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Page 6 SFA’s Ladyjack Soccer hope to continue winning conference games Friday at Central Arkansas.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jacks Council encourages adopting a family By Mackenzie Herring Contributing Writer Jacks Council on Family Relations is encouraging all students and campus organizations to participate in its annual project, “Thanksgiving Homebound,” by donating items or adopting a family. “Thanksgiving Homebound” is a service project to provide local families in need with Thanksgiving dinner and family-friendly gifts. “Last year, with the help of other organizations, we were able to reach 31 families,” Briana Eagleton, vice president of Jacks Council on Family Relations, said. Organizations are urged to help by adopting a family, or multiple families, to ensure they have a well-fed Thanksgiving, as well as a happy one. Students who are not involved in any organizations may also get involved by donating non-perishable food items, toys, or money donations, and bringing them to the Office of High Impact Practices in the Nacogdoches Public Library. “We would really appreciate any support we could get from your organization,” Eagleton said. “This is a great opportunity for us to come together as a school to accomplish something really big.” Eagleton describes JCFR as a service-based organization and a student affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations specializing in service projects concerning family life. They’re, once again, teaming up with their adopted organization, Solid Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps local low-income families, to accomplish this service project. The organizations were able to reach 31 families last year, and Eagleton hopes to reach many more this year. “Not only did we provide dinners, but also, with a short description of the family we were given, we were able to give them family-friendly gifts as well,” Eagleton said. “The families really appreciated the gifts, and we are so excited to make it even bigger this year!” The organizations will be given a list of items to purchase necessary for a Thanksgiving dinner, according to the size of the family, along with a few gift ideas. The organizations participating will receive the list by Oct. 19, and the items will be due by 5 p.m. Nov. 12. If you or your organization would like to get involved, or get more information, contact Eagleton at 713-3550908, by Oct. 12, 2012.

National Hazing Week educates SFA students

According to an Alfred University study, half of the high school students involved in clubs or groups report being hazed. 43% of these students were subjected to humiliating activities, and 30% performed potentially illegal acts as part of their initiation. (Lydia Ness/ Google Images)

By Emily Jensen Contributing Writer


any people associate hazing with Greek Life thanks to movies and TV shows, often scaring new students away from the thought of joining a Greek organization. However, National Hazing Prevention Week and SFA have taken big steps to ensure that students don’t have to live in fear of being hazed. “Prior to hazing prevention week we had our risk management training,” Jonathan Elder, coordinator of student organizations and Greek life, said. “We visited with over 800 students, faculty and

staff in regards to hazing and talked about the law.” National Hazing Prevention Week occurs at the end of September, and this year was the week of Sept. 24—28. During that week, organizations were encouraged to show how hazing is not promoted and help bring awareness to what qualifies as hazing. “During the week we put fliers in the student organization mailboxes, making them aware within our fraternity and sorority community. We discussed what individual chapters can do, and I know a lot of the individual members on Twitter and Facebook put many pictures up.” Elder said. Hazing, page 2

RAD instills strength in college women By Sara Zavorka Staff Writer

Rape Aggression Defense training by UPD officers teaches self-defense tactics.

Volume 93 Issue 8

Next Publication: Monday, October 8, 2012

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The SFA University Police Department hosts the Rape Aggression Defense Systems (RAD) program, which teaches self-defense tactics and techniques which women may learn and then be able to implement if the situation calls for it. This is the only program ever to be endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). The Basic RAD course is free to all women ages 13 and up. This particular program is indeed a women-only course, and is taught by nationally certified instructors. Hands-on demonstrations will be shown and performed by the instructors, and the students will also be able to test out their newlylearned skills as well. Upon completion of the course, each student who attends is provided, with a workbook/reference manual that highlights the points they learned in the hands-on defense training. The material covered is not limited to defense

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training, however. Awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance topics are also discussed throughout the lecture. This particular program is nationally recognized and is dedicated to developing abilities to manage behaviors that may come on as aggressive and violent. It is not a martial arts lesson, but one of self-defense. Criminal Investigator Amanda Kennedy has taught with this program for the past four years. She notes that it is “hands-on and goes by really quickly. It is a big self-confidence and self-esteem booster, and just about everybody that has participated is happy about it.” RAD “shows women that they are able to do certain moves and be powerful, even when they didn’t realize they could,” Kennedy adds. Founder of this program, Lawrence N. Nadeau has claimed, “The RAD system is not for the weak at heart, or the conscientious objector. Our system is specifically designed for women who are willing to consider as a viable option, defense, in situations where their life is in jeopardy.” RAD, page 2



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Wall of Democracy expresses patriotism, knowledge By Elizabeth Gregory Contributing Writer The SFA’s Wall of Democracy in the Liberal Arts North Building is back for the Fall 2012 Semester. The Wall of Democracy is a campuswide effort for to engage students in a bi-partisan, civil awareness about U.S. issues. It is sponsored by American Democracy Project, “a multi-campus initiative focused on higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.” The Wall of Democracy began 10 years ago at Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis also known as IUPUI. Students and faculty at IUPUI wanted to take an unused space to provide an area for students to practice free speech on campus. What started as 10 black boards on a wall became a plaza for students to voice their opinions about government policy. Dr. Steven Galatas, SFA associate professor in political science, oversees SFA’s wall of democracy. Once every month, a new question is displayed for any students or faculty to answer anonymously. The questions range from amendments to the Constitution to new government policies such as the new health care bill. Each comment from the month’s question is kept in a permanent record. “We took the wall to Parents Day this (fall) semester, and had students and parents write their opinions on government policy. We plan on doing the same thing for Showcase Saturday,” Galatas said. This month’s question is “What part of the U.S. Constitution is most important today? Why? “ The board is located on the first floor of the Liberal Arts North Building for any student or faculty to express their opinions.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors coming to Mainstage By Cody Booth Contributing Writer SFA College of Fine Arts is presenting “Little Shop of Horrors,” a musical about a man-eating alien plant from outer space and his owner. The production of the musical is being coproduced by School of Music and School of Theatre, and it is part of the 2012-2013 College of Fine Arts’ University Series, “Expressions.” The show will take place at 7:30 p.m. from Oct. 9 through 13 at W.M. Turner Auditorium. Tickets for the show is $18 for adults, $12 for seniors and $6 for students. Tickets are available at the Box Office or by calling (936) 486-6407. Scott Shattuck, director of the School of Theatre and director of the show, said, “We needed something with a smaller cast than a traditional Broadway musical because we had to schedule the show very early in the year. We were looking for something that would appeal to large audiences of different generations while giving our theatre and music students exciting challenges to learn from.”

According to a press release, the pop hit musical — with book and lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken — "tells the hilarious story of a timid florist, Seymour, who discovers a unique plant that’s part Venus flytrap, part rock star and part serial killer." Dr. Stephen Lias, SFA professor of music and the show’s musical director said, “(It has) lots of great songs and a funny story line. Also, one of the biggest puppets you'll ever see onstage.” Before the performance on opening night, at 7 p.m., Dr. Alan Nielsen, professor emeritus in the School of Theatre, will present an informative talk about the musical and puppetry in the Griffith Gallery, which is located across the hall from the auditorium. Both Lias and Shattuck said there are many elements necessary to produce this musical. “No one element is harder than another, but coordinating them all into the show the audience finally sees... that is the real miracle and biggest challenge of live theatre,” Lias said Shattuck said, “There are so many elements and they need to come off seamless-

ly. Fortunately I've had three other directors with me all the time in rehearsal: Dr. Lias, our choreographer Juanita Finkenberg and a master puppeteer, Dr. Alan Nielsen, a retired theatre professor that's been guiding the performers that are creating the 'body' and voice of the giant man-eating plant.”

Letter to the editor: Dear Editor, I’d imagine that many students were as disturbed as I was when I first learned of the t-shirts being sold by Alpha Phi Alpha in front of the Baker Pattillo Student Center. I’d prefer not to repeat what the shirt says, I’ll just leave it at it contains an inartfully obscured version of a profane word and then a reference to our rival school who we play this weekend. I find a number of things about this situation disappointing. The first is that I saw a few students buying this shirt. That means that they will wear it to the game on Saturday. I wonder if those who buy this shirt will think about how this represents us to Sam Houston. It does not make us look smart and it does not make us look classy. And the word, “classy” has become a hallmark of our reputation over the last few years. I was so impressed by the response of our students two years ago when

confronted with shirts made by some Sam Houston students that read, “SFA Girls Are Ugly.” Our response, to make signs and shirts which say, “SFA Girls Are Classy.” It’s such a terrific embodiment of The SFA Way, which encourages us to “…command respect and treat others with respect.” It also holds a mirror to the students who made these shirts without stooping to their level. These new shirts have just the opposite effect. Many students have come to my office to complain. I share with them that while I am also offended by the shirt, for me to act, I would do so as an employee of the State of Texas. Therefore, what I do, I do AS the State of Texas. Your constitutional right to free speech is not abridged because you are a college student. Alpha Phi Alpha has the right, to sell their shirt. However, they also have an obligation to use these rights responsibly. I wonder how the Alpha’s be-

lieve that these shirts are within their values espoused by their organization. Or how they would have been seen by one of the most prominent Alpha’s, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said that “Intelligence plus character…is the goal of true education.” Pierre Forni wrote, “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” Unfortunately, that is what this t-shirt represents to me. I hope that students will join me in upholding one of the most important responsibilities of The SFA Way, “to hold each other accountable when we fail to live our values.” Only then can we aspire to be more, and fulfill the full potential of The SFA Way. Sincerely, Adam Peck, Ph.D. Dean of Student Affairs

RAD, From page 1 The UPD Chief of Police, Marc Cossich, actually initiated this program after he had seen it be so successful at the previous schools he has worked at. This course is, again, free, and may be repeated as many times as one would like to strengthen skills and especially confidence. In fact, one girl in particular has managed to make it to every single class this semester. If one doubts that which is meant to save their life, the chance of risk rises and the chance of survival will probably decrease. Though it is a lot of new material to learn from one session, it is almost guaranteed that each woman who takes the class will walk away with not only something new, which may be used as a form of self-defense, but also with a renewed bit of self-confidence.

In the reference manual, rape is described as dropping a pebble into a pondvisible at first, but diminishes over time until society forgets completely, leaving the pebble scathed and forever alone. “The forgotten pebble is yesterday’s rape, tomorrow’s statistics.” According to statistics taken around April, which is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, between 20% and 25% of women will experience rape during their college career, whether attempted or completed. More than half of those victims never once speak of their incident. The RAD program is designed to help drop those numbers and so to prevent fellow classmates from becoming mere statistics. The next RAD class is scheduled to take place Wednesday, October 12 at 5 pm, at the UPD office.

Hazing, From page 1 SFA has a strict policy on hazing, with serious penalties such as the organization being fined or the school not recognizing the organization anymore. The school defines hazing as “any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off organization premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.” “During risk management training we provide a sample risk management policy and hazing is a part of that. In addition to that when they sign the attendance card, on the back of that is SFA’s hazing statement, so all of our student leaders and advisers sign that and are aware of that as well,” Elder said. There haven’t been any hazing issues at SFA recently, but in 2007 there was an incident with the fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma and hazing rituals, causing the fraternity to be suspended for a certain amount of time. “There was a hazing accusation and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and UPD did an investigation and found them guilty. We immediately removed their organization from campus,” Elder said. “We started working with their national office and with their alumni board and put together a plan to get them reinstated.” With the help of the alumni and national members, the chapter went through and changed their image. The officers looked at each member to determine if they could stay in the organization, making sure that each member would be a good representative of the fraternity. “Last spring they presented to the Dean and were granted reinstatement. And now, honestly, it looks like a completely different chapter than it did three years ago.”

Elder said. While things ended on a good note for Sigma Tau Gamma, there have been multiple stories in the past about students dying from alcohol poisoning and beatings that organizations have done. Hazing isn’t just limited to Greek Life; it can take place in any club or activity, including sports teams. Not too long ago a story broke about a student in the Florida A&M University’s marching band that died because of hazing and now the band is suspended for the academic year. The student was a drum major who took place in a ritual where other students in the band beat him with drum sticks and other objects as he tried to exit a bus. Stories like this don’t stop hazing though, and in the past year many stories have come to light regarding hazing, including cases from Florida A&M University, Texas Southern University, the University of Iowa and many other colleges, high schools and sports teams. National Hazing Prevention Week is sponsored by the group HazingPrevention. org, a website devoted to end hazing all together. The site has ways to become involved and how to spot hazing. It also provides stories of people who have been hazed in the past and how it affects their lives today. SFA is aware that hazing happens in colleges, and the fact that the University has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to hazing has been demonstrated in the past. Any student is encouraged to report hazing to the SFA hotline, even if the hazing is happening to another student that they know. The tips are anonymous and appreciated, and the SFA hazing hotline is 936-468-8888.




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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Best Spiderman yet By Caleb Harris Contributing Writer Hello true believers! Some of you might think since it has barely been ten years since “Spiderman 3” swung into theaters that it’s a little soon to reboot the series. However, I believe that Marc Webb’s very different approach to the wall-crawling hero of New York puts this new Spiderman film into its own “amazing” category. This time around, Peter Parker has been brought back a little closer to his origins, with him being a full-fledged high school student. Also, Parker actually invents his own web shooters, versus the natural webbing in Sam Rami’s film. This helps showcase one aspect of the character of Peter Parker that Rami didn’t touch on much: that he is a bit of a science genius. Another part of the character that Andrew Garfield did a wonderful job of was bringing out Parker’s sarcastic humor that he would often employ to distract and disorient his enemies. Both of these things help make this Spiderman a little more true to the cannon of the comics, something fans like me appreciate. The love interest for Parker this time is Gwen Stacy, his original girlfriend in the comics before Mary Jane Watson ever came into the picture. Emma Stone does a brilliant job in the role, and the chemistry between her and Garfield has all the cute awkwardness of first love. All the casting choices were well done, from Aunt May and Uncle Ben (Sally Field and Martin Sheen


respectively) to Rhys Ifans who gave a nice subtle menace to Dr. Curt Connors (aka the Lizard). One of the best aspects of this film was the visual representation of Spiderman’s heroics. From the breathtaking web-slinging sequences to the fluid motion of his fighting style, Webb’s Spiderman truly does what a Spiderman can, in the best way I have seen it done yet. ‘Nuff said.

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Puzzle by

Level of Difficulty:


The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit, as must every column and every 3x3 square. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing.

Review: Looking for a girls’ night out movie?

Look in the next issue for the answers.

By Katelynn Wiggins Staff Writer “Magic Mike” is the perfect girls’ night out movie: five smoking hot guys dancing around for almost two hours, who could ask for more? Sudoku puzzle sponsored by Student Activities Association Keep in mind that the movie is rated R before going to see it. While I found the movie extremely entertaining, it is a bit risduces him to the world of stripping. You know there has to be a love qué. story in there somewhere, so Magic Mike falls in love with the kid’s Staring Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey (hey hey sister. hey), Alex Pettyfer and Joe Manganiello this movie is bursting with Come to find out, spoiler alert, the kid gets involved with testosterone and sex appeal. Tatum has every girl’s heart with all the wrong crowd, surprise surprise, and starts selling drugs. of the sappy romance roles he has played in the past. Now we get Meanwhile, Magic Mike must decide whether he will keep living a chance to see how, supposedly, Tatum got his start in show busi- this fantasy or face reality to get the girl. ness as Magic Mike. Is it just me, or is this way too much plot for a movie that Manganiello has shown off his body in the HBO series True was supposed to be about good-looking male strippers? No need Blood, but never like this before. His name in the movie is Big Dick to worry, there is a fair amount of male dancing in the movie that Richie and the producers don’t let you forget it. keeps the crowd gasping throughout most of the night. The movie follows Magic Mike’s life as a male dancer. He When it comes to girls’ night out, this movie has you covpicks up a kid from a construction site he is working on and intro- ered.

Review: New Borderlands poses better than the original By Robert Key Staff Writer

to levitate enemies in mid-air. Finally, there is Zer0, the Assassin who uses Deception to deploy a decoy of himself and become When “Borderlands” was first released invisible. in Fall 2009, it was merely another game, Although weapon proficiencies have but with time “Borderlands” slowly gained been removed and characters do not spean immense following due to its distinctive cialize with a specific type of gun anymore, looting experience. Though “Borderlands” each character still feels unique and plays was an incredibly fun and addicting shoot- differently. There is a level system where er-RPG hybrid, it had its notable flaws, but each time you rise in rank, you earn a point with “Borderlands 2,” Gearbox Software that can be used towards your skill tree, aimed to fix previous problems while build- which grants various perks to your characing upon what made its predecessor. ter. There are also challenges you can comAt the end of the first “Borderlands,” plete in the game that build up points to use four Vault Hunters were able to open the tokens that act as permanent upgrades for mystical Vault on the planet Pandora only your character. to find a colossal monster and no treasure. Like the characters and their individual However, opening the Vault and defeat- abilities, the game’s weapons and equiping the monster caused Pandora to pro- ment are even more extensive with the duce a rare alien element called Eridium. biggest variety in design and stats in the Evidence also began to surfaces towards history of gaming. New guns can be acthe existence of another Vault even greater quired by killing enemies, reaching the than the first. As a result, Vault Hunters end of a cave full of monsters and discoverand Handsome Jack, leader of the weapon’s ing a big loot chest, or simply purchasing manufacturer corporation Hyperion as well them from a vending machine. All weapons as the story’s main villain, are on a race to can even be viewed in a 3D model. If you reach the newly discovered Vault. can find three other friends to play with You will play as one of four Vault online or one other friend locally (they Hunters. Axton, the Commando, can use a have also added playing local splitscreen huge turret to assist him in battle. Salvador, online), the loot will be much better than the Gunzerker, can duel wield any two if you played alone. However, the enemies weapons. Maya, the Siren, uses Phaselock will be tougher and have greater numbers. Besides, Borderlands in general is a lot more fun to play with friends. With over 500,000 unique weapons and equipment (you read that correctly), it is difficult to not get a happy feeling when you stumble Baker Pattillo October 4, 5, 7 upon a new weapon that Student Center suits your play style. It $1 Students keeps the game exhilarat$2 Faculty-Staff ing and constantly feeling

SAA Cinema Presents

The Amazing Spider Man

Rated PG-13 • 7 p.m. $3

Magic Mike

Rated R • 9:30 p.m. SAA Movie Line 936.468.6554 Brought to you by SAA

fresh no matter how many times you have played through the game. Another refreshing force in “Borderlands 2” is the world of Pandora and its inhabitants. The environments and enemies/ non-player characters (NPCs) have been improved in every possible way. Instead of the same junkyard, barren wasteland setting we got in the first “Borderlands,” there are now a few different environments including snowing surfaces and lava lands accompanied with framerates that rarely drop, refined textures, brighter colors, and overall better graphics. To explore Pandora, you can travel by foot, drive a vehicle, or use fast travel to instantly teleport to an area. Thankfully navigating through Pandora is easier now with a new mini-map in the top right corner of the screen. Fortunately, there are more vehicle choices this time around with new appearances that can be unlocked through quests. However, the driving does not feel as smooth as it did in the first “Borderlands.” Vehicles now have a drift mechanic, but the mechanic and controlling the vehicle in general is too difficult and it made my desire to explore Pandora frustrating rather than adventurous. When I am not feeling frustrated with the driving, I listen to NPCs conversing. To say that NPCs have more personality and humor in this game is an understatement. Every important character is practically insane with some of the most bonkers dialogue I have ever heard in a game, but it is all hilariously twisted. Though I was not able to complete the story in time – which should say how lengthy the game is – I can definitely say that Gearbox stuck to their word in saying there would be a better story. It does not feel like the first Borderlands where you were dumped on a random planet in search of treasure and that was the entire story.

There are motivations as to why characters are fighting Handsome Jack and vice versa, which gives more depth to not only the plot, but the game’s characters as well. Besides, with all of the sidequests available, one could easily stray away from the story. With thousands upon thousands of more guns, hours and hours of gameplay, fun co-op with friends and other major improvements to something that was already a blast (pun intended), the real challenge with “Borderlands 2” is to put it down and find a way to stop playing it. It’s a game that is well worth your hard-earned cash and time, especially if you loved the first game. “Borderlands 2” rightfully earns 9.5 axe handles out of 10. Twitter: @Robbie_Key_V


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True fans stand by their team By Emily Jensen Contributing Writer


chool spirit is something SFA prides itself on having. There are axe handles, Purple Ha ze and an awesome assortment of activities for Lumberjacks to go and cheer for. But what some Emily Jensen SFA fans aren’t Contributing Writer good at is standing behind our team and cheering them on if the game goes south and we lose. SFA has great athletic teams, so it’s easy to join in and support when our teams are doing great. But when it comes to the beginning of football season and we see our boys haven’t managed to get top score yet, a lot of fans turn their backs. Our team started out with a great win against Southwestern Oklahoma but went through a slump with SMU, Montana State and Texas State. During that time, a lot of people stopped supporting our Jacks. Then people start criticizing our team. I’ve heard people saying that we suck, or criticizing the 6-5 season we had last year, and even putting all the blame on Brady Attaway for the losses this season. I thought we were better than that. During this weekend, SFA played an amazing game against Central Arkansas. It was cold, it was raining and the field

was like a pond, but our team kept playing and won by a score of 42-37, beating Central Arkansas, who had just defeated Sam Houston the weekend before. The fans who stayed for the game were screaming and yelling, even though it was freezing outside. Purple Haze never stopped heckling and taunting Central Arkansas, and the band never stopped playing, even marching during half-time in ponchos. School spirit is more about winning and losing; it’s about staying behind our teams even if they haven’t won. All of our teams put so much work and dedication into the game that no matter the outcome, they’ve all done their job.

Is the sky really the limit? By Bianca Patterson Contributing Writer

There is something I need to get off my chest, something that I have been trying to remain silent about but no longer can. I saw the saying “The Sky’s the Limit” written across someone’s chest and all I can think is that I feel sorry for that individual and for the people who read the message and believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad nor do I blame the individual that promotes a message that limits the mind and soul. I hate when people tell kids “the sky’s the limit” to try and “encourage” them.

It’s as if they don’t think about what they are saying. Just think about it: saying “the sky’s the limit” is like telling someone that they are limited to life. I mean, I know it was all for a good cause, and I hate to tell them they didn’t do such a good job, but kudos to them for trying. I totally get it: the saying was meant to inspire and encourage people to do more, but it was also meant to show that we should not limit ourselves. It is crazy how the word “limit” is the last word you speak or read. I also think it’s crazy that people actually believe that “the sky is the limit”; if that was the case, then where would faith fall into our lives? I believe there is some-

thing greater beyond the clouds, because if the sky is as far as I can go, then there is no point in dreaming or having faith because that means I am limited in what I can do and where I can go. So it reminds me that I am not limited to anything. Now as far as where to find inspiration, what’s better than a higher power? (Yes I am talking about church). Last week’s struggle taught me how to move with burdens on my back. Because even when I wanted to drop everything, pack my things and go home, what tomorrow could hold kept me going. For the first time in a while, I took advantage of something that’s always been within my reach — church. I made church my place that I can go, not just when I am down and out, but the place I can go when I want to dance. Dance for how I made it over

So get up, suck it up and stop complaining. Support our Jacks for working as hard as they do. There’s always something to celebrate and even if we don’t win we can always celebrate the fact that we’re not Bearkats. Win or lose, I know I’m going to be at the Battle of the Piney Woods supporting my team and that my Jacks will always out-class Sam Houston any day. I hope students show more respect for the teams and the players and come to cheer on our boys at the game this weekend in Reliant Stadium. Shake that Bearkat! Emily Jensen is a junior journalism major and contributing writer at The Pine Log.

and through all the stereotypes. Dance for how I managed to silence the negative whispers. Church taught me that, even with my flaws, I can jump over the moon. It reminds me that I am not limited to anything. I just need to pick myself back up and lift my head up and say, “I can do this. I know I can do this!” no matter what the situation is. Even as a college student I have my rises and falls, but sometimes our falls or failures can hurt more than we ever imagine. So find a place that you can go get relief from all the things that come at you, but also gain strength because when you walk out those doors it’s back to reality. Bianca Patterson is a journalism major and contributing writer at The Pine Log.

What I love about SFA... “I love the feel of this small country town. It’s small and full of trees; it’s just great.” ­— Amethyst Sanders

Axes up to the SFA Football team being 1-0 in conference play. Good luck to the Lumberjacks as they face Sam Houston Saturday.

This year we’ve had great women’s soccer and volleyball teams, capturing mostly wins and showing great sportsmanship. But I’ve seen some students who have jumped on the bandwagon, but stop supporting the teams when they lose. We should not be bandwagon fans of our own teams. Students need to stop having the mentality that they should only support the team when they win. We owe it to our athletes, the coaches and all of the other staff to have purple pride and support our teams when they lose. Years ago, the football team faced a 0-12 season and then came back to take the title of Southland Conference champions, twice.

Axes down to the infestation of bugs in the dorm rooms. Can we designate some of the tuition to pest control?

“I love how it provides so many organizations, allows us to be individuals, and express ourselves through these organizations. They give everybody a chance to be a leader.” —Chassidy Gipson Axes up to October and the beginning of fall. Time for students to break out sweaters and scarves.

“I like how the teachers want to help and push us to succeed.” —Lindsey Mosley “I love the number of homosexuals and the diversity on campus.” —Nessa Mcvea Want your fellow Lumberjacks to know what you love about SFA? Send an e-mail to and tell us what you value about your University.

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Fuzzy’s Tacos offers college atmosphere REVIEW By Katelynn Wiggins Staff Writer

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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a restaurant with good food, good prices and a great atmosphere. Fuzzy’s puts a twist on classic southwest cuisine; they have tacos, burritos, salads and breakfast, served all day. The best meal for the money is the Baja Tacos. You can pick soft or hard shell, the type of meat and the toppings you want. Fuzzy’s classic topping combination is lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, cilantro and garlic sauce. Two tacos, chips and a drink cost less than $10. This is by far the best meal in the house. The atmosphere at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is similar to that of a sports bar, but much more laid back. Customers place their order at the counter and pick up their food when their number is called. This alleviates the need for a waitress and also the need to tip. There are booths, tables and high top tables inside and a patio outside as well. There are televisions to catch the game or watch the news. Fuzzy’s space is very accommodating to large groups. Tables can easily be pulled together so more people can sit together. The restaurant is an appealing place to get a bunch of friends together to watch the game, hang out and eat for a decent price. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a franchise that originated in Fort Worth. There are more than 40 stores nationwide. The restaurant is located at 4909 North St. and is open 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

staff was nice, the food even better, and the restaurant was clean. All in all, the service at Fish Place is some of the best in town, and every student deserves to taste some New Orleans dishes from the restaurant. I recommend the po’boys and the fish tacos, but I’m sure everything on their menu is tasty. On the popular reviewing website, Yelp, Fish Place has earned a 4.5 stars out of five, with reviewers who said they would go back for more. Other websites have positive

reviews for the place, with other sources willing to make another trip for the food. Fish Place is also a fairly new trend; its first opening was in Houston in 2005. With over 20 stores, the food has become a phenomenon and has been featured in locations around the Houston area. If a person needs to contact Fish Place or view their menu online, their website is, or call 936-5642922.

Fish Place brings New Orleans to Nac REVIEW By Emily Jensen Contributing Writer Head down North Street and what do you see? Restaurants, fast food and an assortment of tastes and flavors from left to right. This includes the New Orleans-inspired cuisine at the new restaurant, Fish Place. The Fish Place, 1302 North St., hasn’t been in Nacogdoches long—not yet a year—and has so far received rave reviews. I’m here to report that all the good news is true: the food is good, the people are good and the atmosphere is good. The Fish Place specializes in seafood and Cajun food, bringing the New Orleans style to Nac. While fish is the main focus, there are also options for those who would prefer chicken. In case a person wants to bring children, there’s also a kids’ menu that features popcorn shrimp, a cheeseburger, fish fingers and chicken fingers. Unlike other food places, there isn’t a long wait for food after ordering, and the food isn’t too expensive, either. A typical entrée can cost from $4 to $12. The food also comes in a large serving size, making it a good deal. The people who work there are friendly, sometimes checking on customers to make sure they’re satisfied. Also, the restaurant only serves high-quality food, encouraging a lot of customers to come back for more. When I’ve gone to Fish Place, the atmosphere has been relaxed and centered on the theme of New Orleans. The

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Student hosts “Walking for the Homeless” benefiting GODTEL By Bianca Patterson Contributing Writer There is something about a man who seems to have nothing at all that makes you want to know his story, why society treats him like he is not a human being at all. Jeffery Cooks, senior, is taking a stand to show there is nothing just about how the homeless are treated.

On Saturday, Sept. 29, Cooks hosted an event, “Walking for the Homeless,” because of his experience being homeless in high school. Cooks said he came about the idea a year ago and knew he wanted an event that was going to be beneficial. “The idea was to support the homeless, show them that we care and raise money for the different groups benefiting the homeless such as GODTEL,” Cooks said.

He explained that he had a hard time getting things in order because of the lack of help, but it wasn’t an issue after he became the president of Impact, a Christian, an organization he found with people that were willing to help and support his plan of homeless awareness. “Not only did I want to raise awareness throughout the community but also on campus,” Cooks said. He added that different organizations came out and supported this event, showing that they were aware and wanted to help by being involved. The fact that it was raining did not stop Cooks from hosting this event.

“The rain worked in our favor; people needed to know that there is nothing comfortable about being homeless,” he said. Supporters walked 1.3 miles in the rain because, regardless of the situation, the event had to go on. Cooks said there were actually homeless people there from GODTEL who appreciated this act of kindness. “It is not the last time we will be holding this event,” Cooks said. “I want everyone to jump on board.” He also said that he would like to expand the awareness to Houston and Dallas.

Jocelyn Stephens/Pine Log Photo Walking for the Homeless helped raise awareness for community groups benefiting homeless people.





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SFA Soccer on fire, hopes to stay undefeated in conference play The SFA Ladyjacks will look to continue their hot start in conference play with two road contests this weekend, starting Friday at Central Arkansas (83-1, 0-1-1) followed by a Sunday 2 p.m. match at Northwestern State (5-6-1, 0-0-1). One day after being rained out, the Ladyjack Soccer team showed little to no rust in a critical 5-0 victory over new Southland Conference foe Oral Roberts Monday afternoon at the SFA Soccer Field. SFA (9-3-0, 2-0-0) got big offensive performances from both senior midfielder Kylie Louw and sophomore forward Zuri Prince, both of which scored two goals apiece along with another goal from senior forward Laura Sadler. The Ladyjacks lead the all-time series against Central Arkansas with a 4-1-1 record. Last season SFA defeated the Bears 6-0 in Nacogdoches. UCA is led by junior forward Adriana Lucar, who leads the Bears with 14 goals and has tallied 30 points. The Peru, Lima native has a .389 shot%. Senior goalkeeper Kelsey Gochnauer has allowed six goals while collecting 23 saves and has faced 58 total shots. SFA has owned the all-time series against the Lady Demons, holding a

15-6-4 all-time record and have won 9 of the past 10 matches including three straight. Last season the the Ladyjacks defeated the Lady Demons 5-0. Junior forward Yanci Johnson leads the team with six goals and 13 points. Freshman goalkeeper Brooke Bourbonaise has already allowed 19 goals this season but just two in the past six contests. Following their 5-0 win over Southeastern Louisiana, the Ladyjacks for a second straight week come in ranked No. 9 in the NSCAA Central Region. Senior midfielder Kylie Louw is currently third in the nation in both total assists (8) and assists per game (0.8). The South Africa native set a schoolrecord with 13 assists in 2011 and is on pace to break that record this season. Louw is also now just four points away from tying the all-time SFA points record held by Amanda Alders with 91. The Ladyjacks have allowed just seven goals combined in their first 12 games, the fewest of any team in the Southland Conference thus far. SFA has recorded seven shutouts and currently boasts the 5th-best shutout percentage (0.727) in the nation and are 23rd in goals-against average (0.636). The Ladyjacks have now won 20

straight home contests dating back to 2009 with their last loss coming against UTEP on Sept. 3, 2010 (2-1 OT). Even more impressive the Ladyjacks have not lost a Southland Conference home match since Oct. 11, 2009. SFA holds an all-time record of 93-36-12 in home games, but that mark is even better at the current venue. Since moving from Homer Bryce Stadium to the SFA Soccer Complex for the 2003 season, the Ladyjacks are 62-9-5 in home contests. Against Southland Conference foes, SFA is a very tough 36-4-3 at the Soccer Complex. With their win over Oral Roberts on 9/30/12, SFA clinched yet another season with at least nine wins and another winning season. It marked the 10th consecutive season for the Ladyjacks to pick up at least nine victories and was the program’s ninth straight winning season. The last time an SFA squad failed to reach the ninewin plateau was 2002, also the last time the Ladyjacks posted a losing season (7-9-4). The SFA women’s soccer program has brought an unprecedented six Southland Conference regular-season championships back to Nacogdoches. That total is nearly half of the 14 possi-

Piney Woods Battle draws Lumberjack faithful to Houston’s Reliant Stadium By Jessie Payton Contributing Writer As the SFA Lumberjacks prepare for their big return to Houston for the third time to play the Sam Houston State University Bearkats at Reliant Stadium, SFA students are busy preparing themselves for the excitement of watching their team reclaim the title at the Battle of the Piney Woods. Since the opening of this year’s conference play, the Jacks are 1-0 with a win against the University of Central Arkansas last week. The Bearkats are 0-1 with a loss to UCA, making for what many are hoping will be an intense game during the secondoldest rivalry in Texas. There is still time to get tickets on campus. Tickets are being sold at the Information Desk in the BPSC and at the box office. For the students who feel like they are running out of time to get their tickets for this weekend’s game, the SFA Ticket Office has extended its hours to 6 p.m. through Thursday. Prices will still range from $15 to $38 and can be purchased online at or by calling the ticket office at 936-468-JACK. Many fans are making the trip to Reliant for the first time. “Every year I’ve always wanted to go, but none of my friends really wanted to drive to Houston and find a place to stay,” junior Hillary Womack said. “But this year I get to go with some great people and enjoy watching the Jacks defeat those Kats. Plus I will finally see what Houston is all about.” Other students are deciding to support their team by staying in Nacogdoches and cheering from their living rooms and dorm rooms. True Lumberjack fans will not only support the football team but also the Ladyjack Soccer team as it takes on Central Arkansas at UCA and the volleyball team, which will be at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. “Since getting a job this year, I won’t be able to go to Houston and enjoy the game with my family,” senior Bree Clark said. “So I’ve decided that I won’t let that get in the way of me keeping up with our teams. “I’ve got my phone loaded with every app I could think of that will help me track football, volleyball and soccer,” she said. “The only thing I will have to worry about is getting caught at work on my phone. Good thing my supervisor is a Lumberjack fan.”

Volleyball looks to bounce back after loss against UCA After seeing its seven-match win streak come to a halt on Saturday at the hands of Central Arkansas, the Ladyjacks have a great opportunity to jump back on their feet this weekend with a pair of difficult road matches at Sam Houston State and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. SFA still sits in a tie for first place in the Southland Conference, but will open up the week by facing Sam Houston State for the second time in just over two weeks and will be looking for its first win in Huntsville since the 2007 season. They will then travel to Corpus Christi for a date with the Islanders, a team which took the Ladyjacks to five sets on their home floor last season and are the only squad to have handed Central Arkansas a conference loss to this point. Fans are encouraged to follow along with SFA Volleyball and SFA Athletics as a whole via SFA’s social media sites on Facebook (SFA Athletics) and Twitter (@SFA_Athletics). Up-to-the minute match updates, as well as the latest news can be found via these outlets from all home matches and selected road matches. The Ladyjacks certainly have a home-court advantage when it sets foot on the Shelton Gym floor, but has been equally good away from Shelton. SFA is 9-2 away from home, but more impressively, is 5-0 when playing in true road games. That is a stark contrast from the last three seasons when the Ladyjacks struggled on the road, going just

13-23 in true road contests. Jill Ivy has been stellar in her sophomore year, averaging 3.20 kills per set and earning all-tournament honors twice. She’s put down at least 10 kills in 16 of 18 matches on the year, right where she left off last season when she closed out the year with at least 10 in five of her last six matches of the season. One of those nights was a 21-kill effort in a win over South Dakota, and she nearly equaled that on Tuesdsay with 18 in a five-set win over Sam Houston. Should she finish the season with a kills average above 3.00 per set, she would join MC Bottles as just the second Ladyjack to average at least 3.00 kills per setsince 2008. True freshman Cara Leslie is beginning to make a case for the league’s freshman of the year honor after taking her second Southland Conference player of the week award on Monday. She had already won an offensive weekly honor for her performance at the Chilly Fillmore’s Invitational, but most recently was awarded a defensive honor after averaging 1.88 blocks per set last week. The bulk of that came from a 12-block performance in a five-set loss to Central Arkansas, the most blocks any player in the SLC has had this year. The dozen rejections also ranks as the fifth most blocks in a single match in SFA history. Sophomore setter Paige Holland has made tremendous strides this season and the numbers reflect just that. The sophomore from Magnolia is currently averaging 10.07 college ski & boArd week breckenridge • Vail • beaver creek keystone • Arapahoe basin


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assists per set and is in line to become just the second Ladyjack setter since 2007 to average at least 10 assists per set. Recently she passed Sunni Williams to move into sixth all-time at SFA in assists and needs just 81 more to reach 2,000 for her career. Senior libero Madison Hanlan is off to a great start to her final season, earning all-tournament honors at both the UTA Invitational and UND Classic, as well as capturing the Southland’s initial Defensive Player of the Week honor, the fourth of her career. In the midst of that, she has moved into second place all-time at SFA in digs and has now totaled 1,899 digs for her career. She needs 101 to join Stephanie Figgers as just the second Ladyjack to total 2,000 digs for her career. Hanlan has averaged no less than 4.24 digs per set each season to date and if she does that again, she will also join Figgers with four seasons that rank in SFA’s top 10. The Ladyjacks found themselves against a wall in the Butler Classic in Indianapolis, down 2-1 to the Indiana Hoosiers of the Big 10. But SFA rallied to knot the match 2-2 and then clawed back from a 10-3 deficit in the fifth set to take the match. The win was SFA’s first ever volleyball win in three tries vs a Big 10 opponent, as well as SFA’s first-ever win over a Big 10 school in any sport. At the UND Classic the Ladyjacks had a pair of hitters go over the 20-kill mark in a match, beginning with Jill Ivy’s 21 scores vs South Dakota and followed one match later by Katzy Randall’s 21 in a win over North Dakota. Each of them did that once as freshmen last season while the Ladyjacks had just three 20-kill performances as a team for the year. That gives SFA five 20-kill outings in the past two years after not having a single 20-kill match from an individual since 2007. SFA had to dig deep to pick up its win over South Dakota, falling behind 2-0 before ralling to knock off the Coyotes 3-2. It was the first time since the final match of 2010 vs Lamar in which the Ladyjacks dropped the first two sets before coming back to pick up the win. SFA has five such wins in five seasons since 2008.


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