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06 SAAA 2013


All about the awards and nominations for 2013

42 Nikken Sleep System The “Better Sleep System”

09 The truth about Horse meat


Will you or wont you ?

44 SA Campers in the UK

16 Leaving the EU


What does this mean for the UK ?


40 The Wheatsheaf Pub The home of great South African food in Oxfordshire

34 Abbey Road Studio A memorable photo opportunity

35 The Shard For the perfect view @ KIDS SECTION 36 Things to do in London

@ SPORT 48 RBS 6 Nations All the fixtures info

50 Legend in the Making Michael “Troublemaker” Ramabeletsa

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The South African Achievers Awards(S.A.A.A) recognise and reward South African excellence in all areas of life - from business to sport, entertainment to public service, the arts to charitable good works. A unique platform from which to showcase the valuable and distinctive contribution made by members of the South African community. All the award categories provide sponsors with exceptional brand exposure. The event will be a glamorous, quality-first occasion for which only the best is good enough. The night will be attended by a target audience of business leaders, influential political figures and movers and shakers from the South African Community. Naturally, sponsors' brands will benefit by association. In addition, they will enjoy a direct route to key decision-makers within the community on the evening itself, as well as pre- and post-event, through extensive advertising, marketing and public relations activities. For strategic Partnership and Sponsorship please call (0044) 7940516630 or (0044) 2034115864

CATEGORIES Business Outstanding Achievement in Business Awarded to a business person who can demonstrate a genuine passion for social issues and with a proven track record of operating a successful business enterprise. Business of the year A company that can demonstrate a long standing commitment to responsible business & leadership in the marketplace, workplace, environment and the community. Corporate Achievement Award Corporate employee who is not only achieving Excellence in his or her own field but also giving back to the South African community. Community Community Organisation of the Year A non profit making organisation or Social Enterprise that has worked and campaigned tireless to deliver a positive impact to the South African Community Community Champion Individuals who have taken upon themself to campaign tirelessly to improve the South African Community The Arts, Culture and Sports Outstanding Achievement in the Health Sector NHS or Health Proffesional who is not only achieving Excellence in his or her own field but also giving back to the South African community Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts Awarded for excellence in visual arts Outstanding Achievement in Sports Awarded for excellence in sports Outstanding Achievement in Music Nominees should demonstrate outstanding musicianship. Preferably on a variety of instruments but vocal/singers are also included. International Artist South African Artist who would have made an impact on the International stage International Dj South African DJ who would have made an impact on the International stage UK Based DJ of the Year Nominee incorporates all the elements of showmanship into his DJ performances and takes entertainment to another level Outstanding Achievement in Arts and Culture Actors, Dancers, Cultural Ambassadors Special Category Friend of South Africa Award Not a South African but someone who embodies the spirit of South Africa and has championed the causes of South Africans in the UK Personality of the Year Influential, inspiring and in the news. From all walks of life- politicians, actors, sports stars, artists and models. Others have a lower profile but still intrigue with their determination to make their mark Chairman's Honorary Award Special recognition that will be presented to a person who has achieved beyond all expectations and is a leading role model to the community Lifetime Contribution Award An individual who has made a substantial long contribution to the South African community and a figurehead for change and progress.

The Truth about Horse Meat Horse meat has been found in burgers on sale in British supermarkets. Tests on beef products sold in Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland and Dunnes Stores uncovered low levels of the animal’s DNA”. How does a statement like the above affect you ? The first thing that comes to my mind is the thought of going horse-riding as a kid. I think that the thing that most of us possibly struggle with is the visual perception of actually tucking into horse-meat This thought is the one and only preventing me from doing this. In the late Paleolithic (Magdalenian Era), wild horses formed an important source of food. In many parts of Europe, the consumption of horse meat continued throughout the Middle Ages until modern times, despite a Papal ban of horse meat in 732.Horse meat was also eaten as part of Germanic pagan religious ceremonies in northern Europe, particularly ceremonies associated with the worship of Odin. Domesticated horses and cattle did not exist in the Americas until the Age of Discovery, and the Conquistadors owed much of their success to their war horses. The Europeans' horses became feral, and were hunted by the indigenous Pehuenche people of what is now Chile and Argentina. At first they hunted horses as they did other game, but later they began to raise them for meat and transport. The meat was, and still is, preserved by being sun-dried in the high Andes into a product known as charqui. France dates its taste for horse meat to the Revolution. With the fall of the aristocracy, its auxiliaries had to find new means of subsistence. Just as hairdressers and tailors set themselves up to serve commoners, the horses maintained by aristocracy as a sign of prestige ended up alleviating the hunger of lower classes. It was during the Napoleonic campaigns when the surgeon-in-chief of Napoleon's Grand Army, Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey, advised the starving troops to eat the meat of horses. At the siege of Alexandria, the meat of young Arab horses relieved an epidemic of scurvy. At the battle of Eylau in 1807, Larrey served horse as soup and bœuf à la mode. In Aspern-Essling (1809), cut from the supply lines, the cavalry used the horses' breastplates as cooking pots and gunpowder as seasoning, and thus founded a tradition. Hunger during World War II led to horses being eaten. Horse meat gained widespread acceptance in French cuisine during the later years of the Second French Empire. The high cost of living in Paris prevented many working-class citizens from buying meat such as pork or beef, so in 1866 the French government legalized the eating of horse meat and the first butcher's shop specializing in horse meat opened in eastern Paris, providing quality meat at lower prices. During the Siege of Paris (1870–1871), horse meat was eaten by anyone who could afford it, partly because of a shortage of fresh meat in the blockaded city, and also because horses were eating grain which was needed by the human populace. Many Parisians gained a taste for horse meat during the siege, and after the war ended, horse meat remained popular. Likewise, in other places and times of siege or starvation, horses are viewed as a food source of last resort. Despite the general Anglophone taboo, horse and donkey meat was eaten in Britain, especially in Yorkshire, until the 1930s,and in times of post-war food shortage surged in popularity in the United States and was considered for use in hospitals. A 2007 Time magazine article about horse meat brought in from Canada to the United States characterized the meat as sweet, rich, super-lean, oddly soft meat, and closer to beef than venison. So the question remains; will you or wont you ?

Coffee Cup CAKES




DELI 0208 542 4655

'Gifts suited for a Prince' A list of gifts given to HRH Prince Henry of Wales during official overseas tours are published every year. It's fascinating to see what types of gifts are given to Prince Harry by Heads of State, members of foreign Royal Families and public officials. Gifts are also received from unidentified members of the public during the course of official engagements and events. Here are a few of the more interesting gifts Prince Harry received during 2012




HRH Prince Henry of Wales


Slate Mayan Calendar

HRH Price Henry of Wales


Gift Bag of Food

HRH Price Henry of Wales


Magnifying Glass

HRH Prince Henry of Wales

The Chief of Defence Staff

Mounted cow horn and tie

HRH Prince Henry of Wales



HRH Prince Henry of Wales


Personalised number plate 'Harry'

HRH Prince Henry of Wales


Two Brazilian rugby shirts

HRH Prince Henry Of Wales



How Do I Love Thee? How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being an ideal Grace. I love thee to the level of everyday's

Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise. I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints,- I love thee with the Breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. Elizabeth Barret Browning

! t i t e g d n a e m o c


Van in Paris Van goes to the top house of Ill repute in Paris. He goes up to the Madam and asks,.. "I want your best girl !!". The Madam then calls her top girl, and the two of them go upstairs.Two minutes later the girl comes down the stairs screaming, Nevair ! nevair! 'ow can you ask me zat ?" The Madam is absolutely astounded, as that this has never happened before, but never the less she sends up her second best girl. Two minutes later the girl also comes down the stairs screaming, "Nevair ! nevair ! 'ow can you ask me zat ?" The Madam is now intensely curious, since she has experienced everything and is totally unshockable, she then decides that she must go upstairs and service this client herself. Two minutes later the Madam also comes down the stairs screaming, "Nevair ! nevair ! 'ow can you ask me zat ?" Some guys sitting at the bar and ask her what the hell was going on. She replies, " 'e vants to pay me in Rands !!!"




Withdrawal from the European Union is a right of European Union (EU) member states under TEU Article 50: "Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements." No state has ever withdrawn, though some dependent territories or semi-autonomous areas have left. Of these, only Greenland has explicitly voted to leave, departing from the EU's predecessor, the European Economic Community (EEC), in 1985. No member state has ever held a national referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, though in 1975 the United Kingdom held a national referendum on withdrawal from its predecessor, the EEC; 67.2% of voters chose to remain in the Community. Britain is considering leaving the EU but this will only happen if a planned referendum is held on this issue and the majority of people vote in favour thereof. Many questions remain unanswered regarding the consequences and repercussions of such a move. How will this eefct things like trading, travelling and other. There are many mixed views on this with many people for and against leaving the EU. Understanding the full impact at this point in time is difficult to comprehend and it seems that a lot of the information being thrown around is based on unfounded perceptions. From a political perspective there seems to be a notion that the leading political party is hoping for more support from so called “Eurosceptics� in the next election. Britain will probably negotiate a better deal from a power perspective if they are to remain part of the EU. This might upset the other EU members with possible doubts being raised on Britain's commitment to building a better and stronger Europe What effect this would have on industry as well as the man on the street remains to be seen. There are rumours of British industries being sidelined by their European counterparts across all sectors. How travelling will be affected between the UK and the rest of Europe is also difficult to determine at this point in time. There are however many positives that could result from this, but for now, and until we have a clearer perspective on the consequences of potentially leaving the EU, it remains to be seen.

We are a South African based document procurement service and can assist you whether you are in South Africa or currently live overseas. On the left menu, you will see the large range of services we offer, from Police Clearances (in +/- 15 working days ONLY) – to obtaining unabridged birth certificates for you from Home Affairs. Let us assist you with the Notarisation, Apostille and Embassy verification of your documents. We will take the frustration out of obtaining the documents you need. There are a number of ways to contact us for a quotation: 1. Please register as a user on our DOC ASSIST site, and you can request a quote online 2. Alternately please feel free to contact us on: • Phone and fax: + 27 21 8555258 (office hours 8:30am – 5:30pm) • :

Keiss Castle Caithness Scotland

You've gotta love the South African language ! Many of these words are used by South Africans wherever they are in the world. Although not an official part of whichever one of the countries languages you speak, it is an interesting exercise to see how many of these words do you use on a regular basis.


n s te


in nl


We are a small business based in Staffordshire..... with a little African flare! We offer embroidery services to businesses, event organisers, clubs, Societies and create personalised gifts etc. A wide selection of clothing to choose from, use your own logos or one of our stock embroidery designs. South African designs available. 1 Hill Farm Cottage Wychnor Burton Upon Trent Staffordshire DE13 8BY Â 01283 792309

Ever wanted to live it up like the rich and famous, fast cars, luxury hotels and private jets. Well its not as far fetched as what you think. I discovered a company that provides a chartering service offering private jets at less than 75% of the normal rate. How awesome is that ! The system is know as “Empty Legs”. Basically how it works is that a private jet would fly with passengers to a destination but would be empty on its return flight. It is these empty return flights that are known as “Empty Legs” and these are available at savings of up to 75% of the original cost. A variety of destinations are available as well as a number of different types of aircraft. Destinations include London to Paris,London to Dubai,London to New York as well as a variety of other destinations. The aircraft available vary from 16 seater's to 6 seater's .Most of them have custom build interiors with luxury finishings that would suit Rock Stars. So if you want to have a special breakaway with a couple of friends, look for that “Empty Legs” offer and fly in style !

Insurance exclusively for South Africans living in the UK. We specialise in Household, Motor, Motor Trade, Commercial including Factories, Manufacturers, Shops, Retailers, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Surgeries, Pubs, Hotels, Haulage, Contractors etc. Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire servicing businesses in London and the surrounding counties and online throughout the UK. * Personal Insurance * Household * Motor Vehicles * Property * Manufacturing * Hotels, Pubs, Guest Houses * Contractors * Marine * Motor Traders * Motor Fleet * Liability * Shops and Offices

Alan Hancock THE LOCUST RETRIBUTION The Locust Retribution is a readable, unusual and intriguing novella, set in a changing Southern Africa. The central character Jock, develops a growing awareness of local and world events. The time line moves from young memories of great sporting achievements and endeavours; such as the conquering of Everest and the 4-minute mile. Then adult reality reveals the harshness of apartheid, and the wonder of one-man, one-vote. Jock wrestles with God's 'radar', discovers 'mushy-hole' magic, and embraces hiking and running. (Fish River Canyon ... Comrades Marathon.) Mountaineers and boxers are his heroes.

Popular music is Jock's constant memory-therapy companion. His head-heart-gut feelings often guide him on decision making. He has issues with a single parent upbringing, but this strengthens his bonding to long term friendships (both black and white), and a tolerant lovely wife Colette. Characters including Benny, Patience, Simon, Cyclops Benson and raunchy T T, either enrich, or threaten to destroy his life. Cruelty to animals is abhorrent in Jock's world. Yet he believes in 'an eye for an eye'. Descriptions of people, places and events are rich and colourful: From halcyon days in Bulawayo, to scenic Cape Town, robust Jo'burg and windy Port Elizabeth. From repugnant politicians to untenable social engineering and colour paranoia. From despotic Mugabe to giants like Mandela; from haves to have-nots and BEE. From censorship to freedom of expression; hijackings and rape; kamikaze taxis and 'tenderpreneurs'. South Africa is a land of plenty - both beguiling and paradoxical. A land threatened by unemployment, poverty, crime, corruption, failing healthcare and dysfunctional education. So much so, that in 1985 Jock had already planned the emigration of family to England. Jock and Colette still live (cautiously) in SA, content their daughters and grandchildren are more secure in the UK. Maybe a land grab-banana republic won't descend on South Africa ...

518 Wimborne Road Winton Bournemouth BH8 8JJ Tel: 01202 538 456 At the "ART Cafe", we are not just about freshly prepared food. We offer a platform for local and international artist to showcase their work within a relax and friendly atmosphere. We have regular events that enables artists to introduce their work to the general public as well as having their work promoted through our website in our "Artist Corner" section. Artists are also welcome to use "ART Cafe" to launch their work through special events. "ART Cafe" is child friendly and we encourage mum's and dads to bring the kids along as we have developed an infrastructure to entertain the little ones while you can sit back and relax. We are also able to cater for special events. You are also welcome to come and exchange your old books for a new read at our "Book Swap" section.

SOUTH AFRICAN PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE ! Inside Front Inside Back Back Page Full Page ½ Page ¼ Page On-line linked banner

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Thinking of teaching in the UK, earning pounds and travelling the globe? That’s exactly what thousands of South African teachers have done with the help of TimePlan. We are interested in Secondary and Elementary school teachers who have: • 4 year teaching qualification • Excellent spoken English • Eligible for a visa to work in the UK • SACE registration- this is compulsory- please visit for details Teaching careers have been greatly enriched by the experience of teaching abroad. Whether you wish to travel over weekends and school holidays or further your career with long term teaching jobs in England or Scotland, we can help! Start your overseas experience by APPLYING NOW or check out our Online Jobs Board to search and apply for some of our many teaching positions across England or Scotland. Your registration will be dealt with by our South African Recruitment Team who is eager and actively ready to support your personal and professional needs, whatever they may be. We help organise your paperwork, arrange an interview, and thus start the process of matching you in a primary or secondary teaching job across the UK. The service TimePlan offers is second to none. Take a look at our TimePlan TouchDown package. We're sure you will be impressed by the support we give our teachers. In fact, many of us are overseas teachers ourselves; we understand the sometimes daunting task of moving countries, continuing your career abroad and settling into a different way of life. With TimePlan, you will receive all the help and support you need to make your transition to the UK a smooth one. Once teaching in the UK, TimePlan is there to support you and holds fantastic monthly socials where you can meet other teachers whom have embarked on the same UK experience as you; compare experiences in the classroom and or experiences on your travels! Before teaching in the UK, we are sure you may have a number of questions you need answered. Here at TimePlan we are more than happy to answer any of these. You can email us at or call us toll free on 008 008 463 7526. You can also check out our Living in the UK, Teaching in the UK and FAQ’s sections. Apply Now for more information and let us help you get started teaching abroad in England or Scotland! Want to hear more about the UK experiences of fellow South African teachers? Check out our South African Teacher Profiles. We look forward to hearing from you!

Graphic & Web Design Studio is a graphic and web design company based in Essex and London. We specialises in offering you high quality & creative graphic and website design, with exceptional service and excellent standards. We offer services ranging from logo and business card design, to high quality websites that are designed and built using the latest technology. If you are looking for a company that you can rely on for all your web and graphic design needs, then search no further, as is exactly what you are looking for! You will be guaranteed * Exceptional service * Personal service * Professionalism * Affordable prices * Creative and original designs * Up-to-date web / graphic standards * Great turn-around times* Reliability

Visiting the United Kingdom from South Africa has it's challenges. We have decided to go back to basics to assist any potential visitors with relevant information concerning the requirements to visit the UK. This section describes the different types of visitor visa, and helps you to choose the right one for your circumstances. It also explains what you are allowed to do while you are in the UK as a visitor. Tourism and visiting friends If you want to visit the UK as a tourist or to stay with friends in the UK, you should apply to come here as a general visitor (or as a child visitor if you are under 18).There are restrictions on what you can do in the UK in these visitor categories. For example, you cannot get married. If you are an adult and you want to come to the UK as a tourist or to visit friends, you should apply to come here as a general visitor. To come to the UK as a general visitor, you must be able to show that: * you are 18 or over; * you intend to visit the UK for no more than 6 months (or 12 months if you will be accompanying an academic visitor); * you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit; * you have enough money to support and accommodate yourself without working or help from public funds, or you and any dependants will be supported and accommodated by relatives or friends; * you can meet the cost of the return or onward journey; and * you are not in transit to a country outside the 'Common Travel Area' (Ireland, the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). You must also be able to show that, during your visit, you do not intend to: * take paid or unpaid employment, produce goods or provide services, including the selling of goods or services directly to members of the public; do a course of study; * marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership; * carry out the activities of a business visitor, a sports visitor or an entertainer visitor; or receive private medical treatment. Information provided by UK Border Agency – correct at time of publishing

South African Market Matters Prepared by : Achumile Majija The South African Reserve Bank has again decided not to change the interest rates , maintaining them at 5% , the lowest rate recorded in the last 40 years. On the other hand, the inflation forecast has been upwardly revised for 2013-2014 to be 5.8% and5.2% respectively , partially as a result of inflationary pressures , depreciating exchange rate despite economic conditions, and the wage-price spiral effect. The rand has been declining against major currencies. This could be attributed to the continued labour arrest in primary sectors and the current account deficit , leading to poor foreign investment sentiment. The unstable currency is a concern, more so than the weakening rand. However , a weaker rand has some advantages: * the most obvious is that it will assist exporters in of-setting lower demand in Europe ( main trading partner for SA) * assist South Africa’s exports of value-added goods to Europe, where growth is expected to be sluggish for some time * Acts as a barrier against unwanted imports, in turn protecting domestic players Further volatility of the rand is on the horizon judging from the rand depreciation since the beginning of the year. This is in contrast with the past years when we experienced an overvalued rand that led to an increased supply of imports , outweighing the exports. All of these uncertainties point to a crucial need : for South Africa to diversify its trade to other dynamic emerging and developing markets and not only focus on developed nations with stronger currencies. Things to look out for State of the Nation address ( on the 14th February 2013) and the 2013 -2014 budget speech (on the 27th February 2013)

(Information correct at time of publishing)

ÂŁ65 The perfect gift for any Biltong lover!

4th Fulham High Street SW6 3LQ Fulham, United Kingdom Contact: 07853 669860

Order now and receive a free 100g bag of Freddy Hirsch spice of your choice ! The Biltong King Biltong Maker by Mellerware allows you to enjoy greattasting, home-made Biltong, Droe Wors, Dried fruit and Herbs.

The Abbey Road Studio is situated in a nineteenth century stately building. Nearby is the world’s most famous zebra crossing- where the Beatles album cover for their ‘Abbey Road’ album was shot. The studio was built as a family home in 1830. EMI began recording on the premises in 1931, the majority of the recordings were orchestral works. The Beatles first recorded at the studio in 1962, a four track demo, with battered equipment and instruments. The facilities at Abbey Road Studios are now considered among the best in the world. Numerous movies scores like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘Braveheart’ have been recorded at the studios. Sir Paul McCartney used to live around the corner from the studios and the Beatles recorded many of their greatest and musically elaborate songs there. ‘Help!’, ‘I want to hold your hand’ and ‘She loves you’ were all recorded at Abbey Road Studio. The building is actually home to four separate studios- the largest of which is able to hold a 100 piece orchestra and 120 person choir. On the top floor is the Penthouse Studio which incorporates a restaurant, licensed bar and two private flats. Though in 1983 the Studios were opened to the publicthis is no longer the case. However, for many Beatles fans the idea of visiting the area in which John Lennon and Paul McCartney lived and worked is an undeniably worthy journey.

ee s to

do o t

'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's comedy musical about a pair of hapless Mormon missionaries won nine awards at last year's Tony awards. It's so extravagantly sold-out on Broadway – and with such expensive tickets – that this wildly-anticipated West End production may conceivably find itself filled up with impatient New Yorkers flying over for a bargain. Mormonism being a largely American affair, it's conceivable that the musical –written with 'Avenue Q' creator Robert Lopez – may not have quite the same blockbuster impact over here. But it's unlikely: Parker and Stone enjoy an enormous fan base and considerable critical respect for their bluntly absurd satire and Broadway-pastiching songs (including the Oscar-nominated 'Blame Canada'). With 'Mormon's rapturous US reviews and liability to pull in the elusive heterosexual male dollar, the title of West End blockbuster of 2013 is its to win. The cast includes the two leads from the Los Angeles production, Gavin Creel and Jared Gertner. Opening on February 1, 2013, the View from the Shard is a two-level deck (the first enclosed, the second partially open to the elements) on floors 68 to 72 of the Shard, offering Londoners and visitors with a good head for heights panoramic, 360-degree views across the capital and beyond (up to 64 kilometres, or 40 miles in old money, on a clear day) from 244 metres (800 feet) up; almost twice the height of any other viewing point in London. Visitors travel in high-speed lifts that take just 30 seconds to reach the 'View', which also features multimedia displays and installations.

The experience includes tongue-in-cheek illustrations of famous Londoners past and present, including Margaret Thatcher and Karl Marx on a tandem and Vidal Sassoon and Vivienne Westwood giving Charles I a makeover. At ground floor level there are video screens and display panels showing digital maps of London and film footage of city life. In a decidely upmarket twist on elevator muzak, a soaring anthem recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Joyful Company of Singers provides the soundtrack to the ascent. In the viewing galleries, digital 'Tell:scopes' with large touchscreens enable visitors to explore the city around them in real time, identifying famous landmarks and places of interest, as well as offering annotated alternative day and night-time views of the capital.

Things for kids to do in London

Print me out and colour me in !

The New W Series Walkman The W Series Walkman is waterproof to 6.6ft. It has 4GB of storage, 13.5mm drivers and replaceable earbuds. Its battery lasts up to 8 hours, but a 3 min charge is enough for 1 hour of playback.

SoloShot A tripod that automatically follows a subject by tracking its complementary armband. We’re not sure what tech it uses, but apparently it can track a subject as fast as 140mph from up to 2000ft away.

Situated in the heart of Chinnor, The Wheatsheaf pub is one of Oxfordshire’s cosiest and dare we say it, most interesting pubs! South African cuisine on your doorstep Forget expensive flights. Why not sample the heady, exotic delights of South African food from right here in Chinnor? No passport required. As locals with a South African heritage, we bring together our flair for South African cooking, with a friendly local atmosphere and fun and games for all the family. We even offer pizzas to eat in or takeaway, if that’s more your bag. Whether our popular Quiz night, where you’ll enjoy our delicious South African ribs with an old fashioned pint, or relaxing on a Friday night with the girls and a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio, you can find what you need at The Wheatsheaf. Visit us all year round, from near and far Hardened local, or visitor from overseas, we’ll take good care of you. We pride ourselves on making all visitors feel at home and have a wealth of local knowledge that we’re dying to share with you. Of course, a good old natter and pub landlord banter is always guaranteed.


Alessandro Ferullo local Qi Gong teacher and health practitioner on the importance of restful, restorative sleep for the whole family Why is sleep so important for our health? Quality sleep affects our well-being possibly more than any other factor and is the basis of good health. Even if we exercise, eat well, take nutrition supplements and then sleep badly, the body does not get a chance to repair and restore itself so our health probably will suffer. What are some of the other benefits of good sleep? We tend to have a much more positive outlook (the mind-body connection), restored flexibility, people saying how well you look, no winter dip, fewer or no days off sick. Who are Nikken? Nikken is the top provider of energy and wellness products to the Japanese. Since 1996 the company has expanded in the UK and across Europe and is now in over 30 countries. In the UK we are realizing the importance of preventing illness in the first place and these technologies help us towards that goal. I have been using the Nikken Sleep System for several years and it combines the energy of the Earth (magnetic technology) and the energy of the sun (far infra red technology), a combination of features that work together to help you sleep better and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. It helps take the stress out of the body while we sleep and encourages the sleep that helps your body restore itself naturally. Please call for a free demonstration of the sleep system or ask for details on our bi-weekly Wellness Talk/in Wimbledon at the Antoinette Hotel, Wimbledon, 247-263, The Broadway, London SW19 1 SD Alessandro Ferullo Independent Wellness Consultant tel: 07747 113305 email:

A CAMPING GROUP FOR LIKE MINDED PEOPLE WHO MISS CAMPING SA STYLE, BIG GROUPS, LEKKER BRAAIS A CHANCE TO GET TOGETHER WITH OLD FRIENDS AND TO MAKE A FEW NEW ONES! Qokelela umZantsi Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:00am Hi Guys, It's what you all have been waiting for, our first camp of the New Year hosted by Sean & Graunya Bean at Osney Lodge Farm camp site, Byers Lane, South Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8JH to take place over the Easter Bank Hols. Lets hope for the hot start to the year we had this March & start the SA CAMPERS calendar with a BANG!!!!! Charges for the the camp will be a flat rate of ÂŁ8.00 per tent per night to include a free car space. This effectively gives almost a 30% discount to a medium size tent and almost 45% discount to a large tent. Please be aware this is a NON ELECTRIC camp!

The Stable Block The Stable Block offers comfortable accommodation for couples seeking a luxurious getaway, just a stone's throw from beautiful Porlock Weir. This cottage boasts a fabulous bedroom from where you admire the wonderful views of the terrace, garden and Porlock Bay from the juliette balcony. The king-sized bed offers the additional comfort of a television - cunningly hidden in the foot of the bed that rises up at the push of a button! A modern bathroom is located next to the bedroom and has a shower over the bath and heated towel rail. Downstairs an open-plan living and kitchen area provides a range of modern conveniences to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is a dining table for meals, although you may choose take advantage of the views and eat outdoors during the summer months.

For South Africans abroad home is a place far away but the land of our birth still lives in our hearts. Just the thought of its people, big skies and sun-drenched days can make us yearn for Africa quicker than Ladysmith Black Mambazo humming "hooomeless". Of course when it comes to the politics back home many of us have lost touch with what’s happening. But our country is still full of optimism and maintaining a democracy remains its best and brightest hope. Which is why your vote could be more important than ever in the 2014 National Elections. So take the first step and register to vote the next time you’re home. Make your mark for the country as much as for the candidates. Vote for South Africa itself. VOTE HOME. For more information contact This campaign is a DA Abroad initiative. For more information about the DA Abroad visit

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The Trophy is made of 200 ounces of sterling silver and is insured for ÂŁ55,000. It was designed by James Brent-Ward, a silversmith designer, and made by eight craftsmen at the London silversmith firm William Comyns. The inside of the Trophy was originally silver, but it became so tarnished from repeated fillings with champagne that it has been lined with 22 carat gold to protect it.

Back (L-R) Oupa Manyisa, Thabo Matlaba , May Mahlangu, Thuso Phala, Katlego Mphela, Siboniso Gaxa, Reneilwe Letsholonyane, Dean Furman, Tokelo Rantie, Thulani Serero Middle (L-R) Thabo Nthethe, Anele Ngcongca, Kagisho Dikgacoi, Wayne Sandilands, Itumeleng Khune, Zac van Heerden (Fitness Trainer), Senzo Meyiwa, Siyabonga Sangweni, Lerato Chabangu, Lehlohonolo Majoro Front (L-R) Serame Letsoaka (Assistant Coach), Tshepo Masilela, Bongani Khumalo (Captain), Gordon Igesund (Head Coach), Siphiwe Tshabalala, Bernard Parker, Alex Heredia (Goalkeeper Coach)

Legend in the Making ! Michael “Trouble Maker� Ramabeletsa is a rising star on the International Boxing circuit. Born in Soweto and growing up in Tokoza on the East Rand, he was always destined for bigger things. After completing his studies in Electrical Heavy Current, he took up boxing in 1997. Over the next 3 years he worked hard and became Eastern Gauteng and eventually Gauteng Champion. In 2001 Michael was runner up in the South African Championships and then claimed the title of South African Champion in 2002. A forced injury left him unable to box for 2 years but with the help of Dingaan Thobela he resumed his previous stature and started to box again. In 2008 he turned professional under Norman Hlobane's stable and got promoted by Rob's Promotions in Bloemfontein. Whilst at Rob's Promotions he received a call from Tony Harris from the United Kingdom. This was the start of his International career, at the Bristol Boxing Gym. He has since fought a number of bouts and in 2012 won the English champion, Ross Burkinshaw and won with a K.O in the 5th round. Michael's main aim is to have a shot at the Commonwealth title and then to move on to bigger and greater achievements He is very passionate about being able someday to give back to the communities that he grew up in and this is part of his future plans We will be keeping an eye on this legend in the making !

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