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Bake sale raises one-third of funds needed for McCormick Park bocce court 3 Instruments - new and old - wanted to help expand music school 13

Metrolinx sound wall ‘oppressive’: resident RAHUL GUPTA @TOinTransit


Benj Hellie, one of the founders of the new Ossington Community Group, sits in front of the site of a proposed development on Ossington Avenue. The group focuses on increasing communication among neighbours regarding condo development in the area.

West Toronto preparing for condo boom ERIN HATFIELD Downtown mid-rise development is casting its gaze on Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s downtown west end. With at least two development applications already in the works, residents are rallying and the area councillor has plans for visioning before the condo boom hits full force. “We know development is coming and we can’t stop applications from coming in, but the community can

determine how they will treat those applications,” said Trinity-Spadina Councillor Mike Layton. Once the site of industrial uses such as automotive repairs and storage facilities, the orientation of the sites on Ossington Avenue, with its larger parcels of land, make it more attractive to developers. In the spring, when the City of Toronto posted a development application on one such site – 109 Ossington, formerly a car lot and garage – residents decided it was time to come together and have a

voice in the way their street would evolve. Smart Growth for Ossington was formed in May to increase communication among neighbours regarding condo development in the area. “Mostly what we are concerned with is the stability of the neighbourhood and the character of the Ossington strip as a place that Toronto loves,” said Benj Hellie, a philosophy professor at the University of Toronto, who moved from the United States in 2005 and

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now lives on Argyle Street. Since moving into the area he has seen many changes – stores turning over and a few vacant storefronts occupied and new bars and restaurants opened. That is a natural evolution of an area, Hellie said, but the current plans for 109 Ossington doesn’t fit with the street’s low-rise designation and traditional character. “It’s the incredibly destabilizing effect that we are worried about, it would destroy everything around >>>FOUR, page 5



A group of Parkdale residents are worried a plan to construct a 16-foot high sound wall along a GO train bridge spanning the south side of Brock Avenue will cast an “oppressive” shadow over the neighbourhood. The group, headed by Rod Layman, Rob Fairley and Meredith Robb, met with representatives from Metrolinx last Tuesday to outline their many concerns about the wall, which if approved for construction by transit planning agency Metrolinx would act as a noise barrier for trains running through the Georgetown South rail corridor. The agency, which has already approved a plan to build a sound wall along the north side of the bridge, is investigating the possibility of also building another wall on the south side in response to feedback from a public meeting last November. Metrolinx has said sound walls are necessary all along the Georgetown South rail corridor to mitigate the noise and vibrations from increased train traffic when a rail link in the corridor connecting Union Station with Pearson International Airport opens in three years. But Fairley, who lives just south of the bridge and sees and hears GO diesel commuter trains from his living room window every day, said he’s extremely worried the construction plans under consideration by Metrolinx will have a disastrous effect >>>RESIDENTS, page 7

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Bake sale for Bocce raises one-third of funds needed Resident wants to install court in McCormick Park ERIN HATFIELD It took days to bake the chocolate cupcakes with coconut glaze, Nanaimo bars, s’more cookies, toffee and chocolate crinkle cookies, but at the end of her ‘Bake Sale for Bocce’, Lindsay Somers said it was well worth the effort. Somers, who lives near McCormick Park, on Brock Avenue in Parkdale, raised $775 with her July 25 bake sale. And after an impromptu second day, the baked goods she and a few of her neighbours made were sold out and she had $900 in the bank – nearly one third of the money she is trying to raise to have a bocce ball court installed in McCormick Park. Somers, 27, has played the game throughout her life at picnics and cottage weekends, but created a Bocce group for McCormick Park in the spring. She said she really enjoys the sport and it is an easy and fun way to stay active. “When I play in the park with my

friends we have people of all ages, from six years old to 70 years old, coming by and joining in on our game,” Somers said. “It is a lot of fun and it brings people out of their houses.” But currently there is no court in McCormick Park and the group plays on the grass, which Somers said is less than ideal. Social game for all ages Bocce ball is a social game that can be enjoyed by young and old and can be played by two players or two teams of two, three or four. Traditionally, bocce is played on a hard court 27.5 metres (90 ft.) in length and 2.5 to 4 metres (8.2 to 13 ft.) wide. The premise is to score points by tossing colourful bocce balls and trying to get closest to the “boccino or pallino”, a small white ball tossed at the beginning of each round. In McCormick Park, Somers explained, there is only room for one court, which would be located on a vacant strip of grass between the baseball court and swing set.

Somers approached the Friends of the McCormick Park group with the idea of adding a bocce ball court in the park. She and friends had been playing the game on the grass for some time. The city approved the idea in May, with the stipulation that the Friends of McCormick Park raise the $3,000 needed to install the court. Somers said she hopes to host other events over the next year to raise funds. Monetary donations are welcome. Somers also designed a bocce T-shirt, which she is selling for $25. She hopes to raise the $3,000 by next spring. “The next event will be yoga in the park,” Somers said. “I am just going to take my time with it, I know it is a lot of money.” For more information, visit t h e Fr i e n d s o f Mc C o r m i c k website at or BocceBallMcCormickPark, a facebook page set up for the bocce ball fundraising effort.


Kathleen Byers, right, and Lindsay Somers display some of the sweets they and other Brock Avenue area residents made for the ‘Bake Sale for Bocce’. The sale, held July 25 at Mary McCormick Recreation Centre, raised $900. The money will go toward the installation of a bocce ball court in McCormick Park.

Vintage bike show

PAST ON DISPLAY: Top, Hosted by the Community Bicycle Network, organizers said they hope this year’s Vintage Bike show and shine, held Sunday in Trinity Bellwoods Park, was the first of many. Above, The Vintage Bike Show featured a number of old bicycles like this children’s bike.

Staff photos by Erin Hatfield Cam Zalewski, who runs My Little Bike Shop on College Street, made his way to Trinity Bellwoods Park Sunday for the Vintage Bike Show. Hosted by the Community Bicycle Network, the show drew vintage bikes and enthusiasts from all over the city.

| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012

THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |


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Sitting at construction sites shouldn’t be job of police

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I have to wonder why I see fully equipped police officers standing around construction sites across the city. Why did this suddenly have to become standard practice for every construction site? Could a bored 18-year-old holding a stop/ slow sign be just as effective in most instances? Is this another way for our cash-strapped city to generate income for the city treasury by having the contractor pay for security? Or is this once again part of the dance between the city and its unionized employees? We are paying these valuable people top wages and benefits and I want to know if we are getting the best value from our employees? No offence is intended here, but know some of the more enterprising fire and police personnel have time to find second incomes. Chris Belfontaine

Use land transfer tax to help stop violence To the editor: It’s clear we have a problem with guns and gangs in Toronto. So what’s the solution? We need an immediate, coordinated and comprehensive plan of action. When Toronto was hit by an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and 2003, community leaders and politicians moved fast to combat Toronto’s reputation from being further bruised. Businessman David Pecaut staged a rock concert of all rock concerts featuring the Rolling Stones. Thousands came out. He didn’t stop there. Festivals like Luminato were created to showcase to the world Toronto was a world-class city. In our opinion their actions worked. Why?

Because they were focused and didn’t waste time. They acted because they knew that if they didn’t it would be too late to save Toronto from being branded as a place not to visit. How is it then that when Toronto is hit with such devastating gun crimes, we suddenly blank out or resort to tired practices of dealing with gun crime. We have reams of statistics, bundles of studies and reports from many sources reporting on how to tackle gun crime, but we seem to fail at moving forward with an actual plan – a new plan. We propose that 10 per cent of Toronto’s land transfer tax – about $30 million – be immediately deployed to Toronto’s front line responders: police, community youth engagers, those managing at risk

youth programs, those running on-the-ground not-for-profits working in gun crime hot spots and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). Toronto police can use the additional allotment for more officers on the streets or to use the funds as part of TAVIS (Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy) or as they see fit. Police have the experience, tactical operational experience and knowledge to get guns off our streets. They just need the resources. The not-for-profits and youth engagers can use the interim influx of funding to identify and engage with at-risk youth. As front line workers in such a hot climate, they know more than any politician or government official about what

works best. The TCHC could use extra funds to ensure their properties are safe and clean – better locks on doors; extra security cameras; better lighting in the complexes; and to ensure their buildings are properly maintained. Now, we’re neither experts nor do we hold our idea as the key to ending gun crime in the city. We, however, are engaged and concerned citizens of Toronto. We want our community leaders to start thinking outside the box and to act instead of talk a good game. As David Pecaut once said: “The importance of a civil society is one in which people of goodwill come together to solve a city’s problems.” Bruce Baker Chris Yaccato

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5 | THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012


Four public meetings set up >>>from page 1 it,” Hellie said. Smart Growth for Ossington started out with about 10 people and their objective was fluid. “Smart Growth for Ossington was sort of a guerilla enterprise in many respects,” he said. “Something we saw that was going to have to happen was we actually do need a community association.” In July, the Smart Growth for Ossington transitioned into a more formal structure called the Ossington Community Group. At the charter meeting in July, the group set up a formal structure, elected provisional officers and developed a rough strategy. The catchment area for the association is the Ossington neighbourhood, from Dovercourt Road to Crawford Street, south the Queen Street West and as far north as Harrison Street, which is just north of Dundas Street West. Beyond what happens with 109 Ossington, Hellie said this community association is in for the long haul and hopes to help guide development in the area. That goal is shared by Layton, who has established the Ossington Working Group. Compromised of

18 members, five neighbourhood associations, three Ossington businesses and representatives from nine neighbouring streets, the group is an advisory body that will help Layton reach more people in the area as well as help organize a series of public meetings aimed at painting a picture of how the community thinks Ossington should develop. “How (Ossington) is to be treated in terms of intensification isn’t really clear,” Layton said. “This gives us the opportunity to have a really serious discussion about what is going to happen on Ossington.” He hopes to work on guiding principals that development should follow and discuss goals for how the community believes Ossington should develop. Layton said he expects there will be interest in these meetings. “People feel passionate about their neighbourhood,” Layton said. “It is not all people saying, ‘We don’t want any development’, it is people saying, ‘How do we want to see Ossington in 10, 15 20 years’. We have to start having those conversations now so that when development starts to come forward, we know how to react.” Layton is hosting a series of four

meetings about planning and visioning. The first, called Planning 101, will tell people how planning works, the people involved in the planning process and core planning principals and is set for Aug. 8. “We want to make sure that if the community is putting forth principals on how the community should develop, then let’s make them sound planning principals that we can argue (at the Ontario Municipal Board),” said Layton, who has a masters in planning. On Aug. 29, Layton, with the help of city planners, will host an area walk. At this time, the walk start location has yet to be determined. “We plan on doing a little exercise... taking pictures of land forms and street treatments and things that work or don’t work,” Layton said. These first two meetings are to provide information for a visioning-style workshop where interested residents will have a conversation about what they would like to see and lay out guiding principals for developers. That Ossington visioning meeting takes place Sept. 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be a public meeting on the 109 Ossington development at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre gymnasium Oct. 9, 6 p.m.

VILLAGE VEGGIES MYMARKET runs Sundays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Hanna Street Green P parking. Above, Gord Piggott, right, helps a shopper. At left, brothers Camren, left, and Brayden Short offer up some Sun Ray Orchards’ fare. Photo/STEVEN DER GARABEDIAN


The City of Toronto holds public consultations as one way to engage residents in the life of their city. Toronto thrives on your great ideas and actions. We invite you to get involved.

Review of Toronto Water's Capital Program and Funding Sources Public Information Meeting Join us at the public information meetings to find out more. Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Thursday, August 16, 2012 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Scarborough Civic Centre North York Civic Centre 150 Borough Dr. 5100Yonge St. Council Chamber Council Chamber Background The City ofToronto is reviewingToronto Water's Capital Program and funding sources. Part of this review is to engage stakeholders and identify issues to develop alternative options to the current funding strategy. A report on the feedback will be presented to the appropriate City committee in September 2012. In order to provide sufficient information, a copy of the presentation for this public meeting is available online at: Click on "A Discussion of Challenges: Water Rate Pricing Structures and Capital Funding Deficiencies." We would like to hear from you. To comment, or if you are unable to attend, contact: Adir Gupta, Manager of Financial Policy & Strategic Analysis Tel: 416-392-8071 Fax: 416-397-4555 E-mail: Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.




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THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |


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Perseids Meteor Shower WHEN: 10 p.m. WHERE: Sorauren Park, Sorauren and Wabash avenue The Sorauren Park Astronomy Club will watch the Perseids

Queen West Music Fest WHEN: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. WHERE: Trinity Bellwoods Park, 1053 Dundas St. W. in the southwest section bordering Queen CONTACT: Donations to Toronto Western General Hospital Foundation accepted.

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Mobile Blood Clinic WHEN: 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. WHERE: Parked on Fraser Avenue just north of Liberty Street The Bloodmobile donor clinic on wheels is convenient and comfortable. It is equipped with four collection stations where you can give blood in a relaxed setting. First time donors are welcome. Daily Bread Food Bank The Daily Bread Food Bank is looking for youth volunteers Tuesdays and Thursdays through August. For more information and to get involved, visit www. youth-program/take-actionproject/ Parkdale Project Read Volunteers needed to support adults in reading, writing and strengthening their voice through one-on-one mentoring. Training provided. Visit www. for details. Submit your events to It’s Happening by emailing details to Don’t forget a contact name and number.

On Saturday, pharmacist and store owner Niloofar Saiy (left) and president and CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart, Domenic Pilla (right) unveiled the new Shopper’s Drug Mart located at 1033 Queen St. W. The store celebrated the grand opening by treating the first 200 customers to free reusable bags filled with a variety of products. Ten draws were made for $50.00 Shopper’s Drug Mart gift cards and the beauty and cosmetic department gave away complimentary skin analysis and makeovers.















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Laura Scholey (a.k.a. Bartender Laura) gets ready to rumble during the women’s arm wrestling charity fundraiser Saturday at Club 751. Visit for a photo gallery from events throughout Parkdale. Send photo ideas to

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Residents renew call for electrification of link >>>from page 1 on the surrounding area. “This wall is an atrocity, it’s going to carve the city apart,” said Fairley, who hosted the meeting at his home on Brock Ave. “It’s a huge, oppressive structure.” Fairley said he was resigned the wall will go up but wanted to ensure he and the rest of the group had a say in the process. “As a homeowner I’m not happy about the wall, and at this point we just have to see this process through,” he said. Layman said the group remains upset with Metrolinx and the McGuinty government for opting to run noisier diesel trains along the link rather than electric, a decision he said was made against the wishes of residents in the area.


Residents are concerned a rail bridge spanning Brock Avenue in Parkdale may soon have a five-metre high wall installed on both sides to reduce noise coming from GO trains traveling along the route.

Going electric, he said, would have prevented the need for sound walls in the first place as such trains are quieter. “The fact we have the wall is the product of other decisions they made not listening to any

community consultation,” said Layman, who said he and the rest of the group support the Clean Train Coalition’s call for electric rail all along GO’s rail network. Currently, Metrolinx is conducting a study on electrify-

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The Ontario Community Newspapers Association is a non-profit industry association representing more than 300 community newspapers in the province. With revenues in excess of $8 million, the association’s primary role is to provide advertising services, advocacy, training opportunities, and support services for the industry.

ing the air rail link, which will increase diesel train traffic by up to four times the current level due to an all day express service both ways between Pearson and Union Station. Manuel Pedrosa, who attended the meeting on

behalf of Metrolinx said he understood the residents’ anger. “We’re dealing with people who live in communities who want to make sure they’re heard and understood,” said Pedrosa who is a commu-


kitten and cat adoptions At Toronto Animal Services in celebration of World Cat Day

nity relations manager for Metrolinx. “That’s part of what our consultation is about. People should be passionate about their communities.” During the meeting, Pedrosa told residents the agency will work with the community to facilitate discussions about the sound wall beginning in the New Year. Fairley said the group is heavily opposed to an alternative option under consideration by Metrolinx to build a sound barrier along the south side of Brock Avenue rather than the bridge. “Metrolinx is committed to building the north and south sound walls and is open to revisiting the timing of the south wall in response to public input,” said Metrolinx spokesperson Mark Ostler in an email this week.

World cat day is August 8.

From August 8 – 15, 2012 you can adopt 2 cats for the price of 1 (adoption fee is $75 plus tax). Cats are spayed/ne utered, vaccinated, vet checked and mic rochipped. Visit us 7 days a week from 10:30 am

– 6:30 pm.

North Region 1300 Sheppard Ave. W. (Keele and Sheppard) South Region 140 Princes’ Blvd (Exhibitio n Place, Horse Palace) East Region 821 Progress (Markham Rd. and 401) West Region 146 The East Mall (Hwy 427 and Dundas)

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7 | THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012


THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2 , 2012 |


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Fabulous High Demand Location, builders model home, gorgeous curb appeal. Stone front exterior, extra wide garage doors, interlock drive, double door entry, large foyer, gleaming hardwood flrs, centre hall plan, large principle rm. Massive kitchen, granite countertop, s/s appliances, marvelous master bedroom, full ensuite & w/i closet, finished basement, 2 staircases, 9ft ceilings, crown moulding. Plus much more $999,888!!

Fabulous detached 4+1 bdrm, 2 storey, double garage, interlock, large verandah, double door entry, centre hall plan, 4 washrooms, open concept living & dining rm, cathedral ceiling, gas fireplace, gleaming hardwood floors in family rm, wonderful family size kitchen, w/o to large deck & heated inground pool, gorgeous prof. landscaped lot, finished basement and many extras for only $850,000.

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Sprawling ranch style bungalow. Large foyer, open concept Living and formal Dining room, coffered ceiling. Massive family size kitchen, walkout to backyard, circular stairs to finished basement. Ideal for entertaining or possible in-law suite. Fabulous opportunity only $739,900


Incredible luxury condo, great location close to Vaughan Mills shopping centre, Canada’s Wonderland, restaurants, and all conveniences. Fabulous gated community, 24hr concierge, Fantastic facilities, spacious 2 bdrm condo, stainless steel appl. Granite countertop, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs thru-out. A must see for $649,900!!


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(L (L


Well layed out 3 bdrm raised bungalow with walkout to beautiful yard, finished basement with separate entrance for in-law suite, located close to all amenities, schools, churches, transit, shops and more a must see for $479,900!! 41 CLARION RD



Luxury Tridel building at Wellesley and Sherbourne, spacious and bright 2 bedroom, open concept layout with stunning city view. Fabulous kitchen with granite countertop & Centre Island. Upgraded floors throughout. Master bedroom includes w/in closet and 4 pc ensuite, plus roof top pool, exercise room, sauna, billiard room, party room, concierge & much more for $469,900!!!


N N) )

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| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012



THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |



Tory delivers much anticipated Ontario Place report ERIN HATFIELD A new, public backyard for all Ontarians is what John Tory said a panel sees for the future of Ontario Place. “Ontar io Place must provide, on a continuing basis, easy, open access to the water and to the waterfront,” said Tory, chair of the Minister’s Advisory Panel on Ontario Place, which released its Report on Ontario Place Revitalization last Thursday. The purpose of the panel, which has met 13 times since it was formed in February, was to provide advice to the government as it moves forward with a full revitalization of Ontario Place. “We have recommended a number of core elements to create a strong foundation for the redevelopment as well as the framework for interested parties from the private sector to work with us as they begin to think about concepts for the site. “We think a lot of the imagination, a lot of the detail


John Tory, chair of the Minister’s Advisory Panel on Ontario Place, released the panel’s report on Ontario Place revitalization during a media conference at Queen’s Park July 26.

that has to come in terms of giving life to the framework we set out today has to come from people who are more expert in the various fields of design.” Tory delivered the report to Michael Chan, minister of tourism, culture and sport July 26 before hosting a press conference to talk about the 18 recommendations

for the 155 acre waterfront park, which is owned by the province and governed by a board of directors. At the forefront of the report is the recommendation that the majority of the space should be year-round public parkland. “No one, in our view, should have to pay admission to enjoy the natural beauty

of this section of the waterfront,” Tory said. “We believe people should have (access) to the waterfront. It has been our No. 1 consideration all the way through.” Although the majority of the land should be used as park space, Tory said the panel is also recommending 10 to 15 per cent of the land be used for residential.

As well, an outdoor concert venue similar to the original Forum should be built that would offer a range of cultural activities that can take place throughout the year. The panel is also encouraging the government to look at public/private partnerships. “It is time to embrace, in our view, a new collaborative model in which a range of revenue sources fund and operate the new Ontario Place,” Tory said. Where the recommendations are laid out in green boxes throughout the report, there are two red boxes indicating the panel does not recommend a casino or a “wall of highrise buildings”. “It is now up to the government to review the report and proposed recommendations and decide what they wish to do with them,” Tory said. Should the government decide to accept the recommendations laid out in the report, there would be a number of steps to follow including an environmental assessment of the site.

MPP Rosario Marchese, whose Trinity-Spadina riding houses Ontario Place, said he wants to keep it a public space. “I suspect they would want a Forum because it was something we had before, and mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, old and young, loved it,” Marchese said. “I think that part of it is OK.” He agrees with keeping Ontario Place a public space, however, private sector involvement is worrisome. “I really think the government has to play a roll in making sure this public space stays public space,” he said. He suspects any residential development will end up being condo towers where units would sell for millions of dollars. “With all the condos we have built all along the lake, we have literally blocked the view for everyone else,” he said. “I don’t think people want condos.” View the entire 18 recommendations on our website at

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THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |



This guy’s commute lasts one full month RAHUL GUPTA @TOinTransit Though he suffered from physical discomfort, extreme heat and cramped conditions, Tanner Zurkoski found, to his amazement, he could adjust to the reality of living in a car for an extended amount of time. The 22-year-old undertook and completed the challenge to live behind the wheel to spread awareness of the amount of time commuters across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton region spend over the course of a year. The campaign was organized by the charity Evergreen Canada. “At first I wondered why I was doing it, but then I fell into a routine,” said Zurkoski in late July, a few days after the campaign ended. “It’s a mystery how I adjusted, but I just did.” From late June to July, Zurkoski’s only residence was an orange Honda Insight, a hybrid vehicle donated by sponsor Autoshare for the challenge, in which he slept,

ate and drove throughout the city. For at least 23 hours a day, Zurkoski had to remain within the car, exiting only for bathroom trips, morning showers and some meals. At night, he wedged his sixfoot-three inch frame inside the hatchback automobile and somehow found a way to sleep. Worse than the heat and the cramped spaces, said Zurkoski, was the traffic which was so heavy, he ended up sticking to smaller roadways when it was possible. ‘My enemy’ “After a while, ever y driver became my enemy and I stopped giving them the benefit of the doubt,” he said. “Nobody uses their turn signal in Toronto.” To pass the time, Zurkoski s p o k e w i t h i n t e re s t e d onlookers about his undertaking, which also served to promote Evergreen’s MOVE Transportation Expo, which is taking place at the Evergreen

Courtesy photo/AARATHI EDWARD

Tanner Zurkoski recently spent an entire month living in a car to illustrate how much time, in a year, Torontonians lose to commuting due to congestion.

Brick Works until the end of October. From inside the vehicle, which was equipped with a camera, the York University


AuGusT 10– 12, 2012

Presented by the GreekTown on the Danforth BIa

Food, Food & More Food • Loads of free samples & prizes Sports Zone featuring challenges from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors, The Argos, Toronto FC and Toronto Rock • Toronto Star Kids’ Fun Zone • Celebrity Stage, Astro Original Greek Stage and Broadview World Stage featuring free performances • Miller Genuine Draft Beer Garden • Chance to win an Aegean Splendour trip for two to Glorious Greece

• •

For more info visit Plus, don’t miss... The ParaNorman Experience, The Expendables 2 Photo Opportunity and Stunt Show, The Hunger Games Archery Zone, Resident Evil: Retribution Experience and The Possession Dibbuk Box.

IN THEATRES AuguST 17 you doN’T bEcomE A HERo by bEINg NoRmAl

Proud Sponsors:

Proud to Support

film student interviewed urban transportation experts for a series of “webisodes” called Passenger Seat, which he posted online throughout the month. He also tweeted status updates from a Twitter account created specifically for the challenge. Zurkoski said many of the people he spoke with over the month were unaware of how long they were spending on their commutes, which at an average of 80 minutes is worse than Los Angeles and New York. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor when people who commute

to Mississauga realize how long they are in their cars,” he said. Evergreen spokesperson Anthony Westenberg said Zurkoski, who was chosen from a list of 20 applicants, was mentally equipped to deal with the absurdity of the experience. “Tanner had a Zen-like approach to the prospect of spending a month in a car.” said Westenberg, who handles public relations for the charity. “We were looking for someone who really believed in the cause and had a sense of humour about it.” Westenberg said representatives from the charity held daily meetings with Zurkoski to ensure he was healthy and eating regularly. A yoga instructor was brought into teach him how to exercise in a tight space. Zurkoski also spoke with a therapist to understand the mindset behind road rage. Westenberg said Zurkoski had fulfilled Evergreen’s hopes for the exercise by getting people to think about congestion in the region and consider other modes of transportation such as transit and bicycle to get around. He said Evergreen would not duplicate the campaign in the future. Zurkoski said he is already thinking about his next project, a short film he’s planning to shoot in the next couple of months about rural farming. “I guess I’ve been dreaming about wide, open spaces,” he said.

Twitter: @TOinTransit

Group gives TTC poor report card RAHUL GUPTA @TOinTransit When it comes to affordability, accessibility and frequency of service, the TTC fails dismally, according to a report released by a transit advocacy group recently. In its report card measuring the TTC’s performance over the last year, the group TTCriders says the transit commission gets a failing grade for charging expensive fares, not providing fully accessible service to the disabled and for not providing a level of service that reflects increased ridership. In terms of environmental sustainability, the TTC gets no mark since it doesn’t publicize information on the levels of smog emissions and greenhouse gases that are reduced through the use of public transit. “The report card makes it clear the TTC is not on track to building a public transit system that serves the need of transit users,” said TTCriders spokesperson Franz Hartmann during a press conference at city hall. Hartmann, who is the executive director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, said the TTC does receive a passing mark for calling for transit expansion and examining ways to raise long-term funding through tax dollars. To view the report online, visit





With the Regent Park School of Music (RPSM) set to move into its new digs in the Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre soon, the organization has a growing need for new musical instruments. A pair of local residents are doing their part to help the school fill that need, holding an instrument drive and asking anyone with musical instruments to donate them. “This was actually prompted when I moved after having renovations done and I found an old clarinet I’ve been dragging around since Grade 13,” said Anne Pastuszak, who is running Cabbagetown Instruments for Change along with fellow local Lynn Dionne. “We decided to see if we can’t drum up similar things from the community and so far we’ve heard a few people who have come to us with similar stories.” Roughly 24 hours after reaching out through their own contact lists, Dionne and Pastuszak had three more confirmed donations and the possibility of a grand piano. The instruments will certainly be welcome. Along with its big move, the RPSM will be expanding to reach


Anne Pastuszak, left, and Lynn Dionne are arranging an instrument drive for the Regent Park School of Music, which has a location in Parkdale.

out to more children both within the Regent Park community and elsewhere. “We’ll be doing a lot of new group initiatives all under one roof in the new space,” said RPSM director Richard Marsella. “We’re looking to expand things like our steel band and start a string ensemble.” All told, the school plans to double its Regent Park student intake and increase its overall enrolment –

including at its satellite locations in Parkdale and the Jane-Finch area – from 854 students to 3,000 by the year 2015. “We’re doing a fundraising drive right now for all the instruments we’ll need over the next three years, and (Dionne and Pastuszak’s) drive really gets us off on the right foot,” Marsella said. “It’s so nice when you get people in the community who get what

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we’re doing and want to help out.” The school will accept a large variety of musical instruments, including cellos, clarinets, drums and percussion instruments, trumpets, trombones, French horns, recorders, guitars, violins and violas. The instruments must be in working order. “The school has a working relationship with (music store) Long & McQuade, so Lynn and I will pick up the instruments and take them en masse to the store,” Pastuszak said. “The store will make sure they’re safe and in good working order and have all the parts they need.” Long & McQuade will also appraise the instruments, with donors receiving a charitable receipt from the RPSM for the appraised value of the instruments. Cabbagetown Instruments for Change will run through Thursday, Aug. 30. For more information or to arrange the pick-up of a musical instrument, email annepastuszak@ or lynndionne@rogers. com. n For details on the Regent Park School of Music or to make a cash donation, visit

The TTC is replacing streetcars serving Harbourfront with buses until 2013 because of construction related to the Queen’s Quay revitalization. Brad Ross, executive director of corporate communications for the TTC, said riders should anticipate minor delays with the TTC now operating buses, as of last Sunday, along the 509 streetcar route, which runs south from Union Station to Queen’s Quay and then west along the waterfront to the CNE. “We’re expecting some teething issues over the first few weeks, but they shouldn’t effect travel times beyond a couple of minutes,” he said. He said riders will need to have a transfer from their point of origin to board the buses leaving Union Station’s bus terminal, at the intersection of Front Street and Bay Street, if they were coming from somewhere else via the TTC. TTC also announced the 501 streetcar service running east on Queen Street will detour both ways because of construction related to its carhouse near Greenwood Avenue on Queen Street. Visit for details on closures.

| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012

Instrument drive launched for music school

Buses temporarily serving Harbourfront

THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |


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THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, August 2, 2012 |









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$2134. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$2082. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


Stk# N9517 - Sound & Naviation Group Entertainment Group with 2 DVD’s Power Folding Rear Seats, Sunroof

Stk# N9786 - Air Conditioning, Freedom Removable Hard Top, Tubular Side Steps

395 5 369 5 359 6

$ AT

.5% APR

$ AT

.75% APR

$ AT

.25% APR



$1886. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$1850. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$1833. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment

675 5 615 5 589 6

$ AT

.5% APR

$ AT

.75% APR



.25% APR


$2191. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$2121. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$2099. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


Stk# N9619 - Loaded, Full StowN’Go, Power Group. Air Conditioning and more

366 5 336 5 316 6

$ AT

.5% APR

$ AT

.75% APR

$ AT


$1841. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


$1809. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment


.25% APR

$1787. Due on Delivery Includes First Month, Taxes and $1000. Down Payment

All Payments are based on rates as quoted, 36 Months @ 5.5%/ 48 Months @ 5.75% / 60 Months @ 6.25%. Due on Delivery includes $1.000 Down Payment, plus First Month, Applicable Taxes, Lic and Gas Extra. All Factory /Dealer Incentives have been applied. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Prices are valid on dated of publication. See dealer for Complete details.

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