The Review - Idris Elba - Issue #3

Page 70

B E AU T Y : L A S H I N G O N

Deep Skin

Every girl dreams of that Princess Aurora type beauty, the type of beauty that exists on waking. No need for brushes, blenders or mascara wands, no slipping back into bed beside him after that secret 6am touch-up. Lash extensions are one step closer to achieving this and I’m pretty sure, if she were real, Princess Aurora would be one of Lash Lab’s clients. Words: GEMMA PHELAN The salon is pretty tricky to find, but well worth the search. Off Brick Lane, go under the archway, into the courtyard, Lash Lab is directly on your left, through the door and up the stairs to the third floor. Phew! The treatment room was neutrally decorated and unpretentious, with a comfy looking therapy bed to the far left. After a refreshing glass of water, Pui Ying, my therapist, set out to establish what kind of look I was trying to achieve. I didn’t want to look like someone who’d just walked off the set of TOWIE, so we decided natural-look Russian lashes would be best on this occasion. Russian lash extensions are lighter and finer than other extensions, meaning multiple lashes can be applied without looking OTT, damaging the lash or feeling too heavy and unnatural for the wearer.

The treatment took around 90-minutes and wasn’t painful at all, although you do have to be the non-fidgeting type during application. Pui and I chatted beauty throughout. I learned just how much training, time and passion goes into becoming an eyelash therapist at her level. Lash Lab certainly isn’t your average beauty salon, manned by 20-year-old graduates, where clients need to cross all their fingers and toes and hope for a good job. Every application is done with top-level precision, so it’s not surprising that Lash Lab is frequented by top celebs and music talent. The result was exactly what I’d hoped for. Natural-looking but obviously a lot fuller than when I walked in the door. I worried that I’d be able to feel the lashes or maybe they would obstruct my vision as single-wear

sets do, but they felt entirely my own. I was told not to get the lashes wet or apply any oil or make-up remover for 24 hours. On leaving, Pui armed me with a lash wand to tidy the lashes of a morning, as mascara would no longer be necessary. I felt immediately more glamorous and had the urge to flutter my lashes at everyone I walked past on the way home. There are significantly more lashes per natural lash with Russian lashes, so they tend to last longer before needing a refill. The lashes lasted an incredible 10 weeks before I noticed a couple may have fallen out. During those 10 weeks, I decided neither eyeshadow or eyeliner were necessary either – my eyes were sufficiently accentuated by my new lashes. One step closer to that Disney princess morning beauty. TR