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Award-winning & Boston-based, The Rainbow Times is the Largest LGBTQIA+ Newspaper in the region. The Rainbow Times stands out from other LGBTQIA+ publications for its bold reporting and exclusive in-depth stories — written by BIPOC, non-trans allies, and trans individuals, all falling on different areas of the gender spectrum. They are also veteran journalists who understand the ins and outs of reporting on underrepresented communities. Intentionally, The Rainbow Times ensures that its reporting reports on the various intersectionalities found within this vast community. The Rainbow Times is also the most transgender-inclusive LGBTQIA+ publication in the region. This LGBTQIA+ publication possesses the largest social media network in Boston & all of Massachusetts (the region). It also boasts a robust e-blast "The Pony Express." Its print edition hits the stands on the 2nd Thursday of each month.