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Article By Kilal Porterfield

Bike Spotlight

I was frustrated. It was only supposed to be a simple bike review. My first one at that. Here it was sundown, just 48 hours before the deadline, and all I had accomplished was a day of disaster behind me. At the front door, I clumsily fumbled with the keys to my house to get inside, all the while clutching tight to my camera bag, laptop bag, leather jacket, and dinner I had picked up on the way home. The mood I was in, all I wanted was to get inside and forget the mess of a day. Once inside, I dumped my crap on the couch careful not to throw my food in with it. A simple bike review. “Lala, what were you thinking?” I questioned myself. Setting the food on the dining table. I stood there for a moment staring out the nearby window, soon spaced out and lost in thought. The Blue Wolf Customs bike “Wolf Moon” is a classic built two-seater street cruiser or some would argue it to be a chopper. The slim fishtail exhaust pipes ran nicely along each side of the bike in a perfect location and out of the way. It was the paint job and color

that attracted my attention to the bike at first. With a main color of night blue and black, the white specks give it the look of a nighttime sky or galaxy. The attraction to the bike and probably what inspired its name, was the wolves howling at the moon under the night sky painted on each side of the upper body tank. I also remembered taking note specifically to the black saddle bags that adorned the back of the bike. All in all, a well painted bike. Realizing that standing there lost in thought was not going to get anything done, I wandered back to my couch to seek out my laptop, obviously forgetting about my dinner. Food was the last thing on my mind. Plopping down on the couch, I reached for the bag and proceeded to set up the laptop to get to work.

The day had started normal, yet the drive to the bike destination proved to be the start of the disastrous day. For some reason traffic was heavier than usual this morning, on top of the fact I had failed to gas up beforehand, which was a norm for me. I had remembered cursing under my breath and hoping I could exit and beeline to the next sighted gas station before I was stranded. All the while I was worried, I was going to be late for my appointment with the bike designer and I hate being late. I was one of those nuts that always had to be early. “You’re such a nit wit Lala.” I had told myself right about the time the car started puttering. “Don't you do it!” I had yelled at the car slamming my hand against the steering wheel. Yeah, like that would get me farther. Putter... putter... putter...the sound continued to progress.

And join the suppor

rter group while you are at it

“Gas is just ahead; you damn well better hold out!” Yet still the car puttered as I finally made it to the exit, and just as I did so the vehicle died, leaving me to coast and maneuver it off to the side of the road and out of harm’s way. Curse words flew and the thought of having to walk for gas was upsetting. “A few more feet, you couldn't make it a few more feet?” I was late when I finally arrived. I was flustered but determined still. Having been handed the keys and told to test drive it,

I had stood there and watched the designer walk away. My focus now on the bike, I just realized I had to drive it. The SAA of a biker club, and I stared at it like I had never driven a bike before. And you will never guess what I did next. I started talking to it. “Be nice ok? I would really like to make it home in one

piece today.� I hadn't even bothered to look around to see if anyone was listening. Having straddled the bike, I had patted the tank and then proceeded to start the bike. Sitting there for a moment listening to the rumble of the engine before taking a deep breath and whispered, “It's now or never.� Balancing the bike carefully, off I went. The driving of the Wolf Moon proved the handling to be smoother than most bikes I had driven and made it easy to maneuver and move around corners and turns. It proved promising when traveling uphill as well, provided gear shifting was done accordingly. And for those that like going on those adventurous bike rides where you encounter jumps and loops, I'd be sure to shift into a higher gear. Repositioning myself on the couch, I still had not

written anything. Why was I stalling? Why was I making this article so difficult? All I could focus on was what kept going wrong that day. The ride itself proved to be successful for the bike, but my lack of direction was another story. Yes, I had gotten lost. A wrong turn found me in an unfamiliar location. It had

appeared to be a small district of some sort, small business lined up along the way. Aggravated with myself once more, I drove to find a way to turn around. I noticed the heads turning as I drove the Wolf Moon bike down the street, the loud rumble filling the air. “It's just a biker chick on a bike, what the heck are you staring at?� I recalled the question I had mumbled to myself. Up the way, there had been the police station I had passed on the way in, giving me assurance, I would soon be heading back in the

right direction. In that moment, I had a hard time not wishing the bike adventure was over. The bike itself includes the drive, idle and park poses but it is totally modifiable so you can do all kinds of adjustments to the look and even the paint. It also gives the capability of being able to add your own poses. Another neat feature that I found added to the bike was the flames it threw out the back when driving. There were probably more features than I really knew what to do with. It is ACS 7.0 Scripted and only 53 land impact. The bike sells for $1500L, which in my opinion, is a great price for a fully modifiable bike. So yes, I made it back alive to return the bike back to its owner, barely. And just when I had thought the chaos was over, I had tripped coming off the bike, landing smack on my butt. Remembering this triggered the soreness and made me groan. I would have to do better next time. I took this job for enjoyment, not to kill myself. Geesh! Looking down at the laptop at the blank page on the screen, I sighed. Best get this review written. It wasn't going to write itself. My name is Kilal Porterfield... also known as Lala. Here is my review on The Blue Wolf Customs Bike Wolf Moon.

Burning Passion Red Edition Bike Review By Laysundra

This month’s review is provided from Jaelyn Delicioso the owner of Southern Sass. The shop makes it’s home at Ice Custom Choppers, home of I.C.C, KHMC & DDMC sim .

The Burning Passion Red Edition is a flaming bike of zeal and speed. One will be mastering the roads of SL with ease with this bike. But does it stand up to it’s passion? We shall see!

Drive ability:


I must say that this bike handles well with top speed of 7 to where it won’’t get stuck in the walls of the road or buildings one might come across while driving. The Burning Passion Red Edition gives the driver and passenger a smooth ride on the roads of SL that you won’t feel any lag with how well it handles the curves, hills, jumps, loops, or any other obstacle the road may have.



This bike has a nice menu that is similar to other such bikes of it’s nature. It may carry a passenger and only was one park pose meant for when one is riding with a passenger. The Burning Passion Red Edition’s design is that of a sleek Harley with added red flames for the paint job that makes this bike look cool while on the roads of SL.

Affordability: Anyone can enjoy taking For just about 2000 lindens, the roads with this bike, you this is an amazing bike to so don’t want to miss out own today! on the fun and‌

In love with‌. Supernatural

Sadie Says Biker Fashion & Beyond, Around the Grid By Sadie Pierce

Happy New Year! A new decade has ascended on us and I hope these first few weeks have brought you prosperity and the hopes of a successful venture with all those New Year resolutions! Like for example a new outfit every week perhaps? Whatever they might be, make it the best year yet! And remember, I’d love to hear from you so, feel free to reach out to me and say hi. I can be reached at

Let’s Begin Narcisse has been a creator I’ve wanted to feature for quite sometime as the styles are spot on and versatile. From lingerie to smart outfits, there’s a wide range of choices. The store is vast and plenty of options to choose from. A lovely key to her displays are that if there’s an item featured in a picture? The item is right there for purchase; something that not all store owners do. It’s forever frustrating to see a top paired with a nice jean and NOT be able to find the jeans. Here? It’s not a problem!

Narcisse Narcisse is located on the Green Hollow sim in one of the standard store fronts you often see around the grid. It’s well laid out with the front being dedicated to group gifts, gift cards, joiners and the events wall. All members of the VIP group get 10% off instore purchases while wearing their tag. It’s $200L to join but you get a plethora of group gifts at your disposal once you do: 8 outfits and 6 sexy poses.


For my first selection I have chosen the Romy top and skirt. A deeply exposed neckline accentuates your curves and the skirt is flirty short with a waistband you can color in contrasting colors via the hud. Each piece is purchased separately, and both are priced at $189L each. Coming in 8 colors, you are free to mix and match these pieces to your heart’s content. I know many love doing that! I push for the fatpack whenever possible and this one is no different. (NOTE: As of this writing there is no accurate price for the fatpack.) Check this dynamite outfit out!

With the holidays behind us, you may not have a place to wear this next item, but I hope it inspires you to pick a venue for it anyway! The Crybaby Ruffle dress is so sweet and sassy, every girl needs it in their closet. Hip hugging lines keeps it ever so sexy and the ruffle adds that bit of innocence and is faintly sheer which allows a glimpse of what lies beneath-thighs of course! Priced at $249L for individual colors, which there are 16 to choose from or the fatpack which is priced at $1299L. A great price for ALL those colors!

The Lily Slip dress is simply amazing! Sheer lace accentuates the body and gives you a peak at the attached panties. Single colors offer a color change hud that allows customization of the edge piping. Coming in 16 colors, you’re going to have your work cut out for you trying to decide which color to choose. Make it at least two or better yet, opt for the fatpack and leave those worries behind. Single colors are priced at $249L while the fatpack sits at $959L.

My final selection is the Kitt ensemble featuring sleek, high waisted pants, a bustier and shrug. Each piece is sold separately allowing for full customization on your selections. The bustier can be worn alone or with the shrug and I suppose if you were daring the shrug too could be worn on its own. Let me know how your evening goes with that option! All pieces come in 8 colors to optimize the mixing and matching. The pants are priced at $189L each with the fatpack at $849L. The bustier is $179L for a single and $749L for the fatpack. The shrug is $699L for the fatpack and $149L for each single color.

I really love Narcisse and hope you’ll join me in supporting all they have to offer. It’s creators like this that deserve the attention and I for one love giving it! Check out Narcisse today and let them know that RideOut Magazine sent you, the most read biker magazine on the grid!


Fashion Events to Check Out This Month The Darkness Monthly– Until January 28th eBento– Until January 31st The Men Jail– Until January 28th

It's the end of the year, and that means that tonight we should celebrate. In RL I'm going to celebrate by sitting in a cabin in the woods - trying hard not to kill my mother in law who does nothing but bitch about everything and anything but that does mean that I can chillax in my Jammies, watch something silly on the TV when I don't have my nose in a book, and celebrate the New Year coming. It's not just a new year though, it's now a New Decade...

For Rudh though there's a chance to dress up pretty, look sparkly gorgeous and drink more than a little Champagne - her driver is away and while the cat's away the mouse will play so they say anyway - she's found herself somewhere beautiful in The Outer Garden, and has popped open a bottle of bubbly... Dressed in a gorgeous glittery Kaliyah dress from Decoy. Just one more thing, a quik last message from me for the year 2019... Happy New Year everyone... May this year bring you everything you dreamed of, and if that doesn't work, may this year be less crap than the last one hehe...

Twisted Torque

It’s a new year! The silly season is over, the Ol' Lady behaved during this season (though I believe it was due to my version of a prison work detail) and its time for a fresh start. So to start the year off right we started fresh. First the Ol' Lady was paroled. We decided we needed something different after all the work we have been doing.

So we jumped on my cruiser and headed to the most different place we know in the grid. Twisted Torque. The grid has a certain way of doing things. We all know it. We ride the tracks around the grid and know that certain rules apply. We tell our road captains, “When in doubt head up.” Not at Twisted Torque. Here it is like backwards day. Hence the perfect ride when you really need to shake it up. You notice right away that you’re going to have a different ride because the landing is clean. No clutter and grass as far as the horizon.

The dual clubs that host this territory have you drive down instead of up. The scenery is fresh and clean, Uncluttered by the buildings and city or town life we have all become so used to. We started down the road descending into the clouds. Watching as the pockets of mist flow around us then break open to sunshine and back through the next silvery mist. The euphoric feeling of driving through clouds is both visually stunning and somehow mentally soothing. We broke through the clouds to a stunning night sky that made the stars and celestial bodies seem close

enough to touch. The builders of this road added lights to the road making the visual effect of speeding down the road even when you’re taking your time. A smooth and calming ride was just the ticket for our overworked minds and bodies. I won’t swear to it, but I think I even heard the Ol' Lady snore just a bit till I jerked the bike enough to snap her back to alertness. Just as your mind starts to drift to that mellow center, we started to smell the acrid scent of fire and brimstone. I adjusted the grip on the bike to prepare for the change in road

textures. I was not surprised when the smooth ride turned to a body jarring texture of molten rock. We headed right for a skull image hiding the face of a tunnel, letting us know we were clearly not in Kansas anymore Toto. The thick air superheated and lined with that tell-tale smell of charcoal filled our senses as we motored through this abrupt change in scenery. The sudden heat snapping at your skin makes you feel like you could poof into ashes at any moment, as your glands rush to try and cool your

core, it was nothing less than excillerating. We popped through the last ring of fire to find ourselves transported to some sort of futuristic road design that reminded me a lot of the old Tron movie. Engineers of this road placed a blue kind of glow in the road giving off a facinating and nearly hypnotising way of making drivers alert to the side of the road. The effect made the Ol' Lady ask me what ever happened to the flying bikes we were promised completely out of the blue. It took me a minute of shaking my head to wrap my brain around what she was talking about. She took

it as me agreeing with her and not knowing the answer to her sudden question. Lucky me. Faintly on the air as we drove further down the road an odd sound greeted our ears that we just couldn‘t quite make out. As we drove closer to the sound it started to sound like those old arcades we used to visit as kids. The explination came clear as we spotted Mario on a flag pole and some huge coins in the middle of the road. I aimed my bike for the first one having some kind of programmed need to run

over each coin. The Ol' Lady made some kind of comment about way to many video games in my youth but I didn’t really hear it as my focus was clearly on collecting gold. Something had to pay for last year’s credit fiasco the Ol' Lady created and all the bikes built in the last couple months were not denting her shopping spree nearly fast enough. Confident I picked up the last available coin on the road we headed out of the Mario area with a smile on my face and a scowl on the Ol' Lady’s. Evidently she is not fond of all the circles

and cut backs I did to make sure I got them all. The road opened to a fall scene of color changing leaves and warm winds. A contrast to the current season I was excited to see. Anything is way better than snow that you would expect during this time of the year. We slowed down a bit to enjoy the fall colors when that familiar sound struck again. I gunned the bike and the Ol' Lady just moaned. (Not a good moan.) The closer we got the clearer it was. The unmistakable sound of

PAC MAN! Running over little dots in the road and smacking head on into ghosts, cherries and other video obstacles had me laughing manically. The Ol' Lady was not thrilled but since she was currently without a bike. (I sold hers after the shopping spree) she was pretty much stuck behind me, unable to do anything about my return to childhood.. The thought made me laugh louder. As we cleared the board, I was a little disappointed there was not another level, but it was getting late and running over dots does get old after a while. We made

our way further down the track. Suddenly I hear a squeal from the back. I screeched to a halt thinking something was horribly wrong only to find out it was the Ol' Lady excited that she saw a smurf of all things. I heard that aww aren’t they so cute before I tuned out whatever followed and slowly continued. I was all set to zip through this area but when I started to feel a crisp breeze I slowed down. Much to the delight of the Ol' Lady as she was wiggling around trying to get a look at as many smurfs as she could. My guess

about the cold breese was right. SNOW. It’s January, I expect it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. We stop long enough to don some coats and then head out with the Ol' Lady looking around like she has never seen the stuff before and me trying my best to get back to the warmth of the tropics as fast as I can without my fingers freezing to the handlebars. Thankfully it was a short bout of winter that opened up to an incredible rain forest full of asian architecture and buddhist temples and most importantly, WARMTH!

We put the jackets back in the saddlebags and slowly sucked in the incredible beauty of this land. The thick forest and rocky mountains with the white temples and jade statues were a contrasting wonder to see. The stone paved roads created a perfect scene Now this is the kind of things I can get into. Warmth, color and amazing architecture. The Ol' Lady of course was not pleased with the thick humid air and once again the tune out feature of my brain kicked in as the words friz and hair were combined into a sentence.

As we continued on, the rain forest gave way to pine trees and a more conventional road. Over looking the area from a curve in the road we found the club house. Expecting that our ride had come to an end we slowed down. As we reached the club house we realized there was more road to go. Glad that the end was not at hand yet we continued on without stopping to see if the club had some kind of meals they served or if it was just for dancing and partying. Mabye someone out there can let me know before I travel that way again.

As we followed the road away from the club house it opened up into clear skies and open spaces. A small town slowly grew to life as we approached. I nice little beach town much like you would find in the rural south. Incredible houses, wooden bridges and piers inviting you into the water. We kept following the road and it surprisingly lead under the water. The Ol' Lady yells ”Hurry! I cant’ hold my breath for so long!” I just shook my head and informed her that A. If she was holding her breath she couldn’t be shouting at me

and B. If there was no air the bike would have died long before we ran out of breath. She actually popped me in the back of the head.. There will be consequences. I digress. I don’t know how they did it but somehow they seemlessly incorporated some kind of tunnel to lead you through an underwater adventure without blocking your view of the incredible wonders of this ocean environment, complete with a ship wreck. We slowed down the bike so we could take in all the amazing visions this part of the ride had to offer. Much too soon we found

ourselves headed back up to where we had been. Another Twisted feature of this land is the road will head you right back to where you have been. A must see easy ride for any club to go on. Corner your Road Captains and have them book it soon. It is short enough to do in a single trip and well worth the ride.

3000+ Meters of an amazing ride Bring your friends Plan a ride out with your MC



Geared Up Did everyone have a fabulous holiday? I sure hope so! Well hey, guess what? It is now 2020 and if you're here its crazy. I thought we would all be living in perpetual war and hunger by 1984 but here we are, sipping lattes, indulging in online relationships, online shopping and adopting gluten free diets. But seriously folks, I wish you the best in the new year, hope it's amazing!

Let's get on with it shall we? My first track of the year is a goodie. I am visiting Grumpy Goats and Viking Boats, home of Dixie Outlaws. The sim is found on the TP board as Grumpy Goats and not DOMC. Why? Well initially, the sim was named that as a gag and the members eventually just got used to the name and in perfect 1% fashion, this MC stuck with Grumpy Goats and Viking Boats instead of their MC name because it's really all about cutting your own path. President Zakk Northman has created a clean and easy riding experience with a double wide track, beautiful surroundings, open rez and a low-lag ride for any skill level of rider.

Landing on sim, the surroundings are beautiful. Living up to its name, there are actual Viking boats! The town site is thoughtfully built, looks great in the setting sun and is just cool as hell. Please be sure to wander over to the war memorial. It's always worth a moment to stop by and check it out as time and thought were taken to add it. It sits off the corner of the sim in a spot with a view. Drive down main street and it'll bring you to a windy little road that will deliver you to the start of the track. From here its smooooth sailing lovelies!

The track is good and tight. Zakk's attention to detail in piecing this immense track together is pretty dope considering it has gone through so many alterations in the past year and a half and will surely weather a few more in the future. Your talents are well noted Zakk, as I can cruise this road in sixth gear without hitting a wall or falling to an untimely demise. I even have the freedom to check out the majestic mountain range surround and the northern lights while driving because of the fluidity of the road itself.

When you get to a height of 691 meters, the road goes along a street of shops up for rent. There are a few already taken but talk to Zakk if you're interested in renting a storefront for your business.

With the presence of the northern lights, it's best to do this drive in the dark. Make sure you turn on your headlights though. Mythologically, the Vikings believed that the northern lights illuminating the sky were the reflections of the Valkyries’ armour as they led the warriors to Odin. A little digging though and you will find that each culture has a history about the reason behind the northern lights. To keep the beauty of those myths, I won't divulge the truth about their existence. Regardless. they are a magnificent site to behold.

This extensive drive will take you past interesting and colorful spots and one of my favorite areas was one of two prefab installments. The first one you go through is fashioned after an english countryside and it is quite charming. The second one is just as pretty, depicting a sweet drive through the mountains.

Your journey ends with a glaring yellow sign. Not ominous but curious! Stay tuned and be sure to return to Grumpy Goats And Viking Boats to see whatever additions Zakk and the rest of DOMC have in store for future construction. Be sure to grab a ride request NC and book a rideout to experience this well constructed and ever-changing track. Thanks to DOMC for a great place to ride. Tey

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The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 31, January 2020

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 31, January 2020