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How Stories Ignite A Positive Change in Our Own Lives

By Christina Rowsell, The Brighter Side

RADIO IS TRULY “THEATRE OF THE MIND”. As guardians of the airwaves, radio personalities play a critical role in creating that special connection with their audience. In Calgary, Alberta, CHRISTINA ROWSELL USES THE POWER OF STORYTELLING ON HER DAILY SHOW TO EMPOWER AND INSPIRE PEOPLE TO LIVE ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE. We invited Christina to share her personal story to explain why she is so passionate about sharing positive stories that can enrich the lives of her listeners.

We all have it within us to find our calling. TO FOLLOW

was to make people laugh, smile and forget about their


problems. I said to myself “I can do that.” And so I did.

a matter of listening to the signs, the sounds, and the gifts of the Universe. But not everyone is open to listen-

One of my proudest moments in radio was a syndicated

ing. And sometimes it’s a matter of going back through

show that I hosted across Canada called “Christina At

your own life’s stories to know what that calling is.

Night”. It was a call-in show and the theme was “The Soundtrack Of Your Life”. I wasn’t really given any

At a very young age I knew I had to be heard. I grew

direction on what to do on the show other than, “just

up with divorced parents who both remarried and

be yourself.” Callers phoned in to say hi, to dedicate

instantly introduced a new extended family. On top of

a song and just to be heard. I remember a young girl

that, I was the only girl. I wasn’t about to sit still or quiet

calling every night and asking me if I could just cheer

and let things pass me by without letting everyone

her up. Her story was that she just couldn’t find any

know that I was there!

happiness in her day. Off the air, we would talk through her day to find the one thing that made her happy. She

During my last year in high school, while trying to figure

struggled with bi-polar depression and felt lost and

out what I was going to do with my life, I worked at a

alone. So, every night, we found the one piece of sun-

bottle depot. Listening to the radio, a woman was telling

shine that made her smile. Every caller had a story. They

a story that made me laugh. I honestly can’t remember

just wanted to be heard, loved and understood. THERE

the story, but I remember the feeling. It just put a smile


on my face and made me feel better. Through my years

ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN. And that’s what I did. Listen.

of studying theatre and drama, I knew that my passion

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