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Issue number 039 June/July 2014

South African


A Migrant family's journey

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From the editor Good day,


nother packed magazine! Thank you, Sherelee and Dennis, for continually putting together a fantastic magazine with interesting articles and great adverts. Please support the advertisers. All of them come highly recommended by the South African Magazine and by the South African community and deserve your support. Once again, the politicians are using immigration as their whipping boy by saying that too many immigrants are taking local jobs. What nonsense! If the locals had the skills they would not need immigrants, but a young country like New Zealand needs growth and skills to drive their economy forward and this is exactly what is happening. No country can continue to look inward. Why’s the USA so great? Because it is a melting pot of highly skilled people from all over the world and so is New Zealand. No other country has come out on the positive side of the Global Financial Crises better than New Zealand. Let’s keep it that way. Please vote in September. If you are not in the country at the time you can do an early vote in your registered area.  I watched an interesting programme regarding two professors who have found that the rich do not necessarily pay the same percentage of taxes as the poor so there is a total imbalance and widening gap of inequality. Their solution was to tax the rich at much higher rate to bring their earnings down so that the inequality gap is lowered. My goodness, this sounds like communism. Should we not rather educate and assist the lower levels of society up rather than bringing the level down? Some people choose not to be educated and have very large families that they cannot afford. Imagine punishing a young newly qualified doctor to earn less because other people have not sacrificed hours of study and hard grind to obtain his/her qualification! The truth be told, as soon as he/she starts working they will have to pay a much higher tax than necessary just to keep the inequality gap low. There is no easy road in life, we all need to contribute. If you don’t, you get left behind. I am pleased to see so many South Africans in all walks of life in New Zealand and in some of the most senior positions. It is hard not to find a South African in any of the big companies anymore. Good luck and prosper in your new home. You deserve it! Regards, Peter Woodberg


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South Africans Going To New Zealand

Advice and Support for South Africans Immigrating to New Zealand

                                                                                Clarke:       Sherelee       2 The South African


Made redundant while pregnant –

the pitfalls and the cost of breaching the Act!


arental leave is an entitlement for both male and female employees under certain circumstances. The purpose of the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 is to protect the rights of employees during pregnancy, and to give employees and self-employed persons up to 16 weeks’ paid parental leave. The term ‘parental leave’ encompasses maternity leave, a partner's paternity leave plus extended leave. To qualify, a female employee must have been in the employment of the same employer for at least an average of 10 hours a week over the immediately preceding 6 months as at the expected date of delivery. Maternity leave must be taken in one continuous period for not more than 16 weeks.

is unclear to the authority, in the lack of detailed supportive financial information or projected cost savings, exactly why the position of national key account manager had become untenable, particularly as there had been no indication to Ms Ledger that the economic climate had significantly worsened Delmaine's financial situation during the period of her appointment’, and thus it was decided that the employee had been unfairly dismissed. For breaching parental leave legislation and redundancy principles, the employee was awarded $15,000 compensation, lost wages of $19,230 and a penalty of $2000 was also imposed against the company.

An important proviso is that no employer can terminate the employment of any employee simply because she is pregnant. The Act includes a presumption that an employer can Eska Hartdegen An aggravating factor was keep the employee’s position open during the that the evidence showed that ‘…the sales team head count period of her parental leave, although there are exceptions had been increased prior to the termination of the national key such as where it is a key position in the company. account manager position by the addition of a new full-time sales representative for Foodstuffs Auckland and by the appointment Where a redundancy situation occurs while the employee is of a part-timer to a full-time position in the South Island’, and that on maternity leave, and the employer is unable to keep the in breach of the Act, the company had failed to keep employee's employee's position open, and there also is no prospect of position open during the period of her parental leave. the employer being able to appoint the employee to a vacant position which is substantially similar, the employer can make the employee redundant, provided the procedures set out in the Act have been followed. An employee has the right to lodge a parental leave complaint if made redundant. If the employer is found to have breached the Act, the available remedies are that the employee may be reinstated, may be reimbursed for any wages lost, and may be awarded a sum of compensation for humiliation, distress and loss of dignity.

To ensure that the strict procedural requirements set out in the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act are complied with and all the pitfalls avoided, employers are well advised to seek legal advice when considering whether the role of an employee on maternity leave, can be made redundant.

Thanks and credit to The NZ Herald for reporting on a case on the above topic.

An interesting case where the employee was declared redundant during her maternity leave, was, where she was the national key account manager for Delmaine, the food company. The facts are that during her absence, her role was to be covered by her manager and some of the other staff. While she was away, the company decided it needed to save costs, and it was considered that her duties could be absorbed into those of other workers. Her position was declared redundant, and she was informed of this during a telephone call, just before Christmas. The Member hearing the case held that the employer had not complied with the required procedures laid down in the Act, and that the company had no ‘genuine reasons for the restructuring exercise’. In finding this, the Member says ‘It The South African


Welcome to New Zealand Photos: Sherelee Clarke

Please join us at our New Arrivals evenings and meet the professional advisers who will be on hand to give you invaluable advice in an informal setting. Svetlana and Sam Shevchenko with Sergey Gimranov and Seema Jattan.

Ludwig Haeufler, Simona Woodberg, Delia Haeufler and Dan Pope.

Claire Ogg, Linda Wysocka and Sergey Gimranov.

Beryl Truebody, Rory Browne, Jenny Parker, Briard Janse Van Rensburg and Dere Steyn.

When: Where: Time: Please RSVP:

Monday 30 June and Monday 28 July 100 Bush Road, Level 1, Building 2, Albany, North Shore 6pm to 8pm or call us on 09 915 0100.

Mark, Angela Shamshoodeen and Jakes Jacobs. Jacobs.

Karen Hawn, Shareen, Seema and Ajay Jattan.

Ashwin Doolabh, Dan Pope, Sergey Gimranov and Briard Janse Van Rensburg.

Andrew Brownlee, Rory Browne and Roman.

Nelsha du Plessis, Karen Hawn and Peter Woodberg.

Neil Clarke and Nabeel Shamshoodeen.

Ashwin Doolabh, Peter Woodberg and Larry Nuttall.

Mark, Angela and Nabeel Shamshoodeen, Shimeez Bok and Jakes Jacobs with host Neil Clarke.

Majda Boer, Jenny Parker and Tyrell Dawson.

Peter, Megan Cherry, Michelle Thomas and Jerome Hartigan.

Sharon Lodewyks, Adriane and Jerome Hartigan, Tyrell Dawson and Majda Boer.

Dere Steyn, Michelle Hutchins and Karena Coetzer.

Beryl Truebody, Rory Browne, Andrew Brownlee, Briard Janse Van Rensburg and Dere Steyn.

Geoff and Barbara Haefele with David Dugmore.


The concept of networking and connecting is growing as there appears to be a need for new immigrants to be given support, advice and leads in situations relating to immigration, the job market, accommodation and more!

Kevin McMahon, Natalie van den Blink and Melanie McMahon.

Karena Coetzee and Neil Clarke.

Chris Coetzer and Beryl Truebody.

Sergey Gimranov and Simona Woodberg.

Cynthia Nuttall and Marianne Pearce. The South African

The South African


The benefits of KiwiSaver When you first join KiwiSaver (you need to be a New Zealand Resident or Citizen, under the age of 65 to join) the Government contributes $1,000 to kick-start your savings. If you are 18 years or over and live in New Zealand, for every dollar you put in the Government will contribute 50 cents (up to a maximum of $521.43 each year) until you are 65 or over and entitled to withdraw your savings. This annual contribution is known as a Member Tax Credit. If you are employed, you will need to contribute a minimum of 3% (4% and 8% options also available) of your ‘before-tax’ pay into your KiwiSaver account. Your employer will also be required to contribute 3% of your ‘before-tax’ pay as well. If you are self-employed, a regular contribution of $20 a week will ensure you receive the full Member Tax Credit each year. O  nce you have been a member for 3 years, KiwiSaver has two features that can help you buy your first home and if you have worked in Australia since 1992 and are now living back in New Zealand, you may be able to bring your Australian super home via your KiwiSaver scheme.

Getting the most out of KiwiSaver. The following are simple ideas to get you started; M  ake sure the fund in which you are investing is right for you and your current circumstances.The four main asset classes are ‘Cash & Bonds’, ‘Fixed Interest’, ‘Property’ and ‘Equities/Shares’ and typically your fund allocation will be a combination of these depending on your view. M  ake sure you keep qualifying for your maximum Member Tax Credit. K  eep track of your contributions and balance.

Neil B Clarke FSP10261 Authorised Financial Adviser Phone: 09 915 0100 Mob: 021 609 247 Email:


Life Cover, Trauma, TPD, Income Protection


Hospital, Specialists & Tests, GP Visits, Dental & Optical


Review of cover & levies


Unit Trusts, Managed Funds, KiwiSaver


Access to bank & non-bank options

But is all this going to be enough to get to where you want to be? There is no straightforward answer as everyone will have a different idea on what they will need by way of savings and income in retirement.

How much money will I need to retire? The best place to start is by working out how much regular income you will need on top of the New Zealand Superannuation. You will also need to consider inflation. Over time inflation eats away at your buying power (think back to what a trolley full of groceries used to cost 5 years ago compared to today!).For a number of New Zealanders, the minimum contribution rate of 3% plus your employer contribution is not likely to be enough to reach your goal.

How to plan for your retirement. To get started, work out where you are spending your money today. Are there areas of your spending where you can cut back and save? The next thing to think about is working out a plan. A financial plan will help you to set out your long term goals and give you the means to reach them. If you think you may need more help, getting some financial advice could be a good option. An Authorised Financial Adviser can sit down with you, go over your personal circumstances and consider what might be the most appropriate strategy for you. They then keep you on track as your circumstances change and your goals and objectives are reviewed.

Consider other investments. KiwiSaver is a great foundation to build your retirement on, but there are other similar investments that unlike KiwiSaver are not ‘locked-in’. This provides a chance for you to add to your long term savings with the advantage of accessing your money if needed to help you through life’s ups and downs. In summary, KiwiSaver is certainly a good base to start saving for the future, but without any further input, it’s unlikely to provide sufficient funds for your retirement. However, if you look to maximise the benefits KiwiSaver offers, work out a financial plan and also invest in other options, you could improve your chances of having a better retirement.

More Benefits | Best Rates | Assured HWP Ltd trading since 2001 DISCOUNTED INSURANCE RATES AVAILABLE 6

501008 CMYK

Information provided as a ‘class’ advice by Neil Clarke AFA (FSP10261) - 09 915 0100 The South African

A migrant family's journey


e have been attending the New Arrivals meetings for the past few months now. In fact, we attended our first one in June while on holiday. We would advise that more people attend these from the moment they arrive in Auckland as they are a great source of information and encouragement for those of us faced with the daunting challenge of immigration. Our adventure started on 7 August when I touched down at Auckland Airport. Quite an emotional beginning as I had left my husband and 9 year old twins in South Africa. But, I was excited and enthusiastic – here I was ready to take on New Zealand and find a job. I soon discovered three myths. Myth 1 – I would use public transport. Public transport is excellent in NZ but my advice is you need a car if you are going to get to interviews and meet people. So I got a little run around which I fondly named my blue Ferrari and it has certainly been instrumental in my success here so far. Myth 2 – I’ll have interviews lined up for each day. Those who have tried it know this just does NOT happen! You can apply for hundreds of jobs through all sorts of search engines. The chances of actually getting an actual reply to your CV are few and far between.

Myth 3 – I’ll be snapped up in a few weeks. I had now come to realise that this was going to be a whole lot more challenging than I had anticipated. I got up each morning, got dressed and started working.

Happily reunited in New Zealand'

My networking paid off – I had interviews at three companies, all through word of mouth contacts. The third one really was a case of me following up with a guy I met while I realised my job each day was to get a job! I took that blue Ferrari and I networked on holiday here with my husband in June. I – I went to businessmen’s breakfasts, meet went to see him again and it was after that that everything fell into place. I got that all & greet socials, backyard braais, book important job offer. That phone call home to launches, tea parties, dinners with friends – my husband in South Africa was awesome. you name it I was there. Everywhere I went I His encouragement and support had paid off made sure that I took down numbers, made – it was time to reunite as a family again! The mental notes of who was there, exchanged work visa took three days to be approved – email addresses – I felt like a networking record breaking time I believe. guru. Another bit of advice I can share – Finally, here is our greatest piece of advice surround yourself with positive people, don’t – use a reputable Licensed Immigration try and do it alone.My “adopted” family took Adviser in New Zealand. Our advisor, Sergey me in and gave me the support and (hugs) Gimranov, North Shore Immigration Services, that I needed.I have met many people along has been amazing! His most recent call to us the way and have made friendships that will was to say that our permanent residency has be cherished forever. now been approved!










WITWARM TARIEWE Sharp fares and friendly service for SA Kiwis

Call our South African specialists

Suzette, Joanne, Diane or Donna on 0800 002 659 We guarantee to have the best available airfares to and from South Africa. We will not be beaten. Our fares guarantee applies as long as seats are available in the applicable booking class.

We have customised policies with unlimited medical cover while in S.A. from $9 a day. Plus we can cover family coming to NZ from $3 a day. Free Global SIM card included. Prices based on 30 day policies for ages 59 and under with no preexisting conditions. Please ask us for a quote if you’re over 59 and or have medical existing conditions. Call rates apply to calls made on the Global SIM card - S.A. to NZ from $0.43/min.


We can have a car waiting for you on arrival at Jo’burg, Cape Town or Durban. From $25 per day for 7 days or more.

Bringing friends or family to NZ? We can arrange travel insurance cover from $5 per day.

Go to to get FREE email alerts to the best fares to and from South Africa.

To arrange your next trip home call Suzette, Joanne, Diane or Donna on 0800 002 659 or visit us online at 8

The South African

Bull elephant killed


outh Africa’s Kruger National Park, which is battling a high number of rhino killings, has recorded its first case of elephant poaching in more than a decade. A dead bull elephant whose tusk had been hacked off was discovered by rangers last month. It’s the first case of ivory poaching in the Kruger in over 10 years.

Ivory poaching is rife on the African continent. Neighbouring Zimbabwe and Mozambique have reported an increase in the number of cases including some where some animals were killed by cyanide poisoning. Kruger Park boasts an elephant population of 16,700 according to a count in 2012.

Photo: Franki Hobson

The head of the South African National Parks' rangers said it was likely the bull was shot on purpose for its tusks. Rangers patrolling the area noticed footprints of about four individuals leaving the park leading towards Mozambique.

The Park’s borders, shared with Mozambique, are patrolled by the South African army to help fight rhino poaching, as poachers often smuggle horns out of the country. Since the beginning of the year, 245 rhinos have been killed in the Kruger alone.

Ivory jewellery is available freely for sale at markets in Bangkok.

Free Review of Your Insurance Products • • • •

Life, Disability and Trauma. Commercial and Residential Mortgages. Fire and General. Assistance with SA Retirement Annuities and policies.

Contact Bernard or Michelle De Wet 09 9636291 or (FSP 14663)


Marketing, Photography and Promotions

Photo: Geir Kiste

Redvale Boarding Kennels For dogs Rates:

Small dogs

$20 per day

Medium Dogs

$25 per day

Large dogs

$30 per day

X-Large dogs

$40 per day

After stay bath only


174 Wilks Road Dairy Flat Phone: 09 426 5872 E-mail:

Business Portraits and Functions Natural in Nature family, children and animal Portraits Contact:

The South African

Sherelee Clarke 021 0290 6460

Bring your dog to us and go on holiday guilt free!! 9

Dr Bernie Brenner MB Bch (Wits), FRCOG, FRANZCOG, MBA, M phil, BA (UNISA) Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist Specialising in Gynaecological Conditions including: • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Female Urinary Incontinence & Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) • Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of abnormal bleeding • Laporoscopic Surgery – for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis Consulting Rooms at For an appointment phone Email Website

131 Shakespeare Road, Milford 09 486 0182

james pretorius B.Ch.D. M.Ch.D. (Pret)

orthodontist Suite 3, North Shore Medical Centre 326 Sunset Road, Mairangi Bay Auckland 0632, NEW ZEALAND Telephone: Surgery (09) 479-7963 Fax (09) 479-7941 Home (09) 413-9854 Email:

 

    

                        

hi there!

I’m Dennis Hawnt, a graphic designer with a wealth of experience. I am available to help you develop your next project in an eye catching and memorable way.

Dennis Hawnt 021 216 9238 *Conditions Apply ask at reception for details


forces wrk


The South African

Happy 40th birthday, Rubik’s Cube


s the most popular puzzle in history, invented by Erno Rubik, in 1974, there is only 1 correct answer and 43 quintillion wrong ones for Rubik’s Cube. One eighth of the world’s population has laid hands on ‘The Cube’.

Erno Rubik was born in Budapest, Hungary during World War II. His mother was a poet, his father an aircraft engineer. Rubik’s initial attraction to inventing the Cube was not in producing the best selling toy puzzle in history. The structural design problem interested Rubik and he wondered how the blocks could move independently without falling apart. In Rubik’s Cube, twenty-six individual little cubes or cubies make up the big Cube. Each layer of nine cubies can twist and the layers can overlap. Any three squares in a row, except diagonally, can join a new layer. Rubik’s initial attempt to use elastic bands failed, his solution was to have the blocks hold themselves together by their shape. Rubik hand carved and assembled the little cubies together. He marked each side of the big Cube with adhesive paper of a different colour, and started twisting. It was wonderful, after only a few turns, the colours became mixed, apparently in random fashion. It was tremendously satis-

The South African

fying to watch this colour parade but then it was time to put the cube back in order. That was how the Cube as a puzzle, was invented in the spring of 1974, when the twenty-nine year old Rubik discovered it was not so easy to realign the colours to match on all six sides. He was not sure he would ever be able to return his invention to its original position. He theorized that by randomly twisting the Cube he would never be able to fix it in a lifetime, which later turns out to be more than correct. He began working out a solution, starting with aligning the eight corner cubies. He discovered certain sequences of moves for rearranging just a few cubies at a time. Within a month, he had the puzzle solved and an amazing journey lay ahead. Rubik applied for his Hungarian patent in January 1975 and left his invention with a small toy making cooperative in Budapest. The patent approval finally came in early 1977 and the first Cubes appeared at the end of 1977.


Heirloom gown


ew Zealand born Astrid Schroeder (4 months) is the 50th child of a South African German immigrant to be christened on the North Shore, Auckland, recently in this exquisite 110-year-old handmade gown. Astrid’s great-great-grandfather Friedrich Rabe arrived in South Africa in 1897 and ended up in the Wartburg district, farming. After fighting in the Boer War, he married Katherine Wortmann in 1903 and their first child, Hermine, was born in 1904. This was the first appearance of the christening gown worn by a Rabe child. Friedrich and Katherine had eight children who all wore the gown, as did their 26 grandchildren and 16 of their great and great-greatgrandchildren. After the deaths of the couple in 1964 the gown mysteriously ‘disappeared’ until 1974 when Astrid’s grandmother, Rita and her family, moved into the house. Renovations begun and the gown ‘appeared’ in perfect condition. The gown is a very treasured heirloom and it is traditional that every descendant of Friedrich Rabe is baptised in the gown, no matter where in the world they’re born! Astrid and her mother, Neilia, with her grandmother, Rita Schroeder (nee Rabe).

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Rules for driving in South Africa 1. Never indicate - this will give away your next move. A real South African driver never uses them. 2. Under no circumstance should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, this space will be filled by at least 2 taxis and a BMW, putting you in an even more dangerous situation. 3. The faster you drive through a red light, the smaller the chance you have of getting hit. 4. Never, ever come to a complete stop at a stop sign. No one expects it and it will only result in you being rear-ended. 5. Never pass on the right when you can pass on the left. It’s a good way to check if the people entering the highway are awake. 6. Speed limits are arbitrary figures, given only as a guideline. They are especially not applicable in South Africa during rush hour. That’s why it’s called ‘rush hour......’ /

7. Always slow down and rubberneck when you see an accident or someone changing a tyre. Never stop to help you will be mugged. 8. Learn to swerve abruptly. South Africa is the home of high-speed slalom driving thanks to the government, which puts potholes in strategic locations to test drivers’ reflexes and keeps them on their toes. 9. It is traditional to honk your horn at cars that don’t move the instant the light turns green. This prevents storks from /

building nests on top of the traffic light and birds from making deposits on your car. 10. R  emember that the goal of every South African driver is to get there first, by whatever means necessary. And, oh yes……….. 11. O  n average, at least three cars can still go through an intersection after the light has turned red. It’s people not adhering to this basic principle that causes the big traffic jams during rush hour!

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Dried cured meat (Biltong, Dried sausages, Cabanossi) Boere Wors (Elite’s farmers sausage) Texan Steak Aged Eye fillets, Sirloin & Rump steaks. South African & International groceries & much more...

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              

         

    

  

     

    

      14

The South African

Kia Kaha, a Royal Children’s book


lare Erasmus, a former sociology lecturer at the University of Natal, South Africa, who currently teaches at The Cathedral Grammar School in Christchurch, is also an author. Clare left South Africa in 1998 and lived in Taiwan and Australia for a few years before making New Zealand home for her husband, Conrad, their children, Joshua and Jessica and herself. Working in Christchurch City at an independent school, Clare was struck by the enormity of the earthquake. On the eve of the earthquake she went home and realised that she had to get some clear messages through to children. She was in awe of the social solidarity that she witnessed amidst the earthquake and wanted to reassure children that even although Clare Erasmus, the earthquake was a significant disaster in their lives, everyone needed to stay strong and keep hope and faith. Clare’s first book in the Kia Kaha series delivered this very message. The books

share the story of a cathedral mouse, named Kia Kaha (Maori for ‘staying strong’), who spreads the word to everyone to stay strong amidst disasters. Two years later Clare wrote a sequel to this story which highlighted how far the Christchurch community has come. The key character moves into his new home, The Transitional Cathedral. The book showcases the old and new landmarks that children would have noticed in their surroundings. Clare with the Duke and Duchess.

Well-known Insurance Broker celebrates 30 years in the Industry! ML and Fritz


ritz Swart, well-known SA expat insurance man, reaches this huge career milestone on 1 June. His lovely wife, Marie Louise, also known as ML, has been a solid support as office manager for more than 20 years. Their clients across NZ will vouch that together they make a formidable team, oozing knowledge, good advice and friendly service. Fritz’s knowledge and assistance with claims have proved invaluable over the years. “Among our many claims, we had a client who moved back to SA, sadly passed away there and the NZ$ claim was paid promptly”, says Fritz. “The most important day in a policy’s duration is at claim time, therefore it is advisable to work through brokers with proven claims experience”, states Fritz. He points out that the paying of premiums is no guarantee that a claim will meet expectations. It is important to know exactly what your cover entails, the credit rating of one’s insurer and their claims paying history and how it compares with others. He concludes that sometimes, potential non-disclosures can shadow the validity of policies and if clients have any doubts, they should arrange for a disclosure audit to set the records straight with the insurer. Fritz’s contact details are 021 183 8936, web address The South African

Clare was invited by the official royal organisers to attend a private visit at The Cathedral, to present both of her books to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their Royal Visit. This is a wonderful story of success for a girl from the sleepy hollow, Pietermaritzburg. Clare’s books are available at several book stores in Christchurch. Anyone interested in purchasing a very relevant and suitably apt book for young children are able to order from

Insurance Advice since 1984 and since 2001 in New Zealand

For all your NZ$ Personal Insurance needs. · Free disclosure audits on existing policies · Advice anywhere in New Zealand. · Advice on how to deal with South African policies. · Free last Will & Testament for life Insurance clients. Tel 021 183 8936 Ph 09-473 5210 15

2nd advt 1/4 page 14cm x 9cm

Dr Stephen Kruger AfrikAAns & English spEAking

It’s your right to vote!


Located at the Northshore Womens Specialist Centre in Auckland, Dr Stephen Kruger is dedicated to the highest quality of gynaecology services, with patient service to match. the practice SpecialiSeS in: • General Gynaecology including PAP smears • Heavy menstrual bleeding and period problems • Fibroids • Abnormal smears and colposcopy • Vaginal repairs • Post delivery vaginal repairs • Miscarriage and all early pregnancy issues • General Gynaecological surgery • Infertility Sadly, the majority of women who have cervical cancer diagnosed have not had a smear in the past 3 to 5 years. The greatest single reason when cervical cancer is diagnosed is that regular smear testing was not done. Call our practice nurse Wendy now to arrange your PAP smear and examination as part of your overall health care. IF yOu ARe exPeRIeNCING: • on-going pelvic pain • any unusual and/or persistent vaginal discharge, • bleeding between periods • bleeding after sexual intercourse • heavy vaginal bleeding • painful, uncomfortable sexual intercourse

We can help you. to arrange a consultation, please call Wendy on 09 479 9016

Dr Stephen Kruger

MB.Bch (Wits), FRCOG, FRANZCOG Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (formerly from Durban)

north Shore Womens Specialist centre

Ground Floor, 104 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland

rime Minister, Mr John Key, has announced that the 2014 general election will be held on 20 September. Every year thousands of New Zealanders become eligible to enrol to vote for the first time and every vote counts.

New Zealanders are lucky to live in a democracy and we can all play our part in keeping our democracy strong by getting on the electoral roll and voting. It means we can take part in local elections, when we choose the people who will make decisions about our local areas, and general elections, when we choose the parties and politicians who will represent us in Parliament. In New Zealand the law says that you must be enrolled on the electoral roll. You must enrol if you are; • 18 years or older, • Living or have lived in New Zealand for more than one year continuously at some stage • Are a citizen of New Zealand, or • A Permanent Resident of New Zealand. To register, enrol on the website

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Congratulations, New Kiwis


undreds of people were granted their Citizenship of New Zealand at ceremonies around New Zealand recently. At a ceremony held in the West where I had the pleasure of attending on behalf of the magazine, Maria and Russell Chinn were two of many South Africans to be given the pleasure and the right to call New Zealand their country. Well done and congratulations to you all.

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People come to us because we go to them. Are you tired of the hassle of dealing with multiple insurance companies and banks to find the best deal? Now you can have your local AMP 360 Adviser Errol Rudman on your side. Like all our Advisers, Errol can talk to you about small business, life, health and general insurance, and can give you options from the main lenders if you are looking for a home loan. He has more than 20 years experience in South Africa and New Zealand within the finance industry, and he can come to you.

So say goodbye to the hassle of doing it all yourself, and say hello to Errol on: P: M: E: W:

AMP Services (NZ) Limited. A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.

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WEL371558 11/13

The South African


SA Social on the Shore

Photos: Sherelee Clarke

Jo Athanasiou.

Melissa Chelin with her Pinehill Butchery voucher.


Please feel free to join us on the first Friday of every month at the Browns Bay Bowling Club in Beach Road for an evening of chit-chat, laughter and making new friends. As we know how chilly the evenings are getting these days bring your blanket to cover your knees, should you wish, and join us on Friday, 6 June, at 6pm. In July, the evening will be held on the 4th so hope to see you then too. Thank you Bushman’s Grill, Pinehill Butchery and Annique at Neilia’s for your support in giving us vouchers to give away.

Marianne Pearce with her Annique tea and voucher.


Ashwin Doolabh.

Raymond and Beryl Truebody.

Josik Smith with Chantelle Ronchese with their Pinehill Butchery voucher.


High blood pressure (hypertension) affects about 25% of the adult population and is the most treatable cause of death and disability in New Zealand. Common concerns

Dr Walter van der Merwe

MBChB (Capetown 1978), FRACP

Specialist Physician specialising in hypertension (high blood pressure) and kidney disease. “I have lived and worked in New Zealand for 30 years and have trained in South Africa, the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand.”

• High blood pressure that you’re having difficulty managing with your present doctor/medications • Side effects from your blood pressure medications (e.g. fatigue, sexual problems) • Worries about underlying causes of high blood pressure • Uncertainty about the diagnosis of high blood pressure (e.g. in young people) • High blood pressure in association with obesity, diabetes, heart, or kidney disease • Any kidney problem (reduced kidney function, protein leak etc) • Recurrent kidney stones If you are concerned by any of these and would like advice from a Specialist Physician, call to make an appointment:

(09) 918 1666

1 Shea Terrace, Takapuna Auckland


The South African

What’s On Diary Fingerprints now in Auckland SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIAL ON THE SHORE: Friday: Browns Bay Bowling Club: 6 June and 4 July: 6pm – 10pm: Cash Bar.

NEW ARRIVALS: Monday: 30 June and 28 July: 6-8pm: 100 Bush Road, Albany, North Shore: Contact Vicki: 09 915 0100 for catering purposes.

SANZ GOLF: Last Sunday of the month: Contact Cedric Braby: 0274 742 264 or 09 478 9544: email All welcome. TUISNYWERHEID DAY: 60 Redoubt Road, Goodwood Heights, Manukau: Contact Veronica Turner: 021 250 8509: Friday Night Catch-Ups: Christchurch: 6 June: Indian Pearl: 6.30pm: 12 July: Mum’s 24 Restaurant: 6.30pm: Contact: Nicole Auret: 021 2137 379 or Alicia’s Pampering Studio, North Shore: 14 & 15 June: 10am-3.30pm: Contact Alicia: 021 166 0533. Bushman’s Grill 2nd Birthday: 15 June: Midday: 31 Northcote Road, Hillcrest: Booking essential. Winter Wonderland Dine and Dance Fundraiser: 21 June: Picton Centre, Howick: 6.30pm: Contact: Lynette Cornelius: 021 0224 2168.

Mairangi Bay SA Group: Contact: Penelope Rijkaart-Berrington: 09 4265933. Wellington SA Group: Contact: Iegsaan Bennett: Rotorua SA Group: Contact: Gary Camoin:




As the South African Honorary Consul, he endorses documents for use in South Africa and even if they have already been signed by a NZ notary they are still required to be authenticated under the SA Government seal.

This means that Auckland residents can avoid having to travel to the High Commission in Wellington.

Christchurch SA Group: Contact: Linda Klok:


Jock Irvine, a Notary Public, has for many years witnessed and authenticated documents for use overseas including court documents, property conveyance papers and commercial documents, where their authenticity is required.

Most recently, he has been taking fingerprints for renewal of South African passports. The New Zealand Police have discontinued this service and Irvine was asked to take on this role.

SA Support Group in Auckland: Felicity Bosch: Contact: 021 147 7151:

SA Women Support Group in East Auckland: Ronel Kleynhans: 021535085.


he South African Identification Act and the South African Passport and Documents Act, 1994 (Act No. 4 of 1994) clearly describes that in foreign countries only the South African High Commission staff may take the fingerprints and do the identification and certification of applicants and their photographs.

Please visit  to arrange a suitable time for an appointment. Jock is located at the offices of Quay Law in Remuera.


Fantastic multi operational, manager run business, a good return on investment with sales over $1 million and excellent profits. This business has a long track record and is well known with large and small function facilities, full bar, pool tables and gaming machines. • Two spacious and sunny outdoor areas with excellent indoor/ outdoor flow which include heating for those chilly evenings

• Fully equipped conference facilities • Great fit-out with insurance value of assets over $800,000

• Very strong lease and 50 car parks • Gaming machines pay the rent

The Vendor has not been actively involved in the business for a while. New owner engagement is advantageous to take the business back to the heights previously achieved. Dennis Hawnt

Price $695,000 plus Stock (+GST if any)


Peter Woodberg 0274 520 794 • mobile • email The South African

Commercial, Industrial, Business and Residential Investment A2, 17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, North Shore, Auckland 0632 09 415 3392

Lynn Norman 021 082 68420 • mobile • email 21

A Town called Thames By Eve Hemming


his small town has, for my husband and myself, been a veritable awakening. After five years of residing in Auckland it was time to do a serious ‘life assessment’ – the type of discussion one has over floods of tears and copious cups of coffee. From our research and ‘hunting,’ Thames was the outcome - once we had found the perfect home.

The first two months were tough. I felt shellshocked, experiencing a ‘semi-immigration’ low. Not knowing anyone here made it feel as though I had gone back to Square 1. Before I knew it, Thames started feeling more familiar, and once I started meeting people and becoming involved in the community, the initial feelings of disorientation dissipated.

into one town - Thames. It is popularly dubbed as ‘The Gateway to the Coromandel’ and is the main shopping and business centre on the peninsula. In the late 19th century, Thames was one of New Zealand’s largest towns, built by pioneers as a gold mining and Kauri logging town. The first European settlement in Thames came about in the 1820s. It became a ‘bonanza’ town after the first discovery of gold was made by William Hunt, in the Kuranui Stream. Gold production reportedly topped one million pounds sterling at its peak, with the town boasting over 100 hotels and three theatres. Today, Thames is a shadow of its past; the gold mines no longer operational.

I write this sitting at our sunny verandah table, with views overlooking the Firth of Thames and across to the bush-clad foothills of the Coromandel Ranges. Below the bush, adjoining our garden is a small meandering stream. I have a favourite rock, which I enjoy perching on; imbibing the tranquillity from the murmuring melody of the stream, as it eddies over clusters of mossy rocks.

Thames has retained some of its colourful history and oldworld charm, notably through much of the architecture, local pubs, museums and heritage/ cultural vibe. The town is filled with regular business and manufacture areas, as well as the arty shops, eateries and surrounding suburbia, old and new. The town is fringed by the estuary and the volcanic hills of the Coromandel Ranges and Kauaeranga Valley, and it is a pleasant drive, hugging much of the coastline through to Coromandel town, or over the picturesque Ranges to the most gorgeous beaches!

Historically speaking, the genesis of Thames allegedly hails back to two small towns called Shortland and Grahamstown, which then amalgamated

   

                                                       

    

 

                22

Watergardens, Rocky’s Goldmine Trail, Totara Pa Site for Ngato Maru Tribe and the War Memorial Monument. •M  iranda, across the Firth, is well known for its prolific bird life and also has a popular Hot Springs Pool. Having only lived in Thames for the past four months, I still have to visit some of these places and have yet to discover what else Thames has to offer… and I’m rearing to go! Eve Hemming’s recent book ‘Scatterlings – ‘A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales’ can be found on Amazon (http://www. dp/148364229)_. Eve is a writer and psychologist. She has recently opened her private practice in Thames. Their home is also a weekend ‘Getaway Retreat’ for ‘burnt-out’ Saffas. You can contact Eve on for more information. The South African

17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland New Zealand

Immigration Service you can Trust (established 1993)

New Zealand is slowly coming out of the recession and there are now more skilled jobs being advertised in most of our cities. Christchurch will be needing hundreds of skilled people to assist with the rebuild, so trades people as well as civil and other engineering posts are now becoming available. North Shore Immigration with their wealth of experience & sound reputation can assist migrants relocate to New Zealand as providers of highly personalised service, from temporary, permanent and business visas. For those business people that would prefer to work for themselves, they can either start a brand new business in New Zealand or buy an existing business via the Long Term Business Visa. There are also two investor categories of $1.5 million & $10 million. Please contact us for more info at email:

We provide specialist immigration solutions for: U Residence (Skilled Migrants, Business, Family) U Business Visa (Entrepreneur and/or Investor Categories) U Work Visa (for those who have a job offer, based on their skills & experience) U Work/Student visas for their immediate family members U Student Visas for those who wish to study in New Zealand, and U Job Search/Graduate Work Experience Visas for students who have completed their NZ studies. website:

We also offer help and assistance with: U unabridged birth certificates U police clearance certificates U passport renewals U translations U assessment of overseas qualifications U obtaining NZ registration for occupations where this is required.


ph: 09 415 3392


*conditions apply *conditions apply

*conditions apply *conditions apply

The SA issue 39  
The SA issue 39  

The South African Magazine provides current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New...