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Alan Donald

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South African

From the editor

The devastating second earthquake in Christchurch has taken everyone by surprise and has created a terrible dilemma for all that live there, i.e. to stay or leave. There are reports that at least 21,000 people have left for other towns and cities. If you can help in Auckland please support the local charities and if you have a spare room please assist where you can. If you want to help you can send me an e-mail and we will forward this information to organizers who are trying to place needy people who need accommodation in Auckland. We have another bumper magazine full of advertisers and articles of interest. Most advertisers get an immediate response from the South African magazine, however, if you are in the travel business or selling cars, not everyone goes on holiday or buys a car every month, but they will contact you when they are in the market for your services. That is why consistency in advertising is paramount so that you are first in mind when people are thinking of your product or service. We do recommend a six month advertising campaign for best results. The mortgage floating rate has come down again to below 6% giving some relief to all homeowners. There is lots of talk about increasing food prices and this should prompt everybody to shop around. Try farmers markets and Asian veggie shops. I recently bought a trolley full of veggies and fruit in season for only $15. New season Gala apples where only 9 cents a kilo, yes 9 cents. Buy 2 or 3 kilos and keep them in the fridge and they will last for weeks if not months. Use them to make apple deserts and juice them. If you know your prices you can eat for less. Finally our heart goes out to Japan for the double tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami together which has caused unbelievable destruction and loss of life. The Japanese are very resilient people and will bounce back but they are suffering right now with the cold temperatures and the fear of a nuclear meltdown. We hope you enjoy this issue. If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to us. Regards

Peter Woodberg



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Painting by SA Artist Isabel le Roux “ Hout Bay Reflections.” MISSION STATEMENT “The South African Magazine shall provide current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New Zealand. It shall be the vehicle for SA immigrants living in NZ to integrate socially with their own community and to advertise their products and services.”

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South African



n a benchmark ruling in July last year, the Employment Court ruled that staff were “working” while sleeping over at IHC houses. The IHC was previously known as The Society for the Mentally Handicapped, and Mr Dickson, a caregiver at the Society, had brought a claim against his employer, Idea Services Ltd for more reasonable compensation whilst staying overnight at the IHC’s premises, earning only a shift allowance of $34 per night. All New Zealand employees are entitled to be paid the minimum wage of $12.50 per hour while working, and the Court held that such staff were also entitled to be paid at least $12.50 per hour for their 10-hour shifts. On 16 February 2011, the Court of Appeal, in the case of Idea Services Ltd v Dickson, upheld the Employment Court’s decision confirming that the minimum wage, rather than the shift allowance, must be paid to caregivers for every hour of a sleepover shift. This would add about $90 a worker to the nightly cost. According to the Health Minister, Tony Ryall, IHC has about 250,000 of the sleep-over shifts per year and some of the caregivers were staying overnight at the community houses for up to six nights per week, thus spending a total of 100 hours per week on the premises of their employers. On the existing rates, such employees were actually only being paid for 40 to 50 hours per week. The rest of the time they were working for less than $4 per hour. The potential cost to comply with the Court’s decision was in the region of $500 million per annum. Mr Ryall raised the likelihood that the decision about disability caregivers could also apply to teachers, for example where schools would have to pay teachers to sleep while on camp or at school boarding hostels, which could cost $57 million in back pay plus $9 million a year for wages, and it could also apply to Child Youth and Family, costing $15 million in back pay and $3 million in wages each year. The Court of Appeal decision brings New Zealand employment law in line with that of Europe and Canada. The Government is yet to decide if it will challenge the Court’s decision, and when asked if legislative change was likely, Mr Ryall would not speculate, nevertheless saying the court made it clear the legislation was “antiquated and based on a 1945 lifestyle of people working nine to five”. Mr Ryall’s comment poses the very real possibility that National will simply change the law relating to overnight caregivers to avoid the cost of the extra wage bills. In the past few years where the Courts have handed down decisions that

Prominent SA Auckland barrister and employment specialist Eska Hartdegen discusses the pay that “sleepover” caregivers receive for their vital work.

impacted unfavourably on the government or on businesses, the government (both Labour and National) have simply stepped in and changed the law. An example is the 2005 Supreme Court decision where the Judges unanimously held in Bryson v Three Foot Six Limited that James Bryson was an employee. The company claimed that Mr Bryson, a former technician and model maker working in the film industry, was a contractor not an employee. He was made redundant by Three Foot Six Limited (a Jackson company), and alleged that he had been unjustifiably dismissed. The Employment Court held that Mr Bryson was an employee of Three Foot Six Ltd and not an independent contractor, despite what his contract said. The Supreme Court decision enabled Mr Bryson to pursue a personal grievance claim against Three Foot Six under the Employment Relations Act 2000. The recent debacle over the filming of Sir Peter Jackson’s new movie, The Hobbit, resulted in the National Government, under pressure from the United States’ movie mogul, Warner Bros, amending and changing our employment law under urgency, thus enabling the movie industry to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision in Three Foot Six. The new legislation makes it clear that it is a conclusive statement if a contract specifies that a film worker is an independent contractor, and the contract cannot be challenged. The law change means that all film workers will surely be offered work only as independent contractors. This erodes all the rights they would have had as employees. What do you think? Please let us have your opinion on the above. You are welcome to share your ideas with the Editor.

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South African

Letters to the Editor Every so often we get some lovely letters from our readers and advertisers, which we really appreciate. Here are a few that we received recently:-

Dear Peter and Ted, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for your outstanding magazine on behalf of all South Africans living in New Zealand. In your Feb/March 2011 edition you assisted me with a little write up on the South African Travel Club. I have to say the response was overwhelming regarding enquiries re flights to and from South Africa – so much that we now have a special fare in place for December to South Africa. I would like to say to you guys, thank you so much – “The South African!”

Isabel Le Roux




n this issue we go back to August 2009 and the very first artist ever featured on our front page in our series on South African painters who have become world famous from their depictions of everyday life in the mother country. She is Isabel Le Roux, and her vibrantly colourful rendition of the Southern Cape coast that she has entitled “Hout Bay Refelections” decorates our front cover. If you would like to get in touch with Isabel you may contact her on

Tristan de Chalain MSc MB ChB FCS(SA) FRCSC FRACS

Specialist Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Auckland, Tauranga, Pukekohe and

now Botany Downs

Regards, Elna Tempelhoff The South African Travel Club Skytrain Lion World Travel

Dear Peter and Ted, Thanks for a wonderful magazine. Quality and content is great. I was very happy with the response that I received from the editorial in the last edition. The article explaining the environmental side to my business helped. A number of new customers mentioned that they read my article and saw my advert in your magazine and I trust I will get repeat business from all your readers in future. Go Bokke!!!!

Kevin Van Den Berg Inkworks Kiosk 6 Level 3 Westfield Mall, Glenfield Auckland

• If you have anything positive to say about our magazine, we would like to hear from you! • If you have enjoyed the content and had fun reading the magazine, please tell us! • If you would like to see some different material in the mag e.g. more SA recipes, more travelogues, some cartoons, some SA history….just send us an e-mail! • Most of all, if you have had a positive response to your advertising from our readers, you only need to drop us a line! We are a community magazine and we want to be seen to be serving you, the SA ex-pat community here in NZ.

Immediate Past President New Zealand Foundation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery NZACPS

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Rand R

FEELING THE FINANCIAL PINCH? Need help accessing your South African funds, inheritance, retirement annuities or other assets in South Africa? RELAX AND LET RAND RESCUE TAKE CARE OF THIS FOR YOU! South African expats are now able to access retirement annuities, as well as other South African based funds, far more easily than before. Rand Rescue will arrange your tax clearance, formal emigration if required, the opening of a blocked account and all the other bureaucracy required to rescue your money!

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South African

Lovely Lucinda –

a model in the making!

Lucinda Booysen


n February 19 SA born Lucinda Booysen took the coveted NZ Miss Counties crown at a glittering gala ceremony and goes on to compete in the Queen of the World NZ contest which takes place soon. We can certainly be proud of the beautiful young SA born ladies that have competed and won in beauty contests across the land in the past few years. We have had two Schoemans; Mariska crowned Miss Global Teen NZ in 2010 and Magdalena crowned Miss New Zealand in 2009. And now young Lucinda! This is what she has to say about her amazing experience:“After being here in New Zealand for almost 4 years now I have learnt to appreciate the freedom and unbelievable lifestyle that we have as Kiwis and also to grab any opportunity that flies by and make the most of it! And that’s exactly what I did with this beauty pageant. At first I thought I didn’t stand a chance! There are too many girls...and they’re all so beautiful. So I lingered and weighed up my options.....deep down I really wanted to do it, so I just went for it and signed up the night before the contest! I wasn’t so concerned about winning; it was more about just having some fun. After all, the other girls were so pretty, they deserved to win. And then the big moment came up at the end of the evening. I couldn’t believe the judges when they announced that not only had I won “Miss Counties,” but also “Miss Counties Swimwear,” and “Miss Counties Interview”...the feeling was so amazing! Like, wow! It’s me whose name they are calling out! I currently work at a retail outlet called Fresh n Save, but at the moment I’m trying to set up a modeling portfolio. It is something that I would love to do and I am hoping for a breakthrough into the world of fashion modeling in the near future.”

Lucinda Booysen

Lucinda, we know that there are big opportunities out there. Those who would like to interview Lucinda and see her portfolio should contact the Editor.

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Are you in good

financial shape for your retirement? KiwiSaver, bank deposits and New Zealand Superannuation alone, may not be sufficient to fund the type of lifestyle you want in retirement. Take the time to consider the following: • Will I have saved enough for when I retire? • How can I convert my savings/investments into an income stream that won’t dry up? • How can I protect my investment capital/savings so that no matter what happens the value is preserved? • Where can I get my investments professionally managed and good advice for a reasonable fee? At Spicers our clients value the trust based relationship they share with a professional financial adviser. When was the last time you had a financial ‘health check’ to determine whether you’re on track for a financially secure retirement?

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South African



econd in command to newly elected mayor Len Brown is an extremely bright and efficient South African born lady who has served in various official administrative portfolios during her illustrious political career. We had an interview with her recently:1) When did you first arrive in New Zealand? My father’s family were proud Cantabrians since the 1850s. My great-uncles went over to the Boer War as part of the mounted force in 1900 and the South African connection was made. My father’s family (Goldstone) kept in close contact with South Africa as the “uncles” fell in love with the wildlife and beauty of the place. Some of my Kiwi family returned to South Africa to run safaris for foreigners. My Dad went off on his big OE in 1939 as many of his family had done and went to visit the South African branch of the family. War broke out and being the romantic adventurer that he was he joined the South African Air force as a flying instructor based in George. He went on to fly flying boats in West Africa and bombers in Egypt. He loved the place and stayed. He met my Mum (born in Kimberley and raised on the mines in Johannesburg) and they married … that is how I came to be born in South Africa. We lived in Cape Town, Durbanville actually and I had a lovely country childhood with horses and freedom. In 1974 my Dad’s younger sister had a stroke – he had just retired and he suddenly wanted to come home. We came to New Zealand. I was 16 years old and we moved to Gisborne. I had three wonderful years in that warm friendly East Coast community – I learnt about our wonderful culture and the strength in communities. 2) Tell us about how your family made the “Kiwi integration” process work for them. My father was a Kiwi so he settled well but my Mum missed South Africa and her family terribly. I am not sure if she has ever really settled. I loved New Zealand from the first moment I set foot here. Although I often go back to South Africa, and love the land of my birth, I am proud to be “1/2 Kiwi”. 3) Tell us how you got to the position of Deputy Mayor, Auckland. My beginning in politics came from a political protest! The Council was planning to extend a landfill in my community (Swanson) and I organised a protest group against the extension. We took two years to mediate the issue with Council and my group successfully negotiated the closure to the landfill and a $500,000 community fund from the residents which we are still making work for the good of the community 20 years later. It was community activism and joining community organisations that helped me really finally settle into life in New Zealand. I was talked into standing for Council in 1992 and have been there ever since! I was Bob Harvey’s deputy mayor and when the “Super City” was formed last year, I was asked to be Len Brown’s deputy. I am an independent non-party political Councillor and still maintain my close links with the community. 4) What are some of the things that you love about your new life here? The freedom, the people, the diversity, the outspoken politics, the beaches and the laid-back lifestyle. I am very proud of having been brought up in South Africa and although I

love New Zealand and this will be my home for the rest of my life. I love returning to South Africa to see friends and family and am very proud of much of what South Africa has achieved over the last decade. 5) What are your favourite recreational destinations in New Zealand? I go up to Leigh almost every weekend and enjoy fishing and swimming. I love central Otago – I go there when I need some “big skies” and dry mountains. 6) If you were to give one piece of advice to a new immigrant about how to succeed in their profession here, what would it be? I think the key to adapting to life in New Zealand is to participate in community life and join in community activities and enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer. This is a stunning country with wonderful people – an open-minded positive attitude goes a long way! Make the most of it. Take time to understand the New Zealand way of life. Kiwis are very friendly but also prickly if you don’t love the country the way they do. Be open-minded and celebrate the cultural diversity of this lovely country.

Penny Hulse and Linda Cooper

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South African

Hey you, get onna this cloud! (apologies to Mick and Keith!)


he latest innovation in the IT industry is “Computing on the Cloud.” In this article Francois Boshoff of managed IT Francois Boshoff services company Tech 24, will offer you a free network audit to see if you are ready for it! Here is what he has to say:“If I could show you an incredibly easy, proven way to cut your IT costs while simultaneously giving you a rock solid way to get your business back up and running FAST in the event of a disaster (e.g. fire, earthquake, tsunami..) would you be willing to give me 30 minutes of your time? I firmly believe that I can provide significant cost savings and other productivity-enhancing benefits to your organization that I’m certain you’ll want to know about.

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10 90mm x 132mm AD The SA issue20.indd 10


11/3/10, 8:17 AM 28/3/11 2:24:00 PM



Welcome to nz, Sylvia! N

ewly arrived in NZ, from Port Elizabeth, Sylvia Abbott has joined the Team at Hair d’Art. She owned and managed her own salon in South Africa for 8 years. Sylvia is not only an accomplished stylist but also specialises in various colour techniques and highlights. She also brings her experience of the latest hair extensions to the North Shore. Sylvia looks forward to meeting and taking care of all your hair care needs. She is committed to making sure that when you leave her chair you walk out of the salon with exactly what you were looking for. Early mornings and late night appointments are welcome. The other members of the team at Hair d’Art are Tanya and Natallia: all ably led by Pamela Dewing, owner of the salon. They are looking forward to working with Sylvia and making her stay in New Zealand a happy one. Give us a call today to ask about Sylvia’s opening specials. Hair d’Art, 2 Montgomery Ave, Rothesay Bay PH: 4799197

Sylvia, Tanya, Natallia, (front) Pamela

Susanna Kruger

The Dark Horse 2011 -transformational governance-

Please share your comments on Domestic Violence: The Invisible National Disaster! Go to or blog me at -ant-against-the-elephant/ 11

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Allan Donald by Ted Woodberg


HITE LIGHTNING was the name given to one of South African cricket’s greatest bowlers. His imposing facial ‘mask’ of white zinc sun protection cream across his cheeks and nose struck fear in his adversaries. He was deadly accurate and when he released the ball it came at remarkable speed across the pitch. Hence his nick-name.

Allan Anthony Donald was born in Bloemfontein on 20th October 1966, in the same city as his beloved cricket captain for so many years, Hansie Cronje. His rise to fame began when South Africa was allowed to re-enter the world cricket stage in 1992 after their abolition from world sport due to apartheid. Their first official international game in world cricket was a test match against the West Indies, and the Proteas lost in Barbados by 52 runs; but Allan took 2 for 67 in the first innings and 4 for 77 in the second, including the prized wicket of Brian Lara, which automatically gave him up-and-coming star status. Allan was no candidate for mediocrity as he blasted his way through the nineties, and, following the careful guidance of his wonderful mentor Hansie Cronje, he became the most feared bowler on the SA side next to Shaun Pollock. His most respected duel was the one with English batsman Michael Atherton during the Trent Bridge Test Match of 1998. This duel has since gone down in history as one of the most electrifying and intense cricketing events of test match history. Both cricketers have described the incident as awesome, because there were many balls that went out of control and into debatable territory, but the day was lost to the English, with the winning side going home by 8 wickets and Atherton finishing on 98. One of Donald’s deliveries caught Atherton on his glove and Boucher took the catch and the Proteas roared an appeal for caught behind, supported by the television commentators, but rejected by the umpire. Donald was incensed and shouted profanities at Atherton, but the umpire was unmoved. Several years later Atherton gave Donald the gloves that he wore on that memorable day for Donald’s benefit auction. According to Atherton’s autobiography, the red mark where the ball struck was clearly visible, which he duly circled and autographed. This duel also showcased the support of star bowler Shaun Pollock who has so far become the best bowler in SA history.

Despite Donald’s star performance as a bowler, he under-achieved as a batsman and he effectively lost the 1999 Cricket World Cup for the Proteas in the semi-final against Australia. On this rather forgettable day Donald was the last man in together with middle order batsman Lance Klusener. In the last over of this exciting one-dayer, Klusener hit two consecutive fours off Damien Fleming to bring the scores level. With four balls to go it appeared fait accompli that SA would win, needing only a single for victory. Klusener misshit the next ball straight down the pitch and started running immediately, but Donald didn’t move. With both batsmen at the bowler’s end, the ball was thrown to Gilchrist who quickly stumped Donald while he was still half way down the pitch. Thus the game ended in a draw, but the Proteas needed a victory to progress to the final. Donald enjoyed a long and highly successful career with English county side Warwickshire before his retirement from world cricket in 2002. He now commentates for the South African Broadcasting Corporation in their coverage of South Africa’s home tests alongside former teammate Daryll Cullinan. From May to September 2007 Donald was appointed as temporary bowling consultant for the England Cricket Team, but he has just recently taken on a more significant coaching role by his official appointment as the Black Caps’ bowling coach in their campaign for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Captain Daniel Vettori was overjoyed at the first coaching session which took place at the Basin Reserve Nets, ANI Wellington on January 22 this year. Donald gave his first lesson to the Kiwi bowlers on unraveling the mysteries of reverse swing, which is an art and a technique that has bagged him a whole bunch of wickets. Thank you, Allan! We sincerely hope that you will leave an indelible mark on the team as you take them through their paces. Your contribution to New Zealand cricket will be treasured forever. Source: Facebook.


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Barry Hilton by Ted Woodberg �HOWZIT, MY COUSIN!�


he inimitable opening trade mark greeting by world famous South African stand-up comic Barry Hilton has become more than just a household term in many English speaking communities around the world.

I have found even local Kiwis who have mixed with South Africans, to answer a “howzit� with another “howzit� which doesn’t quite make sense, because literally translated, “How is it?� is a question which should be answered by “Fine thanks� or “Not bad, thank you.� The South African colloquialism does not deal with this anomaly. And neither does Barry Hilton. Why should he? He takes SA colloquialism and brandishes it at his audience with much success in his one-man standup comedy shows. He entertains at the highest level and does not stoop to racist or sexual innuendos. His act is described as “squeaky clean� and is therefore encouraged to viewing audiences of all ages. He never uses barbed prejudice or questionable language in his shows, which is contrary to the all-time great stand-ups like Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock who love to throw in the odd profanity or two, either to shock or jolt the audience into spontaneous mirth. He will use the Afrikaans word “kak� occasionally with such veracity that the average listener who has no idea of Afrkaans immediately knows by the context that it has evil connotations. But it is not regarded as profanity by any stretch of the imagination. Hilton is a true icon and – as many other famous comedians have agreed – a role model in the industry. He is a definite celebrity, yet one who does not want the title, which just proves his pervading humility. As put in the words of Barry, he is “just a normal oke with a better job than you!� Barry was born in Zimbabwe in 1956 but came to South Africa during the tumultuous era of political change that affected his country of birth in the early eighties. He turned professional at the tender age of 26 in 1983 and since then has re-written the history books on SA comedic talent. He was the first SA comic to perform at the Wild Coast Sun International in 1985, the Sun City Extravaganza Theatre in 1986 and the Runway Bar, a Johannesburg Club that catered for 95% British immigrants that arrived in SA in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He is the first SA comic to sell out the 4000 seat Sandton Convention Centre and during 2006 and 2007 he sold out 50 concerts at South African Sun International venues. He performs on average 150 shows a year in South Africa, including concerts and corporate events. Besides his stand-up comedy work, Barry has made a number of TV appearances, including his own chat show entitled “Funny You Should Say That� which ran for 13 successful episodes on primetime SABC TV in 2003. In addition, he has delighted the public with his hilarious appearances on Savanna Dry cordial advertisements. Hilton’s repartee involves innocuous subjects that include the fear that the fridge light may not go out when you close the door; the fact that Muslim women in niqabs look like letterboxes and how women generally misbehave when they go shopping. His most famous quote that is not necessarily racist, is: “Have you noticed when you go to a Chinese restaurant that there are never any Chinese people there?� You wouldn’t get away with this sort of stuff if you didn’t have some talent and Hilton has the confident quick fire patter of a Catskills New Yorker, a hugely expressive and elastic face and agility that you probably would not expect from a man of his dimensions.

Barry is a self-confessed patriot who supports his country with an ironclad conviction. His optimistic outlook on the political and financial situation of South Africa is positively infectious and this patriotism rubs off onto the audience, making them feel quite invincible and impervious to the real world that exists outside the walls of the auditorium that they are seated in. He has performed at a number of international venues to sold-out audiences including the prestigious London comedy club, The Comedy Store. He has also embarked on a programme within SA companies that encourages humour and laughter in the workplace; proving to most senior directors that success comes with a comedic demeanour. Carry on, Barry! We love your humour. It teaches us that Laughter is the Best Medicine! Barry Hilton is due to tour New Zealand soon. For more information about his tour dates and venues, please contact the editors. Source: Facebook.




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South African


We salute you!


oping with lost and injured loved ones; uninhabitable homes; damaged roads, bridges, power lines; lack of basic services like water, electricity and sewerage….all we can say to you, residents of Christchurch, is that you are certainly a brave and stalwart bunch of people.” Editor. Scenes of utter carnage and destruction have been filling our television

screens and newspapers since the devastating 6.3 level ‘quake that hit the CBD on Tuesday 22nd February 2011. As we go to print, the final death toll from this event, certainly one of the most catastrophic in New Zealand’s living history, settled down at 182. The most ironic feature of this disaster is the way in which the city’s churches and cathedrals have been afflicted, almost as though some supernatural force was at work underground in the fault lines that crisscross the unfortunate city; causing church steeples, apses and transepts to crumble and give way as the earth shook with unbelievable violence. The international community sprang into action when the news hit the tabloids with help coming from 17 different countries including South Africa, the UK, Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia in the form of experienced search and rescue teams that managed to save a number of lives in the days just after the event. The lesson that we as an ex-SA community can learn from this tragedy is that we are now New Zealanders and, as such, we should be standing beside our fellow Cantabrian New Zealanders by supporting them both financially and spiritually. There is a general plea for financial assistance to the families of the victims and you are requested to consult the following institutions if you are able to make a donation: ASB Bank A/C No: 12-3205-0146808-00. ANZ Bank A/C No: 01-1839-0188939-00 National Bank A/C No: 06-0869-0548507-00 Westpac Bank A/C No: 03 0207 0617331 00


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n this issue, our in-house property adviser, Richard Pearce of Barfoot & Thompson Residential, has a good look at the recent disaster that has affected so many people across the entire face of our beloved country.

The impact of the Christchurch earthquake on the New Zealand property market Christchurch

Our Comment

By far the biggest impact is in and around Christchurch. Tracy Watkins of the Dominion Post reported on 8 March:“Ten thousand Christchurch homes may have to be demolished and some areas may have to be abandoned. Prime Minister John Key said that some houses were damaged beyond repair, while the rebuilding costs in some areas that had been believed to be worth saving after Canterbury’s first earthquake had risen to the point where that was no longer an option. Another 100,000 of the city’s 140,000 houses are believed to have suffered damage on February 22, but can be repaired.”

The impact of the earthquake on Christchurch residents will continue for a long time, and we convey our condolences and support to all of them. However, as seen above, the earthquake will also affect everyone in New Zealand through the economy and the housing market. Increased rentals and lower short term interest rates should make both investors and tenants assess whether they should try to purchase now while properties are still at current price levels. Reports from the banks and mortgage brokers indicate that home loans are more accessible for many borrowers, but still depend on the borrower’s financial situation. The increased government borrowings to fund the Christchurch rebuild will have a long term impact on inflation and this will affect both rentals and property prices. There have been a lot of forecasts and speculation to date, but the final outcome remains to be seen.

The New Zealand Economy The Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate (OCR) by 50 basis points to 2.5 percent on 10 March 2011. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said: “The earthquake has caused substantial damage to property and buildings, and immense disruption to business activity. While it is difficult to know exactly how large or longlasting these effects will be, it is clear that economic activity, most certainly in Christchurch but also nationwide, will be negatively impacted. Business and consumer confidence has almost certainly deteriorated. Signs that the economy was beginning to recover early in 2011 have been more than offset by the Christchurch earthquake. For now, GDP growth is projected to be quite weak through the first half of the year. This will gradually build up to a very large reconstruction programme by 2012 that will last for some years and contribute to a period of relatively strong activity.”

Disclaimer: Please note that the views and comments expressed above are those of the author and not Barfoot & Thompson. Why not discuss your next property deal with Richard? He has a wealth of experience in residential property and a knowledge of the local economy that will certainly point you in the right direction!

The Rental Market Anne Gibson reported in the NZ Herald of 9 March:“Auckland faces a rent shock as the Christchurch earthquake, rising insurance premiums and the loss of a landlords’ tax break all affect demand on already scarce stock. David Whitburn, president of the Auckland Property Investors’ Association, and Andrew King, vice-president of the NZ Property Investors Federation, predict that Auckland rents will increase by a fairly substantial margin within the next year. They said the earthquake and demand for rental housing would propel prices upwards. Severe under-building in the past decade would exacerbate the shortage. The Department of Building and Housing has also forecast rent rises. About 10,000 Christchurch people are estimated to have moved to Auckland so far, and there are many more families who are considering making the move.” One should however note that the earthquake occurred too late in February to impact the February rental reports, so the rent rises and particularly the extent of the rent rises forecast above are speculation at this stage. The NZ Herald of 15 March stated that 60,000 people had fled Christchurch. Anne Gibson reported in the NZ Herald of 16 March:“Nick Maling, Housing NZ Corporation communications and media manager, said demand had suddenly risen for Auckland state housing after the earthquake: 123 state tenancies or households had left Christchurch after the quake, of which 73 households were now in Auckland and 55 had been housed.”


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South African

HWP and North Shore Immigration Services have teamed up to assist new immigrants

E A i Neil Clarke


hen you first arrive in New Zealand as a new immigrant, you will have many new hurdles to overcome, and one of these first hurdles will be to replace the insurance and medical cover you enjoyed at home.

Neil Clarke, from Health Wealth Preservation Insurance and Investments Ltd (HWP), knows this scenario all too well, as he arrived here 12 years ago as a new South African immigrant with his family of six. Neil remembers what that experience was like, and so he decided to team up with North Shore Immigration Services (NSIS) and negotiate a special facility (with a major insurance company) which will not only save you time and money, but will also give you the financial peace of mind you need at a time like this. The knowledge that your insurance and medical hurdles have been sorted offers a much needed sense of security and allows you to focus on the next important settlement hurdles like finding a job, finding a place to stay, finding a school for your children, settling in and adjusting to your new surroundings. Once NSIS clients have received their Permanent Residency status, Neil arranges to meet up with them and discuss their requirements and provide a report that considers the numerous risk factors. Whether you are an NSIS client or not, all new immigrants to New Zealand that only manage to obtain work permits can also be assisted, but the minimum requirement is a 2-year work permit. If you have this, then it would be preferable that you submit your medical records to us (at least 5 years please) so that HWP can approach selected insurers who may be able to help. Joint HWP and NSIS clients enjoy preferential rates (wholesale and corporate) that have been negotiated with various insurers. This is a

discounted premium rate that we pass directly on to you, our client. To achieve this we have voluntarily accepted a reduced initial commission which allows us to reduce the premium paid by our clients. This means you pay less but receive the same benefits of a higher premium. There are further benefits to becoming a HWP client: 1) HWP enjoys an improved renewal commission with the major insurers. There is no need for you to keep signing new contracts each year, if you are happy with the policy you already have. 2) New regulations in the NZ insurance industry require registration by insurance advisers. To comply with the new regulations, Neil has registered to be an ‘Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA)’ which will enable him to assist clients with their insurance, medical and discretionary investment needs. 3) As a new immigrant and therefore as a consumer in New Zealand, there are many more standards and codes of ethical behavior that Neil will explain to you for your own protection. 4) HWP recommends KiwiSaver, which is a savings initiative to help set you up for your retirement. Immigrants generally would have taken a good bite out of their savings to move to New Zealand and will need to accelerate their savings program. However, you must be a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident to be eligible for KiwiSaver. Please feel free to contact Neil Clarke should you require any further detail. The intention is to provide a general overview of the industry and professional advice must be taken for any insurance or investment product. A primary disclosure statement is available on request. / (09) 915 0100 / 021 609 247

less than standard market insurance rates for:


Life Cover; Trauma Cover; Income Protection


Hospital; Specialists & Tests; General Practitioner; Dental & Optical


Access to Bank & Non-Bank options

investments: Unit Trusts; Managed Funds; KiwiSaver


neil b clarke cFp (Sa) - ex Durban

(10 years in nZ - HWp ltd trading since 2001)


Legend: Ee: Employee Er: Employer


87 87 87 260 3,120

1 2 3 4 5 10 15 20 25 26 27 28 29 30

5 3 40 65 25

As above


Value YE 4,256 7,810 11,610 15,669 20,002 46,375 82,393 115,941 147,973 155,372 163,141 171,298 179,863 188,856

Delay cost 3,216 5,488 7,906 10,477 13,212 29,662 51,781 72,456 92,475 97,098 101,953 107,051 112,404 118,024

Ee Accum 1,040 2,111 3,215 4,351 5,522 11,922 19,343 27,945 37,918 40,095 42,338 44,648 47,028 49,478

Due to calcilation method, some minor discrepancies in future values will occur. Intended for information ONLY. Independent financial advice required


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l l l

l l

Example: Employee Ann Income pa Ee pm 2% Er pm 2% Tax Cr approx pm Total pm Total pa Inv Return % pa Escalation % pa Current age Retirement Yrs to retirement

phone: 09 915 0100, email:

S a A t


Investment in Kiwisaver The Cost of Delay

Special DiScounteD inSurance rateS available

W p i a

28/3/11 2:24:30 PM


l l l l l l

Immigration service you can trust Established over 18 years ago on the North Shore of Auckland city, North Shore Immigration is one of the leaders in the private sector of the immigration field in New Zealand. We have a sound reputation as providers of highly personalised service and assistance in all aspects of immigrating and relocating to New Zealand, from temporary and business visas to residence visa applications. Specialising in immigration to New Zealand, all our advisers are fully compliant with the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007. We have three licensed immigration advisers and three support staff, operating on the North Shore in Albany. We offer professional immigration advice in English, Afrikaans, Russian, Chinese & Romanian.

Our mission and values: l To provide an accurate assessment of our clients’

chances of being granted the right to temporarily work and/or study in New Zealand, as well as the right to live permanently, by obtaining Residency status. We only accept clients whose applications we believe would be successful l Full commitment to prospective migrants l Honesty, reliability, security l Abide by the Code of Conduct of the Immigration Advisers’ Authority (IAA) and the Code of Ethics of the NZ Association for Migration & Investment (NZAMI) (copies available on request) l To be your Immigration consultancy of choice

We provide specialist immigration solutions for: Residence (Skilled Migrants, Business, Family) Business Visa (Entrepreneur and/or Investor Categories) Work Visa (for those who have a job offer, based on their skills & experience) l Work/Student visas for their immediate family members l Student Visas for those who wish to study in New Zealand, and l Job Search Visas for students who have completed their NZ studies. l l l

We also offer help and assistance with: l unabridged birth certificates l police clearance certificates l passport renewals l translations l assessment of overseas qualifications l obtaining NZ registration for occupations where this is

Immigration service you can trust We specialise in all forms of Immigration policies from Student Visas , Long term Business Visas, Family Work Visas, Investor Category, Permanent Residence. Work Visas, Family Category, Student Visas

Call now on 09 415 3392 North Shore Immigration Services Email: Address: 17 Corinthian Drive Albany North Shore

required 17

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Oo la la! Danny K… by Ted Woodberg


oted as “Best Dressed SA Male” and coming in the Top 50 in Heat Magazine’s Hot 100 for 2007,this SA muso hunk has the looks and the style to make him anybody’s eye candy – and pretty good on the ears as well. Danny K has evolved rather enigmatically as a hot young SA music star since his first album release in 2000 where he took popular American white hip-hop and successfully fused it with African black ghetto kwaito, creating a sound so unique that it became the vogue for the gullible SA youth across all ethnic barriers in that year. His hit song “Hurts So Bad,” taken from this album, became an anthem on the airwaves and soon pushed the boundaries as compulsory play on all of the local SA stations in 2000. His music videos are appealing and always include African participants, because his sound was so close to its kwaito roots. His fame was immediate and he started drawing on the influences of his fellow South Africans like Johnny Clegg, Mandoza, Kabelo and Joe Shabalala from Ladysmith Black Mambazo as part of the preparation for his second album which saw the light in 2003. Sadly he lost his brother Jarren in a helicopter crash at the tender age of 23 and this event had a resounding effect on his life to the extent that he named his 2nd album “J23” after his brother. Johnny Clegg sings with Danny on the track “Who’s That Girl,” giving the song an authenticity and credence in SA circles that propelled the album into platinum sales overnight. Danny K was born Daniel Koppel on 8th September 1977 in Johannesburg and he holds a BA Degree from Wits University as well as a quiverful of SA Music Awards from his career in the music business including best pop album of the year for 2000, 2003 and 2006. He was one of the first South African musicians to be invited to perform on the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago along with guests like Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Josh Groban and John Travolta. He was also only one out of five SA acts chosen to perform at the first Nelson Mandela 46664 AntiAids Concert in November 2003 at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, along

EX-SOUTH AFRICAN? Access your retirement annuities now! Take it all in cash at any age


Authorised Financial Services Provider No. 6082

Visit for more details Email: PO Box 10672, Marine Parade, 4056, South Africa Tel: 2015753 Tel: +2731 2731 207 6295 Fax: Fax:+2731 2731 2015248 207 6298

with Johnny Clegg, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Watershed. This memorable concert included stars like U2, Queen, Beyonce, Anastacia, Robert Plant, Bob Geldorf, Cat Stevens, Jimmy Cliff, The Corrs and Peter Gabriel. He was also invited to perform at the opening of the ICC Cricket World Cup that was hosted by South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe in 2003 that was televised live to over 2.5 billion viewers around the world. He has also performed for Nelson Mandela at one of his annual birthday parties that he holds in Qumbu, Transkei each year. Danny’s close collaboration with African artists has elevated him to superstardom in SA and his well documented involvement with Mendoza on the album entitled “Same Difference” released in 2005 spawned nuggets like “ Friday” and “Summertime” that sent the album into orbit, selling 25 000 within two weeks and achieving gold status soon after that. His fans have often hinted at his obvious acting skills and this has led to a dalliance into the movie world as a guest star on a film entitled “Crazy Monkey Presents Straight Outta Benoni” in 2005 which stole the hearts of most SA women across all ethnic lines because of Danny’s captivating good looks. He later featured as a guest star in another movie entitled “Bunny Chow” which was about three comedians who embark on a hilarious weekend journey to a popular annual musical festival near Rustenberg known as “Oppikoppi.” Danny is constantly exploring new musical challenges, never forgetting his roots and his fan base, making sure that his art and his music is always well received by his adoring buying public. There is no doubt that we will see more talent and much, much more chart-topping music from this versatile man in the decades to come. Source; Face book.


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South African

New zealand third in world economic freedom rankings


t the International Economic Freedom of the World symposium held Sept 20th 2010 in Canada, New Zealand came third after Hong Kong and Singapore. At the symposium, the countries of the world are judged on their degree of tolerance regarding personal choice, voluntary exchange, freedom to compete and security of private property. Economic freedom is also measured in five different areas: size of government; legal structure and security of property rights; access to sound money; freedom to trade internationally and regulation of credit, labour and business. Research showed that individuals living in countries with high levels of economic freedom enjoyed higher levels of prosperity, greater individual freedoms and longer life spans. Unfortunately in the space of eight years, South Africa has plummeted from 42nd in 2002 to 82nd in 2010. Zimbabwe once again had the lowest level of economic freedom amongst the 141 countries chosen for the poll. The 2010 report showed that economic freedom experienced its first global downturn in a quarter century, with the average score falling 1% in the last few years. The annual peer-reviewed report is produced by the Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think-tank, in co-operation with independent size in120 x 75mm institutes 80 nations and territories. Source: SAPA.


. . . . . . the taste of Africa

size 120 x 75mm


. . . . . . the taste of Africa

Wednesday - $29* Rib Combo Special Why settle for one dish when you can have two!!

Sunday from 12 to 2.30pm Your choice of our famous ribs and one of the following:

Sunday from 12 to 2.30pm

Calamari (deep fried) Quarter chicken (lemon and herb or Peri-peri) Chicken Snitzel (with cheese

open christmas lunch and or Mushroom sauce) new years Rump (with your choiceeve of sauce) Prawns (with either garlic or lemon butter or peri peri oil)

see website for details

Thursdays - $29* Rib Special as many ribs as you can

open christmas lunch and new years eve see website for details

* The following terms and conditions apply to Specials: no take aways • no sharing • Enjoy!!


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South African

SA social

SA Social - Our roving camera caught the following snapshots of people at the various social club meetings that took place across Auckland during February and March.

Dan and Margaret Strydom

Ann McDonald

Gary & Amanda Hey of Mortgage People.

Malcolm McDonald

Chris Thom and Janet Wooding

SA Biznet meeting


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South African Cairo to Cape Festival – This year’s event which took place on March 12 was well attended as ex-pats from all over Africa came to celebrate their various cultures under a beautiful blue sky at the showgrounds around the Browns Bay Town Council buildings.


UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS Come and be a part of the vibrant ex- sa community here in Auckland. Join in the fun and help each other by networking effectively. SOCIAL EVENTS: NORTH SHORE - We have a monthly fun social get together at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay on the first Friday evening of each month starting at 6pm. Kids allowed. Our next social will take place on Friday 1st April and after that on Friday 6th May 2011. AUCKLAND CENTRAL - We meet every two months on the last Friday of the month and we always feature a top guest speaker. No kids allowed. Next social Friday 29th April 2011. At all functions a cash bar is available and good wholesome SA food! We would like to start other chapters in both West and East Auckland. If you know of suitable venues, please let us know. BUSINESS NETWORKING: As new immigrants you will be given a chance of introducing yourself to our regular attendees and we will ensure that you are entered on to the SA Biznet data base in order for all members to be able to access your details. Bring some of your business cards!

NORTH SHORE - Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay commencing 6pm. Next meetings: Wednesdays 6th & 20th April, 4th & 18th May 2011. AUCKLAND CENTRAL - We are planning to have monthly meetings on a Tuesday evening in the middle of the month. Dates and venues to be announced. SA NEW ARRIVALS CLUB: In order to help you settle in to your new life in NZ this club holds meetings on the SECOND Wednesday evening of each month at a superb venue in a park like setting that will allow your kids to have fun while you listen to some good advice. The venue is the Kawai Parapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany off Oteha Valley Road. Next two meetings: Apr 13th, May 11th. Time: from 6pm to 8 pm MAIRANGI BAY SANZ COFFEE CLUB Calling all SA housewives or retirees who are looking to socialize with others and share their stories! This club meets once per month on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The Venue: Café Windsor, 542 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay, in front of the Baptist Church opposite the entrance to Hastings Road. Travel down a little road next to Kentucky Fried Chicken where you will find plenty of safe parking. Time: 10 am to 12pm. Next meetings: 14th April, 12th May. If you are aware of any other SA Clubs in the Auckland region, please contact the editors.


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South African S A BOOK REPORT

Cancer victim Lesley Ann Boshoff makes full recovery I

n our issue No 9 (June/July 2009) we published the heart-rending story of Lesley Ann Boshoff who was diagnosed with breast cancer just after arriving here as a new immigrant from South Africa. The prognosis had a profound affect on her chances of gaining permanent residence here and the treatments required were too expensive for the Boshoff family to afford. We joined with Brokkies magazine in a fundraising effort to raise the money and ultimately after a number of generous donations were received, Lesley Ann was able to receive the treatment that she deserved. The good news is that the most recent mammogram and blood tests carried out on Lesley Ann have indicated complete remission from the disease. She has been able to extend her work visa as a result and will soon be applying for her permanent residence. We extend a big thank you the South African community that prayed so hard for this couple and so readily dug into their pockets to help the Boshoff family in their dire time of need.

Phillip and Lesley Ann Boshoff

How to take delivery of your new building in one piece!


A gynaecologist Dr Bernie Brenner recently arranged to have his old surgery upgraded quite uniquely….he had the new building prefabricated off-site and delivered to the same address as a completed unit! And all of this happened in the short space of 6 weeks! The new building was built off-site at Kumeu and then transported as one unit during the night of the 16th December 2010. The existing hospital closed on Dec 1st and within 15 days demolition was completed and the new foundations were in place and ready to accommodate the “new arrival” first seen being transported down

Shakespeare Road by huge truck and trailer in the wee small hours of the morning! The new building was opened on the 27th January 2011 at 7.30 pm. by ex-gynaecologist and MP, The Hon Dr Paul Hutchison. Surgery on Shakespeare provides a vast array of medical specialist services and can be found at 131 Shakespeare Road, Milford or at

Below: The new building at 131 Shakespeare Road

Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist

Specialising in: • Female Urinary Incontinence and Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Menopause - Hormone replacement therapy • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) including Laser • Office Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of menstrual problems • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Laporoscopic Surgery - for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis Consulting rooms at 131 Shakespeare Road, Milford

For appointments Phone 486 0182 • Email: Webpage:

Left: Dr Paul Hutchison and Dr Bernie Brenner.


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South African

Who says network marketing doesn’t work? Liz Hoffman of GDZ Services is convinced that direct selling is the way of the future. Here is her story…


e moved to New Zealand about 6 years ago, leaving behind dear friends and loved ones that had become an integral part of our lives in South Africa. When we came here in 2005 it was very stressful being on our own; missing our loved ones and not knowing what to expect; but we knew it was the right move for our children. We found the growth for them here would be much greater then what it would be for them in SA. Prior to our departure my husband had received a job offer with a major lift company here in NZ so we came over on his name as a family and this is how we got our work to residence visa which ultimately led to permanent residence after 2years. I was a Financial Assistant in South Africa, working in the Travel Industry as an Events Co-coordinator for a company called Travel Market Events for two years just prior to our departure. When I arrived in NZ I got a job working as an Administrative Assistant for a clothing company. After two years we were excited to discover that I was pregnant again and we were blessed with the arrival of our baby girl which meant that I could go on maternity leave in order to take care of my new daughter. As day care for young children is very expensive here, we decided that I should stay at home and find out ways of making money while caring for my baby at the same time. So I started doing some of my own research and found that there are many opportunities to start a home-run business here in NZ, but we kept on bumping our heads having to come up with a huge

Liz Hoffman

amount of money just to buy into a business. I then said to my husband that there must be a better way of being able to stay at home and make some money. So I did my due diligence; found a way to make money and started building up my own skills, coming up with a training programme that involved Network Marketing. When I told my husband he was very skeptical and he said that it wouldn’t work. But when I sat down with him and showed him the modus operandi of the company and how easy it was to get started, he agreed to give it a go. I have now started a Travel Company that is home based and I train people on how to start, what to look for and how to make sure that it works for them without creating any financial stress in the family. If you would like to know a bit more about my workshop and this amazing opportunity please feel free to visit my training webpage The best thing about my company is that I have the opportunity to help all of my ex-SA family and current friends all over the world to work from home so that they can experience the good life and spend valuable time with their family while continuously building up a subliminal income for the future. To find out more about this exciting opportunity, contact Liz Hoffman at GDZ Services Ltd on 09-444 0774 or e-mail at or Skype at liz_hoffman.

We will assist you in all applications · Work Visa · Student Visa · Family Category · Skilled Migrant Category · Entrepreneur Category Martin Aucamp - Mob: 021 264 9718 Phone: 09 415 3392


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from here to there... we’ve got the gear

Specialists in BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, VW (other makes welcome)

Approved by all major Mechanical Insurance Companies

More than 30 years franchise training • Warrant of Fitness • Air Conditioning • Pre-purchase checks of cars • Trained staff, well equipped and large workshop. ...and many more top brands

Winners of BMW Top Technician awards (5 times)

The market leader in specialist knives and cutting tools Rosedale Plaza, Unit 5, 215 Rosedale Road, Albany Phone: 09 415 8145

The SA issue20.indd 24

Contact : Burger Oosthuizen 09-444 3965 95c Wairau Rd. Glenfield. Auckland

28/3/11 2:25:20 PM

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