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the May, 2018

Campus Newspaper of GLA UNIVERSITY Volume 1, Issue 3

The Facebook Monk Kashish Goyal


ou never know what the unexpected journey of life may throw at you. What awaits you at the next turn may change your perspective towards life and everything that you believe in. Such an incident happened to me during a trip to Dehradun in the month of February where I stumbled upon an opportunity to have a brief chat with a monk at Mindrolling Monastery. Rinchen Dorji, a student at Nyagyur Nyingma College was kind enough to agree to give an interview. Excerpts: >>How much time has passed for you as a monk here? RD: It has been about seven years now. >>What are the steps one has to go through to be called a ‘monk’ in its full definition? RD: Actually, you have to be audient to become a monk. There is a way of ‘the law’ which we have to follow. Shaving your head and wearing a red robe doesn’t mean you are a true monk. Anybody can do so. To become a monk you have to be audient which is appropriately done after the age of 20. >>What inspired you to go down this path of becoming a monk? RD: For me, it is my background, where I was brought up. I was born in a Buddhist family and both my parents were active Buddhist practitioners. So, from a young age, I became very close to this religion and admired what Buddhism has to teach us. It inspired me. It fascinated me. Whatever I heard is very relevant to the life that we live now, nothing very complicated. For example, whenever we face problems, the way Buddhism teaches us to cope with

those problems has been very helpful to me. It is not necessary to become a monk to practice the teachings of Buddha, you can do so from the outside as well. The thing is that by practicing this way of life you get more opportunities which you might not get otherwise. >>How is your life different from a person in the average world? RD: To be honest, it’s not much different. I was actually not a monk my entire life. Before I was 20, I was an ‘average’ person. It was after that age that I adopted this lifestyle. Considering our education, our subjects are quite different from the ones other people of our age study. Apart from that, we are no different from the rest. We too like going out, chatting with friends and family, and having a jolly good time. >>Would you say your life is harder than a person who is enjoying all the pleasures of life? RD: I don’t agree with it. It’s a matter of perspective. For example, a person who likes walking will have no problem doing so but a person who is lazy might have a pretty hard time overcoming a task as commonplace as that. Similarly, one who is very interested in learning Buddhism and following its rules will not see it as a hardship but as pleasure. We are not forced to follow these rules. If an individual sees this as too hard for him then he can quit anytime and go back to his previous way of life. It depends on an individual’s strength. >>Are there any teachings of Buddha you believe that are needed to be implemented in the today’s world? RD: Most of Buddha’s teachings, if implemented correctly, can solve

a majority of the problems. A pertinent one that I have in mind is of Lord Shantideva. He preached that whenever someone is facing a problem, there are two ways to deal with it. If the problem has a solution, then there is no need to worry about it and similarly if the problem has no solution, then there is still no need to waste time worrying about it. >>From an average man’s perspective, you lead a life of strict discipline. Despite this strict regimen, how are you at such peace of mind? RD: The ‘rules’ in Buddhism are not meant to contradict your beliefs but to bring peace to your mind. It’s all about mind-control. In the beginning, these Rinchen Dorji rules and procedures may feel a bit uncomfortable but eventually, you make etc? your peace with it and much bigger RD: As a matter of fact, we do. These prosperity lies ahead of you. As days Facebook has shortened the mentioned before, it is not mandatory distance between masses. Through for us to honor the vow of lifelong these platforms, we watch sermons of celibacy. If that is what a person is religious leaders who may be located interested in, they may leave the somewhere in the remote areas of order of the monk and join the rest. Tibet. And yes, we are allowed to use these modern technologies without >>Do monks use social media any restrictions whatsoever. platforms like Facebook, Snapchat,

The Cruise of a Geek Umang Agrawal

Shikhar Srivastava


t a very young age of 21, most students don’t even think of venturing into a field that de-mands high discipline, dedication, and devotion for an initiative to reach its peak but Shikhar Srivastava is equipped with these golden D’s and is continuously working on his startup ‘Crescent Game Studios’ to achieve success. He stepped into this career by learning and working with new technologies. One of his very famous creations which is a Google Chrome extension named “Flipper” was touted one of the best

Google Chrome extensions of 2015. Flipper was also highlighted in a UK tech magazine and in various other prestigious newspapers including The Times of India. It was hugely admired in the US, Europe, and Australia and has more than eleven thousand users. His latest masterpiece, “Adventures of Baki” was praised and also got selected as an official showcase finalist at NASSCOM GDC/Unite India 2017, where he was also invited as a guest speaker. He displayed the courage to follow his dreams and get off the beaten track. But he

was brave enough to battle the hurdles and as a result, today he owns a game development studio. Shikhar adds, “All my knowledge till date should be credited to the internet. I have learned everything from Google and from YouTube videos.” He draws inspiration from personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, PM Narendra Modi, and the late Steve Jobs. His future plans include making his startup flourish and developing even

more exciting stuff. Shikhar’s advice to young minds: Think a little different and dare to take calculated risks. Stop following everyone for a change and take the road less travelled.


May, 2018

The Prism


Union Budget 2018 Pulkit Chokhani


t’s been second time the union government led by prime minister Narendra Modi presented the rail budget along with the general budget. The Finance minister Arun Jaitley delivered the fifth and last budget of the government amid subdued economic growth, challenging fiscal situation and farm distress. What made this budget more important was the upcoming general elections next year and Prime minister’s fiscal discipline. Well, Jaitley managed to balance the populist demands and PM Modi’s expectation in all ways. The key highlights of Budget 2018: 1. No change in personal income tax slab rates. 2. For senior citizens, exemption of interest income on bank deposits raised to Rs 50,000. 3. A standard deduction of Rs 40,000 allowed for transport and medical reimbursement for salaried taxpayers. 4. The Rs 7.5 lakh limit per senior citizen for investment in interestbearing LIC schemes doubled to Rs 15 lakh. 5. Cash payments exceeding Rs 10,000 by trusts and institutions will be disallowed in a bid to curb cash economy. 6. A strong case for long-term capital gains from equities; 10 percent tax on long-term capital gains in excess of Rs 1 lakh. 7. Education cess increased to 4%

from 3% to collect additional Rs 11,000 cr. 8. Customs duty on perfumes, dental hygiene, after-shave, deodorants, room deodorizers, and preparations for use on hair doubled to 20%. 9. Import duty increased on LCD/ LED/OLED panels, smart watches, footwear, fruit juices, imitation jewellery, other imported items. 10. Exports expected to grow by 15% in 2018-19. 11. Cooking gas being given free to poor under PMUY, 4 crore unconnected being provided electricity connection, stent prices slashed. 12. Government proposes to launch ‘Operation Greens’ along the lines of ‘Operation Flood’. 13. Agri-Market Development Fund with a corpus of Rs 2000 crore to be set up for developing agricultural markets. 14. The focus is on low-cost farming, higher MSP. Emphasis is on generating farm & non-farm employment for farmers. Minimum support price has been set at 1.5 times the production cost for Kharif crops. 15. Put forth a proposal to hike institutional credit for agriculture to Rs 11 lakh crore for 2018-19. 16. Food processing sector growing at 8%; allocation for food processing ministry being doubled to Rs 1400 cr. 17. A proposal made to hike target

of providing free LPG connections to 8 crore poor women. 18. Under Swachh Bharat Mission, Centre plans to construct 2 crore more toilets. 19. Kisan credit card facility extended to fisheries and animal husbandry sectors. 20. Institutional credit to agriculture to be raised to Rs 11 lakh crore in 2018-19. 21. Rs 16,000 cr to be spent on providing electrical connection to 4 crore poor households. 22. 1 crore houses to be built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in rural areas. 23. To increase digital intensity in education, will move infra from blackboard to digital board. By 2022, every block with more than 50 percent ST population will have Eklavya schools at par with Navodaya Vidyalayas. 24. Government to establish a dedicated affordable housing fund under National Housing Bank for priority sector lending. 25. The focus of the government will be on providing maximum livelihood projects in rural areas. Government to substantially increase allocation under national livelihood mission to Rs 5,750 cr in next fiscal year. 26. Government to launch Prime Minister’s Research Fellow Scheme which will identify 1000 B.Tech students to do Ph.D. at IITs. Two

new schools of planning and architecture to be set up; 18 more in IITs and NIITs to be set up. 27. Government to launch flagship National Health Protection scheme to cover 10 crore financially challenged and vulnerable people. Government to also set up 24 new medical colleges and hospitals by upgrading district level ones. 28. Allocation of Rs. 56,619 crores for SC welfare and Rs. 39,135 crores for ST welfare announced. 29. 115 “aspirational districts” to be made model districts of development. 30. Rs 4.6 lakh cr sanctioned under MUDRA Scheme 31. The environment for venture capitalists and angel investors to be strengthened. 32. Employees PF Act to be amended to reduce the contribution of women to 8 pc from 12 pc with no change in employer’s contribution 33. A contribution of 8.33% to EPF for new employees by the government for three years and 12% government contribution to EPF in sectors employing a large number of people. 34. Rs 50 lakh cr needed for infrastructure building. National Highways exceeding 9,000-km will be completed in 2018-19. 35. 99 cities selected for smart cities project with an outlay of Rs 2.04 lakh crore.

Youth Parliament 2.0 Arpita Jain


he youth parliament is an event organized by Saturangle, the debate club of GLA University. It is organized for the youth to speak up on some of the most important issues of the nation and the world. The format of the event also acquaints the students with the ways in which a democratic government functions. The second session of the Youth Parliament was called Saturangle Club Youth Parliament’. The event was held on March 17 from 10 am to 12 noon in room no. 211 in Academic Block VII. It was coordinated by Dr. Divya Gupta and Dr. Manish Chaturevedi. Dr. Mamta Bhatnagar graced the event as the guest. At the beginning of the event, three topics were introduced to all the

Manu Pachouri

eight participating teams. The topic which won over the other topics and got finalized was- ‘100 Smart Cities’. The eight participating teams were: RJP(Rashtriya Janta Party), Independent party , Yuva Dal, RSSP (Rashtriya Samajseva Party), Jan Sabha Nationalist Party, UDP (Union Democratic Party) and AIR (All India Republican). Rashtriya Janta Party, which won the last session of the Youth Parliament, served as the ruling party of the current session. The ruling party was in the favour of the topic ‘should government be blamed for financial defaulters?’ The side of two parties remains fixed whether it is for or against. One team is in for the topic which was Rashtriyajanta party and the second team was against it. The

rest of the teams will be deciding whether they have to be in for or against. The leader of the ruling party was Deepak Bhadauria. Asheesh Sharma led the opposition. Both the parties tried to sway the opinion of other parties to their respective sides. It resulted in a brilliant display of skill of debate. The scoring format was also good, speaker decided how many times to speak and qualify . As expectations was to speak in whether Hindi or English , they did the same. Speaker of the parliament was Deepak Bharti; oath was taken by MPs and MLAs of the parliament. Mr. Deepak began the parliament. He spoke very well on his topics .Then, Mr. Ashish put his point of views against it. All of

them spoke and questioned in Hindi. Playcards were also given chances and they all played their part in a confident way . Opposition party spoke about “Smart city”. Majority party and the party against spoke on black money . Deepak Bhadauria, a third year student of B.Com (H) was adjudged the winner. Ashish Sharma, a final year student of B.Tech (Civil Engineering) and Paritosh Singh, a second year B.Tech student were declared the first runner up and second runner up respectively. That was how the youth parliament came to an end with happy faces and a dash of renewed vigor for the art of debate.

May, 2018

The Prism


2K18 Report by:

Archana Mall

Justin Thomas

Kritarth Baranwal

Anuj Upadhyay


esplendent dance performances, thought-provoking workshops, and awe-inspiring poetry skills were being displayed on 24 and 25 January as Literario Club celebrated its 2nd Brij Literature Festival.

Dance performance by Aman and Somil The festival staged the amalgam of some of the most diverse combinations of renowned cartoonist, singers, standup comedians, writers, and poets. This mega event of the university drew participants from various institutes and had some interesting events conducted like debate where people enthusiastically brought in their best thoughts to convince people of their stand for the topic, Kavitva, through which the young poets choose just the right words to be expressive of their thoughts. Gaurav Tripathi mesmerising the audience with his poetic charisma

An act under potrayal by ‘Vihiti Club’ Rangmanch brought some acts that were exquisite and soulful. Also, the storytelling and blog writing workshop conducted by Mr. Tushar Mangal spoke on many aspects of a story and its expression. The event concluded with a vibrant evening of

A performance put together by GLA University’s Band cultural display of Braj Bhoomi with a special performance of dance form ‘Charkula’ and sharing of some heart throbbing poems by Gaurav Tripathi, Darshan Rajpurohit, Daaniyal Khan, Amardeep Singh and Vijay Yadav.


May, 2018

The Prism

Opinion Women Better Managers: A Stance Himanshu


omen are often referred to as the ‘weaker sex’, the ones who belong in the confines of the household and the

kitchen. Belying the stereotypes, we have personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Angela

Merkel and Indra Nooyi who are redefining the role of a woman. So the question arises, are women better managers than men? Well, if we start to have a debate over the topic, we may end up reaching a stalemate. But if you ask me, I’ll say women are better managers than men. One of the reasons why women make better managers as compared to men is their ability to effectively engage with their employees and forge healthy emotional connect. Women are known to be highly emotional, due to which they are able to emotionally connect with the employees. Women react effectively to information regarding employees’ situations which in turn leads to feelings of being valued and respected. In times of happiness and joy, a female manager often echoes the feeling of personal joy in the joys of the employees. This makes employees feel highly valued. Consequently, their productivity is boosted. In times of problems, a female manager is more inclined to

extend family-like support, which is believed to have increased the morale of the employees. Men, on the other hand, are considered less emotional and their relations with the employees are generally based on the established models of conduct. You cannot generally expect a man to stop at your desk to talk about family issues or about your children, but the same is quite common for a female manager to do. Women are known to cultivate the potential that they see in other people. As women are more engaging than men, they easily establish a bond of camaraderie, making their employees a lot more comfortable around them. In conclusion, women are better managers than men. The understanding accorded by women owing to their heightened emotional intelligence, and their tendencies to infuse ‘familial values’ in management makes them better managers.

From the Editor’s Desk Kashish Goyal It is only through these columns do I occasionally get to share my ideas with the readers of the Prism. As always, we have come to an end of another exhausting yet successful academic year. A hearty congratulations and farewell to our outgoing seniors! You will be dearly missed for all your support, words of encouragement and life you brought to the campus. PRISM is with you as you embark on a new journey and we wish you ALL THE BEST. For some of us, a new chapter in our lives is going to begin, for some, it is an ongoing journey, and for others (freshmen), I believe, it seems like a never-ending one. Whatever it may be, our productivity is something that helps us stand apart. It defines who we are and what we are actually capable of. It defines us as powerful and independent professionals who put their time to the best use possible. For I need not remind you that time is the most valuable commodity in this fastpaced world. I will not beat around the bush but come straight to the matter. As we are all aware of the upcoming year break or as some like to call it

“vacations” it is in our best interests as disciples of various professional courses to involve ourselves with productive pursuits as student internships and training. These training not only help us grow in our respective fields but also give us a glimpse of how the real world “business” works. Eventually, it boosts our confidence and helps us later to adapt to challenging demands of our professions. I desire to share this humble advice with our freshmen and sophomores as they might need some advice regarding how to spend their time during the upcoming vacations. Trust me, I’ve been through this. Coming to the current edition of PRISM, we have compiled a bunch of interesting articles for our readers which, I hope, they will enjoy reading. The valuable suggestions from our readers help us improvise and make us strive for better. Do share your suggestions with us, rest assured, they are valued and much sought. Readers may also submit articles for the next edition of Prism. Such contributions are heartily welcome. I hope you enjoy going through the edition.

Smoking kills you and your hard-earned money. Quit now. Issued in public interest by The Prism

May, 2018

The Prism

शिक्षा व्यवस्था मे बदलाव की आवश्यकता भारत के सुदूर ग्रामो जहााँ शबजली, पानी और सड़क आवश्यकता की व्यवस्था सुचारू रूप से नही है वहााँ शिक्षा के शलए शिक्षा व्यवस्था मेमे बदलाव की

Deepak Bhadauria

और उसके अभाव मे जूझता भारत का भशवष्य शजसकी आाँ खो मे अनुपम चमक और नई कली की भााँ शत खखलते

भारत के सुदूर ग्रामो मे जहााँ शबजली, पानी और सड़क की व्यवस्था सुचारू रूप से नही है वहााँ शिक्षा के शलए

शवचार शजसकी ऊंचाईयो के सम्मुख आकाि छोटा पड़ता हो, शवचारो गहराई इतनी की समुद्र की तुलना करना

और उसके अभाव मे जूझता भारत का भशवष्य शजसकी आाँ खो मे अनुपम चमक और नई कली की भााँ शत खखलते

व्यथथ है उसके प्रशतफल मे जो पररणाम शनकल कर आता है वो रहता है िून्म।

शवचार शजसकी ऊंचाईयो के सम्मुख आकाि छोटा पड़ता हो, शवचारो गहराई इतनी की समुद्र की तुलना करना

वही दू सरी ओर दृशि डाली जाए तो िहर के सीमावती ग्राम जहााँ पर ग्रामीण िहरो की ओर पलायन करते हुए

व्यथथ है उसके प्रशतफल मे जो पररणाम शनकल कर आता है वो रहता है िून्म।

और भारत के भावी भशवष्य का शनमाथ ण करते हुए कॉन्वेन्ट स्कूल मे जहााँ पर ज्ञान का अथथ ही खुराक से है और

वही दूसरी ओर दृशि डाली जाए तो िहर के सीमावती ग्राम जहााँ पर ग्रामीण िहरो की ओर पलायन करते हुए

खुराक भी ऐसी शक जो न ज्यादा लेते बनती है न कम। बस इतना ज़रूर है शक यह अनुिाशसत खुराक वैचाररक

और भारत के भावी भशवष्य का शनमाथ ण करते हुए कॉन्वेन्ट स्कूल मे जहााँ पर ज्ञान का अथथ ही खुराक से है और

से अपाँग होती अथथ इतना यह हुआ शक सोच का यह जो स्तर ज�खुनही पाया,बढ़ नही खुराक भी ऐसी शकदृशिकोण जो न ज्यादा लेसाशबत ते बनती है हैन शजसका कम। बस ज़रूर है शक अनुहैिवह ाशसत राक वैचाररक समयहैपरशजसका पक नहीअथथ पाया। दृशिकोण से अपाँगपाया,और साशबत होती यह हुआ शक सोच का जो स्तर है वह ज� नही पाया,बढ़ नही और कहा भी पाया। गया है शक शवचारो से व्यखित्व का शनमाथ ण होता है ।व्यखित्व से चररत्र का शनमाथ ण होता है,चररत्र से पाया,और समय पर पक नही ष्य का शनमाथ णसेहोता है शजसक े फलस्वरूप हम मानवता, धमथज्ञता, पररश्रशमकता, तपखस्वता, इत्याशद और कहा भी गयामनु है शक शवचारो व्यखित्व का शनमाथ ण होता है ।व्यखित्व से चररत्र का शनमाथ ण होतावीरता है,चररत्र से का मनुष्य का शनमाथ ण शववे होता शजसक फलस्वरूप हम मानवता, धमथज्ञता, पररश्रशमकता, तपखस्वता, वीरता इत्याशद का चनहैहम कर े पाते है । शववेचन हम कर पाते है ।शववेकानंद जी कहते है शक शकसी रािर को गु लाम करने का अथथ है शक यु गो-यु गो से चली आ रही स्वामी स्वामी शववेकानंद जी कहते है स्क शक शकसी रािर को गुइत्याशद लाम करने काहोअथथ है शजसक शक युे गफलस्वरूप ो-यु गो से चली आ रहीगु लाम बन जाते परम्पराओ,सं ृ शत,भाषा,बोली,शवद्या का ह्रास जाना हम मानशसक परम्पराओ,संस्कृशत,भाषा,बोली,शवद्या इत्याशद काको ह्रास हो जाना शजसक े फलस्वरूप हम मानशसक गुृ ल बन जाते है और अपनी भाषा,संस्क ृ शत आशद त्यागकर स्वे च्छ ा या उपे क्षा से हमे दू सरी भाषा और संस्क शताम अपनानी है और अपनी भाषा,संस्कृशत आशद को त्यागकर स्वे च्छा या उपे क्षा से हमे दूसरी भाषा और संस्कृशत अपनानी

पड़ती है ।यहााँ तक तो ठीक है पर जब अपनी ही चीजे शनषेध कर दी जाए,अपनी प्रत्येक वस्तु ,शवद्या, व्यखि आशद

पड़ती है ।यहााँ तक तो ठीक है पर जब अपनी ही चीजे शनषेध कर दी जाए,अपनी प्रत्येक वस्तु ,शवद्या, व्यखि आशद

की व्यथथ व तुच्छ करार शदया जाए और हम दू सरो की भाषा को अपनाकर बोले शक हम शिशक्षत है तो हम शफर

की व्यथथ व तुच्छ करार शदया जाए और हम दूसरो की भाषा को अपनाकर बोले शक हम शिशक्षत है तो हम शफर

अपनी रािरीयता के साथ न्माय नही कर रहे है और हम एक ऐसे खुद की बनाई हुई कल्पना मे जी रहे है जो स्वयं

अपनी रािरीयता के साथ न्माय नही कर रहे है और हम एक ऐसे खुद की बनाई हुई कल्पना मे जी रहे है जो स्वयं

को ही धोखा दे रही है ।

को ही धोखा दे रही है ।

कहा जाता है शक जब पशिम मे अठारहवी सदी में प्रथम शवश्वशवद्यालय खुला था उस समय भारत मे सात लाख

कहा जाता है शक जब पशिम मे अठारहवी सदी में प्रथम शवश्वशवद्यालय खुला था उस समय भारत मे सात लाख

पचास हजार गु रुकुल थे।शजसमे नालन्दा और तक्षशिला तो बहुत पु राने है ।

पचास हजार गु रुकुल थे।शजसमे नालन्दा और तक्षशिला तो बहुत पु राने है ।

परन्तु जब लाडथ मैकाले 1830 मे भारत आये तो उन्होने भारतवषथ भर के भ्रमण के बाद एक ही बात कही थी शक

परन्तु जब लाडथ मैकाले 1830 मे भारत आये तो उन्होने भारतवषथ भर के भ्रमण के बाद एक ही बात कही थी शक

भारत कोतक अगरगुशचरकाल तक गुहैलतो ाम उनकी बनाना हैशिक्षा तो उनकी शिक्षा पर व्यवस्था परकरो। प्रहार करो। भारत को अगर शचरकाल लाम बनाना व्यवस्था प्रहार

शजसकेमैपररणामस्वरूप मैकाले को शिक्षा पद्धशत कोभर भारतवषथ मे लागूगया शकया गयाव्यखि और व्यखि की योग्यता और शजसके पररणामस्वरूप काले शिक्षा पद्धशत भारतवषथ मे लागूभरशकया और की योग्यता और क्षमता काऔर आकलन और अंक क प्रशतित पर के आधार पर होने जो शक अबतक अनवरत क्षमता का आकलन भाषा अं कभाषा प्रशतित े आधार होने लगा। जोलगा। शक अबतक अनवरत चलाचला आआ रहारहा है ।है । मानबात साक्ष्य इसकरते बात की पु शिशकसी करते हैभी शकव्यखि शकसी भी की और योग्यता और क्षमता का आकलन उसकी वतथमान साक्ष्य तकवतथ इस कीतक पु शि है शक कीव्यखि योग्यता क्षमता का आकलन उसकी भाषाऔर नही कर वह शिक्षा नही कर जो शकमानशसक हमको मानशसक लाम बनाने के शलये भाषा नही कर सकती वह सकती शिक्षा और व्यवस्था नहीव्यवस्था कर सकती जोसकती शक हमको गु लामगुबनाने के शलये थोपी गयी है ।

थोपी गयी है ।



The Prism

May, 2018

From The Lead Sketches by Saurabh Mishra

Always wear Helmet while Driving. A subtle potrayal about the justice demand for the Kathua Rape Case.


May, 2018

The Prism


Kaleidoscope GUEST COLUMN

#do_not_stare # do_not_picture #respect Anshima Sharma


Passionate entrepreneur, a brilliant national sports player, and a fearless traveller – meet Rashmi Chadha, founder of the Wovoyage: A 21st Century Travel Enterprise “of the woman, by the woman, and for the woman.” She is a “wonder women” who is providing riskfree and safe tours for female foreign travellers by providing them with female tour guides. She spoke to The Prism about her journey so far and her love for the travel. Excerpts: >>You`ve played 16 school and National sports and you are also a national athlete, how did you choose your career from your natural gift for the sports and your passion for travelling? RC: I am a traveller because of sports. I travelled a lot for playing sports and then I realized that travelling is my real passion. As much as I like to play, I like it more to teach how to play. It aided my critical thinking and made me understand the risk and the challenges better. In the end, you can not underestimate the power of passion as it reins over talent.

Rashmi Chadha

make them believe in you. >>Nowadays, social entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. What skills does one need for it? RC: Face hardships. You must know how to deal with and to understand the poorest person as well as the richest person. Hardships will enable you to deal with the ups and downs of life and transform you into a real human. To be an entrepreneur, you should be first a good human.

>>How do you handle your challenges and your failures? RC: If I fail to achieve my goals, I don`t think I am a loser. I am still a winner but I need to work harder to convert the defeat into success the next time. To give up should never be your option. If you will develop a habit of giving up, you will never be satisfied with your achievements. Set goals for yourself and work for them. If you are facing difficulties, then analyse your >>Travelling is still considered a taboo for girls efforts and start working again. in the Indian society as it is considered “unsafe”. Did you face any resistance from your family? If >>An inspiring line from your pep talks for the youth? you did, how did you convince them? RC: Actually I have been travelling since my RC: Find it! Do it! Achieve it! Triumph it! childhood because of sports. So, I did not have to face these problems, but you should know how to >>Your Role Model? RC: My Mother. She is an adventurous, daring convince them. Maybe they won`t believe you in the initially but your and supportive lady. hard work and your willpower to succeed She taught me to not get upset if I am getting 40%

in studies but playing sports at National Level. You must have a mentor in every phase of life. They can be your parents, teachers, friends or even your neighbours. It’s not important that you have to learn only from your parents. >>What piece of advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs? RC: Start believing in yourself and in your idea. Take an action. Do good research. You need to work hard. Even if the people don`t believe in you, keep faith in yourself. Every idea doesn`t work but at least try it once. >>What things can we do as the citizens to promote tourism in India? RC: The common messages from the foreign tourists are: Stop staring at us. Stop asking for pictures just because we are white and have golden hair. Do not intrude on our privacy. Talk with respect. All it does is portray Indians as impolite. We as citizens can do our bit in promoting tourism in India by spreading the message of the foreign tourists for people in India. A little social awareness is all they ask of us. Let us communicate it to our any four friends and let them pass it on to their four set of friends and let us ensure that the message reaches each citizen.

Hint: There’s a typo in here !


May, 2018

The Prism

Prashun Dalmia


tanding on top of that hill, I could get a spectacular visual treat of emerald hills, lush forests, serpentine streams, and myriad colourful blooms that dotted the vast caldera of the valley and its meadows. As I speak about my Nagaland diaries which included the trek through deep forests and endless bamboo thickets at The Dzuko Valley in Kohima, I slip into reminiscences about the happy memories I created. My first trip with college friends that started with an air of nonchalance turned out to be my best trip till date. Contrary to the belief that a 45 hour journey in a sleeper coach of the train is extremely inconvenient, we had a lot of fun on the way. The stupid yet interesting conversations and our funny trivial games, kept us engrossed throughout the journey. Once in Kohima, I was dazzled by its beauty. The city was decked up for Christmas and the forthcoming New Year celebrations as buildings and street corners were illuminated and decorated with Christmas trees, banners and festoons. Nagaland is inhabited by 16 tribes and majority of the people are followers

Movie Review

of Christianity. Against the stay. We visited Guwahati on our way conventional image of the people back to visit the famous Kamakhya of Nagaland as someone belonging temple to seek the blessings of the to barbaric tribe, they were really Almighty in the New Year. fun loving and immensely helpful. Well, that was my journey in Moreover, the food brief. In the end, I will say that the was a delight, especially for my non-vegetarian friends, as I saw Kohima them savouring every portion of meat, chicken, hogget and what not. As Naga diet is famous for its chilli sauces and tangy spices, I packed a few spices and chillies for home. Besides the trekking at Dzuko valley, we also visited several other places like a beautiful church, a war cemetery, and a lush green beauty of the place was alluringly village called Khonoma. The clean breathtaking which cannot be put environment with proper sanitation into words. and well-built houses in the village After having undertaken this were in no way inferior to those in beautiful journey with my friends any modern town. and being amazed by the thrill and We were in luck to have a learning a journey provides one warm weather during our time of with, I will implore everyone to

by Rohit Chaudhary

Movie: Captain Phillips (2013) Genre: Drama/Thriller Directed by Paul Greengrass, ‘Captain Philips’ is an American thriller starring veteran actor Tom Hanks. The movie is based on true events that occurred in 2009, in which the Captain and the crew of a cargo ship were taken hostage. The story is about the survival of the captain and the crew of ‘Maersk Alabama’ which was attacked

by Somalian Pirates. The movie is an absolute spine-chiller and will keep you on your toes until the very climax. In addition to Hanks, the success of the film rests heavily on the first-time actor, Barkhad Abdi, playing ‘Muse’, the leader of the Somalian pirate crew. The movie is rated 7.8/10 on IMDB and 93% on ROTTEN TOMATOES.

TV SERIES Review TV Series: 13 Reasons Why Genre: Drama Newcomer Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford starrer NETFLIX ORIGINAL series ‘13 Reasons Why’ will surely serve your appetite for drama. The story revolves around Hannah Baker(Katherine Langford), a high-school student who leaves a set of 13 audio cassettes behind, upon committing suicide. In these cassettes, she describes the reasons that shattered her so bad that had no option left, but suicide. The Netflix Original beautifully

portrays the insecurities that an average teenager suffers and how bullying at schools can cost lives. The series is highly sensitive and will surely leave you heavy-hearted. For all the teenager and buzzy butterfly stomachs, 13 Reasons Why is an incredibly mature and provides a devastating look at the ripple effects of loss. The series is awarded 8.3 out of 10 by IMDB and 80% on TOMATOMETER.

A still from Captain Phillips

start off on a jouney whenever time and pocket allows. As the eminent writer Mark Twain said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by

the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

May, 2018

The Prism


Deciphering the BITCOIN... Sachin Tandon


itcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency. It serves as a “digital gold” standard in the whole cryptocurrency-industry. Very few people know that cryptocurrencies emerged as a side product of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown inventor of Bitcoin, never intended to invent a currency. He developed “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.“ His system works on a peer-to-peer basis. This means that it is decentralized and has no central authority controlling it. Like currency notes, it can be sent from one person to another, but without a central bank or the government attempting to track it.The system itself is designed in such a way that the network maintains a foolproof system of the record of every transaction as well as tracking

issuance of the currency. How It Works A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin consists of a network of peers. Every peer has a record of the complete history of all transactions and thus of the balance of every account. A transaction is a file that says, “A gives X Bitcoin to B“ and is signed by A’s private key. After signed, a transaction is broadcasted in the network, sent from one peer to every other peer. The transaction is known almost immediately by

the whole network. But only after a specific amount of time it gets confirmed. As long as a transaction is unconfirmed, it is pending and can be forged. When a transaction is confirmed, it is set in stone. It is no longer forgeable, it can‘t be reversed, it is part of an immutable record of historical transactions: of the so-called blockchain. “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record financial

transactions“. These transactions can only be confirmed by miners. They take transactions, stamp them as legit and spread them in the network. After a transaction is confirmed by a miner, every node has to add it to its database. It has become part of the blockchain. For this job, the miners get rewarded with a token of the cryptocurrency called Bitcoins. After seven years in existence, Bitcoin‘s price has increased from zero to more than 8000 Dollars. To date, the total value of the currency is close to $9 billion US. It is ‘sound’ money that is secure from political influence; money that promises to preserve and increase its value over time. Cryptocurrencies are a fast and comfortable means of payment with a worldwide scope.

CES 2018 Syed Ajaz Haider Zaidi


ES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, one of the biggest techs shows in the world, was held in LAS VEGAS, Nevada (U.S) from 9 Jan to 12 Jan 2018. It has started a new era in the Tech world with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and IOT (Internet of Things). Huge tech companies like L.G., Samsung, Lenovo, NVIDIA, Toyota, HTC, ACER, etc. have revealed their gadgets and ideas that will boost up the global technology.

2.Samsung 8K MicroLED TV

Samsung showcased its MicroLED 4k TV, it’s calling “The Wall”, claiming it to be “the world’s first modular TV.” The Wall measures 146 inches and uses MicroLED technology to produce its picture. It delivers all the benefits of OLED with none of the downsides. And because it’s made up of many

1. LG Oled Roll-up TV

It’s a good news for those who enjoy the open space as LG has come up with a television you can roll up and hide when you want it out of sight, allowing for better space utilization. LG Display has designed a 162- centimeter-long (64-inch) model. It is powered by the OLED technology used in TVs. The company has also provided the feature to let users hide the display or lower it to different heights to change the picture size.

MicroLED panels, if you have issues with one, you don’t have to replace the whole TV.

3. Samsung’s Smart Refrigerators


May, 2018

The Prism

Smart appliances seem to be the future of home kitchens. Several companies are launching fully programmable refrigerators that do a lot more than keep food cold. Samsung says its “Family Hub” creates shopping lists, order food and can see inside the refrigerator for you. It can connect with mobile devices to share information, play music or even stream video from a Samsung TV elsewhere in the home.

4. Sony AIBO

also appreciate the nippy 120Hz refresh rates and full-array backlighting.

7. Acer Swift 7

Previous generations of the Acer Swift 7 have been known for their sharp, attractive profiles, but the 2018 model is so slim, it holds the title of “world’s thinnest laptop”. This is also one of the first notebooks to use Intel’s embedded eSIM technology for constant connectivity so you can use that feature once the carriers enable it.

What if someone says that you can share your feelings, emotions with a puppy and get the response for every reaction? Sony has designed an adorable robot pup named Aibo, which is smart, cute and pettable. Sony’s iconic robotic dog Aibo can now dance, find a bone and recognize people

in your family and there’s LTE (Long-Term Evolution, a standard for highspeed wireless communication) for always-on connectivity. Extra touchsensors in its back allow you to put it like a real puppy. According to Sony, Aibo can form emotional connections with individual family members and teach nurturing skills. It uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to react to touch and voice commands. Aibo communicates through body languages, such as eye, ear, tail movements, and voice sounds.

8. Xenoma e-Skin Pyjamas

Smart clothing isn’t a new concept, but Xenoma has used it to grant dementia patients more independence. These pyjamas can detect motion, monitor heart rate and connect to an ECG. It is designed in such a way that patients can roam freer inside hospitals and assisted-living homes without needing to be confined to rooms or kept under observation.

5. Smart Travel Bag

China’s ForwardX Robotics demonstrated a four-wheeled travel bag with an interesting feature that enables it to automatically follow its user around the airport. The travel bag uses cameras and AI to avoid crashes. The device can message the owner if it gets too far away or when it is on low power.

9. Toyota e-Palette


65-inch 4K ‘Big Format Gaming Displays’ with

It’s the time to play your favourite games on 65 inches gaming monitor. NVIDIA has developed a Big Format Gaming Display with a built-in Shield and G-SYNC technology to reduce screen tearing while you play. They’re 4K, of course, and support high range (HDR). Video-game enthusiasts will

Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda revealed the “e-Palette,” an electric, selfdriving vehicle that when launched will do pizza delivery, retail shop and ride-hailing services. It is available in three different sizes, each based on its particular range of uses. The e-Palette will begin being tested in the United States in the early

2020s if everything goes according to company’s plans. Having the size similar to a small bus, an electric Drivetrain and capable of autonomous navigation, the e-Palette aims to be an open platform for a variety of businesses with the flexibility to serve as virtually anything from an ondemand pizza delivery service to mobile pop-up shop.

May, 2018 10. Whirlpool’s Smart Kitchen

The appliance giant has partnered with a well-known online recipe source Yummly to develop an app that will scan your fridge items and then come up with suitable recipe ideas. But that’s not all -- it will also send over that recipe to your Whirlpool oven, which heats up to the appropriate temperature and helps you with step-by-step instructions.

The Prism

11. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon


Lenovo has stuffed the new Carbon with an upgraded CPU, embedded eSIM radio, a built-in webcam shutter, and twin far-field mics for voice control from 4 meters away. This is also the first laptop announced to feature a Dolby Vision HDR display, which renders colours brilliantly.


The Prism

May, 2018

The Prism GLA University - Volume 1, Issue 3  
The Prism GLA University - Volume 1, Issue 3