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Volume 1 Issue 7

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime

29th SEPTEMBER 2010

The Muslim Seeker

50 teams, 4 days, 3 countries and 1 amazing arrival party! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? This October (Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th) we bring you the ultimate road trip, an adrenaline fuelled charity

banger rally that will be a life changing event! A four day extravaganza from London through France and Spain, and on into the heartlands of Andalucia covering Seville, Cordoba and Granada, exploring European Muslim Heritage, whilst taking part in mad challenges with people from all

walks of life! All in a car worth less than £400! What better way to spend a few

We are looking for budding journalists. We are also looking for sponsors to help us establish this community newsletter. If you can contribute to the paper, please do get in contact with us:

Inside this issue:

Andalucian Rally Adverts


Developing Love

days with great friends, enjoying scenic views, visiting great historical places, and discovering a world class civilization that in its heyday was one of the world’s intellectual powerhouses. Go on, get together a crazy team, find a clapped out banger, choose a charity to raise funds for, and sign up to the Andalucian Rally 2010! Registration Deadline is 30th September 2010 – so you’ll have to hurry!


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‘Don’t Be Sad’








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Wake up world The exquisite pearls Geoff Thomas National Cup Qiraa’ah Competition Islamic Counselling Are you eating Halal? FC Catlans Bari FC London APSA


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Geoff Thomas National Cup - Tackling Cancer with Football The Geoff Thomas National Cup is your chance to compete in a nationwide 5-a-side tournament and win some fantastic prizes. This incredible event is in support of The Geoff Thomas Foundation, hosted By Powerleague. An estimated 12.7m people were diagnosed with cancer worldwide in 2008. Geoff Thomas won nine England caps and captained Crystal Palace to the FA Cup final in 1990. In 2003, aged 37, Geoff was diagnosed with leukaemia. He was lucky to survive and is now dedicated to helping charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research beat blood cancers. Three ways to win fantastic prizes: The National Cup Champions! • Cup Champions will win eight Wembley Experiences – hotel stay in London, Wembley stadium tour and match tickets. You will also play a friendly against the celebrity team of ex-professional footballers, captained by Geoff Thomas. Top Fundraising Team • Fundraise as a team for the Geoff Thomas National Cup and win tickets for the whole squad of eight to a Premier League game. • The captain will win two tickets to the PFA Awards Dinner • The top fundraising team will also be invited to the Grand Final to compete against the celebrity team. Lucky Dip Every team that raises over £100 will be entered into the Lucky Dip to win a full set of Nike kit for your squad of eight players. Entry for your team of eight is just £28 and upon receipt of your entry fee we will send you your fundraising pack so you can start raising money for this very worthwhile cause. Please email or call the number below to register. Alternatively please pass this information on to anyone who may be interested and can help…... Powerleague Newham Norwegian Playing Fields Jenkins Lane London IG11 0AD Tel: 0208 591 0111 Fax: 0208 591 6656 Email: Web:

Developing Love for Allah (swt) HEART FIND PEACE IN THE REMEMBRANCE OF ALLAH According to research by David B. Larson, of the American National Health Research Center, and his team, comparisons of devout and non-religious Americans have given very surprising results. For instance, religious people suffer 60% less heart disease than those with little or no religious belief, the suicide rate among them is 100% lower, they suffer far lower levels of high blood pressure, and this ratio is 7:1 among smokers. 1 It was reported in one study published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, an important scientific source in the world of medicine, that people who describe themselves as having no religious beliefs become ill more frequently and have shorter life spans. According to the results of the research, those with no beliefs are twice as likely to suffer stomach-intestine diseases than believers, and their mortality rate from respiratory diseases is 66% times higher than that of believers. Secular psychologists tend to refer to similar figures as “psychological effects.” This means that belief raises peoples’ spirits, and this contributes to health. This explanation may indeed be reasonable, but a more striking conclusion emerges when the subject is examined. Belief in Allah is much stronger than any other psychological influence. The wide-ranging research into the connection between religious belief and physical health carried out by Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical Faculty has produced surprising conclusions in this area. Despite not being a believer himself, Dr. Benson has concluded that worship and belief in Allah have a more positive effect on human health than that observed in anything else. Benson states that he has concluded that no belief provides as much mental peace as belief in Allah. 2 What is the reason for this connection between belief and the human soul and body? The conclusion reached by the secular researcher Benson is, in his own words, that the human body and mind are regulated to believe in Allah. 3 The reason why those who believe in Allah, who pray to and trust in Him, are psychologically and physically healthier is that they behave in accordance with the purpose of their creation. Philosophies and systems which contradict human creation always lead to pain and unhappiness. Modern medicine is now tending towards the realization of this truth. As Patrick Glynn put it: “[S]cientific research in psychology over the past twenty-five years has demonstrated that,… religious belief is one of the most consistent correlates of overall mental health and happiness.” 4 1- Patrick Glynn, God: The Evidence, The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World (California: Prima Publishing: 1997), 80-81. 2- Herbert Benson, and Mark Stark, Timeless Healing (New York: Simon & Schuster: 1996), 203. 3- Ibid., 193. 4- Glynn, God: The Evidence, The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World, 60-61.

Developing Love for Prophet Muhammad (saw) The word "Islam" in Arabic means "the submission to God, in peace." Muhammad's (peace and blessings be upon him) mission began at the age of forty and departed from this world at the age of sixty-three. During this short period of 23 years of his prophet-hood, he changed the complete Arabian Peninsula from paganism and idolatry to worship of One God, from tribal quarrels and wars to national solidarity and cohesion, from drunkenness and debauchery to sobriety and piety, from lawlessness and anarchy to disciplined living, from utter bankruptcy to the highest standards of moral excellence. Human history has never known such a complete transformation of a people or a place before or since - and IMAGINE all these unbelievable wonders in JUST OVER TWO DECADES. Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was nothing more or less than a human being. but he was a man with a noble mission, which was to unite humanity on the worship of ONE and ONLY ONE GOD and to teach them the way to honest and upright living, based on the commands of God. He always described himself as, 'A Servant and Messenger of God' and so indeed every action of his proclaimed to be.

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Social Harmony: Tafsir Surah al-Hujurat Surah al-Hujurat is amongst the last revelations to the Prophet [saw]. The overall theme of the surah is about presenting a Muslim Social System; which contains a number of instructions about the correct adab [behaviour] to enhance and protect the community. The surah mentions: • The Muslims behaviour • The Muslims behaviour • The Muslims behaviour • The Muslims behaviour

towards Allah [swt] towards the Messenger [saw] towards one another in community/society

This course, we will analyse and elaborate how we as Muslims should conduct ourselves, what an ideal Islamic society should consist of and what are the goals of an Islamic Social System in the light of classical and contemporary Tafasir [exegesis]. INSTRUCTORImam Mohammad Adil Imam Mohammed Adil Rehman has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from London as well a Diploma in Arabic Language and a Bachelors degree in Usul ad-Din and Usul al-Fiqh from the Institut Europeen des Sciences, France. Having completed his studies in France Imam Adil Rehman continued his studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester completing his MA in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management and MSc in Global Politics from the University of London. He is currently applying for a PhD in Islamic Political Philosophy. Imam Adil Rehman has been involved with Muslim youth work in the UK and Europe for a number of years and is currently the President of the Forum of European Muslim Youth & Student Organisations (FEMYSO), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to this he also teaches short courses in Arabic and Islamic Sciences at different institutions. DATESaturday 16th October, 2010 TIME9.00am – 6.30pm VENUEMuslim Youth Foundation [MYF] Clydesdale House, 27 Turner street Manchester, M4 1DY PRICE£30 (All) [Course material and refreshments included] REGISTEROnline at INFORMATIONT: 07092 813 541 E:

Repel boredom with work Those who have nothing to do with their lives are the same people who spend most of their time spreading rumours and falsehood, mainly because their minds are devoid of beneficial thoughts: They are content to be with those [the women] who sit behind [at home]. Their hearts are sealed up [from right guidance] so they understand not.} (Qur'an 9: 87) When you find yourself to be idle, prepare for depression and despair, because idleness allows your mind to wander in the past, the present, and the future, with all of their difficulties. Therefore, my sincere advice to you is to perform fruitful acts instead of being idle, for idleness is a slow and veiled form of suicide. Idleness is like the slow torture that is inflicted upon prisoners in China: they are placed under a tap, from which a drop of water falls only after every hour. During the period of waiting between drops, many of them lose their minds and are driven to insanity. Being inactive means being negligent of one's duties. Idleness is an expert thief and your mind is its victim. Therefore get up now and say a prayer or read a book; praise your Lord, study, write, organize your library, fix something in your house, or benefit others so that you can put an end to your inactivity. I say this only because I sincerely wish for your betterment. Destroy boredom by working. When you apply this simple precept alone, you will have travelled at least fifty percent of the way towards happiness. Look at farmers, carpenters, and the breadmaker, and observe how, when they are working, they recite words as melodious as the singing of birds, because they are content.

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Nasheeds and Poetry Page

Dawud Ali Wharnsby Wings Against My Window

Wings against my window Are they birds or are they angels? Waking me for worship, at Fajr, before dawn. Wings against my window, are they birds or are they angels? singing me from slumber, soon night will be gone. I hear sparrows whistle making the adhan. I hear their words telling me I am a lazy man “Come fast to pray”, they say, “You will find success that way. Stand up now from where you lay. This is the best time of the day”

My heart, it wants to wake up, My body wants to sleep. The morning air is brisk and cool, My bed is warm and deep. Birds, they call me to the way, “Stand before Allah to pray! Kiss the dawn and greet the day!” But dreams, they just get in the way. Wings against my window, Are they birds or are they angels? Waking me for worship At Fajr, before dawn? Wings against my window, Are they birds or are they angels? singing me from slumber, soon night will be gone.

Wings against my window Are they birds or are they angels? waking me for worship, At Fajr, before dawn. Wings against my window Are they birds or are they angels? Singing me from slumber, Soon night will be gone.

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Newham Muslim Community Directory O you who believe! Eat not up your property amongst yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah has been to you Most Merciful. [Al Qur’an 4:29]

ACCOUNTANTS Zareef Kahloon & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants 343 High Street North Manor Park London E12 6PQ 020 8548 4095

CAR REPAIRS St Stephens Garage 133 St Stephens Rd East Ham London E6 1AT 020 8472 0325

CHARITY Kashmir International Relief Fund 577 Lea Bridge Rd, E11 0208 521 3220 07904119954

CITIZENSHIP CTS-UK 806 High Road, Leyton E10 6AE 02085328462

COLLEGE COURSES BITE British Institute of Technology & E-commerce 258-262 Romford Road, London, E7 9HZ 02085523071

FURNITURE Al Mirage Furniture 252 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB 02084700099

FASHION Meena Bazaar 341 High St North, E12 6PQ Ready made garments 02084722595 Uzma Creations 145 Green Street, E7 8JE UP TO 50% OFF 02084721313

HEATING AND MEDIATION ESTATE Muslim Mediation Service INSTALLATION 2a Streatfield Ave AGENTS Flame Heating C/H Systems and Boilers Repair –Service – Installations 0208 552 7698 07774 152272 07903 765755

HEATING, PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Wellworth (London) Ltd 2-4 Tudor Road London E9 7SN Bath Showroom Trade & DIY Counter Huge Range of Fittings Heating & Gas Supplies Electrical Supplies & Goods Pipes, Valves & Pumps

KITCHENS Net Kitchens Direct 87 Wood Street London E17 3JX 020 8521 2171

E6 2LA 0208 432 2805

Islamic Counselling Marriage Mediation Service for Muslims Women 07909941179

PEST CONTROL Bed Bugz Exterminator Newham Wide 07515424918

SPORTS Football Muslim5aside Beckton Power league Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Lane, Newham, IG11 0AD 07886275209 DM Football Club Plashet Park Manor Park E12 07515789068


London APSA

Indian Muslim Federation (Newham Branch) 6 Lincoln Road Forest Gate London E7 8QW


WRESTLING USB Leytonstone School Sports Centre 07949588196 07958251945

BEAUTY Maira Hair & Beauty Salon 341-343 High St North London E12 6TN 02084722595

Football Club Years 1,2,3,5 07539647837

TUITION KiPP2 Tuition Centre 56-62 Church Road, E12 6AF 07886020071

XLR8 Tuition Home tuition by qualified teachers CRB Checked Strictly 1-2-1 07949641815

Wisemove London Ltd 250 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB

TRAVEL Your Travel Shop 197 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4TA 02085547070

FINANCE SA FINANCIAL SERVICE 197 Green Street, E7 8LL Mahmood Akhtar 02084714444

SWAP SHOP If you have items that you would like to swap or gift then please do email us and we will include in the next edition.

THANK YOU If you wish to send a message to a family member or someone who workds hard in the community then email us with your message

ADVERTISE If you would like to advertise and support us then please do ring us or email us: 07886020071 If any local businesses or bighearted people wish to support us and believe that we are attempting to do good for the community, then please contact us and support us in any way you can.

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HMC was born essentially out of one concern and one concern only; to be able to provide assurance that we are eating genuine Halal, not just “because it says Halal… it must be Halal!" HMC is the product of a particular, prolonged situation – a situation of deceit and treachery. Muslims are being betrayed by individuals & corporations whose only concern is making fast, easy money. Using 'blessed blades', pre recorded Bismillah, captive bolts, electrified water and even pork proteins; the hard-earned Halal cash of many is being used to buy Haram. HMC has therefore, shouldered the enormous responsibility of discharging an obligatory duty on behalf of you, the community at large. Help HMC to Help You! Barkat & Sons Halal Meat 645 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AD Tel: 020 8911 8509 A M & Sons 84-88 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 020 8554 4030 A M & Sons (2) 397 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8472 7267 Amaan Halal Butchers 42 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8470 1514 Bismillah Fresh Halal Meat & Poultry 70 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8548 0992 Mob: 07932 836 696 Bismillah Halal Meat 370 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2LZ Tel: 020 8478 9900 Budget Fair Cash & Carry 51 - 53 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8552 2888

Butt Halal Meat 209 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2RU Tel: 020 8220 7775 Hamza Halal Butchers 115 Altmore Avenue East Ham, E6 2BX Tel: 020 8471 2325 Iman Halal Meat 319 Green Street Plaistow, E13 9AR Tel: 020 8472 3308 Kashmir Halal Meat & Foodstore 120 - 122 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1ER Tel: 020 8472 8669 Khan Halal Meat 103 Burges Road East Ham, E6 2BL Tel: 020 8552 7175 Lala's Quality Halal Meat & Poultry 89 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 02000 114 055

Noori Halal Butchers 328 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8472 1667 Quality Halal Meat 126 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BD Tel: 020 8552 1122 Stratford Mini Market 48 Romford Road Stratford, E15 4BZ Tel: 020 8534 7281 Sunnah 457 Romford Rd Forest Gate, E7 8AB Tel: 020 8555 1441 Taqwa Fresh Quality Halal Meat 123 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2036 TSB Convenience Store 428 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8586 6999 Unique Cash & Carry 418 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8472 5705

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Abu Bakar 47 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8470 2300 Ahmed's Perfect Fried Chicken 61 Vicarage Lane Stratford, E15 4HG Tel: 020 8522 4377 AJ's Chicken & Pizza 221 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BL Tel: 020 8553 1125 A'la Pizza 28 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8586 6688 Aladdin BBQ & Grill 121 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BH Tel: 020 8553 3357 Al-Farooq Kebabish 435 Barking Road, East Ham, E6 2JX Tel: 020 8472 0917 Al-Farooq Kebabish 84 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8472 3049 Al-Farooq Kebabish 395 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8471 1452 Al-Firdous Restaurant & Takeaway 187 Plashet Road Forest Gate, E13 0QZ Tel: 020 8503 5340 Bar B Q Base 832 Romford Road, Manor Park, E12 5JG Tel: 020 8514 2989 Chicken 2 Go 418 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8475 0003 Dixy Chicken 282 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8471 0900

Dixy Chicken 198 High Street North East Ham, E6 2JA Tel: Dixy Fried Chicken 372 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8548 1336 Euro Fried Chicken & Pizza 90 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8471 4488 Griller (6) 649 High Road Seven Kings, IG3 8RA Tel: 020 8590 6400 GrillFellas 88 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1EN Tel: 020 8471 9454 Hyderabadi Spice 309 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6SL Tel: 020 8472 0255 Jumbo's 66 Plashet Road Upton Park, E13 0RQ Tel: 020 8472 7637 Jungle Braai Barbeque 115 Wood Street Walthamstow, E17 3LL Tel: 07886 184442 Khana Khazana Restaurant 249 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8LJ Tel: 020 8503 4200 Lahore Xpress 99 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3353 Madina Kebabish 85a Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PB Tel: 020 8586 7027 Mai'da Indian Eatery 148-150 Bethnal Green Rd London, E2 6DG Tel: 020 7739 2645

@ Manish 23 Queens Market Upton Park, E13 9BA Tel: 020 8472 2441 Noor Fried Chicken 284 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8472 5555 Pandoo's Family Restaurant 112 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4LZ Tel: 020 8518 6677 Pizza Pan 16 Terrace Road Plaistow, E13 0PB Tel: 020 8548 1144 Salt & Pepper Lahori Cuisine 704 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AJ Tel: 020 8514 3145 Sheikh's Restaurant 89 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3366 Shiowari 229-231 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4TD Tel: 020 8554 2022 Signature Hyderabad 107 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2646 Tandoori Nites 235 East India Dock Road Poplar, E14 0EG Tel: 020 7531 4331 Taste Of India 340 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8471 2122 The Grill Restaurant 392 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8470 0093 Zu's Sizzlers 83 Green Street Upton Park, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 1212

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Sports Page

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FC Catalans vs St Thomas of Canterbury With the whole team still buzzing with the result against Ilford Colts, this fixture would test the players consistency. Ruudy made 2 swaps to the starting 11. Osman replacing Pele and Omar Thawa coming in for Talha respectively. The same 4-5-1 system was used and from the early stages of the game it looked like the boys in yellow would be the first to score. Captain Adam Polli chose to play with the wind and it was proving to be the right choice. St Thomas were on the backfoot but the Catalans couldn’t break the resilient defence. Then a moment of genius from nowhere and Yusuf found some space down the left flank. His precise shot looked destined to hit the back of the net but came crashing of the post. Catalans kept their heads and late on in the first half two brilliant individual efforts from hat-trick hero of last week, Vinesh, put the Catalans in control. Going into half time 2-0 up was what they deserved. The game was far from over for St Thomas, who would now have their turn to play with the wind on their side. With prolific centreback 'kaikai' injured, Rafiq was called upon for his debut for the club. Talha was also bought on to replace Hamza on the right wing. The second half proved more of a contest. It was a battle in midfield but the Catalans were coming out on top. The bravery and reliance of Osman and Minhaz as well as Omar was the difference. Yusuf finally got on the scoresheet and was deserved for his efforts. A couple of minutes later a brilliant move down the right ended with Vinesh completing his hat-trick for the second week running. Ruudy then made one final swap. Bringing on Zuber; who being the youngest member of the squad had a lot to prove, for Omar. He looked lively and after some good work down the left the ball was crossed into the box, Minhaz let the ball run through his legs and Zuber finished with quality. The scoreline could have been more with the Captain coming close as well as Yusuf having a mazy run cleared off the line. Their was a hint that the ball may have crossed the line. Sepp blatter we still await goal line technology! In the end 50 was a fair result. 'LA FAMILIA' are 2 wins out of 2. 6 points with ten goals scored. I think the message has been sent loud and clear. "We're top of the league and we don’t have any intention of moving".

Bari FC 3 Vs Flamengo FC 1 On a cold Sunday morning, Bari lined up against Flamengo Fc at Low Hall Farm. Bari started off very well creating a few half chances for Jabbir and Eljay. After 30min the pressure paid off when Jefferry, Bari’s right winger was bought down in the penalty area. The referee rightly pointed to the spot and after a few minutes of deliberating from the Flamengo players, Eljay converted the spot kick to give Bari the lead. Bari were in the ascendency and Yasin on the stroke of half time rattled the cross bar from 25 yards. Bari again started the second half brightly, however Flamengo assisted with the strong wind started to come into the game more. After 60 minutes Bari conceded a goal when Flamengo’s striker ran through on goal and finished off a good move to make the game even at 1-1. A few injuries meant Bari had to make 3 substitutes which disrupted the fluency however Jeffery once again proved the difference. He ran through on goal and was clumsily bought down once again in the flamengo penalty area. However, Eljay who had converted the penalty in the first half scuffed his second attempt and the flamengo keeper easily saved it. However Bari were on top and again were awarded a penalty when Ayub, Bari’s new recruit was bought down. This time Bari’s sub Christian stepped up to take the spot kick, however the keeper once again saved it but the rebound fell nicely for Christian who scored on the rebound. Flamengo were now disheartened and Stefan converted a nice move for Bari to make it 3-1. Bari’s Manager said after the game “We played well as a team and I’m pleased to say that the team is gelling together nicely. However there is still a lot of work to be done and hopefully in the coming weeks the team will get stronger and will be even better.”

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Sports Page A goal from midfielder Alex Smith and an injury time penalty save from goalkeeper Steve Brown ensured John Higley's men got their fourth Prem league win in a row and kept their unbeaten run in the Essex Senior League. In a game where APSA were clearly not up to their usual high standards a 1-0 victory was a most welcomed result at Hullbridge. APSA's Tim Cole kept the defence well organised and

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Hullbridge Sports...0 APSA...1 made it very difficult for Hullbrige to breach the back 4. Alot of sloppy passes and some mistimed runs. made it a difficult time for the defence but APSA stood up well to the task. Jamie Langton came close to scoring in the 11th minute, but was thwarted by a fine save, as was Callaway's stinging shot come cross in the 19th minute.

Alex Smith scored the winner with a fine header into the far corner on 42 minutes. The 2nd half was again shabby, with mis-placed passes and a few mistimed tackles. ONe in injury time by Cole to give Hullbridge an golden oppurtunity to level the scores and steal a point. The marvellous Steve Brown towered up in the

APSA goal making it look small and tight. Diving to his right and pulling of a magnificent match winning save. "We were woeful today, we can play much better than this, but I'm pleased to come away with 3 points. We’re playing them again on Tuesday night and a few players will be rested in the League cup and some opportunity for the fringe players to have a go.�

APSA reserves wining 4-0 in the Essex Business houses league. Goals coming from Yasin Patel, Akib Salim and two from Shazad Nawaz. (Urfat and Shaz)

NMO are looking for volunteers who wish to make a positive difference in Newham. Our main aim is to see walls being broken down, those walls that we have built in our hearts and minds. Please email us with any feedback:

We are on the web: Website still under construction!

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The Muslim Seeker is a Muslim newspaper aimed to promote Muslim initiatives in Newham and beyond.

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