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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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6 Clint Da Prez


Ron Handy

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Ericka Kane

13 Matt Hylom



Clint Da Prez As he listens to the sounds of his homie hitting an empty bucket, the background of Brooklyn while he raps is the beginning where it all started or some may say. Coming up from hip hop in the 90's seemed like love on the spot just to hear his influences such as a Special Ed, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and a few others would make his day. The harmony of Caribbean music mostly soca was often heard in his home. So he caught his vibe from different places and from different involvements with sounds. As he grew up hip-hop played more of a part in the young kid's life. With a father who listened to soca and the legends such as MARVIN GAYE, JIMMY CLIFF, & SMOKEY ROBINSON that always stayed in his mind. But it was Hip Hop and the streets that led and raised a young boy to a man with the help of two brothers and a mother they all know as Mama. Prez started out by passing around his demo from label to label looking for a home that would accept him to call his own. After years of work he decided to put Phamilee Records on his back and build his own company team called All Bout GwaP Entertainment (A.B.G Ent). Now that the ball has a begun to roll he has wrote for celeb artists and has a few mix tapes & compilations plus albums under his belt. Bridges and heights the compilation to "BLOOD IS THICKER THEN WATER", and to his project "PREZIDENTIAL TAKEOVER" which brings the singles ''EVERYTHING''and ''I GO CRAZY'' off the MY LIFE ALBUM. Plus the smash single out now, SETS UP HIGH. The new Ep's ROAD RAGE & LL COOL CLINT are up next. But let him tell it the work has not yet begun. With Phamilee Records and A.B.G ENT in his corner and the effort and determination they all see in his vision, he believes it all starts now. With the motive of bringing great hip-hop, real hip-hop on the table for hip-hop culture; with no further adieu brought by Phamilee Records and All Bout Gwap Ent , WE GIVE YOU CLINT DA PREZIDENT as he does it for the culture.

The Rhythmic Lounge: For those who are not familiar with you, how would you describe your music style? Clint Da Prez: It’s a classic sound, yet in the same token it’s very modern, like a breath of fresh air. Laughing out Loud! I can’t really put it into a box. The beat starts talking, as we proceed to have a conversation. What can I say is it’s definitely, Hip Hop?

TRL: How did growing up in Brooklyn influence your talent and creativity? CDP: Actually, it had a lot to do with growing in a musical household. Brooklyn, Hip Hop is not just music it’s more like a way of life, from the clothing to the way we talk, Brooklyn is a very diverse place to live. American to Caribbean cultures, like Trinidad (which is where my parents are from) Jamaicans, Haitians ,and so on and so forth, gives u different vibes , different sounds and the cultures gives you a different blend of ideas.

TRL: What led you to the decision to start All Bout Gwap Entertainment rather than just signing under someone else’s label? CDP: First and for most I, personally hate being told what to do with my own thoughts and creativity ,now that makes no sense in my book but, hey that’s just me, and to top it all off , I have been told no so many times, yet dope musically at the same time it was only right to take my own path, a friend of mine said to me ''we can build your dream or when can get jobs, work get paid, to build someone else's dream from there it’s been a different ball game, for me ever since.

TRL: What can we look forward to from you in the near future? CDP: End of June top of July the new EP Road Rage will be released, not long after we have another EP called LL Cool Clint . Then top of 2016 we have the LP ''Sound Track to the Block'' among videos features all in between we working. Thanks to all the supporters & the love, HELLO HATERS

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MAKO Girls

by Ross 'R.G. Major' Guity

Bright, fun, stylish, charismatic, positive and gorgeous young ladies - Check. Outstanding academic students - Double Check. A super-talented, ambitious, energetic, on-the-rise music and performance collective - Triple Check and then some! Pop/R&B trio the MAKO Girls (pronounced MAACO like the auto body shop) Trinidadian/Spanish-mixed blood-related sisters Mimi, A-Ni (pronounced AH-NAI) and Kena (pronounced KEE-NAH) Ochoa - are putting in hard work towards big-time and lasting success in this rough-and-tumble entertainment industry with their totally unique, clean and eclectic style that will without question appeal and connect with all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Their hot debut self-penned single TURNING UP THE CROWD (T.U.T.C.) has received very positive and encouraging feedback thus far, and if that's any indication of what's to come when they release their first EP later on in 2015, these three gifted ATL princesses will explode not only nationwide, but all around the world! Like TLC, the iconic, legendary, trendsetting, multi-Platinum-selling, awardwinning female group, the MAKO Girls have the potential and what it takes to make a great impact in the game as entertainers, positive role models and entrepreneurs for many years to come just like T-Boz, Chilli and the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes did. So get turnt up, have fun and party on with Kena, Mimi and A-Ni for the 'now,' plus the future! For all things happening with the group and to connect with them via social media, log on to


JJ"Appleby" " " "


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Winston Fraser - aka JJ Appleby - moved to England. There he was part of the successful band, The Equators, who toured the UK, Spain, and even went to New Zealand. He's got a folksy, gospel sound, a unique Reggae twist, love songs, and a positive message. /04/jj-appleby-discography-reggae-singer.html "

Book is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. 6 6 LaTarsha Holden is a native of Atlanta, GA. She attended G.W. Carver High School. She is the Founder/ National Spokesperson for “Mother’s Speak Out and Stand Up” Organization. She is a voice crying out in the wilderness, calling for women/mothers to stand with her as she speak out about the issues that come to destroy our homes, children and community. Through her organization she will be heard and seen through activism, advocating, marches, rallies, prayer vigils and speaking at women conferences. She has over 9 years’ experience in the construction industry overseeing residential home improvement projects, she has completed numerous training and acquired certifications ranging from OSHA training to Construction Business Management. LaTarsha is a loving and devoted mother of six children and grandmother of four. She’s been featured in Clayton County local newspaper and graced the front page of a local newspaper in Lubbock Texas. In Addition: she became a featured story on AOL Black Voices. She has appeared on The Debra Gatlin Show, The Ordinary People Show who are doing extraordinary things, and Joe the Gravedigger Show about helping others in the community who were facing difficult challenges. She was presented with the award of “Women Who Inspire” at annual women conference hosted by WEOP in “2008” and was nominated for the Humanitarian Essential Piece Award in”2011” from Ga. Alliance to End Homelessness. She’s an inspiring speaker and she answered the call to preach the Word of God, after accepting her call into ministry in “2005”. She was ordained into the office of Pastor in February “2013”. She is a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, and she was also nominated to be included in the 2014 edition of Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. She is an emerging leader in the city of Atlanta. She has an A.A. degree in Biblical Education, a B.A degree in Leadership and Administration a MBA degree and now she is pursuing a Master’s of Divinity degree from Beulah Heights University as well. She is a newly published author of the book “I’m Free to Be Me”. 6

Michael Karr

by Patrick Ross

Manhattan, New York

Musician Michael Karr is one of those rare instances of humble musical genius. I spoke with Michael over the phone recently to talk with him about what inspired the music from his latest album entitled “Think It Over” on which he is the sole instrumentalist on all the cuts with one exception, the vocals sung by the late Izzy Rivera. A very warm and soft-spoken individual, it is through his music that Michael finds his best expression I believe. Inspired by his father a multi-instrumental musician who took him everywhere as a child and exposing him to various musical settings, he began his voyage through music at the tender age of eleven on his first recording dates with the Pittsburg Youth Symphony as a soloist. His ability and talent recognized by Trombonist Randy Purcell earned him a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University. After completing his education and receiving two Bachelors degrees by age 19, he began playing and touring nationally and in Europe. Playing with a veritable who’s who of musical groups and artist, a list of which would go beyond the scope of this article, suffice it to say he has earned the respect of many great and talented musicians over the course of his career. Equally talented on both piano and trumpet, he is also an arranger, lyricist, composer, engineer, and producer. Having been signed to various labels during his career and producing a top ten hit on Billboards R&B charts with Stanley Fields cover of “You, Me & He” on the 3C label. It is the women in his life that have most inspired him, as is the case with his daughter after whom the track “Sarina (Sarah)” on his latest album is named. A resident musician in many notable jazz venues throughout New York City, and almost every club east of the Rockies – from after hours clubs, stadiums, and two Presidential Inaugural Balls. He is the leader of Michael’s Karrtet™, which features the musicianship of Ron Affif, Victor Jones, John Benitez, Randy Johnston, Alex Blake, and Essiet O. Essiet. Jazz Improv magazine has him listed as “Noteworthy Performance”. Michael Karr is the genuine, real deal, personally and musically.!

Matt Hylom Charlotte, NC The starving artist!! That is who I am, in more ways than one. I starve for the ability to create music that will touch the lives of thousands. I starve for the strength to pursue these dreams with the utmost alacrity. I starve to starve.!! I started playing music when I was 10 years old. I got my first guitar for Christmas of 1999. Since then, I've never been able to resist playing a guitar upon seeing one. I've been song writing ever since I've felt the need to arrange my thoughts into lyrics. Be it love, hate, depression, or joy, writing lyrics (even if they were only 2-line phrases) is my way of understanding reality. ! I married my high school sweetheart, Kirsten, in 2011. She works as a full-time nurse on an orthopedic trauma floor. Her job is currently making ends meet while I pursue a music career. Thankfully, I am not a "starving" artist in that respect. My gratitude for her commitment to my dream cannot be expressed by the tongues of man. I don't think I will live long enough to repay her in full.!! I currently have a 1 year-old son, Dominic. Having a son, an offspring, has been an incredible catalyst in my pursuit of a music career. I may not be able to see the end of the road, but when I look at my son, I see why I'm traveling this road in the first place.!! My utmost thanks for those who support me, listen to my music, and share what I do with people they love. ! Thank you for being a part of my sojourn. Twitter and Instagram: @MattHylom

The Rhythmic Lounge: What type of influence did being from you New York have on your music style and creativity? Conceptz: We feel that although Hip-Hop originated in New York and plays a big part of most, if not all artists who write music, we gain our influential inspiration from a wide variety of genres. It's not just artists from NY that made us who we are. We actually embraced other forms of music before we even thought about doing rap/hip-hop. TRL: Who are your musical influences? Conceptz: There are too many to name. From Sporty Thievz to Canibus to Frank Sinatra to Metallica, we always had an ear for diversity in music. TRL: Describe your creative process when you’re songwriting! Conceptz: We actually don't write music together. Although we're a group, we usually come up with the concept of the song and then write on our own terms. It just so happens that the verses are different and mesh well with each other every time. TRL: You have collaborated with some big names in the music business, but have also ventured outside of music. Tell us a little about that! Conceptz: We don't like to be stagnant. Our sound is very versatile and we don’t like to be normal. We like to collaborate with people not only to diversify our sound, but also to challenge ourselves as artists. We feel that since our music is original and that we don't copy other artists themes, we stand out and that makes other musicians want to collaborate with us. TRL: What can we look forward to from Conceptz in the near future? Conceptz: We already have a copious amount of music recorded. We plan to express the visuals of the audio we have released so far. You can expect more shows and videos from us in the future. We know we have something to offer in the industry not only as musicians, but as people as well. You can check out their website at and for more information.

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AhaYah Productions "Making the Tour" Reality Show (Interview with AhaYah Productions) AhaYah Productions and Midwest Connections are working together to provide artists an incredible opportunity in the Midwest that includes not only performances, but also TV appearances and an incredible opportunity to go on tour! Essince (TRL): What is the purpose of the tour? AhaYah Productions: The purpose of the tour is to bring attention to the different communities about the unsigned and unheard talent in their area. Also it gives the artist an opportunity to live out their dreams while staying true to themselves and without belittling their morals and values. The artists will preform before others in these small towns, they will have appearances and meet and greets, autograph signing, social network increase, touring, and traveling, all this while having their life filmed and recorded each step of the way, thus letting the world see and hear their story on national TV. Essince (TRL): Why record it? AP: Why not record it? Essince (TRL): What happens with the winner? AP: The winner will receive a one year tour agreement etch

Music aired on radio stations throughout the Midwest and also down South 2 Music videos produced by Midwest Film & Production Music & Videos played on Royal Heir TV on Roku (Streaming Player) Collaboration with the winner of the first season of “Making The Tour� (Reality TV Series): Yisrayl Yahwah & much more!

Essince (TRL): Are you looking to expand to other markets? AP: The tour is for small towns independent artist who normally do not get much exposure to entertainment opportunities, acting as a vehicle to build relationships with others across the country as they are too learning the ends and outs of the business. In this they can return back to there home lives with experience. In the future I see this tour going from city to city, state to state, and land to land toward whatever YAH has in-store for it!!

Hayate Dehil International recording artist! My journey started at the age of 7. I am multi-talented, as I create, invent and sing. My music style and creativity spans over several genres, including Hip-Hop, R&B, Zouk, etc. I am looking to network and create with other underground artists as well as mainstream musicians. Please check out my links below and don’t hesitate to contact me!

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MAY / / 17!

Verbalz is a Brooklyn NY native and rising star on the music scene. A.K.A. Brooklyn's Own, he's a true lover of all genres of music. The Rhythmic Lounge: When did you first realize that you had musical talent and would pursue a career as an artist? Verbalz: I first analyzed I had talent at 14 years old, I wasn't sure I wanted to pursue it as a career until 17 years of age, I use to write lyrics while sitting up in the crack house, I began rapping about my then current lifestyle. TRL: Growing up in New York, Brooklyn specifically, how was the music scene and was it easy and inviting for you as you developed as an artist?


Verbalz: The music scene was vigorous, very competitive and you had to prove you could spit amongst the elite. I would say for me it was easy, inviting and everything nah, for real tho it’s just what I love to do. I lived a street life so the hostile environment never fazes me.


TRL: Describe your creative process when writing music, getting ready for performances and shooting videos! Verbalz: When writing music, I have to be in the mood, all my creative juices have to be flowing. I tend to write several songs at once though, so basically when I get stuck on one instead of completely stopping. I select another beat and begin writing something fresh. For performances I recite lyrics over while performing privately in a mirror, also use rehearsal studios. As far as video's goes I or either I and the producer writes up a treatment if needed or if not we freestyle it. TRL: Who are your musical influences? Verbalz: Honestly, I am my first influence. This is what makes me original; however, I am also influenced by Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, 50 Cent, 2pac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Lauren Hill, Adele and a few others. Basically I listed whom I listen to as my other influences. TRL: What can we look forward to from you throughout the remainder of 2015? Verbalz: You can look forward to constant work from Verbalz. Radio interviews, shows, videos, endorsements and I'm officially dropping my first EP you can stay updated with everything I'm doing by signing up on the mailing list Instagram:@verbalz Twitter: @itsmeverbalz Soundcloud: Verbalz Youtube: Richverbz Tumblr: Verbalzz !


Glen Allen From Beethoven to Mozart and everything in between, Symphony of Illusion’s sound is gaining international praise and popularity by streaming and selling music worldwide! Creator Glen Allen is a musician/composer that has been active in the Music Industry for over 3 decades. Playing guitar, performing, songwriting and composing have been a major part of his seasoned music career. Glen is a four time ASCAP PLUS aware winner, and was chosen to participate at NAMM (National Association Music Merchants, Nashville 2013. Musical influences include Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin and J.S. BACH.



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Ron Handy$

The$multi*instrumentalist,$Ron$Handy,$was$born$and$reared$in$ Montgomery,$Alabama.$He$began$playing$guitar$in$grade$school.$ In$junior$and$senior$high$school,$Ron$began$to$concentrate$ primarily$on$Alto$Saxophone$and$he$participated$in$various$ county$and$state$honor$bands.$During$high$school,$Ron$not$only$ played$in$the$marching,$symphonic,$and$jazz$bands,$but$he$also$ arranged$and$composed$music$for$these$bands.$This$pivotal$ period$in$his$life$influenced$Ron’s$decision$to$pursue$a$career$in$ music.$ After$high$school$graduation,$Ron$enrolled$in$college$at$Alabama$ State$University,$where$he$earned$a$music$degree$with$honors.$ Presently,$Ron$is$employed$at$Alabama$State$University$in$the$ Department$of$Music.$Ron$has$been$the$recipient$of$the$ASU$ President’s$Excellence$Award$and$he$was$inducted$into$the$ Lanier$High$School$Hall$of$Fame$(his$high$school$alma$mater)$for$ creative$musicianship$and$service$to$the$community.$He$has$also$ received$numerous$other$awards$for$music$and$for$community$ service.$ $ Throughout$his$professional$career,$Ron$has$performed$with$or$ as$the$opening$act$for$various$jazz,$pop/R&B$and$gospel$stars$ including:$Grammy$Award$winning$saxophonist$Kirk$Whalum;$ Grammy$Award$winning$vocalist$Chrisette$Michele;$Outstanding$ a$cappella$group$and$10$time$Grammy$Award$winners$Take$6;9$ time$Grammy$Award$winner$Alicia$Keys;$Platinum$selling$R&B$ vocalist$Avant;$jazz$group$Pieces$of$a$Dream;$vibraphonist$Roy$ Ayers;$vocalist$Phyllis$Hyman;$trumpeter$Tom$Browne;$ saxophonist$Najee;$9$time$Grammy$Award$winner$and$Pulitzer$ Prize$recipient$Wynton$Marsalis;$super$producer/keyboardist$ George$Duke;$saxophonist$George$Howard;$vocalist$Rachelle$ Ferrell;$vocal$sensation$and$2$time$Grammy$Award$winner$Patti$Labelle;$jazz$keyboardist$Joe$Sample;$5$time$Grammy$Award$winner$ and$pop/rock/country/gospel$hit$maker$B.J.$Thomas;$producer/drummer$Norman$Connors;$gospel$vocalist$Lisa$McClendon;$ gospel/jazz$guitarist$Roland$Grissum;$smooth$jazz$violinist$Jerald$Daemyon;$Hit$R&B/pop$vocalist$Peabo$Bryson;$father/son$recording$ artists$Eddie$Levert$(O’jays)$&$Gerald$Levert$and$gospel$recording$star$John$P.$Kee.$Ron$has$also$performed$with$and$composed$music$ for$actress$Bernadette$Stanis$(formerly$known$as$“Thelma”$from$the$hit$TV$show$“Good$Times”),$who$is$also$skilled$at$writing$poetry.$ $ A$versatile$musician$with$a$love$for$different$genres$of$music,$Ron$Handy$has$played$gospel,$classical,$jazz$and$pop/R&B$extensively.$ He$has$served$as$the$musical$director$and/or$woodwind/keyboard$player$for$many$theatrical$$productions$including:$“The$Wiz”;$ “Dreamgirls”;$“Don’t$Bother$Me,$I$Can’t$Cope”;$“Purlie”;$“Ain’t$Misbehavin’;$“The$Meeting”$and$many$others.$Ron$has$been$featured$ on$both$local$and$national$television,$along$with$local$and$international$radio.$He$has$been$featured$on$CNN$and$he$was$the$“Artist$of$ the$Week”$on$the$international$radio$program$“Jazz$From$The$City,”$hosted$by$renowned$jazz$DJ$Ken$“Spider”$Webb.$Ron$Handy$has$ produced$and$performed$on$numerous$recordings$over$the$years.$He$has$worked$as$a$studio$musician$and$engineer,$as$well$as$ producer$and$arranger$for$several$recording$projects,$including$television$theme$songs$and$commercial$jingles.$Ron$has$released$his$ own$CDs,$which$include$smooth$jazz$“covers”$of$the$R&B$group$Jodeci’s$“Forever$My$Lady”$and$jazz$vocalist$Dianne$Reeves’$“Come$ In.”$He$has$also$recorded$smooth$jazz$versions$of$other$pop/R&B$hits,$including$Brian$McKnight’s$“The$Only$One$For$Me”.$ Being$a$spiritual$person$who$loves$to$give$honor$and$praise$to$God,$Ron$released$a$CD$of$gospel$favorites$titled$“Sign$Me$Up,”$which$ has$received$heavy$rotation$and$acclaim$from$radio$stations$and$listeners$alike.$Gospel$and$“smooth$jazz”$stations$also$embraced$a$CD$ single$titled$“He’s$Worthy”.$ Despite$maintaining$a$demanding$professional$career,$Ron$enjoys$taking$the$time$to$visit$schools$and$churches$to$perform$and$talk$to$ young$people$about$music,$life$and$career$goals.$ $ Throughout$the$years,$Ron$has$been$blessed$to$perform$for$wide$and$diverse$audiences.$His$versatility$has$allowed$him$to$become$ one$of$the$most$sought$after$musicians$in$the$southeast.$Having$been$given$the$gift$of$music,$Ron$Handy$thanks$God$and$considers$it$a$ privilege$and$an$honor$to$be$able$to$share$his$music$with$others.$ $



The$Rhythmic$Lounge:$Please$give$us$a$quick$background$for$those$who$aren’t$familiar$with$who$you$are!$ $ Ron$Handy:$Ok!$I$am$Ron$Handy,$a$multi4instrumentalist$who$was$born$in$Montgomery,$Alabama.$I$have$studied$woodwinds$(saxophone,$flute,$clarinet,$ etc.),$guitar,$piano$&$bass$guitar.$I$have$performed$and$served$as$a$solo$artist,$teacher,$producer,$music$director,$composer,$arranger$and$recording$ engineer$at$different$times$throughout$my$musical$career.$I$currently$serve$as$the$“Music$Media$Specialist”$at$Alabama$State$University$(alma$mater),$ where$I’ve$also$taught$applied$woodwinds$and$music$industry$classes.$I’ve$also$served$as$the$University’s$jazz$band$and$jazz$combo$director$in$the$past.$I$ also$serve$as$a$church$musician$along$with$performing$for$numerous$special$events$in$and$out$of$the$city/state.$My$passion$and$purpose$as$a$musician$is$ to$always$provide$high$quality$music$that$is$inspirational.$I’m$drawn$to$music$that$is$uplifting$and$positive.$$$$$$$ $

$ TRL:$Growing$up$in$Montgomery,$Alabama$how$was$the$music$scene$and$was$it$easy$and$inviting$for$you$as$you$developed$as$an$ artist?$ RH:$That’s$a$great$question.$Actually,$growing$up$in$Montgomery,$Alabama$was$a$great$experience.$My$family$is$very$musical$and$there$was$music$“all$ the$time”$at$home.$My$father$plays$the$sax$and$my$mother$plays$the$piano.$Mom$also$sings.$She$started$me$and$my$siblings$(5$kids)$out$in$the$church$ choir,$which$was$always$fun.$Unlike$many$of$the$artists$today,$I$didn’t$think$much$about$the$music$business$because$Montgomery$was$not$a$music$ center,$like$Los$Angeles$or$New$York,$and$I$didn’t$know$of$anyone$who$was$making$a$living$just$playing$music.$I$saw$many$musicians$who$had$“real”$jobs$ (smile)$by$day$and$played$music$on$the$“side”$after$work.$My$main$goal$as$a$young,$eager$musician$was$to$become$really$good.$Being$the$best$musician$ that$I$could$be$was,$and$still$is,$my$main$goal.$I$was$given$many$opportunities$to$grow$musically$from$grade$school$through$college$and$beyond.$I$was$ always$performing$at$a$church,$school$band,$special$event$or$club/restaurant$“back$in$the$day”.$Each$of$my$brothers$and$sisters$played$an$instrument$so$ I$had$the$pleasure$of$having$a$lot$of$“hands$on”$experience$with$their$instruments.$During$my$high$school$years,$older$musicians$in$the$city$and$ surrounding$areas$began$to$notice$me$as$an$up$and$coming$musician$who$was$“serious”$about$my$craft.$These$older$“cats”$took$me$under$their$wings$ and$would$allow$me$sit4in$with$them$on$their$gigs.$They$would$give$me$really$helpful$advice$and$encouragement$to$inspire$me$to$continue$on$my$ musical$journey.$Their$contribution$to$my$growth$was$invaluable$and$I$will$forever$owe$them$a$debt$of$gratitude.$So$you$see,$I$had$the$formal$training$ from$school$under$amazing$band$directors$and$the$“street$education”$from$the$older$(gigging)$musicians.$I$loved$it!$$$$ $ $


$ RH:$My$musical$influences$are$truly$varied.$Wow.$I’ve$studied$classical$but$I$love$all$styles.$I$listen$to$everything$and$try$to$understand$the$objectives$of$ the$composer/performer$as$I$listen$to$the$composition$or$style.$I’m$also$called$upon$to$DJ$sometimes,$so$I$have$to$stay$up$on$the$current$trends$in$music.$ With$that$being$said,$I$would$say$my$influences$range$from$Prince,$Michael$Jackson$and$Stevie$Wonder$to$Miles$Davis,$Grover$Washington,$Jr.,$Charlie$ Parker,$etc.$I$have$great$respect$for$all$music$as$long$as$it’s$not$used$as$a$negative$tool$for$the$listener.$I’m$also$a$fan$of$the$bands$of$the$‘70’s,$‘80’s,$‘90’s$ and$beyond.$From$Earth,$Wind$&$Fire$to$the$Commodores$to$Mint$Condition…I$love$it.$Ethnic$music$and$ethnic$sounds$are$also$favorites$of$mine.$I$truly$ love$all$gospel$music$and$jazz$styles.$I$like$positive$rap$and$country$music.$There’s$not$enough$room$or$time$for$me$to$list$all$of$my$influences.$It$also$ wouldn’t$be$fair$because$I$would$leave$someone$out$whom$I$didn’t$think$of.$Wow!$Because$I$have$listened$to$so$much$music$for$different$reasons,$it$is$ extremely$hard$to$list$them$(influences)$all.$That$is,$I$may$be$influenced$by$the$piano$player$on$a$particular$track,$then$a$riff$by$the$guitarist$on$another$ track.$As$I$stated,$I$listen$to$so$much$music$and$love$it$all.$I’m$constantly$listening$and$studying.$$$ $ $

TRL:$Have$you$ever$considered$expanding$your$creative$talent$and$also$getting$involved$in$other$aspects$of$music,$such$as$producing,$ writing,$or$vocals?$ $ RH:$Absolutely!$In$fact,$I’ve$done$quite$a$bit$of$producing$and$writing.$I$do$have$a$pretty$deep$vault$of$songs$that$I’ve$written$and$recorded$over$the$ years.$I’m$constantly$experimenting$with$different$ideas$for$compositions.$I’ve$had$to$produce,$arrange$and$compose$jingles$and$theme$songs$for$ television,$radio$and$business$programs.$It$is$quite$a$challenge$to$do$all$of$the$production$chores,$but$I$love$it$and$look$forward$to$continuing$to$produce$ more$music.$The$art$of$producing$has$always$intrigued$me$and$I’ve$spent$many$hours$studying$the$production$techniques$of$some$of$the$great$ producers$of$“yesterday”.$There$are$many$wonderful$producers$on$the$music$scene$today$who$effectively$blend$the$“old”$with$the$“new”$and$deliver$ great$finished$products.$Yes,$I$will$be$continuing$to$do$more$writing$and$producing.$Stay$tuned$(smile)!$I$totally$enjoy$producing$vocal$tracks,$but$not$ actually$singing$myself.$I$leave$that$to$the$“real”$singer.$Vocalist$Christina$Mims$always$delivers$a$great$vocal$performance$over$my$tracks$and$it’s$fun$to$ add$effects$here$and$there$to$the$vocal$tracks$after$they$are$laid.$Although$I$have$the$capability,$I’ve$never$used$the$popular$“auto4tune”$effect$because$ she$doesn’t$need$it.$I$know$that$many$producers$use$it$for$effect,$and$that’s$fine,$but$I’m$still$“old$school”$I$guess$(Lol).$In$fact,$some$record$companies$ want$the$“auto4tune”$effect$on$the$vocals$simply$because$it’s$popular,$and$that’s$fine.$Let’s$not$forget,$the$music$industry$is$a$business$(smile)!$$ $ $


$ RH:$I$have$been$blessed$to$be$able$to$do$what$I$truly$enjoy$doing,$so$my$initial$answer$is$“more$of$the$same”.$I’m$working$on$a$joint$production$project$ with$inspirational$vocalist,$Christina$Mims.$You$can$hear$her$on$the$“Killing$Me$Softly”$(Christina$Mims,$Ron$Handy)$video$on$YouTube.$She’s$an$ awesome$vocalist$and$you$will$be$hearing$more$from$her$in$the$near$future.$She$also$does$great$vocal$arranging.$Aside$from$that,$I$will$be$continuing$my$ duties$at$Alabama$State$University$and$at$my$church$(Mt.$Zion$A.M.E.$Zion$Church),$where$I$perform$on$various$instruments$and$assist$the$editor$ (Christina)$of$the$monthly$church$newsletter.$Because$of$some$jingle$work,$I’ve$had$to$sing$from$time$to$time.$I’ve$enjoyed$“dabbing”$into$it$somewhat,$ but$it$needs$work$(smile).$Be$on$the$lookout$for$an$instrumental$jazz/gospel$project$from$me,$also.$There$are$also$plans$for$more$traveling$and$“live”$ performing.$Several$years$ago,$I$started$work$on$a$music$method$book.$I$am$continuing$to$add$exercises$to$it$as$I$compose$and$practice$these$techniques$ myself.$Along$with$the$method$book,$I$am$in$the$beginning$stage$of$writing$a$book$about$my$journey$as$a$solo$performer$and$life$lessons$that$I’ve$ learned$along$the$way.$My$career$has$spanned$over$20$years$and$I’ve$had$the$privilege$of$performing$for$wide$audiences.$I$feel$there’s$much$more$to$ come,$but$I$have$been$asked$to$present$the$journey$thus$far$in$a$book.$Thank$you$so$much!$

William BISHIP Graves, born December 12, 1973 in Harrisonburg, VA, is an underground artist with much love and respect for music and this game. His drive and love of the craft, sets him apart from other artists and his goals and visions are like no other. BISHIP's family is musically inclined, so it was only natural that music as always been a part of BISHIP's life and instilled in him. At the age of 11, BISHIP knew he was going to be an artist and even more so, have a huge part of the music industry. Today, BISHIP is working hard and seeks every opportunity and steps necessary to move to the next level. The passion for music is his life and will not go down without fighting. He is very creative and is constantly looking outside the box. BISHIP has and will be coming up with something everyone will enjoy, tap their toes to and bob their heads. BISHIP is filled with words of wisdom that flow through his music and touches the hearts of listeners. BISHIP has come a long way, but that is only because he believes in himself and strives for the best and will not give up on what he He gets a mental focus, plants both feet on the ground and gets it in. Be on the look out for what BISHIP has to show the world. BISHIP will become a household name! The Rhythmic Lounge: There has always seemed to be a level of competition between underground and signed artists! How do feel they compare to one another,seeing as though you have been on both sides? William Biship Graves: Honestly to ME being independent is the best way to go if you want to be William Biship Graves fully in control. I don't see much of a comparison between the two. The business level is just about the same minus the advancement check from the "BIG" labels. The independent grind means more to me as well as the freedom to create is sooo much better.


TRL: You were exposed to musical talent at a young age. Tell us a little about that! WBG: I come from a musical background... Momz was in the choir (top of her class with a few other ladies) Popz had a band ( Our Style).. So I've always had music around me at a early age. I grew up with the classics in my ears that's why still to this day when I hear a old school beat I'm immediately drawn to it lol but seriously I started singing at first until I was introduced to the 5 elements of HIP HOP I was hooked and the rest is history. TRL: In 2010, you started your own record label and officially became an entrepreneur. Did you always have plans to work "behind the mic" in addition to being in front of the mic? WBG: Good question- Funny thing is this..Even though I came from a musical background I never got supported.. crazy huh.. If anything I was discouraged and told rappers come a dime a dozen so I made it a point to not be just a static and to continue to push until I made a solid statement. Now that I've learned more of the business aspect of the game I try to give back by helping serious artists who are willing to learn to build their own brand.. I see alot of greed and artists in the game because of what they see in movies and videos think that the game is about being flashy and no REAL talent needed.. So I lead by example and Reach1Teach1.. that way I've got the best of both worlds.. I can still do what I love and help other talent get on the right track with they're career. TRL: There will always be those who will not give the credit that is due to others and constantly put down the work and progression of others. How do you personally deal with that type of negativity being in the entertainment business? WBG: That's easy... Hate=Motivate oh and believe me I stay hahaha... I've gotten threats.. a diss track done about me Fb Thugs looking for attention to help boost their careers goes on and so do I.. I don't concern myself with what the I'm too busy doing ME and building for my kids.. that's my

motivated that I laughed at.. oh boi the list next man do because ONLY focus.

TRL: What can we look forward to from you in the near future? ! WBG: I've got a few projects and a few Tours coming soon.. New EP (IN MY ZONE) Album (UNLEASHED) Mixtape (#GOGETTAZ Vol 2 & #WELLCONNECTED Vol 2) along with a few featured projects with Coast2Coast and PTI (Peep The Industry) Mixtapes..I'm just scratching the surface.. MOB OUT GEAR is making a comeback this year as well so people be ready for the new designs and items we will have available.. shoes included (Nike custom designed for MOB OUT ENT).

where creativity lives !

MAY / / 25

Ericka Kane by Ross 'R.G. Major' Guity

Transgender YouTube personality and aspiring actress Miss Ericka Kane entered the world as Erick Jones, and initially built a nice foundation through the love for both Rap music and fashion and as an up-and-coming presence in both arenas. Miss Ericka's transitional journey has faced a multitude of challenges, including being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome, a common and chronic central nervous system disorder that causes pain all over the body and affects an estimated 5.8 million Americans according to Wikipedia. Watch out for the awesomely lovely Miss Kane - for she is focused and primed to make a difference as both an LGBT activist and a multi-faceted creative force in the 'now' and for the future!

Ross G (TRL): Describe your inner being as an individual. Miss Ericka Kane: I would describe myself as courageous, passionate, and humorous. I truly believe everyone deserves to smile at least once a day, and you will if you're around me. Ross G (TRL): High school/College grad? M.E.K.: I am a graduate from Anacostia Senior High School, Class of 2004. Soon afterwards, I was offered an internship to shadow an up-and-coming fashion designer. Ross G (TRL): You have transitioned into a woman beautifully. How has the journey been for you personally thus far? M.E.K.: My transition journey has been filled with the highest of the highs and the lowest of lows. But I look at all situations in my life - both inside and outside my transition, as experiences that I learn and grown from. Ross G (TRL): Share your thoughts on the incredible success and exposure that award-winning African-American transgender actress Laverne Cox of the hugely popular NetFlix TV series 'Orange Is The New Black' has attained, and how her triumphs are inspiring you in your personal life and as an aspiring actress. M.E.K.: Well, Laverne Cox has definitely opened doors for the transgender community by starring in OITNB. Her success shows me as an aspiring actress that you don't have to change who or what you are as a person just to star in a major television show. But what made Laverne a 'she-ro' to me was when she became the first African-American transgender woman to grace the front cover of TIME magazine. For me to see that, not just as a fan, but as a Black transgender woman myself, gives me a lot of hope and confidence to do what I am doing today.

Ross G (TRL): What can we anticipate from Miss Ericka Kane here in 2015 and beyond, GOD willing? M.E.K.: You can expect a lot more greatness from Miss Ericka Kane. I'm so looking forward to the screening of my first short film FIRST DATE, which is set to be premiered at the African American Film Festival in New York City in June 2015. I am still producing and directing my YouTube documentary series TRANSITIONAL VIDEO DIARIES, which will get better and better with time. I'm also working on an inspirational book for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia or any type of depression, low self-worth, or a transition themselves. The book will feature my original poems, as well as personal journal entries. My goal is to show and uplift others who are experiencing their own tribulations so they can know that things will get better and be OK, but most importantly, that life is a wonderful thing! Ross G (TRL): What would you say would be your 'dream' acting role? M.E.K.: My dream acting role would be either a 'Bond' girl in a James Bond film, or maybe a hit-woman like Bridgette Fonda played in the movie POINT OF NO RETURN. These types of projects would show my range as an actress, as well as open doors for other women in the transgender community who aspire to be in the entertainment industry. Ross G (TRL): Which notable individuals in the world of entertainment would you love to meet and chat with in person? M.E.K.: I would love to just sit and have tea with Tina Turner. She is such an icon to me. She is someone who I would love to be when I get as 'young' as she is now in her Just to be able to look back at everything that has happened in my life - good or bad, and to just simply smile about it. Of course, I have to go shopping with or just hang out with the 'Queen Bee,' Lil' Kim. Her music and imagery has played such a huge role in my life, and being that I'm such a fan, I would want to know what projects she's currently working on. Ross G (TRL): International cities/countries you're love to visit and experience? M.E.K.: I would love to visit Italy and Paris, France. To shop of course, but to also experience the culture and fantastic food. Ross G (TRL): What piece of advice would you give those men who are who are deciding on making the transition of being a woman based on your experiences? M.E.K.: What I would tell a pre-transgender person who is thinking about going forward with a transition is to do your research - especially when it comes to doctors and medications. Most importantly, do it for YOU and to take your time with your transition. Don't rush into it. Ross G (TRL): RHYTHM is M.E.K.: Another form of expression!!

Rock photographer Nick Elliott has carved out an enviable reputation for producing powerful iconic pieces of photographic art in his own inimitable avant-garde style. Before focusing on the music industry, Nick had a very successful career in Editorial and Advertising photography, commissioned by top London fashion and advertising agencies including; Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, Yellow Hammer, O&M, Young & Rubican, GGT, Carlson Direct, MSBK and Publicis, for major above & below-the-line campaigns such as Liberal Democrats, CocaCola, British Telecom, British Airways, Walt Disney, Lloyds TSB Bank, Sheraton Hotels and Jaguar. After winning several awards, Nick specialised in the music industry photographing some of the most iconic artists in the business from rock stars such as Iron Maiden, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Metallica to Country and Folk legends Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash and Nanci Griffith. Nick's images have frequently been featured on album artwork as well as being published extensively across the media for over 20 years. Nick's work is highly respected and his images are in high demand as fine art limited edition prints being a resident exhibitor in over a dozen art galleries in the UK, Europe and USA. Nick was approached by a specialist music book publisher to produce a series of fine art books and released his debut book, TEN-A Decade In Images featuring a collection of the artists that Nick had worked with and had captured performing over the last 10 years at the Cambridge Folk Festival, in 2011. He is currently working on a series of rock books. His genius in the studio is only surpassed by his ability to capture the intensity of the live musical performance and Nick is driven by an incredible passion and the desire to create stunning images of the musical artists who have been his inspiration. Exposing the very essence of the performers' inner most soul in a way that no other photographer can, Nick continues to produce contemporary collections of photographic art that will outlive time itself. To view Nick's portfolio and client list visit: To visit Nick's Press Office and read about his work visit:


15 February 2015

For immediate release

Iconic Photographer Rocks 50 Folk World renowned rock photographer, Nick Elliott, is rocking the folk world with the release of 50Folk, a new limited edition, fine art, photographic book to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cambridge Folk Festival. 50Folk features a collection of the iconic rock photographer’s favourite images of folk, blues and Americana performers captured during his time working with artists, record labels and major music publications at the legendary festival. The 132 page, hard-backed book, measures 12 inches square and includes over 80 images of 50 artists performing over a ten year period from 2000 to 2010. Strictly limited to only 250 copies worldwide, every copy is personally signed by Nick himself. Talking about why he chose to create the book, Nick said: “The Cambridge Folk Festival holds a very special place in my heart. Although I am, predominantly, known for being a photographer of rock artists, so much of my career started at this great festival and I really wanted to do a celebration of my involvement in only a part of its 50 year history. “Producing a book of ‘folk’ and ‘blues’ artists could be considered to be a bit of a departure for me but there are so many images I love from my time working there that I wanted to share these with lovers of music, photography, and art, alike.” Working in the music industry for over 20 years, Nick has photographed some of the most well-known musical artists in the business and his images have frequently been featured on album artwork as well as being published extensively across the media.

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Known for his unique ability to capture the true essence of the artists’ live performance, Nick’s work is also in demand as fine art and has exhibited in galleries across the UK and Europe, and is currently in discussion to show his images in the USA. The Cambridge Folk Festival celebrated 50 years in 2014 and is renowned for its eclectic mix of music and a wide definition of what might be considered folk. The best traditional folk artists from the UK and Ireland rub shoulders with more contemporary acts, the finest American country, blues and roots artists, acclaimed singer songwriters and even the odd pop star. Featured within the pages of the book is a unique selection of high profile artists including Joan Baez, Robert Plant, Steve Earle, Seasick Steve, Seth Lakeman, Cara Dillon, Levellers, Nanci Griffith, Eddi Reader, Cerys Matthews, Imelda May, Julian Cope and Billy Bragg amongst others. Early numbers of limited edition books are well sought-after and 50Folk is available to buy at £125 (plus delivery) at Further information about Nick and his work can be found at


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Notes to Editor: Rock photographer Nick Elliott has carved out an enviable reputation for producing powerful iconic pieces of photographic art in his own inimitable avant-garde style. Nick’s online gallery is: and Press Office is: More information about 50Folk can be found at:

Contact: For further media information please contact Allison Thomas, CAT, on 0780 3623662 or


Marion'Forget' ' Ontario, Canada

My dad who was a draftsman, had an unique and inspiring way to channel the energies of a hyper little girl, he would hand me a huge piece of drawing paper and some pencils so i could draw while he worked on his current project. Since, i cannot remember a time without a pad or lose paper and pencil as my constant companion. Though i did not have any formal art instruction until high school. I was exposed to arts with books and material and crafts, with my mom who designed and made craft ideas from mini Santa's to fancy embroideries. The art and creativity was a big part of my childhood. After starting another art course, the demands and rewards of motherhood saw to it that it was put on the back burner but always simmering. When i wasn't doing art, i was always doing some kind of creative activity from model building to crochet, designing my own patterns. in time, when circumstance allowed, i went back to school. One diploma at Academy of Learning for Pc Support Specialist, then the second at Niagara College For Graphic Fundamentals And Fine Arts. My influences range from Neolithic to 19th century impressionist art on up to present day. You will see i have taken to the impressionist period and can see the influences in many pieces of my work. Little incidents in just living an ordinary life spark a creative drive to a new painting or piece that emerges from that speck of inspiration. The past 4-5 years has been both a blossoming of output on a mooded commercial success. The critical acclaim spurs my creative drive to continuously push back the boundaries of my art. I cannot know where my art will take me but i do aspire to exhibit in places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver as well as stepping out of Canada to enter the international art world with a first stop to New York City. My ultimate goal is to become an internationally known artist. Marion was also recently chosen to be included in the Norman Felix Gallery… “Norman Felix Gallery is an independent art gallery located at 445 Adelaide Street. Founded in 2006, Norman Felix Gallery has steadily expanded to represent a variety of over 100 talented Canadian artists. We offer an array of contemporary paintings, photographs, illustrations, and sculptures by both emerging and established independent artists. Our collective showcasing program is ground breaking and focused on Canadian Artist.” For commission, contact me at website facebook linkedin twitter google plus


Christina)Mims) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Vocalist))))))))))Vocal)Arranger))))))))))Songwriter) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Equipped)with)a)voice)that)mesmerizes)her) listeners,)Christina)Mims)has)brought) audiences)to)their)feet)and)moved)many)to) tears.)As)she)pours)her)heart)and)soul)into) each)note,)Christina)pulls)from)the)very) depths)of)her)“being”)to)give)her)listeners) the)best)that)she)has)to)offer.)This)lovely) lady)understands)how)to)“deliver”)a)song!) ) Christina)Mims)became)interested)in)music) as)an)infant)born)into)a)large)family)that) sang)gospel)in)church)and)at)home.))As)the) daughter)of)a)minister,)Christina)remembers) not)being)able)to)contain)herself)as)an)eightE yearEold)watching)a)choir)rehearsal.))As)the) choir)members)“brought)the)spirit)in”,)she) began)to)“belt”)high)notes)along)with)them)from)her)pew.)“Everyone)stopped)to)see)where)that)loud,)spirited)voice)was) coming)from,”)Christina)recalls.)“Everyone)laughed)and)I’ve)been)singing)ever)since.)I)guess)that)was)my)start”,)chuckles) Christina.)She)also)remembers)spending)many)hours)practicing)to)the)radio)or)along)with)a)cassette)tape)player)during)her) early)years.) ) Since)that)time,)Christina)Mims)has)made)a)lasting)impression)on)her)listeners)whenever)and)wherever)she)has)performed.) She)was)a)“standout”)vocalist)in)high)school)and)even)directed)the)church)choir)as)well)as)her)high)school)choir)on)different) occasions.)With)the)understanding)that)a)vocalist)has)to)be)versatile,)Christina)began)to)lend)an)ear)to)any)music)that)came) her)way,)embracing)a)variety)of)musical)styles)that)included)jazz)and)classical.))While)completing)her)studies)as)a)business) major)at)Alabama)State)University)where)she)graduated)with)honors,)Christina)remained)active)in)the)University)and)Gospel) choirs.))She)also)studied)classical)voice,)and)she)was)called)upon)numerous)times)to)sing)solo)selections)at)various)University) functions.))Her)vocal)skills)quickly)became)heralded)by)the)University)and)the)communityEatElarge.))) ) Christina)Mims’)professional)career)as)a)vocalist/songwriter/arranger)has)taken)her)throughout)the)southern)region)of)the) United)States,)along)with)performances)in)the)Washington,)DC)area,)Martha’s)Vineyard)and)abroad)for)special)performances) in)Bermuda)and)the)island)of)Barbados.)She)can)be)heard)singing)regularly)with)popular)saxophonist/multiEinstrumentalist) Ron)Handy)and)she)has)also)performed)a)duet)“live)in)concert”)with)GrammyEwinning)saxophonist)Kirk)Whalum.))Her)studio) recordings)have)found)an)enthusiastic)audience)both)on)the)radio)and)the)internet.)Her)covers)of)CeCe)Winans’)“What)About) You”,)Michelle)Williams’)“Heard)A)Word”,)John)P.)Kee’s)“Survive”)and)Roberta)Flack’s)“Killing)Me)Softly”)have)been)met)with) “exhilarating”)enthusiasm.)In)a)moment)of)divine)inspiration,)Christina)collaborated)with)Ron)Handy)to)pen)the)lyrics)and) perform)all)the)vocal)parts)to)an)uplifting)song)titled)“HE’s)Worthy”.)))) ) A)lady)who)believes)in)being)a)positive)role)model)and)mentor)to)both)the)young)and)old)alike,)Christina)regularly)gives) generously)of)her)time)with)performances)at)area)schools,)nursing)homes)and)the)local)YMCA.))She)takes)great)pride)in)being) able)to)inspire)others)to)be)the)best)that)they)can)be.)“Making)a)positive)impact)on)the)lives)of)others)is)a)goal)that)anyone) can)achieve”,)says)Christina.) ) Whether)she’s)recording)in)the)studio)or)performing)in)an)electrifying)“live”)performance,)Christina)Mims)commits)herself)to) performing)at)the)“highest”)possible)level.))Blessed)with)an)infectious)positive)spirit)and)an)extraordinary)vocal)ability)that) captivates)her)audiences,)she)enjoys)being)able)to)share)her)musical)gifts)and)life)experiences)with)others.) ) Upon)listening)to)her,)you’ll)agree...Christina)Mims)knows)how)to)“deliver”)a)song!) ) )

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Album Reviews Verbalz- Brooklyns Own by William Kryjak


★ ★ ★ 1/2

The cover of Verbalz's latest mix tape is plastered with pictures of some of the greats: Biggie, Jordan, and then there's Verbalz himself. Some might consider this cocky – but this confidence is necessary when coming up as independent artist. Combined with a solid flow and some decent rhymes, “Brooklyn's Own” is the ambitious mix tape it sets out to be. For someone who claims to have grown up in a very musical household it definitely shows. While the beats and samples are more traditional, his approach to songwriting definitely has the polished feel of someone with musical experience. This is something a lot of emerging rappers struggle with. Even if you have the goods, you have to sound good, and Verbalz has this down. That being said some of the beats could be improved a bit. I think as he gets his name out and starts to work with more people this will improve, but a few of the tracks sound a little dated. Overall “Brooklyn's Own” is a solid effort, but there are a few songs that stand out. “Devil is a Lie” hits hard and sticks in your head. “It Ain't the Same” is another great one, lamenting the good old days of hip-hop when lyrics mattered over money. The only problem is that these tracks share a bill with songs like “Dead Presidents”, which is actually all about getting money (and ironically has some of the best rhymes on the mix tape). Hip-hop is a very powerful art form. It is a way to tell a story, to make people listen, a combination of music, poetry and raw emotion. The problem is that when you hear the same stories over and over again they start to lose their meaning. Verbalz has the talent, but if he really wants to go to the next level he needs to go deeper inside himself and tell his own, personal story. They don't call it a hustle for no reason, and as long as Verbalz keeps working hard I think we have some great stuff to look forward to.

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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From f...