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Classifieds REFLECTOR GEMACH Hosting guest? Be safe! Wear a reflector. 845-356-0815 TOY GEMACH Keep all the children busy by your simchas with tons of lego and clicks. Call 845578-6513 SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 MEZUZOS GEMACH 362.2333 HOSPITAL GOWN for maternity or hospitalization Tzniusdige & Comfortable. 845-425-8687 PIDYON HABEN coins,silver tray, lace box, outfit 845-426-1681 845-6427256 FREE MOVING BOXES Packs of 10x for easy transport. Please call (845) 641-5536. FREE BOXES for moving (mostly egg carton size). Please call 845425-6826 or 845-608-7830. Donations of flattened boxes are always welcome! BECHER GEMACH Real bechers from our free-loan gemach. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@ GOWN GEMACH. South Monsey Ladies gowns and petticoat gemach. Please call or text after 5pm. 347278-1278 SIDDUR/CHUMASH 558.4774 COAT RACK Coat racks and hangers for your simcha. Please call 845356-9841

REFLECTOR GEMACH: having guests or having a simcha and need reflectors call 347-977-6816 HEATER GEMACH 845 362 8666 WE ACCEPT clothing, shoes and household items in brand new condition. To donate or receive please call 845 425 7214 CHUPPA CARDS. Please call or text after 5pm. 347-278-1278 LSHEM MITZVAH Babysitting for overnight or week etc for kimpeturin or sick chas vesholom 732-5952207. Leave Msg. First come first serve basis. One child a week BED REST? We do the laudry for you. call 213-7437 (also looking for volunteers) WEDDING KIT for Machetunim to take along. 845-425-2036 leave mess. BANDS $10 New ladies bands, all lengths. Also berret hats. Call 845 290 8319 MATERNITY COATS 100% down TEXT ONLY 8455212912 BIKE RACK GEMACH Fits all cars. Holds up to 3 bikes. 845-659-1863. SUITCASE GEMACH please call 845-371-9121

‫טייערע כלה‬ ‫נוצט אויס דעם יום החופה‬ ‫מיט אן אלבום וואס ענטהאלט‬ ,‫ שיעורים‬,‫ הדרכה‬,‫השקפה‬ ‫ וואכן פאר‬4‫ רעזעווירט‬.‫תפילות‬ 245-352-2560 ‫די חתונה‬ SOUND SYSTEM GEMACH Speakers | mikes | mixers | cables | for your simchas and party’s | 917-382-8809 TICHEL GEMACH To receive or donate pls call 845-371-7504 FORMULA GEMACH chani @ 347-267-3640 or Miriam 216-889-3643

DRESSES/GOWNS ONE OF A KIND Magnificent cream dress size 0-2 for sale/rent. Please call 845.200.4326 CUSTOM HALBERSTAM Black/white gown/dress size 8-10 for rent. For more info call 845.425.0924 GOWN FOR RENT

beautiful dark colored gown size 2-4 8455380391

LOST a pure kosher verizen flip phone in lafamilla taxi if found please call 8453278953 red Canon camera, 21 Adar I (Mar. 28), possibly in America Latino taxi. if found please call 422-5874. black memory card in CVS Pharmacy on old nyack a few days before purim pls call/ text 845-304-1734

CHUPAH CARDS Lucite cards. 845.222.0456

2 yiddish children’s books (1 book and cd kit) from Finkelstein’s library. Please call 517-4357 or 517-9641

BLUE LIGHT GEMACH located on briarcliff dr. 845.425.1919

baby black down ali coat with brown fur-size m- was taken at the lingerie shop. pls call 845 499 8013

262 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 10, 2019 / 845.600.8484

// gemachim // dresses & gowns // lost Merkaz bag with 5 Mezuzahs & 5 holders in Rockland Kosher area pls call 376-9088

FOUND FOUND BOXELDER BUGS? Call ‫ יואל בראך‬at Skilled Pest Control. 845-393-1475

Diamond & pearl earring a few months ago in the Rita area 371-5221 A necklace with a letter, in a mikes car service 354.6032 new FBI cap Mon 2/25 on W. Central. Call 425-9210. grey mitten few weeks ago on W. Central. Call 425-9210. gray/off-white fuzzy baby blanket Friday Tazria on Robert Pitt Dr near Ace Flooring. 845-222-1305 Pink and white fuzzy blanket on Maple Ave. between Herrick & Decatur 352-7362 gold samech necklace, Bluefield area on Simchas Torah 845-499 8013 toddlers black coat in the shoppers haven, 845-2742332 white newborn size bonnet for snowsuit in La Familia Taxi Pls call 371-3594 Silver diamond pin in shape of a tulip found in Nesher Ct area. Please call 845 425 8074

FREE GIVEAWAYS closed package taamtin jachnun, Mishpacha white flour, opened pkg sifted whole spelt flour. (845)2221305 Big crib very good condition. no mattress.8452386691 GE Profile Dryer. Good working condition. Pls call 356-0551 Compression stockings call “FeelGoodStore” company at1800-926-0880 & ask for item

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