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| JANUARY GLO 2021 |



From the executive editor

“Focus on the New Year + Winter Weddings” ISSUE

Happy New Year glo and HOME Living readers,

January 2021 | Vol. 11 No. 10

2020 was hard. It was hard for our small business community. It was hard for families. It was hard for us here at The Papers, too. When the economy takes a hit, the first thing businesses do is pull back on their advertising dollars, even though marketing is precisely what they need to be doing during those times. We wish we could charge ahead without advertising revenue, but that’s what pays the bills and allows us to bring you the inspiring and interesting content you expect from us. We had to take this year issue by issue. For the first time ever, we skipped an issue entirely for glo and posted another month as an online-only issue. And in December, we combined glo and HOME to bring the first-ever joint issue. It’s an overused word these days, but just like many other businesses, we had to pivot. We had to adapt. We shifted attention to our online content, reviving the glo blog and focusing efforts on social media. Ultimately, our goal remains the same: to be an outlet for small businesses to promote their products and services and a go-to resource for our readers to plug them into the community—whether online or in print. We made it. 2020 is behind us and there’s light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the pandemic and economic recovery. We are still here—we know that not all businesses can say the same. As we move forward in 2021, glo and HOME may be combined for a while. We remain committed to our partners and readers and promise to bring you compelling content each month. Thanks for sticking by us.

GLAM + STYLE Fashion: New Trends for a New Year: Wedding Fashion 2021..... 6 Self Care + Beauty: Quit Smoking for Good ...................................... 8

WEDDING GUIDE Tonight’s the Night ................................................................................ 9 Cooking Up your Wedding Registry............................................. 11

COMMUNITY FOCUS She glows’ : Jennifer Norris Hale .......................................................... 14 He glows’ : Aaron Lane.............................................................................. 16 glo Girl’ : Sajahane Llyod......................................................................... 18

FEATURES Finance: 529 Savings Plan ...................................................................... 20 Motherhood: Parenting Resolutions .................................................. 21 We Love Your Style: Erin Erb.................................................................. 22

SHOPPING  glo Gal’s Shopping Guide ................................................................... 24

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Amber Bouthot



cover artist

Sarah Clevenger Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana Current city: Louisville, Kentucky

a the Title of piece:


Dolly Parton, Working 9 to 5

Where did you draw inspiration for this piece? Dolly Parton was my inspiration. She is driven but also humble and an innovative humanitarian. She does so much for the community as a whole. I definitely look up to her.

glo front covers are open to female artists. Submissions from all original 2D media (digital art photographs are OK) are welcome.

PO Box 188 • 206 South Main St., Milford, IN 46542 800.733.4111 / Fax 800.886.3796 Editorial & Advertising Ext. 2491 •

glo is a news magazine with emphasis on inspiring women of all ages. glo does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or editorial content, nor does glo or its staff assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial content appear in any publication. glo assumes no liability for any claims regarding services or products or claims made by advertisers. No reproduction of glo is allowed without express written permission. Mailed subscriptions are available, prepaid with order at $44 for 12 issues; $75 for 24 issues. Mail your request, along with your check to glo, P.O. Box 188, Milford, IN 46542. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. Copyright © 2021

What is your typical medium? I typically use watercolor ink, micron pen and gold leaf.

What advice would you give young women artists? My best advice is to create what you want, how you want. Art is about pushing boundaries and being innovative in your creation. We always need more women artists, so keep on creating and putting your art out into the world for everyone to see. People can find my work on Instagram @SarahClevengerArt or at a

To submit your entry, send art as an e-mail attachment to or send a production-ready image on a CD via mail to: glo Magazine, Attention: Amber Bouthot, PO Box 188, Milford, IN 46542.


I have made my art my whole life. I used to paint pictures with my dad when I was really young.

Where can we find your work?

Want to put your art on our front cover? Give it a glo!

The Nitty Gritty:

When did you first get started making art?

Artwork must be photographed at a high-resolution (300+ dpi) for reproduction. Cover art selections are made at the discretion of glo staff. For cover placement, the artist will receive credit and added exposure via introductory copy and published photograph in a question and answer section. Cover art is cropped approximately to 10” wide x 13” high. Submitted cover art should be sized as 10.5” wide x 13.25” tall and, when possible, please allow 4.5” at top of artwork for glo masthead placement. The art chosen will confer rights to the cover image only as it relates to the publication and glo. The artist shall retain all other rights.

publisher Ron Baumgartner |

director of circulation Jerry Long |

executive editor + publications manager Amber Bouthot |

graphic designers Maymie Ankrom, Mary Lester

editor-in-chief Deb Patterson |

marketing assistants Darlene Eichelberger, Trina Hoy

director of marketing Steve Meadows |

photographer: Mollie Shutt

account executives Melinda Musselman | Lynn Blanchard | Rebecca Boone |

contributing writers Stacie Ball, Lauren Caggiano, Shelley Galbreath, Jaclyn Youhana Garver, Deborah C. Gerbers, Kristin King, Cathy Shouse, Julie Young

business manager Carrie Goralczyk |

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Instagram | JANUARY GLO 2021 |


GLAM + STYLE | Fashion

New Trends for a New Year WEDDING FASHION 2021

By Kristin King

2020 took all of us for an unexpected rollercoaster ride. Many weddings had to be postponed or slimmed down to accommodate social distancing. Overall, it seems that casual is king for weddings going into 2021. With restrictions still in place due to COVID-19, we’ll be seeing a lot more relaxed, backyard affairs rather than large parties and conventional ceremonies. With that in mind, brides and grooms are looking to shake it up and have a bit of fun with fashion for their big day. We spoke with Tori Morris, Salon Manager at Blush Bridal Boutique, who says that her clients are seeking unique accessories and versatility for their wedding day looks.


Brides are interested in key pieces they can wear for the ceremony and pictures but maybe discard at the reception to free up their movement and create a second, more comfortable look. Tori notes, “We’re seeing quite a bit of shoulder capes and removable bows for the waistline, as well as removable skirts. Think a full skirt for the ceremony and then a shorter or more fitted dress for the reception.” 6

| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

Blush is also seeing a rise in removable sleeves for the bride’s dress to allow her more accessibility once the eating, mingling and dancing begins. For dress styles in particular, square necklines, which emphasize the neck and bring about a slimmer appearance, are in. This neckline is popular with both ball gowns and sheath dresses.

Winter Sale Sale Starts Monday, Dec. 28 (not valid on prior purchases or 70% off merchandise)

FOR THE BRIDESMAIDS Traditional, unflattering bridesmaids’ dresses are a thing of the past. Many brides are interested in earthy and complementary colors for their entire party so no one feels left out or stuck with a dress they don’t like. Terra cotta or rust-colored dresses are quite popular and fit perfectly into the boho theme that many brides are going with. “The majority of brides want their bridal party in different dresses, colors and styles,” Tori says. Most wedding parties that she works with end up in individual colors and styles to make everyone feel comfortable. There are really no rules when it comes to fashion for the big day. A bold new trend Tori is seeing for 2021 is jumpsuits. Jumpsuits can feel more informal but also have a unique and elegant look to them.


Store hours:

Mon.-Weds., Fri.: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thurs.: 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat.: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Covington Plaza, 6340 West Jefferson Bld. Fort Wayne, Indiana (260) 459-2828

New Year New You! 40% off

off a new service!

Hairstyles Manicures

FOR THE GROOM 2021 has grooms also playing with color and design for their wedding attire. “Many grooms are opting for a fun sport coat and chinos rather than a full tailored tuxedo,” Tori says. A more leaned back look gives the opportunity for bold colors and patterns to play into their jackets and ties versus a traditional black or navy suit. Grooms are looking to bring more creativity and individuality to their wedding looks. It’s all about bending the rules and shirking formality to maximize comfort. a

Resources: Blush Bridal Boutique, Photography by Sam Phen, We Are The Travelers,




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Find yourself

6610 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Hours of Operation: Monday: 9 am-6 pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs: 8 am-8 pm, Friday: 8 am-7 pm; Saturday: 8 am-3 pm | JANUARY GLO 2021 |


GLAM + STYLE | Self Care + Beauty

Quit Smoking for Good By Stacie Ball

Many people hope to quit smoking for better health and financial freedom. Nancy Cripe of Tobacco Free Allen County explained, “At an average cost of $5.75 per pack, a Hoosier pack-a-day smoker will burn through $2,100 worth of cigarettes per year.” Despite the monetary savings and health benefits like lower blood pressure, clearer sinuses and reduced risk of cancer; the popular New Year’s resolution to quit smoking has proven to be one of the hardest to conquer. “The vast majority of people using commercial tobacco products quickly become addicted to them,” Cripe noted, “Nicotine is highly addictive, and commercial tobacco is manipulated to increase its addictiveness in order to maximize sales.” Many people underestimate the power of addiction and feel they should have the willpower to quit smoking quickly on their own. When they relapse, they feel like failures and give up, not realizing this is all part of the process. Dr. Lauren Warner, acupuncturist, agreed with Cripe. “Not only is nicotine extremely addictive, but the majority of smokers also use cigarettes as a coping mechanism for stress or anxiety,” she stated. “To quit smoking, they not only have to break the cycle of addiction from years of their brain chemistry being altered by each puff of a cigarette, they also have to find new outlets and healthier habits for dealing with their stress.” She advised that people try new stress reducers such as exercise, meditation, or even a fidget spinner. “I recommend in the beginning stage they just light a cigarette, take one puff, and put it out,” she continued. “It satisfies that learned habit they’ve been used to for so many years, while still greatly cutting back on the amount of nicotine intake.” 8

| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

in Indiana! Finally, check out local resources like Freedom from Smoking classes or the ICanQuit app.

Both experts insist the most effective way to quit is to develop a plan. Cripe had several suggestions for those serious about quitting. First, learn about addiction and the proven, evidence-based Dr. Warner suggested acupuncture as another option. “It can be used as a stand-alone treatment for smoking cessation, or as part of an overall strategy for quitting alongside medication,” she explained, “The acupuncture needles gently tapping in trigger a physiological response from the body that increases circulation and prompts the body to relax with a nice endorphin release. This can reduce cravings, decrease irritability and lower stress levels.” methods for quitting at tobacco/campaign/tips/quit-smoking. Recognize that nicotine is actually a stressor to the body, not a stress reducer. Next, get help and support from knowledgeable sources, such as the Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW or They offer support materials, coaching, and even 2 weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy. Then, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about cessation medications. They are covered under most insurance plans, and pharmacists can now prescribe them

“Above all else, it is key to know that trying to quit and relapsing is not failure,” Cripe urged, “Just keep at it and keep seeking help and support.” a


Tonight’s The Night Wedding night jitters are a real thing

(and BTW – they’re normal!)

By Julie Young

No matter what your level of experience with physical intimacy, chances are you will have some anxiety about your wedding night. It’s OK, we all do! After planning the perfect day and booking your dream honeymoon destination, it only stands to reason that your first night as a married woman should rise to the occasion as well, right?

| JANUARY GLO 2021 |


In a word, no, and the more pressure you put on yourself, the more nervous you will become and the less likely the experience will match your expectations. Fear not! We’ve got you covered with some of the top tips to have an enjoyable wedding night without additional stress.

a goddess or will you feel awkward? Remember that things rarely go as planned, it takes time to get to know one another (in a physical sense) and achieving mutual satisfactory lovemaking is a more of a marathon than a sprint. Practice makes perfect!

Feels like the first time

Familiar territory

If you are about to engage in sexual intercourse for the first time, it is important that you schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to insure your reproductive health, discuss any family-planning needs (if applicable) and address any concerns you may have about sex. There are also a number of good books on the subject and a trusted female relative or friend can be invaluable when it comes to tell you what you can expect on the big night. You will also want to have a frank talk with your fiancé to create a loose plan for your wedding night and what you both can expect from it. Will a glass of wine help relax you? Will revealing lingerie help you feel like

Even if you and your fiancé are more “comfortable” with one another, the pressure to have the perfect wedding night can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to remember that you are the same couple you were before you were wed. If you have visions of romance, rose petals and being swept off your feet, you may be disappointed when reality does not live up to your fantasy. Remember: “special” does not mean completely different. You may also be too exhausted and tipsy from the celebrations to consummate your union. That’s fine! There is no rule that says sex has to happen and you should never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do. However, if you want to be in top physical condition for your wedding night, stay hydrated, keep your alcohol consumption reasonable, leave your reception at a reasonable time and plan to spent the night at a nearby hotel rather than embarking on a long drive. Above all, laugh off any mishaps – one night will not make or break your marriage! a

Something old, Something new. Something borrowed, Something blue,

and now Something for your Honeymoon too!

Our Professional Fitters will help you find the right foundation for your special occasion with bras ranging in cup size AA through P. Call ahead to schedule a consultation.

FORT WAYNE STORE 4705 Illinois Rd., Suite 108 260.432.9939 HOURS: T/W/F 10am-6pm Th 10am-6pm | Sat 10am-5pm Closed Monday


| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

INDIANAPOLIS 8635 River Crossing Blvd. 317.844.1600 HOURS: M/T/W/F 10am-6pm Th 10am-7pm | Sat 10am-5pm

By Cathy Shouse

Setting up a wedding registry can be so much fun for couples planning a wedding, especially when it comes to kitchen items. Creating this specialized wish list is the last chance to shop as a twosome before walking down the aisle to become a married couple. Given how important food is to our daily lives and our wellbeing, the kitchen registry may surpass the other registries in terms of its significance to the happily-ever-after.

Who hasn’t stood in the kitchen needing an essential tool or ingredient they don’t have? Fortunately, with proper planning, you’ll bypass the frustration of the last-minute dash to the store. Also, with space at a premium in even the most lavish kitchens, getting organized will help you avoid having too many of any one thing, such as spatulas or candlesticks.

Three steps to the ideal registry:

Cooking up your

1.  Take inventory. With “I dos” happening later, you may already bring kitchen items into the marriage. 2.  Have a conversation. How will the food prep and presentation be managed? Based on your philosophies, make decisions from there. 3. Set dream goals. An exported pizza oven on an elaborate patio may be in the future but you can list a pizza stone and a grill on the registry.


Mother of the Bride Specialists

Expires 01/31/21 Code GLO121

One of the largest selections of mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom and unique formal wear dresses in the area.

We also carry better quality sportswear, day dresses, jewelry and accessories.  Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-5 

Friendly, personal service and excellent alterations.

65 W. Market St., Wabash


email: | JANUARY GLO 2021 |


The following are some essentials and more: •  salt and pepper shakers •  kitchen towels and other linens, plus a decorative towel with a phrase or image •  measuring cups for liquids and dry ingredients •  a toaster and possibly a Crockpot, Instant Pot, and air fryer •  cookie sheets •  a brownie pan • casseroles •  everyday dishes •  table linens •  Standard paper plates, disposable cups and paper napkins for every day, and the designer variety for special but casual occasions •  brass candlesticks •  table runners

The most popular items are the Cash Mason mixing bowls used on The Great British Bake Off, and the spice cabinet, which isn’t a cabinet but a starter spice collection. Also, customers get olive oils and balsamic vinegars and salad bowls with wooden tongs. “We have a cookbook that we put together ourselves,” she said. “We do sell other cookbooks, even though people get their recipes from the internet. I think a lot of people want something on hand to look at.” In the past, people have gifted cooking classes held at the store, and she hopes to continue those in the future.

The Olive Twist

The list goes on . . . We picked Lori Berndt’s brain for inspiration. For 10 years, she has been the president and owner of the gourmet grocery The Olive Twist. “We have a lot of amazing little things that finish a kitchen: olive oils, vinegars, herbs, baking products, and cruets,” Berndt said.

“I think the younger generation is finally in a spot where they’re wanting to learn to cook and they’re cooking to have an experience to be together,” Brendt said. Have fun with your list. Don’t worry if you forget something; you can shop later as a married couple! a

Resource: The Olive Twist,

Creative, elegant, professional design.

THE Place For YOUR Wedding or Party! Saturday As Low As $549

• Elegant & Affordable • Just10 minutes from I-69 on US 24 in Roanoke • Use Any Caterer, or Cater Yourself • Full Bar Service

Traci and Troy Photography


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| Proud Member Of The Wedding Vendor Alliance of Northeast Indiana |


| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

Free consults available

171 E Morse St Markle IN 46770 260 758-2897


January 2021

HOMELIVING Indoor + Outdoor

Home Makeover 2021 COLOR

of the Year


kitchen cabinets GET


2021 Color of the Year By Amber Bouthot

According to Pantone, the quintessential authority on color, 2021’s colors of the year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The website states: “Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.” Pantone has named a color of the year each year for more than two decades. The Color of the Year influences product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. How will you incorporate these colors into your home this year?

2  Home Living  |  January 2021

HOMELIVING Indoor & Outdoor

PO Box 188 • 206 South Main St., Milford, IN 46542 800.733.4111/Fax 800.886.3796 Editorial and Advertising, Ext. 2491 PUBLISHER Ron Baumgartner





MARKETING ASSISTANTS Darlene Eichelberger Trina Hoy




Stacie Ball, Ray Balogh, Bethany Beebe, Mary Jane Bogle, Lauren Caggiano, Deborah C. Gerbers, Haiden Hibbert, Kristin King, Julie Young

Jonathan Green Premium

grass seed, lawn products, and organic insect control and weed preventer.


Stop in now to plan your next project! • Soils • Mulches • Decorative Stone • Natural Hardscapes

Proud Distributor of Belgard, Unilock & Rosetta Commercial Pavers Gift s Lion Premium BBQ Grills & Certificate Heartland Pergolas Available 9912 Valentine Road Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Home Living Indoor + Outdoor is a news magazine with emphasis on home decor, design and remodeling. Home Living does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or editorial content, nor does Home Living or its staff assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial content appear in any publication. Home Living reserves the right to determine the suitability of all materials submitted for publication and to edit all submitted materials for clarity and space. Home Living has not independently tested any services or products advertised herein and has verified no claims made by its advertisers regarding those services or products. Home Living makes no warranties or representations and assumes no liability for any claims regarding those services or products or claims made by advertisers regarding such products or services. Readers are advised to consult with the advertiser and/ or other home repair and renovation professionals regarding any such claims and regarding the suitability of an advertiser’s products. No reproduction of Home Living Indoor + Outdoor is allowed without express written permission. Mailed subscriptions are available, prepaid with order at $44.00 for one year; and $75.00 for two years. Mail the order form, along with your check to Home Living Indoor + Outdoor, P.O. Box 188, Milford, IN 46542. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. Copyright © Home Living Indoor + Outdoor All rights reserved, 2021

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features ~

painted doors

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get organized for good

well being..................7 radon detection

how to...................... 8

paint kitchen cabinets

at HOME ~ garden/landscape. 10


reader DIY...............12

since 1953

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Household 5 Soap Co.

essentials ~ I am HOME..............15

Crystal Vann Wallstrom

Pick Up & Delivery Available

(260) 693-3134

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Happy 2021 from Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning! Staying cozy at home this winter may have alerted you that the air circulating through your house could be fresher. Collier’s has options to fit every budget and concern, from duct sanitation and full duct cleaning to purification systems that kill viruses, bacteria and Take odors too.

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community ~ event calendar......13

Quality Landscape Materials Since 1953

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your home or looking for a building-wide commercial answer for your business, call Collier’s to find the best option for your home or business.


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Save $75 when you schedule duct cleaning with Collier’s before February 15, 2021.

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Valid on residential or commercial duct cleaning. Limit one coupon per customer per duct cleaning. Offer expires February 15, 2021.

Offer expires February 15, 2021.



January 2021  |  Home Living  3

what’s trending  |  interior design

6 Quick & Affordable Ways To Makeover Your Living Room

By Haiden Hibbert

It’s never a bad idea to spruce up your living space, especially in the areas in which you spend the most time. But redecorating and redesigning is typically expensive, time consuming and stressful if you aren’t sure what you want to do with your space. Fortunately, there are tons of simple things you can do to makeover your living room without committing to a full-blown remodel. “I always say buy what you love. It will work with your decor no matter the style, because you will love it,” said Courtney Roller of Jim Brubaker Designs. “I suggest looking on Pinterest or following some home interior bloggers on Instagram if you are unsure of your style or the look you want to achieve.”

Add some foliage

Rearrange your layout

Update the paint/wallpaper

If you want to give your living room a new look, one of the easiest (and most overlooked) ways to do so is rearranging your furniture. Switching things up can create an entirely different vibe, open up the room, or make you realize a piece of furniture or decor doesn’t fit anymore. You may also move decorations from other places in the home to your living room.

While this step may be more time-consuming, throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls can change the entire look of your living room. Whether you opt for something drastically different, go for an accent wall, or just touch up what you already have, it will make all the difference.

4  Home Living  |  January 2021

Indoor plants are hotter than ever and a super affordable, trendy addition to any room in your home. Purchasing a few houseplants to place in your living room will breathe life into your space, even if you leave everything else as is.

Purchase new decorations You don’t have to spend much money to revamp your living room, but if you’re going to, decor is a great way to make an impact without breaking the bank. Statement pieces like throw pillows, blankets, lamps and centerpieces don’t have to cost hundreds, but they can completely change the room’s look. “If you frequently change decor, then shop the mass-produced home decor stores like Kirklands, etc., but try to buy forever furniture pieces,” Roller said. “It will not be money wasted if you truly love it.”

Clean up your cords If you have a television, sound system or other electronics in your living room, chances are you have some cords that are visible. If you don’t already have them tucked away neatly, this can quickly make a sight for sore eyes disappear. You can easily DIY this or go to the nearest home improvement store and browse your options. There’s everything from cable management tubes to power strips to trendy boxes that hide all your cords.

Repaint/stain the coffee table/end tables If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to spruce up your living room, take that old coffee table, entertainment stand or end table and give it a makeover. Depending on the material, you can strip and repaint or re-stain the furniture to look brand new.

6040 Innovation Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818 (260) 423-9577


Jim Brubaker Designs,

Enhance your outdoor living space with a modular fireplace

ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE OF A HIGH-EFFICIENCY GAS INSERT • furnace-rated inserts are extremely efficient and clean burning– good for the home and the environment. • instant warmth starts with a flip of a switch. • after venting and gas line are run, it slides right in the existing fireplace opening.

Brick & Fireplaces

Call us at 260-483-2126 Visit us at 4936 Nob Road, Fort Wayne January 2021  |  Home Living  5

features  |  main feature


FOR GOOD By Mary Jane Bogle

Getting organized is always a top resolution for the New Year. Many people read books and blogs by organization gurus. Others scour Pinterest for the latest organization tools, only to find themselves frustrated, sometimes living in more chaos than when they started. According to Emily Fitzgerald, owner of OLS Organizing, it’s not uncommon for people to try repeatedly to bring order to the chaos, especially if you struggle with ADHD or suffer from compulsive shopping. That doesn’t mean you can’t conquer the clutter, however, especially if you follow some basic tips. Tip #1: Discover what space is impacting your life in the most negative manner and start there. For some, it might be a kitchen so cluttered that you never even cook in it anymore. Others might benefit from a clutter-free bathroom or revamped bedroom closet, helping you get ready for work in a quick and efficient manner. Tip #2: Limit your time on social media. Many times, rather than getting inspired by ideas on social media, most people feel worse than when they started. “Your budget, life situation and space might be totally different from what you see on social media,” said Fitzgerald. So feel free to get ideas, but be sure to personalize those options for your own space and life. Tip #3: Write down your organization goals. Brain research shows that if you actually write down your goals, you’re much more likely to actually follow through and implement those ideas. Tip #4: Break down the process into bite-sized chunks. Too often, people pull out everything from a closet or craft room, only find themselves even more overwhelmed than when they started.

Instead, said Fitzgerald, “just sort and purge one chunk at a time. If you’re cleaning a clothes closet, focus on just one category, such as shoes, or pants and jeans.” Tip #5: Buy … and use … a timer. For most people, the biggest challenge is just getting started. That’s why Fitzgerald recommends working in short segments, with five-minute breaks scheduled in. “You can do anything for 25 minutes,” she said. “Just set the timer and get started.” Tip #6: Avoid unnecessary trips around the house. Too many times, people return items to other spaces, only to get distracted and never return to the task at hand. You can avoid this problem by placing a laundry basket in the door of that room. Simply place items that go somewhere else in the basket and return them all once the room is clean. Tip #7: When sorting, use bins with lids. Planning to give several items away? “Put them in a box with a secure lid,” said Fitzgerald. “That way, you’re much less likely to pull anything out again.” Tip #8: Know when to hire a professional. Sometimes, the best course of action is to make an investment in yourself and hire someone who can help you set up a system that you can actually maintain. Just a few sessions with a professional can help you beat that clutter habit for good.


Organized Living Solutions,

6  Home Living  |  January 2021

well being  | features

Importance of Radon Detection By Deborah C. Gerbers

As we spend more time at home, it is important to make sure our houses are safe by having working smoke detectors, up-to-date fire extinguishers and effective carbon monoxide monitors. But did you ever think about the importance of checking for radon? Colorless, tasteless and odorless, radon is a natural, radioactive gas that can cause serious health problems. According to the Allen County Department of Health, long-term exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, responsible for over 20,000 deaths each year. Radon gas is formed from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, rocks and water under homes. The gas seeps up from the ground into buildings through cracks in foundations, basement walls, gaps around service pipes and sump pumps. When it is indoors, radon gas becomes trapped and accumulates in the air. When people breathe in radon, it damages the lungs. ( Because radon cannot be smelled, tasted or seen, a simple radon test must be done to determine if the dangerous gas is present in your home. Test kits can be purchased at hardware stores for around $30, and most radon tests take between 2 and 7 days to complete. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “it’s as easy as opening a package and putting the test kit in the right place. After sending the test kit back to the address in the package, the company will send your radon test results in about two weeks,” ( radon). Another option is to contact the Allen County Department of Health, which provides free testing kits throughout Allen County while supplies last. Radon is measured in picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L), a measurement of radioactivity. There is no safe level for radon, but the EPA recommends fixing homes that have levels at or above 4pCi/L. It is estimated that 1 in every 15 U.S. homes has radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L. If your test results exceed that level, a mitigation system should be installed to remove the radon gas from beneath your home. These systems can cost between $500 – $2,500, with an average cost of $1,200. (

Radon detection is a simple yet necessary step to ensuring the overall safety of your home for you and your family. For more information on radon, visit or

Simplify Your Retirement Accounts Keeping tabs on multiple 401(k)s isn’t always easy. But when you consolidate them into one IRA, you can avoid overlooking plan statements or changes. Plus, consolidation may help you steer clear of unnecessary fees. Let’s explore what’s best for you. Kathy Crager, Financial Associate Vision Financial Group 3711 Rupp Drive, Ste. 108, Fort Wayne, IN 46815 260-450-5466 There may be benefits to leaving your account in your employer plan, if allowed. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc., 625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55415, a FINRA and SIPC member and a wholly owned subsidiary of Thrivent. Thrivent Financial representatives are registered representatives of Thrivent Investment Management Inc. They are also licensed insurance agents/producers of Thrivent. For additional important information, visit 28394 R8-20

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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets By Stacie Ball

The average cost to replace kitchen cabinets is about $20k, so it’s not hard to see why many people are choosing to update by painting. However, just slapping on any ole coat of paint may leave the cabinets looking worse than before, so we went straight to the experts. Gary Crossgrove, owner of Maumee Paint and Supply, has 40 years of painting expertise and gave a lot of helpful tips to make a newly painted kitchen look stunning.

N Materials


Paint in Moore nd • Benjam high-quality bra r e h t o or sponges sanding r, e p a p d • San ding blocks or san brush r with a e p e e w • S loth or tack c y primer • Qualit s inting) • Brushe’re not spray-pa (if you g r markin encil fo •P river • Screwd loth • Drop c

When you’re purchasing paint, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide if you will spray paint or brush. Crossgrove said if you spray paint, Benjamin Moore Cabinet Coat is the best. “It is a harder finish,” he explained. “If you’re brushing, you’ll want to use Benjamin Moore Advance.” He also mentioned that if you want red or blue, you need to step up to the Benjamin Moore Aura line because it covers better. “Reds and blues are the worst for coverage,” he explained. Then, you need to choose the finish: matte, semi-gloss or gloss. Matte is a flat finish, semi-gloss has some sheen and is easier to clean, and gloss has the most sheen.

Step 1: Prepare


Mark all the cabinets using a numbering or lettering system, so you remember where to replace them after painting. Use the screwdriver to remove all hinges and cabinet doors. Place a drop cloth on the floor to catch paint spills.

Step 2: Sand and Dust Everything Sanding everything will remove stains and allow for a smooth finish. Dust everything down with a sweeper or tack cloth. Any leftover sand or dust will leave a bumpy finish on your painted cabinet.

8  Home Living  |  January 2021


Step 3: Primer

No matter if the canvas is your face, artwork or kitchen cabinets, it is always best to apply a coat of primer so that the color is brighter, smoother and more professional-looking. Crossgrove advised using Benjamin Moore’s oil enamel, Satin Impervo, unless you are painting with white. “Don’t use oil for a white finish because it will turn yellow,” he said, “Use a latex-like material.” Lightly sand again after priming to knock off any tips.

Step 4: Paint! When you’re ready to paint, follow the grain of the wood. “If spraying, one coat is enough,” Crossgrove instructed. “If brushing, use two coats.” He reasoned that two thin coats will cover better than one thick coat, and one coat can result in brush marks. Visit, call 260-490-8656 or stop in for more information. There are even tips for painting like using painter’s tape and easy clean-up tricks on their website. Additionally, Maumee Paint offers painting services for those who would rather leave the painting to the professionals. Whether you are painting yourself or hiring a professional, mention this article to get the best pricing at Maumee Paint.

Resource: Maumee Paint and Supply,

M, W & F: 7-5, T & Th: 7-6, Sat: 8-1

MauMee Paint

302 Stone Pointe Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

& SuPPly

(260) 490-8656

Build A Better Backyard With Buesching’s

Serving the Fort Wayne Area Since 1947 Family Owned & Operated

Top Soil • poTTing Soil • DirT MixTureS MulcheS - Many VarieTieS DecoraTiVe STone •FlagSTone • BoulDerS alSo a WiDe VarieTy oF lanDScape SupplieS

PICK UP OR DELIVERY 9134 W. Cook Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818

(Just 2.3 miles west of Hwy 33) QUESTIONS? Give us a call:


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A pop of warm color,

Amaryllis By Bethany Beebe

At the height of the winter season, we tire of snow, cold and grey skies. One way we can bring a pop of warm color to our heated indoors is growing amaryllises. Often given as a present, with some care, these winter workhorses can offer a multi-season gift of blooms. According to Missouri Extension, the Hippeastrum hybrid we call amaryllis is native to Central America, while the true, from a botanical perspective, amaryllis is from Africa. Minnesota Extension reports the genus Amaryllis is derived from amarysso, a Greek term meaning “to sparkle.” Colors include scarlet, lavender, crimson, white, rose or a combination. There are usually two to four of the up-to eight-inch blossoms on a flower stalk of about two feet. According to Purdue Extension, two stages of the lifecycle are common in the retail setting: potted, already growing and as a bulb ready to plant. A plant already in bloom will last longest in a cooler rather than warmer environment. A room of approximately 65 degrees will help prevent the stalk from becoming weak. A weak stalk can lead to flower droop which then necessitates staking. Starting with a bulb, the home grower could see blooms like those of the already-flowering in six to eight weeks. The bulb should be full and firm to the touch, and, assuming it came from a retail grower as a store-bought kit, will be ready to plant. You do not need to worry about cooling or resting the bulbs. A pot only a bit larger in diameter than the bulb itself with water drainage holes on

10  Home Living  |  January 2021

the bottom is an ideal container for a good-quality potting medium. Once the potting mix is included, the bulb goes in, pointy side facing up, with the shoulders up of the bulb above the soil line. A thorough watering and then placement in a cool but sunny window, ideally 55 to 65 degrees, will start the mentioned six-to-eight week wait for blooms. Until active growth begins, water should be shared sparingly. Once active growth starts to happen, a diluted fertilizer solution should be applied weekly. After you have enjoyed the fruits of your labor, you can look to future growing seasons with the same bulb and a little preparation. Amaryllises dislike being repotted too frequently, and this task should be attempted only every three or four years. Simply cut off the flower stalk when blooming is complete and continue to care for the leaves as you might any other houseplant. In the spring, an east- or west-facing location will be ideal for a summer home. Place the whole plant, pot and all, into the soil for a summer’s dormant rest. In late summer, the leaves should start turning yellow. Withhold water until the leaves fade completely, at which point they can be trimmed off and removed from the ground, ready for the process to begin again. For more information on this plant and many others, check out the resources below or the many other trusted Purdue Extension learning opportunities online. how-to-care-for-your-amaryllis/

household pets  |  at HOME

Finding the right

trainer for your dog

By Julie Young

No matter if you are trying to housebreak a puppy or want to teach your older dog a new trick, the right trainer can make all the difference. Unfortunately, dog training is an unregulated field that is filled with people who employ a variety of techniques, so it is important to find the trainer that is right for you and your pet. Trista Miller, CPDT-KA, BA, AKC, CGC evaluator, pet CPR and First Aid instructor with Polite Paws, says because anyone can call himself or herself a dog trainer, it is important for pet owners to visit a trainer’s website, find out about their training philosophy, education and professional organizations before signing up for a session. “If they use a fear-free and pain-free process, belong to a professional organization and have some certifications, then you know that they have gone through a few hoops, have passed a test and have some experience to back up their methods,” she said. In addition to finding someone who can help your pet learn basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” and “come,” it is important to find a trainer who understands your dog’s natural inclinations and can help you understand what you may perceive to be your dog’s behavioral issues. Depending on your dog’s breed (or breed mix,) your pet may have a tendency to jump, pull, bark or dig, giving you fits about how to curtail their bad manners.” “I am a dog advocate and of course we need to change behaviors if there are signs of anxiety and aggression, but all dogs were bred to do something specific – even little lap dogs- so it is important that pet owners are doing all that they can to fulfill their dog’s physical and emotional needs,” Miller said. When it comes to learning behaviors, Miller believes in rewardbased, positive reinforcement to help your dog catch onto your verbal and signal cues. It’s a bit Pavlovian in nature, but if your dog is rewarded for exhibiting the correct behavior at the sound of the clicker, they will be more agreeable to pleasing their owner in the future. As for when to begin, while basic training can and should begin from the moment your dog joins your family, professionals vary as to when a dog can join a formal class. Socialization can begin when a

dog is approximately six-weeks-old, but formal enrollment is usually permitted after a dog has received their first round of shots. While group classes are a great way to acclimate your dog to being around other people and their pets, private sessions may be warranted to address a specific issue. “Above all, if you have adopted a pet from a shelter, you need to give that pet some time to get used to your home and family,” Miller said. “Remember that when you are training your pet, you are also training yourself and when choosing your trainer, trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, look elsewhere.”

Resource: Polite Paws,

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at HOME  |  reader diy

s r o o D d e t n i Pa


By Amber Bouthot

Every month, we highlight Reader DIY Projects. We want to see your projects and share them within the pages of our magazine. It can be something as simple as a craft project or as large as a home addition. If you did it yourself, it can be featured. Email Amber at This month’s Reader DIY project comes Casey Whitcomb who wanted to add a pop of color to her home.

What was your inspiration for the project? I love to walk around the historic Fort Wayne neighborhoods on the southside and look at all the old homes. I noticed a lot of them have doors with a pop of color. I thought it would be fun to try it on our house.


How long did it take from start to finish? From start to finish took me about 1 week to sand, prime and paint the doors.

Was it easier or harder than you anticipated? It was easier than I anticipated after a little trial and error.





12  Home Living  |  January 2021

The paint was the most expensive part of this project as we wanted to make sure it was a good quality that would last. In total, the project cost $45.00.

What did you like best about the undertaking?


What was the total cost of the project?


I loved seeing that I was capable of doing this project on my own. I have never been much of a DIYer, so I always assume things are just too hard to do on my own. While it was challenging, I felt so accomplished and now I am looking for more projects to do.

What was the most challenging aspect? The most challenging part was scraping years and years of paint off of the doors. I used a hot gun, but it was challenging not to scorch the wood in the process.

Where did you source the materials? We used the doors we already had and bought all of the needed supplies from Lowe’s.

events  |  community

By Ray Balogh Botanical Conservatory

Shipshewana Blue Gate Theatre

• Tuesday, Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26, Tai Chi, four-week series, 5 p.m.-6 p.m., $37, registration deadline Dec. 29 • Thursday, Jan. 7, Night Insight: Island Games, 6 p.m.-7 p.m., $1 • Saturday, Jan. 9, “The Tiki Bowl” play garden (through April 4), regular admission • Saturday, Jan. 30, Winterval at the Conservatory, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., regular admission Adults $5, children (3-17) $3, children (2 and under) free. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday; 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday; noon-4 p.m. Sunday; closed Monday. Open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. 1100 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne. 260.427.6440,

•S elected days and times (through Jan. 9, 2021), “The Gut Life Christmas,” Music Hall, $24.95 • Friday-Saturday, Jan. 15-16, David Pendleton, Music Hall, $19.95 • Friday-Saturday, Jan. 22-23, Doug Church: The True Voice of Elvis, Music Hall, $24.95 All shows add $18 for dinner theater. All performances held in Performing Arts Center unless otherwise indicated. Performing Arts Center address is 760 S. Van Buren St., Shipshewana. Music Hall address is 195 N. Van Buren, Shipshewana. 888.447.4725,

Stroede Center for the Arts

• Saturday, Jan. 23, At the Movies: Songs of the Silver Screen, 8 p.m., $30 125 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne. 800.745.3000,

•S aturday, Jan. 9, Cinema at the Stroede: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” 7:30 p.m., free admission, concessions available for purchase • Sunday, Jan. 24, Sunday at the Stroede: JOS Brass Trio, 7 p.m., $15 319 Wade Ave., Defiance. 419.784.3401,

Memorial Coliseum

1 WABASH First Friday

•T hursday-Sunday, Jan. 28-31, Fort Wayne RV & Camping Show, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday Parking $6 main lot, $10 preferred lot. Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Ave., Fort Wayne. 260.482.9502,

Live entertainment, food, kid’s activities, shopping, evening specials and more. Free admission. 5 p.m.-8 p.m., downtown Wabash. 260.563.0975,

Embassy Theatre

Fort Wayne Museum of Art Exhibitions: • Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Classic Toys and Americana (ongoing) • Glass Sculpture from the Collection (ongoing) • A Year of Making Meaning: New Additions to the Collection 2020 (through Jan. 31, 2021) • Historic Indiana En Plein Art (through Jan. 31, 2021) • Larry Burrows: Life in Vietnam (through Feb. 28, 2021) • American Impressionism: Treasures from the Daywood Collection (through March 14, 2021) • Static Energy: Sculpture by Dale Enochs (through March 14, 2021) Traveling exhibitions (through Dec. 31, 2021): • AFROS: A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael July • Graphicanos: Contemporary Latino Prints from the Serie Project • Donald Martiny: Freeing the Gesture • Geoffrey Hiller: Daybreak in Myanmar Events: • Wednesday, Jan. 27, Art on Call, 2 p.m. Adults $8, students (pre-K through college) $6, seniors (65 and older) $6, families $20, free admission for veterans and veterans’ families, free general admission 5 p.m.-8 p.m. every Thursday. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday; 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday (closed Mondays), 311 E. Main St., Fort Wayne. 260.422.6467,

Honeywell Center •T uesday, Jan. 5 through March 9, Music Together, online program of music for ages birth through 5 years, 10 a.m., $159 for 10 Zoom sessions. • Thursday, Jan. 28, Wine Dinner, multi-course gourmet meal with wine pairing, 6 p.m. Parkview Ballroom, Eagles Theatre, $50/person. Call 260.274.1422 for reservations. Ford Theater, 275 E. Market St., Wabash. 260.563.1102,

1 through Feb. 28 (selected dates) Toboggan Run Quarter-mile refrigerated toboggan run. $13 per toboggan per hour (maximum 4 persons per toboggan). 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day (Monday, Jan. 18). Pokagon State Park, 450 Lane 100 Lake James, Angola. 260.833.2012,

3 SundayFlea Market Nearly 100 indoor vendors, hot food available. Sponsored by the Adams County Coin Club. 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (year-round), Riverside Center, 231 E. Monroe St. (Highway 224 East), Decatur. Contact Carla at 260.517.8182,

5, 12, 19, 26 “Little River Ramblers” Hike and explore the interesting plants and wildlife of Eagle Marsh. Bring binoculars for a close-up view. Sponsored by Little River Wetlands Project. Free admission. 9 a.m.-11 p.m., Eagle Marsh west entrance (Boy Scout office parking lot), 6801 Engle Road, Fort Wayne. 260.478.2515,,

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By Lauren Caggiano

Welcome to our new feature. Each month, we will highlight a small business in our community. On the surface, Jon Bradshaw sells soap. But if you dive deeper, his business, Household 5 Soap Company, is much more than that. If you ask him, the company’s mission is to change the world, one bath at a time. The company formally launched in spring 2020, but its origins go back a ways. Bradshaw served in the Army and upon returning to civilian life, he was looking to transition back into the workforce. He wasn’t sure what path that might take and then life presented an opportunity. “Our grandson was living with us at the time and he was allergic to pretty much all of the soaps that we tried,” he explained. “And so, we ended up picking up some soaps at a farmer’s market and had him try them as one last act of desperation. It cleared up this head-to-toe rash that he had. And it’s not like the soap was magic. It just didn’t contain a lot of the detergents that are in regular store-bought soap.” Encouraged by this outcome, Bradshaw came to the conclusion there was something of substance here. Like his grandson, he had sensitive skin growing up and had reactions to conventional soaps. Following the success with natural formulations, his mother offered him a family soap recipe that would serve as the foundation for his line of soaps. “We took that recipe and modified it,” he said. “We wanted to go with something a little more vegetable-based and this had a lot of animal fats in it. So, we ended up ‘modernizing’ an early 20th century recipe.” His concept was well-received by customers looking for such a product. Bradshaw and his wife operate a store in Georgetown Square, as well as an online shop. He said his customers are men and women — basically anyone looking for a cleaner and vegan-friendly alternative to what’s in big box stores. While he acknowledges there are other quality purveyors of soap and related products in town, Bradshaw said the differences are in the details.

Jon Bradshaw

“Three things set us apart from the others: We offer other small makers products in addition to our own,” he said. “We create products specifically for men, and we are priced to be affordable without sacrificing the awesome.” Beyond the products, customers come to Household 5 for community, too. He offers game nights and date night events and provides an outlet for veterans to gather. The latter is important to him, because he feels like vets sometimes don’t have a tribe and some struggle with reintegration into civilian society. A visionary, he’s always looking to what’s next. In the case of his business, he hopes to expand by adding employees and bringing the local-first concept to other cities. This is all in the larger context of a global pandemic. Bradshaw isn’t deterred, however. He launched the business around the onset of the public health crisis, and he’s confident his concept has legs. In his words, “if there’s one thing the CDC has been saying constantly for months, it’s wash your hands.” Plus, he said even in a recession, consumers still need necessities like soap.

Resource: Household 5 Soap Company,

14  Home Living  |  January 2021

m a I HOME


Crystal Vann Wallstrom By Kristin King

A Fort Wayne transplant with a love for historic charm, Crystal Vann Wallstrom and her family relocated from San Francisco a little over five years ago. They found themselves in the 46802 zip code. They were enamored with the thoughtful design and natural beauty of Wildwood Park, a neighborhood that boasts unique architecture, winding roads and contoured landscaping. “It’s gorgeous in the fall, but the leaves are never ending,” jokes Crystal. Just a few minutes from downtown Fort Wayne, they are still able to indulge in the entertainment of the city while also maintaining the quiet, cozy vibe of suburban living. Just a block away from Towpath Trail, nestled away behind tree-lined streets, there is a rich history to Wildwood Park, which was partially designed by one of the first females in architecture and city planning, Joel Roberts Ninde. The area has a diverse socio-economic aspect to it, with houses ranging in size and price. As a small business owner and founder of Rabbit Hole Ventures, a company that works on economic development projects in northeast Indiana, Crystal is inspired by locations such as these that help to build culture and development within a city. “I love the diverse ages of people that live here and how people who grew up here came back,” Crystal said. They have noticed quite a bit of turnover in the neighborhood over the last few years, as many older residents move on and younger families move in to remodel the historic homes. Coincidentally, her 1940s home was once owned by her neighbor’s parents. The home is a bit of a fixer upper, and she and her husband have been working on updating it (that was last remodeled in the 90s) to better suit their needs and styles. “We’re still getting settled,” Crystal says, “slowly filling the house with furniture and the things that make it feel like home.” Their home is constantly changing to meet the demands of their growing family, as well as her work-from-home routine. Her office has shared a few different spaces throughout the house since she began working from home in 2018, but finally found its perfect place in one of the smaller bedrooms recently. To adapt to the pandemic, Crystal converted a section of her living room into a remote-learning classroom for her children. With both her and her children at home full-time, she has had to play around a bit with finding the right balance between home and work/education.

Redesigning their living room into an educational environment has allowed her family to incorporate learning into all aspects of their daily life. “Learning doesn’t stop when school is over,” says Crystal. “It’s all day, every day, though our approach during off-school hours is more casual.” Crystal and her family may still be altering their house as they grow and change, but they’ve certainly found their home here in Fort Wayne.

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Specializing in Natural Stone Surfaces: Granite | Quartz | Marble | Soapstone

Specializing Natural Stone Surfaces: Specializing in Natural Stone in Surfaces: | Quartz | Marble | Soapstone Granite | QuartzGranite | Marble | Soapstone Viewfor and select material for your View and select material your residence or office space. residence or office space. Locally Owned and Operated Locally Owned and Operated Large in-stock inventory Large in-stock inventory

View and select material for your residence or office space. Locally Owned and Operated Large in-stock inventory

Cabinets provided by D.S. Woods Custom Cabinets




33 469





Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne














Hoagland 27


Natural optionsfor for natural sleep Natural options natural sleep

425 E Dupont Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Insomnia condition time fallingcan asleep, asleep oforourboth. Insomnia isisa a condition in whichinanwhich individualancanindividual have a difficultcan timehave falling a difficult sources prior to bedtime interfere staying with the production naturalOver sleep 40 percent of Americans report issues disorders last longer than one month, they are asleep, staying asleep or both. Over 40having percent ofsleep Americans reporteach having year. When hormone, sleep melatonin. sleep issuesaseach When sleep sleep disorders last longer thanscientists one month, they classified a year. chronic disorder. While do not Melatonin know the exact atmechanism for why we sleep, theyusdo know is secreted night when darkness is approaching. It causes classified scientists do notphysical know the wellness and our overall happiness. Rapid eye movement, or REM thatarethe lackasofa chronic sleepsleep candisorder. affectWhile our mood, our to become sleepy and also lowers our body temperature. Many prescription exact mechanism for why we sleep, they do know that the lack of sleep can even medications prescribed insomnia, can block the producsleep, is the time when we tend to dream. We should have medications, several episodes of REM sleepforeach night. Failure to reach affect our mood, our physical wellness and our overall happiness. Rapid eye tion of melatonin. Ask our pharmacist if thewe medications you are taking may REM sleep will create a negative effect on regenerative hormones that are produced while sleep. movement, or REM sleep, is the time when we tend to dream. We should have several episodes of REM sleep each night. Failure to reach REM sleep will create Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm

be depleting melatonin, making it difficult to fall asleep. Melatonin 3 mg Sustained Release and Melatonin Liposomal Spray are two means to

on regenerative that is are influenced produced whileby we sleep. Thea negative abilityeffect to fall asleep athormones bedtime factors that occur fromlevels. the time we arise in the morning. For many increase melatonin individuals face stress isduring thebyday, cortisol levels produced by the adrenal gland can interfere with the The ability towho fall asleep at bedtime influenced factorselevated that occur from Many individuals turn to prescription medications to attempt to address sleep the time arise in the morning. For many individuals who face stress ability towefall asleep and stay asleep. L-theanine, anduring amino acid that down-regulates cortisol produced the day, disorders. However, these medications can become problematicduring as they can thehelp day, elevated cortisol set levelsthe produced the adrenal gland can interfere can effectively stageby for improved sleep at bedtime when during Combination products adversely affecttaken the normal sleepthe cycle,day. especially the REM sleep cycle. After such with the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. L-theanine, an amino acid that daytime product control elevated levels, we recom- without as Relaxation Formula and GABA Calm, when taken duringusing the aday, can helpto help set the stage forcortisol improved sleep, down-regulates cortisol produced during the day, can help effectively set the mend using a quality sleep supplement to lifestyle help restorechange the naturalthat sleep needs to causing sedation during the day. Besides the presence of stress during the day, another stage for improved sleep at bedtime when taken during the day. Combination rhythm. Magnesium, like the magnesium found in Magnesium Glycinate beproducts considered is the amount timing of when stimulants consumed during the day, such as caffeine and alcohol. Exposure such as Relaxation Formulaand and GABA Calm, taken during Powder 1000 mg, is a mineral that acts as a calmative and helps our muscles day, can help set the stage for improved sleep, without causing sedation to the computer screens, video games and television in the evening too close bedtime canCombinations also adversely relax, helping us to falltoasleep more easily. of natural affect sleep- sleep. during the exposure day. Besides the stressemitting during thesources day, anotherprior lifestyle Extended to presence these of light to bedtime interfere of Formula our natural sleep inducing can ingredients, such aswith those the foundproduction in Sleep Perfect or change that needs to be considered is the amount and timing of stimulants Sleep Support, can induce a natural sleep onset. For those who are still hormone, melatonin. consumed during the day, such as caffeine and alcohol. Exposure to computer plagued by early morning awakening, the use of rapid-acting Melatonin screens, video games and television in the evening too close to bedtime Liposomal Spray individuals return forand thosealso remaining valuable Melatonin is secreted at Extended night when approaching. It causes uscantohelp become sleepy lowers our body can also adversely affect sleep. exposuredarkness to these lightisemitting hours of sleep.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

temperature. Many prescription medications, even medications prescribed for insomnia, can block the production of melatonin. Ask our pharmacist if the medications you are taking may be depleting melatonin, making it difficult to fall Hormone & Nutritional Consulting • Compounded Medications • Nutritional Supplements asleep. Melatonin 3 mg Sustained Release and Melatonin Liposomal Spray are two means to increase melatonin levels. Many individuals turn to prescription medications to attempt to address sleep disorders. However, these medications can become problematic as they can adversely affect the normal sleep cycle, especially the REM sleep cycle. After using a daytime product to help control elevated cortisol levels, we recommend using a quality sleep supplement to help restore the natural sleep rhythm. Magnesium, like the magnesium found in Magnesium Glycinate Powder 1000 mg, is a mineral that acts as a calmative and helps our muscles relax, helping us to fall asleep more easily. Combinations of natural sleep-inducing ingredients, such as those found in Sleep Perfect Formula or Sleep Support, can induce a natural sleep onset. For those who are still plagued by early morning awakening, the use of rapid-acting Melatonin Liposomal Spray can help individuals return for those remaining valuable hours of sleep.

425 E. Dup ont Road For t Wa yne, IN 46825 260-490-3447 w w w .f w customr

| JANUARY GLO 2021 |






| JANUARY GLO 2021 |


By Shelley Galbreath | Photo by Mollie Shutt

Jennifer Norris Hale, founder of Mission: Motherhood, believes motherhood is a journey. As the mother of three boys ages 10, 7 and 20 months, Hale’s journey began in 2019 when she shared her own experience with postpartum depression and anxiety, hoping it might help others. It was then she found her voice and she has not stopped advocating for mothers since.

from Better Visions, PC

What is Mission: Motherhood? Mission: Motherhood began for women to share motherhood experiences and know they are not alone. It is about intentionally creating a safe space to share, without judgement and with full support, no matter the background or journey. Our mission is to help mothers who are struggling with maternal mental health conditions take care of themselves and their families by providing the specialized resources they deserve. Mission: Motherhood supports all aspects of a mothers’ journey. Our society does not give mothers nearly enough time or the necessary tools to navigate successfully. The journey of motherhood was never intended to be made alone. Motherhood requires community - a village. My hope is through Mission: Motherhood, we can break the stigma surrounding maternal mental health and create a village we can use to raise our mothers.

What do you want glo readers to know about you? After I graduated college, I moved to NYC for my career in the apparel industry and had absolutely no intentions of motherhood. I was fortunate to travel internationally and collaborate with major retailers and live the dream. When I became a mom, everything changed, and I was not prepared for it at all. What I learned is that motherhood is not about perfection or appeasing others, and it is not an overnight success story. It is a journey. I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety for over a year after my son was born. I focused on my career and pleasing those around me because that is where I found my worth. The turning point for me was when a childhood friend passed away by suicide. I immediately realized I needed to change my life. Mission: Motherhood is the result of that journey. I do not know if I would be here were it not for my village, so I wholeheartedly believe and intentionally strive to empower women to know they are not alone.

Who has inspired you? Princess Diana was such an inspiration to me. She had so much grace, generosity and desire to make a difference no matter how big or small. She did so much for so many and I have always hoped to leave an ounce of the impact she was able to make. Also, my mom; my older sister; and some amazing women locally: Leslee Hill, Kristin Giant, Anne Marie Labenberg and Janell Lane have been and continue to be inspirations to me.

Have you had the opportunity to mentor anyone? Yes. I find mentorship one of the most rewarding experiences, whether it is in personal or professional life. Any opportunity to support another woman is time well spent. Mentorship is a relationship that works to produce positive outcomes for both the mentor and mentee. It is a big part of why we are looking forward to launching “Just Between Mothers” this month in partnership with Associated Churches. “Just Between Mothers” is a motherhood mentorship program connecting volunteers in the community to establish relationships with new and/or mothers in need of services and practical support. I am beyond grateful and excited to make this a reality for mothers and families in our community.

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Do you have any regrets? While I do not regret the path that got me here today, ideally, I would have really taken the time to work on finding myself rather than focus on everything else going on around me and adapting to please everyone. a

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By Jaclyn Youhana Garver | Photo by Mollie Shutt

Once upon a time, Aaron Lane never considered a career in counseling. For Lane, it was all about sports. He played football at Purdue University and was a free agent for the Miami Dolphins in 2008. The team released him after a rookie mini-camp, and that’s, he says, when his identity crisis began. “I was all about sports,” says Lane. “I was sports. Once that ended for me, it was like, ‘Oh, no. What now?’”



He spent seven years as a trainer for Athletes with Purpose, where he realized a passion for leadership development. Today, Lane is co-founder of Courageous Healing and Courageous Living, two companies aimed at helping different sectors of Fort Wayne. He founded Courageous Healing with his wife, Janell, who had always wanted to have her own counseling company. During the coronavirus pandemic, counselors primarily meet with clients on-line, though construction is underway for a center in southeast Fort Wayne, where the company can help a sector of the population that hasn’t always been open to counseling services; there’s a stigma around mental health in Black and brown communities, but Lane is seeing that stigma dim. At the macro level, part of the change is because of increased awareness and a change in messaging and imagery; the field is showing different populations that they, too, can benefit from mental health services. Locally, Lane says, Courageous Healing helps the stigma because its therapists are Black. “When you’re able to see a counseling center that has all therapists that look like you, that helps,” he says. “The response from our client population is they want the services. It used to be that individuals didn’t want access.” But now, those communities are more trusting, and they’re embracing the process. “There’s a great demand from individuals who’d never thought about or been to counseling,” Lane says. “Now they’re trusting it.” Courageous Living, which Lane also founded with his wife, provides counseling and equity and inclusion training for companies. On top of running two businesses, Lane serves as Parkview Health’s lead community partner development coordinator. He and his wife started the Community Parkview Development Center five years ago, and it provides tools, resources and opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Clients can attend programming at the center, or they can hire the center to provide training and programming for clients’ specific populations. If it weren’t hard enough to have, essentially, three full-time jobs, Lane—like everyone else—has been operating under a trio of pandemics: There’s the coronavirus. There’s the racial and civil unrest sparked by the murder of George Floyd. And, from the combination of those two emergencies, there’s the mental health pandemic. Compounded by a loss of jobs and schools closing, the pandemics have led to increased anxiety and stress for millions across the country. “From the outside in, it looks crazy. ‘How do you do all of this? Why do you do all of this?’” he says. “It’s how God has set us up as a couple to serve. It’s all aligned.” a

You Deserve the Best in the New Year

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By Jaclyn Youhana Garver | Photo by Mollie Shutt

Spend an hour chatting with Sajahane Lloyd, and you’ll be convinced, too, that this girl might change the world. This is her senior year at Wayne High School, and Lloyd is a member of both Wayne’s Sources of Strength, a peer-led mental health group, and the leadership group Pave the Path. She loves the ceramics class she attends on days when she’s actually on-campus, though she signed up for the class primarily because she needed a fine arts credit to graduate in May with her honors diploma. She’s been a cheerleader since the fourth grade, and then, of course, there’s that PSAT score. The second time she took the test, she got a 1240, putting her in the top 10% of all test takers, according to Kaplan, the company that preps students for the SATs. Her score was so high, Lloyd received recognition from the College Board, which administers the PSATs and offers recognition to students in minority groups or who attend school in a rural area or small town. The recognition connects Lloyd to universities and scholarships across the country—but there’s just one university she has her eye on: Ball State, where she hopes to major in biology with a concentration in wildlife biology and conservation. “My current aspiration is to find fieldwork after college or during college in the conservation field and go on to teach conservation,” she says. She wants “to try and keep the flames ignited in the younger generation about keeping endangered species protected.” She worked out the particulars of this dream after shadowing a veterinarian her sophomore year: She realized she couldn’t imagine having to perform surgery on an animal or put one down. So she got a summer job at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo as an interpreter. In the role, she told guests about the animals and highlighted conservation efforts. “I really, really enjoyed it, especially when it was smaller audiences and younger children because they had the best questions,” Lloyd says. “I started researching how I could turn that into something for my future.” Her trial and error approach to answering the question: What do I want to be when I grow up? was so, well, methodical. “That’s kind of how I work,” she says. Then, of course, there’s family life. Lloyd is the oldest of seven kids, which led to her pandemic silver lining, the bright spot in the gloom of attending senior year of high school during the coronavirus pandemic. “When we all got sent home (from school), that was really bleak,” she says, but “I had so much more time with my family. Since we’re all busy with our own things, there’s never a lot of time for all of us to sit down at once and be together. I had more time to build relationships with my brothers and sisters. It was definitely a really positive thing to come out of being stuck at home.” a

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FEATURE | Finance

529 Savings Plan By Lauren Caggiano

Whether it’s funding your own advanced education or that of a relative, a 529 savings plan can be a vehicle by which to provide for future expenses. And a new year can mean the chance to start fresh with your finances. But what exactly is a 529 plan and how can it be helpful in the long run for investors and their beneficiaries? In simple terms, a 529 plan is a college savings plan that offers tax and financial aid benefits. 529 plans may also be used to save and invest for K-12 tuition in addition to college costs. Whether you open an open account now or continue making contributions to an existing one, there’s incentive to do so. “A 529 (account) is interesting, because it’s designed to be really flexible,” said Matt Henry, CFA, who works in the private advisory division of STAR Financial Bank. “For example, you can name any child at any age, as long as they have a social security number. And you don’t even have to be a family member of the child to do so.” Another layer of flexibility built in by the government is that you can set up an account to finance your own educational pursuits that fall under the purview of academic coursework and room and board. And if several years down the road, you want to name a child as the beneficiary instead, you can do that with the proper paperwork. Savers also might be surprised to know there’s no minimum contribution necessary to start the account, according to Henry. You could start an account with $10 and build from there.

What matters more than how much you contribute is perhaps the fact that you do, added Henry’s colleague and private banker, Brittainy Chaffee. The cadence will depend on your budget and personal comfort level. She chooses to contribute on a monthly basis to three accounts set up in her nephews’ names, which means reducing the burden of their future educational expenses. With automated debits, it’s easy and relatively painless. Her parents do the same, so the impact is multiplied. Whether you do this on your behalf or to benefit a family member or friend, Chaffee said getting in the habit of saving, whatever the occasion, will serve you well. “Most Americans don’t have an emergency fund or a savings account at all,” she said. “Unfortunately, especially in times like now, where a lot of people are laid off, or a situation happens, they revert to using a credit card to pay for those expenses. And then the interest rates charged on the credit cards are just outrageous because it compounds and goes in the opposite way of what you would want for paying down that debt.” If, however, you wish to be proactive and think of the future, Chaffee and Henry offer an invitation. STAR’s investment team can help set up the account. It just takes a desire to plan for the future and a few minutes of your time. a

Resource: STAR Financial Bank, Fort Wayne, 888.395.2447,

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Trusts, Estates, and Guardianships


FEATURE | Motherhood

Parenting Resolutions By Deborah C. Gerbers

Let’s face it, 2020 was hard on moms— there was a lot to juggle. So, as we move into a new year, let’s take a look at what kinds of commitments can we realistically make regarding parenting— engaging in their virtual learning, encouraging extracurricular activities, making more special one-on-one time, volunteering, and using our time and talents in a balanced way that works for everyone. Crafting + Creative Projects Some moms have a built-in crafting gene providing them with endless energy, cool supplies and everlasting patience. Most of us, however, are just your average moms who at the end of the day really would rather plop the kids in front of Disney+ and don’t have the innate urge to hot glue and glitter pinecones, and craft messy projects to clean up afterward. Well, let’s be real, kids do love these projects, and they’re pretty great for keeping their hands and minds busy. While they might be messy and rarely Pinterestworthy, all your kids care about is that you’re taking an interest in their activities and making something fun with them. Who cares if the gingerbread house looked like it’s melting into its foundation, or the dog wouldn’t even touch the over-sprinkled, burnt-bottom cookies? Laugh about it and just enjoy the time you’re spending together! The kids won’t be little forever. Also, have them help with clean up as part of the deal, too, so it’s fair for everyone involved.

Sport + Extracurriculars Especially with the COVID-19 restrictions this past year, sports and extracurricular activities have changed greatly or been canceled altogether. But there are some ways to keep your kids active and involved: there are many

local sports complexes and organizations that abide by social distancing regulations and mask wearing, and regularly monitor participants for symptoms of illness. There are also virtual options for lots of activities, like drawing classes, karate training, dance and music lessons that can easily be done from home—it just takes a little research to find the right organization and instructors. If your child does participate in something in person, try not to let the driving and shuttling deter you—again, kids are only young once, and the more different activities and sports they can be exposed to helps them become more confident, social and well-rounded people. Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s comfortable for you and your family.

Volunteering Let’s be honest, not all of us moms are the first to sign up for classroom mom, soccer coach, lunch aide and childcare helper at church. But if you do find yourself with maybe just one extra hour a week, look for someplace your talents can be appreciated. Stretch yourself to help out with lunchroom or playground duty once a week, help local librarians shelve books, deliver food to nursing homes, ask to be just an assistant coach or helper— whatever you can manage without stressing yourself out. Remember that schools, PTAs, sporting teams, girl/boy scouts, church groups, and other organizations are run by volunteers and someone has to step and up and be those volunteers to make the whole thing work. Look for something that’s convenient for your schedule and where you might get to spend more time with your kiddos while you’re at it. Being a parent can be overwhelming at many times… heck, just being a functioning human being the past year has taken its toll. But let’s look at 2021 with a fresh perspective, and try to say yes to doing more things, especially with and for our children. Let’s embrace the time we have with them and give them all we’ve got. a | JANUARY GLO 2021 |


FEATURE | We Love Your Style

WeLove YourStyle ERIN ERB By Amber Bouthot

Welcome to our new feature. Each month, we will highlight someone whose style we admire.

“But then I get to revel in the slow, gentle pace of the off-season,” Erin said, “enjoying friends, family and our home.”

house and industrial touches. I’ve recently fallen in love with browsing the #casualmodernhome hashtag on Instagram, which highlights lots of heavy white millwork and white walls, a mix of natural wood tones and tons of caning and bamboo. Who knew I’d ever revert back to my mother’s decorating tastes from 1983? Another style I stalk is #Chinoiserie (Sheen-wah-zr-ee). It’s not as livable for this stage in my life, but if I’m ever a retiree living in Palm Beach, you can bet I’ll be surrounded by chinoiserie and chintz!

How would you describe your style?

One of my favorite spaces is our sunken screened in back porch. We use it daily, weather permitting. It has a darling Dutch door into my office and a set of French doors into our living room. It’s a small space, but it is light and airy and the perfect quiet spot sit with a cup of coffee and my laptop in the morning or enjoy a glass of wine with my husband at the end of the day.

First up, Erin Erb. Erin is a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur. She owns a container gardening business, which means she is slightly insane and wishes she could clone herself (and her awesome employees) for 3 to 6 weeks every season.

My 1930s house is a traditional colonial with a casual vibe. I have a thing for old homes and architecture from the early 1900s, which I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by in the ’07 neighborhood in Fort Wayne. I love our giant windows that fill the interior with tons of natural light and the large baseboards and crown molding. Each room is filled with an eclectic mix of styles: I am hopelessly and forever drawn to a bohemian look, and I love my collection of shabby antiques, but also incorporate some rustic farm-


| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

Another is our deck and backyard. When we bought this house, we knew we wanted a functional outdoor living space, so we overhauled the area between our back door and detached garage with a custom deck and pergola, built by my talented brother-in-law. He installed electric so the steps were lit, and we love the hanging cafe lights. It’s

the perfect creative space for me to work on gardening design, and it has a great flow—serving as a natural extension of our kitchen. It has been the venue for countless parties, gatherings and celebrations. With a dining table, our grill and seating area with a small fire pit, we enjoy dinner out here almost nightly in the summer, and we have spent hours upon hours lounging on the deck, watching our kids play in the back yard as they’ve grown. Lastly, is our kitchen. A couple years ago, we renovated our kitchen and formal dining room and combined it into one large space that fit our causal lifestyle and functioned better for our family of 4 and 100 lb. dog. Everything was taken down to the studs and planned to maximize every fraction of an inch of space. It was a long, messy, overwhelming process, and we had to move out of the house for 6 weeks, but in the end, it was SO worth it! We use this space more than any other in our house, and it has been perfect for entertaining. It has also allowed our family to spend more time together—whether it’s my 13-year-old son making French toast for a weekend breakfast, my 11-year-old daughter baking my husband’s birthday cake, a spirited family game night or a raucous cocktail party, it has become the heart of our home.

What feeling do you hope people have when they visit your home? I want people to feel joy, curiosity and comfort.

What is your favorite color? While I don’t use it that often decorating indoors, my favorite color is all shades of red, especially reddish-orange. Salmon or coral to be more specific, and persimmon if we are being exact. a

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ALL ABOUT YOU | Glo-roscopes

glo-roscopes By Julie Young

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Like Michelle Obama you are a studious woman who knows how to turn every opportunity into something that benefits the greater good. Look for the chance to make a difference to those living in poverty, those who are sick and those who might benefit from a better education.

A searcher by nature, you never shy away from scientific discovery and what it can mean for the human race. Angela Merkel parlayed her degree in quantum chemistry into a celebrated political career that has helped her become one of the most powerful people in the world. Where will your curiosity lead you in 2021?

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) Never one to sit back and let others take the lead; you are successful because you push yourself to prove yourself. This year will lead to an improved financial outlook thanks to your moxi. You won’t be Oprah level rich, but you could be wealthy in your own right.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Similar to pop star Rihanna, you are an icon whose influence knows no bounds! Remember that with great power comes great responsibility so use your gifts wisely. Branch into a new area of interest and expand your talents into new fields!

Aries (March 21 - April 19) As Lady Gaga once sang, “you’re on the right track, baby” so don’t let anyone put a damper on your drive. You are not only a survivor, but your dream is within reach if you jump off the deep end and don’t let anything get in your way.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Although you are a stickler for tradition, you are not against evolving with the times. This has worked well for Queen Elizabeth II – the longest reigning British monarch and female head of state, so it can work for you as well. Your sense of civic duty is admirable and you will put it to good use in 2021.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) You are a triple threat – You have an athlete’s sense of competition, a businesswoman’s savvy and your finger on the pulse of all that is on trend. Just as Venus Williams has pursued a variety of interests, your life will take off in a new direction this year. Are your ready for the ride? 26

| JANUARY GLO 2021 |

Leo (July 23 - August 22) Whether you are a superstar like Madonna or a supporting player such as Jacqueline Kennedy, a Leo woman knows how to make her mark. The need is great and your creative talent is limitless. Now is the time to put that talent to work and make a lasting difference for those who need you the most.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Like Beyonce, your “destiny” is to become half of a major power couple who will use their time, talent and treasure to bring awareness to issues that are close to your heart. Awards and accolades will follow, but you aren’t in it for the recognition. Giving back is the right thing to do.

Libra (September 23 - October 22) Your curiosity propels you and you are constantly in search of truth and justice for others. Your activism may help you speak truth to power like legendary journalist Barbara Walters or you may be a behind-the-scenes fact finder whose work will change the world. Don’t hide your talent under a bushel this year!

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) You are a quirky rebel who is ready to take 2021 by storm! If Katy Perry constantly reinvents herself, you can too! It won’t be easy to change perceptions, but fear not, good things come to those who wait. Don’t give up on what you want.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Your self-esteem has taken a hit, but this year, you will turn it around. Perhaps you will go back to school and carve out a whole new path for your life. Create a vision of what you want and turn it into a reality. If serial entrepreneur (and fellow Sag) Tyra Banks can do it, you can too! a


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