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Anglia Composites Ltd | Unit 5 Stour Valley Business Centre | Brundon Lane | Sudbury | Suffolk | CO10 7GB Tel: 01787 377 322 | Fax: 01787 377 433 | Email:

Many different stainless steel and plastic fixings / parts are available to assist you in your project. On the next pages you will find details and prices for all fixings products. We stock all the regular fixings for gratings and handrails as well as many purpose made fixings. We also have acces to low-cost tooling for the manufacture of bespoke fixings in steel and stainless steel and plastic injection mouldings . Please call if you require further details. Our range of fixings is ever expanding so if you do not see what you are looking for then give us a call.

Use M clips to fix grating panels down securley. M clips are available for 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm gratings. G clamps can be used to join panels of grating together where there is no support. Clamps are available from stock for 25mm, 38mm and 50mm grating depths. This type of clamp can't be used if the grating panels join on a support or if the panels are fixed directly to a solid floor.

Stainless Steel Fixings

12mm M clip £1.60

25mm M clip £1.60

38mm M clip £1.70

50mm M clip £1.80

Mini-Mesh M clip £1.60

Mini G Clamp £1.60

25mm G clamp £1.70

38mm G clamp £1.80

50mm G clamp £1.90

25mm J clamp £1.70

38mm J clamp £1.70

50mm J clamp £1.80

Small plate washer £1.00

Large plate washer £1.20

25mm L clip £1.70

Pultruded clip £1.70

50mm tube support £3.50

M10 adjustable foot £2.50

M8 Nutsert £0.50

M4 x 12 rivets £20/100

M4 x 20 rivets £20/100

M8 x 80 anchor bolt £2.00

M12 x 100 anchors £2.50

Plastic Parts & Fixings We have many different types of plastic fittings and fixings available to make your installation look profesional giving it a great finishing touch. We also have access to low-cost tooling so if you need a special plastic component please contact us for details.

50mm box section cap £1.00

60mm box section cap £1.00

50mm round tube cap £1.00

38mm round tube cap £1.00

Ladder rung cap £1.00

Grating insert £1.00

Handrail end cap £1.00

M10 adjustable foot £1.50

M8 rubber nutsert £1.00

Handrail universal joint £7.50

Safety gate magnet £20.00

Plastic nuts / bolts (please call)

Use inserts with plastic or s/steel feet to create a raised walkway to allow fluids to run away underneath. Use handrail universal joint installed underneath handrail to create a seamless change of direction. Anglia Composites Ltd Unit 5 Stour Valley Business Centre Brundon Lane Sudbury Suffolk CO10 7GB Tel: 01787 377 322

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