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South African

From the editor Stepping into the future is always hard to do, especially when one is confronted by a montage of so many different outcomes. Do we believe the doomsayers who have predicted a “double-dip” recession or do we believe in ourselves? As South Africans we need to focus on our skills and our incredible ability to “bounce back” when times get hard to become even stronger than we were before. We have survived the Zulu Wars, the Anglo Boer Wars, two World Wars and the Apartheid struggle, so why aren’t we now the winners? Embarking on our new journey in a new country we should be the winners in every walk of life because we are coming in as well qualified people, with a genuine will to improve our circumstances. This mindset will spin off on to the work situations that we encounter, making us sought out employees. As new immigrants we should understand that we are on totally new soil when we get off the ‘plane from our exhausting flight from SA, and that things are certainly quite different here. In this issue on page 6 we have some good insights from Anton Terblanche in his article on the “Kiwi Style” of managing businesses which has become a major stumbling block for a lot of new immigrants who have lost their jobs because they couldn’t understand the mindset of their new Kiwi managers. On page 9 we have started a brand new series that highlights the progress of ex-pat South Africans who have come to NZ and made good in the business world. If you think that you have the same qualities, please contact us, regardless of the size of your business. We want to hear from you. To all of our regular advertisers, a big thank you. We would like to acknowledge your support by running regular editorials next to your ads that contain a human interest story. This is a good way of promoting your business. If you have had good results from advertising in our mag, PLEASE TELL US! We would love to feature you on our “Letters to the Editor” section that normally appears on Page 3, a thumb push away from the front page, giving you free exposure to a lot of readers. .


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Painting by Zimbabwean Artist Kudakwashe Gavi entitled “Going to Town”

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“The South African Magazine shall provide current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New Zealand. It shall be the vehicle for SA immigrants living in NZ to integrate socially with their own community and to advertise their products and services.”


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South African



by Ian Mellett of Quay Law Solicitor

Ian Mellett

In this issue, Auckland lawyer Ian Mellett discusses some of the sweeping tax changes announced recently and particularly those affecting investment properties.


he recent budget has delivered the biggest tax changes in New Zealand in the past 25 years, affecting taxpayers across the board and especially those with property assets in LAQC (loss attributing qualifying company) structures. One of the most significant changes has been the reduction in the corporate tax rate to 28% which clearly illustrates the intention of the current Government to make New Zealand competitive and attractive to foreign investors. The specific changes announced are as follows:

Tax rates

Personal tax rates will change from 1 October 2010



New Rate

Old Rate

0 - $14,000



$14,000 - $48,000



$48,000 - $70,000



$70,000 +



There is no doubt that treating LAQC’s as “flow through” entities, taxed under a similar regime to limited partnerships, will have a significant impact on all LAQC’s whether they are used for property investment or not. Under the current system, losses from an LAQC flow directly back to the shareholders who take advantage of the losses at their personal tax rates (soon to be a maximum of 33%). However when an LAQC produces profits those profits can be retained in the company and taxed at only 28%. It is this perceived notion of potential tax avoidance that has given rise to the limited partnership proposal as this “flow through” entity requires both profits and losses to flow out, meaning that profits from LAQC’s will effectively be taxed in the shareholders’ own hands at their own personal tax rates. Due to space constraints, I have only briefly touched on some of the more significant tax changes proposed. I recommend that if you have an LAQC, you should consult with your professional advisor sooner rather than later in order to put appropriate strategies in place having regard to the matters discussed above. Please feel free to contact Ian Mellett (BComm LLB H Dip Tax) at Auckland law firm Quay Law for more information, or if you have any questions regarding your taxation or other legal needs visit our website for more information.

Company tax rate will reduce from 30% to 28% from 1 April 2011. Trust tax rate remains unchanged at 33%. Investment tax rates including PIE’s to be largely aligned to the company tax rate of 28%.

GST To increase from 12.5% to 15% from 1 October 2010.

Working for family’s eligibility: Eligibility criteria will be altered to prevent rental and investment losses being offset against taxable income when determining benefit eligibility.

Changes to the depreciation treatment of plant, machinery and buildings: These changes are complicated and will not be addressed here.

LAQC’s Legislation is to be introduced soon that will require LAQC’s to be taxed as if they are limited partnerships. The reduction in the company tax rate was surprising, given that New Zealand invariably follows Australia’s lead and not the other way around. It is not unusual for business owners to have their companies owned by family trusts. Considering the 5% difference between the 28% corporate tax rate and the 33% trust tax rate, directors may opt to retain and reinvest profits within company structures rather than distribute profits as dividends that will be taxed at 33% in the shareholder’s hands. The reduction in the personal tax rate of 5% for those taxpayers earning in excess of $70,000 is significant. It should also be noted that many taxpayers with investment properties are currently in the top personal tax bracket. Although there will possibly be extra tax payable as a result of the removal of depreciation allowances on buildings, this should be compensated for by the tax cut referred to above.

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Kudakwashe Gavi


he young abstract African painter who tells parables through his interpretation of the people and nature that he sees around him.” Our next front page artist hails from Zimbabwe but his work is openly displayed in all of the major South African galleries and he paints a picture of Africa that reminds us of the delicate and wonderful fabric of the culture of our beginnings as South Africans. Born and raised in the bustling town of Bulawayo in 1981, Kudakwashe Gavi always appeared very aware of his surroundings, watching, admiring and absorbing all in his environment. Showing raw talent from an early age, Kudakwashe was encouraged to portray his interpretation of his world in the form of art. This sparked an inherent desire within him to turn this talent into a career. Following his completion of school in 1999, Kudakwashe went on to study Art at the Mzilikazi Art and Crafts Centre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe from 2000 to 2001. During his studies, Kudakwashe was introduced to many influential artists and art associations. After completing his course, he was invited to participate in what turned out to be his first group exhibition - held at the Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo in 2001, which officially launched his professional career as an artist. At seeing the budding potential of this local artist, in January 2002 the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo awarded Kudakwashe with a sponsorship, offering him a working studio, including all the art materials needed for a year. This bolstered Kudakwashe’s determination to succeed

and develop as a noteworthy artist. He stayed on as a resident artist at the gallery studios from 2002 to 2004, during which he participated in a number of local and national exhibitions. Kudakwashe’s work is about people and experiences of the Kudakwashe Gavi past and events that he sees happening in daily life. He draws his inspiration from people, nature and situations around him; sometimes evolving them into abstract parables. His art displays the use of rich colours and bold images. Exhibitions Include: Ilanga nya 2002 – Zimbabwe Planet Arts Studios 2002 – United Kingdom African Images 2002 – United Kingdom Private Positions 2003 – Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Mobile Heritage 2003 – Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Cotton Quest 2004 – Zimbabwe Khululeka “Be Free” 2006 – Zimbabwe I Notice Nature 2006 – South Africa Gallery on the Side 2007 / 2008 / 2009 – Fourways, Sandton, South Africa South African Art Collection Gallery 2008 / 2009 / 2010 – V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.

Visit our website to view our collection of over 4000 original artworks. Worldwide shipping gladly arranged. |


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Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist

Specialising in: • Female Urinary Incontinence and Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Menopause - Hormone replacement therapy • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) including Laser • Office Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of menstrual problems • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Laporoscopic Surgery - for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis Consulting rooms at 131 Shakespeare Road, Milford

For appointments Phone 486 0182 • Email: Webpage:

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South African

John and Hannie Bensch THE EVER POPULAR “PICKLES ON APOLLO” NOW HAS NEW OWNERS! If you are traveling along Apollo Drive you will find “Pickles” on the corner of Antare Drive and Apollo. This venue is well renowned as a meeting place for Auckland North Shore movers and shakers – business people at seminars; freelance operators doing deals; couples making dates; nanna’s meeting their grandkids……they are all there! On the 1st April 2010 John and Hannie Bensch, new millennium immigrants from South Africa, stepped over the threshold of the front door and became the new owners of this famous restaurant oasis. They faced a forbidding challenge: taking this already popular venue to greater heights John and Hannie Bensch of service and customer satisfaction. And have they achieved their objective? Why don’t you take the time to visit them and find out? John and Hannie hale from Gauteng, South Africa, where John was a municipal officer and Hannie was a teacher. In 2001 they decided to emigrate and when they arrived here they bought the “Settlers Motel” in Palmerston North where they honed their jointly acquired skills in business management and “people psychology” to create a unique facility that has now become an establishment. In 2007 John was offered a senior official position in a municipality in Australia so the family packed their bags, crossed the Tasman and settled in for the two year contract offered to John. When it expired John turned down the renewal option offered to him because his heart and soul belonged in New Zealand. So the family re-located again back to the North Shore

of Auckland and after a short period of looking out for a business to buy, John and Hannie found “Pickles” and they haven’t looked back since! They are able to create completely separate sub-venues for specific occasions like “business breakfasts “or “ladies coffee clubs” where a feeling of complete privacy is offered to the patrons while the rest of the premises carries on with business as usual. There is bags of parking around the venue and John has, on occasions, closed the restaurant down completely in order to cater for a huge wedding function. John has a full liquor licence and in May he started a “happy hour” on Thursdays and Fridays where the drinks were sold at discount prices from 4 to 6 pm. Needless to say, the innovation has been well supported. Another initiative started by Hannie recently is a catering service which she learnt while running a guest house in Phalaborwa, South Africa, some years ago. There is no function too big or too small for Hannie and with her dedicated team at Pickles they are able to handle the catering for all types of business or social meetings by bringing the food and drink to the venue of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact John or Hannie on Tel:09-479 5814 or e-mail info@ should you wish to take advantage of their catering service. Come and support them at 1 Antares Place for a sociable drink or a friendly meal.

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“Kiwi management style�


ew immigrants from SA who enter the workplace here in NZ are often unprepared for the way in which they are treated by their new Kiwi bosses‌ South African General Manager, Anton Terblanche, a new immigrant himself, provides some valuable insights into this perplexing problem that will impact immigrants from all walks of life. Here is his advice:In June 2005 I arrived from South Africa to a cloudy Auckland. It was a decision made in January of the same year that brought me here. After 9 years in a retail business in a small town called Tweespruit in the heart of the Free State, I needed a change. Although we were earning well from the business, we had reached maximum growth and my wife and I decided to call it a day. I was an impetuous 33 year-old in search of my next challenge. Anton Terblanche International work experience in New Zealand was the decision! We were going to stay for at least 2 years and then make up our minds as to what I basically had to draft my own job description. to do next. This was a typical NZ owner-operated outfit where the business could When I arrived in NZ I enjoyed the hospitality of Joe Scaramuzza (an not run without the owner. There was an existing “all Kiwiâ€? staff of 8 persons Italian Immigrant) and his wife Gladys (an English rose). I had never met made up of 3 which had been with the business since its inception and 2 them before I arrived in NZ and I was overwhelmed by their generosity. They staff members which had been employed about 2 months before me. In this expected nothing in return for allowing me to stay with them for 4 weeks environment a new immigrant from SA with an Afrikaans background will and I learned a lot from Joe’s own experiences in NZ. He has a long and always struggle to fit in and adjust. distinguished career in management and owns and operates a very successful It was no different for me. business. A SA friend warned me that I would have to be careful of the way I I investigated and applied for every available job opportunity that came managed people and operated in a NZ business environment because in a lot along without any success. of cases South Africans are perceived as being arrogant. In late July 2005 I received a job offer from Rik It is so sad to see new South Africans coming into this country Scaramuzza, Joe’s son. At the time he was a young and wanting to impose their ways onto the Kiwi people whether I had to make the as managers or employees. It is a road of self destruction in my up and coming residential home builder and MD of a company called RPS Homes. decision to adjust to opinion, which could put an immigrant back several years if not His aim was to grow the business to the next my circumstances and handled correctly. level. to work very hard on the way I came across when dealing respect the Kiwi way withI had Rik needed someone who could help him people and to be less forceful in my approach. I had to step even before I started out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to reach out to my Kiwi develop the business into one of the biggest nonfranchised residential building companies in the colleagues, business associates and social friends in an attempt to with Rik! Waikato Region. understand their way of thinking. He offered me a role as Business Development Willingness to change and having respect for Kiwi achievements and Marketing Manager. My business development skills gained through as a country and in the business environment is a key to success. There is no operating my own business in SA, together with my University Degree in doubt that they built up this country with much less natural resources than Marketing and experience in Business Development with Stannic Asset those that we were blessed with in SA. Financing made me the ideal candidate for the job. Also, making a success out of this new role would not have been possible without Rik’s support and patience as an employer. I can strongly recommend to new immigrants to attend a short training course focused on people skills. In August 2005 I attended an 8 week course which was presented by the Dale Carnegie Group. This was of immense help to me during my adjustment period in the #$I%.$I% 1SFU

sense that I worked closely together with New Zealanders in an informal environment where we focused on how to improve the businesses we were involved in through the way in which we dealt with people. I can only stress that a willingness to change is the key to success. Hereby 4VJUF /PSUI4IPSF.FEJDBM$FOUSF I do not imply that one has to change one’s make-up as a human being and 4VOTFU3PBE .BJSBOHJ#BZ not be aware of your internal strengths, however it is our direct, forthright "VDLMBOE /&8;&"-"/% and often aggressive approach to life that lands us in discomfort when we 5FMFQIPOF4VSHFSZ   deal with people in NZ. 'BY   Some of the highlights during my time with Rik are that we outgrew the  )PNF   residential building industry by significant margins and we won both the &NBJMKQSFUPSJVT!DMFBSOFUO[ categories that we entered during the Waikato Business Awards in 2008. When Rik and I got together we had a mutual commitment of 3 years.




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South African

South Africa after the Soccer World Cup

We both honored this and at the end of 2008 after a careful look at the expected future market and economic situation we decided to part ways. In November 2008 I got offered a job by Jan Gouws, as General Manager for Alcopanel NZ Ltd. Jan is a SA expat and a qualified QS who has been in the ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) Cladding industry for a number of years. He is well known and respected in the industry. Jan had the opportunity to buy the Alucobond business from Skellerup Industries and was going to need my expertise in getting the business up ollowing the successful Football World Cup held in to the next level. South Africa, South African Airways (SAA) is ready to It was expected that the business was going to grow significantly welcome first time and repeat visitors from New Zealand in through the acquisition of 2 of the main competitors in the market in the space of 5 months. Therefore he required someone who could the coming year. assist in strategic business development and implementation; and the According to SAA’s Head of Australasia, Thevan Krishna, SAA has seen human resource management of 18 staff members and a number of big increases in the level of inquiry about visiting Africa later this year and subcontractors. into 2011. “South Africa has been on show and with major public and private Again, I had to be careful of being too straight up and autocratic in my investment in the tourism infrastructure through improved airports, better management style. A very strong focus on people skills, understanding transport facilities and new and refurbished hotels and resorts, the country the personality profiles of our staff and the matching management style has never been in better shape,” Thevan said. “For our part, SAA is working required, was of paramount importance. with the travel trade and land operators to put the best packages together To achieve results as manager in NZ, I had to learn to be a lot more to meet demand from recreational tourist, business and VFR travelers,” focused on managing people and understanding what motivates them and Thevan said. New Zealand passengers can choose from six flights each communicating clear goals to them. Often one had to leave it up to the week via Sydney and seven individual to get the job done without further interference. flights a week through Perth acks to Africa?This South African Airways direct non-stop out of Sydney and is significantly different from aoffers SA business environment whereflights to Johannesburg, connecting a more autocratic management style is used to get results. Staff in SA ohannesburg, with convenient code-share connections from New We can into Zealand. the largest network on are used to a reporting hierarchy with several layers of management and the African continent. For o South Africa faster. Once you’re there we offer more African flight connections than regular staff meetings. A strong focus on procedures and systems to more information pleas e airline so you can easily get to where you need So visit or achieve results was either developed or provided as parttoof go. the business call 64 9977 2240 or visit management strategy. ocal travel agent or call us on 09 977 2237 to get started on your adventure today.


e experts take you on Safari.

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14/07/10 4:18 PM

Let the experts take you on Safari. Making tracks to Africa? South African Airways offers direct non-stop flights out of Sydney and Perth to Johannesburg, with convenient code-share connections from New Zealand. We can get you to South Africa faster. Once you’re there we offer more African flight connections than any other airline so you can easily get to where you need to go. So visit or call your local travel agent or call us on 09 977 2237 to get started on your adventure today.

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South African

6 Steps to Massive results

Strategic design and implementation of activities is the key to take your business through the following steps; 1. Mastery - “Creating a COMMERCIAL Enterprise” The first stage of growing any business is about making sure it delivers its products or services profitably, productively and with enough information to make great decisions. It’s about building a foundation before engaging in an effort to acquire new business. It’s about the owner taking back ‘control’ of the business and removing any chaos. • Time Mastery - most business owners invest a lot of time in the day to day activities of the business yet they seldom invest time working on their business. This requires about 4 hours per week working on the strategic plan of the business developing growth. Completing a daily “To Achieve” list each evening for the following work day is fundamental in achieving time mastery and closely following a Default Diary. Delegate or outsource most /all of the admin and low value/ low enjoyment work is a simple time management exercise that allows the business owner to concentrate on the 20% of activity that gives 80% of the results.

Small Businesses are Really Big Businesses in Training Big businesses and small businesses are actually similar. People often separate small business from big business. As they should – there are legitimate differences between big corporations and small Mom-and-Pop, homegrown shops. But what people don’t realise is small businesses are really just big businesses in training. Think about it – they each have common goals, and the biggest one is the goal of succeeding. Big businesses tend to have an easier time targeting markets and generating leads because they have a more well-known brand presence. Sometimes small businesses need to think like big businesses… and other times, they need to think smaller to really focus on their target markets and generate the most leads from the most possible places. What are ways small businesses can think like big businesses? A free coaching session can help you discover some ways that might have been over looked.

Call Denis today and find out how you can qualify for a 90 minute complimentary profit finding session. (09) 416-6549 027 222-4301

• D elivery Mastery – consistently deliver your core product/ service in a way that meets your customer service standards. Regularly survey customers to obtain feedback. Define customer service standards and have the team follow a code of conduct. Ensure that all team members use the same telephone answering script and have a working script for greeting and servicing customers. Build your brand through a dress code and name tags for all team members. • Team Mastery – hold regular scheduled team meetings, ensuring that each member of the team has a clear set of performance goals with regular performance appraisals and celebration of achievements. • Money Mastery – pay yourself first. Have a monthly budget and revenue goals, track cash flow and update it at least monthly. You wouldn’t drive your car without a dashboard so why risk your business by not keeping the business dashboard current with up to date financials in all key areas. Produce a breakeven analysis and link it to your profit & loss and balance sheet to ensure that the business remains profitable and manage any foreseen risk in advance.

2. Niche – “Creating a Commercial, PROFITABLE Enterprise” Niche is all about Marketing. At this step you define your uniqueness and guarantee, articulating the value of your product or service, getting and keeping customers and moving them towards higher loyalty levels making them ‘Raving Fans’.

3. Leverage – “Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that WORKS” Leverage is about implementing systems and controlling the effects of Supply and Demand, ensuring quality and increasing profitability. At this step, you leverage finances, systems, people and your marketing.

4. Team – “Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, WITHOUT YOU” During this step, you work on developing an amazing team. T.E.A.M. means ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. Everyone is in the right position, doing the right things at the right time.

5. Synergy – “Freedom” At this step, everyone is in the right position, even a General Manager, doing the right things at the right time, in ‘massive amounts’. You, as the business owner, are spending your time working solely on strategic issues and your income is largely passive coming from the business. You have the freedom to explore new business opportunities and begin to think about exiting the business or diversifying or duplicating the business.

6. Results – “Invest Your Time and Money” Now you can turn over the operations to others and be free to become a fulltime investor, investing in businesses, real estate or other opportunities. Call Denis Carver today and find out how you can qualify for a 90 minute complimentary profit finding session. (09) 416 6549 027 222 4301

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South African

Insights... Personality profile of... SA BUSINESS PEOPLE IN NZ

Lindsay Chemaly In this issue we profile a South African businesswoman who has proved that it takes guts and determination to succeed in a foreign environment


indsay Chemaly, co-owner of “Living at Home� home interiors store in Remuera

1) What was your career history in South Africa? I worked at the United Building Society in East London and Durban for 6 years as a teller and enquiry clerk. Then I got married and had 3 children and was able to be a full time mother and housewife. 2) When did you first arrive in New Zealand? February 1986, arrived directly from East London. 3) Describe how you settled into the business world of New Zealand and give us details of any adjustments that were required to make it work? I started the Biggie Best Fabric Shop in Howick in 1990, sold my share and started Biggie Best in Remuera in 1995, which we renamed Living at Home in 2005. We then relocated our store from 319 to 336 Remuera Road in October 2007. I have been in business with a New Zealander, Susan Webber, for the last 15years. I felt that having a New Zealander as a business partner made sense and this balanced partnership is comfortable, feels right and works well. Together we share ideas and coming from slightly different backgrounds, we pool our ideas and the blend of skills and tastes seems to offer more diversity to the business. I have always experienced positivity with regard to my nationality and find New Zealanders very accommodating, very polite and gracious to me when referring to the South African community. I never get into tricky conversations like S.A. politics, or racial issues, as it’s very difficult for others to get a full understanding of the idiosyncrasies of life in Africa. 4) Tell us about how your family made the “Kiwi integration� process work for them. My husband Robin Chemaly, from the start, embraced the kiwi way of life, loves the All Blacks but still has a place in his heart for the Springboks. He has slowly, but surely made his way up the corporate ladder, with some hiccups on the way. He was made redundant twice, but got back up, dusted himself off....and is now General Manager( Retail) at Foodstuffs N.Z (one of the largest retails supermarket outlets in N.Z). My children have adapted well to life in New Zealand and are successful

individuals. Raoul (36) is a builder, Meagan (27) a nurse and Marc (24) an I.T. technician. 5) What are some of the things that you love about your new life here? I love the fact that we really live in peace, walk home at night with very little fear of being attacked. I love the fact you can be a tradesperson, be respected, have great freedom and experience so many different opportunities. 6) What are your favourite recreational destinations in New Zealand? I’m neither a great traveler nor a great outdoors person, however, its great to have a winter destination fairly close by and our snow-ski destination of choice is the Wakapapa ski-field at Mt. Ruapehu at Tongariro National Park in the North Island. 7) If you were to give one piece of advice to a new immigrant about how to succeed in the business world here, what would it be? Be humble, be polite and have lots of patience! Lindsay Chemaly can be contacted at: Living At Home. 326 Remuera Road, Auckland. Ph. 09. 524 9986 or .



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 • sunscreen blinds • shutters • holland blinds • curtains • headboards • roman blinds • wooden venetian blinds • curtains • bedspreads             • sunscreen blinds • furniture • shutters • roman blinds • holland blinds • cushions • headboards • sunscreen blinds • wooden venetian blinds   

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headboards •• curtains • wooden venetian blinds • furniture • curtains   

• bedspreads •• roman blinds • cushions • shutters • roman blinds furniture 336 Remuera Road Auckland | Phone 524 9986 | Fax 524 9692 •• sunscreen blinds cushions • lampshades • headboards • sunscreen blinds Sue Webber Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant lampshades •• holland blinds • upholstery • bedspreads • holland blinds • upholstery • wooden venetian blinds • furniture • wooden venetian blinds •  

shutters • cushions • shutters 336 Remuera Road•Auckland | Phone 524 9986 | Fax 524 9692 • headboards lampshades • headboards 336 Remuera Road Auckland | Phone 524 9986 | Fax 524 9692 Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant •Sue bedspreads • upholstery •Webber bedspreads Sue Webber Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant • furniture • furniture • cushions • cushions • lampshades • lampshades 336 Remuera Road Auckland | Phone 524 9986 | Fax 524 9692 • upholstery • upholstery Sue Webber Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant





336336 Remuera Road Auckland | Phone 524524 9986 | Fax 524524 9692 Remuera Road Auckland | Phone 9986 | Fax 9692 SueSue Webber Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant Webber Retail Manager Lindsay Chemaly Soft Furnishing Consultant

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High jumping Hestrie helps Kiwi kids


he tall brunette, already standing 1.85m tall, stares at the high jump post and mentally calculates how she is going to execute her jump. She twirls her fingers together to show herself how her body is going to roll over the crossbar that is set higher than the average NZ doorpost.” She then springs into action and leaps effortlessly through the air, twisting and rolling through space like a lunar capsule. To thunderous applause she hits the canvas on the other side without touching the bar. She leaps up, punching the air with glee. Hestrie Cloete is about to make SA high jumping sports history by walking away with another Olympic Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens. Four years earlier at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics she also came away with silver, putting her at the top of her game as a South African. Her other high jumping achievements were 2 gold medals earned at the Athletic World Championships in 2001 to 2003. She was judged “World Female Athlete of the Year” in 2003 by the International Athletics Federation and in the same year she was awarded the “Order of Ikhamanga in Silver” by SA President Thabo Mbeki for excellence in her sports performances. Today Hestrie is a happily married and retired sportswoman, now living on the North Shore of Auckland with her husband, singer Jurie Els and their 2 kids, Chrizette (3) and Jason (2). She gives back to the community by voluntarily acting as a sports coach at the NorthSport Academy, training the

“ Bays Cougars” athlete s at the Millennium Institute. Academy manager Dave Hestrie Cloete Norris says that he is very excited that Hestrie and her family chose the North Shore as their home, and that she is so keen to share her knowledge and experience with their athletes. “We are in the process of selecting athletes from the Bays Cougars club for regular training in Hestrie’s squad,” he adds, “and we invite others to join in.” The NorthSport Academy coaching team has 27 coaches, many with international experience and success, over the entire range of more than 20 different track and field events. Hestrie was born in 1978 in Germiston, South Africa and was discovered at the tender age of 13 by her long-time coach Martin Marx, who encouraged her through her senior school years at Lichtenberg High School and later introduced her to the world stage. She has always put great significance on having a strong mind, much of which she attributes to her faith. She recently wrote an autobiography of her life in Afrikaans which she entitled “My Pyn, my Glorie.” The publication can be ordered by sending an e-mail to We are indeed fortunate to have someone as professional and successful as Hestrie here in NZ to contribute to the future of our own young up and coming athletes. Thank you, Hestrie! Those wishing to become members of the NorthSport Academy should phone 09-477 2035 and ask for Dave Norris. Source: North Shore Times. Editorial by Ted Woodberg.

Jurie Els is currently planning an NZ tour with popular South-African singer Gerrie Pretorius for December 2010. He is also collaborating with musical director Edwin Randall to produce a big musical theatre production called “SA Gold / SA Goud” which will tour New Zealand and possibly also Australia next year. If you are a good musician or singer who wants to be part of this, get in touch with Jurie at 094146336 or

Step aside Gary, Ernie and the ‘Goose’ – here comes Shrek!


ittle known South African golfer Louis Oosthuizen (nick named “Shrek”) has amazed the crowds at this year’s British Open by putting himself within range of winning the competition at St Andrews. He is upstaging the world’s best by holding a five shot lead atop the leader board. His best ever finish at major was 73rd at the 2008 US PGA. Well done, Louis! Go for it and take the title!

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P J Powers She’s got the power! by Ted Woodberg


f you close your eyes while watching this dynamic lady perform on stage you will instinctively think of that powerhouse of rock’n’roll, Janis Joplin. P J Powers has that same wide ranged raspy voice that made Joplin so famous and which branded PJ as a top flight entertainer, catapulting her fairly and squarely on to the international music stage during the 80’s and the 90’s. PJ Powers became an icon during this period because she crossed over into the world of African music that had already been successfully explored by Johnny Clegg, Mango Groove and others. Her nickname was “Thandeka” which is a Zulu word meaning “the loved one,” given to her by the black people that she sang with during the darkest years of apartheid and the “awakening” years after the release of Mandela. P J often collaborated with black artists like Ladysmith Black Mambaza, Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte. Her blatant anti-apartheid views often got her into trouble and in 1988 she was banned from radio and TV for a year by the SA government for her performance at a charity concert for war orphans in Zimbabwe. During this setback Nelson Mandela sent her a letter from Victor Verster Prison in Cape Town, encouraging her to continue with her music, which was becoming a mouthpiece for the disenfranchised black people of Southern Africa. Her most famous song was World in Union, which was performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the opening of the 1995 Rugby World Cup at Ellis Park in Johannesburg together with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The live TV link was watched by millions of rugby fans around the world. Then PJ gave us incredible hits like Jabulani, Feel so Strong, You’re so Good to Me, There is an Answer and Home to Africa, all self-penned. The songs reflected a strong African influence and showed her passion and patriotism towards the country that she loved. PJ Powers was born Penelope Jane Dunlop on 16th July 1960 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and started out in the music business at the tender age of 19 as the front singer for an all-girl pop group known as Pantha. She later became the lead singer of a Johannesburg group called Hotline that formed in 1980, and through PJ’s influence the group adopted an Afro-rock style that landed them a handful of good, solid number one hits. When the group disbanded in 1987, PJ launched her solo career.

P J Powers

She has shared the stage with Eric Clapton, Joan Armatrading, Hugh Masakela, Divine Divas, Sibongile Khumalo, Janet Suzman and other big names. She has sung for Queen Elizabeth, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She performed at the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela and also wrote a song for him to celebrate his 85th birthday which she sang at a special function for Madiba in 2003 that was attended by Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. PJ has garnered a number of awards during her musical career spanning some 15 years. In June 2003 the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation honoured her and singer Sibongile Khumalo with their prestigious annual award, given to those who promote peace and reconciliation through music. Later that same year she received Pick’n’Pay’s “Stars of Charity” award for “making a difference in uplifting the youth of South Africa.” She has had an active involvement in the Reach for a Dream Charity Foundation as well as the Hamlet Foundation. In 2004 she was voted by the South African public in a widely publicised popularity survey as number 93 in the Top 100 Greatest South Africans of all time. After more than 25 years in the limelight, PJ is still coming up with new ideas and she pleasantly surprised her ardent fans in 2006 with her 15th record release, a brand new album featuring a hatchful of songs simply entitled Sondela, which means “come closer” in Zulu. Recently re-released and created by prodigious SA record producer Victor Masondo it reflects PJ’s truly African soul. Always the first lady of racial equality, she has surprised the critics with this larger than life album revealing her aspiration to pay homage to the country of her birth. Her lyrics are thought provoking and honest and tracks like “When Madiba Dances” and “Rolihlahla” bring out the patriot in us through the love and respect that she pays to our beloved ex-president Nelson Mandela. Well done, PJ. South Africans all around the world are proud of you. Keep up the good work. Source: PJ Powers Facebook.


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South African

by Ted Woodberg


Leon Schuster by Ted Woodberg

“Leon lives to make you laugh... And loves it!”


he wacky looking Indian greengrocer looks previous SA boxer Mike Schutte in the eyes and tirades about the damage he has caused to his street vegetable stand. Mike pleads his innocence, but the Indian, taller than his adversary, starts finger-pointing and advancing on Mike who is backing up and tripping over the cabbages in the road. But then Mike becomes angry and retaliates with a string of Afrikaans expletives that are bleeped out of the movie. Now it is the Indian’s turn to back off, because he knows that one punch from this angry man could send him into orbit. Just at the right moment, the wig comes off, and the Indian screams:“Hey, Mike, stop! It’s me…..Leon Schuster!!” The confused boxer stares at Leon and then bursts out laughing.

Who can forget this classic scene from the movie “You Must Be Joking” written and produced by the comedy king of South African movies and music, the maestro himself, Leon Ernest Schuster. Although some of his gags involve celebrities and the situations he creates are often embarrassing, he always somehow manages to get consent from the hapless celebrities to include the clips in his movies. He is obviously a good salesman. Leon was born in 1951 and from an early age he loved to play pranks on people. He started at home with his brother and an old home movie camera. The butt of his jokes was his parents and often the results were not only hilarious, but also painful for the two boys after the prank when they received the punishment that was due to them! After completing high school in Vereeniging he went on to study a BA at the University of the Orange Free State. He began his working life as a high school teacher in Bloemfontein. One wonders if the students he taught ever had a chance to play any pranks on their teacher? Probably not. Knowing Leon, he would have made the students rather laugh at themselves than at him. In 1975 Schuster moved on to a radio job with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and together with Fanus Rautenbach started an Afrikaans talk show where he would disguise his voice and take the mickey out of unsuspecting victims. Besides his natural comedic talent, Leon is also an accomplished singer and it wasn’t long before he was singing “rugby songs” for his adoring Afrikaans sports fans. Starting in 1982 and working with Decibel Records he produced CD’s like Leon Schuster, Broekskeur and Briekdans; all laced with the usual ‘tongue-in-cheek’ idiocy and irrepressible humour that became his bench mark. After the 1995 Springbok Rugby World Cup victory, Leon jumped to the opportunity by producing his most successful CD to date, “Hier Kom Die Bokke” which was voted as the Best Selling CD of 1995 and earned him an FNB Sama music Award. This was followed by “Gautvol in Paradise” which sold more than 125 000 units and spawned the hit song Gautengeling which many Afrikaans Jo’burgers have voted as the unofficial anthem for Gauteng. Leon never forgot the old movie camera that he enjoyed as a child and so his movie career jump started in 1986 with the release of “You Must Be Joking,” which was a slightly different take on the American “Candid Camera” theme, although the idea was the same. The movie was made up of a series


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South African of pranks where Schuster was dressed up in a variety of ethnic disguises, taking the mickey out of South Africans, especially across ethnic lines, which made South Africans look up and see that their inter-cultural differences were not so drastic, and when exposed, produced hilarious results. This was the genius of Schuster – making South Africans laugh at themselves. Leon’s success in the movie business became exponential as he carefully rolled out a notable series of releases like “Here Comes Untag,” Zoeloe on my Stoep,” “Short and Sweet,” Panic Mechanic” and “The Millennium Menace.” His movies were greeted with much success overseas because they all contained the essential magic ingredients for a laugh – the successful prank. In Germany “Zoeloe on My Stoep” became the second biggest box office earner after Bruce Willis’s “Die Hard” series, but only after they changed the name of the movie to “Yankee Zulu.” Why? Who knows? I thought the word “stoep” had Dutch/ German origins. The Schuster stable of movies was eclipsed in the new millennium by a universal blockbuster that was directed by Gray Hofmeyr and produced by Anant Singh. The movie “Bones” became a box office hit overnight in 2001 earning R33 million for the stable. It appealed to audiences worldwide because of its typical “African” theme. Since then Schuster has drawn on the despair of all South African people living there; watching as their precious homeland disintegrates into a nation of rampant, violent crime and questionable governance. This was vividly portrayed in his 2004 movie “Oh Schuks .........I’m Gatvol,” which loosely translates into “Oh Damn, I’m Fed Up!” A follow up movie on the “Bones” theme produced another SA box office hit “Mama Jack” in 2005 that kept the stable cash tills ringing. Leon couldn’t resist doing “Bones” again, so in 2008 he brought out “Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past” that was well received by the SA public at large. There is no doubt that our very own Leon Schuster holds the most prestigious and sought after crown as the most successful SA comedic mirth maker of all time. And there are no signs that he is standing still in his career right now. Who knows what dark and dastardly pranks are currently being cooked up by this genius for his next movie? Well done, Leon. You are a hero wherever the SA flag is flown. We wish you well in your future career.

Leon Schuster, Vanashree Singh and AnantSingh



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Welcome home, the undefeated All Whites! Match Results: Vs Slovakia – 1:1 Draw; Vs Italy - 1:1 Draw; Vs Paraguay – 0:0 Draw.


espite being totally “gutted” by their first round exit from the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, the All Whites can hold their heads up high. This has been their first opportunity to qualify in the 32 team contest since 1982, so their appearance as “minnows” did not make them the most likely contenders to end up in the final! After all, they lost every single first round game that they played in 1982, so their undefeated performance at this year’s contest was remarkable to say the least.

To have held the current World Champions Italy to a 1:1 draw in a fiercely competitive and defensive game was admirable. All Whites coach Ricki Herbert says that he is enormously proud of his team’s unbeaten record but equally disappointed that it was not enough to make the knock out stage. Skipper Ryan Nelson’s only comment was that he was “gutted” by the outcome, especially after having the whole country behind them including Prime Minister John Key who made a special flight to South Africa to watch the Paraguay match after the superb encounter with Italy that had every Kiwi overwhelmed with excitement and hope for the team’s progress in the competition. Nelson apologised to the Kiwi public for “coming so close and not getting there,” but his apologies were swept away when they arrived at Auckland airport to a heroes’ welcome. Unfortunately South Africa also got knocked out in the first round despite their win over France in the last match of the group. Match Results: Vs Mexico – 1:1 draw; Vs Uruguay – 0:1 loss; Vs France – 2:1 Win. The best result of all was the tight security at each venue and the complete lack of any notable violence associated with the whole event. Minor reports of petty crime were considered normal for an event of this magnitude. South Africa can be truly proud about the way in which they prepared for the Cup and how well each event was organised.

The Super Soccer Twins


he All White soccer team from NZ were extremely fortunate to be accompanied by two highly accomplished female sports physicians that were both blonde and beautiful. And besides that, they are both SA ex-pats born on the same day! The Super Soccer Twins, Celeste and Liesel Geertsema, both 41, are identical not only in looks but in the careers that they chose, i.e. sports doctors. They were very excited to be chosen to support the team because they would be returning to their hometown, Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg, where the All Whites were based for training purposes. The two ladies were fated to do many things together, even the act of immigration, which they did on the same ‘plane from London, where they had both worked previously as obstetricians. Celeste has been involved with the All Whites as team physician since 2003 and Liesel is currently medical director of national cycling organization

Bike NZ. Liesel was particularly excited to join her twin sister on this campaign because she hasn’t been back to South Africa since 1999. People often ask them why they chose the same career. They both laugh and say, almost with the same voice: “We don’t know! But why go separate ways when at the end of the day we love being together?” Well, done girls! The trip must have been a lot of fun, and besides that, you both got paid for it! Editorial by Ted Woodberg. Source: Woman’s Day Magazine.

Special DiScounteD inSurance rateS available less than standard market insurance rates for:


Life Cover; Trauma Cover; Income Protection


Hospital; Specialists & Tests; General Practitioner; Dental & Optical


Access to Bank & Non-Bank options

investments: Unit Trusts; Managed Funds; KiwiSaver

phone: 09 915 0100, email:

neil b clarke cFp (Sa) - ex Durban

(10 years in nZ - HWp ltd trading since 2001)


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South African Gary and Antonella Hodgson

“Wheely Kleen is really clean”


his is the catchy slogan of new ex-SA immigrants Gary and Antonella Hodgson who have embarked on a new business venture that will bring a smile to all households and businesses that have smelly, unhygienic wheely waste containers. This resourceful couple have come up with an idea that is probably totally unique in New Zealand; the on-site cleaning of your refuse wheely bins. They have designed a unique system whereby they can draw up alongside your


Dave Upfold is happy!


ave is a former respected independent financial advisor from Durban. He is now a Kiwi. Like many South Africans Dave immigrated to N.Z without the hassle of formally emigrating from South Africa. At the back of his mind he knew that “one day” he would do something with his Retirement Annuities. Dave is very happy because he has found a solution to his Retirement Annuity problem and it is easier than he thought.

wheely bin in the street with a trailer and give it a high pressure wash and a chem-clean that will leave it smelling like a pine forest with the added advantage of incorporating a chemical that will repel cockroaches, ants, spiders and even chase away vermin! In addition, the chemicals used by Wheely Kleen are completely environment-friendly. Gary has already received a positive response from the local business community who find the hygiene of their refuse containers very important, especially those involved in the food industry. Always ready to collaborate with other ex-SA entrepreneurs, he first approached the newly established “Serengeti” restaurant which has become hugely popular amongst our ex-pat community for its ability to replicate the ‘Golden Spur’ formula in its unique menus and restaurant layout features. And….voila! Gary had their full support and they were his first customers! Gary and his family arrived as new immigrants from Cape Town in early 2010 with their two boys Dijon age 11 and Alessandro age 7. In SA Gary had his own business in the commercial and industrial property sector and Antonella was in the promotional world. Their mission statement is:- “We look forward to the opportunity of making a difference in people’s lives, albeit in a small way, by alleviating a mundane task such as washing and sanitizing your refuse bins.” Remember ...WHEELY KLEEN IS REALLY CLEAN! For more info on this unique sanitary service contact: Gary or Antonella on Tel: 09-476 4506 or mobile 021 181 0080 or e-mail them on Check out their website

A. The South African government has changed the rules so that he can now get all his retirement annuity surrender values without having to purchase a lifetime pension which has no guarantees of future exchange rate changes. B. He found that Julian Haw, a former colleague of 25 years still residing in Durban does everything for him. Dave is now a well known busy entertainer who specializes in magic/hypnosis fund raising shows in New Zealand and he is also a motivational speaker. Any charities, schools or businesses who are interested in hosting a magic/hypnosis show, contact Julian Haw -

EX-SOUTH AFRICAN? Access your retirement annuities now! Take it all in cash at any age


Authorised Financial Services Provider No. 6082

Visit for more details Email: PO Box 10672, Marine Parade, 4056, South Africa Tel: 2731 207 6295 Fax: 2731 207 6298


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South African

Paving the way for new arrivals:

Psychological challenges facing SA ex pats in NZ We present the final part of this three-part series written by ex-SA Cecil Wiehahn, Clinical Psychologist, on the challenges facing new immigrants Cecil Wiehahn


f you are a new arrival in NZ you are likely to meet up with other ex-SA settlers who have been here a few years. Naturally the conversation turns to finding common ground: immigration experiences and expectations. With a few years experience of living in NZ behind them, the latter group will have many views about how life is in NZ or what Kiwis are like. These opinions about settling in NZ are mostly shared with the intention to encourage new arrivals with either optimistic comments or to prepare them for realistic obstacles ahead. At times however new arrivals could be painted a bleak picture about how difficult it is to form friendships with Kiwis, or the loss and costs of settling in NZ are emphasized. I don’t dispute that many ex-SA migrants have been through a hard time or may still be struggling a few years after arriving in NZ. Like most new SA immigrants they likely started out with high hopes and clear plans for personal progress in their immigration process. Often the aim at the outset is quickly getting to a similar standard of living as they had in SA. This may include setting definite milestones by which success is measured, such as, how long it should take to own a home again, how many Kiwi or other friends they will have, deadlines for financial recovery to pre-immigration levels and being happily settled in a great job etc. For many valid reasons, such as unresolved SA traumas, personal factors, social, economic or work environments or just bad breaks, life in NZ may not work out as smoothly as planned. Not reaching set milestones and timelines can result in feelings of failure, regret, disappointment, stress and unhappiness. For example, after a few years of trying to integrate, many ex SA’s find that they have no close Kiwi friends. Understandably discouraged, such individuals could cynically conclude that efforts to establish friendships with Kiwis are futile or forming friendships with other SA expats is the only alternative.

Some new SA immigrants, anxious to find certainty (predictability) at this stage of their lives, may unwittingly take these bleak views on board. This could shape negative perceptions of their NZ immigration experience and set up self-fulfilling beliefs or prophecies for their future experience. In this way, adjustment of new SA immigrants could be artificially hampered, making the immigration experience more difficult than it already is. For those ex-SA’s who have been here a few years; it helps to be aware of your actual personal experience which should be separated from a second hand collection of perceptions by disgruntled ex-SA settlers. Whatever your experience may be, difficult or easy; if you express it as your personal experience it will be insightful and helpful to new arrivals. Remember to also include your highlights and successes, which will give both you and your listener a more balanced perspective. If you are an SA expat who has struggled to settle for a long time, your outlook and circumstances could still improve with minor adjustments. However, if after trying to adjust for a few years in NZ, you remain negative about living here; are depressed; stressed; not able or prepared to move back to SA or elsewhere; then maybe it is time to seek professional help. Finally, successfully surviving immigration and thriving in NZ is clearly not a smooth, consistently even road but, just like life, it may take a number of unexpected twists and turns. So enjoy the ride wherever you are on your journey. If on a bumpy stretch at the moment, there is bound to be smooth downhill sections waiting around the corner. Parts 1 and 2 of this highly informative series can be found in past Issues numbered 13 and 14 respectively. Cecil Wiehahn is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and has lived in NZ with his wife and two children for six years. Practice address: Unit T, 6 Rosedale Rd, Mairangi Bay, North Shore, Auckland. Tel: 09-626 9612 or Mobile: 021 071 7442. E-mail:


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South African

The Entrepreneur Category: Is this the “easy access” route for new migrants? by Simona Woodberg


mmigration to New Zealand has been on top of the agenda for our politicians in order to make the move out of the sludge of the last world recession a reality. OK. So how does New Zealand attract more immigrants? We bring them in on the basis of their skills, their business acumen and how much money they have.

Photo by Charl Louw Photographer

Immigration service you can trust We specialise in all forms of Immigration from a baby boomer wanting to retire. Student permits, This is creating a hugeLong opportunity for new immigrants who have some term Business capital to invest in a business in New Zealand. If they have any expertise in Family, the business that is beingVisas, sold and they can prove Work this to the immigration authorities, they have an Permits, open door. Investor category, Certain conditions apply for both options above, health and character requirements Permanent Residence. will need to be met, and proof of English Language proficiency may need to be provided. If you would like to know more, it is important that you get expert advice from a qualified

If you own a business in SA and are looking at ways of doing the same in licensed immigration adviser. North Shore Immigration can provide this service and NZ or if you are toying with the idea of setting up or buying a business in NZ specialises in these policies. as an option to seeking NZ permanent residence then read on……. E-mail North Shore Immigration or One of the pathways to gaining residency status in NZ is via the call us on : (+649) 415 3392. Entrepreneur Category. Under this category you would be able to apply for a 3 year business (work) visa called a “Long Term Business Visa.” Then after the first two years, provided that all is going well with your business Our advisors are all licensed have extensive knowledge and experience to and youskilled have also met the conditions of “benefiting NZ”, you canand apply for residence. help you through the often difficult immigration process. Come on in and meet our friendly

Whatwho doeswill thistake mean? staff you step by step through the process taking away all the guesswork For the Entrepreneur Category (Long Term Business Visa forit3 years) the investor category or permanent resident. We and stress of immigration, whether is the criteria requires that: have the andinoften work other a] Youall have beenskills self employed the business for a with minimum of two professionals to give you a one stop superior Immigration service you can trust years, and Take the risk out of the process and safeguard you and your family to a long and service. b] you need to prove that the business is “benefiting New Zealand”, in enjoyable life in New Zealand . Our fees are very competitive and we go the extra mile other words it would promote New Zealand’s economic growth. This can be We specialise in all forms of achieved by showing proofsatisfaction. that the business:to ensure total Immigration policies from • has introduced new, or enhanced existing technology;

Student permits

equiresdelay specialised management/technical skills; permit expires, Long term Business Visas, Do• rnot and wait until your contact North Shore Immigration today • has introduced new, or enhanced existing products/services; Family Work. and out how we can you. Take the risk outPermits, of being refused entry to New Zealand • hfind as created new, or expanded existinghelp export markets; Investor • has created employment for a Newand Zealand citizen or resident; or e-book. Category, Permanent Resi. Look at our web page access our free revitalised an existing New Zealand business. Last but not least, the business needs to be trading profitably on the date the residence application is lodged or you can prove to Immigration 09 415 3392 that the business clearlyCall has thenow potentialon to become profitable within the following 12 months. North Immigration Services Another option is via theShore Investor Category. If you have NZ$1.5 million to invest in New Zealand, by purchasing shares, a business, or commercial property – as a passive investor - you would then be able to immediately apply for New Zealand permanent residence, conditional to your investment being held in NZ for a period of four years. There are so many immigrants who are trying to come into NZ using the “Skilled Migrant” category and the “points” system that they have forgotten about this category that could make their journey much easier. With the recession losing its grip too slowly there are many NZ businesses that have not been able to recover fast enough and so the owners have given up the struggle and put their businesses up for sale; or the owner could be

dence. Work Permits, Family Category, Student permits

Member of

Call now on 09 415 3392 North Shore Immigration Services Email: Address: 17 Corinthian Drive Albany North Shore


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South African Introducing... Albany Ratepayers’ Candidates Linda Cooper & Josephine Kim

Help for new immigrants

What we stand for:

he “Auc kland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust” (ARMS) is a non-profit organization whic h a s si st s migrants to settle successfully in the Auckland Region.

• Lowest possible rates and charges neighborhoods • Communities making local decisions • Providing quality community facilities • Investing in effective public transport in the right places and critical road links eg.Penlink/Weiti • Putting people first Crossing • Encouraging economic prosperity • Focusing on core council business • Teamwork at the council table • B uilding clean, safe and secure • Making the Auckland region succeed Josephine has worked as a senior lawyer for two premier law firms in Auckland, Russell McVeagh and Brookfields Lawyers, specializing in commercial property, trade and investment. With over a decade of New Zealand legal experience, she believes that she can make positive contributions as a councillor towards the economic prosperity and sound planning of Auckland. She has a good knowledge of how the system works, especially when it comes to resource management. Linda has served two terms as a City Councillor. She has extensive community governance experience and is currently Chairman of both West Auckland Hospice and Western Refuge. Linda is also Chairman of the Waitakere City Council Northern Area Urban Development Committee and a Director of Waitakere City Holdings Company. She has significant experience working at a regional level in local government. We are standing for election to represent our community on the Auckland Council and we would appreciate your vote. It will be our priority to protect citizens and ratepayers from waste, inefficiency and to ensure transparency in council. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to answer any of your questions or meet at any time to hear what is important to you. Authorised by: Alan Woodford, 51 Medallion Dr, Albany


Are you looking for Job Search Assistance? The “Auckland Regional Migrant Services” is offering Job Search Workshops in Three Kings, Manukau, North Shore and Waitakere City. The workshops are held ones a month at the above centres, from 9.30am to 1.00pm. To register for any of our employment assistance seminars and workshops, please call on 09.652 2440, or email at reception@arms-mrc. ARMS’ Job Search Seminars, both generic and specialist, along with individualised employment follow-up support, are particularly suitable for newcomers on Permanent Resident or Work to Residence visas, but are open to all newcomers, including those from the Pacific Islands. Also run at the ARMS Three Kings and Manukau centres are Interviewing Skills Workshops (Career Services), a volunteer work experience scheme, and Job Search Support Club, all useful opportunities for newcomers to obtain more targeted advice and up-skilling. Our programmes include Migrant & Refugee Employment Assistance, volunteering opportunities, referrals to other organisations/programmes and an English Advisory Service (user pay). Website: or contact Shoma Prasad, Public Relations Officer, 532 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings Plaza, Three Kings, Auckland. PO Box 27 367, Mt Roskill, Auckland. Phone: 09-625 2440 ext 735. E-mail:

Tristan de Chalain MSc MB ChB FCS(SA) FRCSC FRACS

Specialist Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Auckland, Tauranga, Pukekohe and

now Botany Downs 0274 531 785

Immediate Past President New Zealand Foundation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery NZACPS

021 440 281

Authorised by Alan Woodford, 51 Medallion Dr, Albany


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Adapting to the Kiwi way of life


hen you first arrive in New Zealand you may need immediate and ongoing settlement support. Settlement Support New Zealand connects migrants and refugees with existing services in local communities.

SA Superstar Dozi heads for our shores!


ith an enviable clutch of South African music awards under his belt this amazing performer is now ready to turn on NZ audiences with his unique style of popular Afrikaans/ethnic music. Dozi is a South African musician who first appeared on the Johan Stemmet hosted show on SATV “Noot vir Noot” as a guest artist. With his popularity well established he was invited by the SABC to host and perform in a show of his own entitled “Kom ‘n Bietjie Binne” and he is also known for being a celebrity coach on the second and third seasons of the SA reality talent show, “Supersterre.” Since the age of 12 Dozi has been performing on stage, singing and playing guitar. In 1999 he recorded and released his first self-penned album, “Mercy” which received a SAMA nomination for best newcomer. The CD had undeniable Zulu/gospel threads that gave it immediate recognition amongst the emerging SA African ethnic music market. His follow-up album, “Op Annvrag” hit the charts and made him an overnight success with sales in excess of 100 000. Dozi has had successful collaborations with other SA stars like Anton Goosen, SA Pop Idol Bianca and Irene van Wyk but his crowning achievements were being appointed as an ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and a highly successful tour of the USA, both of which took place in 2005. In the same year he achieved the “Vonk Music Award” in the ‘Song of the Year” category for his own composition “Grassade in die Wind” as well as ‘Best Solo Artist’ for his 2005 release “Kruispad.” The good news for all local Dozi fans is that he will be visiting New Zealand for an exclusive tour from the 13th to the 24th October 2010 that will include venues across both islands with the main show taking place in Auckland at the Bruce Mason Theatre in Takapuna on Saturday 16th October.

There are settlement support offices represented in all of the major centres around New Zealand that have dedicated staff willing to help you via workshops, meetings, discussions, brochures, magazines, advisory booklets, job searches etc. Each local Settlement Support initiative • identifies local settlement support needs and the services that can meet them • c onnects individuals with information and services that support their settlement • supports mainstream services in meeting the needs of new migrants and refugees • ensures there is a clear local point of contact for migrants and refugees to access the information that they need to settle. Please phone 0800 SSNZ4U (0800 776 948) to contact your nearest settlement support initiative. This number is free to call from New Zealand. Also helpful to new migrants is LINKZ magazine, which is published by Immigration New Zealand. It is distributed free to new migrants each quarter and has a whole host of useful tips for new migrants including immigration rules and regulations, income tax, the NZ banking system, employment and education etc. The South African Magazine was recently requested to participate in the June 2010 issue of LINKZ by contributing an article on the South African Community. In addition, our very own Kevin and Belinda Van Den Berg were profiled as a new immigrant family who had experienced the trauma of immigration and they contributed their story.

Dozi will be hosted by the Afrikaanse Club of New Zealand so watch their website for more details closer to the time.


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Jumping Castles


South African

SA social

Visit by Mayor John Banks Photos by John-Wesley Franklin

Shar on of Prime candidate for Mayor of the new Super City Banks, made a visit WillAuckland, iams & NaJohn talie Sparg to our regular social evening on the 2nd July to meet and greet the SA community. He kept us in fits of laughter with his banter on the current antics of our high profile politicians but he drew attention to his election campaign that would place him in a good position to serve and protect the interests of the entire City of Auckland with his special brand of good governance. Ann McDonal d with John

l Team: ’The South African’ Editoria with John. ma Nor and r Pete Ted, – L to R

We were well entertained by our own SA music band “Synergy” who are: Bob Sadler - Rythm & Lead Guitar & vocals Graeme Bruton - Base Guitar & vocals Terry Taylor -Drums Maynard Reyes -Rythm Guitar Craig Newth - Rythm & Lead Guitar & vocals


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South African From small beginnings

How the South African Magazine started By Peter and Ted Woodberg and Norma Vaz

We present the last part of this two part article on the birth of this publication.


nce Issue One had hit the streets and the new magazine was well received by the SA community in general, the two Woodberg brothers felt confident that they had ‘filled the vacuum’ that was left behind after the closure of the “Connections” magazine. However, Issue Two was not born without travail. At the time, Peter had to go overseas on a business trip, so the production of the whole issue was left in Ted’s hands. As a first time publisher, he was totally out of his depth and he literally hacked his way through the media thoroughfare to get Issue Two with its beautiful front cover of the African Cheetahs prepared, edited and distributed before the return of his older brother from overseas. At that stage it was decided that the magazine would be published every two months with six issues per annum. During 2008 the popularity of the magazine grew in leaps and bounds. Patrons were coming into the various distribution outlets of the magazine and asking for copies well after the entire stock had been depleted. On this basis, Peter and Ted were able to secure medium term contracts from their advertisers which gave the magazine a modicum of stability, but it was an exhausting job that drew inordinate demands on their spare time. Ted recalls

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS Come and be a part of the vibrant ex- sa community here in Auckland. Join in the fun and help each other by networking effectively. SOCIAL EVENTS: We have a monthly fun social get together at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay on the first Friday evening of each month starting at 6pm. Our next social will take place on Friday 6th August and after that on Friday 3rd September 2010. BUSINESS NETWORKING: As new immigrants you will be given a chance of introducing yourself to our regular attendees and we will ensure that you are entered on to the SANZ Business data base in order for all members to be able to access your details. Bring your business card! Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay commencing 6pm. Next meetings: Wednesdays August 4th, 18th; September 1st, 15th.

spending entire week-ends piecing together articles and squeezing in adverts in order to keep the paying customers happy. At that stage the worldwide recession was starting to bite and it was becoming harder and harder to keep advertisers on board. In early 2009 Peter and Ted realised that they needed an extra pair of hands to help them with the advertising, especially someone with media experience. Then along came Norma Vaz, who had spent most of her life in newspaper and magazine advertising and who was happy to use her spare time to take over this important portfolio. Norma has been a valuable member of our team and has tirelessly pushed through one of the most difficult recession years in New Zealand history with impressive advertising results, as all readers of our magazine will testify. As we progress through 2010, the “triumvirate” (Peter, Ted and Norma) want to say to the South African ex-pat community at large in New Zealand a huge THANK YOU for your invaluable support in keeping this precious magazine on the streets and on the computers of the many readers around the world who receive electronic copies. If you want to advertise in “The South African” contact Norma on 021 043 7342 or on

welcome to attend these club meetings that will take place regularly on the last Friday evening of each month. There will be the normal traditional SA fare, good music and a great opportunity to meet other members of the SA community living here. The venue is Remuera Bowling Club, 6 Market Road, Remuera and the fun will start at 6.30 pm, so bring the whole family along. There will be facilities provided for young children. The next meetings will take place on 27th August and 24th September. For more details contact Ian Mellett on 09-523 2408 or the editors. MAIRANGI BAY SANZ COFFEE CLUB Calling all SA housewives or retirees who are looking to socialize with others and share their stories! This club meets once per month on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The Venue: Café Windsor, 542 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay, in front of the Baptist Church opposite the entrance to Hastings Road. Travel down a little road next to Kentucky Fried Chicken where you will find plenty of safe parking. Time: 10 am to 12pm. Next meetings: August 12th, September 9th.

SA NEW ARRIVALS CLUB: In order to help you settle in to your new life in NZ this club holds meetings on the SECOND Wednesday evening of each month at a superb venue in a park like setting that will allow your kids to have fun while you listen to some good advice. The venue is the Kawai Parapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany off Oteha Valley Road. Next two meetings: Aug 11th, September 8th. Time: from 6pm to 8 pm. A NEW CLUB ON THE SOUTH SHORE OF AUCKLAND Thanks to Ian Mellett of Quay Law this club is now a reality! The first meeting took place on 30th July 2010 and we will show you pictures of this great event in our next issue. All SA ex-pat Aucklanders living in the prestigious South Shore area are


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South African

Ido Drent (centre) with co-stars from Shortland Street.


How he became a ‘Shortland Street’ star!


his South African born hunk started his acting career in TV commercials, but after being bitten by the acting bug, his career took off and now he takes the part of Daniel Potts in the popular local TV series, Shortland Street.

Ido first arrived at these shores from South Africa with his parents when he was only eight years old. After getting a good old fashioned Kiwi education he moved on to Massey University where he took up studies in business and began working in the property development industry. While at school Ido did a little dabbling in Speech and Drama and later he featured in six TV commercials, two of which advertised “Weet Bix” and

“KFC.” In 2007 he decided to take his acting career seriously and enrolled in the 2 year Meisner Acting Course. Right now he is in New York City having a good look at how professional actors do it on Broadway. Ido says that he has been given an awesome opportunity here in New Zealand at the young age of 22 and he believes that his role in Shortland Street will be a stepping stone into the wild and wonderful world of professional acting that he loves so much. His father, Dirk Drent, is also quite famous. He is a highly respected urologist, with his own consulting practice operating from various centres across Auckland. When asked about his most embarrassing moment while being filmed, he blushes and recounts the story of the day when the set was full of extras and while the cameras were rolling he accidentally broke wind. All of the actors carried on as though nothing had happened, and all the producers had to do afterwards was erase the sound! Needless to say when the cameras stopped rolling there were a few guffaws, and Ido felt a bit silly, but everyone on the set knew it was the most natural thing in the world! The good news for all the ladies out there is that Ido doesn’t have a serious girlfriend, just a whole bunch of good friends from his acting circles and University days with whom he hangs out and drinks loads of coffee. In his spare time he plays tennis, rugby and cricket and his advice to all young aspiring actors here in NZ is…”believe in yourself; ignore your critics; start acting, start learning, watch movies, read books…. and just start.” Thanks for the advice, Ido, and we wish you well in your future acting career. Editorial by Ted Woodberg. For more information on Ido Drent or ‘Shortland Street,’ contact Rachael Keereweer on

Office to Lease Mezzanine level office - area of approx. 41m2 . Shared facilities ...Storage available. Off Constellation drive in Vega Place. Mairangi Bay. North Shore Auckland. phone owner Allison Milne (09) 479 9603 or 027 2493804 22

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Celebrating 25 years Principal Major Sponsor of North Harbour Rugby

QBE Insurance North Harbour Home Draw

vs. Auckland

vs. Manawatu

vs. Otago

vs. Wellington

Sunday 1 August 2.35pm

Thursday 19 August 7.35pm

vs. Waikato

Saturday 4 September 7.35pm

Sunday 26 September 2.35pm Sunday 10 October 2.35pm

vs. Taranaki

Saturday 23 October 2.35pm

Tickets available at The SA issue16.indd 23

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Specialists in BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, VW (other makes welcome)

Approved by all major Mechanical Insurance Companies

More than 30 years franchise training • Warrant of Fitness • Air Conditioning • Pre-purchase checks of cars • Trained staff, well equipped and large workshop.

Winners of BMW Top Technician awards (5 times) Contact : Burger Oosthuizen 09-444 3965 95c Wairau Rd. Glenfield. Auckland

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