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Volume 2 Issue 23 21st January 2011

The Muslim Seeker

MCB Welcomes Baroness Warsi’s Comments The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the intervention of Minister without Portfolio & CoChairman of the Conservative Party, Sayeeda Warsi, for drawing attention to the very real scourge of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred. Muslim communities in Britain have been viewing with consternation the gradual build-up of incidents, ranging from clumsy references to

Muslim practices in the media (e.g. the recent references to the 'Islamification' of Britain because of conversions), the sensationalist headlines ("Why are 36% of our universities training Muslim terrorists?" - in a recent Sunday paper) and finally the intimidation outside mosques, physical damage to mosques and

We are looking for budding journalists. We are also looking for sponsors to help us establish this community newsletter. If you can contribute to the paper, please do get in contact with us:

Inside this issue: cemeteries and bodily attacks.

Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB noted, "We particularly welcome Baroness Warsi‟s acknowledgement of the role the media plays in this process of normalising Islamophobia, as well as the counterproductiveness of categorisations such as 'moderate' and 'extremist' Muslims. Islamophobia is the number one concern of all Muslims in this country, illustrated recently by an internal survey of issues conducted by the MCB of its affiliates who prioritised rising antiMuslim hatred as the biggest concern for the community. Responsibility also rests with our political leadership because unfortunately the language often used with reference to Muslims is feeding into stigmatisation of one section of our society”.

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True Love


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Harun Yahya Examine your life The one solution Modesty is a branch of faith New female revert classes Signs of the hour Seerah C;ub Up in Smoke YGL Youth Club Muslim Youth Network Newham 10km


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Al Buruj Press Supported by Rahma Mercy, Hikmah, Quran Academy Bristol and SOAS Islamic Society THE RADIANT LIGHT THE SEAL OF THE PROPHETS: MUHAMMAD (PBUH) In Love and Honour The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the greatest human to have ever been on earth. Divinely inspired, his eternal message has reached the hearts of millions and has transformed nations and civilisations. Recent misunderstandings and criticism has made it necessary to show the pureness of the correct message of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Why was it and what drove the Sahaba (Companions) to give and sacrifice everything for the beloved Prophet? What would have been the reaction of his Sahaba with regards to all the criticisms and misconceptions in our time? What was the true nature of his message which has generated millions of Muslims, making Islam the biggest religion to be present? And the final question: WHAT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)? Join us for this unique conference of Love, Mercy and Unity towards the Message which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought into this world. Joined side by side by an amazing line up of guests, this conference is aimed at Muslims and Non-Muslims. Bringing into reality exactly who he was, what he came with and the responsibility of those who have chosen his way. INSPIRATIONAL LECTURES BY: Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad: Message of Love and Compassion Shaykh Zahir Mahmood: The Greatest Chivalry SPECIAL GUEST: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani (Canada): The Prophetic Character FREE DINNER RAHMAH MERCY: RAISING FOR MUSLIM ORPHANS IN ALBANIA Date: Saturday 29th January 2010 Price: FREE (Email to reserve) Time: 5:00pm – 9:30pm Venue: London Muslim Centre, Ground Floor 46 Whitechapel Road London E1 1JX Nearest Transport: Tube: Aldgate East Station/Whitechapel Station Bus: 25, 205 ENQUIRIES: Brothers: 07960637474, 07983590489, 07738271335 Sisters: 07904956166, 07545269095, 07958542699 Online Booking: Sponsorship & Stall Enquiries: | Brothers and Sisters Welcomed: Full Segregation Strictly NO children under 7 years of age



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Getting Married: Clear and Practical Guidance for Success

SHAYKH FARAZ RABBANI (CANADA) Dear one who seeks love or is in love, Getting Married. Almost every Muslim will do it. It's half of the religion. It's a legal contract, but it's also, ultimately, a spiritual act. Everyone you know will have plenty of advice for you on the who, how and when of it. Help is here. Join Shaykh Faraz Rabbani on Getting Married: Clear and Practical Guidance for Success. If you're planning to get married, have children of marriageable age, or simply seek the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunna on this very important subject, the Shaykhs vast knowledge, personal insight and humor will help you get off on the right foot.

This Seminar will cover: · Understanding the many religious aims and worldly benefits of marriage · Choosing your spouse: arranged marriage vs love marriage, parental preferences vs personal choice, dealing with the "must be a doctor syndrome" · Involving parents in the best way: how to convince them when they're not agreeing, when to insist and when to consider conceding · Planning the ceremony to balance custom and family traditions with adherence to Qur'an and Sunna · Preparing the marriage contract -- securing rights, agreeing on key concerns, and setting the right tone & spirit · Extensive time for related Questions & Answers, so come prepared with questions.

Date: Sunday 30th January 2011 Time: 10:00am- 18:00pm Price: £15 Venue: SOAS University ( Full Details given upon Enrolment) Address: Russel Square (Piccadilly Line-2mins from SOAS) Tube Lines: District, Northern, Hammersmith, Piccadily. Buses: 25, 205 Online Payment: For more information, contact our team on: Email: Phone [Brothers only]: 07983590490/ 07960637474 [Sisters Only]: 07904956166/ 07595457223


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Welcome to Dawah Shirts. Our shirts and products are designed to be a potential tool for Dawah, inviting to Islam. Dawah can be done with close friends or people you meet on the street. Sometimes, especially with strangers, it can be difficult to start calling to Islam out of nowhere, and many people may be turned off by this approach. These shirts are meant to be conversation starters. With many different styles and designs, you can find the perfect shirt that suits you and gets people all around you interested in learning more about Islam.

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Quranic Love Doses of love capsuled within a rainbow Burnt candle sparkled out light Sprinkles of air captured within a rose Petals flew before lions cried Fire burnt Ice froze Biscuit dried Water became wet Couplets of gold Within verses Pages turn to sliver Ink dried Pen lifted The words of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala Commentary The poetry of Imam Al Shafi’ee inspired me to write this short poem. How words can be so few, yet carry so much meaning behind them. With fire burning and ice freezing, I wanted to express how our love for the Quran can not be measured by normal love.For deep love goes beyond the surface and deeper beyond the eye. For the words of Allah are far beyond in wisdom than the words of the creation. Subhanallah. iPOET - Aaqib Ahmed iPOET

iPOET - Poetry, Leadership & Social Media Growth!

The Most Spiritually Uplifting & Intellectually Liberating Aqeedah Course

Introduction to 'Aqeedah Tahawiyyah By Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University) Date: Saturday 29th January 2011 Time: 10AM - 6PM Free Parking and On-Site Crèche/Childcare (at cost). Course Notes will be provided. Al-Aqeeda of Imam al-Tahawi is a simple yet profound expression of the essential points of Muslim belief. In this course Shaykh Akram explains these points in an intellectually liberating and spiritually uplifting way showing, how they can be the basis for unifying divergent theological positions in this day and age. Undoubtedly this will be one of the best 'Aqeedah courses you would have ever attended InshaAllah. The questions discussed in the text include:  The nature of Allah - The Most High, His Qualities and His Attributes  The nature of Iman (belief), Kufr (disbelief) and Nifaq (hypocrisy)  The nature of Divine Decree and the Will of Allah  The nature of Prophethood and the Word of Allah (Qur'an)  Discussion on Seeing Allah on the Day of Judgement  Discussion of heavenly phenomena such as Al-Mi'raj (Heavenly Ascension), Al-Hawd (The Pool), Al-Shafa'a (The Intercession), Al-Lawh (The Tablet), Al-Qalam (The Pen), Al-'Arsh (The Throne) and al-Kursi (The Chair)  Nature of Life in Grave and the Hereafter  Nature of Al-Sirat (The Bridge) and Al-Mizan (The Balance), Al-Jannah (The Garden) and Al -Naar (The Fire)  Nature of Good and Evil in people  Discussion of the preferred stance towards the Companions and the Family of the Prophet Discussion of the Caliphate after the death of the Prophet In addition to the text of the 'Aqeedah Tahawiyyah other issues discussed during the seminar include:  Definition of „Aqeedah and issues relating to it  Nature of discussion of 'Aqeedah at the time of Prophet and his Companions  The development of the science of „Aqeeda  Sources of knowledge of 'Aqeedah  The role of human language and reason in the formulation of 'Aqeedah  The reasons for the appearance of different sects with opposing „Aqeedah  Discussion of these sects highlighting their differences  The reason why Imam al-Tahawi wrote the book  Definition of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jam‟ah and their approach to „Aqeedah  The reasons for differences within the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama‟ah  The different schools of 'Aqeedah and their propositions  The questions of „Aqeedah that trouble people today  The advice for the people in approaching the issues of „Aqeedah The way to avoid divisions and sects In addition to this: YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS AT ANY TIME DURING THE COURSE! Only a few places left, register now at:

We provide the best driving lessons in East London. TGI Passed Driving School provides good quality driving tuition, at affordable prices. Our introductory offers are a great way to, not only meet your driving instructor, but also familiarise yourself with the controls of the car and to get started. For the more experienced learner, our competitive rates and block booking discounts will ensure great value for money throughout your course of driving lessons. We provide driving lessons 7 days a week to fit around your other commitments and rest assured, all our driving lessons do last a full hour. Moreover, to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your driving tuition, it is our policy not to "pick-back" driving lessons. Pickbacking is a system used by some driving schools where the next pupil is picked up on YOUR driving lessons time. At TGI Passed Driving School you will find a range of courses including hourly lessons, refresher lessons and intensive driving courses. You will also find on this website free theory test papers and hazard perception clips to practice in preparation for your theory and hazard perception test.

iERA Responds to Accusations of Calling for Homophobic Hatred & Violence Yesterday the Pink Paper published an article entitled “Ibis hotels slammed for hosting conference by anti-gay Islamic extremists” that stated the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) are hosting “extremist anti-gay hate preachers”. In light of the comments and baseless accusations raised by the paper, iERA would like to categorically express that it does not in any way encourage hatred or violence towards human beings with homosexual inclinations. Saqib Sattar, Vice-Chairman of iERA, states “iERA and any of its speakers have never called for hatred or violence towards homosexuals; these accusations are antithetical to our work in thought and deed. iERA has been working very hard in empowering the Muslim community to engage with others in a peaceful manner and to positively contribute to the wider society. For instance at the conference, iERA will be supporting the Anthony Nolan Trust by enabling its participants to donate blood, which will be used for the potential benefit of all people in the community. This is not unique, Muslim communities contribute immensely to the social welfare of our society, and that is through remaining loyal to the basic tenets and values of their faith. This is the main theme of our upcoming conference.” To demystify Islam‟s position on this matter we must clarify that the act of homosexual sex is strongly forbidden in Islamic ethics and morality, which is similar to Christian and Jewish perspectives. To contextualise this further, Islamic ethics forbid any sexual activity outside of marriage and views society as being fundamentally family centric. We need to appreciate that Islam is not based on a liberal philosophy and therefore it has its own conception of how society should conduct itself. Any act that antagonises the Islamic conception of society is against Islamic ethical and moral values; hence Islamic Law has mechanisms and rules in place to protect society. To put a caveat to this all, we do not advocate any hatred or violence to anyone and urge all members of society to obey the law. Significantly we encourage open and frank discussion on these key issues, which unfortunately is yet to occur due to a liberal bias in the media and other institutions.These accusations do an enormous disservice to the Gay and Lesbian community by stifling discussion with mainstream religious traditions. Such actions do harm to our ability to openly and frankly exchange and discuss different ideas.

YGL YOUTH CUP – AN INSPIRATIONAL EXPERIENCE YGL Newham Youth Sports & Development (Formerly Youth Gaming Lounge) is a youth charity serving the youngsters in Newham. This mixed group of volunteers have used the Islamic values in life choices, unity, tolerance, acceptance, respect for all religions and equality to develop and improve the youth in our community for a better future. Feeling safe is the most important aspect of any community, YGL have worked in achieving this by taking kids off the street corners and deserted park area and involve them in sporting activities throughout the year. In 2009, they held the first YGL Youth Cup tournament which was a great success in delivering their objectives. With the demand now increasing amongst the youth, the YGL Youth Cup 2010 took place shortly after. With the support of Newham Council GoForIt grant and the constant support of GrillFellas of East Ham and SaffronCCA of Forest Gate, this charity was able to continue the great work. The tournament matches itself had a very respected Islamic etiquette by introducing additional rules such as eliminating profanity from the field and off the field. Also, inappropriate shirts, adverts and dressing were discouraged for a friendlier and family oriented atmosphere for maximum impact. With these etiquettes and Islamic values, non-Muslims saw the portrayal of a side to Islam that has been distorted, twisted and changed in the minds of Britons and in general around the world. Reer Plaistow (Team), mainly consisting of Somali youth showed in the 2009 tournament that anyone can win. They showed amazing spirit and their friendliness was an example to everyone. In the most amazing outcomes, they were eliminated in the group stages but the team above them had to lose by 3 goals in their final match to be joint with them on points. Amazingly, that team did lose 3-0 and now a penalty shootout would decide who goes through. Reer Plaistow won the penalty shootout and went all the way to win the trophy. A truly impressive competitive spirit was displayed throughout which earned them the title. In 2010, the team that caught everyone’s hearts were EEIC of Plaistow and 3 ‘Inspire Youth’ teams from Forest Gate. They showed great character and their managers showed extreme support, friendliness and motivation. EEIC won the under 14’s cup and Inspire Youth teams were runners up in both under 16’s and under 14’s.

The kids have found a service in Newham that has affected them in many ways. Ansar of E7 Boyz said, “It was the best football ever because everybody played a game. People were very kind. We even had a penalty shootout challenge”. Mohammed Bariwala & Salman Pandor who played together for E7 Elite wrote, “Overall, we thought that the YGL football tournament was brilliant. It was one of the best experiences people had. The main purpose was to bring the community together, no matter what culture, what culture or what religion. The food was outstanding, the competitions were great and last but not least was that everybody had fun thanks to the organisers.” Due to the constant success, with the limited funds the charity has, they manage to organise events to suit the youth as much as possible. On Sunday 3rd April 2011, they will be holding their 3rd successive tournament as YGL Youth 5-a-side Cup 2011 at PowerLeague Beckton. Details can be found on The final request from this charity has been to support them financially as much as possible by donating generously for this cause. Charity Details: Registered Charity 1129790 YGL Newham Youth Sports & Development Est. 2008 – Email

Daffodils & Tulips Sisters Supporting Sisters

An old friend of mine once said to me, “There’s a myth that’s going around these days, the myth says: If you can manage your time, you can do anything!”. Four years from hearing this advice, I don’t believe it’s a myth anymore. We all hear about time management and it’s importance, and people shout at us from time to time that we should time manage properly, but rarely do we hear a concise methodology of how to time manage! In order to understand how to time manage, you firstly need to understand what time management is about. Time management is not about managing your time, because technically, you cannot manage something you have no control over! (Can you stop, start time?!) – Time management is simply managing yourself in a way that makes use of the time sphere we’re in. So how exactly do we that? Peter Drucker, author of the famous book “The Effective Executive” (Highly recommended reading)), recommends three steps to managing your time, and he actually calls the chapter that deals with this: “Know thy time”:

1. Analyze your time. 2. Cut back unproductive demands. 3. Aim to complete tasks in large chunks of time. So let’s get into more details of how to follow the above three steps (adding the usual ProductiveMuslim Islamic twist to it ;)).

Analyze your time: Record your time over a course of at least a week. I’ll be honest here, it’ll take a strong stomach to realise how much time we waste in a course of a week. But being truthful to oneself is the first step to remedy. There are 2 ways to record your time: 1. Keep a diary with you recording what you do each hour 2. Ask your friend/flat-mate/spouse to analyze your time, (as we tend to be nice to ourselves when we record our own time, and end up ‘cheating’)

Cut back unproductive demands: Hopefully, after recording our time, a sad realization would dawn upon us, and that is, there’s a lot we can cut down from. e.g. do we really need to spend that hour in the cafe in the morning, or is it just better to make some coffee at home and read e-mails at the same time? Do we really need to spend 2 hour everyday just flicking through TV channels or internet sites or can we cut down from that time? (Note: please please don’t cut back from time for Allah! Some people in order to ‘save’ time, will not go to the mosque to pray for example, that’s not an unproductive demand to cut down on, that’s an essential demand which we better keep, so please don’t touch the religious stuff, we’re already guilty of not giving enough time to them, let’s not use this excuse to make it worse!

Aim to complete tasks in large chunks of time: Isn’t it annoying when you are working on something so hard and you got really into it (sometimes called being in ‘The Zone’) to be interrupted by a phone call or an e-mail alert or text?! This third tip basically says that you should try to block time off in large chunks of time, (some people suggest that 90 minutes is the maximum they can concentrate at one time, but that’s 90 minutes of uninterrupted time). This technique will help you achieve much more by doing less, simply because you’re more focused at one task at a time. Doing one task in one hour, will end up taking you 4 hours if you are interrupted every 10-15 minutes. To help you block your time, refer to our Daily Taskinator. Well, that’s all for today. Hope this gives you a better understanding of how to turn the myth of time management into reality.

Nasheeds and Poetry Page | Page 55

Dawud Ali Wharnsby

OUT SEEING THE FIELDS Briskly, rising to the sky. Cold, clouds rushing past. Flying, hopes to never land. Light. Streatching out my hand. Out seeing the fields. What is a dream and can you tell me what is real? Everyone else is home in bed, and I’m out here lost in my own head, out seeing the fields. Freeze, crystal on the bridge. Trees. Frozen diamond leaves.

Ice, stiffening the wheat. Wind, underneath my feet. I only feel close to you when I’m under open sky. I only feel guided when I’m free to question why. Only when I smell the earth upon my face, will I ever be free to fly from this place. Morning, wings against the ledge. Frost trees painted on the glass. Snow, covering the streets. Home, warm beneath my sheets

Newham Muslim Community Directory O you who believe! Eat not up your property amongst yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah has been to you Most Merciful. [Al Qur’an 4:29]

ACCOUNTANTS Zareef Kahloon & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants 343 High Street North Manor Park London E12 6PQ 020 8548 4095

CAR REPAIRS St Stephens Garage 133 St Stephens Rd East Ham London E6 1AT 020 8472 0325

CHARITY Kashmir International Relief Fund 577 Lea Bridge Rd, E11 0208 521 3220 07904119954

CITIZENSHIP CTS-UK 806 High Road, Leyton E10 6AE 02085328462

COLLEGE COURSES BITE British Institute of Technology & E-commerce 258-262 Romford Road, London, E7 9HZ 02085523071

FURNITURE Al Mirage Furniture 252 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB 02084700099

FASHION Meena Bazaar 341 High St North, E12 6PQ Ready made garments 02084722595 Uzma Creations 145 Green Street, E7 8JE UP TO 50% OFF 02084721313

HEATING AND MEDIATION ESTATE Muslim Mediation Service INSTALLATION 2a Streatfield Ave AGENTS Flame Heating C/H Systems and Boilers Repair –Service – Installations 0208 552 7698 07774 152272 07903 765755

HEATING, PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Wellworth (London) Ltd 2-4 Tudor Road London E9 7SN Bath Showroom Trade & DIY Counter Huge Range of Fittings Heating & Gas Supplies Electrical Supplies & Goods Pipes, Valves & Pumps

KITCHENS Net Kitchens Direct 87 Wood Street London E17 3JX 020 8521 2171

E6 2LA 0208 432 2805

Islamic Counselling Marriage Mediation Service for Muslims Women 07909941179

PEST CONTROL Bed Bugz Exterminator Newham Wide 07515424918

SPORTS Football Muslim5aside Beckton Power league Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Lane, Newham, IG11 0AD 07886275209 DM Football Club Plashet Park Manor Park E12 07515789068


London APSA

Indian Muslim Federation (Newham Branch) 6 Lincoln Road Forest Gate London E7 8QW


WRESTLING USB Leytonstone School Sports Centre 07949588196 07958251945

BEAUTY Maira Hair & Beauty Salon 341-343 High St North London E12 6TN 02084722595

Football Club Years 1,2,3,5 07539647837

TUITION KiPP2 Tuition Centre 56-62 Church Road, E12 6AF 07886020071

XLR8 Tuition Home tuition by qualified teachers CRB Checked Strictly 1-2-1 07949641815

Wisemove London Ltd 250 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB

TRAVEL Your Travel Shop 197 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4TA 02085547070

FINANCE SA FINANCIAL SERVICE 197 Green Street, E7 8LL Mahmood Akhtar 02084714444

SWAP SHOP If you have items that you would like to swap or gift then please do email us and we will include in the next edition.

THANK YOU If you wish to send a message to a family member or someone who workds hard in the community then email us with your message

ADVERTISE If you would like to advertise and support us then please do ring us or email us: 07886020071 If any local businesses or bighearted people wish to support us and believe that we are attempting to do good for the community, then please contact us and support us in any way you can.

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HMC was born essentially out of one concern and one concern only; to be able to provide assurance that we are eating genuine Halal, not just “because it says Halal… it must be Halal!" HMC is the product of a particular, prolonged situation – a situation of deceit and treachery. Muslims are being betrayed by individuals & corporations whose only concern is making fast, easy money. Using 'blessed blades', pre recorded Bismillah, captive bolts, electrified water and even pork proteins; the hard-earned Halal cash of many is being used to buy Haram. HMC has therefore, shouldered the enormous responsibility of discharging an obligatory duty on behalf of you, the community at large. Help HMC to Help You! Barkat & Sons Halal Meat 645 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AD Tel: 020 8911 8509 A M & Sons 84-88 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 020 8554 4030 A M & Sons (2) 397 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8472 7267 Amaan Halal Butchers 42 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8470 1514 Bismillah Fresh Halal Meat & Poultry 70 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8548 0992 Mob: 07932 836 696 Bismillah Halal Meat 370 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2LZ Tel: 020 8478 9900 Budget Fair Cash & Carry 51 - 53 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8552 2888

Butt Halal Meat 209 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2RU Tel: 020 8220 7775 Hamza Halal Butchers 115 Altmore Avenue East Ham, E6 2BX Tel: 020 8471 2325 Iman Halal Meat 319 Green Street Plaistow, E13 9AR Tel: 020 8472 3308 Kashmir Halal Meat & Foodstore 120 - 122 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1ER Tel: 020 8472 8669 Khan Halal Meat 103 Burges Road East Ham, E6 2BL Tel: 020 8552 7175 Lala's Quality Halal Meat & Poultry 89 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 02000 114 055

Noori Halal Butchers 328 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8472 1667 Quality Halal Meat 126 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BD Tel: 020 8552 1122 Stratford Mini Market 48 Romford Road Stratford, E15 4BZ Tel: 020 8534 7281 Sunnah 457 Romford Rd Forest Gate, E7 8AB Tel: 020 8555 1441 Taqwa Fresh Quality Halal Meat 123 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2036 TSB Convenience Store 428 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8586 6999 Unique Cash & Carry 418 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8472 5705

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Abu Bakar 47 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8470 2300 Ahmed's Perfect Fried Chicken 61 Vicarage Lane Stratford, E15 4HG Tel: 020 8522 4377 AJ's Chicken & Pizza 221 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BL Tel: 020 8553 1125 A'la Pizza 28 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8586 6688 Aladdin BBQ & Grill 121 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BH Tel: 020 8553 3357 Al-Farooq Kebabish 435 Barking Road, East Ham, E6 2JX Tel: 020 8472 0917 Al-Farooq Kebabish 84 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8472 3049 Al-Farooq Kebabish 395 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8471 1452 Al-Firdous Restaurant & Takeaway 187 Plashet Road Forest Gate, E13 0QZ Tel: 020 8503 5340 Bar B Q Base 832 Romford Road, Manor Park, E12 5JG Tel: 020 8514 2989 Chicken 2 Go 418 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8475 0003 Dixy Chicken 282 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8471 0900

Dixy Chicken 198 High Street North East Ham, E6 2JA Tel: Dixy Fried Chicken 372 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8548 1336 Euro Fried Chicken & Pizza 90 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8471 4488 Griller (6) 649 High Road Seven Kings, IG3 8RA Tel: 020 8590 6400 GrillFellas 88 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1EN Tel: 020 8471 9454 Hyderabadi Spice 309 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6SL Tel: 020 8472 0255 Jumbo's 66 Plashet Road Upton Park, E13 0RQ Tel: 020 8472 7637 Jungle Braai Barbeque 115 Wood Street Walthamstow, E17 3LL Tel: 07886 184442 Khana Khazana Restaurant 249 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8LJ Tel: 020 8503 4200 Lahore Xpress 99 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3353 Madina Kebabish 85a Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PB Tel: 020 8586 7027 Mai'da Indian Eatery 148-150 Bethnal Green Rd London, E2 6DG Tel: 020 7739 2645

@ Manish 23 Queens Market Upton Park, E13 9BA Tel: 020 8472 2441 Noor Fried Chicken 284 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8472 5555 Pandoo's Family Restaurant 112 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4LZ Tel: 020 8518 6677 Pizza Pan 16 Terrace Road Plaistow, E13 0PB Tel: 020 8548 1144 Salt & Pepper Lahori Cuisine 704 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AJ Tel: 020 8514 3145 Sheikh's Restaurant 89 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3366 Shiowari 229-231 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4TD Tel: 020 8554 2022 Signature Hyderabad 107 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2646 Tandoori Nites 235 East India Dock Road Poplar, E14 0EG Tel: 020 7531 4331 Taste Of India 340 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8471 2122 The Grill Restaurant 392 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8470 0093 Zu's Sizzlers 83 Green Street Upton Park, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 1212

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APSA...2 SOUTHEND MANOR....4 The League cup has not been a very productive competition for APSA this season, and with the team siting in bottom place in their group and with nothing to gain, manager John Hignal used this match to blood his new young signings. No less than five players, most under the age of 21 made their débuts for the club, and under the circumstances it was a productive night, even though the result did not go APSA’s way. There was also a first, as after nearly two full seasons of football, the home side were awarded not one but two penalties on the night. The first was converted successfully by Alistair Hutchinson, but the same player blasted the second again the bar. The visitors needed just a point from this fixture to progress into the knock-out phase of the competition, and started much the brighter, home side keeper Brown was

called into action twice in the first five minutes, punching a dangerous cross clear and then finger tipping a dipping shot over his cross-bar for a corner. The new boys were still finding their feet, and in the 21st minute the visitors took the lead when Anton Dwyer slotted home from a low cross from inside the box. Ally Hutchinson nearly levelled minutes later, when his lob was headed off the line with the keeper caught out of position. But things got worse fifteen minutes later when centre half Matthew Frew, wearing the captain’s arm band In the absence of John Langton, failed to react to Brown shout and headed the ball over his keeper and into his own next, from a Southend Manor free-kick. APSA’s youngsters kept battling on and were rewarded five minutes from half time, when Gavin Major was brought down inside the box

and the referee pointed to the spot. This was the first penalty that had gone the home side’s way in nearly two full seasons of home fixtures. Hutchinson sent the keeper the wrong way to record APSA’s first goal in over 300 minutes of football. Minutes into the start of the second half, manager Hignal made a double substitution with right-back Adam Major being replaced with the returning Reece Morgan and Gregory Akpele coming on for young Jack Buffoni. Number Ten Adi Samuel meanwhile was having an excellent game in mid-field and he it was who threaded a pass for Chas Murray to level the scores in the 50th minute with a goal on his débuts. But the good fortune was not to last as ten minutes later, APSA were out done once again from another Southend free kick. This time Max Kent’s kick took a nasty deflection off the APSA wall to leave Brown stranded in his spot as once again the visitors took the lead. In the 75th minute, Anton Dwyer headed in this second and Southend’s forth goal of the match, and with some sections of the fans making an early exist, it seemed APSA were all but done. But more drama was to

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follow in the last few minutes of the game, as Akpele and Samuel began to link together and the visitors defence began to open up. Both Hutchinson and Murray had shots that just went wide and Samuel blasted a couple of half changes over the bar. Reece Morgan was also finding more time and space to make runs from right back; and in injure time Samuel was brought down for APSA’s second penalty of the night. Unfortunately this time Hutchinson blasted his shot against the cross bar, after some delaying tactics from the visitors keeper had kept the APSA player waiting to take the spot kick longer then he would have wanted. This ends all of APSA’s fixtures in all cup competitions for this season, levels John Hignal and his men to concentrate on the league, with the home fixture against Burnham Ramblers less than 42 hours away.

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TMS 23  

TMS looking for the good in Muslims.