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Weill Cornell Medical College Shines Light on the Importance of NMF


By R.L. Witter

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nfectious disease doctor and researcher Linnie Golightly is working diligently at Weill Cornell Medical College at Cornell University. As an infectious disease specialist, she focuses on travel medicine, parasitology, and tropical diseases. While many of us see a pandemic virus as a frightening, once-in-a-lifetime inconvenience, Dr. Golightly has the knowledge and skills to study and treat the virus and experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as a doctor and scientist. And she credits NMF (National Medical Fellowships) as one of the reasons she’s able to do this fascinating and important work. Born and raised in Michigan, Dr. Golightly originally wanted to be an attorney. “I had this idea that I was in search of truth and justice, so I was going to be a lawyer,” she recalled. “Someone arranged for me to visit a court and I’m not saying it wasn’t about truth and justice, but it

The assistance NMF had provided so many years ago had given Golightly the opportunity to pay it forward and do her part to help increase the number of physicians of color. It was exactly what

seemed to me it was more about winning the game. That was disappointing to me.” Always having had an interest in and talent for science, she decided to pursue a career in medicine. “I sort of wound my way down this path and was successful. I’ve had the good fortune of having many careers within that one career.” Already an associate professor of Medicine in Microbiology and Immunology and an associate professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Golightly was appointed associate dean of Diversity at Weill Cornell Medicine, where her focus is on enhancing initiatives to increase underrepresented minority diversity throughout the community. It was that appointment that prompted a hazy memory of NMF to come more clearly into focus. She was asked to attend a dinner “and NMF was sponsoring that dinner for the dean. When I went, I remembered I had received money from NMF… My father had died my freshman year of college and I had to change schools. My mother was trying to pull together money and I decided to come to Cornell. I took out some loans and

NMF was designed to do. 22

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