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THE FULL WELLNESS IMMERSION Hippocrates Health Institute offers transformative programs. BY BETH LANDMAN

said to feed on, is verboten, and for guests with cancer, even fruit is off-limits. Detoxing the body is another part of the regimen at Hippocrates, and it is done with a combination of juicing, colonics, acupuncture, electromagnetic energy and infrared saunas, which help remove chemicals and heavy metals from the body. There are also specific programs for those with cancer or diabetes, and Clement firmly believes that epigenetics, factors you can govern, affect the body’s immune system more than actual genetics. “Lifestyle habits from families contribute to what people call genetics,” he maintains. “There are genetic diseases, like Down syndrome, but studies show it is how you eat and think and exposure to toxins that have the most impact.” For those seeking more of a classic spa experience, Hippocrates has a 21-day weight-loss program with trainers and fitness classes. “A lot of people come just to slow the aging process,” notes Clement. While Hippocrates hopes people will continue the practices they learn after they leave, it is a modified version. “If you are living a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to constantly cleanse,” says Clement. “You don’t have to be on a totally raw food diet the rest of your life, only when you are in the conquest of a disease. A healthy lifestyle activates the immune system and that’s what heals you.” Says Fisher: “Our main goal at Hippocrates is education; we teach the lifestyle so that people can take it home and be independent.” 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach; 800.842.2125;

There are many spas and wellness retreats offering fitness, lectures and healthy cuisine, but few go to the lengths of Hippocrates Health Institute, which was founded in 1956 and relocated to West Palm Beach in 1986. The programs here are called “life transformation” for a reason: They are meant to totally reset the way you live. The most comprehensive package is a three-week visit, which ranges from $8,303 for shared accommodations to $20,748 for a private villa room or house. People can also come for one day, which costs $300 and includes one meal, two therapies and access to the campus, with pools, saunas and gym. “We pioneered the field of lifestyle medicine and this program activates the immune system,” maintains Brian Clement, co-owner of Hippocrates, along with his wife Anna Maria. “It takes 21 days to change habits, so if you are really sincere we suggest staying for that time.” A chief goal at Hippocrates is to create an environment in the body that discourages disease. One of the most important aspects of that is de-stressing, which begins when you arrive at the peaceful 55-acre property, and continues through therapy and meditation sessions. Nutrition is an important aspect of a visit, and it is not for the undisciplined. The diet here is vegan and raw. “When we heat food, we destroy the nutrients, and cooking food with oil creates carcinogenic activity,” maintains Tom Fisher, a registered nurse who acts as the institute’s medical supervisor. Meals are meant to maintain an alkaline balance in the body, said to be hostile to cancer and other diseases, and are filled with sprouts. “Broccoli, pea and sunflower sprouts, for example, have 50 times the nutrients of the mature plant,” says Fisher. Sugar, which cancer is 148


Hippocrates believes in the health benefits of wheatgrass juice.

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