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Chantel Sawyer (Atkins) (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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Kevon Pagis

was born October 6th, 1990 in Monroe, Louisiana. At the age

of two his mother moved them to Shreveport La. Where he spent his childhood into his early twenties. At the age of eight he began to rap. He grew up listening to various artist and was greatly influenced by many which include; No limit, Wayne, Lupe, Pimp C, HOV, NWA, Andre, NOS, Most Def, Kanye, ACDC and most importantly Nirvana. At the age of only nineteen he was offered several record deals with a couple mainstream labels. However, due to some unfortunate differences he stepped away from the offers and followed his dreams under his own conditions. Kevon than decided to move in with one of his uncles where he spent three years virtually not moving to profect his craft. Within that time he signed with Thug World Universal. However, shortly after, Kevon made the decision to take time off and spend the next two years raising his newborn daughter Freedom. This is when he gained knowledge of his philosophy on his music. As he states "It's therapeutic.. It's full of sound. The vibrations I send out will alter the vibrations of the listener. Which is all we have and is essentially the best form of communication." With his new and refreshed mind. Kevon took a leap of faith and moved to Houston, TX at the age of twenty-five. He there found his rhythm again and got back into his music full time. Kevon Pagis is now at the top of his game and ready to take over as he states; "My art is all over, its everything. I cover all views.. From being the shooter to the person being shot or from Gods perspective to the sinners perspective. I cultivate every emotion I ever had." This is surely what you will see and understand with his latest projects. He is the future of music!


The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! I’m Kevon Pagis. An artist originally from Shreveport, LA. I say artist and not rapper because i do more than rap. But indeed Hip-Hop is my first love, my lifestyle, my spirituality. But I wouldn't call myself spiritual by traditional standards. I kind of just do and feel what i want. And everything that i am is subject to change because of my will to live. And to me, you can't really live if you're not ever evolving.

TRL: What effect (positive or negative) did being born and raised in Louisiana have on the creative path that you chose? I guess I should start with the negative so we can end on a positive note. Growing up in Louisiana is hard. It's not just the hood; its economical structure in its entirety is rough. So that forces my side of town to have little hope when there's not much to look for in the entire city. Violence is somewhat of normality so naturally growing up we're subjected to partake in a plethora of undesirable activities. These adversities make for great motivation though. No one wants to live like that. So we work hard with the talents we're blessed with. This is where it gets positive. We want better for our kids so we work with HipHop and any other opportunities to raise awareness of our situation and promote and platform that would allow us to rise above it. The stories i tell are mostly influenced by Louisiana. I cherish my soul and passion so much because i come from a place where that can be taken in a heartbeat. Plus you can't beat the creative energy that Jazz promotes and everyone knows Louisiana culture is heavily influenced by that groove.

TRL: What would you say has been your biggest career moment so far? That question is a difficult one. I consider every move extremely important, but to date, if i had to choose I'd say performing in Atlanta. There were so many people and i gained lots of new fans. And the radio station allowed me to freestyle so my flow introduced me to newly intrigued ears.

TRL: Have you considered expanding your talent into other areas of entertainment? If so, which? Yeh like I mentioned before I’m bigger than rap. And that’s not coming from an arrogant state of mind. What i mean is I’m not confined to just one form of artistry. I’ve co-written books that are being published as we speak. I’ve also directed short films and i direct musical videos. My sister and I organize motivational events for children to become more aware of their potential and learn to focus on manifest creation also. There are plenty of avenues I’m invested in currently but i plan on a lot more also.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? I do want to talk about my album 'Best Rapper Alive Under29'. There's a single out worldwide right now I’m leading with called "Freedom". This will actually be my first album and i worked really hard on it. I don't want to spoil the messages and overall theme so just wait til you hear it and will see what synopsis you come up with. Also I will be just about everywhere during spring and summer and fall so just be on the look out for my name on a flyer near you.

! ! ! Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ReverbNation (#1artist) ! ! ! !

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CHARLES MOORER AND THE FAITHFUL FEW !! Over 20 years ago, Chuck Moorer left his native Ohio and moved to L.A. to pursue his musical dreams. Considering that the talented singer and bassist was raised up in church, and sang at gospel concerts as a kid everywhere from Akron University, Kent State University, Prayer Tower Church of God In Christ, and a host of other churches and events, it surprised some that he was pursuing secular music. Exploring his passion for R&B/funk and jazz, he was in several of those kinds of bands throughout college and beyond. It took a lot of soul searching, a bunch of hard knocks and closed doors, and some definitive signs (which all came with wild stories) to bring him back to the Lord. Once he felt that God “pricked” his heart and he headed back home musically and physically, his sense of purpose became much clearer.

! !

While attending the NAACP Image Awards one year in L.A., Chuck met legendary Grammy winning gospel singer and pastor Donnie McClurkin, who kindly remembered an email Chuck had sent him a few years earlier about their mutual love for Donnie’s major inspiration, Andrae Crouch. McClurkin told Chuck how, for him, pastoring and music ministry came together perfectly, like a hand in a glove, with one complementing the other to uplift people’s lives and draw their souls closer to God. Chuck was attentive as the singer told him how while his music is blessing the church; his preaching in turn blessed his music ministry. McClurkin’s words, combined with a rededication to the Lord and Chuck’s rediscovery of gospel via contemporary genre superstar Fred Hammond and his ensemble Commissioned, inspired a whole new, incredible double life for Chuck as a pastor and singer. For over 12 years now, every Sunday morning, the congregation at Divine Direction Christian Church in Indianapolis, an affiliate of the Indiana Wesleyan Church, come to hear “Pastor Chuck” sing and preach. He says, “Singing calms me and helps me focus on the message I’m about to share.” Chuck also leads a band of musical ministers called the Faithful Few Music Ministry, whose original lineup he formed in 2000. The Faithful Few’s primary mission has been to expand beyond the four walls of the church and outreach to all people across the world. The group, now releasing their 7-track debut album Divine Direction under the name Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few, plays a dynamic mixture of traditional and contemporary gospel styles with a touch of jazz and funk that ministers to all age groups. Although it is Chuck’s desire and that of his band and singers that the music be used to encourage people to meet God in Christ all around the world, a portion of the proceeds from Divine Direction will go to the Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation, which was supportive of Chuck and his family when his son Chadwin, then 16, was battling renal sickle cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that gave him a 10% survival rate. The wish they provided turned into a celebration of life when Chadwin was miraculously healed. Charles himself was healed of cancer just a few years later. Another unique element of the recording is the fact that it has seven tracks – just as Pastor Charles promises all future Faithful Few albums will. “In the Bible, starting with the creation story, the number seven is God’s number for completion,” he says. “If it’s good enough for Him, it’s good enough for us!”


! ! The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Charles Moorer: I am Charles Moorer aka "Pastor Chuck" lead vocals and bass player of Charles Moorer and The Faithful Few and Senior Pastor of Divine Direction Christian Church out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Charles Moorer and the Faithful Few is made up of a group of wonderful people, Forrest Wooley III (drummer), Kyle Maxwell (percussion), Carmen Cotham (vocals), Chelsea Moorer (vocals), Todd Bennett (guitar), and Carla Maxwell (keyboards). What is unique is that all the members have ministries at the church. The ministry has been in existence for approximately 16 years and though not on purpose, we tend to have more of a gospel smooth jazz and rhythm and blues style and really enjoy playing it and practicing it every other Friday night for many years.

TRL: Do you believe that your opportunities and level of success would have been limited if you had not made the move from Ohio to L.A.? CM: The move to LA allowed my meeting many hardworking and wonderful people who, in some shape form or fashion, influenced my thinking and the way I perceive my purpose in life. In addition, the move from Ohio to LA gave me a better appreciation for where I came from and the values given to me by my parents and the appreciation at another level, for the love and support of my family. No question in my mind the move from Ohio to LA had a short and long term impact on my life and the way I perceive what my purpose in life truly is,

TRL: How did Charles Moorer and the Faithful Few come about? CM: In the early 2000's I formed the group. Over the years there has been changes as the group went through a make over in key role positions. However, out of that make over with the exception Forrest Wooley III who has been with me since the inception of the group, new members came to the ministry and have been a part of the ministry 9 to 12 years on average.

TRL: What has been the biggest career accomplishment as a group thus far? CM: We have done so many things. However, I think the biggest accomplishment was completing our first album entitled "Divine Direction" and getting out at "Lifeway Christian Bookstores" around the country as well as Amazon, ITunes, IHeart, and many, many others. The group is also part of the ALJ Agency, which has been working to get our music played in some very good venues.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? CM: We will be traveling to Las Vegas in March 24 through the 26 to participate in the Nehemiah project concert. We will also be participating in the North Carolina Gospel Announcers guild showcase in June 14 through the 16th. We will also be working in concert with the Indiana Children's Wish Fund to assist with them with their goal of raising money to continue helping terminally Ill kids and their families. All blessings and an opportunity to spread the message of Jesus Christ in song. Does not get any better then that!!!!





music!industry!for!nineteen!years.!He!started!his! career!as!a!local!Deejay!in!Philadelphia!while! attending!Temple!University.!At!Temple,!he!studied! music!and!graphic!design!to!become!a!producer.! Two!years!after!finishing!Temple,!he!moved!to! Cleveland,!Ohio!where!he!met!Y’Akee!Burns.!He! and!Burns!collaborated!together!to!form!YB! Records!in!2001.!YB!Records!then!became!YB! Entertainment!LLC!in!2003,!where!he!became!A&R! for!the!company.!YB!Entertainment!worked!&! released!several!projects!from!Independent!artists! in!the!genres!of!R&B,!Jazz!&!Gospel!ranging!from! solo!projects,!music!groups!&!Compilations.!! In!2006,!YB!Entertainment!LLC!restructured!the! company!from!a!record!label!to!a!multiTmedia! company!and!started!entities!such!as! Blazinhotradio!Podcast!in!2007!and!Podcast!Blast! Magazine!in!2010,!which!will!later!become!Podtalk! Magazine.!Both!entities!are!dedicated!to!promoting! &!educating!emerging!artists!in!film!&!music!and! introducing!new!resources!&!strategies!to!help!the! advancement!of!their!careers.!! In!2010,!he!moved!to!Greensboro,!North!Carolina!and!formed!Troytown!Entertainment,!LLC!is!a! multiTmedia!company!that!has!several!entities!&!affiliates,!which!works!as!a!contributing! partner!to!YB!Entertainment!LLC.!Troytown,!Entetainment,!LLC!is!the!parent!company!of!The! Indie!Music!Network,!Troytown!Productions,!&!newly!formed!Troy!Music!Group.!! He!later!expanded!the!company!to!form!the!Indie!Music!Network,!a!division!of!Troytown! Entertainment,!LLC!in!2012.!The!Indie!Music!Network!is!gradually!becoming!one!of!the!top! Internet!radio!stations!in!the!world.!It!has!increased!its!listenership!to!a!global!audience!&! continues!to!be!a!major!platform!for!emerging!artists.!The!Indie!Music!Network!plays!R&B,!Jazz,! &!Gospel!&!currently!has!approximately!20!programs!to!it’s!station!which!airs!5!days!a!week!on! afternoons!&!evenings.!Recently,!several!of!the!Jazz!programs!on!the!Indie!Music!Network!was! also!nominated!in!the!Top!100!programs!in!the!U.S.!according!to!a!poll!on!!The!Indie! Music!Network!was!also!nominated!for!the!Prayze!Factor!Awards!in!2015!for!Internet!Radio! Station!of!the!year!&!The!Rhythm!of!Gospel!Image!Awards!for!Best!New!Gospel!Program!in! 2016.!Also!the!Indie!Music!Network!has!been!featured!on!Souletter!Magazine!in!2014,!Incline! Magazine!2017,!&!GBIM!Business!Journal!in!2017.!! ! ! !


! ! The$Rhythmic$Lounge:$Please$introduce$yourself$and$give$the$readers$a$brief$background$for$those$who$ aren’t$familiar$with$you!$ $

Kenny!Troy:!My!name!is!Kenny!Troy!I'm!CEO/!Founder!of!Troytown!Entertainment,!LLC!&!CEO/Founder!of!The!Indie! Music!Network!&!help!launched!Podtalk!Magazine.!I've!been!in!the!music!industry!for!19yrs!&!started!my!career!out!as!a! local!DJ!in!the!Philadelphia!/South!Jersey!area!!&!then!became!A&R!for!Y.B.!Entertainment,!LLC!an!Indie!Record!label!out!of! Cleveland,!Ohio!in!2003.!I've!been!working!to!help!Independent!artists!in!R&B,!Jazz!&!Gospel!by!promoting,!educating!and! introducing!new!strategies!&!resources!in!the!advancement!of!their!careers.$

$ $

The$Rhythmic$Lounge:$What$would$you$consider$to$be$your$biggest$career$achievement$thus$far?$$$ $

KT:!There!are!many!but!if!I!had!to!think!of!one,!it!would!be!starting!The!Indie!Music!Network.!The!Indie!Music!Network! continues!to!grow!in!territory!by!the!number!of!listeners!&!followers!worldwide!&!has!been!recognized!by!its!great! programming!&!diversity!of!music!in!the!5+years.!Some!of!our!radio!programs!have!reached!the!top!100!in!the!country,! especially!in!Jazz!.The!Indie!Music!Network!has!been!nominated!by!Prayze!Factor!Awards!as!Internet!Radio!Station!of!the! Year!in!2015!&!also!nominated!for!The!Rhythm!of!Gospel!Awards!for!best!new!Gospel!Program!in!2016.!We!also!have!been! featured!in!Souletter!Magazine!in!2014,!Incline!Magazine!in!2017!&!GBIM!Business!Journal!this!year!as!well.!This!has!been! my!biggest!achievement!so!far.! ! $ $

The$Rhythmic$Lounge:$You$have$a$lot$of$experience$from$being$in$the$entertainment$business$for$almost$ 20$years.$What$is$the$most$important$lesson$you$have$learned$that$has$aided$in$your$longevity?$$ $

KT:!The!most!important!lesson!I've!learned!over!the!years!is!to!maintain!your!integrity.!In!this!business!we!see!too!many! examples!of!dishonest!behavior!&!has!lead!to!many!problems!in!people!lives.!Talking!some!of!the!veterans!of!the!industry! as!well!as!other!business!owners!that!the!one!thing!they've!possessed!in!their!long!careers!as!well.!Building!trust!is!pivotal! in!any!business!or!relationship!in!general.!




$ KT:!Yes!I'm!looking!to!expand!the!company!into!television!or!film!industry.!I!look!people!like!Cathy!Hughes!&!Tyler!Perry,! Oprah!Winfrey!&!Magic!Johnson!just!to!name!a!few!as!examples!of!where!I!want!to!be!in!the!future.!We!definitely!need! more!media!companies!that!represent!the!African!American!Community!to!change!the!perspective!of!some!of!the! stereotypes!that!continues!to!be!broadcast!on!the!airwaves!for!many!the!years!by!mainstream!outlets.! !

!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !

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MARCH / / 11

STREET NOTES RECORDS LLC is a record label that

focuses on what is important to underground artists, making them relevant in the mainstream, bringing in talented artists with the same creative vision. Leland and Debora White, President and C.E.O of Street Notes Records, believe in providing an inspiration to the younger generation. To demonstrate that you should always work hard for what you want because it will not come easy and requires a vision to succeed. The Street Notes Records movement evolved from an Internet Radio Show created by Leland White called Street Notes Live. He created this show while pursuing a degree in Radio & Broadcasting at The Academy of Radio & Broadcasting in Huntington Beach Ca. The Internet radio show grew to an avenue of providing a home for unsigned artist to have their music and journey through music heard. Debora contributes to the creative side of the business and ear to making decisions on music that become part of Street Notes Records. Since he was a child, Leland has always held a vision of being a part of the music industry. He created a traveling DJ crew alongside childhood friends Kato Carter, Brent West, and cousin Scott Brooks, which they called Get Set To Sweat. They played at schools and parties in surrounding cities of his small hometown in Cadiz Ohio. The Street Notes Records vision began in 2015 in Buena Park Ca. Piece by piece they put together a group of talented artist starting out with Gunz & Ammo from Chicago Il. We pride ourselves on being youthful and thinking of innovated ways of understanding the music and artist in the music industry. Leland & Debora pride themselves as being positive role models an about maintaining core vales of focusing on providing the resources and services needed so their artist can focus on their music. We focus on everything to develop new artist for the love of music. With that vision the focus on the role providing a support network for the growth of the Label with association with industry veteran Jose Herrera owner of Studio One Inc. in Corona CA along with artist Rhyme Scheme, a rising Hip Hop artist making his claim to fame into Hip Hops mainstream. Having grown up in Detroit’s inner city, serving a tour in Iraq, and adapting to the diversity of California, he delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents that are quickly gaining notoriety. The depth of his lyrics, mixed with a fused sound of old-school hip-hop with a modern delivery, has created an epic buzz with music lovers across the globe that makes his position as Vice President important in this Rise of Street Notes Records. Street Notes Records stands at the forefront of the fast moving label with knowledge of forming and growing into a force to look at on the Rise. They spent the past year creating a vision that has helped position them as a label destined to succeed in the music business. The Whites have championed in very business ventures of owning other successful business White’s Management, which is a management consulting company and Mi Casa Day Spay that is a small Spa in La Habra Ca. Thought out there ventures they both strive in being excellent with the motto of Doing Good and Getting Better. Street Notes Records has become a Rising label enjoying the growth in the music industry on a distinct versatility of the music their artist creates. The industry today has changed as the world of music has. Leland & Debora escaped from the streets, violence and struggles. TWITTER: @STREETNOTESLIV_ FACEBOOK: STREETNOTESRECORDS FACEBOOK: DJOVERLOAD1 INSTAGRAM: @STREETNOTESRECORDS TUMBLR: STREETNOTESRECORDS LINKEDIN: STREETNOTESRECORDS WEBSITE: WEBSITE: RADIO SITE: RADIO SITE: RADIO SITE: CONTACT: PHONE/714-395-9362



The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Leland White: Leland White comes from Cadiz, Ohio where his family was Railroad Workers and Coal Miners, but he desired to be different. Through his travels of life he met with various downfalls but maintained his I can Attitude. He worked with inner-city youth as a Sales Trainer and Motivator. A Graduate of Dale Carnegie Motivational Speaking he continued his career in sales working for Ford Motor Company, in 2008 Ford closed its doors in his area. Leland had to reinvent his self by going back to school where he received a degree in Radio and Broadcasting from Radio TV and Broadcasting School in Huntington Beach Ca. At the same time doing what he loved as a child which was acting. He first appeared as KK in the film Janky Promoters with Ice Cube and Mike Epps. Leland has appeared in various roles in his career, this year in the Movie Dead Cruelty as Peter Bickens and Straight Outta Compton where plays The Lench Mob Bodyguard, he’s also appeared in The Frankenstein Theory with Kris Lemche, Joe Egender, also Tattoo Nightmares, Operation Repo, Will to Live, 1000 ways to Die, Wedding Guest in 500 Days of Summer staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel. His stage career he's appeared as Head in the Donald B. Welch production My Brothers Keeper and Uncle Tony in Can God's Love Reach in the Dark directed by Spencer Collins. He has Training in Acting and Scene Study at Brian Reise Acting Studios, Respect for Acting with Josie Thacker and Scene Study with Michelle Adams and Kim Foster. Stunt Training in weapons and hand combat with Gary Robert. He and wife Debora are owners of Street Notes Records and Mi Casa Day Spa. As Well as being a father of six children he has an Internet Radio Show Street Notes for the uplifting of youth and supporting unsigned music artist. In last Leland believes that Your Life Struggles can be Overcame, so go after your Dreams and never give up as he's done.

TRL: With so much competition in this field, what sets Street Notes Records apart from other record labels? LW: We give Artist creative decision on their music & product with the understanding that we will make a collective session on we market the finish project.

TRL: What has been the companies’ biggest professional achievement thus far? LW: Street Notes Records has maintain professionalism in the Music Game have organized successful events to allow Unsigned Artist to be heard World Wide on Radio, have organized Successful shows that Reward the Artist by awarding Artist a Medal of there participating in our On The Rise Events that has made it possible to launch a Radio Show that is heard on, which is broadcasted in 100 Countries &

TRL: What do we have to look forward to from Street Notes Records in the near future? LW: We are currently organizing On The Rise Events that will tour Cross Country in the near future.

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MARCH / / 13

Luca Brassy For the past 13 years, Luca Brassy, born and raised in Upstate NY, has been building a reputation in the TriState area as one of the hottest emcees in the region. His journey really started in entertainment through professional wrestling at age 13. By the time he turned 16, Luca was running his own professional wrestling training center (24/7 Wrestling Productions LLC) in Upstate NY. Due to things out of his own control, 24/7 closed its doors in the summer of 2003. From there, Brassy had a hard time finding himself again until he discovered his love for writing and music in 2004. In October 2004, he met Jgreen Moneytalkz who has been producing his music ever since. Luca Brassy has performed at numerous cities and states including Schenectady, Albany, Glens Falls, Syracuse, Amsterdam, Rochester, Pittsfield, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Buffalo, Newport Rhode Island, Brooklyn, Bronx NY, Manhattan, Staten Island, Ardmore PA, Uniontown Alabama, Birmingham, Atlanta GA, Marshall NC, and Memphis TN among others and has been building a name for himself based on his politically and socially oriented music. Among other great accolades, he has opened for several well-known emcees such as Rakim and Lil Kim. Brassy is now moving in a new direction with his music and putting his old school lyrical mentality to use with his club vibe which has brought him a whole new fan base as well as a different kind of recognition. Brassy’s first mixtape was released in 2006 titled “The Project: Stereotyped”, and his first full-length album “The Narration: The Heart of a Champion” in 2010. A remake of that album was released Through Tate Music Group in 2014 titled simply “The Heart of a Champion.” Luca was recently signed to Sony RED where he released 2 singles “Like That” and “3000” (produced by Younglord). With this, he continues to be active around his own community as well as others. He continues to grind and make new contacts in radio, magazine, film, blogs, etc. He most recently was signed to CNY Mode modeling agency based in Syracuse NY! In music, his newest single “Lose Your Mind” was recorded in Los Angeles with the music video being shot in ATL. Brassy stays on the grind and is always active in his music and all business endeavors. Stay tuned for the latest on Luca Brassy! POW!!! The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Luca Brassy: Luca Brassy is the name and I love the music and entertainment industry. I started in music with producer J Green in upstate NY in 2004 and have been working with him ever since. As a performer, I've been all over the country from Alabama to California to New York to Texas, plus more and have performed at some of the largest music events in the country. I'm also a model signed with CNY Mode in Syracuse NY and love to be active in all forms of entertainment! TRL: You became an entrepreneur at a very young age, and although not directly related, how did the creation of your professional wrestling training center prepare you for your career in music and entertainment? I started in professional wrestling at age 13 and left the business complete at age 19. There were many reasons as to why I was forced to walk away, but that's a whole other story. What wrestling did for me as a performer through, was get me in front of cameras and people at a very young age, which I see now as practice time I had put in. It also taught me the value of money, the expectation of mutual respect, and that some people will do whatever they can to try to make sure you won't succeed. You need to keep moving no matter what and ignore the naysayers. TRL: What has been your biggest career achievement thus far? My biggest achievements in professional wrestling were having the privilege to wrestle names such as Doink the Clown, Tony Atlas, and Tony Mamaluke among others. In music I was able to open for Rakim and Lil Kim as well as go on two tours! I was also signed to Sony RED and released two singles "3000" and "Like That", available on iTunes ;). TRL: What caused you to make a musical change to more of a “club” sound? How do you feel that decision has played out so far? I decided to get into the club/EDM genre for several reasons. First and foremost, I love it. Second, I was making a completely different kind of music for a long time. I realized after a performance in upstate NY that I wasn't much different from any of the other artists on the show that night. It's a hard reality when you realize there's nothing special about what you're doing. The things that most Indy hip-hop artists do are all part of a dying breed and music is moving in a new direction. The sound I developed for myself is unique and unique is always good. I've gotten a lot farther doing what i do now as opposed to what I was doing before. And it's a lot more fun! No one wants to be depressed so I try to make music anyone can listen to and appreciate. TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? I've been doing a lot of collaboration work with several artists. I did a record with Angie Porter out of the UK as well as Raphael Bell (Slim Thick) out of Miami FL. Next is hopefully an up and comer out of Israel! Slim Thick got extensive airplay in Miami upon release and Miss Porter is due to release her album later this year! Look for Brassy to pop up on several other projects coming in 2017. In addition to the music, I was also signed to CNY Mode out of Syracuse NY for modeling. Things are going great thus far in 2017! POW! Luca Brassy (Luke Olensky) 518-810-2207


I grew up in poverty and would write poems to ease my mind; I always read them back on the public bus while I was commuting to and from school. I would over-hear the beats from people’s headphones and would start timing my poems to their metronomes. Before I knew it my poems had become songs and I would share them online and my songs started to spark curiosity as I was gaining thousands of views on my songs as an unknown artist. I got put on my first tour to start performing in August 2016 at which point I have also started work on my first solo mixtape. The song "SACRIFICE" I have on my profile is a sneak peek at the mixtape. It is currently the only released song from the mixtape project. The song "NO ESCAPE" is one of my trademark tracks because of the emotional feedback from my audience after performing it; it is based on a true story and is raising awareness for Domestic Violence Survivors. As an artist it is my job to help change the world even if its one person at a time one show at a time. If you are seeking immediate assistance regarding Domestic Violence the 24/7 phone hotline is 1-800-799-7233 I am Voice. VICTORIOUS OBLIGATIONS INSIDE THE CHOSEN ENTITY We are #VoiceNation

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Voice: My name is Voice, Victorious Obligations Inside the Chosen Entity (Zachary Vick). I start my story off by witnessing my brother getting stabbed in 2008 and I had to go to school the next day and act like everything was fine. I ended up hiding in the locker room during gym class and turned my mp3 all the way up and threw it at the wall. The headphones got caught on my hoodie and fell to my feet. Still hearing the beat I sank to the floor and began to write about how I felt and only being able to hear the beat, it naturally evolved into a song. That very night when I got home I went to the public library to download a beat onto the mp3 player and recorded the entire thing on it. All up until I lost my mp3 player I would play that song on repeat. It was my sanctuary and purest source of inspiration I had growing up and developing into the artist I am today.

The Rhythmic Lounge: What is your creative process for songwriting currently? Do you still start with the creation of a poem? Voice: Nowadays my creative process revolves around a full pot of coffee and a boom-pat beat turned up so loud it drowns out my entire environment. I really don't like writing if the beat isn't deafening. The poetry behind the music comes naturally now and I don't have to put extra effort into making it seem like a piece of art, I focus more on every individual word am using to ensure I am projecting exactly what I'm intending to.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Your song “No Escape” deals with the very serious topic of domestic violence. What made you create such a powerful track? Voice: I received a message from a loyal #VoiceNation member one day asking if I had ever created a song about Domestic Violence because she was having a really rough time dealing with her experiences. I reluctantly told her I had never made a song like that, but I promised her that I would help her in any way I could if she would give me the time. About an hour went by and I had written up both verses to the song and called her on the phone so she could be the first to hear it. While on the phone she started crying and couldn't stop telling me how thankful she was that a song like that now existed just for her and based on her true story. I never had the intention of raising awareness for Domestic Violence but as an artist it is my duty to help out in any way I can. I am glad that encounter happened for many reasons but most notably is the live performance side, every show I have ever done and performed "No Escape" at has left the crowd with tears in their eyes. It's moving to know that even as a single person you can still make a difference.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Do you have any news or upcoming events that you’d like to mention to our readers? Voice: I just want #VoiceNation to know how much I love their support and that without it I would be nothing. I have been told my music is the reason some people are still here today and those people need to know the fact that they are here is the only reason I am here as well. I look forward to networking with many more talented artists in the future and I am a very open and easy to approach person. Go to my website and click any social media logo and send me a message and I'll respond ASAP, whether it's music, acting, modeling, or just community relations I will help out in any way I can. Visit Voice at

Othello Gooden Jr.

was born on January 13, 1985 in

Cincinnati, Ohio. At an early age he learned the basics of reading, speaking, and writing while attending ministry school. Throughout his school years till now, he expressed those abilities in multiple online communities. Upon graduating from the School for Creative and Performing Arts, majoring in instrumental music, Othello enrolled in University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College's Computer Support Technology program. While there, he learned the basics of MS Office, Object Programming, and the fundamentals of animation. Yet his passion for writing continued as Othello entertained his peers and teachers with his stories. After graduating from RWC, Othello desired to make videos and share his productions with the world. Therefore in April 2009, he created his first YouTube account under the channel name, "2kReturner", specializing in video game music videos, game plays and commentaries. Yet this wasn't enough. Othello felt that he was limited on what he wanted to do and uploading it all on his 2kReturner channel would make things too cluttered. Therefore, in January of 2010 Othello created a new channel, "JGTraveler", for his non-video game related works. Othello is most famous for his one of a kind Sci-Fi Vlog Series "Memoire de Rayloria", where he talks about the elements within the MDR Universe. It is based on his novel series entitled, 'Rayloria's Memory" (Publisher Pending). Then there is the Stop Motion/Animation Comedy, "the Super Mecha Madness Show" (or simply, "Super Mecha Madness�). The Super Mecha Madness Show is a story within the MDR Universe about the world of Cyberspace. The main protagonists are known as the "Super Mecha Team" who fight against an evil robot known as Spike Cole, and his army of mechas that try taking over the net. Each episode experiments with different scenarios, mainly a parody/spoof of something in pop and/or Internet culture. Currently, SMM and MDR combined have reached over 100,000 people. His notable non-MDR works include the Cellar Stop Motion "Car Show", where an animation of model car collections tell a story. Each "type" of car in a group as a different story to tell. (I.E: A set of race cars would race each other only to be chased by a group of law enforcement vehicles.) In January of 2015, Othello migrated all his videos about his Anime Series to "TemporalFlux", a channel dedicated to the TF multiverse, and his non-fictional multiverse videos to "Quantafilmationz". On the Temporal Flux channel he plans to release short films and features, not just videos. This will include story-based music albums (Like Daft Punk's Discovery Album) and expanding on the Super Mecha Madness Show in 2D animated format. Today, Othello continues to write stories (Music, Film, & New Media being an extension of that). As the artist known as JGTraveler, he's featured on several mixtapes, and has songs in major motion pictures & TV shows worldwide.


The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Othello Gooden Jr.: My name is Othello Gooden Jr. I'm the creator of the Temporal Flux Series and the producer/musician known as JGTraveler.

TRL: Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio would you say that the overall culture supported and nurtured your creativity or was it a challenging place to carryout what you were trying to accomplish? OGJ: It was a challenge especially in an environment that didn't view Entrepreneurship as a viable option. Yet I believe that those who've never had that "drive" will never understand. Those who have just a "spurt" won't either because it's situational and not fully thought out for long term investments. The negative culture that surrounded me became the positive motive for me to continue. The idea of quitting did cross my mind many times but doing so would "thicken" that negative atmosphere to unbreathable levels.

TRL: What was your first creative project and how did it come about? OGJ: On YouTube November 2009 with the Memoire de Rayloria Vlog Series (Rayloria's Memory Vlogs). I did vlogs based on my upcoming novel (at the time), Raylorian Dawn. The Vlog series covered the Rayloria's Memory universe and alternate timelines. The problem was that I got off on a tangent and created holes in the plot unknowingly so I rescanned it and rebooted it early 2016 here: The difference is that this series covers the whole Temporal Flux Multiverse (Hence Temporal Flux Vlogs), beginning with the background story of my novel tetrology.

TRL: You have done everything from writing stories, to creating anime and being involved in music. Why is it soo important for you to be involved in multiply areas of arts/entertainment? OGJ: Well, writing music and producing shows are just an extension of my story telling. Historically, in ancient days, the only "Big screen" entertainment was stage plays (albiet monologues, one act or multi act plays). 20th century was Hollywood; 21st century is new media (YouTube, Dailymotion, personal sites etc...). I favor the independent media but my involvement of that field is just something I enjoy doing. The importance of it isn't always what the people want. If you have a story you want to tell, get a camera and some video editing software and start creating! The crowd will follow because every story has its admirers.

TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? OGJ: I'm currently working on the first video game in the Temporal Flux Series with a company known as Digams Corp. entitled, "PowerLand". This game is a 4-part saga that will be released on PC and consoles later on this year. Preceding the game's release will be the start of the PL vlog series (TFS Vlogs Season 2). The game itself will be released saga by saga every few to several months. ! ! !

Jerome Pullen



Street!and!rhythm!and!blues.!!He!began!playing!music! professionally!at!the!age!of!17!and!in!1988!he!formed!the!duo! P.M.,!releasing!his!first!single,!“You”!later!that!year.!!After!the! release!of!“You”,!the!group!had!the!opportunity!to!tour!across!the! country!and!overseas,!including!stops!as!far!and!wide!as! Greenland!and!Japan,!with!popular!R&B!group!Kool!&!the!Gang.! In!1996,!seeking!a!new!creative!venture,!Pullen!founded!a!new!group,!Project!Inc.!(featuring! Mac!RHedd).!!Mac!RHedd!served!as!a!new!solo!endeavor!for!Pullen,!backed!by!a!group!of!top!tier! musicians.!!The!band!began!to!grow!in!popularity,!as!they!performed!with!major!artists!like!Outcast! and!J.!Blackfoot.!!Their!single,!“Playing!Ain’t!EZ”!gained!them!more!notoriety!as!their!touring! schedule!intensified.! Now!an!established!artist,!Pullen!has!continued!to!build!on!his!decades!old!musical!friendship! with!the!legendary!Barkays,!performing!with!them!whenever!possible.!!He!has!recently!opened!his! own!label,!W.E.K.!Entertainment,!to!support!the!release!of!his!single,!“Make!Me!Say!Ooh”!from!his! debut!solo!album!My#Life.!!The!album!also!features!Barkay!lead!singer!Larry!Dodson!on!“Forever!and! Ever”!as!well!as!Pullen’s!own!twist!on!the!Barkays!classic!“Your!Place!or!Mine.”!!Original!Barkays! bassist!James!Alexander!will!be!handling!promotions!to!radio!for!the!record.!!Pullen!feels!the!new! album!will!give!him!a!chance!to!showcase!the!full!range!of!his!talents,!saying!“The!sky!is!the!limit!”! In!addition!to!his!career!as!a!recording!and!touring!artist,!Jerome!also!leads!one!of!the! meanest!party!bands!in!Memphis.!!Having!headlined!the!2012!Africa!in!April!Festival,!his!band!is! among!the!most!in!demand!in!the!club!party!scene.!!Their!range!extends!from!classic!hits!from!soul! men!like!Stevie!Wonder,!Luther!Vandross!and!Al!Green!to!rock!acts!such!as!ZZ!Top,!Journey!and! Foreigner,!to!modern!pop!stars!like!R.!Kelly,!Madonna,!Michael!Jackson!and!more.!!If!you!need!a! party!band,!you!need!The!Pullen!Project.!




is&a&dynamic&dream&maker,&lifestyle&coach&and&now& author&who&is&touching&and&encouraging&lives&in&a& positive&way&across&America.& Her&new&book,&A"Family"of"Miracles&is&a&collection& of&testimonies&exposing&God’s&love&for&His&people.& Jannetta&attended&MAT&(medical&aid&training)& school&in&Chicago&IL,&received&her&chaplain&training& at&Methodist&Hospital&and&is&currently&working&on& call&at&IU/Riley&Hospital&in&Indianapolis&Indiana.& In&addition&to&her&medical&background,&Jannetta& has&owned&and&operated&several&businesses& including:&Tyler&Child&Care&(eleven&years),&J&W& Fashion&(six&years)&and&the&nonOprofit& organization,&Women"with"A"Fresh"Start.&& Also,&an&ordained&evangelist&and&coOpastor,& Jannetta&has&counseled&many&people&both&in& person&and&through&helplines&in&her&home&city&of& Indianapolis&and&other&states.&Those&who&receive& her&coaching&are&inspired&to&be&all&they&can&in&all&their&endeavors&including&making&good&life& choices,&marriages/relationships&and&finances.&They&are&in&essence&O&encouraged&to&make&a&‘fresh& start.’& Recent&graduates&of&the&Women"with"a"Fresh"Start&program&are&testament&to&Jannetta’s& dedication.&Some&went&to&college&and&earned&their&degrees,&others&gave&their&marriages&a&second& chance,&other’s&let&go&of&toxic&relationships&and&still&others&renewed&relationships.& Jannetta&is&available&to&coach&and&encourage&those&who&want&her&help&no&matter&where&you&are& in&life.&She&shares&her&own&experience&and&expertise&on&how&to&have&a&happy&marriage&and& healthy&relationships.&& Married&for&43&years&to&Willie&Tyler&III,&the&two&have&six&children&and&9&grandchildren.& Jannetta&can&be&found&on&Facebook&and&her&book,&A"Family"of"Miracles&is&now&available&on& Amazon!& & To#purchase#her#book,#please#go#to# IncreaseOFaith/dp/1942022565/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1477769289&sr=1O 1&keywords=A+Family+of+Miracles+Jannetta+Tyler# # #

# The#Rhythmic#Lounge:#Please#introduce#yourself#and#give#the#readers#a#brief# background#for#those#who#aren’t#familiar#with#you!& &

Jannetta&K.&Tyler:&My&name&is&Jannetta&K.&Tyler.&As&an&ordained&evangelist,&wife,&mom,&grandparent,&life& coach,&entrepreneur&and&now&author,&I&have&drawn&on&my&life&experiences.&Counseling&and&taking&care& of&others&is&what&I&was&born&to&do.&I&spend&most&of&my&time&encouraging&people&on&issues&they&may&have& in&their&interpersonal&relationships.& & &

TRL:#Where#did#the#title#of#your#latest#book#A"Family"of"Miracles#come#from?#& &

JKT:&The&title&came&from&the&Lord.&While&I&was&recovering&from&hip&surgery,&the&inspiration&to&write& about&my&family’s&miracles&was&revealed&to&me.&& & &

TRL:#Helping#others#and#spreading#positivity#seems#to#be#your#main#focus!#Who# have#been#your#biggest#influences#in#leading#you#down#that#path?#& &

JKT:&Aside&from&the&Lord,&my&biggest&influence&has&to&be&my&mother.&Ma’dea&was&always&helping&and& giving&to&others&even&when&she&didn’t&have&it&to&give.&& As&a&child,&I&was&hospitalized&and&had&to&be&in&the&hospital&alone&because&my&mother&couldn’t&stay&there& with&me&as&she&had&other&children&to&attend.&The&nurses&would&take&me&around&to&the&other&children& who&were&alone&and&frightened.&I&was&an&encouragement&to&them&because&for&some&reason&I&wasn’t& afraid.&As&a&3OyearOold&child,&I&knew&then&that&I&wasn’t&really&alone,&God&was&with&me.&& #


TRL:#What#do#we#have#to#look#forward#to#from#you#in# the#near#future?&& &

JKT:&I&definitely&plan&to&write&more&books&because&I&have&a&whole& lot&more&to&say.&I&also&am&planning&book&signings&and&speaking& engagement.& Please&visit&my&Facebook&page&for&more&information&and&a&list&of& upcoming&events!&

where creativity lives

MARCH / / 21


, born in Harrisonburg, Virginia on

December 12th, is the CEO and founder of MOB OUT ENTERTAINMENT, a company that works hands on with artist, promoting and networking. He is also currently signed with Chinaman Records as an artist himself. He is determined to turn heads in 2017 as he continues to strengthen his foundation that was built by him from the beginning.

As a child, BISHIP always had music around him and as the years passed, he started writing songs and connecting with the industry even stronger. Since becoming a registered BMI artist, he has been involved with many things. From being an executive producer and host on Xclusivejamz Radio Show to doing classic collaborations with several Hip-Hop artists and Rock Band, Flat Land Hills. His determination has allowed him to make noise and stay focused on his bigger picture.

Album Link !

Album Link!


The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! BISHIP: How's it going World? I go by the name William Biship Graves but to everyone I'm known as Biship. I'm an artist/ceo/radio host/program director/visionary. For those who aren't familiar with me let me first start by saying thank you for taking the time to get to know who I am. I'm from Virginia and Hip Hop has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I write my own songs and have been doing music professionally for the past 6 years. I've just recently started hosting my own radio show every Monday night 7pm est. 6 pm CST. 4pm Pacific going on two years with the assistance of Breezie F Baby and Xclusive Jamz. The name of the show is MOB OUT MONDAYZ, I felt it was important to create a platform for upcoming independent artist's to have a voice instead of being ignored or going through the harsh system and not given an opportunity to showcase their craft. As an Artist myself I've been doing music since I was 11 years old but only started taking it seriously in 2010 and took it to another level in 2012. I've worked with artist's from around the world including connecting with Legends I've grew up listening to coming up in the Hip Hop scene.

TRL: What was the motivation behind creating MOB OUT ENTERTAINMENT and what sets your company apart from similar ones? BISHIP: Creating the company and brand MOB OUT ENT LLC. was my ultimate goal from the beginning. It's more than being an artist for me personally. I've seen how things have changed in the industry from an artist standpoint as well as a business standpoint and decided to build my company with strong moral values. We are a company that believes in helping the artist put their best foot forward as well as help them learn the business aspects for future endeavors. Putting out Quality music to us is more important than quantity. To answer the question what sets this company aside from other companies... We'll I can only say that it's not about what other companies are doing to be quite honest with you. Everyone moves at their own pace and has different agendas. We're here to give the Artist the tools and resources available to us in order for them to have an enjoyable experience with or company and services provided. I have to give a lot of praise to Breezie F Baby and Chazz Goodwin aka Feedthadogg for the amazing work they put in daily to make the core continue to stay solid within the company.

TRL: Also now being an artist, how were you able to make that transition from CEO to adding this additional component? BISHIP: I really didn't have much of a transition from Artist to CEO because I planned everything from the start on how I wanted everything to pan out. I'll always be an Artist because of the passion I have for music and being a CEO helps me to educate artists as well as build a dream that has become a reality. It's hard work doing both but as we all know nothing in life worthwhile is easy. It's all about dedication and sacrificing what isn't important with things that make sense at the end of the day. Being an Artist allows me full creative control but limits my access to certain avenues as compared to being a CEO I have access to a lot more business opportunities.

TRL: Whom were your musical/professional influences growing up? BISHIP: People don't know this about me but I was influenced by Classic Rock and R&B and Classical music before Hip Hop presented itself to the world. I was heavy into drums and guitar as well as singing and writing my own songs. Poetry was a big part of my life as well so once I got involved with Hip Hop it was a no brainer for me. The pioneers that paved the way for the Hip Hop scene are the ones that I look up to because of the struggles they went to just to get this genre to be noticed and become the powerhouse it is today. Hip Hop over the course of the years has influenced other genres and to witness that it's a great experience for me personally because this genre has come a long way. Like I always tell artist's "You have to know where this game came from in order to know where you're going". Hip Hop is a Culture and we need to keep the integrity of the true essence of this craft. #FORTHELOVEOFHIPHOP

TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? BISHIP: In the near future for me as an Artist, I've got a lot going on. I'm currently setting up a tour as well as recently becoming an active member on the Chinaman Records roster thanks to the CEO and founder Fresh Kid Ice formerly of 2 Live Crew. Also a few independent film roles are on the table. My motto is " There's always something to do" so I stay busy daily. I'll be dropping a new EP and a few new singles this year. I don't like to talk about too much until it's written in stone so to speak but let's just say that it's going to be a great year. I will be touring in the Summer and the tour will start in Arizona. Stay tuned for venue and dates!

where creativity lives

MARCH / / 23

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