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Another fabulous week in the Bay for all Seasons... All of which we have experienced lately, from freezing cold to glorious sunshine summer dress days to give us a little vitamin E boost. Marty Reddering captured our brand new baby whale and its Mommy on camera over the weekend. See it on his facebook page and also (by his kind permission) on helloplett facebook and the helloplett website. The first Tour de Plett was a super success, with great weather too. Well done to Club 100 Plett who are already planning next year’s event... The annual Wedge Bodyboarding Competition is in full swing, with the jury still out on the suitability of the proposed Jetski event ... Many more letters... Good News: Council finally completed their meeting on Friday . Hooray! With respect for each other, even with robust debate, our new council has the potential of great leadership. Please work together to be the best together ! Lots to do and enjoy in the Bay in July. Get diaries out, book and participate Don’t miss the Mandela Day Celebration at Madiba’s 90 Trees Monday 18th July at 3.30pm and have another fun filled week in our beautiful Bay.

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An open letter to our mayor clarifies the Tourism Advisory Committee and Conservation Bodies’ stance on proposed Jetski races in Plett Dear Memory, There are already a large number of emails circulating, including from MEC Winde and Grant about the concern of the Jet Ski races to be held in Plett. I’m sure you are aware of the controversy regarding these jet Ski races. There are a few key issues that I wish to bring to your attention: 1. The Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) was approached a few months ago by Mr McQuillan to support the Jet Ski race. After careful deliberation it was unanimously decided that this type of event did not fit in with the new Tourism Brand Strategy plan designed for Plett, and informed Mr McQuillan accordingly. A minimum of 45 Jet Skis participating in 18 races with practicing days before the event over the holiday season would directly conflict with other core passive beach activities off central beach, including most importantly the presence of whales and their calves in the bay. The TAC is however in full support of the Wedge Classic which has been running for many years and is predominantly a body boarding competition with no power boats or PWC’s (Jet skis). The Wedge Classic features as one of the anchor events for Plettenberg Bay in the New Tourism Strategy, and the TAC believes that this event has the potential to grow tremendously so long as it remains an event that continues to promote sports that participate in natural conditions such as body boarding, surfing, skim boarding, sailing, surfski racing, swimming and other such sports. 2. Furthermore, Mr McQuillan has made his intentions quite clear that his wish is to promote Plettenberg Bay as a destination for Power Boat racing and adventure/adrenalin motorised sports. This intention can be viewed on his website where Plettenberg Bay is already featured on his annual calendar of events for power boat racing. The attitude of people like Mr McQuillan of making their own decisions with a disregard for the future of Plett, I feel, should not be tolerated. The TAC is not in support of the intention that Plett becomes a destination for power

boat racing, as it directly conflicts with the Vision and Brand Strategy for Plett. 3. I was advised by Mr McQuillan that he had athmeeting with you last Thursday 30 June, and obtained the approval for the event to take place. It seems that you have been mislead and been advised that the TAC was trying to stop the entire Wedge Classic event which is absolutely not true. It was not mentioned that the only part of the event that was not approved by the TAC was the Jet Ski racing, all of which has been minuted and available for viewing should you require. The next day on Friday 1st July, together with the TAC we met with Councillor Dreyer and Ralph Links where the details of your previous discussion were revealed, and again the TAC reiterated that they are in full support of the Wedge Classic but do not support Jet Ski racing. 4. Members of the TAC are concerned that the Jet Ski racing event is going ahead even though there are these serious points to consider: i. a decision that was made by the Mayor and Head of Strategic services (Ralph Links) based on untruths and misguided information. ii. this is the initiation of the new Tourism Strategy plan and Jet Ski racing is the wrong message to be putting out to the public. Iii. It is the start of the Whale watching season and the Jet Skis in the Bay will be in direct conflict with the animals, and may threaten the entire whale watching season. Today, 6th July, at the river mouth we witnessed the first Southern Right calf being born for the season. This mother and calf will stay in the Bay for the next 4 months if they are undisturbed. iv. Both Dr Cockcroft from the Centre for Dolphin studies and Henk Niewoudt from Cape Nature do not approve of the Jet Ski racing event. v. There is a Code of Conduct that was compiled by the Municipality in 2004 with reference to the use of Central Beach. It states specifically that no PWC is to be launched while whales are in the Bay (1st July- 31st Oct.) (Point 5.11 Codes of Conduct— Boat Launching Site, Central Beach, Plettenberg Bay) vi There is growing public concern about more Jet Skis being introduced onto our beaches and within the Bay. On behalf of the TAC I urgently request that you re-consider the decision to stage Jet Ski racing in Plettenberg Bay, as it will seriously impact negatively on the New Tourism strategy for the future.

Yours sincerely Tony Lubner FAMSA—Families South Africa Families are hurting emotionally. Do you need someone to listen without judging or minimizing your pain? Call Famsa for confidential counselling at 044 533 0515 FOR SALE: Huge & small pottery pots from Transkei. 083 312 5525 PLEASE POSTPONE the Jetski Racing. Let our whales enjoy the Bay in Peace. SMILE... Its infectious and brightens a day!


Presents Currie Cup Saturday @ Mivola With a Big Screen and projector July 16th Western Province vs Gricquas @ 15h00 & Bulls vs Sharks @ 17h00 We’re giving away 2x Free Installations, Dish and Decoders on both matches to the lady and gent with the closest score including loads of FREE Giveaways Including free hats, ,beanies , key-rings, Pens, first-aid kits, t-shirts etc. No Catch, No entry Fee! Come and enjoy! Wouldn’t be the same without you!

This Saturday, instead of Thursday Peter the Greek will be playing starting 7pm WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

PLETT MOVIE HOUSE Market Square, Beacon Way  044 533 3952

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Website: ROEPMAN - Drama This South African movie is set in a ''poor white'' community in Durban in the 1960s. We follow events through the eyes of an eleven year old boy, whose family is trapped within the structural violence caused by the government and the church at the time. He makes friends with an unlikely hero, who often appears to save him and these acts of kindness are considered to be miracles by the little boy. It is a coming-of-age tale & the associated loss of innocence. It is a story with unforgettable characters and it combines the magical world of childhood beautifully with the realistic world we live in. In Afrikaans Cast:. Paul Loots, John Henry Opperman, Deon Lotz, Rika Sennett, Beate Olwagen, Desire Gardner, Eddie de Jager, Andrew Thompson

HANGOVER PART 2 - Comedy The first film about a group of guys trying to piece together the night before the morning after did so well that they had to milk the formula for moreThey all head off to Thailand for a wedding, meet some wacky characters, and yes, get totally slammed again. The next morning it's deja vu all over again as they try to figure out what happened the previous night. This time though, things are a bit darker and nastier. CAST:Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Paul Giamatti, Mike Tyson

ANIMALS UNITED - Animation, Family,

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Showroom: Piesang Valley Road Fax: 044 533 0505 Kids This German-made film takes a look at the global water crises from the point of view of man's fellow travellers on Space Ship Earth, the animals. Set largely around the Okavango Delta, and a tourist resort in the area, it looks at how a group of animals decide to do something about the humans who have built a dam and taken their water. Voices of Jim Broadbent, Jason Donovan, Stephen Fry, Omid Djalili, James Corden

WANT TO join a dynamic, exciting and fun filled organisation on a mornings only contract – Lunchbox Theatre is looking for an Office Manager to join their team. Are you passionate about arts, development, children and education? Do you have great orgainsational and communicational skills? Are you computer literate? If you fit the bill then send your CV to 1BD FLATLET 2 rent 4 single person 082 926 1378 RAPHAELI KINDERGARTEN for Ages 4-6 has moved to a beautiful home in Piesang Valley. Limited Spaces. Call Claire 073 496 7506 GORGEOUS Granny-print floral scarves: get yours at Metallic Mermaid. KEV’S CARPENTRY 082 732 6117. Call me for your woodwork & door hanging CHAS EVERITT Whale Rock R580k. Front stand, fabulous seaviews. Reduced to sell. Anton Nell. Call: 072 600 5885 2 B/R FURN cottage Hkvl, R2600pm + dep. Secure. 083 257 1959 FOR SALE: Surfboards (Davey) with bag, leash etc. R1600. 083 312 5525



Tel: 044 533 1252 Email: HENNY INTERIOR Design. We well Sateen + blockout lining, curtain tapes + hooks, continuous zip + velcro, scatter cushion inners and lots of remnants at our warehouse in the Idustrial Area. NEAT AS a pin. Apartment, seaviews— Stephen 083 302 1058 ATTENTION ANYBODY that’s interested in PC Laning on big scale. Serious gamer’s. Phone me on 084 015 4692 Pierre CELL PHONES HTC TYTN2 x 2 touch screen & windows. R600 for 2 phones. 074 140 0400 FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING – Metabolic & nutritional balancing – Mineral hair analysis - @ Holistic Health, 044-3820188, Knysna CHAS EVERITT Whale Rock Garden Estate R315k. Stand, prime location. Reduced to sell. Anton Nell. Call: 072 600 5885 SAFE, SECURE storage/mini factories 082 901 3444. WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

PLUMBING PROBLEMS? 24 HOURS Emergency Geysers, Blocked Drains, Burst Pipes, Septic Tanks, Toilets, Drain Laying, Alterations.

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Closing ceremony rugby world cup 2011

The New Congregational Apostolic Christian Church in Zion of S.A

Egameni lalenkonzo igama lingentla sithi senza umbulelo ongazenzisiyo kuluntu lwase Plettenberg bay ngokusixhasa kwinkonzo ebesinayo ngomhla we 2 nd July 2011 kwi holo yase united kwanokuthula ingakumbi kumzi wase amac mr T.Jim nosapho kunye nekwayari yakho ukusukela ngolwesihlanu xa kwakufika indwendwe ubuyinto yonke kuthi kwase nihleli kwango mgqibelo unga zange waphumla uncame nokuhlala endwini yhakho. Ndithi amakholwa anjalo ke agqumana imiqolo nibonakalise uthando olungahananisiyo kuthi nangomso ekuhlaleni Noluthando mkhaya wam angaze ndikulibale u Thixo akubusise. Embuthweni Mr s. Notshulwana secretary Mr T.Jim president, nindamkelele indwendwe zam ndoyola nisibonisile ukuba senza ntoni embuthweni. Zonke inkonzo ebezikho zadela ingqele kwa kusasa ndithi mazenethole nakumzi wase unithed. Noxolo mbuzwana ndiswele imilomo akwaba ibiliwaka from Mr & Mrs Kedana abaossiesgif FELLER’S COME and go - P&P Rigging & Tree Service. Internationally trained & qualified arboricultural services. Serving the Garden Route for 12 years. Will beat any quote - 082 901 3444 / . URGENTLY LOOKING for a "Lazy Boy" any condition will repair. Please phone 044 533 9069 or 083 628 1191 DESIGNING OF Brochures, Websites, Posters, B/Cards. Best Prices. 082 710 6696,

LONG TERM Rentals @ Castleton 1 x 3 Bed/2.5 Bath unfurnished apartment in secure complex with swimming pool,tennis court and undercover parking R4200.00 excl w&l and deposit Available immediately No Pets Contact Jackie 044 - 5330196 FACE FACTS Winter Special - Tuesday & Thursdays manicure and pedicure R100 each. Phone (044) 533 1777 DINNER TABLES. 2 Seater white R450 each 072 534 5925

Bitou Arts & Culture Society Date: 16 July 2011 Kurland community hall, time 10h00. 2011 Art festival, directed by: Rev. Kuwane, welcoming Deputy Mayor: Adam Van Rhyner, introduction, project coordinator : Stephen Gelembe, Business & Art: Business chamber: chairperson, Introduction of guest speaker CLR. Paulse. Input by the executive mayor Alderman: Memory Booysen, vote of thanks clr. LM. De Waal. THEME: Bitou Art & Culture was established in 2010 by local professional artist, art teachers and art learners and supported by the department of education for its involvement in schools arts and cultural activities. Its theme for 2010 Anti-drug and painting mural exhibitions for 2011 rugby world cup. Produced by Bitou Art & culture society Special thanks to Murray dance group, Phakamisani Sarafina group, Formosa balley, Kurland dancers, Kranshoek primary, Crags cultural group, Wittedrift primary. NEEDED: Two office chairs for Plett Child Welfare, New Horizons. Please contact Dunae if you can help. 044 533 0661 DRIE SLAAPKAMER huis te koop in New Horizon teen ‘n redelike prys van R490 000 Cell 073 341 6230

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STARTING 1 OCTOBER, Muir Optometrists (Plett) will have a clinic day every second Friday in Plett. Special package deals for state dependant persons and the disabled

FRENCH LESSONS private or group Sylvie 083 332 9842. DIGITAL PRINTING Kodak 533 5510. RENOVATING? CALL Orca Construction on 072 076 9254 CHAS EVERITT - Upper Robberg R2,2mil. Excellent value for your money! Must view. Laurette @ 083 281 4069 BAKKIE ISUZU 1993 Diesel KB250 R35 000 079 662 1826 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

OPEN DAY Sat 23 July talks on Waldorf Education & Syllabus at 10am & 11:30am

RENTAL: 2-Bed unfurnished apartment @ Greenpoint Mews R3500-00 p/m avail 1 Aug RENTAL: 2-Bed spacious fully furnished home @ Glen Eden Village R5700-00 p/m avail imm. Over 55’s only. RENTAL: 2 x 2-Bed unfurnished apartments R3200-00 p/m avail imm. RENTAL: 4-Bed unfurnished home, close to Robberg Beach R4700-00 p/m avail 1 Sept RENTAL: 3-Bed, 3-bath furnished apartment, 1 garage @ Marine View R5650-00 p/m avail Imm RENTAL: 4-Bed unfurnished home with double garage in Schoongezicht R7500-00 p/m avail imm.

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Not just a Pretty Face By Jenny Damonds Goran Galic and his sister, who is still living in Johannesburg are part of a big family. In 1996 they moved all the way from Bosnia Herzogovina to Jo’burg, where he finished school at Sasolburg, an English–Afrikaans school where he learned to speak Afrikaans . In 1999 his family moved to Plett, where he started working in 2005 at Spar with his uncle. It seems business is in the genes. He likes the lighter and finer things in life. The glitz and the glamour. He started Afro-Centric, then Spotlight that is still going hot and strong. Goran said Spotlight is the heartthrob of Bitou, the place and venue for any function. Discos Friday and Saturday night, weddings, 21st parties, meet & Greet, DSTV, and your \Jazz and Karaoke on Sundays. Loads and loads of fun can be found at Spotlight Night Club. He said

10 Jument – R 1 970 000 Sunday 17 July 2011, 11 - 1 pm Connie Peet – 083 353 5971 12 Bay Sands – R 1 550 000 Sunday 17 July 2011, 11 – 1 pm Monty Peet – 083 444 3310 13 Bay Sands – R 1 450 000 Sunday 17 July 2011, 11 – 1 pm Monty Peet – 083 444 3310


RENTAL: 2-Bed fully furnished cottage @ Blue Waters R3500-00 p/m avail mid July


RENTALS RENTAL: 2-Bed fully furnished duplex @ Dunes Resort R4500-00 p/m incl. Avail 1 Aug

ON SHOW ON SHOW Spotlight is a multicultural club. Any colour and any age above 18 is welcome. For the Plett Matric Rage Spotlight will be hosting very exciting events for students for the duration of the 2 weeks Matric Rage (every night) with shuttle service inclusive (watch press for details). Goran is also involved in charity in and around Plett. Always donating lots of clothing to a charity in Kwano. And feeding the people in the streets. Goran is going to work together with the library in Kranshoek on Mandela Day. For his 69min he will pick up paper and dirt with kids in Kranshoek. He will also sponsor drinks and juice for the children afterwards. The club is open call Goran now 082 561 9828. “ROBBERG HEATING & COOLING taking care of all your maintenance and repairs of domestic appliances, refrigeration equipment and air conditioners. Visit our website or contact Mike on 082 870 4800.” OPEN! 18 hole Mini-Golf @ Wild Waters Tel 0445333815 HOUSE TO let, Whalerock Heights, Security village. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living, granite kitchen, large undercover stoep, large washing room, double garage, small garden. magnificent view of the bay and Robberg. Available imm. R6800pm Tel. Jacques 0824542001

Hello Plett on FACEBOOK!!! Thanks to all who “like” us and are sharing Go to facebook hello plett log in and “like” the page at the top. Latest News from What’s New and Plett plus Photo updates. Please interact with us telling us your news, views, etc. to keep us all in touch with our community The complete What’s New in Plett is on our website which also has the latest movies and a comprehensive directory of who does what and where to find them in our area. Print Shop Publications Keeping you in touch with our entire community. FOR ALL WOOD WORKING needs & carpenter work. Small jobs undertaken. Call Tony 074 892 1557 or 533 0987. WALLPAPER - LATEST books available and installation call Mobili Fusion 044 533 5887 JACQUI BOTHA Physiotherapy 3 Lion Roars House, 82 Longships 044 5331283, 0826562979 HOMEMADE BURGERS at The River Cafe 044 533 3815 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

NOTICE BITOU MUNICIPALITY JET SKI COMPETITION. In light of the numerous letters from the public received by the Municipality to cancel the Jet Ski competition planned for 16th July, we wish to make the following statement. It is the intention of the Bitou Municipality to promote Tourism and Economic prosperity through well-established events that feature regularly on the annual calendar and continue to grow year on year. These events however have to satisfy the strict criteria of showcasing but at the same time also preserving the magnificent natural assets of this region, including the Whales that frequent our Bay over winter. To this end in the last year, with the assistance of the Tourism Advisory Committee, the Municipality has compiled a New Tourism Strategic plan and Brand strategy for Plettenberg Bay. The new plan clearly defines a way forward for low impact, high value events that ‘tread lightly’ on our natural resources. At the time that this current Jet Ski competition was proposed, the new Tourism Strategy plan had not yet been endorsed by the Municipality. However the organiser, Wesley Mc Quillan, applied through the Tourism office to stage the Wedge Classic, a body boarding event that has been happening for the past 8 years, and was encouraged to proceed with an event to promote Tourism. The event has thoroughly been discussed between officials and Councillors of the municipality, Tourism office, NSRI, and other affected parties. The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has approved to hold this controlled event at Hobie beach, Plettenberg Bay on 16 July 2011.The course will be clearly demarcated and no participant will be permitted outside the designated area. At this point in time there are only 15 riders taking part in the event. The race will be closely monitored and strict regulations enforced. At the time a Jet Ski race did not seem significant and was included as an additional event to combine with the Body Boarding event. To ensure that the Jet Ski race does not have any negative impact on the visiting Whales and Dolphins on the day of the race, there will be permanent marshals positioned at strategic vantage points, including the Whales tail (Lookout view Point) and Central Beach control tower, to keep a lookout for animals in the area. If a Whale or Dolphin can be seen from any of these vantage points, the race will be cancelled. Also, no other jet skis other than those involved in the race will be permitted on the water during the entire day (16th July) of the race. This event has highlighted the need to review a strict code of conduct regarding Jet Ski activities within the Bay which will also be undertaken as soon as possible. Finally, it is the intention of the Municipality to use the New Tourism Strategic Plan to act as the guideline for future events and that the Tourism Board, representative of the different sectors of business and the community, will decide on key issues such as these to determine the best events for Plettenberg Bay. The Municipality recognises that the Marine Life within the Bay, including Whales and Dolphins, is a Tourism asset and a priority for Plettenberg Bay and will endeavour to regulate and control all activities that pose a potential threat to its continued existence. LMR NGOQO


MUNICIPAL MANAGER Municipal Notice No. 71/2011

La Fashionista Unique Ladies Clothing & Accessories

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GREAT SAVINGS ON QUALITY CLOTHING * Excl European Jeans, Barrington Jeans & New Summer Arrivals SEEFF IMMACULATE HOME R4.5mil With amazing views of the bay 5bed 4bath Call Alet 0836575678 SNAKES ALIVE - REPTILE RESCUE. Snakes play a very important role in our eco -system. Don’t kill them, call us. We capture and re-release them back into wild protected areas. Tel. 082 509 1724/534 8056

GREEN POOL? No problem Apollo Pools 076 490 6652

Framing Adri Lookout Centre

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TOY CORROLA FW/D 85 1.3 R15,000 076 939 5205 CD & Towbar MED MASSAGE Therapist Male 082 425 9703 COMPUTER ACCESSORIES @ Kodak 044-533 5510 THINKING OF travelling? New RTW backpacker book - Maketrack available at PNA Books—Plett

JET SKI Racing Leg 6 of the National Circuit will be happening at the Wedge Classic on Sat 16th - Get to da beach!!

SHUTTLE SERVICE - Airports PE, George, CT . Restaurants. Day Tours. BAY TOURS Glenn 082 391 1140

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SAFE AND secure Storage/mini factories with ablutions & 3phase now letting - 082 901 3444.

WILD WATERS OPEN! Solar-heated slide Tel 0445333815

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SUNDAY LUNCH at The River Cafe - R39 pp ( incl lunch and yummy dessert). bookings essential 044 533 3815

RENOVATING? CALL Orca Construction on 072 076 9254 UNWANTED PINE/GUM? We buy 082 901 3444. BODYBOARDING CHAMPS at the Wedge Classic 10-16 July - Get to da beach!! MASSAGE FOR LIFE the ultimate way to relax - to book call Kayla on 083 346 8969. WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

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Letter via the Editor Open Letter to the Organizers of the Jet Ski Race to be held on the 16th June The Plettenberg Bay Community Environmental Forum (PBCEF) strongly objects to Jet Ski racing taking place in Plettenberg Bay. One very obvious reason is that we are currently at the start of the whale breeding season and, additionally, it would appear that the legality of holding a Jet Ski race during this period has not been fully investigated or clarified. We fully support the Wedge Classic, but introducing a Jet Ski element to the race is in direct conflict to the new Plett Tourism Strategy, which has been compiled to ensure the long term success of Plett’s tourism with the interest of all in mind. Stakeholders, conservation groups and the community should be part of the decision making process, using the new Tourism Strategy document as the guideline and model. The Bitou Municipality compiled a Code of Conduct in September 2004 regarding Central beach in which it is stated that no PWC (Jet skis) is to be launched while whales are in the bay (1 July to 31 October). It is also stated in the Living Resources Act that no WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

unpermitted vessel may approach within 500 meters of a cetacean (whales and dolphins) without the necessary permits. This would be difficult to do in a Jet Ski race where the focus is on winning a competition and not on dodging whales or dolphins! Plett has retained most of its natural environment and boasts wonderful whale and dolphin sighting opportunities throughout the year. Because of this, Plett has been nominated as a finalist in the 'Leading Beach destination in Africa' category of the World Travel Awards. The Southern Right whales come to the bay to breed and calf from the 1st of July to mid October, mid October till December Humpback whales can be seen, and the remainder of the year Brydes whales frequents our shore. Bottle nose and Humpback dolphins are here throughout the year and they always range within the beach areas. Not even a week ago, the first Southern Right calf was born and it will remain here for 4 months if undisturbed. The use of jet ski’s in the bay during the whale season will cause stress to the marine animals, and may threaten the entire whale watching season, upon which most of Plettenberg Bay’s tourism is heavily reliant. Marine conservation specialists have identified Jet skis as disturbing and disruptive to whales and dolphins, due to the high pitched, high decibel sound

that interferes with the marine mammals’ ability to navigate and communicate under water. The increased variability of pitch and volume also makes the noise more apparent and offensive than other motorized crafts, not only to the animals but also to the people that come to Plettenberg Bay to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature that it offers. The fact that there will be at least more than 45 Jet skis participating in 18 competitions with additional practice days, used for hours at a time of machine-intensive and polluting play, will inevitably cause more harm than good to the environment and tourism of Plett’s future. We therefore urge you to keep the already popular Wedge Classic an un-motorized water competition so that it remains within the character of the Bay. Sincerely Obo Plettenberg Bay Community Environment Forum E-mail:

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Pitbull fights... please diarise

Saturday 23 July 2011 Goose Valley Golf Club Plettenberg Bay Full round of golf - 18 holes 4 Ball Batter Ball Stableford . Hole Sponsorship Available Refreshments provided at halfway house. Tee off from 9h00. R220 per player. Bookings and more info contact Goose valley Pro Shop 044 533 5082

the 15th of July, 8h30 at the Magistrate Courts - Plettenberg Bay. The criminals who used their Pitbulls to gain financial reward, will again appear in court. We need to protest against animal cruelty and speak up for these innocent dogs. Please support this very worthy cause.

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Letter via the Editor


Jetski Races Good day all I would just like to shed some light on this matter -This is a 1 day race and only 1 day -There will be never more than 6 Jet Skis in the water racing at a time (which is less then we normally have on a normal holiday day) and 15 riders in total for the event. -The course has been set out with the Help of NSRI, and other Beach officials to insure minimal impact on any wildlife, the course is set out between the blinders rocks and the beach, not around the whole bay, which is a smaller area then the normal recreational jet ski area. -There is no legal documents in place stopping jet ski riding in the bay at anytime of the year, as conveyed by Beach Control. -There will be spotters on the roof of the Beacon Island from one of the Wildlife Organization checking for any wildlife moving into the race area, and if this happens the race will be stopped. -This race has been given the ok from the Municipality, Tourism, NSRI, Fire Rescue, Traffic, SAPS, Beach Control, GAA, SAMSA, SAJSBA and PSA If anyone would like the correct information please drop me an email. Regards, Wesley McQuillan P.S: People that start letters should first find out all the facts before causing an outcry over something they have no clue about ! FACE FACTS Winter Special, Monday & Wednesday facials R220 each. Phone (044) 533 1777 "First, last & always we are determined to protect the welfare of children and promote their rights." Plettenberg Bay Child and Family Welfare

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Letter via the Editor POTHOLES Further to the letter in last weeks issue, we have found over the years that if we telephone the relevant department about potholes they send out a team to remedy the problem timeously. What I fail to understand though is the fact that the Municipality has a huge fleet of vehicles, most equipped with two way radios, covering virtually all of the roads in our town on a daily basis but none of the drivers will make a note of a pothole or even radio in where the potholes are. Obviously a case of “it’s not my job”. Surely these people should be told by their superiors to report potholes or any other problems they encounter in to the Municipality who employs them. Roger Davis MOVE YOUR HOSTING to us and get: world class servers + world class service + world class support. We can even make your website updateable - you can change it as often as you like. Move to Insite today. 044-533 3830. WANTED ANTIQUES silver, furniture, jewellery, bronzes, gold and porcelain 082 833 2567 DID YOU know you can order Polo or Cellini luggage at Something Special. Travel in Style



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Southern Right Whale Calf

What a wonderful surprise to see that a southern right whale was born in the bay last week. At present we have 5 adults and one calf in the bay with numbers increasing daily. The whales are visiting our waters to mate and to calf and have travelled here from the sub-Antarctic. During their time here they generally do not eat, but have been seen feeding opportunistically. At birth they are approx 4 metres in length and can weigh up to a tonne. Their weight can increase as much at 20kg and length increase up to 3cm per day. They are fed on a high fat diet of milk, with the consistency of yoghurt. They can consume up to 400 litres of milk per day. A full grown adult can be 12-16 metres in length and an amazing 40 to 60 tonnes. WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

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Letter via the Editor

SOMEONE you know had a baby? or do you have a new neighbour? Someone who did or achieved something special... please let us know. There is no charge and we'd love to acknowledge it/them and share in their joy. WHAT'S NEW - keeping you in touch with our entire community.

Beach Control There is an email which has been circulated by the organizers of the Jetski Race claiming that Beach Control do not have any legal objections to Jetskis. According to a municipal document— Codes of Conduct—Boat Launching Site, Central Beach Plettenberg Bay… there are a number of principles and conditions for the various craft… including a list pertaining to Personal Water Craft (PWC) - Jetskis - one of which 5.11 is “No PWC may harass dolphins. No PWC is to be launched while whales are in the Bay(1 July to 31 October” What part of this document does the Plett Skiboat Club/NSRI/Beach Control not understand ? Were the members of the skiboat club and/or NSRI consulted on their views or were they just roped in at the last minute to keep people safe? Perhaps the problem is not only an uncaring council, but also a lack of communication, or perhaps understanding, or do rules just change as the mood of the official in charge changes! If we all adhered to the decisions taken, the jetski race would never have been considered to be permitted during the Whale Season at all. Marc Le Grume

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RENCAS RETAINING WALLS RETAINING YOUR FUTURE CONTACT: DE VRIES CRONJE ON 082 778 7066 Bokkie visits Formosa Garden Village, Plettenberg Bay In what started as a routine day of visits planned for Bokkie things really got interesting. Bokkie had planned a visit to the Formosa Garden Village a retirement village in Plettenberg Bay. Bokkie is not just about young children and he realizes that the youth can learn a lot from older citizens. It was a wonderful moment when Bokkie was pictured with Mrs. Betty Harris, the wife of Tony Harris, , who played flyhalf next to the legendary Danie Craven against, New Zealand, Australia and the British Lions in the 1930’s. The retired folk that came to meet Bokkie were informed about what SARU were doing to promote support for the Springboks and all about BOKday Fridays.

BODY STRESS RELEASE “Headache to Foot ache” 082 819 8933 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

An excited Mrs. Harris related a few stories about her husband and how they had to travel for weeks by ship to get to New Zealand and Australia. With a chuckle Mrs. Harris told those present that she was only able to watch 1 ½ games that he husband played due to the travel issue. When asked why ½ a game she smiled and said that was because her husband was carried off on a stretcher that game.

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Keurview Complex No 32 Game Street, Keurbooms Strand book early to avoid disappointment Susan Koen : 083 395 0085 LINEN - BEAUTIFUL Egyptian cotton linen available at unbeatable prices! Call Mobili Fusion 044-533 5887 NEW COMPUTERS @ Kodak 044-533 5510 FOR SALE Three Wheeled Walker with removable basket – hardly used R500 Phone 044 5330904 or 0837071658 CASTLETON APARTMENT for Urgent Sale: No agents commission. Private Sale. 3-Bed, 2-Bath, sea and golf course view, tennis court, swimming pool, restaurant, sport games room, mini golf. Rental pool available. Price: R 1,2m neg. Phone: 083 929 4130 for details SEEFF MAGNIFICENT HOME R5.5mil Beautiful river front home within a private secure estate 3bed 3½bath.Call Daniel 0828836571

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PLACECOL Intensive Hydrating Facial with Parrafin Mask with FREE Brow Wax AND Tint for ONLY R230 and SAVE R80 OR for SENIOR CITIZENS ( 60 +) 10% discount on an ANY Facial For Relaxation, Restoration & Rejuvenation National Math Week 1-5 Aug

Maths in the Spotlight

August marks two important events for learners and teachers from both primary and high schools, National Mathematics Week and the Jet South African Mathematics Challenge, organised by the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) and the Association for Mathematics Education of Southern Africa (AMESA). 1-5 August is National Mathematics week and a variety of activities will be hosted in five provinces across the nation: Rhodes University, Grahamstown (Eastern Cape), Wynberg Boys’ High School, Cape Town (Western Cape), Teachers Centre, Kimberley (Northern Cape), University of Limpopo (Polokwane) and the Sol Plaatjie High School, Mafikeng (North West). “The main purpose of the Mathematics Week is to highlight the beauty, utility and applicability of mathematics and also to dispel the myth that this subject is difficult, cold, abstract, and only accessible to a few,” says Prof Johann Engelbrecht, Executive Director of the SAMF. Activities during Mathematics Week focus attention on Mathematics and Mathematics Education with the aim of making Mathematics more interesting, attractive, relevant, challenging, rewarding and engaging to learners and the community at large. “The activities highlight the impact of Mathematics on our daily lives and stresses the importance of

Mathematics as a foundation for careers in science, technology and managerial jobs,” says Elspeth Mmatladi Khembo, Chairperson of the SAMF and National President of AMESA. Some of the activities that will take place are: games, competitions, quizzes, puzzles, calculator contests, teacher development workshops and career guidance. During the same week, primary school learners can take part in the annual JET South African Mathematics Challenge. It is open to all learners from Grade 4 to 7. The Challenge consists of two rounds and participants can take part as individuals or in pairs. Learners who advance to the Final Round are awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates. Recipients of Gold certificates will also receive a R200 CNA voucher. If you would like to participate in this Challenge, please ask your teacher or call the South African Mathematics Foundation on 012-392-9372. FRED THE FELLER Tree Felling Services-Fully Insured, Garden & Plot Clear up's, Pruning, Bush Clearing, Personal Supervision Fred 082 4489503 PRINTS TO CANVAS Kodak 044-533 5510

Plettenberg Bay Bowling

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We welcome Brian Shelly, our new President and all new members on his Committee, may all their decisions meet with the approval of Club members! Also a big Thank you to Dan Liebenberg for his successful years as our President. Our greens are holding up well after the recent rains and the gardens much more colourful.. Our Bar prices continue to be on a par with other Clubs in the District. We welcome Peter Anderson our new Development Officer and is investigating the question of Spot Lights for one of our greens. We welcome a new member Tobie de Vos who we hope will be joining us on the green soon We are hoping to persuade Sue Shelly to stay a member of our club after all her hard work on Dan's Committee. We Welcome Averil Jackson who is taking over and reorganising kitchen duties, getting everyone involved! The Prize Giving Dinner will be on Friday, 12th August, remember that date everyone. The Nominated Mixed Pairs starts on Tuesday,12th. The SC AGM will take place on 13th August Finally , saving the best till last, We congratulate Truter, our Champion of Champions - Great. TOUCH RUGBY on the beach. Ladies and Men welcome. Coaching for all ladies will be provided by female ex SA touch player. Starting every Sat morning from 16th July 10h00, Central Beach. Pls contact Colleen 0835732666 if you are interested! ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES, now available @ Happy Smoker, Market Square ‘AL ANON. Is your home unhappy because someone drinks/drugs too much? Al anon is for the families and friends of problem drinkers/users. Meetings on Thursdays 1:00 pm at The House of Steps. Call: 083 256 0841.’ Your complete directory of who does what and where to find them in our beautiful Bay.

Almal Welkom

AGS Lighuis gemeente Bied Selgroepe aan elke Donderdag aand 7uur te 3 Theronstraat, Plett. Veilige parkering Kontak Pastoor Johan Botha 072 352 2138 / 072 189 0215


FOR SALE: Mouse cage, duvets, sheets, diving stuff, etc. 083 312 5525 RENTALS LONGTERM - Centrally situated - 2 beds, 2 baths semi furnished open plan area, swimming pool and entertainment area R2 700 plus shared eskom. Paula 083 406 2017@ Farmers Choice RED BARN FREE RANGE Chicken, butter and eggs available at Ouland Farm Shop & Tea Garden (opposite Plett Airport) 04453 35612 DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS & ROCK EXCAVATIONS - Seaview Enterprises. Tel 533 1282 THE MANAGEMENT of the Market Square would like to apologise to all its customers for any inconvenience during the construction of Edgars and Clicks HEATERS 7FIN 1.5kw R180, 9fin 2kw R230—082 774 3530 LOOKING TO start a Japanese conversation group...Anyone interested 073 592 6484 CAR FOR sale. Nissan Xtrail 2007 44000km. Very good condition. Call Ruaan 083 565 7420. Price R139 000

Letter via the Editor Why must Plett always mess up a good thing. Everybody loves the Bodyboarding Competition – The Wedge. Despite many years of struggling it has grown to become the best bodyboarding Comp in the country. Most Bodyboarders are not Jetski fans, so how could it happen that someone could tag on a jetski racing event which is now overshadowing the Bodyboarding competition. This is plain selfishness purely for financial gain, if you ask me. Was SABA ever properly consulted? Really Upset Bodyboarder R & H HARDWARE Marine Way 4 all your Hardware needs.044 533 6621 CHAS EVERITT - River Club R3,5mil. Spacious home on the river. 4bedr, 2bathr. Laurette @ 083 281 4069

DUE TO the upgrading at the Market Square we are relocating our shop Rogers Jewellery Studio to the old "Mad Dogs" shop next to the Pick n Pay entrance. This will be completed by the 20th of June FREE STARTER/dessert with 200g Sirloin w sauce, rice/chips + veg 4 only R89 @ The Med Bistro 044 533 3102

Did you

guys and girls see the beautiful pic by Marty Reddering of the Whale and her new baby on facebook? Awesome. We are so blessed to have these gentle giants in the Bay and the huge responsibility of their trust in us to keep them safe… CHAS EVERITT - Brackenridge R3.5m incl vat. 3bed en-suite & double garage. Contact Zelda 082 320 0664 NOW OPEN ALL DAY & Saturday mornings, 9-12. Ouland Farm Shop & Tea Garden Opposite Plett Airport. OLD & NEW 2nds & new goods, below Absa 044 533 3196 FOR THE cheapest printer cartidges come to PNA

Please join us for our next Masizame Fun Quiz Night Wed July 27th 7pm @

Nelson Mandela International Day Happy Birthday Madiba! Madiba’s birthday was declared Nelson Mandela International Day by the United Nations in 2009. He turns 93 on July 18. Mandela Day encourages people the world over to spend 67 minutes of their time making a difference in their communities in honour of the world icon, who spent 67 years of life working to build a better life for all.

Baie dankie aan al die “Vriende van Brian Sass Ministries” wat die Sangaand en breakfast op 9&10 Julie bygewoon het. Sangaand was ‘n reuse sukses. Dankie vir al die bydraes van Pastore (te veel) om op te noem, Bands, individue wat opgetree het. Spesiale dank aan my Span Organiseerders David Kampher, Ernestine Kleynhans, Mark Williams, Jimmy Plaatjies. Baie dankie aan die Gospel familie vir alles. Gods rykste seen.

GAS INSTALLATIONS & Appliance Service GASJAC 082-296-4908

APOLLO POOLS Keeping your pool healthy and blue 076 490 6652

DID YOU know you can order Polo or Cellini luggage at Something Special. Travel in Style

R75pp Incl Snacks Platter. .

Venue & Snacks sponsored by Kitchen Café & Bar All proceeds go to Masizame – Help us to help the children Booking essen 044 533 3693

Life in Plett

On Wednesday morning last week I did a load of washing in my industrial washer – full cycle, and could not believe it when I took the washing out and with it came out with one of our Blue Bulls glasses that Luke Littlejohn gave us as a moving in present. Spotlessly clean and not even a TINY chip. My mind . . . .Luke does sandblasting on glass – is that the secret to long life for glasses? Chatterbox WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

Baie Dankie

CRANE, TRUCK, tractor + bossiekapper, woodchipper hire. Timber milling, compost and timber sales. Pruning, felling and land clearing. No job too big or small and no quote unbeatable - 082 901 3444 / ON SHOW: Friday 16 Lundy Island Phone Stephen 11-13:00 Friday. 4 bed with loads more 083 302 1058. Visit RING BINDING THE PRINT SHOP Church Street , Lookout Centre Phone 533 2530 SUNDAY LUNCH at The River Cafe - R39 pp ( incl lunch and yummy dessert). bookings essential 044 533 3815 RENTALS @ CENTURY 21: Upstairs 3 bedrm, 2 bathrm apartment with gar. R4,000 p/m. Avail 1st August. Call Christy on 082 924 8484 or 044-533 6755

2 POINT milk machine + seperator R8000 083 257 1959 WAITERS PADS @ THE PRINT SHOP LOOKOUT CENTRE, CHURCH ST CAR FOR sale. Nissan Xtrail 2007 44000km. Very good condition. Call Ruaan 083 565 7420. Price R139 000 CHAS EVERITT - Nature’s Valley R3,995m. Stunning triple level home. Sole mandate. John Call: 082 905 1516 PINEDENE STORAGE Safe, secure, easy access on tar road near Airport. Store anything from Household goods to boats and cars. Dave & Jacky Martin Phone/Fax 044 533 9119 Cell 082 849 5011 SEEFF LARGE FAMILY HOME R3.3mil Breath taking sea & mountain views 6bed 3bath & flat Call Dirk 0828144508 LOUIS’ ELECTRONICS for all your Hifi, CD Player, TV, VCR and Micro-wave Repairs. Tel: 082 955 8612. OLD & NEW 2nds & new goods, below Absa 044 533 3196

Open letter to our Mayor and Municipal Manager the matter of the jet ski's and whales Briefly, my strong opinion is that it would be prudent to try to reschedule the jet ski competition in our bay , as we all know it is unfortunately at the same time as the delicate matter of the whales giving birth. If you think about it, from an economic tourism point of view, the years of faithful whale watchers have, and will be in the future (if you can stop the jet ski competition for now) a far steadier stream of endless income, not to mention winning the goodwill card of the majority of Plett., and at the same time, looking inward to your deep natural knowledge of what is right and wrong. you probably know that it is the right thing to do to reschedule the jet ski race. I bet everyone in Plett would put a few rand in the hat to reimburse the organizer for his out of pocket expenses. so that he would be covered maybe? Irealize that there are huge issues at the council level to be dealt with, but this matters not to a birthing whale! So I advise you in the strongest possible way, for the general good will of the village, and the environmentally correct thing to do, please meet with the organization folks and try to deflate this awful situation as soon as possible as there is not much time left. if I can be of help call me on 076 066 0483. kind regards. myfanwy bekker "muffin" .

By now, everybody must have heard that “The Beacon Island Life Style Resort ” will be closing from the 16th July to 1st October 2011 for renovations. GOOD NEWS for the locals... Jiwu Salon and Spa will be operating as normal. We will have access through the bottom door.

BOOK NOW LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE When you book for an express manicure and pedicure to the value of R180 at the Jiwu Spa, you get a free autumn Opi nail lacquer with your booking. BIGGEST SELECTION of Bolts & Nuts fasteners @ R&H Hardware, Marine Way 044 533 6621 COMPUTER TRAINING—Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Take charge of your career today. Demand Computers 083 666 3502 MIKE FERMOR Minor alterations, plumbing, paving, painting & sewerage solutions. Tel 082 375 3043. GREAT SPECIAL OFFERS ON WEBSITES. We are offering incredible specials on content-managed (updateable) websites, full-blown online stores (open 24/7/365), and SEO! Call us now to discuss any and all of your web requirements.... Insite, 15 years in Plett and here to stay. 044 533 3830. WAITERS PADS @ THE PRINT SHOP LOOKOUT CENTRE, CHURCH ST CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST Dr. Ilza Botha. Tel: (Knysna) 044-382 3518/cell: 076 116 1132. FREE STARTER/dessert with Linefish, leeks, lemon sauce, mash + veg 4 only R89 @ The Med Bistro 044 533 3102

Market Square • Well priced cigarettes • Credit Card Facilities • Lotto Trading Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 19h00 Sat 08:00 - 17h00 Sun 09h00 - 14h00

044 533 0625 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

HOME FOR Sale! We have loved it and now it is time for you to love it! Immaculate—put your own touch to it. 16 Rattray Head Ave Plett. Asking R2.6 mil. Queries? POZZI NEW Melamine furniture avail @ Pandora’s box COMPOST, A grade 50dm bags. R20 ea - 082 901 3444. CHAS EVERITT - Whale Rock 3bed 2bath & dble garage. Secure, close to beach. R2 460 000 Zelda Call: 082 320 0664

CK NAILS at home or in town! Gel, fibre dip, silk, mani's, & pedi's! Unbeatable prices! Chantelle 0797757070 *vouchers available* DEFY REPAIRS to stoves, washing machines, dishwashers & tumble driers. Prompt & guaranteed repairs. Jon CX Appliance Plett, 072 149 3351/044 533 1628. GARAGE DOORS 2 manual, good condition 083 355 5836 STORMSRIVIER ALGEMENE Agentskap Tel 042 281 1719, Cell 082 653 3446. Contact us for all your Stihl spare parts and repairs on machines. Deliveries every Wednesday. “ROBBERG HEATING & COOLING are the air conditioner, cold room and heatpump specialists in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna. Visit our website or contact Mike on 082 870 4800.” ID PHOTOS - Kodak 533 5510.

ZIG ZAG Branding Embroidery, printing, Promotional Items


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE Promotes & normalizes immune system Purifies & regenerates tissue Normalises & promotes functions of organs Promotes state of balance throughout Helpful for people who suffer from ME & Fibromyalgia Stimulates expulsion of waste products, toxins and cellulite Improving efficiency of nutrients being broken down & transported for use around the body

Once off R380.00 Course of 8 X 1.5hr sessions @ R300 each Cottage on Solar Beach. Gift Vouchers Available.

For Appointment call Ilse: 082 422 1492

Amazwi ovelwano Ngovelwano olunzulu kwi khaya lakwa mandeka aba hlelwe lilifu elimnyama abathe bashiywa yintombi yabo u Nceba. Sifuna ukuthi mamadluvu, ungazonzakalisi akuwedwa uThixo ukufuphi nabo aba ntliziyo zophukileyo yaye uThixo ungumsuli wenyembezi ungumbophi wama nxeba ungum galeliweoli kwabase Rome 8 ves 31 sithinina ke ngoko kwezizinto, ukuba uthixo ungakuthi, nguba nina ongasichasayo 1v 35 ngubanina oya kusahlula eluthandweni luka Thixo zonke iinyembezi emehlweni abo, kungasijwili nakukhala nantlungu ngokuba izinto zokuqala zigqithile. Uthixo makani sikelele anomeleze anithele amandla nge gama lakhe elihle. Uthixo uyani thanda nathi siyngaba ntwana bakwa Mthimkhulu siyani thanda. Thina be strong girls you mean so lots for us. Sis Betsie and family OLD & NEW 2nds & new goods, below Absa 044 533 3196 ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE to rent, close to Airport. Shower/ kitchenette,1 bdr. R1700 inc elec. neat & private 0825774985 POOL MAGIC Plett special on 25kg salt - R 45 a bag, contact us at Pharos Centre, Beacon Isle tel 0445332610 BUYING OR selling properties in New Horizons contact Glynis @ Choice Properties 078 378 2491 EATING DISORDERS ANONYMOUS. St Peter's Church 6.30pm-7.30pm Thursdays—076 967 6173. Just turn up or call SAVANNALANDS KENNELS & CATTERY Superior accommodation, individual attention & playtime, premium care. The Crags, 044-5348280. WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

SOUP KITCHEN: your kind donations of Rice, Soup Mix, Sugar Beans, Pasta etc is appreciated from the weekly soup Kitchen held at the Catholic Hall, and the new weekly Soup Kitchen held in New Horizons for approx 25-30 hungry little ones. Kindly leave at the Print shop for collection. Thank you. Enq: Sylvia 083 470 4790 CHAS EVERITT Green Point R695k. 2bdr, 1 btr, 2 parking bays, swimming pool. Reduced to go. Anton Nell. Call: 072 600 5885 JUMPING CASTLE for hire. Tilana 084 581 0759 CURTAINS, BLINDS & Cushions—Mobili Fusion offers a full range of latest fabric samples and has workshop Tel 044-533 5887 CHAS EVERITT - Goose Valley holiday apartments to let from as little as R600 per night. Call: 084 209 3053


Silusapho lakwa Rala Hlela senza angazenzisiyo umbulelo kubantu base Plett nabase Tsitsikama ukususela oko sathi safumana isithonga sokushiywa ngu mama wethu uMamntambo abantu abazange baphela bengenisa imithandazo. Sibulela nenkonzo yase press emnike inkonzo yakhe yokugqibela emnandi kakhulu , sibulela nabapheki Mrs. Mbeki , MrS Hlela lelethu, Mrs Ncerha Mrs Matita nosiseko uthixo anisikelele singoXaba namantambo sithi amaqobokazanaangalalendlelelni kunyembelekile. Mrs Rala nomlingane wakhe Xolani. WEDGE CLASSIC 2011 10-16 July at The Wedge & Hobie Beach. Skimboarding • Bodyboarding • Jet Ski Racing - Get to da beach!!


Previously Mini Movers For competent, professional service contact


(044) 533 0103 Cell 082 320 3098 FRED THE FELLER Tree Felling Services offered. 25 yrs experience. Fully Insured. Personal Supervision Fred 082 4489503 PSYCHOLOGIST Dr Jane Luck (Plett/ Crags) 083 256 0841

IRIDOLOGIST – assess your health needs. Contact Tanya (BPharm/Dip.Irid) @ Holistic Health, 044-3820188, Knysna

REDUCED BY 3MIL - 5 bed. River Home— now asking R7,8mil - Alet Ollemans 083 657 5678 Seeff

CAPE TOWN pretty 2-bed garden apartment Cavendish area in security complex from R650.00 per day. Phone 082 928 5009

LINEN - BEAUTIFUL Egyptian cotton linen available at unbeatable prices! Call Mobili Fusion 044-533 5887

HKVL 2B/R cottage R2300 pm + dep. Secure, end verandah 083 257 1959

SILVER PLATING : restore your cutlery, antiques, rings etc with new technique from UK 079 138 2602



all types of electrical work

Cleaning up the Garden Route since 1986

Registered Electrician

Thank you

A big thank you to Philip who went the extra mile with my elderly parents and I when he took us in his taxi during our 2 week stay in Plett. We will always remember his kindness and personal attention. Evelyn Stoddard(East London) Gladys and Will Alexander (Pretoria) CUDDLE UP in a fashionable woolly winter scarf from Metallic Mermaid. THIKING OF retiring? 1, 2 + 3 bedroom cottages 4 sale @ Strombolis from R675 000—R1m+ Call 082 772 2637 POOL CLEANING Service Apollo Pools 076 490 6652 INKJET CATRIDGES REFILLED call Jenny Beare 072 903 1628/044 533 0737 FOR THE cheapest printer cartidges come to PNA

Efficient & Reliable with Professionally trained staff under personal supervision We clean: Carpets, Upholstery, Mattresses, Rugs, Curtains, Blinds, TILES... and more We supply Scotchguard & Anti-slip for slippery tiles Quartz Carpets * 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction Also... Market Square & Undercover Car Wash

Call Alison Bryant

044 533 1139 / 082 572 1027 Letter via the Editor. Reply to Confused. I would like to respond to the reply to my previous letter and just ask whether “confused” has ever been unemployed with children to feed. We keep hearing that this Government must create jobs. A Government cannot create jobs unless they employ people to do no work. The only way that the Government can help create employment is to make a conducive climate whereby businesses will employ more labour by dropping the ridiculous labour laws and also bring in the two words that make a business successful. They are “You’re fired”. We see people on strike for more money when the majority of the population are unemployed. I am sure that there are many people who would take over the jobs of these “poorly paid” workers for half the salary that these workers are presently earning. Our Government, with its Cosatu and communist allies are not the solution to unemployment, they are the problem. Roger Davis. IT'S CASUAL DAY time again! Buy a sticker at R10 and show you care on 2 September. Every sticker makes a difference! Please phone Epilepsy SA on 044 382 2155 we shall deliver. SPANISH LESSONS by qualified teacher 082 958 4651 Yummiest food @ The River Cafe WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT –14 JULY 2011

CIGARS-CUBANS and other available at Happy Smoker, Market Square FURNITURE REPAIRED + Riempie & rattan refurbished call Tony for advice & quote 074 892 1557 HOUSE FOR sale New Horizon 078 186 5253 REVOLUTIONISE YOUR nutrition and kitchen management. Workshops and demonstrations at Quantum Café, Sat 23rd July—Juicing for health by Carol Surya. Sat 30th July—How to grow Micro-Greens in your own kitchen by Jamah. Join us at Quantum Café 1pm for lunch + workshops or 2pm for just workshop. Informative, inspirational, empowering! 044 533 4445 AROMAFLEX—AROMATHERAPY, Reflexology, supports massage & vein clinic— Jo -anne 082 820 9960 FOR SALE: Old cameras & projectors + odds & ends. 083 312 5525 WOOD CHIPPER for hire - 072 620 8630.

Funeral Services Underwritten by Constantia Life & Health Assurance Co. Ltd FSP 3165 We offer: • Funeral Policies • Add on Products • Cash Funerals • Cremations No: 3 C/O Farris & Hutchinson St, Plett Industria O/H 044 533 0183 A/H083 871 9358 / 073 194 6690

BITOU LOCAL MUNICIPALITY 2011/2012 TOP LEVEL SERVICE DELIVERY & BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 127(5) of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act 56 of 2003) read with Section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) that the Top Level Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan for Bitou Municipality in respect of the 2011/2012 financial year is available for perusal at: * * * * * * * * *

Municipal Office, Sewel Street, Plettenberg Bay Municipal Office, Green Valley, Wittedrift Municipal Office, Kurland, The Crags Municipal Office, Natures Valley Public Library, Melville’s Corner, Plettenberg Bay Youth Development Centre, Next to Community Hall, New Horizon Kranshoek Library, Kranshoek Kwanokuthula Library, Kwanokuthula Municipal website:

Municipal Office Private Bag X1002 Plettenberg Bay 6600

L NGOQO Municipal Manager

Tel. no. 044 501 3301 E-mail :

Probus Club of Plettenberg Bay

Men’s Group

The Luncheon for this month will be held at The Country Crescent Hotel on Monday, 18th. July. at 12.00 for 12.30. Our guest speaker this month will be Ray Farnham, from the NSRI, who will talk to us about the NSRI’s recent activities. To book a place please ‘phone Brian Hardy on 044 533 5489. Message on answer phone will secure your booking. Visitors and guests are welcome. PAINTBALL R100 = 200 pellets + rental. 076 970 1001.

Fax no. 044 533 6885 Municipal Notice no: 69/2011

PROXPA NETWORK for individuals, groups, club or society. Interested in making money. To get full info you can order DVD for R40. See how to join. Send postal order to M I Haas, P O Box 1, Coldstream, 6311 and start making money


Die wereld se grootste fikseid organisasie, is opsoek na Fiksheid Promotor. As jy energiek en self gemotiveerd is met ‘n entoesiastiese persoonlikheid en hou van mense stuur jou CV na Dis die perfekte geleentheid vir iemand wat terugkeer na die werksplek. Oggend - en middagskofte beskikbaar.

PLUMBING REPAIRS MF Agencies. 082 375 3043. HOUSE TO rent 2 bed 2 bath dbl garage, large kitchen, big garden. Call 083 642 9015 PERSIAN RED Carpet 190x150 R2,500 cash value R6,480. Certificate provided. Ph 082 853 8778 TO LET: Long lease 1 bdr. garden flat. Sep entr. R2400 w&l incl. Dep req. Phone 044 533 2623 IANDJCREMOVALS.CO.ZA for all your local and national removal requirements 083 485 1572 / 078 254 8279 RENTALS LONGTERM - 3Beds,2baths, house in New Horizons contact Glynis @ Choice Properties 078 378 2491 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

Please vote and help NSRI

Formosa Garden Club

NSRI is once again a finalist in the Centrum Guardian Project. Children rescued from the waterfall (keyword “strength”). Station Commander Hennie Niehaus and his crew from Station 23, Wilderness, saved two teenage boys from a raging waterfall. PLEASE ASSIST US BY VOTING: SMS the word “strength” to 33922 (sms votes are charged at standard rates – you may vote up to 10 times) or vote ONLINE at – “strength” (you may also vote 10 times). There is strong competition this year so all your NSRI votes will count! Each vote ensures a donation of R1 per vote to the station

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, 28th July at 10.00 a.m. at "Guadelope" in Knysna with Jenny and Albin Kilzner who will once again give us a humorous demonstration on "Cooking with Herbs", all of which we shall be able to taste and enjoy. For catering purposes, we do need to know in advance the number of people who wish to attend so would you please notify either Nita 044 533-5357 or Brenda 044 533-5489 as soon as possible. This will be another lovely outing and we look forward to seeing as many members and visitors there as possible. The meeting will take place irrespective of the weather. WALLPAPER - LATEST books available and installation call Mobili Fusion 044 533 5887 DEBT HELP registered Debt Counsellor, free consultation and advice. 044 532 7520 or 072 841 2312

LONG TERM Rental Available - Nature’s Valley. Stay in over season!! Available 1 August 2011 (or earlier) 1 Large bedroom; Large living room; Dining area; Equipped kitchen; Bathroom with shower only; Access to laundry room; Outside seating area with braai facilities; safe parking at back of house: ADT - security; R1800 per month; W&E included. Perfect for single person. Contact 072 799 6567 / 072 324 6748

INKJET CATRIDGES REFILLED call Jenny Beare 072 903 1628/533 0737 3D VIDEO CamHD 1080P Panashonic 35mm+3D lens, tripod case R6,800 079 662 1826

SONY PVISION flatscreen TV R4500 neg 083 949 0970

HOUSE TO rent. 4bed, 3bath, main ensuite, open plan, security, double garage. Call Estelle 082 373 1017

FOR SALE: 6x cane dining room chairs, 2 x cane lounge chairs R150 each. Good condition, ideal for patio 082 550 7056

GEYSER TROUBLE? Call Mr Geyser 073 196 4512 Elec. Lic. No 10230 ECA TS2645

KRANSHOEK: PLOTS for sale: Call Phillip 083 532 5138 JUMPING CASTLE for hire. Tilana 084 581 0759 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

Smartstone / MobiCast PLETT / KNYSNA Suppliers of Flagstones, Cobbles, Sleepers, Pots, Pool Coping etc Enquiries Johlene Tel: NOW 044 533 0719 Cel: 071 602 4372 Fax: NOW 044 533 0593

Bitou Horse Welfare Medieval Festival.

SEEFF SPACIOUS HOME R2.3mil Excellent value, newly renovated 3bed 2bath home with flatlet for extra income Call Brenda 0822193884

Saturday , 7.00 pm, 16 July 2011 Bella Manga, uplands. Hear Ye, Hear Ye,Hear Ye! His Royal Majesty The King Of Bitou announces the Second Annual Bitou Horse Welfare Medieval Festival! Come one and come all for fine fayre and fancy fun. A full dinner vegetarians and those with other dietary restrictions please advise Sung-Yee on 082 873 0567), music, shows, auctions and much much more. Prizes will be given for the best costumes! Noblemen, damsels, pages, wenches, and serfs alike are all welcome to this evening of festivities! Tickets can be bought from Horse and Hound, Stromboli's and Lisa's wonderful vegetable stall at the Harkerville Saturday morning market. Lisa 083 704 0919

KRANSHOEK BEGRAFNIS ONDERNEMERS complete funeral services + tombstones. Burial policies. Contact Claude 072 639 4429.

A CASUAL DAY sticker at R10 can make a big difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Show you care on 2 September. For info phone EPILEPSY SA on 044 382 2155..

For a personalised professional service

LIFT REQUIRED Mon to Fri from Sasol Garage to Plett. 7h30 to 17h00 Please contact me with cost. 083 937 8672

LINEN - BEAUTIFUL Egyptian cotton linen available at unbeatable prices! Call Mobili Fusion 044-533 5887


Contact: Stuart Hiscox Tel: 044 534 8237 Fax: 044 534 8290 Email:

Inaugural Tour de Plett resounding success

After weeks of rain the sun shone brightly on the Tour de Plett.Saturday morning saw the village of Wittedrift a hive of activity with some 210 eager MTB cyclists lining up in a banner lined street, eager to take on the challenge of the three races on offer. The pros were there, the racing amateurs were there and so were the fun riders. The courses were challenging with rocky climbs, a perfect mix of jeep track, forest tracks, dirt and farm roads and single track through indigenous forests, plantations and farm lands and a traverse through Buffalo Hills Game reserve where zebra, giraffe and eland were seen. The racing in the 75km

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West Cape 078 547 2581

main race was fast and furious with no quarter given. In the end Plett local sensation Kevin Evans 360 Life won a fiercely contested sprint finish from Adrien Niyonshuti MTN Qhubeka with Jacques Janse Van Rensburg MTN Qhubeka coming in third. The ladies race was dominated by the Bizhub ladies racing team with Candice Neethling crossing the line in first place followed by team mates Yolandi Du Toit second and Heidi Koen third. The majority of participants of the three races praised the course, the marking thereof and the organisation of the race. To quote a number of riders “The best MTB race I have ever ridden” Sunday morning the hive of activity was Marine Way Plettenberg Bay. The NG Kerk grounds were decked out with brightly coloured gazebos and advertising banners lined the streets. Again in excess of 200 riders took part in the various races from the main 110km event to the family orientated fun ride of 20 km. The MTN Qhubeka team made their intentions known from the start, local boy Kevin Evans was not going to repeat his win of the previous day and attack after attack were launched. Kevin himself attacked on the Groot Rivier pass but was caught just short of Kurland by a determined MTN Qhubeka Team who immediately launched a counter attack with six riders in the breakaway. This breakaway group rode unchallenged to the end with Loto Petrus across the line first followed by Bradley Potgieter in second

place and Jacques Janse van Rensburg in third. The Bizhub ladies did not have it all their way on Sunday. Anriette Schoeman of the Nashua Toyota team used the Groot Rivier pass to break away and win the race with Lindi Erasmus Bizhub in second place and Candice Neethling Bizhub rounding off a fine week in 3rd place. A closing word from the organising committee, “A superb event and we thank all involved particularly our sponsors, prize givers the land owners over whose property we rode. We would have liked more participants but given that it’s our first race we are more than satisfied.”

UnderCover Storage


CHAS EVERITT - Small holding on Airport Road R970,00. 3bedr cottage on 3ha. Laurette @ 083 281 4069 GREEN POOL? No problem Apollo Pools 076 490 6652


For anything large or small Long term or short term. Very safe & secure Call Ken 044 533-9134 Cell 082 782 5111

W.A.A Wittedrift


044 533 0233 MELLVILLE’S CORNER MARKET SQUARE Specializing in Full Valets & Polishes Loads of Specials

Madiba Monday 18 July

To celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday there will be a gathering at Madiba’s 90 trees @ 15:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to spend 1 hour together honoring a great leader and thinking about the example he set. Above all he demonstrated reconciliation which is what our town needs so desperately now. Please join! Let’s try some collective consciousness!!! Other communities are encouraged to gather wherever. SMOOTHIE WORKSHOP Sat 23rd @ Quantum Café. Book now RENTALS LONGTERM - 3beds, 2baths chalets R 3 500 + Situated on Large Estate - 2 beds, 2 baths, fireplace, swimming pool R3,500 p/m plus shared eskom. Paula 083 4062 017@ Farmers Choice CARPET BEIGE 3,600 x 2,700 R350 Ph 044 533 1391 CX Appliance Plett - Prompt Service & Guaranteed Repairs to Defy & Most brands of kitchen appliances & oil heaters. Jon 072 149 3351- 533 1628


Letter via the Editor

Our monthly meeting will be on Saturday, 16 July, 14:00 for 15:00 in the Wittedrift Church Hall. The topic for the afternoon will be Health. If you are new in the area, come and meet new friends and enjoy the afternoon in good company all ladies from the Plettenberg Bay and Wittedrift are welcome. For inquiries, please phone Willieta at 044 535 0027.

No to Jetskis in Whale Season How can the organizers say that there are ONLY 15 or 16 jetskis going to be racing in the Bay? Have any of you been on the beach and heard the noise ONE makes? Imagine how much worse it must be for the mother whales underwater. The PWC’s have a much higher pitch underwater than motor boats. In Honolulu, where Dolphins and whales were regular visitors,... since the introduction of Jetskis, there are no more whales or dolphins. Plett please think ahead.. And don’t have any races during our whale season. J Grobbelaar - Bloemfontein.

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GREEN POOL? No problem Apollo Pools 076 490 6652 HOMEMADE BURGERS at The River Cafe 044 533 3815 SWEDISH SLEEPER couch almost new R1200. 072 305 4781 044 533 3528 FOR SALE: Computer stand and single bed, no mattress R150 each 044 535 9294 FREE STARTER/dessert with seafood pasta for R89 only @ The Med Seafood Bistro Tel 044 533 3102 BUSINESS CARDS Small or large quantities @ Great prices, good quality. Single, 2, 3 or Full Colour at The Print Shop Lookout Centre. Your local printers.

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Sithi masenze umbulelo kubo bonke abantu abathe bazolilisana nathi xabesihlelwe lilifu elimnyama lokushiywa ngumama wethu eHumansdorp sithi mazenethole isandla sihlamba esinye nenjenjalo nakwabanye abantu ningadinwa. Ayabulele aMantlotshane, noBhayi kakhetshe . Ivela kwi family yakwa Zondani e Humansdorp.

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UMOYA PANELBEATERS On 7th July 2011 we are 4years old and with your support we have made the following additions and improvements.

TYRE, REPAIR & FITMENT CENTRE We sell and fit all brands of tyres. Call Piet Meintjes 071 623 4123

NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Local 072 628 6290National Helpline No 083 900 6962, Website:

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IF YOU SEE a horse, mule or donkey in need of help please phone 072 370 2830 (Plett) WALLPAPER - LATEST books available and installation call Mobili Fusion 044 533 5887 DR ADRIAN BOSMAN D.C. USA Chiropractor, Whalesong. Plett. For appointment please phone 044-533 4113. FYNBOS, DAM, house & chalets now R2.5m 082 774 3530 JAPANESE STYLE ink painting classes starting soon @ The Stables OLD & NEW 2nds & new goods, below Absa 044 533 3196 ANNIQUE SKINCARE, VELSORG MALA V. HUYSSTEEN. NEW TEL 044-533 3377 FOR THE cheapest printer cartidges come to PNA R & H HARDWARE Marine Way 4 all your Hardware needs.044 533 6621 PANORAMA PEST CONTROL. Pete @ 083 587 3028. WOW! HAVE you tried the Calamari Salad at The River Cafe. It's delicious!!! 044 533 3815 GREEN POOL? No problem Apollo Pools 076 490 6652 DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS & ROCK EXCAVATIONS - Seaview Enterprises. Tel 533 1282 First ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY

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Thank you

PAWS thanks Emmie Foot for the wonderful donation made to the society. It has been specifically earmarked for our spaying campaign. Emmie, in turn, would like to thank all her friends who so generously contributed to the donation. FIREWOOD. BRING bakkie, we load R200. Ph 082 901 3444. JILL SKOWNO PSYCHOLOGIST (Plett) 044-533 2897 RENOVATING? CALL Orca Construction on 072 076 9254 DO YOU KNOW WHAT your ISP does for you? If not, let us show you what they could be doing! Web solutions, newsletter solutions, ecommerce solutions, high speed hosting, quality service & technical expertise. Move to Insite today. 044-533 3830. FOR SALE: Household goods - Linene, beds, deep freezer, tables, bedside cabinets (cane) etc. 083 312 5525 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaning, protection and more…Call Chem Dry KPS 044-533 5573 or 082 563 1741 EARTHWORMS FOR sale! Incl info on how to start your own worm farm. Gold 4 your garden! Joy 082 053 2563

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Wittedrift V.L.V

Ons maandelikse vergadering is op Saterdag 16 Julie, 14:30 vir 15:00 in die Wittedrift Kerksaal. Die onderwerp van die middag is Gesondheid. As u ‘n nuwe intrekker is of net behoefte het om nuwe mense te ontmoet, is dit ‘n goeie geleentheid. Alle dames van Wittedrift en Plettenbergbaai area is baie welkom. Vir navrae, skakel Willieta by 044 535 0027. WALLPAPER - LATEST books available and installation call Mobili Fusion 044 533 5887 BIGGEST SELECTION of Bolts & Nuts fasteners @ R&H Hardware, Marine Way 044 533 6621 THE RIVER CAFE - for the most amazing Lemon Meringue! 044 533 3815 THE POTTER - The studio Shop with a difference! Quality Ceramics and a vast range of Olives. situated on the N2 between Plett & Knysna. Tel 044 532 7735 MARCELOS SHUTTLE Services CHAS EVERITT - Goose Valley R1,3m. Exceptional seaviews. 2 bed plus garage John Call: 082 905 1516 TV’S BEFORE you throw away the old TV in your garage. Let me have a look at it call 081 484 3441 FOR SALE: White shelves plus display (8ml) cabinet. 083 312 5525 FOR SALE: Old cameras & projectors odds & ends. 083 312 5525 ART CLASSES Phone Nicole 073 592 6484

MOTORIST FINED FOR NOT PAYING TOLL FEES AT TSITSIKAMMA PLAZA On 2 September 2010 at 15h39 a motorist refused to pay the Toll Fees for his Class 1 Motor Vehicle at the Tsitsikamma Remote Ramp Toll Plaza. He made his way through the lane by forcibly lifting the Boom Arm, and in the process violating all traffic laws which included: - Violating a Red Traffic Light - Causing a run-through violation - Failure to pay for the use of the section of the toll road. The whole incident was captured by the continuous video recording system installed in all the lanes at Tsitsikamma Toll Plaza. The offender was reported to the Local South African Police and Case No 173/9/2010 was opened. The offender was later summoned to appear in Court where he was found guilty of the above offences and was ordered to pay a fine of R400-00 PRESS STATEMENT—1 July 2011

Statement by the Speaker: Bitou Local Council.

I have been forced to take the unprecedented step of barring a Councillor from entering the council chamber. In addition to that I have had to go to considerable expense to hire an outside security company to ensure the safety of councillors, officials and the public in this chamber. On the face of it is not a very democratic way of doing things and I did not take this step lightly. On Wednesday 29 June 2011, when this meeting of council commenced, Cllr Mvimbi, refused to comply with a lawful instruction of the speaker. There are many witnesses to his disruptive, abusive and threatening behaviour so far during this meeting, so I will not go into detail. He wilfully and deliberately disrupted this meeting for a period of nearly eight hours. In the process he prevented not only the Council but also the entire management team of this municipality from delivering the services they are paid to deliver. Despite my repeated requests to him to desist he remained obstinate and indeed as time wore on he brought his supporters into the chamber to cause further disruption. In the late afternoon at least one of his supporters was observed to


TEL: (044) 533-0010 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

be carrying a firearm in the chamber. A dangerous and totally unacceptable situation. No Speaker can allow this kind of situation to continue. It is of enormous concern to me that I did not get the support owed to me by our Municipal Manager and the municipality's so -called Law Enforcement Officers. These men who are sworn to enforce the by -laws of which Council's Rules of Order is an integral part, and who are paid enormous salaries, dismally and publicly failed, when called upon to do so. A few months ago the Municipal Manager took a very different stand and instructed the law enforcement officers to remove a councillor from this chamber. He and they did so without hesitation and without valid reasons. Not only was the councillor physically removed but he was actually placed under arrest in the chamber, despite having immunity from arrest while in a council meeting. What has been even more shocking is that the SAPS also failed to carry out their Constitutional duty to serve and protect the citizens of Plettenberg Bay. Instead of doing so they openly took sides with Mvimbi and the ANC and hid behind obfuscations and spurious arguments. Just a few years ago, they too arrested a councillor in this chamber with no regard whatsoever for his immunity. On that occasion they were happy to make an unlawful arrest, but on this occasion they were not even prepared to take the lesser and lawful action of removing Mvimbi from the chamber to protect the public and uphold the Constitution. In our law a municipal council is no different and no less a part of government than any one of the Provincial Parliaments, National Parliament or the NCOP. To prevent any one of these institutions from doing its work, as Mvimbi and his ANC supporters did, can only be seen as a direct attack on government and the Constitution. Had this happened at our National Parliament, it would have been a full blown constitutional crisis. There is little difference between what is transpiring here with

Mvimbi, the ANC and the SAPS and what has transpired in Zimbabwe where the police have supported the losing party and its leader to disrupt the chosen government of the majority. It is in the light of the above that I have taken the decision to appoint a private security company to protect government in Plettenberg Bay, the councillors, officials and the public who wish to exercise their right to attend this meeting and do the work of government in peace and safety. I will also not allow Mvimbi to enter the chamber to attend this meeting which he has so badly interrupted. He is of course welcome to attend the next meeting of Council as it is his right to do. It is sad that he will not be able to represent those people who voted for him at this meeting, but it has been his own choice. The Bitou Council and I will not be prevented from delivering the services this community rightfully expects from us. We will do so openly and transparently and that includes conducting well-run, effective and efficient council meetings. Johann Brummer EVER WANTED to try Skimboarding? Handsdown Skimboarders will be at the Wedge Classic doing clinics & demos get to da beach!!

Please Note: The What’s New in Plett is not affiliated or in association with any other Publication or website in the area that’s us! Keeping you in touch with our Community

The only way to stop dog fighting is to report it.

Should you have noticed the following in your surrounds, please inform me. 1. Equipment associated with dogfights such as cages, pits, rings, heavy chains, weights, ramps and treadmills 2. Presence of multiple pitbulls 3. Dogs with scars, wounds and untreated injuries 4. Blood splatters 5. Owner abusing dogs 6. Dogfighting magazines & DVD's 7. Heavy traffic of people and dogs to and from a particular property Unless fightkeepers are identified and prosecuted, they will continue to breed, train and fight more dogs. In the end, you just cannot dictate decency and humanity - it has to come from within. If you have any information whatsoever, please contact: Manager Public Safety/Law Enforcement all hours. 044 533 5000 Please note: anyone reporting these activities will not be asked to supply their names or addresses or telephone numbers (as is the case when reporting to SAP) FOR ANY Catering requirements contact Dee 073 164 6230 CHAS EVERITT Santini R598k. 2bdr 1btr 1 carport. A steal at this reduced price. Anton Nell. Call: 072 600 5885 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Call 073 595 7317. WOW! HAVE you tried the Calamari Salad at The River Cafe. It's delicious!!! 044 533 3815 DEBT HELP credit providers hassling you, contact a registered Debt Counsellor. 044 532 7520 or 072 841 2312 SAVANNALANDS KENNELS & CATTERY Superior accommodation, individual attention & playtime, premium care. The Crags, 044-5348280. JUMPING CASTLE for hire. Tilana 084 581 0759 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

STAFF NEEDED IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: 16 bedroom, 4 star property in Plettenberg Bay looking for: A qualified Front of House Manager 30 bedroom, 5 star property in Plettenberg Bay looking for: - Reception Staff - Assistant Duty Manager - Night Porter - Breakfast Chef As well as casual Waiters and barman Requirements: Willing to work shifts Minimum 1 years’ experience in the hotel/hospitality industry Friendly personality and enjoy working with people Strong service skills Own transport NO live in accommodation References required

Send CV, with a picture and your salary expectation to with the position you are applying for as the subject. P&P RIGGING & Tree Service. Fully insured 082 901 3444. Will beat any quote SEEFF HOME WITH SEA VIEWS R3.5mil 2 homes 6bed 6bath, all you want in a property with investment potential Call Paul 0828578835 PAINTING/ART CLASSES under professional guidance ... in peaceful surroundings. Spoil yourself. Phone Graine 044-533 2134 SPORTS MASSAGE—Deep tissue, recovery for multi day events, contact Jo-anne 082 820 9960 2 POINT milk machine + seperator R8000 083 257 1959 MUIR OOGKUNDIGES… uit u oogpunt gesien. Melville Sentrum, Plett. 044-533 1335.

Framing Adri Lookout Centre

Thanks to

Ilse the Magnificent Metamorphosiser, Some people falsely advertise, others don't credit themselves enough. Ilse falls into the latter category. She doesn't just do 'lymph drainage' but "effective lymph drainage", her massages DO remove knots and pains, her touch is gentle and the results are fantastic! Ilse, I can't thank you enough for the amazing relief. (for Metamorphosis Massage appointments, call 082 422 1492) 1BEDR FLAT close 2 beach. Single person. No pets. R3100 inc elec 082 760 2625 APOLLO POOLS Keeping your pool healthy and blue 076 490 6652

082 928 6026/533 6671




044 533 6457 Wani 082 966 5192 24 HR CALL OUT SERVICE


Milkwood Framing, The Lookout Art Gallery, The Black Orchid

Lisa 082 971 5595 Letter via the Editor Due to your respect, please allow me to express my views to the newly elected Executive Mayor ’Memory Booysen’ and Deputy Mayor ’Adam Van Rhyner’ of Bitou Municipality. Our Executive Mayor Memory Booysen has what it takes to be a leader, fully matured, well disciplined and with all the ammunition that he has, will continue where former Mayer Lulama Mvimbi left off. For the past years in council, Memory has accumulated experience as a Ward Councilor, walking on thin ice, ducking and diving and still he have served our people with loyalty and discipline. Memory is a self servant of our people, black, coloured and whites, I have no doubt in my mind that the town of Plettenberg Bay under the leadership of Memory will grow from strength to strength. He has already demonstrated this by appointing a team of capable leaders, such as the mayoral committee and by not accepting the X5 BMW, while he was a school leader who need financial Aid, he also ended the June 16 corrupt budget, he also supported the Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign and also the 2011 Schools Festival. This is a well balanced team, that will certainly make Plettenberg Bay a world class town by 2020. Congratulations my brother, don’t feel threatened we are all behind you. The road that you are travelling has got terrible speed humps, be careful, watch your speed, my personal advice, drive slowly power is all what other people live on, if there’s no power there’s no life. You have got a long road behind you and a hell of a job to do. King Dwight CHAS EVERITT - Turtle Creek R4,4m. New 4beds en-suite. Excellent investment. John Call: 082 905 1516


Longstone Road Tel: 044 533 0453


Wednesdays 16h30 - 18h00 Thursdays 16h30 - 18h00 R50 per class

DUE TO the upgrading at the Market Square we are relocating our shop Rogers Jewellery Studio to the old "Mad Dogs" shop next to the Pick n Pay entrance. This will be completed by the 20th of June RENOVATING? CALL Orca Construction on 072 076 9254 JUMPING CASTLE for hire. Tilana 084 581 0759 THE RIVER CAFE - for the most amazing Lemon Meringue! 044 533 3815 SOMETIMES MISS THE WHAT’S NEW? Don’t be too sad… We’re also on the Web. Read the whole publication on your computer. LONG TERM Rentals @ River Club 2 x 3 bed/2bath unfurnished apartments in secure complex with swimming pool,tennis and squash courts R4400.00 excl w&l and deposit Available immediately No Pets Contact Jackie 044 - 5330196 TIMBER STRAIGHT from the mill prices - 082 901 3444. HOUSE WANTED in Kwanokuthula. Will pay a good price. Phone Albert 082 448 0954

EDEN WENDY HOMES 3X3 = R8950.00 3 X 6 = R14950.00 3 X 9 = R20950.00 Only 1st grade , CCA treated wood used. Free delivery and erected in Plett and Knysna. 082 833 2567 WHO WILL be this year’s King of the Wedge? SA’s favourite Bodyboarding contest 10-16 July - Get to da beach!! POOL CLEANING Service Apollo Pools 076 490 6652 FREE STARTER/dessert with Espetada includes rice/chips _ veg for only R89 @ The Med 044 533 3102 RENTALS LONGTERM - 2Beds, 1bath, house in New Horizons R280 000 Contact Glynis @ Choice Properties 078 378 2491 PHYSIOTHERAPIST NATASHA Pells General Physio, Hydrotherapy, Antenatal Exercise Classes. Call 044 533 6966 CURTAINS, BLINDS & Cushions—Mobili Fusion offers a full range of latest fabric samples and has workshop Tel 044-533 5887 HÉLÈNE SERFONTEIN Physiotherapy. 084 514 7098 WHAT'S NEW IN PLETT - 14 JULY 2011

Moon Sand & Dough Gomu - Mighty Beans Zoobles & MORE Market Square, Plett 044 533 0341 Woodmill Lane, Knysna 044 382 1721

Snippets for the Week We continue to receive daily donations for the Charity Shop. Thank you so very much for all the support we get, as this enables us to sterilize daily. This is a joint effort and we are succeeding! I took a dog in from New Horizons this week, which had been tied up with a pair of pantihose. By him pulling on this, it just became tighter and tighter, which of course, caused the deepest gash in his neck. He had been in this state for almost 3 weeks. Thank you to Dr Laura Snyman for treating him. The owner's niece will now take responsibility for him and hopefully he will recover soon. Good news is that the case regarding the dog burnt with boiling water - by an 18 year old, was NOT thrown out, but postponed to the 22nd of this month! Hopefully she will receive community service and eventually start caring about animals. We have many Customers wanting Spiritual books, DVD's, Bibles, CD's and so on. Should you have any unwanted items, please donate to our shop. We are also urgently needing bric-a-brac, ornaments and kitchen utensils. These are fast moving items and we need to keep our shelves full. Still no news regarding the breeding of Pitbulls without licences from Law Enforcement. As long as Pitbulls remain the breed of choice for criminals, every Pitbull remains at high risk for suffering from abuse and neglect. Something urgently needs to be done in this regard. Healing Energy We need to help those who are unable to help themselves - The children and the animals! Heidi 082 212 1613 Bitou Community Vet Clinic





Sea views and security and class in secure estate. Top finishes you must see the kitchen and bathrooms and staircase and bar. As well as the 4 bedrooms and extra family room. Double garage and small pool and quiet location inside Schoongezicht Estate

Set in a lush and secure estate, within walking distance to all amenities. Comprising of 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open plan design. This house will enchant holiday makers and locals alike.



Pieter van Eeden 083 6555 655


Spacious house offering 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, generous garden, flatlet and 3 lock-up garages. Situated within walking distance of Plett’s Main Street, this property offers surprising views of the lagoon and the mountains from the covered patio. ONLY R1,950,000.

Pieter van Eeden 083 6555 655


Johan Truter 083 383 2659


NORTH-FACING UNIT OVERLOOKING THE MOUNTAINS Centrally positioned in a secure and popular complex neighboring Plett’s Medi-Clinic. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan lay-out, garage, small garden and covered patio. Minimum age: 55y. Great for the elderly who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet, without being isolated. Lovely community feel indeed. R1,650,000. Pieter van Eeden 083 6555 655

What's New 14 July 2011  

What's New 14 July 2011