Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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and updates on Instagram. For videos, YouTube is a great channel for sharing informative content about your organization or its products and services.

Effective Channels Electronic newsletters and eblasts are also effective ways to reach key audiences. Electronic newsletters are just what they sound like: simple newsletters that can be emailed to readers rather than mailed. Ideally, they are short and sweet—maybe three or four articles or items informing readers about new projects or technologies, employee spotlights, or trends analysis. E-blasts are even shorter and simpler and typically have one message that supports your brand. Blogs are another important element of a digital marketing campaign. The conventional wisdom is that blog posts should be short, no more than 250 or 300 words (writing for IPMI’s blog is a great start!). But current thinking sets that conventional wisdom on its ear. Experts now say that

the length is really determined by what you want to accomplish with your post. Want more shares on social media? Then shoot for 600 to 1,250 words. Want better SEO performance? Then you want even longer pieces—up to 2,500 words. But remember, quality is king. Make sure you have enough of value to say and that you aren’t just padding to get more words. Speaking of which, I’m just about out of space myself so I’ll end here for now. But as you think about digital marketing and how to build a program, remember that like everything else related to marketing, it needs to be strategic and support your ongoing marketing and business development efforts while promoting the organization’s overall brand. ◆ BILL SMITH, APR, is principal of Smith-Phillips Strategic Communications and contributing editor of Parking & Mobility. He can be reached at bsmith@ or 603.491.4280.

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