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Summer 2013

News & Information to Increase the Profitabilit y of Your Practice

Locating the Denture Smile Line

Evaluating the True Cost of Terminations SAVE OVER 40%


Ten Key Components of a Bonus Plan 速


Simplified & Efficient Implant Placement for the GP This hands-on program features several live surgeries demonstrating the continual emergent trend of reducing the invasive nature of implant surgery, thus increasing procedure efficiency.

You will learn:

Brady Frank, DDS

Founder, Implant Efficiency Institute

(Ideal for CEREC® and E4D Dentist® users)

A renowned speaker and continuing education trainer, Dr. Frank has devised a pioneering method entitled the “No-drill Implant” technique. Allowing dentists to perform once highly invasive and complex procedures with relative ease, the No-drill Implant has propelled implantation procedures into the 21st century.

Extract and place an implant directly into the socket using the Osteoconverter™

Introducing the Osteoconverter™

Check It Out!

Unrestorable tooth necessitating an extraction. (Applicable for any tooth in the mouth)

The Osteoconverter™ is threaded into the socket. (Completing the task of both an osteotome and bone condenser)

The socket is prepared for an implant three ways: 1. Converts socket curves and irregularities into a suitable implant site 2. Scores the internal socket wall in 1 mm increments providing optimal blood flow for implant healing

The Osteoconverter™ is also an implant. It may be left in the socket as the final implant, or you may place an appropriate size implant of your choosing.

3. Expands bone to provide ideal initial implant stability (45Ncm to 65Ncm on average)

A student placed this posterior case weeks after attending the 2-Day Mini-residency.

March 21-22, 2013 ............. $4,500 $3,800 (5 seats remaining) April 25-26, 2013 ................ $4,500 $3,800 (7 seats remaining) May 23-24, 2013 ................. $4,500 $3,800

Early registration offer: SAVE $700

Must register 30 days prior to course date

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Š 2013 Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., Publisher. Copyright enforced – no part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. This publication is designed to provide reliable information in regard to the subject matter covered. However, it is distributed with the understanding that it does not replace the need for advice from your personal, competent professional advisors.

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Summer 2013

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Locating the Denture Smile Line

Evaluating the True Cost of Terminations



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When it Comes to Scrap Refining, Scientific Metals Strikes Gold by Dr. William “Woody” Oakes Dental scrap refining has always been a matter of trust with a hint of skepticism from the dentist vantage point. You were to a large degree at the mercy of the refining company. Even if your gut told you the reimbursement check was low, making your case that the jar of dirty scrap was worth more was an uphill battle to say the least. For years, this was a reality that just had to be accepted and the prevailing wisdom was that the scrap money was sort of “free money” and yes, the system for getting an accurate value was not perfect, but what else were you going to do to get value from old extracted crowns and bridges? I think the dental industry has been waiting for a player in the industry to emerge that could change this “reality”. And recently, some interesting feedback from colleagues indicate the tide may be turning with respect to dental scrap refining. My friend and colleague Dr. Craig Callen recently wrote to me and said “Dear Woody, I sent in a batch of old crowns to Scientific Metals and was amazed at the price and report I received. They are paying me five times what I ever was paid before. I wanted to thank you for the lead and reassure the readers that this is real deal.” And then another colleague, Dr. Marc Barnett, wrote that he too had just received more than double for his scrap from Scientific Metals than he was getting. And then another email I read from Dr. Yamashiro to Scientific Metals read “Thank you and your company for great service, will tell my friends of your ethical company. You are great people”. Throughout my entire career, I don’t think I have ever heard a colleague tell a refining company that they were “great people”. These emails really had me wondering about the dental scrap industry and in particular what Scientific Metals was doing differently that compelled random dentists in disparate parts of the country to take time to send unsolicited emails about their positive experiences.

Author’s Bio Dr. William “Woody” Oakes

has been named one of the “Giants of Dentistry” and one of the “Top Clinicians in CE” by Dentistry Today magazine. Woody is the founder and editor of The Profitable Dentist

For more information about Scientific Metals, please call 888-949-0008 or visit

Increased metal prices and different alloy compositions couldn’t have been the deciding factor because these dentists were not comparing their recent scrap returns to scrap returns from ten years earlier, but rather to other recent scrap returns with similar metal prices. There had to be something else less random and more tangible. Now of course, it could have been simply a matter of trust and integrity in the reporting, but that too could only explain so much. I am sure there are other honest and reliable players in the industry other than the folks at Scientific Metals. The answer I found was rooted in Scientific Metals’ business model and organizational structure. The company employs no sales reps, either salaried or commission based. This means tremendous cost savings for the company which in turn appears to explain the higher and more accurate reimbursements to dentists. Now, don’t get me wrong, many dental products demand and justify a reliable and knowledgeable sales rep for technical and customer support, etc. – many pieces of equipment and software immediately come to mind. But dental scrap refining is not one of these. The scrap has a finite and known value and it is your job to get a reimbursement that best captures this known value, especially in these tough economic times. In many cases, the benefits of a sales rep warrant higher costs. However, the evidence here strongly suggests this is not the case when it comes to dental scrap refining. So why potentially forfeit a piece of your scrap return when you don’t have to anymore?

“A prudent person foresees danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 22-3

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The Profitable Dentist Summer 2013  

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