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EXPERTS We’ve learned a lot about resiliency the last year. What advice would you give someone to help them face an unexpected challenge with resiliency now?

Tiffany Peebles

Josh Cantor, CAPP

Executive Director Parking Authority of River City, Ky.

Director, Parking & Transportation George Mason University

It was once said that the only thing constant in life is change. The key to success must be to stay focused and steadfast and learn how to ride the waves of change by keeping your eye on the prize and adapting when and where necessary to win the race. Don’t get stuck—keep adjusting, improvising, and moving forward.

Life is about change but don’t lose focus of your goals, whether it’s at work or personally. Change can be scary but while I scoffed at this notion when I was younger, believing in yourself and being willing to take a chance can open more doors than you ever imagined.

Larry J. Cohen, CAPP Executive Director Lancaster Parking Authority The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, both financially and operationally, that we should always be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Resiliency comes from these experiences, hopefully resulting in being better prepared in our contingency, continuity, and emergency plans.

Katherine Beaty

VP of Implementation TEZ Technology Focus on understanding the triggers that cause the need to be resilient and develop a strategy to deal with it in a healthy and productive manner. Flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance can help people tap into their resilience by changing certain thoughts and behaviors—we have learned that there is no playbook for maintaining emotional health during a multitude of challenges.

Pamela E. Chikhani General Manager SP Corporation Car Parking Management LLC The best advice I can give anyone on resilience is the faster you embrace change and act to implement it, the faster the recovery. Resisting change never resulted in any positive outcome, whether internal such as management or process change, or external such as the most recent life-changing pandemic.

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