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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pace Professor Receives Two Emmy Nominations Samantha Finch

Speaking of Sex

Professor Allen Oren has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for an hour-long documentary he directed. The Media, Communications, and Visual Arts professor directed the documentary 18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre, a story that talks about the power of prayer, notably a prayer called the Kol Nidre. The documentary presents the stories of 18 different people, each chosen carefully, not for their story, but how they relate to the message Oren was trying to relay - the diversity in Judaism. The concept of the documentary came while Oren was touring the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. with his family. One man’s memory of his days in a concentration camp sparked the idea that would turn into an incredible journey of production. “I was mesmerized by a survivor’s testimonial on a large screen. He told of how he and 60 concentration camp inmates suddenly realized it was the eve of Yom Kippur and - at great risk began chanting the Kol Nidre in front of their Nazi guards,” said Oren. From that one clip in the mu-

seum, Oren asked himself the question, “How did one prayer the Kol Nidre - become so important to one [group of] people - the Jews?” This question started a process, close to seven years long, that became the documentary 18 Voices. Research of the subject ended up not being as difficult as many would imagine. Oren already knew what he wanted to portray and found the information he needed relatively quickly. The hardest part was deciding how to tell the story. “The challenge was how to present the material. By my eighth attempt at a script, I realized the best approach was storytelling,” said Oren. Oren worked for many years in various forms of media. He has been involved in daily print media outlets in North Carolina, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. as a film critic. He has also worked on other documentaries including one on the history of Madison Square Garden. “People love to hear stories and stories are a journalist’s best friend. They stay in your mind because they’re so visual and they stay in your heart because they evoke emotion,” said Oren. In 2010, once the 18 Voices of Kol Nidre was completed, Oren

Photo by Samantha Finch/The Pace Chronicle Emmy nominated Professor Allen Oren of the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts Department. took his finished product to different companies and found interest in WNET-Thirteen in New York City that aired it as a special. Shortly after premiering on WNET, the documentary was picked up by PBS where, that same year, it aired in 40 areas around the country. Last year the documentary aired in 60 markets including most major cities. “Oren is a wonderful professor and it is inspiring [to know he received these nominations]

because I am learning from someone who has been nominated for such an honorable award,” said junior communications student Nadine Weilersbacher. Professor Oren will find out the results of the nominations in April at a gala dinner. Students interested in viewing the Emmy nominated documentary can view the trailer on YouTube, purchase the DVD on the website , or rent it in Pace’s Mortola Library.

Samantha Finch

versions of life at sea. “He has to battle the dangers of the sea as well as his own fears and insecurities. He has to deal with anti-American hostility, thieves and brigands, monstrous polluting oil tankers who threaten to run down his sailboat, and the same terrible weather problems that the ancients had long ago,” Catalano continued. Inspiration for the tale came from Catalano’s own experience out at sea. In 1988, Catalano was a crew on a 52-foot sailboat called “The Boston Light.” It is on this ship where a great deal of inspiration for the story evolved. While at sea, Catalano experienced many adventures that shaped his life. There were pirates, terrorist, corruption, and terrible storms. During a stay in the Middle East, Catalano wit-

Pace Policies and A Modern Day Odyssey “Dirty Rushing” Samantha Finch

News Editor

Pace,Get it Together Setter Spotlight: page 12

Jonathan Hornung

Delta Phi Epsilon in collaboration with the University Panhellenic Council hosted the “Dirty Rushing” event in hopes to educated Greek Life students, as well as the general student body, in Pace policy regarding recruitment and townhouse guest policy. “Dirty Rushing” is a term referring to the improper actions of an organization (Greek and NonGreek) to recruit members. This involves the breech of any rules or policies set forth by the university regarding recruitment. Actions such as promising a potential new member (PNM) bid, spreading rumors about other organizations or PNM, pressuring a PNM to join an organization, bribery in any form, and socializing with PNM between recruitment weekend and bid day can

constitute as dirty rushing. The event was hosted by junior accounting student and Delta Phi Epsilon President Jessica Moore. “I feel like Greeks [and students] weren’t educated previously , that no one really reads the 55 page contract before signing up to be in the townhouses, so now we have provided the groups with the proper procedure to go through if they want to have party in a house,” Moore stated. The presentation brought together the important policies in place on the Pace campus. Pace has implemented several rules and guidelines for recruitment of PNM. Organizations are permitted to host a plethora of events before formal recruitment weekend. All of these events must

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News Editor

A Pace literature and music professor has just published a book based on his captivating adventures he experience while at sea. Dr. Nick Catalano’s book is titled A New Yorker at Sea and follows the story of Joe Pisano, a city man who leaves New York behind and sets out and finds adventure at sea. “A New Yorker at Sea is about a New York teacher who sails locally and dreams of experiencing adventures like Odysseus had in Greek myth,” Catalano stated. The story follows Joe and his friends as they trek through the crystal waters of the Mediterranean; this adventure turns out to be a difficult but rewarding one for the characters, as they struggle to survive in the modern day

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Promoting Pace through ASPIRE Alexandra Silver

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Photo by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle ASPIRE members Madison Lee and Catherine Whelan in the ASPIRE office in Marks Hall. ferent presentations for their specific college if they know what major that want, or they can just go on a tour then eventually meet their host student to stay over, and then the following day they can visit a class. ASPIRE during Preview Weekend will primarily be the escorts for the families from presentations to lunch or presentations to a tour, or they will be shadowing people on a tour.” Preview Weekend has been very successful during its time, but like all events, improvements can be made. For example, this year there is a change being made so that presentations and lunch can be during the same time instead of two separate times. Lee’s duties in ASPIRE as student coordinator is to recruit new members while keeping them involved and to make sure they have a solid group of people and volunteers for big events, like Preview Weekend. “During Preview Weekend, my personal part is to make sure that I have enough people to volunteer here,” said Lee. “We can-

not be left with ten volunteers on Preview Weekend; it will be way too hectic. I need to have at least a solid group of thirty that want to be there and enjoy speaking to people and influence people to want to come to Pace.” Although its primary focus is big recruitment events, ASPIRE holds other programming events as well. “It takes a lot of time and planning to get our big events done, so the other programs we do are during times when those programs are not taking place,” said Lee. “We do ‘Adopt a Pace Setter’, which is a pen-pal system we run for incoming freshman and transfer students; we do ‘Home for the Holidays.’ which takes place during winter break where we send members home with informational packets about Pace so that they can bring them to their old high school guidance counselors and inform then about their experience and love for Pace; and also we do “Community Share’, which is in White Plains, where during Thanksgiving time we

serve dinner to underprivileged families.” The great thing about being a member of ASPIRE is that since it is mainly volunteering, you have the freedom to do as much work as you want. Whelan explains that she is always in the Welcome Center asking around for jobs to do and enjoying her time in the office. “You chose Pace as your school, so why not share with everyone else why you chose it and why you love it,” said Whelan. “I think it is great to get involved with students who are potentially going to be here next year, answering questions they have, making them feel comfortable here; I think that is something I always enjoyed as a prospective student going to a school, the people making me feel comfortable, so I like giving that back.” The final meeting for Preview Weekend is March 23, so if anybody would like to volunteer or host a student they are to email before this date.

Meet the Greeks: Alpha Chi Rho Alexandra Silver

Feature Editor

A strong organization is one that is defined by their willingness to adapt to change and their surrounding environment. Alpha Chi Rho (AXP) is able to do this while continuing to grow in members. AXP was nationally founded on June 4, 1895, at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with the motto ΑΝΔΡΙΖΕΣΘΕ, meaning “Be Men.” AXP was introduced to Pace as a colony in spring 2009. “I feel it is important to know that we are probably the newest social Greek fraternity, but it’s cool knowing that we are that new because we can still shape how we are going to be for the coming decades,” said junior communications student and AXP Vice President Arthur Augustyn. One characterization that differentiates AXP from other organizations is their desire to create events that people want to go to and is different from what everyone else does. Almost every semester, AXP holds a grand prix go-carting event, used to go to a

The Pace Chronicle Michael Oleaga

Feature Editor

Senior year of high school is the craziest time in a teenagers’ life, not knowing what the right path is or what step to take next. Pace’s Alumni, Students, and Professors Influencing Recruitment and Enrollment (ASPIRE) helps students make that decision a little easier. “In a nutshell, our mission is to get people to come to Pace,” said sophomore applied psychology major and student coordinator of ASPIRE Madison Lee. ASPIRE is a recruitment organization run through the enrollment management office. “ASPIRE is primarily a volunteer organization,” said freshman business student Catherine Whelan. “It’s a great way to get involved on campus. Just like any other club, it is a commitment, but it is not. Sometimes people shy away from clubs because they think they have to meet every week and coordinate with their schedule; here, we communicate a lot through email and a huge part is making fliers.” There are, however, responsibilities that come with being a member of ASPIRE even if that includes volunteering. ASPIRE is the “blood flow” around the major school events, including Preview Weekend, Open House, and Accepted Students Day. Preview Weekend is the next major event coming up on March 25-26 and April 1-2. “Preview Weekend is a whole run through of events going on for students,” said Lee. “There is an overnight program for accepted students. They can go to dif-

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo from Arthur Augustyn The brothers of Alpha Chi Rho during Circle of Greeks. laser tag facility on 9A, and they hold a capture the flag event. AXP wanted to go skydiving but goes against standard procedures and laws of programming. Alongside their events, AXP works towards helping their philanthropies. “We have five philanthropies that fall under an umbrella organization called Challenge the World,” said senior criminal justice student and AXP member Brian Keegan. “They are the American Cancer Society, Children’s Wish Foundation, Autism Society of America, Feed the Children, and Habitat for Human-

ity.” AXP has not been able to focus primarily on their philanthropies because there have not been many events around the New York area, but the fraternity does participate in walks for their own and other philanthropies as well. “Our current philanthropy chair is trying to have a meeting with the mayor of Pleasantville and ask if there is stuff around the city we can do,” said senior biology student and AXP President Charles Pascale. “So far he has met with whoever is in charge of scheduling. We have not gotten the list of actual stuff we are

to do yet but it will probably be manual labor like fixing up buildings in the community or painting schools.” Alumni connections are something that is slowly growing with AXP due to their few years on campus. There are currently two active AXP alumni, one who works at the campus bookstore and the other is the alumni advisor. The other two alumni have moved back home to New Jersey or is working for the Environmental Protection Agency. “I think we are definitely very different from other fraternities also on campus,” said Augustyn. “As one of our alumni put it, it is even noticeable just in our members because we are so diverse. You will never find someone deciding between us or another organization; you are kind of born a crow.” It is because of their increasing numbers that AXP will be getting charted next month, meaning they will be nationally recognized. For further information on AXP, you can see them walking around campus in their garnet and white colored shirts, or you can contact AXP President Charles Pascale at Charles.G.Pascale@

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What’s Making News Beyond Campus? Samantha Finch News Editor

INDIANA, United States - A powerful series of tornadoes terrorized multiple South and Midwestern states last Friday. The deadly force of nature caused critical damage from Alabama to parts of Indiana included the destruction of much of the town of Marysville, Indiana and leveled a nearby high school. According to NBC, at least five people were killed. The powerful storms sent at least a half dozen people to the emergency room in Atlanta. Multiple fatalities are expected throughout the area.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


CAGeM - Fighting to Stop the FGM Clock Iyeba Maclayton

Featured Reporter

As the world celebrated International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C) on Feb. 6, encouraging findings showed that social norms and cultural practices are changing, and communities are uniting to protect the rights of girls and women against the harmful tradition. On the occasion of this year’s celebration, the International Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation (CAGeM) announced at its awareness event in New York City that almost 2,000 communities across Africa abandoned the practice in 2011. This brought the total number of communities renouncing the practice to 8,000 over the last few years. In attendance at the event were representatives from Amnesty International’s New York action team, UNFPA, UNICEF, and Soraya Mire, a survivor of FGM and a human rights activist who recounted her experiences and milestones accomplished in addition to much more yet to be done. The campaign that strives to unite all anti-FGM campaigns

noted that communities are uniting to protect the rights of girls and women and called on the global community to join in this critical effort. A representative from UNFPA stated “Together, we can end FGM/C in one generation and help millions of girls and women to live healthier, fuller lives, and reach their potential.” The International Campaign, CAGeM, recently established an additional office on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York and noted that FGM is still practiced by immigrant communities in the US. CAGeM’s Manager for African programs Godfrey Erefaa stated, “We are establishing branches in the US because we hope to strengthen our collaboration with the US government and provide education and tools to fight the practice in the US.” CAGeM by establishing anti-FGM campaigns globally said this approach has led thousands of communities across Africa to abandon the practice, usually through a public declaration. In other words, communities working together can ensure stronger, healthier futures for girls and young women. However, it was noted that there is still a lot of work to be done. A recent report stated that about three million girls and women, or some

WASHINGTON D.C., - Days before a crucial meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama stiffened his pledge to prevent nuclear weapons landing in the hands of Iran. This was promised even as he warned Israel of the potential negative consequences of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. In order to reassure the American ally, Obama rejected suggestions that the U.S. was willing to attempt to contain a nuclear-armed Iran. In an interview with the Atlantic magazine, he stated that he intends to reinforce the sense of common interbe held on campus facilities such with organization, or conduct on est between the U.S. and Israel. as classrooms. These campus fa- and off campus against the rules KABUL, Afghanistan - Five cilities do not include resident set by Pace is prohibited. American service members and halls. Junior sophomore biology an Afghan-American linguist Additionally Pace has a set of student Patricia Dang said, “This may face disciplinary action after codes known as “Guiding Prin- event is a good idea and it will the burning of Qur’ans at a North ciples of Conduct.” Rules under make recruitment easier for the Atlantic Treaty Organization this category include the prohib- [students] now that they know (NATO) base. The event caused ited action regarding the unlaw- and are following the rules.” uproar and violent protests. The ful use, possession, sale, distribuThe event continued explainsix members will be referred to tion, or manufacture of controlled ing the judicial process required if U.S. authorities for further acsubstances or drug paraphernalia any organization is found breaktion. The five military members on campus. ing the guidelines, rules, and were “leaders” according to the The “Guiding Principles” also policy. report. An investigation is still include prohibiting the consumpOnce the judicial process was looking to find who, if anyone, tion of alcohol by anyone under discussed, Townhouse residential gave the orders. the legal drinking age of 21, sup- director and Pace public adminBEIRUT, Lebanon - A report by plying alcohol to anyone under istration graduate student Matt the United Nations stated that the legal drinking age on campus, Landau, who spoke on behalf the NATO has not sufficiently in- and solicitation. guest policy. vestigated air raids conducted on Furthermore, any action Each student in normally alLibya and are responsible for the or situation that endangers the lowed two guests, that means at deaths of at least 60 civilian and safety, mental, or physical health one time there can be 16 people injuries to at least 55. Libya’s in- of any University member, the plus the eight house members. terim government has not done forced consumption of alcohol With the written permission of enough to halt the violence that or drugs for purpose of initiation the resident director, a house can has spread across the country by militias seeking for revenge to the followers of former Presinessed a women being beaten; he dent Muammer Qaddafi. A report saved her and was arrested. These is underway. Of the 60 civilian experiences in a way created the deaths, many were women and novel. children. A follow-up, titled Tales of a

8,000 girls each day, face the risk of mutilation or cutting. This is in addition to an estimated 130 million to 140 million girls and women that have undergone the procedure, mostly in Africa and some countries in Asia and the Middle East. With the Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation throughout Africa, more than 18,000 community education sessions were held, with almost 3,000 religious leaders publicly declaring that the rite should end, and over 3,000 media features covering the subject. The campaign has resulted in anti-FGM declarations by government officials, Muslim Imams, Catholic and Protestant priests, traditional village and clan leaders and thousand others in countries such as Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gambia, Senegal, Kenya, and Somalia. Progress on the campaign is reflected in Kenya’s parliament passing a bill prohibiting FGM/C and 13 Sudanese states launching initiatives to abandon the practice. Also, more than 3,600 families with girls at risk in Egypt are said to have come out against the practice. In addition, a West African fatwa against cutting was issued by religious leaders from

countries where CAGeM has established campaigns: Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, GuineaBissau, Gambia, and Egypt. CAGeM seeks the same results in Nigeria and is planning a campaign mission for the summer of 2012. Part of the mission is to expand the current fistula clinic in Port-Harcourt to include free treatment for victims of FGM. One of the main purposes of the hospital is to provide free clitoral reconstructive surgery, a new procedure for which the campaign is training surgeons in California with the help of Clitoriad. Currently the surgeries can be performed in the US and France but transporting patients to these locations is a limiting factor. The campaign noted that strong media collaboration will be essential in disseminating information and creating awareness on the availability of these services throughout West Africa. CAGeM is calling for volunteers for its 2012 mission trip to West Africa. CAGeM currently provides training to health providers on the clinical management of FGM and is also available to present educational workshops concerning female genital mutilation at schools and other institutions.

Pace Policies and “Dirty Rushing” ...continued from page 1

have more than 24 people. An individual house can ask for a housing contracted party in which 48 people can be present. However, the house would have to get a temporary liquor license, would have to check id’s at the door, and have member of residential staff present. Without the written permission or facility present Resident Assistants are permitted to enter a house if there is reason to believe there are more than 30 people present, if there is proof or reason to believe violations are occurring or if it is after quite hours which begin at 1 p.m. “This year we have been consistent. If we see beer pong we are going in, if we see hard liquor we are going in, if we believe there are more than 30 people we are going in… Each House is responsible for what happens in that house,” Landau said.

The event ended with a list of warnings including being safe with advertisements on Facebook or with flyers that attach the name of your organization with the event, to be careful marking your house with things like letters, banners, and compositions- anything with the organizations name. Greek Life Advisor RobertThomas Jones was unable to attend the event and could not be reached for a comment. In light of recent changes including the addition of formal recruitment at Pace it is important for students to understand all policies set forth by the university. For more information about pace policy please contact Robert-Thomas Jones at rjones@ or to see the power point explanation contact Jessica Moore at

A Modern Day Odyssey ...continued from page 1

LONDON, United Kingdom – A record turnout in the capital for the primary elections has been declared by the media of Iran last Friday. It is thought to be the first national vote since the success of the presidential elections of 2009. Crowded polling locations dominated the television and online news sites as Tehran reported the high turnout. “Tehran set a new record in terms of participation in the Majlis election,” said the city’s governor, Morteza Tamaddon. Press TV reported more than 31 million ballots were cast.

Hamptons Sailor, is expected to be published next year. “It is amazing to know that Dr. Catalano has published a book… It is so inspiring knowing that he has written a book because it just proves that you can do anything you set your mind to,” said junior education student Christine Causa. “Dr. Catalano is an amazing professor because he does everything he can to teach his students what he knows. He wants his students to share the same experience he had whether it’s through stories, going to plays and even going to Greece.

Photo from Nick Catalano Dr. Catalano’s book stems from actual events during recents global trips.

I’m honored to have had him as a professor for so many classes.” Throughout the novel readers will be able to grow with Joe as the sea changes him forever. A New Yorker at Sea will be available at bookstores, websites, Kindle, Amazon, and the campus bookstore. “Joe Pisano sails in the same waters as Odysseus did, experience many of the same pitfalls of weather and hostility and struggles with himself as did the ancient hero of myth. But he is a New York street guy whose goals are much more modest, whose self-image is much less grandiose, whose ideas are more democratic and whose heart is most often worn on his sleeve,” said Catalano.


Career Services

The Pace Chronicle

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quick Career Tips: From Career Services Carolyn Kleiman

Career Counselor

I am a senior and wondering when to start looking for my post-graduation job? I’ve heard to start early and I’ve heard to wait until I have my degree. Can you clarify? pleting a Bachelor or Masters degree in January, June, or September Your search should begin early; however, it depends on your field 2012. All students interested in recruiting must register with Career of interest how aggressive that search is. Certain industries, public acServices in order to access the online e-Recruiting system. Informacounting for example, are able to forecast hiring needs early and theretion online includes participating employers, majors sought, types of fore start recruitment early (typically in fall prior to your graduation. positions and dates on campus. In addition, students may select the Generally speaking, larger corporations seeking candidates in multiple employers they wish to receive their resume, find out if they have business areas (finance, IT, accounting, management) tend to recruit on been chosen for an interview and sign up for an interview online. the earlier side, so if that is your area of interest, best to meet with a However, if you are interested in a smaller company, a nonprofit counselor in Career Services right away and develop your job search organization or a position that does not revolve around core business plan. Our Career Fair will be held on Wednesday, April 4th in the (finance, accounting, IT) you will not need to apply to jobs right away. Goldstein Fitness Center. Rather, best to use your time to clarify your career goals and begin The Career Fair is a great opportunity to network with employers to identify companies of interest. Researching potential employers and find out directly from them about when the best time to apply for and developing a network and job search strategy for obtaining ema position is. Additionally, each semester Career Services provides ployment is a great way to utilize this time. Again, a Career Services an opportunity for graduating students to interview with employers Counselor can assist you with goal clarification, research and netthrough the Campus Recruiting Program on the New York City and working strategies. Westchester campuses. Students eligible for recruiting must be com-



1 | Thurs



12:20pm-1:15pm Butcher Suite Kessel Student Center

2 | Thurs APPLE INC. INFORMATION TABLE 11am-2pm Kessel Student Center

7 | Tues INTERVIEWING TIPS & TRAPS 3:30pm-4:25pm Gannett House


Create Resumes That Get Noticed 12:20pm-1:15pm Gannett House

9am-1pm Gottesman Room

2 | Fri JOB SEARCH FOR EDUCATORS 4pm-6pm Gottesman Room

6 |Tue INTERVIEWING TIPS & TRAPS 3:30pm-4:25pm Gannett House

7 | Wed NYC CAMPUS CAREER FAIR 2pm-5pm 1 Pace Plaza


15 | Wed MORGAN STANLEY Information Session 12:20pm-1:15pm Butcher Suite

Create Resumes That Get Noticed 3:30pm-4:25pm Gannett House

21 | Wed MAJORS AND MINORS FAIR 12:20pm-1:25pm Gottesman Room


Tips For Success 11am-12pm Gannett House

Career Services, Pleasantville Campus Hours: Gannett House: M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm by appointment Kessel Student Center: Rm 211: Walk Ins: M-TH 12:30pm-2:00pm By Appointment: M 2:00pm-5:00pm; T-TH 9:00am – 5:00pm Phone: (914) 773- 3415/3361 Web:

APRIL Gvfd 3 | Tues INTERVIEWING TIPS & TRAPS 3:30pm-4:25pm Gannett House

4 | Wed PLV JOB & INTERNSHIP FAIR 11am-2pm Goldstein Fitness Center



Eat, Dress & Network for Success 6pm-8pm Butcher Suite Speaker: Denise Stonsby, PEPSICO

11 | Wed CAREERS IN MARKETING 12pm-1:30pm Butcher Suite

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Brand Yourself & Networking Event 3pm-4:20pm Butcher Suite


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APPLE INC. INFORMATION TABLE (For All Majors) Leadership Program: You’ll be immersed in a multimillion dollar retail operation and learn every aspect of managing and operating from some of the brightest minds in the industry. CAMPUS RECRUITING PROGRAM (Feb 15th-April 11th) Interview on campus with employers looking to hire for full-time jobs and internships. Class of 2012: Employers looking to hire for full time jobs upon graduation Class of 2013 & 2014: Employers looking to hire for Summer Internships and Leadership Programs CAREERS IN MARKETING (For All Majors) Learn from leading industry professionals in: Advertising, Knowledge Management, Mobile Marketing, Brand Management, Direct Marketing, and Integrated Direct Marketing. DIAGEO INFORMATION SESSION (For Human Resources, Management and Psychology Majors) Human Resources Leadership Development Program for Class of 2012-2011 Work closely with senior leaders and build a diverse set of human resource skills in areas such as talent management, recruiting, compensation, learning, employee relations and organization development. Diageo is the world’s leading global company in 180 countries for spirits, wines and beer including brands as Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B, Baileys, Cuervo, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, and Crown Royal. DINING ETIQUETTE: EAT, DRESS & NETWORK FOR SUCCESS

Speaker: Denise Stonsby, PEPSICO

Learn to dine, dress and network with employers and clients. To register visit: Interview attire recommended. ENTERPRISE (SENIOR TRANSITIONS) (For All Majors) Brand Yourself & Networking Event: Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to project a professional image from members of the Enterprise team. This interactive program will give you an opportunity to meet and network with some of the hiring leaders of this company. Business attire recommended. HOW TO CREATE A “BRANDED” RESUME & ONLINE PRESENCE THAT GETS INTERVIEWS-(SENIOR TRANSITIONS) (For All Majors) Learn what goes into a resume that stands out from the competition, markets your “personal brand”, and lands the interview! Your online presence is just as important as your resume and both work together. HUMANITIES PANEL: CAREER POSSIBILITIES Learn about exciting careers from a panel of professionals who majored in the humanities subject areas. REFRESHMENTS

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Career Services

INTERVIEWING TIPS & TRAPS Learn interviewing tips for your internship and full-time job search. Walk Ins Welcome! JOB SEARCH FOR FUTURE EDUCATORS A special workshop for GRADUATING bachelor and master level students currently student teaching and enrolled in the Senior Seminar. Learn about resume writing, interviewing, job search, and the hiring process. MAJORS AND MINORS FAIR Sponsored by Career Services, the Advising Center for Exploring Majors, and the Dean for Students Office. Students will talk with other students from different majors, meet and mingle with career counselors, advisors, faculty representatives from different academic departments and student organization leaders. Learn about careers in your major and how to get involved in organizations related to majors. MOCK INTERVIEW DAY Practice your interviewing skills with a professional recruiter! Preregistration is required. Space is limited. Call today to secure your spot. (914) 773-3361 MORGAN STANLEY INFORMATION SESSION (For All Majors) Operations Analyst Internship Program Work closely with colleagues to process complex transactions, solve operational problems, and respond to business issues and clients. NAVIGATE THE CAREER FAIR: TIPS FOR SUCCESS Prepare for career fairs and learn important tips on how to stand out in the crowd! RESUME WORKSHOPS: CREATE RESUMES THAT GET NOTICED Learn how to prepare an effective resume to best market yourself and get interviews. Walk Ins Welcome! SPRING 2012 NEW YORK CAREER FAIR Network with representatives for internship and full time job opportunities from a variety of industries. Bring lots of resumes. Interview attire recommended. SPRING 2012 PLEASANTVILLE JOB & INTERNSHIP FAIR Network with representatives for career information, internship and full time job opportunities from media, consumer products, accounting firms, financial services, not-for-profits, government, healthcare, computer science, technology, hospitality, retail and more. Bring lots of resumes. Interview attire recommended.

DATE, TIME & LOCATION SUBJECT TO CHANGE *Please contact Career Services or check eRecruiting for the most up-to-date information*


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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Speaking of Sex

Ebony Turner

My first experience as a sex columnist on a national stage What’s The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Let’s be honest instead. In college, learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina I am minutes away from my first public speaking engagement for the sex column seminar at a student journalism convention in Seattle, listening to the man who asked me to speak with him present his thoughts and research in PowerPoint form. Dan Reimond, author of Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy and a Student Journalism Revolution, gets on the subject of common sex column topics at the Associated Collegiate Press’ (ACP) National College Journalism Convention. He brings up an article from The Pace Press, the New York City campus newspaper, about hickeys. With it, he includes a rather large picture of a hickey that looks more like blunt force trauma from a baseball bat. That’s my blunt-force-trauma hickey! Holy Mother of God, that is my hickey. Did he plan this? I did not send him that picture, but it is available for all eyes to see on the blog I created that eventually landed me this job (as the sex columnist, and then as an ACP conference speaker). Utterly bewildered, I am no longer nervous. Although they didn’t know it, the hundred people in the audience just saw a mark left on me by a young gentleman since nicknamed Hickey Ricky. What have I got to lose? Getting on stage in front of an audience that knew me only as a college paper sex columnist made me evaluate and reflect on what I do, why I started, and what a fun position I get to be in. I discussed my father, a conservative George W. Bush loving Catholic who has shunned the notion that sex should be openly discussed throughout my life. He was the only critic I was worried about when I started writing “The G-Spot” - not the computer science professor who sent in an angry message about its content a few months back. I had thought that “coming out” as a sex columnist to Father Dearest would be a terrifyingly rocky move, but I had to do it. My parents were visiting for Pace’s Homecoming and if

perchance a fellow student were to approach me while around him commending me on the column that week or asking for oral sex advice, I didn’t want him to be taken aback. In my best interest, my mother “outed” me. And when they came to visit, he read the column and commended me on my writing. If my conservative Catholic father approves of my sex column, who else would I need to win over? I also discussed the assumptions people make about sex columnists and how misguided these assumptions often are. People will assume you’re promiscuous. People will assume that you’re always DTF, and most disturbingly, people will assume that you’re also DTF with them. In this room full of fellow student journalists, many of them sex columnists at their respective schools, I saw many head nod and smile in agreement. The male and female columnists that came up to talk to me afterward were much like me in that they were no more sexed up than the average college student. They (we) just weren’t too shy to talk about it. Most importantly, I discussed that there’s no shame in writing about sex as long as you do so with honesty, integrity, and respect for the subject. Above most things, I am a writer. I respect my topic and write about it honestly. I do not trash the people I write about and I write not only to be entertaining but to be informative. I told the people in the room who were considering being their paper’s sex columnist that as long as you believe in what you write and have a few people who support you, those who disagree with you can’t knock you down. Rather, they can be used as an opposition to bounce off of to create thought-provoking discussion. Keep on hooking up, and I’ll keep on writing about it. Additionally, Gabrielle Davina will be a guest speaker at the College Media Association’s Spring Media Convention on March 19 in New York City.

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Featured Columnist

Libya’s Strange Fruit What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether it’s the questionable news headlines on Fox News or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. When the word “colorism” is brought up in any conversation in the black community, our immediate retort is the internalized racism amongst blacks. The light skinned, dark skinned debate, judgment and overall discrimination is an activity that still proceeds today but it has never been an issue that had violence tied to it. Libya has been in the news for quite some time due to the recent death of Colonel Gaddafi and the disarrayed, misguided people he has left behind. The most disturbing news, however, are the actions of the Libyan rebels against “black Libyans.” The lighter hued Libyans characterize “Black Libyans” as immediate descendants of slaves, who showed a devotion to Gaddafi and the Gaddafi regime that, in their eyes, is responsible for the condition the country is in. Rebels have taken it upon themselves to “cleanse” the entire town of Tawergha, reducing their population from over 30,000 to zero. Rebels have burned down homes, stores, and killed most of the population if the civilians had not already fled. But completely eradicating a town’s population and livelihood was not enough – the rebels needed to make a public example out of the black Libyans who they felt had no place in their country. They did what white Americans practiced against over 3,000 black Americans between 1882

and 1968: the rebels lynched them. The act of lynching during this time period was to not only maintain the elitist, racist mentality, but to also instill a fear so deep that they would never feel like they could integrate into society. It dehumanized the life of a black person not only to blacks but to white Americans as well, reminding everyone in society that this inhumane treatment is necessary to keep minorities in their place. Lynching is a device of the racist majority to continually put down a minority as publically and as violently as possible. Even though white southerners defended their actions by stating it an act of defense against blacks lusting after their wives and daughters, their actions were truly and exclusively seeded in hate. European immigrants were lynched during this time as well, with eleven immigrant Italians lynched in 1891, being the largest mass lynching recorded in American history. Lynching is as much a part of our dark history as the Holocaust is a part of Europe’s. It showed the darkest side of man, and how forthright we were in our devotion to degrade and suppress the “other.” Which confuses me to no end, because I thought as a collective human race we were past the ethnic cleansing, and genocidal actions of our past. In Africa, this is every day life that has failed to be reported into mainstream me-

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dia because of how consistently it occurs, to point of bordering on normal. Libyans as a whole are African, which in our society, more often than not, translates to black. There is no additional categorization for who they are ethnically anywhere else, so it is disturbing at best to see such familiar hatred being displayed amongst people who are the same. One cannot help but think: do the actions of these Libyans only reflect on the hatred they have for themselves? Regardless of their skin tone, or their beliefs, the racial tensions amongst Africans reek of selfhate and ignorance. However, when a people is suppressed for so long, suppression becomes pattern conditioned in their mind and when that suppression is lifted they seek to do the same to others to continue this sick cycle. Black Americans have been segregated, discriminated and degraded for centuries it is only natural for us to internalize the hate that hate produced and suppress one another by attaching connotations to skin tone to fill ourselves with delusions of grandeur. This is not only a demented pattern to continue, but unhealthy to our community. We have better issues to concern ourselves with that do not include discriminating on the basis of skin tone. The cycle of strange fruit dangling from the tree is one that need not repeat itself.


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fpinion eature OOpinion

Pace Students, Get It Together Torraine Humes Featured Reporter

Photo by Torraine Humes/The Pace Chronicle A broken wireless internet router in Martin Hall.


Enhance your Job Opportunities with Workplace Skills Spring 2012, Term B, Online 3/7 to 5/8: Adv Spreadsheet Skills – CIS 122 (22828) – WWW Adv Presentation Skills- CIS 123 (22937) - WWW Social Media – CIS 133 (22938) – WWW Summer 1, 2012, Online: Adv Spreadsheet Skills- CIS 122 (22828) – WWW Adv Presentation Skills- CIS 123 (22937) – WWW Database Applications Skills- CIS 141 (22829) – WWW

The image with article is what sparked my need to write this. Going to Pace, you learn to expect certain kinds of behavior. It comes with the territory of being one of the country’s top party schools, according to The Daily Beast. Just look at any ‘PaceProblems’ Twitter handle and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. Sunday morning I woke up and on my way to the shower saw that someone had ripped a wireless router off the wall and shattered it. This completely threw me for a loop. In my time at Pace I’ve seen some pretty disturbing scenes in the aftermath of hard partying, but nothing like this. For some reason Pace students thinks it’s hilarious to try and break anything out on public display. They ripped down Resident Assistant (RA) boards, broke mounted landline phones, windows, and door hinges. Anything that can be broken has been broken. It’s become quite the problem. In the past, students only vandalized things that didn’t directly impact them. But why destroy the wireless router? It doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t they only hurting themselves? This goes to show how thoughtless, and stupid, many Pace students can be. It’s kind of like going into space and saying “how funny would it be if we smashed our helmets with a hammer?” It’s evident that many Pace students don’t know how to behave while under the influence. There are of course the commonplace vomit piles that cover the campus on Thursday nights. I wish this was the worst of it, but it it’s only the beginning. I’ve come by blood stained walls and other bodily jettisons spattered in every section of the dorms, literally. Loose food, body hair, garbage bags, anything you can think of has been found in the hallways. And for some inexplicable reason people like to scream as loud as they can and bang on everyone’s doors as they pass. Where is this barbaric behavior stemming from? Maybe it’s a volatile reaction to being out from under their par-

ent’s watch for the first time. It is possible students, being newly independent, are exploring different living styles. This is all well and good - in the confines of your own room. Don’t go and be destructive in shared, common areas. It’s just unfair. Lack of accountability is also a major issue here. When students wake the next day from their drunken rampages, they aren’t faced with any consequences. Custodial workers clean the messes, often before they even wake up. People are rarely fined for destruction of property, and frankly students are un-phased by fines in the first place. On top of that, there are little to no security cameras on campus. The general attitude towards this behavior is that “it’s college” and it’s just expected. It’s a dismal outlook, not the college experience I signed up for. Also, can we just abolish the myth that drinking causes you to act like a dumbass? People way too often use the cop out excuse “I didn’t know what I was doing, I was drunk.” It’s one of the stupidest, most embarrassing things a person can say. Please just own up to your obscene behavior. When I have a few glasses of wine in me I just get sillier, my jokes flow more naturally, and I’m a lot more welcoming. I’ve never gotten the urge to urinate in the corner of a stairwell, but hey, maybe I’m doing it wrong. Whoever is drinking to the point of vomiting, vandalism, or blacking out has some issues to work out. Is it crazy of me to believe in common decency? To me, it just makes sense that you would want to keep your residence as nice as possible. Someone has to clean up after us and fix the things we deliberately destroy. The kind of messes I’ve witnessed here could only have come from inconsiderate people. They’re not mistakes. I know I’m not the epitome of Pace culture. I’m more than all right with not assimilating. My only plea, which will surely go unheeded, is that we all just have a little more respect for this environment we’re all sharing. Next time you feel the need to drop a plate of pasta in the hall outside of your door, or rip a wireless router off the wall, please think how that impacts everyone else.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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The Hipster Trend: What’s it about?

Photo by Camille Reads Although some may consider it as a trend, hipster fashion has been popular among celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Johnny Depp. Colby Hochmuth

Entertainment Editor

Urban dictionary defines “hipsters” as a “subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.” These individuals are most heavily concentrated in urban areas, specifically Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or San Francisco, California. Whether you know it or not, you’ve encountered a hipster at one point or another. It may have been in a dark corner at Starbucks, at a trendy organic vegan restaurant, riding their vintage bicycle, or shopping at American Apparel, but believe it or not, hipsters are not an entirely new phenomenon. In 2003, Robert Lanham wrote a satirical book called The Hipster Handbook in which he described them as young people with “mop-top haircuts, swinging retro pocketbooks, talking on cell phones, smoking European cigarettes,” and that was almost ten years ago.

Now, the image is a little bit different. Hipsters are known for having androgynous haircuts, wearing extremely tight jeans, shirts that look like they were rescued from the Salvation Army (but actually purchased at a very thrifty boutique for $39.99), and thickrimmed glasses. However, this is not to generalize all hipsters; there are some variations. A 2009 Time magazine articles said about hipsters, “take your grandmother’s sweater and Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers, add jean shorts, Converse All-Stars and a can of Pabst and bam — hipster.” However, like every individual, there’s more to hipsters than just appearances. They enjoy bands that haven’t been discovered yet or have fallen into obscurity, non-mainstream books and media sources, smoke Natural Spirits and drink cheap exotic beer or whiskey (that people just don’t drink anymore). While the whole “point” of being a hipster is to avoid labels and being labeled, it seems that they all end up dressing and acting the same. Or as columnist Julia Plevin cleverly puts it in her article “Who’s a hipster?,” “they

conform in their non-conformity.” On Pace’s Pleasantville campus, hipsters are few and far between. Whether it’s the largely conventional atmosphere or lack of quaint coffee shops with WiFi, we’ll never know. In the last two years, however, we have seen an increase in the hipster population on our campus because of students coming to Pace from other states, especially California. One San Francisco native, sophomore business student Lana Buchbinder said the transition coming from San Francisco, also known as hipster-ville, has been an interesting one. “Back home, it is just the normal way for people to dress and act, here it is a totally different story,” she said. Like any style, don’t knock hipster-ism until you try it. Almost every generation has tried to create an identity for themselves. Who’s to say hipsters are wrong for trying to create a counter culture by doing the opposite of what the rest of the world is doing?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Mile(y) High Club Derek Kademian

Featured Reporter

What do Billy Joel, Lil’ Wayne, and Buzz Lightyear all have in common? They’re all featured in the recently released mix tape Mile(y) High Club by the Super Mash Bros. This is the first release by the Los Angles mash-trio made up of Nicolas Fenmore, Dick Fink, and Ethan Dawes since 2009, which leaves room to ask, was this really worth the wait? In some ways, the Mile(y) High Club has a few danceable tracks, especially on “Like a Bau5” which samples over a dozen singles including “Get It Shawty,” “Scary Monsters Nice Spirits,” “Like a Boss,” “Till the World Ends,” and even “Who Let the Dogs Out.” From a distance, this mix-tape seems awfully familiar. Gregg Gills, more commonly known as the mash-up artist Girl Talk, featured a lot of the same samples on his 2010 release, All Day. The Mash Bros used similar samples by Phoenix, Joan Jett, Dorrough, and Black Sabbath, just to name

a few, which makes you question their originality. At the same time, you can’t really blame the Mash Bros because in the mash-up community, a lot of artists use similar samples. One thing that sets this album apart is the use of clever sound clips from popular movies of the 90’s. The most recognizable is on the track “Top Fun (Highway to the Rager Zone),” in which the Mash Bros use Buzz Lightyear’s famous quote, “Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in Star Command. There appears to be no intelligent life anywhere.” At this point, they break into a mix of the party anthems “We R Who We R” and “Levels,” providing some comic relief. Whenever the Super Mash Bros disappointed, they seemed to make up for it other ways. Anyone who listens to this album can pull out at least two songs that they thoroughly enjoy, regardless of their genre preference. Their junior release was pretty solid, but they definitely have room to grow. Hopefully we won’t be waiting until 2016. All in all, the Mile(y) High Club deserves a seven out of 10.

Photo from The album by the Super Mash Bros. features snippets of dozens of songs from rap, pop, rock, and electronica.

What Ever Happened to Just Singing? Taylor Vogt

Featured Reporter

Something terrible is happening to our culture. Many would argue and point their finger at Japan or South Korea and say that their K and J-pop influences have begun to corrupt the American musical scene. We love it when people dance around, and when they don’t, we tend to ostracize them. It happened with Lykke Li and her performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), when she infamously just stood there and sang beautifully while rocking back and forth. Now it is happening to another artist by the name of Lana Del Rey. Recently, Lana Del Ray had a

performance on SNL which received great public scrutiny. In a perfect world, her performance would have been appreciated. But when a well-dressed, beautiful young woman sings in a sultry deep tone to an audience that probably came to dance around, they got bored and annoyed when a new artist that they’ve never heard of before tries to make art instead of entertainment. Some people just find it hard to listen to. When people get bored and annoyed, they lash out. The musical blogosphere community had seemingly nothing but bad things to say about her performance, while her radio playability seemingly increased. You couldn’t turn on your Sirius-XM Underground station without hearing her being played.

Her new album, Born to Die, was released on Jan. 27. Pick up a copy if you believe in people who love what they do and won’t conform to public scrutiny. Just bear this in mind; Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine would never jump around the stage either, and look at her - she’s selling out the Central Park Summer Stage months before the performance. So there must be something to this whole ‘voice is more important than hips’ thing. Note from the Editor: Please listen to Lana Del Rey’s performance on SNL, available on YouTube, then her audio recording of the song “Video Games” to further form an opinion on Del Rey’s vocal talents.

Photo from Critics labeled Del Rey’s performance on SNL as one of the worst on the show’s history. Do you agree?



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The Pace Chronicle

Pace%Dance% Team% Shak2% GLEE% DST% SGRho% APhiA% LSU%

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stony%Brook% Dance%Team% Liza%Joseph% 808’s% LUL% OPB% SLU% AKA%

A night of entertainment & Desi culture while raising awareness for Malaria! All%Proceeds%go%to% Journey%To%Grace%Founda2on%%


The Pace Chronicle

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Baseball Season Starts off on A Good Note



CSI-Photos Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

With spring slowly sneaking up on us, baseball season starts with a four win streak, with two wins against Mercy College and two wins against Bloomfield College. The Setters played against the Mercy Mavericks and swept them, with the first game 10-0 on Mar. 2 and second game 11-4 on Mar. 4. The Mavericks had an early start as they made their only four runs in the opening inning with only eight batters. Pace made a run in the second inning, making the score 4-1.

Sophomore and education student James Pjura had a two-run hit allowing, junior infielder and criminal justice student, Joe Solomeno and, senior infielder and finance student, Joe Lombardi to score. It wasn’t until the fourth inning when, senior infielder and finance student Kyle Turnier made a double play and Lombardi was hit by a pitch when Mercy began to get frustrated by the Setters execution of consecutive runs, forcing the Mavericks to make mental errors. Sophomore biology student

Jonathan Silva started the game until the fourth inning then, junior communications student Neil Pezzullo, came in and not only did he deny the Mavericks from making any runs but also struck out three players. Senior psychology student Jonathan Hornung pitched another inning with no scores and only got one hit, but struck out another player. To finish the innings, junior marketing student Brian Sundberg struck out three players and only allowing one hit.

CJ Dudek

missioner that we loved to hate instead of David Stern. Today, boxing is a joke. A sport that has been predominantly banished from the mainstream, and a faint shadow of the icons that once stood in its limelight. Long gone are the days of the glorified boxing champion. Muhammad Ali, Evandeer Holyfield, and Sugar Ray Leonard are all distant relics of the sport’s past. The distinguished call, “Down goes Frazier!” is no longer synonymous with the knockout of heavyweight lore, and George Foreman is better known for selling grills than his career in the ring. Surely the dead sport must have a murderer: a perpetrator responsible for taking the life of a sport that turned men into titans. Yet, the culprit has not been found. There is not enough proof to convict a single person. We don’t know if boxing’s killer acted alone, or if they had accomplices. The case of who killed boxing is so complicated that both Gill Grissom and Catherine Willows left C.S.I because they couldn’t catch the culprit. Some say that mixed martial arts (MMA) killed boxing in the dining room with the lead pipe. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the country to date. The

glory of knockouts that made boxing memorable are combined with the subtly of submissions to produce jaw dropping fights. Putting boxing up against MMA is like putting the Nextel walkie-talkie phone against an iPhone; both can take punishment, yet the iPhone can do more cool things than just be thrown at a wall and not break. However, because it has yet to fully mature as a sport, MMA is not the sole killer of boxing. Others say that the lack of U.S. star power killed boxing in the billiard room with the wrench. Compared to the days of Ali, Holyfield, Frazier, and Leanord, boxing star power in the U.S. has burned out. The most recent iconic boxer was Mike Tyson; a man, who, in his prime, was impetuous, had impregnable defense, and ferocity. However, to put it kindly, Iron Mike fell into the scrap heap of American culture. Tyson’s name is like his former sport, once revered, but has since degenerated into a laughing stock. Sure, the U.S. has Floyd Mayweather and his undefeated record, yet his struggle for relevance is painfully visible. Also, the heavyweight champion of the world, Vitali Klitschko, is from the Ukraine. No country cares about a sport it stinks in, and the

Sports Columnist

There is a part of human nature that enjoys watching two people beat the crap out of each other. The urge dates back to the gladiators in the Roman Coliseum, and even further in untold stories. There is no rational explanation for it yet, the connecting of fist to flesh forces a reaction; it matters not if we cheer or cringe. No matter how much we suppress the urge to look away, we continue to watch. Watching two people trade blows for hours is as captivating as it is shocking, but in 2012, boxing can’t even appeal to that urge. A generation ago, the sport of boxing was an art form instead of an afterthought. The name Vitali Klitschko would have fans worshiping the fists that battered his competition. Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be praised for his undefeated record instead of scorned for what he said about Jeremy Lin. The potential Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in May would be receiving the hype that belongs to the NFL combine, and the World Boxing Association Commissioner Amir Khan would be the com-

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Loss turns into NCAA Bid ...continued from page 12

Setter players on the court but that didn’t keep the girls from playing their best game. “It’s just something that we have to play through and keep focusing on the game when things like that happen,” said senior point guard and criminal justice student, Carol Johnson about the Owl fans yelling “garbage” at the Setters. Freshman business student, Samantha Badr went on the fan bus to attend the game and said, “I think their sportsmanship was poor.” Another Pace fan, senior business student, Ursula Vero said, “They were completely rude and showed an utter lack of sportsmanship. Not only were the SoCo fans disrespectful, but the student-workers cursed at me personally and it was an overall horrible experience.” Regardless, the Setters and the Owls went head to head in the semis from beginning to end. The Owls controlled the first half as they maintained a lead until the Setters closed the point gap by two to end the half with the Owls up, 24-26. Coming back into the second half, senior forward and political science and history student, Brittany Shields made a layup to tie the game at 26. Not long after, senior forward and biology student, Maral Javadifar scored a two-

pointer on the paint. Shields kept driving in the court and forced fouls to be made on her and placed her at the free throw line for easy points. Senior guard and biology student, Kerri White makes a crucial three-point basket to place the Setter with a lead at 38-35. A travel was called by the referees to Shields as she was pushed to the floor by the Owls after rebounding a ball, which unsettled the Pace crowd. Nonetheless, soon after, White was given a wide-open shot as Shields passed the ball and open space for White to take a two-point shot to place Pace at 43 while the Owls were at 46. Javadifar places a two-point shot to close the gap by one point. Seconds after, White received a rebound and scores another twopointer to increase the score to 47-46, with Pace leading by only a point. The Owls made a two-point shot in the last 22 seconds to place the score 47-48. In the next couple of seconds, the Owls played pressing defense and caused the Setters to be unable to score. Despite the loss, solid performances were played by: White with 18 points, five rebounds and three steals, and Shields as she finished with 11 points, eight rebounds, and four assists.

Sports on the Side: Who Killed Boxing? U.S. stinks at boxing now. Some suspect that the lack of safety killed boxing in the conservatory with the rope. This theory is plausible but the evidence remains questionable. Of course boxers would have head problems after beating each other’s skulls in. There is a fine line between safety and sports, and boxing is no more dangerous than the other sports we watch for entertainment. America’s favorite sport (football) is a collision sport that produces dozens of concussions per year. The most watched sport in the country (NASCAR) gets its shock value from cartoonish car pileups. Yet the athletes who sign the contracts to fight are knowingly putting themselves in that position despite the risks. If they weren’t prepared for the consequences, they wouldn’t fight in the first place. Some people claim that Don King and his hair killed boxing in the study with the revolver. King promoted some of the most prominent fighters in the history of boxing. He paired together the legendary fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier for the “Thrilla in Minilla.” King reaped the huge financial gains of Ali vs Frazier and went on to promote boxing icons over the course of two decades. The note-

worthy names King has built up includes Larry Holmes, Bernard Hopkins, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricardo Lopez, and plenty more. But a man who did so much for the sport also soiled his own talent as well as his good name. Ali, Tyson, Holmes, Terry Norris, Lennox Lewis, and Tim Witherspoon all sued King. Many of these lawsuits were based on claims that King did not pay his athletes enough. King’s name was also defaced by two murders. In 1954, King shot Hillary Brown and in 1966, King committed his second murder when Sam Garret died after a fight with the promoter. The promoter both built up boxing and mutilated its good name simultaneously. Every one of these suspects has at least one fingerprint on the knife that murdered boxing. All four of the aforementioned suspects belong on the prison line. Yet because of circumstantial evidence, these suspects cannot be held. And because none of the suspects can be tried, there is no option other than to let them go; much to the chagrin of the grieving people who watched their favorite sport die in cold blood. The Kaiser Soze among the suspects cannot be determined. And just like that, the killer is gone.


The Pace Chronicle

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Upsetting Loss in Semis but Earn a Fourth Place NCAA Bid Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

Despite the loss in the Northeast-10 Conference Semifinals, the Pace Women’s Basketball Setters receive a fourth place bid and will travel to the NCAA Division II East Regional Tournament hosted by Bentley. They will play against the fifth seed Franklin Pierce on Fri., March 9 at Bentley College. The Pace women’s basketball team, traveled to Southern Connecticut to play the Northeast-10 Conference semifinals against the number three seeded Owls at their home court and lost by a single heartbreaking point, 47-48, in the last seconds of the game. The Moore Fieldhouse was filled with fans from both Pace and Southern Connecticut. Although the Pace fan bus was late, the fans were screaming and en-

Photo by Susana Verdugo-DelReal/The Pace Chronicle The women’s basketball earned a spot in the NCAA Division II East Regional Tournament

couraging the Setters after halftime. The Owl fans were calling out

Continued on Page 11 “Loss Turns into NCAA Bid’”

Setter Spotlight with

Jonathan Hornung Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

Senior pitcher and newly declared psychology student Jonathan Hornung transferred from Suffolk Community College to Pace in the 2010-2011 school year. This Long Island local found Pleasantville on-campus residence to be a struggle as he adapted to being on his own. The long-time baseball player, who has been a fan of the game since the age of four, guarantees that baseball will be a part of his life for a very long time. Pace Chronicle (PC): Why did you transfer to Pace?

in the coach’s mind that I’m not going to get the job done.

Jonathan Hornung (JH): When I was getting recruited, it was either to go very far away or two hours away from home.

PC: Why do you play baseball over any other sport?

PC: What are the differences between Suffolk Community and Pace? JH: Academically not that different; they’re very similar. Athletically, the competition is a lot better whereas at Suffolk it was a hit and misses on two good teams in the conference. PC: What have you struggled with the most at Pace? JH: Managing my time; being on my own. I commuted from my old school so it was definitely new being on my own. You do what you want when you want. Half the time you are so tired that you don’t want to do anything but you have to. PC: What are you individual goals for this upcoming season? JH: Just that every time I pitch, I want to give the team a chance. I don’t want even a second thought

JH: Because ever since I was little kid, in my town that’s all they had. I played t-ball since I was four. I always loved it. It was always what I was best at. PC: Why are you a pitcher? JH: I don’t really know; I wanted to do it all. I had more fun pitching though. PC: Do you miss anything since you decided to become a fulltime pitcher? JH: I definitely miss hitting. PC: What is your majors? JH: I’m a psychology major. I started off as accounting, switched to finance, but by the end of last year I was doing well but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

PC: So you are an Angel’s fan? JH: No, I’m a Yankee fan; he is just my favorite pitcher. PC: Why is he your favorite pitcher? JH: It goes back to the Myspace era. Somehow I became friends with him when he was in the minor leagues and he was trying to help out kids. You could ask him anything, pitching advice. He was less famous back then but when the Facebook era came in, he added me as a friend. Now, he comments on my status from time to time. PC: Wow, that is crazy. Have you recently asked him for advice or anything like that during your college years? JH: Yeah, I’ve asked him for some advice. He always responds pretty promptly. He is a very fanfriendly guy I would say.

PC: What is your favorite aspect about pitching?

PC: Have you ever been injured due to playing baseball?

JH: The game moves at your speed. Everyone is waiting on you. You can pretty much dictate what happens.

JH: Never seriously injured. During season my shoulder is just always sore but that is just something that every pitcher has to

Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle Senior psychology student and pitcher Jonathan Hornung, this week’s Setter Spotlight. deal with but I’ve never actually hurt it. PC: What were your thoughts going in for preseason? JH: You have to think about how you are going to mesh as a team. Last year, there wasn’t really good mesh as a team. It’s better than last year. Especially this league you never know it’s going to be fun to see what happens. PC: What comes to mind when you think about this being your last year for collegiate baseball for eligibility? JH: It’s scary; I’ve been doing this forever competitively. I want to live up to my potential. That’s really all I can do for myself. PC: Do you see baseball in your future?

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JH: Definitely would love to play professionally, but I don’t know if that’s something in the chords for me. I’ll still play at some level, whether it’s for the weekend or whatever. I don’t ever want to stop. PC: What are your ambitions with you psych degree you will get when you graduate? JH: I thought I wanted to be a police office and for that you don’t really need a college degree. I just want to get out of school as fast as possible. I’m thinking about grad school. I don’t know what I want to do. I’m also thinking about being a professor. PC: What quote do you live by? JH: “God is in control.”

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