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Pooh Bear Two Reels in Championship Title at Competitive Fishing Tournament Captain Steven Young and anglers, Ivan Leslie and Evan Hall, raked in the Insurance Corporation of Belize $3,500 Best Boat Prize at the end of the 14th Annual Placencia Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament. The crew fishing aboard Pooh Bear 2, also won the $700 Largest Extraordinary Fish prize sponsored by Splash Dive Center. The winners received their prizes during the halftime break of the Placencia Assassins vs. Verdes game on Sept. 9, of which Assassins later rose victorious with a 3-2 final score. Pooh Bear 2 scored a total 495.5 points. The crew reeled in 10 high scoring dorados and one tuna throughout the two-day tournament. The dorado and the wahoo carry the most points per pound of all the qualifying fish in the competition.


Following closely behind Pooh Bear 2, was the crew aboard Reel Pet Peeve who MUZAMANZIE PHOTOGRAPHY/ The Placencia Breeze scored a total 477.5 points. Reel Pet Pooh Bear 2 Angler Evan Hall flaunts a qualifying Peeve, captained by Dalton Eiley, Sr. dorado at the Seahorse Dock. started off day two with just 11 points after angler Nazle Frutos caught an 11pound Jack on Saturday. The crew including other anglers, Erick Westby, Alan Stamm and Maria Evans got lucky when they encountered a school of tuna and reeled in 27 that qualified. The team was surprised with a $700 second place Please see FISHING TOURNAMENT, page 3

Singing Sands Inn Recognizes Chef’s Achievements At a special gathering at the Singing Sands Inn on Sept. 6, special guest, BTIA President Jim Scott, reminded attendees that the people on the ground driving the tourism industry are the ones who really put the juice in the traveler’s experience. Earning special recognition for his hard squeeze was Singing Sands’ Chef Domingo Choc. The owners of the Singing Sands Inn held a small ceremony recognizing the chef’s promotion and ownership into his new position as Manager of Food and Beverage Operations. It takes a special person to succeed in the rigorous, fast-paced atmosphere of a restaurant. The hours are long, the working environment tough and customers very demanding in what is sometimes a thankless job. To rise in this profession requires dedication, pursuit of excellence, passion and a willingness to put your heart into your work knowing there may be immediate criticism. Domingo Choc is one of those special people.


Domingo started early and has moved up swiftly in his career. As a boy of eight years old, his interest in cooking manifested itself in helping his mother prep food for their family meals. She taught him many of the basic skills and informa-

Resort owners in Maya Beach present special award to Chef Domingo Choc.

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The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October2012 ‖ Page 2

Placencia Beach Weddings: Two Young Couples Make Lifelong Partnerships Maria and Sam’s Wedding at Casa Del Sol: On August 25, 2012 at Casa Del Sol, Maria Amaya and Samuel “Sam” Galdamez sealed their proclaimed love for each other with the commitment of marriage. Maria, a giftshop attendant at Turtle Inn and Sam, a chef at Rumfish y Vino, said they fell in love while working together at Turtle Inn. Sam was working in the kitchen and Maria was babysitting for the former resort manager. They both had their eyes on each other. Maria thought Sam was cute and enjoyed his cooking. Sam, at first, was afraid to approach her. But on Aug. 23, 2008 after the two enjoyed an innocent friendship, Sam asked Maria to be his girlfriend. Three years later on Oct. 19, 2011, after a romantic dinner at home, Maria found a ring under her pillow. Maria walked slowly towards the altar to a classical violin rendition of “Here Comes the Bride.” She passed over a heart drawn in the beach sand at Casa Del Sol with “Maria y Sam” in the middle. Sam greeted her affectionately at the altar as soft waves gently lapped against the shore and guests gathered to listen to the minister. M PHILIP PHOTOGRAPHY

Maria Amaya and Sam Galdamez celebrated a wedding rich with Latin American tradition.

Dorian Young and Arlene Maheia’s Wedding at Belizean Nirvana Beach Suites: Placencia was the perfect backdrop for Dorian Young and Arlene Maheia’s destination wedding on Saturday, August 18, 2012, at the Belizean Nirvana Beach Suites.

Sam looked at Maria lovingly with reassuring eyes as they exchanged their vows and hugged her tightly after tears streamed down her face. When the minister gave the green light for the kiss, the crowd shouted, “Beso! Beso! Beso (Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!)!” The passionate lip lock gathered a loud roar from family and friends.

With the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea as the background, the couple were united in love as they said their vows in an intimate ceremony on the rooftop deck.

Twenty-three year old Maria Amaya, a native of Valley of Peace Village, Cayo, is the daughter of Santos Lina and Eliseo Amaya. Twentyfour year old Samuel Galdamez of San Antonio Village, Cayo, is the son of Esmeralda and Samuel Galdamez. Mariza Amaya served as Maid of Honor and Eszekiel Galdamez served as Best Man.

The son of Karen and Hubert “Tuka” Young of Placencia Village and daughter of Ernilda and Noel Maheia of Belize City, later danced the night away on the ‘Barefoot Perfect’ beach to local band Inner Vibrations. Mr. and Mrs. Dorian Young would like to extend a warm thank you to all family and friends who made their wedding day a dream come through! ▪

The entire ceremony was conducted entirely in Spanish and full of traditional Latin American Catholic rituals, such as the wrapping of the bride and groom together with a symbolic rosary called a “Lazo”, the kneeling in front of the altar on customized cushions and the handing over of the “Arras” – 13 gold coins the groom gives the bride as a symbol of the trust and confidence he has in her.

“We offer them best wishes and hope they never forget this day,” said the maid of honor, who is also the girlfriend of Casa Del Sol Caretaker Ruben Vasquez. “We did most of the planning and are happy that everyone had a good time. We tried our best.”


Dorian Young and Arlene Maheia held a classic Placencia Village family wedding.

CHEF DOMINGO Continued from page one. tion on cooking that he has built on throughout his career. His first job in the hospitality industry was in 2004 as a dishwasher at the Turtle Inn. He quickly showed he was capable of other things and was moved into the Prep Cook position after only months on the job. He showed his propensity for this work and after a period of only four months, was again moved up to the position of Line Breakfast Cook. Domingo showed he was able to handle this position and more. After six months, he was promoted again to the position of Line Dinner Cook where he stayed for one and a half years. To round out his training in the hospitality industry even more, he spent three months in the housekeeping department and one year as a pastry chef. This gave him a better understanding of the business as a whole, and the knowledge has served him well in understanding the whole picture of the hotel and restaurant business. In 2008, Domingo was ready for a new challenge and went to the Bonefish Grille at Singing Sands Inn to apply for a job as line cook. The Singing Sands had just been sold, and the new owners, led by Hyon Yi, were working hard to bring the restaurant offerings and quality to a higher standard. Hyon recognized a quality individual in Domingo and hired him immediately. Hyon and Domingo worked incredibly hard to make the kitchen and restaurant at the Bonefish Grille a smooth running, well-oiled machine. They achieved

Later in the night after dinner and dancing, Maria thanked her family including all her sisters, many of whom work on the Placencia Peninsula, everyone who came to her wedding, her volunteer photographer and the chef. When she thanked her husband, she once again became overwhelmed with emotion and the two held each other tightly as if they never wanted to let go. ▪

that and more, producing delicious, appealing cuisine featuring Asian and Italian flavors while being named one of two finalists in 2010 for Restaurant of the Year in Belize. This is quite a success story for bringing a kitchen from the ground up as Hyon and Domingo have done. Over the years, Domingo has proven that he is capable of handling even more challenges besides runMUZAMANZIE PHOTOGRAPHY/ The Placencia Breeze ning the kitchen op- BTIA President Jim Scott traveled to Placencia for Chef Domingo’s special day. eration, which in- He is joined by Singing Sands co-owner, Jean Marc Tasse and Jolie Pollard and cludes much more Stewart Krohn of the Placencia Chapter of the BTIA. than just cooking. He has learned how to order supplies properly, schedright choice to oversee the Food and Beverage opule and manage the kitchen staff, adjust and create erations at the hotel. menu items based on season and availability of ingredients, as well as ensuring that customer rela- “It puts me at a high level. I’m so happy. This tions are an important part of the dining experience. shows me that I’m on the way forward,” said DoDomingo has also shown his willingness and dedi- mingo after he was presented a testimonial four-foot cation by involving himself in all facets of hotel wooden serving spoon congratulating him on his operations at the Singing Sands Inn, as well as promotion. ▪ working hard to further his skills as a chef. These Wedding Feature Contacts: are impressive attributes for a 24 year old. The team at the Singing Sands Inn believes that all of these qualities and skills have made Domingo the

Photographers: Muzamanzie Photography,; M Philip Photography, Locations: Casa Del Sol, 523-3481 or; Belizean Nirvana Beach Suites, 523-3331 or

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 3

Man on a 2,000 Kilometer Bicycle Mission for World Peace Stops in Placencia In any given year thousands of visitors come to the Placencia Peninsula. Some are looking for adventure, others relaxation. Occasionally we meet a few in the middle of a journey of self discovery. In August, 26-year-old Alan Omar Hernandez stopped in Placencia while on a campaign to fulfill his dream of promoting international peace. The endeavor ties in with Hernandez’s role as a member of a Mexican chapter of Rotaract. The organization is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30 and aims to serve community needs with the help of an impressive network of contacts falling under the Rotary umbrella. Two years ago, Hernandez decided that he will do his part as a member of Rotaract by riding a whole 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) from Mexico City to the southernmost tip of Argentina. He calls the project, “Kilometros de Paz” (Kilometers for Peace). “My family thought I was crazy at first,” said Hernandez.“But after a while they cheered me on and told me I could do it.”


Throughout his travels, Alan Omar Hernandez makes it a priority to take a picture with others while holding up a “Yo Quiero Paz (I want Peace)” t -shirt.

Hernandez set off on his journey on May 8, 2012, and it hasn’t been easy advocating peace on the road. Along the way, he’s met naysayers and he’s encountered limitations. He made his way through the smog of Mexico City and the treacherous mountains of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico while pulling a cart containing 66 pounds of travel essentials. While he had to set up camp sites along the isolated roads of Oaxaca and Chiapas, he has been able to connect with Rotaract and Rotary Club members throughout most of his journey in Belize. Hernandez spent time with Rotaract clubs in Orange Walk, Belmopan, Dangriga and with the Rotary Club of Placencia. “They are all working towards a different goal, be it education, the environment … I am happy that everyone in Belize is busy with a project,” noted Hernandez. With education being one of his primary causes as a member of Rotaract, Hernandez said he was especially touched by the Placencia Rotary Club Summer Reading Program in Seine Bight Village. Placencia Rotary Club President Jim Weller said the children in the program became emotional when Hernandez gave a presentation on Kilometros de Paz in which he emphasized the theme of “Following Your Dreams.” “The kids were awed with his big journey,” said Weller. Hernadez also assisted the local chapter with their beach benches and tables project, which falls under Rotary’s commitment to physical community needs. While Hernandez contributed time to local projects, the Placencia members also assisted him with accommodation and food. “Rotarians wanted to help Alan because it also helps them join the effort for peace,” said Weller.

FISHING TOURNAMENT Continued from page one.


Hernandez’ bicycle parked outside Placencia Bazaar gift shop on the main road.

Hernandez expects to be riding for another six to seven months before he arrives in Ushuaia, Argentina or “The End of the World” as he calls it. “I don’t want to change the world. I want to impact how people think.” ▪ OVERALL SCORE RANKINGS:

cash prize donated by the Coastal Zone Management Institute (CZMAI) the week following the tournament. Placing third with a total score of 268.25 points was Bad Tide captained by Kevin Modera. Bad Tide’s angler, Sue Branco, reeled in a 19.75 pound barracuda that scored both the Purple Space Monkey $700 Largest Barracuda and the Yoli’s Bar $200 Heaviest Fish Caught by a Female Angler prizes. Bad Tide received an additional $300 third place cash prize donated by CZMAI. Winning two cash prizes was Boat Zella, captained by Percival Gordon. Zella’s junior angler, Jordon Gordon, reeled in a 21.5 pound kingfish, collecting both the El Capitan $700 Largest Kingfish and The Added Touch $200 Largest Fish Caught by a Junior Angler prizes. And winning Captain Jak’s $700 Largest “Jak” prize with a 13 pound jack was Boat Nita captained by 2011 tournament champion, Bruce Leslie. None of the participants won the Robert’s Grove Beach Resort $1,500 Grand Slam prize. The Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association thanks all sponsors including t-shirt sponsors: Brenda’s Caribbean Cooking, Tarpon Caye Lodge, The Galley Restaurant & Bar, Wallen’s Market, Above Grounds Coffee, J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar, Cozy Corner Hotel, Beach Bar & Grill; The Added Touch, De Tatch, Yoli’s Bar, Paradise Resort, Omar’s Creole Grub, Joy Tours, Ocean Motion, Placencia Adventures by Land or Sea and Go Graphics. Credit towards this year’s successful tournament also goes out to participating tournament marshalls: Jak Young, Warren Garbutt, Elysia Dial, Eworth Garbutt, Malcom Young and Steve Christensen, as well as Brian Young of Seahorse Dive Shop, Janice Leslie of J-Byrd’s Bar and Andrea Villanueva and other members of the Placencia Parent Teacher Association. The Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association looks forward to making the event a greater attraction in 2013.

1. POOH BEAR 2: 495.5 pts Captain: Steven Young. Anglers: Ivan Leslie and Evan Hall 2. REEL PET PEEVE: 477.5 pts Captain: Dalton Eiley, Sr. Anglers: Erick Westby, Alan Stamm, Nazle Frutos and Maria Evans 3. BAD TIDE: 268.25 pts Captain: Kevin Modera. Angers: Jim Jones and Sue Branco 4. BAD ATTITUDE: 112.5 pts Captain: Mark Leslie. Anglers: John Kollenborn and Phil Azancot 5. ZELLA: 105.5 pts Captain: Percival Gordon. Anglers: Casey Moore, Lucky Ivy, Myro Augustine, Jason Herrera and Jordan Gordon 6. NITA: 60.5 pts Captain: Bruce Leslie. Anglers: Michael Battle, Edlin Leslie and Blake Leslie 7. LEONORA: 60 pts Captain: Leopold Leslie. Anglers: Brenda Bitting and Rebecca Rabon 8. DOLPHIN: 58 pts Captain: Alfred Williams. Anglers: J.B. Fowler, Susan Fowler, Chuck Kremandall and Ellen Kremandall 9. MISS ELLIE: 10.5 pts Captain: Bertrand Cuevas. Anglers: Martin Krediet, Dennis Rozeboom, Bert Evers, Zane Westby, Tom Hitchcock, Jason Westby and Herk Krediet. Go fishing with a Placencia fisherman today! Contact the Placencia Tourism Center for more information: or 523-4045


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The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 6

Placencia Sailing Club Debuts at Battle of St. George’s Caye Regatta: Brings Home Medal The new Placencia Optimist Sailing Club made its first appearance at the Third Annual Battle of St. George’s Caye Commemorative Regatta. Four young Placencia sailors sailed their dinghies in the competition and one returned home with a finalist medal. As the newest member of the Belize Sailing Association, the Placencia sailors only had three months of sailing training; whereas, the other competing sailors in the regatta had at least two years of training. The young sailors, Carlos Villotoro, Isaac Ritchie, Carla Lopez and Richard Chan, arrived in St. George’s Caye with butterflies in their stomachs, but felt ready for the competition. Early in the morning, the Placencia team rigged their boats, went over the drills and course and waited patiently for the “Heats” to be called. Ritchie and Chan competed in the first Heat, with Ritchie finishing sixth place – just one second away from the entering the finals. Chan came in ninth place. Then during the second Heat, Villotoro was in second place until he was fouled by another boat. He was able to protest, which allowed him to enter the finals where he placed seventh. Lopez competed in the fourth Heat and had a hard time starting, but she gained confidence quickly and was able to hold her course. Placing seventh in the finals allowed Villatoro to bring home a finalist medal. Placencia Optimist Sailing Club founders, Maria and Alvin Cabral, Sr., who chaperoned the team in St. George’s Caye, believe the regatta was a great success for the young sailors. The Cabrals say they look forward to entering the team into the next regatta in Corozal on October 14, 2012. ▪


Thirty-four young optimist sailors competed in the regatta at St. George’s Caye representing the Placencia, Belize City, Liberty, Corozal Bay and SeaScouts Sailing Clubs. San Pedro dominated the race capturing the regatta trophy and placing 8 out of 16 sailors in the finals. San Pedro, unlike Placencia, has been sailing since the regatta started.

PLACENCIA OPTIMIST SAILING CLUB New Sponsors: August 2012 - September 2012 “A hearty thank you to all our sponsors. No matter how small or how big, all donations have made a difference in the lives of our young sailors.” - Maria and Alvin Cabral, Sr.

Sponsorship of an Optimist Sailing Boat

The Rotary Club of Placencia: $240

Larry France, marketing coordinator, Chabil Mar - Beauty by Belize - Luxury by Design Sponsor of a full year Junior Member: $200

The Placencia Breeze ‖ July/August 2012 ‖ Page 8

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 9

Placencia Pageants Make Their Mark on September Celebrations Contributors: Ysela Zabaneh, Nicole Swaso, Joyce Garcia and Anne Marie Mena.

PVC Counselor Ilsa Villanueva, Z-Touch Owner Ysela Zabaneh, Robert’s Grove Finance Director Cindy Linarez, and babysitter and cake maker Jacklyn Manzanero. Zabaneh spent three weeks with the candidates preparing them for the stage, Hernandez secured prizes for all the candidates, Manzanero worked on costumes and stage decorating along with Mr. Adrian, and Linarez prepared the judges’ booklets. The pageant committee would also like to recognize German Eiley for making the coconut skirts, PVC Counselor Dean Ferrel and team for building the stage and Salvador “Salva” Zabaneh. Mr. Zabaneh donated the hosting venue, as well as his time and many personal belongings that assisted in creating an attractive and functional stage and dressing room.


Little Miss Placencia Queen of the Bay girls gather before coronation ceremony.

The Placencia Peninsula and the rest of Belize go pageant crazy during the September Celebrations, which recognizes the anniversaries of the Battle of St. George’s Caye and independence from Great Britain. Pageantry is an undeniable cultural staple in Belize, and competitions are growing each year as more Belizean women vie for titles both at home and internationally. The longtime regal September tradition started in 1946 when Belize held its first Queen of the Bay Pageant. At that time, the contest was restricted to Belize City women only and later expanded to include women from all over the country. These pageants held in September are focused on patriotism and tradition more so than beauty as in the popular Miss Universe or Miss World. They see the participation of females of all ages and ethnicities hailing from both rural and urban areas. Paradoxically, September Celebrations pageants take on a nostalgic approach to Belize’s colonial past such as judging for the best royal court curtsies while celebrating the country’s independence and freedom from Great Britain. The September pageants are also notable for celebrating cultural pride and making an effort to bring awareness to pressing social issues. To the credit of hard working and dedicated organizers as well as generous sponsors, the Placencia Peninsula held three different pageants in September. Placencia also participated in the first ever Madame Queen of the South pageant held in Independence Village. Little Miss Placencia Queen of the Bay: After organizers in Placencia Village received no response after a call for participation was sent out to girls ages 14 to 17 for the Placencia Queen of the Bay, it was decided to plan a pageant for the little girls of Placencia. Nine-year-old Veronica Leslie took the crown in the competition, which was held at the Tipsy Tuna in Placencia Village on Saturday, Sept. 8. The standard four student at St. John’s Memorial Anglican school wowed her audience with a ballet dance during the talent round. The daughter of local artists Greta Lee and Ivan Leslie, says the weight of the crown will remind her to do her part for the environment. Placing second was Le-andra Lemus and third, Jazmine Gaudino. Other participants included Keanna Leslie, Chloe Lopez and Caroline Martinez. Events coordinator of the Placencia Village Council (PVC), Tricia Hernandez started planning in early August. Other pageant committee members included

The pageant committee successfully solicited six golden sponsors who sponsored each participant with $300, which assisted with wardrobe expenses. The pageant committee recognizes golden sponsors: Cozy Corner Beach Bar & Grill, Hatchet Caye Resort, Miramar Apartments, Wendy’s Restaurant, Barefoot Bar and the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association.


Nine-year-old Veronica Leslie is crowned Little Miss Placencia Queen of the Bay during September 10th coronation ceremony at the Tipsy Tuna.

Organizers also credited this year’s success to perfect weather and an engaged and gracious audience. The committee believes this pageant was truly patriotic. Seine Bight Miss Queen of the Bay: Seine Bight Village also held a Miss Queen of the Bay Pageant on the same night at the Seine Bight Center for Culture and Arts. Girls ages 14 to 17 competed with 14year-old Georgetown Technical student, Latisha Mena, taking the crown. Placing second was Eden Valerio and third, Aleen Vicente. According to pageant committee president,


Roaring crowd of St. Alphonsus students enjoy school pageant at Seine Bight’s new community center.

Please see PAGEANTS, page 11

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 11

PAGEANTS Continued from page nine.

place went to 13-year-old Emmisha Cruz. All top three contestants were standard six students.

Nicole Swaso, the pageant drew the largest audience compared to the five previously held Seine Bight Queen of the Bay pageants. “Having it at the new community center, that was the icing on the cake,” said Swaso. “We had a lot of support and a good crowd. The girls were awesome, did an excellent job and all worked really hard.” Organizers used the question and answer segment to focus on crime and violence, the state and direction of the country, peer pressure and issues affecting teenagers and Seine Bight Village. “Our pageant is meant to motivate kids, give them self esteem and focus on social issues,” added Swaso. The Seine Bight Miss Queen of the Bay Pageant thanks their main sponsor Papaya Boutique and many others who contributed.

According to president of the Seine Bight Celebrations Committee, Joyce Garcia, the pageant would not have been possible without the support from various individuals and businesses. Garcia thanks Nervy Oliver, Mary Toy of Destinations Belize, Drew and Karen Travers of the Maine Stay Cabanas, massage therapist Patricia Celenza, Jim and Anna Mensie of Calvary Chapel, Ed and Marion Carr of Muzamanzie Photography and judges, David Vernon, Jolie Pollard and Ms. Augustine. Garcia also thanks Catwalk Fashions, Grace Kennedy Belize and San Cas Bottom Dollor of Belize City for prize donations. The contestants’ willingness to participate was credited to encouraging parents, teachers and the school principal, Garcia explained. She also expressed gratitude to her fellow Celebrations Committee members: Juliet Augustine, Raymond Ogaldez, Muriel Moreia, Loris Moreira and Carla Flores.

St. Alphonsus R.C. Primary School Patriotic Pageant:

Madame Queen of the South

Unlike the Queen of the Bay pageants, which involved extensive planning, the Seine Bight Celebration Committee organized a Patriotic Pageant in just two weeks with an impressive showing as well.

More mature women also had their share of fun during the colorful pageant season. Placencia’s legendary cook, Brenda Bernard of Brenda’s Caribbean Cooking represented Placencia well in the first ever Madame Queen of the South pageant, which was held in Independence Village on Friday, Sept. 14. The 47-year-old local food pioneer placed second in the competition and won “Best Talent”.

On Thursday, Sept. 20 at the Seine Bight Cultural and Community Center, eight girls, ages 12-15, competed for the crown. Fourteen-year -old Natasha Ramirez, who had the crowd laughing during her comedic skit on teen pregancy, rose victorious. Placing second was the always smiling 13-year-old Launy Chinchilla and third



Fourteen-year-old Miss St. Alphonsus of Seine Bight won over the judges during her comedic skit on teen pregnancy.

The crowned queen was 42- Forty-seven year old Brenda Bernard of Brenda’s Caribbean Cooking placed second in the first ever year-old Avinel “Jew Gal” Madame Queen of the South Pageant in IndependMcMorris of Independence ence Village. Village. Contestants representing other surrounding communities in the south Stann Creek area hailed from Farm 9, Seine Bight Village and Bella Vista Village. Norma Perez of Farm 9 won “Miss Photogenic”. ▪

N m


AGENTS FOR INSUR ANCE CORPORATION OF BELIZE LTD. “Making a Positive Difference in a Changing Belize” Home owners Insurance Commercial Property Insurance Motor Vehicle Insurance Marine Cargo Insurance Marine Liability Insurance Tour Operators Insurance Other Liability Insurance

OPENING HOURS MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30 AM TO 5 PM SATURDAY 7:30 TO 12:00PM ALSO AGENT FOR: SEND MONEY COUNTRYWIDE! Placencia Corozal Town Corozal Boarder Orange Walk Town Ladyville Belize City Belmopan San Ignacio Town Dangriga Town Independence Punta Gorda Town

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 13

Placencia Featured in Belizean Singer’s Hit Music Video

Above: Seine Bight’s Lumalali Beidi provide the thumping drum beats featured in Melonie Gillett’s video for her song , “Come Away.” This scene was shot at Robert’s Grove Beach Resort. By the first week of October, the You Tube video had received over 5,000 hits. “Come Away” was directed by Ben Hudson of Star Base Films. Video producers say they tried to capture the beauty of Belize in its most natural state. See the video for yourself at: Right, above: This scene, also shot at Robert’s Grove Beach Resort, features Placencia Village’s Doyen Gardiner modeling to the right of Melonie Gillett in an animal print bikini. Right, below: Melonie Gillett sits on the porch of Khadija Assales’ Treasure Box, located on Placencia’s Main Road in the heart of the village.

PBTIA Represents Placencia in Turks

Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department Says Thank You! On the night of Monday, July 16, 2012 a destructive fire on Kubaaly Street in Placencia Village left nine people living in a rental complex homeless. The fire survivors included seven working adults and one two-year-old boy. One individual fatally succumbed to fire injuries several weeks following the incident. Thanks to the Placencia Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) and many other individuals, the fire was contained and put to rest avoiding even greater catastrophe. The PVFD and the Fire Board would like to thank the following for all of their help: The staff from Turtle Inn, Randy from the Secret Garden Restaurant, Mr. Martinez from the National Fire Service, Patrick Gonzalve, Charles “Dickie” Westby, Perfecto from Moorings, Kinzer, Ashton, Jim Weller, Steve Wade, Kathy Anglin and everyone else who lent a hand in putting out the fire. Job well done. Special thanks also go out to Placencia BTIA and everyone who assisted the fire survivors with recovering items that were destroyed in the fire. They were most appreciative. The PVFD recognizes the importance to thank all those who take the time to address these emergencies. Joining in the September Celebrations, the PVFD held their first “Smoker 2012” – a parade and fundraiser social to give back to fire volunteers. The PVFD thanks the following donors: Paradise Resort, Purple Space Monkey, Jacki Tipton, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., Nick Pollard, Fat Boyz Pizza, Lee Nyhus, Clive at the vegetable stand, Lupe at Wallen’s Market, Omar’s Restaurant, Barefoot Bar and Justin Brown.

PBTIA/The Placencia Breeze

PBTIA Chairman Stewart Krohn at the annual World Travel Awards held in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Placencia was one of seven nominees for “Leading Beach Destination in Central America and Mexico”. The top spot was won by Cancun, Mexico.

Thanks from all of the Volunteers!

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 14

Placencia Humane Society Seeks Name for Rescued Dog By Patricia Celenza PHS Board Member,


ave you ever read stories where characters simply grab your heart and will not let go? You cheer and root for these characters because you really care about what happens to them. In this following true story, the character is No Name, a 23-pound furry female mixed breed dog (“potlicka”). No Name is about one year old. She was literally pulled from the jaws of death by the Placencia Humane Society and its team of truly dedicated volunteers. PHS wants YOU to give this great dog a great name. Enter PHS’s contest NAME THIS DOG, and if you are chosen, here are the exciting prizes you will win: FIRST PRIZE – $50 gift certificate to Jaguar Lanes BILL TAYLOR

SECOND PRIZE – One and a half hour hot stone massage by Patricia Celenza THIRD PRIZE – $50 gift certificate to Barefoot Restaurant and Bar Read the story of this remarkable dog, a real survivor and learn how you can submit your winning name for this amazing creature.

In early August, Herbert Kollmann and Simone Gareis, owners of Danube Restaurant in Seine Bight Village noticed an unusual smell from below their house. There they found a dog – beaten, abused, emaciated, almost dead, with a rope tied so tightly around its neck that its eyes bulged. The smell they noticed came from an infection, caused by this rope imbedded an inch into its neck. Herbert and Simone quickly notified the Placencia Humane Society (PHS). Doran Yount, PHS chairman immediately removed the rope that was choking the dog. Yount left the dog in the care of Herbert and Simone who named the dog “No Name.” They provided “No Name” with water and food laced with vitamins and antibiotics in an attempt to strengthen and bring her to better health. Herbert and Simone generously donated 20% of their weekly restaurant revenues to the serious and expensive treatment they knew this dog would require. Getting “No Name” to the monthly PHS August vet clinic proved a great adventure. Sedatives had been placed in the dog’s food, but apparently not enough. When it was time to collect her for the clinic, “No Name” had taken off into the palmettos with Doran Yount, Fred Fuller and Bill Taylor in hot pursuit. It took them two hours chasing her before they finally snared her. Fred, returning from the chase with scratches on his legs and arms inflicted by those prickly palmettos, commented, “We tired her out before she tired us out. Good thing she was drugged.” Even with a healthy dose of sedative in her, No Name reached the clinic still surprisingly alert. Visting veterinarians, Dr. Orlando Baptist and Dr. Jorge Lopez attended to her and confirmed that No Name did not require any further surgery on her neck – Doran had already removed all the rope from her neck.

Doran Yount and Fred Fuller of PHS care for No Name along with Dr. Jorge Lopez.

tience. She even plays “cat ball” with Bambi in the living room, and these two rescued potlickers play tug of war with a rope. Great progress for No Name. No Name knows through Bambi, the other rescue, that all will be fine. Bambi is really pulling her out of her shell. For the first time in her life, No Name has A FRIEND. Guess what? Her progress is moving at lightning speed! Bambi has been playing with her more and more. Yesterday they played for 2 hours non stop. No Name reluctantly went out on the porch. Bambi ran from the yard up to her on the porch and played and comforted her and gave her confidence. Once in the yard she was very nervous. But it wasn’t long before No Name and Bambi were running around the yard, playing and having fun. Today is play, play, play. Bambi is teaching her that life is good. No Name has never had a chance to play. She has always been on the run, always fighting for food, water and a place to rest but never sleep. Now she sleeps. Now she dreams. Now she is finally having life in the easy lane. *************************************** PHS and its committed team of volunteers have given this dog a new life. If you think you have that perfect name for her, let us know what it is. You can send the new name to PHS by one of three ways: 1. Write it on a piece of paper, with your name and contact information, and leave it with Jolie Pollard at Placencia’s BTIA office. OR 2. Phone it into Doran Yount at 670-4130 or Candy Powers at 5233284 OR 3. Email it to The winners will be chosen by PHS Board Members and will be announced in the next edition of the Placencia Breeze. For updates on No Name and to learn how you can become more involved in PHS, check us out at find us on Facebook. PHS monthly clinics are free. No animal will ever be denied medical attention. Financial donations in any amount are PHS’s sole means of providing quality professional care for our pets. Checks and cash donations are always appreciated. If you care to make an online donation, go to Placencia Humane Society website and click on “DONATE.” Your contributions are received with deepest gratitude.

Dr. Baptist cleaned her up, spayed her and gave her a full round of shots, including vitamins and antibiotics. Fred gave her a pedicure, and Doran picked ticks off her and cleaned her ears.

Interested in donating pet medications or supplies such as leashes and collars? PHS accepts all these items gratefully.

It was a great team effort by everybody!

Want to volunteer for PHS? We welcome helpers in all aspects of the organization, so please bring your talents right here. Contact Doran Yount at 670-4130 or Candy Powers at 523-3284.

Dr. Baptist very positively stated: “This is the fourth dog I have seen with a similar problem. The first three dogs not only survived, but all of them found good homes. I believe No Name will heal nicely in two to three months.” No Name is being lovingly fostered by Kim and Doran Yount where she joins their large menagerie of rescued cats and dogs. Bambi, a rescued dog from the Maya King area, is personally overseeing No Name’s healing process.

Whatever you can do, you are fulfilling the mission of the PHS, which is helping people help animals in a compassionate, responsible way, leading by example and excellence.

Doran shares No Name’s amazing progress: Editor’s Note:

“It is simply awesome the progress No Name has made since she has been with us! Slowly she stepped out of her “cave” and began exploring the house. She ate, drank water and groomed herself in the middle of the living room. I try not to look, but I can't help myself. She yawns and looks around and sniffs. This is huge. She lies on the floor and grooms her front legs and paws. She still has food in her bowl and now knows that food will always be there, so she doesn't have to gobble it all down. She is just totally relaxing. I think No Name is going to make it. We have a long way to go, but we have nothing but time and pa-

The Placencia Breeze will be featuring the winner of this contest in our next issue. We look forward to hearing of “No Name’s” new name! BILL TAYLOR

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 15

Placencia Peninsula Maps From North of Placencia Airstrip to Riversdale

From Placencia Water Tower to Airstrip Platinum Designs

Lost Reef Resort



ic A Trop

Beachfront Suites

a Is


Placencia Mini Storage The Placencia Hotel & Residences

c Pla

Placencia Tennis

Traveling north to Maya Beach will take you to the Plantation area approximately 2.5 miles


p stri r i ia A

RFG Insurance Agent Avadon Divers

The Placencia Road

Ocean’s Edge Los Porticos Maya Beach Hotel Green Parrot Beach Houses Joyce & Frank’s Bed & Breakfast

Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows Singing Sands Inn

Turtle Inn

Maya Playa Resort

Please note the distance between Blue Crab and Maya Playa Resort is approximately 3 miles

Cocoplum Vacation Rentals Cocoplum Resort Community The Villas at Cocoplum Mission Bay Christian Retreat

Casa At Last

The Maine Stay Cordy’s Beach Cottage Palmtree Designs

Goss Chocolate Blue Crab Beach Bahia Laguna Beach Suites Nautical Inn

Lola’s Art

Seine Bight Village

Danube, Austrian Restuarant Ocean Pro Placencia The Moorings Belize

Seaview Properties Splash Dive Center, Ltd.

Caribbean Cabinets & Furniture The Inn at Robert's Grove Laru Beya Villas Miller’s Landing Playa de Piratas Properties Seakunga

Casa Nettuno Wild Orchid Properties

Placencia Airstrip Barefoot Rentals

Get your Placencia Mooring Masters T-shirt at the Placencia Tourism Center and Sunova Beach Gift Shop. Profits help protect our Barrier Reef .

Chabil Mar

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 16

Placencia BTIA Members 2012 BUSINESS NAME EMAIL A Belizean Nirvana Aba Ubafu (One Power) Above Ground Coffee Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas Avadon Divers Ltd Barefoot Bar Barefoot Services Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club Belize Trips Blue Crab Beach Resort Blue Garden House Boris Mannsfeld & Associates Caliz, Apolo Captain Jak’s Cabanas Car Rental of Placencia Caribbean Travel & Tours Casa Beya/Sea Grape Escape Casa Del Sol Casa Nettuno Casa Placencia Celeste, Donna Chabil Mar Villas Charly’s Gifts Coconut Cottage Cocoplum Cocoplum Vacation Rentals Cohen, Howard & Karen Colibri House Coston, Debbie CPC Real Estate Solution Danube Austrian Restaurant De Barcelona Beach Tapas Bar De Viners Decked Out House Destinations Belize Dial, Elysia Dial, Mary Ann Dolce Cabana Dusa, Lee & Gail; Easy Living Apartments Eloise’s Travel Lodge Feldman, Babe & Karen Finca Ford, David French Louie Caye Fuller, Fred & Jacque Gabor, Deborah Galipeau, Cheryl Garden Cabanas George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse Glessner, Virginia & Fox, Jay Glockhamer, Heidi & Fasano, Steven Go Tees Goss Chocolate Green Parrot Beach Houses Grill N Go Guild & Guild Consulting Harbour Hideaway of Placencia Hatchet Caye Resort Heaven’s Gate Beach Bungalow Hess, Tina Hideaway Caye Hughes, Sharon J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar Jewel of Placencia John Ford dba Cordy’s Beach Cottages Joy Tours Joyce and Frank’s Beach House Koster, Liliana Kingfisher Adventures Laru Beya Villas Las Amigas Leslie Tech Services Lola’s Art Los Porticos Villas Lost Reef Resort Lydia’s Guest House Lynn Jackson & Doug Simons Manatee Inn Mark Risk dba The Arches Maya Beach Hotel Maya Dream Beach House Maya Lodge Michelo Flats Miller’s Landing Miramar Apartments Mirasol Villa Mission Bay Christian Retreat MnM Hardware Placencia Mosquito Coast Trading Co. Ltd. Nauta Vero PR & Communications Nautical Inn Ocean’s Edge One World Rental s Palmetto Bay Resort Palmtree Designs Papaya Boutique Paradise Vacation Hotel Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development Placencia Adventures by Land or by Sea

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Placencia BTIA Members 2012 Placencia Humane Society 503-3177 Placencia Mini Storage 636-0566 Platinum Designs 610-0327 Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development 523-3587 Placencia Humane Society 523-3406 Placencia Mini Storage 636-0566 Placencia Tennis 626-4015 Placencia Yacht Club 970-209-7251 Platinum Designs 610-0327 Property Pro Belize 523-3292 Quest for Adventure in Belize w/ Splash Ltd. 610-1278 Ranguana Lodge 523-3112 Re/Max Belize Property Center 631-9622 Robert’s Grove 523-3565 Robert Nicolait & Associates, Ltd. 523-3149 Rumfish y vino 523-3293 Seahorse Dive Shop 523-3166 Seaspray Hotel 523-3148 Seaview Suites 523-3777 Secret Garden Day Spa 523-3420 Secret Garden Restaurant 523-3617 Silver Leaf 970-944-2550 Singing Sands Inn 533-3022 Siripohn Thai Massage 620-8718 Smith, Stan & Mary 523-4306 Southern Environmental Association 523-3377 Spectarte Gallery 533-8019 Spilman, Ron 600-8374 Splash Dive Center 523-3058 Sunset Pointe Condos 523-3314 Taylor, Rand 661-9398 Taylor, Winston 623 7971 The Added Touch 223-0054 The Arches 479-841-7970 The Flamboyant 628-1143 The Maine Stay 523-3507 The Moorings 523-3351 The North Beach 523-3207 The Placencia Hotel & Residences 520-4110 The Shak Beach Café 622-1686 The Surfside Escape Resort 523-3630 The Villas at Cocoplum 610-0294 The Yellow House 523-3481 Three Iguanas Villa 605-0586 Toucan Lulu 628-8474 Tony’s Gym 631-9622 Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic 502-0736 Tradewinds 523-3122 Tree of Life 624-5408 Trip N Travel 523-3205 Turtle Inn 523-3244 Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor Vern’s Kitchen 667-0459 Village Inn 523-3481 Waterfront Real Estate 610-3264 Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar 523-3335 Westwind Hotel 523-3255 Whipray Caye Lodge White Sand Villa 604-7471 Wild Orchid Properties 670-3665 Yellow Bella 605-0586 Yoli’s Bar 625-2763 Yount, Doran & Kim 670-4130 Z-Touch Day Spa 523-3513

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Doran Yount, President Ruth Turner & Fred Arbona Hannah Cowell Adrian Vernon & Mary Toy Mary Smith - President Ruth Turner & Fred Arbona Bob & Lida Rodgers Michael Potoker Hannah Cowell Frank Gagliano Ralph Capeling Joy Leslie David Kafka Jean-Marc Tassé Lou Nicolait Pamela & John Solomon Brian & Ardie Young Jodie & Norman Leslie John & Marian Chan Lee Nyhus Randy & Sabrina William & Jolanda Brown, Stefano/agent Jean-Marc Tasse Siriporn Thakham Stan & Mary Smith Nellie Catzim Jenny Wildman Ron Spilman Patricia Ramirez Eric & Janis Winchester Rand Taylor Winston Taylor Robin McCutheon Mark Risk Angie Markham Drew Travers Renee Brown Deborah & Dave Vernon Marco Caruso & Elena Cuellar Magda Morales Brian Mandziak Boris Mannsfield or Erin Ivy Veronique McKenzie Stefano Ragagnin & Joe Stark Paul Fanning Tony Pinder Dr. Dalila Vanzie-Krohn Janice Leslie Kristine Small Laura Godfrey & Fiona Macfarlane Martin Krediet Tiziana Del Col Veronique Mckenzie Patrick & Denise Callahan Wendy Lemus George & Lisa Westby Julian & Beverly Cabral James Grover &Jeanie Gabourel Aline Habib Stefano Ragagnin Yolanda Trethewey Doran & Kim Yount Ysela Zabaneh

Meet Placencia’s Traffic Manager: Orlando Betancourt There’s a relatively low amount of vehicular traffic in Placencia Village, but during the busy school hours as kids dash across the main road to make it to class, it helps to have someone monitoring the drivers.

The 47-year-old Placencia native says he is proud of his accomplishments in life and happy to be back home serving the community of Placencia.

Betancourt is the grandson of Herbert Eiley and Dorothy Orlando Betancourt Cabral, both of Placentakes pride in his post cia Village. He was as Traffic Manager in born in Placencia to Placencia Village. Gloria Eiley who now When the daytime trafresides in Sand Hill, fic manager is not perBelize with her husforming guard duties at band Edward Betanthe school crossing court Sr. Betancourt near the Placencia attended St. John’s Sports Complex, he is Memorial Primary enforcing parking reguSchool in Placencia up MUZAMANZIE PHOTOGRAPHY/The Placencia Breeze lations on the main road until the age of nine Betancourt monitors traffic at school crossing. and making sure when his family moved emergency access ways are clear. to Corozal Town in 1983. There, he attained his secondary school education at Belize AdBetancourt brings experience working as a ventist College. Prior to joining the Police traffic police man in Belize City where he also Force in 1992, he served as a teacher at St. worked as a crime investigator for six years Paul’s Anglican Primary School in Corozal with the Belize Police Force. Town. Betancourt resides in Placencia Village with his wife and children. ▪

The Placencia Breeze ‖Breeze September/October The Placencia ‖ July/August2012 2012‖‖ Page Page 18

A Belizean Nirvana 55-D4 Above Ground Coffee 18-C4 Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas 92-A2 Barefoot Bar 38-D3 Belize Sailing Charters 99-C4 Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club 98-A2 Blue Garden House 88-E2 Blue Lagoon Apartments 80-D3 Boris Mannsfeld & Associates 97-C4 Captain Jak’s Cabanas 52-D2 Caribbean Travel & Tours 8-D3 Casa Del Sol 76-F3 Casa Placencia 81-F2 Century21 BTAL 93-B4 Coconut Cottage 54-D4 Colibri House 55-E3 CPC Reality 43-C3 Destinations Belize 42-C4 De Barcelona 21-D3 DeViners 19-E3 Dianni’s Guesthouse 56-B3 Easy Living Apartments 57-C4 Eloise’s Guesthouse 58-C3 French Louie Caye 33-D3 Garden Cabanas 60-B3 George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse 89-E3 Grill & Go 17-C3 Guild & Guild Consulting 10-F2 Harbor Hideaway 88-E1 Harry’s Cozy Cabanas 61-B3 Hatchet Caye 35-E5 Hatchet Caye Office 35-C1 J-Dees Restaurant & Bar 20-D3 Jewel of Placencia 27-C4 Joy Tours 44-C3 Julia’s Cabanas 62-E3 Kingfisher Adventures 45-E3 Las Amigas 26-E3 Leslie Tech Service 46-E3 Lydia’s Guesthouse 64-E3 Manatee Inn 65-F3 Maya Lodge 66-E2 Michelo Flats 67-F2 Miramar Apartments 68-E3 Mirasol Villa 69-C4 MnM Hardware Placencia 96-D3 One World Rental 70-C4 Paradise Vacation Resort 71-B3 PCSD 47-E2 Placencia Bazaar 7-D3 Placencia Yacht Club 34-A5 Property Pro Belize 43-C3 Ranguana Lodge 30-E3 Re/Max Property Center 39-D3 Rumfish y Vino 43-C3 Seahorse Dive Shop 48-D4 Seaspray Hotel 79-E3 Sea View Suites 63-C4 Secret Garden Day Spa 4-C3 Secret Garden Restaurant & Bar 24-C3 Silver Leaf 90-E2 Siripohn Thai Massage 8-D3 Southern Environmental Association 95-D3 Sunset Pointe Condos 40-A1 Splash Dive Center 49-C4 The Flamboyant 28-C4 The North Beach 73-E3 The Shak Beach Café 16-C4 The Yellow House 74-D3 The Village Inn 31-F3 Three Iguanas Villa 86-E2 Tony’s Gym/Belize Fit 17-E3 Toucan Lulu 75-F3 Tree of Life 8-D3 Trip N Travel 51-C4 Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor 43-C3 Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar 15-C4 Westwind Hotel 78-D4 Whipray Caye Lodge 32-E5 White Sand Villa 82-C3 Yello Bella 29-F2 Yoli’s Bar 21-B3 Z-Touch Day Spa 6-D3







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The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 20

New Principal Has Ambitious Plans for Primary School in Placencia Village St. John’s Memorial Anglican School has a new principal. Stephen Whyte is excited about his post at St. John’s. He says he has been busy planning strategies to improve general academic performance and the Primary School Examinations (P.S.E) and the Belize Junior Achievement Test (BJAT) results. Before taking over the principal’s office at St. John’s, the outgoing and friendly 31-year-old Belize City native served as a vice principal and teacher at St. Agnes Anglican School located on Mile 31 Western Highway for two years. And during the previous five years, he taught at St. Mary’s Anglican School in his hometown.

The Placencia Breeze

Principal Steven Whyte says he wants to improve general academic performance, as well as PSE and BJAT test results. Whyte welcomes parents and other members of the community to visit his office at the school.

Whyte attended primary school at Queen Square Baptist in Belize City then majored in the sciences (physics, biology and chemistry) during his high school years at Anglican Cathedral College (A.C.C.), also in Belize City. Mathemat-

ics and the sciences have been his favorite subjects to teach, and Whyte says he will be assisting in those areas with PSE preparation at St. John’s. After graduating a top science student from high school, Whyte continued his education at Saint John’s College Junior College in the old capital where he received his associate degree in general studies. He continued his studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and graduated with a bachelor in management. Whyte also holds a UWI certificate in Counseling of Young Adults and Children. Principal Whyte describes himself as a productive, enthusiastic teacher, mentor and counselor who loves seeing children empowering themselves through education while striving for excellence. ▪ Contact Principal Whyte at: 523-3178

St. John’s Teacher of the Month

The Placencia Breeze

Principal Stephen Whyte named Standard 5 homeroom teacher, Narda Sabal, “Teacher of The Month” for September. The principal said criteria included: consistency in managing classes, general performance, involvement in the school, proactiveness, leadership skills, planning and preparation for classes and enthusiasm.

The Placencia Breeze

St. John’s preschool teacher, Lisa Vernon, presents Student of the Month award for the month of September to Henry Anderson, Jr. The Placencia Breeze

Editor’s Note: St. Alphonsus Primary School Student of the Month for September and October will be featured in the November issue of the Placencia Breeze.

St. John’s Memorial Anglican School Student of the Month: Infant I: Brett Leslie Infant II: Keely Faux Standard I: Joselyn Salazar Standard I: Rihanna Middletown Standard II: Le-andra Lemus Standard III: Dina Osegueda Standard IV: Wilson Rivera Standard V: Sheila Paquil Standard VI: Giovanna DeAngelis

In collaboration with educators at the two primary schools on the Placencia Peninsula, the Student of the Month Program recognizes one student from each classroom who exemplifies good behavior and demonstrates academic excellence. Each student is presented a certificate by their respective teachers in front of their peers at a special ceremony during campus assembly. Parents are encouraged to motivate their children to strive for this special honour!

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 21

Placencia Rotary Highlights Scholarship Program and More By Maretha McCullock PR Director, Rotary Club; SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Shortly after the Rotary Club of Placencia was established seven years ago, the Founding Members of the club recognized a big need in the community to support high school students with scholarships. Back in the day, high school had a tuition requirement for all four years. Now, the government of Belize pays tuition for the first two years. Approximate costs for high school are: Tuition per year $300.00 Registration per year $100.00 Fee for the first year


Uniform (per one)


Books per year approx.


As you can see, for four years of high school the cost per student is over $2,700, plus each student must also purchase shoes, socks and school supplies. Also at the end of the fourth year, students must pay to take the Caribbean Examinations (CXCs), which can be very costly. Our goal is to put as many students as possible through not just high school, but also through sixth form (two-year junior college). The cost of sixth form is about $2,000 for the first year alone. The government pays the tuition (about $1,000) for the second year if the student achieves good grades, but the student still needs to come up with about $1,000 for other fees. So, the total cost for four years of high school and two years of sixth form is about $5,700 — a steep cost for many families living in our area and surrounding rural Stann Creek villages. Students selected for the Rotary Scholarship Program must demonstrate financial need, must have recommendations from the community and their prior school and submit a signed pledge letter. This letter must state that they remain in good standing in the community and their school, and that they are required to complete 20 hours of community service per year. Each student also has an adult mentor who keeps track of their progress reports and report cards. Adult mentors meet with the student, as well as his or her parent/guardian at least once a year. It is mandatory that students pass in order to keep their scholarships. Rotary is happy to report that most students go beyond the required 20 hours community service while participating in Rotary events such as: The Reading Program, Haunted House, Senior Luncheon, Flag Raising Ceremony and other community projects.

B’John Augustine

Damone Martinez

Denecia Aranda

Aleen Vicente

Davincy Delgado (New! First form)

Andrea Chirinos

Dasha Guzman

Daniella Cardinez (New! Sixth form)

Marco Funez

Tiana Felix

Rotary now supports 10 scholars. We pay all the bills directly to the high school or to sixth form, so the students only have to worry about their studies and not the finances. We currently have five students in their second year from Seine Bight, three students in their second year from Placencia, one student in his first year from Seine Bight and one student in her second year of sixth form from from Placencia. Most of our high school students have fulfilled their community service through this year’s Rotary Summer Reading Program, which was held during the first two weeks of August. (See article on Summer Reading Program.) Seven of our scholarship students participated in this program for their second year, and it looks like they will be taking an even bigger part in the program next year. This Summer Reading Program would not run nearly as smoothly without the help from our scholarship students. It’s a pleasure working alongside these wonderful young people, and we have been most impressed with their dedication to the project at hand, their hard work and their enthusiasm to the project. Most impressive of all is that they do the work at hand without a complaint. We have actually had students, after completing their 20 hours of community service ask if they can do more. I know that I have learned much from these Please see ROTARY NEWS, page 22

Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic would like to inform the general public that Dr. Dalila Vanzie Krohn will be on

Maternity Leave until January 2013.

Dental services will be suspended during this period; we apologize for the inconvenience. Additionally, we look forward to introducing additional clinic days in the coming year!

ROTARY NEWS Continued from page 21. young people and consider it a privilege to have worked beside them. We need and want to continue supporting the students of our community and give them the opportunity to achieve their dreams and their goals. Our Scholarship Program is made possible by generous donations from the Rotary Club of Edmonton West Canada, the Rotary Club of Calgary, Canada, a grant from Rotary International, our club here in Placencia and several private donations. Thanks to all who have donated to this Scholarship Program, and we are hoping to be able to extend the scholarships as far as university for all of our students if we have the funds. If you are interested in helping out in this program, please contact Wanda Stakutis, secretary and chair of the Scholarship Committee of the Rotary Club of Placencia at

Daniella Cardinez reads a story to the class.

Game time with Cathy - volunteer teacher.

Damone Martinez tutors student.

Denecia Aranda tutors students.

Andrea Chirinos tutors student.

Volunteer teacher - Wendy - tutors students.

Our September Celebration Theme 2012 was: “Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal - Celebrating Belize”. We at the Rotary Club of Placencia with this Scholarship Program are helping all our youths with their dreams and their goals, which will make our country Belize flourish with intelligent and bright leaders of tomorrow! SUMMER READING PROGRAM The Summer Reading Program was started three years ago by our very own member Mrs. Linda Cazin who found that there was a need for reading classes for students of St. Alphonsus School being promoted from Infant II into Standard I. She introduced the idea to the Club of having half-day summer reading program throughout the course of one week. The program would also encompass a breakfast feeding program. The first year we had about 10 kids, three Rotarians and three scholarship students. Linda’s idea of a Summer Reading Program was successful and appreciated by the students and their parents. The following year, Mr. Duane Evans of the Edmonton West Rotary Club in Canada mentioned our Program to friends and Rotarians. This immediately brought a response from prospective teachers who were interested and willing to pay for their own airfare, lodging and food just to assist us in this Program. These Canadian volunteers helped us grow our program to include 12-15 students, with seven scholarship students and Rotarians. This year we expanded the program to two weeks. We averaged about 20 students, eight scholarship students and the teachers from Canada assisted us again. We also added four volunteers from the community. Mrs.Vincent of Seine Bight Village helped us out with notifying the students about the program. The Rotary Summer Reading Program has been a BIG success throughout the past three years. We thank all who volunteered and supported this fun and interactive program. Placencia Rotary reminds everyone that student tutors are always appreciated! We are always looking for more volunteers and more financial assistance. With additional help, Rotary hopes to include both Placencia and Seine Bight Village in the program. WHEELCHAIR DISTRIBUTION Mr. Jim Weller & Jerome delivered a Rotary wheelchair to 17-year-old John Montero in Independence Village who has been crippled since birth. John is a bright- eyed young man who was delighted at receiving the chair. He told Mr. Jim that he couldn’t wait to go for a ride down the road in his wheelchair. It’s a great feeling when you can make a big change to someone’s life. If you know of anyone that is in need of a wheel chair, kindly contact any Rotary Member. Once again we would like to thank the Belize City Club in providing us with the wheel chair. PICNIC TABLES & BENCHES The Rotary Club of Placencia has built and donated two benches and one picnic table to the Village. They are located on the beach between Tipsy Tuna and Cozy Corner for the use of the public. This is a small project that Rotary took on using some funds from our auction in February 2012 at the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival. We are planning to build more picnic tables, and if we have funds remaining, we plan to build life guard stands. If you are interested in helping with this project, kindly contact MemJohn Montero receives wheelchair. be r sh i p Di r e ct or Sonny Vernon at 5234309. Thanks to all who our picnic tables and benches project a success. OUR SCHEDULED EVENTS: BINGO – Every other Thursday at J-Dee’s @ 7 p.m. sharp. Jackpot $500.00BZ Haunted House – October 2012 More info in the Next Issue of The Breeze BINGO Bingo continues at J-Dees Restaurant. Games start at 7 p.m. sharp, every other Thursday. On August 2, no one won the $500 jackpot. The nine games were played with winner of: 1st Game – Mrs Celia, 2 & 3rd Game – Polo, 4th Game – Therese, 5th Game – Fabulous, 6th GameJean, 7th Game – Heather & Thelma, 8th& 9th Game – Jeannine and the Cover All Game was won by Shar. Congratulations to all winners. Please see ROTARY NEWS: BINGO, page 23

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 23

Belize Ranks #4 of Happiest Countries on Earth! A widely popular measure of human happiness has ranked Belize at number four of 151 countries studied in 2012. The Happy Planet Index (HPI), which was created by Nic Marks, founder of the Centre for Well-being at UK-based The New Economics Foundation, calculates a country’s happiness based on “what really matters” or how many long and happy lives they produce per unit of environmental input. HPI distinguishes itself from other measures of national progress that look at economic activity and GDP indicators. Of the top ten countries, seven are from either Central America or the Caribbean. Preceding Belize are Colombia, Vietnam and Costa Rica. HPI calls on the United Nations and governments to develop new measures and build upon the index to develop sustainable wellbeing for all. ▪ See


Young girl in Seine Bight’s Irahunu Mas Band smiles brightly during the Carnival Parade in Placencia Village — part of the September Celebrations festivities.

ROTARY NEWS: BINGO Continued from page 22.

- Yadira Jones, 5th Game - Van Usher & Malu, 6th Game - Thelma, 7th Game – Fabulous, 8th Game – Rena, 9th Game Arlene and the 10th Game was won by Mrs. Alma Fairweather, one of our Loyal Bingo Players.

On the August 16, for sure we thought that someone was going to be the Lucky Winner of the $500 Jackpot. It was a bottle to the end. Winners were: 1 & 5 th Game - Little Bit, 2nd Game - Udith, 3rd Game - Polo, 4th Game - Jean & Ivan, 6th Game – Andrew, 7th Game & Half the Pot of 10th Game was Little Bit again, 8th Game - Duane Evans, 9th Game – Maretha & Janeen.

We want to thank all who keep supporting our Rotary Bingo. People this Jackpot needs to go! Come on out every other Thursday and support Rotary Bingo! The Jackpot is waiting for you! Rotary Bingo Night, 7 p.m. sharp at J-Dee’s is the place to be! You just might be that lucky winner!

On August 30, it was a slow evening at Bingo and for sure, we thought tonight was the night that someone was going to win the Jackpot! We called 67 balls and no one won the Jackpot! Imagine! Wow! Winners for that evening were: 1st Game – Therease & Celia, 2nd Game - Celia, 3rd Game -Van Usher, 4th Game

OUR CLUB Rotary 2012-2013 theme “PEACE THROUGH SERVICE” continues with ongoing projects. Our meetings are held at Yoli’s Bar every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. ▪

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 24

Citizens on Patrol: 29 Sign Up to Be Special Constables Placencia Peninsula Police Inspector Mark Flowers announced the names of all 29 individuals who were vetted to undergo training for Special Constables. On Oct. 2, the Inspector listed the names of the individuals in the online Facebook group “Placencia/Seine Bight Police Business.” These individuals are: 1. Shalini Cawich, 2. Adolphus Molina Jr 3. Jamal Martinez 4. Wilkie Garbutt 5. Marion Muschamp 6. Herman Ack 7. Vincent Guzman 8. Jamie Leslie 9. Sinclair Diego 10. Eugene Leslie

All aspiring Special Constables are at least 18 years old, hold a clean police record and are either a Belizean or permanent resident. Once having successfully completed several training sessions and sworn in as Special Constables, they must be prepared to perform at least four hours of active weekly duty.

11. Aaron Krohn 12. Benifacia Cal 13. Marcelo Pau 14. William Parada 15. Seferino Coc 16. Leonidas Ramirez 17. John Rash 18. Herman Choc 19. Joel Bo 20. Pedro Mas 21. Raymond Ogaldez 22. Neville Lopez 23. Benny Cacho 24. Danny Edwards 25. Dennis Weiss 26. Kenneth Ferris 27. Norman Leslie Jr. 28. Karissa Rhamdas 29. Mendy Reid

The initiative to recruit Special Constables was organized by the newly formed People’s Coalition of the Placencia Peninsula. The People’s Coalition is a citizen’s advisory group, established to provide critical and independent advice and support to the Police in order to effectively deal with the crime situation on the Peninsula. According to the Coalition, the Special Constables will play a vital role in the proposed Mobile Checkpoint. The Coalition is being led by Norman Leslie, Jodie Yearwood and Steve Christensen. ▪

The Placencia Breeze

The Placencia Breeze

Above: PVC Chairman Charles Leslie, Jr. presents award to PC Clifford Castillo. Center: PC Dalia Hyde receives award.

In July Placencia Police Inspector Mark Flowers presented the first Police of the Month Awards in Placencia to PC Clifford Castillo and PC Dalia Hyde for their work during the month of July. The officers also received tokens of appreciation from Placencia Village Council Chairman Charles Leslie and free lunch from The Galley Restaurant & Bar. Inspector Flowers acknowledged that policing is a difficult undertaking and that he wants to magnify the efforts of the people on the job.

The Placencia Breeze

Rafael Caliz was presented “Police of the Month” in the entire country of Belize by the National Tourism Police Unit for the month of August. Caliz said he was surprised. Reasons for the award were: recovery of stolen items, dependability and attendance. Caliz joined the TPU in November 2011. He was previously a special constable in Seine Bight Village.

Editor’s Note: Police of the Month for August and September will be featured in the next issue of the Placencia Breeze.

Placencia BTIA’s Updated List of Licensed Tour Guides as of October 2012 Alvarado, Francisco Bech, Christian Benguche, Bryan Bonnel, Eusebio Cabral, Daniel Cabral, Egbert Cabral, Mark Carr, Edwin Carne, Lisa B. Castellanos, Wayne Chan, Clodia Chun, Cirilo Cuevas, Eloy Cuevas, Ian Eiley, Englebert D. Eiley, George Faux, Leslie Forman, Eric Ferrel, Christain Garbutt, Alexander Garbutt, Bertrand Garbutt, Darrel A. Garbutt, Eworth Garbutt, Gilbert Jr Garbutt, Walter Garbutt, Warren Garcia, Leopold Gardiner, Doyen Gardiner, Doyle Godfrey, Earl Gongora, Prince Ical, Juan Leslie, Ainsworth

2012- Nov. 11 2012 - Nov 18 2013 - May 5 2012 –Nov 11 2013 - Feb 7 2013 - Feb 11 2012 - Aug 9 2013 - Mar 11 2013 - Mar 19 2012– Nov 8 2013 - Mar 11 2013 - Mar 1 2012 - Oct 3 2013 - Mar 14 2013 - May 22 2012 - April 5 2012 - Nov 11 2012 - Dec 14 2012 - Aug 31 2013 - Jan 28 Renewing 2013 - Mar 29 2012 - Dec 4 2012 - Dec 8 2013 - April 23 2013 - Jan 4 2013 - Mar 4 2013 - Mar29 2013 - Jan 9 2013 - Jan 28 2013 - Mar 11 2012 - Nov 11 2012 - Jul 31

Leslie, Bernard Leslie, Bruce Leslie, Edlin Leslie, Doren Leslie, Ivan Sr Leslie, Mark Leslie, Rene Leslie, Russell Linarez, Francisco Longsworth, Gareth Lopez, Stephen Lopez, Sydney McNeil, Anne-Marie Mendoza, Pablo A. Miralda, Emely Modera, Kevin Mora, Celso J. Muschamp, Alrin Muschamp, Evaristo Neal, Harold P. Neal, Hubert Pau, Juan Ramirez, Patricia Shal, Florencio Tucker, Elroy Usher, Eddie Vernon, Ian Vernon, Levi Villanueva , Andria Villanueva, Clint Villanueva, Conrad Villanueva, Rafael Westby, Arthur A. Jr. Westby, Zane

2012 - Dec 22 renewed 2013 - Jan 17 2013 - March 14 2012 - Dec 8 2013 - Jan 4 2012 - Dec 20 2013 - Jan 28 2012 - Dec 22 2013 - March 14 2013 - Feb 12 2013 - Jan 28 2012 - Sept 26 2013 - Feb 28 2012– June 25 2012– Jan 28 renewed 2012 - April 5 2012 - Dec 21 2012- Jan 28 2012, Dec 30 2012 - Sep 13 2013- March 14 2013 - Jan 30 2013 - March 14 renewed 2012- Oct 22 2013 - March 14 2012 - Nov 11 2013 - April 3 2012 - Dec 14 2012 - Nov 4 2012 - Dec 28 2013 - March 14

Westby, Jason R. Williams, Alfred Williams, Jason Young, Dwayne Young, Shawn Young Stephen Zuniga, Alfonso

2012 - Dec 8 2013 - March 14 2013 - Jan 14 2012 - Aug 18 2012– Aug 11 2013– Apr 28 2012– Sept 25

Please note that some licensed guides might not appear on this list. Feel free to contact the Placencia Tourism Center at 523-4045 for further information. This service is provided by the Placencia BTIA in partnership with the Placencia Tour Guide Association and the Belize Tourism Board.

OPENING HO URS TUESDAY- SATURDAY 10:00 a .m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact: 67 0-3665

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 25

(All photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)

Left: Tournament Marshall Warren Garbutt gets ready to weigh Jordan Gordan’s (Boat Zella) kingfish. Gordon won prizes for largest kingfish and largest fish caught by a junior angler. Above: Bad Tide unloads catch at the Seashorse Dive Shop Dock. Bad Tide placed third in the competition.

Top Row, Left to Right: Sue Branco of Bad Tide holds up qualifying dorado. Branco won largest fish caught by female angler and largest barracuda. Champions, Ivan Leslie, Evan Hall and Captain Steven Young arrive at the Seahorse Dock. The crew of Reel Pet Peeve, who placed second in the tournament, cruises towards the dock. Bottom Row: Brenda Bitting and Rebecca Rabon of Boat Leonora pose with qualifying fish. Team Bad Attitude with Captain Mark Leslie, John Kollenborn and Phil Azancot pull into shore. Boat Zella’s Myro Augustine, Jordan Gordan, Lucky Ivy, Casey Moore and Percival Gordon sport their custom tournament tshirts.

Left to Right: Children come out to see the fish weigh in. Edwin “Papa” Leslie, Jr. of Boat Nita weighs fish. Turtle Inn team take group shot aboard Boat Ellie.

Want to see more tournament pics? Visit our Facebook page!

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 26

(All photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)

Top to Bottom: Little Ms. Queen of the Bay contestants and queen ride in parade. Wende Bryan and Cunchie Villanueva show off golf cart decorated with flowers. Lucy and Nina Wallen take out the kids for a ride. Young kids ride bike cart.

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 27


ACCOMMODATIONS South of Airstrip One World Rentals: Eight beautiful, comfortable and immaculate studios and apartments around an attractive courtyard . Cable TV, free wireless internet access, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, fully screened, hammocks. Located in the heart of Placencia (behind the “Rumfish” restaurant) close to the beach, shopping and restaurants. Contact Swiss owner Claudia Hardegger at 5233103 or 6209975. Email: MC, VISA accepted. Rates from 49US$ plus Tax. Paradise Resort: Has most of the amenities & all the luxury of a large hotel. We are located on the ocean front. 12 A/C rooms. On site full service restaurant & bar, spa by the sea, all eco tours, diving, snorkeling, fishing, roof top Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, dive shop, gift shop, kayak and golf cart rental. Maya & Tropic Air agent. or give us a call at 523-3179/503-3479

Ranguana Lodge: Five private ocean view cabins located right on the beach in the heart of Placencia Village: We have 3 private air-conditioned beach cabins each w/ 2 Double beds, fans, large refrigerator, coffee makers, private bath w/ hot/cold shower, private balcony w/ a hammock. We also have two other cabins with full kitchens, 2 double beds, fans, private bath with hot & cold shower & tub, private balcony with a hammock. Beach Palapas, beach chairs. Tropic Air agent, Gift shop. Phone/fax at 011-501-523-3112, E-mail: website: The North Beach: offers luxury suites in our sea view villa with full kitchens, living areas and configurations from one to five bedrooms. Each suite has air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable t.v. & phone. Located north end of the sidewalk-walking distance to services. The perfect spot to enjoy Placencia Village. Contact us at phone 523 -3207, e-mail or visit

Toucan Lulu: Five cabanas located in quiet northern end of the village on the main sidewalk. A few minutes to shops & restaurants. 3 cabanas sleep up to 4, 2 cabanas sleep up to 6. All have beach access & verandas for enjoying the fresh sea breezes. Check out our web site at , email, or call Kathy at 501 628 8474

Tradewinds: Overlooking the Caribbean Sea & the Mountains of Belize! 9

Cabanas w/ private bath, hot/cold, 2 double beds, fans, coffee maker (coffee provided), refrigerator & veranda w/ hammock. Tel: 523-3122; Email:

North of Airstrip Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows: Two secluded bungalows on the beach in Maya Beach. Full kitchen, queen size bed, sleeper sofa, h/w, and fans. Complimentary kayaks. 5 night min. Tel/fax: 533-8110; email:; Website: Blue Crab Beach Resort: Set on 5 acres from sea to lagoon, offers 4 beachfront A/C rooms and two thatch cabanas. Home of Goss Chocolate. Tel: 523-3544; Fax: 523-3543; Email:

Green Parrot Beach Houses: Maya Beach: 6 mahogany beach houses, loft bedrooms, fold out sofa, kitchenette & bath on main floor. 2 bay leaf thatch cabanas w/ garden showers & private beach. Tel/FAX: 523-2488; E-mail:; Website:

Miller’s Landing: Natural Belizean-style cabanas, lush tropical gardens, clean secluded beach, pool w/ thatch bar, Wi-Fi, comp. breakfast, comp kayaks, bikes, restaurant w/ healthy specials daily, awesome pizza 523-3010.

Singing Sands Inn: Located on a beautiful stretch of Maya Beach featuring 6 private, thatched cabanas with own bath and patio as well as 2 garden view flats. Bonefish Grille full service restaurant and bar on-site serving breakfast, lunch and dinner along with daily specials and Happy Hour 4 – 6 pm. Gorgeous landscaping. Swimming pool with relaxing deck area. Free Wi-Fi available. Bicycles complimentary for guests. Kayaks, pedal boats and golf cart available for rent. Tel: 533-3022 Email: Website:

Robert’s Grove Beach Resort: Placencia’s most complete resort. Beachfront accommodations w/3 restaurants: Seaside, Habanero & Sweet Mama’s & French bakery & deli; 3 Pools, Conference Center, Tennis Court, Gym, FREE Wifi, Gift Shop, Full Service Dive Center, Marina, Gas and butane station. Kayaks, Windsurfers, Hobie Cats and bikes. Kayak, Paddle Boat and golf cart rentals and sales., For more info cal us @ 523-3565!

The Placencia Hotel: A lavish Caribbean escape with European flare, The Placencia Hotel is a one of the most spectacular and pristine ocean front property in Belize. The newest and luxurious resort boasts 90 first class accommodations starting frm Sea front Villas to Condominium Suites. Finest restaurants, with exquisite cuisines, first class service and amenities to indulge every vacationer’s dream. The exclusive private beach and the easy access to the main land will let you discover a world of opportunities from one location. Tel: 533-4110 or email:

At The Cayes Ranguana Caye: Ranguana Caye is a 2 acre island located right on the reef with 3 rustic cabanas and a view that will blow your mind! Food, drinks, Moorings and all the Caribbean Breeze you can handle are available. Prime Diving and Fishing location. Come for a day, a night or more. Reservation day trips or lodging call 523-3565

Robert’s Caye: Robert’s Caye is just 10 miles from Placencia (1/2 hour by boat) a one acre island with 4 charming cabanas built partially over the water. Each cabana is outfitted w/ a king bed, full bathroom, hot and cold running showers, and a private terrace with hammocks. A small restaurant and bar, also built over the water, serves three meals daily. An deal setting for honeymooners and sportsmen alike, this “swept away” island paradise is surrounded by crystal clear water. The nearby flats are renowned for fishing as well. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are complimentary to is island guests. Come for a day, a night or more. Reservation for day trips or lodging call 523-3565

Whipray Caye Lodge: Whipray Caye is a magical private island in the heart of some of the best fly fishing flats in the world. This caye has room to roam, with two spacious 2-room guest cabanas, private bath in each room, and verandas facing a glorious Belizean sunrise. Hearty family-style meals are served in our thatched roof restaurant and "Sea Urchin Bar". Enjoy the natural unspoiled beauty of the coral reef surrounding the caye, chock full of beautiful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes, rays, sharks, turtles, crab, and even the occasional manatee, all nurtured by the abundant mangroves on the southern half of the caye. Owner and renowned fly fishing guide Julian Cabral and his wife Beverly will make your stay a memorable one. PHONE: 501-608-8130, CELL: 501-610-1068, EMAIL:, WEB:

DINING South of Airstrip De'Tatch Seafood Beach Grill & Bar -Serving the very best in Seafood and Local Cuisines. Open Mon-Sunday (Closed... on Wed)7am until 10pm for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (daily and nightly lunch & seafood dinner special). Come Enjoy the Perfect View (beach front), Great food, Great drink and Music to sooth the soul. Internet & Wireless also available. For Info or Take out orders please call #503-3385

Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar: Fine dining in A/C comfort or outdoor on the Patio. Specializing in Spanish & Creole. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner 7am - 10pm. Located on the Main Road. Visa & MC accepted. Ph: 523-3335 Email: Dawn’s Grill n Go Restaurant: Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Daily specials feature Belizean favorites like escabeche, stewed gibnut, roast chicken w/rice n beans. Try curry, Creole or garlic seafood or grilled pork chops w/ sweet & sour sauce & more for dinner! Ph: 602-9302. Located along Main Road b/w Carol’s Cabanas & BTL, corner of Kubaaly Street.

The Purple Space Monkey Bar & Grill: Fun for all the family! Good eats, drinks, cocktails and exclusive purple and yellow ice cream. Don’t be a stranger. Come say hi to the monkey : ) Call: 523-3169

North of Airstrip DANUBE Restaurant, EAT – DRINK – RELAX in a romantic atmosphere. A/C indoor, lounge area outdoor. Austrian and International Specialties, fish and vegetarian dishes, great desserts, large wine menu & cigars. Dice your FREE Belikin beer between 4:30-6pm. Open MON - FRI from 4:30 pm. Ph: 610-0132,, visit

Green Parrot Restaurant: On the beach at Maya Beach. Our chef changes the menu daily and features a wide variety of local and international cuisine. We feature seafood and tropical dishes. For reservations call 5232488. Email:

Habanero Mexican Restaurant & Bar @ Robert’s Grove – Lagoon side Fiesta time! Casual and fun Habanero serves up Mexican food w/ a Belizean flair. Now open from 12 noon – 10pm. Dinner Pick-ups available 5233565!

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 28

Quarterdeck Restaurant & Bar at Laru Beya presents “Belizean Buffet Night” from 6:30 pm- 9 pm…with Live entertainment…Complimentary pick up and drop off within Placencia Village & Maya Beach...For reservations call 523-3476.

Singing Sands Inn: Enjoy the delicious cuisine and ambiance of the Bonefish Grille. Our open-air, full service restaurant located on the beach, specializes in traditional Asian, as well as Italian and French influenced dishes. Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials as well as Happy Hour Menu. Open 7 days a week. For reservations or more information call 533-3022 or email

Seaside Restaurant @ Robert’s Grove – Romantic Fine Dining with a world class menu and wine cellar. One of Belize’s most consistent restaurants quoted Fodor’s 2010 edition. The Seaside Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7 AM – 10 PM. Dinner Pick-ups available 523-3565! Sweet Mama’s @ Robert’s Grove – Belizean restaurant serving breakfast ($8), lunch ($10) and dinner ($12). Open Monday - Sunday, 7 AM to 8 PM.

The Placencia Hotel: Largest pool in Belize, complete with swim up bar and restaurant area. Main Dining Room in Air Conditioned, beach front building, with outdoor dining also available. Third restaurant and bar area at the end of The Great Pier. Four thousand foot pier head accommodates guest in the lap of luxury. Open every day. Beach Bar 10a.m.-7p.m. Pier Bar 10 a.m.-10p.m. Main Dining 6 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Call 533-4110 for pick up of any number over 4 guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Whipray Caye Lodge: see accommodation for info about our restaurant & bar.


Robert’s Grove Dive Center – Feeling adventurous?? Our PADI 5 star Dive Center offers daily snorkeling, diving and certification courses and boasts some of the tastiest lunches, best tour guides in the country, and ‘The Dorado’ our 48 ft. Pro Dive Boat! Nitrox and specialty Dive Courses available. Inland, Fishing, private charters, Whale Shark, Manatee, Monkey River and Inland tours also on the Tour Menu for more info call 523-3565! Seahorse Dive Shop: Offers SCUBA Certification, snorkeling, fishing, river trips & charters. Call Brian Young (office) 523-3166; (home) 523-3356; Email:; Website:

Singing Sands Inn offers inshore or offshore fishing excursions right off of our dock! Join us on our 31’ Cape Horn for a fantastic day of angling action. We can arrange any tour whether inland or water including Monkey River, Mayan Ruins, snorkelling, diving, and much more. Call 533-3022 or email

Splash Dive Center - PADI Proud Member. Experience Belize w/ Splash! Ph: 523-3058/3080 or 620-6649. Email visit Trip N Travel: Saltwater & Jungle Adventures. Tel: 523-3205 Email: Located on Main Street & Bruk Pat in Placencia Office Supply

SERVICES Chocolatier Goss Chocolate Goss Chocolate & cocoa powder made & sold exclusively

Placencia Peninsula Bars Barefoot Bar: Open everyday 11:30 am - midnight.! Located on the Main Road - the party never stops! Live music Thurs - Sun nights. Happy hour, lunch hour beer specials, largest drink menu around, full moon parties & more! Creative lunch/dinner specials. Barefoot Bar is all about Stiff Drinks - Tasty Food Good Times! Tel:523-3515. Follow us on Facebook!

J-Byrd’s: Local Bar by the Seaside docks. Open daily from 10am to 12pm. And live music every Friday’s Tel :523-3412

The Placencia Hotel: Three restaurants and three bars to better serve you. Margarita Monday with at least 10 different margaritas to tempt your taste buds!! Poolside open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pier Head bar 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Main Bars 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Drinks menu, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. happy hour on local rum mixes at Pier Head Bar, Ice Cold Belikin and a variety of Blended Mixes. Credit cards accepted. Phone 533-4110 for reservation for pick up of groups 4 or more.

in Belize. 100% organically grown Belizean cacao, Belizean cane sugar, whole vanilla bean. Now sold in fine stores, hotels, & restaurants on the Peninsula & throughout Belize. ph 523-3544

Health & Fitness Tony’s Gym/Belize Fit We have a small CrossFit Gym. By appointment only. Phone: 631-7427

Food Markets Wallen’s Market: Serving Placencia with fresh produce, dry goods, & specialty items. Wholesale/retail. Tel: 523-3128; Hardware Tel: 503-3316 or 523-3523; Pharmacy Tel. 523-3346. email Serving the peninsula for over 25 years!! Located across from the sport field.

Internet Access Placencia Office Supply: INTERNET, Printing, Stationary, SMART –


GimmeDalla, Sales, Collections. P. 523-3205 or

Above Grounds Coffee. Fresh roasted Guatemalan coffees, baked goods and juices. Shaded deck in a jungle setting. Across from Wendy’s Restaurant in the village. Daily 7am-4pm except Sundays 8am-noonFree high speed Wi-Fi with purchase, Skype friendly. Tel: 634 3212


Photography Muzamanzie Photography – contact us for wedding photographs, portraits, web & brochure photographs. Tel# 523-3563 or 603-5143 email:

Real Estate

Green Parrot Gift Shop: The in-place to shop on the peninsula. Featuring a wide variety of Belizean, Guatemalan, & Central American crafts.

Lola’s Art: In Seine Bight Village open from 7am-6pm. Phone 523-3342 Placencia Bazaar Gift Shop - simply the best! Original pottery, jewelry, arts and crafts...everything from souvenir spoons to Bazaar Art. Maya Island Air Agent. Located on the main street, next door to Scotia Bank. Summer hours: Open (most!!) every day 9am-1pm and again from 4pm-7pm and by appointment! Tel 523 4309.

Spectarte Art and Garden Gallery offers a cornucopia of art from Belizean artisans and designers . A delightful experience. closed Wednesday

excursions, Monkey River, fishing, Scuba Diving, Island to Island Kayaking, Maya Ruins, Cave Tubing or Fly fishing . We do special charters as well. We offer all new equipment, local guides and quality service. Call 533-4110 for booking. Fax: 533-4112, Email: Website:

533 8019

TOUR PROVIDERS Avadon Divers: Dive into Belize w/ our full service PADI Dive Centre in Placencia, just south of the airstrip. We have 5-Star all-inclusive packages for dive & snorkel trips that include new SCUBAPRO equipment. Our spacious 46' Newton Dive Special Boat features a restroom & fresh water shower. Our Instructors teach scuba for kids from ages 8 to 80 ☺, advanced courses & dive pro levels. We also offer jungle, cave & Mayan ruin adventure tours. Email: Website: Call us at 503- 3577 or 523-3577.

The Placencia Hotel: tour operators specializing in snorkeling tours, inland

CPC Real Estate Solutions - is your trusted real estate broker in Belize. We have over 20 years experience helping clients with their real estate transactions and take pride in assisting you with your property purchase. Please visit our office next to the tourism office or call us at 6729000 or visit: The Placencia Hotel : Beachfront & Beach view condominiums, Lagoon and Canal Front lots and homes with private boat docks in our planned, gated community, offering full service and amenities. Full on site management and rental through The Placencia Hotel for all of our property options. Please call 533-4110 or 533-4112 or email to meet with our agents and view our piece of paradise! Website:

Airlines Tropic Air: The Airline of Belize. Over 180 daily scheduled flights throughout Belize. Now flying nonstop to Honduras on Mon, Wed & Fri. Charters to remote and exotic places. For reservations call 523-3410.

Rentals (Golf Carts, Auto, Bicycles)

Sandhill Ltd: Rentals of reliable golf carts, bicycles, kayaks, and pedal boats. Hourly, daily or weekly rates available. Call 523-4017 or email

Singing Sands Inn: Rentals of reliable golf carts, bicycles, kayaks (including clear bottom), two person catamarans, snorkel gear and pedal boats by the hour, half day, full day or weekly. Located in Maya beach. Call 5333022 or email

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 29

(All photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)

For more carnival pictures visit:

The Placencia Breeze ‖ September/October 2012 ‖ Page 30

Shipping Service Your buying and shipping service from USA to Big Creek Port or by air contact: or USA 404.988.1300

Spa, Massage & Physical Therapy The Placencia Hotel: Our third floor lookout is the perfect spot to have your massage done!! We offer Swedish and Shiatzu Massage, facials, manicures & pedicure. Our treatments can be tailor made to suit any request. For reservation call 520-4110.

Sea Spa @ Robert’s Grove – Now offering Thai Massage, our Sea Spa is manned by professional therapists each w/ their own unique style. Treatments include; Several massage styles, Facials, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs/Polish, Reiki Energy, Sunburn Special, Coconut Hair Rinse and of course Manis & Pedis for Barefoot perfect feet! All treatments offered in our newly appointed oceanfront spa, at the end of our 250 ft pier or in a rooftop setting w/ panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea! For more info call 523-3565! Siripohn’s Thai Massage: Therapist from Thailand - Thai Massage, Essential Oil, Swedish, Jet Lag, Back & Shoulders, Foot Massage, Body Treatments, & Facial Treatments. Open 10 am to 6 pm. Call 620-8718 or 600-0375, email: - Kob Khun Ka.

Wedding Planning The Placencia Hotel: Our 90 rooms can easily accommodate your weddings quest, family and friends. The Placencia Hotel boasts the largest selection of onsite wedding and reception locations. You can choose from our spacious pool deck, extensive beach, scenic and spacious pier deck or thatched pier restaurants, dramatic and spacious third floor viewing deck or adjacent beachfront chapel, whichever is the perfect choice for you. We also offer our own on site full service Wedding Planner/Special Event Coordinator Tara Westby– Hotel Coordinator Please call: 520-4110, Fax: 520-4112 or email; or Website:

Robert’s Grove Beach Resort: Located on the Placencia Peninsula, a romantic off-the-beaten-path destination on the southern coast. Robert’s Grove is an intimate five-star resort that is ideal for Belize Beach Weddings, whether you want private ceremony for just you and your partner or if you want to bring family and friends. Contact our wedding planner Ms. Lea Itzab: or call us at 523-3565

CHURCHES St. John’s Memorial - Placencia Anglican (Episcopal) Church: Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. .

Ministries of the Son of God Church - Seine Bight Village Wednesday Bible Studies -6:30 pm, Thursday Youth Choir Practice - 6:30 pm, Friday Youth Night - 6:00 pm, Saturday Adult Choir Practice - 6:30 pm, Sunday Service - 8:30 am & Sunday Night Service - 6:30 pm. Reverend Don Palmer. Phone 523-3301 or email

Calvary Chapel of the Placencia Peninsula: Meeting in Seine Bight Village. Sunday Services: 10:30 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. (Sunday School provided). Wednesday: Men's and Women's Bible Study - 6:30 P.M. Friday: Youth Group - 5:30 P.M. Non denominational Church - Call Pastor Jim Mensie for more information: 523-3362

Seventh Day Adventists: Services Fridays at sunset; Saturdays 9:00 a.m. Lay ministers. U. Torres - Tel# 503 2270

Seine Bight Catholic Church: Services Sundays 8:00 a.m. Seine Bight Village. Lay ministers. Catholic (lay) - Mrs Dora. Williams Tel# 523 3527 or 523 3564 Worship Center: Bible Study – Wednesday 7:00 p.m. – until. Services: Sunday 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Non Denominational - Pst. Moore - Tel# 523 3333

GETTING AROUND De Express Boat: P. 626-8835. Departs Placencia Shell Dock- 9:30 a.m. Arrives Big Creek 10 a.m. Departs - 11:00 am. Arrives Puerto Cortez, Honduras, 2 pm. at Laguna. Return trip – Monday: Departs Puerto Cortez, Honduras 10 am. Arrives Big Creek 12 noon. Departs - 1:30 p.m. Arrives Placencia 2 pm. Tel: 523-4045. Tickets available at the Placencia Tourism Center for BZ$120. Hokey Pokey Boat: P. 523-2376. Placencia (MnM Dock) → Independence/Mango Creek: 6:45a.m, 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4 p.m, 5 p.m and 6 p.m. (except on Sundays). Independence/Mango Creek → Placencia: 6:30 a.m., 7:30a.m., 8a.m., 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30p.m, & 4:30p.m. Ritchie’s Bus: 523-3806. Placencia → Dangriga: Monday thru Saturday: 6 a.m.; 7 a.m.; 12:45 p.m.; 2:30 p.m. Sundays: 7 a .m.; 12:45 pm; 2:30 p.m. Dangriga → Placencia : Monday thru Saturday: 11 a.m.; 2 p.m.; 4:30 p.m.; 6 p.m. Sundays: 11 a.m.; 4:30 p.m.; 6 p.m. ADO: Leaves from Belize City at 7:30 p.m. to Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, Mexico. Tickets must be purchased at bus terminal in Belize City. Tropic Air: P. 523-3410 Maya Island Air: P. 523-3472

BANKING Atlantic Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 3 pm & Friday 8 am - 4 pm. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, & Plus. Phone: 523-3431. Belize Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 3 pm & Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express. Phone: 523-3144. Scotiabank Belize Ltd. Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 2:30 pm, Friday 8 am - 3:30 pm, & Saturday 9 am - 11:30 am. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, & Plus. Phone: 523-3277.

COMMUNITY NUMBERS Placencia Village Council: 523-3396 Placencia Water Board: 523-4036 Placencia Post Office: 523-3104 Seine Bight Village Council: 523-3660 Seine Bight Water Board: 523-3554 U.S. Warden, Stann Creek Rural: Deborah Coston, 624-6483

EMERGENCIES Belize Emergency Response Team: 223-3292 Placencia Medical Center: 503-3326 Seine Bight Medical Center: 523-3328 Independence Medical Center: 523-2167 Placencia Police Station: 503-3142 Seine Bight Police Station: 503-3148 Placencia Tourism Police: 503-3181 FIRE EMERGENCIES: 626-0667 PLACENCIA RULE 62 GROUP • ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS 9:30 A.M. SUNDAYS - OPEN MEETING AT THE PLACENCIA HEALTH CENTER. FOR INFO: 670-1255, 610-1441, 628-1143

PLACENCIA NAR-ANON (Narcotics Anonymous Family Groups)

The PBTIA thanks the Belize Bank for sponsoring Lobsterfest 2012 with $1,000!

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Courtesy of the Placencia BTIA


Habanero’s Mexican Café and Bar (Seine Bight)

All you can eat Mexican Buffet! Come try our Tequila Lime Pie. 7 to 9 p.m. Dinner Pick-ups available. P. 523-3565.

Yoli’s Bar (Placencia)

Rotary Club of Placencia meets at 12:30 p.m. P. 625-2763.


Barefoot Bar (Placencia)

Live Music w/ the Entertainers. Reggae, soca, salsa, punta and more. 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. P. 5233515


De Barcelona Tapas Bar (Placencia)

Live Jazz Music with Angela Suarez, Steven Fasano and Beau. 7 to 9 p.m. P. 660-0837

Barefoot Bar (Placencia)

Dance Party!! P. 523-3515

Purple Space Monkey Bar & Grill (Placencia)

Karaoke with Karl Lovell! Win Cash Prizes! P. 620-2140

Dawn’s Grill & Go (Placencia)

Fried Chicken Fridays for Lunch. (And regular lunch and dinner menu) P. 523-4079

Barefoot Bar

Barefoot Bash. Live music w/ house band 8:30 p.m. to midnight. P. 523-3515

The Placencia Hotel (North Maya Beach)

Karaoke starting at 8 p.m. P. 520-4110

J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar (Placencia)

Karaoke starting at 8 p.m. P. 503-3351

Quarter Deck Restaurant at Laru Beya Resort (Seine Bight)

Live music with Steve Fasano from 6 to 9 p.m.

De Barcelona Tapas Bar (Placencia)

Latin Night! Free salsa, cumbia and meringue lessons! 660-0837

Barefoot Bar (Placencia)

Barefoot Horseshoe Tournament at 4 p.m. Cash + Bar Tab Prizes. P. 523-3515

Barefoot Bar (Placencia)

Live Rock + Alternative music with Da Man in Da Shadz. 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. P. 523-3515

Robert’s Grove (Seine Bight)

Poolside Beach BBQ Buffet, 7 to 9 p.m. Live entertainment. Dinner Pick-ups available. P. 5233565.

Habanero’s Mexican Café and Bar (Seine Bight)

Paella Night. Complimentary glass of House Sangria for each diner. 6 to 9 p.m. Pick-ups available. P. 523-3565

Purple Space Monkey Bar & Grill (Placencia)

Trivia Quiz Night! Benefit for the Placencia Humane Society! Win Prizes! P. 620-2140

Yoli’s Bar (Placencia)

4 p.m. Placencia’s Famous Ring Game. P. 625-2763.

Barefoot Bar (Placencia)

Tropical Vibes Reggae Jazz Infusion. 6 - 10 p.m. P. 523-3515

J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar (Placencia)

Live music with Ben Bol and Orlando Betancourt from 8 p.m. to midnight. P. 503-3351

De Barcelona Tapas Bar (Placencia)

Live Jazz Music with Angela Suarez, Steven Fasano and Beau. 7 to 9 p.m. P. 660-0837

Danube Restaurant (Seine Bight)

Dice for your Belikin beer between 4.30-6pm: eg Dice “1” and pay just $1, dice “2” and pay just $2… or be lucky and dice “6” and get your Belikin beer for FREE. This special is available with a snack and/or dinner only. DANUBE is located just 100 yds north of Robert´s Grove. Open MON – FRI 4:30 - 6 p.m. Ph: 610-0132,, visit

Habanero’s Mexican Café and Bar (Seine Bight)

Sunset Happy Hour. 5 to 7 p.m. $10 Margaritas. $4 Beers. $4 Local Rum drinks. Cocktails on the lagoon after a hard week’s work. P. 523-3565

Robert’s Grove

Seaside Happy Hour and bar snacks. 4 to 6 p.m. $5 Local Beer and Rum Drinks. P. 523-3565

Quarter Deck Restaurant at Laru Beya Resort (Seine Bight)

Happy Hour 4 to 6 p.m.





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September-October 2012  

September Celebrations Pictorial and news from the Placencia Peninsula!

September-October 2012  

September Celebrations Pictorial and news from the Placencia Peninsula!