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Martina Perry photo

Over 100 representatives of Aboriginal communities from all over Canada gathered at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre in Prince Rupert for the National Aboriginal Spiritual Gathering. For more on this story, see page 4.


DFO under fire for inadequate enforcement By Alan S. Hale The Northern View

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Three different BC salmon conservation groups say that north coast fishermen have thrown back 1.37 million pounds of Chum Salmon – enough to fill 40 transport trucks while rushing to catch as many Pink Salmon as they can within the 16-hour window. Regulations say that Chum Salmon have to be thrown back as quickly as possible, but the groups allege fishermen who are preoccupied with the Pink Salmon are leaving the Chum out of the water for too long before being thrown back. The result, say the conservationists, is that about half of the fish do not survive afterwards long enough to spawn, making the problem of depleting Chum stocks even worse. The Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and SkeenaWild Conservation Trust are not

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putting most of the blame on the fishermen who are breaking the rules, but instead are pointing the finger at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. “The way they have the system set up now, it’s a race for fish. Instead of slowing things down by going to a quota fishery ...They’re having these one day openings where you have to fish as much as possible in that time,” said Greg Knox executive director of SkeenaWild Conservation Trust. Because of the low stocks of Chum in the Skeena and Nass watersheds, fishermen are required to throw back the Chum that get caught in their nets while fishing for fish like Pink Salmon. The conservation groups are arguing that the 16-hour time limit system is creating conditions where fisherman are more concerned with getting Pink Salmon on their boats so that they can make a living than getting Chum Salmon off them like they are required to.

Not only do they believe that the DFO is triggering this problem, they also believe that it is doing a poor job of stopping it. According to Knox, DFO’s enforcement has been inadequate, or at least ineffectual, at stopping fishermen from violating the rules. “They often don’t have officers out there monitoring the fisheries, and when they do find infractions they don’t hold fishermen accountable; They don’t make them go back to the docks, don’t give out many fines. They’re not very strict on enforcing the rules,” says Knox. The chief of resource management for DFO for the North Coast, Dale Gueret, outright refutes Knox’s characterization of DFO’s enforcement. He says that DFO does acknowledge that there is a real problem with a minority of fishermen who are not following the rules, and says they are taking what steps they can to deal with the situation. See DFO, page 3

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City working on a plan for waterfront


By Monica Lamb-Yorski The Northern View Prince Rupert City Council is asking the Prince Rupert Port Authority to rigorously consult the community over its Land Use Management Plan, while at the same time hopes to create a waterfront plan of its own. During Monday evening’s regular council meeting, City Planner Zeno Krekic said it is important that the Port allow the same voices that helped form and shape the City’s Quality of Life Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw be heard when finalizing a Land Use Management Plan. “The Port’s Land Use Management Plan recognizes the Quality of Life principles but remains silent on policies, specifically as relating to Section 2 (Respecting and Enjoying the Environment). In other words the desire the community expressed in the OCP for access to the waterfront is guarded in the Port Land Use Management Plan with phrases such as ‘that does not negatively affect Port marine safety’ and ‘to the extent this is feasible’,” Krekic told council. It is true that the Zoning Bylaw and the Port’s industrial use plans are congruent, he continued, but the community expressed in the OCP it wanted more, not less, access to the water. Because port lands fall under federal jurisdiction, provincial and municipal land use regulations do not apply to them. “ O C P ,

Alan S. Hale photo

The 824 passenger Oceania Regatta was in Prince Rupert for its only stop on the schedule, a rare Sunday docking at Northland Terminal. Zoning or Development Permit Area regulations have been held by the courts to be inapplicable to particular lands purely because the federal government owns it, including lands occupied by tenants and not necessarily used for any federal purposes,” Krekic explained. In other words, if there’s a conflict between the City’s OCP and land use plan for the waterfront, and that of the Port’s, the Port takes precedent. On April 11, 2011, the Port made a power point presentation, bringing the City up to date on its plans, and followed up by providing a draft of the plan to the City on May 17. The draft plan was also shared with the public on the Port’s website on June 1, inviting comments, and at a public meeting on June 15. According to Councillor Joy Thorkelson, council’s own discussion of a waterfront plan was put on hold about a year ago. On Monday evening she suggested it was time to resume the discussion. “I don’t want to start a fight with the Port, but certainly we need to have similar ideas as to how our waterfront is going to be used. We should be sitting down and talking both with our citizens and the Port about what we want to happen at the waterfront,” she said. Councillor Kathy Bedard said the City has to look to the future. “I think our motion states that we are encouraging the Port. The Port is a good corporate citizen and we’re asking them to go to the community to listen to individuals, so not necessarily do questions have to come up from this table, but individuals

can go directly to the Port and say access to the waterfront and to those beaches is important,” Bedard said. Councillor Sheila Gordon-Payne, while in favour of Krekic’s motion, said even if the City develops a waterfront plan it would be limited. “There are very few water parcels that are ours, and there’s not a lot of land that is ours, so it’s the same type of influencing process that we’d be doing right now anyway as I see it. I would ask that council participate as community stakeholders,” Gordon-Payne said. In the end however, Thorkelson made an additional motion, tasking staff with facilitating discussions toward a waterfront plan. “I’m not in favour of us leaving it in the hands of the Port. I think we need a solid idea of how we want the waterfront developed as a council so that we have a basis to have discussions with the Port,” she said. Gordon-Payne said her comments were from a practicality perspective. “We are finished meetings for the summer. We have maybe one or two in September and will have an election in November. I’m not sure when practically speaking we’ll have a completed waterfront plan and would not expect the Port and the Port stakeholders will wait until the City’s ready with a finished product. I think we want to have a say, and that we need to take every opportunity we have, and this is a good start for me,” she said. At the end of the discussion, however, Thorkelson’s motion for the City to develop its own plan was passed unanimously.

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SQCRD reps vote for pay raise, but no longer get benefits By Alan S. Hale The Northern View At the August meeting of the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District, all board members voted in favour of giving themselves a regular pay raise while also unanimously voting to cancel their own health care benefits. SQCRD staff provided the board with a breakdown of the average pay and expenses being paid to the board members of other rural regional districts. 10 different regional districts such as Peace River, East Kootenay and Strathcona were chosen for comparison. The average pay to a board member from these regional districts was about $16,000 in 2010, well above the $13,000 average pay for SQCRD’s board members. In the SQCRD, only board members living on Haida Gwaii or Dodge Cove claimed expenses because of the travel required to come to the mainland for board meetings or other events. Mainland-based members like Jack Mussallem claimed no expenses in 2010. For those who

did claim expenses the average was about $3,300, less than the average for other regional districts, which was $4,300. The pay for board members has fallen behind that of other regional districts because the board doesn’t often give itself raises. The last time all members of the board were given a raise was in April 2006. It was because of this that board members felt that their constituents would understand if they gave themselves a raise based on the risen rate of inflation. “I think in this day-and-age people are understanding of inflationary increases, and if there could be an adjustment done once a year, which is done by a lot of other regional districts, I think the public that we represent be understanding of that,” said board member Jack Mussallem to his colleagues. The board members agreed with Mussallem’s assessment and voted in favour of adjusting their pay each year based on the inflation rate found in the BC Consumer Price Index. Even with this increase the SQCRD’s pay remains below average when compared to the other regional districts.

After voting in favour of the raise, the board voted to get rid of their own basic health care benefits that up until that point were paid for them by the regional district. Mussallem who introduced the motion for a raise, also introduced it. “I don’t think its acceptable that after you become elected that the regional district pays for a medical plan, I think its up to the individual to pay that. I don’t think the public that we represent will be accepting of that. If people think we should have an increase to their stipend, lets do that. But to have a medical plan that’s been Week of August 24 paid for, to me that seems Not for Navigational Purposes like an entitlement,” said Mussallem. Wed., August 24 Low: 4:31 AM / 2.07 m High: 11:03 AM / 4.63 m Low: 4:29 PM / 3.14 m High: 10:40 PM / 5.52 m Sunrise: 6:34 AM Sunset: 8:51 PM Men • Women • Children




DFO discuss possible solutions Continued from page 1 Gueret says that while local DFO officers are trying to deal with the Chum problem, conservation groups often set a very high bar for enforcement that they say must be met, even if its unrealistic. The most prominent solution to the Chum problem being proposed by the conservation groups is simple: DFO needs to move the Pink Salmon fishery to a set quota system, where fishermen will have a longer time to catch a set amount of fish and will have more time to follow regulations. Gueret says that a quota system is “a potential option,” but an option fraught with potential problems. To put in place a quota system they would need a fairly accurate idea how many fish could be expected to return to spawn in a given year. To know

this, they would need to have a way of accurately counting fish that return, like a test fishery, which they don’t have outside the Skeena. But along the coast there are hundreds of inlets where Salmon go to spawn, results from one area may not be accurate in another like in a river. These Call logistical problems are why the DFO has gone with the time limit instead, where they can G STIN let people fish without I L risking a damaging NEW depletion in the stocks.

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Rupert hosts 2011National Aboriginal Spiritual Gathering Church of Canada - the country’s largest protestant denomination - for the National Aboriginal Over the weekend at the Jim Spiritual Gathering, a meeting Ciccone Civic Centre over 100 that happens every three years to representatives from Aboriginal provide the church with direction communities across Canada met on how it deals with issues that with the leadership of the United affect the Aboriginal members of its congregation. “I expect we will be hearing many different expressions of spiritual truths, Men • Women • Children spiritual longings, laments of hope, language of the heart. That is language of the spirit,” said Mardi 297 1st Ave. E, Prince Rupert Tindal, who is the Moderator of the United Church of SCHEDULED FLIGHTS • CHARTERS • TOURS Canada. The gathering provided an opportunity for representatives from Aboriginal ministries from across The United Church of Canada FLIGHT SCHEDULE: AUGUST 2011 to meet up and FLT# DEPART ARRIVE FREQUENCY share the vision

By Martina Perry The Northern View


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of Aboriginal Ministries Council and Circle. The people gathering at the weekend-long event will be the voice of the Aboriginal community when it comes to matters of spirituality and the ministry. The gatherings began after the church apologized for its role in the residential school system in 1998. Since then, the United Church of Canada says it’s committed to “a journey of repentance” for the harm caused by the schools to Aboriginal children and their families. Previously the church had apologized in 1986, but made no direct reference to residential schools. “25 years ago the then-moderator expressed the hope of the United Church by saying ‘May we walk together in the spirit of Christ, so that our peoples may be blessed and all God’s creations healed’. To walk together in the spirit of Christ means to honour as much spiritual diversity as we see demonstrated in the natural world in terms of other ways of understanding diversity,” commented Tindal. “This is a healthy ecology, God’s ecology, where each one functions on behalf of the whole, and in return is sustained by the whole.”

Martina Perry photo

Chiefs and elders gather as Mardi Tindal addresses the gathering.


CHTK on FM in October By Martina Perry The Northern View Since the Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission gave approval to CHTK to flip the station from

PRINCE RUPERT TO PORT SIMPSON 101......8:30am ...... 8:45am........................ Mon to Fri 105......12:30pm .... 12:45pm .............................. Daily 111......5:00pm ...... 5:15pm ................................ Daily

PORT SIMPSON TO PRINCE RUPERT 102........8:45am ....... 9:15am .................... Mon to Fri 106........12:45pm ..... 1:15pm ............................. Daily 112........5:15pm ....... 5:54pm ............................. Daily

PRINCE RUPERT TO MASSET 301........8:00am ............8:45am ................ Mon to Fri 303* ......2:30pm ............3:15pm ......................... Daily 305........6:00pm ............6:45pm ............. Mon and Fri

This summer could be a scorcher.

*Stops at Eden, Dinan, Mclinton, Naden, Langara

MASSET TO PRINCE RUPERT 302........9:00am ............9:45am ................ Mon to Fri 304........4:30pm ............5:15pm ......................... Daily 306........t.b.a .................t.b.a ............................... TBA

PRINCE RUPERT TO HARTLEY BAY 503* ......10:00am ..........11:00am ....................... Daily *Stops at Klemtu, Bella Bella, etc

HARTLEY BAY TO PRINCE RUPERT 504........11:00am ..........12:15pm ....................... Daily

PRINCE RUPERT TO KITKATLA 701........8:15am ........ 8:45am .................... Mon to Fri 703........12:00pm ...... 12:30am ........................... Daily 705........4:30pm ........ 5:00pm ............................. Daily

KITKATLA TO PRINCE RUPERT 702........8:45am ............9:30am ................ Mon to Fri 704........12:30pm ...... 1:15am ............................. Daily 706........5:00pm ............5:45pm ......................... Daily


Nearly half of wildfires in British Columbia are caused by human carelessness. Please prevent and report wildfires. To report a wildfire, call *5555 on your cell. For more information, visit

the AM band to the FM dial in the beginning of the year, many people living in Prince Rupert have wondered when this change will actually occur. Earlier this week, the Prince Rupert Northern View spoke with Astral Radio to figure out when CHTK will be heard on its new FM frequency of 99.1. “The transmitter has to be built, then install it, and then there has to be a period of testing,” said Janine Kraft, who is the Radio Branch Director at Astral Radio and Television, adding that there was also another station getting an FM flip, and they were higher on the list of priorities than Rupert. According to Kraft, the new transmitter will be installed in September with testing going on for 30 days after installation. Kraft said that Astral Media has a tentative date of October 21, 2011. CHTK will still be operating on the AM station for about three months after the switch to FM, when it can be heard on both the AM and FM frequency during this time. Kraft explained that this will be done to allow a smoother transition for people, as well as to ensure that in case of any interferences with the new frequency it can be easily switched back to AM while making the changes.

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North Coast



Ferry costs, nothing else, is to blame... I wonder what the view is like from David Hahn’s office in Victoria, because he’s certainly not seeing things the same way the people who use the ferry system he presides over are. Gas prices and the low US dollar are to blame for a drop in the number of people choosing to take the ferry this summer? Really, Mr. Hahn, you’ve got to be kidding me. I have a stock photo from 2008 that shows the price at the Chevron across the street selling regular unleaded for $1.459 - more than 15 cents per litre more than what’s been charged this summer. So logic would dictate the numbers in 2008 were lower than they are this year, but that’s not the case among the various routes is it? Nope. Let’s try again. Right now the dollar is above par, but the fact is the dollar has been at, near or above par for the past several years. In April 2010 the dollar was above par, and it was above par back in February of 2008 as well. So since this is something that has been going on for some time now and people are well aware of it, I don’t think that argument holds much water either. I don’t live on the Lower Mainland so I can’t overly speak of what’s happening on those major routes, but my guess is it’s the same thing happening on the North Coast but to a lesser extent. And that is that BC Ferries rates have gone up to the extent that the company has almost priced itself out of contention as a holiday option. On the Inside Passage, it would cost a family of four with kids over 12 $1,130 to take their car from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. If they had an oversize vehicle, like a camper

or big truck, that price would jump to $1,420. For the same family to go to Haida Gwaii and back, it would cost $622 with the car and $838 with a camper. By comparison, that same family of four could fly from Vancouver to Las Vegas for $802 (via flightcentre and departing on August 19). People are going to make their choice of vacation based not only on the experience they want, but also the cost of the

trip. By the time you factor in gas to/from Prince Rupert, accommodations along the way, food and more, BC Ferries isn’t looking that great. And every time you and the board propose a fee hike it looks less and less attractive. So blame the US dollar or blame the cost of fuel if you have to put on a good face for the media and the public. But the only people to blame for the drop are those working for BC Ferries who keep raising the rates.

~ Shaun Thomas

Tourism can play a role to sustain a healthy community The value and future of tourism, as part of this community, is paramount to us at Tourism Prince Rupert. Guided tourism growth can be extremely meaningful for the community. Uncontrolled growth could be less beneficial. We all know the stories of worst-case scenarios, such as cruise ports with “tourist go home” signs in the windows. I can see how attitudes like that develop – unplanned growth in any industry can lead a community down paths it shouldn’t necessarily have taken. Yet it saddens me to think that the people who live in those places could have allowed that to happen. In Prince Rupert, the only reason that we work as a community to shape and develop tourism is to build a stronger community. I’ve said it before - we’re not going to save the world with tourism. But it offers us many things. In just the three months of our Prince Rupert Visitor Study in 2007, we know that tourism brought us $52 million

forgotten the sheer optimism in revenue and hundreds of Talking tourism of that day in 2004 when the jobs. We’re now taking part in first flood of passengers from a Tourism British Columbia the Norwegian Spirit arrived Value of Tourism study, and at Northland Terminal. On that that should finally give us a day it seemed that we were sense of what tourism means finally reaching the light at the in annual revenue. Although end of a long, dark tunnel, and it is important to know the after six seasons of operation, dollar value of the industry, it every time one of those ships won’t tell us the whole story. ties up it still brings this Tourism offers economic community a $280,000 pay growth without unnecessary BRUCE WISHART cheque. sacrifice. Properly planned, The value of tourism needs tourism growth need neither change our way of life nor bring harm to our to be measured by the many things that make environment. Tourism lends economic sense a difference in our lives. It offers everything to community improvements that improve from entry-level summer jobs to work in our quality of life. It allows us to have many valuable trades. Business owners who rely amenities, in museums, diverse restaurants on tourism contribute substantially to our and so on, that we might not otherwise be tax base. I think that the people of this town are able to support. And frankly, showing off our town to the world brings a strong sense excited about tourism, but I’m not sure of community pride. I for one have not that we have, as a community, completely

embraced tourism. One still hears too many dismissive comments, mostly from people who don’t know enough about what the industry can mean for us. Learning more, and becoming involved, is nearly always rewarding – and it’s easy to do. It has taken hundreds of volunteers to stage the Northern BC Winter Games, the Torch Celebration, All-Native, and so on, and if contributing a few hours to these celebrations isn’t an example of many people collectively working in small ways to create a benefit to the community, while at the same time putting our best foot forward for visitors, then I don’t know what is. Like many people who did not grow up here, I recognize on a daily basis why Prince Rupert is important to me. Set against any challenges created by a small or isolated community, this is a place where people still care. I think that tourism will help us prosper as a community while leaving this core value undamaged.

The Northern View, a politically independent community newspaper is a Division of Black Press Group Ltd. and is published every Wednesday in Prince Rupert B.C. at 225 Third Street, Prince Rupert B.C. V8J 3J9. Phone 624-8088, Fax (250) 624-8085. All material contained in this publication is protected by copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is expressly prohibited without prior consent.

Shaun Thomas Editor

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Elaine Luscher Reception

B.C. Press Council: The Northern View is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

225 Third Street, Prince Rupert, B.C Ph: 250-624-8088 Fax: 250-624-8085

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On The

Street What franchise would you like to see locate in Prince Rupert?

By Martina Perry

Next Week’s Question: What do you think has caused the decline in ferry ridership this summer?

Colin Gamble

Roberta Ridley

Charles Ridley

Jonathan Nelson

“A nice food franchise, like The Keg.”





Reporter, volunteer Monica says “see you later” Rupert

432 9th Ave West

297 1st Ave. E, Prince Rupert

Spacious home on an oversized lot with an incredible harbour view. What more could you ask for?


Jeff Clarke

RE/MAX Coast Mountains

welcoming job ready

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bonus prize. We have no idea what’s in store for us in Williams Lake and I’m not certain I’ll be trading in my rubber boots for cowboy boots just yet. For now we’re viewing it as the next chapter. My mom always preferred “see you later” to “goodbye” and I’m the same way. Until next time, thank you Prince Rupert. May your future be bright. I’ll miss you.


I’ve always described Prince Rupert as our home town. Matthew, my husband, is from Winnipeg. Our eldest daughter Anna was born there. I am from Nelson, where our daughters Gisele and Rachael and our son Nathan were born. We’ve also lived in Vanderhoof and Castlegar, but when we moved to Prince Rupert in November of 1995, it soon became our home town. Not mine, not Matthew’s, but ours. We carved ourselves a future and before we knew it, Prince Rupert had become the place we’d lived the longest. That was until the Ministry of Forests office closed here last summer and Matthew took a position with the Ministry of Environment in Williams Lake. I stayed behind with three boys, to let Nathan graduate and gladly postponed our departure. Each time Matthew came back for a visit, he’d list the things I was going to miss - the ocean, the green, the air and the drinking water. The year has flown by and we are down to the crunch. We leave on Saturday, and as I pack boxes, paint the house, and add to the list of things to remember to do, it feels surreal. We’re leaving the place where the last of our six children, Nicholas and Benjamin, were born, and where all of our children have grown up. It is here we never tired of seeing eagles, whales, fantastic sunsets, feasting on berries within metres of our house, and receiving donations of seafood or invites to explore the area by boat. Only in Prince Rupert could I have run into Jimmy Pattison in his grocery store, boldly introduced myself, and ended up on his yacht an hour later for a discussion about Prince Rupert’s future. In Prince Rupert I have learned to appreciate weather in all its forms, grown to love rubber boots and appreciate the washing machine as an excellent cleaner of soccer shoes. Every family has its stories. One of ours is the time when Benjamin, then five, looked out from Mariner’s Park at the Norwegian Star arriving for the first time and said with wide eyes, “When I grow up, I want to be a passenger”. As I pack, I carefully wrap up our most recent

family photograph, taken on Christmas Day 2010. In it our children are standing on a log out at Ridley Island, always one of our favourite haunts. It’s such a great photo because the backdrop is breathtaking. We’ll be proud to hang it in our new home. Aside from a great family life here, over the last decade I’ve had the privilege of working for two newspapers, the Daily News off and on from 2001 to 2010, when it closed, and the Northern View this last year. T h o s e gigs, along with working part-time at the Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives since 2004, have helped me learn about this region This three bedroom home could make for - its history, a good investment as a rental property politics, and or as an affordable home for a Àrst time buyer or someone looking to downsize. people. A n d volunteering a decade on the arts council 250-627-6116 has been a


The Northern View


By Monica Lamb-Yorski

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Page 8 - The Northern VIEW - Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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How do you spell Savings? F









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Senior’s Centre notes way the items aren’t left in the foyer too long. (We have a really nice storage area downstairs that Friday Whist: Ladies’1st & Pool-E. we now use for our garage sale Page, 2nd-M. Weir; Men’s 1st-E. items.) Also, please make sure Moorehouse, 2nd J. Parks, Pool-J. Parks that what you are giving away & D. Eby. Monday Cribbage: 1st- M. isn’t junk, it is a lot of work Arneson and G. Kouwenhoven, 2nd-D. to go through everything and Eby and M. Weir, 3rd-A. Johansen & R. then have to end up throwing Basso. it in the garbage. Thanks so We are starting to accept garage sale much. Sorry about the cancellation of items for our sale in October. If you have the foot care clinic. Please check more than a few boxes of stuff it would in with me at 627-1900 to find be beneficial if you call us at 627-1900 out further details about the next so we can arrange a time for drop off, that clinic. It was pretty darn Shaun Thomas photo Cruise passengers try their luck at a chilslow this week at dren’s bullhead derby, a new event from Wednesday Bingo, we the Cruise Advisory Task Force. are looking forward to the athletes coming back from the Senior Games so we can get back to business. We are starting up our Friday Bingo next month so stay tuned FALL REGISTRATION Certi¿ed, Experienced Dance Instruction in Jazz, to this column for the start Ballet, Tap, Irish, Musical Theatre, Modern, date. Pre-School Dance & Yoga. September is just around the corner and that means the start Registration Days: of our General Meetings for August 29th 30th & 31st the season. Our first meeting is September 1ST,2nd, 6th & 7th Tuesday September 13 so put that on your calendar. We want Times: 10 AM – NOON & 6 PM – 8 PM to know what you think about Come see us or phone for more information. the meeting time of 10am and whether you think we would have better attendance if we changed the time. If you have an opinion on this you should 845 FRASER STREET, PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. attend this meeting. CLASSES FOR THE BODY, MIND & SOUL.

Contributed by Donna The Northern View

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Gary Coons, MLA North Coast

Doughnut Heaven 624-4031

617 3rd Ave. West

Skeena Mobile Audiolab

OfÀce Hours Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Fairview Management Services Join us in building communities that value and support the diverse abilities of all people.

Mobile Hearing Testing Truck &XVWRP0RXOGHG(DU3OXJV‡6DIHW\6XSSOLHV Serving the Northwest From Haida Gwaii to Burns Lake & Kitimat to Dease Lake Cell 250.622.8443 • Toll Free 1-877-318-4780

Tall Trees Bed & Breakfast A unique spa inspired bed and breakfast nestled alongside the beautiful British Columbian rainforest. visit us online @

As low as $10 a month

North Coast Constituency Of¿ce 818 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert 250-624-7734 or 1-866-624-7734 •

Charles Armstrong, IAT

1-800 Canada & US Voice Mail Service MEDALLION PAGING & TELECOM LTD. 250-627-8025 for more information

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Call today and I will get an ad working for you!

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Trina Benedict Sales Representative


Ed Evans


225 Third St, Prince Rupert

Sales Manager

225 Third St, Prince Rupert

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Apartments being fixed By Shaun Thomas The Northern View While a class action lawsuit between those who purchased property in the Roosevelt Heights Apartments and the group that sold it to them continues, the strata voted last week to pay over $30,000 each to redo the exterior of the building to fix leaking walls. The apartments were converted into strata condos in 2006/2007 and 45 were sold for approximately $70,000 apiece as “high quality real estate projects that are well researched and easy to own” by a now-dissolved corporation, Seal Cove Properties Ltd., then allegedly indirectly owned and controlled by realestate developer Ozzie Jurock and partners David Barnes and Ralph Case, who are also principals in AMG Investments Ltd. According to the strata owners, just a month after the purchases were made, a budget was presented by AMG Investments showing nothing more than normal repair costs. After a year that saw the revenue projections for the condos fall short and repairs pile-up, a second AGM was held where the property management company said the building envelope needed major repairs to prevent significant losses due to water damage. “We made our purchase based on the engineers report available to us. I read it went through it said okay it seems

Men • Women • Children

okay,” strata owner Eric Fergie told CTV BC. “Tonight we’re voting on a motion to repair the buildings for each unit its going to cost us $36,000...That’s half the price of what we paid,” added strata owner Shannen Stange. Shaun Thomas photo Those involved in the class Strata owners have voted to spend $36,000 each to fix up the action suit claim Jurock and Roosevelt Heights Apartments. his partners knew about the work that needs to be done on the envelope, but SCHOOL PRINCIPAL START TIME PaciĮc Coast Alternate School Sandra Pond 08:50 that is a claim #285 -309 2nd Ave West Jurock adamantly 250-624-3228 denies. “Serious false Prince Rupert Middle School Ken MineƩe 08:50 allegations have 417 9th Ave West been made and 250-624-6757 my partners and Charles Hays Secondary Scool Sandra Jones 08:50 I deny these 201 Prince Rupert Blvd allegations and 250-624-5031 we look forward Conrad Street Elementary School Judy Zacharias 09:00 to the Court’s 825 Conrad St dismissal of 250-624-4935 the Claim,” he Lax Kxeen Elementary School Deb Taylor 09:00 said in a written 601 William Booth Way statement. 250-624-6218 “I have been Pineridge Elementary School Kathy Dann 09:00 in the real estate 1700 Sloan Ave business for more 250-627-7054 than 40 years and I am proud of Port Edward Community School Judy Zacharias 09:00 633 Sunset Drive, Port Edward my track record 250-628-3551 of success. I am passionate about Roosevelt Park Community School Susan Kobza 09:00 the real estate 800 Summit Ave business and I 250-624-6126 enjoy sharing my Hartley Bay Elementary Ernie Hill 08:28 Secondary knowledge with /Junior/Secondary School 09:00 Elementary others.” Hartley Bay T h e 250-841-2511 allegations have Warning Bells Are Usually not been proven 5 Minutes Before Start Times in any Court.

• Wainwright Marine Chrystal Hellier, Brian Catherall • Canadian Coast Guard Art Statham and staff • Canadian Coast Guard Cape Dauphin and crew • Coast Guard Auxilliary Rainbow Responder and crew • RCMP Marine Unit • RCMP Dive Team • RCMP ofÀcers & auxilliary • Prince Rupert Port Authority Jacqui Gale and Steve Robin • Prince Rupert Port Authority Charles Hays and crew: Joe Ralph and Curtis Bodger • Department of Fisheries and Oceans • Maritime Forces PaciÀc Headquarters Lieutenant Commander Peter Southam

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PRINCE RUPERT BCSPCA 1740 Prince Rupert Blvd, Prince Rupert, BC 250 624-2859

Be lonely no more! Our big girl, Sasha is a quiet and reserved cat. She likes to sleep and she will ¿nd the most peculiar spots to hide. She would be a great cat in a quiet home with a single guardian. She isn’t into noise, and would prefer to be the only pet in

School Start Times

the household. There are only a couple weeks left before Paws for a Cause. Look out for pledge forms with your Àyers, and register today for our walk for the animals.

The Prince Rupert BCSPCA will be now be closed on Wednesdays. Our new Hours of Operation are Thursday through Sunday from 1-5. Anyone with questions are asked to call 250-624-2859 and leave a detailed message. Pet food, blankets, comforters and cleaning supplies are always needed to help care for the animals at the shelter. Please drop off your donations or call the Shelter today. Toy donations also accepted at This ad generously sponsored by

Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital 975 Chamberlin Avenue 250-627-1161

Thank You!

• Pete Vendittelli - photographer • Prince Rupert Fire Department • Helijet International • BC Emergency Services • Arnold Wick and the Prince Rupert Sea Cadets • Monty Cook and the Air Cadets • Prince Rupert Special Events Society • Performing Arts Centre • City of Prince Rupert • Mayor Jack Mussallem • Bob Sankey: Member of the Eagle Clan of the Tsimpsian Nation • Rotary Club of Prince Rupert • Crest Hotel • Eidsvik & Associates • Prince Rupert Northern View • Jamie Storey Excavating • Prince Rupert Airport Authority mangement & staff

• Seal Cove Airport staff • Bandstra Transportation • Wayne Towing • Zapco • CN and Tim Tokarchuk and Kelly Yendries • Astral Media - Ryan Carroll • Judy Fraser • Janet Dantas • N and G seafood • Aero Trading • Willy Beaudry - Chef Crest Hotel • Prince Rupert Lions Club • Kevin Newton and the security team • Rugby Team

Special Thanks to The Snowbirds Team but not the weather!

Your Snowbirds Organizing Committee: Rick Reed Crystal Lorette Art Statham Gary Paulson Steve Robin Phil Westoby Scott Farwell Richard Adams Barb Gruber Joy Sundin Rudy Kelly Brent Patriquin Dave McKenzie Jeff Beckwith Bob Killbery Shaun Thomas Melissa Milton Nancy Eidsvik

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Ann Marie Nguyen 36 years old 5’5” 188 lbs Black hair Brown eyes 1 Count Breach of Recognizance Jaret Vince Herrem 32 years old 5’10” 150 lbs Black hair Brown eyes 1 Count Impaired Driving

R E G I S T R A T I O N: All elementary school of¿ces will be open on August 29 through September 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon to register students who are new to the district or have moved to a new school area during the summer.


Start-up times for students new to Prince Rupert will be received from the school when you register.


Linda Lee Pasaj 48 years old 5’6” 201 lbs Brown hair Hazel eyes 1 Count Drive while Impaired

New students will register from August 29 to September 2 at Charles Hays Secondary School.

PRINCE RUPERT MIDDLE SCHOOL: New students will register from August 29 to September 2 at Prince Rupert Middle School.


New Address #285 - 309 2nd Ave West or call 250-624-3228 All students must register at Paci¿c Coast School from August 29 to September 2




Mercedes Sara Fenton 5’1” 155 lbs 18 years old Black hair Brown eyes 1 Count Fail to Comply with Probation 1 Count Cause Animal to Suffer

S C H E D U L E S:

School opens on Tuesday, September 6 and on that day will be in session from 10 a.m. to noon for all elementary students except Kindergarten students (families of Kindergarten students will be noti¿ed of start dates and times by their school).

Prince Rupert Middle School students will report as follows: Grade 8 Grade 7 Grade 6


Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 - students at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - students at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Wednesdat, September 7th, 2011 - students at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Charles Hays Secondary School students will report as follows: Grades 9 - 10 Grades 11 - 12

students at 9:45 a.m. students at 1:00 p.m.

Paci¿c Coast School students will report as follows: Grades 9 - 12

students at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

It is important that C.H.S.S. students be present on the ¿rst day of school in order to ensure they have a seat in classes they need. Because of rapid progess through the coursework, students not in attendance will fall behind very quickly.

FERRIES & BUSES: Ferries and buses will be transporting students between Dodge Cove, Crippen Cove, Metlakatla and Prince Rupert. Students taking the ferry to Prince Rupert will be dropped off at the Metlakatla Ferry Dock. Buses will be waiting by the Northland Dock. Buses will drop students off at the same spot. Bus service will be offered for students attending Lax Kxeen Elementary School and for students living in Port Edward.

For September 7 only: - Ferry leaves Metlakatla at 9:00 a.m. Bus leaves Northland Dock at 9:30 a.m. - Ferry leaves Dodge Cove at 9:15 a.m. Bus leaves Northland Dock at 9:30 a.m. - Buses will pick up elementary and secondary students at 12 noon - ferry will depart Metlakatla Ferry Dock at 12:15 p.m. - CHSS students will be picked up at 3:00 p.m. - ferry will depart Metlakatla Ferry Dock at 3:30 p.m. - Port Edward students will be picked up at 9:00 a.m. & 12:30 in Port Ed and 12:30 and 3:15 p.m. in Prince Rupert - Lax Kxeen students (Gr. 1 to 5) will be picked up at Seal Cove Circle and 7th Avenue at 9:40 a.m., at 6th Avenue and Immanuel Street at 9:43 a.m. and 6th Avenue and Herman Street at 9:46 a.m.

I am talented. I am confident. I am studying social work.



S C H E D U L E S:

Regular classroom instruction begins on Wednesday, September 7 for all grades except kindergarten.

I am a student at NVIT.

Ferry transportation will be as follows: - Ferry leaves Metlakatla at 7:50 a.m. - Ferry leaves Dodge Cove at 8:05 a.m.

Arrives at the Metlakatla Ferry Dock at 8:15 a.m. Arrives at the Metlakatla Ferry Dock at 8:15 a.m.

Bus departs at 8:24 a.m. Bus departs at 8:24 a.m.

Buses will pick up as follows for return trip: - Elementary students at 2:55 p.m. - PRMS students at 3:16 p.m. - CHSS students at 3:12 p.m.

) ) )

Ferry will depart Metlakatla Ferry Dock at 3:25 p.m.

Port Edward students will be picked up at 7:59 a.m.

With campuses in Merritt and Vancouver and over 300 courses available, come and experience what makes NVIT a great place to grow.

Lax Kxeen Bus Transportation - students will be picked up as follows: Morning pick-up: Seal Cove Circle & 7th Avenue – 8:44 am 6th Avenue & Immanuel Street – 8:45 am 6th Avenue and Herman Street – 8:47 am Buses will pick up students at Lax Kxeen at 2:50 pm and will drop off as follows: Seal Cove Circle & 7th Avenue – 2:58 pm 6th Avenue & Immanuel Street – 3:00 pm 6th Avenue and Herman Street – 3:02 pm

Prince Rupert School District No. 52 For More Information - Call 250-624-6717



Page 11 - The Northern VIEW - Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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#!.!$!`33%,,).'#2/33/6%2 >


~kk-CUk +k/CLR?QR?P3,k553k5kUGRFkk'/ ~kk.LC RMSAFk4N#MULk%PMLRk6GLBMUQ ~k%MEk+?KNQ ~k.TCPFC?Bk"MLQMJC ~k#S?Jk!PGEFRk$VF?SQRk3GNQ ~k'GEFU?Wk +k*,kk,/&t ~k"GRWk +k*,kk,/&t

 -0'(79 ,+-(79i



~k-CUk  GLAFk4AMLLCAR3,k3MSAFk,CBG?k"CLRPC ~k-CUk#PGTCPlQk*LCCk!JMAICPk GP@?Ek~k-CUk2SQNCLQGMLk ~k'GEFU?Wk +k*,kk,/&tk~k"GRWk +k*,kk,/&t


        k   k 

7)4(4(%/04)/.4/2%452. !&4%2-/.4(3 ") 7%%+,9 



&/2-/.4(3 !.$$/7. 

1$341-(-&i+$ 2$i"423.,$12 i&$3i i+.8 +38i" 2' ─╗

&!#" -"'(

Page 12 - The Northern VIEW - Wednesday, August 24, 2011


es on or sausag 2 Eggs, bacc 5 .9 5 $ st & Toa hashbrowns ench toast 3 pieces of fr $5.95 or pancakes st $3.00 Kids breakfa


MLA rejects Hahnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reason for low ridership

serviceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passenger levels were so low this summer. Hahn is blaming high gas MLA Gary Coons says that prices for taking away peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not buying the explanation spending money, and a weak BC Ferryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CEO, David Hahn US dollar keeping tourists Lower Level Rupert Square Mall is giving for why the ferry in the US from coming to 250-624-9180 Canada. Coons, who is also the ferry critic, says that while both of those may be contributing to the dip in passengers, Hahn is refusing to acknowledge that his fare increases are also keeping people from using the ferries. â&#x20AC;&#x153;David Hahn blames high fuel prices, a high dollar, he even blames the weather. One thing he dismisses are the real facts. There are many factors, but the key factor is here, I believe, the outrageous fares that skyrocketed on this (regular $149.99) BC Liberal regime of Includes Word, Excel, Power Point & One Note the Coastal Ferry Act, PROMOTION VALID UNTIL SEPT 5, 2011 especially on island and 210 4th Street, Prince Rupert remote communities,â&#x20AC;? says Coons. 250-627-4042 Toll Free 1-866-627-4042 â&#x20AC;˘ Passe n g e r levels on BC F e r r y â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

By Alan S. Hale The Northern View

Buy a computer for back to school and get OfďŹ ce Home and Student 3 user pack for only $99.99


routes have hit has recently come 20-year lows this under fire after summer when it came to light passenger traffic that the board had fell an average of awarded him a 3.7 and vehicle $315,000 a year traffic hit an 11pension package. year low because The Ferry it fell 4.2 per cent Critic says that MLA Gary Coons executives at BC on all routes in BC when compared to Ferries are simply last summer. out of touch with Traffic on the the public. North Coast has â&#x20AC;&#x153;In 2003 there fallen much farther than that. were three vice-presidents In July of this year the number of BC Ferries, now we have of passengers coming to Prince 11 vice-presidents and I do Rupert on the ferry from Port believe if David Hahn had Hardy dropped by over 11 gotten out of the boardroom per cent since July 2010. The along with his colleagues who number of vehicles coming to are making a killing on the Prince Rupert from the Haida backs of BC Ferry users, if Gwaii fell by over nine per they actually got out and talked cent, and vehicles going to to people, they would realize the islands fell by over 14 per that the key to this whole cent. problem is the skyrocketing When asked about the fares,â&#x20AC;? said Coons falling traffic by the Vancouver Coons admits that simply Sun, Hahn said that the lack lowering fares too attract of passenger would cost BC passengers is not going to Ferries $20 million in 2011. fix BC Ferryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s money woes, Coons says that not only are but says that the Liberals Hahn and the rest of the board need recognize ferry service of BC Ferries driving away in the north as part of the customers by raising fares too highways system that island high, they are spending way residents depend on and fund too much on themselves. Hahn it accordingly.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;...The key to this whole problem is the skyrocketing fares.â&#x20AC;?


9:00 am to 11:00 am August 29, 2011


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Time To Tame That Jungle You Call a Yard!


2:00 pm to 4:00 pm September 2, 2011



We will be making electrical system improvements in the communities of Port Ed, Oona River and Kitkatla on August 29 and September 2, 2011. To ensure the safety of our work crews, it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service for approximately 4 hours total, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am August 29, 2011 and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm September 2, 2011. The areas affected are the communities of Port Ed, Oona River and Kitkatla.




Please protect all sensitive equipment. We recognize the inconvenience this may cause, and will restore service safely and as efďŹ ciently as possible.


Shorten restoration time during a power outage by switching lights and electrical equipment off. Wait one hour after power is restored before switching on multiple appliances to allow the system time to stabilize.



Prepare for outages and stay informed by visiting or from your handheld device. Please call 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766) if you experience any electrical difďŹ culties or for more information.

ON SALE $3098




RETAIL $429.99


For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to our customers. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with our customers to conserve energy through Power Smart. Learn more at



.HORZQDÂ&#x2021;.DPORRSV 1-877-765-3337

AEERWVIRUGÂ&#x2021;LDQJOH\Â&#x2021;DXQFDQ 1-877-857-1268



Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - The Northern VIEW - Page 13


“Barkerville Bella” makes a stop on the North Coast By Shaun Thomas The Northern View

Facebook site, which can be found by going to, and Bella is also on Twitter with the username @barkerville. And Bella says there is a lot of things coming to Barkerville to promote. “We’re very excited because next year is our 150th anniversary. This week we

Cruise guests and residents may have noticed a colourful visitor to Prince Rupert last week, as Barkerville Bella made her way to the North Coast. “I’m on a 10,000 kilometre trip all over BC and Alberta called the All Roads Lead to Barkerville Tour. I’m stopping in communities on the different routes to Barkerville to promote Barkerville but also all of the great places people can see on their way. I use social media and upload the photos to Facebook right away so people can follow along,” said Bella, also known as Donna Dixson. “I’m about half way done. I started with the initial gold rush route through Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Lilloett and then on to Kamloops. I’m now doing the route from Prince George to Prince Rupert and my next stop is Dawson Creek and the northeast before going into Alberta and down to Edmonton and Calgary.” Already a number Shaun Thomas photo of pictures have Barkerville Bella visits the Prince Rupert Fire been uploaded to the Museum during her visit in town.

Bus Schedule CHARLES HAYS SECONDARY SCHOOL - AM 7:39 am 7:59 am 8:02 am 8:18 am 8:23 am 8:24 am 8:29 am 8:34 am 8:39 am 8:44 am 8:45 am 8:47 am 8:50 am

LV FIRSTCANADA Yard AR Evergreen AR Hillcrest AR CHSS AR Northland Dock LV Northland Dock AR PRMS AR CHSS AR Conrad AR Seal Cove Circle & 7th Ave AR 6th Ave & Immanuel (Seal Cove Circle) AR 6th Ave & Herman AR Lax Kxeen

PRINCE RUPERT MIDDLE SCHOOL - AM 7:48 am 8:08 am 8:11 am 8:31 am 8:35 am 8:37 am 8:39 am 8:41 am 8:43 am 8:45 am 8:50 am

LV FIRSTCANADA Yard AR Evergreen AR Hillcrest AR PRMS AR Second Ave & 11th St AR Graham Ave & Atlin Corner AR Graham Ave & 17th St AR Van Arsdol St AR Transition House AR Atlin Ave & 14th St top of hill AR Pineridge School

CHARLES HAYS SECONDARY SCHOOL - PM 2:52 pm 2:55 pm 2:58 pm 3:00 pm 3:02 pm 3:06 pm 3:12 pm 3:16 pm 3:21 pm 3:22 pm 3:27 pm 3:43 pm 3:46 pm

LV FIRSTCANADA Yard AR Lax Kxeen AR Seal Cove Circle & 7th Ave AR 6th & Immanuel (Seal Cove Cir) AR 6th Ave & Herman AR Conrad AR CHSS AR PRMS AR Northland Dock LV Northland Dock AR CHSS AR Evergreen AR Hillcrest

PRINCE RUPERT MIDDLE SCHOOL - PM 2:50 pm 2:55 pm 3:02 pm 3:04 pm 3:06 pm 3:07 pm 3:08 pm 3:10 pm 3:14 pm 3:34 pm 3:37 pm

LV FIRSTCANADA Yard AR Pineridge School AR Graham Ave & Atlin Corner AR Graham Ave & 17th St AR Van Arsdol St AR Transition House AR Atlin Ave & 14th St top of hill AR Second Ave & 11th St AR PRMS AR Evergreen AR Hillcrest

have the mid-autumn Chinese festival and a new event we’re doing is the Cowboy and Drover festival will be taking place from September 9 to 11,” she said. While only in town less than 24 hours

total, Bella said she was impressed with what she saw and had fun on Cruise Ship Thursday. “I absolutely love Prince Rupert and can’t wait to come back,” she said.



RoughSawn Cedar So Authentic, You’ll Think You Smell Cedar. You’ve earned the home of your dreams. You deserve the wellcrafted, clasic appearance of Exteria’s RoughSawn Cedar. Its 6 1/2 inch single exposure provides the uncomplicated and timeless look of rough-cut individual shingles.


Hand-Split Shake Bring Untamed Beauty Home Exteria’s Hand-Split Shake perfectly captures nature’s imperfect beauty and character. The rugged appearance of Hand-Split Shake is captured in its 8 3/4 inch shingle exposure that showcases deeply-grained panels that have as much personality and presence as the stately cedar trees they impersonate.


Hand-Cut Stone Create Your Escape With Confidence Imagine your perfect getaway. A place where you can relax, rejuivinate and not worry about the high cost of maintance of stone exteriors. Exteria’s Hand-Cut Stone provides the perfect escape. Accentuating the positive has never been so easy.


SPECIAL BUY 1x6 STK Primed Pine Bevel Siding (Channel) 10’ - 1610PBS - $5.00pc 12’ - 1612PBS - $6.00pc Limited 14’ - 1614PBS - $7.00pc Quantities 15’ - 1615PBS - $7.50pc

Store hours: 8-6 Mon - Fri • Sat 8-5:30 and Sun 10-4

Lower Level Rupert Square Mall, Prince Rupert

250-624-4357 • 1-855-604-4357 Toll Free

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North Coast COMING EVENTS AUG 22-26 - Cornerstone MB Church Annual VBS for all children K- Grade 6. 9am -Noon, See you there!

AUG 28 - Loaded Sports is holdng a skateboard competition at Ruperts local skatepark. 1pm, Free Entry, all ages and skill level, TONS of giveaways. HELMETS REQ’D. Registration papers available at Loaded sports.

SEPT. 11 - The Prince Rupert SPCA will be hosting the 2011 Paws for a Cause at Doug Kerr Field. Registration begins at noon with the walk at 1 p.m. For more information, visit

Sept 12 - Classes and registration for the Prince Rupert Karate Club will begin September 12, 2011 at the Fisherman’s Hall. Class times are 6 - 7 pm for Juniors (8-15 yrs) and 7-9 pm for Adults (16 yrs and older) on Mondays and Thursdays. For more information please call 624-9851 or email

SEPT 17 - The 2011 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is being held September 17, 9 a.m., at Hays Creek. We will be meeting in the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre parking lot (next to the bridge). For more information call 250627-3705 or register online today. Google: Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Hays Creek. See you there!


PRINCE RUPERT ALCHOLICS ANONYMOUS - If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s ours. Prnce Rupert A.A, 250-627-1119

EXPRESSIVE ARTS presents Sketching Groups. Meets every Mon-Fri, 9am - 12 noon. Call Diana for more info, 250-622-2787.

ATTENTION EXCANNERY WORKERS: North Pacific Cannery is looking for people who lived/worked at the cannery and are willing to be interviewed for an oral history project about what life was like at the site. Please contact NPC staff at 250-628-3538 or ACROSS 1. It’s pumped 4. Wound evidence 8. Hot rock 12. Ballet step 15. Perimeter 16. Per capita 17. Of an epoch 18. Little devil 19. Enjoyed wings 20. Cropland measure 21. Maui goose 22. Evian or Vichy 23. Jazz style 25. Hilton rival 27. Chemical compound 29. Wither 31. Brioche 34. Business 35. Eye part 37. Antiseptic 39. Cleanser ingredient 42. Dupe 43. Garden soil 44. Impatient 45. Oahu, e.g. 47. Annex 50. Flood wall 52. Gelatin dish 53. Underwater radar

SALMONBERRY TRADING COMPANY - Markets are on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. We can only accept home made, home cooked/baked and home grown goods. Contact Info: Jo Scott at 250.624.8349, Delvina Delill at 250.628.3371, or Donna McNeilClark at 250.624.2088.

NORTH COAST VICTIM SERVICES Act Now! Protect yourself and your household and avoid beoming a victim. Obtain a free home security pacakge and arrange for a free home inspection. Call 250-627-7779

Another editorial cartoon from Ingrid Rice

55. Previously, in verse 56. Dishonor 58. Stay 59. Polynesian image 60. Kind of room, shortly 62. Beneath 63. Together 65. Captivate 67. Metric measure 68. Visualized 70. Fencing thrust 74. Certain convent 76. Perfume 78. Lunch hour 79. Account 80. Handel bars? 83. Arena-shaped 85. Appropriate 86. “____ in a Million” 87. Be fond of 88. Nuts 89. Two-finger sign 90. Embarrassed 91. Ship’s stabilizer 92. Freshly 93. Make a blunder DOWN 1. Lawn 2. Eighth letter 3. Slander

4. Adriatic or Aegean 5. Mark of authority 6. Artist’s medium 7. Ratite bird 8. Slow, in music 9. “You ____ My Lucky Star” 10. Moving vehicle 11. On the sheltered shore 12. Detroit cager 13. Current measure 14. Burning particle 24. Angry speech 26. Diaphanous 28. Use a natatorium 30. Aggravate 32. Purple flower 33. Crazy bird 36. Clatter 38. June honorees 39. Cluster 40. Greater than 41. Split apart 46. Sheets, for example 47. Dye source 48. Carpentry joint 49. Clued,

Pictionary-style 51. Pressroom word 52. Organic compound 54. Actress Merle ____ 57. Enlarges 59. For the ____ being 61. Desert traveling group 62. Hit 63. Sophisticated 64. Caught 66. Optical illusion 67. Croc’s relative 69. Monet’s stand 71. Dry, white wine 72. Hard drinker 73. Stage direction 75. Meringue’s lack 77. Roman garment 81. Filled pastry dessert 82. Small stringed instrument 84. Attorney’s specialty

2011 RANGER SUPER CAB SPORT 4X2 Share our Employee Price




Purchase Finance For Only

14,849 199 5.49%










Total Price Adjustment

per month financed over 72 months with $2,650 down

Offers include $1,450 freight.

9.8L/100km 29 MPG HWY ** 13.5L/100km 21 MPG CITY **

Get your employee price today, only at your BC Ford store.

WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ^Employee Pricing (“Employee Pricing”) is available from June 16/11 to August 31/11 (the “Program Period”) on the purchase or lease of most new 2011/2012 Ford/Lincoln vehicles (excluding all chassis cab and cutaway body models, F-150 Raptor and Mustang BOSS 302). Employee Pricing refers to A-Plan pricing ordinarily available to Ford employees (excluding any CAW negotiated program or other periodic employee special offer). The new vehicle must be delivered or factory ordered during the Program Period from your participating Ford Dealer. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Employee Pricing is not combinable with, CPA, GPC, CFIP, Daily Rental Allowance, A/X/Z/D/F-Plan and A/Z-Plan Loyalty program incentives. *Purchase a new 2011 Ranger Super Cab Sport 4x2 for $14,849 after Total Eligible Price Adjustments of $6,600 deducted (Total Eligible Price Adjustment is a combination of Employee Price adjustment of $1,600 and Delivery Allowance of $5,000). Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Employee Price Adjustments and Delivery Allowances have been deducted. Offer includes freight of $1,450 but excludes variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Delivery Allowances can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Delivery Allowances are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. †Choose 5.49% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a new 2011 Ranger Super Cab Sport 4x2 for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, OAC from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest APR payment. Purchase financing monthly payment is $199 with a down payment of $2,650 or equivalent trade-in. Cost of borrowing is $2,146.91 or APR of 5.49% and total to be repaid is $14,345.91. Purchase finance offer includes freight of $1,450 but excludes variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Taxes are payable on the full amount of the purchase price. Dealer may sell for less. Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. Offers are available to customers taking retail incentives and may only be available on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. **Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 Ranger FEL 4X2 2.3L I4 5-Speed manual transmission: [10.0L/100km (28MPG) city, 7.7/100km (37MPG) hwy] / 2011 Ranger 4X2 4.0L V6 5-speed Manual transmission (model priced): [13.5L/100km (21MPG) City, 9.8L/100km (29MPG) Hwy]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits.

See page 8 for answers

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Your community. Your classifieds.

250.624.8088 fax 250.624.8085 email WORD ADS ARE PUBLISHED IN...







Business Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

LIVE & WORK on a New Zealand, Australian or European farm! AgriVenture Global offers rural placement opportunities for young adults ages 18-30.

Get certified in 13 weeks

DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, Free to Try!!! 1-877297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call: #4011 or 1888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call: 1-866-311-9640 or #4010. Meet Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).



CLASSIFIED RATES: As low as $15 per week

ASK YOURSELF, what is your TIMESHARE worth? We will find a buyer/renter for CA$H. NO GIMMICKS- JUST RESULTS! (888)879-7165

All classified and classified display ads MUST BE PREPAID by either cash, VISA or Mastercard. When phoning in ads please have your VISA or Mastercard number ready.

Bring the family! Sizzling Summe Spcials at Florida’s Best Beach! New Smyrna Beach, FL. See it all t: or call 1-800-214-0166

10 Family Announcements 20 Community Announcements 100 Employment 200 Service Guide 300 Service Guide 400 Pets 500 For Sale/ Wanted 600 Real Estate 700 Rentals 800 Automotive 900 Legals The Northern View reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings and to set rates therefore and to determine page location. The Northern View reminds advertisers that it is against the provincial Human Rights Act to discriminate on the basis of children, marital status and employment when placing “For Rent:” ads. Landlords can state a no-smoking preference. The Northern View reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the News Box Reply Service, and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental. Box replies on “Hold” instructions not picked up within 10 days of expiry of an advertisement will be destroyed unless mailing instructions are received. Those answering Box Numbers are requested not to send original documents to avoid loss. All claims of errors in advertisements must be received by the publisher within 30 days after the first publication. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of The Northern View in the event of failure to publish an advertisement as published shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event greater than the amount paid for such advertising.


Children Childcare Available Summit Montessori (Kamloops) has spaces available in all areas 15 months to 5 years. Call 250-828-2533

Career Opportunities MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees needed! Hospitals & Dr.’s need medical office & medical admin staff. No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1888-748-4126. WANT A career in the medical industry? Medical Office & Admin. Staff are needed now! No experience? Need training? Career Training & Job Placement Available! 1-888-7780459

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking Dry Bulk Owner Operators Required for work in Fort St. John. Excellent revenue up to $50,000/month! Call Ron: 1-250-263-1682 or E-mail Resume:


300 Ebooks Worth $7.49Each NOW FREE! $2,247 Value! NO Strings, NO Tricks, NO Gimmicks!

Alberta - based oilfield services company is currently hiring equipment operators. Class 1 or 3 license preferred, but we will train the right candidate with a Class 5.

BE YOUR own boss with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-3880123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today.

Please call 250-718-3330 for more information or send your resume to:

HOME BASED BUSINESS We need serious and motivated people for expanding health & wellness industry. High speed internet and phone essential. Free online training. www.project4wellness.coml

Childcare Available

Childcare Available

Childcare Spaces Available i

ural -Cult



cy Bethel-First Daycare Spaces available for Bili ng 2-5 year olds


ams Progr Contact Amy 250-624-2273 or 250-600-6434 ual

1.888.546.2886 Visit: ONLINE, ACCREDITED, web design training, administered by the Canadian Society for Social Development. Learn web design from the comfort of your home! Apply today at

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

FULL-TIME CERTIFIED Heavy Duty Mechanic required by Bailey Western Star & Freightliner. Experience in service & repair of trucks, trailers & equipment. Fax resume to 250-286-0753 or email:

We are still hiring Dozer & excavator operators required by a busy Alberta oilfield construction company. We require operators that are experienced and preference will be given to operators that have constructed oilfield roads and drilling locations. You will be provided with motels and restaurant meals. Competitive wages, bonus and transportation daily to and from job sites. Our work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Call 780-723-5051.

Classifieds Work!

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLOR Training Course Online. Read student comments. No student loan needed. Personal development. Employment assistance included. Text materials provided. MSW instructor. Register at:

We’re on the net at

Career Opportunities

Classifieds Get Results! Help Wanted A Phone Disconnected? We can help. Best Rates, Speedy Connections, Great Long Distance. Everyone Approved. Call Today 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect required. Specialized in Honda or Yamaha outboards. $25 to $30 per hour plus benefits. Apply in person to Colleen Cox or e-mail resume in Port Hardy to:

CAMP RESIDENT CARETAKER. Shawnigan Lk. BC Pls. refer to

PR: Well-established local hair salon is seeking a F/T qualified hair stylist. 250-627-7979

Are you a professional with retail management skills and great taste? Carters Jewellers Terrace has an opportunity for you to join the Northwest’s largest locally owned jewellery store chain. Respond in con¿dence to PO Box 2059 Smithers BC V0J 2N0 Fax 250.847.2664

Education/Trade Schools AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equip. Job placement assist. Funding Avail. 1-866399-3853

Coke & Candy Vending Route. Local Hi-Traffic Locations. Earn $40K+ per year. Fast & Safe Investment Return. Secure Your Future- Be the Boss! Factory Direct Pricing 1-888-579-0892 Must Sell

12160 - 88th Ave Sry. BC

Dynamic Rail Services has an immediate opening for a Track Maintenance Foreman working out of our Vernon, BC office. The successful applicant will have a minimum of 5 years experience working on all aspects of track work and have experience as a Track Foreman. Please submit resumes including education, training and references to



Business Opportunities

AUTO RENTAL BUSINESS For Sale Car-To-Go, located in Prince Rupert, 250-627-1525

Courses Starting Now!


Why wait for the future when you can create it?

Want your career to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives? To know your ideas and initiatives are helping transform communities and build futures? The Government of Alberta offers you an opportunity to play an active role in shaping our province—making it an even better place to live and work. Discover how working for the Government of Alberta can work for you.

Crown Prosecutor Alberta Justice and Attorney General, Fort McMurray. Opportunity for a lawyer to join our Regional Prosecutions team. As a Crown Prosecutor, you will help deliver justice through solid, fair and effective prosecutions. With your legal expertise and the power to generate confidence in our communities, we invite you to pursue a career with our Criminal Justice team in Fort McMurray. Job ID #1006706 Visit to learn more about this opportunity, to apply online or to find out more information about the Government of Alberta.

Page 16 - The Northern VIEW - Wednesday, August 24, 2011







Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Trades, Technical

Financial Services


GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.


CASUAL BYLAW OFFICER The City of Prince Rupert is looking for a qualified individual for causal work in the position of Bylaw Officer. To view a complete job description please refer to our website at: “Career Opportunities” Resume must be submitted to Tanya Ostrom at City Hall by 4:00 pm on September 9, 2011.

Have you heard?


How you can... Make extra money Get in shape Get to know your neighbourhood ALL AT ONCE?

AVAILABLE ROUTES ROUTE # 11008 11022 11026 21003 21039


Water St/Beach Taylor/Borden 8Th/9Th West 4Th/ 5Th East Alberta/ PRBlvd

# OF PAPERS (110 Papers) (150 Papers) (180 Papers) (200 Papers) (130 Papers)

250-624-8088 225-3rd St, Prince Rupert

Production Assistant

COAL MOUNTAIN Fabricators are hiring experienced ticketed welders in Tumbler Ridge. Shift is 7 on 7 off (12hr days). Journeyman rate is $35/hr with benefits. Accommodations negotiable. If interested in joining a dynamic team in a fast paced environment please send resumes to: or ph: 250-242-9353.

Help Wanted

LOUISIANA-PACIFIC Canada Ltd. requires a stationary 2nd Class Power Engineer for the co-gen plant at our EWP Operation in Golden BC. Email resume to: or fax to 250-344-8859.


Lets You Live Life.

Help Wanted

Internship Opportunity at Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Prince Rupert. Must be between the ages of 25 - 30 years and have completed a University or College diploma in an environmental Àeld. Please see for more details.

The Production Assistant will be the point of contact for CityWest Community Channel in all of our serving communities. This includes covering local events, editing and scheduling programs for air, and updating our company website. A detailed job description (including qualiÀcations) is available at company_info/career_opportunities Please submit a resume and cover letter no later than 5:00 pm, Friday, Wednesday August 26, 2011, to the attention of Human Resources at CityWest, 248-3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, B.C. or by email to CityWest thanks you for your interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.

If you believe that you have the skills and qualifications that we are looking for, please reply in confidence: Marty Gage - General Foreman Facsimile: 250.288.2764 Email: mgage@ For more info. Visit: www.western


Health Products BERGAMONTE - The Natural Way to Improve Your Glucose, Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Health! Call today to find out how to get a free bottle with your order! 888-470-5390

Automotive Service Technician Parts Counter Person We are seeking a motivated individual to join our franchised auto dealership in Prince Rupert. Preference will be a 2nd or 3rd year apprentice. The person we seek should have a strong mechanical aptitude and be willing to advance his/her skills through in-house as well as factory training. We offer a competative wage and beneÀt package and an excellent working enviroment. Please reply in writing with work experience to: Dave Hardy or Brian Kennedy Port City Ford Sales 970 Saskatoon Avenue Prince Rupert, BC V8J 4J2 250-64-3673 FAX: 250-624-3672

Terrace Owned and operated in Prince Rupert since 1910, CityWest is a quality provider of telephone service, cellular service, Internet service and television service for home and business use. CityWest serves customers from Prince Rupert to Houston and is committed to creating jobs and investing in the communities we serve.

WFP is currently seeking a fully qualified Hooktender to join our Holberg Forest Operation. This is a perm. USW hourly union position required on a full time basis.

Lake Babine Nation EMPLOYMENT COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE (1) Seeking innovative experienced self-motivated certified Public Health Nurse. This challenging career opportunity will offer excellent remuneration, benefits, and vehicle for service delivery. You will be required to provide a full scope of community health nursing services within an expanded scope of practice. The rewards for challenging culturally rich environment and nursing practice are huge! Experience necessary.

LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE (1) Seeking an energetic practicing Licensed Practical Nurse [referred to as the Registered Practical Nurse] to work with a team of Nurses and Home Care staff. You will be required to monitor your patients, gather health vital information, develop care plans, and share information with registered nurse or doctor to determine best care for the patients. Will prepare meals and teach family members simple nursing tasks. Experience necessary. “Only those selected for interview will be contact.” Deadline: Friday, September 9, 2011 at 12:00 PM Please submit Resume to: Beatrice MacDonald, Human Resource Manager Lake Babine Nation P.O. Box 297, Burns Lake, B.C. V0J 1E0 Fax: 250-692-4792

Financial Services BANK SAY NO? WE SAY YES Consolidate or get your personal loan started with us. Up to $200K with low interest rate starting at 1.9%. Bad credit OK. Call: 1-855-222-1228

M O N E Y P ROV I D E R . C O M $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Telephone Services A FREE telephone service Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

Pets & Livestock


Cutie Paws Grooming Located in Pacific Coast Vet

Call 778-884-PAWS (7297)

Give life .... register to be an organ donor today!

Merchandise for Sale

September 24, 2011 Saturday @ 9:30 am Topley, BC. Hwy 16 & junction Hwy 118 to Granisle. Sale conducted on behalf of Pauline Watson, Gar & Margaret Garton, Howard Aikins & others. This is a forerunner Ad full list of items will be advertised September 7th, 2011. We will start the sale off with a coin collection. This is an excellent sale and all goods are in very good condition. Shop & welding equipment, selection of tools, farm & industrial equipment & machines, recreational vehicles, household & office merchandise. Consignments Welcome! Anyone interested in selling Goats & Sheep there will be a commercial buyer in attendance, please contact us in advance so we will have an appropriate amount of pens available for sellers. Condition of Sale: Terms: Cash & Check with Identification, sorry No Credit cards. items are As Is Condition ~ Not responsible for accidents. There will be a Concession on site. Any question please contact:

MIKE’S AUCTION LTD. Mike Steinebach @ (250) 694-3497 or Cell (250) 692-6107 or (250) 692-9752 Egon Steinebach @ (250) 694-3319 or Cell (250) 570-2055 E-Mail: Website


IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1-800-5872161.

for more information 1-800-663-6189

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

PR: Commercial desk with hutch, futon, tables, chairs, Heintzman piano, bookshelves, hexagonal fish tank on stand. Elizabeth, 250-6245854 or 250-622-2787

Garage Sales PR: 1409 Graham Ave, Sat Aug 27, 9am - 12 noon.

Help Wanted

The District of Port Edward is accepting applications for a Casual on Call Administrative Assistant to cover various absences in the Municipal OfÀce. The Administrative Assistant reports to the Chief Administrative OfÀcer and should possess the following: • Excellent interpersonal skills • Basic Accounting Knowledge • Cash Handling Skills • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel • Good organizational skills • Willingness to learn new things • Dependable • Be available on short notice The hourly rate is set as per CUPE Local 105 agreement with the District of Port Edward. Please submit your resume with references by no later than noon on August 26, 2011 to: Ron Bedard, CAO District of Port Edward 770 PaciÀc Avenue Port Edward, BC Email: Fax: 250-628-9225 We thank those persons in advance who submit applications, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Garage Sales

Heavy Duty Machinery

Heavy Duty Machinery

A-STEEL SHIPPING STORAGE CONTAINERS / Bridges 20’40’45’53’ Used / Damaged 40’ insulated makes great shop. Only $2300! Needs door and 40’HC $2800 No Rust! Semi Trailers for Hiway & storage. Delivery BC and AB Call 24 hrs 1-866-528-7108

SAWMILLS FROM only $3997. Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-5666899 Ext:400OT.

PR: 1939 Atlin Ave, Sat Aug 27, 8am - 12 noon. Misc. Household items and sport collectibles. PR: 228 8th Ave East, Sat Aug 27, 8am - 2pm. Some furniture, tools, housewares and much more. Prince Rupert First United Church Summer Market, Saturdays, 9am - Noon, May 7th Aug 27th. $10 per table. Phone 250-624-2087 or 250624-5652.

PR: Washer & Dryer Pair $200, Small Fridge $50, all in good condition. Call to view, 250-627-1108

Classified Ads Work! Help Wanted

Misc. for Sale

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District Polling Clerks – 2011 Elections The Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District (SQCRD) is seeking polling clerks to work in various locations for the 2011 Election. The Advance Poll will be held Nov 9/11 and General Voting Day is Nov 19/11. If you are interested, please go to our website, located at and complete the Polling Clerk Form located on the left hand side of the homepage. Completed forms may be faxed to (250) 627-8493 or mailed to SQCRD at 100 – 1st Avenue East, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A6.

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Real Estate


Misc. for Sale

Acreage for Sale

For Sale By Owner

Apt/Condo for Rent

CAN’T GET Up Your Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! Call 1-866-9815991. DO-IT-YOURSELF STEEL buildings Priced to Clear Make an Offer! Ask About Free Delivery, most areas! Call for Quick Quote and Free Brochure - 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 RED ENVELOPE- Unique & Personalized Gifts for All Your Friends & Family! Starting at $19.95. Visit for an extra 20% off or Call 1-888-473-5407 STEEL BUILDING sale... “”Rock bottom prices”” 25x40x12 $7350. 30x60x15 $12,700. 35x70x16 $15,990. 40x80x16 $20,990. 47x100x18 $25,800. 60x140x20 $50,600. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Direct 1-800-668-5422.

82.8 ACRES, 300’ lakefront, S Cariboo. Beautiful, pastoral, private, rural setting. Borders crown land. Adjacent 80+ acre parcel available. view/lonebutte/ann/

Musical Instruments




The link to your community

Duplex/4 Plex Available Now 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, upper duplex,1502 7th Ave East, F/S. $775/mo. + Hydro. 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, lower duplex, 1504 7th Ave East, F/S, W/D. $750/mo. + Hydro Bachelor Apt., 1500 7th Ave East, $385/mo. + Hydro

Port Ed: Clarinet for sale, like new, only used one year. Comes with cleaning kit and case, asking $140.00 OBO Call 250-628-9281

Ref’s & Damage Dep req’d.

Pet Services

Pet Services

If you have any questions, please contact Joan Merrick, Chief Election OfÀcer at (250) 624-2002, ext. 23 or by e-mail to

Call 250-627-5087 or 250622-9418 or 250-627-6736



Kenn Long or find us on Facebook

Real Estate

Apartments 105 Parry Place 3 bedrooms, cul-de-sac, 2 1/2 bath, family size jacuzzi tub, two fire places, double carport, close to hospital, school, container port, ferrries.

Quick Sale $218,500 As Is Serious Inquiries Only.

Real Estate

Melanie Erickson


Spring into action with these great buys!

Targeted Initiative for Older Workers Job Skills Training Opportunity September 18th to December 16th, 2011 The Mature Workers program is for mature people who are: • Unemployed • Between 50-64, (emphasis on 55-64) and 65+ (if planning to stay in the workforce for 2 or more years) • Legally entitled to work in Canada • Live in an eligible community/region • Lacking skills required for successful integration into new employment • Be ready and committed to returning to work • Are non EI eligible and have not received EI in the last 3 years The Mature Workers program offers: • Thirteen weeks of paid participation • Classroom-based skill development - including job searching and career planning • Funding to access training at local educational institutions/training agencies • Income support for in-classroom training • Wage subsidy for on-the-job training The Mature Workers application process: • Fill out an application at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society • For more information call Lisa 250-624-9498 ex #31 • Deadline for applications is September 14, 2011. Funded by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia through the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers



1812 Kootenay 551 West 9th 1006 Alfred St 748-754 Evergreen Drive 1438 Overlook 868-870 Fulton 90 Hays Cove 1525 11th Ave East 309 9th Ave West 108 Collart Place 623 7th Ave West 102 Raven St 889 Borden 800 McBride Spero’s 322 7th West #307 - 880 PR Blvd 606 Donald Street 120 8th Ave West 1326 Pigott Ave 228 8th Ave East 584 Pillsbury Ave 198 Eagle Close 1933 Graham 1307/1309 2nd W 241 9th Ave East 1480 6th Ave 1533 Moresby Ave 1612 Kootenay Ave 425 6th Ave

N200896 N205505 REDUCED N206206 N207328 N207097 REDUCED N207266 N207527 REDUCED N207539 N207599 N208342 N208604 N207865 N207880 N4504737 N209341 N209469 N210150 REDUCED N210221 N210219 N201846 REDUCED N210952 N211450 N211288 N207877 N212130 REDUCED N212351 New Listing N211987 New Listing N212436 New Listing N212463 SOLD


$183,000 $139,000 $145,000 $138,000 $194,000 $175,000 $165,000 $215,000 $79,000 $279,000 $142,000 $120,000 $135,000 $369,000 $144,800 $49,500 $225,000 $82,000 $69,000 $107,000 $215,000 $598,000 $414,000 $170,000 $129,000 $86,500 $315,000 $175,000 $174,500

250-627-7551 •

1 & 2 bdrm Suites

Furnished & Un-Furnished. Quiet Tenants. On Site Management.

Gym, Hot Tub & Sauna.


References Required.

between 6-10pm

Mortgage Help! Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1-888-685-6181


Shop from home! Recreational RARE OPPORTUNITY: waterfront property on beautiful Jim Lake, 0.83-acre with 360 sq ft insulated cabin, located near Green Lake/Watch Lake. Rare privacy, only three lots on the lake, good fishing for rainbows to 10 lbs, nice swimming, surrounded by crown land. Great trails for hiking, ATV and snowmobile. Seasonal 10-km back road access in 4x4 or pick-up. FSBO. $230,000. 250-395-0599. (Please see

Apt/Condo for Rent

Four Winds Apartments 1741 Kootenay Ave Prince Rupert, BC V8J 4A3


Clean & Renovated



Certified Professional Dog Grooming



Contact Property Manager - Ron Morgan Telelphone: 250-627-1407 or Apt #202

CLIFFSIDE APARTMENTS 1123-1137 Borden Street Adult-oriented. Quiet location with harbour view. Heat and hot water included. Minutes walking to downtown and hospital. References required. 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suites. Some furnished. Prince Rupert


GATEWAY APARTMENTS McBride & 8th Prince Rupert Unfurnished - Furnished (Furnished short Term Rentals Available) Close to downtown Adult-oriented No Pets


1 and 2 bedrooms (No Pets)

K&C APARTMENTS 423-3rd Ave. West. in Pr. Rupert. 2 blocks from college. One bedroom apartments. Hardwood floors. Laundry services, heat incl. Security entrance. Rent $550/mo.. Phone 250-624-6746

Real Estate

Real Estate

Property Management


• 3 & 4 bedroom homes; • 1, 2 & 3 bedroom suites and apartments

Office: (250) 624-5800 Suite 5 - 342 3 Ave. West, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L5

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

Buying or Selling Real Estate?

Call Gordon today Office and Cell: (250) 624-9298 Email: Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W. - Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L5

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Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

ROOSEVELT HEIGHTS APARTMENTS 3 bedroom apartments. Heat and hot water included.





Homes for Rent

Cars - Domestic



Rooms for Rent

$700 per month.

PR: College Students Only Furnished Room for Rent. Sept 2011-April 2012. $350/mo. includes utilities and internet. Call Christy @ 250-624-2334

Phone 250-627-8123

Commercial/ Industrial

Shared Accommodation

PR: 1600 sq. ft. Industrial Park Rental Bay with Paint Booth. Suitable for Auto Body Repair. 250-627-1525

PR: Furnished 1 bdrm, living room with fireplace and oceanview, dining room. Shared bathroom, kitchen, laundry. Internet, cablevision, heat included. $500/mo. References. Elizabeth, 250-624-5854

WAREHOUSE FOR RENT in Prince Rupert BC Industrial Park Big overhead doors 1 - 2150 sq. ft.

Suites, Lower PR: 1430 Sloan, 1 bdrm suite for rent. $400/mo. Available Immediately. 250-624-6127

Call 250-624-2725


Duplex / 4 Plex


AVAILABLE FOR RENT 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms

3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath twnhse.

References required!

Quiet, some w/ heat incl. From $500/mth.

Call for details 250-627-1715 or 250-624-5955

Families & Seniors

Call Chris 624-3546

Large 2 & 3 bedrooms

Looking to Purchase a Home?

Clean, safe & secure. From $550/mth

Visit or call Lynn Chivers at Randall North RES

250-627-1414 PR: 2 bdrm house, 1045 1st Ave West. Sunny location, close to downtown, clean and cozy. Ideal for college student(s) or working couple. Furnished or unfurnished. N/S $800/mo. Elec baseboard heat and hot water. Ref Req’d, Call Barbara, 250-624-6165 PR: 4 bdrm, harbour views, decks, near Roosevelt, gas ht, well insulated. $750/mo.

21 ft Aluminum Boat

Excellent Condition Digital Displays Only 2 owners 116,029 Miles Very Well Maintained

Call for more information

New Wheelhouse Stern Extension Aluminum Floor 2007-200 HP Mercury Motor Anchor, Locker, Sounder Radio Phone Hydraulic Steering Tandem Axel Galvanized Trailer

$1200 OBO


Asking $35,000 FIRM

1988 Oldsmobile Delta Sedan

Help for today. Hope for Tomorrow. Call 1-800-667-3742

14 FOOT ALUMINUM BOAT 20HP Mariner Motor Trailer Lots of Accessories

$3500 OBO

Call Paramjit


Buy, Rent, Sell! Cars - Sports & Imports OKANAGAN’S Largest Used Car Super Store. Always open online at: www.bcmotor 250-545-2206

Scrap Car Removal SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Trucks & Vans

S lives here. It’s here in our community. Please make a difference by volunteering. Sclerosis Society of Canada S Multiple


Legal Notices

Call Gary


1996 DODGE MOBILE Lunch Truck $31,000 OBO Fire suppression system upto-date. New front end; New tires; Engine tuned; new battery; 12 extra inserts for condiments; complete stainless steel interior. All items in excellent & immaculate condition.

Contact 250-627-1363 or 250-624-1813

Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing with respect to “Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3315, 2011” will be held on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 commencing at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, Second Floor of City Hall, 424 West 3rd Avenue, Prince Rupert, B.C. The purpose of the bylaw is to amend the Zoning Bylaw No. 3286, 2009 as follows: 1.

If you see a wildfire, report it to

1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Legal Notices

CALEDONIA BAILIFF SERVICES 3-4554 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace, B.C. Phone 250-635-7649

Auction of assets of J.D Wire Rope & Rigging Ltd Viewing on Friday August 26th, 2011 2pm-6pm Sale will be held Saturday August 27th, 2011 9am-4pm at 1061 Saskatoon Ave. Prince Rupert BC

Call Clayton 627-6697 Large 2 bdrm townhouse in Prince Rupert. Very spacious w/ lots of storage. Fully renovated, insuite laundry. N/S, Small pets allowed. $750/mo. Does NOT include Hydro or Gas, 250-628-9433

Legal Notices



Homes for Rent

Legal Notices


PR: 4 bdrm, W/D, large deck. $850/mo., elec. heat. Avail. immed. N/S, Ref Req’d. 604339-9278 or 250-624-4331. PR: Furnished 3 bdrm, elec heat (not incl), oceanview, W/D, $900/mo. Call Lynn @ Randall North Res. 627-1414

No smoking. No pets References required.

Some Items for auction 1995 Chevrolet Flatdeck 4x2 “White” fork-lift Pallet Hand Jack Rope, Wire, Anchors, Tools, Tool Boxes Misc. Hardware And much more Applicable taxes on sale, payment by cash or bank draft. NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS.

Fight back. Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.

By adding to Section 3.8.2 • Partial vinyl siding of commercial grade and to the maximum of 25% of the exposed façade and not lower than 8 feet from the sidewalk or average ground level.

The intent of the proposed bylaw is to provide additional options regarding exterior building materials in the Downtown Development Permit Area Design Guidelines. A copy of the bylaw and relevant background documentation may be inspected at Prince Rupert City Hall located at 424 3rd Avenue West during regular of¿ce hours (9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) from Monday through Friday commencing on August 24, 2011 until September 2, 2011. At the Public Hearing all persons who deem that their interest is affected by the proposed bylaws shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaws. If you cannot attend the public hearing all written submissions (mailed or electronic) must be received by the Development Services Department by no later than 4:30 p.m. on September 2, 2011. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Zeno Krekic, City Planner at (250) 6270960 or by email to zeno.krekic@princerupert. ca

North Coast


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Drag racers take to the track for weekend action in Houston By Ed Evans The Northern View The weekend was predicted to be overcast on Saturday and Sunday for the 15th Annual Houston Drags. On the trip up from Rupert Friday, it rained all the way to Smithers, after that we didn’t see any rain in the daytime for the rest of the weekend. The Friday races and burnout contest clicked off with no problems, with Harley Bell winning the Burnout Contest with his shop truck. I think that the flashing lights won it for him though. Saturday’s action started off a little slower with a slick track. The cars ran time trials as it was too slick yet for the fast feature cars. After the time trials, the West Coast Door Slammers made their first appearance. The cars put on quite a show, doing long, loud, smoky burnout’s, some of them a

full 1/8 mile in length. But it was hard for them to get traction past the 60 foot mark. Wade Sjostrom in his 1957 Chevy Bel-air seemed to have it figured out first and after tuning out 300 horsepower, he ran a blistering pass, but was running on the 1/8 mile timer not the ¼ mile timer. It was still a quick pass of 4.88 seconds in the 1/8th mile. The other cars like Reg Deforest and his 1923 blown altered also seemed to find traction later in the day, but he did spin through most of the ¼ mile track. However it did rain hard Sunday morning and there were concerns that the Sunday race might be cancelled. But it was decided to wait until 10 am to make the call. At 9:30 the skies cleared up and even though it was overcast, the full slate of racing was run. The West

Ed Evans photo

Wade Sjostrom in his 1957 Chevy Bel-air burn up the track at Houston Drags on the weekend.


Coast Door Slammers had to call it a weekend though as the rain took off whatever rubber that there was for a sticky track. Next up: Is this weekend as the final race of the 2011 season in Terrace. The Bike/sled drag race is called Bike Wars. So if you have a bike or a track ready sled this is your opportunity to make some runs down the track for bragging rights. There will be all of the other exciting class racing, as racers compete for the year long points series.



Seniors strike gold By Shaun Thomas The Northern View The West Kootenays hosted the 2011 BC Senior Games from August 1620, an event that was spread over three communities, and North Coast athletes certainly found success. Ray Leonard was a multi-time gold medalist on the track, winning a gold in the 10 kilometre road race and a gold in the 5,000 metres for men 60 to 64. A pair of three Prince Rupert archers brought home six medals, including four gold. Fred Hutchings won gold in the

ARC 3D shoot and the ARC target shoot for men 55 to 59 and Bob Bennett won gold in both those events for men 65 to 69. Wayne Lundman was just behind Hutchings in the same division, Contributed photo taking a silver for Fred Hutchings and Wayne Lunman get their medals. men 55 to 59. In the pool, Dawn Quast brought home a metre freestyle and a silver in the 100 bronze medal in the 50 metre breaststroke, metre breaststroke for women 60-64. the 400 metre freestyle, the 800

Readers Choice 2011

20% off Men, Women & Childrens Sandals

Quality Products at Competitive Prices.

125 1st Ave. W. Prince Rupert, BC 250-624-2568 • 1-800-667-6770 Visit us online

Prince Rupert and Port Edward Transit

Service Change

THANK YOU To all of of our readers who filled out their entry forms for this years Readers Choice Awards. Check out next week’s issue to see all of your winners

Effective September 6, 2011

Minor schedule changes. New Rider’s Guide available:

t on board the bus t online at


City of Prince Rupert District of Port Edward

Transit Info 250·624·3343 t

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GEDays! at your

Aug 19 Sept 3, 2011

Where GE Appliances Come to Life

Pedestals sold separately




• Sensor Controls • 2 speed high capacity venting (300CFM) • Turntable on/off option

• Super-large 5.0 cu.ft. oven capacity • Dual Element Bake • 6"/9" dual Element

• SpillProof™ glass shelves • Clear crispers with adjustable humidity control • Upfront temperature controls







BUILT-IN TALL TUB DISHWASHER • Stainless steel interior • 4 cycles/4 options • 2/4/8 hour delay start





• 10 wash cycles • Load Sensing Adaptive Fill • 1000 RPM spins peed means less drying time

• Sensor Dry Plus • 10 dry cycles with 4 heat selections • Interior Dryer Light



Pair Price

Friendly service from your local expert.

Furniture Founded in 1923 100% locally owned for 88 years.

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