Parking & Mobility magazine, April 2021

Page 30

smoothing Understanding frictionless parking is critical to making it work for a parking operation—and the options can seem endless. IPMI’s Technology Committee breaks it all down.


By Michael Drow, CAPP; Peter Lange; and Nick Mazzenga, PE

nhanced customer convenience, improved traffic flow, increased revenue, lower operating costs—every parking operation continuously strives to achieve these goals. And while there are many ways to accomplish them, frictionless parking is more frequently included in the discussion. The concept of frictionless parking means combining technology and operating practices in ways that allows customers to enter and exit a facility or a defined area with minimal points of interaction. There is no single perfect frictionless parking solution—every parking facility has its own distinct needs and constraints. The appropriate operating practices and technology to support the needs of an operation are in the eye of the beholder, as every operation has a different view of a perfect frictionless solution.