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Drought breaks in Birdsville The drought has broken in the far north east of South Australia, as floodwaters which have soaked much of Queensland during the past four days have begun flowing downstream to South Australia. At Birdsville, 13 kilometres north of the border, more than 220 millimetres of rain in a long, steady downpour last Thursday after previous heavy rains earlier in the week of more than 160 mm. Long time residents say it has been a long time since anyone saw rain like it. “I’ve lived here for 50 years and I don’t think that any of us - even going back to my grandfather - have probably seen so much rain in the one fall,” said one man. Roads have been transformed into rivers in the tiny town of Innamincka in the state’s far north-east. The weather bureau has issued a flood warning for the Warburton, Strzelecki and Cooper creeks.

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Andamooka streets flooded

Andamooka was awash after a downpour of about 40 mm in 20 minutes.

Birdsville too was a sea of water after two prolonged rain events in the past few weeks.


By Millie Thomas

aturday, February 27th was an odd day in Roxby Downs. At about 3 o’ clock that afternoon, the town was engulfed with about an hour of a tropical like downpour, consuming the roads and running off our “non- guttered” roofs. Andamooka, however, was a different story, although they were blessed with the rain as well, local reports suggest that they received between 30 and 47 mm in about twenty minutes. A blessing for some, but for local businesses and awkwardly placed homes, disaster struck. The Opal Hotel was severely affected by the rains, which came pouring through their back door. The water and the sludge flowed freely behind the bar and settled itself on the newly laid carpet. Sunday, February 28, locals and employees of the Opal helped strip the carpet, whilst the bar was closed for business. With more rain expected, the Opal will not be replacing the carpet anytime soon. They were open for business as usual on Monday. Maeve Kendrik, Chef at the Opal Hotel said “In 10 years I have never seen the water rise so quickly… as quick as it came, it went.” There were reports of locals pumping water out of their own backyards and seeing chest freezers and televisions float out their doors. For a town with an estimated yearly rainfall of 160mm, having a quarter of the year’s rainfall covered in twenty minutes is phenomenal. “(it was similar to) in 2004 the kids were riding their boogey boards downs the main street” said Maeve.


BMX track had to go under new town plan

World Wide Roxby Our local radio station, RoxFM now has more exposure to the wider world than ever, with three new road signs having been erected on the Borefield Road, Andamooka Road and on Olympic Way, out towards Woomera. The signs were donated by the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. First Port Augusta, then the world…


By Celeste Lustosa

oxby Downs Council Office was questioned by the media regarding the demolition of a BMX track in town and has responded saying it was earmarked as far back as two years ago and during last year’s EIS consultation. According to the Council since then the matter has not been an issue before February this year and again last week when a story about the loss of the facility was raised in the media. In 2007 the town centre portion of Council’s Development Plan was revamped by the State Government with the land of the corner of Olympic Way and Burgoyne Street rezoned from a Community Zone to Town Centre Business Policy Area as preparation for a potential expansion of the town. The BHP Billiton’s Draft Olympic Dam EIS identified the BMX track as the site for Court Offices and Police Station. Both these actions involved extensive public consultation. The State Government has since taken control of a portion of this area and commenced construction of a new Police Station, a use that will greatly benefit the wider community. As a result of that, the former BMX track had to make way for the town’s expansion. “This facility was initially constructed in 2000 for the then perceived need. However, over time there has been very limited use either informally or in any organised way,” said Roxby Council Administrator, Bill Boehm. But now it appears some residents are unhappy with the track’s demolition, despite it having very limited use for a number of years. “Council is here to promote sport and activities for the community but we always have to evaluate the cost compared to the use for the wider group of people. It is difficult to justify spending public money on things that cannot be demonstrated to be used and in this instance use on the previous BMX track was minimal.” explains

Municipal Works Officer from Roxby Downs Council, Peter Keller. “Someone has to meet construction and maintenance costs and we are on budget pressure to ensure that scarce funds are spent wisely for the community as a whole. In some instances, especially in a transient town with high turnover not every group’s requirements can be justified. Investment to service few families this year may be redundant next year when they leave town, but the community will still be paying for ongoing maintenance” Mr Keller told The Monitor. According to the Roxby Council, people have had a long time to come forward and raise the issue about having a BMX track somewhere else, since from the BHP’s EIS consultation that spot was identified to have a court house and a Police Station instead. “If there were so many people using the BMX track and interested in having another one why didn’t they come forward and raised that when the EIS was brought up?,” asked Mr Keller. Council claims that in April last year the new Police Station concept, including its location, was on display for public consultation, so people had the time and chance to bring this matter to the town’s administration. “Council has not been approached until the end of February this year about this issue, which means that when we were approached, the demolition had already happened. “We encourage people to bring their concerns and issues to the Council, so they can be addressed but people need to understand that not every demand can be attended as we have to consider the cost benefit in everything we do”, said Mr Keller. “Council has identified that in the future a similar BMX facility may be required at a different location in keeping with an expanded town and there are a number of potential areas that could be developed,” Mr Boehm added. “Council is pleased to explore potential opportunities provided that an organisation can demonstrate that it is or can be sustainable,” he concluded.

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Local women inspired by speakers

Sixty women from Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera gathered together to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday, 8th March. The breakfast was held at the Dune’s Cafe.

Grace Morokai, Kathy MacAllister and Mary Lewis (in the photo), three wonderful and strong women from our community shared their stories with the others. You will see photos of the event and the full story in our next edition and we are sure their stories will inspire you!

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The World’s Greatest Shave By Millie Thomas


orget Movember, Dry July and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, the world’s Greatest Shave is once again nearing, and with more global support than ever before, the fight to cure cancer can only be getting closer.

Proud Dad, Paul Francis with his son Blake who raised $2,000 for having his head shaved.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Roxby residents are getting involved including a six year old boy who is doing his bit for a cancer cure. More than 125,000 people from all over the world shave or colour their hair each year to raise money and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation, and this year, this is what Blake Francis is doing. So what could possess a six year old boy to shave his head, and raise money for leukaemia? Simply said, television. The advertisement on television features an upside down chin styled in likeness to an animated, talking face. Blake was so taken by the ad, it made him determined to join the cause. “I asked Blake if he’d like to have his hair cut and he said not until the World’s Greatest Shave…he could not be convinced otherwise,” said Emily Francis, Blake’s mum. Blake was expecting to raise over $200 but ended up with ten times that amount. He and mum had positioned charity tins all around town and collected an amazing total of $2,000. Blake went for the shave on Sunday night at the Dirt Circuit presentations. Contractors Sodexo and Exact Mining however, have taken up the challenge with some staff shaving for the cause. According to the experts, breast implants, artificial sweeteners and coffee can all be considered as possible triggers of cancer. However, if we removed all of life’s little indulgences such as the aforementioned three, what type of life would we be living? A form of cancer will affect one in two men and one in three women before they reach 85 years old, with an indirect ripple effect on every person on the planet. If you abolished all causes of cancer from your life including UV Rays, cigarettes, cell phones and alcohol, there is still the risk of genetically inheriting the disease and even after all the causes are removed, there is no guarantee you will not get cancer. The world’s greatest shave has been in operation since 1998 and has raised in excess of $92 million. The money goes towards the “Vision to cure” and “Mission to Care” programs. The Vision to Cure program has already made a substantial difference to cancer patients. Eighty percent of children survive lymphoblastic leukaemia today in comparison to twenty percent a few decades ago. As “Blood Cancer” is the second most common cause of cancer fatalities in Australia, ongoing research and support is essential. The Mission to Care program supports individuals with leukaemia’s, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. It improves the quality of life for patients and their families through free services such as education, information, emotional support and transport and accommodation for remote patients. RIGHT: Blake collects money at the Dirt Circuit meeting.

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Golf Club shines as a great community example


ast week’s second showcase visit to a local sporting organisation saw the Roxby Downs Golf Club host members of Sport and Recreation Forum for a barbecue tea and an introduction to the sport and the club.


- Roxby Road Safe 11 March 5.30pm - Arts and Culture 24 March 7.30pm


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.

Nine Forum members got a first hand look at how the club developed and how the tradition of the club is being upheld today, making it possibly the best 18 hole golf course of its kind anywhere in outback Australia. The irrigated course and the 17 grass greens will be added to hopefully by the end of the year with the extension of irrigation pipes and the installation of the last green, making all 18 holes look as good as any course in the State. Chairman of the Sports Forum, Ms Kaye Doyle said, “The course looks awesome and there are a lot of volunteers that do a lot of work. All power to the volunteers.” She told the gathering of Forum members and Golf Club members that they have always had support from tennis, golf, football and car clubs and she thinks it is important they all need to be talking together. It was pointed out by the Club president, Mr. David Pattenden of the very high cost of running the golf club and the fact they are one of the few clubs in the far regions that employs a full time greens keeper. The Golf Club is the oldest sporting club in Roxby Downs having been established 25 years ago. It continues to be one of the most successful because of its nucleus of stalwarts, who volunteer for the committee and who act in many different capacities for the overall running of the facility. It was obvious from the comments of the golf members present they are very proud of the growth of the sport and while it is a lot of work to maintain there remains a great family atmosphere.

Community Person for January


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in The Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/ or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email:

An initiative of the Environment Forum

G reen tip Did you know?

Saving water in the laundry If buying a washing machine, front loaders will generally use less water than a top loader of the same size (they’re gentler on your clothes too). If your washing machine has an eco or water saving function, use it, and use the shortest wash cycle where possible. Don’t use too much washing powder or liquid as this will require more water to rinse. When hand washing, only fill the sink as much as you need. Only turn the washing machine on when it’s full.

Page 4 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So from some sandy hills and an original The next Sports and Recreation Forum meetgrant from Western Mining Corporation all ing will be held at the Dunes in early April those years ago, the club is arguably now the where it is hoped more showcase nights will best in any outback region in Australia today. be arranged with other sporting clubs. Mr. Pattenden said the club has strived over Anyone who would like more information the years to keep membership costs low to at- about the Roxby Downs Sports and Recreation tract people to play the sport and while they Forum can contact kaye.doyle@roxbydowns. currently have about 100, their wish list is to net or phone 0419 935 316. grow that number to 200 or 300. “That would enable us to stand on our own feet.” At the moment the club runs a number of different functions a year, has a strong sponsorship base and is a centre for the entire community of Roxby Downs to use. With the use of recycled, treated water from the township more and more of the five and a half kilometre course is under grass and it is wonderful site for anyone visiting the club. Ms Doyle said it is showcasing clubs like the Golf Club that shows what they have and what they hope for in the future as the town expands. The Golf Club has a number of plans in place and with the EIS showing the clubhouse area and the course being the hub of the recreation area under the new town plan, there is scope to help defray costs by utilising shared facilities with other clubs like the Bowling Club.” Club member Goeff Darling said this would be a good fit looking into the future and it is one way clubs could help sustain the rising costs of running sports Club Captain Robert Charman gives Forum Chairperson, in the town. Kaye Doyle some tips on her golfing technique.


By Celeste Lustosa

ince October 2008, Big Sky and The Monitor Newspaper have awarded the “Community Person of the Month” to members of the community who have gone above and beyond the standard call of duty. A common characteristic amongst recipients, aside from their dedication to their communities, is their modesty as most fail to see the magnitude of their contributions. Fortunately, members of the community have ensured that these people do not go unnoticed. The Community Person of the Month is nominated by locals of Roxby Downs including family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Jenny Longmire is the first Community Person of the year 2010 and the reasons why she is a special resident in our town are various. She has been living in Roxby for 17 years and her contributions to the community go from children’s education, sports and much more. “One of my jobs was working at the main store at the mine until December 1998 when I left to start a family. I have three children,

Rebecca 11, Joel 9 and Adam 8 who all attend Roxby Downs Area School”, she said. “When Rebecca started school I started going into school as a parent volunteer for reading and helping with other activities. “Once all my children were at school I was lucky enough to get employment at the school as an SSO (school services officer), which I love doing.” Until now she still goes in as a parent volunteer when she can and she is currently the chairperson of the RDAS Parents and Friends Association. “This will be my fourth year on the committee and am very proud to say we have raised a lot of money and purchased some great resources for the school,” she said. She is also a member of the RDAS Governing Council and a committee member of the Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Association. “I enjoy coaching my son’s U10 team and umpiring on the weekends.” Two of her children belong to the Roxby Downs Swimming Club, so this season she joined the swim club committee. “I also decided to donate my $100 to the Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Association as I know they are in need of updating their uniforms and thought they could use it the

Children’s Book Review


By Marie Tresize

onald Loves Drumming is a delightful story that both children and parents can relate to. The colourful illustrations and simple language will capture children’s imagination and make this a great bedtime story. Donald loves to drum, his family on the other hand are not so keen on Donald’s drumming. So he sets out to find a new favourite activity but nothing seems quite right. With the help of his family, Donald gets a brilliant idea and finds a way to enjoy his favourite activity. Donald Loves Drumming is the Little

most.” After getting to know a little bit more about Jenny’s life I truly understood why she is amongst the special ones appreciated and acknowledged by the wider community. She doesn’t sit and watch things happening around her, she gets involved. And as most mothers and wives, she wants the best for her family, but she understands that she can take action to make sure the ones she loves are having the best. If you know someone who deserves to be noticed because of their dedication and enthusiasm for the community, just like Jenny, nominate them for this award. Nomination forms are available from the Big Sky Service Centre, The Monitor and the Roxby Downs Council.

Jenny Longmire with one of her favourite past times, helping with the junior basketball teams.

Big Book Clubs book of the month for two and three year olds. This month’s other selections include The ABC Book of Lullabies by Tamsin Ainslie et al for 0-2 year olds and The Flying Orchestra by Clare McFadden for four and five year olds. The Little Big Book Club is a program aimed at encouraging parents and caregivers to read regularly to their children and assist in developing literacy skills from an early age. More information about the program is available on The Little Big Book Club website au . Promotional packs for parents with children six to 12 months old are also available from your local library.

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Youngsters have ownership of the Youth Centre R

oxby Downs’ youth can expect lots of activities for this year, as the town welcomes a new Youth Officer to coordinate all the action. Shane Hough is 25 years old and has lived in Adelaide his whole life, where he studied Social Work and Social Planning at Flinders University. Although he has never lived in a remote area, he seems very excited about the challenge. Shane has great expectations about what can be done for the local Youth, not only from Roxby Downs, but also Andamooka and Woomera. “I understand the closeness of Roxby, Andamooka and Woomera and have already spoken to Peter Allen from Andamooka and we are hoping to get some projects done for both communities,” he told The Monitor. A further approach with the Woomera Board is also on Shane’s agenda and the projects are various. “I am looking to get started on some projects that were run here last year and have stopped for a while, and also got new events for the young residents,” he said. The main project he expects to get on track as soon as possible is the Youth Advisory Council, which is the voice of the youth brought to the town’s administration. “We want the Youth to be heard,

By Celeste Lustosa

therefore they can bring their issues to be discussed at the Youth Centre and addressed, so they can be sorted out.” Shane says the issues can vary from better education, better location for sports, more activity options, etc. And speaking of sports and fun, Shane says that the Youth Centre is organising regular skateboard competitions and disco nights for our town, as well as having many activities planned for the holidays so the youngsters don’t feel they have to leave town to enjoy their free time. “We want people to know we have the Youth Centre up and running regularly now and we have activities on Fridays and Saturdays, such as Wii competitions, DVD sessions or simply to enjoy an opportunity to chill out with friends and chat,” Shane said. He was happy about the fact that last Saturday over 25 young residents came along and just had a great time together at the Centre. “The numbers are growing and I am glad they have been so welcoming to me.” But our young residents might be thinking what is the difference between hanging out at the Centre or simply at a friend’s house. Well, the major difference is that at the Centre you have activities planned for you and you can also talk about issues and matters you would like to see improved in the town.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Shane also pointed out that “it is important to organise things that are sustainable so they continue happening no matter who is in the Youth Officer’s position or the turn over of residents in the Roxby Districts”. Amongst the new and enthusiastic Officer’s projects is also to get the young residents involved with the radio station. “I have spoken to Kristina from RoxFM and we want to get the youth on the radio again because we believe it’s a great way to make the community know their ideas and how much they have to give,” Shane added. The new Youth Officer believes he is not the only one motivated and passionate about the Youth Centre. “Everyone has been welcoming, motivated and excited about the things we want to run and get involved in. Troy, Brodie and Kyron enjoy an afternoon at the Youth Centre with Shane Hough, “I want the youngsters to feel they the town’s new youth officer. have ownership of the Centre. “We want to create an environment where they feel comfortable and they know it is a place where they can relax, have fun, get information from and that feels like a second home for them.” As for the Youth Centre future, it seems pretty bright and we will keep our readers updated of all the activities happening there. For more information, contact Shane at the Leisure Centre on 8671 0500.

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One stop shop for OH&S Major parties urged


ational Risk Solutions are a South Australian owned, Adelaide based training facilitator who is offering its services to Roxby Downs.

NRS offer a complete range of Occupational Health and Safety training solutions across all industry sectors and can assist in sourcing funding, organising accredited training, building specific organisational management or OH&S training in the qualification. They tailor the curriculum in their courses to suit individual company requirements, and every trainer employed with NRS boasts a minimum ten year experience in OH&S. National Risk Solutions has had immeasurable success in their business so far, just falling short on BRW’s Top 50 Start Up Companies in their first year of business. The prerequisite of this list being the company’s profit must meet or exceed $500,000. They have testimonials from the CEO of Italian Benevolent Foundation, as well as local HSEC and Training Systems Consultant Alex Thomas, who completed her studies with NRS earlier this year. “The superior level of professionalism applied by NRS has given me the opportunity to complete my studies at a remote location and consequentially diversifying my knowledge and allowing me to further my career.”

Although NRS is based in Adelaide, they are more than happy to conduct training here in Roxby in a number of courses. They are offering training in Diploma of and Certificate IV in OH&S, Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Training and asessment plus everything from Electrical Testing and Tagging to ergonomics and office layout. Managing Director Scott Perkins, having worked both internationally and here in Roxby Downs said, “NRS helped design the integrated safety management system during the WMC / BHPB take over”. Anyone who has ever worked out on a mine site before will know the importance of a certain level of understanding of Occupational Health and Safety. BHPB strictly enforces safety, outlined by their Life Preserving Rules, the breaking of which results in immediate termination of employment. Careers in safety out on site, whilst may seem romanticised, are really the axis on which the mine revolves. Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety that NRS offers reflects the role of individuals who use well developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts. It allows the student to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. Provide leadership and guid-

Page 6 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

By Millie Thomas ance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others. A diploma in OH&S however, means the individuals posses a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and the work of others with safety responsibilities. Both the Cert IV and Diploma will provide opportunities for employment as OH&S coordinators or officers. With the diploma comes seniority in OH&S. Keep in mind that safety is not only a career opportunity in mine sites, but in every industry worldwide. Cert IV in Frontline Management reflects the role of individuals who take the first line of management in a wide range of organisational and industry contexts. So why, instead of choosing to do a course with the local TAFE campus or via Community Learning Places should NRS be considered by individuals or companies for training and assessment? John Lawrence, Business Development Sales Manager at NRS says, “We are an honest company, deliver a quality product and will work in the required time frame”. But aside from that, government funding is an added incentive. OH&S course costs are from $1980 (Cer tificate IV OH&S studied online) to $3800 (Diploma OH&S

studied in the classroom). Fast track courses are also available, which is structured in week long blocks, in smaller classes of up to 12 people. NRS boasts the one on one contact made during these fast track courses are invaluable. “I’ll put our training up against anyone’s,” said Scott. The government funding for a traineeship is $4000. Turn the cogs, do the maths, that’s a minimum $200 payment to the corresponding company, per employee, just to put them through a course! There is also a payment plan that can be arranged with NRS, or a Student Loan which is conducted with Westpac. “We will work with the company to assist them with qualifications…everybody will benefit from these courses,” said John.

to commit to S.A.’s resources infrastructure

South Australia’s main political parties have been advised that their policy commitments to-date to grow the State’s mining future are not at a level to shift the State into top gear during the national resurgence in natural resources. In response to a raft of policy announcements by the Labor and Liberal camps over recent days in the lead up to March 20 election, South Australia’s peak mining body - the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) - today described the commitments as “missing the main game”. The industry says at least A$650 million needs to be injected into the State’s mining and exploration sector in the form of infrastructure for power, water, transport and export, as well as workforce development and other programs, over the next five years. This level of commitment would allow South Australia to capitalise on the global demand for the State’s untapped wealth of mineral commodities. “We have to say in the first instance, we are pleased that both parties have pledged to extend the successful Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE). Both major parties understand the importance of supporting mineral exploration and processing mining applications

efficiently.” SACOME’s Chief Executive, Mr Jason Kuchel, said today. “But it is infrastructure the mining industry really needs most in South Australia. It is access to broader electricity grid networks, water, rail, road and port facilities that this sector needs - and that requires a bold plan. The number one ticket item is a Cape sized-capable bulk-commodities facility at Port Bonython. “There is only so much individual companies can do in building infrastructure. It really needs a co-ordinated effort and a serious investment of government as well as private sector funds, to kick start the projects. “The industry is not looking for a hand-out, but a leg-up because many smaller projects can pay for infrastructure through user charges, but are not in a position to make the capital investment upfront for major infrastructure. “We have some concerns with announcements by both major parties. For example, the Liberals have committed to matching Labor initiatives - but only if they are provided for in forward estimates. On the other side of the fence, Labor has not matched the Liberal Party commitments to consider underwriting - even initially - tonnages for a Cape sized-capable bulk-commodities facility.

John Lawrence from NRS

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Text Talk Last week’s Hot Topic: “If you were face to face with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd what would you ask him?” When are you going to say something we can understand? Too much bureaucratic speak. JR Hey Kev, why can’t the National takeover of the Murray Darling Basin happen now? Why wait until 2015 and 2019 before Victoria and NSW relinquish their control? KW, Roxby Mr Rudd how many more industries like the beef and pork can we decimate with this so called free trade policy we jumped into years ago? Other countries go on subsidising and protecting their own, we should too. Jim. OD Mr Rudd,was it embarrassing to be caught picking and eating your earwax during question time? Wax-on Wax-off, RD Commonwealth takeover of hospitals. Hope it’s not like the Commonwealth takeover of the rivers and education. Then again maybe it is Canberra micro managing Australia with the aim of doing away with State Governments. Now there’s an idea Big Kev. AG. I see teachers got their backpay and a big increase over the next few years. Does that mean their pay will be a measure of their competence in the classroom? Hope they are just as passionate about one curriculum as they were about their wage claims. RM.



Nature’s best right here!

magine going to bed every night only to wake crying down in some misguided way. They share what must be common in single parent homes; they can’t devote the time to do fun things because you think you are failing your family.

In the past few weeks there have been paths crossed where a local mum and another very close to home share a similar pain. Two young women who didn’t deserve or expect their respective losses, one through tragic circumstances and the other through no fault of her own: One left with three kids who now has to work full time to make ends meet: And the other with five kids who was left with a mountain of debt by a partner hooked on gambling among other issues. Spare a thought for these young mums. Both deserve much better and while their families are so young they don’t see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. One here in Roxby is still waiting for a payout of her partner’s benefits, some nine months after the loss. The other will get no benefits and has to rely on family and government support to survive. These young women have had their lives turned upside down. Both cry more than they have ever before, not in front of the kids, but in the dark and silence of the night. One is blamed by an innocent child that she is not working hard enough to bring her daddy back, while the other is condemned constantly because her little brood don’t understand why their dad walked out when it got too hard. Both mums share the common feeling they are letting their kids

with their kids like they did before. The day to day life after death or separation from a partner must seem like ground hog day as they go through the ritual of getting the kids up, fed, take them to school and then in the case here, go off to work. For the other its full time with two of the five kids under four and a workload around the house that most days must seem too high to hurdle. Night times are worse as they rush around preparing tea, sharing a little time over home work projects, bathing and bundling the kids off to bed. It’s the next bit of time alone these young mums reflect on their day with no one the share their thoughts and concerns, no one to laugh and cry with. Thank God for close friends and family. Here in Roxby I met one of those marvellous, selfless people who gives a little respite to a friend and her kids in a time of need. They are part of an extended family and circle of friends who make these children feel loved and a little special. They will never take the places of their fathers and nor they should, but they will be there in the good times and bad. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature”. In Roxby we have some of nature’s best masterpieces.

Roxby Community Garden needs YOU!


re you interested in helping build a community garden, a place where families and the greater community can meet, learn and work together? Yes? Well, the Roxby Downs Community Garden needs YOU! The 2005 Roxby Downs Family Matters Survey identified a need for a community garden, and since then lots of work has been done to identify a site, secure use from Council, and have an initial concept plan drawn up. Over the years committee members have come and gone, but the enthusiasm and ambition has always remained – to create a community garden in Roxby Downs that we can all

enjoy and be proud of. “We have an approved site – the reserve bordered by Pioneer Drive, Alberrie Street and Mulgaria Street – and GHD helped us put together an initial concept plan as a starting point,” says committee member Cherie Gaskin. “BHP Billiton has also provided $20,000 funding so we have the land and we have some funds, now we just need more people to help us make the garden a reality.” The aim is for the land to be used by the community, for the community – we would like it to be used as a meeting place, a place that the town can call its own. The concept plan includes an amphitheatre,

various garden beds, new paving and seating nooks – but there is definitely scope to revisit the design. “The possibilities are endless, we are limited only by your imagination and enthusiasm,” Cherie says. The Roxby Downs Community Garden is looking for people to become involved both on the committee and/or as “hands on” volunteers once the hard work in the garden begins. “We will have a stall at the March Market Day with the concept plan on display, and welcome any feedback and ideas from the community,” Cherie says. To register your interest or for more information, contact Cherie Gaskin on 8671 2924.

Well done Secret Shopper. We need more outside businesses to come here especially those who don’t compete with what’s here already. Shopaholic Good on you Jodie 4 speaking out over the leisure centre! Is it our rates that pay for this? JD Well overheated new member – why the hell would you want to exercise in 40 degree heat! Grab a coldie, put your feet up and turn on the telly. Norm, RD Thank God for pay TV or BM would have nothing else to do but window shop and whinge about the lack of facilities here in Roxby. Perhaps BM should open his/her eyes. Roxby has a lot more on offer …get off the couch BM The Secret Shopper. Local businesses want the locals to support  them, but it’s hard to get excited about helping when it cost $51.00 for two delivered large Pizza’s That’s  too much Tony M


This week’s Hot Topic: “Do you think we will be better off under the Federal Government plan to a Hospitals National Health plan?”

Promise of funding for roads Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond is promising a road gang would be introduced to maintain and repair dirt roads in the far north of South Australia if the Liberals win the March 20 poll. She says it would start addressing a backlog of road maintenance around the state. Ms Redmond says local pastoralists have told her of the need for regular maintenance of remote dirt roads. “We will commit $3 million to establish one road gang and the equipment to do proper upkeep on the roads. “With the water coming into Lake Eyre we’re anticipating quite a significant number of increased tourism numbers and we think it’s important to get that underway because, it’s not just a matter of comfort, it can be quite dangerous for people if they’re out in areas they’re not familiar with and they come to grief on roads out there.” THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 7

Friends rally to build cart for Aaron


shared passion for classic Corvette Stingray cars forged a friendship between Peter Tegen and the late Stephen Jacob.

Aaron and Peter spent the day together some weeks ago and built the mighty red machine that will carry the number 68. Carrie explained that is the year model of his Dad’s classic car – the bright red 1968 Corvette and it was something Aaron thought would be a good idea in memory of his father. “It’s the best car,” said Aaron. And

Today that passion for things on wheels has continued between Peter and Stephen’s 7 year old son Aaron. Together they built a billy cart in preparation for the forthcoming Sodexo Billycart Bash on March 28. Although Stephen is not around to see his son race down the hill at Norman Place, Aaron will have a big support contingent of Aaron Jacob with his mum Carrie and sibhis little brother Ryan lings Charlotte 5 and Ryan and sister Charlotte 3. There right next to them trying out the Hudson will be the many friends Flyer in thier driveway who stood by the family afon the weekend. ter the tragic accident that took Stephen’s life. Peter, knowing his mate’s love for his family and a passion for anything on wheels asked Aaron if he would like to have a go in the Billy Cart Bash. Peter bought the cart kit so Aaron didn’t miss out on something that promises to be a unique experience for many kids here in Roxby. Although admitting to being a little nervous Aaron is looking forward to his debut in cart racing. According to Carrie, they were going to get Aaron into go karts this year but Stephen’s death put that idea on hold at least for the time being.

naturally being red in colour it’s faster than Peter’s green Corvette! Peter told The Monitor that he and his wife Lynnette are just two of the many friends that have rallied to support Carrie and her kids. “We are just two of a myriad of people who like to help the family. There are many other who help out,” he said modestly.

Ready to roll

Peter Tegen and Aaron busy building the billycart ready for the Billycart Bash.

Billycart Kid joins One Hill town to sponsor the Sodexo Roxby Billycart Bash


he Hudson Flyer from Billycart Kids is raring to go at Roxby - handmade in Australia with love and ready in a kit form to assemble for the Roxby Billycart Bash. Billycart Kids is proud to announce their Gold sponsorship of the Sodexo Billycart Bash! Chief big kid, Andy Rice says, “We’re a new business looking for sponsorship opportunities. And so, to hear about a billycart race in a one-hill town with funds going to their Hospital Auxiliary, well it’s right down our billycart track. The Roxby Bash is a natural fit for us,” Rice says. “In addition to out sponsorship, we’re pleased to announce 10 per cent of all Billycart Kids sales for Roxby get donated the Hospital Auxiliary Fund.” At a local Roxby launch, event manager Jack McGuire was pleased to have the Billycart Kids sponsorship on

Page 8 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

board. “We’re delighted Andy Rice and the Billycart Kids have come to Roxby,” McGuire says, “Andy dropped in to check out the track and over a beer we agreed on how Billycart Kids could best participate in the event. “We have the Hudson Flyer kit ready to go in town and we’ll be selling them directly for $225 and you can pick them up locally.” To order the original Hudson Flyer, the official billycart for the Sodexo Roxby Billycart Bash, phone Jack McGuire on 0434 222 321 or Karl Scothern on 0408 754 745. Every Roxby sales helps the Hospital Auxiliary. Andy Rice told The Monitor, “The Hudson Flyer is made right here in Australia from Australian renewable forests. Today, from our original billycart plan, we employ ORANA at their Port Pirie factory to hand drill, route and hand paint each piece to make every billycart unique.”

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Sustainable options for your baby By Millie Thomas


aura McIlwaine is bringing a service to Roxby such as no other. For all you doting parents and parents to be, and who only want the best for their child, Laura knows how you feel. As mother to a three month old son, Matthew, she wants only the best and most natural baby products for her baby, giving him the best possible start to life. This is why she has started up her business, Sustainababy, offering sustainable products for children which are both environmentally friendly and hold numerous health benefits for your child. From biodegradable nappies to pure rubber toys, Sustainababy will stock brands such as Aromababy and WotNot, (for those who have already tapped in to the organic products market, you un-

By Millie Thomas sufferer of postnatal depression herself, Natasha appreciated the friendly support system that came with the Mother’s group A serious and quite of- (basically a group of ten lonely condition, it af- mothers who meet weekly fects 12 – 13% of all wom- over coffee) and Ruth. en following childbirth, Natasha likened her to and that rate is increased a motherly figure, who when the women live in was full of advice and resource poor countries. support when Natasha’s Living in the mining partner was at work. town of Roxby Downs, “She’ll probably never a lot of women made realise what she has done the move to the red dirt for me,” says Natasha. to follow their partners. So when Ruth needed The percentage of wom- some colour in her ofen in the township of fice (at the hospital) to Roxby has undoubtedly distract and entertain the increased over the last 20 children who frequently years, but the facilities to visited, Natasha was glad accommodate have not to help. kept pace. She has painted a Considering the child- large and exciting mural birth rate in Roxby is the of Winnie the Pooh and highest in the State, the the hundred acre woods hospital lacks the facili- characters Tigger, Piglet, ties to birth a child, and Eeyore and Gopher. with only one gynaecolo“I thought the least I gist in the town, the poor could do was paint it for lady has her work cut out her especially after all for her! she’s done for me. It’s to This is where Ruth Bail- say thankyou. lie has stepped in, taking “After working in the up the role of the surro- chemists and seeing a lot gate mother to women all of women struggling at throughout Roxby Downs. home with personal isShe has helped countless sues, or struggling with women through times of being a new mum she postnatal depression, or would just keep an eye on just leant an ear or had a them. And for that she dechat to over a cuppa. serves a lot of gratitude.” Natasha Carroll-Weyer, Natasha isn’t charging as a young mother found that the support and ad- Ruth for the mural. It is a vice that Ruth gave her sign of gratitude for Ruth, through the early months who has helped her every of motherhood was irre- step of the way. placeable. While never a


ostnatal depression is a severe side affect of giving birth.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

derstand this jargon). Laura hopes to introduce the families of Roxby to sustainable baby products that don’t compromise quality or style. Look out for the feature on Sustainababy in The Monitor’s March 17th edition or check out the market stall on Saturday March 20th.

A mural paints a thousand words

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 9

Giles Electorate Q & A

4. Will your Party back the desalination plant proposed for Port Bonython and the new port at Port Augusta? We back the required infrastructure for the growth of mining in South Australia. Like the Government, we are waiting for the final outcome of the Environmental Impact Study for 2. What is the single the desalination plant.  most important issue for the seat of Giles? 5. If elected what will Ensuring that country you do to try and improve health services in our re- outback road conditions in gional communities are the Far North? maintained and making Since 2002 the regions sure that we have the infra- have been neglected by structure to cope with the the city centric Rann Labor opening of new mines. Government.  The Gov  ernment has focused on 3. As the candidate for spending taxpayers dollars Giles will you support the on trams around Adelaide expansion of the Olympic rather than country and Dam mine if elected? outback roads.  I believe Yes, the expansion of that the regions deserve Olympic Dam is impor- a more equitable share of tant for the region’s devel- road funding. If elected I opment, for jobs and local will fight hard to ensure wealth creation.   that we get our fair share.

3. As the candidate for Giles will you support the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine if elected? Yes, because it brings employment and will benefit Whyalla and South Australia, so long as it is compliant with obligations placed upon the expansion.



4. Will your Party back the desalination plant proposed for Port Bonython and the new port at Port Augusta? Yes, as long as the community can be absolutely assured that the environment at Port Bonython will not be negatively affected, and know that there is no other 2. What is the single most important place this can be put. issue for the seat of Giles? Industry as the provider of jobs and 5. If elected what will you do to try and economic growth is most important and improve outback road conditions in the the single issue relating to that is devel- Far North? opment at Port Bonython. I will fight to get funding for upgradWhyalla will benefit immensely from ing of our roads, overtaking lanes and that needed infrastructure development creek crossings. If the BHP expansion however this must be balanced against goes ahead as member for Giles I expect community use, the existing fish farm to see Giles’ share of the economic diviindustry, the environment and the beauty dend on that expansion returned to the of the area. electorate in road funding.

3. As the candidate for Giles will you support the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine if elected? I will continue to support the Olympic dam expansion as I have the community for the last 12 years. The South Australian Government is committed to supporting projects such as the Olympic Dam expansion that generate significant jobs for the State. Travelling around the electorate constantly I am very aware of the impact of mining on our economy, and in particular the importance of Roxby Downs.

Andrew Melville-Smith 1. What does your Party consider the most important issue in this State Election? Providing ‘Water For All’ is the most important issue this election. The Murray is in a mess; the Port Stanvac desalination plant is having costly over-runs. BHP’s proposed desalination plant on the Point Lowly Peninsula at the top of the Spencer Gulf is a disaster in the making, and will provide no water for anyone except Olympic Dam. Stormwater goes mostly unharvested and our aquifers are at critical levels. The drought continues to bite and we are the driest state in the driest continent. Despite many broken promises, the problems remain. The Labor government has failed to show leadership on water, and if you can’t manage water, you can’t manage South Australia. 2. What is the single most important issue for the seat of Giles? We are an engine room of South Australia and we generate a lot of the wealth this state relies on. Yet where is the money spent? In Adelaide! So the most important issue for Giles is that we get proper infrastructure in the right place. That requires leadership and we are not getting Page 10 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2. What is the single most important issue for the seat of Giles? When I was elected in 1997, our part of the state was in serious decline, and we were desperate for employment. Olympic dam was the only mine of significance providing jobs. Since then we have seen a huge increase in employment, and most communities are in a much more viable position, whether it be through mining, tourism or aquaculture. So I believe we have to support the mining industry to ensure jobs for our families and in particular a future for our young people. Other issues extremely important include reliable water supplies for our communities, attracting professionals especially in the health field, improving our health and mental health services, and improving our outback roads.

4. Will your Party back the desalination plant pro-

that from Labor. Only the Greens have the vision and foresight to provide the longterm solutions and leadership to implement the infrastructure we so desperately need. We need to ‘End The Neglect.’ Giles needs a reliable supply of water, but what does the state get? Money for a new stadium in Adelaide! Giles needs transport infrastructure. What does the state get? An extension to the tramline in Adelaide at $30 million a kilometre. Giles needs a world-class export port to support the mining industry. What do we get? Millions paid to Lance Armstrong. The Greens will ensure we get a reliable water supply, a proper rail corridor; a world class export port and renewable power generation for the mining industry and for the people. 3. As the candidate for Giles will you support the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine if elected? I support the concept of the Olympic Dam expansion. As it is a long-term project involving highly toxic materials like Uranium, every precaution must be taken to ensure the highest safety standards for residents are

in place. This includes the risks to Roxby residents (and the State) of exposure to radioactive dust from an open-cut mine. Prevention is far better than cure, so the obvious risks need to be contained. As BHP Billiton stands to reap vast profits from this mine, government must take the lead and ensures that it is done properly in the interests of South Australians. I believe the use of fossil ground water from the Great Artesian Basin must be replaced by desalinated water from a wind powered desalination plant on West Coast of Eyre Peninsula. Also, I will work to ensure the ores mined here are processed locally. 4. Will your Party back the desalination plant proposed for Port Bonython and the new port at Port Augusta? The Greens strongly oppose locating a desalination plant on the Point Lowly Peninsula, given the evidence suggests this will cause significant damage to the marine environment. South Australia has 4,000km of coastline, yet BHP chose a site

posed for Port Bonython and the new port at Port Augusta? Both the expansion of Olympic Dam and the proposed new facilities at Pt Augusta will provide enormous benefits for the state and the region. The Government’s submission to the EIS on the BHP Billiton proposed expansion raised concerns and asked for additional detail relating to a number of aspects of the development, in particular environmental concerns arising from the mine expansion and desalination plant. All concerns will need to be sufficiently addressed by BHP Billiton in the supplementary EIS which will then be considered by the Commonwealth, South Australia and Northern Territory Governments. Similarly, if all environmental concerns are satisfied regarding the new facilities at Port Augusta, then the Labor Government will ensure the project goes ahead. 5. If elected what will you do to try and improve outback road conditions in the Far North? I will be concentrating on lobbying for the reforming of re-sheeting gangs as I believe this is essential for many of the roads, some of which have not been re-sheeted for decades. I have consistently lobbied my Ministers about outback road conditions, and have constantly traveled on these roads checking conditions, traveling approximately 120,000 kilometres a year. I am also in regular contact with the Department of Transport and reporting issues as identified by pastoralists and residents in the areas.


1. What does your Party consider the most important issue in this State Election? I agree with the commentators, the central issue is TRUST. For Giles, I am asking can you Trust Labor, who promised to switch off the pumps from the River Murray by now? Promises have been made and broken by Labor, and its time they were held to account. As a candidate and with Family First as an independent watchdog party in the Upper House, I am happy to hold Labor accountable.

1. What does your Party consider the most important issue in this State Election? The economy and how we handled it. a. Since we were elected in 2002, South Australia has undergone an economic turnaround. We were a State facing economic decline - we now have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and have record high employment level. Our unemployment rate is 4.4 per cent – a record low. b. To drive jobs growth, we have supported the growth of a number of key industries which will keep creating new jobs well into the future, including Mining and Defense. c. We are committed to keeping the momentum growing in our key growth industries to create more jobs for South Australians and we will support growth in mining industry, with an $18.2 million package to drive more exploration and mine development. This means more jobs for regions and more jobs for the goods and services industries which support the mining industry. I believe under the Labor Government, the South Australian economy will prosper and South Australians will be in jobs.






1. What does your Party consider the most important issue in this State Election? We consider that restoring trust in government, securing our water supply and delivering better health services across the state to be the most important issues in the election.  

Chad Oldfield

Cheryl Kaminski

More answers next week

Lyn Breuer

that is one of the most ecologically important areas of SA. The Greens will work to get the ‘Best of Both’ by ensuring the desalination plant is built on the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, where the water intake and outlet of brine would be in the deep Southern Ocean. The Greens would ensure that it was 100% wind powered so no fossil fuels are used to make fresh water. The Greens stand for ‘Water For All’ so residents, farmers, miners and industry have secure supplies of fresh water to drive our prosperity. The Greens strongly oppose building a short-term port at Port Augusta. We believe this is a poor investment option. The Greens support a new port for South Australia. We should do it once and do it right. It has to be an internationally competitive port that will support mining now and for the next century. We support the Whyalla Super Port at Mullaquana as the solution for all our mining import and export needs whilst minimising the environmental damage caused by these

March 20 Election

activities. (http://www. Alternatives/abetterport. html) 5. If elected what will you do to try and improve outback road conditions in the Far North? The biggest change we can make to our roads is to get the big trucks off them. These trucks cause significant damage, which is then repaired and replaced by the public of South Australia. The government needs to take the lead and put the appropriate resources into rail infrastructure. If elected, I will work to ensure we get a proper rail corridor built from Roxby Downs to the Whyalla Super Port and extended to service Eyre Peninsula. This will ensure that we can support mining in this region of South Australia for the 21st Century.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Careers, Education & Employment

WorkPac now Roxby a learning major supplier of community labour to BHP E

stablished in 1997, WorkPac is one of sional development programs so that they can experiAustralia’s leading privately owned specialist ence job security and financial reward.” says WorkPac CEO Theresa Moltoni. recruitment solution providers.

Providing permanent and temporary work placement across the multiple specialist Industry Sectors, WorkPac has grown to operate in over 37 offices across Australia, employing 230 full time staff and over 3500 temporary workers. Over the years the Company has guided and placed tens of thousands of candidates in jobs and helped them achieve real career progression with blue chip companies. With specialist divisions focussing on; mining, construction, civil engineering, office support and administration, executive and upper management, nursing and aged care, sales and marketing, and much more WorkPac is best placed to help you take the next step in your career. WorkPac is an employer, not simply a recruitment company. “We demonstrate total commitment to our candidates, encouraging and providing personal and profes-

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“We are industry leaders in Occupational Health and Safety and deliver the training and systems to ensure a safe and healthy workplace at all times.” WorkPac was recently appointed as the major supplier of labour to BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mining operation. Under the arrangement, WorkPac will provide temporary professional and industrial employees to help drive productivity and growth for South Australia’s biggest long term mining operation. “WorkPac is delighted to partner with BHP Billiton at Olympic Dam. We are excited about working with the existing workforce and providing new employment opportunities to the market” Ms Moltoni said. WorkPac will manage a large existing workforce and source its future staffing requirements. For information on opportunities at Olympic Dam or to speak WorkPac further about how they can assist you call 1300 361 487 or register online www.

By Michelle Hales When the community plan was written in 2005 it reflected the aspirations of the community at that time. Residents wanted Roxby Downs to be recognised as a “Learning Community” and a “Place for Personal Development”. Five years on these aspirations have not changed. In Roxby Downs we are very lucky to have access to a range of learning opportunities for people of all ages. Learning and personal development are lifelong pursuits and new skills, knowledge and experiences can be derived via schools, work, recreational and social activities and further education. Toddlers discover the joys of storytelling, picture books and craft at the library every week during Toddler Story Time. Older kids take part in a range of activities like sport, craft, drama, dance, Scouts, and Guides. These activities teach them social skills, team work, cooperation and practical life skills. Not every student is academically minded or has a desire to go to university so it is important to provide other options for learning such as school based apprenticeships, traineeships, and apprenticeships. The Area School does a

fantastic job in preparing students for the work force. The RITE program, for example, teaches students about resume writing and how to handle an interview and arranges work placements according to areas of interest. The Education and Workplace Training Forum supports the school with Career and Employment events like CareerSpeak. As adults we often think that school is behind us. Workplace training ensures that we are continually honing our skills and learning new ones that help us to progress through our chosen career. For those who want to go further university study is always an option and living in a remote location need not be a barrier. Many universities offer external study programs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Programs are delivered via online study and in some cases through attendance at mandatory or optional intensive schools. If everyone who comes to live in Roxby Downs leaves with greater knowledge, more skills, more personal interests, and more networks then the aspirations that the community had five years ago have been realised.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 11

Careers, Education & Employment


Historic school caters for individual needs

n t h e Ad e l a i d e beachside suburb of Somerton Park, Sacred Heart College is a Catholic College administered by the Marist Brothers which provides a safe and healthy environment for the education of young people. Boarding facilities are available for boys and girls from Years 7 to 12.

education for country students continue as an integral part of that tradition. The College was established in 1897 and opened its boarding school for boys in 1905. In 1998, to meet the needs of the whole family, boarding for girls was introduced. The accommodation comprises personal space and spacious common rooms. Senior students have private rooms. Established routines enable optimum opportunity for study and personal development to be pursued in all areas.

An holistic educational experience is provided, where The school is set amid the historic and gracious grounds of Paringa Hall, which is a significant landmark students participate in spiritual, academic, sporting, cultural and social activities, both at the College and in the in Somerton Park and South Australia. The school provides a rich academic program catering community. to the needs of the individual student. Middle school and For Boarding enquiries, please contact the Boarding Senior school facilities are available. Registrar, Mrs Barbara Stephenson, on (08) 8350 2559 Strong family connections and provision of a varied or 0418 803 337.


Toll personnel available 24/7 s part of the Toll Group, Toll Personnel is Group but an impressive list of national corporate one of Australia’s leading national providers and local privately owned companies, covering of recruitment solutions not only to the Toll permanent placements, temporary staff and labour hire. Toll Personnel commenced operations in 2004 and have successfully grown to now have in excess of 4000 people, on daily assignment every week and have successfully filled greater than 1000 permanent placements. With over 100 staff nationally and offices in every capital city across Australia, plus access to regional offices in Karratha, Townsville, Newcastle, Dandenong and Launceston, Toll Personnel is your complete recruitment resource. Our capabilities and strengths not only provide strategic competitive advantages, they sustain us and make us an Employer of Choice. Toll Personnel is a national recruitment business and our services and disciplines include: * Placement of temporary personnel into blue and white collar roles; * Executive and permanent placement services into all levels including supervisors through to senior management; and * Contracting services for IT, accounting and management. Our clients come from industry sectors that include defence, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and engineering, to which we provide people to perform labouring roles up to trade level, office administration staff to managers and all specialised roles. Toll Personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all your recruitment and labour requirements, please call Helene Scott or Geoff Merchant on 1300 769 875 or visit

Page 12 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Careers, Education & Employment

St Peter’s College


The IB results were also outstanding. Of the 21 students who completed the ounded in 1847 as an Anglican school, St Peter’s College has a worldwide reputation and numbers among its old scholars three Diploma, 18 Merits (a perfect score of 7) were awarded. The average score out of possible 45 was 33.2 which equates to a TER of 94.7, compared to a worldwide Nobel Prize winners, 42 Rhodes Scholars, seven Premiers of aaverage of about 30. South Australia, two winners of the Victoria Cross and Australia’s only astronaut. The School is set on 32 hectares of magnificent grounds on Hackney Road, The School’s Christian ethos is reflected in its motto Pro Deo et Patria (For God and Country), as is the importance of service to the community. As a boys-only school, Saints provides the highest quality education to more than 1,250 day students and boarders from its Early Learning Centre to Year 12 and specialises distinctively in boys’ learning and development. It offers both the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and in Years 11 and 12 the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). With its open enrolment policy, St Peter’s College consistently achieves some of the best academic results in the state through strategies designed to ensure that each Year 12 student has strong foundations on which to build. A strong team effort involving the School, parents and each student has allowed almost all of our Year 12 students to achieve their personal best. In 2009, 128 students undertook the South Australian Certificate of Education and 21 the International Baccalaureate. SACE students achieved outstanding success with 60% gaining a TER of 90 or more. Fifty-six per cent of all grades gained were an ‘A’, 89 % of all grades were and ‘A’ or ‘B’, with 41 Merit Certificates obtained.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

opposite the Botanical Gardens and Adelaide’s north-eastern parklands, within walking distance of the University of Adelaide and only three kilometres from the city centre. With beautiful buildings, both historic and modern, its educational facilities and sports fields are arguably the finest in the country. St Peter’s College also owns an outdoor education property on the banks of the Finniss River on the Fleurieu Peninsula, where an exciting program of activities promotes teamwork, self-reliance and leadership. The School is a member of the G20 group of world-renowned independent schools which includes Eton, Marlborough and Wellington in the United Kingdom, Deerfield Academy in the United States, Appleby College in Canada, the International School in Geneva and Bishop’s in South Africa. Saints offers a broad curriculum and co-curricular program to support its diverse student population. Saints boys are well cared for with a multi-faceted pastoral care system, the success of which is reflected in excellent academic and personal results. A St Peter’s College education is both valuable beyond measure and financially attainable. For more information, please contact Mr Ian Munro on 8130 3200 and visit

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 13

Page 14 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 15



2006 white Toyota Rav4 - $22,000 in excellent condition XLW-084– 8671 2068


1994 Toyota 4runner with full accessories D SOL new tyres and brand – make an offer 8671 2068 MAGIMIX coffee machine – semi automatic $150 8671 2068



(Roxby Downs Branch of Cancer Council SA)

AGM Wednesday, 17 March,

SONY television 30 inch screen $200 ono. 8671 2068 JARRAH outdoor 7 piece table setting $450 8671 2068

at 7.30 pm 46 Maireana Circuit New members always welcome!

CHILDREN’S plastic play cube for outdoors with slide and hose attatchment $80 8671 2068 FROST free fridge for $450 8671 2068 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ARE you struggling for results? Do you want to get ahead? Take a look at this home business www. GOT something to sell? Phone 86712683 to get the best deal and the best coverage across the far north and have a weekly readership in excess of 6,000. POSITIONS VACANT POSITIONS VACANT – Immediate Start COOK w a n t e d a t L a v r i c k ’s Roadhouse. Hours: 4:30am – 1:00pm 4 to 5 days per week. Applicant must be reliable and have references. Call 0400 100 363 for interview.


To advertise in The Monitor Classified Section Phone 8671 2683

Page 16 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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HAVE YOUR SAY . . . Question of the week: What is your opinion of sportspeople behaving badly e.g. Brendan Fevola, Mitchell Johnson, Tiger Woods and several others? “They’re only human. It’s hard to maintain a good example all the time in their positions.”

“I’m on their side .”


Jason Spurr


Tameka Trussler.

“I’m on their side, if they weren’t celebrities they wouldn’t be noticed. They’re only human. TJ Ford.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 – Page 17


Dirt Circuit State Title results from Red Dunes Raceway

Street Stock 1 C 47 David Carr 2 C 20 Simon Tucker 3 C 666 Daniel Sale 4 W 78 Simon Moore 5 PL 55 Wayne Jantke Modified Saloon 1 C 29 Reg Davis 2 PP 5 David Reardon 3 W 271 Chris Pickert 4 PP 231 Craig Manners 5 RD 6 Donald McKinnon B Open Wheeler 1 PL 5 Jamie Cummings 2 PP56 Kevin Tapley 3 PA 10 Brian Welk 4 PL 64 Mark Jessop 5 PA 88 Tom Burk A Open Wheeler Presentation Points 1 C 27 Dale Thiele 2 W 95 Kevin Smith 3 PA 18 Shane Petry 4 PL 192 Ducka Cummings 5 PL 666 Scott Hardings All comers’ races Street Stock 1 C 20 Simon Tucker 6.51.78 2 AB 22 Jason Tucker 6.52.76 3AB60 Barry Whittaker 6.56.51 Modified 1 C 29 Reg Davis 6.15.81 2 W 69 Trevor Driver 6.16.11 3 W 271 Chris Pickert 6.26.92 Open Wheelers 1 C 27 Dale Thiele 4.44.75 2W 95 Kevin Smith 4.45.17 3W 73 Brett Walden 5.02.58 Duns Brothers Trophy Whyalla 157 Ceduna 156 Port Lincoln 139 Port Pirie 136 Roxby Downs 132 Port Augusta 121 Black Rock 79

Desert Dirt Go KartResults

Desert Dirt Go Kart Results from the opening meeting on February 26. KT open 1st Thomas Wilson 2nd Darren Lamb 3rd Peter Wilson   Juniors 1st Jayden Dawson

Correction: On the Milo Cricket caption in last week’s paper the junior player in the photo was John Pianta.

Page 18 – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2nd Tim Bland 3rd Troy Daly Wild Bunch 1st Hayden Borlase 2nd Shane Howard Rookies 1st Corey Robertson 2nd Tyson Daly

Mixed indoorResults hockey White 15 defeated Green 4. Red 6 drew with Blue 6.

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Woomera head into semi final in winning form The Woomera Redbacks held off a determined Andamooka side on Saturday night. Woomera batted well with skipper Adam (Pup) Willis making 75 and young gun Mitch Blackie supporting his skipper to finish with a well made 42, to finish 8/199, with Elwood and Swanson from Andamooka taking three wickets a piece after the allotted 40 overs. Andamooka started superbly with the bat being 1/99 at drinks, but things went south quickly when Pup brought himself on to bowl his express pace, he went through the Andamooka batsmen like a wrecking ball after drinks taking 4/11 and being supported by J Taylor 3 wickets. Andamooka can take some heart from a good opening stand with Ben Platcha finishing 85no and P. Ross scoring 22.

Focus on finals

The focus is now on the finals series. The draw for this weekends finals is:First Semi Final, Saturday 13th March - Wanderers Vs Woomera at Roxby Oval, 9.30am start Second Semi Final, Sunday 14th March - Rogues Vs Olympic Dam at Roxby Oval, 9.30am start The following week also sees the 2009/10 presenta tion night. This will be held at the Roxby Tavern Bistro at 7pm.

The need for speed!

Woomera vs. Andamooka 6.3.10 played at Woomera

Drivers turn up the action at Red Dunes Raceway

Woomera Batting C. Pillar LBW D. Buckley ................................................ 12 A. McArdle Bowled B. Hann ........................................ 8 M. Blackie Bowled T. Elwood ...................................... 42 T. Taylor NOT OUT . ......................................................... 19 A. Bell Caught Tim .......................................................... 0 J. Cousens Caught Nathan .......................................... 2 J. Allchurch LBW ............................................................. 1 P. Watkinson Bowled ..................................................... 0 M. Ingold NOT OUT . ...................................................... 3 A. Willis Caught T. Swanson ........................................ 75 J. Payne DNB Sundries . ........................................................................... 16 Final Score . ....................................................................... 8/199 Andamooka Batting B. Platcha NOT OUT ....................................................... 85 P. Ross Bowled Taylor .................................................... 22 B Hann LBW Payne . ....................................................... 8 K Kumnick Bowled Taylor ............................................ 1 A. Wilson Bowled Taylor ............................................... 2 D. Buckley LBW Willis .................................................... 4 N Granger Bowled Willis .............................................. 0 T Swanson Bowled Willis ............................................. 2 T Elwood Caught Willis . ............................................... 0 A Brown Bowled Bell ..................................................... 0 Sundries . ........................................................................... 8 Final Score . ....................................................................... 9/135 TOP: Local drivers Shannon Warren (car 44) and Peter Davis (car 69), line up for the start of one of the Modified races. INSET ABOVE: Many Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club members put in many hours of work to make the State Title round the outstanding success it was. Two of those members are Tony Webber (clerk of the course) and Sandy Visser (the lone announcer for two days of racing). ABOVE: Offroad action as Barry Whittacker from Arno Bay takes the inside track during a Street Stock heat. BELOW: Mick Wilkinson of Roxby had plenty of passengers for the grand parade of vehicles at Saturday’s opening.

Wednesday Netball: A Grade: Victorious Secret 43 Defeated Redbacks 23 Hornridge 33 defeated Eagles 29 B Grade: Sporty Shorties 41 defeated Desert Demons 21 Milkshakes 26 defeated Tangos 11 Mixed: UNO 24 defeated First Contact 21 Goal Diggers 24 defeated Roxby PLeisure 18 LEFT: Mel Rigden of the Milkshakes takes a shot under pressure from Tango’s defender Sara Lynch. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Andamooka Bowling: B. Platcha 0/24; B Hann 1/18; D Buckley 1/16; K Cummick 0/36; A Wilson 0/18; T Swanson 3/40; T Elwood 3/28. Woomera Bowling: Payne 1/41; Willis 4/11; Watkinson 0/11; Taylor 3/45; Blackie 0/16; Bell 1/7


2009/2010 Presentation Night SATURDAY MARCH 20, 7 p.m. ROXBY DOWNS TAVERN BISTRO $20 PER HEAD RSVP to J. CARROLL ON 0411 372 228 or G. WARREN 0407 139 107 by Tuesday, March 16

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Top driver for the first round of the State Titles, was Ceduna’s Dale Theile. His performances in the A class open wheelers were a highlight of the weekend.

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Off to a flyer I

n what officials describe as one of the biggest crowds seen at the Roxby Downs Dirt Circuit, standout driver of round one of the State Titles was young Ceduna speedster, Dale Thiele.

Theile, driving in the super competitive A grade Open Wheel Class, left the field in his wake, taking out both races on Sunday and under lights won one and placed second in the other. After getting behind the wheel of his new open wheeler late last year after a five year lay-off, the 23 year old has set the benchmark for other drivers to chase down in the next round of the State Titles later in the year. With Ceduna hosting the next round Thiele will be hot favourite on his home track and with plenty of home supporter base to cheer him on he will be hard to catch. Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club publicity officer, Deb Beenham was elated over the success of the weekend, telling The Monitor, that everything ran so smoothly and the racing was fast and clean. She said the visitors from the nine other clubs in the Association heaped praise on the Roxby club and its members for such a well run and well organised event. Roxby District Rotary Club which acted as the gate keepers for the event confirmed the success, saying 900 adults attended on Saturday plus all the children who were not counted in the attendance numbers. Sunday’s attendance was 500 adults plus children.

Catch me if you can!

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