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From Capitol Hill to the Curb: Looking to a Shift in National Policy By Michael J. Ash, Esq., CRE


ANUARY 2021 BROUGHT A NEW FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION to Washington D.C., and all the chang-

Buttigieg catapulted from mayor of South Bend, Ind., to President Biden’s cabinet, bringing with him the kind of forward-­ thinking agenda on transportation and mobility to be expected of a proactive and pragmatic city mayor. Secretary Buttigieg has set out to define the administration’s goals for the expansion of the successful Complete Streets program he oversaw development of in South Bend.

Complete Streets The Complete Streets initiative is wellknown to our readers. The future of parking and mobility includes many different modes of transportation and different priorities among users. The Complete Streets term refers to transportation policy and design to include the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of safe, convenient travel and access for


all ages and mobility regardless of their mode of transportation. The Complete Streets formula include a combination of safe walking, cycling, automobile, and public transportation. Mayor Buttigieg made the development of Complete Streets a focus of his agenda as mayor of South Bend and intends to make it a central focus of the Biden administration’s transportation policy.


es that come with it. Most senior positions are customarily filled by the usual Beltway insiders. Any change on a national level is slow and incremental without the possibility of revolutionary change in a short timeframe. However, every so often, an outsider comes along to bring a fresh perspective on issues of public policy. Enter Pete Buttigieg, the new Secretary of Transportation.

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