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A Master Planned Residential Community in Strathmore, Alberta

Phase 4 Lots NOW AVAILABLE New Showhomes Coming Spring 2019 Single Family Homes starting from the $300’s Exclusive Wildflower Builders

Aquilla Homes recently won the 2018 Customer Insights Award for Best Customer Experience


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1. SFB20993





MSRP: $59,139 | OUR PRICE: $52,384

$307/BW AT 4.99%




MSRP: $58,399 | OUR PRICE: $45,741


AT 4.99%

FOR 96 MONTHS $2,500 DOWN 2. SFC05688






3. SFB61911





F-150 XLT

SUPER CAB MSRP: $45,149 | OUR PRICE: $34,717

$198/BW AT 4.99% FOR 96 MONTHS $2,500 DOWN


CREW CAB MSRP: $83,484 | OUR PRICE: $69,875




$479/BW AT 4.99% FOR 84 MONTHS


4. SFE04569








STRATHMOREFORD.COM 1040 Westridge Rd, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1H8









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Register early for FREE upcoming classes Schedule to mid-October Chestermere, Gleichen, Langdon, Strathmore Ask Your �ie��an

Craving Change (4 classes)

Sept 18 • 1:30-3:30 pm • Strathmore PCN office

Oct 10 • 6-8 pm • Synergy, Chestermere

Oct 15 • 1:30-3:30 pm • Langdon Clinic

Find Your Voice (2 classes) Ages 16-24

Meal Planning in Ac�on

Aug 20 • 5-7 pm • Strathmore CRPCN office

Sept 10 • 1:30-3:30 pm • Langdon Clinic

Please call 403-297-1401 to register or online at

Sept 11 • 9:30-11:30 am • Strathmore PCN office Oct 4 • 6-8 pm • Synergy, Chestermere


�ndoor �alking (no registra�on req’d)

Sept 17 • 1-4 pm • Langdon Clinic Sept 18 • 6-9 pm • Chestermere City Hall Oct 5 • 9 am-1 pm • Strathmore CRPCN office Oct 11 • 1-4 pm • Chestermere City Hall Register at 403-901-0142 (Langdon & Strathmore) Register at 403-365-5401 (Chestermere)

M-W-F • 9 am-1 pm • Chestermere Rec Centre Thursdays • 12:30-2 pm • Gleichen Comm. Hall Tuesdays • 11 am-1 pm • Strathmore Civic Centre Tues&Thurs • 10 am • 50+ at Lambert Centre

�e�er Choices, �e�er Health - Chronic Pain

Mindful Ea�ng

Oct 4 ● 1-3:30 pm ● Strathmore Library Please call 403-943-2584 to register

Oct 16 • 1:30-4 pm • Strathmore CRPCN office

�iabetes Essen�als

Standing Up to Anxiety (6 weeks) Ages 16-24

Sep 5 ● 1-4 pm ● Strathmore Hospital

Sep 20 • 4-5 pm • Chestermere Library

Please call 403-361-7165 to register

Sep 20 • 6-7 pm • Langdon Clinic

�iabe�c Foot Care Please call 403-901-0142 to register unless otherwise noted

Sep 27 ● 1:30-3:30 pm ● Strathmore PCN office

Check out our new website at Browse all of our classes and register online! 4 •

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Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd.


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Coutts & Carway

Duty Free

rs .. More Sponso Coming Soon!

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Winner SBC 2013 Business of the Year - Small Enterprise

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Winner of SBC 2015 Chamber of Commerce Award

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Advertising can be expensive but integral to the survival of any business. Anyone who is willing to give us their hard earned advertising dollars, will get a promise from us, to do everything we can to promote and advertise their business and return the support in multiple ways. We are passionate about supporting local and it's the local businesses that are to thank for the existence of The Newsy Neighbour Magazine. In a magazine, one can get - from cover to cover - 15 to 20 different ideas about life and how to live it. ~ Maya Angelou

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A Note From The Team...

At Coldwell, we are real people serving real people.

With the right insurance in place, you know you have peace of mind no matter what happens to you. We at, Coldwell Agencies pride ourselves on providing solutions to our customers’ insurance needs. We provide professional insurance advice and problem solving. Our expertise is in home, automobile, farm and commercial insurance. We’re committed to you and your family’s peace of mind. Call one of our experienced agents today at (403) 934-3221 and let Coldwell Agencies demonstrate our dedication to delivering quality insurance policies.

COLDWELL INSURANCE 133-2nd Ave Strathmore, AB Phone: Fax:



Representing and accessing over 30 of the worlds leading insurers

Join The Chamber

The sun’s shining high overhead, the evenings are long and warm, and the air is thick and sweet –welcome to August, Newsy Neighbours! While it might seem on the surface like a bit of slow and lazy month (what with lack of any big holidays or happenings on the horizon), we love August because of all the possibilities it presents to us. In August, the world is your oyster: it’s the perfect time to take stock of things before the brisk breezes of autumn start to blow through the Prairies and really make sure you squeezed every ounce of warmth, fun, and joy out of summer before pulling out the parkas once again. Feeling like you haven’t soaked up the sun enough this season? Don’t panic – that’s what this month is all about! August is always one of the most reliably-toasty stretch of weeks we get to enjoy here in southern Alberta, so if you’re feeling short of Vitamin D, get out there and make the most of it! Soak up those rays, enjoy the warm weather, and spends some time raising glasses with the family and friends who mean the most to you. In addition to those long, warm summer evenings, August also officially ushers in Back to School Season and all of the excitement and anticipation that comes along with it. Flip through the pages of this issue for all sorts of tips, bits of advice, and anecdotes on how to set your kids up for success in the coming school year, and head into September prepared to make a splash in playschool, elementary, junior or senior high, or even college – everything you need is right here. Thanks for joining us for yet another great, jampacked issue of The Newsy Neighbour. We hope you’re enjoying these warm summery months and are looking forward to all the excitement the new school year brings. Happy reading!

The Chamber of Commerce offers a number of unique business levels to suit your current size and stature. As you grow, your plan can grow with you.

Aleesha Gosling, Denise Geremia, Kyle Penn, Marci Hira

CHAMBER MEMBER BENEFITS • Chamber Health Plans • Payment & Banking Solutions • Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing & Webcasting Program • Chamber Merchant Services • Shipping Discounts • On Hold Marketing Program, Members Save 20% • Email-Events-Social Media-Surveys • Maintain Control, Save Time & Money with Esso Business Cards • Fuel Discount Program • It’s Easy With VersaPay! • Best Rate Home & Auto Insurance



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Phone: 403 901 3175

@TNewsy Neighbour

Email: 8 •


/Newsy Neighbour

@TheNewsy Neighbour

ca.linkedin. com/in/thenewsyneighbour

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New Menu Items

POT PIE SUMMER SPECIAL 4 Chicken Pot Pies 4 Beef Pot Pies 4 Shepards Pie 4 Lasagna 4 Dozen Perogies of your choice.

Dine in | Take out | Retail

Pre Order Only and requires 48 hours notice. Special expires September 1st

Gluten Free Perogies Weekend Buffet Custom Cakes | Catering

Take 20% OFF

/dobrefood HOURS: Mon - Thurs: 11am to 7pm Fri & Sat: 11am to 8pm


Reg Price $159.80

Call and Order TODAY! 403.936.7622

Join us every 3rd Sunday each month for High Tea, Fancy hats and great food.

111-355 Main Street.


Baked French Onion Soup 2 ounces of butter 1 pound of onions, sliced 1/2 clove garlic, crushed 1 tsp. flour 4 cups beef stock Salt and pepper to taste 2 ounces of Gruyere cheese, grated 1 tsp. Dijon mustard 4 slices French bread

Melt the butter in a large saucepan and add the onions. Slowly brown the onions. It is important to brown the onions VERY slowly. It takes about an hour to do. Just check them every once in a while. They should end up very soft, golden brown and transparent. Add the garlic after the onions have been cooking for about 45 minutes. After the onions are cooked, turn up the heat to medium, stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute or until the flour is golden brown. Add the stock and stir until it boils. Season with salt and pepper and simmer the soup for 20 to 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 400ยบF. Mix the grated cheese with the mustard and pepper. Spread this on the bread slices and put one slice of bread on the bottom of each onion soup bowl or put all of the bread in a large soup tureen. Pour the soup in. The bread will rise to the top. Bake the soup in the oven, uncovered until the bread and cheese mixture is well browned and bubbling.

โ€ข 9

est companies out there, but as one Mr. Dylan so brilliantly pointed out, the times they are a’changin. With the advent and reach of online services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their ilk, it’s easier and more financially feasible than ever to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business – and you can bet that your savvy competition is thinking the same thing, too. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones, tablets, and the world of social media means that you’ve already got an audience out there, ready and waiting to hear about how your entrepreneurship can help improve their lives – all you’ve got to do is fill them in on the details. Could you do all this on your own? Sure. 14 million Canadians have Facebook accounts that they access on a daily basis, so it stands to reason that most folks who have the drive to run their own business wouldn’t have much of an issue throwing together a Facebook Page and tossing up a few posts every now and again. That said, if you’re the sort of entrepreneur who takes pride in their accomplishments and pours their heart and soul into their company (i.e. every single business owner I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting), you’ll want to make sure that your business puts its best foot forward online – and that takes skill, experience, consistency, an understanding and up-to-date knowledge of digital culture, and a WHOLE LOT of time – time that could be spent running your business rather than trying to figure out what the best posting schedule is for your target demographic or researching what string of hashtags will bring the most click-throughs and engagement.

Bring Your Business Online Explore Everything that Digital Marketing Can Offer You

Okay, shameless self-promotion time. My name’s Kyle Penn, and if you make it a habit of flipping through the pages of The Newsy Neighbour every once in a while, you might recognize me as the guy who writes some of the music and lifestyle-related articles that show up here every month (and have maybe even enjoyed a few of the words I’ve strung together in the past!). I’ve been a columnist and contributing photographer at The Newsy Neighbour for going on two years now, but in reality, that’s only part of what my day-to-day involves. I’m also the proud owner and operator of a local digital marketing service I’ve affectionately dubbed Ink Slinger, and I’ve made a living these past few years working and collaborating with local business owners to bring their brands and services into the online sphere.

You’ve fought hard to build your business up to where it is. Do right by yourself and by your entrepreneurship. Get the word out there about the outstanding work you do each and every day, and get in touch with me at Ink Slinger to give your business the digital presence it deserves. Just drop me a line at, and don`t forget to mention that you read this article in The Newsy Neighbour – I look forward to chatting about bringing your business into the digital world! ~ Kyle Penn

Wow, that last sentence was a little bit buzzwordy and obnoxious, wasn’t it? Mea culpa. To try and dig into things bit further without falling too far down the jargon-filled rabbit hole, I work with local entrepreneurs to give their brands an online presence by providing copywriting services, social media management, and photography support – all geared towards helping your business find its voice online and reach the folks who are most likely to turn around and become some of your most loyal clients.

Does your business need help with social media marketing, planning, implementation, management, or engagement?

Looking to develop some new content for your website? I can help you there. Want to get onboard with this whole social media thing? My speciality. Have a blog you’re looking to get up off the ground in order to bring an additional personal or informative angle to your online offering? Let’s talk. Looking for on-site event photography or social media coverage? You guessed it: I’m your man. Have something else in mind that you think I might be able to help you out with that I haven’t listed here? We should definitely chat.

CONTACT US 403-608-0686

The long and the short of things is that if your business isn’t online, you’re missing out on clients and opportunities that you might not even know are out there to begin with. It used to be that marketing services were only for the biggest and rich-

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Grapefruit Arugula Salad You are adding an extra boost of health-promoting vitamins A, C, and K to your diet when you enjoy this recipe. One serving provides 64% of the daily requirement for vitamin K, and 26% for vitamin C. Enjoy!

1 pink grapefruit 1 large bunch arugula (about 4 cups) 1 bunch watercress (about 2 cups) 2 Tbsp (30mL) coarsely chopped walnuts Dressing 2 Tbsp (30mL) lemon juice 2 tsp (10mL) honey 2 tsp (10mL) prepared Dijon mustard 1 Tbsp (15mL) extra virgin olive oil salt and cracked black pepper to taste Peel grapefruit and cut out each section between the membrane. Prepare arugula by tearing into pieces; wash and dry. Cut off tops of watercress and wash and spin dry along with the arugula. A salad spinner is the best way of doing this. Mix together dressing ingredients, toss with salad greens and grapefruit sections, and top with chopped walnuts.

Salmon And Caper Sauce Ingredients: 2 slices of salmon, 1/4 lb. batter, 1/2 teaspoonful of chopped parsley, 1 shallot; salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg to taste. Lay the salmon in a baking-dish, place pieces of butter over it, and add the other ingredients, rubbing a little of the seasoning into the fish; baste it frequently; when done, take it out and drain for a minute or two; lay it in a dish, pour caper sauce over it, and serve. Salmon dressed in this way, with tomato sauce, is very delicious.

We Offer...

Full Service Meat Department Deli, Bakery, Produce, ATM, Lotto. Wide selection of products including Gluten free

Phone: (403) 936-0124 Open 8AM-9PM Every Day! #101-97 Centre ST. S.W., LANGDON, AB 12 •

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine


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y Zak N R E DE T R G A C E N

We’ve got some great gardening activities planned this August! 403-466-7978 Check out what’s happening, and save the date:

Adult W��ksh�ps*

243015 Boundary Road Box 12, Site 16, RR7 SatAlberta, 18 10am-3pm. Come for a guided tour Calgary, T2P 2G7

Al�erta Open Farms Days


Cloche Terrarium of the greenhouses and village. Learn about Mon 6 th | 7-9pm | $75 permaculture, food forests, composting and Outdoor Succulent Bowl more. Meet the animals and stop at Tue 14th | 7-9pm | $75 our monthly Love Echeveria Bowl Local Market. Fun for the whole family. Wed 22th | 7-9pm | $85 Thu 30th | 7-9pm Kids’ TBA LOVE LOCAL MARKET Sat 18th, 10am-3pm. We Love Local and you will too at our growers, makers and artists market. Bring the kids - there’ll be something for everyone. Bloomfield Garden Centre is one of the horticultural companies located at Greentree Village, 243015 Boundary Road Check the website for details, & workshop times.


Plant a Mini Garden. Sat 4 11am-12pm, $20 Plant a Berry Garden. Sat 11 11am-12pm, $20 Decorate and Plant Your Own Pot Sat 25 11am-12pm, $20


Looking for a fun place for a birthday party, girls night out or get- together? Let’s Chat! Private workshops and planting parties are a fun, creative way to spend an evening or afternoon, for *Full details on Facebook and the kids or adults. website. Phone 403-816-6255 or email to register for kids and adult workshop

Follow Bloomfield Garden Centre on

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A little bit of everything For the past 12 years and along with her husband, two sons and menagerie of pets, Gaylene has been calling Strathmore home. Gaylene suffers annual bouts of spring fever, which she treats with seed catalogues, flip flops in the snow and the occasional gopher killing road trip.

Fears Of Critters

I rescued a tiger salamander out of the back-garden pond this morning. The poor thing

probably thought he was going in for a wee skinny dip and ended up exhausted, holding onto the lip of the pond for all he was worth, rather looking like me when I attempt to swim laps at the pool. Lucky for the salamander, I once was a lifeguard so I simply picked him up in my bare hand and relocated him to the rhubarb plant where he quickly vanished. Retelling this story to a friend, she was flabbergasted at my gallant bravery. Ummm, it’s just a wee salamander. They don’t have teeth. Bravery not really required, the gallant kind or even regular bravery, but it caused me to wonder how many people do have fears of critters smaller than themselves. My mom will have you believe she isn’t afraid of snakes; that she just hates them. I call Fibber McGee and hope she is wearing flame retardant pants. It is with great clarity that I remember sitting in the passenger seat with Mom driving down a small hill in Camrose. There was a garter snake in the middle of the road. It was minding its own business soaking up some vitamin D, of no threat to either mom or myself, both of us being safely cocooned in a four door Ford Taurus. My mom swerved, and then stopped. Then backed up, and then stopped. Then proceeded forward again, and backwards one more time. The wee little snake didn’t slither a chance against the Ford and its determined (and perhaps slightly demented) driver (sorry mom, just telling the story like I remember it). Now I know this tends to demonstrate a level of hatred to the reptile equal to perhaps only that harboured by Adam during his apple eating phase. The evidence of fear, my Dear Watson, is shown with clarity in the fact that my mommy dearest has never – ever driven down that road again. The snake on the hill incident occurred while I was in college sometime between 1991 and 1995. One would think that some of this fear might have rubbed off onto me and I do have a reason to be a bit alarmed around them. But no, I show no fear – at least not anymore. I had a blue bike with a purple banana seat as a kid. I spent all day riding my bike

14 •

around town. I’d ride to school in the morning and then ride across town for lunch only to repeat the journey after a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle. Our house was on the edge of town (of course, the farthest edge from the school) and we had a hay field across from the house. Things lived in that hay field that on oft occasion would slither out of the field of clover and onto the road; the same road that I rode that purple seated bike up and down for hours on weekends. Have you ever put a playing card in your bike spokes to hear the thwack, thwack, thwack sound? I am fully qualified to irrevocably report that it is very similar to the sounds a snake’s head makes when it is stuck in the bike’s spokes, repeatedly hitting the pavement with ever rotation of the wheel. Thwack, splat, thwack, splat, thwack, splat. It is in moments like these where my Catholic education kicks in and so many prayers were sent up rather urgently to St. Patrick for if he could drive the snakes out of Ireland, he could surly remove a snake from the spinning spokes of a small girl’s front tire. Oh, and to ensure Holy assistance, I am sure a mumbled prayer was sent to Saint Jude too, for if ever a second grader needed the patron saint of hopeless cases on her case, this was that time. I saw but two options. 1) Stop and try to untangle the snake from the front tire where it had weaved itself in and out of the spokes and circumnavigated around the hub several times until it looked like some deviant version of a Chinese rope puzzle or, 2) Ride home and hope that if not St. Patrick, at least my older brother would be able to purge the wheel of its rather dizzy hitch-hiker. I went with option two. It was a short ride that took forever. Should I go slow thwack-----splat-------thwack, or try to get the snake to help as quickly as possible thwaplat, thwaplat, thwaplat... St. Patrick did not appear, but my older brother did and with the keen interest in carnage that all teenaged lads seem to share, he unwound the dearly departed corpse from my bike. I had made it. The snake did not. Most surprisingly, this did not turn me away from riding my bike nor did it develop in me a fear of all things slithery and scaly. I mean, what are the odds of that happening twice in my lifetime? I am perfectly fine picking up snakes and rescuing salamanders. I find salamanders kind of adorable, actually. Yet I wonder, perhaps to the snakes, my mother and I are the things that go bump in the night – the cautionary tale told to wee little hatchlings to prevent them from slithering out onto the road. I can hear the warning now, “shhhhhhhhit! Ssssssuzy sssslither here thisssss issstant, sssssstay back from the tiresssss. Sssssuzy, oh no my poor ssssssweet Sssssuzy. Sssssay ssssomething pleassssse, oh Sssssaint Jude help.” Thwack, splat, thwack, splat, thwack. “Oh Sssssuzy!”

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Your pet will always be treated like a part of our family at the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore We have recommendations, training information, and handouts that will help you and your pet. We provide ultimate care in a safe, comfortable environment; catered to your pet’s specific needs including: › Annual Health Examinations › Vaccination Appointments › Behavior Consultations › Isolation ward › Breeder puppy vaccinations › Travel documents › Pediatric patient exams › Geriatric patient exams › Insurance › Referrals

403.901.1800 clinic & emergency | |

animal health protocols and in turn the ability to dispense medications when needed. The long-term health and well-being of the animals is of the utmost importance and working together with your veterinarian will enable you the ability to access medications when your animals need them. We don’t see this as a change for our clients since we have always maintained VCPR’s for dispensing medications. We encourage you to meet with your veterinarian and establish a VCPR before December 1st to ensure that the needs of your livestock are met. If you are interested in setting up a farm or in clinic visit to ensure that we can continue to dispense medications call us at (403) 901-1800 to make your appointment.

We are located north of the Trans Canada Hwy on RR 254, 2 km West of Strathmore.

Pre-Order your copy of the Pouty Puppy today!

ASK THE VET Question and Answer Period with Dr. Rand from the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore Q: I recently heard that there are changes coming in December for access to certain medications that I use for my livestock. Can you explain how this will impact me, my livestock and my pets? A: This is a hot topic question and a good one! I’d like to start by stating that from the perspective of our clinic, this is not a change. We feel very strongly that having good relationships with our clients is the foundation to providing top quality medical care for our patients, small and large. Effective December 1, 2018 Health Canada is instituting a change that will require all medically important antimicrobials (antibiotics) to have a valid prescription from a registered veterinarian. However, veterinarians are bound by their own guidelines that state that prescriptions can only be written for patients where a valid Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) exists. This is where we, at the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore (ACC), are proud to have strong relationships with our clients. This VCPR is important to us and can be defined as a working relationship between the client and veterinarian where there have been documented appointments where animals have been examined on farm or in the clinic. This enables the veterinarian the ability to provide preventative medicine, early detection of disease, accurate diagnosis, establish

Available August 2013

My life is the worst.

Only $12 + gst, s/h

Let’s make something very clear: I am a habitual dog. I like my cozy bed, my clean ice-cold water, my couch and my backyard. I do NOT like the “great outdoors.” I do NOT like my lack of morning walks. I do NOT like dust and gravel and the woods. Yet, they made me go camping. I tried to snuggle up to Yammy and Yampa and convince them to take me with them, but, alas, they apparently don’t like my new-found habit of leaving poop nuggets everywhere. What do you expect?? I am 11 YEARS OLD!!! I don’t mean to leave poop nuggets everywhere; it just happens! If I had opposable thumbs, I’d clean it up! And to make matters worse – SHE came with us. The new dog. The puppy. And also my cousin Tucker and new weird cousin Sally. Other dogs are weird. Just like what people say about other people’s kids – other people’s dogs are weird. But I survived. I came home dirty and annoyed, but I survived. Now to go stake out my backyard and leave a few more poop nuggets to remind them how unhappy I am and all will be well. Sincerely, Bauer

Only $12

Call: 403-608-0686 Email: Ph: 403-608-0686

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July 14Sept – Sept. 7 Expires 8, 2018 COPY PAPER



Ruled Paper 200 Sheets

HILROY Ruled Paper 200 Sheets


HILROY Vinyl Binder - 2” Assorted Colours $2.49

Exercise Book 72 Pages Assorted Styles

Use this back to school checklist to help you remember everything there is to purchase, label and do before the kids return back to school.

1 Month before school starts □ Sort through the kids’ fall clothing; donate or hand down what does not fit. □ Sit down with your planner and write the entire school calendar for all schools attended by your children. □ Schedule physicals for each child. Depending on school age, your child may be due for his or her booster shots! □ Research and schedule extracurricular activities for the school year.

□ Purchase backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles as needed. □ Purchase basic wardrobe necessities for each child. □ Check progress on summer reading and math packets. □ Set up an “organization station” in a convenient location near the door in your house. Get one basket or crate for each child; use these baskets for your kids’ belongings, e.g., books, hats, gloves, sports equipment.

1 Week before school starts □ Start getting your kids back on their school year bedtime routine. □ Get your babysitter schedule set up in advance so you have time in your schedule to work out, run errands, have date night with your spouse, and enjoy an occasional well-deserved night out! □ Schedule kids’ haircuts as needed. □ Make a “favourite foods” list for each of your children. Make sure to note what they like best for lunch, snacks and dinner so you’ll remember those foods when grocery shopping. □ Bulk shopping: visit your local big box retailer and stock up on non-perishable basics like milk/juice boxes, napkins, sandwich bags, and snack foods like pretzels. While you’re there, stock up on supplies like permanent markers, pencils, pens, tissues and loose leaf paper.

BIC Cristal Pen 2 Pack Black, Blue or Red

CRAYOLA Crayons 24’s


Phone: $ 99 403-934-3122

Plus Many More Back To School Specials! 132-2nd Ave Strathmore AB T1P 1K3

$ 39

HILROY Exercise Book 72 Pages Assorted Styles

PACESETTER 8.5” x 11” White Office Copy Paper 500 Sheets

$ 99

LIQUID PAPER Fast Dry & Smooth Coverage 22ml 2 Pack for




BUFFALO B Glam Hard Cover Binder 1”

$ 48




$ 49

PAPERMATE Gel Black Ink Pen 2 Pack or Ink Joy Fine Point Pens 5 Pack

$ 99

POST-IT Yellow Notes 3” x 3’ 100 Sheets

$ 99

When sending1 the kids back to 3 4 2 1 school…don’t forget to pack 99 3 health! 5 2 their

HILROY Vinyl Binder - 1” Assorted Colours


¢ 9999¢

HILROY Report Covers 4 Pack


$ 00

BIC Wite Out Exact Liner Correction Tape

$ 99

$ 99

STAEDTLER Noris Club Coloured Pencils 24’s

$ 99

STAEDTLER Norica Pencils HB #2 - 12 Pack

$ 79



3 Weeks before school starts

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99¢ $1.29

Although it seems difficult to accept, the summer holiday has come and gone, and the reality of the school year begins again! For many of us, we have already taken our kids to get all of the regular supplies they will need to have a fun and productive school year. Although we have taken all the steps to ensure they are fully prepared to learn, we often forget that another important component to ensure they have a rewarding and productive year, is to provide their mind and bodies with all the nutrients they will need as well! Today’s modern school life is quite different than it was years ago. Today’s classes offered through our education system are more demanding than ever before, even at the youngest of ages. While at school, many of our children will be exposed to illnesses and various strings of bacteria that are not normally found at home. And, for many parents who have demanding lifestyles, the time needed to ensure our children have a healthy and nutrient-filled lunch has been replaced by processed, quick, convenient, and expensive, foods that have very little nutritional value. Combined, these challenges may result that our children will not be able to learn as effectively as we would like, or they may get sick more often.

Following is a list of natural supplements that you may wish to include on your child’s back to school list: The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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*Multi-Vitamin and Mineral For kids and adults alike, a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral complex is one of the essential building blocks of our overall health. Even for children who make the healthiest of choices in their diet, a good multi-vitamin and mineral on a daily basis will help to ensure that our bodies have at least the minimum needed to function, since many of our foods lack the nutrients they did years ago.


(403) 934-2882

*Omega 3-6-9 or Essential Fatty Acids


Over the past decade or so, this group of nutrients may be the most scientifically researched, and some results from these clinical studies have been truly remarkable! EFA’s, or the “healthy fats” sourced from fish or plants such as Chia, Hemp, or Flax have been shown to help provide energy, boost our immune system, aid in tissue repair, and help support brain function overall including memory, motor function, and mood.

*Pro-biotics These are the “healthy bacteria” which are found in our intestinal tract. Many of today’s leader nutritional experts agree that the majority of all illness, begins in the gut. When taken on a daily basis, pro-biotics will support healthy digestion, support all the organs of elimination to assist in the removable of toxins, and overall build a stronger immune system.

*Herbal immunity formula

231-2nd Avenue, Strathmore

When considering supplementation this school year, it may be a good idea to consider a natural immunity formula. Many of the top selling formulas from the most trusted of manufacturers may contain natural ingredients such as Elderberry, Blueberry, and Reishi or Shitake mushrooms. These components have all been shown to help support a healthy immune system and give our bodies the best chance to defend against illness and infection. Traditionally, these supplements were found in capsule form, but now many of the most trusted brands have brought out liquid forms which are easily absorbable, and convenient for family members of all ages to take!

Teacher: Everybody hand in your homework, please. Students: Teacher, it’s the first day of school. We didn’t have any homework. Teacher: That’s right, and that’s the last excuse for not doing your homework that I’ll accept for the rest of the year.

As well, keep in mind these simple lifestyle tips that will help to ensure your child gets the most out of their school year:

Mother: How did you find school on the 1st day today? Daughter: I just got off the bus and there it was!

*Drink 8 glasses of water each day to keep the body hydrated. All of our internal organs, including the brain, need water to function properly. *When selecting foods, try and make choices for your children which are high in fibre and protein, and low in fat and carbohydrates. The greater the contrast, the healthier the food choice is! *Washing hands on a regular basis will help prevent illness.

Student: The first day of school is always special to me. It’s the only day of the year when I’m not behind in my homework.

Alberta Hearing Center

For all your hearing needs AADL, WCB, DVA & “Private”

Make us part of your

BACK TO SCHOOL preparation

Hearing tests available for children from age 4 and up - $25 Oasis Chestermere Station

175 Chestermere Station Way #201, Chestermere

Oasis Calgary East Hills

Unit 531-409 East Hills Blvd S.E. Calgary

Please Call For An Appointment 403.668.7776

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great places to take your kids

before they're grown Find links to all these places on our website





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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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Your Family All-Inclusive Vacation There is nothing better than leaving behind the cold, dark Canadian winter for the bright sun and sand of the Caribbean. The warm blast of humid air that greets you upon exiting the airport melts away the stress of everyday and the relaxed pace of the islands is a welcome reprieve from our hurried North American lives. It's no wonder thousands of Canadian families head south every year! All-inclusive holidays really are ideal vacations. Meals, entertainment and activities are all taken care of, leaving your family free to spend quality time together making new memories. The most important part of your family all-inclusive vacation? Choosing the right resort for your family. A flip through any travel brochure or a quick internet search quickly reveals there are hundreds of resorts that proclaim to cater to families. But do they really? Here are a few tips for you to consider.

How old are your children? The majority of resort kids' programs cater to children between the ages of 4 and 10. If you want the option of your kids attending the resort programs (freeing you up to read that hot new blockbuster or a romantic dinner on the beach) make sure there is an age appropriate program for them. Very select resorts offer programs for infants or for children between the ages of two and three. These hotels can be more expensive, but travelling with young ones is challenging and these clubs offer parents some cherished downtime. Tweens are often the toughest age to entertain so it's best of find a resort that caters to their interests, such as sport focused resorts or ones with drama programs. Many resorts in the past few years developed unique activities that provide new and memorable experiences.

Who else is travelling with you?

you create the memories







CO-OP MEMBERS RECEIVE AN ANNUAL 2%* TRAVEL CREDIT ON VISION TRAVEL PURCHASES. *Minimum purchase of $500 per year, excluding taxes.

The popularity of multi-generational vacations is growing exponentially. It's a great way for everyone to spend time together, especially for clans that are spread across the country. Not to mention, grandparents can babysit sit while parents sneak off for a child-free meal. It important to take in consideration the mobility of everyone in your group; resorts can be large or have lots of stairs to navigate. For solo parents, it is possible to avoid hefty single supplements or paying an adult rate for your child. Look for properties offering Solo Parent promotions or No Single Supplement.

When should you book? It is always recommended that you book early. Travel suppliers launch their Winter Sun collections during the summer and it's when you have your pick of resorts and flights as the full inventory is available. The best family hotels, especially those offering family accommodations or adjoining rooms, fill up quickly so you need to book early to secure your place. During the launch season there are lots of bonuses to take advantage of that further enhance your vacation. These bonuses can be extra savings, resort credits, complimentary seat selection and the all-important Price Guarantee. There is often the concern that your vacation is going to go on sale after you book. Price Guarantees offer you peace of mind. If your package has a Price Guarantee, then should the price of your vacation go down, the supplier will offer you a refund or future travel credit for the difference.

How to get the best vacation

A travel advisor will help you to qualify what vacation is best suited to your family. It is as easy as telling them what is important to you and what your budget is. They have been trained to knowledgeable about the different destinations, the special offers from all of the tour companies and most importantly, the various resorts. In most cases they have personally visited many of the resorts to make qualified recommendations. Your vacation is an investment in your family and the returns are limitless. ~ Vision Travel

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How to Identify It and Halt It Dead in Its Tracks Twelve-year-old Mallory Grossman of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, was a quiet girl, but popular among her close circle of friends. She was a good student and an athlete. She was also the victim of malicious bullying by a group of girls who tormented her at school and via texting and social media. The bully girls even chided in a text, “Why don’t you kill yourself?” Tragically, on June 14, 2017, that’s exactly what happened. Mallory ended her torment by taking her own life. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately one in five kids ages 12 to 18 has experienced being bullied in a given year. Such bullying ranges from name-calling and spreading rumours to the destruction of property, threats, and violence. Studies have found bullying has health and psychological repercussions – and the effects can last into adulthood. The victims of childhood bullying, as well as bully-victims (those who are both bullied and bully others), according to a 2013 report in Psychological Science journal, are “at increased risk of poor health, wealth, and social-relationship outcomes in adulthood.” Pure bullies (those who bully but are not victims), weren’t found to be at increased risk.

Bullying versus conflict

For parents and educators to effectively address bullying and stop bullying now, we must first understand what constitutes bullying. When we see it, we often don’t recognize it because from the outside it looks like a conflict. In fact, it often is nothing more than conflict. In the heat of the moment, kids, like adults, can say and do mean things to each other. That in and of itself doesn’t constitute bullying. Because parents and teachers are aware of this, it’s sometimes easy to dismiss a child’s complaints about being harassed as nothing more than a spat. So here are some questions to help determine which it is. Do both children have equal power? If so, it’s conflict. In bullying, the bully has more power or more perceived power. Are both children able to express their concerns or views? Or is one child passive or unable to express her side for some reason? Does the behaviour stop when the antagonizing child recognizes he’s hurting another? Or does the aggressor continue while being fully aware of the effects of his behaviour?

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated acts by an individual or a group with the intent to scare, distress, or cause harm to another. It differs from simply disliking or rejecting another, experiencing mutual conflict, or a single-episode mean-spirited act.

Bullying behaviours include any of the following:

• Hostile or discriminatory behaviour based on race, religion,

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gender, or sexual orientation. • Cyberbullying, which is the use of social media, websites, instant messaging, or texting via smartphones or computers to harass or harm another. • Causing physical harm by hitting, kicking, shoving or destroying property. • Social bullying such as spreading malicious rumours, damaging someone’s reputation, encouraging others to gang up on someone, or playing mean or embarrassing jokes. • Verbal bullying, which includes name-calling, intimidating, or insulting another.

Kids keep it a secret

Often, children don’t tell when they’re being bullied. As a result, the bullying persists for months or longer and becomes increasingly more damaging. There are multiple reasons kids might not tell an adult. • Perhaps a child has been threatened with repercussions if they tell, or the child fears the threat will become greater if they tell. • They don’t want to be a tattletale, something kids have been taught not to do and don’t always understand the difference in tattling for unimportant matters versus more serious issues. • Children often feel ashamed or embarrassed either about being a victim of bullying or about the reason they’re being bullied. This is often the case when the bully has used name-calling or character attacks. • They feel they either won’t be believed or that adults won’t do anything about it.

Signs of bullying

There are several signs to be aware of that might indicate your child is being bullied. • Frequently tries to get out of going to school or declining grades. • Complaints of stomach aches and headaches. • Feeling sad or upset. • Social withdrawal. • Difficulty sleeping. • Asking whether something derogatory someone said about your child is true or other signs of decreased self-esteem. • Unexplained bruises or abrasions. • Clothing, electronics or other belongings missing or damaged. • Seeming anxious or sad after being on social media. • Changes in eating habits whether lack of appetite, binge eating, or not eating lunch at school. • Self-harming or talk of suicide.

Signs that might indicate your child is a bully include:

• Hanging out with other kids who are aggressive or bully others. • Not taking responsibility for their own actions. • Excludes certain kids from activities. • Frequently getting into trouble at school. • Expresses intolerance toward kids who are different. • Makes fun of other kids. • Brings home items such as electronics, clothes, or money. • Hurts animals. • Has experienced or witnessed domestic violence. • Is overly concerned about being popular.

How to prevent or stop bullying now

First and foremost, talk to your kids about bullying so they understand what it is and that it’s unacceptable. Make sure your kids understand it’s imperative they tell an adult if they or someone they know is being bullied. Rather than waiting for it to occur multiple times, your child should tell a teacher or parent immediately so the bully doesn’t have the opportunity to gain power. Also, look into your child’s school policies on bullying, and find The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

We’re your single source for reliable and comprehensive waste and recycling services, and a trusted leader in environmental performance. What products and services can we offer you? Toter


Roll Off Bin Comes in the following sizes: 64 gallon 96 gallon

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Rachel Marshall 403.607.2100 © 2018 WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C.

out what kind of preventive measures the school takes and how it handles bullying when it occurs. If the school doesn’t have a bullying prevention program, ask it to develop and implement one in an effort to stop bullying now. Monitor your kids’ activity online including their social media. There are many reasons to do this for your child’s safety. To ensure your child is neither being bullied or acting as a bully is one more big reason. Model the kind of behaviour you expect from your kids. When kids overhear their parents talking negatively about people because of their weight or joking about someone who’s different, kids tend to model this behaviour and are more likely to take it to an extreme. Take time every day to talk with your child and ask how their day was. Kids who bully are often not getting the attention they need at home. Children who are being bullied may feel they deserve the treatment or that their parents wouldn’t care or wouldn’t act on it.

Notice all of these are simple, direct unemotional responses that let the bully know he isn’t getting under your child’s skin. Your child should practice one or two of these or come up with his or her own ideas that feel comfortable. The idea is to not say anything that gives the bully power such as a compliment or that indicates it bothers your child. If your child is being bullied, also talk to your child’s teachers, school administrators, bus driver, and others who can help put a stop to the abusive behaviour. Make certain your school has a plan in place to protect your child, and if it isn’t doing enough, contact the district superintendent. If your child has been threatened, contact the police immediately. Finally, if the bullying doesn’t cease, proceed by filing charges through your school board and local police department in an effort to stop bullying now. by Kimberly Blaker

Teach your kids to stand up for themselves.

If your child remains passive, a bully will up the ante and gradually become more abusive. But if your child assertively and unemotionally stands up to the bully, the bully will realize he won’t get away with the behaviour. On the other hand, if a bully knows he’s getting under your child’s skin, the bully will persist. Your child should maintain eye contact, stay calm, maintain appropriate distance, and use the bully’s name while addressing the bully. Here are some examples of what your child can say: • You’re being a bully, Kyle. Knock it off. • Okay. Whatever, Sara. • I’m sure you think you’re really funny, Joey, but really, you’re not. • Amanda, do you really think I care? • Nice try, Christa.


And warranty approved for your peace of mind.


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Coupon Commercial, Farm and OTR Tires 921 B Wheatland Trail • Strathmore


Just off of theTrans Canada Highway, 1 block South on Highway 817

Retail, Commercial, Farm and OTR Tires

921 B Wheatland Trail • Strathmore

Just off the Trans Canada Highway, 1 block South on Highway 871

24 Hour Emergency Road Service: 1-888-KAL-TIRE (525-8473)

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Confessions Of An (Ex)

Farm Kid

I recently found myself in a conversation with an agricultural marketing and PR professional. After explaining that I was a 4-H member and had grown up on a small farm, he continually reminded me that my roots as a farm kid have shaped me into an important figure for the industry. Well, cue a dramatic eye roll. I meant no disrespect, but those who know me likely don’t view me as a typical farm kid. I was sitting there with a pearl necklace and pleated pants I’d bought from Anthropologie, for goodness’ sake. I truly appreciated the sentiment, but it just seemed like such a fake notion. While in University, I had grown accustomed to life in the city and thought that my days on the farm were numbered. The city seemed to boast success, money, and power and it seemed to be home to essentially everything a person could ever need or desire: culture, music and art, industry innovation, and every day amenities, all wrapped up in a suave sort of package. It seemed a far cry from the close-knit, quiet farming existence I had grown accustomed to. To be 100 percent transparent, I was okay with the whole idea of leaving everything behind for this new reality. Consumed by the fast-paced nature of this way of life, I had happily dismissed the prospect of working in agriculture or even living outside of town. Why would I trade the lively nature of the big city for the tumbleweeds blowing across my front lawn? It seemed so insignificant to me. I suppose I was eager about moving on to something “bigger and better”; maybe I thought that it was a matter of time before I would outgrow it. So in an effort to pave the “dirt road in me”, it seemed natural to make this aspect of my existence just a thing of the past; it would be something I could reminisce about with my kids twenty years from now.

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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But you see, that outgrowing process never really initiated. I found myself surrounded by people whose lives were entirely separate from my own in both experiences and values; they viewed the world in a way that was different from how I was raised to see it. And while the city is, and always will be, a lively place, being thrown back into the quiet rhythms of the farm has reminded me of what I was attempting to uproot: memories of my sister and I crouching in the chicken coop to feed the chickens as little girls and of moving square bales together as teenagers. It’s something I believe a lot of us can relate to, whether you were a farm kid, a 4-H member, or both. I now can see that it was foolish of me to so quickly reject such an important part of my childhood. These experiences have made it clear to me that you don’t really ever outgrow being a farm kid and you can bring those experiences and skills into virtually any profession available. I realize now that I have been shaped into more than simply someone who can tell you how your steak made it to your dinner plate (and believe me, that’s a long process). I have been trained to be an advocate ‒ and an eager one at that ‒ for a massive community of quality-food enthusiasts who live … everywhere. And that means that wherever I may find myself in the future, I have an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with those around me. To some, though, farming is and will always be nothing more than a hick-thing: just trundling in a tractor with a stalk of wheat hanging out of your mouth. There’s no denying that that’s a stereotype, but jokes aside, farming was never just that. It’s about pioneering and building a legacy. It’s about teamwork

and collaboration. It’s about innovation and technological advancement. It’s about finding solutions to food insecurity and third-world development. It’s about quality and putting the work in to achieve it. It’s about providing for your family and for those in your community, whether that extends to the confines of your town or as wide as the world itself. I don’t know about you, but I think that that’s a livelihood we can all be really proud of. While life in the city seems to be in a perpetually dynamic and energizing state, you may‒ or already have‒ found yourself in a newfound state of appreciation; a sense of awe during the drive home past fields of brilliant canola, for the herds of cattle quietly grazing, and for the overwhelming stillness of the countryside and the farms that lend to its character. You find yourself throwing on that scruffy ball cap and an old pair of overalls before heading outside again. You find yourself pitching-in with those things that seemed so retrospective to you not so long ago. For me, this became a matter of nostalgia; it was a realization of what my own character is comprised of and has been for a long time ‒ without me even realizing it. So, I have come to a conclusion: I believe that figuratively and metaphorically, I wear a blazer pretty well. In spirit, though, I think I’ll always have my rubber boots on. While they’re no fiery red stilettos and, quite honestly, are rarely even clean, I’m pretty sure I’ll never outgrown them. And that’s something I’m really proud of. ~Sabrina Kooistra for Strathmore Motor Products

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If you're in search of the small-town feel, with a BC vacation-type atmosphere and big city amenities, you'll want to be in Chestermere. This place is the crème de la crème of small cities, offering everything from wakeboarding to Water Fest, lakefront patios to shopping, and beauty to healthcare.

We have a special feature in the digital edition of the magazine that especially for Chestermere.

Just a few kilometres east of Calgary, Chestermere has become culturally and demographically diverse with new families, longstanding residents, young adults and a melting pot of belief systems holding it all together. Which, might I add, is why we are confident when we say, Chestermere has something for everyone!

There are special discount vouchers and some amazing Chestermere businesses participating!

And here are just a few exciting things to get you started the next time you're in search of something to do in this beautiful place:

Joey’s Urban, Your PEAK, Glow Beauty, Douglas Homes, Fit Together, Abstract Dance, Lakeside Humidor & Smokes, Alberta Hearing Centre, Lakeshore Spa and East Chestermere Dental

• Chestermere has many local bike paths. Did you know

you can take the bike path along the canal right to the Calgary Zoo? It is only 27 km. Pack a lunch.

• Go discover your inner adverturer at the Chestermere family bike park; it is located on West Creek Drive.

• THE LAKE... . Boating, canoeing, paddle boarding… need I

say more?

• Chestermere Regional Recreation Centre - here you will



MLA Chestermere - Rocky View We now offer Commissioner For Oaths services (Free!)


Phone: 403-207-9889 Fax: 403-216-2225

24 •

CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: 215, 175 Chestermere Sta�on Way, Chestermere, AB T1X 0G1

We collect for: SE Rockyview Food Bank Chestermere Food Bank Veterans Food Bank

Please support local businesses. They are the BEST! Monday – Friday 10 AM to 3:00 PM Please Call First

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

WE have a special feature in the digital edition of the magazine that especially for Chestermere. Go ONLINE NOW to see the additional pages that you won't see here in the print edition. find several different kinds of sports, programs and community events such as: o Health and fitness o Drop-in hockey, shinny, basketball and more o Youth activities o Munchkin activities (ages 3-5) o Jellybean and Halloween dances

• Dog walks in the off leash area. Yes, Chestermere has a

really nice off-leash area. It is at the north end of the lake in front of the Library. Don’t forget to pick up after your dog.

• Keep your eyes and ears open for local events. There

are always new ones popping up!

• Golfing at Lakeside Greens Golf Club. • The Chestermere Public Library offers a variety of pro-

grams and events ranging from the children’s story time, book clubs, reading programs and much more. Learn more at www.

• Take your kids on a picnic. The locations of where you can do this in Chestermere are pretty much endless. • Treat yourself! You deserve it! The Lakeshore Spa does manicures, pedicures, facials… all your favourites. You must go meet these wonderful ladies. • Go and meet your local MLA. Learn more the community

you live in and express any concerns you may have. They are there to listen.

LAKESIDE HUMIDOR & SMOKE Tobacco Specialty and Vape Shop in Chestermere with Excellent Pricing. Come see our walk in Humidor with great selection, Shisha Lounge and all other Tobacco accessories. Mention this AD or bring in this coupon for a 10% Discount Valid only for selected products. Expires August 30, 2018

407, 100 Marina Drive, Chestermere, AB


West of shoppers and beside ATB • You can learn to sail on Chestermere Lake. Some-

thing I have always wanted to learn how to do! The Calgary Yacht Club offers a variety of sailing and social activities for the whole family. • There is a great skate park in Chestermere. It is new; relocated from West Chestermere Drive, it is now located on the corner of highway 1A and Rainbow Road. This is a huge hot spot in Chestermere. • Swimming - Cove Beach, Anniversary Park Beach and of course, some of your friend's backyards.

WE LOVE CHESTERMERE Ph: 403.910.3835 Dental Care For The Whole Family Our Clinic Is Always Accepting New Patients $2.00 Whitening Special Available For All Patients Emergency & Same Day Service Available Services Available In Punjabi, Hindi And Urdu #103, 288 Kinniburgh Blvd S.E.

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Christmas comes in the summer for a Chestermere resident Christmas might be 6 months away from today, but for one Chestermere resident, the holiday spirit is alive and well this summer. After her separation, Lindsay* found herself managing her anxiety, unemployment, and health issues in isolation. Running out of options and not sure where to turn, Lindsay connected with the Family & Community Resource Centre to get back on track.

WELCOME to the Digital Section of the Magazine For the next 6 pages, you can click on the ads and have an interactive experience with the magazine

The Community Resource Coordinator, Olimphya, welcomed Lindsay with open arms. “When Lindsay came in, I could see she was very upset. It’s always hard to see clients that are in difficult situations and I wanted to provide her with some services and options,” says Olimphya. Olimphya started by providing Lindsay with resources that would help her access food and mental health services. Through further discussion, Olimphya determined that Lindsay was also eligible to access some support from the Christmas with Dignity fund to avoid disconnection of essential utility services. “She started crying, but not sad tears,” Olimphya remembers. “You could tell she was feeling supported and finally felt that someone cared about her. She had hope.” Since working with the centre, Lindsay participated in the Money Manage-

Brazilian Wax/Sugar $60 Lower Leg Wax/Sugar $35 REVIVE Facial $35 Sunless Tan $40 Gel Polish Application $23

The Summer Beauty


A Recipe for being beach ready

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403 273-LAKE (5253) *for a limited time, while supplies last, based on availability, free services & discounts available at time of other services, no substitustion

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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www. ment courses where she learned about financial literacy. She has applied her learnings to reduce expenses and exploring how she could earn extra income by renting a room. “Lindsay has found some new friends and isn’t isolated anymore,” Olimphya shared. “I am so happy to see that she is more confident and motivated to do other things. She’s doing so much better.” Olimphya explains that anyone can make a difference - even in small ways. By donating to Christmas with Dignity or providing something as simple as a transportation voucher, it can be ‘life-changing’ for clients, she says. “Everything we receive is put to good use,” she explains. “Thank you to all in the community who support programs like this.” Donations to Christmas with Dignity can be made anytime at City Hall (tax receipts are issued for donations over $20) and are used throughout the year to support residents in crisis, like Lindsay, in Chestermere. *Name changed due to protect privacy. Read More like this - http://www.chestermere. ca/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=746

Watch Fit Together Video with Graydon Pease When I greeted my boss in the morning, he told me to have a good day. Who am I to argue? So, I thanked him and went back home. I’m already doing 60 in a 30 mph zone and still that guy is sticking to me. And now he’s blinding me with these fancy blinking blue lights. The world is full of psychos!

Ph: 403.910.3835 Dental Care For The Whole Family Our Clinic Is Always Accepting New Patients $2.00 Whitening Special Available For All Patients Emergency & Same Day Service Available Services Available In Punjabi, Hindi And Urdu #103, 288 Kinniburgh Blvd S.E.

Lashes & Brows

Bri� Aitken | 403-389-2760 |

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5 Tips for The Perfect Princess Party Menu

I am coughing and my nose is stuffed. Internet diagnosis: I am 26 weeks pregnant! Funny, those road signs: "Caution - Watch for children!" I mean, how dangerous can a child be? You stole my Microsoft Office and for that you’re going to pay. You have my Word!

Alberta Hearing Center

For all your hearing needs AADL, WCB, DVA & “Private”

Make us part of your

BACK TO SCHOOL preparation

Hearing tests available for children from age 4 and up - $25 Oasis Chestermere Station

175 Chestermere Station Way #201, Chestermere

Oasis Calgary East Hills

Unit 531-409 East Hills Blvd S.E. Calgary

28 •

Please Call For An Appointment 403.668.7776

You’re ready. Your princess has invited the belles of the ball to the finest Princess Birthday Party of the year. You've purchased decorations, planned a few games and have some lovely take home gifts for your guests. Now it's time to plan the finest menu for your royal princess and his or her court. Let's make it so fabulous that the kids will remember this day when they're planning their future child’s parties and one that will make your princess throw The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

their hands around your neck and say, "Oh mom and dad! You're the best ever!" What follows are 5 tips for you in creating the menu of the decade for your princess birthday party.

1. Keep it simple.

The last thing you need on a busy day is for you to be running around like crazy trying to make cherries flambé or tiramisu with crème fraise. However, with a little creative planning, you can make something spectacular and still be able to take photos of the lovely princesses eating your birthday dainties. There are SO many recipes available at your fingertips, that are not only delicious, but easy to make with items you probably have in the house or can pick up in your local grocery store


at minimal cost (another key!). Just keep it simple!

2. Presentation is everything.

Think about it! A peanut butter sandwich is nice, but, make that sandwich and cut it with petite cookie cutters into various princess-y shapes and you have something spectacular. Even just cutting the sandwiches with a glass into a circle and then cutting the circles in half would work. Display them nicely on a glass plate with some red grapes or flowers and it's no longer just a boring sandwich, but a delicacy that's a delight to look at AND eat.

3. Throw the "no sugar" rule out the window. Ok, I'll get hate mail for this one but c'mon! Your princess

only has the bash of the century once a year, so break the rules a little and provide something sweet to eat. Balance it out with a lower sugar drink and other dainties that aren't sugar laden.

4. Make the drink pink! Pink lemonade, pink Kool-Aid,

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pink soda... anything pink in a clear plastic cup and you'll be the coolest parent on the block. Float a half of a strawberry in the cup and you may as well get a revolving door to your house. You'll be the hit of the neighbourhood!

5. Work with a timeline and schedule for the day of the party. A checklist of what you'll be serv-

ing and when you need to pull it out of the freezer or fridge, what goes where, etc., and how long each thing takes will insure that you won't forget any of the details and insure that you won't go to open the fridge for a late-night snack after your princess is in dreamland and see the strawberries that you meant to put in the royal goblets. The perfect, stress-free princess party menu is within reach. Just keep it simple, fancy, tasty and pink! Write out a checklist and you're all set for the finest party menu for your princess and his or her royal maidens.

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A guy walks into a bar and says urgently to the bartender, "Give me a beer before trouble starts!" He drinks his beer and orders another, again saying, "Give me a beer before trouble starts!" The bartender is confused but lets it go for another two beers, when he finally asks, "Hey man, when are you gonna pay for those beers?" The guy answers, "And now the trouble starts!”

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Wow you look great! Did you lose weight?”“Hey – did you just call me ugly and fat in retrospect?!” Not every badly unkempt guy is homeless. It could well be that he lives with 3 females and only 1 bathroom.

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Simple Ways to Preserve Foods From Your Garden Here's how you can enjoy summer foods all year long. The end of summer in North America is approaching fast, but gardeners, farmers, eaters, and cooks can preserve summer’s bounty all year long. Fermentation, freezing, canning, and drying can all help prevent waste and make sure that families have an abundance of nutrients all year long. Here are six simple food preservation techniques to help save the taste of summer well into the winter months.

1. Fermenting The process of fermentation to preserve and store foods has been practiced for thousands of years. Fermenting involves a process called lacto-fermentation, which converts a food’s sugars into lactic acid, a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Beyond preservation advantages, lacto-fermentation increases the vitamin and enzyme levels and digestibility of the fermented food. Almost any vegetable can be fermented, either singularly or in a mix of many different kinds, along with herbs and spices. According to Sandor Katz, a renowned expert on and promoter of

32 •

fermented foods, “There is no fermented food that anyone with a dedication to learning couldn’t figure out how to make.” His Wild Fermentation Portal provides a range of fermentation resources and links including books, podcasts, and fermentation support forums.

2. Freezing Freezing is one of the simplest, most convenient, and least time-consuming ways to preserve fresh produce. When foods are frozen, the extreme cold stops the growth of harmful microorganisms, reducing spoilage. Fruits and vegetables can be chopped and frozen at the peak of their ripeness, when they have optimal nutrient content, and used in dishes throughout the year. Fresh herbs can be preserved and frozen in vegetable oil to reduce browning and freezer burn that often occurs when herbs are frozen on their own. Paired with seasonal or frozen vegetables, it’s a simple way to have herbs readily available for winter meals. The National Center for Home Food Preservation provides an extensive list on how to freeze an array of foods, as well as general information concerning frozen food storage and thawing and preparing foods for serving.

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3. Canning

6. Donating

Canning has been used to store foods for almost 200 years. In canning, the food is boiled in a can or jar to kill all the bacteria, and then sealed to prevent any new bacteria from getting in. Since the food in the can is completely sterile, it does not spoil. There are two home canning methods: water bath canning and pressure canning. Water bath canning is a shorter, lower-temperature canning process that is ideal for high-acid foods such as fruit, jams and jellies, chutneys, pickles, and relishes. Pressure canning is a method for preserving meats, poultry, vegetables, chili, fish, and other low-acid foods such as soups, stews, and stocks.

If you still have fresh produce to spare, donating fresh fruits and veggies to food banks that have the capacity to take them allows for the summer harvest to be shared with those who most need it. Traditional food drives are often limited to non-perishable food items, although an increasing number of food banks are increasing their distribution of fresh food. Amp Your Good has developed a new kind of food drive called crowd-feeding that collects perishable food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, organic food, whole meals, and lots of other healthy food. Another organization, Ample Harvest, enables home and community gardeners to donate their excess garden produce to nearby food pantries across America. Fresh summer produce is best when the food is in season, inexpensive, and at its peak for flavour and nutrient content. To savour summer’s bounty, preserving techniques such as freezing, canning, fermenting, and drying are a good alternative to boost variety and nutrition during the fall and winter months.

Canning jar company Ball provides easy, step-by-step canning guides on their website, while the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving and their online recipe list provide a range of tested preserving recipes.

4. Infusing Infusing vinegar with summer fruits is an easy way to bring fresh flavours into salads, marinades, and cocktails when the fruits themselves have gone out of season. Almost any fruit and even some flowers can be infused into vinegar. Its high acidity level breaks down the fruit and extracts the aromas and flavours into the vinegar. Similarly, placing herbs in oil infuses the herb’s flavour into the oil, which can be used to finish a variety of foods including salads, roasted vegetables, or braised meats. The University of Georgia has compiled a flavoured vinegars guide outlining the preserving process and popular flavourings and recipes.

Eva Perroni

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them

5. Drying One of the earliest and easiest known practices, drying refers to dehydrating food to remove the moisture that bacteria, yeasts, and moulds need to grow. It can be used for most types of foods including meats, fruits, and vegetables. Air-drying is a simple method to preserve herbs and spices by bunching and hanging them in a well-ventilated, dry, and dark place. This can also be achieved with a conventional oven or an electric dehydrator. The Home Preserving Bible website has an Introduction to the Drying Food Preservation Method that provides basic steps for oven-drying foods and information on electric food dehydrators.

Strathmore Farmers Market Summer Market Seas�n

Friday’s June 8th - Sept. 21st 3 pm – 6:30 pm Strathmore Kinsmen Park (Pavilion)

Contact Tracy @ 403.901.0477 or

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20 Interesting Human Body Facts 1. Every hour, one billion cells in the body must be replaced. 2. The eye of a human can distinguish 500 shades of the gray. 3. Human thighbones are stronger than concrete. 4. The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet (9 m). 5. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. 6. The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour. 7. Beards are the fastest growing hairs on the human body. If the average man never trimmed his beard, it would grow to nearly 30 feet long in his lifetime. 8. Babies’ eyes do not produce tears until the baby is approximately six to eight weeks old. 9. Every person has a unique tongue print. 10. A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph. 11. Dead cells in the body ultimately go to the kidneys for excretion. 12. The smile is the most frequently used facial expression. A smile can use anywhere from a pair of 5 to 53 facial muscles. 13. One out of 20 people have an extra rib. 14. People with darker skin will not wrinkle as fast as people with lighter skin. 15. Human blood travels 60,000 miles (96,540 km) per day on its journey through the body. 16. 85% of the population can curl their tongue into a tube. 17. It takes food seven seconds to go from the mouth to the stomach via the esophagus. 18. Women’ hearts beat faster than men. 19. In one day, your heart beats 100,000 times. 20. Hair is made from the same substance as fingernails.


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Last night I dreamed of a beautiful walk on a sandy beach. At least that explains the footprints I found in the cat litter box this morning. What do you get when you cross-breed a shark and a cow? I have no idea but I wouldn’t try milking it. Of course, I should clean my windows. But privacy is important, too.

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If Meditation Is Not Your Thing, Try a Walk in the Woods

Hiking is a near-perfect combination of elements known to relax us, raise our alertness, elevate our self-esteem, and physically prepare us for true rest afterward.

There are times when I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel at odds with the world, irritated by the people in it, in a funk about myself and what I’m achieving or, rather, not achieving, overwhelmed by the obstacles and complications of life. Happiness seems like an entirely elusive state of being. At such moments, my friends know exactly what I should do. “When’s the last time you’ve been on a hike?” they inquire gently, and it’s time for a head smack. Of course, that’s the answer. I might not feel like pulling on my hiking boots; my mood is more in line with reclining on the couch and streaming Breaking Bad for the billionth time. But what I need is the trail. To say that I return in a better mood would be damning nature with faint praise. I’m wholly restored, optimistic, energized, almost euphoric. I sleep soundly that night. For a long time, hiking felt like my personal mental health elixir, a magical relationship just between me and nature. The truth is that I was experiencing phenomena well known to science. Hiking is a near-perfect combination of elements known to relax

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us, raise our alertness, elevate our self-esteem, and physically prepare us for true rest afterward. It exposes us to sunlight, outdoors, the colour green, the sound of water, physical activity, social interaction. All of these have been shown in research to have beneficial effects on our mental well-being. Me, I can’t meditate. Sitting that long, paying attention to my breath or an imaginary white light, chafes my natural impatience. In contrast, hiking easily brings me to that sought-after state of being “in the moment.” Hikers pay attention to where they are and what’s going on. They have to, in order to avoid obstacles along the trail as well as such annoyances as poison oak and ivy. At the same time, the trail is a multisensory experience that calls on us to observe wildflowers, smell aromatic plants, and hear bird calls and the rustle of small animals in the brush. These outings became such a strong return-to-sanity requirement for me that I trained to become a certified naturalist for my region’s wilderness parks and wrote a hiking book. Most people don’t go quite that far, but it’s an unusual newbie who doesn’t discover the restorative powers of the trail. That’s not to say that hiking can cure serious mental illness. But research shows it’s a useful adjunct to other treatments for serious emotional conditions. For mild to moderate stress and depression, nature walks have time and again been found to boost mood and banish stress. Science says it’s both the walking and the nature that make The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

powerful medicine together. Despite how cheap, helpful, and easy hiking is, access to nature itself can be uneven and downright difficult. There’s plenty of evidence in favour of exercise, which improves mood and reduces anxiety, releasing endorphins and raising serotonin levels. But a 2016 study in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity specifically found that bouts of outdoor exercise were significantly better at lifting the mood of people with mild to moderate depression than indoor activity. Previous studies found that so-called “green exercise”—and they didn’t mean golf courses—raised self-esteem, especially among those with mental illness. Exposure to sunlight alone improves cognitive function, according to a 2009 study in the journal Environmental Health. For that matter, outdoor exercise has been shown to lead to more vigorous workouts; people walk faster and longer but perceive their workouts as easier.


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Other aspects of nature have a calming rather than stimulating effect; studies have found that the colours green and blue—the hues that make up most nature scenery—are relaxing, as well as the sound of flowing water.

Sat : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sun/Holidays:Closed

9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sat : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Holidays : Closed

201, 97 Centre St SW Langdon, AB T0J 1X2 Phone: (403) 936-5006

to usual care, is associated with an improvement of hopelessness, depression, and suicide ideation in patients suffering from high-level suicide risk,” the authors concluded in their paper.

Despite how cheap, helpful, and easy hiking is, access to nature itself can be uneven and downright difficult. People living in dense urban areas are generally farther from the backcountry and might not have cars to get there. Low-income neighbourhoods are less likely to have parks of any kind.

But endurance climbs over steep hills aren’t needed to reap the social and emotional up sides of gathering with others on the trail. According to a 2014 study in the journal Ecopsychology, group walks in nature were linked to significantly lower depression and stress, as well as an enhanced sense of mental well-being.

With reasonable care, a walk through nature is much more likely to help us than hurt. An increasing number of parks offer wheelchair-accessible trails. And for anyone who lacks a group to join, many wilderness parks include docent-led tours to give you a safe introduction to the back country. While not as meditative as a solo walk in the woods, these kinds of programs address another aspect of mental well-being. Group outings overcome reluctance to venturing in unfamiliar backcountry and appear to heighten the positive effects of nature walks.

Of course, any kind of exercise can be taken to unhealthy extremes. And taking on physical challenges in the wilderness without the proper knowledge, equipment, or level of fitness can be downright perilous. Hiking alone or going off trail often gets people into life-threatening situations. But I’ve been hiking regularly for 20 years without that ever happening. The studies seem conclusive: With reasonable care, a walk in nature is much more likely to help us than hurt.

A 2012 study found that such experiences could even help people with suicidal thoughts. “A group experience of regular monitored mountain hiking, organized as an add-on therapy

I’d be on the trail, anyway. But it’s good to know that science is on my side.

Karin Klein -


Terry Grant Denturist


413 - 3rd St. Strathmore

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Psychologists Say Colouring Is The Best Alternative To Meditation Colouring books for adults have become the latest trend, and unlike some fads, this one is actually really good for you. According to clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, colouring is a stress-free activity that relaxes the amygdala — the fear center of the brain — and allows your mind to get the rest it needs. But colouring has other indirect health benefits, as well. Even if it didn't make us healthier, many of us would still probably be colouring as adults. It's true, of course, that the inherent fun of colouring might be linked to its de-stressing properties, but I think the activity's helpful qualities are really just an added bonus. At the end of the day, colouring is good for you because it's fundamentally fun.

Psychiatrists Have Prescribed Coloring To Patients For 100 Years The famed psychologist Carl Jung was on to something when he started prescribing colouring to his psychiatry patients. He gave his clients mandalas to colour as part of their therapy 100 years ago.

Coloring Reduces Stress And Anxiety Colouring allows the fear center of your brain to relax, thereby relaxing you — and not just while you are colouring. Giving your amygdala periodic rests actually reduces your stress overall.

Coloring Trains Your Brain To Focus Staying inside the lines takes focus, but not so much that it's stressful. Clinical counselor Leslie Marshall notes that the activity "opens up the frontal lobe of the brain — the home of organizing and problem solving — and focuses the mind" by allowing colourers to forget their worries.

Coloring Lets You Be You Your colouring book is your colouring book. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it. You don't have to show it to anyone else if you don't want to. No one has to know that you accidentally #TheNewsy Neighbour

/TheNewsy Neighbour

/TNewsy Neighbour

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Colouring Helps Your Fine Motor Skills and Vision Colouring requires the two hemispheres of your brain to communicate, and the activity itself improves your fine motor skills and vision. The "action involves both logic, by which we colour forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colours," psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala says.

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Roger has been busy on the computer again. He is always looking for new and wonderful information that will help us (and you!) live a better and easier diabetic life.

Formerly Jenericay

Did you know that there are currently more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes, with another 20 being diagnosed every hour? Did you know that Diabetes Canada www. (formerly Canadian Diabetes Association) has a member sign up section now? Roger found this by searching the website the other day. The most amazing thing about the membership is that you become part of a community. There is so much information for you about diabetes, recipes and forums that include topics like living with Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, lets you know what events are in the area and allows you to find out what event are available in the area and allows you to signup to volunteer, help with fundraising, donating etc. Belonging to a like-minded community is sometimes all we need to give us the drive to focus on our own needs and solutions. This is what they say!

Advanced Foot Care, Reflexology, Reiki, Ionic Foot Cleanse, Raindrop Technique, Meridian Balancing, Balancing with Crystals and Oils, Healing Jewelry.



By becoming a member, you will join a powerful alliance of people, connected by the cause and united in the search to find a cure.

Written by: Vicki L Myhre CPOD (I) CMP PFRP. Enlightened Soles. Internationally Certified Podologist. Registered through the Canadian Examining. Board of Health Practitioners

To become a member of Diabetes Canada, please first join our myDC online community. Then become a general member. Why become a member?

Hello All, Larry here. Happy August!

For more than 50 years, Diabetes Canada has been leading the fight against diabetes. By becoming a member, you can play a vital role by being a voice for people living with diabetes in your community.

We, once again, find ourselves at the tail end of summer. Get out there and enjoy! Any day now, we will wake up to that chill in the air. The chill that signifies that summer is coming to an end and beautiful fall will soon spring some colours and cooler temperatures on us. August and September are Roger’s favourite time of year. He loves the walks as the temperatures cool down, pulling the vegetables in from the garden, getting the last few summer activities under our belts. I must say, it is an amazing few months for me, too.

The Basic Membership is now free and includes: • The right to vote on Diabetes Canada matters and being sure your voice is heard. • Regular email updates with the most up-to-date information, including local events, new programs, service offerings and activities in your community. • Invitations to speech presentations. • Uniting with thousands of other like-minded individuals to become part of something much bigger–a powerful group of individuals leading the fight against diabetes. Classic Membership includes: • Everything Basic Membership includes. • PLUS a one-year subscription to Diabetes Dialogue–Canada’s only health and wellness magazine (it went fully digital in winter 2016!), that is dedicated to living life to the fullest, while living with diabetes. It is a good step forward for all of us diabetics. We challenge you to sign in and activate your membership. They have so much information on the general pages as well, take a look. It is another support system that is available to us, as diabetics. Well, that is all this month folks. Enjoy your month of August. We know we sure will. Until next month, Make your Footprints Count. Larry and Roger

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

A nice old lady on a bus offers the driver some peanuts. He’s happy to take some. He asks her after a while why she isn’t having any herself. “Oh, young man,” she says, “They’re too hard on my poor teeth, I couldn’t.” “Why did you buy them at all then?” wonders the driver. “You see, I just love the chocolate they’re covered in!”


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Take-Out Menus from Strathmore, Langdon and Chestermere all in ONE location

Lookin' for some great eats and delicious treats? With just one click you can now check out menus from some of Strathmore, Langdon and Chestermere's most highly-rated restaurants, from the comfort of your very own home. Through The Newsy Neighbour Website, you get access to the best menus - and all in one location - saving you time, money and search engine headaches. Pick and choose from a variety of acclaimed local venues from your laptop, desktop, telephone or tablet. Yes - it's just that easy! 3 to 4 fresh sprigs of basil pinch of salt if desired (not recommended before 12 months) olive oil for pan 1. In a processor or blender, blend the avocado, basil and banana. Add a tbsp of water if needed. 2. Add the panko crumbs or rice crisped rice (this makes it gluten free!) Consistency should be similar to playdough! 3. Drizzle oil in pan on stovetop on medium high heat. 4. Form avocado mixture into patties and brown on each side for about 4 minutes or until golden. 5. For added pizazz, puree a few partially thawed frozen strawberries and drizzle on top. Enjoy! We all enjoyed this one; even the adults!!

Grilled Veggie Frittata

Finger Foods for Babies

1 1/2 - 2 cups grilled veggies* 6 oz (1 1/2 cups) cheddar cheese, grated 6 whole large eggs

Avocado Basil Banana Cakes

1 avocado, pitted 1/4 banana 1/2 cup crushed crisped rice or 1/2 cup panko 42 •

*In the summer, slice and grill a medium eggplant, 2 small yellow squash and 2 small zucchinis brushed with olive oil and garlic. After grilling, dice the veggies and add a pint of grape tomatoes, quartered. You can also add a marinade to them, sometimes just a little more olive oil and diced garlic. You can flavour the veggies with herbs and spices your baby likes. This will result in more than enough veggies for the frittata. Keep the extra in the refrigerator for other things (quesadillas, salads, etc.). 1. Turn on your oven's broiler or grill. Heat a medium, oven-proof The Newsy Neighbour Magazine


Altogether Different

skillet over medium high heat. Spray with cooking spray or coat with melted butter or oil. Be sure to coat the entire inside of the pan, especially any joints or bolts. 2. Add the veggies to the pan in an even layer. Do NOT stir. 3. While the veggies are heating through, lightly beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Mix half of the grated cheese into the eggs. 4. Pour the egg mixture over the veggies and shake the pan a bit to evenly distribute. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top of the eggs and veggies. 5. Cook over medium high heat until the egg sets (is no longer runny). Place the skillet under the broiler until the cheese becomes brown and bubbly. 6. Carefully remove the pan from the oven (keep the handle covered with a hot mitt so you remember it is hot!). 7. Wait 3-5 minutes to allow the cheese to set before slicing. Using a bread knife, cut the frittata into wedges like a pie. Once cool, cut a wedge into bite-size pieces and let your child feed themselves.

Cheap and Cheerful Salmon Cakes

1 tin of wild salmon 1/2 a zucchini, cut in coin size pieces 6-7 of those pre-peeled mini carrots, chopped up a little 1/2 an onion - rough chop 1 clove of garlic - rough chop 1/4 cup of goldfish crackers - blitzed to crumbs 2-3 tbsps of bread crumbs for the filling 1/4 cup of bread crumbs on a plate to coat the patties before frying 1 Tbsp of grated pecorino Romano cheese couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce 1 small squirt of ketchup 1 tip of a spoon of Dijon mustard 1 egg 1. Put the salmon into the food processor (drain the can before and leave the bones in, as they dissolve once you process them and it adds calcium). 2. Meanwhile, in a frying pan, with olive oil - fry up the zucchini, carrots, onion, garlic until translucent and softened - let cool a little add the veggies to the food processor with the salmon and blitz until it's finely chopped. 3. Put in to a bowl and add all of the rest of above ingredients, minus the 1/4 cup of bread crumbs to coat the patties. 4. Roll the patties (about 3 inches in diameter by 1 inch thick) in the bread crumbs. 5. Put in fridge to set up for 20 minutes - and fry till golden on each side in a little bit of vegetable oil. 6. Let cool on paper towel to remove excess oil. More Recipes on next page....

Kids Dentistry –

Protecting Smiles Forever Acknowledging that taking care of a child’s smile is a rewarding aspect of Family Dentistry. A child’s early exposure to dental care can make them a fan – or fearful – of the dentist.

Why is Early Childhood Dental Care Important?

It’s hard to imagine that childhood dental decay is on the rise. In a time of electric toothbrushes, fluorinated toothpastes and access to nutritious food – why would any young child have to deal with the discomfort of a cavity? Part of the problem lies in the increased consumption of sugary drinks – especially sports and energy drinks that are packed with sugar that is rinsed around the mouth and left to sit on tooth surfaces. The reality is that water is probably the best choice for hydration and controlling exposure to unwanted calories and sugar. If a young child has a daily glass of fruit juice, they probably don’t need any further sugar-laden liquids in their day, as there’s no disputing the fact that a high sugar diet coupled with ineffective homecare and low exposure to dental visits sets the perfect environment for childhood caries and other dental issues.

At What Age Should a Child Visit the Dentist?

The Canadian Dental Association and Alberta Dental Association recommend that a child visit the dentist within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by the age of 1. Now, many parents reading this recommendation may be thinking ‘that’s super young’ – but keep in mind that a child’s introduction to the dentist should be when they are free from pain and discomfort and don’t require treatment. Bringing a child to the dentist at a young age allows for a slow and positive exposure to the dental team – no-stress visits that include a ride in the chair and counting of teeth. The reality is that dental treatment can be incredibly overwhelming for a young child – but if they’ve already developed trust with their Dentist and dental team – treatment will seem less scary and easier to handle – for all concerned.

What if my child needs treatment?

In the event a child requires treatment there are some option to help with anxiety and stress. One option to consider is nitrous oxide. It is a safe method to help decrease anxiety and stress for the child in the event they require dental procedures to be performed, such as fillings. For more information on children’s dentistry please do not hesitate to contact us at Dr Jess Chhokar D.M.D

(403) 936-8432

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“Back to school” doesn’t just mean a return to routine, exams, and homework for our kids – it means back to autumn, back to winter, back to short days, long nights, and cold, blustery weather. Back to school means back to parkas, back to stark leafless trees, and back to grey mornings, grey days, and grey evenings.

Making the Most of These Last Days of Summer

Now, I don’t mean to be a downer here – that’s not the point of this article at all. Reading that last paragraph is a bit depressing (I know, because it sure was depressing penning it!), but all of this is meant to drive home the bigger picture: let’s not worry about back to school and all that jazz quite yet. There’s plenty of time as we get closer to September to stress about stationary sales and 2-for-1 deals on backpacks. Right now, in the early days of August, let’s make it a point to worry less about the dreary months to come, and to focus more on enjoying the beautiful, sunny days and weeks ahead. There’s an entire month left of bona fide, certified summer to enjoy, so get out there and make the most of it! Go for a family bike ride; spend the afternoon soaking up rays on the shores of Chestermere Lake; head down to Kinsmen Park to cool the kiddies off in the splash park, or to enjoy some peace and tranquility fishing off the dock; or, gather everyone together for a pick-up game of baseball in Langdon Park. Every single activity I just rattled off is one found right here, in our own communities, without any sort of cost or expense associated with it. The opportunities to enjoy the warm weather are nearly endless here in southern Alberta, and with summer being as brief as it is here, we bet you’ll find no shortage of friends and family members looking to enthusiastically enjoy these last days of sun and fun right beside you.

Back to School’s Not Far Off…But Don’t Forget to Enjoy August You don’t need to spend much time watching TV, listening to the radio, or cruising Facebook right now before becoming quickly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of ads, posts, and commercials shouting about getting ready for Back to School. It’s enough to drive a person crazy – even if you don’t have to worry about attending class this September! It can be easy to get caught up in the hype – they pile it on nearly as thick as Christmastime marketing, after all – but if you want our advice? Don’t get caught up in it…at least not yet.

Autumn, winter, and chilly Canadian weather take up the lion’s share of the year in our communities, and will all be here soon enough. Don’t shortchange yourself by opening the door for them early – there’ll be plenty of time to go school supply shopping in the weeks ahead. For now, just take a moment to stop, breathe in that heady, summery air, and enjoy the feeling of the sun’s warmth with those that matter most to you. Here’s to summer, Newsy Neighbours – it never lasts long, so be sure to make the most of it while it’s here.

Summertime in Alberta is short. We aren’t treated to month after month of warm, sunny weather like you might be in other parts of the country – in fact, we’re lucky to even see a five-month frostfree stretch in our neck of the woods! Most of the year, our yards are piled high with snow drifts, our streets are covered in slush and muck, and

Indus is located approximately 15km East of Calgary on Hwy 22x

ging in the car is an absolute necessity if you hope to have it start up again the next morning. Even just writing out that last sentence sent a chill shivering up my spine and made the room feel a few degrees colder – and that’s exactly the point I’m working at driving home.

Kyle Penn is a writer, a music-lover, and a lover of all things literary. He also owns and operates Ink Slinger, a small business devoted to content creation, copywriting, and social media management. For innovative writing solutions, reach out to him at kylewpenn@gmail. com.

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~Kyle Penn

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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Rice and Lentil Crackers with Creamy Pumpkin and Raisin Dip

1 1/2 cups of brown rice powder 1/4 cup of red lentils 1/2 cup of pasteurized cheddar cheese 1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger 2 tablespoons of butter (optional) 250 ml (1 cup) of water 4 tablespoons of steamed pumpkin chunks 3 tablespoons of pasteurized cottage cheese 2 teaspoons of seedless raisins 1. Preheat oven to 300°F. Rinse and boil the lentils with ginger in 250 ml of water. 2. Reduce the heat and simmer until fully cooked. Turn off the flame and let it cool. 3. Blend the boiled lentils in a food processor to form a thick smooth paste. 4. Mix the boiled lentil puree, rice flour, butter and cheese with water to form a stiff dough. 5. Roll out your dough into a thin layer with a rolling pin on a floured surface. 6. With a knife or a cookie cutter, cut out small squares out of your cracker dough and place them on a greased oven tray. 7. Bake them in the preheated oven for 10 to 20 minutes. 8. Puree pumpkin chunks, raisins and cottage cheese with water in a blender or a food processor to form a thick paste. Serve your crackers with creamy pumpkin and raisin dip.

Sweet Potato and Melon Sandwich Cookies

1/2 cup peeled and steamed sweet potato chunks 1/2 cup steamed melon chunks 6 tablespoons of seedless raisins 1 cup uncooked brown rice 1 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup pasteurized cream cheese (unsweetened) 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. 2. Grind the rice and oats in a food processor. 3. Puree the melon, sweet potato chunks and 4 tablespoons of raisins in a blender or a food processor. 4. In a mixing bowl, mix powdered oats and rice with the sweet potato and melon puree to form a stiff dough. 5. Roll out the dough on a floured surface with a rolling pin. 6. Cut out different shapes out of your dough with a cookie cutter. Place the cookies on a greased oven tray and bake for 10 to 18 minutes until the cookies turn crisp. 7. Once your cookies are baked and cooled, spread a thick layer of cream cheese mixed with 1 tablespoon of raisin puree on the flat side of a cookie. Top with the flat side of another cookie to make a sandwich.

Expressions The Dance Gallery

Registration NOW OPEN for summer dance, activity and intensive programs.

Summer Dance and Activity Camps • Princess for a day • Under the Big Top INTENSIVE PROGRAMS Offering programs that will shoot students forward, ahead of their peers! EDG faculty and guest teachers will be featured. • Acrobatic's and Aerial intensive • Ballet intensive. 126 Canal Garden. Strathmore, AB • Ph: 403-901-6392

Q: Did you hear about the kidnapping in the park? A: They woke him up. Q: Why is it so windy inside a sports arena? A: All those fans. Q: What did one egg say to the other? A: You crack me up. Q: What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? A: Thunderwear.

Calgary’s Premier Cloth Diaper Service CALL US TODAY to receive 10% OFF your startup!

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........ Women Talk Strathmore

Darlis is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people in business, organizations and entire communities recognize their uniqueness and achieve possibilities they may not have thought possible. She believes growth and success start at the grassroots level… with people, and she uses training, coaching and facilitating to inspire positive change. She is a Board member of Women Talk Strathmore. Contact her at

Live… Learn… Inspire

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”– Maya Angelou Often when we think of school, we think of educational facilities full of students and teachers but as Carol Burnett said, “We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.” Not only do I agree with her, but I also believe that while schools introduce us to many areas of knowledge, teach us how to learn and offer us an opportunity to gain specific skills, it is life outside and beyond the classroom that is our greatest teacher. I spent over 25 years parenting my four now-grown children and since I have had an interest in personal development for as long as I can remember, I have always encouraged my children to learn the lessons that life brings. Some of the qualities that I believed would be good for them to have in their ‘life skills toolbox’ were kindness, respect and communication, so I instilled these whenever possible. I recall one day when the three youngest were under the age of 10 and had been picking on each other and saying things that were less-than kind. I sat them down in a circle and explained how hurtful words are and that for every hurtful thing they said to each other, at least four kind things would need to be said to take away the pain that was caused. I had them take turns saying nice things about each other until they had shared a significant number of compliments. We then talked about other ways to share how we were feeling rather than striking out in frustration or anger and finished up our ‘lesson’ with hugs. My 22-year old daughter, who was part of the trio that day, recently told me that her three brothers feel like friends and how nice it is that they might disagree but they don’t fight or argue. They all passed that lesson with flying colours! Life learning may happen in our families, our work place, our social circles or simply through our life experiences. There is a quote that you may have heard that says, “It is not what happens in life that matters; what matters is what you decide to do with what

46 •

happens.” As you may have read in a previous article, as I stood on the street last Labour Day weekend and watched my house burn, I decided to discover and be thankful for the blessings in the experience. That decision shaped how I moved through the next 10 months of the rebuilding of my home. Many people have told me during this time that my approach has inspired them to feel more gratitude and to look at their own experiences differently. My experience became a life lesson for them and gave them another tool in their toolbox. This is the foundation of Women Talk Strathmore… ordinary women sharing extraordinary stories that inspire, motivate and spark new ways of being. Last month, three women who have all had careers in the educational field, shared their extraordinary stories of removing limiting beliefs, trusting themselves and seeing the beauty in life’s experiences.

“Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable and do things your own way. Be a Trailblazer,”

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable and do things your own way. Be a trailblazer,” shared one woman who is using her experiences to inspire others to greatness. Another reminded us to follow the advice of Ghandi and “Be the change we want to see in the world,” as she shared her story of being a mother that learned to ‘come from the heart.’ A woman who chose non-conventional means to overcome a serious health issue advised us to “be a steward of our own body and mind” and how doing this supported in her recovery. Our final Talker told us, “Don’t worry about what people think of your story because your story can change a life, and sometimes you just have to say… ________!” Fill in the blank with your favourite expression, just as our talker did. Women Talk Strathmore is on the third Thursday of every month at The Station. You can book your tickets online at, or for those who consider themselves non-savvy with technology, call 403-934-8516 to reserve your seat. Bring a girlfriend or two and feel inspired, understood and most of all, feel welcomed. We look forward to seeing you! For more information about WOMEN TALK in Strathmore, please visit Thursday Aug 16, 2018 | 7pm @ Strathmore Station TICKETS $20 Online Sponsored by: $25 at the door Pure Potentials & The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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Your Free Invitation to Alberta Open Farm Days On August 18 and 19, 2018, farms and ranches across the province are opening their gates, and they want you to be their guest. Alberta Open Farm Days is a free, province-wide event that gives Albertans the chance to experience farm life and learn where their food comes from. It’s about farmers and ranchers inviting their urban and rural neighbours to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about what they do every day. Some of the local farms who are opening their doors in our area include Bow Point Nurseries, Greentree Village, TK Ranch, YYC Growers, Country Lane Farms, Hilton Ventures and Poplar Bluff Organics. Check out what they have in store for you at www. – and use the handy ‘plan my trip’ feature to map out a route for your day. During the weekend, some of the host farms will also be laying on a series of farm to table culinary events featuring Alberta's most talented chefs and the best of our delicious, Alberta farm products. Open Farm Days has been taking place in Canada for ten years, starting in the Maritimes and moving West. 2018 will mark the 6th annual Alberta Open Farm Days, and this year there are 100 farms taking part across the province, and 16 culinary events. It’s a chance to get to know your rural neighbours; you won’t want to miss it. Our farmers have great stories to share, and lots of activities planned, so pack up the kids and head out for some fun on the farm. Admission is free, although some farms may charge a fee for specific activities, such as culinary events or horseback rides. ~Bloomfield Garden Centre

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CONSTITUENCY OFFICES: Strathmore – Box 2070, 129 2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB. T1P1K1 Hours: Tuesday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Phone: 403-361-2980

fax: 403-361-2989 mar� Brooks office: 1-844-241-0020 mar� www.mar�

With the 2019 election around the corner, things have really started to heat up on Parliament Hill.

Please contact our office:

• If you are having issues with any Federal programs or departments • If you are holding or celebra�ng a local event • If you have an Anniversary or Birthday you would like Cer�ficates for • If you would like to speak to the Member of Parliament See Our Social Media Pages for Updates



a lot of work and consultation by our Alberta caucus rural crime task force. We hope this motion will finally prompt some federal action on rural crime. On the Canadian Heritage committee, which I am a member of, we studied cultural hubs in Canada. Rosebud Theatre’s Board Chair Jack Hayden came to tell the committee about the importance of rural venues. I was happy to see rural hubs so well represented.

The House of Commons has now adjourned for the summer, but we certainly had an eventful spring. Since I know not everyone has time to follow every twist and turn in Canadian politics, I thought I would recap a few of the big issues we debated over the last few months.

We will continue to challenge the Liberals on these issues over the summer months. But with the session coming to a close, I’m excited to take part in numerous community initiatives and events across our riding over the next several months. If you see me around this summer, don’t hesitate to stop and chat! I’m always happy to hear from you.

Trade has become a huge challenge for Canada. Trade wars are not good for anyone. We hope to see leadership from the government on this issue to prevent it from getting any worse. We need a resolution. We dealt with the Liberals’ new firearms legislation, which targets law abiding gun owners while doing nothing to combat gang violence, illegal handguns, or rural crime. We debated the government’s 2018 budget, which includes a federal carbon tax that the Liberals still refuse to disclose the cost of. We saw the government spend $4.5 billion to buy the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, but we still don’t know how they are going to get the new Trans Mountain Project built. And we held the Prime Minister to account for his disastrous trip to India, which I think was an embarrassment for all of us. The Liberals passed their marijuana legalization Bill, so municipalities and police forces across the country will soon face the burden of trying to enforce it. We also saw the Liberals introduce an ideological attestation for Canada Summer Jobs applications, which is an unacceptable policy that must be reversed. Lastly, the government’s inaction on the grain backlog caused farmers across our riding unnecessary headaches. Despite this Liberal government’s ethical lapses and failed policies, we have managed to get some positive things done this session. The House voted to pass my Alberta MP colleague Shannon Stubbs’ motion on rural crime, which was the result of

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CHOICE Make Your Next Event One to Remember with The Choice Voice

Graydon Pease Brings the Fun – and the Crowd! If you’ve gone through your Facebook feed recently, you may have found yourself being greeted by one of the smoothest, most charismatic voices around, chatting to the camera about any number of our community’s businesses and encouraging you to come out and experience some of the exciting local events that happen around town on any given night. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve already encountered the work of Graydon Pease (and it’s doing its job!). If you’ve taken the opportunity this summer to disconnect from your devices a bit, that’s no problem – allow me to let Pease catch you up.

“It was just this past June when I saw on Facebook this post that Crazy Pasta had this great deal going on – it was an all-you-caneat pasta event – and no one was there!” Pease began when I asked him to tell me a bit about what he does. “So, I sent them a note asking if they’d like me to come down and do a live video for them on Facebook, maybe get some bums in some seats. We decided to give it a try, and even from just the second video on, business improved.” There’s nothing we love more here at The Newsy Neighbour than reporting on a local entrepreneur’s regular and ongoing success, but that’s the thing: this wasn’t the latest in a series of running entrepreneurial accomplishments that Pease was chatting with me about, but rather, his very first stab at an online, live video promotion!

and his portfolio of clients and projects. But he can speak to that better than I can: “Currently, there are a few services I’m offering our local businesses,” Pease began telling me. “One part of things starts with live video advertising. It enables local small business owners to respond to the moment. So, if it’s a quiet Wednesday night, they can call me up, and I can run down and do a video on Colin Christopher & a wings special, or Graydon Pease something like that. I can help them respond moment to moment. It gives small businesses flexibility; it gives them a face and a voice.” “The other thing I do is live MC work,” Pease continued. “I just recently hosted the Chestermere Water Festival, and I’ll be at the Strathmore Stampede in just a short while here – it’ll actually be my eleventh year on stage there this August! Finally, I do voiceover work. I’ve got some commercials running right now for a couple of car dealerships in Calgary, and I’m doing my very first audiobook for a local author in Chestermere here called The Bees of Rainbow Falls, by Dr. Preston Pouteaux.” If you’re having trouble sorting out how somebody could build up so much business so quickly, you’re not alone. I had to ask Pease several times throughout the course of our conversation to confirm when, exactly, each endeavour had taken place, and each time, he confirmed: “All of this started just a few weeks ago, in June.” Wow – consider my mind blown! Of course, Pease isn’t oblivious to the near-overnight success of his business, but being the cool, collected personality he is, he takes it all in stride. “It’s been a very interesting evolution,” he told me as we chatted, “because it seems like things keep coming my way that I hadn’t ever really thought about before, but that I’m more than happy to look at and explore and make happen. I’m a community guy,

“That got me excited,” Pease continued, “and I thought that hey, maybe I can build something from this, maybe there’s something to work with here. And from there, it kind of took on a life of its own. All of this has been growing only since this June, starting on Father’s Day. In fact, The Choice Voice itself became a business just a few weeks ago – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind!” Having a great success story like this after only a few weeks of operational business would be more than enough for most folks, but not for Pease. Since June, he’s been burning the midnight oil, working hard to rapidly build out his skillset, his service offerings,

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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first and foremost. I lived in Strathmore for 23 years, and now I’m in Chestermere. I’m currently working with three different businesses in Chestermere, the Firehouse Bar and Grill in Langdon, and I’m hopefully looking to spread out and do some more work in Strathmore as well. In addition to the work I’ve done here, I’ve also gotten to do some MC work in Niagara Falls, which was a great experience, and really helped to get my name out there. There’s plenty of room to grow still, and I can’t wait.” As handily as Pease’s business model has taken off, we’re sure that the success he’s seen so far will continue to push him to new heights, because there’s no two bones about it: his approach works. “I want to be a real voice for small business – whatever shape that takes, I want to be that person,” he shared with me. “The goal with the videos I do is all about keeping it loose and keeping it fresh while also getting that message out there that the client’s looking to communicate – and people are getting on board. After I started doing work with Crazy Pasta, I walked into the Firehouse to do a video there, and a guy immediately shouted out ‘Hey, it’s the Crazy Pasta guy!’ So, people are watching, which is great.” The thing that really stuck with me about Graydon Pease, though, isn’t his wild success story, but rather, the soil from which it all initially grew. “I was selling turf maintenance equipment for the past eleven years,” he related to me, “but I started to develop back issues, and it got to the point where I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to make a change. My whole life, people have been telling me to do something with my voice, so I figured well, maybe now’s the time. Facebook and the internet means I’m able to do this in a way that works for most businesses, because production costs are so low compared to TV and even radio. Some of those things that you couldn’t do before, you can now do in an online setting, which is great.” This is compelling to me on so many levels. Not only has Pease been able to find success doing something he loves, but he did so by taking a leap of faith and following a dream he’d held onto for years. I expressed as much to him, and asked him what sort of message he’d want to pass on to people who are kicking around similar dreams and ambitions in the backs of their heads. He had some poignant advice to share: “On the other side of fear lies your greatest reward. Fear holds most people back. I thought about doing this years ago, and now I’ve found myself in a position where I could spend some time building on it. Honestly, go after your dreams, because when you’re doing what you want to do, you’re not working.” If that isn’t a motivating sentiment, we’re not sure what is!


Early Bird Special!! 403.934.3939 We make it easy to choose local.

plumbing & heating inc.

$99 Furnace Inspection & Safety Report (reg. $169) $199 Boiler Inspection & Safety Report (reg. $289) For appointments before September 30. Limited spots available. Present coupon or mention this ad. Local entrepreneurs: discover everything that Graydon Pease can do for you. The Newsy Neighbour has partnered with Graydon and we can offer you a combination of print, digital and video marketing for maximum exposure to your business. Be sure to act soon, though, because we have a feeling that it won’t be long until The Choice Voice is booked up solid – so get in touch today! Graydon Pease – 403-909-6580 ~ Kyle Penn


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We provide all plumbing & hea�ng services including: repair service, new construc�on, renova�ons, commercial & more.

Mason Walstra




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Exploring Our Heritage Through Leather

thirteen, when my grandpa showed me how to do things,” Olund told me when I asked how his business got its start. “It was always just a passion until I started my leather business, Zombie Saddles, back in 2007. I was working in a feedlot and one of my coworkers came back from trying to get a saddle fixed and was grumbling and griping about it, so I said ‘Hey, let me have a look at that,’ and I fixed it for him, and that was kind of the start of things.” Of course, as you may have gleaned from the title up on top of the page, there’s more to this story than just the talented skillset of a local entrepreneur. “The other side of it is that I’ve always been a history buff, too,” Olund elaborated. “I always tell people I’m the third largest history buff in southern Alberta – I say third just because there might be one or two people who know more than I do, so I don’t want to come off like I’m bragging or anything like that!” he said as he chuckled happily, voice brimming with pride in his work. “So, I started finding old saddles and fixing them up,” Olund continued. “When you get an old saddle, there’s just so much history there. It’s almost like finding the Rosetta Stone and knowing how to read it. When you look at it, you can tell if the guy who built it was right-handed or if the guy who rode it was left-handed, or how much the saddle was used, just by the tool marks and the wear. To me, it’s like reading a book. When you get an old saddle in, you can just see the history on it.” Now, this is where things start to get really interesting, and where Olund’s love of leatherwork and history began to dovetail into a singular, unique business model. “One day, someone brought me in a military saddle. Up until that point, I didn’t realize Canada actually had a standing cavalry in World War I. I started looking into it, and one thing led to another, and I realized Canada had a huge cavalry contingent in the War, and they did some amazing things that most Canadians didn’t know about. So, things kind of took off from there, and I began learning more and fixing up all this old military equipment from WWI.” This initial bit of saddle-work is what led Olund to realize that he could pursue both his love of history and leatherwork all at once while also sharing his passions with the community at large. “We as Canadians can be so complacent that sometimes we don’t shine enough of a spotlight

Glenn Olund’s Zombie Saddles Digs Deep into our Shared History Anybody who’s ever owned a well-loved leather purse or a cherished leather jacket knows that there’s something special about the way that after a while, these pieces start take on a life of their own. They develop a history in their wear, telling stories through their patina, creases, and folds. Nobody is more familiar with this notion than the owner of Zombie Saddles, Glenn Olund, who’s made a business through not only his skilful leatherwork, but also his eye for history. “I’ve been doing leatherwork on and off since I was about twelve or

52 •

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

Lift with your finger. Not your back. With our PowerFold® option, our FrontMount™ DuraMax® decks can be lifted at the touch of a switch to an upright position to make maintenance easy and storage a breeze. on our history, and it starts to slip away,” he lamented. “We’ve done some incredible things as Canadians, and I try to use my work to help bring some of that to the forefront – and the results are often pretty great. When people know that I’m big into history, and you start talking to them about it, they get the interest to bring their great grandpa’s old saddle down to get restored, and YOUR NEXT MOWER ® to learn a bit more about their family’s history and heritage. It’s Visit for more information. © 2008 The Grasshopper Company amazing how much people are interested in learning about their Lift with your finger. history who didn’t even know they had a history to begin with!” Not your back. “For individuals who are looking to get something restored or With our PowerFold® op�on, built,” Olund continued telling me, “when people bring in their GRA.9907_2cx5_powerfold_4C 1 3/31/08 4:08:26 PM our FrontMount™ DuraMax® piece of history, I can give them more than just a restored saddle, decks can be li�ed at the or a restored purse or jacket. I can tell that person a little more touch of a switch to an about that saddle and give it a story, a life. It’s not just a piece of upright posi�on to make old leather sitting around in barn someplace, but it helped form maintenance Canada in some shape or capacity.” This really is an incredible easy and storage a sentiment, and one that you can tell after just a few minutes of Hot and Cold Water. breeze. conversation that Olund honestly, truly believes in. Portable, Sta�onary “With Zombie Saddles, I both restore leather and build new piecHigh-Pressure Washers. es,” Olund informed me, when I asked him about the breadth of his business’s services. “I’m working on branching out to buildPRESSURE ing boots right now, I’ve made leather-bound book covers…if it’s WASHING leather, I love working with it.” AT ITS And if it’s more than just routine leatherwork you’re after, Olund has you covered there, too. His skillset has enabled him to take FINEST on some pretty incredible projects, working with historical leather artifacts dating a hundred years back. “If you’re interested in Canadian WWI cavalry, I can make you the whole kit – and I have. I found and restored 20 WWI saddles for the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), made the gun boots, the great wallets (that’s what they called saddlebags), the bandoliers...I made it all 403-901-0018 | for them, and actually got to attend an event in France honouring that history as a result. It was a pretty special moment, and one that I was proud to be a part of.” So, if you’ve got an old leather jacket that you’re looking to make new again, or want to learn the story behind that saddle that’s been in the family for years and years going on, take a minute to track Glenn Olund down on Facebook, and let Zombie Saddles help you discover how that piece of leather fits into the grand milieu of Canadian history – we bet you’ll be surprised at some of the stories that old piece of leather can tell you!

~ Kyle Penn

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We are 4 RE/MAX First Real Estate Professionals DEDICATED to working together and licensed in Residential, Rural, Commercial and Condos. We are here to help our clients reach ALL their real estate goals. Contact us: reps. www.thereps.

For the parents sending their children off to kindergarten, it can be a very stressful yet exciting time! Kids are anxious; most of them have already met their teachers in the spring and are ready to get going. Spend a little time with the little ones, explaining what their day will look like. For them, the 1/2 day (or full day!) at school can feel like a lifetime at the beginning of the year but after a week or so, they will settle in nicely. For the grade ones attending a full day of school, it can be exhausting - try not to overschedule these little ones until they get settled in. Kids are so busy these days with sport and extra curricular activities that their school work can certainly suffer, especially if they are exhausted. As the students get older, they understand the routine and expectations of school life, but getting them ready can certainly be tough. They have so much going on in their daily lives with school, activities and that wonderful technology that seems to have taken over our lives. Schools and teachers are an important and integral part of your children's lives. They will influence their daily routine and leaning structure, so they really need your support. In this day of hustle and bustle and over-scheduling, school routines can suffer.

Well, another summer has flown by! It’s time for all the students to head back to school!

Take the time to understand what support your school may need; whether it’s volunteering for hot lunch day, helping reading programs in the elementary school or spending time on field trips and outings. Don't forget to set up busing if your young ones need transportation!

We Are The REPs…

$125,000 / C4179152

$92,500 / C4192834

$169,900 / C4185281

$419,900 / C4183894

$449,900 / C4183886

247 Ranchwood Ln

124 Ranchwood Ln

109 1st Ave Rockyford

28 Douglas Ave Langdon

272 Ranch Cl

$489,900 / C4195050

$529,900 / C4175939

$729,900 / C4184874

SOLD $179,900 / C4183677 th

111E 4 ave

Hillview Est

160 Lakeview Shores Co

49 Rainbow Falls BV

107 Vander Velde Ba

$699,900 / C4184918

$779,000 / C4175935

$564,900 / C4175665

$739,900 / C4175936

$889,900 / C4185250

511 Boulder Creek Dr

184 Kinniburgh Way

283 Stonemere Gr

756 East Chestermere Dr

77 Rainbow Falls BV

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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Bring on the school year! Before you know it, it will be Halloween and then Christmas. Enjoy every minute with your little ones, because with a blink of an eye, they will be taller than you, borrowing the car and waving good-bye before they head off to their own lives. Let's enjoy, love and support them while we can. Michelle Eldjarnson The REPs Group

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

…Guiding You Home

$410,000 / C4191196

$440,000 / C4195019

$569,000 / C4195010

$530,000 / C4195019

$429,500 / C4184617

27 Thomas Dr

649 Edgefield Ga

68 Hillcrest BV

43 Muirfield Cl

188 Aspen Creek Cr

$507,000 / C4176283

$490,000 / C4176336

$410,000 / C4195188

$189,900 / C4187849

$399,900 / C4193743

213 West Lakeview Dr

133 Wildrose Cr

164 Aspen Creek Cr

932 Briarwood Cr

72 Green Meadow Dr

3.53 Acres

4.84 Acres

31.73 Acres

80 Acres

$639,900 / C4185530

$489,900 / C4176716

$889,000 / C4176487

$775,000 / C4174808

$600,000 / C4194955

224060 Rge Rd 260A

241044 Hwy 1

1089 Hillcrest Manor Est

For More Info & To View Our Other Listings Visit:

175006 Twp Rd 260

232028 Rge Rd 224

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Leela Sharon Aheer MLA


I am thrilled to be part of the Newsy Neighbour Family. While I do not have the honour of representing Strathmore residents and those of you in Wheatland County you may contact Independent MLA Derek Fildebrandt. Please connect with his office at 403-934-4400 or Strathmore.Brooks@

Hello Newsy Neighbour Readers!

I cannot believe that we are heading back to school in just a month. It feels like we just got our summer legs and we are having to think about backpacks, new running shoes, pencils and binders.

The Lowest Interest Rates,

GUARANTEED!! Purchase - Refinance - Transfers - Equity Lending Spousal Buyouts - Debt Consolida�on - Second Homes Revenue & Vaca�on Proper�es - New to Canada Self Employed Applicants - Bankruptcy - Foreclosures Clients With Bruised or Poor Credit

I want to send out a huge thank you to all the volunteers and organizers for the Langdon Days events in July. We had such a blast with all of you, and we were so happy to see so many of you stop by. There were thousands in attendance and we also had an army of great volunteers during the parade and at our booth. I had the honour of participating in the parade with 2 horse drawn wagons, over 30 pounds of candy and 2,000 freezies. I am deeply grateful to Vern Kemble and Connie Challice for one wagon and the Kraus family: Anita, Rob, and daughters Alison and Nicole who supplied the other wagon along with “Shoda” the Palomino. They stayed after the parade and thrilled dozens and dozens of kids and their parents with wagon rides. I am also grateful to all the volunteers who walked in the parade and kept the candy and freezies coming! Congratulations and thanks for your community service to Chrissy Craig and the rest of the Langdon Community Association who organized Langdon Days, the Volunteers of The Year Brendan Connolly and Patrick Golden, special award winner Lisa Baker, Parade Organizer Jessica Smythe and the Parade Committee, and Penny Creswell, organizer of the Car Show. It was great meeting many of you who attended at our booth on Saturday and Sunday.






unnecessary interest!

I would like to also speak to something very close to my heart. Women running for politics, the nomination process and all that goes into making the decision to run. I can tell you honestly that I was always in the background for years helping out candidates that I believed in with my volunteer hours, setting up sound, singing as entertainment, volunteering my beautiful family for events, or being there at the end of the night as clean-up crew. I can truly say that I never in my wildest dreams expected to be representing these exceptional communities and people at the provincial level, and if the seven men that gathered in my house in January of 2015 had not pursued and convinced me to run (it took them a month), I can honestly say that I probably would not have. The “why” of this is a difficult question to answer. I questioned my education, my ability to debate, to engage and to inspire. As a businesswoman, I had never questioned my competency or my ability to do my job with passion and com-

JASON ELDRIDGE Mortgage Specialist PFP, B.Admin Cell:


Fax: 866-708-5807 Email:

Apply Online: h�p://

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The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

Thank you to all of our voters and supporters! Savannah 2

156 Wildrose Cresent –

Yukon 2 1461 sq ft $399,000 204 Wildrose Cresent – Brian Martin 403.830.0949

196 Wildrose Cresent 1860 sq ft - $459,000

mitment, but for some reason, it took a great deal of convincing for me to believe I was up to the task of representing you. Now after 3 years and a bit, an election in the near future and a government that thinks it knows better than you do as to how you should live your lives, I have never been more motivated, inspired or felt stronger in the belief that Albertans deserve people who truly love, respect and want to elevate the communities that live and work in. The reason I am writing about this is that Laureen Harper (political activist and wife to our former Prime Minister) and Rona Ambrose (former interim leader of the CPC, and federal conservative MP) along with Jason Kenney have created a non-profit organization that wants to see women succeed in politics. Did you know we have 65 women running presently for UCP nominations? Isn’t that incredible? And guess what? This is not because of quotas, or protection, or special treatment or being a token, or appointing people. This is about giving practical information as to how to compete! This is about how to deal with social media and, as Ms. Ambrose calls it, a sewer for women, and because 51% of the population is women, so representation is necessary, obvious, lends credibility to the democratic process, and builds compassion. These are things that everyone agrees on. We need to inspire people to run, and that inspiration differs from person to person. I would like to close this article with a message from your Premier. When Ms. Harper and Ms. Ambrose started this initiative the response from your Premier with respect to conservatives, and conservative women was this: “It’s hypocritical for Alberta’s United Conservatives to encourage more women to enter politics but then take aim at a woman who left their movement due to what she said was abuse.” This is because the Harper’s have promised to door knock during the general election to help whoever wins the nomination in Ms. Jansen’s riding (you may remember Ms. Jansen crossed the floor to the NDP and is now a minister). The Premier feels that as conservative women, we have no place in the political realm because we want to run a strong candidate against Ms. Jansen in the general election. Wow! I hope that inspires many of you who are reading this to get involved in politics and support the best candidate no matter who they are; but if you are a woman and you are thinking about running, there are mechanisms in place to help you get started, and sometimes that is the hardest part. As always, we love to hear from you.

Columbia 3 1748 sq ft $445,000

~ Leela Aharon Aheer

Boy complains to his father: “You told me to put a potato in my swimming trunks! You said it would impress the girls at the pool! But you forgot to mention one thing!” Father: “Really, what?” Boy: “That the potato should go in the front.” I just got a photo from a speeding camera through the mail. I sent it right back – way too expensive and really bad quality. When my wife starts to sing I always go out and do some garden work so our neighbours can see there's no domestic violence going on. 8 p.m. I get a text from my girlfriend: Me or football?! 11 p.m. I text back my girlfriend: You of course.

Sticky's Maintenance Services

STRATHMORE, LANGDON & CHESTERMERE • Commercial, Residential & Condos • Grass & Edge Trimming • Spring Clean-ups • Snow Clearing • Fall Clean-ups • Grass Fertilizing & Weed Control Travis Boersema • 403-901-9810

Now accepting credit cards

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JOKE Preparing for the Class Reunion

For all you ladies over 50, I KNOW you understand... AND for those of you under 50 you WILL understand in a few years.

IGHBOU NE R Reader’s Choice in

I had prepared for it like any intelligent woman would. I went on a starvation diet the day before, knowing that all the extra weight would just melt off in 24-hours, leaving me with my sleek, trim, high-school-girl body.



A "mature" woman's perspective BUSINESS

Winner 2016-2017

A mom shark is teaching her son how to hunt swimmers properly. “So, first you go and circle them, making sure your fin is showing. And then you go at them full blast and eat them.” “OK, but why don’t I just go at them full blast and eat them right away?” “I guess you could, son, but would you really want to eat them with all that poop in their intestines?” Wouldn’t it be nice to get home from work and just relax instead of worrying about cleaning up life’s chaos. Well now you can!

Easy Maid Solu�ons is a locally owned cleaning cleaning company and I’m here to help you relax.


Bravely, I took the gown off the hanger, unzipped the shimmering dress and stepped gingerly into it. I struggled, twisted, turned, and pulled and I got the formal all the way up to my knees... before the zipper gave out. I was disappointed. I wanted to wear that dress with those silver platform sandals again and dance the night away. Okay, one setback was not going to spoil my mood for this affair. No way! Rolling the dress into a ball and tossing it into the corner, I turned to Plan B. The black velvet caftan. I gathered up all the goodies that I had purchased at the drug store -- the scented shower gel, the bodybuilding, and highlighting shampoo & conditioner, and the split-end killer and shine enhancer. Soon my hair would look like that girl's in the Pantene ads. Then the makeup -- the under eye "ain't no lines here" firming cream, the all-day face-lifting gravity-fighting moisturizer with wrinkle filler spackle; the all day "kiss me till my lips bleed, and see if this gloss will come off" lipstick, the bronzing face powder for that special glow... But first, the roll-on facial hair remover. I could feel the wrinkles shuddering in fear.

Contact Genevieve 587-438-6339 or You can reach me at

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The last many years of careful cellulite collection would just be gone with a snap of a finger. I knew if I didn't eat a morsel on Friday, that I could probably fit into my senior formal on Saturday. Trotting up to the attic, I pulled the gown out of the garment bag, carried it lovingly downstairs, ran my hand over the fabric, and hung it on the door. I stripped naked, looked in the mirror, sighed, and thought, "Well, okay, maybe if I shift it all to the back..." - bodies never have pockets where you need them.

OK - time to get ready...I jumped into the steaming shower, soaped, lathered, rinsed, shaved, tweezed, buffed, scrubbed,

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

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and scoured my body to a tingling pink. I plastered my freshly scrubbed face with the anti-wrinkle, gravity fighting, "your face will look like a baby's butt" face cream. I set my hair on the hot rollers. I felt wonderful. Ready to take on the world. Or in this instance, my underwear. With the towel firmly wrapped around my glistening body, I pulled out the black lace, tummy-tucking, cellulite-pushing, ham hock-rounding girdle, and the matching "lifting those bosoms like they're filled with helium" bra. I greased my body with the scented body lotion and began the plunge. I pulled, stretched, tugged, hiked, folded, tucked, twisted, shimmied, hopped, pushed, wiggled, snapped, shook, caterpillar crawled, and kicked. Sweat poured off my forehead but I was done. And it didn't look bad. So, I rested. A well-deserved rest, too. The girdle was on my body. Bounce a quarter off my behind? It was tighter than a trampoline. Can you say, "Rubber baby buggy bumper butt?" Okay, so I had to take baby steps, and walk sideways, and I couldn't move from my butt cheeks to my knees. But I was firm! Oh no. I had to go to the bathroom. And there wasn't a snap crotch. From now on, undies gotta have a snap crotch. I was ready to rip it open and re-stitch the crotch with Velcro, but the pain factor from past experiments was still fresh in my mind. I quickly side stepped to the bathroom. An hour later, I had answered nature's call and repeated the struggle into the girdle. I was ready for the bra. I remembered what the saleslady said to do. I could see her glossed lips mouthing, "Do not fasten the bra in the front, and twist it around. Put the bra on the way it should be worn - straps over the shoulders. Then bend over and gently place both breasts inside the cups." Easy if you have four hands. But, with confidence, I put my arms into the holsters, bent over and pulled the bra down… but the boobs weren't cooperating. I'd no sooner tuck one in a cup, and while placing the other, the first would slip out. I needed a strategy.

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I bounced up and down a few times, tried to dribble them in with short bunny hops, but that didn't work. So, while bent over, I began rocking gently back and forth on my heel and toes and I set 'em to swinging. Finally, on the fourth swing, pause, and lift, I captured the gliding glands. Quickly fastening the back of the bra, I stood up for examination. Back straight, slightly arched, I turned and faced the mirror, turning front, and then sideways. I smiled. Yes, Houston, we have lift up! My breasts were high, firm and there was cleavage! I was happy until I tried to look down. I had a chin rest. And I couldn't see my feet. I still had to put on my pantyhose, and shoes. Oh... why did I buy heels with buckles? Then I had to pee again. I put on my sweats, fixed myself a drink, ordered pizza, and skipped the reunion.


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BUSINESS BYTES Jill Crossland is a Business & Marketing Consultant with over twenty years of business experience. She is the owner of Jill Crossland Consulting & editor of Entrepreneurial-Life Magazine. From business strategizing to marketing plans and social media, Jill knows how to put the pieces in place for her clients. | 403 901 6147

August is the New June June, being mid-year, is considered the ideal time for a business assessment, but it is also a busy time. Somehow, we are not quite ready to evaluate what we are still in the middle of working on. However, there is August when the pace of life and business seems to naturally slow down; providing the perfect opportunity to (with morning coffee in hand) carve out a few undistracted hours in which to review your business. Every business owner, no matter their company’s size, needs to regroup, take stock, and reassess their goals so things are in place for September. Here is an outline to get you started: First, take stock of everything you have accomplished since January. Big and small, hit and miss every step made a difference

60 •

and should be acknowledged. Study the numbers. How it is made and spent. Is there is an area where you can cut expenses? Check all the monthly and annual fees you are paying out; are you still using the services and getting value? Do you need to try a new revenue stream? Next, move onto a client audit for service based business or an examination of your customer’s experience for product based. Is the business running smoothly? Evaluating staff away from the office allows for greater objectivity. Look at your support team – IT, legal and financial have they grown with the company or have you outgrown them? Finally some small but important items you might forget about include; security measures such as changing passwords and unsubscribe from emails and newsletters that are going unread. Your marketing, branding and business plans are big assessments. Unless the above reviews reveal a serious problem I recommend to clients these three are best worked on in January. Each of those plans should be designed and written in such a way that allows for you as the business owner to re-evaluate and alter course quickly and efficiently as your year progresses. August is also a good time to examine your daily routine; to see if personal habits are sabotaging your business efforts. Today’s successful entrepreneurs are embracing a healthy lifestyle, getting up early and scheduling time to stay up-to-date within their industry through reading and research. Once all that is done, you can enjoy the rest of your summer secure in the knowledge that everything is in place for September. The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Altogether Different

Steven currently lives in Strathmore, but is originally from Newfoundland. At 25-years old, his passions in life are playing guitar, writing motivational stories and just writing in general. He’s a very positive and outgoing person who loves to watch football. Steven has Spina Bifida and is confined to a wheelchair, but his ultimate goal in life is to inspire people to be more positive, as positivity is one of my philosophies in life. Overall, Steven is just an average guy looking to make a difference in the world!


We all have to face it at some point in our lives, whether it's the fear of heights, animals, or even loud noises; we're all afraid of something. But

when you dig deep down inside and really think about it, what is it that we're really afraid of? For example, I remember when I was a kid, I've always had a fear of getting needles. I couldn’t fathom the thought of getting them, which is something that I'm pretty sure many of us all share in common. But the funny thing is, I've been poked with them so many times throughout my whole life and what I soon started to realize is that it wasn't necessarily the needle that really scared me, it was more so the thought of being poked. I still hate getting them now, but eventually, I got over that fear and accepted it, which I have to admit was a hard thing to do.

We can't let our fears get in the way of our everyday lives, because when you really think about it, fear itself is what our minds are telling us to avoid. But we have to take control of our thoughts instead of letting them control us. We need to let our fears become a thing of the past, because at the end of the day, like the title says, we have to own our fears before they own us. Hope you enjoyed today's column, and always remember that any time you go through any hard times, always remember to keep pushing yourselves, keep a positive mindset, and no matter what, remember to NEVER give up!!!

An almost hysterical man calls 911 and yells, "Please come quickly! Kailey is pregnant and her labour started now, and it’s really intense!" "Is this her first child?" asks the operator. "No!! It’s her husband!" Stalking: When two people enjoy long romantic walks together, but just one of them is aware of this fact. I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s 7 years in a row now.

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The Newsy Neighbour Issue 130  
The Newsy Neighbour Issue 130