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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Images of the Fringe Pages 12 & 13

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Shave for a cure

Roxby Roadsafe exercise

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Roxby fired up for Fringe

IMAGES OF OFF...The Outback Fringe Festival attracted more than 2500 people, above, for its main street events and workshops on Saturday. Other highlights of the inaugural Outback Fringe, top, from left; PLUCK...Headlining the Outback Fringe Festival - UK comedians Pluck; FUTURE ART...Judges Dan Bradley, Sue DeBois and Alex Mendelssohn joined Minister John Hill at the official judging of Roxby Downs’ inaugural Future Art Prize; FIRE SHOW...Qld street performer ‘Firecrazy Matt’ treated local fringe-goers to his own brand of magic, comedy and firetwirling. Obligation FREE Quotes


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ROXBY DOWNS...More than 2500 people lined the street for the inaugural Outback Fringe Festival’s street performances on Saturday night. The three-day festival has been heralded as a huge success by organisers and community alike. “I thought it was absolutely amazing - it’s incredible how a group of enthusiastic people who share a vision can come together to create an event like this,” event coordinator Megan Barker told The Monitor this week. “The success of the Outback Fringe shows us that the community of Roxby Downs is keen to embrace an event like this. “The committee is already planning for next year. “The Outback Fringe highlighted the depth of talent right here in Roxby Downs and Andamooka. “Not only have businesses benefited directly with the influx of fringegoers from throughout the region. “The festival offered a diverse range of activities and entertainment reflecting Roxby Downs’ diverse and multicultural community. The festival kicked off on Friday night with the official opening by Minister John Hill and the sponsors’ cocktail party. The Future Art Prize was awarded to Roxby Downs’ own Michael Dunbar for his painting ‘Wallabies and Rocks’. Mr Dunbar intends to donate the proceeds from the painting’s sale on the night to Arid Recovery. Second prize went to Vicki Bosisto for ‘Desert Light’ and third to Ross Stephenson for ‘Sliding Rock Copper Mine’ - commendations went to Lovering’s ‘The Pioneers’, Roe Gartelmann’s ‘Fishing Mates’ and Pam Diment for ‘The Coongie Shark’. Local accommodation providers reported full occupancy levels, while shows and workshops at the Cultural Precinct attracted capacity crowds throughout the weekend.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 1


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Community Board focus - Family Gu est Editorial What’s happening inside Roxby Downs families - that was one of the questions asked at the Roxby Downs Community Board’s latest meeting last week. Childcare worker Lindall White highlighted a need for more local support groups for children with special needs. She spoke to the board about three to four-month waits for children to access programs, and a need for better respite support for families. Mrs White also spoke of the need for greater understanding and support for families suffering depression and isolation. Youth counsellor Helen Bennie highlighted a range of services she felt could be improved including parenting education. Mrs Bennie called on local employers to reassess working cycles in the community. Work shifts and long hours for working parents have meant some children are in care as early as 5.30am. The long workings hours are also believed to contribute to low supervision, poor nutrition and absenteeism. “I’ve lived in town for the past 15 years and loved every moment,” Mrs Bennie told the board.

“I think the goal is to see second and third generations living in Roxby Downs so some of that support and advice is provided by family, offsetting some of these problems.” Reverend Tom Beever said he would like to see support services for families extended into the working environment at Olympic Dam. He said there was a need for local men to have someone to talk to about working stress and family responsibilities, but people did not respond to the phone counselling as well as in-person personal support. Rev. Beever said he would hope to see local churches play a larger part in providing that support to the wider community in the future as the community continues to grow. While forum participants were mostly positive about family life in Roxby Downs - several issues were recurring points of concern. These included isolation and the associated depression of parents, especially mothers; alcohol abuse; the lack of foster family support in Roxby Downs; support for single parents; inconsistent or hard-to-access support services and a lack of generational support for families.

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Teacher, religious instructor and counsellor.

Family issues and needs Roxby is a town for families. Comments we hear most often is one of surprise and joy at seeing so many families with young children, fathers bringing their children to school, couples with their babies doing health walks. From the love and care shown to children it is obvious parents give a high priority to family life. . There is another side to the picture as there are issues we need to face about Roxby. Once the children start school there is often a lack of parental involvement in their education and little or no interest in supporting the school. Members of the community who are involved in welfare know that we have families experiencing the effects of addictions, abuse, irresponsibility, and break-up of family relationships. In addition there are high rental costs for housing, limited availability of professional help for families in crisis, and especially pediatric support, loneliness and the constant loss of friends. These issues involve all of us. We can take a responsible position by participating in lobby groups or at least supporting those people who are members of lobby groups who desire to give our community the best service available. I love the people in Roxby. I love living here. One thing we can all do, at no cost, is to make the effort to be very welcoming and friendly. I would love to be able to say Roxby is a town for families - a place where everyone is friendly.


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Outback Fringe Festival 2004 opened by Outback Fringe Minister John Hill - photos on Pages 12 & 13

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Page 2 - Thursday, March 25, 2004


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Why did you move to Roxby Downs? At least a third of our local community came here to make a good start for their family another third is aged under 15 and is someone’s family. So, since then, how many of us have spent so much time making a good living that we’re not making much time for really living? Some people have the knack - they know how to balance their work and family life so they’re spending their spare time together, not overcommiting themselves, giving their kids real quality time. But it’s just not easy as it looks on the Brady Bunch - and let’s face it, would Mike have been such a successful architect if he didn’t have Carol and Alice home to look after the six kids? What are you working for? If it’s a better life for your family then you can make that right now, without spending a cent. Put down the paper, go find your kids and sit with them for half an hour - read a book, ride a bike, find something you have in common. And hey, if your partner’s home then grab him or her too - the dishes can wait half an hour, trust me. I’m not a big fan of kitsch American Christian television but there’s an ad going around on TV that says ‘family - it’s about time’ and I’d say that about sums it up. If you don’t have time then rethink what you’re doing. With so many families on four-on-fouroff shifts something’s gone wrong if you don’t have time at home with the people you love. So in the words of a well-known (but strangelyoverdubbed) advert - it’s about time. Time for you to ask yourself “What are you working for?” If the answer is your family, your future, then you can make that work with a little less money and lot more hands-on involvement.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


VOLUNTEERS...Left, SES volunteer Charlie Angel mobilises fellow crewmembers to support crash ‘victim’ Laurie Hanaford while, right, Steph Foster is pulled from the crowd to assist ‘casualty’ Sherron Butler at Roxby Downs’ recent ‘mock accident’ in Richardson Place.

Mock accident highlights road safety issues ROXBY DOWNS...Local emergency services converged on Richardson Place this week for a planned disaster exercise. The scenario depicted two vehicles which collided at the crossing, injuring both drivers, an adult pedestrian and a child. Emergency services then responded as they would in a normal accident situation while students and passersby were seconded to perform firstaid. SES Controller and police officer Scott Cheers said local emergency services welcomed the exercise as successful.

“The emergency service members gained some valuable exposure working together in a training environment.” “An assembly with the students allowed a representative of all the emergency services to emphasise various points that they hoped to convey – such as the response times and the importance of first aid.” Roxby Downs SA Ambulance Service volunteer team leader Dawn Kroemer welcomed the mock accident as an important public awareness exercise. “It made the students very aware of the importance of first response at

the scene,” she told The Monitor. “It’s important the general public knows first aid so by-standers can do something positive while the professionals are on the way “The sooner something’s done to assist a patient, the better the outcomes. “Our average response time in the town is seven minutes but it can seem a lot longer when you’re the person waiting for the ambulance to come – and the students at the exercise could see that.” “It’s taken more than a year of work by Roxby Downs’ local road safety group to get this exercise happen-

ing, but the work has been worthwhile,” Roxby Roadsafe chairman Jim Monaghan told The Monitor this week. “On the education front, we learnt first hand about our vulnerability in the event of an accident, as our volunteer emergency services mobilise to come to our assistance. “My imagination was running riot as I watched the ‘casualties’ lying on the road in the hot sun, while the minutes ticked by before any professional help arrived. “What if you were in pain, or bleeding, or had stopped breathing, or you were trapped and in danger of fur-

Family memories fall victim to theft M E M O R I E S LOST...The Barber family, of Roxby Downs, are dealing with the loss of years of memories and family documents following a s e e m i n g l y pointless theft from their caravan park home. Pictured outside the site of the theft, from left; Alex, 8, Sam, 6, Tara, 12, Joseph, 11, Corey, 13, and mum Leanne. ROXBY DOWNS...A few months ago, Leanne Barber lost her brother to cancer. This month, she feels like she’s lost him all over again following the theft of all her family memorabilia and personal documents. Mrs Barber, a mother of five, was in the process of moving from the Myall Grove Caravan Park to a permanent home in Roxby Downs when she returned to her caravan one day and found it gutted by

vandals. “They took a lot of personal papers and all our photographs, and then left appliances in the kitchen,” Mrs Barber told The Monitor. “My brother died last year and they took all my photographs of him, even a lock of his hair and the eulogy sheet from his funeral - it’s like losing him all over again because I’ve just got nothing left to remember him by, not even the photos of us as children. “We’ve lost the kids’ birth certifi-

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

cates, copies of my grandfather’s war service records - even my daughter Tara’s clothes. It was awful.” Mrs Barber is calling on the thief, or anyone who might have found the personal items and photographs, to return them. Local businesses including the Myall Grove Caravan Park, RoxFM radio station and The Monitor newspaper will accept the items. Or phone Leanne Barber on 0407 725 402.

ther injury? “So one big lesson for me is to get back to the First Aid course and get my qualification renewed, as soon as possible. “The next big lesson is preventative – how do we use our roads, as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and commuters? “Let’s take a deep breath and drive more responsibly.” Fr Monaghan thanked the WMC and community emergency services, Roxby Downs Council and the volunteer ‘casualties’ for supporting the event.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 3


Local communities shave for a cure FAR NORTH REGION…The small community of Andamooka raised a total of $2050 for the Leukaemia Foundation this month, with a shaving extravaganza and sausage sizzle on Saturday, March 13. “It’s an excellent result - we had great support and an excellent turnout,” local event organisers Sue Jacobson said. “The biggest earner on the day was Alan ‘Staffy’ Heath who was paid a total of $1100 for his beard and hair. And then Adam Rathjen raised more than $800 from people who wanted a handson go at waxing his legs. Thankyou to everybody who supported us and came out on the day – it really was a job well done.” In Roxby Downs, the Roxby Downs Community Club hosted its own ‘Shave for a Cure’. “We raised $2397 and I have a bald head so you know I’m happy with the result,” club manager Stev Ellard said. “We especially appreciate the efforts of Merv Rogers who shaved his beard, moustache and hair off for the event. “But the club thanks everyone who got involved because it really is for a good cause and we had a great turnout and lots of volunteers.” Woomera and Pimba residents combined their efforts to raise money for ‘Shave for a Cure’ at the Woomera Sporting Club on Friday, March 12, raising more than $2600. Woomera’s ‘Shave for a Cure’ at time of printing – so keep watching for an update in the next issue of The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper.

ANDAMOOKA…Hairdresser Margite McLean shaves Alan ‘Staffy’ Heath for a good cause at Andamooka’s ‘Shave for a Cure’ fundraiser this month. ‘Staffy’ was Andamooka’s biggest fundraiser on the day. BALD IS BEAUTIFUL…Mal Penglase and Stev Ellard show off their newly-shorn heads – all for a good cause.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

WAX WORRIES…Janice Marsh was one of several donors who paid cash to get their hands on Adam Rathjen’s legs at the ‘Shave for a Cure’ in Andamooka this month. FIRST CUT…Marj James, assisted by hairdresser Kendall Sharpe, paid for the privilege of taking the first swipe at volunteer Merv Rogers’ hair, beard and even eyebrows during the Roxby Downs Community Club’s ‘Shave for a Cure’ fundraiser last week.

now showing

COLOUR AND CUT…Volunteer hairdresser Dearne Masson gets to work on Anthony Mortlock’s new hairstyle at the Roxby Downs ‘Shave for a Cure’.

Friday, March 26 - Tuesday, March 30

One Perfect Day Rated: M This inspiring movie is about a young man’s journey to reach an audience with his music. Tommy has a talent for hearing music, where others only hear noise or nothing at all. Stars Dan Spielman & Leanna Walsman.

Saturday 2pm; Sunday 11am and Monday 8pm

Cold Mountain Rated: MA

COLOUR…Kendall Sharpe lends a touch of colour to Rhiannon Penglase’s long locks at the Roxby Downs ‘Shave for a Cure’.

A deserter from the American Civil War, tries to make his way home to Cold Mountain and to his lover. “Cold Mountain” is an enjoyable, but forgettable semi-epic love story. Stars Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.

Friday & Tuesday 8pm and Sunday 2pm

CUT AND COLOUR…Volunteer Danika Perrett gives Chris Lyons a fresh ‘spray’ before sending him off from Andamooka’s ‘Shave for a Cure’ fundraiser this month.

Friday, April 2 - Tuesday, April 6

Stuck On You Rated: M The very essence of the relationship between co-joined twins Bob and Walt is tested when Walt convinces them to move to LA so he can become an actor. Stars Matt Damon and Greg Kinear.

Friday, Sunday & Tuesday 8pm

Mona Lisa Smile Rated: PG Girls Night Out – Monday, April 5 at 8pm Saturday & Sunday 11am and 2pm

...for up-to-date movie guides every time! Page 4 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

MOHAWK MADNESS…Margit McLean makes a dramatic start on Brenton Musolino’s new haircut at Andamooka’s ‘Shave for a Cure’. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Youth voices to ring out in karaoke competition FAR NORTH REGION…Entries for the KESAB Tidy Towns program closed this week. More than 300 SA communities will compete for KESAB recognition this year including 2003 winners Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs, Woomera and Marree. ROXBY DOWNS…St Barbara’s Parish School will host its open day on Tuesday, March 23, from 9am to 10.30am. For more information, contact the school on 8671 3207. WOOMERA…Residents of Woomera and surrounding regions may notice some unusual activity during this month’s ammunitions disposal at the Lake Hart demolition area. The Australian Defence Force Joint Logistics Command is expected to detonate and dispose of around 30 tons of explosives during this month. Woomera has been selected for these same large-scale explosive activities in the past for its unique geography. PORT AUGUSTA…Country students throughout SA have been awarded a total of $470,000 in scholarships to pursue careers in the health sector. More than 60 students received the scholarships, including 11 Port Augusta students starting study in medical administration, nursing, mental health nursing, physiotherapy, social work and health science. ROXBY DOWNS…The Out of School Hours Care program at Roxby Downs is one of 25 SA services to receive state government scholarships this year. The scholarship will assist child care workers at the centre to gain further qualifications. COOBER PEDY…Coober Pedy’s ‘Child Care Links’ program is one of 19 nation-wide services to receive $2.9 million to assist families in accessing practical information and support for child development. The program will be based at Mini Gems Child Care Centre and work in cooperation with the Umoona centre and other Coober Pedy child services. FAR NORTH REGION…Becoming a teacher will be a little easier for almost 80 country students thanks to 78 country teaching scholarships awarded late last month. Recipients include 10 students from Roxby Downs, Whyalla and Port Augusta.

ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs will host a karaoke competition and youth disco to mark National Youth Week this week. The Karaoke and youth disco will rung from 7pm on Friday, March 26, at the Roxby Downs Auditorium. Youth aged 12 to 25 can sign up to win prizes, including a $200 first prize, $100 for second and $50 for third – entry forms and song lists are available at the leisure centre kiosk. On Sunday, March 28, from 12pm to 6pm local youth can continue the celebrations with a mega fun day at the pool. Enjoy swimming, sumo wrestling, dunking machines, sponge throws, volleyball, totem tennis, table tennis, wacky races, competitions, prizes and lots of fun – all free.

GEMS AND TRAINS…Alan and Anne Nicholls, of Andamooka, are spending their retirement sharing their two great loves – gems and trains – with locals and visitors alike. ANDAMOOKA…What began as a habit and a hobby for Alan and Anne Nicholls has become one of Andamooka’s favourite attractions. The pair operate the ‘Gems and Trains’ display room in Andamooka, combining ex-railway worker Alan’s long-time love affair with trains and the couple’s extensive mineral and gemstones collection. ‘Gems and Trains’ celebrates 10 years of operation this month – commemorated with almost 800 messages of support and congratulation in its long-running visitors book. “We’ve been collecting rocks since the late 60s when we were at Cook in the middle of the Nullarbor,” Alan told The Monitor last week. “I was working for the railways at Cook, and then Port Augusta, travelling on the tea and sugar train from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie. “When we moved here to Andamooka we brought 56 cartons

of rocks – we had to hire a truck for a week to move everything. “Andamooka was where we’d come for our holidays – we’d drive through Arcoona and Andamooka stations to get here with two adults and four kids in a Ford Falcon – it was dirt all the way and it would take about five hours.” “Opal has always been the big attraction, for us and our visitors at ‘Gems and Trains’,” Anne said. “The trains are here because they’ve always been important to Alan – as a child there was no computer games for children so they’d go out trainspotting.” Alan and Anne Nicholls have lived in Andamooka for 19 years and are especially proud of their light box displays and collection of original train artworks and photographs. Rock and train enthusiasts can visit the showroom by driving past the Opal Hotel/Motel and turning right at the ‘Gems and Trains’ sign.

Local couple swapping the wide open spaces for the bright lights of London ROXBY DOWNS...Long-time Roxby Downs residents Jon and Jenni Nitschke will leave the starry nights of Roxby Downs for the bright lights of London next month. The pair have lived in Roxby Downs for seven years where Jenni has worked as a music teacher at Roxby Downs Area School and Jon has been a long-term member of the Olympic Dam mining department. The pair have been involved in varied community projects including gymkhana, mixed netball and basketball, as well as Jenni’s many music commitments. The Nitschkes leave Roxby Downs for London where Jenni has been offered a position teaching Year 1s in the burrough of Bexley. “We’ve really enjoyed our time in Roxby Downs – it’s been a challenge and provided us with a great opportunity,” she told The Monitor this week. “We’ve had some fantastic things happen here in the time I’ve been working at Roxby Downs Area School. “I’ve had great experiences at the school, working with the kids and starting new programs like the choir – which will continue when I leave. “I hope that the school’s music program will really build up again after I leave – it’s an important opportunity for the local kids who really need some different things to help them express themselves.”

photograph by Anneke Botes

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Welcomes Andrew Tyler to Roxby Downs as a full time, locally based Technician. For any pest related problems give Andrew a call any time on

0405 123 276. ROXBY DOWNS, ANDAMOOKA and WOOMERA Licence No: 43143

FAREWELL…Long-time Roxby Downs residents Jon and Jenni Nitschke, along with dog ‘Milly’, will leave Australia for employment in London next month. Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 5


MURAL...Aerosol artist James Cochrane (aka JimmyC) adds the finishing touches to the youth mural project. More than 30 local youth joined JimmyC in creating the permanent reminder of the inaugural Outback Fringe.

The RITE start for local students RITE…Roxby Downs Area School student Ben Hansford, 15, prepares for his RITE interviews with panellists Yvonne Cloke (RITE coordinator), Laurence Duggan and Janelle Whelan. Panellists reported that parental support played an important part in students’ plans and choices for this year’s RITE placements and that they were heartened to see so much family involvement in students’ lives. Ben Hansford is one of a series of students seeking RITE placements further afield this year – while some students will seek work experience in other towns or on stations, Ben will join a fishing boat in Whyalla, as well as a second local placement.

Youths make their mark ROXBY DOWNS...Aerosol artist James Cochrane (aka JimmyC) joined around 30 local youth in creating a mural artwork for the Outback Fringe Festival at the weekend. The design originally came from RDAS students and was combined by JimmyC to create a positive and relevant image for local youth. “The original design ideas had a lot of positive messages - that’s also where we got the imagery of the Sturt Pea and the kangaroo,” JimmyC told The Monitor last week. The work took a full day and maybe 40 cans of

spray paint. The visiting artist worked with local youth artists in small workshop groups discussing aerosol art techniques and appropriate imagery for the mural. The Outback Fringe Festival was not JimmyC’s first visit to Roxby Downs - in 2000 he worked with primary school students on the design of the Lions Park toilet murals. “It’s been exciting to be involved in so many of Roxby Downs’ first public art projects,” he told The Monitor.

Local kids support ‘shave for a cure’

COLOURED KIDS…All the colours of the rainbow – Alison Glover, 6, Shannon Jacobson, 10, Elissa Rathjen, 7, and Zara Fitzgerald-Taubers, 2, supported ‘Shave for a Cure’ in Andamooka this month. BARBECUE BOYS…Donating their time for the ‘Shave for a Cure’ in Andamooka this month, from left, Edward Sach, 9, Liam Jacobson, 13, and Kade Perrett, 12. SAUSAGE SIZZLE…Six-year-olds Renee, Zac and Adelle Smirnios dig into a lunchtime sanger at the Andamooka ‘Shave for a Cure’ sausage sizzle.

Page 6 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Local todders are all smiles for Nippygym

TUNNEL TIME…Lauren Schell, 3, relaxes during a hard day of play at Nippygym. BOY TOYS…Liam Howard, 3, and Kaiden Weston, 2, were all smiles at Nippygym.

DAD TIME…Toby and Bella Ferguson, 1, at Nippygym at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre.



Ph - 8671 2683 Fx - 8671 2843 ...or drop into our Richardson Place offices in the council building.


NIPPYGYM…Tara O’Neill and daughter Abby Webb, 1, at Nippygym at Roxby Downs Leisure Centre on Monday mornings.

LAYLA…Eleven-monthold Layla Moseby Read with mum Katherine Moseby at Nippygym on Monday mornings at Roxby Downs Leisure Centre.

MUM FUN…Micky McDonald and daughter Kasey, 1, at Nippygym.


MATT…Matt Lamb celebrated his fourth birthday on March 14, 2004.

DAMIEN… Damien Webster celebrated his fourth birthday on March 10, 2004.

BELLA…Bella Ferguson celebrated her first birthday on March 5, 2004.

ANN...Ann Barker celebrated her first birthday on March 12, 2004.

DELANEY…Clare and Michael Williams of Roxby Downs welcomed the birth of their new son Delaney Williams on March 2, 2004. Delaney weighed 3460g (7lb 10oz) at birth and is a brother for Ciara, 5, and Cassidy, 3.

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Parenting is powerful – it is not just about parents; it is shared by grandparents, relatives, friends and those who care for children. To shape and influence a child’s life is one of the most important things anyone can do. Parenting SA is about raising the profile of parents and the important role of parenting and providing information and support. Parenting SA comes to Roxby Downs next edition. Look for your insert of “Self-esteem”, one of 70 Parent Easy Guides together with regular parenting tips. Parenting SA – a service of Child and Youth Health

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 7

Page 8 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

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NEWS New Australians celebrate citizenship

CITIZENS…Roxby Downs residents Vitaliy, Marina and Artem Chebotenko celebrated their new Australian citizenship with the youngest member of the family, Australian-born Daniel. Their ceremony was held at the Roxby Downs Council office on February 25.

NEW CITIZEN...Congratulations to Warren Draper one of Roxby’s latest Australian citizens. His ceremony was held at the Council office on February 12.

Radio team donates VCR to special kids

DONATION...The team at 105.5 RoxFM recently upgraded their digital logging system, leaving them with a spare VCR on their hands. When they learned from volunteer DJ and mum Annette Jackson that the Roxby Downs Area School’s special education class had been without a video player for several months they quickly packed up the machine and delivered it to the school. RDAS special education class offers students with special needs a ‘sensory room’ where they can enjoy some ‘quiet time’ away from the overwhelming bustle of ordinary school life. Teachers Deb Steinhauser, Caroline Andrews, and Julie Golding, with students Victor Tkatchenko, 8, and Cassie Jackson, 9, accepted the VCR from RoxFM volunteers Tina Foster and Deb Paliska last week.

Phone 8671 2683 to book your event pr oudly sponsor ed b proudly sponsored by y Roxb y Downs Council xby

A Roxby Downs man was reported on March 21, 2004 for driving unregistered and uninsured and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol A 20-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for urinating in a public place on March 20, 2004. A 21-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported on March 20, 2004 for returning to licensed premises after being removed from the Roxby Downs Tavern. A 22-year-old man and a 34-year-old man from Roxby Downs were both reported for urinating in a public place on March 20, 2004. Also on March 20, 2004, in an unrelated incident, a 49-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol and breaching his probationary licence. A report was received on March 19, 2004 from the Roxby Downs Area School of small fires being lit in and around the school. Police have suspects and urge members of the public to contact the Roxby Downs Police Station on 86710370 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 if they have any information about these fires. A report was also received on the same day from the Kindergarten of cardboard signs being burnt. A report was received of a children’s push bike being stolen from Stuart Road, Roxby Downs on March 19, 2004. A 48-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested for driving disqualified and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol on March 16, 2004. A report of a vehicle being broken into and property stolen was received on March 16, 2004 from Roxby Downs. A report was received from the Roxby Downs Area School of unlawfully on premises where

MARCH, 2004

MAY, 2004

Youth Disco & Karaoke Friday, March 26 – 7pm onwards Roxby Downs Auditorium Dirt Circuit Racing March 27, 2004 Night Meeting - 7.00pm Youth Mega Fun Day Sunday, March 28 – noon to 6pm Roxby Downs Swimming Pool

Outback Tap and Jazz Concert Saturday, May 29 – from 8pm Roxby Downs Auditorium

APRIL, 2004


Far North police report

William Creek Gymkhana April 3 and 4 at William Creek Coober Pedy Opal Festival Easter Saturday – April 10 Ph – 1800 637 076 Roxby Downs Gymkhana & Picnic Races April 17, 2004 - 9am Roxby Downs Race Course Rick Grantham – 8671 2908 or Kathy Wilby – 0418 815 436 Roxby Downs Cup Ball & Presentations April 17, 2004 – 8.30pm Roxby Downs Tavern

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JUNE, 2004 Marree Picnic Races June 12 - 13, Marree Ph – 8675 8344

JULY, 2004 Boogie in the Bush Roxby Downs Race Course Pete Paisley – 8671 0878

SEPTEMBER, 2004 Hooves and Horns Down the Oodnadatta Track to William Creek Friday, September 3 – September 23, 2004 Oodnadatta to William Creek William Creek Campdraft September 24, 2004 Ph – 8670 7978

a flue to a chimney was removed on March 15, 2004. A 21-year-old man from Roxby Downs was reported on March 14, 2004 for giving police a false name on the March 6, 2004. A report of a house fire at Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs was received on March 14, 2004. A gas hot water service caught alight but was quickly extinguished before the fire spread from the hot water service. Approximately $800 damage to the hot water service. A 50-year-old Olympic Dam man was reported for PCA on March 13, 2004 when he was stopped at an RBT station. He had an alleged reading of 0.109%. Premises in the Myall Grove Caravan Park were broken into on March 13, 2004 and a TV, fan, clothes, CD’s, VCR and photo albums were stolen. A witness is believed to have seen the offenders in the area and police are making further enquiries. The theft of fishing equipment valued at almost $1100 sometime since mid January 2004 was reported on March 12, 2004. The items were

stolen from an unlocked shed at a house on Pogona Court. Police received a report of the theft of a garden statue from Stuart Rd on March 11, 2004. The theft is believed to have occurred sometime during the previous week. At approximately 3.00am on March 10, 2004, Police attended a fire at the Roxby Downs Tavern. The fire was caused when a cooker being cleaned by cleaning staff caught fire. The fire was extinguished using a fire extinguisher from the Tavern prior to the arrival of the local CFS. About $5,500 damage was caused. Also on the same day, in an unrelated incident, there was also a small fire at the Roxby Downs Motor Inn when rags used for cleaning caught fire in the Laundry area. The fire is believed to have started when chemicals on the rags combined and self combusted. No damage was caused. A 19-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported on March 9, 2004 for the theft of car parts as a result of an incident in Alberrie St in mid February 2004.

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Local tradesmen and contractors are invited to submit expressions of interest to work as sub-contractors DEPOT/OFFICE: Girrahween Avenue, Woomera Phone: (08) 8673 7209 Fax: (08) 8673 7563 Mobile: 0419 818 378 Email:

First Choice Cleaning Service

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Woomera offers varied services Woomera Hospital and Community Health service offers a range of practical and professional services to help you care for your health. Dr Simon Lockwood is available by appointment Monday to Friday. Please phone on 8673 7788 for appointments as we will do our very best to get you in on your chosen day. Why not come through on your way South on your days off, or make a day trip and pool cars with friends and we will try to get you all bookings one after the other. Immunisation for adults are available at the hospital Monday to Friday. Child and Youth Health Nurse Liz Drefke comes to Woomera monthly for all the children’s needs etc including infant and children’s immunisations. Please bring your child’s blue progress book. If this doesn’t suit you, the doctor is fully qualified to give these immunisations. The hospital is are situated on the same road as the supermarket, Butemen square, the children’s play part, which is under shade, then we are just over the next street. We have ample parking out the front, and you just need to come up the ramp to the automatic doors. The office is straight ahead of you then. We have a toy box for the kiddies, and if mum needs to go in to see the Doctor by herself, we will even watch the little ones. If you’re travelling to visit the doctor, Woomera has a lovely café over the road and you can meander through the souvenir shop or take a trip into the past with the centre’s historical display. Pack a picnic lunch now the weather is milder, and have it in the park while you wait for your appointment. The service has a female doctor coming on a regular monthly visit, for all those untalked about female complaints. Patients need to book well in advance, as even next month’s clinic is booked out already. However, staff will take names and phone numbers to advise you of the dates ahead of time. This is a RFDS-funded service and all you need is your Medicare Card.

The Roxby Downs Rehabilitation Centre Open for physiotherapy services from 9am–6pm Monday and Friday, 9am-7pm Wednesday, and mornings from 9am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The chiropractor visits approximately every three weeks on Tuesday evenings from 5pm-9:30pm. Appointments can be made by phoning 8671 1444 and speaking to the staff or leaving a message outside of opening times.

Life changing massage

MEDICAL PRACTICE…The team at Roxby Downs Medical Practice – Drs Sarfarz Kailani, Dervinder Grewall and Shifiq Mughal. The group will be joined by a new doctor – Dr Hema Irene Johns – in April.

Medical practice continues to grow Roxby Downs Medical Practice has been consulting locally under the leadership of Dr Dervinder Grewal since September 2003. Dr Grewal now consults part-time in Roxby Downs while Drs Sarfarz Kailani and Shifiq Mughal have taken over the day-to-day patient management. The team also expects a new addition this month – a full-time female doctor - Dr Hema Irene Johns. As the group settles into their new role as Roxby Downs’ primary medical providers the service continues to grow through cooperation with a range of specialists including a visiting surgeon and psychiatrist. Plans are currently under way to extend the prac-

tice into Andamooka following the arrival of Dr Johns. Dr Johns is also key to the practice’s plans for local birthing. “We expect the nation-wide indemnity issue to be sorted within the next few months – our promise was to have birthing in Roxby Downs within 12 months of that issue being settled,” Dr Grewal told The Monitor last week. “Having to have babies out of town obviously affects everyone – we are acutely aware of that and it’s being discussed and actively pursued with the relevant stakeholders. “The planning is in the process but it will take an awful lot of training, support and upgrading of services.”

The Roxby Downs Medical Practice’s phone number has changed - to talk to the practice receptionist phone 8671 1900.

HICAPS is available for private health fund members. No doctor referral is required except for WorkCover claims.

To contact the hospital or community health directly - phone 8671 9020.

What can Life Changing Massage by Fiona Pillar do for you? Do you have chronic or acute aches and pains? Do you get headaches or migraines? Do your legs and feet ache after a long day? Do you have knotted muscles? Do you get constant stomach aches? Do you have bowel challenges? Do you lack energy and vitality? Did you answer “yes” to one or more of these conditions? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Then instead of ignoring those warning signes, why not treat yourself to a tune up and book yourself in for a massage treatment with Fiona from Life Changing Massage. At your first session, Fiona will take your case history, assess your body’s energy flow, look at your body’s alignment and muscle tightness, then, using a combination of trigger points, acupressure, deep tissue and massage, your body will begin its journey to better health and vitality. Fiona recommends weekly treatments for three weeks, followed by either fortnightly or monthly maintenance, combined with quality vitamin and minerals to give your body a boost and tune-up. Fiona is available for appointments Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 7pm, and every second Sunday from 10am – 5pm. Other times by appointment only. You can phone Fiona for your appointment on 0417860130. Ensure to ask for your own business card to keep a record of your appointment times. Every fifth massage, you will receive a free gift to the value of $15.

Complete physio and chiro Life Changing Massage service at Roxby Rehab Deep Tissue – Remedial – Relaxation

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• Tailored Facial Treatments and Skin Programs • Specialist Naturopathic Skin Assessment available • Relaxation Body Massage • Body Treatments • Air-brush Tan Application • Air-brush Tattoos

Page 10 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Roxby Downs Rehabilitation Centre is situated at the hospital and provides a full-time physiotherapy service as well as hosting a visiting chiropractor. The physiotherapist, Stephen Moss, is able to treat a broad range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders, including most sporting and work injuries. Treatment techniques include massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, electrotherapy, exercise prescription and advice on contributing factors such as workstation design and postural issues. Common problems seen in the practice include neck and back injuries, peripheral joint injuries (eg shoulder, knee, ankle), overuse syndromes, and post-natal problems resulting from abdominal muscle stretching/weakness.

The chiropractor, Scott Rowlands, deals with acute and chronic spinal disorders using a variety of lowand high-grade manipulation techniques. The Roxby Downs Rehabilitation Centre is open for physiotherapy services from 9am –6pm Monday and Friday, 9am-7pm Wednesday, and mornings from 9am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The chiropractor visits approximately three-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 5-9:30pm. Appointments can be made by phoning 8671 1444 and speaking to the staff or leaving a message outside of opening times. HICAPS is available for private health fund members. No doctor referral is required except for WorkCover claims.

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Get away – to Adelaide Top 10 FREE things to do in Adelaide RYDGES... The Rydges SouthPark offers city access and luxurious comfort.

Convenience and comfort Rydges South Park is located in the perfect position for visitors on either business or leisure travel. Guests can take advantage of all this fabulous city has to offer, ranging from pristine beaches to world famous wine growing regions. Nestled amongst parklands and with views of the Adelaide Hills, the Hotel features 97 rooms including nine spa suites.

The renowned Skyline Restaurant is located on the top floor of the hotel with stunning views over the southern parklands. Rydges SouthPark is located on the southern edge of the CBD and just seven kilometres from Adelaide Airport. The hotel’s vantage point offers easy access to the southern and western suburbs from this location.

Sunday trading makes city shopping a breeze If you are just coming to Adelaide for the weekend, there is now no need to squeeze all your shopping into a Saturday – Sunday trading has arrived and it’s a shopaholic’s dream. All major Adelaide shopping centres are now open on Sundays, which means you could do the city on a Saturday and Marion on a Sunday and still be home in time for school on Monday. The recent move has opened up shop-

ping across the weekend and allows for a much more relaxed shopping experience, with no rushing between suburbs to visit the shops you want to see. If you dread the Rundle Mall rush hour on Saturday, try the Sunday shopping experience – the mall still offers its ambient atmosphere of buskers and street performances on a Sunday with all same the shops open, but without the crowds.

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So you’ve arrived in Adelaide and you have shopped yourself silly and now its time to do something with the kids – the good news is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The great thing about the city is there are plenty of things to see and do that your kids will love – and they are often free. So don’t spend a fortune - spend a little time at one of these top spots. 1 St Kilda – One of Adelaide’s best kept secrets! The playground at St Kilda, just north of Bolivar, is absolutely one of the best in the city. You’ll find a pirate ship wrecked on the beach, a fort with giant slippery dips, a maze and flying fox, as well as a fantastic array of play equipment. Turn right on Highway One just past the Virginia Speedway. Free entry. 2 Museum and Art Gallery, North Terrace. Free entry. 3 Botanic Gardens – great for a breath of fresh air and a chance to feed the ducks. Entrance is free. 4 The banks of The Torrens. A few hours with the football on the lawns out front of the Festival Centre will sort out the gremlins, and there is quite a nice walking trail along both banks. 4 Historic Port Adelaide – see the Tall ships The Falie and One and All at dock in Port Adelaide (sometimes the crew open their gangway on the weekends so sightseers can have a free tour). 6 Glenelg – If the weather is still warm, spend a day

at the beach. Nothing beats some revitalising sea spray to keep the kids happy. 7 If you are lucky to be in Adelaide on a weekend you can take a stroll in the markets. Central Markets in the city are a culinary delight, while the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets and The Brickworks (Sundays) host a vast array of stalls. 8 Another one of Adelaide’s rather strange but truly entertaining family attractions is a couple of hours at the airport viewing site on Tapleys Hill Road. Believe it or not, cars line up on Friday nights to watch planes take off and land – it really is quite an eyeful and a pretty amazing experience for the kids, and it’s only a few minutes from Glenelg. 9 If you are looking for a little serenity, pack a picnic and get yourself to the nearest parkland. If you are staying in the city, the nearest parkland is easy to find. Adelaide is famous for its vast parkland retreats surrounding the city grid, and there is always a playground to be found. 10 Feeding the ducks seems to be a favourite activity for most children and another of Adelaide’s tiny attractions can be found on Westlakes Boulevard at the Delfin Island duck pond, just up the road from AAMI Stadium and the Westlakes Shopping Centre. This little duckpond is a beauty – complete with fountain and footbridges. There are lots of hungry ducks, water fowl, swans and geese, and if you are lucky you might spy one of the pond’s huge fish and turtles under a lily pad.

Stay one night from only $99 and receive 10 days parking FREE • Spa rooms and Adjoining Family Suites available • Free 24 hour courtesy shuttle bus to airport • Corporate Bookings Sector and family stays all catered for

ADELAIDE AIRPORT MOTEL 406 Sir Donald Bradman Dr, Brooklyn Park

Ph (08) 8234 4000 email:

Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 11

Outback Fringe Festival 2004

BELLY DANCE...Cristiane Cornes, right, demonstrates belly dancing techniques to keen participants, left, during her Outback Fringe workshop.

WINNING ENTRY...Peter and Yvonne Cloke proved they can pick a winner at the Future Art Prize opening when the painting they bought on the night was awarded the Future Art Prize by judge Alex Mendelssohn. The three are pictured with the painting ‘Wallabies and Rocks’ by Michael Dunbar.

PRESENTATION...The Monitor ’s cartoonist Dan Bradley and editor Seonie Lyon present a charicature to Minister John Hill at the Roxby Downs Future Art Prize opening on Friday night.

P H O T O G R A P H Y. . . H o b b y photographer Jodie Day at Arid Recovery for the landscape photography workshop on Saturday morning.

CAUGHT ON FILM...Local film-maker Jason Stringer and wife Kerry took a moment out from Jason’s fringe documentary at the official opening on Friday night.

DRUM FUN... Anneke and Hein Botes set the beat for the Outback Fringe Festival and the Sunset Bazaar. FACE PAINTING...Karen Mentiplay helped make the faces of the Fringe a little brighter on the day, including those of Cherie, 3, and Olivia Jansen, 7.

WRITERS’ EVENTS...Local author John Read and daughter Layla joined visiting Adelaide author Kirsty Brooks and Louise Lavery, organiser of the Fringe’s writers’ workshops, at the official opening ceremony on Friday night.

QUILTERS...Demonstrating the handiwork of themselves and other Roxby Scrapbag Quilters - Annmarie Stolz and Tracey Warneke.

BOOK WORM...‘Fred the cleaner’ and Book Worm were just one of the many attractions for small children at the Outback Fringe Festival.

STAR PERFORMER...Erika Miegel, 3, showed Andy Armstrong exactly how ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ should be sung.

Thankyou to the many sponsors, volunteers and supporters who made the inaugural Outback Fringe Festival so successful.

Roxby’s N ail Nail and B eauty Beauty

Roxby Downs Myall Grove Caravan Park Page 12 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

Family and Youth Services

Flowers in the Bush THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Outback Fringe Festival 2004

STORY TIME...Michelle Paull joined other volunteers in providing story time at the Roxby Downs Library for the community’s youngest fringe-goers.

HIP HOP BOYS... Whyalla’s Hip Hop Boys lent their own street stylings to the Outback Fringe Festival.

GOLD COIN DONATION...Volunteers Bec Fischer and Georgia Arthur were part of a team of volunteers collecting gold coin donations for the Outback Fringe Festival at the weekend.

HIGH-STRUNG...Violinist Mel McCarthy and cellist Lilia Miller performed for crowds at the Sunset Bazaar on Saturday night.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

HATS OFF...Fringe committee members Teya Dunn and Megan Barker joined street performer Ruben De Waal in saying ‘hats off’ to the Outback Fringe Festival.

SERENADE...Mandie Arnold was singled out from the crowd for a serenade by Pluck violinists Jon Regan and Adrian Garratt.

SPECIAL ATTENTION... Simon McCracken receives some special attention from Pluck cellist Sian Kadifachi at the show on Friday night.

Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 13



Opal Festival to shine at Easter The Outback South Australian Opal mining town of Coober Pedy will celebrate its mining heritage on Easter Saturday, 10 April 204, with the annual Coober Pedy Opal Festival. As many as 2000 people are expected to attend the annual festival. Events start at 10am with a colourful street parade through the town’s main street. This will be followed by the official opening when the town’s first group of mining legends will be inducted into the Coober Pedy Miners’ Hall of Fame. Festival activities will be held on the

oval complex near the entry to town from the Stuart Highway. Visitors will be able to “noodle” for opals in mullock heaps, enjoy mine rescue safety demonstrations, a backhoe competition, tug-of-war between the miners and a “dump shovelling” competition to add to the mining atmosphere. Other festival fun includes sporting events, dancing, music and fireworks. On Sunday visitors can attend church services in underground churches, play golf on the famous local desert course or watch speedway action culminating in a demolition derby.

Opal festival packed with fun for the whole family HALL OF FAME...New inductees into Coober Pedy’s ‘Hall of Fame’- above, Ante Cubelic and Nickolas Farantouris and, left, Gunter Hackenberger mining at ‘flat hill’ in 1964. These men join 15 Coober Pedy miners who pioneered the opal mining industry and community in the 1960s. Many remain and have built lives and families in the small outback SA town of Coober Pedy. Nominations for the 2005 inductions are already b eing called for.

RESCUE DEMO...The Opal Festival entertainment will include rescue demonstrations by local emergency services.

FESTIVAL...Make your way to the Coober Pedy Opal Festival for the upcoming Easter weekend for parades, live entertainment, fireworks and fun.

DROP A COP...Great fun for the kids at the Coober Pedy Opal Festival - fireworks, games and ‘drop a cop’. Admission prices are: Adults $4, children $2, family $10 or buy them early at the Coober Pedy Westpac Bank on Wednesday, April 7 and Thursday, April 8. Page 14 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

Opal miners make ‘hall of fame’ COOBER PEDY…The 2004 Opal Festival on Easter Saturday will see the inaugural induction of 15 Coober Pedy miners into the ‘Hall of Fame’. The Opal Festival Street Parade at 10am will feature some of the Miners Hall of Fame inductees in their old mining utes complete with winch and explosives signs. At 11.30am on Easter Saturday, the official opening of the Opal Festival will take place, followed by the certificate presentation to the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees, some of whom have been mining in Coober Pedy since the 1960s. The Opal Festival committee’s call for nominations has turned up some interesting responses in a reguib where many people are only known by one name – a nickname, a surname or even a false name. One of the stars of Coober Pedy’s Hall of Fame is Jenny Gough who moved to Coober Pedy in the early 60s from Qld to mine for opal with husband Ron who died in 1991. At that time there were only about 20 women in Coober Pedy and life was tougher than most today can imagine. To this day she is still nursing at the local hospital, and every Sunday she takes her turn running the ‘Old Timers’ Mine’ - a busy heritage tourism attraction in the town. Mrs Gough said the early mining men relied heavily on their wives, not only to assist with mining but also to have paid jobs to keep money coming in and food on the table while the men mined. Bill McDougall is another local legend nominated. Mr McDougall describes himself as “80 years young” and knows more about mining than most. In the early 90s he competed in the Masters Games and brought back four gold medals. In 1964 he was the prime mover in developing the Coober Pedy medical centre, the SES, the CFS and the town’s first ambulance and in 1972 he started the famous Mine Rescue Squadron. Support for Mr McDougall’s nomination was so strong in Coober Pedy that a number of local miners told organizers “there will be no Hall of Fame if

Bill McDougall ain’t there”. Ante Cubelic is one of the inaugural inductees into the Coober Pedy ‘Hall of Fame’. “Coober Pedy is the friendliest place in Australia” says Mr Cubelic who has made Coober Pedy his home for the past 41 years. “It is better than the city, nice and quiet with many friends and plenty to do. Whether you work all day or a couple of hours you will never be bored”. After originally journeying from Melbourne on the train, Mr Cubelic waited six days in Kingoonya for a ride to Coober Peday. “Coro did a transport every Friday and I got a lift on one of his trucks. “There were others too, on top of the semi-trailers. “We got permission from the police so we can sit there on the top. And why Coober Pedy? Mr Cubelic tells how a friend came through from the North, stopped here in Coober Pedy and left with opal in his pocket. Mr Nickolas Farantouris, another ‘hall of famer’, came to Coober Pedy in 1962, “expecting to stay two or three years and things didn’t work out that way” - he is still here. He now calls Coober Pedy home and has a wife and family living locally, including two of his five grandchildren. Mr Farantouris moved to Coober Pedy with a carload of possessions and three friends. His original travelling companions and mining partners left Coober Pedy “a long time but he stayed on to make Coober Pedy his home and opal mining his way of life. Organisers are asking local residents “did you arrive in Coober Pedy to mine opal in 1996, 1967 or 1968?” If so, then you can drop your details into Radekas Downunder or post it to theCoordinator, Opal Festival; PO Box 76, Coober Pedy SA 5723. You could be inducted into the hall of fame in 2005. For more information about the Coober Pedy Opal Festival please contact Martin Smith on 0417 800 409.

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AU Fairmont, 1999. Burgundy, central locking, cruise control, 92,000kms, 3 months rego, tinted windows, all the extras. $17,000 ONO. WUI-369. Phone 8671 0609 for further details.

ROXBY Second Hand Furniture. Trading Hours Mon – Fri 10am-12noon and Sat and Sun 2pm-4pm or, by arrangement by phoning 0428 138 758.

FOOD grade stainless steel 650ml x 650ml. Great as fish boards $4.50 each. Contact 8671 0336.

ROXBY Downs Basketball Association Grand Final. Saturday, April 3, 2004. Starting at 5.00pm. Presentations and supper after the A Grade Men’s game. Bar open upstairs. All welcome.

VR Statesman, 1994, V8 5 litre. 10 Stacker CD player, $11,000 ONO. Phone 8671 0213 after 5pm or 0418 812 174. XE, 6 cylinder Falcon. Air-conditioning, power steering, 3 months rego and lots of other extras. $1000 ONO. Phone 0417 801 334 any time. 20ft Shipping Containers $2500 plus GST. Contact 8671 0336.


ROXBY Downs Junior Basketball Association Annual General Meeting. Monday April 5, 2004 at the Leisure Centre meeting room. Due to a large number of committee members departing the committee, it is imperative that people wishing to support Junior Basketball attend the meeting and consider becoming a Committee Member. Failure to achieve a full committee will result in NO JUNIOR BASKETBALL next season.

EMPLOYMENT – Do you need extra cash? Are you teachable? Go to or call 8219 0151. WE are seeking expression of interest for the tenders for the bar and the gate takings. We are seeking any interested people for the position of the umpire’s coordinator (which is a paid position), umpires, Treasurer of the League and the commissioner of the tribunal. Closing date for the above tenders and positions will be March 31st 2004. Applications to be sent to the Secretary of the WDFL, PO Box 330 Roxby Downs 5725. We are also seeking expressions of interest in running the canteen and the cleaning of the changerooms for the 2004 football season. Any correspondence to be sent to the Secretary of the Woomera & Districts Football League, PO Box 330 Roxby Downs 5725.




Hornridge Sporting Club “Meet the Coach and Guernsey Presentation Night” Friday, April 2, 2004 at the Roxby Downs Community Club at 7.30pm BBQ Tea – $5.00 per person All old and new players are encouraged to attend “Go the Mighty Magpies”


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ROXBY Downs - Quality 4 brms + study + in-ground salt water pool. POA. WRHNE 8671 0653 or 0418 974 384 TWO bedroom caravan, partly furnished with hard annexe. Myall Grove Caravan Park. 23 Casurina Way. Contact Mark 0411 878 006. $160 per week.



FOUR bedroom house with study, main with walk in robe. Built in robes. Automatic watering system. Good outdoor area. 6x3 shed. Price on asking. Phone 8671 1291.

PERSON to share fully furnished house in Roxby Downs for a 6 month period. $150/ week plus bond and utilities. Must have references. Phone 0417 297 649 after 6pm.

ployment help?

DON’T OUT MISS Last Trip this Season


Church Times

Ask a local.

Our local office is open Thursday and Friday at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre, Richardson Place.

We are the experts in your local area. Call 8671 2612 Employment Initiatives

Visiting Roxby area the week beginning Monday, March 29, 2004.

Ph: 8235 9 728 9728 Taking bookings now and during that week.

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Real Estate

Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am

St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month St Michael’s Catholic Church Woomera Sunday 5pm all denominations welcome

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ROXBY Downs – Four bedroom, executive brick home. Quiet location. $350 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653 or 0418 974 384.

Whether you’re looking for work or to employ great staff, talk to us.



Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm Desert Springs Church Phone Pastor Bruce 0427 663 033 or Gay 8671 0573. Sunday 6.30pm at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.

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FREE...‘To Give Away’ classifieds are FREE for the first 20 words and $5 for every extra 10 words in 10pt Arial GENERAL...$8 for the first 20 words and $5 for every extra 10 words in 10pt Arial.

$12 for the first 20 words in 11pt Arial. $8 for every extra 10 words.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 15

BUSINESS Anneke adds an artistic touch to your family photos Anneke Botes is an internationally-awarded professional photographer. She recently moved to Roxby Downs from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. After completion of her three-year photography diploma, she gained nine years experience in the photography industry. She has pursued her passion for photographing people in over ten countries worldwide. For the next few years she will focus on photographing the people and landscapes of South Australia. She is available for family and children portraits, pregnancy, beauty, weddings and functions. For more information, or an obligation-free quote, phone 0417 687 340.

PHOTOGRAPHER...Anneke Botes offers a professional photographic service.

Sell with us.........


FOR SALE 26 Alberrie Street – “Paradise in the oasis”. Lovely 3 bedroom with built-in robes, updated Blackwood kitchen, ducted evap. cooling, gas space heater, ceiling fans, large paved undercover entertaining area, in-ground swimming pool with spa. $206,500. Currently leased at $275/week. 17 Mulgaria Crescent – “Great value”. Family home of 3 bedrooms, all with built-in robes, large bay window lounge, practical gas kitchen with rangehood, large rumpus room, ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating, new 6m x 6m gabled pergola. Offers over $180,000. 89 Stuart Road – “Splash out and enjoy”. Four bedroom family home, two bathrooms, study, double garage with benches and 3 phase power, large rear yard with undercover fully fenced saltwater pool and heaps more. Offers over $225,000. 9B Coolabah Drive – “Bay window fronted villa”. 4 bedrooms all with BIR, lounge, good size family room, large dining, ducted cooling, tool shed and easy care gardens. Currently leased at $1125/month. $185,000.

NEW HOMES...Rob Lockyer and the team from PA & CI Martin are building local homes for local people.

LINANDREWS Building homes and job opportunities Real Estate Roxby’s Own Property Manager – “Ali Tucker” Lin Andrews Real Estate is proud to have Ali working in its local office in Roxby. Ali comes with a family background of property managers and is keen to ensure a high quality service to her clients. If you own a rental property and want a property manager with high expectations for results and back-up service to match, talk to Ali, you will not be disappointed.

Phone: 8671 2000 Shop 3, Richardson Place (next to Post Office)

“Locals working for locals”

8 Emeroo Court – “Neat & appealing”. Very neat family home located in quiet cul-de-sac. 3 bedrooms with BIR’s, large lounge with gas heater, beautiful Blackwood kitchen, gas bench top, wall oven, rangehood. Three way bathroom, full length rear verandah and pergola. Double power garage, auto irrigation. $214,950. 18 Wangianna Street – “Appealing in every sense”. Beautifully presented 4 bedroom family home offers BIR’s, esnuite to master, good size lounge, family room, updated gas kitchen with range hood plus WI pantry. Ducted air conditioner, 2 gas space heaters, fabulous outdoor entertain areas including fully fenced and paved swimming pool with shade sail. Enclosed “outback” style verandah, BI gas BBQ, carport UMR + undercover parking for 2 more. $264,950. 4 Nyaroo Court – “Large house, great price”. Four large bedrooms. Built-in-robes to all. Large family/games area, lounge, two bathrooms, large kitchen with walk-in pantry, dining, tool shed, double carport, two entertaining areas on large lot. $210,000 - $220,000.

Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

David Murley 0412 050 200

ou first” y g n i t t u P “ (08) 8395 2233 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

Page 16 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

3.5hp reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning, ceiling fans, ensuite and walk-in robe in main bedroom, bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 built-in robes, floor tiles in living areas, carpet in bedrooms, complete with garage, carport, pergola and fully landscaped with dripper system. THIS HOUSE HAS NEVER BEEN LIVED IN. Many other extras not listed.

$250,000 ono Private sale – Ph: 8671 0835 or 0427 710 835 ask for Tim.

Pt Broughton Blocks of land for sale

Lot 51, Government Road, Andamooka – 3 bedrooms all of good size, ensuite, large lounge and large verandah and more including shedding. Offers over $70,000. MUST SELL. 46 Axehead Road – “Affordable & comfortable”. Neat 3 bedroom family home located opposite reserve. All bedrooms are of good size with built-in robes. Good size lounge & dining rooms, practical kitcen with gas cooker. Range hood and dishwasher. Heating & cooling + ceiling fans to lounge & all bedrooms. Carport UMR, gabled entertain area, fully fenced swimming pool. $189,950.

Brand new 4 bedroom Transportable Home


Solid home with three bedrooms all with ceiling fans, lounge has the comforts of a slow combustion heater, reverse cycle split system air-conditioning and ceiling fan. New Baltic pine kitchen with dishwasher, large pantry. New wet areas along with plumbing and septic. Shearing shed with power, calf rearing and cattle yards, hay shed, workshop and garage. Located within the Southern Flinders Ranges. The position offers excellent views all round of the many gullies and hills from the elevated front verandah and side decking, along with peace and quiet. The property is well watered by a bore (approx 900 ppm) along with rain water which supplies the house and a sprinkler system for the attractive garden. Electric fencing to most of the fences. An inspection is recommended to appreciate the offerings of this property.

2 minutes to shops and school, 2 minutes to beach and jetty, 4 hours from Roxby Downs, 2 hours from Adelaide, all blocks FREEHOLD title, all blocks over 500m², all services to site.

Bargain at $54,500

Contact Selling agent Geoff Smith on 0408 331 427 or 8635 2566.

STOP If you’re reading this Real Estate Section – Think of how many other people are!! Place your real estate advert today in

Also, other 20 acre allotments available from $50,000 within the Southern Flinders Ranges

Your Community Newspaper Martin Stringer – 0417 897 159 Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable investment. Property Consultant Martin Stringer knows the local market and can help you get results!

Phone Nicky on 8671 2622 or email:

Long-time local business PA & CI Martin is seeking Roxby Downs-based tradesmen to join its expanding building business. PA & CI Martin has been based at Woomera since 1997, taking over from the long-time Woomera business Wagnitz Building Services. The group is now extending its local knowledge to Roxby Downs, where they are expanding on a history of housebuilding for private owners. But while the work is already there - Rob Lockyer and the PA & CI Martin team are still seeking local contractors tradesmen. “We want to employ locally - use local tradesmen and sub-contractors,” Mr Lockyer said. “Any businesses or individuals interested in tendering to supply skills and goods can contact Rob Lockyer - 8673 7209 or 0418725524 “Hiring locally has always been a part of Wagnitz’s and PA & CI Martin’s philosophy. “ We’re a small local company and we like to support local people and businesses. “We find that the community appreciates that philosophy because we keep the money going around locally.” The building trade in Roxby Downs is booming with several local businesses all run off their feet, according to Mr Lockyer. So if you’re looking for work, or even a second job, and you believe you have the skills to hold your own on a buildnig site - give Rob Lockyer a phone call on 8673 7209 or 0418725524

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 17

ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL fortnightly newsletter This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Area School

Please report vandals From time to time the school suffers vandalism by persons unknown. Over the past few weeks we have again been experiencing some vandalism at the school. Police have been contacted and are taking an active interest in these recent spates of arson and vandalism involving damage to equipment throughout the school and the G Block roof. Not only is this costing the school valuable money in time and resources in repairing and replacing equipment, it is also very dangerous for trespassers to be in the school and on the roof at any time. Most vandalism happens at night and on weekends and results in upturned bins, broken windows, damaged equipment etc. and generally spoils the school for the rest of us. We need support from parents, community and Police to keep people away from the school during evenings and weekends. It is actually an offence for unauthorised personnel to be on school property between the hours of 11pm and 7am. Where damage occurs we will have to recoup the cost from individuals found causing it. We ask that all members of our school community take an active interest in watching over the school. Please contact the police if you notice anything suspicious. This school belongs to all in our school community and we need to ensure that our resources and buildings are protected.

Student voice appointments

YEARS R-2...Years R-2 Student Voice representatives Thomas Spaeth 7, Caroline Wissell 7, Darcy Lindner 7, Jacob Knoll 5, Reuben Sutton 5, Brooke Carthew 5, and Rene Gilliland-Rocque.

Calling all tradespeople This year at RDAS we are running a trade skillsbased program for a small group of Year 9 and 10 boys. In order for this program to be successful we are asking for the expert assistance of local trades people who have some spare time to donate at any time during the year. Particular areas of interest to the participating students are motor mechanics, bricklaying and building etc. Please help if you can as this program will only be successful with assistance from our community. Contact Lyndall Craker at the school for more information.

YEARS 7-12...Years 7-12 Student Voice representatives, from left, back, Tamara Marsh, Matthew Plant, Roxanne Henfry, Tanya Bilka, Aaron Watkins, Daniel Perkins, Alex Nedelkovic, James Bott, front, Seb Holbrook, Rebecca Clancy, Tara Jordan, Kirsten Worby, Nathan Kittel and Steven Fox.

Year 9 aquatics camp 2004

Sister Pat’s

y a d e h t r o f t h g u o th

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. Roy Goodman

Mar 26

R-6 Assembly 11.30am

Mar 29 - April 1 R-6 Interviews Mar 30

Early closure 2.10pm

April 1

7-12 Swimming Carnival

April 2

3-6 Swimming Carnival

April 5/6 Year 7 - 12 Interviews April 8

& Da tes to RRemember emember Dates

Upcoming Ev ents Events

R-12 Assembly 11.30am, Early dismissal time - 2pm

Page 18 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

On the Monday of week 7, term 1, a ‘highly enthusiastic’ group of year 9s and their teachers were seen leaving RDAS on the Roxby coach, headed for their aquatics camp at Port Vincent. Though the trip was sluggish and dull, the group pased time by watching movies, singing untimely to walkmans, chatting noisily to mates and eating lollies. On the arrival at the Port Vincent hostel, beds were claimed, with the girls choosing the boys dorms and the guys ending up in the girls dorms, on opposite sides of the dinning room! We unpacked our gear and headed for the beach while over 10 of the campers stayed behind for a boat licence test (missing school already!) While Mr. Hodgson went on an unexpected goose chase for the camp folder, (which was on its way to Adelaide in the bus) our groups were allocated and a cleaning roster was set. Some of the students even learnt how to wash the dishes!! Bed, which was at 10 pm, became the perfect time to text messages and exchange ‘sweet nothings’ over the mobile. And while the girls giggled about guys and entertaining relationship quizzes, the guys had fun participating in very original and informal competitions! From the Tuesday at 7 am, everyone rolled out of bed tired and sheepish, had breaky, got dressed into bathers and trudged down to the beach. There were four groups, and four rotational activities to do hourly, throughout the day. These were snorkelling, sailing, wind surfing and kayaking, as well

as the ‘boat people’ practicing for their boat licence during the morning, and uneventful fishing in the chill evenings. The days activities were the same on Tuesday and Thursday and on the Wednesday, we all went to Berry Bay for the day, to learn how to surf and go body boarding on the waves that gathered over a metre above our heads, and crashed on them just as enthusiastically! Though the surf boards were made for grade 5/6s and the students spent more time falling off them then surfing them, the boards were great fun to ride on and some people even managed to stand up, for 5- 10 seconds, mostly! This year’s camp was loads of fun, and it couldn’t have worked out so well without the care and support the students had for each other. Everyone got on really well, working together and socialising with people they weren’t familiar with or hadn’t really liked! I’m sure all the teachers were thinking what ‘nice’ kids we were and what potential we all have!! (I doubt it, but they should say it anyway!) Of course we can’t forget the teachers, who kept us going throughout the days activities, participated in cleaning up, lectured us to ‘hurry up’ and to ‘put more sunscreen on’, and yelled at us to “Get out of bed” in the mornings, (though having the TV on full volume, at 6:45am was enough, Mr. Hodgson!) “Later Days!” from the year 9 campers.

A message from the Principal Staffing for Term2…As is the usual practice we have been busy staffing behind members of staff who are taking long service leave in term 2. We are also sad to farewell a member of staff who has tendered her resignation effective at the end of this term. Jutta Marksteiner has been a valued member of staff at Roxby Downs Area School for a number of years and we wish her the very best in her retirement. The following appointments have been finalised: Year 1 – backfill behind Pam Pedler who will do the R-6 Student Counsellor role is Sam Dalgety. Sam, who taught here in 2002, will co-teach the Year 1 class with Fiona Campbell-Colquoun. Year 2 – backfill behind Jutta Marksteiner is Emma Bartsch. Many students and parents will remember Emma who has taught at Roxby for two years. We are farewelling Jenni Nitschke who is going on long service leave and will be travelling. Her replacement is not known yet but will be soon. We also have a vacancy for the new Headstart class which we hope to announce soon. In term 2 there will be some changes to the Management Team: Principal – Jim Michalanney (returning from leave); Deputy Principal – Kath Macalister; Assistant Principal 7-12 – Joslyn Fox. Student Issues…I have been made aware that a significant number of students are still bringing spray can deodorant to school and using it freely in the teaching blocks. Students may not have any spray can products at school. There is a health risk posed to people who suffer from asthma and other breathing disorders from these products and school policy bans them. Given that there have been some problems because of the recent use of these products I have asked the teaching staff to confiscate any spray cans that students have. Parents will be required to collect these. A second, and perhaps more worrying issue, is the increasing number of mobile phones, which students are bringing to school. Students may not have mobile phones at school for a range of reasons - Phones have been stolen, they ring during lessons, students are text messaging during lessons and the latest technology now includes camera options and we have to guard student privacy under our duty of care. Please be aware that if students have mobile phones they will be confiscated and parents will need to meet with a cohort Assistant Principal to have them returned. Recent highlights…To date this term has been a productive and happy one. Student work abounds in the classrooms and blocks and is even appearing on the walls outside my office. In week seven, the Year 9 students went on camp and last week Year 8s were away. Look for reports from these students in the weeks to come. Last week senior students were invited to observe and, in some incidences, take part in a mock accident. The purpose of this was to demonstrate to our new or soon to be drivers the impact of a crash and the consequences of such an event. We would like to thank the Police, SES and CFS for this opportunity for our students. Despite being very hot in the middle of the term students successfully engaged in a wide range of curriculum including the practical areas of Dance/Drama, Technology Studies, and a wide variety of Arts/Media experiences. Whilst we are a remote area students are exposed to a breadth of performers during the year. Whilst I only caught the end of the performance it was very obvious that students thoroughly enjoyed the Pocketful of Poems interactive workshop last week. I am sure that teachers learned some presentation strategies through attending this workshop. Grievances…From time to time individuals within the school community (students, parents, staff members) will have a grievance that needs to be resolved. What is important is that this is done effectively. Too often a sense of anger or irritation persuades individuals to voice their grievance very publicly. This does not aid resolution of the grievance or reflect well on those involved. I would like to urge parents, students and staff members to use the school’s grievance process (pictured opposite) to find a solution to any grievance. Please ask at the school for more information about this process. Year 7-12 Attendance Update…This week we started a new and more effective sign in-out procedure for Years 7-12. It is an expectation of this school (and a legal requirement) that an adequate explanation be given for any late arrival or absence. So that you can support your child(ren) please provide a note detailing the reason for lateness or early departure from the school. In all instances the note needs to be sighted and signed by the home group/class teacher and shown at the front office on arrival or departure. Please note that street access is not available to students in R-10. Notes should not be provided to allow them to visit the street or purchase lunch there unless accompanied by a parent. We have noticed that the most common excuse for student lateness is “slept in”. We urge the parents of these students to invest in a very loud alarm clock. Seriously, for some students this is a major issue – the time lost mounts up very quickly and can mean the equivalent of weeks of lessons lost in the course of a year.

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fortnightly newsletter ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL

This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Area School

Students at Outback Fringe

BUDDY OF THE WEEK... Congratulations to Buddy of the Week - Year 4 Hannah Nixon - for positive behaviour towards others, giving lots of encouragement and support to her classmates. Congratulations also to Ethan Zeptner, Year 2, for always being polite, helpful and reliable, for listening and following instructions given to the best of his abilities.

School entry assessment On Monday, March 15, our R-2 teachers were involved in a Training and Development on School Entry Assessment. Genevieve Oomens, the Project Officer from the Department of Education, visited our teachers to provide information in assessing students literacy and numeracy. Throughout the day Genevieve worked with some of our teachers and then provided the whole R-2 staff with an out of hours training session. School Entry assessment is about teachers collecting information about the knowledge, skills and understandings that children bring to school in Literary and Numeracy. Through observation, students at our school will be assessed at the end of Headstart and then once a year until the end of Year 2. This assessment will allow teachers to place students on a continuum of learning and enable us to see students’ progress throughout their Junior Primary years. As a result, teachers can plan programs to meet students’ literacy and numeracy needs. School Entry Assessment also provides resources for teachers to further develop children’s social skills, thinking skills, and physical development. The training day was a very worthwhile tool that is starting to be used in our Headstart and Reception classes this year and will progressively move onto Year 1s and

2s in the following year. Please feel welcome to ask your child’s class teacher for any more information. Rebecca Steele, R-2 Quality Teaching and Learning Coordinator

CAMP CRUSADE...Raising money for the upcoming Year 7 camp - RDAS students Katee Megaw, 12, and Emma Adams, 12. RDAS students played a significant part in the weekend’s Outback Fringe - as participants and volunteers.

Parents and Friends report Dear Parents and Friends. Welcome to another fortnightly newsletter from the P&F committee. Firstly thank you to all parent helpers on Market Day at Coffee Corner held March 20, 2004 your help was greatly appreciated. We have two fundraisers happening right now. The Bulbs Express catalogue came home with your youngest child a few weeks ago. I apologise, I had the wrong return date, the correct date for money and orders to be in by, is Friday April 2, 2004. The bulbs will be distributed to your children in the first week of second term in time for Mother’s Day. We also have another fundraiser which will be held on Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, 2004. Professional photographers will be back this year, for a $10.00 sitting fee, you and your family can come along to Roxby Downs Community Library and have a family portrait taken, which is normally valued at $65. You will receive a 10x13 inch, framed colour family portrait. If you would like to book a sitting, please ring Mrs Avril Luke on 8671 0090. All money raised goes to the P&F for our children at RDAS. Our P&F quiz night will be held in Term Two. We will let you know more when details are finalised. Our next Market Day will be in May. There will be no Market Day in April, due to school holidays, we will be having a Mother’s Day Market on Saturday May 1, 2004 for people to browse and buy for Mothers Day on May 9, 2004. Our next P&F General Meeting will be held Wednesday April 7, 2004 at 7.30pm, in the Roxby Downs Area School staffroom. All are welcome. We would love to see some interested people who would like to help on Quiz night in Term two, it is our biggest fundraiser for the year, and extra help would be appreciated. If you cannot commit year round, some help in any of our fundraisers at any time would be great. You can leave your name and phone number at the school, and we can contact you when we need the extra help. We understand Roxby Downs has a lot of young families, and it is hard to commit full time, but any help is really appreciated as we have a very small P&F committee, and we would like to see it grow in the future to benefit our children here at Roxby Downs Area School. Annette Jackson, For the P&F Committee.

Roxby Downs Downs Area Area School School Roxby


Uniform Shop Times

If you have a concern use the



Tuesday 8.30am to 9.00am Thursday 3.00pm to 3.30pm Co-ordinator: Teresa Barrand

If you can, write down all the facts, feelings and what you would like to see happen p Can you approach the person concerned personally?

Contact Teresa or Mandy at the Library for any further information on 8671 0660. Thank you to our volunteer helpers: Michelle Crowhurst, Teya Dunn and Karim Gillilard

The school grievance procedure is designed to encourage people to pass their concerns on to the appropriate person. The School Counsellor is a key person in this process.

Do you have a concern?

 No Æ

 No o

Take no action!

Contact an appropriate support person, eg Parent, friend, Student-Leader, School Counsellor, Class or Home Group Teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Cohort Leader, your Line Manager, (this will vary for students, staff and parents depending on the situation)





Expressions of Interest Meet with the person. Explain your concern and together decide how best to deal with it p Are you happy with the result?


 No o


Do you have a support person?

Yes Yes

Meet with the support person and the Principal or delegate to determine the course of action

Take no further action

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

If this does not resolve the issue, the District Superintendent can become involved. You can contact him/her at the Far North District Office ph.08 86416877


Name: ____________________________ _______________ Ph: ______________ I am interested in volunteering to spend some time at the school. My skills include: • Listening to children read # • Craft # • Physical acitivities # • Other # __________________________________ __________________________________ Indicate year levels preferred: __________________________________ Please return to the Principal via the front office.

! Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 19




IMPORTANT NOTICE Power Outages Annual high voltage maintenance procedures will be taking place in the town between 25-29 March 2004. If you have not received an Outage Notice, please pick one up from the Council Office. Reminder notifications will be broadcast on Rox FM. Local Website Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at Works in Progress Roxby Water and Sewerage are making new connections in Aquila Boulevard. Sewer main maintenance on Irrapatana, Bopeechee and Pioneer Drive will be commenced in the near future Electricity Disconnection Pending Notices have been issued. Due date for payment is 29 March 2004. Disconnection of electricity supply will occur Tuesday 30 March 2004. Meter readings for the March 2004 quarter will commence on Wednesday 24 March 2004. Water Accounts Accounts for the December 2003 quarterly billing are now overdue. Please finalise to avoid further action. Meter readings for the March 2004 quarter will commence on 24 March 2004. Banners New banner poles have been erected in Richardson Place. Provision for overhead electricity supply has also been provided as part of the installation. Air Conditioner Tender All air conditioners up for tender have now been sold. Community Board The Reports of the Meetings of the Community Board held on Monday 15 and 16 March, 2004 is now available at the Council office. Street Closures Richardson Place and adjacent adjoining roads will be closed to all traffic from 10.00am 25 April 2004 until 12 noon 25 April 2004 for the Anzac Day Ceremony. Fire Danger Season Residents are reminded that the season runs from 1 November 2003 until 31 March 2004. The general public is also reminded that the setting off of fireworks requires the services of a pyro-technician. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154 Council Office Hours - General Monday to Friday.—9am to 5pm Office Closure The Council offices will be closed on Friday 9 April and Monday 12 April for the Easter break

Incorporating ROXBY POWER (Electricity Supply) ROXBY WATER (Water & Sewerage Services) Richardson Place PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870 Page 20 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

Council News is a paid community page

Thankyou - for a fabulous Fringe! Well…Phew! We wondered what we were doing but boy Roxby Downs did come ALIVE on 19 -21 March at the inaugural 2004 Outback Fringe Festival! To the many committee members, sponsors, supporters and volunteers your work was truly awesome. Whilst we are sure that those that were involved know who they are, and may not necessarily need formal acknowledgement, a VERY BIG THANKYOU is in order! Committee…To the Outback Fringe Festival Committee for all those chaotic discussions that seemed to go nowhere but somehow hit the mark. For your passion, dedication and faith to promoting the arts and showing that we are truly a vibrant community and that in reality there is more than nothing to do! Each member has grown in confidence as they have literally taken the ball and run! To Anneke Botes, Cassie Cooper, Chris Cornes, Dan Bradley, Hayley Speck, Jason Stringer, Laurence Duggan, Lee Nelson, Louise Lavery, Martin Welsh, Megan Barker, Mikaela Aldenhoven, Rob Barker, Sam Howeler, Seonie Lyon, Suzanne Burgess, Teya Dunn and Yvette Mooney. Media… To the staff of our local community newspaper THE MONITOR for all those excellent promotional articles, advertisements, creative layouts, endless staff time suggestions and positive support. Thanks for a great “wrap around” - the first of its kind in Roxby. To the staff and management of ROXFM our community radio station for your positive and “buzzy” promotions and interviews; to Yvette Mooney for a truly outstanding Roxby Downs Dot Com Fringe website; and to the Roxby Downs Sun. Venue Managers… To Suzanne Burgess and staff of the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct - the primary venue for many of the Fringe programs. The hosting of the official opening by the Honourable John Hill Minister Assisting the Premier in the Arts and Roxby Future Arts Prize was an outstanding success. The Auditorium was excellently presented for PLUCK musical comedy with Kane Honner working solo for the first time in managing the audio visuals, whilst drumming workshop and youth disco were well attended. Visitor Information Centre again a “buzz”, with the Theatrette ideal for the Australian movie festival and locally produced video and writers work-

VOLUNTEERS...Annalisa Wilson, Dan Bradley and Teya Dunn blowing up balloons for the Outback Fringe Festival. The success of last week’s Outback Fringe has been a direct result of the team of dedicated volunteers, committee members and supporting businesses who threw their time and support into making OFF a great event. shops. Concluding the festival with the swimming pool as an outdoor movie venue for ‘Finding Nemo’ was a great family initiative. To The Roxby Downs Club for hosting a free Sunday 21 March barbeque with caricature displays and jam sessions and for showing ‘Jack Sladder ’ juggler extraordinaire on Friday 19 March. The Roxby Downs Tavern, as a significant Fringe venue, celebrated in style with those artists and revellers who kicked-on into the Friday night. To Council for use of the Boardroom to host our Roxby Scrapbag Quilters exhibition, the Roxby Downs Community Library for hosting story telling and belly dancing, the Roxby Downs Area School for the positive interaction of monthly market with the Fringe as we all benefited, and finally to the Arid Lands for their permission to use their area as a stunning photography workshop venue. Council…To Council staff for their behind the scenes running around, purchasing, organisation, commitment and support, and for the excellent redevelopment work in Richardson Place, which will be fantastic for many other festival activities. Artists…A range of artistic talent that performed before us all made the festival so vibrant and memorable. To PLUCK, those outstanding London based musical comedian’s, arguably one of the best tours into Roxby and some 50 regional artists who contributed to Roxby’s first Arts Prize. Live street performers “Jack Sladder” king of clowning and juggling tools, crazy fiery Matt Price from Rockhampton, Marco from Amsterdam, with Andamooka’s own Luke Hudson breathing fire.

To local film-maker Jason Stringer for his excellent short film Fringe advertisement on Imparja, writers Kirsty Brooks and John Read, cellist and violinist Lila Miller and Melanie McCarthy, African drummers Anneke and Hein Botes, belly dancer Cristiane Cornes and local Roxby Scrapbag Quilters who whilst they may have been tucked away slightly in the Council Board Room - showcased some simply excellent work. To Andy and the Bookworm for entertaining our kids, Karen Mentiplay for face painting in Richardson Place for so many smiling kids, and Michelle Paul and Lyndall White for such entertaining stories for our little ones. To Nicki Trewin for such a creative colourful Outback Fringe Festival logo and other promotional designs that showcased our event and for Seonie Lyon, Anneke Botes and Jason Stringer who have been madly taking pictures and videoing everything in site to document the event and highlight for all to see the joys experienced. To James Cochran and local youth for their excellent mural that has given “attitude” to a previously bland auditorium wall. Dan Bradley and Terresa Logrande and the students of the Roxby Downs Areas School and St Barbara’s, for workshops and the bright banners that have now brought life to Richardson Place. Finally to the ‘Hip Hop’ boys from Whyalla who were “stoked” by their performance as they had only ever previously performed in front of a crowd of 50 before; and cover band ‘Sideshow’ from Port Pirie entertained some 2000 crowd on Saturday night. Judges…To Art Prize judges Sue DuBois, Alex Mendelssohn and Dan

Bradley for successfully judging the 2004 Roxby Future Art Prize and to Alex for ensuring that each exhibit was so professionally displayed. Sponsors & Supporters…To our valued sponsors and supporters; without which the festival would not have been such a success. Your financial and inkind support was extremely important and allowed us to source such a diverse and excellent array of artists. A special thankyou and apology to sponsors Repco Auto Repair (Laverick Engineering) who did not receive their rightful recognition on the Fringe t-shirts. To sponsors Country Arts SA, Family and Youth Services, Imparja Television, Lin Andrews Real Estate, Motown Media & Press, Myall Grove Caravan Park, National Financial Solutions, Olympic Dam Transport, Outback Landscaping and Supplies, Proco Stage n Sound, Quarter To Four, Repco Auto Repair (Laverick Engineering), Rex Regional Express, Rox FM 105.5, Roxby Central Shopping Centre, Roxby Downs Community Club, Roxby Downs Council, Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct, Roxby Downs Mensland, Roxby Downs Tavern, Roxby’s Nail & Beauty, South Australian Tourist Commission, The MonitorYour Community Newspaper and WMC Resources. To supporters Arid Recovery, Dingwall J & C, Flowers in the Bush, Little Rascals Child Care Centre, Northern Regional Development Board, Roxby Alive, Roxby Downs Area School, Roxby Downs Child Care Centre, Roxby Downs Community Library, Roxby Downs Police, St Barbara’s Catholic School, SpinFX, St John Ambulance. To Country Arts SA for

touring PLUCK, and thereby taking the potential financial risk associated with such a major tour, for grant funding through the Western Board for our new mural, for behind the scenes support, guidance and presence at the festival through staff Brian Cooper, Samantha Yates and Sue DuBois, and to Suzannah Jones of D Faces for your assistance in arranging “Hip Hop Boys.” To Karen Hadfield, Artistic Director and staff of the Adelaide Fringe - for your moral support, guidance and continual encouragement over the last two years. Stallholders…To some 22 stallholders who took a risk on a new concept and who positively contributed to such a festive environment. Volunteers…To all those volunteers who gave their time to operate the Fringe stall, to promote the festival, encourage participation, sell merchandise and drinks, act as marshals, and general helpers. To Alex Barker, Annalisa Wilson, Anneka Botes, Ashley Wooldridge, Bec Fischer, Bec Penglase, Bec Steele, Ben Summerton, Carl Hobbs, Carly Nash, Chris Cornes, Dan Bradley, Dan Cojocea, Dave Hallett, Georgina Arthur, Hayley Speck, Hein Botes, Helen Bennie, Iain Boehm, Jason Stringer, Kane Honner, Kate Underwood, Kathy Wooldridge, Kirby Blake, Laurence Duggan, Lee Nelson, Lois Robinson, Louise Lavery, Lyndall Craker, Megan Barker, Michelle Duggan, Mikaela Aldenhoven, Natalie Elliot, Natasha Swan, Rob Barker, Samantha Yates, Seonie Lyon, Steph Foster, Sue Penglase, Teya Dunn, Vitaliy Chebotenko and Zane Petty. Participants…And finally to the Andamooka, Roxby Downs and Woomera communities; and particularly to those that participated by attending one or a number of workshops and activities. By voting with your feet, by attending, by supporting our stallholders, helpers and artists, by your positive feedback and above all smiling faces and forgiveness for the small things that can only be improved through learning. Combined, you have all ensured that there will be a 2005 Outback Fringe Festival of even more exciting proportions. To those that we may have missed we sincerely apologise; the list seems endless and it seems simply impossible to formally acknowledge everyone. However, please accept a very sincere and very big thankyou!

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SPORT Basketball grand final

Basketball finals closing in Thursday March 18, 2004 A Grade Women Little Devils 38 (K McPaul 12) defeated Eagles 24 (C Lindner 8). Devils 34 (N Darling 10) defeated Chocie Eagles 32 (R Penglase 13). B Grade Women Wanderers 36 (K McPaul 12) defeated Devils2 21 (H Cockshell 11). Bulls 46 (L Girdham 24) defeated Eagles1 12 (L McAskill, J Wiley 4). SSA Cougars 28 (L Drefke 14) defeated Devils 21 (S Weston, R Lange, A Lamb 4). Jets 29 (D Zanker 10) defeated Eagles2 24 (J Kelly, V Hombcsh, T Michels 6). Grand Final Games - Saturday April 3, 2004 starting at 5pm.

Thursday March 11, 2004 A Grade Women Bulls 32 (N Edmonds 13) defeated Little Devils 11 (P Smith, M Kiely 4). Chocie Eagles 42 (S Dadleh 14) defeated Eagles 29 (L Sutherland 14). B Grade Women Bulls 68 (L Girdham 31) defeated Devils 14 (A Partington, K McAdam, M Howie 4). SSA Cougars 61 (T Hill 19) defeated Devils 2 28 (A Andrasic 12). Jets 51 (D Zanker 24) defeated Wanderers 21 (M Kiely 12). Eagles2 30 (J Kelly 12) defeated Eagles 22 (D Shepard, J Wiley, A Hancock 4)

Roxby Downs Basketball Association grand final will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2004 from 5pm. Presentations and supper after the A Grade Men’s game.


COUNCIL Development Act, 1993 Municipal Council of Roxby Downs NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment. Details of the application are as follows:

Junior basketball results March 20, 2004. Under 10 Girls Capitals 28 ( A Rasheed 15 ) defeated Rangers 22 ( J Langdon-Oats 16). Breakers 26 (S Arthur, C Barrand 8) defeated Lightning 10 (R Mcdonough, N Trewartha 4). Under 10 Boys Sonics 29 (S Shepherd 23) defeated Wizards 28 (M Lloyd 12). Spurs 29 (N Hombsch 19) defeated Raptors 12 (S Reynolds 6). Magic 32 (R Richards 12) defeated Bulls 18 (B Kelly 18). Under 13 Girls Preliminary Final Capitals 34 (H

Cockshell 18) defeated Breakers 25 (A Roberts 16). Under 13 Boys Preliminary Final Bullets 63 (B Ley 24) defeated Crocs 34 (T Chesson 12). Under 18 Mixed First Semi-Final Taipans 49 (S Ferenci 22) defeated Kings 31 (R Keller 11). Second Semi-Final Giants 73 (B Chesson 24) defeated Wildcats 33 (T Roberts 22). March 13, 2004 Under 10 girls Flames 20 (C Lange 10) defeated Lightning 12 (R McDonough 6). Breakers 22 (G Drefke 14) defeated Rangers 4

Night Owls bowling Game 8 March 19, 2004. Norms (63) defeated No Names (57). NFI (60) drew with Yorkes (60). Backfillers (67) defeated Care Factor (53). She Devils (88) defeated Balls’N’All (32). Enterprise (69) defeated Physical Rejects (51). Table as of Round 8 Team Total % 1 Enterprise 114 60.60 2 Back Fillers 93 57.36 3 Norms 89 53.54 4 Care Factor 87 55.28 5 She Devils 85 50.14 6 Yorkes 83 50.42 7 No Names 77 45.17 8 Funky Frogs 71 50.83 9 Physical Rejects 68 51.39 10 N.F.I. 55 45.21 11 Balls ‘N’All 50 35.28 12 East Enders 37 42.62 13 Scubbers 20 46.11 14 Stone Crows 0 0 Game 7 March 12, 2004 Backfillers (69) defeated Norms (51). Care Factor (90) defeated Funky Frogs (30). No Names (66) defeated East Enders (54). Enterprise (71) defeated Yorkes(49). Physical Rejects (77) defeated She Devils (43).

(L Hobbs 2, A Dasilva 2). Under 10 boys Sonics 26 (S Coombes 12) defeated Raptors 12 (J Elliot 4, B Crawford 4 ) . Wizards 28 (C Haugum 16) defeated Magic 24 (R Richards 8, J Dadleh 8). Lakers 8 (J Daw 6) defeated Bulls 2 (B Kelly 2). Under 13 Girls First semi-final Capitals 24 (A Sutherland 12) defeated Rangers 16 (E Adams 8). 2nd semi - final Bullets 32 (R Sheppard 20) defeated Breakers 30 (K McGarry 14). Under 13 Boys First semi-final Crocs 56 (T Chesson 24) defeated Razorbacks 43 (L Munro 16, K Reynolds 16). 2nd semi - final Taipans 38 (J Drefke 18) defeated Bullets 26 (B Lee 16). Under 18 Mixed Taipans 40 (S Ferenci 12) defeated Breakers 22 (M Castle 10). Wildcats 42 (T Roberts 15) defeated Kings 31 (B Elson 12). Giants 43 (B Chesson 18) defeated Hawks 42 (J Drefke 16).

DEVELOPMENT No.: 692/028/04 APPLICANT: Richard Stevens ADDRESS: 39 Aquila Boulevard, Roxby Downs SA 5725 NATURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT: Carport extension to existing garage to create a structure with a total area of 157 square metres ZONING: Residential SUBJECT LAND: 39 Aquila Boulevard, Roxby Downs SA 5725

photograph by Anneke Botes

GOOD GUARD...Michelle Thomson keeps the opposition on their toes in the goal circle.

Roxby Downs senior netball update March 17, 2004 Ladies RebelsA 35 defeated Blue Jays 21. MAK Ladies 41 defeated Prime Movers 7. Masters 21 defeated Ready Mixed Rangers 10. Hornridge 48 defeated Huneez 14. Misfits 27 defeated Rebels B 15. Keeches 14 defeated Shorties 7. Mixed Team Tiger 27 defeated All Blacks 23. Miners 45 defeated Obstructions 6.

March 10, 2003. Ladies Masters 37 defeated Huneez 22. Keeches 26 defeated Misfits 21. Hornridge 52 defeated Blue Jays 13. RebelsA 35 defeated Prime Movers 17. Ready Mixed Ranges 20 defeated Rebels B 18. Mixed Miners 26 defeated Team Tiger 6. All Blacks 33 defeated Obstructions 15.

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DEADLINE: 9am Mondays Fax it, email it or phone it in - but get it to us!

CERTIFICATE OF TITLE: 5591/17 The application may beexamined at the Offices of the Council located at Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, during normal business hours and any person who desires to do so, may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Administrator, PO Box 124 Roxby Downs, South Australia, 5725 no later than 5.00pm, Thursday, April 8, 2004. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Bill Boehm Administrator Dated: March 25, 2004 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE

Junior basketball needs support Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Association will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday, April 5, 2004 at the Leisure Centre meeting room. Due to a large number of committee members departing the committee, it is imperative that people wishing to support Junior Basketball attend the meeting and consider becoming a Committee Member. Failure to achieve a full committee will result in no junior basketball next season.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 21


Major let-down in minor round Roxby Downs golf results Arguably one of the most important minor round games of the season turned out to be rather an anticlimatic affair as Wanderers - severely weakened by player absence - were thrashed by Olympic Dam at the Roxby Downs oval on Saturday morning. As a result, the Devils held onto top spot and will play the winner of next week’s elimination final between Woomera and Wanderers for the Roxby Districts premiership in a fortnights time. Wanderers stand-in skipper, David Blake, won the toss and surprisingly sent his opponents in to bat and paid the price as Olympic Dam amassed 272 runs for the loss of only two wickets. Openers Jason Cole and Craig Nichols pounded the Swaggies attack in a partnership of 189, broken when Nichols skied Dunn to de Bruin when he was on 70, made from 84 deliveries. Sean Dunn (8-1-1/27) was the pick of the bowling attack and deserved his wickets, although Spencer has been unlucky when Cole was dropped very early on. Cole, with 114 runs in 133 minutes from 105 balls punished the mistake recording his first century in Roxby Downs cricket and enjoying a 58 run partnership with Kerr before holding out to Simpson off Jeremy Blake. Olympic Dam captain John Kerr, who almost did not play due to knee problems, blazed an unbeaten 54 in 37 minutes off 45 balls faced. Wanderers began their innings poorly when Elleway was out second ball and White fell lbw to a ‘sandshoe crusher’, both batsmen dismissed by Chris Kenny without scoring. Kenny continued his rampage throught he batting

Roxby Traders Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm Saturday 9.00am-12.00 noon Sunday 9.00am-3.00pm Public Holidays 9.00am-3.00pm Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs

You can’t beat Ph: 8671 0322 Fax: 8671 0338

line up to take the first seven wickets to fall and finishing with the remarkable figures of 7/21 from his eight overs. He had Spencer, Dunn and McElhinney all caught behind by Nichols enjoying a good day at the ‘office’, disturbed Glen Basset’s castle for a golden duck and his final victim was Jeremy Blake, caught by Leonard. David Blake had seen all this from the beginning of the innings but batted positively despite the carnage going on around him to score 49 runs in 52 minutes from as many deliveries. When he was dismissed by Lloyd (caught Kerr) and Hoffmann bowled Read, the end seemed very near, but Ian De Bruin, a late inclusion in the side, paid scant respect to the bowling attack, to thump 32 not out. In a rearguard action, with another late inclusion, Chris Simpson, they managed a last wicket partnership 25 before the latter was bowled by Wellington for 12 to end the innings at 121. Olympic Dam 2/272: Cole 114, Nichols 70, Kerr 54no, Lloyd 10no, J Blake 1/223, Dunn 1/27 defeated Wanderers 121, Blake 49, de Bruin 32no, Simpson 12, Kenny 7/21, Wellington 1/4, Lloyd 1/ 15, Hoffmann 1/47. In the Day/Night match at Woomera, the home side successfully defended a total of 150 by containing Rogues to 136 in a 30 over match. Top scorer for the match was a visiting skipper Barry ‘Baz’ Dadleh, with an unbeaten 69 and Rogues may have unearthed a bowling star for next season in Desfontaines who took 4/17 from five overs after the first six bowlers used had failed to achieve any sort of a breakthrough. The Woomera line up pretty much shared the honours in the batting and bowling departments to bring up their seventh victory of the season. Woomera: Pillar b Desfontaines 49, Mackenzie b Desfontaines 48, A INgold b Desfontaines 1, Payne not out 20, Allchurch b Desfontaines 0, M INgold not out 13. Extras 19. Total 4/150. Bowling: Nethery 4-0-0/10, Dadleh 4-0-0, Bourn 4-0-0/23, Gaerth 40-0/30, K Teare 6-0-0/34, Desfontaines 5-1-4/17, N Teare 1-0-0/9, Wooldridge 2-0-0/12 defeated Rogues: Nethery c Payne b Searle 7, Wooldridge c and b Harris 13, Adams c Mackenzie b A INgold 12, Zannette c A INgold b Pillar 0, Gaerth not out 1. Extras 15. Total 6/136. Bowling: A INgold 6-0-1/ 18, Searle 5-0-1/25, Harris 6-0-2/36, Benzies 2-00/3, Pillar 6-0-2/27, M Ingold 5-0-0/24. Minor Premiers – Olympic Dam. Next week will see the elimination final between Wanderers and Woomera. Time and venue and conditions of play to be set at Delegates meeting early in the week. Saturday March 27, 2004 at the Roxby Downs Oval, 12.30pm – 40 overs per side will be the probable outcome.

Last Sunday saw the final game for Summer Golf. A two man Ambrose was played before a BBQ lunch and the season’s presentation. Six teams took to the course on a cool morning which warmed up nicely during the nine holes. The flies behaved themselves and largely left the golfers in peace. The team of Di Beveridge and Tom Beckett had a very good round of 33 gross / 25 nett. A bogie-free round with a very good start of three birdies in the first four holes. The nearest team to them was Hugh Beveridge and Robin Passmore with a 27.75 nett. The best gross for the day went to David Gibson and Brenton Waye with a 41 off the stick (Di and Tom weren’t eligible for this as they won the major prize). The novelty for the day was a long drive on No.1 and this was won by Robin Passmore. The eclectic runner up was Hugh Beveridge with nett 26.5 and the winner was David Gibson with 24.5. The runner-up to the Summer Champion was Andrew Wellington with his three best rounds of 98 nett. The Summer Champion with his three best rounds of 97 nett was Tony Holbrook. Congratulants to the winners and thank you to Kempe for their support. Lastly, to all the golfers who supported summer golf, thank you for making summer golf a success. On Saturday March 18, 2004, the 18 hole season was opened with a Four Person Ambrose. It is still quite warm and as a result, the numbers for the Opening Day were rather small, but those who came along had a most enjoyable day. The sponsor Adrian Jurg and Robin Passmore keep the golfers well watered with their mobile drinks on course. This also gave Adrian the chance to meet all the golfers on the day. The team of Vald and Jana Jamnicky, John Freeman and Nick Kostalas, in trouble on the sixth, put on a showy shot for Adrian by chipping in from 20 meters to save their par which gave them runner up for the day. The winning team of Di and Hugh Beveridge, Tony Holbrook and Trevor Ellice had four birdies and one bogie in their round of 69 gross 573/8 nett. The recent golfing holiday taken by the Beveridges obviously paying off. The sponsor put on a third team prize for best gross and that went to the team of Andy Graham, Brian Rapsey, Brett Sylveston and Nick Teare with 73 off the stick. This season novelties and non-monthly Medal rounds will be decided in the

new categories of Divisions I (h/cap 0 - 20) and Division II (h/cap 21 - 45). The Novelties were on the fourth and 13th for nearest the pin and nine & 18 for the long drives. Nearest the Pin - Div II on four was Matt Sierak. Div II on 13 was David Gibson. Div I couldn’t find the green on either holes. Long Drives - Div I on nine went to Vlad Jamnicky. Div II on nine went to Matt Sierak. Div I on 18 went to Andy Graham. Div II on 18 went to Michael Champion. The second week of the season was the start of nine rounds of Monthly Medals and Championships. This year the Golf Club is trialing having nine rounds of stroke designated as Championship rounds with the best four rounds counting towards the Championship. This format should give all golfers, particularly the shift workers the opportunity to be part of the Club Championships. The first of these was played on Saturday March 20, 2004 and the sponsor was Heading Contractors. It was also the farewell round of golf for Nick Kostalas, and he said goodbye to Roxby golf in style by having a very good round. His 64 nett earned him the Monthly Medal and Overall winner for the day. The Handicapper’s farewell to Nick was to cut his handicap by two strokes and he now has a 22 to play off in sunny Queensland. Mark “Horrie” Dillon had a very interesting journey on the 17th. He sliced the drive badly landing close to the 18th. His second he chipped out to the 18th the third landed on the 12th, the fourth sailed over the 18th tee and sign, the fifth he put on the 14th and on the sixth shot he finally made the 17th green and finished off with two putts. The full results; Ladies - Di Beveridge 75 nett. C Grade - David Gibson 70 nett. B Grade - Darryl Dyason 68 nett. A Grade - Neville Petherick 72 nett. Best Putter for the day Nino Tormena with 27 putts. Long Drives: Ladies - Di Beveridge. C Grade - Nino Tormena. B Grade Darryl Dyason. A Grade - Nev Petherick. Due to the cricket finals next week the golf club is having their sponsored golf event on Sunday, March 28, 2004. It is a Stableford event and sponsored by Perryco Manufacturing who have put up some great prizes for the day. There will also be a BBQ for golfers and family. So golfers come along and support the new sponsor. Tee off will be from 11 - 12 noon with early starts available by contacting Di Beveridge (0419 648 359) or Robin Passmore (8671 0992).

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35% off all recreational fishing and camping supplies

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Free garlic bread and dessert in the bistro on Sundays and Mondays

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photograph by Anneke Botes

Social soccer kicks off

SOCCER...Roxby Downs residents like Greg Weltner, pictured, can now enjoy a social game of soccer on Saturday evenings from 7pm at the RDLC stadiums. For more information, phone Tom Speight - 0400 077 329.

photograph by Anneke Botes

SMASH AND GRAB...Roxby Downs volleyball competition heats up as season’s end draws closer.

Shake up in Roxby volleyball team ladder March 15, 2004 A Grade Benders 81 defeated Prophets of Onan 72. Volleyroos 99 defeated Easy Beats 66. B Grade Salmon Haters 116 defeated Block It 64. Pink Eyes 125 defeated Chalkies 73. March 8, 2003 A Grade

Volleyroos 119 defeated Pink Eyes 55. Easy Beats 93 defeated Prophets of Onan 66. B Grade Fitchy’s Folly’s 110 defeated Chalkies 92. All Blacks 125 defeated Block It 60. Please note that as of Monday, March 15, 2004, All Blacks will be taking the place of the Pink Eyes in the A Grade competition. Pink Eyes will then move into the B Grade competition.

For more information Phone 8671 0500

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page 23

Lavrick Engineering

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BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning New Car Servicing & Warranty Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725

Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418


Roos training camp


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Roxby readies for picnic races

Gymkhana lovers can pull on their Blundstones and slap on the Akubra for a jam-packed season of racing, riding and raw country fun in the next few months. The region’s gymkhana and racing seasons kicks off next month with the William Creek Gymkhana on April 3 and 4. William Creek’s event is followed closely by Roxby Downs Gymkhana and Picnic Races on April 17, 2004. This is the third annual event and promises lots of fun for families and punters alike. The Roxby Downs Gymkhana and Picnic Races is a family fun day with free showbags for all children and lots of entertainment for kids and parents alike. Take a race-side bet on the popular Camel Cup, or just check out the expertise of local station riders and youth in the gymkhana events. Or try your hand at a few events yourself - like tossing the boot, or dressing up for the ‘best dressed lady’ competition. Following the event is the Roxby Downs Cup Ball and best rider presentations at the Roxby Downs Tavern. Wear neat casual dress and check out the band ‘Hot Mustard’ from 8.30pm. Following a little alter in the season, Marree Picnic Races will be held on June 12 to June 13. And if those events give you a taste for dust and hard-riding, then there’s the Hooves and Horns Down the Oodnadatta Track to William Creek cattle drive from Friday, September 3 to September 23 - followed by William Creek Campdraft on September 24.

SCENES FROM GYMKHANA...Scenes from the 2003 Roxby Downs Gymkhana and Picnic Races, clockwise from top; Jenni and Jon Nitschke display free showbags for the kids; On-track book-making; Lauren McInerney who picked last year’s winner ‘Major’ in gykhana’s highlight race the Camel Cup; A great day for the kids.

Proudly supporting WMC, Olympic Dam Operations and the Community of Roxby Downs since 1988! Page 24 - Thursday, March 25, 2004

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Pages 12 & 13 ! Yard Clea n-up Serv ice Phone: 08 8671 2450 Fax: 08 8671 0850 Obli gatio n FREE Quo tes Specialist Labour Hire Providers...