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Becoming K-Holla I started writing as a form of therapy in 2004 when I was 15 just as a way to get out all of the emotions that come along with adolescence. I Grew up in Beloit, WI until I moved to Phillips, WI and graduated in 2007 and was given the nickname K-Holla by a classmate. After a speech I gave in class about hip hop lyrics and how they can be just as uplifting and informational as they can be degrading and derogatory where I rapped Kanye West’s verse from “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” remix a cappella, a classmate told me he was impressed by the feeling I expressed. From that moment I decided to start recording and at that time Myspace was very popular. I created my first artist page and K-Holla was born. With the stage presence I had learned from already being a DJ working for my mother’s business Tri Music DJ since I was 15 along with writing since 14 it all started to come together. After Graduation I moved to Menomonie, WI to attend UW-Stout where I only lasted three days before deciding I was finished with school. I guess I listened to Kanye West’s College Dropout one too many times. Being influenced heavily by Eminem, Kanye West, and Jay-Z and living close to Minneapolis the home of Atmosphere and Rhymesayers Ent., I realized I wanted to pursue my dream and start rapping the words that were once just therapy in a notebook. While collaborating with my good friend E-Dub I decided we need a group name. Noticing we both had hyphens in our names and feeling like this was all fate I came up with hyFen8ed replacing the ph and at with F8 for fate. After bouncing back and forth from Menomonie and Phillips for a few years and starting to perform live shows in 2010 I moved to Eau Claire, WI where I’ve lived at since 2012.

"2012" to "3rd Eye Open" In 2012 I was very busy performing live shows and recording every chance I could. I released my first mixtape “2012” which consisted of 11 tracks including fan favorites “All Day Everyday” “2012” and “Inspired” after that I released my second mixtape “Taking Them Back” which consisted of 8 tracks including “What I Was Raised On” and “Holla and Mage” a collaboration with well known battle rapper Breakneck the Mage. Later that year I released my third mixtape “One Step Closer” which consisted of 10 tracks including “Hyfen8ed Anthem” and “Ain’t Nobody” where I showed off my fast rapping ability and “No Kevorkian” and “Tears On Her Pillow” showing my continuous improvements in rhyming and song writing ability. To finish out 2012 I released a collaboration mixtape with TheRealKayne called “Weight of the World” and released an official music video for “Getting Me Through My Day’ After taking a hiatus from music in 2013, 2014 saw me breaking up with my longtime girlfriend and going through something of a spiritual awakening. I was reenergized and more motivated than ever to get back in the booth to get out my frustration and to spread my new awareness of our true consciousness and what I feel life is all about. What resulted was a resurgence of energy and my fifth project “3rd Eye Open” which consisted of 11 tracks including fan favorites “High Like Wiz” “James Worthy” “Proof” and even a rap remix of the country song “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean.

"Hot Fire" to 2018 In 2015 I began writing my first full length album “Hot Fire” named after the famous Chappelle Show skit about the show Making the Band where Chappelle played Dylan who claimed to spit hot fire. While writing this I was going through severe depression and battling addiction. The highs and lows of life helped me create my best music yet by expressing my hopelessness. I wrote three songs “She Cries” “Save Me” and “Better Days” which told the story of my downfall and ultimate triumphant return to who I knew I could always be. In 2016 I released “Hot Fire” consisting of 15 tracks including the three songs mentioned before along with stoner favorites “Burn One” “Getting Really High” and “New Bong” 2017 brought on an abundance of change in my life. Riding high after the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 world series and getting nothing but excellent feedback for “Hot Fire” I was as happy as I had ever been in my life. By the end of the year though another multiyear relationship saw its demise which left me with two options, either fall back even deeper into depression or go harder on music and focus. I picked myself up and started writing two new albums. 2018 is here along with my new podcast “Walking Contradiction” available on the Apple podcasts app. To all my fans, friends and family I want to say thank you for all the love and continued support. I’m not sure if I’d even be alive today if it wasn’t for everyone in my life who continues to be there for me throughout thick and thin. I love you. - - - Twitter/instagram/snapchat @kholla2222

Chantel Sawyer (Atkins) (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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Kenny Troy


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music!industry!for!nineteen!years.!He!started!his! career!as!a!local!Deejay!in!Philadelphia!while! attending!Temple!University.!At!Temple,!he!studied! music!and!graphic!design!to!become!a!producer.! Two!years!after!finishing!Temple,!he!moved!to! Cleveland,!Ohio!where!he!met!Y’Akee!Burns.!He! and!Burns!collaborated!together!to!form!YB! Records!in!2001.!YB!Records!then!became!YB! Entertainment!LLC!in!2003,!where!he!became!A&R! for!the!company.!YB!Entertainment!worked!&! released!several!projects!from!Independent!artists! in!the!genres!of!R&B,!Jazz!&!Gospel!ranging!from! solo!projects,!music!groups!&!Compilations.!! In!2006,!YB!Entertainment!LLC!restructured!the! company!from!a!record!label!to!a!multiTmedia! company!and!started!entities!such!as! Blazinhotradio!Podcast!in!2007!and!Podcast!Blast! Magazine!in!2010,!which!will!later!become!Podtalk! Magazine.!Both!entities!are!dedicated!to!promoting! &!educating!emerging!artists!in!film!&!music!and! introducing!new!resources!&!strategies!to!help!the! advancement!of!their!careers.!! In!2010,!he!moved!to!Greensboro,!North!Carolina!and!formed!Troytown!Entertainment,!LLC!is!a! multiTmedia!company!that!has!several!entities!&!affiliates,!which!works!as!a!contributing! partner!to!YB!Entertainment!LLC.!Troytown,!Entetainment,!LLC!is!the!parent!company!of!The! Indie!Music!Network,!Troytown!Productions,!&!newly!formed!Troy!Music!Group.!! He!later!expanded!the!company!to!form!the!Indie!Music!Network,!a!division!of!Troytown! Entertainment,!LLC!in!2012.!The!Indie!Music!Network!is!gradually!becoming!one!of!the!top! Internet!radio!stations!in!the!world.!It!has!increased!its!listenership!to!a!global!audience!&! continues!to!be!a!major!platform!for!emerging!artists.!The!Indie!Music!Network!plays!R&B,!Jazz,! &!Gospel!&!currently!has!approximately!20!programs!to!it’s!station!which!airs!5!days!a!week!on! afternoons!&!evenings.!Recently,!several!of!the!Jazz!programs!on!the!Indie!Music!Network!was! also!nominated!in!the!Top!100!programs!in!the!U.S.!according!to!a!poll!on!!The!Indie! Music!Network!was!also!nominated!for!the!Prayze!Factor!Awards!in!2015!for!Internet!Radio! Station!of!the!year!&!The!Rhythm!of!Gospel!Image!Awards!for!Best!New!Gospel!Program!in! 2016.!Also!the!Indie!Music!Network!has!been!featured!on!Souletter!Magazine!in!2014,!Incline! Magazine!2017,!&!GBIM!Business!Journal!in!2017.!! ! ! ! !

! ! The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Please!introduce!yourself!and!give!the!readers!a!brief!background!for!those!who! aren’t!familiar!with!you!! !

Kenny!Troy:!My!name!is!Kenny!Troy!I'm!CEO/!Founder!of!Troytown!Entertainment,!LLC!&!CEO/Founder!of!The!Indie! Music!Network!&!help!launched!Podtalk!Magazine.!I've!been!in!the!music!industry!for!19yrs!&!started!my!career!out!as!a! local!DJ!in!the!Philadelphia!/South!Jersey!area!!&!then!became!A&R!for!Y.B.!Entertainment,!LLC!an!Indie!Record!label!out!of! Cleveland,!Ohio!in!2003.!I've!been!working!to!help!Independent!artists!in!R&B,!Jazz!&!Gospel!by!promoting,!educating!and! introducing!new!strategies!&!resources!in!the!advancement!of!their!careers.!

! ! The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!What!would!you!consider!to!be!your!biggest!career!achievement!thus!far?!!! !

KT:!There!are!many!but!if!I!had!to!think!of!one,!it!would!be!starting!The!Indie!Music!Network.!The!Indie!Music!Network! continues!to!grow!in!territory!by!the!number!of!listeners!&!followers!worldwide!&!has!been!recognized!by!its!great! programming!&!diversity!of!music!in!the!5+years.!Some!of!our!radio!programs!have!reached!the!top!100!in!the!country,! especially!in!Jazz!.The!Indie!Music!Network!has!been!nominated!by!Prayze!Factor!Awards!as!Internet!Radio!Station!of!the! Year!in!2015!&!also!nominated!for!The!Rhythm!of!Gospel!Awards!for!best!new!Gospel!Program!in!2016.!We!also!have!been! featured!in!Souletter!Magazine!in!2014,!Incline!Magazine!in!2017!&!GBIM!Business!Journal!this!year!as!well.!This!has!been! my!biggest!achievement!so!far.! ! ! !

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!You!have!a!lot!of!experience!from!being!in!the!entertainment!business!for!almost! 20!years.!What!is!the!most!important!lesson!you!have!learned!that!has!aided!in!your!longevity?!! !

KT:!The!most!important!lesson!I've!learned!over!the!years!is!to!maintain!your!integrity.!In!this!business!we!see!too!many! examples!of!dishonest!behavior!&!has!lead!to!many!problems!in!people!lives.!Talking!some!of!the!veterans!of!the!industry! as!well!as!other!business!owners!that!the!one!thing!they've!possessed!in!their!long!careers!as!well.!Building!trust!is!pivotal! in!any!business!or!relationship!in!general.!


! The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Are!there!any!upcoming!events!or!projects!that!you’d!like!to!mention?!


KT:!Yes!I'm!looking!to!expand!the!company!into!television!or!film!industry.!I!look!people!like!Cathy!Hughes!&!Tyler!Perry,! Oprah!Winfrey!&!Magic!Johnson!just!to!name!a!few!as!examples!of!where!I!want!to!be!in!the!future.!We!definitely!need! more!media!companies!that!represent!the!African!American!Community!to!change!the!perspective!of!some!of!the! stereotypes!that!continues!to!be!broadcast!on!the!airwaves!for!many!the!years!by!mainstream!outlets.! !

!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !

T Bryant Having been singing and performing for 38 years, Gospel Singer/Comedian, T Bryant is opening new markets to the Word and sharing his gifts across the country one laugh and note at a time. Essince (TRL): Do a lot of people ask how you can do comedy and be a gospel artist? Is there an assumption that comedy has to be dirty? T Bryant: They ask me where do I get my material mostly and I respond by saying from people in general...I find humor in just about anything. I do believe there is an assumption that comedy has to be dirty... but that is not necessarily may have to dig a little deeper from within to win over your audience.

Essince (TRL): When did you start adding comedy to your routine? T Bryant: From day one...that’s the total fiber of my existence.

Essince (TRL): Tell us about your single, "We Win". What does "We Win" mean to you? T Bryant: 'We Win' was birthed through my personal journey thus far in my life ...through every trial and tribulation I had to made me a better man knowing that I can express my story through power of song that would be an encouragement to all that may listen.

Essince (TRL): In a time when it seems young people are losing faith or confused about what to believe, how does entertainment help them receive The Message? T Bryant: You have to be able to laugh at yourself...everything that we do in life is a graded event...we must recognize that there is a lesson to be learned from our situations that we encounter.

Essince (TRL): What are you currently working on? T Bryant: Currently working on my second album [and] looking forward to releasing it late summer or early Fall

Essince (TRL): Where can we find T Bryant online? T Bryant: On all digital outlets: iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play..etc.

Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? T Bryant: To my Lord and Savior, my wife Sheri and daughters, Imani and Imari, and my Producer Legacy City from Streetligion LLC.


Hellrayza Jones

was born May 27,

1986 to a single mother working three jobs to make sure he was well taken care of. He often dealt with music, from playing in his middle school band to playing for his church, and part time djing. He never thought of taking it seriously until his senior year of high school. Hellrayza Jones is now a young Mississippian who's been doing his thing for 10+ yrs and doing it strong. Now it's time for him to take it worldwide. He has opened up for many artists in the music industry such as: Lil Boosie, B.G., Ratchet King, Big Tymers, and Juvenile. He is 1 half of the talented Duo Hellrayza and Iceburg which has taken the world by storm with blazing hits such as, "Bang Bang", "Mile Away", "Hoodstarz", and "Destiny." Although having a lot of success in music, he is still humble and willing to work with anyone. He has changed the music scene in different ways and continues to bring something different to the game. Social Media /hellrayzajones /hellrayzajones www.instagram .com /hellrayzajones SC - @hellrayzajones

Streaming Sites /hellrayza-jones /hellrayzajones


Spotify W tD4NrCDkUrBKKyCm?si=idiLm8BiTQ CT-IAF5i5FFA

Google Play



Ron Handy Montgomery, AL

The multi-instrumentalist, Ron Handy, was born and reared in Montgomery, Alabama. He began playing guitar in grade school. In junior and senior high school, Ron began to concentrate primarily on Alto Saxophone and he participated in various county and state honor bands. During high school, Ron not only played in the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands, but he also arranged and composed music for these bands. This pivotal period in his life influenced Ron’s decision to pursue a career in music. After high school graduation, Ron enrolled in college at Alabama State University, where he earned a music degree with honors. Presently, Ron is employed at Alabama State University in the Department of Music. Ron has been the recipient of the ASU President’s Excellence Award and he was inducted into the Lanier High School Hall of Fame (his high school alma mater) for creative musicianship and service to the community. He has also received numerous other awards for music and for community service. Throughout his professional career, Ron has performed with or as the opening act for various jazz, pop/R&B and gospel stars including: Grammy Award winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum; Grammy Award winning vocalist Chrisette Michele; Outstanding a cappella group and 10 time Grammy Award winners Take 6;9 time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys; Platinum selling R&B vocalist Avant; jazz group Pieces of a Dream; vibraphonist Roy Ayers; vocalist Phyllis Hyman; trumpeter Tom Browne; saxophonist Najee; 9 time Grammy Award winner and Pulitzer Prize recipient Wynton Marsalis; super producer/keyboardist George Duke; saxophonist George Howard; vocalist Rachelle Ferrell; vocal sensation and 2 time Grammy Award winner Patti Labelle; jazz keyboardist Joe Sample; 5 time Grammy Award winner and pop/rock/country/gospel hit maker B.J. Thomas; producer/drummer Norman Connors; gospel vocalist Lisa McClendon; gospel/jazz guitarist Roland Grissum; smooth jazz violinist Jerald Daemyon; Hit R&B/pop vocalist Peabo Bryson; father/son recording artists Eddie Levert (O’jays) & Gerald Levert and gospel recording star John P. Kee. Ron has also performed with and composed music for actress Bernadette Stanis (formerly known as “Thelma” from the hit TV show “Good Times”), who is also skilled at writing poetry. A versatile musician with a love for different genres of music, Ron Handy has played gospel, classical, jazz and pop/R&B extensively. He has served as the musical director and/or woodwind/keyboard player for many theatrical productions including: “The Wiz”; “Dreamgirls”; “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope”; “Purlie”; “Ain’t Misbehavin’; “The Meeting” and many others. Ron has been featured on both local and national television, along with local and international radio. He has been featured on CNN and he was the “Artist of the Week” on the international radio program “Jazz From The City,” hosted by renowned jazz DJ Ken “Spider” Webb. Ron Handy has produced and performed on numerous recordings over the years. He has worked as a studio musician and engineer, as well as producer and arranger for several recording projects, including television theme songs and commercial jingles. Ron has released his own CDs, which include smooth jazz “covers” of the R&B group Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” and jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves’ “Come In.” He has also recorded smooth jazz versions of other pop/R&B hits, including Brian McKnight’s “The Only One For Me”. Being a spiritual person who loves to give honor and praise to God, Ron released a CD of gospel favorites titled “Sign Me Up,” which has received heavy rotation and acclaim from radio stations and listeners alike. Gospel and “smooth jazz” stations also embraced a CD single titled “He’s Worthy”. Despite maintaining a demanding professional career, Ron enjoys taking the time to visit schools and churches to perform and talk to young people about music, life and career goals. Throughout the years, Ron has been blessed to perform for wide and diverse audiences. His versatility has allowed him to become one of the most sought after musicians in the southeast. Having been given the gift of music, Ron Handy thanks God and considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to share his music with others.

Christina Mims!

JJ Appleby Kingston, Jamaica!!

Winston!Fraser!,!aka!JJ!Appleby!was!born!in!!! Kingston,!Jamaica!and!later!moved!to!England.! There,!he!was!part!of!the!successful!band,! The!Equators,!who!toured!the!UK,!Spain,!and!even!!!!! went!to!New!Zealand.! ! He's!got!a!folksy,!gospel!sound,!a!unique!Reggae! twist,!love!songs,!and!a!positive!message!! ! !!!!!!!Record Label - Ibiza

Management - Ibiza!

Kevon Pagis

was born October 6th, 1990 in Monroe, Louisiana. At the age

of two his mother moved them to Shreveport La. Where he spent his childhood into his early twenties. At the age of eight he began to rap. He grew up listening to various artist and was greatly influenced by many which include; No limit, Wayne, Lupe, Pimp C, HOV, NWA, Andre, NOS, Most Def, Kanye, ACDC and most importantly Nirvana. At the age of only nineteen he was offered several record deals with a couple mainstream labels. However, due to some unfortunate differences he stepped away from the offers and followed his dreams under his own conditions. Kevon than decided to move in with one of his uncles where he spent three years virtually not moving to profect his craft. Within that time he signed with Thug World Universal. However, shortly after, Kevon made the decision to take time off and spend the next two years raising his newborn daughter Freedom. This is when he gained knowledge of his philosophy on his music. As he states "It's therapeutic.. It's full of sound. The vibrations I send out will alter the vibrations of the listener. Which is all we have and is essentially the best form of communication." With his new and refreshed mind. Kevon took a leap of faith and moved to Houston, TX at the age of twenty-five. He there found his rhythm again and got back into his music full time. Kevon Pagis is now at the top of his game and ready to take over as he states; "My art is all over, its everything. I cover all views.. From being the shooter to the person being shot or from Gods perspective to the sinners perspective. I cultivate every emotion I ever had." This is surely what you will see and understand with his latest projects. He is the future of music!

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! I’m Kevon Pagis. An artist originally from Shreveport, LA. I say artist and not rapper because i do more than rap. But indeed Hip-Hop is my first love, my lifestyle, my spirituality. But I wouldn't call myself spiritual by traditional standards. I kind of just do and feel what i want. And everything that i am is subject to change because of my will to live. And to me, you can't really live if you're not ever evolving.

TRL: What effect (positive or negative) did being born and raised in Louisiana have on the creative path that you chose? I guess I should start with the negative so we can end on a positive note. Growing up in Louisiana is hard. It's not just the hood; its economical structure in its entirety is rough. So that forces my side of town to have little hope when there's not much to look for in the entire city. Violence is somewhat of normality so naturally growing up we're subjected to partake in a plethora of undesirable activities. These adversities make for great motivation though. No one wants to live like that. So we work hard with the talents we're blessed with. This is where it gets positive. We want better for our kids so we work with HipHop and any other opportunities to raise awareness of our situation and promote and platform that would allow us to rise above it. The stories i tell are mostly influenced by Louisiana. I cherish my soul and passion so much because i come from a place where that can be taken in a heartbeat. Plus you can't beat the creative energy that Jazz promotes and everyone knows Louisiana culture is heavily influenced by that groove.

TRL: What would you say has been your biggest career moment so far? That question is a difficult one. I consider every move extremely important, but to date, if i had to choose I'd say performing in Atlanta. There were so many people and i gained lots of new fans. And the radio station allowed me to freestyle so my flow introduced me to newly intrigued ears.

TRL: Have you considered expanding your talent into other areas of entertainment? If so, which? Yeh like I mentioned before I’m bigger than rap. And that’s not coming from an arrogant state of mind. What i mean is I’m not confined to just one form of artistry. I’ve co-written books that are being published as we speak. I’ve also directed short films and i direct musical videos. My sister and I organize motivational events for children to become more aware of their potential and learn to focus on manifest creation also. There are plenty of avenues I’m invested in currently but i plan on a lot more also.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? I do want to talk about my album 'Best Rapper Alive Under29'. There's a single out worldwide right now I’m leading with called "Freedom". This will actually be my first album and i worked really hard on it. I don't want to spoil the messages and overall theme so just wait til you hear it and will see what synopsis you come up with. Also I will be just about everywhere during spring and summer and fall so just be on the look out for my name on a flyer near you.

! ! ! Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ReverbNation (#1artist) ! ! ! !



author%and%publisher%of%The$Butterfly$Typeface$ Publishing%is%the%author%of%15%books%including% God$is$in$The$Details,%An$Abundant$Life,%and% several%children’s%books%including%Latch$Key$ Keesha%and%Cancer,$Are$You$Listening?%Each%of% Williams’%books%represents%pieces%of%her% heart.%% Williams%founded%butterfly%typeface% publishing%in%2014%after%attempting%to%publish% her%own%books.%The%expense%and%frustration% helped%her%quickly%realize%there%had%to%be%a% better%way.%“Publishing%should%not%cost%an% exorbitant%amount%of%money,%create%anxiety%or% leave%the%author%feeling%hopeless%and% disappointed.”% Prior%to%owning%her%own%business,%Iris%worked% for%a%large%student%loan%company%in% Indianapolis%Indiana.%She%transferred%to% Arkansas%and%worked%with%another%local% student%loan%company%before%landing%a% position%with%Arkansas%Blue%Cross%and%Blue% Shield%where%she%remained%for%nearly%fifteen% years.%% Iris%earned%a%Bachelor%of%Arts%degree%in% Creative%Writing%and%English%from%Southern% New%Hampshire%University%and%is%currently% enrolled%in%a%Master’s%program%seeking%a% Master’s%degree%in%Marketing.% For%more%information%about%Iris%M.%Williams,% The%Butterfly%Typeface%Publishing%and%TBT% Books, All%inquires%about%Iris%M.%Williams,%the%books% on%her%site,%speaking%or%workshop%requests,% and%upcoming%book%tours%and%events%may%be%

% % % % % % Twitter:%ButterflyTypeface%(@Butterfly_Type)%|%Twitter%

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% The%Rhythmic%Lounge:%Please%introduce%yourself%and%give%the%readers%a%brief%background% for%those%who%aren’t%familiar%with%you!% Iris%Williams:%My%name%is%Iris%M%Williams.%I’m%from%a%small%town%in%Arkansas%and%the%youngest%of%my%mother’s% thirteen%children.%I’ve%always%loved%to%read%and%write.%As%a%child,%my%dream%was%to%become%a%teacher%or%a%nurse.% Ironically,%as%an%author%and%publisher,%my%need%to%‘educate’%and%‘nurture’%is%fulfilled%over%and%over%again.%It%wasn’t% until%my%brother%was%diagnosed%with%prostate%cancer,%did%it%occur%to%me%to%step%out%on%faith%and%seek%to%fulfill%a% dream%of%becoming%a%published%author.%I’m%so%glad%that%I%did%because%in%the%process%of%pursuing%a%singular%dream,%I% stumbled%upon%so%much%more.%Several%books%and%my%own%publishing%company%later,%I’ve%not%only%realized%my% dream,%but%I%also%help%others%to%realize%theirs%through%my%publishing%company,%The%Butterfly%Typeface%Publishing.%%%


TRL:%You%are%the%author%of%15%books%and%I’m%sure%that%number%will%continue%to%climb.% What%was%the%first%book%that%you%wrote%and%what%was%the%inspiration%behind%it?%% IW:%The%first%book%I%wrote%was%a%children’s%book%titled,%Frankie%Froggy%and%The%Butterfly%Birthmark.%It’s%a%story% about%being%different.%The%inspiration%was%my%granddaughter,%Lyric.%Lyric%has%a%birthmark%on%her%face%and%was% teased%by%the%children%at%her%school.%I%know%firsthand%what%it’s%like%to%be%different%as%I%was%born%with%a%physical% handicap,%and%I%wanted%to%write%a%book%that%encouraged%my%granddaughter%to%embrace%her%difference.%I%wanted% her%to%know%that%it%is%our%differences%that%make%us%unique.%Actually,%our%differences%are%what%sets%us%apart%from% each%other%and%more%often%than%not,%they%are%what%prepares%us%for%our%purpose.%


TRL:%There%is%an%absolute%difference%between%those%who%work%for%others%and%help%that% person/company%live%out%their%dreams%and%those%who%take%it%a%step%further%and%work%for% themselves%to%live%out%their%own%dreams.%Why%was%it%important%for%you%to%start%your%own% company?% IW:%Honestly,%I%started%my%own%company%to%help%myself.%I%had%no%idea%or%desire%towards%entrepreneurship.%If% someone%had%told%me%I%would%be%doing%what%I’m%doing,%I%would%have%fervently%denounced%it%as%absurd.%I’m%shy%by% nature%and%crave%the%background.%However,%God%had%other%plans%for%me.%I%was%looking%for%a%way%to%help%myself%and% stumbled%upon%a%way%to%help%others.%%My%own%initial%publishing%experience%was%disappointing%and%expensive.%It% wasn’t%long%before%I%realized%that%I%was%not%alone.%Authors%found%me%and%sought%my%assistance.%I%was%hesitant%at% first,%but%quickly%learned%I%had%a%‘gift’%for%it%and%now%more%than%40%authors%and%nearly%90%books%later,%I%find%myself% at%the%helm%of%a%company%that%caters%to%authors%and%writers%that%other%companies%would%either%overlook%or%take% advantage.%%As%a%fellow%author,%I%take%what%I%do%very%seriously%and%I%strive%daily%to%give%all%that%I%have%to%the%authors% who%entrust%their%stories%with%me.%This%is%more%than%a%business.%This%is%a%ministry.%God%is%using%me%and%my% company%to%help%others%in%their%attempt%to%spread%messages%of%hope.%We%here%at%Butterfly%Typeface%Publishing%aim% to%enhance%the%literary%world,%one%word%at%a%time%…%


TRL:%Are%there%any%upcoming%events%or%projects%that%you’d%like%to%mention?%% IW:%We%have%a%myriad%of%projects%that%are%on%the%horizon%for%2017%to%include%book%releases,%book%tours%and%even% an%online%Etsy%store%featuring%Butterfly%Typeface%paraphernalia%as%well%as%customized%author%items%including% jewelry,%greeting%cards%and%journals.%However,%the%thing%we%are%most%proud%about%is%our%online%bookstore.%Selfe published%authors%have%an%unfortunate%reputation%as%not%being%‘real%writers’.%Nothing%could%be%further%from%the% truth.%The%authors%that%I%have%come%into%contact%with%have%great%stories%and%messages.%Our%online%bookstore%will% offer%these%authors%a%professional,%creative%and%effective%environment%from%whence%to%highlight%their%works.%We% anticipate%the%site’s%launch%within%the%next%few%months.%The%site%will%feature%Butterfly%Typeface%authors,%but%we% will%also%review%submissions%from%any%selfepublished%author.%%

Destiny Robbins Destiny is a natural born performer and is always excited to put her Performance skills to the test in front of a crowd. Throughout the years, she has been working hard to develop her own artistic voice. For her the pleasure of performing comes from forming a connection with her audience and providing a memorable entertaining and empowering experience. Destiny is known for her motivational poetry and for being a champion for change! Some of her performances involve collaboration with local musicians! She recently won a Sacramento slam competition and is nominated for Spoken Word Artist of the Year through The Northern California Entertainers Music Awards Show. Destiny has won many awards. Destiny makes regular appearances on 97.5 KDEE FM as a reoccurring guest co-host on the hit show Family Matters. Her poems are also played in rotation on 107.7 QLJN (formerly KLJN) and other terrestrial and online radio stations. Artist Website: Twitter Handle: @WIYDestiny @onenation10 Facebook Artist Page: Management: For Management Please Contact One Nation Under God Records Email:

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Destiny Robbins: My name is Destiny Robbins, once upon a time I used to say a poem that started like, "They call me Destiny the Diva and I'm pleased to meet ya". I've since past that time and now introduce myself primarily as a Spoken Word Artist, Author and Motivational Speaker. In addition to this, I am a mother of two young children. I am a part time Professor and Part time College Counselor among many other titles and roles. I have been in the field of entertainment for a long time. I was writing songs as a young person, danced in praise dances, etc. However, I very quickly got bit by the bug of acting and placed a majority of my study and training in this arena. Theater was actually my major before I became more socially conscious in college. This is how I later went on to attain two Associates Degrees (while pregnant and recently giving birth), a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a minor in pre-law and a Masters of Social Work (while pregnant again and newly parenting). TRL: Who were your creative/spiritual influences growing up? DR: My creative influences and spiritual influences are rather interesting and somewhat diverse. I can remember wanting to pursue a life of music and entertainment when hearing music from Michael Jackson, Brandy and Whitney Houston. I also felt very connected to Aaliyah and India Arie. I actually dressed up as India Arie for Halloween one year. The funny thing is, by the time I was in my pre-teens, I was not allowed to listen to R&B or secular music, so I had to sneak and listen. I was able to listen through the radio and my mother's tapes and cds. I did grow up on a lot of Gospel music as it was transitioning to more of an urban feel. Influences like Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee. I'm also very well aware and connected to more traditional Gospel music. I can also say names like Joyce Meyer as a series of ministries that I grew up listening to. TRL: You already wear so many different hats but have you considered expanding your talent into any other creative areas? DR: I do wear many hats, sometimes I question if I wear too many. I often contemplate on becoming a life coach, because I'm a natural problem solver. I'm also very good at motivating others, advising them, etc. Many people encourage me to start my own talk show and podcast, so I have been seriously giving this some thought. Right now, I've been concentrating on a way to condense my multi talents into one main public brand. For example, you know Oprah as Oprah. She is many things, you don't question them or feel out of place when she is doing a little bit of everything. That's how I want to be. With that said, I'm working on a special production that can incorporate my many talents and parts of my life's stories. TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? DR: I've been working on my first EP which will be named after one of the singles. "I AM Woman Pt. 1". I want this EP to cover many different elements of being a woman as there are so many. Even though this is the title, I believe there is something in there that even men will be able to relate to or appreciate. My first single just dropped off of the project and its called "Grown & Sexy". This piece has a powerful message and pays homage to an old school way of living, but it has a groove to it. It's just something you have ot experience. This poetic song is available on most digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay and Spotify. I'm available for booking to speak at schools, churches, and events. I'm also available to perform at schools, churches, organizations, and concerts. What I really love is being booked to intertwine both. People enjoy when I talk and perform my pieces throughout my speaking and sharing of my stories. I'm excited about the listening parties, house concerts that I'm currently doing, and looking to set up a tour. Lastly, I'm also working on producing my one woman show that I alluded to earlier as this will incorporate my many talents of my message filled stories, poetry, music and theatrical abilities. !

Heidi Fly Essince (TRL): How long have you been making music? Heidi Fly: Hello I'm Heidi Fly, Heidi G6 Fly with many AKA's lol, I would like to start off by saying thank you for interviewing me today; I'm totally humbled and grateful for your time. I have been making music for over 10 years now. I got my first big million dollar record deal in 2002 with Dough Zone Records and later I went on to become an Independent Artist after my project was abandoned and shelved, just really out of my control. So I got an attorney and got out of the record deal, which was terrible anyways. I was so naive and young when I signed the deal in the first place.

Essince (TRL): What inspired you to start your own clothing brand? What makes Flyucci different from other brands? HF: I started my clothing line Flyucci by: Flyghtz 1940,which also features fragrances and sunglasses out of the Storm of my grandmother passing and suing my record label for my likeness and name. It was a very depressing, scary, and lonely time for me and my fashion line kept me alive. In my life I have watched, been a victim of and stood up for people being treated poorly due to the color of their skin and I wanted to show my fashion to be known as a "For All" brand, mending and bridging the gap between the races. But on a lighter note, I'm a fly mf and I love fashion. People have always loved to dress like me, get me to style them and stuff. and after all the "Labels" I've purchased I think it's bout time I created my own brand!!!! I've been in so many modeling competitions growing up. In high school I was best dressed, most beautiful, most liked lol I was just always a trendsetter. I always included the "Misfits" even being some what thought of as a "Pretty Girl" I didn't buy into other peoples views of me. I loved everybody. My friends and guys I've dated throughout my life have always been multi-cultural, plus I went from an appearance on the "Bill Cunningham Show" in New York to performing in Africa, Asia, Paris, Canada, and have so many friends everywhere.

Essince (TRL): If you could collab with one artist and Style one person in flyucci who would it be? HF: If i could collar with someone it would be Andre 3000, and that’s probably also the person I would love to style because I know he'll be up for anything and I love that!!!

Essince (TRL): Where do you see urban fashion going? HF: I see Urban Street Fashion going straight to the top!!!! From the American to the Korean streets, I hope to be a brand they rocking and copying lol.

Essince (TRL): Where can we find your music and fashion online? HF: You can find All Flyucci & Flyghtz 1940 products at all Heidi Fly music on iTunes. Thank you and Blessings





Our Passion – We love helping people. We love training and empowering people to reach their financial goals. And the best vehicle to help people accomplish financial success through a spirit of working together and team building is Network Marketing. Our Mantra is: “Doing Well While Doing Good” “Help enough people get what they want, in turn you will get everything you want” 40+ years of combined Experience in Network Marketing Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speakers Million Dollar Earners in Direct Sales & Network Marketing 30+ Years of Experience in Marketing, Internet, Social Media, Lead Generation Reach the top position with 4 companies Built teams/organizations of over 30,000 We have assembled the most powerful leadership team ever seen in the network marketing industry. Together, we have over 100 years of experience, and have earned millions of dollars helping people all over the world achieve their dreams and goals. !


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Vision Our goal is to help 1,000 families reach financial freedom. After careful research, and base on our years of experience, the company we chose to partner with to accomplish this goal is Nspire Network.

Nspire Network is a global company that produces amazing, high-quality products using cutting-edge technology, all while remaining committed to providing life changing opportunities for our team members, and customers and demonstrating the highest levels of integrity and character. By partnering with Nspire, our vision is to build a nationwide team of successful entrepreneurs that will expand worldwide, and become the fastest team in Network Marketing history to reach 1 million team members and customers.

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“Unity is the ability to work together toward a common Vision. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary results”



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The Power Twins Keith & Kevin Jones Visionary Leaders Million Dollar Earners in Direct Marketing

Diamond Queen Facebook: Diamond Queen Instagram: The Real Diamond Twitter. : The Real Rap Queen Snapchat. : QueenOfTransRap

Born in Montgomery County Virginia Diamond Queen has always been big into music. She’s lived many places including Giles country, Roanoke City, South Queens. She found her spot in music 6 years ago. She was a joking rapper and would make the craziest & funniest raps just to see what her friends would think during lunchtime. As time went on she really started mastering her skill and flow. She thought, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve, etc. came up from spitting real lyrical bars. So why couldn’t she do the same? She’s good at writing her own music and raps about her life stories. Music has always been in her blood, when she was growing up her father was a break-dancer. The first Song she ever fell in love with was “Sorry Miss Jackson,” by the group Outcast she was so young when she first heard it, but remembers it like it was yesterday. Her focus for being in the music industry is to show others to be their self and to show diversity in the world. To show that anyone can accomplish their biggest goal as long as they strive hard and are dedicated. With that being said she went to HotShot 2 StarPower recording studio. She proved herself, and was offered a 3-year recording contract. She is currently in the process of recording cover songs to perfect her craft.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Can you give us a brief background of how you got started in the entertainment business? Diamond Queen: I got started about 6 years ago Writing music and free styling learning to put my thoughts and emotions into Poetry on a piece of paper during lunch at school then I actually started taken my gift seriously after practicing time after time different flows and styles going to different studios, but I was missing something important that everyone else didn't see I needed to feel good about my music not just what people said or what I heard, I wanted a real opportunity and after looking for a label that was legit I signed a 3 year Recording Contract which includes Worldwide distribution with HotShot 2 StarPower LLC. In Hagerstown, Maryland located in the center of downtown and that's where I started to come up. TRL: How would you describe your music style, for those who aren’t familiar with you? Diamond Queen: Free flowing, Energetic, and Chronological A deep heart felt feeling, Strong spoken, Facts, Life Story Telling Emotions. TRL: You write your own music and as we have all heard, everyone has their own writing style and process. What is yours? Diamond Queen: I Listen to instrumentals, gain creative flow, and freestyle into a whole song of what just comes to mind right off the top. TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? Diamond Queen: Album dropping, Radio interviews, more promotion to put my name out, Videos, Worldwide Distribution, working on my 2 second Album, more media coverage and HotShot 2 StarPower LLC has the power to send my album to the Major Record Labels A&R’s and once I get my media attention following up HotShot will take me directly to the Major Record Labels to have a face to face with them etc. more Of Diamond Queen! !

Eye'z Radiating out of the USA is Eye'z, a dynamic singer, pianist and actress with versatility, flair and finesse. Versed in the genre of Pop she began her musical journey at the tender age of 4. Influenced by artistes like Aaliyah, Pebbles, Fats Waller, Little Richard, Judy Garland and Michael Jackson, Eye'z crafted her own unique style. Motivated to attain success, she refined her skills by studying music, piano and acting at fine art schools across the San Francisco bay area. Eye'z went on to release a number of tracks including, “Go for it” and “Levitating” (remix) which was featured on Bogo Boy Records compilation and “Dedicated” on Vol. XI. Her diverse artistry of staying true to her roots and embracing the modernity of music landed her a record deal with Bentley Records. Unabatedly, Eye'z compelling persona trickles through her music and forms a deep long lasting connection with the audience. ! The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Hello everyone my name is Eye'z I am a singer songwriter. I compose most of my songs at my piano. I’ve been performing for a while and was in the hit musical the Barbary Coast Revue in 2015. My song; Dedicated... is out now online and is featured on Bongo boy hits compilation volume XI TRL: If you could describe your musical style in only 1 word, what would it be? Perfect! But, it’s really hard to describe something like that in one word. But if I could use more than one word it would be; perfectly composed popmelodies. I could also go on about that too... Because I don't want you to forget about the chords! TRL: What has been your greatest career accomplishment thus far? My biggest accomplishment so far is performing last month and the month before with Sceneca St. James in Oakland CA to help raise money for Cross Roads homeless shelter in east Oakland. We performed twice at the 18th annual shake 'n bake and we raised over 11 hundred dollars then the following month we had a personal care drive I brought bags of toiletries to be donated and so did all of the other performers. It was fun because I got to donate stuff That people could really use outside of soap I brought them some; make up perfumes and even make up brushes and some real lotion like; coco butter, Jergens , Avon ('cause you know I got the hook up) and you know that real creamy dry skin type of lotion. To top it all off we raised an additional thousand dollars. It was an absolute fun night! People from all over California came to support. TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? Yes, I'm going to be doing several performances including hosting a show for the chief Charles Williams 12 9 17 at the Oakland octopus 2101 Webster. I co host his radio show thoughts of a common man at radio Valencia so we are having this all ages event before Christmas so its fun for the whole family every one is welcome!

Album Reviews K-Holla – HOT FIRE by Ross Guity



Bob Marley. Snoop Dogg. Wiz Khalifa. Cypress Hill. All hugely successful, hit-making artists whom were also equally renowned for their deep affinity for smoking marijuana. Now enters a super-talented, emerging rapper/lyricist and ganja leaf-lover who goes by the name K-Holla out of Wisconsin causing ruckus in the Indie Hip-Hop game with his incredible throwback-influenced, sonically diverse 15-track LP appropriately titled HOT FIRE. Among the standout vibes are 'Gettin' Really High,' 'Trippy S**t,' the Reggae-tinged 'So Cheech,' 'Better Days' and 'Alone (featuring fellow rapper Aztek)' - the latter two packing potential Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart potential. K-Holla takes his craft as a music creator very seriously, and I know once listeners catch wind of HOT FIRE in its entirety on iTunes, Spotify and the other streaming outlets, they will seriously become instant fans of his totally authentic style. Facebook: @KHollaMusic Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube: @KHolla2222

Essince (TRL): How did you get started in music? Dean FM: I've been doing music since the age of 4. I started taking music lessons and continued to take lessons with various instruments including voice and vocals up to this present day.

Essince (TRL): Who were your favorite artists growing up? Dean FM: Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Nicki Minaj

Essince (TRL): It's 2018, is hip-hop ready for openly gay artists? Dean FM: Yes, but all of them need to understand the industry does have its naysayers. All gay artists have to deal with them, including myself. This however should not be a deterrent as the rest of society is ready and actually excited to see the gay culture continue to influence and emerge more and more in hip-hop music.

Essince (TRL): What message do you have to people who hear your music? Dean FM: Live without limits but within reason.

Essince (TRL): What are you working on this year? Dean FM: A mixtape. and we are working on the plans of recording a professional music video.

Essince (TRL): Any shout outs? Where can we find you online? Dean FM: Shout out to Jass Bianchi. You can find me online at Also be sure to follow me on Spotfiy @dean fm, Instagram @deanfrasermilford and Facebook @deanfmmusic.

For a FREE download, Text “Dean� to 345345.

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