on the agenda for the two, is to write a volume on the history of Connecticut food from land to table. “I think we want them [the readers] to be inspired to try it [wine] for themselves,” Nawrocki said. “To make a chance because some people are not wine drinkers but there are other reasons to go to a winery, like for festivals, music, hiking and scenic views.”

Japan hit by Earthquake Continued from page 11

helping anyone who lives within 19 miles of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to evacuate. “I find myself tearing up because I want to be there with my family and nation, but I cannot be there with them,” Academic Coordinator Patricia Ornauer said. “Even though I was not physically there, I think everyone around the world has felt the impact.” According to the United States Geological Survey, the Great Tohoku Earthquake was the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan that has been recorded by modern techniques in the past 130 years. According to NASA, the seismic activity caused the global positioning stations in proximity to the epicenter to move east by up to 13 feet, may have shortened the day by a couple of millionths of a second and slightly tilted the Earth’s axis. The catastrophe prompted Emperor Akihito to give his first publicly televised message on March 16. According to the English translation


provided by the Imperial Household Agency, Emperor Akihito said in his concluding statements, “I believe it extremely important for us all to share with the victims as much as possible, in whatever way we can, their hardship in the coming days. It is my sincere hope that those who have been affected by the disaster will never give up hope and take good care of themselves as they live through the days ahead, and that each and every Japanese will continue to care for the afflicted areas and the people for years to come and, together with the afflicted, watch over and support their path to recovery.” The Imperial Household Agency’s official web release of Emperor Akihito’s entire address and the English transcript can be found at http:// by opening the link entitled “A Message from His Majesty The Emperor (March 16, 2011).” According to McAfee Threat Alerts, links to videos and images from unofficial sites can download malware and cause computer damage. Additionally,

disaster fraud can take many forms, including suspicious phone calls, phishing e-mails and online links asking for personal and financial information. The official website of the American Red Cross is, which provides a list of official donation sites as well as a direct option to donate electronically. The University of Bridgeport is committed to supporting the Japanese relief efforts. On March 30 there was a Fundraiser Luncheon organized by International Student Services, Student Affairs and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, in which all proceeds went to the American Red Cross and Japanese Red Cross earthquake relief efforts. According to Assistant Dean of Students Edina Oestreicher, the Dean of Students Office is accepting donations for the relief efforts in room 116 of the Student Center and counseling services are available to those affected by the tragedy.


April 2011

UB IPED student is awarded scholarship

Sheila Pimental expresses excitement for her scholarship to study in Dubai this summer

ARIELLE CARON Staff Writer Junior Sheila Pimental, an International Political Economy and Diplomacy major, was recently selected to be the recipient of the William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship. This WJC scholarship is funding Pimental to study Arabic abroad at American University in Dubai for seven weeks. Pimental’s previous experience volunteering with Service for Peace in a Beduin community in Palestine enunciated clearly her interest and commitment to studying in the Arab world, a cause for which the WJC scholarship was created. Pimental said that the recent tensions and instability in the region have not gone unnoticed in her family and her parents have been concerned for her safety. “I am a bit nervous, mostly because of my parents constant worrying, but everything will

be fine,” Pimental said. “When I was in Israel I visited the Dome of the Rock and a couple of days after I arrived back in the US, there was a riot there in which a couple of people got injured. There are things happening all over the world and I think it’s better to overcome those fears rather than let them take over your life.” Pimental said that she is very excited to once again experience another culture. “Just taking different cultures into consideration, everyone can learn something because by knowing each other and understanding the differences, there can be harmony,” she said. Pimental has a passion for working with people all over the world and is pursuing a career with an international NGO. She believes that Arabic studies will be crucial in aiding her in such endeavors.

Scholarship winner Sheila Pimental || Photo courtesy of Sheila Pimental

Think you’re the best photographer ever? Like messing around in Photoshop? Or maybe writing poetry is your thing. Whatever your creative outlet is, why not share it with us in “Express Your Scribe” (page 20)? Submit your work to

Photo manipulated in Photoshop by Cam Jones


The Scribe

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Althea Benloss Managing News Editor Chris Hogan Sports Editor Joshua Ryan Fashion Editor Shaniqua King Design & Layout Editor Cam Jones He Said, She Said ShaMaar A. Blount Cassie Tucker

Readers, I’m sure by now you realized that you’ve been fooled. Either you’re still laughing at yourself for believing that Lady Gaga was running for President or maybe you’re a bit angry that Drake really won’t be having a concert at UB. Our April Fools section, officially recognized as “The Scribbler,” is meant to provide some humor for the student body. Now, on a very serious note, I want to express my sincere condolences to any students or faculty members who may have lost a loved one due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan at the very start of our Spring Break. Please be aware of all the different ways you can assist in the relief effort, including stopping by the Dean of Students’ Office (room 116) where donations are being accepted. Every little bit helps and as a school community, if we all band together and give what we have that “little bit” will add up to a whole lot! Althea Benloss Editor-in-Chief

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Knight Life

Top 5 worst places to have your cell phone go off DENISE GOTAY Staff Writer In the cutting edge of technology, about 203 million people in America own a cell phone. It seems like every few months a new and improved cell phone comes into the market with a dozen functions that would put a Swizz army knife to shame. Of course, having too much of a good thing can turn out bad. Even though many people say they need and depend on it, they also find the cellular phone to be a nuisance; especially if phones ring at the worst time possible. Take the following places for example: 1. Funerals The time where everyone is busy mourning the death of a loved one, the last thing they need is to hear a cell phone disturbing the peace. 2. Weddings A woman’s fairy tale-like fantasy comes true with this once in a lifetime experience. Warm smiles, proud looks and then hearing the sounds of a never-ending ring tone of one’s cell can ruin

the happy moment in less than 5 seconds. 3. Job Interviews The one chance of making a good impression; anything can go south with one wrong move. That includes having the employee hearing Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back” as your ringtone. 4. School Shows (Plays, music concerts, etc.) Whether it’s during the middle of a character monologue or a student performance, having a cell phone go off in the audience is as much of a pain as putting up with a crying baby in an airplane on a three hour trip. 5. Class Lecture During a very important lecture, the last thing you need is to bother your classmates and your professor with a cell phone. Not only is it a good way to get yourself kicked out, but also you end up looking foolish.

A student hesitantly answering his phone in class|Photo courtesy of

Top Twitter Apps for your Smartphone CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Blackberry 1. UberSocial (Formally known as UberTwitter) – This is by far the most trendy twitter app for most Blackberry owners. It offers an array of options that allows you to design it to your liking. The toolbar at the top is very organized, as it consists of searching for important things you are interested in, going directly to direct messages/replies and/or a more advanced method of sending and receiving tweets. 2. Seesmic for Blackberry – Not as advanced as the UberSocial, this app offers a small text timeline when reviewing your tweets. The neat feature is that it enables users to have multiple accounts on the app at once and it allows sending and sharing photos to your Facebook or to someone’s e-mail very precisely. 3. Openbeak – If you like a one-click access to viewing your friends timelines, replies or your own timeline then the openbeak tenders it. The ability to post pictures from TwitPic and YFrog to your Twitter account makes it easier to its overall accessibility.

iPhone 1. Tweetdeck for IPhone – Most people know this as a desktop twitter program but it is now available on the iPhone itself. It is similar to the desktop layout but it offers a three columnar based design with rows for tweets, mentions and direct messages. Another neat facet is that it allows you to store multiple accounts. 2. Twitter for IPhone – most iPhone Twitter users make use of this app and it has very effective but not the top layout. When composing a message, it allows you to touch a simple button that hides the keyboard and access username names and top searches that are trending. There is an option that offers you to go straight to your iPhone’s camera to upload pictures. It is simple and straight to the point. 3. Osfoora – This app is not the over the top one but it does offer a clear-cut and fresh interface with plenty of options. The settings part is effortless to comprehend and provides more stability than the Echofon.

Android 1. Plume (Formally known as Touiteur) – The majority of Android twitter users find this app to be most effective one. It allows you to navigate easily, while being able to use the keyboard to write tweets. It also allows the customization of the app with different themes and observes tweets from the widget it offers. 2. Twitter for Android – Unlike most Android Twitter apps, this version has a tool that allows you to link Twitter accounts that you follow to your mobile contacts. There are six core features including, my tweets and profile as well as direct messages that offer large iconic images rather than the smaller icons that other apps offer. 3. Tweetcaster – How would a twitter app with GPS system feel? Well this app offers it. This app has the ability to track different locations with GPS and it offers you to hold numerous accounts and allows a decent but not spectacular interface.


Fashion Shopping for a cause, to benefit Japan SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor On March 11, the world had witnessed the country of Japan being washed away in a matter of minutes by a colossal tsunami and earthquake and, according to The Economic Times, killing over 10,000 people and leaving more than 250,000 citizens homeless. It left many people with the feeling of hopefulness, lost and mourning for their loved ones. For many of you fashion lovers, there are a lot of ways you can help out with the relief efforts and recovery of Japan, and still be fashionable too. Numerous designers and major retailers have created limited edition products by giving a certain portion of the proceeds that will go to the rebuilding projects. According to, they have featured various products where proceeds go directly to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims:

1. Rebecca Minkoff has created a limited edition Japan Relief handbag collection. The assortment showcases six luxurious red leather handbags in different sizes and shapes, ranging from $295-$495 in price. $100 of the proceeds goes directly to the victims of this disaster. You find these wonderful handbags at 2. Tory Burch has a love for the city of Japan. She has created these super cute great graphic pattern t-shirts for just $29 and 100% of the profits go to Japan. If you’re interested in buying this product you can go to 3. Super modern and chic jean company, 7 For All Mankind, has partnered with Piperlime. com to create these exclusive 7 For All Mankind Rachel Bellbottom jeans which are super fun and stylish and trendy for this spring. When

Tory Burch t-shirt design for Japan relief efforts. || Photo courtesy of

you purchase a pair of these super hip bottoms, 10% of the profit acts as a donation. You can purchase these jeans at 4. Online Designer Corter Leather has produced these effortless leather bracelets with red hand painted clasp in support for Japan. The cost of the bracelet is only $20 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. You can find this product at Every single donation counts, whether it’s big or small. So shop, give and donate in repairing the lives and cities destroyed in Japan.

Springing into the spring season with Casual Dresses! CASSIE TUCKER Columnist & Staff Writer

Everywhere you look, there are signs that spring is on its way! The snow has slowly begun to melt and the days are getting warmer and warmer, making everyone anticipate the start of spring and the coming of summer! Most people classify casual dresses with the season of summer, when beach goers take to the sand and everyone lounges by the pool. Don’t be so quick to assume that spring is still the time for heavy winter sweaters and scarfs! Spring is definitely the start of cute dress season. The weather is warming up; not too hot yet not too cold, making this the perfect time to add a few cute dresses to your wardrobe. The casual dress is definitely THE spring essential! There are no limitations when it comes to the style or color of spring dresses. You will never look bland or typical with the vast array of fabrics spring dresses are available in. Want a classic look? Go for a knit or cotton dress, in a cute print or classic color. Want an edgi-


er look, for an element of surprise? Try a lace dress, which is sure to turn some heads! White lace is great for a day out, or just going to class. Turn down the color and turn up the style with a black lace dress for a night out on the town! Longer sleeve dresses are available for cooler spring days, and halter dresses for those warm days that seem like summer! Your options are practically limitless when it comes to finding the perfect dress for you! If you want to find a fantastic deal on your favorite spring dress, hit the stores now! Popular stores such as Forever 21 begin selling spring fashions on sale now—great spring fashions that will be in high demand in the weeks to come! Frequently check the Forever 21 website for weekly sales on many dresses that you won’t want to miss out on. [Forever 21’s dresses can be found as cheap as $10, in the latest upcoming styles and fashions!] Stock up on your favorite spring dresses now and save significant

Brunette wearing a pink, white and black floral dress || Photo courtesy of

money in the long run. Use that extra cash on a new pair of knee high boots or those cute flats you have been eyeing. Most casual dresses can look stylish with any footwear, boot or sneaker, flat or pump, it’s all up to your personal style and what look you are going for. Spring dresses, if taken care of properly, can last way into summer and placed in your closet for the next spring season! Get going on building your cute spring wardrobe today while you can still get the best deals on the most fashionable styles!


April 2011

SYDNEY BROWN Fashion Columnist Everyone has his or her own unique definition of fashion. Some think it should be comfortable, classic, practical, or whatever is fresh off the runway. None of which are false but one aspect that can’t be forgotten is the creativity that fashion encompasses. Our trendsetter this week doesn’t let fashion define her, she creates her own definition. Name: Danielle Anderson Year: Junior Major: Interior Design Hometown: Methuen, MA Heritage: Jamaican American Where are your favorite places to shop? Macys, Wal-Mart, Marshalls, Target, Old Navy, So Good Jewelry, Bleu Dame,,, and anywhere there’s a sale. Are there any trends that you wish existed? More DIY trends. People can make awesome pieces by picking up paint, studs, glue, feathers, and random knick- knacks. It’s not what about what we see in Vogue anymore, it’s about what we can make ourselves. We’re all designers/stylists. Which designer describes your style the most, why? Betsey Johnson! She’s so crazy and eclectic; I love her unique style and design. You can wear anything of hers and still look fabulous; she doesn’t follow trends, she makes her own. That’s what design is all about, making your own trends and being your own person. Fashion trends are a guideline, they’re not meant to be an overkill. What makes your style unique? I wear random pieces and just walk out the door. Sometimes I don’t really look in the mirror; as long as it fits my mood. It’s not always about matching; it’s about looking free, grungy at times and knowing you’re the baddest in the room. What is your dream job? I would love to be an Interior Designer in Boston, as well as flip houses. I’m working right now on my real estate license; you can’t sit back and wait for these things to happen, ya know?

Danielle is wearing a Norma Kamali scardi, Ray Ban glasses, both necklace and earrings from Macys, and gold Adidas Stan Smith Comfort Pack sneakers. || Photo courtesy: Sydney Brown



Pizza joint with one item still excites customers at another location ANDREW DOMINICK Staff Writer The run-down dive bar and pizzeria in disguise, The Colony Grill in Stamford, Connecticut, recently opened another location in Fairfield with different owners from the original. After opening on Memorial Day weekend in 2010, the “new” Colony Grill knew it had huge shoes to fill. Four friends were willing to take that chance. Ken Martin, Paul Coniglio, Cody Lee, and NHL player Chris Drury knew they wanted to open a place like the Colony Grill in Stamford because they were fans of the original. They all did a fantastic job with that decision. Looking around, you will notice how modern this place is. It has the look of a sports bar, with framed jerseys hanging near the bar area along with the HD flat screens so people can kick back and enjoy the game. The Colony ever has a little of that Irish pub feel where college kids, families, and friends often congregate just to “chill.” From the very simple booths, tables and chairs that are clean but nothing to brag about, and to the exposed brick walls; you will feel right at home here. Customers can be seen on any given night downing beers, obliterating a few

pizzas or both eating and drinking. The biggest question about the spiffy new venue was: Could Fairfield’s Colony duplicate the pizza at the Stamford location? The answer is a resounding yes. The pizza was important to The Colony’s success. The owners even tested the water to make sure they could replicate the pizza dough. There is nothing like biting into that wonderful thin crust that

The Colony has mastered. The oily-ness of the cheese mixed with that crispy thin crust is the perfect combination for all you pizza connoisseurs out there. In addition to just plain pizza, The Colony serves up its specialty, hot oil pizza. Hot oil is basically olive oil with serrano peppers in it so the oil takes on the flavor of the peppers and is then drizzled over the pizza when being baked. The Colony even serves it up with a few serranos in the center, so beware of a little heat. People may be under the impression that the hot oil pizza is “too spicy” or it might kill the flavor of the pie. Wrong. It is just the right amount of spice. You will soon find yourselves soaking up the oil on the pizza tray with the other slices not named “hot oil.” Pizzas at The Colony run $8.50 with each topping set at $1.50 per. For more information on both locations, check them out at The Colony Grill is proof that an extensive menu is not necessary. They have one item on their menu and they serve it up to perfection. The Colony has that appeal that makes you want to become a regular. Exterior of The Colony Grill || Photo courtesy of Andrew Dominick

“Tron: Legacy” on DVD CHEYENNE OWEN Staff Writer “Greetings, programs!” On April 5, “Tron: Legacy”, starring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, will finally be available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Depending on how much of a fan you are of this franchise, you will have the option of buying five different sets of DVDs. These packages will range from $17.99 for a single, basic DVD up to $68.99 for a five disc set that not only includes four versions of the “Tron” DVD for convenience, but also the original 1982 “Tron” and a collectible Identity Disc. To avoid confu-


sion, this will not be the Deluxe Identity Disc released by Spin Master Toys. The hefty prices of the four and five disc sets are made up for by the included special features. Fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Tron: Legacy” and actor commentary on what they experienced while filming. Also included, is the music video for Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” track, which was one of many of their songs played within the movie. Two highly anticipated previews, Disney XD’s animated mini-series “Tron: Uprising” and

“The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed” (the teaser trailer for “Tron 3”), are exclusive to the more expensive sets. For those who don’t wish to break the bank on the larger sets, most of these videos can be found on YouTube. Each set of “Tron: Legacy” is currently available for pre-order on and the websites of Target and Wal-Mart. If you wish to buy in store, FYE will be giving away a free “Tron: Legacy” poster with your purchase. However, FYE will only be selling the basic one and two disc sets.


Those Darlins/Eurisko Bar, 9pm, Free Manchado Acoustic Cafe DJ E-Bomb Two Boots, 5:30pm, Free


Hoe Acoustic Cafe, 8pm, $3 White Cousins/Inside the Box/Pussy Magnet Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $5 Stephen Marley & The Ghetto Youths Crew Toads Place, 8pm, $20-$25 Karaoke Two Boots, 9pm


The Breakfast Acoustic Cafe Grateful Jam Band- String Band/ Legion of Jerry Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $5 Riders on the Storm Toads Place, 7:30pm, $8.50-$12 Anthem Two Boots, 9:30pm, $5 Assembly of Dust/The Trapps StageOne, 7pm, $25


The Buzz Monkeys Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $5 The Jazz Guild Two Boots, 6pm-8pm, Free Paul Brockett Road Show Band Two Boots, 9:30pm, $5 Lucy Kaplanksy/Sarah Blacker StageOne, 7pm, $32 Dark City Saints Black Bear Saloon Milford The Dirk Quinine Band/The Beggar Folk Acoustic Cafe


Yukon Blonde/BOAT/Creeping Weeds/ The Field Recordings Daniel Street Club, 7pm, $8 Sunday Spring Music Series- Michael Dunham Trio Two Boots, 6pm Marcia Ball StageOne, 7pm, $42


The Broadcast/Euri and the Soul Brasil Band Acoustic Cafe The Dirty Heads/New Politics/Ballyhoo! Toads Place, 7pm, $15-$18 Robbie Gil Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $10 Karaoke Two Boots, 9pm



Shakedown/Fever Train Toads Place, 7:30pm, $8.50-$12 Don’t Tell Mom/The Bittersweet Vine/Deuce Bug with Special Guest Two Boots, 9:30pm, $5 Shilelagh Law Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $15 The Breakfast Acoustic Cafe Willy Porter/Meg Hutchinson StageOne, 7pm, $22 Chris Cornell The Klein, 7pm, $40-$52


Burlesque Nouveau- Lily la Vamp/ Nikki le Villain/Kitty Katastrophe/ Calamity Chang Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $10 Hellfire Machina StageOne, 8pm, $15 The Jazz Guild Two Boots, 6pm-8pm, free Bobbie Peru/Slim Francis Two Boots, 9:30pm


Loyalty Among Thieves/Brohon/ Call to Arms Daniel Street Club, 8pm, $5 Sam Adams Toads Place, 8pm, $17-$20 Sunday Spring Music SeriesSoul Brazil Trio Two Boots, 6:30pm Glenn Tilbrook StageOne, 7pm, $42

Based in the Orange County com munity of Huntington Beach, the Dirty He ads emerge into the upbeat, sun-soaked Ca lifornia music scene with their own sig nature blended style of acoustic infuse d hip-hop and classic reg gae. Inspired by other feel good music artists such as 31 1, Bob Marley, and Sublime, the four band me mbers just want to be positive and entert ain. Named as one of the “Best New Band s of 2010” by Rolling Stone, they do just that with their smash hit single “Lay Me Down ” featuring Rome, of Sublime with Rome. Some of their other surf, skate jam songs fea tured in other medias such as tv, film, and vid eo games include, “Taint”, “Driftin“, “M orning”, and “Hip Hop Misfits”.


Gobble Gobble/Great Caeser/Slam Donahue Bar, 9pm, Free Peter Mulvey & Po’ Girl StageOne, 7pm, $22 Hank Cash Revue Two Boots, 5:30pm, Free Relative Souls Acoustic Cafe, 5pm, $5, $3 with college ID Phantanima Toads Place, 7pm, $20

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Express Your Scribe “Machinery Of The Stars Pt. II” a girl writes love letters to silence and whispers out her window to the seven winds “if time does not exist, then it can never come” and from her fire escape she points her pen towards the naked moon sibyls begin chanting rhythmic hymns they’ve waited eons for this day children stop crying and begin to smile towards the sky the principalities are watching behold the karmic angel the time has come to free yourself from this statuesque confinement spread those valiant wings and illuminate the cosmic silence clutching the sword of justice leap forth headlong from the highest precipice and soar across the slums and tenements the time has come to lift the veil from faded eyelids that have seen their dreams deferred and they all have come to witness: artists & bastards clairvoyants & drunkards extroverts & fiends gangsters & hypocrites imbeciles & jokers killers & lunatics messengers & narcissists orphans & pacifists

queens & radicals seers & tyrants usurpers & vagabonds warmongers & xenophobes yuppies & zealots the doorknob moon turns clockwise opening the gates of destiny the archangel swings its sword revealing the machinery of the stars and they will come
 holding their hands up in unison like wet eyelashes their tears entrenched in darkness
 the musicality of dreams will be revealed through celestial arches birthed from neglected shadows who are these star children from the forsaken night? wall running down alleyways with illuminated mohawk candelabras scythe shaped fluorescent eyebrows lotus lolling liquid lantern lullabies hypnotized by the pendulum’s enchantment colossal jewel encrusted cogs fall out of alignment time forever out of sync the short hand quietly strangles the long one and gently caresses its elongated diamond tip the second hand giggles in the background and curls itself sideways into the symbol of infinity who will you turn to? when you realize that time was just a machination of the mind James Novoa Staff Writer

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HE SAID Aprils Fools Day is a time known for pranks and practical jokes; however, there is a thin line between funny and hurtful. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you want to make sure that you stay on the funny side of things before you end up single. So, guys here are some tips that will help you to get a good laugh in as well as avoiding a development into the single life. There are a few things that you may want to avoid. For the most part girls are very attached to their hair. So you want to stay away from anything that is going to permanently damage their hair. If you’re planning any hair cuts or hair changes, you might just want to change your plans for that idea. You should know your partner well enough to what they’re able to laugh at, and what would they would get offended by—one that shouldn’t get you in too much trouble, at least if you don’t drag it out too long. You can pretend to break up with her, but just make sure not to play it out too extensively because if so you might end up hearing some pretty bad comments and by the time you want to say “Aprils Fools Day” the relationship might just be over for real. However, if done correctly, it could be useful in making the relationship mean more to her especially if she thinks it is heading in a downward fall. Another prank you shouldn’t play is the fake engagement. There is nothing funny to a girl about thinking she is going to be getting married and then have the rug pulled out from under them. That’s one way to assure that you won’t be getting to the altar any time soon because you may be single after that. So make sure you

avoid any pranks that include marriage or hair and you should be good. You want to make sure that whatever you’re prank is that it’s creative and funny. It has to be something that you can both laugh at. April Fools happens one day a year so make sure that whatever you do, that your relationship is still intact in the days after. SHE SAID To prank or not to prank? That is the question. In the spirit of April Fools, there is no question! [It would be against tradition if you didn’t!] If you have ever visited collegehumor. com, you can find a vast amount of videos couples have posted online of them playing humorous [and sometimes not so lighthearted] pranks on their girlfriend or boyfriend. Although most of the videos show a boyfriend playing a prank on his girlfriend involving cottage cheese in place of her deodorant or placing a bug in her hair, you would be surprised with the amount of women playing ingenious pranks on their boyfriends! That’s right guys; don’t count us out just yet! Ladies, read further for my favorite, most timeless pranks to perform on your significant other! For starters, you can simply wait until your boyfriend is watching an important sports game

or his favorite television show. Before he sits down on the couch with his food and places his hand on the remote unplug the television. When he starts freaking out, step into the room and calmly state, “Oh, I forgot to tell you! The television is broken and we need to find a new one.” He will not only freak out about the game, but also about the fact that he needs to pitch in money for a new television set. Another small prank that can have big results involves [surprisingly] your least favorite thing in the world, bugs. It is quite possible that your boyfriend is frightened at the thought of a spider, yet he hides it from you to seem manly or macho. Take a spider [fake or real, if you really want a good prank] and place it on his hand or arm, or just place it in front him. You may get a much bigger reaction than expected, and you may learn something knew about your partner that you would have never learned if not for your hilarious prank! If you are more of a go-big-or-go-home kind of girl, then I have just the prank for you! Have one of your friends stage a phone call to you while you are with your guy. Have her tell you that you have won an internship somewhere far away, such as in England or Africa, and that your flight is leaving the next morning. The next morning, while you are “leaving for your flight,” have your boyfriend drive you to the airport. Half way there pull out silly string from your suitcase and spray it all over your boyfriend [not too much, to avoid an accident of course] and tell him he has been pranked! It may be a drastic prank to perform, yet your partner will commend you on a job well done, and remember, it is all in the spirit of April Fools!



April 2011

 

  “A Tolerant Heart, A Loving Heart” 


Confucius said, “He whose heart is in the smallest degree set upon Goodness will dislike no one.” Confucianism. Analects 4.3-4

This week my mind has wandered back to some thoughts that hit me very strongly during my time studying abroad. This was a blog entry I had written at the time, entitled, “Lindeza, To love Humanity”:

“It may be that God will ordain love between you and those whom you hold as enemies. For God has power over all things; and God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” Islam. Qur’an 60.7

What does it mean to love Humanity? For any and every soul to be freely welcome to the inner layers of your heart, not some more than others.

“The Kingdom of Heaven must begin within a mind, It doesn’t mean going to which exists for the sake an impoverished country of the whole. Such a mind and specifically choosing is so broad that the entire them to be your humanity. It universe can be embraced doesn’t mean to have condiby it; the whole Kingdom, tion upon condition on your Two girls of a missionary family in Africa including all of mankind, future partner and then ascan come within that mind. In that case, who should be the center of your sume that your version of humanity through him/her is all encompassing. mind -- the nation, the world, or God? Yes, it should be God. If your mind is embracing everything, that means you are trying to capture or embrace To know the entirety of the world’s people as minha familia, completathe mind of God.” mente, they say this is sainthood; and being here, it makes sense. It’s actu Unificationism. Sun Myung Moon, The Textbook of Love, 1984 ally quite difficult to assume strangers as family: to be as free with them, unharried by your insecurities of whether or not they accept you or your form of love. Sources: And yet to love to this degree. Perhaps this is the only way to be free. Arielle Caron, 8 September 2009

Wilson, Andrew, Editor. World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts. International Religious Foundation, 1991

What grinds my gears about… Compiled by Denise Gotay

“When I go on Google and my profile picture is there. I mean, really? When did I give facebook permission to post my picture on Google? Well at least it’s removed now.” – Anonymous “Dumb people asking dumb questions on Facebook. If my status says I’m doing something, obviously I’m doing it. -Kirsten “Pebbles” McDowell, Class of 2013

“When people put their whole life story on Facebook. Who cares about what your life is like?” –Teresa Wheeler, Class of 2014 “Posting your depressive life! It’s annoying, so keep it to yourself and deal with it. No one cares to read your status.” -Anonymous, Class of 2013 “When people post bad news on their status’ and idiots feel the need to “like” it. What’s there to LIKE about that situation? Post a sincere comment and stop being lazy. -Anonymous, Class 2012

“They keep changing stuff.” – Anonymous “Stupid games.” – Sabreen Abdullah, Class of 2013 Does something really “grind your gears”? Submit your anonymous frustration, with brief supporting sentenc-


es, to: with your full name, year and contact information (for Editors’ use only).


Men’s Swim Team claims four national championship titles at NCAA’s DANIEL PANZER Staff Writer The University of Bridgeport men’s and women’s swimming teams broke 10 school records, four of which were national championship titles, in between March 9 and March 12 at the NCAA Division II Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships at Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio, Texas. Piotr Safroncyzk, Nikola Savic, Oscar Pereiro and Toni Valcic competed for the men’s swim team and placed sixth overall with a total score of 213 points, the highest team finish in school history in the national championships, surpassing the women’s highest team finish of 13th overall in 2008. The four male swimmers placed first in the 200 Medley Relay with a school record time of 1:28.25, first in the 200 Freestyle Relay with a school record time of 1:19.65 and fourth in the 400 Freestyle Relay with a time of 3:00.71. Safroncyzk defended his national championship title from last year in the 100 Breaststroke with a school record time of 53.05, placed fifth in the 200 Breaststroke with a school record time of 1:59.71 and sixth in the 200 Individual Medley with a school record time of 1:49.84. Pereiro placed first in the 100 Backstroke with a school record time of 47.59 and set the school record in the 100 Freestyle while swimming the first leg of the 400 Freestyle Relay with a time

of 44.96. Valcic placed third in the 50 Freestyle with a school record time of 20.14 and 16th in the 100 Freestyle with a time of 45.30. Savic placed sixth in the 50 Freestyle with a time of 20.44. “The team improved greatly since last year,” Savic said. “Our coach did some recruiting that filled the holes that were there previously. The four of us who competed won two relays, two individual titles and finished sixth overall, which is a great achievement in of itself, but taking into consideration that the other teams who were ranked in the top ten had eight or more swimmers, it just shows how much we have accomplished.” Sonia Arau represented the women’s swim team and placed third in the 500 Freestyle with a school record time of 4:55.31, fifth in the 200 Individual Medley with a school record time of 2:04.03 and sixth in the 200 Backstroke with a time of 2:01.38. Her performance rendered an overall rank of 22nd for the women’s team. “This was as close to a perfect champion-

ship as I have ever been involved in,” Head Coach Brad Flood said. “My assistant coach Shane Pelton and I have talked at the beginning of the season about the accomplishments the men’s team would be capable of, and they met or exceeded all of those expectations. It is a credit to the hard work and dedication of the four men and one woman who represented UB so proudly.”

Piotr Safronczyk after defending his 100 Breaststroke National Championship || Photo courtesy of Drury University Sports Information Director Scott Puryear

Baseball team gets on a roll down south JOSHUA RYAN AND CHRIS HOGAN

Division Winners: Chris: American League East: Boston Red Sox East: Atlanta Braves American League Central: Minnesota Twins Central: Cincinnati Reds American League West: Texas Rangers West: San Francisco Giants American League Wildcard: New York Yankees Wildcard: Philadelphia Phillies Josh: National League East: Philadelphia Phillies East: Boston Red Sox National League Central: Milwaukee Brewers tral: Chicago White Sox

National League National League National League National League

American League American League Cen-

National: League West: Colorado Rockies West: Oakland Athletics National League Wildcard: Atlanta Braves Wildcard: Minnesota Twins

American League American League

AL Rookie of the Year: Chris Sale, LHP, Chicago White Sox AL Cy Young: Jon Lester, LHP, Boston Red Sox AL MVP: Josh Hamilton, CF, Texas Rangers NL Rookie of the Year: Freddie Freeman, 1B, Atlanta Braves NL Cy Young: Cliff Lee, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies NL MVP: Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Colorado Rockies Chris’ World Series Winner: Boston Red Sox over San Francisco Giants Josh’s World Series Winner: Atlanta Braves over Boston Red Sox, 7 games


April 2011

Baseball team gets on a roll down south


JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor

Last season was one to forget for the University of Bridgeport men’s baseball team. They finished 14-22, and 12-18 in the East Coast Conference. The team as a whole hit .251, and pitched to a 4.97 Earned Run Average (ERA). “Very, very disappointing,” UB Head Coach John Anquillare said. “It’s probably the most disappointing year that I’ve had in coaching college baseball in 28 years.” However, this season has started much more promisingly for the Purple Knights; they went 5-2 during their spring break road trip to Florida, accumulating wins over Assumption College (3), Bentley University (1), and Stonehill College (1). “It’s everybody playing together, everybody doing their job consistently, people playing defense, hitters hitting, pitchers hitting their spots, throwing strikes, and team chemistry,” Senior infielder and team captain Gaetano Giunta said. Anquillare said last season’s failures caused him to re-evaluate himself and the team. In the end, he decided the team an infusion of new talent.

“I went out and recruited,” he said. “I got a pitching staff that’s probably the deepest pitching staff I’ve ever had.” The recruiting has already paid off for UB, as several of the new recruits have played a big role in the teams’ 5-2 start. Shaun Hancock, a right-handed pitcher from Burlington Catholic Central High School, has two of the team’s wins and an ERA of 1.93, while Nick Vautrin, a transfer from Hollyoke Community College, has a 2.13 ERA, and leads the team in innings pitched. Tom Wiacek, a reliever who transferred from Erskine College, has pitched five and two thirds scoreless innings up to this point. The team has not just gotten help from the new pitching recruits though; Eric Schlitter, a transfer from Southern Connecticut State University, is third on the team with a .345 average. Anquillare also praised new second baseman John Ascenzia, from West Haven High School. “He certainly shored up the middle of the infield, and made some outstanding plays at second base, some clutch plays,” Anquillare said.

However, Ascenzia has only batted .050 so far; despite that, Anquillare believes “he will produce,” and Ascenzia said he has been working on “hitting, a lot.” For the Purple Knights, their biggest challenge off the field so far has come in the form of Mother Nature. Two of UB’s games have already been postponed due to inclement weather. “The weather factor can make or break us,” Anquillare said. He said that while the unpredictable weather in the Northeast worries him some, he believes the team will be okay. As for goals for the rest of the season, they seem to be the same as always for the team; win the ECC, make the ECC tournament, and advance to Regionals. Whatever happens, Anquillare believes the energy around the team is much different from last year. “The makeup of the team, the feeling of the team is totally different,” Anquillare said. “Why? We’re winning.

Sports Scores BOLD = Home Game

Mar. 27 Molloy * L, 3-1

Men’s Baseball: Mar. 12 vs. Assumption @ Ormond Beach, Fla. - Sports Complex (Field 3) W, 1-0 vs. Assumption @ Ormond Beach, Fla. Sports Complex (Field 3) W, 5-0 Mar. 13 vs. Assumption @ Ormond Beach, Fla. - Sports Complex (Field 1) W, 11-4 Mar. 15 vs. Bentley @ Winter Park, Fla. (Rollins) L, 7-2 Mar. 16 vs. Stonehill @ Winter Park Fla. W, 7-5 Rollins College Mar. 17 vs. Bentley @ Ormond Beach, Fla. W, 4-3- 13 innings Mar. 18 vs. Stonehill @ Ormond Beach, Fla. L, 5-1 Mar. 26 at Molloy * L, 2-1- 8 innings at Molloy * L, 3-2- 8 innings

Women’s Softball: Mar. 13 vs. St. Thomas Aquinas @ @ Clermont, Fla. W, 7-3 vs. Philadelphia U. @ Clermont, Fla. L, 9-0- 5 innings Mar. 14 vs. St. Michael’s @ Clermont, Fla. - Hancock Park W, 10-2- 6 innings (Hancock Park) vs. Bentley @ Clermont, Fla. L, 6-5 (Hancock Park) Mar. 15 vs. Nyack @ Clermont, Fla. W, 4-2 Final - 8 innings vs. Philadelphia U. @ Clermont, Fla. L, 8-0 Mar. 17 vs. Mass.-Lowell @ Clermont, Fla. L, 10-5 vs. St. Leo @ Clermont, Fla. L, 16-0 - 5 innings Mar. 18 vs. Franklin Pierce @ Clermont,


Fla. (Hancock Park) W, 4-1 vs. Southern Conn. St. @ Clermont, Fla. (Hancock Park) L, 9-1 Mar. 20 Post W, 7-6 Played at Post with UB as Home team Post L, 12-1 at Post with UB as Home team Mar. 22 American Int’l L, 6-1 Games Played At U. of New Haven American Int’l L, 5-2 Games Played At U. of New Haven Mar. 26 at Queens (N.Y.) * L, 8-2 at Queens (N.Y.) * L, 8-0 Final Women’s Lacrosse: Mar. 4 Post L, 13-10 Home Game For Post Played At UB Mar. 11 Dominican (N.Y.) L, 20-8 Mar. 13 at Chestnut Hill L, 19-3 Mar. 26 Monroe Community College L, 22-3

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