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Seek Customer Feedback If your organization is looking for the best ways to invest in technology to enhance your customers’ experiences, begin with listening to what your parkers have to say. Regular surveys can be key to knowing what they’re thinking. Tying surveys to individual transactions can help you understand employee and technology interactions, variables that affected an experience, and even the weather when a customer checked in and out. This helps process whether a guest’s comments, positive or constructive, were something unique to a specific location or moment, or an opportunity for improvement. Regularly asking customers for feedback is an easy way for your organization to identify where to incorporate new technology. Customers will tell you exactly what they’re looking for. As an example, we found customers were experiencing sun glare on self-service kiosks. By isolating the surveys that provided this feedback, we could pinpoint the exact time of day the sun glare became a problem and implement preventative measures to block the glare during these hours.

MeyparUSA, innovative Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems manufacturer. We provide complete solutions tailored to your needs, with local support and complete service in the US. Every kind of parking facility imaginable, office buildings, hospitals, airports, mixeduse buildings, and high-volume lots. Everything in one place, we manufacture all of our hardware, and design and implement all of our software and firmware, including our on-cloud solution, Nexus. We seek to streamline and optimize control of your parking facility, its management, productivity, and security. Our differentiation and competitive advantages enable you to improve the level of service, while exploring new business opportunities.

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Avoid Hurdles The phrase “crawl, walk, run” especially rings true when introducing new technology customers will use. When your business decides to incorporate ground-breaking technology, you don’t want that overshadowed with a poor implementation execution. Communicate any experience updates with your customers early and often, providing plenty of time for everyone to adjust to changes. Technology enables the customer experience but educating and communicating with customers is even more important. Any automation and technology developments should always keep customer experience at the forefront, with a constant focus on improvements. ◆ RON RICH is chief information officer at The Parking Spot. He can be reached at rrich@

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