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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

Contributors Special thanks to the individuals who have contributed to this issue of The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine! Sankofa, Writer

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Bishop, W riter

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Amanda Craig, W riter

Patrick Ross, Writer !

Ross Guity, Writer Blog:

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Essince, Interviewer Http://

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…Poetry In Motion, Unlimited Songwriter and Sex Appeal

Experience the presence of Mija. Rough and ready vocals. Smooth and sensual lyrics. Mija engulfs the listener with a tasty blend of lustrous tracks and passionate vocals with a jagged edge to them. Mija that effortlessly grabs every ones attention. The ladies love the ST. Louis native son and the brothers appreciate that he musically expresses their thoughts. The performing songwriter Mija began his music career at the sweet innocent age of 6 by learning to play the drums. He grew up in a rough neighborhood called Kinloch in St. Louis Mo. but, chose the right path away from his troubled surroundings. Mija grew up in a musical household with many aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all multi-talented along with mom and dad singing. He was inspired to the music business early on. Having my mom on the road and watching her practice and perform many shows made me want to be a performer as well. At 10 years of age, Mija started writing songs and became a self taught DJ and mixed tapes.. My family had a recording studio in the basement and I hung out and learned about the art of making music. Those experiences led him to actively pursue a career as he believes that singers should put their all into perfecting their craft. Enthralled by his performances Multi-talented Mija spent his teenaged years rapping and singing in a few local groups and as he honed the skills, he learned how to work the crowed. To experience Mija would be to experience his live performances. In my songs, I say things no one else would say. Mija is an extraordinary talented and a multi-genius. Song writer, singer, producer and newly found talent of Directing is just among a few god!given gifts in his domain.

The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you get started? Mija: The musical background of our family runs deep and rich in its essence. Our (Mija, Rekha and TM) grandfather was an internationally known blues legend by the name of Timothy Cooper a.k.a. 'Little Cooper' and the Drifters. He was the head producer on Ike Turner's Album titled "East St. Louis- The Stevens Sessions". He also had a platinum single called "Evening Train". I guess our grandfather planted the seed of his musical legacy into the rest of his children and grandchildren through our grandmother. This was our influence and our family was very talented. My (Mija and Rekha) mom 'Sharron Allen' was a singer and so was my (Mija) father. Mijas' father 'Clifford Miller' is one of the lead singers in 'A Moment In Time" a.k.a Seattle's Starbucks Singers. With all of this musical DNA embedded deep within our souls, we had no choice but to follow their footsteps. Mija started doing music as early as 5 yrs old and is also the beginning of Kamlegaze Productions. Rena Houston was also born into the music industry. Her grandmother was a gospel singer singing with her family and a background singer for Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, and etc. Her mother was a solo singer for her home church choir. She was also a background singer for Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross and sang duets with Jermaine Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, and etc.

TRL: Please describe your music style for those who aren’t familiar with you! Mija: Our music style is extremely universal. We never put any sort of limitations on our musical projects. Dealing with us in a studio session may lead you into a world of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Country and even a little bit of Classical on a good day. We truly love all genres of music and so therefor label ourselves and style of music as being unlimited.

TRL: Who are your musical influences? Mija: Our musical influences are Michael Jackson, Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmunds, Led Zeppelin, Patti Labelle, Beethoven, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Beyonce, Faith Evans, Jill Scott, Adele, Cindy Lauper, Michael McDonald, Elton John, Michael Bolton, Rod Steward, Dolly Pardon, Janet Jackson and the great Whitney Houston just to name a few.

TRL: Describe your creative process when you’re songwriting! Mija: The creative process of Kamlegaze Productions (Mija, Rena Houston, TM, and Rekha) is organic in its nature. As the great late Michael Jackson once said, 'The music writes it's self. In order to form the music you must become the music.' When we are songwriting we focus on giving the audience a fragment of our lives through experience of our inner souls, we begin painting a picture through deep meditation giving unto you. We sit in a room with our ink pens, notebooks and open minds and we free style on the mic with our subconscious thoughts connected directly to the Creator. We cannot do anything without the guidance of God who constructed architectural proficiency in our DNA to form an outstanding song.

TRL: What advice would you give to a new artist/group that’s just starting out? Mija: My (Rekha) advice to a new artist/group would simply be to just be yourself, I feel that there's no need to fake who you are as a person. Who cares about what others think of you. YOU'RE the one making money! It's all about entertainment.!


Born and raised in Harvey, IL, Ebony Archer has been using her gift of music since an early age. At the age of six, she started singing in her church where her gift was discovered. In the year of 2000, Ebony joined Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago at the age of eight. With this gospel group, Ebony has sung in front of audiences of ranging numbers and have shared the stage with many famous names in the industry such as Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Donnie Mcclurkin, and the list continues. Through the musical experiences, vocal training, and learning how to have great stage presence; it has molded Ebony into a gifted singer and because of her inspiring voice, she is now known as the “Inspirer”.

Now at the age of 21, Ebony will be released her  first  EP  called,  “The  Breakthrough”   in early 2014 underneath her independent label, Inspired By Purpose Inc. The EP is an upbeat, inspirational record that features the styles of Whitney Houston, Cece Winans and Aretha Franklin with a new generational approach. This upcoming project will be leaded by the new single called,  “Gotta  Believe  In  Me”  which  is  distributed   worldwide on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, and many digital retail outlets. The pop tune is an inspirational  song  to  motive  the  listener.  “The   Breakthrough”  is  a  highly  anticipated  recorded  

from her  fans.  “She  is  the  Voice  of  this   generation”  quoted  by  Mathell  Givens,  radio   personality of The Big Gospel Express 1570AM.

Yet, Ebony is not only a songbird, but she is an entertainment mogul in her own right. She is the Executive Producer of Youth Speak Out TV Show. The TV Show airs every Tuesday on Comcast Channel 19. The TV Show will air on Dish Network nationwide on Video on Demand in September 2013 and on nationally on TLN in November. With her influence in media and entertainment, Ebony will be producing and filming her national music video her hit single, “Gotta Believe  In  Me”.  The  music  video  will  be   played in malls across the country and will be airing on major networks (BET, Nickelodeon, etc.) Ebony  is  also  the  author  of  “The  Inspirations  of   Life”,  which  was  released  in  October  2012  and   now is available on Through her gifts and talents, Ebony is determined to make a positive impact in the communities and throughout the world. For the true motivator behind her vision is: “To  Uplift  the  Spirit,  Encourage  the  Heart,  and   Inspire  the  Individual”

Ebony’s gifts  of  music  and  entertainment   will help mold her into one of the greatest singers and entertainment moguls of all time. Visit to learn more information about Ebony.

Adam Stanton by William Kryjak

His song with you is an RnB / pop fusion, reminiscent a bit of earlier Robin Thicke. The beat is engaging, and while the topic is well-worn territory I found it in my head the following days. Forging his own path via YouTube, Adam has been able to reach a large audience through his fun, inventive videos. The music business is a difficult one to crack, but his persistence and hard work seem to be paying off. A lot of his uploaded videos are covers - popular songs with Adam’s signature take that breath new life into radio repeats. His cover of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” is something really fresh, and his cover-collaboration with Jess Moskaluke of the Rascal Flatts’ song “Easy” strikes an almost personal chord. Adam Stanton is definitely coming up with nearly 50,000 YouTube subscribers and new videos uploaded on a regular basis. Do yourself a favor and check out some of his stuff. Song: "So Much" Faceboook: ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!where !

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Black Nevada by Patrick Ross

Black Nevada is a four-piece alternative rock band that hails from their hometown located in Shildon / Bishop Auckland, UK. Shildon is a town in County Durham, it is situated 2 miles south east of Bishop Auckland and 11 miles north of Darlington. Shildon is considered to be the “cradle of the railways’. It is through the efforts of Timothy Hackworth that the town’s connection with the birth of the railways industry is known. The Civic Hall in Shildon is probably one of the best venues for music in the North East. The sound of the hall is of quality and exceptional standard, and is fast gaining a well-deserved reputation as a quality NE venue for Rock, Punk, Indie, and 60’s music. There are regular shows by premier tribute local bands and named bands, which covers most people taste in music and is the hidden gem of the NE music scene. Among the hidden gem is Black Nevada. The bands members are Jordan Bailey on guitar and vocals, Anthony Fish on bass and backing vocals, George Tait playing lead guitar, and Cameron Dunn on drums. When the band was first formed, they began by playing cover songs by groups such as You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis, Foo Fighters, Muse, and Young Guns. Inspired by these bands and gaining experience by gigging locally, they made a conscious decision to start writing their own material, so as to become known for their own music and style.


Bassist Anthony Fish says that he got inspired by seeing the band Blink 182 on TV, and that led to his learning guitar and eventually bass. As he just wanted to be in a band. Friends with Jordan Bailey since the age of twelve, Jordan become inspired by seeing Anthony in a band, he learned to play the guitar. Eventually after he begins to be good at playing, he and Anthony decide to form a band. While in college Anthony meets Cameron in some classes they attended together and begins talking about the band. Along comes George while still at college and he decides that he wants to come on board also joining the band. While their musical taste are varied it all gels together seamlessly well. Anthony and Jordan have pop-punk backgrounds, while George has more Iron Maiden influences along with Cameron bring a heavier flavor and depth to the sound of the bands music. They were originally calling themselves “The Fallen” but then renamed themselves “Black Nevada” due to the many bands that had already named themselves “The Fallen”. Their music is fueled with “high octane energy, heavy breakdowns, catchy riffs, and hooks that will have you singing in no time” as they describe themselves. All of the member contribute and has input into their compositions on the current sophomore release distributed by Red Dragon Records. The band was formed in January 2012 and the EP entitled “Rising Evolution” was released on March 2013. Looking forward to more Black Nevada. gTP6mIohCQk O O O

where creativity lives !

O C T O B E R / / 11



Teenage!and!music!go!hand!in!hand,!and!George!Barnett!is!out!there!proving!it!each!time!he! holds!a!musical!instrument.!England’s!popular!guy!is!talented!in!not!just!singing!and!song! writing,!but!he!can!also!play!guitar,!bass,!piano,!drums!and!more.!Explore!what!recording,! playing!and!editing!can!be!like!for!George!Barnett!and!his!band!The!Ninth!Wave!be!like!at!! Beginning!musical!aspirations!to!be!a!drummer,!a!title!of!The!Young!Drummer!of!the!Year!in! 2008!drove!this!young!artist!to!wring!songs!as!well.!In!March!2012,!he!released!his!first!album! titled!17!Days.!Since!then!there!is!no!turning!back!for!George,!as!the!amazing!talent!even! shoots!and!edits!his!videos!too.!Listen!to!some!of!the!great!tracks!by!this!genius!right!here:!! Media!is!also!showering!numerous!praises!about!the!new!video!Animal!Keeper!released!by! this!promising!superstar.!Ryan!Seacrest!described!it:!George!Barnett!evokes!the!inner!beast!in! ‘Animal!Keeper’!video!in!an!interview!with!the!artist.!The!complete!tour!schedule!can!be! found!for!George!Barnett’s!live!performances!in!UK!on!his!website.!You!can!watch!his!new! video!right!here:!!In!coming!years,!you!will!see! George!exploring!the!horizons!of!the!music!world.! !

! !


Andrew Huang

by William Kryjak

To say that Andrew Huang’s style is hard to describe would be an understatement. To say that Andrew Huang is prolific without being redundant would also be an understatement. This man may or may not be the absolute embodiment of creativity. With a growing catalog of beats, songs, mixes, and more spanning almost every musical genre, to say Andrew Huang is talented may be the biggest understatement of all. His detail-oriented approach is one of the things that lets him create such a diverse range of sounds. However as technical as the songs are they still have a playful edge that resonates with Huang’s own personality. His dubstep/electro cover of the A-Ha song “The Sun Always Shines on TV” is just one example of the well of talent Andrew is drawing from. Along with a fresh mix, he has an interesting video that only serves to highlight his potential. Another incredible video is Andrew playing the “Breaking Bad” theme song using - get this - all items that you might find in a meth lab; it’s something you just have to see to believe. Definitely take a look at his YouTube channel, and keep an eye on this rising star. With his mixture of talent, creativity, and a certainly prolific work ethic, it is an exciting time for Andrew Huang. Website:! !

Yuri Koller

by Maria Bianco

Since the age of five, Yuri Koller has had a passion for music, and over the years, this passion has actualized into a way of life for Koller as he braves the path to becoming the next R&B star. In the early stages of his development, Koller worked with friends to write hooks for songs and assisted in producing songs. He would then move on to pursuing a musical education at the Trebas Musical Institute. It didn’t take long for Koller’s musical desires to extend far beyond the scope of a traditional classroom. After two semesters at Trebas Musical Institute, he left school to pursue a musical career on his own. What sets Koller apart from other young artists is not only his unparalleled love for music, but also his keen sense of self-awareness. By never forcing himself to pursue music by conventional means, Koller was able to fully develop himself as an artist in his own time and on his own terms -- an accomplishment that many young artists have difficulty achieving. Since his departure from Trebas Musical Institute, Koller has worked with various producers -- Boi 1da, Beat Merchant, Y-Not, to name a few -- who helped him get his music out to the world. He received major recognition for writing and providing vocals for the verse and hook on, “Fatherhood (Rayne Dior),” off the album Warning Shots 2. The song was critically acclaimed for its beauty on major blogs and websites, which only support Koller’s credibility as a skilled lyricist and smooth vocalist. Other notable successes include opening for Diddy’s band Day 26 and winning an online contest that earned him the opportunity to open for Drake’s 1st Annual OVO Fest in Toronto, a festival featuring artists such as Jay-Z, Eminem, Fabolous, and others. His most first album Point of No Return debuted in 2011 and was an honest, genuine depiction of Koller’s life experiences and involvement in the music industry. Listeners can relate to and admire Koller’s authenticity, craftsmanship, and talent because he truly has created himself as an artist and individual over the years. Never straying from who he is, there is no doubt that Koller will continue to master his musical artistry for years to come.

For more Yuri Koller, visit his YouTube and Soundcloud channels as well as his Facebook: Song: "Always" Song: "Shotgun" Song "High Beams" Faceboook:


August Storm


Global!sensation!gathering!all!the!crowd!cloud!is!the!August!Storm,!this!artist!along!with!the!band!The! Arkadians!are!creating!waves!in!Rock!and!Pop!music!world!of!Sydney.!If!you!are!already!curious!about! this!promising!musical!voice,!find!out!more!about!her!at!! She!loves!to!smile!and!feels!stronger!inside!out!especially!when!the!guitar!strings!strum,!August!Storm!is! perfect!artist!in!every!way.!More!fans!are!eager!to!find!out!the!ongoing!work!by!August,!some!artists!are! counting!on!performing!with!August!on!the!stage.!Her!latest!song!“What!Are!You!Waiting!For?”!is!a!big! hit,!not!just!in!the!Alternative!and!Rock/!Pop!music!world,!but!beyond!the!genre!as!well.!You!can!check! out!all!the!details!about!this!band!at!! If!you!want!to!listen!to!great!music!in!Australia!check!out!where!they!will!be!performing!next!or!follow! Storm!on!twitter!at!!The!song!“Won’t!Let!This!War”!clearly!tells!how! powerful!her!voice!is!and!the!ideas!behind!her!musical!works.! The!tracks!like!“Compass”!and!“Videogame”!appeal!to!all!listeners!seeking!a!connection!with!their!inner! Storm.!You!can!know!all!about!this!popular!band!at!! !

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O C T O B E R / / 19


DJ Romain

Brooklyn, NY

Romain Gowe, better known as DJ Romain is a Brooklyn native that has built his foundation of house music on classic soul, rare groove, disco, hip hop, and dancehall to form a signature sound that holds strong to this day. Recently influenced by the current sound in Deep and Tech, Romain is poised to slam out release after release through his resurgence as label owner of Nu Deep Faze which will be focusing on the that sexy, soulful Deep Tech sound that is taking the world by storm. His other label Metro Trax, hits the heart with lush mash ups of disco and rare groove with hip hop influence. Romain's ability to think up a groove and idea is crystalized in seconds as he scrambles into his record stacks, pulling his concept out in the matter of a New York minute. You may enjoy his body of work through an immense discography, which includes his alias as Romatt featured on Steve Lawler's "Dark Drums" with his smash single "Froggy'z Congaz". I was recently blessed with an opportunity sit with the man himself for an exclusive interview……….

How long have you been a DJ/Producer? Romain: I started djing professionally around (1986) my 1st proper NYC dj gig was at (Save The Robots) which was an "After Hours" club on avenue A between 2nd&3rd avenue and had a 8 year residency from (86 to 94) during that time I got to play at some the best clubs in NYC (Limelight, Tunnel, USA, Nells, Wonderbar, Sound Factory Bar, and many others I cant remember lol

Who are some of your biggest influences in dance music? Romain: When I was 14 I used to go to the park and hear djs spin, at that time one of the djs I heard was named (dj Flowers) he was more of a local Brooklyn dj and would mix his ass off, so as far as technical mixing and riding beats on time, he was the 1st person I heard do that, then I used to listen to (Tony Humphries) on the radio on (Kiss he would have the late night master mixes on (fri&sat) that was my early influences, now i listen to a wide range of dance music, I like (Seth Troxler, Dyed Soundrom, Art Department, Darrius Syrossian, Tales Of Us, Jimpster, Dusky) just to name a few, I am feeling where they are going with the music today pushing the envelope,

Who are your biggest influences in all other music? Romain: Wow do you have time for my long ass list lol, I will try to make it short, I grew up listening to disco, soul, funk I was influenced by (Roy Ayers, Salsoul Orch, Tom Browne, Pet Shop Boys,M.F.S.B. Karen Young, Parliament Funkadelic, Barry White.

Why have you chosen NY as your home front in music? Romain: Well I did not choose NY, NY chose me lol, I was born & bred in Brooklyn and grew up in the 70's around a lot of different music, my parents were from Jamaica, so I listen to a lot of reggae growing up, then moved up the musical ladder to hip hop disco Latin R&B I travel around the world but when I’m back in NY that’s were I get my inspiration, going thru my old records, or walking in the hood there is so much music going on its hard to not have musical ideas busting out my head.

What was your favorite time period in the NY dance music scene and compare it to now? Romain: I would definitely say the (90's) in NYC was the best for me, during that time I the music was so fresh, I played in most of the NYC clubs during that time and you could play a variety of music in a dj set, hip hop reggae house music disco classics all in one night

Who is your Favorite Global DJ/Producer right now? Romain: I like what (Stacy Pullen) is rocking at the moment, he is very innovative.

What Global party would you die to play at right now? Romain: I would love to play (EXIT) in subia that’s a big party that lasts like 4 days straight I would tear that spot down lol

What current production projects are you most excited about, and which previous projects are you most proud of? Romain: I am re-launching my (Metro Trax) in Oct of 2013 I originally started metro trax back in (2000) my big hit on that label was a track called "Philly's Groove" I did with Danny Krivit back in (2001) it was licensed to Defected in (2007)

What collaborations are you a part of at the moment? Romain: Currently I am working with a friend in the UK (Vincenzo Siracusa) we have an album coming out on a label out of Canada called "Mixed Signals" we go under the name "The Playerz"

What labels are you working with and what tracks do you have coming out? Romain: I have a vocal spoken word project out "now “on (Papa Records) UK produced by legendary dj/producer (Jon Cutler) the track is called "4-Real" so this is my 1st project where I’m the "Artist" so far getting great reviews, I’m releasing a project on my metro trax label Oct. 1st called "The Re-Birth e.p." The track is named "Are U Really Sure" a disco sample track

Do you have any important DJ gigs coming up? Romain: I have an event coming up on Sept 27th in a (church) on Ave A & 10th Ave promoted by Garvito Entertainment strait "deep house' should be really good

Where do you see dance music heading towards in the next five years? Romain: I see it going back to the early 90's vibe of original "house music" with a NEW twist because of the technology and new music programs, the younger producers have (YouTube) so they can listen to a late 80's early 90's house track, and get influenced by it being they probably was very young or not even born yet when this thing called house music jumped off, so its time to recycle old is NEW again.

Jaga Glassman Jaga$is$making$some$good$impressions$in$the$Jazz$ community$and$in$the$industry.$She$has$a$very$smooth$ and$soothing$voice$in$which$the$grown$and$sexy$will$ appreciate$her$music.$She$is$not$your$typical$artist$but$ then$again$who$is$looking$for$typical. Jaga$lives$for$music$as$music$is$her$life.$Jaga$Glassman$ has$been$blessed$to$come$across$the$right$team$at$the$ right$time$and$together$her$dreams$and$aspirations$are$ coming$true.$Her$sound$and$music$has$been$considered$ to$be$as$smooth$and$sweet$as$a$very$fine$wine.$Her$two$ singles$"Come$on$Down"$and$"Waves$Rollin$In"$are$ receiving$a$lot$of$radio$play$and$is$getting$a$lot$of$ attention$across$the$internet.$It$is$said$that$"there$is$a$ time$for$every$artist"$and$it$appears$that$this$is$her$ time.$Jaga$has$defied$the$odds$as$it$is$a$known$fact$that$ age$is$such$a$major$factor$in$the$music$industry$but$with$ all$the$attention$on$the$age$of$these$up$and$coming$ artist$the$music$is$losing$the$attention$it$deserves.$Jaga$ is$here$to$give$us$a$friendly$reminder$that$"Age$is$ nothing$but$a$number".$She$has$songs$that$are$made$for$ an$enjoyable$night$out$to$songs$that$are$made$for$love.$ If$you$want$to$sit$back,$relax,$and$enjoy$a$smooth$sound$ then$Jaga$is$here$for$your$listening$pleasures. Although$I$know$that$I$am$not$your$typical$artist$as$far$as$age,$I$am$here$because$I$love$music.$I$ have$been$singing$and$performing$for$years.$I$have$what$it$takes$to$maybe$feel$some$of$the$void$ there$is$for$the$older$sophisticated$crowd$that$would$like$to$have$some$real$adult$music.$I$really$ hope$that$you$allow$me$this$chance$to$share$not$only$my$dream$but$my$music$with$the$world. Facebook









Journey%is%the%best%part%of% reaching%your%destination;% nothing%describes%it%better% than%music.%To%enjoy%the% lyrics,%you%have%to%listen%to% sound%track%and%Josh% Herbert%allows%listeners%to% indulge%in%every%bit%of%it.% This%singer%and%songwriter% from%Pittsburgh,%PA%has% thousands%of%fan% following.%You%can%join% them%too%through:% erbertmusic.% Josh’s%music%is% reverberating%not%just%in% popular%hangouts%of%Los% Angeles,%but%everyone%can% access%his%music%through% iTunes%or%watch%the%latest%video%releases%on%YouTube%website:% Singing%and%songwriting%comes%naturally%to%Josh%and%constant%buzz%on%the%social%media%from% fans%and%music%lovers%keep%him%going%towards%an%amazing%journey%of%sound.%His%latest%hit% ‘Everythings%Alright’%makes%you%want%to%lose%yourself%in%the%sweetness%of%the%track.%You%can% lend%an%ear%to%it%right%here:% In%the%ever%changing%world%with%cut%throat%competition,%originality%is%the%main%attraction;%Josh% has%all%the%uniqueness%of%a%gifted%artist.%There%is%no%turning%back%now%on%this%journey%of%creating% amazing%music.%Keep%going%Josh%Herbert,%we%will%follow%right%behind.

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Brooklyn James Singer/Songw riter Br00klyn James is a California native. As a young singer, she got her start in church and currently, her vocals can be heard on the Gospel projects of Stellar Award Winning Pastor Kenny Smith “RISE”, Joi Carr, Darron Jones “SPIRITUAL EXPRESSIONS”, and John “Jay” Green “A SONG for HAITI”. BROOKLYN has taken the stage as an actress, dancer, and singer. She also has been a support vocalist for Brandy, Ray J, Onitsha Hernandez (the Church Girl), and Warren G. Most recently, she was featured on the much anticipated Augie’s Side Effect album “ABOUT TIME” on which she co-wrote the title track. BROOKLYN has written and co-written countless songs as a BMI songwriter, including the title track for the movie “SAVE THE LAST DANCE.” Fluent in Spanish, she co-wrote the song “Oro Olympico” for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She has made appearances on the ABC Morning News, MTV, KCAL9, KNBC4, Telemundo KVEA52, and FOX. BROOKLYN always finds the time to give back to her community. She is a teen mentor and graduate of the University of Southern California. She also tutors teens that are struggling in their studies, especially in the area of mathematics. Professionally, she is looking to collaborate with talented musicians, songwriters, producers, choreographers, investors, etc. who can help her take her career to the next level. ! !

DaForce Dawg (Unknown Source Music) Artist: DaForce Dawg Facebook: Twitter:

Force Dawg is known for his free-flowing rap style over hitting hip-hop beats. At the tender age of five, Daforce was introduced to his first instrument, the guitar and at age nine, he was introduced to the drums. Neither instrument was enough to satisfy his thirst for musical knowledge but they helped shape his producing skills and aspirations. Daforce started his first band at 10 and took part in grade school talent shows. The breakthrough of rap/hip-hop music on the mainstream played an instrumental part in his adolescent years. Artists like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Erik B and Rakim and many others, became influential in his music direction. Writing lyrics all day made it difficult to concentrate on school-work. Daforce’s first home studio was the beginning of many early demos and he finally released his first single in 1994. Then a second single and an EP a few years later. Currently Force dawg is about to drop his third single to support his video. The full-length album will follow shortly after. His skills as a producer has made him sought after by many independent artists. Smokin Ya Prod is one of many new projects he is developing. Unknown Source Music is the label he signed to currently.

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Maxine Reyes Maxine Reyes is a multi-talented, Jamaican born; performing artiste, whose array of talent also includes songwriting, modeling and acting. She migrated to the U.S.A as a teenager where she developed her creative talent and stage presence to become the vibrant, energetic performer she is today. This songstress’ incredible talent, coupled with her striking and infectious smile, soulful and sultry voice as well as her pleasant personality has led her to perform at many prestigious events. These include singing the U.S. National Anthem for the President of the United States of America at the Miami Arena, at the IBF World Championship on SHOWTIME television with Don King, at Capital City Military Gala, at the Sacramento Convention Center, at Arco Arena, at the Marlins’ opening ceremony and at the Florida Medical Association’s Annual Convention for the Delegates. She has also toured Japan briefly, singing her original songs. Maxine’s sound displays her versatility to sing a wide genre of music. From Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Classical, Island Country, and Latin all infused with the elements that make the pulsating genre of Reggae from her native island of Jamaica so adored across the world. Maxine is a patriot and has served in both the United States Air Force and the United States Army as an Enlisted Airman and a Finance Officer respectively. With a mantra of encouraging higher learning at every opportunity, she currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management as well as a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. Maxine is an advocate for human rights especially among children. She adopted her Primary school in Marlie Hill, Manchester, Jamaica; where she founded the Doctor Bird Scholarship as an avenue for giving back to children and their educational needs in the parish. She also volunteers with different organizations in her local community from the children’s hospital, homeless shelter, Boys and Girls Club, mentoring young people at local schools, and collaborating with organizations that helps wounded veterans and their families to name a few. She deployed in support of ‘Operation Unified Response’ to Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. Maxine is the proud mom of a 3 year old and the loyal wife of an Army officer, and currently resides in the U.S.A. She looks forward to gracing you, her audience across the world.

Eric Seats Next Great Drummer Show Hello all in MD land! I’m Eric Seats, drummer, producer, and creator of the Next Great Drummer show. A little bit about my background: I got my first taste of drumming from my dad, Leroy Seats, who is to this day my favorite drummer ever. I had my first set at the age of two, and played better than I could even talk. I attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and played mostly jazz and big band tunes. After graduating I received a full scholarship from the Dolo Coker Foundation and attended Cal Arts Institute. My first “real” tour came in 1996 with R&B artist Montell Jordan. That’s when I made the choice to pursue music as a full-time career. Since then I have had the pleasure of touring and recording with artists such as Patti LaBelle, the late Aaliyah, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, DMX, Jon B., Lalah Hathaway, En Vogue, and many more. I have met so many drummers along the way who ask how I got started. That was the inspiration for creating a show where drummers could show their skills and get great advice from people in the business. Exposure is the key to success a lot of times, and NGD is a great way to gain just that! This show started in June of 2008, and has grown so much since then—and continues to grow to this day. We here at NGD are a very dedicated group with huge dreams, visions, and plans that include assisting in the exposure of drum playing to young men, women, and children across this nation and to assist them in furthering their drum careers. Our first event was held in the parking lot of Spaun Drums (which is the drum company I endorse), and there was an enormous turnout—the beginning of something great! I knew deep down inside that you couldn’t go wrong helping others! Each participant has come back numerous times, and improves his or hers drum skills every time. We plan on traveling overseas with NGD to search for the Next Great Drummer! Is it you? Thanks for reading! For more visit!

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Movie Reviews ‘Drive’ by Wandalyn Thomas



‘Drive’(is(the(1998(cult(classic(directed(by( Steve(Wang.(Screenwriter(is(Scott(Philips.(( Starring(Mark(Dacascos,(Kadeem(Hardison,( Brittany(Murphy,(John(PyperGFerguson,( Tracey(Walter(and(Masaya(Kato.( ( See(the(criminally(under(rated(Mark( Dacascos(in(his(martial(arts(showcase(film.((( Blink(and(you(miss(something.(Awesome.((( Mark(PLEASE(do(more(showcase(films!( ( The(bioGtech(Leung(Corporation(implanted(a( top(secret(prototype(into(the(chest(of( employee(Toby(Wong((Mark(Dacascos).(He( goes(to(LA(to(sell(the(device(to(one(of(their( rivals(the(Contact(Corporation.(( ( Malik(Brody((Kadeem(Hardison)(is(someone(he(kidnaps(then(befriends.(Wong( will(split(his(five(million(dollar(payout(with(Brody(in(exchange(for(his(help.( ( Dacascos(and(Hardison(are(a(great(team.(He(was(funny.(His(reactions(were( hilarious.(The(airhead(hyperactive(man(crazy(Deliverance(Bodine((Brittany( Murphy)(was(a(treat.(The(Advanced(Model((Masaya(Kato)(was(a(memorable( villain.(((((( ( The(good:(The(action(choreography.(The(stunt(team.(The(sight(gags(in(several( fights.(The(genius(pairing(of(John(PyperGFerguson(and(Tracey(Walter.(Wong( telling(Brody(to(get(his(act(together(through(song.(( ( The(bad:(Being(direct(to(video.(Limited(airing(on(tv(and(cable.(No(present(day( sequel.((( ( The(ugly:(Not(getting(the(roles(he(deserves.(Nothing(in(a(Zhang(Yimou(or( Donnie(Yen(movie.( !

‘The Expendables 2’ by Wandalyn Thomas



The(2012(movie(‘the(expendables(2’(is(the(sequel( to(2010’s(‘the(expendables’.(It(is(directed(by( Simon(West.(The(screenwriters(are(Richard( Wenk(and(Sylvester(Stallone.( ( It(stars(Sylvester(Stallone,(Arnold( Schwarzenegger,(Bruce(Willis,(Jason(Statham,(Jet( Li,(JeanGClaude(Van(Damme,(Chuck(Norris,(Dolph( Lundgren,(Randy(Couture,(Terry(Crews,(Scott( Adkins(and(Liam(Hemsworth.( ( The(crew(is(back(again.(And(there(is(a(new( member(of(the(team.(Ross(has(a(protégé(called( Billy(the(kid((Liam(Hemsworth).(They(embark(on( a(series(of(missions.(Including(one(where(they( rescue(Trench((Arnold(Schwarzenegger).( ( On(one(assignment,(they(clash(with(international( arms(dealer(Jean(Vilain((JCVD),(his(right(hand( man(Hector((Scott(Adkins)(and(his(band(of(mercs.( ( Billy(is(captured(then(killed(by(Vilain.(This(launches(the(expendables(on(a(quest(for( revenge.(Along(the(way(they(encounter(Booker((Chuck(Norris).(Who(is(an(old(friend( of(Ross.(The(legendary(long(wolf(saves(their(bacon,(drops(some(Intel(then( disappears.( ( When(the(expendables(find(themselves(trapped(they’re(rescued(by(Trench(and( Church((Bruce(Willis).(The(final(battle(occurs(inside(an(airport.(Where(all(heck( breaks(loose.(( ( The(expendables(have(back(up(in(Church,(Trench(and(Booker.(Vilain,(Hector(and( mercs(biting(the(dust.(( ( The(good(are(Jet(Li’s(extended(fight(scene.(JCVD(and(Scott(Adkins.(Chuck(Norris.(All( the(inside(jokes(about(his(superhuman(status.(Using(Lundgren’s(background(in( chemical(engineering.(Schwarzenegger(and(Willis.(( ( The(bad(are(Jet(Li(disappearing(early(in(the(film.(The(Chinese(jokes.(The(lack(of( chemistry(between(Ross(and(the(CIA(agent.(No(fight(scene(between(Li(and(Adkins.(( ( The(ugly(are(no(Donnie(Yen.(No(fight(scene(between(JCVD(and(Lundgren.(( Expendables(dialogue(in(the(fake(American(city.(The(entire(village(residents(plot( line.((

So You Think You Wrote A Hit Song…Now What? By:$Monet$

Up to this point a lot of my articles have been about

it is you’re doing. The vast use of the Internet today has made it

songwriting and creating a killer song. However, creating a great

increasingly easier to get your music to the world. With a

song is only a part of the battle – well more like one quarter of

multitude of social websites, video sharing sites and everything

the battle. You may think that you have a great song, one that is

in between, a songwriter of musician can reach a wide range of

sure to be a hit, but no one will know how great your song is if

potential fans. Before the Internet became the go to tool for

you don’t tell them. Songs are only considered to be a hit if it is

everything from knowing how to change a tire to planning a

well received by the masses, not just in America but also

wedding, it was almost impossible, for an independent artist

worldwide. Radio plays, songs downloads, performance requests

especially, to have their music reach outside of their local music

and whatever else you can think of, all only come about after the

scene. If they were lucky, maybe the music would span across a

fact that the public, the fans want to listen to your song, learn the

few states. And if they were one to travel, then maybe the music

words and rock out to it in their cars. And the only way the fans

could have been taken to a different country. But with the

can want to rock out to your song is if they know that it actually

advancement of technology, the world has become drastically


smaller (well not literally but you get the point!) As a marketing You’ve spent all the time and energy writing and

arranging, and hopefully you went to a professional studio (or at the least used professional equipment) to record the song. So there was money spent during some part of the creative process, so why would you not want everyone to hear how great your song really is. Once recording is done, then comes the most important part of making that hit song an actual hit song. Market. Market. Market! Did I mention marketing? A lot of artists and managers alike fail to realize just how important having a marketing budget is. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars, but some money should be allocated to letting the world know about what

strategy, one should look into placing their song(s) on all media outlets. If it’s an original song, consider giving it for free for a limited time before selling. This can help gain exposure and acquire fans – because who doesn’t love a freebie? The bottom line is, it is kind of pointless to have a great song in your possession and no one but you and your friends know about it. If you are only looking to write songs for personal enjoyment or fulfillment, then that’s a different story, but if you are looking to create a hit, then get your marketing plan in motion. After all, like I mentioned before, a hit song is only a hit song if everyone hears and loves what you as the songwriter/producer created.


is the artistic director for Carnival Spice and Everything Nice, a Canadian based entertainment service aimed at showcasing Caribbean dance, beauty, food, and music. She is also the 2013 host of TO Carnival TV via Born in Toronto to West Indian parents, Shakera Martin was exposed to music and dance at a very young age. She utilized the vibrant nature of the culture to enhance her own unique movement while developing her amazing stage presence through modeling and dancing in a variety of events, showcases, festivals and competitions. Shakera enjoys sharing her radiant Caribbean flair through dance and has had the pleasure of demonstrating this through Ryerson University's Urban Hip Hop Union, the Toronto Marlies Dance Crew, LR Productions, Diva Girl Entertainment and Carla Catherwood’s Army of Sass Performance group. Her live performance and commercial credits include clients such as the Canadian Olympic Committee, Shoppers Drug Mart, CP24, PRIDE Toronto, CTV, MuchMusic and Jamaal Magloire’s Toronto Revellers. She can also be seen dancing in music videos such as Dean Brody's "Canadian Girls", Melanie Fiona's "Change the Record", Delhi 2 Dublin's "Turn up the Stereo", Kardinal Offishal’s “WildN” and in “Benjamin” for Love & Hip Hop star Lore’l. Since earning an Occupational Health and Safety degree at Ryerson University, Shakera set out to promote the relationship between health, wellness and dance. The signature dance workshops she teaches offer a high impact workout and moves you can use on the dance floor. Follow her journey as she sets out to inspire the world with her talent, spirit, and heart. FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT: Follow @SIMPLYSHAKERA via these Social Media outlets:

“Whether a  hint   or an ounce, we add Caribbean Carnival flavor to your special occasion”

DANCERS We are a Canadian based service that brings the ultimate carnival experience to your event. We specialize in providing Caribbean Carnival entertainment for Corporate Functions, Mas Band Launches, Commercials, Festivals and Live Shows, Wedding Receptions and more.



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Atlanta, a new cat is roaring around town, the Atlanta WildCats! The WildCats is a men’s professional  basketball  team  toping  the  charts  in  the  American  Basketball   Association. Only one year ago, William D. Payton IV took his dream to the courts. With over 20 years of basketball experience, he wanted to give back to the young men in his community looking to aspire in the game of basketball to the NBA and other international leagues. He stumbled across the American Basketball Association, being asked to coach another ABA team in the Atlanta area. After voluntarily coaching these ambitious young men for several years, he realized the need for guidance these men lacked coupled with the loving honesty and sound fundamental teachings he could provide. August 2012, marked the beginning of the Atlanta WildCats. Functioning from a foundation of charity and giving back, this team is destined for greatness! Basketball players from all over the United States and internationally have come to play with the Atlanta WildCats for exposure through social medias and game footage. William Payton and his staff are constantly working to add new international partnerships for the betterment of its players. Last year, the WildCats had the highest number of players to go overseas to play basketball.

Presently, the Atlanta WildCats is gearing up for the upcoming season doing charity work in the community and hosting charity games for various causes that affect us all. The WildCats recently partnered with World Reaching Destiny Ministries in Lithonia, GA adopting Bishop   Al   Sermon   as   the   team’s   new   spiritual   advisor.     The   team   held   a   carwash donating all proceeds to the church. The Atlanta WildCats will be dedicating the month of October to the community, doing charity work and hosting charity games. Plan to attend a game this season filled with exciting fast-paced volleying, amazing three-pointers, and high-flying dunks. The American Basketball Association is the only organization where you can see players make four and five point plays and pound the backboard. The season opener will be November 2nd in McDonough, Georgia Sports fans will enjoy action-packed games, special prizes, tasty concessions, local DJs with WildCat sound effects, and random celebrity appearances


Coming from Forsyth, Georgia but now residing in Washington DC, 3C started spitting in middle school. He began developing techniques recording his music on cassette tapes. Once he got in high school he began battling other MC's. During this era he encountered the artist "Hurricane". The two used to battle back and forth because they both had similar deliveries on the mic. They were two of the best artists throughout the city so they decided to squad up, not only that they became best friends. but they formed the group "Ghetto Criminals". The journey had begun when they started performing shows

throughout the middle region of Georgia. They also participated in 97.9's "Who got da flavor"( a radio show where MC's freestyle) despite the fact 3C was living in several different locations at the time. In 2007 he dropped his first album "Mind Killa". It really didn't receive a lot of publicity but it got lot of recognition in the city. 3C didn't have a lot of connections until he moved to Washington DC in 2008. Later in that year he dropped his second album "Psychoanalysis". Once again not much publicity due to the fact that he was still new to the city but he started attending open mic nights throughout the area. Meanwhile, back at home in Georgia he was still attempting to work on the Ghetto Criminal project. In March 2009 he received some devastating news, his best friend and artist "Hurricane" had passed away due to medical conditions. Ever since then 3C has been going harder than ever on a mission to be sure that his presence shall be known. Not only is he's an artist but he's also a producer. Now that he has released his latest album "Adjustment Disorder", he has grown and received the proper publicity that he deserves from people internationally. He's finally unleashed his crunkness! !!!!!!!!!!!

where creativity lives

Twitter: @3C478

O C T O B E R / / 47

Oscar P Oscar P is recognized as an innovator and force in New York City's music scene. His musical style fuses influences not only from NYC, but also Chicago and Detroit. Creating a unique sound that can be heard on remixes for such artists as Soul Minority, Simone Moreno, Distant People, Foremost Poets, Black Fras, Todd Terry, Physics, and Marvin Gaye. Infamous for his aggressive music release schedule, Oscar's projects are constantly popping up on Top 10 / Top 20 Traxsource sales charts. This work ethic made him the #8 Top Selling Artist Of 2012 on Traxsource. On 2012 and the Back 2 My Roots album: "I was slowly working on new tracks, remixing old ones to bring 'em back with a different flavor. Basically, I’m always reinventing myself through my music and I wanted to go back to the beginning of what started this for me." The breakout track was The Message, a collaboration with C. Scott. The Message was #1 on Traxsource for 2 weeks and remained in the Top 10 for 5 weeks. THE MESSAGE was played heavily by David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Aki Bergen, Louie Vega, Miguel Migs and many other top DJs during WMC 2012, making it one of the TOP tracks of the Winter Music Conference. Other albums include 25/8 which garnered strong support from the likes of D.O.N.S., Sonny Fodera, Stacey Pullen, DJ Sneak, Hector Romero and many of his peers. While his "Remixed & Reconstructed" album, hit #1 on Traxsource's Top 50 Albums. With 7 releases cracking the top 10, a who's who of music industry pioneers have supported his productions. From Inland Knights, DJ Sneak, Kaskade, Carl Kennedy, Eddie Amador, to Black Coffee, Quentin Harris, Mark Knight, and Grant Nelson". It’s always special when people you look up to, tell you that you've done a great job. It means the world." Operating 4 record labels which include Open Bar Music, HEAVY and Afro Rebel Music, He recently acquired Kolour Recordings, the famed Detroit deep house label which he runs with his wife, Jessica, and long time friends Mr. and Mrs. Bumpy Nuggets. This is the fourth label the couple own and operate. Recent Remixes include Brazilian singer Simone Moreno's track "For Alltid" from her Award Winning Album 'Planetas'. As well as 2 tracks for Soul Minority. "Down The Road", and "Always There" on Kolour Recordings. "We don’t sleep. We've been on a wild and crazy ride, and at the end of the day TALENT and CREATIVITY will always win". Shhhhhh, we are only just getting started.”

How long have you been a DJ/Producer? I've been producing records since 1988. That’s 24 plus years and I'm very proud of what I have out there. I'm creeping on the big 25, and its a little crazy. Who are some of your biggest influences in dance music? As far as dance music I'm inspired by all of it. Everything I hear. Every city I travel to. Every country I tour in. I bring a little bit back with me from every experience. Of course in NYC I grew up with MAW, Todd Terry, Jellybean, Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone, Merlin Bob, Benji Candelario, Aldo Marin, David Morales, Timmy Regisford, Boyd Jarvis. Etc. But at the same time Chicago was hitting us on the head with Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley, Farley Jackmaster Funk, & Larry Heard. The Hot Mix 5 was also a huge early influence for me. By the time I started collecting vinyl I was introduced to Detroit. Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins. Growing up in New York's club scene all these guys were played heavily. Much like today, Music was everywhere. What was your favorite time period in the NY dance music scene and compare it to now? You can't compare. Everything has its time and place in the universe. I've been around long enough to experience the tail

end of the Paradise Garage, The Palladium, The Tunnel, all the way to what we have now with Black Market, Verboten etc. My personal favorite time period which I covered in my track TIME MACHINE was the Red Zone, Centro Fly and the Twilo Days. This was the time when I first broke into the scene and a lot of people started recognizing my work in music. Currently I'm loving the deep and techno house scenes that are springing up, and I love what’s coming out of South Africa. I went to SA last year, and it’s as big as they say it is. It's a great time for music, no matter what people say. What labels are you working with? I do most of my recording on Open Bar Music. But I've had tracks and remixes for Kolour Recordings, Ultra, Toolroom, Sony, Hed Kandi, InHouse, Afro Rebel, HEAVY, Maurice Joshua Digital, Naughty Boy, SoulStar, Stealth, Atal, Perception, and more. Do you have any important DJ gigs coming up? I just came off a string of dates in Los Angeles, San Diego, North Carolina, Virginia, Cincinnati, Detroit. Mexico, Italy and Atlanta are up next. I love to stay busy. I love what I do. Where do you see dance music heading towards in the next five years? 5 years??? It's here now. You are looking at the future smacking you in the face right now. Festivals all over the US. The SA scene. The Deep and Techno styles merging together. This is it! Do u remember the First track that u bought in digital format? Most Likely one of my own. I buy at least one copy of everything I do, just for good luck. On vinyl it was Karen Young, Hot Shot. How do u think after 10 years which dj equipment brand will be #1? Too much competition out there. For DJ's PIONEER, For Producers Logic, Ableton, Reason will still dominate the market. Your favorite drum machine? 909 of course. I still use it to this day. Did u find your own producer sound or still looking for it? Years of traveling, learning, Djing and having an open mind to test myself got me to where I am now. There are no Limits. Don't be afraid to test yourself, and try new things. If you feel it, LIVE IT! The biggest honor that you ever received? When guys like David Morales, Todd Terry, Osunlade, Carl Craig, Louie Vega tell me they liked and played one of my tracks. You can't beat that. Its called Living The Dream. Your favorite video? Oscar P - Time Machine - Open Bar Music Directed By Name 3 things you would do that could change the world. 1. Stop World Hunger 2. Stop Fracking 3. Stop Government Corruption. Discover OSCAR P @ Find OSCAR P @! !


Pathway Productions LLC

anAtlanta, Georgia. lmin Pathway Productions LLC is located l e p s e h e ll icinnovative w r ite r m g / We desire to create and promote music across the globe. n m o o S / .c r www

bna .rev er

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S in g e y t r n Cou BEDINGFIELD RYAN W ad e Pop/Rock Singer www.rever

MEGAN WADE Country Singer/Songwriter


P a th

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A ll r LLC ,

ig h ts


VINCE JEYRHOM Singer/Songwriter

NWCLR Singer/Songwriter

MICHELLE SPELLMAN, CEO Pathway Productions



Ingenuity"from"the"inside"–"out"is" the"driven"saga"of"one,"Jason"D."Harris"…" also"known"as"J.BlingCity*."Introduced"to" the"subtle"movement"of"music"through" church"at"the"tender"age"of"five,"he"has" gone"on"to"dedicate"his"passions"toward" helping"culture"blossom"through"insightful" creations."Himself"a"testament"of"the"lunges" of"education,"he"looks"to"add"his"tracings" toward"the"animate"‘feel’"of"music’s" heritage." An"early"spiritual"background" provided"experience"working"with"various"songwriters,"harmonic"groups,"chord"arrangements,"and" audience"structures."Singing"and"piano"instruction"followed"suit."In"high"school,"he"was"part"of"a" collaboration"called"Main"Attraction"Music"that"turned"into"a"very"stimulating"force"for"his"hometown"of"St." Louis,"Missouri."From"there,"he"went"on"to"earn"a"college"Bachelor’s"Degree"of"Fine"Arts"in"digital"film/new" media"from"the"Kansas"City"Art"Institute."He"has"since"received"his"Master’s"of"Fine"Arts"from"Mills"College" in"Oakland,"California."Immersion"into"the"many"tones"that"music"intermingles"with"everyday"affairs"has" brought"his"roots"to"a"progressive"branching." To"quote"the"multiQfaceted"artist"himself,"“Music"has"the"ability"to"enter"into"a"man’s"consciousness." Music"gives"us"the"opportunity"to"debate,"define,"and"reply."Music"is"powerful,"it"allows"us"to"overcome" mountains"in"our"life,"music"helps"us"get"respect,"and"music"is"history.”"J.BlingCity*"mixes"social" consciousness"with"hues"of"music"that"form"statements"symbolic"of"voices"unheard"for"whatever"reason."" To"date,"he"has"produced"videos"of"his"music"called"Gotta%Believe%It%(live),"Transform%Hip4Hop%Savior," and"Life%Is%Learning."Fellow"composer"and"hometown"colleague"TyQRant"also"appears"on"many"of"his"works." He"is"also"a"music"engineer"and"organ"player."Four"siblings"have"also"danced"professionally"for"artists"from" numerous"genres"since"the"nineties."" Currently,"he"has"joined"forces"with"several"from"elements"of"the"music"industry."He"now"works"with" Ron$Vince"–"electric"and"classical"symphony"violinist"with"experience"playing"with"Led""Zeppelin,"Tony" Bennett,"and"Harry"Connick"Jr."Mike$‘Tiger’$Aaberg"–"pianist"and"music"director"from"Oakland,"CA."chips"in" some."Will$Gray"is"also"an"acquaintance"–"an"indie"artist"who’s"performed"with"Erykah"Badu"and"Twista,"as" well"as"licensing"music"for"MTV,"PlayStation,"and"Warner"Bros."Records."Several"other"marketing"specialists" round"out"the"lineup"for"novel"projects"forthcoming." " " Updates"on"the"latest"developments"can"be"found"through"the"following"links:" " Website:$ Twitter:$ ReverbNation:$ Soundcloud:$ Facebook:$ " "


Shy Boogs by Patrick Ross

Singer-songwriter, recording engineer, vocal coach, producer, these are just a few of the titles that can be attributed to Eddie Timmons also better known by his nom de plume as “Shy Boogs” to his fans and musical peers. Given this nickname by his peers because of his quiet, humble nature, which allowed him to avoid the spotlight. But his apparent shyness has not kept him from becoming well known in music circles worldwide. Timmons is of Russian-Romanian and African American descent, and lives in Clifton N.J. where his studio So Amazing is located in the basement of his parents home. His career begins early at age 5 when he begins singing at children’s birthday parties with his first group known as “Pro Kids” which he became a part of during this time. Eddie would go on to join another group known as “Tru Soul” after graduating high school. The group would go on to compete in the Apollo Top Dog contest, although they won twice during the competition, they lost in the final round. The group having found no success following the competition, Timmons then decides to start a career doing preproduction in his then fledgling studio So Amazing. Beginning his new career working with rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard. During this period his work with a producer with whom he had an eight-year working relationship with from his previous group affiliations, and two years into his new career producing music he had a breakthrough moment. Through this affiliation he sold his first track to Rico Love an artist with Usher Raymond. While he was paid for the track, nothing is known of what became of the track itself. But it was during this period also that Timmons would become acquainted with a then young and unknown artist named Chris Brown. Evident to Timmons that Brown would become a wellknown talent one day, he describes Brown as being a quiet but talented singer and dancer from the very beginning, also being a good songwriter early on career wise. Producing three tracks during the sessions, only two would be used on the final record. Next Timmons would meet rapper-actor DMX who was probably the biggest artist he had worked with in his career at the time. He describes X’s as a very nice and intelligent very down to earth, and sociable person, he points to the fact that X was also very professional and worked quickly without wasting much time on recording his vocals. During his career as a producer Timmons has worked in a variety of genres including pop, rock, and Reggaeton. Describing his musical production choices as opportunities for personal expansion & growth. The list of artists he has worked with is exponential and has lead to many accolades, which include an RIAA gold plaque for a duet album “Face Off” featuring rapper Bow Wow and R&B singer Omarion. He has also been awarded for a video “ All Night” voted #1 on MTV FreshMan Videos.!

Sean Delaney

by Maria Bianco

Soulful and smooth, inviting and intriguing -- these are just a few ways to describe Sean Delaney, a hip-hop artist who skillfully blends pop, alternative, and electronic sounds into his hip-hop melodies. A poet at heart, Delaney artfully crafts each song using his extensive vocabulary and clever wordplay. He has received a wealth of recognition via radio shows, blog interviews, and Internet magazines and continues to impress the media with his entrepreneurial mindset and positive attitude. From a young age, Delaney knew he was destined for the music industry. He saw music as the soundtrack to the lives of people everywhere and gravitated towards the compassionate story-telling that lyrical creation allowed. His passion and dedication towards music and entertainment coupled with his unique business savvy lead him to create Hudcity Entertainment, the Sincerely Dedicated Clothing Company, and Hudcity Television & Hudcity Radio. Starting his business out of a small town in New York, Delaney and the team at Hudcity Entertainment remain humble through their successes. “We built this from a dream. No loan, no investment, just the hope and the realization that we can be the next big thing in Hip-hop music,” said Delaney. Today’s music scene is a far cry from the wealth of talent and drive of past artists and musicians, and according to Delaney, “It’s time for something real. It’s time for Hudcity!” With genuine, honest lyrics that convey the struggle to be heard and recognized as an independent artist, Delaney is able to capture the real, raw lifestyle of an up-and-coming artist in a way that most artists cannot.

Currently, Delaney is focused on building his business and establishing his team at Hudcity. A true entrepreneur, he is driven to enhance each of his businesses by consistently coming up with new marketing strategies and ways to promote his brands. He is also working on his new mixtape -- Wonder Years 3, which he says is the third series in a mashup of classic rock hits from the 80’s and 90’s blended and infused with hiphop -- and his new album, which will be his 12th studio album since 2004 when he released Dreamer. For future artists, Delaney says, “Don't let ‘NO’ be your end result. Don't let anyone change your vision. Don't allow the lackadaisical approach in today’s music to deter you from relaying a powerful message. And lastly, remain independent!” With his encouraging words and advice, Delaney will continue to inspire other artists to pursue their passions and build their own unique brands all while braving the path towards securing his spot as a musical force in the hip-hop industry.





What!is!a!singer,!songwriter,!poet,!performer!and!dancer!doing!leading!the!Multicultural! Strategies!for!one!of!the!healthiest!banks!in!the!United!States!as!a!Senior!Vice!President?!Karen!A.!Clark!is! living!life!in!its!proper!perspective;!with!balance!! !

Karen!A.!Clark,!born!at!WrightEPatterson!Air!Force!base!in!Dayton,!Ohio!began!measuring!her! dreams!and!limits!as!she!saw!the!world!at!an!early!age.!Her!father,!an!enlisted!officer!supported!the!family! by!working!multiple!jobs,!which!included!everything!from!calling!out!bingo!numbers!to!singing!with!the! local!band.!Karen’s!first!live!performance!experience!was!in!Frankfurt,!Germany!where!she!saw!Ramsey! Lewis!.!! !

Karen!A’s!primary!plan!in!life!was!obvious!and!unmistakable;!she!wanted!to!perform.!While!never! abandoning!the!pursuit!of!her!lifelong!dream,!she!embarked!on!what!she!calls!a!‘back!up!plan’,!college,! where!she!discovered!her!vocal!ability!as!a!singer!and!her!strength!as!live!performer!in!musical!theater! and!spoken!word.!Performing!with!various!groups!and!local!bands,!she!wowed!crowds!through!her!spoken! word!and!performance!art.!!! ! After!receiving!a!Bachelor!of!Arts!degree!in!Economics!from!CA!State!University!Sacramento,! Karen!A.!soon!entered!the!workforce!at!a!national!bank!in!commercial!real!estate!and!has!held!national! and!international!banking!assignments!in!corporate!diversity!and!marketing.!In!2012,!L.A.!Focus!Magazine! named!her!one!of!the!Top!20!African!American!Female!Women!in!L.A.!Business! ! She!has!appeared!in!more!than!15!stage!plays;!and,!performs!her!unique!flavor!of!music!live!in!jazz! festivals,!supper!clubs,!and!intimate!settings,!including!the!Long!Beach!Jazz!Festival!on!numerous! occasions,!the!historic!Central!Avenue!Jazz!Festival,!Pip’s!on!La!Brea!and!the!Beverly!Hills!Hotel.!! !

While!raising!2!children!kids!with!her!late!husband!Finley,!Karen!remained!steadfast!and!focused! on!her!first!gig;!writing!and!performing!!The!Karen&A.&Clark&Project!is!a!jazzy,!sexy,!conscious!spoken!word! musical!journey!through!love,!life,!career,!companionship,!sensuality!and!city!life.!!The!singing!hooks!and! crafty!lyrics!are!a!one!of!a!kind!adventure!in!creativity.!The!CD!is!available!on!most!digital!outlets!and! Karen!is!working!on!the!2nd!CD!to!be!released!in!2013.!! !

Karen!A.!Clark!213!344!9009!!! !! you!tube,!Linkedin,!FB!–!Karen!A.!Clark! Itunes!–!spoken!word! ! !



where creativity lives

O C T O B E R / / 57

TRINA "SIMONE" BRYANT The Voice of a Generation

Trina "Simone" Bryant, professionally known as the Daughter of Zion has been securing a permanent place for herself for this generation of musicians as a positive influence for today's youth, respectfully coined: The Voice of a Generation. Born in Ocilla, Georgia, she has had a first-hand view at the secular world of Rap and Hip Hop, and later found herself desiring to influence a much more receptive crowd to her positive message about life and her relationship with The Lord. While stationed in Friedberg, Germany, Simone's life and purpose came to a head when she found, and surrendered, her life to Christ.

Reintroducing herself to the world in 2002 as the Daughter of Zion, Simone has since become an ordained minister in training (2010) at Faith Mission Ministries of Clarksville, Tennessee, where she partnered with the Youth and Evangelism Ministries. She coaches boys high school basketball, runs a summer basketball camp called Jesus Excites Me (J.E.M.), and teaches physical education at Unity Christian Academy for grades K - 12th.

Simone is now a full time minister, Gospel Hip Hop rapper, songwriter, and recording artist. As of March 2011, she is the proud CEO of her own recording label, Tongues of Fiyah Records LLC. As a recording artist she has recorded "Kingdom Minded" (June, 2006), "Who I Am" (Oct 2010), and "Livin By My Faith" (2012) with her latest being released under her own label. She has performed at:

New Life Christian Power House of Prayer, 2004 – Maastrict, Netherlands Youth 4 Christ Explosion Conference, 2007 – Ashburn, GA Gospel Explosion, 2008 – Clarksville, TN Da Bottom Hip Hop Conference, 2008 – Miami, FL Memorial Concert, 2009, Opening act for Grammy Nominated, Kiara “Kiki” Sheard – Clarkville, TN Revolt, 2009 - Austin, TX Revolt, 2010 - Austin, TX Revolt, 2011 - Austin, TX

Revolt, 2012 –Austin, TX Revolt, 2013 10th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards, 2009 – Atlanta, GA 11th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards, 2010 – Atlanta, GA

Simone has an impressive collection of awards: 2010 Black Essence Awards Inc. Hall of Fame, a Dove Award Consideration for her Hit Single, “Patiently Waiting” from the “Who I Am” album in two categories, and Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year. She has hosted the Stellar Weekend Concert, 2011, 2012 in Clarksville, TN.

Mrs. Bryant has been featured in USA Magazine Compilation CD in the April/ May 2010 issue, the Gospel USA Magazine, Clarksville Online, Columbia Daily Herald, and

Trina "Simone" is the wife of Bernard Bryant, together they have two daughters, Dorothy and Chasmin. The Bryant Family worships at Faith Mission Ministries Inc. in Clarksville, TN, under the leadership of Bishop Harold K. & Prophetess Gwen Browning. In addition to ministering in the Gospel Hip Hop arena, Simone is dedicated to serving and ministering to her local community in support of Christian unity, youth outreach events, and conferences.

Simone Bryant Daughter of Zion Ministries Kingdom Minded- Matthew 3:2 Cell:(931)338-7137

Justin Schumacher One of the most promising up-and-comers in the burgeoning NYC club scene today, Justin Schumacher’s history mirrors that of electronic music itself. Just as the Detroit progenitors of techno crafted their sound on the back of early hip-hop, Justin honed his studio chops writing downtempo beats under the moniker Logik Proof, dropping underground hits with prolific MCs like Reason Kills and I Am Many. Like many of the scene’s best producers, he was not content to simply dabble with one style and soon after took his studio output to the highly competitive techno and house genres with a vengeance.
 Having already established a reputation as a fierce techno soldier on the decks at various club nights in NYC including the prestigious Sullivan Room, Schumacher struck up a close friendship with Agent Orange of Gotham Grooves, resulting in his very first funk-tinged tech-house productions. Understanding the close relationship that all expert producers acknowledge between techno and house, he began a relationship with NYC house don Kenny Summit to launch the Good For You Records imprint, expanding his knowledge and horizons with the “Goddam Kids” collaboration with Summit. Goddam Kids was an opportunity to express a classic driving house sound to round out the tough edges of his current tech-focused staple of work for labels such as Mile End Records, Sonido Locales, B-Perfect, and Assimilation Recordings. Tracks by Goddam Kids have been receiving support from some of the most prestigious names in the house industry, including Brett Johnson, Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, and Scott Wozniak. Meanwhile, Schumacher took to preaching the techno gospel on the decks up and down the East Coast, with a few stops in the mecca of techno Detroit to boot. One of the more frenetic gigs in North Carolina resulted in a connection with fellow NYC techno mavens Justin Kase and Owen Sands approaching the fast-rising techno talent for a release on their new imprint Ill Bomb Records. The result was the ominous, driving Gate EP, which included a remix by Droid veteran David Flores (aka Truncate) under his Audio Injection alias. This warehousestyle rework which employed much of Justin’s original sound design was hammered in every set during the 2012 summer festival season by German techno legend Chris Liebing, causing the record to go nuclear and smash the Beatport Techno Top 100. To date, it is still the top-selling Audio Injection track on that site.
 Not content to rest on the massive success of this release, Schumacher followed with a flurry of remixes and productions on labels such as Frakture Audio, Kynatix, Teggno, and 069 Techno. The eerie warehouse stomper “Dumbwaiter” on the Teggno imprint became a staple in Audio Injection sets, appearing in several podcasts and was even dropped at the peak of his Tresor NYE set to floor-frenzied effect. This success in the studio was supplanted by high profile gigs opening for Alex Bau, Audio Injection, Black Asteroid, and one of Schumacher’s personal heroes A.Paul. The Portugese techno master later commissioned Justin for a remix of his track “Surrender” on his own well-established Naked Lunch Records label, which resulted in what is arguably the young producer’s finest work to date.
 Justin Schumacher’s production work remains thought provoking and intelligent, employing complex fills and mind-boggling programming with exceptional sonic construction while still remaining floor-focused and energetic. Channeling the complexity and vibrancy of the Big Apple itself into his music and DJ sets, he remains by far one of the most exciting names to those with impeccable taste in quality techno and house music. To summarize, we’ll use the words of another NYC legend; “If you don’t know, now you know.” Here is the low down straight from the source himself…..

How long have you been a DJ/Producer? Been dj'ing since 2000. Been dabbling in production since 97 but starting getting really serious around 05 or so.....after I finished my audio engineering program.

Who are some of your biggest influences in dance music? Dj wise.....definitely Ben Sims. He's a human sync button for one, and he plays techno with so much jack and funk and has such awesome stage presence. I don't always agree with everything he plays but his approach to playing techno is something that influences me heavily. 2nd on the list would be Dave Clarke for similar reasons. And I'll throw Frankie Bones and Jeff Mills in there for having some of the first techno mix tapes I heard that made me fall in love with the genre. Production wise there's too many to mention but I'll say Surgeon as my all time favorite, and most recently Truncate/Audio

Injection. His tunes just capture all the rawness/purity of techno without being over produced. Banging warehouse vibes while still being danceable. Outside of techno/dance music in general, I came up on 90s hip hop, so definitely Wu-Tang, Boot Camp, Mobb Deep, Organized Konfusion, The Roots, too many to mention

Who are your biggest influences in all other music? Outside of techno/dance music in general, I came up on 90s hip hop, so definitely Wu-Tang, Boot Camp, Mobb Deep, Organized Konfusion, The Roots, too many to mention

Why have you chosen NY as your home front in music? I was born and raised here so this is all I know as far as having a home......I wouldn't be opposed to moving if the right timing and opportunity came up. Most people in this business end up migrating to Europe to take more gigs and have a steady's something I’ve thought about.

What was your favorite time period in the NY dance music scene and compare it to now? Well.....I got into the rave scene pretty much as it started to decline, so I didn't get to experience the storm raves or massives from the early 90s, but i still had a blast during the mid to late 90s era. I never really got into the whole Twilo or Sound Factory scene but I did get to party at Limelight a few times in its twilight years. There was a long dry period during the early to mid 00s, but I think the club scene is as good as ever right now, more so from just a punters perspective. But as a dj it kinda sucks dealing with the politics. Everyone is a dj nowadays and promoters book anyone who will bring 100 of their friends regardless of how they play. Back in the days promoters promoted and djs dj'd. I’ve been lucky lately in that I'm getting a lot of cool gigs despite my lack of social status in the scene......mainly as a result of producing.

What Global party would you die to play at right now? Well the obvious choice would be Berghain of course......Tresor too, pretty much any of the famous Berlin techno clubs. I really want to go to Japan because I hear they go pretty ape shit for the hard stuff out there.....and I would love do some more shopping for proper Japanese denim haha.

What current production projects are you most excited about and which previous projects are you most proud of? I'm really excited about some of the housier stuff I’m doing for Good For You, but I'm def stoked for my upcoming release on Format Records out of Chicago because its getting pressed on vinyl as well (which will be my first)......which is a huge accolade. Also have stuff coming out on Packed Music, Illegal Alien, Dystopian Rhythm, Ill Bomb, and of course Good For You Records. There's also some exciting stuff in the works that I can’t announce just yet. As far previous releases......the Gate release on Ill Bomb last year was a big one because I was able to get a remix from Audio Injection which everyone who is anyone in the techno community was playing, including Chris Liebing who played it everywhere. And then my latest release for Frakture Audio was played by Dave Clarke on his White Noise podcast which was just incredible, and I got to remix an A. Paul tune. Those all especially meant a great deal to me.

What collaborations are you a part of at the moment? I have the Goddam Kids project with Kenny Summit which explores our obsession with tough disco house. Can’t get enough of that stuff. I've recently been volleying some tracks with my boy Virulent who is an excellent producer based out of NC. And then I've been collabbing with my long time friend from NYC Agent Orange.

Do you have any important DJ gigs coming up? Well i just played in North Carolina, Los Angeles, and got to open the Sunday school tent at Electric Zoo in NYC. I’ve got a huge gig coming up in Detroit Sept 28th with Angel Costa, Andrei Morant, Virulent and more as well as a steady schedule of gigs around the NYC/Brooklyn area

Where do you see dance music heading towards in the next five years? I think the EDM bubble will inevitably burst, but out of that will come a new recruit of people who really developed a passion for dance music. Those newcomers tastes will evolve and develop, and then they will join us in the underground, where we've been all along, and hopefully help us sustain this scene we've all worked really hard to build. The trend hoppers will obviously latch on to the next hip thing, whatever that turns out to be. Maybe they wont be able to sell out these huge festivals in the states anymore, but I don't see proper techno/house parties going anywhere, especially overseas. Its here to stay! I'm all about having fun in the studio, booth, and on the dance floor. When I DJ, I cherish the gift of giving others a good time. I’m not up there to impress chin strokers. It's my job to provide a memorable experience for partygoers with music I think is awesome. If I'm not playing Ill be right there on the dance floor myself getting loose. There's a saying I love (from an Internet meme lol)...never trust a dj who doesn't dance ;)!

Latasha Lee

by Wlliam Kryjak

Adele, Amy Winehouse, Duffy – it seems these days as though all of the great, female soul singers are coming from across the pond. But you don't have to journey too far for great music. It seems in fact that we have some serious homegrown talent right here in Corpus Christi, Texas, and she goes by the name of Latasha Lee. Lee's brand of soul definitely channels the late Amy Winehouse, which is high praise in itself, but there is a sort of unique RnB finish in her phrasing that differentiates her personal style. Passion and energy come with the territory when making music, but it takes real desire to make beautiful soul songs, because with soul it is on display for all to see, no holds barred. Powered by a stand up band The Black Ties, Lee puts this emotion on display in every performance. Check out her cover of Tammy Wynette's “Stand By Your Man” or her rendition of blues standard “Pledging My Love”. Corpus Christi isn't exactly Motown, but Latasha Lee shows us that soul is still alive and well in America.


The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you get started? Latasha Lee: I got started in music at the age of ten. My sister and I began singing at various events around Corpus Christi, TX. At the age of twenty I hooked up with platinum producer Salih Williams and started pursuing music on a professional level.

TRL: Please describe your music style for those who aren’t familiar with you! LL: My style of music is a mixture of 50s, 60s and 70s classic soul and even some reggae undertones as well.

TRL: Who are your musical influences? LL: My influences definitely include Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Sam Cooke and so many other classic soul legends.

TRL: Describe your creative process when you’re songwriting! LL: My creative process starts by throwing on some old-school timeless music while Salih grabs the guitar, we begin improvising with different melodies until we find something we both like. We try not to be so structured in our process, just feeling our way through each composition.

TRL: What advice would you give to a new artist/group that’s just starting out? LL: My advice to all aspiring singers/songwriters is to never give up, stay consistent with your music, don't rush it, believe in yourself, stay true to your sound and build great relationships in this business. Thank you Donnie & The Rhythmic Lounge for your love and support. Peace N Blessings Latasha Lee & TBT!




! ! On!the!front!end!of!the!indie!rock!music!movement,!the!band!Late%Cambrian!from!Brooklyn,!NY,!are!now! presenting!music!from!their!third!project!to!fans!the!world!over.!Much!like!the!name's!referencing!of!a! primal!time!period!where!the!earth!and!all!life!forms!underwent!dramatic!change!and!resettling,!this!crew! pushed!directly!into!shifting!cultural!undertones,!and!gravitated!their!sound!toward!listeners!with!a!keen! awareness!of!current!social!developments.!They!prefer!to!keep!an!upbeat!spin!on!the!many!alterations!that! a!more!global!intercultural!demands.! ! Most!of!the!band's!songs!are!derived! directly!from!their!own!experiences!and! inspirations!while!rehearsing!and! performing.!Their!lyrics!are!often!referred! to!as!being!'existential'!because!of!how! closely!they!relate!to!everyday!social! interaction.!The!sounds!used!draw! comparisons!to!Weezer!most!times,!due!to! their!intense!guitar!play!as!well!as!the!high! tempo!of!other!melodies!used.!Keeping!to! their!original!aim!of!creating!music!of!a! higher!purpose,!the!group!does!dialogue! their!songs!toward!some!stiff!subjects!like! aging!and!homelessness.!They!also!sing!of! celebrity!lifestyle!and!other!more!bubbly! subjects.! ! Late!Cambrian!has!been!honored!by!online! carriers!like!Ourstage,!Sonicbids,!and! Reverbnation!for!their!work.!Television! shows!such!as!The!Real!World,!Married!To! Jonas,!and!others!have!placed!their!music!in! tracking.!One!of!the!most!noteworthy!songs! so!far!is!probably!"Ryan!Gosling."!It!was!featured!on!their!second!EP!project!and!carried!over!onto!their! third!and!current!album!entitled!"Peach."!It!is!being!played!in!26!markets!and!featured!on!online!video!sites.! The!latest!tour!is!happening!around!the!East!Coast.!But,!as!has!been!the!case!since!the!band!formed,!they!are! looking!to!promote!abroad.!Japan!has!been!very!receptive!so!far,!with!their!first!round!of!cd’s!selling!out.! They!would!also!like!to!tap!markets!around!the!UK!and!Holland!areas.!Their!cunning!audio!mantras!have! also!been!featured!in!several!music!festivals!all!over.! ! Their!music!is!available!on!IVtunes,!Amazon!and!CD!Baby.!Their!music!can!also!be!found!at!the!following! sites:

Website: Song!Ryan%Gosling - Song!Shut%In - Song!Middle%Years -! ! ! !

The$Playmore$$ $

$ $

The Playmore is one of the most outrageous, challenging and exciting attempts to bring absolute freedom into music: it is a constant struggle to find harmony starting from four completely different entities, playing more than what is primarily and implicitly established. After several live performances and intense studio sessions along the last two years, The Playmore approaches the Massive Arts Studios in Milan where the band records its first album, Pump Rock. It represents an energy overflow meant not to destroy but to create, the one that makes you start tip-tapping your feet and dance and jump. On a musical way, it becomes a stream that mixes tight bass and drum grooves with keen slaps-andsnares, high melodics and enhancing guitars, a soft and warm voice that ranges from powerful shouting to tender songwriting moods, flowing into a solid rock & dance style. $ $

How$did$you$get$started$as$a$group?$$ $

The$band$set$its$roots$ten$years$ago$in$Aversa$nearby$Naples,$Italy:$a$typical$ condition$where$a$garage$becomes$a$studio$and$2$school$friends,$Marfz$and$Bro$Joe,$ decided$to$found$a$rock$band.$After$several$years,$and$different$formations,$in$2010$ the$band$shaped$itself$with$Marfz$(bass),$Bro$Joe$(drums)$and$Gian$(guitar)$and$Pie$ (vocal):$we$had$contents$and$strong$songs,$we$had$passion,$we$had$plenty$of$ideas,$$ $ $


$ and$in$2012$the$band$became$“The$Playmore”,$a$music$and$entertainment$project$ designed$for$world$wide$market.$As$independent$and$Italians$singing$in$English$we$ knew$we$were$starting$the$hardest$challenge$ever,$but$you$know$what$they$say,$ “life$happens$once”$and$that's$what$we$wanna$play.$ $ $

Please$describe$your$music$style$for$those$who$aren’t$familiar$with$you$ guys!$$ $

We$like$to$call$it$“pump$rock”$because$we$wanna$pump$the$blood$in$your$veins$as$ fast$as$we$can.$If$you$feel$like$you$wanna$jump$and$dance,$and$the$music$you're$ listening$ain't$pop$or$disco$or$“indie”$but$rock...welcome$in$our$world.$So$cook tight$ bass$and$drum$grooves$with$keen$slapsQandQsnares,$mix$it$with$high$melodics$and$ enhancing$guitars$and$a$voice$that$ranges$from$powerful$shouting$to$tender$ songwriting$moods,$and$the$result$should$be$a$solid$rock$&$dance$style.$Please,$ serve$it$loud.$ $ $

Who$are$your$musical$influences?$$ $

Any$music$that$deserves$to$be$listened$to!$By$the$way$we$all$like$Foo$Fighters,$Franz$ Ferdinand$and$Editors$but$we$are$really$influenced$by$anything$that$“sounds”$in$ life,$anything.$ $ $

Describe$your$creative$process$when$you’re$songwriting!$$ $

Messy and effective! We start from ideas, a sound, and we process it thru our magic machine, The Playmore: when we are all four satisfied we close the song, arrange it and play it. Sometimes it's different, we write songs on our own or we work in couples, sometimes it just comes out perfect...there's no specific rule except for “we work together, we are all part of a clockwork”.$ $ $

What$advice$would$you$give$to$a$new$group$that’s$just$starting$out?$$ $

Be$original,$new,$be$independent$and$work$harder$until$you$are$really$satisfied$of$ your$music.$Be$your$faith$and$don't$leave$anything$to$case$or$coincidence$cause$you$ can$make$it$on$your$own.$And$face$reality$and$market,$it's$a$shame$sometimes$but$it$ helps$you$keep$your$feet$on$the$ground.$ $ $ $ $

Album Reviews Black Nevada - Rising Evolution by Patrick Ross



Black Nevada a quartet hailing from Shildon / Bishop Auckland, show prospects of a long and prosperous future ahead. After only having formed as a band in January 2012, and releasing their first compositions as a band a little over a year later in March 2013. They are taking to it like a bird in flight, and a fish to water. Polished riffs and catchy hooks abound in this sophomore outing of only six songs in an enjoyable and highly listenable twenty minute set. While there are ebbs and peaks to be expected with any new offering, Black Nevada is definitely a band to keep you eyes and ears open for in the future. Featuring Jordan Bailey on guitar & lead vocals, Anthony Fish - Bass & backing vocals, George Tait lead guitar, and Cameron Dunn drums. Theirs is a solid high-octane rhythm driven sound. Songs like “F.E.W” show their lyrical abilities, while “Dreams Change” also shows the versatility of their musicianship and sound palette. “Losing Patience” and “Failure at Best” feature the lyrical diversity of their subject matter in different themes of self -expression. While they lay claim to many other influences on their musical taste, the direction is clearly original in terms of personality and musicality. I would enjoy going to see how they stand up in a live music setting to see if the excitement and dynamics carry over in the flesh and in audience reaction to the band.!/BlackNevadaBand

Ancient the Astronaut - Time Is Ancient by Patrick Ross !


★ ★ ★ 1/2

! Hartford, Connecticut. Better known by the locals as CT, here Hip Hop still has a big cultural hold on the residents and the music they produce. There’s so much talent in CT, where MC’s still come to bashment clubs to battle and determine who has the most lyrical juice to be crowned the winner. Emerges ‘Ancient’ the astronaut, hailing from the streets of CT, he considers himself a throw back to a time of kings and queens who once ruled in luxury. Calling his style an intergalactic mixture of hip-hop and reggae, he says his music opens the mind keeping his fans wondering what’s next.! His latest offering entitled ‘Time Is Ancient’. Produced by James Stallion, and backed by DJ QT bringing a sense of urgency and energy to his backing track’s, is quite good considering that the release is a mix-tape type of production. Lyrically confident as he paints his lyrical canvas with tales of his life in the streets of CT on cuts like “I Be Puttin’ Up”, “CT Music”. On the cuts “Fantastic”, “I Need Dat”, and “Rude Boy” the music attempts to shift gears with reggae dance hall influences. Ancient show signs of promise that only time will reveal, if he is to be considered the real deal by fans of hip-hop music. There are 12 songs on the album, which is available on iTunes for purchase and download. Twitter: @Ancientakabo



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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print/digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print/digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine...