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Alberta Opera Presents Pinocchio at Andrew School

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JUNE 12, 2019

VCHS Takes Sherwood Park by Storm Page 11

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RCMP files from June 3 - 9 Arthur Beaudette News Advertiser June 3 07:40 – Complaint of calves on the road. Members attended and the moocows were gone. The members spoke to the landowner, who indicated that he had a broken fence and the animals had been corralled safely. 11:31 – Report of a break and enter to a building in Mundare. Members attended and a scene investigation conducted. The door was pried open and cabinets were gone through. It did not appear that anything was taken. Still under investigation. 14:45 – Report of a suspicious white 4-door truck in a rural yard. It did not appear as though anything was taken. It’s possible that the homeowner scared them off. Still under investigation. 16:19 – Report of one white sports cars and one brown truck speeding on 49th street. Under investigation. 17:08 – Complaint of a distracted driver in the Vegreville area heading East. A black jeep weaving on the road almost hitting other vehicles. The driver was described as a white female with brown hair who was talking on her phone and had her foot on the dash. The call was forwarded to Vermilion detachment for intercept. 17:52 – Complaint of a theft of a fuel tank, pump and fuel lines from a grain auger. Under investigation. June 4 10:26 – Ticket issued for operating a vehicle while using a cell phone. A voluntary penalty of $287 was issued. 10:39 – Report of a large amount of lottery tickets stolen from a Vegreville business. The investigation is ongoing by both the ALGC and the RCMP. 11:42 – Multiple reports of someone calling residents where the caller claims

to be canvassing for Muscular Dystrophy on behalf of the Vegreville Fire Department. It was confirmed by the Town office and the Fire Department that this is a SCAM call and that they are not involved in such canvassing at this time.

16:33- Report of cows in the ditch. The owner was contacted and they indicated that they were in the process of rounding up the cows. 16:08 and onward. Traffic enforcement in the area which included multiple speeding, seatbelt, failure to produce proof of insurance, prohibited driver and cell phone infractions.

June 5

11:40 – Complaint from an animal healthcare provider regarding an owner and his dog from the area. While at the office, the man was verbally abusive and swearing at the staff because of the cost of the suggested treatment. He left the location without paying for the exam. The matter has been referred to the SPCA.

June 6

00:55 – Report of a male laying by a car on the side of the highway. Members attended and found a male lying face down, partially under the vehicle. The

subject was breathing but unconscious. An overdose was suspected and drugs were found in the vehicle. EMS was called and the subject was revived then transported to the hospital. 11:48 – Report of a theft with personal possessions was taken by a known male. Members located the male subject and the property was returned to the rightful owner. 23:06 – While on patrol in Mundare a traffic stop was conducted. The officer had reason to believe the driver had been drinking. The driver blew a fail on a roadside screening device. The driver was arrested and transported to the Vegreville detachment where a breath demand was taken. The driver blew a 0.110 and 0.100 and there are charges pending for impaired operation. The driver was also ticketed with driving without a license. 23:39 – Members were dispatched to assist with a residential panic alarm. Family members indicated that the subject of the call had activated a medical alert and was not answering the phone. Members attended, gained entry and found the subject beside their bed unable to get up. EMS attended and treated the subject on site. They then transported to the subject to the hospital.

June 7

07:53 – Complainant reports that the train is stopped on the track and traffic is backing up. Members informed the caller that this was not a police matter. **** It is assumed that the train eventually moved down the track on its travels. 09:16 – Call to the detachment to report a John Deere riding lawnmower was in the caller’s driveway in the morning. John Deere was contacted and provided the owner’s information. The owner confirmed that the tractor had been stolen and it was subsequently returned. 10:23 – Complainant called to report a co-worker who was driving without a license. 14:21 – A call from “Mr. Traffic” regarding the fact that it was snowing on Hwy 16 and drivers were driving with only daytime drivers. The public should be informed that they should turn on their lights during such weather. *** Thank you “Mr. Traffic” 23:31- Members were dispatched to a noise complaint in Mundare. Patrols were made, however, the source of the noise complaint was not located. 23:17 & 00:57 – Members were dispatched to a second call regarding a relationship disagreement. The first

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JUNE 12, 2019

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Heritage House Spring Festival Showcases Indigenous Culture Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Heritage House believes in being inclusive similar to how the indigenous culture values unity, brotherhood, and respect for everyone. Hence, Heritage House (Points West Living Vegreville Seniors) Spring Festival was a free event which over 156 people from all ages attended. This festival began with a BBQ fundraiser for The Saddle Lake Eagle Healing Lodge. After this, there was a Pow-wow which featured native dancers and drummers from The Youth Dance Troop which is out of Saddle Lake and were Organizer and drummer, Darcy McGilvery, Draydon CardinalMcGilvery, Facilitator drummer, Aaron McGilvery, drummers-Ethan Pasquayak, Laren McGilvery, Dancers from Team Boy Traditional-Dakota Raine, Team Girl Jiggle, Shalayna McGilvery, and dancersJohn Sauve, Sunita Tootoosis. Darcy McGilvery welcomed everyone while he explained the stories and symbolization of the dance

costumes, dances, and drumming, as well as, how some of these were used in healing ceremonies. The beauty and spirituality of the drumming was indescribable with its expression and radiance. At the closing, everyone who was able to was

requested to join in a circle dance. All the dancers and drummers shook hands with, met, and spoke to everyone at the end of their performances. Later, people of all ages participated in the free games and activities where they won delicious prizes of cotton candy and chocolate bars. Don and Pat Priggs who came from Edmonton to attend the event and tour Heritage Heights said they thought the performance was great because of the way the dancers and drummers were so really to share their culture. “I think it is wonderful for us to see and be able to appreciate their gifts. It was nice because this is a small setting. Then their indigenous culture is so colorful.

There was also a healing ceremony because God knows we all need that. They were so friendly and wanted to speak to all of us. Also, Don and Pat Priggs both went on a tour of Heritage Heights and they said they really liked the independent living facility.



ANNIVERSARY We would like to congratulate


on her 20th Anniversary with Wiebe Insurance. Julie, it has been a total pleasure having you in the office. We are so grateful for your contribution and dedication to our organization. You are a rare gem. Congratulations on this special milestone!

Coom Com mee by

Friday June 14th from 12 pm - 2 pm for donuts & coffee

too cel ceelleeebbra brat attee our ouur 8th Anniversary!

Chad Hiob DD

5117 - 50 Street, Vegreville, AB


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JUNE 12, 2019

The Last Straw Arthur Beaudette News Advertiser - Opinion

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastics

This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government will ban single-use plastics — which could include bags, straws and cutlery — in Canada in 2021 at the earliest. There is currently no official list of plastics, but sources have said that items such as cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, and balloon sticks. Polystyrene products such as cups and takeout food containers are also said to be on the list. Even though, I know that when I flush something down the toilet it doesn’t end up in the Pacific Ocean or the St. Lawrence River, there is a case to be made for banning plastics. I’m not sure 2021 is realistic, however, and it seems our current government isn’t rooted in reality. This decision comes on the heels of a decision by the European Parliament who banned single-use plastic in March of this year with a target of recycling 90% of plastic beverage containers by 2029. Not long after in May, the UK placed a plastic ban to be in place by 2020. Trudeau’s government stated they will work with companies that use or create plastic to set targets on waste. We have to wonder what that will look like. Walk through any

Name: Elsie Kisilevich Occupation: Community Volunteer Likes: My family, driving Dislikes: Rude people, arguing.

store and you can see plastic on almost every shelf. Despite all of our efforts, much like taxing carbon, one must question how our reductions will benefit the planet with large polluters such as China, India and the USA making no changes. Stopping the use of plastics in a few parts of the world simply is not enough when your plastic water bottle might take 450 years to decompose. There are also a number of Canadian companies who are at the forefront of plastics recycling technology. This comes in various forms, but if you read about companies such as BBL Energy Inc., Loop™ Industries, Enviroplast Inc., Pyrowave, GreenMantra®, and others you can see that there is a real possibility for Canada to be on the forefront of managing the world’s plastic problem. Our governments could create a Canadian “X-Prize” for plastics recycling and offer up prizes to Canadian companies like the ones mentioned above. I’m sure any number of environmental groups and scientists would volunteer to set the parameters and vet the results. Winning companies could be awarded $1 Million in cash for hitting milestones and also be awarded government contracts for recycling our own plastics. From there we could grow the industry into one that would be a profit center capable of importing plastics to be recycled. This would Unfortunately, that would take some imagination and effort. It’s much easier to penalize people rather than encourage them. Just tax us and give away our money to foreign billionaires and superpowers. Tell me what you think. Email me at

JUNE 12, 2019

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Question of the Week.... Can I bring my old furniture to the Hazardous Household Waste Roundup on June 15th? To vote go to and vote on the poll on homepage or stop by the Town office

Do you know what permits may be required? You may be thinking about doing some summer projects in and around your house, like a deck, a fence or a shed. Do you know what permits may be required? Did you know??? Accessory buildings over 100 sq.ft. require a Building and a Development Permit, but did you know that structures under 100 sq.ft. still require a Development Permit? foundation type doesn’t matter, skid foundation (temporary) still require a building permit. Did you Know??? All decks that are over 24” inches in height from ground to decking, or any deck that is covered and/or enclosed requires a Building Permit. All other decks require a development permit to ensure that the required setbacks are being met. Did you Know??? A Development Permit is required to construct or rebuild a fence, again, this is the ensure that the fence is built either on or within your own property. Did you Know??? You require a Building Permit to install a Hot Tub The Requirements of the Alberta Building Code and the

Town’s Land Use Bylaw are not put in place to make life difficult; they are put in place for your safety. These requirements even protect you when your selling your property. Building permits and Development Permits are required for most major construction projects. These projects include new buildings, additions, renovations, alterations, repairs, relocations, demolitions, or the change of use in an existing building. Building Permits ensure you are in compliance with the Alberta Building Code which illustrates safe construction processes and practices. These projects are inspected by a certified Safety Codes Officer. A Development Permit ensures that the project you are putting your hard-earned money into is compliant with the location, type and size requirements that are within the Town’s Land Use Bylaw.

Other types of permits:

Plumbing Permits Gas Permits Electrical Permits

Vegreville Co-op Customer Appreciation and Dividend Day

Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Vegreville and District Co-op gave back to its members and the community on their June 7’s Customer Appreciation and Dividend Day when Past and Present Board of Directors handed out $154,680 in equity cheques to its members on purchases made in 2018. There were additional treats at this event which included well-kept vintage vehicles in the Co-op Parking Lot from the Iron Runners Car Show, free donuts and coffee, as well as, a chance to purchase a beef on a bun to help out CALS Breakfast Club of Vegreville which is a local non-profit program Vegreville that provides a mid-morning snack to 600 elementary school students in our community.

Vegreville TOWN OF


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JUNE 12, 2019

from the pages of the vegreville observer

Compiled by Dan Beaudette

90 Years Ago – June 12, 1929

The Vegreville Tailoring Company, hitherto located just east of the

post office, is removing this week to new premises on door south

of J.C. Clements’ grocery on Main street opposite the Prince

Edward Hotel. They have an interesting announcement in this issue, setting forth special bargains in fine, hand-tailored suits

which they are offering in connection with their removal. The firm, comprising Messrs. W. Zaruby and W. Pauk, have been in business

here for several years. They have gained a very favorable reputation for excellent workmanship and square dealings.

George Bennett, of Mannville, one of the directors of the Alberta

Wheat Pool, was the chief speaker at a well-attended meeting of pool members held in the town hall on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Bennett gave a detailed outline of the activities of the pool during

the past season. A.W. Fraser, Pool delegate from this sub-district, spoke on the work and duties of a district representative.

The Regal oil and Refining Co. Ltd. of Calgary, are constructing a

warehouse and erecting oil tanks just west of the C.N. freight sheds on the south side of the track.

75 Years Ago - June 14, 1944

Testing is still going on at the oil well, with promise of another

well being drilled further north of Innisfree.

Home on leave to their respective families are these two airmen;

AC Wm. Mokray, stationed at Claresholm, and Cpl. Doug McKenzie, of Dafoe, Saskatchewan.

Why should Vegreville have a swimming pool? For many years out

Public Health Officer has cautioned the community against the use of the “swimming hole.” It is a health menace of the first water

(dirty Water) that could very readily spread disease throughout the community; also, the ever-present danger that precious lives may be lost.

Plans for the construction of a hospital in the Two Hills area are

progressing favourably. At a recent municipal meeting, a resolution to petition the Minister of Public Health to approve the proposed boundary, was passed.

Johnny and Michael Lemiski, former proprietors of the Winfield

Hotel, recently disposed of, have purchased the leading hotel at Vernon, B.C., which they will commence to operate about August 1.

50 Years Ago – June 12, 1969

Town Council discussed the matter of barracks and accommoda-

tion in Vegreville for the R.C.M.P. with police force representatives at the regular meeting on Monday night. Spokesman for the force

was Mr. T. Crawshaw who explained that accommodations for at

least sixteen men was required. An expenditure of from $80,000 to $100,000 was estimated. The discussion brought forth a rumor that perhaps a federal public building would be erected in Vegreville that would accommodate the R.C.M.P., Post Office and other federal agencies in the town.

National League Baseball has taken on a new interest with the

addition of the first Canadian team…the Montreal Expos. Whether

they’ll make it to the World Series during their first season is debatable … but the fans are out there rooting all the same.

A.H. Wynnychuk has been appointed week inspector for the town

and his duties commenced this week. Mr. Wynnychuk is an old

hand at this work and suggest that anyone requiring his assistance phone him.

Despite gusty winds, seventy one persons took part in the twen-

ty-one Miles for Millions March on May 24th in order to raise

money for the Mentally Handicapped school in Vegreville. The march was not a race but an event symbolizing our understanding of the needs of others.

25 Years Ago – June 15, 1994

A trench caving in has claimed the life of a Lavoy man. Cornelius

de Heer, 34, was killed when a nine foot trench he was digging caved in on him. According to RCMP news release, de Heer was

digging the trench with a backhoe and apparently left the machine.

Letters Welcomed

One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Government Spending must be a Federal Election Issue By Jake Fuss, Tegan Hill, and Jason Clemens The Fraser Institute As the fall federal election approaches, political commentators will bombard Canadians with sometimes misleading rhetoric. But Canadians need facts, not fiction, to make well-informed decisions. Such rhetoric undermines the public’s understanding of good policy and on one key issue, creates confusion around the size and role of Canada’s federal government in recent history. Appropriate size of government is critical, as it shares a close relationship with economic growth. Two measures can properly determine the size of the federal government: spending (as a share of the economy) or per person spending (adjusted for inflation). Immediately after taking office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau increased program spending. As a share of the economy, federal program spending increased from 13 per cent in 2014 to 13.9 per cent in 2015. At the end of this government’s term in October, this year’s federal budget projects program expenses will reach 14.3 per cent of gross domestic product. So the share of government spending has increased (relative to economic growth) since the last federal election. Similarly, per-person spending (inflation adjusted) immediately jumped from $7,740 in 2014 to $8,282 by the end of 2015. In 2018, per-person program spending (inflation adjusted) reached $8,869, the highest point in Canadian history, including the Great Depression, the 2009 recession and both world wars. Clearly, under the Trudeau Liberals, the size of the federal government has increased. Yet the size of government can’t be branded by political party. Prime Minister Stephen Harper also increased the size of the government. According to data

from the federal Department of Finance, the Harper Conservatives increased per-person spending (inflation adjusted) from $6,992 in 2005 to $7,740 in 2014 – an increase of 10.7 per cent. Prior to Harper taking office in 2006, federal government spending as a share of the economy was 12.5 per cent. By the end of his tenure, Harper had increased spending (as a share of GDP) to 13.0 per cent. No matter how you slice it, the Harper Tories increased the size of the federal government. The expansion of government under both Harper and Trudeau stands in stark contrast to the reform period led by Liberal Jean Chretien. By the end of his tenure as prime minster, Chretien had reduced the size of government (as a share of GDP) from 17.1 per cent in 1992-93 to 12.5 per cent in 2003. Moreover, in 1999-00 and 2000-01, federal program spending as a share of the economy was reduced to 11.8 per cent – a level not seen in decades. Per-person spending tells a similar story. Before Chretien took office in 1993, per-person program spending was $6,995. At its lowest point, Chretien reduced this number to $5,806. Although per-person spending inched up to $6,670 near the end of his tenure, the amount was still lower than when he took office. Some political commentators may suggest a Liberal government means more spending and larger government, but that’s not necessarily the case. Chretien reduced the size of government during his time in office. As Canadians prepare to vote in the fall, it’s crucial to remember both the importance of sound fiscal policies – balanced budgets, smart and prioritized government spending, and competitive taxes – and the history of previous governments. The resounding economic success of the Chretien government can serve as an ideal model for future governments, regardless of the party.

JUNE 12, 2019

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The Future Belongs to the Brave VCHS Class of 2019 Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent To complete a person’s high school is a brave undertaking. The 60 graduates from Vegreville Composite High School (VCHS) showcased their confidence and poise to enter the real world at the VCHS Graduation Ceremony at Vegreville Social Centre on June 8. Perfectly fitting, the theme was the future does not belong to the fainthearted, it belongs to the brave.

The Masters of Ceremony, Hannah Cressman and Kody Palamarek presented the opening remarks where they acknowledged that the Social Centre is on treaty six territories. Kristen Baldwin, Brittney McKay, and Dylan Vadnais then sang O’Canada. The Introduction of the Graduands then played a song which represented each graduate’s personality as they entered the stage. After this, EIPS Trustee, Randy Footz encouraged the Class of 2019 to live their lives with courage, honor, kindness, character, and humanity. Be brave enough to live your lives according to your own ideals and principles rather than the expectations and opinions of others.

Mrs. Brunet then read a message on behalf of MP Shannon Stubbs which said never take the memories spent with friends for granted. Accept that you will lose in life and learn from it. When you do fall, choose to fall forward, never fall backward. Take some risks. Fort-Saskatchewan/Vegreville MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk’s address said their journey will have many twists and turns. They need to know its okay to follow another path. Don’t waste your life, living someone else’s life. “I want you to take the enthusiasm that surrounds you tonight, out into the world; true friendship is a gift; always care about yourself, your family, friends, and the world.” Town of Vegreville Mayor, Tim MacPhee went on to give five pieces of advice; be true to yourself, be kind, have fun but make some good choices, have a backbone, and make sure to call your mom. Superintendent of EIPS, Mark Liguori’s address was about how what makes people successful on whatever endeavor they choose is to be truly and meaningfully connected to people. “Your next phase in life is just a phase. You’re smart, inquisitive and innovative. You’re technologically savvy. You will develop immeasurable skills as you go forward and will surprise yourself with your resilience. Make sure to fully use your talents and give back to your community.” The emcees went on to say they had good teachers which helped them feel they were not alone and they always had someone to fall back on. “The world truly does need people who will set up a course and pursue that course undaunted and undeterred despite doubt, fear, and resistance. This is how great things are accomplished. You are the brave we need in the world,” VCHS Principal, Rod Leatherdale said.

After this, Jordan Moroz led everyone in grace before they enjoyed the delightful banquet. Next, the Guest Speaker, Tyler Van Berkel who is a former gym teacher for VCHS entered the stage where he requested that graduates Brittney McKay and Brody Wakaruk helped him with his humorous and serious presentation on how school already prepared students for life and how they can use the tools they gained for their new journey. In Kate Giebelhaus’s Tribute to the Teachers, she mentioned humorous and serious antecedes when the students traveled through different grades with their teachers. “Through your continuous efforts and support, you have guided us to success. You have given us opportunities to share our identities, our morals, and our values, and because of you, we are ready for the future.” Teacher Glenn Brophy’s reply stated failure is a master part of people being successful and people need to embrace it, be unstoppable, and learn from it. Carson Brunet presented the Tribute to the Parents where he thanked the parents for having a huge impact to their success. Juanita Brunet gave the Parent’s Reply where she said the graduates

need to remember all the fun times they had together and she is confident they will remember all the lessons they learned from their parents, teachers, and classmates. The Valedictorians Kristen Baldwin and Dylan Vadnais’s Address said it had been a pleasure to grow up with all their classmates. They told the grads to be truly brave in all their endeavors and to take risks. To be truly great; you first must be scared and vulnerable. We will face a world that needs our strength. After this was the Formal March of Graduates where it was announced what each grad plans to pursue in the future which continued on with the cap toss.


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JUNE 12, 2019

Lamont County Appreciates Seniors Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser On Thursday, June 6, Lamont County FCSS Senior’s Appreciation BBQ’s made its way into Mundare to celebrate the volunteerism and community spirit of its senior citizens. Sara Rinder, with the Lamont and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), called for a round of applause for all seniors do in the community before announcing to the crowd in attendance that FCSS has done BBQ in Mundare for 13 years, 10 of which have been at the Senior’s Centre. “I think we all can say we’re thankful for their support of this event.” Also in attendance among the FCSS volunteers and the guests of honour, FCSS Board members from municipalities Irene Talaga (Mundare Town Council Representative) and Carol Lynn Babiuk, Lamont County Health Facilitator, who Rinder thanked for their support of FCSS and seniors in the community. For provincial Senior’s Appreciation Week, hosted BBQs in Lamont Bruderheim, Andrew, and Mundare to show appreciation, and invited everyone to come in out of the rain and have a good time. “Believe it or not, Mundare is actually our busiest town for senior’s BBQs,” said Rinder. Served hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, and watermelon in classic BBQ fashion. Silver and Gold, local band, performed all throughout lunch. “They’ve been coming out for years,” commented Rinder. “The band is headed by Charlie Gargus, former Mundare mayor, who has been a huge community advocate for us for years. We really appreciate their support.” About the importance of celebrating

Seniors, Rinder said, “In small-town Alberta, our seniors are our largest volunteer base, at least from what we can see in Lamont County, so we need to understand that after individuals retire, they still can contribute to the community. They have a ton of invaluable skills, and an amazing culture out here with our Ukrainian background. They have so much to contribute, and we need to recognize them for that.” People who attended said that they enjoyed the music and the food. Some said that they were happy to be there to enjoy the company. A survey was handed to each event patron so that they could provide feedback for consideration to the next event.

JUNE 12, 2019

In Full... Bloom?

News Advertiser reader Sandra Olson sent in this photo of her lilac bush in full bloom. She says it normally grows to be ten feet high.”I just wanted to share this glorious Alberta weather picture.” Summer flowers and other sights? Send us your garden photos to

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JUNE 12, 2019

Two Hills District 4-H Show and Sale Jennifer Jacula General Leader, Myrnam 4-H Club Vice President, Two Hills 4-H Beef Committee On June 3rd, the Myrnam 4-H Beef/ Multi-Club hosted the Two Hills District 4-H Show and Sale. All us kids were up early starting to wash, blow and finish up those last minute clippings. Members helped other members get ready for the show a great sense of true 4-H was in the air. The Willingdon club brought their multi-club displays and two Willingdon members took part in the judging class. After a hearty Breakfast served and donated by Nutrien, we started the show with the 4-H pledge and O’ Canada. The stands were full of our supporters, family, and friends. We did judging first, followed by the female classes and on to the market steers after lunch. The lunch was sponsored by Richardson Pioneer. The results for the district show are as follows: Conformation Judge: Toby Noble, Hillmond, SK Showmanship & Grooming Judge: Josh Phillips, Australia Ringman: Connor Yackimec, Beauvallon, AB


Seniors – 1st Seth Trynchuk, 2nd Ashlynn Lastiwka Intermediates – 1st Hannah Saruk, 2nd Karsen Trynchuk Juniors – 1st Brodie Pashulka, 2nd Hannah Saruk

Yearling Heifer

Champion - Madison Bykewich Reserve - Champion Seth Trynchuk Two Year Old Cow/Calf Pair Champion – RaeBecca Pashulka Supreme Champion Female – Madison Bykewich Reserve Supreme Female – Seth Trynchuk Cleaver Calves: Sophia Jacula, Austin Garnier, Aleera Logozar

Market Steer Weight Classes

Split One – Seth Trynchuk, Caitlin Jacula Split Two – Madison Bykewich, RaeBecca Pashulka Split Three – Harlen Saskiw, Brodie Pashulka


Senior - 1st Seth Trynchuk Intermediate – 1st Harlen Saskiw, 2nd Karsen Trynchuk Junior – 1st Brodie Pashulka, 2nd Ayden Lapaschuk


Senior - 1st Seth Trynchuk Intermediate – 1st Harlen Saskiw, 2nd Karsen Trynchuk Junior – 1st Brodie Pashulka, 2nd Ayden Lapaschuk Market Swine – Madison Bykewich

Grand Champion Market Steer – Harlen Saskiw Reserve Champion Market

Steer – Brodie Pashulka Bill Taschuk Memorial Award for Rate of Gain – Brodie Pashulka Logozar Memorial Scholarships – Seth Trynchuk, Ashlynn Lastiwka At the end of the sale there were hardly any dry eyes. The kids had their last few moments with their calves and expressed their thank you to their buyers for supporting their 4-H club and recognizing their hard work. We would like to thank Kevin and Bob from B&R Eckel’s for cooking the burgers for the lunch and Donna Lopaschuk for making the potato salad. Also, a few others to mention for helping make the day go on without a hitch: Connor Yackimec, Miles Wowk, M.J Wowk, Gord Misick, Sylvia Lapaschuk, Pat Yackimec, Connie Gueutal, Linda Taschuk, and Hannah Saruk. Thank you all for your help. Our sale averaged $2.81 and the pig sold for $2.30. A big thank you to all of our steer buyers: Insight Wealth, Northern Livestock Sales, Deerland, Agland, Peterson Farms, B&R Eckel’s Transport, Webb’s Machinery, Vermilion Packers, Location Cats, Betty & Ernie Trynchuk, and Diamond 7 Meats. Thank you to Agriterra Dewberry for buying the pig.

JUNE 12, 2019

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VCHS takes Sherwood Park Track Meet by Storm Adrienne Mills Vegreville Composite High School Vegreville Composite had 35 junior High students compete in the EIPS Division track meet in Sherwood Park May 22nd. With many students achieving a personal best in their events, it was a very successful day! Five athletes finished in the top two and were advanced to the Zone Track Meet in St. Albert June 4th. They competed in a very competitive field – and came away with an incredible five medals! Colton E won gold in senior high jump, Krystin O won gold in junior girls shot put, Liam D was awarded silver in senior discus, Aaron M won silver in intermediate 1500m, and Adam L won bronze in junior 1500m.

May 29’s U15 Boys Soccer Game Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent The U15 Vegreville Boys Soccer team had a home game against the U15 St. Paul’s boys where St Paul won 5-3. “Despite the result, the boys have started to play much better. They’ve started passing the ball around a lot more and are realizing they can’t do it all themselves. Rylan Ferguson, Aaron Noel and Drayden Van der Torre all scored. We’ve got a lot of first year players so we’re just hoping to see improvement every game. They’re a very hard working group of boys,” Coach for U15 Vegreville Boys Soccer team, Rory Sperling said.


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JUNE 12, 2019

JUNE 12, 2019

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2019 Father’s Day Event

Derek Fox Vegreville Agricultural Society Stay tuned for the always exciting Father’s Day Event at the Fair Grounds in Vegreville on Sunday June 16th. This funfilled family outing is sponsored by Vegreville Auto & Industrial Supply Ltd. (Bumper to Bumper) and is a joint effort of the Vegreville Agricultural Society and the Iron Runners Auto Club. Gates open at 10am and the show runs until 5pm. It’s an exhilarating day of fun for people of all ages with several activities for everyone to enjoy along with great food and great displays. Make sure to catch all of the action at the ‘Demo-Derby’ sponsored by Grant Miller Motors. There are several “smash-‘em-up” events to bring thrills to your afternoon with $10,000 in prize money from the Father’s Day Event Committee, plus trophies to keep. The ‘Damage will be Done’ on the track starting at noon. Call Ken @ 632-1994

On the grandstand, young folk are looking forward again to the ‘Power Wheels Derby’ sponsored by ‘Flash Distributors NAPA’. This event will take place between the heats and will help create the Demo Derby Drivers of the future! Back again this year to add to your grandstand thrills are the ‘Lawn Mower Races’. You know they’re crazy by the way these drivers speed around in those little mowers but its’ fun for sure! Make sure you treat yourself to the ‘Show n’ Shine’ sponsored by McDonald’s. This fan-favourite features over 150 antique autos and trucks restored to their original glory for your enjoyment. Joining the cars and trucks again this year will be the always interesting ‘Rat-Rods’ and the spooky ‘Bone-Wagons’.

JUNE 12, 2019

To add some extra excitement and incentive to the ever popular ‘Show n’ Shine’, Vegreville Auto & Industrial Supply Ltd. (Bumper to Bumper) is sponsoring $1,000 of prize money with $250 each going to the ‘Best in Show’, the oldest driver, the youngest driver, and the driver that travelled the farthest! As part of the ‘better every year!!’ Father’s Day Event, we also feature the always popular ‘Antique Tractor Display’ brought to you by Deerland, the larger than life ‘Big-Rig Semi’s brought to you by Predator Logistics, and the fantastic display of dozens of ‘Antique Snowmobiles’ brought to you by Vegreville Mechanical. And you won’t want to miss the amazing display of ‘Vintage and Custom Motorcycles’ sponsored by Vantage Builders and Vantage Building Supplies. This will feature several beautifully restored and customized motorcycles for you to look at and dream about! These folks sure take ‘Pride in their Ride’. The Multiplex (Curling Rink) will again be filled with a ‘Dazzling Display of Amazing Garden Scale and awardwinning HO Scale Model Railroads’. And new this year is the Rotary Club Dunk-Tank. Step up and soak your favourite celebrity!! Family Fun for young and old! All of this, plus great food and vendors displaying and selling their unique and interesting items at our ‘MiniMarket Trade Show’ just for you and your family at our Annual Father’s Day Event in Vegreville Sunday June 16th. Hope to see you there and please bring a friend or two!!!

JUNE 12, 2019

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Holden Farmers Day year,” Kostyk said, “It’s really just about working together to create a great experience for families to enjoy themselves in our great community.” Some of the sponsors and businesses involved were Nu2U The Gallery, the Fire Hall, the Holden Hall Association, Economic Development Committee, The Village of Holden office, Holden Agricultural Society. As well, the townwide train ride was donated, and a group in Ryley donated the inflatables. Despite great turnout to the event in the past, things started out a little slower this year. “The weather is discouraging people a little because most of the activities are typically set up outside,” explained Kostyk. “But later in the day we still have a lot going on, so who knows?” All funds went to pay for this year’s event so that Farmer’s Day can continue to be one of the most significant day for the Holden community annually.

Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser Holden’s biggest annual event returned on June 8 with fun Farmers Day activities for everyone. The day was kicked off with a pancake breakfast, followed by the parade and the opening of other events. From noon onwards, the Holden Complex attracted visitors for children’s games and activities, the Farmer’s Day Market, Holden Multi Club 4-H Achievement Day, a concession, and more. Throughout the village, businesses and organizations took part in the celebration, with a sale at the NU2U2 consignment store, a Fire Department Demonstration, Legion Hall Bar and Kubie Burgers. As well, the Holden Museum and The Gallery were open for visitors throughout the day. Later in the afternoon, a free family movie was available at the Paragon Theatre. When evening rolled around, adult games such as darts and beer pong added a fun twist to the hall activities. A community supper, musical entertainment, and free hot dogs and pop kept the action rolling until a fireworks display ended the day with a bang. Throughout the day, a Holden Passport with stamps for visiting different places and activities was available for everyone to eventually qualify for a door prize draw in their age bracket. Many of the draw items were donated by Busy Bee in Tofield. Amber Kostyk, an organizer of the Farmers Day event, said that it was a community effort for families to come to have fun all throughout the day. “Lots of local organizations donated time, energy, and resources to put on the event, and each marketplace vendor paid a small fee to contribute to Farmers Day expenses so that we can pay off this


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JUNE 12, 2019

Myrnam 4-H Achievement Day see, Thank you to Megan Saruk our scrapbook leader for helping the girls create these wonderful memory-filled books. The Baking club made a bunch of treats for Achievement day showcasing delicious cookies. Thank you to Lyndsey Pashulka our baking leader for teaching us to bake cookies, pies and many other delicious treats, and for constantly reminding us to wash our hands after tasting the batter! Snowmobiling projects were showcased as well as all the events that they attend-

June Myrnam 4-H Beef/MultiClub report RaeBecca Pashulka Club Reporter – Myrnam 4-H Well, that is a wrap! We have had our 4-H achievement day and sale. We would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors, supporters, parents, and everyone that helped make our day a success. June 2, 2019, we had our club achievement day at the Myrnam Arena. All the members from the 4-H club showcased their projects. We had the Scrapbooking club scrapbooks on showcase for all to ed and what they enjoyed about all the time spent on their snowmobiles. Honourable mention to Sheldon Tomusiak the snowmobile leader for reminding the members about snow-

JUNE 12, 2019

mobile safety and how to properly handle their machines, and to our Beef and General Leader Jennifer Jacula for all her hard work organizing, her countless hours making sure everything went smoothly and being our biggest fan throughout the show and sale. Another mention to our assistant leaders Tanya Saskiw and Lyndsey Pashulka for the hugs of support and high fives along the way. Now on to our Beef club results: Judge: Jonathan Klutz, Vermilion, AB


Junior – 1st Brodie Pashulka, 2nd Olivia Saruk Intermediate – 1st RaeBecca Pashulka, 2nd Caitlin Jacula Senior - 1st Seth Trynchuk

Multi-Club Project Displays

Junior – 1st Olivia Saruk, 2nd Luke Wagner, 3rd Lili Wagner Intermediate – 1st Hannah Saruk, 2nd Grace Crundwell

Yearling Heifer

Champion - Seth Trynchuk Reserve – Karsen Trynchuk Cleaver Calf Projects – Sophia Jacula, Austin Garnier Swine Project – Madison Bykewich Two Year Old Cow-Calf Pair Champion – RaeBecca Pashulka Supreme Champion Female – Seth Trynchuk Reserve Supreme Female – RaeBecca Pashulka


Junior - 1st Brodie Pashulka Intermediate - 1st Jaeanna Saskiw, 2nd Harlen Saskiw Senior – 1st Seth Trynchuk


Junior - 1st Brodie Pashulka Intermediate - 1st Jaeanna Saskiw, 2nd Harlen Saskiw Senior – 1st Seth Trynchuk Grand Champion Market Steer – Brodie Pashulka Reserve Champion Market Steer – Harlen Saskiw After the club achievement day, the Two Hills 4-H Club joined us to get

ready for the District Show and Sale. At weigh-in everyone was excited to see how their steers weighed up and see what their rate of gain was. We had fun getting that Swine project to the scale but he weighed in at a whopping 343lbs. The pig, Chris P. Bacon, will fill someone’s freezer! We had our District beef meeting

after weigh-in, finishing up a few last minute things. When all the animals were fed and watered the district kids got together for a game of bean bag toss and snacks. To me, this is the best part of 4-H getting to spend time with other members creating great friendships and memories. The Myrnam Ag Society played a key

News Advertiser PAGE 17 role in supporting our club and letting us use the arena for all of our club events all year long. We have our club wind up and sponsor appreciation supper on June 25 and we are taking a club fun trip to the Edmonton Zoo on June 15. I have enjoyed my year as club reporter, see you next year!


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JUNE 12, 2019


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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, Is common courtesy a thing of the past? I went to look at a truck I found in the classifieds. As I test drove it with the owner, we noticed that the low fuel light came on so we pulled into a gas station. He filled up the tank, which cost him almost $85. I thought it was a very nice thing to do since he was selling the vehicle. After the test drive, I bought the truck without even negotiating the price, since he just filled up the tank. However, when I came to pick it up just 48 hours later, the tank was almost empty. The mileage didn't increase that much so I'm guessing he siphoned the gas out! Isn't it common courtesy to sell a car with a full tank of gas? I took the truck anyway, but now I'm wondering if I should have spoken up about it.

• • •

Cash: Today, gas is

an expensive subject. Most people can't tell you the price per gallon of milk or orange juice, but they know the price of gasoline around town. Carry: Some local newspapers and radio stations have started helping consumers by listing the gas stations with the lowest prices.

Fast Facts Calculating MPG

Have you ever wondered how manufacturers calculate the "around town" and "highway" miles per gallon that they advertise? The ratings are actually derived in a laboratory. The drive wheels of a vehicle are placed on a machine called a dynamometer that simulates driving on a road, much like an exercise bike simulates cycling. Then, a professional driver runs the vehicle through standard procedures mimicking typical city and highway driving. The amount of carbon in the exhaust is measured to determine the mileage ratings.

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 06/09/19 09/02/12 ®® ©TheClassified ClassifiedGuys Guys ©The

Cash: While it may be nice to buy a car with a full tank of gas, it certainly is not a requirement. In fact, considering the recent prices, it's probably a rarity. Carry: For many people selling a car is already a financial loss due to depreciation. Although they may be happy to see the car go, they'll probably still try to save a few dollars by using up the gasoline before it's sold. Cash: Anytime you buy a vehicle, remember that you're buying the miles left in the car, not the gas in the tank. You should avoid basing your negotiations on the gasoline level.

Driving Costs

Since most of us don't track how much we spend in gasoline each year, it may be surprising to learn that the average household spends 8% of their annual income, before taxes, on gasoline for their cars. Depending on where you live or work, that amount could be even more. Those living in urban areas can expect an average of $3,500/year or more. Those living in more rural areas should expect to pay even more. That's enough to make you want to ride a bicycle!

Carry: Although as a kid, I remember owning a few clunkers that doubled in value every time I filled up the tank! Cash: Now since you did take the full tank of gas into account in your offer, you should have let the seller know that it was part of the bargain. At minimum you should have mentioned it when you picked up the truck so the two of you could have worked it out then. That way if the seller seemed dishonest, you still could have walked away from the deal. Carry: On the bright side, at least he left you enough gas to drive it home!

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Reader Humor Expensive Dating

Every now and then I get together with my best friend to discuss our latest dates. At our last dinner she was telling me about a guy she just met. On their first date he took her to the park so they could watch the sunset. On the second date they went to the movies, but he suggested they go "Dutch". "That's when I started thinking he was a little cheap," she explained. "But I thought I'd give him another chance. On the third date he called me up and said he just bought a new car. To celebrate he was going to pick me up and take me somewhere expensive." "That sounds promising," I said. "Where did he take you?" To her dismay, she replied, "The gas station!" (Thanks to Marie A.)

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PERSONAL Everything you want to know about the Sabbath but were told not to ask or call 6323746

JUNE 12, 2019

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Vegreville Lions Club Project Pride

2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 superb condition. Low km. $7,700. 780-632-2334

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Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Vegreville Lions Club helped Grade One students understand why they should be proud to be Canadian when they presented Project Pride to these students at A.L. Horton School on May 13 and St. Martin’s School on May 30.

This event began with District Governor for Lions Club, Frances Sawiak, President of Vegreville Lions Club, Percy Stark, and Board Member of Vegreville Lions Club, Debbie Uskiw handing out cloth Canadian Flag to the children. After this, Stark read the reasons why the Canada flag is so important and being Canadian is significant. Some of the statements he read were: “I was born in freedom. I am especially proud to be worn by our international peacekeepers-Canadian men and women of our armed services, doing their very best to bring peace and stability to many troubled areas of our world. “I am a beacon of hope to the oppressed and downtrodden. I stand for tolerance and truth; honesty and humility; and most of all, I offer opportunities to millions who have come to our shores. My strength comes from our people, and I will remain strong as long as grandmothers and

grandfathers, mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters are proud of me. “I am proud to belong to you.” Following this, children were presented with a Canadian certificate and a coloring book from Vegreville Lions Club.


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JUNE 12, 2019





In Loving Memory CHUDYK, Ernest N. May 14, 1940-June 14, 2018 ”In our thoughts, you are always near, Still loved, still missed, still very dear. But happy memories we keep forever, Of days when we were all together. In Heaven you rest; no worries, no pain, In our hearts, you will always remain.” Vichnaya Pamyiat Lovingly remembered, By Lorraine and Family

GNYRA, Nancy March 2, 1922 – June 2, 2019 GNYRA, William January 11, 1920 – May 9, 2016 It is with sadness and love the family announces the passing of Nancy Gnyra formerly of Innisfree, Alberta who passed away on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at the age of 97 years. Our parents will be affectionately remembered by their family, Ron (Anne), Eugene (Arlene), Lawrence (Maxine), Lorraine (Peter) Wakaruk and Jane (Dwight) Anderson; 14 grandchildren: Christopher (Ashley), Nicholas (Michelle), Laura, Darcy (Diana), Christine (Steve), Richard (Cassandra), Caylie, Emily (Justin), Alyssa (Josh), Lorne (Connie), Russell (Vikki), Erin (Ryan), Sarah (Dale) and Katelyn (Rob); 19 greatgrandchildren. Nancy was predeceased by her loving husband William of 73 years in 2016 and her daughterin-law Carol (Anderson) Gnyra. Mom was also the last surviving child of Wasyl and Eva Fedyna; 3 brothers and four sisters from the New Kiew district. A Divine Liturgy of Christian Burial honouring our parents will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic ChurchInnisfree with Very Reverend Don Bodnar officiating. Inurnment to follow in the Innisfree Cemetery. The family is truly grateful to the doctors and caregivers at the Vegreville Care Centre for their compassion and care given to our parents in their last two and a half years. In lieu of other tributes, donations may be made to the Vegreville Care Centre – Patient Comfort Society or to a charity of one’s choice. Wishing you peace, Mom and Dad who are forever now reunited. Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very Dear. To send condolences, please visit AUTUMN ROSE FUNERAL HOME LTD. VEGREVILLE, 780-603-5800

CHMILAR, Pansy (nee Orleski) October 27, 1921 – June 7, 2019 On Friday, June 7, 2019, Pansy Chmilar of Vegreville, Alberta peacefully passed away at the age of 97 years. Pansy is survived by her loving family, daughter Sylvia; daughter-in-law Alice; 6 grandchildren Faye, Lisa (Dave) Lucyk, Lorrie (Kevin) Frebrowski, Janice Wright (Jason Frogner), Marvin (Roxann) Chmilar and Alexander (Rachel) Chmilar; 9 great-grandchildren; 2 brothers Steve (Olga) and Mike (Sophie); along with numerous relatives and friends. Pansy was predeceased by her husband Paul in 1992, 2 sons Willis and Orest; great-grandson Zachary; son-in-law Walter; parents Dmetro and Anna Orleski; brother John (Mary) Orleski; sister Molly (Nestor) Baydala. A Prayer Service will be held on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Holy Dormition of St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Sich-Kolomea (Rge Rd 155 and Twp Rd 540) where a Funeral Rite will be held on Friday, June 14, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. with Rt. Reverend Father Slawomir Lomaszkiewicz officiating. Interment to follow in Riverside Cemetery – Vegreville. Memorial donations may be made to the “Alzheimer Society c/o10430-61 Avenue, Edmonton, AB., T6H 2J3” or “STARS c/o 1441 Aviation Park NE., Calgary, AB., T2E 8M7.” Вічная Пам’ять To send condolences, please visit AUTUMN ROSE FUNERAL HOME LTD. VEGREVILLE, 780-603-5800

In Memory

In Memory FEDUN, Albert April 25, 1937 - June 11, 2018 In loving memory of a very special husband, father, Gedo and great-Gedo, Albert Fedun who passed away June 11, 2018 One sad year has gone by Since we had to say goodbye Now that Father’s Day is this Sunday It will be a very difficult day for us For it will never be the same without you Deep in our hearts your memory is kept To love and to cherish and never forget you had a special smile always, A special face and in our hearts A very special place. Your eyes that shone with love and laughter No words we speak can ever say How much we miss you everyday. To be together the same old way Would be our greatest wish today. This day is remembered and quietly kept No words are needed, we shall never forget For those we love don’t go away They walk beside us every day Unseen and unheard, but always near, So loved, so missed, and so dearly remembered. Forever loved and sadly missed by Wife Angeline, Roger, Jamie, Charlotte, Bernice, Larry, Joshua, Kate, Gabriel, Kelsey, Dallas, Erin and Addison

JACKSON, William June 1, 1958 - June 13, 2015 Grief never ends…but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith… It is the price of love. Forever Remembered and Always Loved, Wife Rachel & Family. Memory Eternal Vichnaya Pamyiat

MOROZIUK, Victoria February 17, 1935 - June 15, 2010 We lost a mother with a heart of gold, How much we miss her can never be told, She shared our troubles and helped us along, If we follow her footsteps we will never go wrong, She was a mother so very rare, Content in her home and always there, On earth she toiled, in Heaven she rests, God bless you mother you were one of the best. Forever loved and missed by the Moroziuk Family

Uncle Dennis Richard Umrysh January 24, 1956 to June 12, 2018 You were our Uncle, our Friend and a Father Figure! With a smile on your face you were always willing to lend a helping hand – never could say no to us. We goofed around – watched cartoons and movies – went gopher hunting – had wiener & marshmallow roasts – taught us to drive out in the fields and sometimes we just hung out. You were always there to listen to us, without judgement, and were always there to give us your advice and guidance. Whether we were right or wrong, you always supported us. You were like one of us, a big kid at heart – your love for us always shone through. You and auntie never had any children of your own – us nieces and nephews were your children. We miss you everyday and wish we could see your smile one last time. With Love Forever, Your Nieces and Nephews

Umrysh, Dennis Richard January 24, 1956 to June 12, 2018 My Dear Husband – my friend – love of my life. One year has passed since that sad day, when you were called away. I will never understand why you had to leave so suddenly, unfortunately, I probably never will. I listen to music – your song – our song – my song – over and over – each time I pray it will ease the pain – but the emptiness – the heartache remains. Sometimes I’m scared that I might forget – your voice – your touch – and then I realize that will never happen, your memory will last forever. I watch the hummingbirds flutter by the feeder and remember how we used to watch them and talk about growing old together - enjoying time with family and friends – we were on a journey together and suddenly it was over. A million times I have cried, wishing you were here, knowing that you were not and would not be again by my side. You will always have a special place in my heart, take care and know that I will love you forever, Your wife Marline. PS – Missy misses you too.

BABIUK, Marie June 8, 1927 – June 5, 2019 On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, Marie Babiuk of Vegreville, Alberta passed away at the age of 91 years. Marie is survived by her son Robin (Debbie) and her daughter Melanie (Gordon) Charters; special grandson, Jayson; sisters-in-law Margie Ruptash and Nancy Ruptash; sisters Katherine Grekul, Rose McCurdy, Arla Huculak, Natalka (Allan) Fedorak and Gloria (Marshall) Grekul; along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Marie was predeceased by her husband Lloyd Babiuk; parents Dick and Jennie Ruptash; three brothers Eddie Ruptash, Bill Ruptash and Andy (Rose) Ruptash; and brother-in-law Glenn McCurdy. A Funeral Rite was held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at Autumn Rose Funeral Home with Very Rev. Waysl Sapiha officiating. Interment followed in Riverside Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the “St. Joseph’s General Hospital Auxiliary.” To send condolences, please visit AUTUMN ROSE FUNERAL HOME LTD. VEGREVILLE, 780-603-5800


TKACHUK, Nellie Nellie Tkachuk passed away on June 10th, at the Two Hills Long Term Health Care Centre, two weeks before her 103rd birthday. Mourning her is her son, Laurie (Donna), Tkachuk, daughter, Donna Rudolf, son-in-law, Bob Porozni, grandsons John (Candice) Tkachuk, Michael (Kara) Tkachuk, Colin (Tanya) Porozni, Damian (Erin) Rudolf, granddaughter, Katherine Rudolf, and her partner, Nicholas Allard. Baba Nellie leaves five great grandchildren, Hannah and Isaac Porozni, and Brooke, Samantha and Lily Tkachuk. Also mourning her are two special friends, Mike O’Neil, and Russell Barrow, who gave her their constant help, support, and companionship right to the day of her demise. Nellie is predeceased by her husband, Manoly Tkachuk, her daughter, Maggie Porozni, grandson, Robby Porozni, parents, Emile and Antonia Klymok, sisters Rose Hook, Irene Antoniuk, Mary Nicolaichuk, Francis McLaughlin, brother, Paul Klymok, numerous nephews, nieces, and friends. Nellie was a unique lady who lived life on her own terms. She passed peacefully in her sleep and was lucid right to the end, knew exactly what she didn’t like and what she did like, which was church services, cooking, mushroom picking, high fashion, travelling, and casinos. Hers was a long life, thoroughly lived.....on her terms. A Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Borowich Ukrainian Orthodox Church with Rt. Rev. Father Slawomir Lomaszkiewicz officiating. Interment to follow in the church cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the Borowich Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Вічная Пам’ять To send condolences, please visit AUTUMN ROSE FUNERAL HOME LTD. VEGREVILLE, 780-603-5800

A message of Thanks in memory of EUCHUK, VICTORIA J. The Family of the late Victoria Euchuk wish to express their deep appreciation and gratitude to Very Reverend Father Mircea Panciuk, family and friends who sent prayers, memorial donations, flowers and messages of sympathy and comfort in our time of bereavement. Thank you to all who attended the Prayer Service and Funeral Service to share in remembrance and fellowship. We especially wish to thank Janet and Steve of Park Memorial Funeral Home for the kindness and support extended to the family; it will always be remembered. Thank you to the Senior Citizens Sunshine Club of Vegreville for their kindness and help and to the Willingdon cooks and helpers for the wonderful meal. Sincere appreciation to the Staff, Doctors and Nurses of the Two Hills Long Term Health Care Centre for the care they provided our Mother. Вічная Пам’ять - MEMORY ETERNAL Victoria Euchuk Family

JUNE 12, 2019

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Local Playwright Visits St. Martin’s Tracy Deal Submitted Local playwright, Nels Nelson, recently visited St. Martin’s School’s Grade 5 and 6 students to share his talent and passion for writing. He explained to the students and teachers that writing plays and organizing the production and performance of them in Vegreville each year is something that he does because it is something he really enjoys. Nels does this on his own time, in addition to working at his full-time job and raising his family with his wife. Students were very engaged by his enthusiastic and

humorous presentation (which included stories of when he too was once a student at St. Martin’s School!), while learning some of his writing tips. Very inspiring!



Contact us at 780.632.2861


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JUNE 12, 2019

Alberta Opera Presents Pinocchio at Andrew School Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser On their 300+ stop 2019 tour, Alberta Opera presented their magical adaptation of the classic story “Pinocchio” to students at Andrew School on Thursday, June 6. The Andrew Public Library brought these annual visitors to the school for another time, stating, “They really engage the children with their storytelling. We’re always happy to have them come back again.”

Andrew and Mundare Students, as well as members of the community, gathered in the Andrew School gymnasium to watch the performance. In key parts of the story, students participated by holding the “Applause!” sign or playing as characters such as inmates and jellyfish. The students in the audience applauded enthusiastically and laughed when they saw their classmates in these roles. In this adaptation of Pinocchio, the unhappy puppeteer Gepetto struggles to keep his job at the theatre while lamenting his long-lost son. When he makes a wish to have his son return, Pinocchio – one of his puppets - comes to life. Rejected by Gepetto, who only wants his real son to return, Pinocchio sets out on a mission to find him. Many elements of the writer’s own family, who come from an Italian background, were added to the production, which the actors said made it “feel more authentic.” After the musical production, the actors returned to the stage to take questions from the bright-eyed audience members about things they may have seen during the play. The students asked about set changes and other slights of hand, which the actors happily explained. They also asked how the set was built, and whether it was fun to be an actor.

JUNE 12, 2019

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the blotter - CONTINUED from PAGE 2 call involved a lottery ticket which had been given as a gift. The second call involved a disagreement over a BBQ. Members attended and mediated the situation. The male half of the couple loaded his belongings and left.

June 8

12:04 – Traffic stop conducted. It was determined that the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was issued a ticket and the vehicle was towed and seized for 30 days. 16:08 – Traffic stop conducted. The operator of the motorcycle was under a “learner’s licence,” and without a proper supervisor. A voluntary penalty of $310 was issued. 19:02 – Noise complaint in Hilliard regarding loud ATVs. Members spoke to the subjects of the compliant, who admitted to driving the ATVs. A formal warning was issued. 21:54 – Family dispute reported where 2 men were fighting in the street. Members attended and arrested the aggressor who was provided a place to stay until he was sober. He was then released without charges.

June 9

09:15 – Complaint of a stolen wallet overnight. One of the credit cards was used at a local business. An investigation was conducted, and a suspect was identified. The suspect was located, arrested and later released with documents for court. 13:09 – A call was received from Vermilion RCMP about a vehicle driving erratically and headed towards Vegreville. Members were able to intercept the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop. The driver indicated that he was in need of a bathroom and was trying to get home urgently. Due to the driver’s medical condition, members provided assistance and suggested that he plan his travels better. 17:21 – Second suspect identified related to an earlier file regarding a stolen wallet. The suspect is currently being sought.

During the week there were 79 calls for service made in total including: 2 false alarms, 2 false 911s and 0 animal strikes.

Correction – “Roaring 20s” In the Two Hills section of the May 29, 2019, edition of the Vegreville News Advertiser, an article about a fundraiser in Myrnam incorrectly stated that the event took place at “Eagle Hill Lodge.” The Roaring 20s fundraiser for the Recreation Society was at Eagle View Lodge in Myrnam, owned by the Eagle Hill Foundation.



Affordable Housing, Seniors Self Contained 1 bedroom suites, Non Smoking Buildings, No Pets, Elevator, And Security Access Must be 65

For Info Call Vegreville Senior Housing



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JUNE 12, 2019

Town of Two Hills Makes Strides towards a Productive Summer Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council for the Town of Two Hills held May 28, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. in the Two Hills Town Council Chambers Ava Clark Executive Secretary – Town of Two Hills Present were; Mayor L. L. Ewanishan, Deputy Mayor E. Sorochan, Councillor M. Tarkowski, Councillor G. Saskiw, Interim C.A.O. G. Buchanan, Executive Secretary A. Clark, C.F.O. S. Lupul, Accounts Clerk D. Boutin, Acting Public Works Foreman M. Tupechka, and 4 members in the public gallery including a reporter. Town of Two Hills Taskforce Wendy Darda, spokesperson, reported on the actions of the Task Force. On October 23, 2018 Council passed a motion to strike up a taskforce to conduct a review of salaries, remuneration, honorariums and expenses for Council and Staff of the Town. The Taskforce was made up of six residents and they held 6 meetings before coming to their conclusion. The taskforce gathered information from surrounding municipalities of the same size and economic stature. From the information they received and evaluated they found that the Town staff wages are on the low end of the salary gird as well as Council compensation should be adjusted to maintain pre-tax compensation levels. Council agreed to have administration review the budget for staff wage increases.

Public Works Report

The Public Works Foreman’s Report was provided to Council in advance for their review and presented by Acting Public Works Foreman M. Tupechka. Council asked about the tree planting plan and where Public Works needs Council assistance; Councilors are to prepare list of where they think tree planting will be most useful. The Public Works report was acknowledged as presented and incorporated into the minutes.

Chief Administrative Officer Report

The Chief Administrative Officer’s report was provided to Council in advance for their review. Council asked about the date to which Co-op is indicating they will be open; they are hoping to be ready for October. Council accepted to help fund the Grow Arena Group project up to 300,000 this year. The Chief Administrative Officer report was acknowledged as presented and incorporated into the minutes. 2019 June Municipal Leaders’ Caucus In new business, registration is now open for AUMA’s Summer 2019 Municipal Leaders’ Caucus! This year, we have changed the format of our summer Caucus to help reduce your travel time and allow us to visit more communities. Caucus will therefore consist of a one-day program. Council accepted the motion that Deputy Mayor Sorochan and Councilors Saskiw and Tarkowski attend the upcoming conference.

2019 June By-Election Update

Advertisements for the June 10 By-Election have been placed in the St. Paul Journal (May 28 and June 4), Hi-Way 16 News and the Vegreville News Advertiser (May 29 and June 5). A request was made for an advance poll and one has been scheduled for June 6. The advertisements include information on the advance poll. Council authorized an advance poll to be held in the Town Office from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on June 6, 2019.

Alberta Health Services Municipal Forum

AHS and the Yellowhead East Health Advisory Council are pleased to host a Municipal Forum in June. We would like to share information with you and get your input about some health topics of interest including Connect Care, addiction and mental health, Enhancing Care in the Community, and recruit-

ment of health professionals. We are inviting representatives from the towns, counties, and municipalities in our Health Advisory Council area. We hope you can join us, and request that you send a maximum of two members from your Council to participate. Deputy Mayor E. Sorochan moved to register Mayor Ewanishan and Councillor Tarkowski to attend. Approved.

Development Fees

A review of the Town’s current development charges shows that the fees have not been updated in at least 11 years, if not longer. Simple ongoing annual inflation has eaten into the value of the fees currently charged. Also, a review of surrounding comparable urban municipalities shows that some of the Town’s current fees are below comparable average values. Mayor Ewanishan and Councillor Tarkowski will attend.

Information Technology Services Contract

Our current Information Services support provider contract ends May 31, 2019. The current provider will no longer be able to provide IT services to the Town. A tender for IT services was prepared and distributed. One response has been received by the tender deadline. Council will award the Information Services contract to the bidder and for administration to prepare the necessary contract.

Joint Municipality Meeting

The County and Town of Two Hills and the Village of Myrnam had a meeting set for June 3rd 2019 but the County and Village are now unable to attend. The meeting of June 3rd will be deferred to later fall 2019. In Correspondence Council agreed to have Councillor Saskiw to speak on behalf of the Town on the Two Hills Canada Day Celebration.

Annual Public Meeting Notice / Bekauntmoaking fe de Opene Joaresfesaumling The Town of Two Hills is hosting an annual public meeting on June 18, 2019 at Co ouncil Chamberrs at 7:00 p.m m. Topics s include: Review of Prev vious Year’s Audited Financial Statement & Capital Projects. D’Stad Two Hills hostéiert eng jährlech ëffentlech Treffen um 18. Juni 2019 bei de Chamberr Chambers um 7:00. Bespräoke woat: Rückblick auff den geprüften Finanzbericht des vorigen Jahres und Kapitalprojjekte.

W E D N E S D AY, J u n e 12 , 2 019

RCL No. 39 Decoration Day Service Top: Branch President, Comrade Terry Kuzyk presents his message. Bottom: Flags were placed near graves to honor the war veterans who rest there. (Rosanne Fortier/photos)

See story on page 6


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JUNE 12, 2019

Vegreville Transportation Society Donation

Farmers Appreciation Breakfast

Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser On Friday, June 7, businesses in Mundare recognized the local agriculture community with a free annual pancake breakfast for farmers. From 9-noon, Servus Credit Union employees served up sausages donated by Stawnichy’s, pancakes, and coffee to their guests. Donations were also made with help from the local banking businesses, and CFCW was on-scene. Due to the pouring rain, the event was relocated to Ukrainia Park, where they could have a bit of shelter. “We were going to do it, and set up tents at the original location,” said Justine Homeniuk of Servus Credit Union, “but we decided that rather than doing that in the rain, we could just move to someplace with a

roof.” About the importance of celebrating Farmers Day, Homeniuk and other Servus Credit Union employees stated that as farmers feed the world, they thought it would be nice to feed them for one day. “Farmers are a very important part of the community. You can see some of the outlying communities that are petering out because of the fewer farmers that are in the area, and it’s sad. Local farmers are what keeps these smaller communities going.” Servus Credit Union has organized the Farmers Day breakfast for at least for the past ten years. This year, they saw a larger turnout than anticipated, especially considering the weather and change of venue.

Jane Tennant Vegreville Ladies Auxiliary The presentation of the 2019 donation of $1,000 was made to the Vegreville Transportation Society from the Vegreville Ladies Auxiliary. Accepting the donation are members of VTS; Marie Eliuk, Stacy Menzak, and Helen Henderson. Presenting the donation is Jane Tennant, Treasurer of the Auxiliary.

Vegreville Businesses Recognised

FRIDAY @ 5PM. DEADLINE FOR ALL ADS Hair Fantasies - Mayor MacPhee and Town Council members congratulated Hair Fantasies on celebrating 35 years in Vegreville and thanked them for their confidence and investment in the Vegreville community.

JUNE 12, 2019

May 23’s U9 Soccer Game Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent The May 23’s U9 Soccer Game was action-packed with determined soccer player who also seem to be enjoying playing the game. At this age group, it is more about gaining soccer skills and becoming passionate about participating in soccer than keeping or announcing the score. One of the Coaches for the U9 Soccer Team, Tracy Ezio said her vision for the team is she just wants the kids to play as a team and help each other out. It is a great team and she just want them to have fun and enjoy the season.

The other Coach, Colleen Davis said, “From game 1-2, I feel that our Purple Fury Players, have made a lot of progress with their passing play and offensive attack at the goal. The highlight is seeing the “team play”, their great work ethic and just hearing from them the positives we can take from each game. My vision for our team is playing as a cohesive unit, that each team member supports the other players on the team and that we have fun. I want each player to feel that they have developed better skills over the season and that they have been an essential part of a great team.”

Vegreville Businesses Recognised Mayor MacPhee and Town Council members congratulated Capri Hair Salon on celebrating 35 years in Vegreville and thanked them for their confidence and investment in the Vegreville community. Missing from photo: Jackie ArmstrongHomeniuk.

These soccer players are playing hard while they seem to be enjoying themselves too. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

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JUNE 12, 2019

River Revival Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser The long-anticipated River Revival put down roots on June 8th, with a day for the public to get involved in the eco-buffer planting process. Introductions by Mara Erickson of the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance, as well as representatives from the Agroforestry Woodlot Extension Society, and Vegreville Town Councillor Dave Barry, who sits on both the Museum board and as president of the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance, started the event. Guests from the community included local families and individuals, NSRWA reps, Darcy Lincewich from the Vegreville Regional Museum, and local arborist Peter LaRue. Councillor Barry said that they had been hoping for more involvement from individuals from the community, but there had been a few factors, such as weather concerns, that could have discouraged people from coming out, and the few would make do with what they had. Those who did attend reported that their reasons for helping out with the project included exercise, to get outdoors, and taking the opportunity to foster an appreciation for the environment as a family. Volunteers were first were shown how, then set to work with seedlings of all sizes, to follow the design drafted for the eco-buffer. The eco-buffer is planted to mimic the growth and function of a natural riparian forest, with different heights, root depths, and function of plants interspersed semi-randomly. From Spruce trees to Buffalo Berries, the River Revival project site should show how a native, self-sustaining forest should behave and benefit the envirment. As they grow, wetland-loving trees such as willow, balsam poplar, and dogwood will stretch out to create a root system that will promote the health of the river, helping restore it to its natural state. Dave Barry said that while this is a new project for a public space in the Vermilion River Watershed, similar efforts have been made throughout the area over the last number of years. “The NSRWA and VRWA typically work with landowners on their private lands to restore their wetlands for both agricultural and environmental purposes,” he explained in an earlier interview. “It’s our hope that through the River Revival Project, we can offer the general public the opportunity to see what can happen when we treat riverbeds and wetlands how they were meant to be treated.” Many of the plants chosen are flowering or berry plants, which will also help to attract pollinators such as birds, butterflies, and bees, providing them a healthy habitat. With colour-coded flags to help guide species placement, consider-

ations for powerlines and the cliff edge, and some quick instructions on how to plant a tree, the volunteers set to work. Thanks to recent rain, as well as the carefully-laid mulch rows, the ground was soft and a welcome environment for planting. Planted over 240 trees and shrubs in the rows of mulch set along the riverbed, had room set for around 150, but some of the plants were wildflowers that would be planted more than once.

JUNE 12, 2019

How the Whole Family can Reduce their Carbon Footprint News Canada A carbon footprint is described as the total emissions caused by an individual, event, organization or product. It’s often discussed in the news as something that we all need to reduce. In order to try and lower our ecological footprint, it is important to take small steps towards this larger goal. We first need to measure our current impact by looking at our daily activities and how they could possibly place a strain on the environment. This includes everything that we eat, wear and drive. It is important to be a conscious consumer and take note of small habits that can make a big difference. For example, unplugging devices, even when they are powered down, can minimize the energy a household consumes. A good way to start making these changes is to get the whole family involved in order to hold each other accountable. A fun and educational activity to do with the kids is to learn about the three R’s and how the household can reduce, reuse and recycle more frequently. These activities aren’t just for humans, because the products, food and services we use for our pets can also impact the environment.

One small thing we can do is invest in eco-friendly products for our furry friends. PetSmart suggests considering poop bags made from recycled content, properly disposing of your pet’s food bags and cans, as well as donating old items to shelters so they don’t end up in landfills. When it comes to helping our planet and minimizing our carbon footprint, everyone has a part to play, so make sure you are all working together.

3 DIY Projects to Improve your Home’s Energy Efficiency News Canada Besides helping to save the planet, an energy-efficient home can help you save on your monthly hydro bills, making your living environment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. To get started, check out these easy projects even first-time do-it-yourselfers can do: Inspect your perimeter. Much of the money you spend on your home energy bills is wasted through leaky windows and drafty doors. So it’s a smart idea to regularly inspect your home for any issues, which usually have quick fixes. For example, you can caulk air leaks, weather-strip your windows, clear your gutters and clean your outside dryer vent and air conditioning unit. Insulate your basement. Subfloors are a necessity for saving on heating costs and protecting your basement from mould production and moisture damage. Choose a high-quality subfloor like DriCore,

which has been designed specifically for concrete. The panels are designed with air gap technology to protect against mould and to keep basement floors feeling warm and comfortable throughout the year. And installation is easy – one room should only take half a day. Boost your greenery. Did you know that trees can reduce the air temperature surrounding your home? You can plant trees strategically to shade windows, rooftops and even your AC unit in the summer. Experts recommend deciduous trees that offer shade in the summer but shed their leaves to allow sunlight in during the winter. Another option is evergreens, which are better at reducing strong, chilly winds when they are planted away from the home at a distance that’s two to five times their height. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy more fresh air and a prettier landscape when looking out your window.

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JUNE 12, 2019

RCL No. 39 Decoration Day Service Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent The greatest demonstration of love is to be willing to sacrifice one’s life for their fellow man. Decoration Day is meant to honor the service of our war veterans who survived their time served in the military and have since passed on. Hence, Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 39 presented a Decoration Day Service on June 9 at Vegreville Riverside Ceremony. Upon entering people noticed the flags placed near the graves of the war veterans. After everyone was seated, the Marching in the Colors led by Piper Comde. Barry Roth and Sgt-at-Arms/Color Party: Cmde. Krista Home entered in. Branch President, Comrade Terry Kuzyk opened the ceremony where he welcomed everyone. Acting Chaplain, Georgina Baron said the invocation and prayer after this which was followed by scripture readings, a hymn, and gospel’s readings. Kuzyk went on to say we are gathered together to pay our respects to those

brave fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters who answered the call to protect our freedom from those who sought to take it away. This year, is a significant ceremony as this past Thursday, June 6 marked the Anniversary of D-Day which happened on June 6, 1944. Canadian Forces played a significant role in this operation. Tina Warawa represented MP Shannon Stubbs as she Stubbs said it was an honor to represent Canada, an honor she wouldn’t have, had if it was not for the sacrifices of our veterans. We should never overlook the contributions of our veterans. This was followed by speeches from Fort Saskatchewan/Vegreville MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Deputy Mayor, Tina Warawa, County of Minburn Councilor, Kevin Bentley who all echoed with the message that our veterans’ sacrifices were not in vain and nothing we can do can repay them for their sacrifices. An act of Remembrance with last post, silence, lament, and rouse was presented next which was followed by lying of wreaths. Afterwards, everyone was invited to have lunch at the Legion Hall.

Top: The Marching in the Colors led by Piper Comde. Barry Roth and Sgt-atArms/Color Party: Cmde. Krista Home enters in. Bottom: Wreaths to honor the veterans. (Rosanne Fortier/photos)

JUNE 12, 2019

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Preschool Gives Kids a Great Start in Life Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Preschool has a huge impact on children developing all the essential skills for them to have success emotionally, socially, and academically at school and all through life. Vegreville Preschool Open House on May 30 was an opportunity for children and parents to meet the preschool teachers and staff and future fellow classmates, as well as, play and become familiar with what preschool offers. Preschool teacher, Brittanie Boyd said it’s essential for children who are three and four years old to attend preschool because long-term education is wonderful and it’s good to start children when they are young with this because when children are young, they want to learn and they are so ready for learning. Their brains operate well and they learn things so much quicker when they are younger. “At our preschool, we look at it as bridging the gap between home and school. So, we do focus a lot on academic skills like math and literacy. But our main focus is getting them ready to learn how to learn in an environment with other children. So, it is not just a one-on-one environment like they would be used to at home. But they are in classroom learning with other children and participating in an environment that size and they learn how to share that attention and it is about getting them ready to learn how to emotionally regulate themselves,” Boyd said. “Our curriculum fol-

lows the five developmental domains. There are more specific objectives which follow those domains in our programs for three and four-year-olds. As well, our programs are play-based as play is essential for their learning. At our preschool, family is also very important for their child’s learning. This next year, we plan to have more family’s nights.” President of Vegreville Preschool Association, Amy Yakimetz said she would recommend for children to attend preschool because their family loves the preschool. “My oldest daughter has been in the program and my younger daughter is in the program right now. The preschool is really great for getting children ready to learn. But my favorite thing about preschool is it got my kids out and socializing, and it helped us to get out on a regular basis and make connections with the community. When children are small, it is so important for them to learn how to take turns, as well as, for them to learn other social skills and to learn how to make friends. When they make a little friend and have that connection, it gives them so much confidence. It makes them happy to know they can have that relationship. I cannot say enough good things about preschool. My oldest daughter was extremely shy when she began preschool and now when she comes back, she talks and talks to all of the teachers and educational assistants. She can talk about her feelings and everything.”

Children explore the preschool at the open house. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)


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JUNE 12, 2019

Rural Health High School Skills Day Alexis Salsbury

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Rural High School Medical Skills Day. It was a great experience for a number of reasons. To start with, I was part of the planning process that took place for this day to come together. Covenant health, RhPAP, and Vegreville Region Physician and Health Professional Attraction and Retention Committee worked with St. Joseph’s General Hospital to put on this event for us students. I happen to be a grade 11 student at St. Mary’s and when the idea was brought up to have this event, I was quite excited. My goal is to become a general practitioner so this day was right up my alley. When we got to the hospital, both St. Mary’s and Vegreville Composite were mixed into groups. We started the day talking about the importance of coming back to work in a rural community. We were shown the proper way how to wash our hands with a quick experiment using black lights, and

then we went to our stations. The stations included: mechanical lifts, X-ray, ultrasound, lab tech, dialysis, respiratory, spinal rehabilitation, suchering, IV starts, and injections. My personal favorite was suchering. That particular station was very engaging and I never thought I would have the opportunity to do this at my age. With much trial and error, I was able to successfully complete some stitches. To end the day, the instructors of each station did a mock emergency situation. It was interesting to see all the people and departments involved in a situation. They sent us home with gift bags and opportunities for volunteering and job shadowing. The goal of the event was to not only get students interested in the health field, but to show the importance of coming back into a rural community like Vegreville. This day definitely proved the importance of this. I really enjoyed the day and hope to see it again in the future.

RCL Branch No. 39 Presents Service Pins to Members Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent

People who belong to Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 39 dedicate part of their lives to ensuring veterans receive the honor and respect they deserve. For this reason and more, many members of RCL No. 39 were honored with awards and Legion Service pins for five or more years of service. RCL Branch No. 39 Honors and Awards Representative, Rod Stewart said the legion is an organization which is run by volunteers. They wanted to recognize members who have given their service to them. The pin they were awarded can be worn on civilian attire. Many pins were awarded. Some of the life members who

Branch President, Terry Kuzyk presents Earl Giffin with a 60 bar-long service Legion Medal (lapel pin). (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

gave many years of service and who were present to receive the pins were life members and associate members- Fred Duckett with 17 years of service, Ellen Essery who had 44 years of service, Earl Giffin who was presented with the 60 years bar-long service medal (lapel pin), Myron Hayduk received a pin for 26 years, Don Serediak earned a pin for 28 years of service, Chuck St. Claire was presented a pin for 45 years of service, Rod Stewart received a 35 years pin, Betty Jean Dawson for 20 years of service, Rhonda Hayduk for 27 years, Bessie Pawliuk for 13 years, Heather Paziuk for 40 years, Ria Radcliffe for 23 years, Susan Essery for 20 years, and George Horn for 40 years. As well, Stewart acknowledged Life member, Joyce Stewart who dedicated 45 years of service and couldn’t be at the presentation through no fault of her own and was awarded a 45 Years Service Pin.

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Vegreville News Advertiser - June 12, 2019