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Whimsy is found in the details that make you step back and

The majority of my creating is done when I am at my

say “Wow, I never would have noticed that.” If I am working

photography sessions: where I have the couple stand, how

on invitations with a couple for their upcoming wedding I ask

I have them pose, what I have them do. Then, my creative

them all the details about their relationship. I then use these

process continues into the editing, which helps to tell the

little tidbits to make their invitations completely unique to

story and share the emotion of the moment.

them and the love they share.

Kellie I am definitely an early bird! I do my best work as the sun

What surprises you the most about your creative process?

is rising, tea in one hand, sketchbook in the other, and my adorable beagle pups (Ginny and Brutus) snuggled up on either side of me.

Avé Every time I open the kiln, there’s bound to be a few surprises. Ceramics is the type of medium that you have to roll with the punches, and most of the time I welcome the surprise.

Ann Marie

How do you decide which creative ideas to develop? Avé Mostly I follow my gut. Some ideas are so loud in my brain that

I’m always surprised when something “works” because it often

I can’t function well or think of anything else until I try it out.

ends up being unexpected. When a piece takes a turn and is

Some ideas aren’t so practical, so I save those for quiet months.

not what I planned.


Ann Marie Half way through an idea! There have been so many ideas

Creativity can strike anywhere, anytime. I can be driving down

that I start and scrap once I realize it just won’t work. Other

the road that I live on and the light can be falling just right on

ideas I push myself to begin, thinking it won’t be great, and

a certain spot that I've driven past a million times...but, this

then become pleasantly surprised when I’m fully enthralled. I

time, it catches my eye and makes me stop short in awe.

haven’t entirely figured it out yet.



What surprises me most is when an exciting project becomes

It is hard deciding on which creative ideas to develop; so many

difficult. This usually stems from my need to make everything

present themselves to us every day. This is when having a

perfect, or trying to fit in too many details that may end up

business partner is helpful. We are always ready to listen and

overlooked or not understandable. In these moments, I'm

share our latest creative thoughts, and from there we hash

thankful to have Margit by my side to help me step back and

out the details and decide if we should move forward with it

reevaluate my true intentions.

or not.


Where and when do you do most of your creating? Avé I like getting to the studio first thing in the morning to survey

I do a lot of work based on the feelings and emotions that I associate with the ideas. If something just feels right, I’m pretty motivated to get the ball rolling and get my ideas on paper.

where my pots are in the cycle and do the more repetitive, labor intensive work first. My most creative part of the process happens after lunch, whether it be trying a new form or doing all the decorative work on my pot.

Ann Marie I work best when the house is quiet and I can put on some music or a good podcast. With 2 young boys this usually takes place while they are at school or at night after bedtime. The less distraction the better, so I often find myself cleaning the space I’m in before I start working. continued on page 71




The Perpetual You_Joy through Whimsy  

Featuring Connecticut creatives Ave Rivera, Ann Marie Drury, Margit Fish, and Kellie Semmelrock

The Perpetual You_Joy through Whimsy  

Featuring Connecticut creatives Ave Rivera, Ann Marie Drury, Margit Fish, and Kellie Semmelrock