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Dr. David Colbert, dermatologist to the stars, devotes a new floor of his practice at the New York Dermatology Group to inspired, state-of-the-art wellness treatments. BY RAY ROGERS of integrated health care which includes dermatology, performance orthopedics, antiaging medicine, and bespoke concierge medical services. We do this with a team of doctors and aestheticians who are passionate about what they do.

PURIST: Why did you decide to create a new wellness center as part of your practice, and in what ways does it differ from your standard practice? DR. DAVID COLBERT: This was a natural evolution for me as a dermatologist, internist and former ER doctor. Cosmetic dermatology is an integral part of wellness. The skin is the final expression of what’s going on inside. I’ve been waiting to officially add the wellness concept to our dermatology practice for a decade. We differ markedly from a standard practice in many ways; offering prevention, therapy and performance tools makes us unique. Most importantly, it fits with my personal philosophy.

PURIST: What does holistic skin care expert Susanne Kaufmann bring to the table? DC: Her products, based on Austrian mountain wildflowers, are what initially attracted me. I love Susanne Kaufmann’s expert approach to skin care and wellness—she’s the perfect fit for NYDG Integral Health & Wellness. Her hands-on lymphatic-activating body treatments are out of this world. It is a natural complement to our services such as cryotherapy, IV therapy, and infrared beds.

PURIST: What were you hearing from patients that they needed? DC: Our patients wanted to have everything in one place, along with the cosmetic dermatology services we offer. Clients love having an IV drip, a cryotherapy session or infrared healing lights after they get Botox and fillers, or a laser facial. And now we’ve added performance orthopedics and regenerative medicine, along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. Being able to magically turn one office visit into six or seven saves a lot of time, and is very appealing to New Yorkers.

PURIST: As we gear up for summer season, what do you recommend for optimal skin health? DC: Some helpful tips include: reducing your carb intake, switching to a protein-rich diet and making sure you amp up your sunblock usage. Always apply SPF with zinc oxide, like NYDG Chem Free Active Defense SPF 30. Finally, before the sunny days arrive, you should do some skin repairs with a Clear and Brilliant session. PURIST: I know you like to surf during the summer season in Montauk. How do you keep fit the rest of the year? DC: Winter fitness is surfing in Costa Rica. I meet with a trainer, Dave Corona, once a week to stay on track with stretching and core strength. I swim a few times weekly at Chelsea Piers, and of course practice vinyasa yoga with Laura Brandel at Yoga Vida. I also do cryotherapy and infrared every week. Laird Hamilton sent me a wave machine for my living room last Christmas. It’s made of a metal arc that simulates riding a wave. I have it in front of my Apple TV so I can surf and binge.

PURIST: Wellness is the buzzword in the health-beauty space right now. You are a professional medical operation. Can you speak to what people get when they make an appointment with you? DC: When someone comes to NYDG Integral Health & Wellness, they meet with our doctors and plan a bespoke health and wellness regimen. This means looking at you inside and out; from your joints to your hormone levels to your nutrition needs. We address prevention performance. Our mission is to provide a global center of excellence 156

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The new wellness floor at NYDG

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