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Thursday, October 9, 2003

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Snakes alive in Roxby Downs

Beauties and beasts at Storybook Ball.

Vacation fun for local kids.

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RoxFM shortlisted in national volunteer awards ROXBY DOWNS…Local residents have the power to push community Radio Station 105.5 RoxFM to national success with the click of a mouse this month. The volunteer team at RoxFM have been nominated for the National Volunteer Awards, which enables members of the community to vote for their local volunteer groups. Currently short listed for the ‘people’s choice award’, RoxFM stands to win a grant of $2500, with the chance to compete for up to $10,000 in the state and national categories of the awards. “Our aim, if we’re successful, is to upgrade our transmitter so we can improve our signal at Olympic Dam and extend our coverage to Andamooka,” volunteer station manager Deb Paliska said. “That’s the next step towards becoming a truly representational community radio station. “The other thing we want to do is get the station on line so it can be heard by people all over the country, and overseas, anywhere that someone can click onto internet.” RoxFM boasts a team of 60 volunteers, and a core membership of 30 active volunteers, after less than two years of operations. The radio station team is the second Roxby Downs volunteer group to achieve success in the National Volunteer Awards in as many years. Friends of the Arid Recovery Project were state winners in the awards last year, receiving $7000 from the National Australia Bank. “It’s amazing in such a small town to have two volunteer groups recognised like this,” ARP project coordinator Brydie Hill told The Monitor this week. “It shows the community spirit of the town and the commitment of the local people.” To vote for RoxFM in the National Volunteer Awards, get online and go to and select ‘community’ from the drop down box. Click on ‘The People’s Choice Awards’ hyperlink and then ‘Art and Culture’ then vote for RoxFM.

VOLUNTEERS...RoxFM volunteers, from left, Jae Grimstone, 16, Kim Teare, 15, Tina Foster, Stephanie Foster, 17, Shane Foster and Deb Paliska, are voting furiously on-line to see the RoxFM team named volunteers of the year in the National Volunteer Awards.

Community board members named ROXBY DOWNS… The first meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board was held on Monday, September 29, 2003, at Roxby Downs Council Chambers. The board has been established to provide an overall direction and advice to council for the development of a community plan. It comprise local residents who have shown a commitment and interest in the future of the Roxby Downs and its community. The board is made up of eight members – Ben Garwood, Karen Grantham, Mel McCarthy, Wayne Morris, Brenton Smith, Justine Ward, Jason Wilson and Phillipa Weltner. Over the next few months the board will consult with the community through surveys, community forums and correspondence, to identify the issues facing the Roxby Downs community in the next 10 years. Turn to Page 4 to learn more about your Community Board representatives.


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NEWS International visitors get down and dirty at ARP

Regional police report

OLYMPIC DAM…The Arid Recovery Project hosted its second international ‘Earthwatch’ group this month. The 10 Earthwatch volunteers from Denmark, Japan, Malta, the UK, USA and Australia, are part of a prestigious international program where volunteers pay to be part of ecological projects all over the world. The group were put to work locally assisting in a variety of research projects including sifting through piles of soil to identify Bilby and Bettong food. They also spent 42 straight hours observing Sleepy Lizards and their behaviour, as well as joining in with annual cage trapping and twice-yearly Stick Nest Rat trapping. This trapping revealed a significant increase in the local Stick Nest Rat population since the original Earthwatch group visited ARP in April. ARP Project Coordinator Brydie Hill said the arid zone ecological project was proud to be part of the Earthwatch program. “Many hands make light work and the Earthwatch crew were able to work on several things our own staff are just too stretched to do, like watching Sleepy Lizards,” Ms Hill said. “Earthwatch is a very prestigious program and Arid Recovery Project is very proud to have these visitors.”

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COLOURING NEMO…Rebecca Longmire, 5, displays her winning entry in the RoxFM/Outback Theatre ‘Finding Nemo’ colouring competition. Other age group winners in the competition were Taylor Bone and Laura Kruger. Winners received free tickets to holiday showings of ‘Finding Nemo’.

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On September 22, 2003, a 23-year-old male from Roxby Downs was reported for Failing to Stop and Exchange Particulars, Speed and Due Care after he was involved in an accident on September 21, 2003. On September 22 a 24-year-old male from Roxby Downs was reported for Cause and Permit Drive Unregistered and Uninsured after he allowed another male to drive his unregistered and uninsured vehicle. On September 23 a 23-year-old male from Roxby Downs was reported for selling a firearm without first ensuring the purchaser had a permit. A 55-year-old male was reported on September 24 for exceeding the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol and failing to wear a seatbelt. On the same day, in an unrelated incident, an 18year-old female was arrested for disorderly behaviour, driving under the influence, exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol, driving unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured. On September 26 a 32-year-old male from Victor Harbour was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. On September 27 a 47-year-old female was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. On September 27 a 39-year-old male was reported for driving an unregistered vehicle. On September 26 Police received a report of a theft of a Tandem Trailer from ‘The Lot’ Olympic Way between 1800hrs September 24 and 1200hrs September 26 the Trailer valued at $1200. Anyone who knows anything about this theft should contact the Roxby Downs Police Station. On September 27 Police received a report of a vehicle being broken into on Myall Street, Roxby Downs and a small amount of property stolen. On September 30 a 24-year-old Roxby Downs male was reported for driving whilst suspended, failing to wear a seatbelt, driving contrary to defect and failing to apply to register a vehicle. On October 1 a 25-year-old Victorian male was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. On October 1 Police received a report of theft of a birdbath from Curdimurka Street, Roxby Downs. On October 2 a 33-year-old Roxby Downs male was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. On October 3 a 24-year-old Roxby Downs male was reported for driving whilst suspended. On the same day, in an unrelated incident, a 30-yearold Roxby Downs male was reported for driving without due care. On October 4 a 38-year-old Roxby Downs female was reported for driving under the influence, exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol and driving without due care.

the Weather at a glance... Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period 23rd September, 2003 to 6th October, 2003 Date 23/09/03

Minimum 11.8°

Maximum 31.4°








































Total Rainfall for this period 56mm Proudly sponsored by

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Scaly stars charm Roxby residents

Woomera explosion rocks the region WOOMERA…Woomera and Roxby Downs were rocked by an explosion at Woomera Rocket Range last week. The planned explosion occurred at around 11am on Friday, October 3, and was the result of an annual disposal program, according to Allan Cole – Regional Manager Defence Public Affairs SA. “This type of things happens each year,” he said. “What they’re basically doing is getting rid of all unserviceable ammunition, flares, anything like that, which are taken to Woomera and detonated. “There was another the week before which wasn’t noticed by Roxby Downs residents, but something about the weather conditions on Friday exacerbated the blast’s affects so that it was noticeable in Roxby Downs as well.” The disposal program is now complete, and local residents should not expect any further blasts.

SNAKE CHARMERS…Volunteer snake catcher and environmental scientist Kelli-Jo Kovac, right, gives locals a chance to touch a live carpet python during Roxby’s ‘Snake Information Evening’ last week hosted by, above, wildlife expert Geoff Coombe.

SBS kicks off plastic for canvas exchange

ROXBY DOWNS…Two local residents were the scaly stars of Roxby Downs’ third annual ‘Snake Information Evening’ last week. A locally-caught ‘Curl Snake’ and ‘Mulga Snake’ joined several other serpentine specimens in a hands-on display by wildlife expert Geoff Coombe. More than 80 people attended the workshop, the biggest to date, to learn more about Australia’s 180 species of snakes. Participants received practical insights into snake behaviour, as well as general first aid instructions for snake bite. “There are a lot of myths surrounding snakes,” Mr Coombe told workshop participants. “They are very timid, very secretive, and the key to avoiding any danger is to understand the animal’s behaviour. “The best way to describe the way they behave is ‘defensive’.” Local residents, from the very young to the not-so-young, welcomed the chance to see snakes up close in a safe environment. “My favourite was the orange one, the others weren’t as pretty as the orange ones, and they felt nice,” four-year-old Chloe Olsen told The Monitor. Local resident Misty Gale, who found herself part of the show for a short time, said “it was very informative”. “It got rid of a lot of myths.” While veterinary nurse Deb Toweler, who was at the workshop

ROXBY DOWNS…The region’s largest recycler will join other local businesses in an initiative to reduce plastic shopping bag-use in Roxby Downs next month. Waste management service SBS will finance a ‘plastic bags for canvas’ scheme where local shoppers can trade 10 plastic shopping bags for a free canvas bag. This program will complement Roxby Foodland’s current shopping bag recycling program, and The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper’s own proposal to phase out plastic shopping bags in Roxby Downs. SBS Finance and Quality Officer Jennifer Young heralded the initiative as the first step to making Roxby Downs ‘plastic shopping bagfree’. “I think, overall, Roxby Downs people are generally environmentally-conscious – I think all Australians are,” she said. “This is the first step to changing shopping in Roxby Downs.”

for the third time in as many years, said knowledge of snake behaviour was a must for local residents. The annual snake information evening comes at a time when many local snakes are becoming active following the cooler months of Winter. “Different snakes are active at different times,” Mr Coombe said. “But studies show that brown snakes become more active in August and September before the heat really sets in.” While in Roxby Downs, Mr Coombe also hosted several snake catching workshops in cooperation with the WMC (Olympic Dam) Environment Section and the Arid Recovery Project. “We think the service is important to promote local awareness,” event coordinator and environmental scientist Kelli-Jo Kovac said. “If you have an awareness of the way snakes think and react then you decrease the chances of someone getting bitten. This is our biggest turnout yet, and people have always been very positive – they really appreciate having something like this in town.” Roxby Downs boasts more than 20 volunteer snake catchers who are available to relocate snakes from local residences and places of business. For more information about the service, or to report a snake, phone 8671 8262.

Volunteer support to extend Andamooka services ANDAMOOKA… Volunteer support for the Andamooka Community Support Service has swelled recently, prompting the introduction of a community visitors program to assist local residents in their own homes. The program, to be launched by ACSS this month, will see local volunteers pairing up with Andamooka’s elderly and house-bound residents to provide both social contact and practical support. “We have more than 30 active volunteers at the moment,” ACSS coordinator Tania Perkins said. “It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve had this many people to rely on as volunteers. “We didn’t have enough jobs for them all but we didn’t want to turn anyone away. “We’ve been thinking about a visitors program for a while now, and with this kind of volunteer support we can take the next step.” While local programs like Meals on Wheels provide in-home support for some elderly residents, Andamooka is home to many who do not need practical sup-

now in Roxby Downs COMMUNITY SUPPORT…Andamooka Community Support Service’s Mary Glenn and Tania Perkins with Ron Moat, 82, and (insert) Ms Perkins and Herbie Watts, 86, who will benefit from the service’s new community visitors program. port but could still do with some regular visitors, Ms Perkins said. According to local resident and Meals on Wheels regular ‘Herbie’ Watts, 86, the low cost of living locally and services like the ACSS make Andamooka the perfect town for the elderly. “If more people knew about the place I reckon we’d have a retirement

boom on our hands,” he told The Monitor last week. “We’ve got four TV channels, a paper every day and the shops never close – it’s a great place.” After more than 20 years in Andamooka, the town is home to Mr Watts and he’s keen to stay as long as his health allows. “It would be a lot more difficult to stay if it

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

wasn’t for the girls who visit me,” Mr Watts said, referring to the ACSS volunteers. Andamooka resident Mary Glenn is one of 10 volunteers supporting the ‘meals on wheels’ service. To learn more about the community visitors program, or to volunteer your time, contact Tania Perkins on 8672 7238.

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Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 3

NEWS Have your say!

Meet the Roxby Downs Community Board

The newly-appointed Roxby Downs Community Board held its first meeting this month where board members learned more about their role and began to pinpoint some of the issues facing Roxby Downs over the next 10 years. Meet your local representatives to Roxby Downs Municipal Council and learn a little more about what they bring to the role.

Brenton Smith, 36, and wife Sonia are busy raising four children, aged 18 months to 11 years, in Roxby Downs. SBS manager Brenton has been a resident of Roxby Downs for 15 years. Brenton expects local business concerns to play a large part in the community board’s consultation process. “There’s a real divide between the local retail businesses,” he said. “The customers complain about the prices the shops offer, and the businesses complain about what they could do with more support – somehow we’ve got to bridge that divide.” Local events and community ownership will also be highlighted during the process, Brenton predicts. “I think the community wants to own something. “We need an event to put us on the map – something suitable for the entire community, the families and the single people who like a drink. “Roxby has some successful events but they’re not about the town. “I think we need something that’s right for Roxby. “Tourism has to be a key issue. “We are the outback centre – we have the Flinders Ranges, Andamooka, the Ghan at our back and Lake Eyre – we’ve got it all.”

Mel McCarthy, 29, is keen to see the new community board “capture the vision of the Mel, a mining engineer and keen musician, has been a resident of Roxby Downs for 18 months. “The board is a collection point for the community’s ideas and plans and then feeding it back into a community plan and recommendations to council. “The main issue is that, it doesn’t matter what the members of the board see as the future of the town, we have to capture the vision of the wider community “I think the first topic we’re looking at is youth – people between their early teens and 18, their prospects and current well-being in town. “The other issue brought up was at our first meeting was safety – in terms of substance abuse within the community “And I’m sure that, after that, I can see us tackling health issues, and the subject of resourcing and facilities in town. “They’re the main issues I can see coming up from the community. “We’re not here to solve the issues – we need to ask the community what steps need to happen to achieve the perfect Roxby Downs in 10 years. “Not only the ideas and the vision, but also the solutions to make it happen.”

Lyn Breuer MP

State Member for Giles Lyn visits Roxby Downs regularly. For electorate enquiries and appointments please phone her Whyalla Office reverse charges. Ph: 8645 7800 Fx: 8645 0713 Email: Page 4 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

Jason Wilson, 22, after spending most of his childhood and teen years in Roxby Downs, is now looking forward to building a future for his own family and young son locally. A plant operator, employed by SBS, Mr Wilson was a founding member of the town’s original youth group ‘FOG’ and is a committed supporter of annual Canteen fundraisers. “I’ve lived here since I was seven and I’m not planning on leaving any time soon,” he said. “I guess I’ll be one of the people who gets to see what comes out of the community board in the next 10 years. “We’re going to see a lot of stuff about youth issues, more things for young people to do, facilities and entertainment. “There’s also some big issues in health and education, extending the services and making them more affordable and more accessible expanding on what we’ve got to make it better. “There’s some things I can put in to this process, but I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve as a community.”

Ben Garwood, 28, WMC (Olympic Dam) Community Relations Coordinator moved to Roxby Downs 18 months ago with his partner and two young sons. Ben sees his main aim, as a community board member, as making himself as approachable and accessible as possible in the board’s quest for community comment. “The most important part of the board’s role is to receive feedback from the community. There’s a process in place for people to bring their issues to the board, or to approach the board members, and I’m open to that. “I don’t want to preempt what those issues might be.”

Justine Ward, 23, is a working mum, living locally with her partner and two young children. “I wanted to be part of the board because I wanted to be involved in the community. “I wanted to give something back to the community,” she said. “There’s a lot of issues the board has to look at – youth issues and lack of housing. “There’s also substance abuse and lack of services.”

Wayne Morris, 44, is a mine electrician at Olympic Dam. He has lived in the region for 15 years and still calls the town home. A founding member of the local go-kart club, Wayne has also been a prominent figure in the local RSL, the Christian Community Church and Boogie in the Bush. “I hope to contribute positively to the board and help set some directions for council with the help of the community,” he said. “There will be a survey go out to the community on November 6 and we really need people to fill that out and get back to us with their feelings and their issues. “Then we can set a direction for the town, get some feedback about whether the town is heading in the right direction or if we need other facilities or services. “It’s important that we get these surveys filled out and return so we can address any issues the community may have. It’s all about communication.”

You are invited to have your say on the future of your town - Roxby Downs. The Community Board - your voice on the Roxby Downs Council - is eager to hear what you feel this community needs to grow and improve over the next 10 years. Talk to one of your community representatives, or send your letters to The Monitor –Your Community Newspaper, and be part of the solution. Then keep reading for community comments as the process of public forums and reporting continues in the months ahead.


Phone: 8297 0499

Outdoor Shop is back in town

October 17, 18 and 19, 2003 in the Auditorium Buy a *7 piece outdoor setting and receive a 4-Burner barbecue for FREE. *Conditions apply

Phillipa Weltner, 29, has been a resident of Roxby Downs for two years with her husband and two primary school-aged children. She sees the board’s greatest challenge as sourcing sufficient input from the wider community. “We on the board are going to have to make ourselves accessible to the public, and really get some input from regular citizens,” she said. “I see this process as a way to create a place that people call home. “With all the children in the town, youth issues are also going to be a big thing. As the young population begins to grow so will our youth needs. “So many people come to Roxby Downs with short-term plans. I’d like to see it as a place where people can stay and build a real home.”

Karen Grantham, 35, has lived in Roxby Downs and Andamooka since 1989. A qualified teacher and childcare worker, Karen and husband Rick have three primary school-aged children of their own. “I think the aim, in the next 10 years, is to help people with the isolation and have family things put in place so people are less cut off here and they want to stay in the area. “I don’t want to tell people what to say though, and it’s the board’s role to listen and consult with the community. “We’ll be consulting with a variety of groups on a whole range of themes including youth, health, safety and events.” Mrs Grantham is an active volunteer with the local Gymhkhana and district horse racing committees.

Creating a plan for the community ROXBY DOWNS...The newly-appointed Community Board will act as a steering body in the management and development of a 10-year community plan for Roxby Downs. The board’s key role will be to generate ongoing community participation through a series of public consultation forums. The first forum scheduled will deal with youth issues and community members are welcome to participate. The forum will be held on October 16, at Community House. Each monthly meeting of the board will comprise an open forum component where community members can address their comments directly to board members. In fact, community comment will lay the foundation for any recommendations made by the board, facilitator Ray Goldie told The Monitor this week. “These people are now the voice of the community and they have the ear of the council,” he said. “Their role is to influence council on behalf of local residents.” The Community Board is an advisory committee only and has no powers of council. All decisions of the board will constitute recommendations. “The board’s power is to influence council on behalf of the community,” Mr Goldie said. “Its mission is to generate enthusiastic participation from the broadest representation of the Roxby Downs community. “Roxby Downs is in a unique position to be able to create a completely relevant and representative plan based on community consultation,” he said. “In a town of 10 or 20,000 people we would find it very difficult to do.” The next step in the community plan process, following the first round of community forums, will be the release of business and community surveys on October 30. The eight board members have been appointed for a fixed term concluding in May 2004. The group were nominated by members of the community and selected by a panel comprising Rev. Tom Beever, community nurse Kathy Wooldridge and Fr Jim Monaghan. These three selectors will remain on in a mentoring role to the board members.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Rains highlight outback access issues

NOW BLOW…Constable Rebecca Schutz believes extended police powers to breath test local drivers will lead to greater incentives not to drink drive.

Police have new powers to catch drink drivers FAR NORTH REGION…Extended police powers have already seen more drink drivers arrested locally in the first week of school holidays. In addition to general police powers to random breath test drivers, mobile random breath testing has also been introduced during ‘prescribed periods’. These ‘prescribed periods’ include long weekends and school holidays, starting 5pm the day before; and four other periods of 48 hours to be determined by the Minister for Police. Since school holidays began on Friday, September 26, eight cars have been stopped by the mobile random breath test unit, with three drivers charged for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) as a result. “It’s a good result for the region because it makes people more conscientious about not drink driving,” Sgt Richard Hobbs told The Monitor last week. “Any marked police patrol can now stop any vehicle being driven on roads during the prescribed period, while going about their normal duties. Around 60 per cent of drivers killed with a blood alcohol of .05 or more in 2002 were travelling in rural areas at the time.” Sgt Hobbs also said more than 180 cases appeared before the local Magistrate’s Court this month, the majority of which were traffic offences, primarily drink driving. Mobile random breath testing led to three drivers being charged with exceeding pca this week; a 27-year-old Victorian man on October 1, a 33year-old Andamooka man on October 2, and a 40-year-old Roxby Downs woman on October 4, who was also charged with driving under the influence/due care. Another two drivers - a 32-year-old Victor Harbour man and a 47-year-old Roxby Downs woman – were charged with exceeding PCA during regular RBT patrols in Roxby Downs in the last week of September.

Dog owners cautious as poisonings abate ANDAMOOKA…Andamooka residents are cautiously hopeful following the cessation of dog poisonings that rocked the township earlier this year. Local police are still investigating the poisonings that claimed 16 dogs over three months. The most recent case was reported to police in late August, who continue to work alongside CIB and the RSPCA to trace the identify of the ‘pet poisoner’. However, no poison-related dog deaths have been reported in Andamooka since August. Andamooka’s senior constable Nigel Campbell told The Monitor local residents indicated this year’s poisonings are the latest in a long-running history of dog baiting. “Local memory indicates this seasonal

baiting may have been going on for as long as 15 years,” officer Campbell said. “But it’s never before occurred to the extent that it did this year. “This is the most cases ever reported in any one year.” Symptoms have led investigators to pinpoint 1080 as the poison responsible for the series of dog deaths this year. Officer Campbell said the baits were deadly, not only to animals, but also to small children. As such, the Andamooka community is still “very, very cautious, bordering on apprehensive”, officer Campbell said. Police investigations are continuing into the matter.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ANDAMOOKA…Recent rains have highlighted poor road conditions and associated access problems for Andamooka’s aging community this week. This revelation follows unusually high rainfall this year, and recent discussions at the Regional Community Consultative Committee in Andamooka where degenerating road conditions were highlighted as one of the major concerns facing outback communities. For many Andamooka residents boggy roads simply mean a short walk to the shops – but for the elderly and infirm, the slippery and rutted roads present a hazardous and impenetrable barrier. Mr Kent, whose mobility has been affected by a undiagnosed degenerative disease, has been a resident of Andamooka for more than 10 years. “I used to walk with two walking sticks but I’ve got a walking frame at the moment,” he said. “There’s no way I could get through that mud on these legs. “If it wasn’t for the ‘meals on wheels’ girls I’d be stuck here by myself or in some place in the city.” For volunteer serviceproviders like Mary Glenn, road conditions play an important part in whether she can help out on the regular ‘meals on wheels’ programs or not. “We use our own vehicles and if it’s really boggy I can’t get my car up to some of the houses,” she said. “A lot of these people rely on the service, and sometimes it’s just a way of checking in and making sure people are OK – whether they’re just stuck at home with a cold or they really need some help.” Support for the elderly was one of the key issues raised at the recent Regional Community Consultative Committee. For many elderly residents, the volunteer-supported Andamooka Community Support Service plays a major role in maintaining the quality of life which might normally be a given in larger metropolitan communities. The ACSS and its team of dedicated staff and volunteers provides ‘meals on wheels’, laundry and shopping services, transport and inhouse occupational therapy. “We’re a pretty flexible service, you have to be when you’re going into people’s homes,” ACSS coordinator Tania Perkins said. “So many of our clients are older men who are used to living on their own for lots of years and they’re used to calling

the shots. “But there are some issues we face in Andamooka that just aren’t happening in the city,” she said. Ron Moat, 82, - like ‘Fast Robbo’ Kent - is living without telephone or electricity because of the prohibitive price of connecting services to his Andamooka home. Mr Moat has no refrigeration and relies on a kerosene lamp at night rather than pay the more than $2000 it will cost him to connect mains electricity to his home. Every month Mr Moat sends his daughter money to call him at one of the town’s businesses, because connecting a phone at home would cost thousands of dollars and, he says, mobile phones are both unreliable and expensive. “Many of our clients choose to live without electricity, running water or phone because of the additional costs to get these services connected,” Ms Perkins said. “And then there’s other issues – we couldn’t provide blankets for some of our clients this year because we didn’t have enough donated to the local CWA.

STUCK IN A RUT…For long-time local resident ‘Fast Robbo’ Kent, 61, the poor condition of Andamooka’s roads makes even leaving his home difficult. local businesswoman Margot Duke said. “I’ve got bitumen at my back door, but I’d say bitumenising all the roads would only benefit the locals rather than the tourists. “It might make a big difference for those resi-

‘For many Andamooka residents boggy roads simply mean a short walk to the shops – but for the elderly and infirm, the slippery and rutted roads present a hazardous and impenetrable barrier.’ Andamooka received 56mm of rain in the past two weeks according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. “We don’t have a home library service any more so some of our less mobile clients miss out on simple things like just having a few books or magazines to read.” However, while local residents have voiced a need for additional services and alternative support, many highlighted the work of the Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (APOMA), dismissing suggestions raised at the RCCC forum that Andamooka become a municipality. For many of the town’s residents, including many elderly residents, the low cost of living has played a major part in making a home in Andamooka. While road conditions are a major concern for some residents, and the bituminising of the main access road has been generally welcomed, local tourist operators are divided on whether the bituminising program should be extended to other local roads. “There are a lot of people who say the roads actually add to the character of the town,” APOMA member and

dents who have to work in Roxby and can’t get their cars out in bad weather. “We get an average of 45 days of rain a year, and 35 of those days we get less than a millimetre. “But the quality of the roads is an issue for everyone – the problem is, in this weather, you can spend thousands of dollars grading the roads and if it stays wet they get churned up all over

again.” Andamooka police officer senior constable Nigel Campbell said wet weather safety was highlighted during this year’s unusually high rainfall more than 56mm in two weeks. “I haven’t had any accidents reported but it’s not unusual to see cars stranded on the side of the road, bogged,” he said. Most people know what their cars are capable of but we are calling on drivers to be responsible during this weather. I’ve already pulled three people out of the mud on the Lake Torrens Road this month and they were all locals. “Drivers of the larger four-wheel-drive vehicles can also help by flattening down the rougher parts of the road while they’re soft, rather than entrenching the ruts.” APOMA members and other local residents are continuing to source alternative solutions to some of the region’s unique issues.

Vet extends consulting days The vet will be consulting at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic for three days every fortnight. Next vet days are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the 14th, 15th and 16th of October and also the 28th, 29th and 30th of October, 2003.

Phone 8671 0730 The clinic runs a 24 hour emergency service in Roxby Downs, 365 days a year by phoning 0419 806 392. For more details see the web site at:

Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 5


180 cases before Roxby Downs Magistrates Court last month Magistrate Fred Field presided over the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court at Roxby Downs Council offices on September 24 and 25. More than 180 cases were dealt with over the two days, the majority of which were alcohol-related traffic offences. A 27-year-old Roxby Downs man pleaded guilty to larceny on Thursday, September 25. The man admitted to taking $3000 worth of video equipment from the WMC (Olympic Dam) salvage yard, but argued that the equipment had not been in working order at the time. The equipment has since been returned, repaired, to Olympic Dam. “You removed this equipment from the salvage yard and restored them to workable order,” Magistrate Field said. “In the end the company has got back equipment that might be useful to them. But no matter how useless some piece of equipment may appear to be in the company’s salvage yard, it still belongs to them and you can’t take it without permission.” The matter was proved without conviction and the man was placed under the restraints of a $200 good behaviour bond for 12 months. On the same day, the man was charged with breaching a community service order and ordered to perform 64 hours of community service in six months. A 32-year-old Roxby Downs man whose partner had been “continuously harassed and insulted at her place of work” pleaded guilty to common assault on a person other than a family member on Thursday, September 25. The man was convicted of assaulting a second local resi-

dent on May 15, 2003, at an Olympic Dam business where he testified his partner had been continually harassed at work for four weeks by a co-worker. He admitted to going to the business, grabbing the coworker by the throat and throwing him to the ground. The man’s attorney told how, after watching his partner grow distressed and unhappy after weeks of ongoing harassment, allegedly receiving little support from her employers, the man “felt that he was left with no other option”. “The background for this case is the constant harassment of your partner by her co-worker,” Magistrate Field said. “If anyone was the victim in this unhappy sequence of events, it was your partner”. The case was proven without conviction and the man placed under a $200 good behaviour bond for six months. A 25-year-old Roxby Downs man was fined a total of $1400 and court costs after pleading guilty to a series of motor vehicle offences. The man was charged with driving in a reckless or dangerous manner and damaging property after a witness on Charlton Rd, Olympic Dam, observed him on September 18 of this year, performing ‘donuts’ on the gravel road and fishtailing his vehicle “out of control”. The witness later told police the man’s car slid close to his own vehicle, churning up a series of stones which broke the windscreen of the witness’ own vehicle. The defendant told the court he didn’t remember “what set him off’ but he had not believed “there was a danger of colli-

sion” and he “didn’t remember seeing any other car” on Charlton Rd at the time of the incident. Additionally, in January of this year, the man was charged with driving at dangerous speeds and driving while his licence was suspended after being stopped by police in the early hours on the final day of his suspension. The man was charged again, on March 9, when a speed camera recorded his vehicle travelling 125 km/hr in a 60 zone. His licence was suspended at the time. “Your use of motor vehicles is irresponsible,” Magistrate Field told the defendant. “You need to realise they are dangerous things and they can lead to fatal injuries.” In addition to his fines, the man was also disqualified from driving for 12 months. Other cases that appeared before Roxby Downs Magistrates Court on Wednesday, September 24, included: A 21-year-old Olympic Dam man received a 10 month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay compensation of $1447.70 to a Roxby Downs petrol station after pleading guilty to larceny and serious criminal trespass. The man was committed to a $200 good behaviour bond for 15 months. A 44-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted and fined $100 plus court costs after being found guilty of driving without due care. A second Roxby Downs man, aged 26, was also fined $100 with court costs for driving an unregistered motor vehicle on a road. A 38-year-old Roxby Downs man’s licence was disqualified and ordered to pay $650 and court costs after being

found guilty of driving without due care, exceeding PCA and creating undue noise. Another Roxby Downs man, aged 34, narrowly escaped a jail term after receiving a three month suspended sentence for interfering with a motor vehicle without consent. On the same day, the man was also convicted of failing to comply with a violence order and failing to comply with a bail agreement. The case was proven and he was ordered to enter into a new bond of $500 for six months. A 49-year-old Olympic Dam man was fined $40 and court costs of $155 after pleading guilty to urinating in a public place. A 26-year-old Port Augusta man who pleaded guilty to driving with an excess blood alcohol level, driving without a licence and exceeding the speed limit by less than 15km/hr was convicted and fined $900 with court cots. He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months. Another 26-year-old man, this time from Roxby Downs, was convicted on two counts of exceeding the speed limit, losing a demerit point and being fined $150 with court costs. A 21-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted and fined $175 with court costs after being charged with driving without due care and making unnecessary noise or smoke. A 45-year-old Andamooka man was convicted and ordered to comply with a six-month good behaviour bond and court costs after being convicted with driving under disqualification. A second Andamooka

man, aged 42, was convicted and fined $500 with court costs and disqualified from driving for six months on charges of driving with and excess blood alcohol level. A 19-year-old Roxby Downs man will pay $80 and court costs after being convicted of larceny. A 21-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted a total of $200 and court costs after being convicted of carrying graffiti implements in a public place and driving an unregistered motor vehicle on a road. A 41-year-old Andamooka woman was fined $550 and court costs and disqualified from driving for six months after being admitting to driving with an excess blood alcohol level and driving past a no entry sign. A 26-year-old Olympic Dam man who drove with an excess blood alcohol level and failed to give sufficient warning before turning, was disqualified from driving for six months and received a fine of $550 and court costs. A 32-year-old Roxby Downs man will pay a $200 and court costs after being convicted of larceny. A 42-year-old Woomera woman convicted of driving and uninsured and unregistered motor vehicle on a road, and driving without a licence, will pay fines of $250 and court costs. A 21-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted and fined $500 and court costs on charges of loitering, disorderly behaviour, assaulting police and resisting arrest. A 59-year-old Andamooka man who drove an unregistered

and uninsured vehicle on a road was convicted and fined $125 and court costs, then disqualified from driving for a day. A 27-year-old Roxby Downs man will be disqualified from driving for six months and ordered to pay $550 and court costs after being convicted of driving with an excess blood alcohol level and failing to give sufficient warning when turning. A 21-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted for driving without due care, driving an unregistered motor vehicle and driving without a licence. He was ordered to pay $500 and court costs. A 22-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted of driving without due care and fined $100 and court costs. A 20-year-old Andamooka man received the same penalty after being convicted of driving an unregistered vehicle on a road. A 39-year-old Andamooka man convicted of common assault on a person other than a family member and being unlawfully on premises received a nine-month bond and will pay court costs. A 20-year-old Glendambo man was disqualified from driving for seven days and ordered to pay $200 and court costs after being convicted of driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle on a road. A 55-year-old Roxby Downs woman convicted of speeding and driving with an excess blood alcohol will pay $620 in fines and court costs and disqualified from driving for six months. A 39-year-old Woomera man was dis-

qualified from driving for a week and fined $200 with court costs for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on a road. A 29-year-old Roxby Downs man was fined $750 with court costs and disqualified from driving for 12 months after being convicted of driving with an excess blood alcohol level. Cases that appeared before Roxby Downs Magistrates Court on Thursday, September 25, included: A 31-year-old Roxby Downs woman was convicted of driving without a licence and driving an unregistered motor vehicle. She was ordered to pay $200 and court costs. On the same day, a 48year-old Andamooka man was convicted of disorderly behaviour, dishonestly taking property without consent and throwing a missile to cause injury or damage property. He was ordered to pay a total of $300 fines and court costs. A 41-year-old Roxby Downs man was ordered to pay $75 and court costs after entering a licensed premises after being removed. A 31-year-old Roxby Downs man was fined $140 and court costs for driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle on a road. In a related matter, a 33year-old Roxby Downs man was also charged with driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle on a road and received the same penalties. An 18-year-old Roxby Downs man was convicted of driving without due care, disobeying a learner ’s permit and driving without his ‘L’ plates and fined $200 with court costs.

Local mum opens a new page on Toddler Story Time ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs mum Carolyn Sawyer, like many other local parents of young children, was disappointed when the library Toddler Story Time was disbanded due to staffing restrictions. With daughter Grace, 5, heading off to school, Mrs Sawyer had hoped to spend some quality library time with her youngest, Erica, 2. So instead of letting the service disappear, the avid reader volunteered her time to host a new and revitalised Toddler Story Time. “This program is a good introduction to the library, to group time and a chance for mums to meet with other mums,” she said. “I’ll still be working closely with library staff to set the program but I’m looking at a theme every STORY TIME…Grace, 5, Erica, 2, and Carolyn Sawyer week – such as colours, the alphabet or farm anienjoying some time together reading in the Roxby Downs mals. Library. Mrs Sawyer will host the library’s new Toddler Story “As well as having books for stories I want to try Time on Wednesday mornings. to use other mediums – feltboards, puppets or soft

Page 6 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

toys – to illustrate the stories.” Mrs Sawyer said she had volunteered her time for Toddler Story Time, not only for her own children, but because she felt the service was an important one locally. “There’s a lot of services at the library people need to know about,” she said. “There’s videos and CDs for borrowing, magazines, newspapers and information booklets as well the internet. “If young children can come with their families and enjoy Toddler Story Time then by the time they go to kindergarten and school they’re already familiar with the library system.” Toddler Story Time will be held every Wednesday during school terms, from 10.10am to 11am, kicking off next Wednesday, October 15. For more information about Toddler Story Time, phone the Roxby Downs Community Library – 8671 0660.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

GOOD NEWS PAGE New voices going out over RoxFM airwaves

RADIO GA GA...Roxby’s newest DJs - Rachel Wauchope and Bec Fisher - recently completed the latest round of 105.5 RoxFM training. The pair intend to bring some more alternative rock to spice up the current community radio program. Volunteer station manager Deb Paliska said the radio station was constantly on the lookout for new volunteers. To volunteer your time with RoxFM - phone 0407 979 918.

Scrapbag quilters offer social fun QUILTERS…Scrapbag quilters, from left, Helen Edwards, Kate Bennie, Denise Simmonds, Wendy Hunt and Dianne Brooks. The group meets monthly and new members are always welcome. Come along, learn a little, chat a little, and work on your own or group projects. For more information about the group contact Babs Taylor – 8671 0155 or Mariana Pickers – 8671 1318.

Travelling nurse settles into Andamooka lifestyle ANDAMOOKA...Nurse Donna Mason has become a familiar face in Andamooka over the past two months. Originally from Port Lincoln, Ms Mason has been regularly commuting to Andamooka to relieve local nurses Di Bilka and Deb Sach. The job offers the relieving nurse an opportunity to bring her family – her mother and young daughter – with her while she travels, and she hopes to continue working locally. “I enjoy the work, enjoy the town,” she said. “It’s a friendly place and it’s nice to be able to work away and still come home to my daughter.”

BOBBY HUNTER...Stuart Creek Station manager Bobby Hunter, 46, reckons he has the best job in the world. In between working with the WMC (Olympic Dam) land management team to track native animals, record seedling data, trial camel and kangaroo harvesting, he generally manages the 700,000 hectares working cattle station. One of the 10 largest station properties in SA, Stuart Creek Station has a long pioneering history and a natural beauty of its own, according to Bobby. “You’ve got your soft country, your hard country, the hilly country around Lake Eyre South, your pretty country with the wildflowers, and your notso-pretty country. “The country itself seems to speak to you all the time – the Creek, it’s got a real personality, like a big animal.” The station is situated 90km as the crow flies due north of Roxby Downs. Bobby himself first came to the region in 1973, but took over the station’s management in 1988. “I was always going to come back here to live around Roxby Downs,” he told The Monitor. “I love the area and there’s a lot of good people around here. “I’ve got a great job, I get to see the countryside and I’ve always liked to be involved with the animals. “You can really enjoy your work when you’re doing something different every day. “It can be a bit lonely and sometimes you’ll find a watering hole or a see a sunset and it’s a bit flat without someone to share it with. “But I get to meet some great people and see so many different things. “We get to help a lot of people with work as well, like with the fencing, or working with the Department of Roads. “I haven’t got a bad memory for stuff and people come to me to ask about the history of the place, and the geography.” Bobby has also been a big supporter of gymkhanas in Marree, William Creek and Roxby Downs over the past 15 years. “It’s been great being part of the gymkhanas and I’d like to see Roxby Downs become one of the great gymkhanas.”

Marty and Michelle make it official

TRAVELLING NURSE…Nurse Donna Mason has become a familiar face for Andamooka residents over the past few months.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

WEDDING...Roxby Downs residents Marty and Michelle Kittel were married on September 27, 2003, at Port Pirie. Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 7


All fun and games at vacation care

Youth Centre stalwarts get cool in the pool

HANDS ON FUN…Roxby Downs Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) extended its hours in school holidays last week. Eden, 6, and brother Reece, 10, used their time at OSHC to create mosaic designs. Roxby Downs Out of School Hours Care is open to school-aged children during school term, from 6.30am until start of school, and 3pm to 6pm in the afternoons. OSHC is based at Roxby Downs Area School but also caters to children from St Barbara’s Parish School. For more information, phone 0417 813 209. The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper declines to print last names in accordance with OSHC polices.

SPLASH DOWN…Roxby Downs teenagers Michael Burger, 13, Adam Luke, 14, and Chad Nixon, 14, brave the cold evening temperatures for the Roxby Downs Youth Centre’s first official pool night last Friday. Temperatures dropped to almost eight degrees overnight, but that didn’t stop localyouth enjoying their first pool night of the season.

THE RITE STUFF Making waves at The Monitor Amanda Kittel, 16, from Roxby Downs Area School chose to do her work experience at The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper because she is interested in journalism and considering a future in media law. Amanda wants to be a lawyer when she leaves school. She enjoys team sports, music and travelling. So far, her time at The Monitor has involved involved office work, interviewing people, and typing up her stories. “I’m having a great time working at The Monitor,” she said. Amanda will learn skills in photography, customer service and basic accounting during her placement at The Monitor.

DRESSED FOR FUN…Georgia, 6, Tamika, 8, Alicia, 5, and Tori, 6, dressed up for Roxby Downs Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) during school holidays. The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper declines to print last names in accordance with OSHC polices.

NOSE FOR NEWS...Amanda Kittel, 16, has joined other Roxby Downs Area School Year 10 students in the Roxby Industry Training and Education (RITE) program.

ROXBY DOWNS… Year 10 students at RDAS are currently taking place in the Roxby Industry Training Education (RITE) program. The students are required to write an application and résumé, before completing an interview to win a work placement in a local business. The RITE program credits involved students with three SACE units towards their grade. Students are placed in a local industry/business and work for two weeks during school holidays, followed by one day a week during term. The students learn a variety of practical skills such as communication, confidence, OH&S and general personal skills such as customer relations and teamwork. The program has been running for almost seven years and has led to a series of solid employment for local students.

Page 8 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

SLIP AND SLIDE…Alex, 7, Declan, 8, Toben, 8, and Cameron, 9, take the fun outside during Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) vacation care. The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper declines to print last names in accordance with OSHC polices.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Mini-Monitor BIRTHDAYS

MARCUS…Marcus Bowden celebrated his ninth birthday on October 4, 2003.

TANISHA…Tanisha McKinnon celebrated her first birthday on August 27, 2003. PRE-KINDY…Gabby, 3, Gemma Ferguson and Marnie, 3, ramping up for a new and improved ‘pre-kindy’ program at Little Rascals Child Care Centre next week.

Local child care launches new pre-kindy program

NATHAN…Nathan Hooper celebrated his third birthday on September 30, 2003.

ETHAN…Ethan Herpich celebrated his first birthday on September 7, 2003.

HAYDEN…Hayden Hooper celebrated his first birthday on October 7, 2003.

JAYME…Jayme Mansell celebrated her third birthday on September 29.

Is your child celebrating a birthday this month? Give them the gift of seeing their face in Mini-Monitors! Just drop into The Monitor office, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, or phone 8671 2683 to book a photographer. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ROXBY DOWNS…Term 4 will see the launch of a new ‘pre-kindy’ program at Little Rascals Child Care Centre, driven by long-time local childcare worker Gemma Ferguson. Mrs Ferguson will host a new and completely independent program for three to four-year-olds, Mondays and Thursdays, from 9am to noon. The literacy and numeracy-based program is designed to complement local school and kindergarten curriculum. “This program will be completely independent from the childcare centre,” Mrs Ferguson said. “I’m going to incorporate lots of community involvement – visits from dentists, doctors, volunteer groups. “We’ll be doing lots of dance, music and art, as well as the curriculum-based activities. “But just as important, is the social skills essential for children entering the school system.” Gemma Ferguson has nine years child care experience and has been involved in establishing and coordinating several local curriculum-based programs for prekindergarten-aged children. “I think structure and routine are very important in a program of this kind,” she said. “Children like to know what to expect and then they begin to look forward to it, making the experience a little easier on both the child and the parents.” Pre-kindy participants will be able to enjoy the full range of facilities available through Little Rascals Child Care in a friendly but self-contained atmosphere. “I’d like to take the best elements of what I’ve gained over the past nine years and combine them into a new and innovative program that, we hope, will provide a good foundation for education expectations in the school years ahead.”

6.00am - 6.00pm Monday to F riday Friday bookings essential FIRST D AY FREE DA

Pre-entry kindy 3years old Mondays & Thursdays 9.00am - 12 noon

• Long Day Care six wks - 5yrs • Casual & Occasional Care • OSHC 5-12 years • Kindy - 4years old • Playgroup The Dunes Estate, Burgoyne Street Phone: 8671 1866 Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 9

Page 10 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


DRESS-UP DIVAS…Alana Cloke and Letitia Sharpe all dressed up for Kendall BIRTHDAY BALL…Yvonne Cloke, Jordan Gillings, Kendall Sharpe’s 21st birthday party Sharpe and Peter Cloke celebrated Kendall’s 21st birthday on Saturday night. last week at the Storybook Ball.

FANCY DRESS FAMILY…Cousins and aunt Lauren and Belinda Johnson, and Sandra Hole, travelled to Roxby Downs on Saturday for MASKED PARTY-GOERS...Kerry Skinner, Shelley Kendall Sharpe’s 21st birthday Fitzsimmons, Kirby Blake and Rachel Young. Storybook Ball.

STONE-AGE FAMILY…The Flintstones, from left, Kerry Williams, Paul Dunn, Chad Oldfield and Tracey Williams. ARABIAN NIGHTS…Taryn Chick, Vaughan and Penny Smith revisited Aladdin’s Cave for the birthday party of friend Kendall Sharpe on Saturday night.

STORYTALE ROYALTY… Sleeping Beauty Shelley McConnell and her Prince Charming Lincoln Sharpe on Saturday night.

FANCY DRESS FRIENDS…Attending the 21st birthday of Kendall Sharpe last week, from left, Barney McCarthy, Chris Inglis, Anne McCarthy, Brian Inglis, Kaye Damin and Katrina McCarthy.

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS…Carly Pettman, Beck Payne, Georgia Guy, Sarah Wiese and Chels Muster at Kendall Sharpe’s 21st birthday Storybook Ball on Saturday.

MASQUERADERS…Proud dad Trevor Sharpe joined Michele Sharpe, Quentin Ashfield and Jess Cain at the Storybook Ball for Kendall Sharpe’s 21st birthday in Roxby Downs on Saturday night.

BIRTHDAYS…Denise and ‘Shep’ Shepherd celebrated their 40th and 50th birthdays respectively last week at a combined birthday party in the beer garden of the Roxby Downs Community Club.

ANNIVERSARY…Richard and Mandy Kerby celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary at the Roxby Downs Community Club last weekend. The pair presented each other with watches for their ‘silver anniversary’. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

FAIRYTALE FUN…Red Riding Hood Sonia Smith and her brave woodcutter husband Brenton.

PARTY-GOERS…Casey and Sonia Sharpe in costume for the Storybook Ball on Saturday night.

STORY TIME…Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf (Tina and Mark Neeley) joined Marg Simpson (Julie Nixon) at the Storybook Ball on Saturday in Roxby Downs. Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 11

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WMC OPEN DAY This community page is paid for by WMC (Olympic Dam Operations)

MORE THAN A MINE...Learn about the many services and project WMC (Olympic Dam) initiates, including the Arid Recovery Project.

Hands-on fun at Olympic Dam Open Day Slip on a shirt, throw on some bathers, gather up the children and make your way to Richardson Place and the Cultural Precinct on Saturday, October 25, for the WMC Open Day! Prepare for another full day of family fun, exciting games, and discover more about WMC operations at Olympic Dam during 2003. The little ones always appreciate a free ride on the famous Roxby Rocket, and it will be running all day long around the Richardson Place area. Take the ultimate challenge and latest craze in extreme sports, the ‘Pacific Fly Motion’ crew will be on hand to give you free rides on their exhilarating and ground breaking ‘superboosted trampoline using bungee cables’… this simply has to be seen to be believed! Returning this year is the popular Nylon Zoo, an interactive story-telling experience that encourages the children to be part of the storytelling process, dressing us the characters involved and venturing into the tummy of a large

nylon crocodile! The swimming pool gates will be open to the public for free swimming all day long, including a free barbecue lunch. Inside the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct, there will be a range of activities on offer. Documentary videos will be playing in the cinema all day long as well as surface and underground tours to the Olympic Dam site. The auditorium will be dressed up with displays, posters and activities for the whole family to learn all about the process at Olympic Dam. From underground to the surface, children can find out more about where Mum and/or Dad work. There will also be a video feed projected onto the auditorium’s large screen from cameras located across site. As the sun sets you are invited to a byo barbecue, then join the B C Boys playing live until 10pm with a brilliant fireworks display scheduled to light up the night sky at approximately 8.30pm! A great day out for the entire family!

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ON THE JOB...Take the opportunity to learn more about how WMC (Olympic Dam Operations) whether its the mine’s unique deposit and state-ofthe-art underground operations (above), or its highly-efficient processing plant. All images appear courtesy of WMC Resources Ltd (Olympic Dam Operations).

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ADVERTISE HERE & we’ll always know where to find you The Red Listing costs $19.85 per entry or FREE with any display ad! Phone Penny Lyon - 0408 267 318 - for more information.

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BORGMEYER-STANLEY…Jodie and Chris wish to announce their marriage on September 26 in Adelaide.

ROXBY Districts Sporting Club would like to apologise for an error printed in edition September 25, 2003 of the Monitor newspaper that read Jade McPhail (Most Improved/ Coaches award) which should have read Carly McPhail (Most Improved/Coaches award). Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

HEALTH & BEAUTY GUARANTEED RESULTS…….Gain Energy, Control Stress, Lose Weight. To learn more phone Pat on 0411808733 or visit


VOUCHERS…Chakra Massage Beauty would like to advise that all vouchers purchased must be used by November 2003 phone 8671 1550.

POSITIONS VACANT 26 Irrapatana St, Roxby Downs All offers submitted to vendors.

ELECTRICIAN / REFRIGERATION MECHANIC We urgently require a dual trade electrician / refrigeration mechanic. The person should have the ability to work long hours when required and be able to work under pressure and unsupervised. A current drivers licence, EPA registration and SA electrical licence is essential. Fax, post, email resume to: Electrical Manager SDS Ausminco PO Box 249 ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 Fax: 8671 0115 Telephone: 8671 0015 Email:

FITTER / MACHINIST We urgently require a fitter / machinist. The person should have the ability to work long hours when required and be able to work under pressure and unsupervised. A current drivers licence is essential. Fax, post, email resume to: Machine Shop Manager SDS Ausminco PO Box 249 ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 Fax: 8671 0115 Telephone: 8671 0015 Email:

DIESEL FITTER required as


Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam for

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

HOME SWEET HOME...This meticulouslydecorated home of three good size bedrooms is ready for you to walk in with nothing to do. A fibreglass pool and seperate spa bath surrounded by pattern pave concrete and covered by the pergola. Inspection a must!

8 Gregory St, Roxby Downs INVESTMENT PROPERTY... Four bedrooms, two bathrooms (including ensuite) good size lounge/dining/kitchen, carpets throughout, lino and gas stove only 12 months old, gas heating, ducted evaporative air conditioning, enclosed paved pergola area with garden bed, outdoor blinds to front windows, low maintenance yard on automatic watering system, two years and three months to run on existing lease at $250 per week - $178,000.


Geoff Chick – 0417 816 738 or Martin Stringer – 0417 897 159 Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable investment. Property Consultant Geoff Chick knows the local market and can help you get results!

PUTTING YOU FIRST Now there’s a fresh approach in Real Estate

’ll look after you! WIfeyou are thinking of selling

Competitive package for the right person. For more details contact 0408 897 192.

Phone us now!!

OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Our busy newspaper office requires an Office Administrator for an immediate start. We would love to have a person who loves life and their job as well as all the other office-related stuff including: Word processing, spreadsheets, MYOB, cash handling and great telephone and face-to-face skills. Job share available and hours are negotiable. So what are you waiting for!! If this sounds like you put pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard, and send your application to: PO Box 72, Roxby Downs, SA 5725, Fax: 8671 2843 or email: by October 14, 2003. Phone: 8671 2683 for more information.

EMPLOYMENT…Do you need extra cash? Are you teachable? Go to 4nrg or call 8219 0151. PLANT OPERATOR/LABOURER…Outback Landscaping and Supplies require a plant operator/labourer. Only people with prior experience in bobcat/excavator operation need apply. Ability to trim to levels, must have relevant tickets plus hold minimum M.R. Licence. Experience with landscaping, concrete work an advantage. Resume with references to Outback Landscaping and Supplies, PO Box 23, Roxby Downs, SA, 5725.

Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

David Murley 0412 050 200

Together, we will get you the best price for your home

(08) 8395 2233 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

FOR SALE…Good size three bedroom and ensuite. Large verandah and shedding $89,950 phone David Murley of Weston Raine and Horne on 0412 050 200. FOR SALE... 31 Arcoona Street. Great location, short walk to shops and schools. In-ground fibreglass pool, large rumpus room (or possible fourth bedroom), separate lounge, dual airconditioning, immaculate backyard and pergola, complete with automatic watering system and double carport. Northing more to do than walkin and relax. Phone 0408 087 818. P.O.A. TO RENT…Three bedroom home in Andamooka $130 per week. Phone David Murley of Weston Raine and Horne on 0412 050 200. TO RENT…Furnished home in Andamooka $100 per week. Phone David Murley of Weston Raine and Horne on 0412 050 200.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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UPCOMING EVENTS Roxby tree planting day

Mental Health Week

ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Tree Day will be held on October 12 at the Pine Crescent playground. Trees have been supplied by the WMC (Olympic Dam) nursery, and help beautify one of our local playgrounds. The focus of the day will be on planting Western Myall trees, many of which have died out locally due to an unprecedented white-fly outbreak in the past decade. Register by phoning Christy Olditch at Roxby Downs Council – 8671 0010.

Postie bike charity rally ROXBY DOWNS… Fourteen local residents will ride postie bikes from Roxby Downs to Birdsville next month to raise money for the Meningoccocal Association of Australia. The Roxby Downs Postie Bike Charity Rally has already raised more than $1600 in cash from regional support. Other practical support has come in the form of petrol, food and even concrete donated for a silent auction. More than 60 people are expected to join the three-day rally when it leaves Roxby Downs on

Sunday, October 26. The Roxby Downs Postie Bike Charity Rally has been organised in memory of local boy Jake Cunningham who died of Meningococcal in 2001. Jake’s friends and family have been instrumental in organising the event. For more information, phone Kerrianne Cunningham – 8636 2927 or John Hansford – 8671 0461. Donations can also be made to the ‘Roxby Downs Postie Bike Charity Rally’ at the National Australia Bank in Roxby Downs.

Skunks annual toy run ANDAMOOKA...Roxby Downs’ owns Skunks motorcycle club will host its annual Toy Run on Saturday, November 29. Participants are invited to assemble in Richardson Place in Roxby Downs at 11am to drive and ride to the Tuckerbox in Andamooka. The community is invited to donate toys on the day, or by phoning 8672 7036 or 0408 315 703. Bring a toy for a needy kid - $10 minimum value. Trophies will be awarded for the best bike, hard luck and the best Christmas outfit.

Local band supporting Canteen Bandana Day LOCAL TALENT…Roxby Downs-based band Antacid – Shaz Foster, Jay Paulauskas, Dom LoBasso and Rhys Simmonds – will host a fundraiser for National Bandana Day on October 31, at the Olympic Dam Football Club. National Bandana Day activities have been a regular feature on the Roxby Downs calendar for the past few years thanks to local organisers Emma Kelly and Jason Wilson. This year’s fundraiser will involve a gold coin donation entry fee to the football club, and live performances by Antacid from 9pm to 1am.

Sunday jam session and free barbecue FAR NORTH REGION…SpinFX amd the Roxby Downs Community Club will host an open jam session and free barbecue on Sunday, October 19 from 1pm. Local performers are invited to register their interest in the jam night or other SpinFX activities by phoning Lee Nelson – 8671 3340, or by filling out a registration form at the Roxby Downs Visitor Information Centre, The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper office, or the Roxby Downs Community Club. To receive the SpinFX newsletter via email, email Yvette Mooney at, or phone 0409 506 213.

now showing

Church Times

Fri, October 10 - Tues, October 14

St Barbara’s Catholic Church – Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am – first and third Sunday of every month St Michael’s Catholic Church – Woomera Sunday 5pm – all denominations welcome Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm

Finding Nemo Rated G Fri, Sat & Sun - 11am, 2pm & 4pm

Fri, October 17 - Mon, October 21

Legally Blonde 2 Rated PG Fri, Sat & Tues - 8pm Sat & Sun - 2pm ...coming soon... Lara Croft – Tombraider 2, Freaky Friday, Bad Boys 2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Agent Cody Banks

...for up-to-date movie guides every time! Page 16 - Thursday, October 9, 2003


Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon - 8pm

Desert Springs Church Phone Pastor Bruce 0427 663 033 or Gay 8671 0573 or Michelle 8671 1628.


October Roxby Tree Planting Day Sunday, October 12 Pine Crescent Playground Ph - 8671 0010 WMC Open Day Roxby Cultural Precinct Saturday, October 25 Ph - 8671 8361 Bands for Bandana Day Friday, October 31 Olympic Dam Football Club

National Mental Health Week (October 6 - 10 October 2003) happens at a time of year that can be a particularly stressful period for young people as the pressure of final exams is added to the many other mental health issues they already face. The Inspire Foundation’s Reach Out! (www.reachout. service helps young people get through this stressful period. Research has shown more than 40 per cent of Year 12 students reported high-level symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress and that Year 12 exam stress has been found to be associated with suicidal behaviour. Young people often feel that their problems are insurmountable and this has been found to be a key consistent factor in school-related suicides. In a study conducted by the Commission for Children and Young People, nine per cent of suicide cases indicated prior to their deaths that they were unable to cope with the stress of their final school years. Reach Out! provides young people with easy access to anonymous information, support and referral 24/7 that can help them work through their anxieties and find positive ways to cope. This includes help on dealing with exam stress, managing study time, staying safe during

Short Story Competition

Mental Health Week Mental illness affects hundreds of Australians every year – in big and small ways. Tell us how it has affected you or your family and help bring mental illness out of the shadows. Stories must be 100 words or less. To be eligible for one of our various prizes – names and phone contacts must be provided. Names will not be published without permission. Submit your story to The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper

Supporting mental health and well-being in our community. Entries close Friday, October 17.

Postie Bike Charity Rally Sunday, October 26 Roxby Downs to Birdsville Ph - 8671 0461

November Skunks Christmas Toy Run Saturday, November 29 Richardson Place to Andamooka

December Ph - 0408 315 703 Roxby Downs Christmas Pageant Saturday, December 6 Ph - 8671 0277

schoolies and working through difficulties of making decisions about the future. “From 16-21 there is quite a lot of pressure to be successful and make it through your final exams,” Inspire Foundation’s Director of Programs Jonathan Nicholas said. “Every person copes differently - unfortunately, some better than others. The key pressure on many young people is that they feel the decisions they make will be something they’re forced to live with for the rest of their lives. “This is particularly true for exams.” “Reach Out helps to give people a sense of control. The site acts as an outlet for young people who may find it tough discussing their problems face to face. Young people who have used Reach Out! have active involvement with the site and give real information and real life stories, sometimes just sharing experiences can make it easier to cope.” Nicholas said. Reach Out! has been accessed over 1.3 million times since it was launched in 1998 and currently has 1,300 visitors to the service each day. As well as school and exam-stress related fact sheets, Reach Out! provides information on a range of mental health issues including depression and anxiety, family or relationship problems and sex and sexuality. To help promote a message of positive mental health during National Mental Health Week, and to coincide with end of year exams, Reach Out! has launched a national writing competition asking young people “what do you do to chill out?”. Young people are invited to submit 300 words or less about what they do to relax, or the people places and things that help them to chill out. Winning entries will receive prizes from General Pants Co. and Havaianas. A selection of entries will also be featured as stories on the Reach Out! website. Young people can enter by visiting www. before October 24, 2003. If mental illness has affected you or your family, then help bring this illness out into the open by entering our Mental Health Week story competition. Drop your personal account into The Monitor office or email it to Win prizes and see your story printed in your community newspaper. Authorship will remain confidential unless otherwise requested. Entries close Friday, October 17, 2003.

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COUNCIL NEWS This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Council

Roxby Downs Community Board confirmed COUNCIL SNIPPETS On Monday, September 29, 2003 the first formal step was taken in preparation of a community vision and community plan for Roxby Downs, with the Community Board’s first meeting. Inaugural Community Board members were appointed following independent review from mentors Rev. Tom Beever, Fr Jim Monaghan and Kathy Wooldridge. Selection was based on a person’s passion and commitment to developing the community. The successful nominees were: "

Ben Garwood,


Melanie McCarthy,


Phillipa Weltner,


Karen Grantham,

" "

Justine Ward,


Jason Wilson and


Brenton Smith.

Wayne Morris,

At the meeting, facilitator Ray Goldie welcomed and thanked all attending Board members for meeting initially at short notice. Following a briefing of the background to the establishment of the community planning process, each Board member gave a short briefing of their background and reasons for taking on the role and for their positive commitment to developing the community. Terms of Reference…Ray Goldie gave a briefing of the Board’s Terms of Reference as at Section 41, Committee of Council, which was to enquire and report to Council in respect of: "

The overall direction and advice for the development of a community plan


Establishing key objectives in areas of social development, community participation and cultural iden-

tity for the Roxby Downs community for the next 10 years "

Identifying the role of Council and other stakeholders in developing a range of policies, programs and initiatives that will promote community capacity building

The Community Board will act as a steering body in the management development of all of the issues required in preparation of the community plan. These will include a community vision that has shared community acceptance by way of extending community involvement and participation. Prime task was for Board members to listen and be briefed by the community, with assistance from mentors available during the process. Plan of Action…Ray Goldie then briefed members on the scheduled plan of action which involves regular Board meetings, a community survey, at least one public meeting, plus at least one specific issue forum of the Board’s choosing at each Board meeting. A feature of the plan is its extensive consultation which will offer every individual, household, community organization and business an opportunity to make a submission to the Board either in writing or verbally. Process will also include a community planning day in April or May, 2004. Administration…Board members discussed a number of administrative issues and decided that the first forum issue would involve a briefing of youth issues from community members involved in youth activities. Board members agreed to rotate the chair at each meeting and appointed Ben Garwood and Phillipa Weltner as the formal media contacts. A full report is available from the Council Office. Next meeting...Thursday, October 16, 2003 at 6pm in the Board Room of the Council offices.

Nominate your local ‘Australian of the Year,’ Roxby Downs is a unique and wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. This is a direct result from ordinary people within our community accomplishing and achieving extraordinary things. Now is your opportunity to identify those people within our community who, over the past twelve months, and/or have given outstanding service to the Roxby and Olympic Dam communities over a number of years, have demonstrated a willingness to give of their time, talents and energy to ensure that Roxby Downs continues to thrive and remain the great place that we can all be proud of. Nomination Forms are available from the Roxby Downs Council, Richardson Place. Please return your Nomination Form to the Council office by 5pm on November 24, 2003. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognise and reward those within our community who deserve our appreciation and thanks.

Incorporating ROXBY POWER (Electricity Supply) ROXBY WATER (Water & Sewerage Services) Richardson Place PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870



Roxby takes the first step towards creating a community plan

Works in Progress Council has provided a new computer to the management of the Roxby Downs Library to replace the old system management computer. Also included was a new printer for staff and the replacement of a monitor on the public use computers. Repairs to Water Mains Council wishes to thank residents for their patience whilst repairs were undertaken to burst water mains in Axehead Road and Gregory Street. Pump Station Maintenance The addition of BioRemedy to the Pump Station in the Kennebery and Stuart Road area has resulted in the reduction of fat levels in lines to the pump station. Extra cost to Ratepayers Council is urging residents to refrain from placing sanitary-ware products into toilet cisterns. This is causing major problems with blockages to pumps, resulting in costly expense to all ratepayers due to constant maintenance requirements. Land – Southern Sub-Division Water, electricity and sewer services to be connected to approximately 20 new lots in the Southern Sub-Division. Cricket Pitch The Cricket Association, Leisure Centre and Council are working closely together to instal a new cricket pitch on the town oval. Street lighting When reporting faulty or non functional lights, please ensure that the full address is given – vicinity of or outside house number and street name. Richardson Place – Part Street Closure The north side of Richardson Place will be closed to traffic between 9.30am and 6pm on Saturday 25 October 2003 for the WMC Family Day.Roxby Tree Planting DayWill be held on October 12 between 10am-12 noon at the Pine Cr Playground on Cnr Burgoyne and Pine Cr. Please contact Council to register your interest as a volunteer on 8671 0010. Dog Registrations Dog registrations are now overdue. Please register your dogs immediately to avoid penalities. Community Plan Copies of the Report of the Community Board’s first meeting on September 29, 2003 in preparation of Roxby’s community vision and plan are available from the Council Offices. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154 Council Office Hours Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Supporting Your Community Newspaper

Committed to Creating a Vibrant Future for our Community


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Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

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BUSINESS Roxby food facts - safe food preparation ROXBY FOOD FACTS...An inititiative of the Roxby Downs Municipal Council, informing local food businesses on Council services, food law updates and issues related to the industry. New food laws... The Food Act 1985 was repealed and replaced with the Food Act 2001. All businesses in Roxby Downs should have received an information pack titled ‘For Goodness Sake Read This! This information kit details the major changes in the food laws that are relevant to your business. Environmental Health Officers have noted on routine inspections that many businesses have not read the information. If you do not understand any aspect of the new information please contact your inspecting officer for further advice. If you cannot find your kit a copy of the relevant information can be obtained at the following website, http://www. foodssafetystandard australia Common non-compliance with new food laws...Environ-mental Health Officer has noted common aspects of the food laws for which business are not compliant. Thermometers...Every business handling potentially hazardous food must have a thermometer that can accurately measure the internal temperature of for to + or – 1oC. As few businesses have complied with this standard we have included an article on ther-

mometers in this newsletter. Please refer to this for further information. Illness Notification Policy...Proprietors and food handlers seem unaware of their obligations under Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Clause 14 and 3.2.2 Clause 18. A food business must inform food handlers of their health and hygiene obligations in the Food Safety Standards. A food handler that has any symptoms indicating they may be suffering from food borne disease or is knowingly suffering from food borne disease must, notify their employee and not engage in food handling. A food business must ensure that it does not disclose any information provided by a food handler in accordance to this standard. Notification of the activities of the food business...A business must notify Council of the activities of the food business within three months of September 1, 2003. A pamphlet informing on the notification laws was sent to all food businesses. Please familiarise yourself with this information as businesses failing to notify face penalties of $120,000 for a body corporate and $25,000 for an individual. Notification must be completed online at the Department of Human Services website, or by hard copy. Although Council prefers online notification, those wanting a hard copy can contact the Council for a notification form to be sent to

you. Hand washing facilities Hand washing requirements have not changed a great deal from the previous Food Act, however, proprietors and food handlers are still not providing or using facilities appropriately. All food premises are required to have a hand basin easily accessible and adjacent to any toilet and in any food preparation area. This basin must be used for the sole purpose of washing hands, arms and face. It should not be used to store other items, for cleaning or food preparation. All food handlers shall only wash their hands at the hand basin and not in the utensil washing sink or food preparations sink. The hand basin shall be supplied with suitable hand washing soap and single use paper towel for hand drying at all times. There should be no excusable reason why your business does not have soap or paper towel in stock and always available at the hand basins. If you have any questions or inquiries you can contact your Council Environmental Health Officer on a number listed below. If a Council Officer is unable to answer your questions further information can be sought form the Department of Human Services Food Section. The contact phone number is 8226 7107 or website address pehs/ and follow the food link.

Roxby Traders giving 10 out of 10 to the community advertisement

ROXBY DOWNS... For the past 16 years Roxby Downs locals Wayne and Michelle Gillings have been giving the local community 10 out of 10. Their Roxby Traders Mitre 10 store has grown to become one of the largest in country SA, and stocks most of life’s essentials for the handyman and homemaker. The Roxby Downs Mitre 10 managers said they were proud to be local and a major supporter of the local community. The business first started local life as a smaller store about 16 years ago before moving to the massive 3000m2 shed six years ago. He said the store was the second Mitre 10 store opened in country SA. Today the prominent Roxby Downs landmark stocks most of the essentials of Roxby Downs life – from furniture to power tools. According to Mr Gillings, customers could expect to find an array of electrical goods, including televisions and refrigerators, as well as pool chemicals, paints, barbecue and gardening needs. He said a large range of building products were also available, including pavers,

MORE THAN JUST HARDWARE...Long-running local business Roxby Traders offers a variety of services and products, according to manager Wayne Gillings. timber, verandas, carports, sheds and garages. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, their friendly staff will

be happy to order it in. Mr Gillings said the store places orders daily, and the team is happy to provide deliv-

eries any day of the week to Roxby Downs homes and surrounding areas, including Andamooka.

105.5 RoxFM Program - “Local, Live and Loving It!” MONDAY






Bright Side of Life 6am-8am Music Mixture 8am-9am Mandy Books 9am-10am Deb 60’s and 70’s 10am-1pm Music Mixture 1pm-2pm Tracey 90s Music 2pm-3pm Steph 2000s Music 3pm-4pm Oz Rock Brad & Carl 4pm-5pm Drive Time with The Fatman 5pm-6.30pm Music Mixture 6.30pm-8pm Monday Mania Mike & Tracey Requests 8pm-10pm

Bright Side of Life 6am-8am Music Mixture 8am-9am 80s with Tracy 9am-10am Annette’s ‘Theme’ 10am-11am Annette Blast from the Past 11am-12pm Deb 60’s and 70’s Music 12pm-1pm Music Mixture 1pm-2pm Music Mixture 2pm-3pm Steph 2000s Music 3pm-4pm Ashley & Kane 4pm-5pm Drive Time with The Fatman 5pm-6:30pm Music Mixture 6.30pm-8pm ‘Evening Mixup’ With Crusty & Twisty Requests 7.30pm-10pm

Bright Side of Life 6am-8am 80s music 8am-9.30am Annette’s ‘Theme’ 9.30am-11am Annette Blast from the Past 11am-12pm Deb 60’s and 70’s Music 12pm-1pm Country Hour Katie or Twisty 1pm-2pm Tracey 90s Music 2pm-3pm Brad & Carl 2000s 3pm-4pm Music Mixture 4pm-5pm Drive Time with The Fatman 5pm-6.30pm Music Mixture 6.30pm-8pm ‘Midweek Mayhem’ with Mandy & Richard 8pm-10pm

Bright Side of Life 6am-8am 80s music 8am-9.30am Annette’s ‘Theme’ 9.30am-11am Annette Blast from the Past 11am-12pm Deb 60’s and 70’s Music 12pm-1pm Music Mixture 1pm-2pm Health with Michelle 2pm-3pm Ashley 2000s 3pm-4pm Music Mixture 4pm-5pm Drive Time with The Fatman 5pm-6:30pm Music Mixture 6.30pm-8pm ‘Evening Mixup’ With Crusty & Twisty Requests 7.30pm-10pm

Bright Side of Life 6am-8am Council News every second week 8am-9.30am Annette’s ‘Theme’ 9.30am-11am Annette Blast from the Past 11am-12pm Deb 60’s and 70’s Music 12pm-1pm Music Mixture 1pm-2pm Tracey 90s Music 2pm-3pm Steph 2000s Music 3pm-4pm Music Mixture 4pm-5pm Aria Top 20 with The Fatman 5pm-7.30pm Feature DJ 8pm-11pm

Saturday Sunrise Coops - 6am-9am Louise 9am-11am Music from 70s-00s 11am-1pm Barb and the Girls 1pm-3pm Music from 70s-00s 3pm-8pm Feature DJ 8pm-11pm

Page 18 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

SUNDAY Mellow Music 6am-12pm Music Mixture 12pm-3pm Wendy’s Classical every second week 3pm-4pm Music Mixture 4pm-6.30pm Mystery DJ 6.30pm-8pm Rob 8pm-11pm

a‘ k s i l a P b De n Under’ w Deb Do Volunteer station manager Deb Paliska has been a driving force behind the local radio station since its inception more than 18 months ago. Nowadays she is a familiar voice on the airwaves, whether it’s filling in for fellow DJs or presenting ‘her Psychedelic 70s’ show.

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Juniors play a big part in hockey success

BEST AND FAIREST…B-grade best and fairest Laura Gray with A-grade runnerup Fiona Bilney and best and fairest Scott Cheers. B-GRADE MEDICOS…The Medicos B-grade team celebrates its third premiership in three years under the guidance of coach Karen McPaul. “The juniors are the driving force behind all the teams – we wouldn’t have a B-grade competition without them,” she said. Pictured during last week’s presentations ceremony, from left, back, coach Karen McPaul, Annmarie Stolz, Claire Nesbit, Wendy Moy, front, Emily Shepley, Elizabeth Gray, Laura Gray and Ami McPaul.

Junior Hockey this season 2003 was a huge success, because we had a few dedicated parents volunteer their time. On behalf of the committee we would like to thank all coaches and umpires for their efforts this season. I would personally like to thank John Baillie and Mandie Arnold for all their time that they have put in to make this season a success. We have farewelled some players and volunteers this season. We saw Moira Armstrong and her daughter Shona play for the last time in Roxby Downs on grand final night. We also will say goodbye to Tammy Olsen and her children and Peter Wooldridge has decided to hang up his stick as well. We are looking forward to having another successful season in 2004. We are sorting for sponsorship as we fund our 2004 season as in the past we have been a self funded sporting group. Thanks again for everyone’s help in 2003 and see you in 2004. Karen McPaul - RDIHA President

AWARD WINNERS…Ryan Worby, Tyler Devine, Troy Gum and (absent) Nick Fernandez were all recognised for their commitment and improvement in junior hockey over the past season. JUNIOR2…Pictured left, the Roxby Downs Indoor H o c k e y Association’s Junior2 team took out their age premierships this year. The team consisted of, front, Adam Warren, Brad Haliman, Callan and Jacob Haugum, back, coach Murray Tyler, Tyler Devine and Sam Tyler. “They’ve done an outstanding job,” coach Murray Tyler said. “They played well as a team for the whole season and they’ve come together really well.” VOLUNTEERS...Roxby Downs Indoor Hockey Association’s active volunteers and committee members, from left, front, Mandie Arnold, Fiona Bilney, Karen McPaul, Bec Surendra, back, Scott Cheers, Stuart Reid and John Baillie. “I’d like to thank Karen and Mandie for the way they ran the competition this year,” Fiona Bilney said during last week’s presentation ceremony. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Clay target shooting With a lot of activities in Roxby Downs and AFL Grand Final numbers were low for our 50 target night shoot and camp out on September 27, 2003. Results were: Mal Smith 44/50 Chris Hunter 41/50 Ken Rapsey 38/50 Kane Rafter-Smith 28/50 Brian Rapsey 24/50 Next shoot out will be on Sunday October 12, 2003 starting at 10am. All visitors welcome. The following shoot will be a coaching and ‘Come and Try’ event on Saturday October 18, 2003 10am start. Contact Mal Smith 0419 855 918 for more information.


Open 7 nights a week Meals available Friday nights along with great raffle draws and a ‘Happy hour’. Membership available at $15 Family or $10 Single. Great advantages of membership are: FREE Members draw and Christmas shows. Numerous functions throughout the year. The Club and its facilities including the barbecue area are also available for private functions.

Located on Girraween Avenue

Contact the Club on 8673 7335 or the President on 0419 807 158.

See you there!

Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 19


LONG JUMP…Champions of the long jump pit were, from left, Kye Marksteiner, 10, Dylan Ironside, 11, Reece Cooper, 10.

BOYS FLAG JUMP… Sean Reynolds, 9, competes in the flag jump during the combined Andamooka, Woomera and St Barbara’s Parish School sports day.

DISCUS…Practicing for the RDAS sports day discus earlier this month, from left, Centaine Casserly, 8, Elyshiah McCarthy, 8, and Nicola Blakey, 7.

BOYS SHOTPUT…Teacher Andrew Hudson demonstrating Shot-put techniques to Ryan Connell, 9, during the combined Woomera, Andamooka and St Barbara’s Parish School sports day. LEADING SHOTPUTTERS…Lilli-mae Trenerry, 8, of Saint Barbara’s leading the shot-putters during the combined Woomera, Andamooka and St Barbara’s Parish School sports day.

J U M P E R … Matthew Harvey, 9, bounding through the air during the HIGH JUMP…Cameron Schodde, 10, of Torrens House takes long jump at RDAS sports day. the high jump at RDAS years 3-6 sports day.


Len Kay Driving School


Visiting Roxby Downs every Thursday Student Driver Tuition Log Book Training & Practical Testing Modern Automatic Car bookings essential Ph - 8642 6603 Fx - 8642 6603 Page 20 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

GIRLS SHOTPUT…Competitors in the shot-put competition at RDAS sports day, from left, Taylor Lindner, 9, Sian Sauerwald, 9, Rhiannon McDonald, 9, Chloe Butler, 10, Front, Hanna Alsford, 9, Hannah Grohs, 9, and Victoria Dejioia, 9. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

SPORT Roxby Downs volleyball results September 22, 2003 A Grade Volleroos 106 defeated Prophets 57. B Grade Salmon Haters 107 defeated All Blacks 82. Angry Beavers 94 defeated The VB’s 93.

GOOD GOLFING…The Roxby Downs Golf Club stalwards enjoyed a relaxing family day out on the greens on Saturday. Front, from left, Jenny Nitschke and Liam Spencer, 1, David Gibson, Jacob, 5, Domi 10, and Jana Jamnicky, Di Beveridge, back, Allan Reat, Nick Kostalas, Vlad Jamnicky, Andrew Graham and Joel Roberts.

Good golfing despite despite reduced field October 4, 2003...After a week of good rainfall Saturday was cloud free. Cool and a perfect day for golf. There were not many golfers for the Foodland 18 hole Par event but those who were there had a lovely day of golf. Allan Reat had a great round of golf playing the best round of his season with Plus 7, playing 7 shots under his handicap. As a result of his good round a visit to the handicapper’s cutting room will result in a reduction of 2 shots and down to a 27 handicap. Vlad Jamnicky also had a very good round of Plus 3 following on from his good form last weekend and was runner up for the day. Joel Roberts, Ted Charman and Robert Charman played under their handicaps with Plus 1. Long drives on number 12 went to: Ladies - Di Beveridge, C Grade - Ted Charman, B Grade - Vlad Jamnicky. Nearest the Pin on 2 went to: B Grade Robert Charman. The other grades didn’t make the green in one Full Results: Winner - Allan Reat +7, Runner-up Vlad Jamnicky +3, 3rd Joel Roberts +1 c/b from Ted & and Robert Charman, 4th Ted Charman +1 c/ b from Robert Charman. The membership draw wasn’t won this weekend and now jackpots to $230 for the Orica Stableford event on October 9, 2003. Remember you have to be in the Clubhouse to win if your membership number comes up. Get your teams ready for the Sandvik Ambrose on October 25, 2003 and register early with your team to Di Beveridge or John Kerr. September 27, 2003...Golf on the weekend of the AFL Grand Final was sponsored by Concord Engineering. As was expected in a clash with the grand final the field was rather small. Golfers appreciated the cooler change and very little wind to start with and as a result there were some very good scores posted in the Stableford event. The overall winner of the day was Di Beveridge with a score of 46 points. This was her best round of the season. There were a few shots left on the course as she missed two birdie opportunities and didn’t score on one hole. The runner-up Tony Bidgood thought he was in with a chance with 42 points but had to take runner up.

Vlad Jamnicky posted 41 points improving his scoring after a few poor rounds. The Long Drive hole was number 11 and by the time most golfers came through this hole there was a head breeze. This didn’t seem to deter them bombing down some lengthy drives. The Nearest the Pin hole on number 4 proved too much of a challenge for all except John Kerr. Results: LD - A Grade missed the fairway, B Grade Tony Bidgood, C Grade Peter Wooldridge, Ladies Di Beveridge. NTP - A Grade John Kerr. Overall Winner: Di Beveridge 46 points, runner-up Tony Bidgood 42 points and 3rd place Vlad Jamnicky 41 points.

Notice of Road Closure Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961

NOTICE Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on Monday, September 15, 2003 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister, November 28, 1999. Pursuant to section 33(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which section 33 of the road traffic act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to section 33(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 9.30am, Saturday, October 25, 2003 and expiring 6pm, Saturday, October 25, 2003. ROAD: Cultural Precinct, School and TAFE side of Richardson Place, Roxby Downs EVENT: Western Mining Olympic Dam Open Day ADJACENT/ADJOINING ROADS: Pursuant to section 33(1)(b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road, from duty to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians travelling along the road W.J. Boehm Administrator

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BEENHAM ELITE Services & Agencies

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Renovations & Alterations Carports & Pergolas providing a complete service

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Ph: 8671 1234

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21 Gosse Street Roxby Downs SA 5725

Ask us for a free quote! BLD - 173944 Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 21

SPORT Wednesday Netball Results September 24, 2003 A Grade - Hornridge 34 defeated Pearlers 27, Rebels1 37 defeated MAK Ladies 23. B Grade - Masters 38 defeated Primemovers 18, Shorties 38 defeated Rebels2 13. Mixed - Blues 37 defeated Miners2 28, Miners1 27 defeated The Trevs 25.

A-GRADE NETBALL...Tight defense in the goal circle in last week’s match between Rebels and MAK Ladies.

Grading looms for Shotokan Karate students

SPORTING FAMILY...Familiar faces on the local basketball courts, Mark and Julieann Whittaker with Tiele, 7, and Kolbi, 12, are leaving Roxby Downs after 15 years involvement with local sport and the community.

Roxby Traders Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm Saturday 9.00am-12.00 noon Sunday 9.00am-3.00pm Open Public Holidays 9.00am-3.00pm 15% OFF ALL FISHING SUPPLIES Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs

You can’t beat Phone: 8671 0322 Fax: 8671 0338

Page 22 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

KARATE…Roxby Downs Shotokan Karate enthusiasts Tracy Fouet, Simon Hilder and Toby Field practising in the local auditorium. Shotokan promotes strength, flexibility and confidence. Local students are currently training for an upcoming grading and training session. The group meets three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday nights, 6.30 to 8.30, juniors and seniors. For more information phone Simon Hilder on 8671 1060, or come along to a training session.

Roxby Downs cricket on again Roxby Downs cricket is scheduled to start on October 25, 2003 with a double header at O’Donoghue Oval Woomera. Preparations are under way for a new pitch at Roxby Downs Oval and should be available for matches in early November. Tony Richter has been re-elected President and Michael Hoffmann will once again be his Deputy. Darren Leonard and Andrew Bennett have also been elected to continue Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Sporting family leaves behind a local legacy Mark and Julieann Whittaker came to Roxby Downs in 1988 with few expectations but a lot of plans. This year, the couple - together with children Kolbi, 12, and Tiele, 7, - are relocating to Port Pirie. While Mark plans to commute back and forwards for his job underground at Olympic Dam where he drives the 16-foot-long ‘superdrills’, Julieann and the kids will make a fresh start in Port Pirie. While the pair have made their share of friends over the years, nowhere will they be more missed than on the basketball court where they have been committed and continual supporters of both senior and junior sport for 15 years. Mark was the first life member of the Roxby Downs Basketball Association while Julieann coached Roxby Downs’ only State Country Championship side in 2001. Julieann is a level 2 coach, a level 1 trainer and a level 0 trainer, and is a keen basketballer herself. In addition to his dedication to local basketball, Mark has been a member of the local sports forum, a coach and umpire of local football, and organised several local fundraiser events including visits by the American Allstars and the Adelaide 36ers. He was one of the earliest and loudest voices to lobby for a second bas-

ketball stadium locally and has relished seeing the idea come to fruition in recent years. “But the good things, the best things, have been seeing the kids grow through sport – not just our kids but the Troy Clements and Marissa Buzas who went out and did something great in sport,” Mark said. “If we’d never come here there’s things we’d never have been able to do, like umpiring at Leigh Creek and Woomera, meeting the Allstars and the 36ers. “Roxby has the best facilities in Australia for such a small place and, for us to see all these great changes over the years, it’s been really rewarding.” “Roxby has been a great place for us - a great sporting town,” Julieann said. “From a small country town, we’ve fielded at least 10 junior state country representatives. “That says a lot for the people here who have worked with them voluntarily and shown their commitment to them – that’s not just us, that’s a lot of people. “That sense of community has always been the best part of Roxby and we’ll take that with us when we go. We’ve made friendships we’ll take with us wherever we are.”

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Bowlers roll into new season of night bowls BOWLS FUN…Marcus Bowden, 9, joined other local bowlers, from left, Robert Hamblin, 11, Lorraine and Ernie Meissner, Roger and Vicki Hamblin with Jim Bowden, at a ‘come ‘n’ try’ evening for the Roxby Downs Bowling Club. ‘Night Owls’ social bowls will kick off tomorrow night. For more information, contact Jim Bowden – 0417 084 112, or Lyn White at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre – 8671 0500.

COOL IN THE POOL…Emily Davies, 20, and Cassie Davies, 16, were two of just a handful of swimmers who braved the waters when Roxby Downs Swimming Pool opened its gates on October 1. Temperatures dropped to on the day.

Leisure Centre Parents and Babies Swimming Lessons “Teaching you to teach your baby water confidence”

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.30am to 11.00am Bookings must be made the day prior – Lessons start Tuesday, October 14.

For more information phone 8671 0500

Casual Crèche Attendant Required Written applications and résume to: The Manager PO Box 98 ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 Applications close: 4.00pm on October 17, 2003. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 9, 2003 - Page 23

Lavrick Engineering

Your Community Newspaper


BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning New Car Servicing & Warranty Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725

Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418

Three-in-a row for mean green Medicos Roxby Downs Indoor Basketball hosted its end of year presentations following the grand finals last Friday night. The ‘Medicos’ took out their third premiership in three years in both the A and B-grades. Association coordinator Karen McPaul said strong junior support had ensured the success of the 2003 competitions. “The juniors are the driving force behind all the team,” she said. “We wouldn’t have a B-grade competition without them. “We’ve also benefited from a vibrant and dedicated committee.”

Great golfing Page 21

School sports Page 20

THREE IN A ROW…Celebrating their third premiership in as many years, A-grade Medicos, from left, front, Steve Moss, Karen McPaul, Mel Spencer, back, Tom Ho, Daryl Stuckey and Darren Fairlie. Absent – Stuart Mills and Mark Bailey. Karen, Tom and Stuart represent a core of the original Medicos players who have enjoyed ongoing success with the team.

More sport in

The Monitor than any other regional paper!

Junior hockey Page 19

Social bowls Page 22

Karate Page 22

Swimmers dive into a new season Local swimmers will dive into a new season of competition this month as Roxby Downs Swimming Club strokes out into its fourth year. While competitive swimming in Roxby Downs has long been a part the community’s sporting identity, this latest incarnation of the swimming club has enjoyed strong parental support for the past four years. That support is expected to float them through the season, despite unsuccessful attempts to source a second coach to assist swim coach Stuart Mills. “We are still looking for anyone prepared to help coach,” committee member Carol Groom said. “We’ve got some real talent and lots of parental commitment,” she said. “Last year Connor Morgan made it to the state finals, while Jade Morgan is our first finalist in the age area finals in Adelaide. “This year we’re encouraging parents to stay, have a cuppa and watch their kids swim. “We’ve got a great committee and we’ve always had lots of involved parents. “We’d invite anyone who was interested to come along and join.” Swim club membership is open to children of any age who can swim the length of the Roxby Downs pool, 25m, in a designated stroke. “We’re not a teaching school, we’re strictly a swimming club,” Mrs Groom said. Local swimmers can learn more about Roxby Downs Swimming Club at a ‘Come ‘n’ Try’ information night on Tuesday, October 16, from 6pm. Swim training will kick off the same night, followed by a sausage sizzle. Sausage sizzle will be available for the cost of a gold coin donation.

JUMP RIGHT IN…Roxby Downs Swimming Club members will dive into a new season of competition this month, from left, Jessica Katzorke, 9, Jade Morgan, 9, Katie, 10, Leigh, 8, and Samantha Groom, 6, and Jarrod Katzorke, 7.

Proudly supporting WMC, Olympic Dam Operations and the Community of Roxby Downs since 1988! Page 24 - Thursday, October 9, 2003

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$10 for members – $12 for non-members KIDS UNDER 12 FREE October 15 – 3 Course Special October 22 – Carvery Page 11 Page 3 Page 8 Phone: 08...