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Volume 2, Thursday March 8, 2007


xpectations are rising for the release of BHP Billiton’s Environmental Impact Statement covering the proposed expansion of its Olympic Dam operations. The statement is expected out for public comment by June. It will include among other things the size of an open pit mine, should that be the final choice, and the accompanying overburden stockpile. Already the company has refuted claims that its proposed expansion will not cause dust problems in the township of Roxby Downs. The EIS will outline the operation of the open cut mine, which is expected to be 3 kilometres wide by 3 kilometres long. BHP Billiton spokesman Richard Yeeles is already on record saying tests show that there’ll be no dust problems for the township from the company’s mining operations. “Roxby Downs was deliberately sited 16 kilometres south of the operations, so there is already a significant buffer zone,” he said. “We have already done a lot of modeling from possible dust plumes from an open pit to demonstrate that the township itself will not be affected.” Another area of interest in the EIS is the size of the overburden stockpile, with some pundits predicting it could be as high as 300 metres. In a prelude to the release of the EIS, work could start on BHP Billiton’s pilot desalination plant at Port Bonython, Point Lowly just north of Whyalla in April. The company put in its proposal to the state government in January, and the government indicated that the approvals process for the pilot plant would take 3 months. BHP Billiton spokesman, Richard Yeeles said the company is in a position to start work in April, but it is waiting on the government’s decision. “We can’t pre-empt that decision,” he said. The pilot plant will take about 360 cubic metres of salt water daily from Spencer Gulf to process, that’s equivalent to 4 domestic sized swimming pools. “There’ll be no net increase in the saline content of the water that will be dispersed into Spencer Gulf by the pilot plant operations,” Mr. Yeeles said. “The water will be continually re-mixed within the plant so there will not be any increased salt content going back in.” Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has already committed $160 million of federal funds to help build the full working desalination plant if he gets into office at the next federal election. State premier, Mike Rann has already committed $160 million of state finances to help build the project. Continued on page 2

Above: Confronting art...Our cover photograph depicts handmade sculptures made by Afghan refugees after being released from detention. The “Pictures in My Heart” exhibition has just opened at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery. It’s provocative, controversial, but yet very simplistic. (Full Story P 8)

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ODX plans draw closer Continued from page 1


r. Rann has been seeking a commitment from the Commonwealth for $160 million to help build the desalination plant, which would provide water for the Olympic Dam mine expansion.

Above: Michelle Watson surrounded by Aids orphans in Bwindi, Uganda

Heart felt appeal for Aids orphans A Roxby Downs couple have been so touched by the impact of the Aids virus on young children in the township of Bwindi in Uganda that they’ve launched a compassionate appeal.

Gavin Ibbett and his partner Michelle Watson have recently returned from a 3 month trip to Africa where they spent one month helping out at an orphanage in Bwindi. “It tore us up emotionally,” Gavin said. “To see the 55 children aged

between 3 and 10 years of age having to struggle just to get one meal a day, and fighting the night cold with little protection and warmth. “It is amazing to see, but pure chaos as the simplest things are so hard to get,” he said. “It really does put life into perspective back here in Roxby Downs. “People who complain about pot holes in the road, really don’t know what the world is like outside, and just how well off they are. “These young kids, don’t complain about their lot, even though

they face on a daily basis life threatening decisions. “Now that’s living on the edge,” Gavin said. The couple are appealing to everyone in Roxby Downs to donate old clothing and blankets so they can send to the orphans. “If you can help just call me on 86710528 or drop the clothing off at 28 Axehead Road and we’ll take care of it,” Gavin urged. “I hope we get a great response because we’re going to try and talk to Australia post to see if they can give us a deal on getting the clothing to these unfortunate kids.

“We’d also appreciate any help we can get from businesses in town,” he said. The children in the orphanage have been left to their own devices because their parents have died from Aids, which is sweeping the African continent. “We were so emotional when we left that we virtually took everything out of our backpacks and left with the children. “Jumpers, jackets, shirts, shorts, everything was pulled out and given to them. It has certainly changed the way we now look at the world,” Gavin said.

$399 including

“The planned desalination plant, to be built by BHP Billiton to service the needs of a proposed massive expansion of the Olympic Dam mine, can be expanded to supply fresh water to the Upper Spencer Gulf towns and the Eyre Peninsula,” Mr. Rann said. “The plan is to relieve an estimated 30 million litres of water a day currently drawn and piped from the River Murray to these areas of South Australia, and replacing it with desalinated water. “The State Government has already committed a share of $160 million to the proposed plant and an equal commitment from the Federal Government means we can supply 22 gigalitres of fresh water – or one third of the plant’s capacity - to the people of that region. “Securing an agreement from the Federal Government is critical to whether or not we can create the extra capacity needed to supply desalinated water to the region. “That is why Kevin Rudd’s commitment to the desalination plant is significant. “We hope that Prime Minister John Howard now matches that commitment in a bi-partisan way,” Mr. Rann said. State Treasurer, Kevin Foley, has told parliament BHP Billiton is going through a pre-feasibility stage of the desalination plant including building a pilot plant to test its capabilities. “We are going through a rigorous process of underpinning the water which will be required for the next 30 years and we want to get the costs correct.” He said that as far as the main plant was concerned, SA had applied to the Commonwealth for $160 million. “If the Commonwealth doesn’t provide it, then we have a very hard decision to make,” Mr. Foley said. As the countdown to the EIS release continues, BHP Billiton is planning a comprehensive community consultation and feedback process, not only in Roxby Downs but other major centres.

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Page 2 – Thursday, March 8, 2006

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Monitor GENERAL NEWS Petrol and Gas prices Each week, The Monitor will run a comparison of petrol and gas prices between Mobil and BP service stations in Adelaide and Roxby Downs, taken on the same day, so we can see the disparity.

Fuel Watch


Airstrip report out soon The operators of remote airstrips in outback South Australia are anxiously awaiting a report on upgrading options from the Outback Areas Community Development Trust. The Trust six months ago launched a comprehensive study of outback airstrips to determine which ones could be used for emergency situations. “It’s purely a solutions identification exercise,” Trust Manager Mark Sutton said. “What we’re trying to determine is which airstrips need to be upgraded to make them accessible 24/7 for emergency services. “This is not based on economic or developmental considerations, purely for emergency use,” Mr. Sutton said. The Trust received a federal government grant of $45,000 to undertake the survey which included asset accounting, the condition of the

airstrips, the most strategically located strips and what it would cost financially to upgrade them to meet the criteria of being accessible for emergency service operations. “Some of the airstrips such as Glendambo is vulnerable to rain and wind damage which causes erosion, whilst airstrips like Marree are already sealed,” Mr. Sutton said. “To re-sheet a runway would cost about $50,000 whilst to lay a bitumen seal down to specifications would cost upwards of $600,000. “The steering committee which is drafting its report and recommendations, visited most remote4 airstrips during the past few months, and its report will be presented to the full board of the Trust by the end of this month,” he said. “What happens next will be the Trust

Burgoyne Street business that occurred over night was reported to Police on February 28. Approximately $2000 damage was caused to a light pole at an Olympic Dam premises overnight on Feb 28. It is believed that the light pole was knocked over when a motor vehicle collided with it. The theft of a tool box and a large quantity


132.8 131.5

89.5 87.9

123.9 119.7

59.9 59.9


will adopt some of the recommendations and design investment strategies which will be forwarded to both the federal and state governments. “We need to invest in a strategic way. Looking at remoteness, population, impact of rainfall as well as the drought because of damage by high winds and dry conditions,” Mr. Sutton said. “We’re not going to do an adhoc selection, we’re going to do it purely on the emergency need basis, for example what airstrip is strategically located and what it can provide in accessing a remote location.” The steering committee is comprised of members from SAPOL, CFS, RFDS, SAFCOM and SA Ambulance.


All injury claims Vehicle Accidents WorkCover

Police report A 30-year-old Roxby Downs man was issued with an expiation notice on March 3 for driving whilst exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. Police are investigating a report received on February 28 of the theft of a quantity of cash from a local business over the last few days. $500 damage to a fence at the rear of a


of tools from the rear of a utility parked at Olympic Dam reported on February 27, 2007. A 36-year-old Andamooka man was reported on February 26 for driving a motor vehicle whilst exceeding the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol, as a result of follow up inquiries in relation to an accident that occurred in late November, 2006.

To speak with one of our lawyers, call 8231 3668 11duncanb091106

Regional confidence on the rise Rural consumer and business confidence has lifted since last winter despite the state facing one of its most severe droughts on record, according to BankSA State Monitor. The leading confidence indicator, released by the bank has revealed South Australian regional consumer confidence is up 1.9 index points to 122.1 index points since July 2006. Business confidence increased 2.7 index points to 118.2 index points (100 points is neutral), during the same period. BankSA Managing Director Mr Rob Chapman said the fall in petrol prices and a stable interest rate outlook had been positive news. “These factors have certainly helped relieve some pressure and as with the overall state

confidence results, there is a general optimism about SA’s economy and direction of business in the state,” he said. “Economic spin-offs in the north from the strong mining sector and increased investment activity such as the expansion of the Murray Bridge prison may be helping to fuel optimism and may do so for some time. “On the other hand, the impact of the drought, water restrictions and the oversupply of some horticulture produce may be contributing to lower confidence levels in grain and irrigation areas. “Importantly confidence among the primary industry sector is on the rise and will hopefully receive a further lift with the Bureau of Meteorology declaring the El Nino is over.” Looking at each region in

more detail, the BankSA State Monitor results show that the West and North saw a bounce back in consumer confidence to become the most positive regional area. O verall for the region, consumer confidence lifted 7.9 index points to 125.9 – above the state average. West & North consumers are increasingly confident in the economic outlook and job security, however, fewer people expect a significant change in their financial situation. Despite this more are planning to make big-ticket purchases in coming months. While consumer confidence is up, business owners in the region are less optimistic, with their confidence levels taking a slip of 5.1 index points to 112.9 index points.




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Thursday, March 8, 2007 – Page 3



Drug bust youths get suspended jail terms The last of four youths charged with drug related offences after a police undercover operation in Roxby Downs in August 2005, has finally been sentenced. Eric Wayne Reiss was sentenced to five and a half years jail, suspended on him entering a $100 bond to be of good behaviour for two years when he recently appeared in the Adelaide District court. Late last year the three other co-defendants were sentenced by Judge Shaw. Jesse Schuster Rawlins was given a suspended sentenced of 5 years 10 months on the condition he enter into a $100 bond to be of good behaviour for 2 years. Samuel Smykalla Hall was sentenced to 16 months jail, but was suspended on the condition he also enter a $100 bond to be of good behaviour for 2 years. The last of the quartet, Dylan Grillett was sentenced to 18 months, but this was also suspended on the condition he enter a $100 bond to be of good behaviour for 2 years. In sentencing Reiss, Judge Shaw said that between August 3rd 2005 and September the 2nd that year, the police had monitored telephone calls between Reiss and other co-defendants. The court heard that On August the 5th, Reiss talked with Hall on the telephone about taking part in the sale of 50 ecstasy tablets which Reiss called ‘Batman’ Judge Shaw said she noted that during the conversation there was a reference to the ecstasy

tablets being of ’wicked quality’ and Reiss said : “I’ll get rid of heaps for you, about 50.” The judge told Reiss it is clear this was an offer by you (Reiss) to get rid of about 50 ecstasy tablets. In her sentencing statement Judge Shaw said that on August the 8th 2005 Reiss had sold amphetamine. “The circumstances of this offence are that you attended at the hotel in Roxby Downs and you sold two tastes of amphetamine for $100 to an undercover operative. “At some stages you appear to be gloating about your role in the drug scene at Roxby Downs. “You say you are known in Roxby as the person to get pills from and that you know drug dealers,” the Judge told Reiss. However in her summation Judge Shaw addressed Reiss and said: “To your credit since your arrest you have ceased your use of drugs and you have ceased your involvement in that culture at Roxby Downs. “You have turned all that around. You have turned your back on that social scene, that culture and drug use. “Having regard to your pleas of guilty and the submissions of counsel and the acceptance that your pleas were entered into at an early opportunity, I propose to reduce your sentence by 25%. The sentence handed down was five and a half years, suspended on the bond conditions.

The hard yards of womanhood

Women, they make up half the world’s population - the fairer half supposedly. They are our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and our friends. Each one is a marvel in her own right and today, on International Women’s Day (IWD), we get the chance to honour them. IWD was first celebrated almost one hundred years ago. It was the beginning of the 20th century and the world was changing. The industrial revolution was in full swing and women were demanding equal rights with men. In 1910, an International Women’s Day was proposed to honour the women’s movement and to further the cause of universal suffrage (the right to vote). The first IWD was held in Europe on March 19, 1911. More than one million people attended rallies and campaigned for women’s rights, firmly establishing the event on the yearly calendar. In South Australia, we can be justifiably proud of our history in regard to women’s rights. Our state was the first Australian colony to grant women the vote and the first place in the world where a woman could stand for Parliament. By the time the first IWD was celebrated, South Australian women had been exercising their suffrage for 15 years. Local member for Giles and Whyalla resident, Lyn Breuer has been reflecting on what women really want in this modern world. “As modern women we want the best of both worlds. More than our mother achieved in work and material goods, but the problem is we need good back up to be able to do that for none of us are super women. “We have to juggle all these new expectations with our children, spouses and family members, often including aged parents.

“The most important things in our lives According to the IWD website, women are our families, particularly our children. are still paid less than men, they are not Love them, instill a good set of values in present in equal numbers in business or them to live by and you will do well. politics and they are much more likely to “Don’t expect to be a perfect housewife, be the victims of violence than their male wife and mother, you can’t do it. No child counterparts. International Women’s Day is a chance ever left home because there were dirty dishes in the sink (except to evade doing to reflect on the advances womankind has made, to campaign for changes that are them!) “International Women’s Day is about still required and to dream of triumphs women having a choice in their lives to yet to come. do what they want. Make sure you choose most of all to love your family”. Federal Minister for Women’s Issues, Julie Bishop, said the day is a significant event, not only for women across Australia but internationally. “We should be proud of what we’ve achieved in Australia in terms of promoting the status of women,” Ms Bishop said. “Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we were the first country in the world to simultaneously grant women the right to vote and the right to stand for an election. “What an enlightened beginning we had. “Women are now in areas that we would have once thought was just so novel that you couldn’t even imagine it – in law, in medicine, in engineering, the defence forces, police, emergency services and the like. “We have achieved a great deal in promoting the status of women in this country, but the journey is not over,” she said. Above: Admin Officer, Roxby Downs Council, Marg She is correct. Anchor.


DROUGHT ASSISTANCE FOR SMALL BUSINESS & FARMERS Strong and prosperous rural communities are the backbone of our nation. To ensure our country remains in a strong financial position, improved support is being made available to agricultural dependent small businesses and more farmers to help them get through the prolonged drought.


Agricultural dependent small businesses and farmers are both eligible for the EC interest rate subsidy. The assistance cap has been extended over five years and increased to up to $500,000. Apply through your state rural assistance authority. Visit

DROUGHT FORCE Drought Force helps drought affected farming properties with their workforce needs. People receiving income support who work 30 hours or more a week on a Drought Force activity do not have to look for work. Eligible Drought Force participants may receive an extra $20.80 a fortnight and access up to $1600 in training credits. Call 1800 004 226 or visit

MORE RURAL FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL COUNSELLING There are now more Rural Financial Counsellors available in areas of greatest need. Call 1800 026 222 or visit There’s also extra funding for the Family and Relationship Services Program for more face-to-face counselling. Call the Hotline on 13 23 16.

DROUGHT ASSISTANCE BUSES We’re bringing assistance to your community with our Drought Assistance buses visiting rural Australia. Staff on board can help you apply for drought assistance on the spot.

CWA EMERGENCY AID FUND Emergency grants are available to drought-affected families of small business operators, farmers and service providers to help meet immediate household costs. Community grants are also available. Contact your state CWA at

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE AND PLANNING GRANTS FOR FARMERS Grants of up to $5500 for professional advice and planning are available to farm businesses in areas that have been EC-declared for more than three years. The grants may be used to help you manage the impact of the drought on your business. Call the Hotline on 13 23 16, 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

Please don’t self-assess. Call the Drought Assistance Hotline on 13 23 16, 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

GPY&R MFHS0063/4

If you’re a small business owner who receives 70 per cent of your income from farm business in Exceptional Circumstances (EC) declared areas and have up to 100 full-time employees you may now be eligible for income support and interest rate subsidies. This support is available to businesses inside and outside EC-declared areas.


CALL 13 23 16 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Page 4 – Thursday, March 8, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor MINING

BHP Billiton going green


reen - it is the colour of the moment.

Governments are going green, communities are going green, even our own BHP Billiton is going green. “Olympic Dam is Australia’s largest underground mine with the potential to develop into one of the world’s biggest mining and mineral processing operations,” BHP Billiton Olympic Dam spokesperson, Richard Yeeles said. “Under BHP Billiton’s commitment to Zero Harm and Sustainable Development principles the site works to reduce its use of key resources such as water and electricity,” he said. Supplying water to Olympic Dam has always been a challenge. Since 1988, when production began, the mine and its adjoining townships have been drawing their water from the Great Artesian Basin. Because of the remote location of Roxby Downs and the infrastructure required to access this water, the cost is high, around twice that paid by consumers in capital cities. This high cost has been an incentive to increase water efficiency, with process and potable water use almost halving per tonne of ore mined since production began. Mr Yeeles said one of the challenges facing Olympic Dam is the need to continually optimise plant production rates and to improve water use efficiency. “Olympic Dam has a dedicated team to continually assess the potential for further reductions in water use through increases in efficiency, recycling and reuse of process streams. “For the future, BHP Billiton is studying the viability of establishing a coastal desalination plant to supply Olympic Dam’s additional water needs,” he said. The company will also be putting a higher focus on energy efficiency, following the introduction of the federal government’s ‘Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program’, which requires businesses with high energy needs to identify ways to improve energy efficiency. BHP Billiton is also turning their attention to the township of Roxby Downs. Homes in the new housing development in the South-East subdivision, which is set for release this year, will need to achieve a five star energy rating. To achieve this, houses will require higher ceilings and ceiling fans to encourage air flow and solar hot water systems and gas appliances to reduce electricity use.

Ambo’s in a black-out


olunteer ambulance officers from Roxby Downs are pleased with the turnout at their volunteer information session, despite a blackout on the night. Eight people applied to become volunteer ambulance officers, and the ambulance team thanked the public for their response. “Thank you to all those who turned up,” Roxby Downs volunteer team leader Dawn Kroemer said. “It takes more than a black-out to stop us.” The volunteers temporarily pulled out their refrigerator, which still had power, so they could run their presentation on the computer. Mrs. Kroemer also remione4d the public to call emergency triple-zero (000) rather than driving themselves or others to hospital in an emergency. She cited the recent case where an injured motorcyclist was taken to hospital by a friend as an example of where an ambulance would have been safer. “If the person has spinal or head injuries, there is a danger of exacerbating them by transporting the person. It might not be wise tom move them yourself,” she said. She said people sometimes assumed the ambulance could not reach them where they were, but she said there was always a way. “Even if they7 think we can’t get to them in a four wheel drive ambulance, we’ve got the CVFS and SDES to help too,” she said. “We’ve got all sorts of equipment to move them safely and treat them before they get to hospital.” The only number for an ambulance4 in an emergency is triple-zero (000). People interested in becoming a volunteer ambulance officer can call Dawn Kroemer on 0408847790 or call 1800655306 for more information. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Money poured into basin A $14 million project to investigate the state of water resources in the Great Artesian Basin is about to get underway in South Australia. The initiative is being driven by the Arid Lands natural resource monitoring board and supported by the Department of Environment and Conservation. The state government is contributing more than $4 million towards this major research project into the ground water and mound springs. The Great Artesian Basin is an iconic aquifer system of international significance covering more than 20% of the continent. As well as gaining more knowledge on the state of the underground aquifers, the project is also expected to shed greater light on the mound springs in the region, which have world class natural and cultural

significance. Mound springs are created by a natural welling up of water, which over millions of years deposits waterborne minerals that form into mounds. These springs are unique and

support a multitude of rare plants and animals, many of which are endemic to a particular mound or spring. Water from the Great Artesian basin supports the pastoral, mining and tourism industries

as well as many outback towns and indigenous communities. The state’s conservation and environment minister, Gail Gago said the research will develop a better understanding of the sources of the mound spring water and the impact of extracting ground water on these mound springs, which will in turn contribute to better management of the water resources and ecosystems in the region. “This will assist management authorities and water users to manage the Basin’s water resources within sustainable limits,” she said. The project will investigate groundwater replenishment along the Basin’s western margin, map the locations and elevations of the Basin’s springs and develop the capacity to determine water requirements from environmentally significant mound springs.

Cashed up Oxiana Mining giant, Oxiana, which is developing the Prominent Hill gold and copper deposit has announced a net profit after tax of $553.2 million for the full year. The company’s Managing Director, Owen Hegarty, said the record earnings are a result of sound performance at Oxiana’s operations and strong prices for the Company’s main metals – copper, zinc and gold. Directors have declared a dividend of 5 cents per share franked to 46% bringing the total dividend for 2006 to 8 cents per share. The company’s performance was boosted by the average cash copper price for the year of US$3.06/lb, with copper revenue at its Sepon mine of $578 million for the year, compared to $158 million for the previous year. The average zinc cash price for the period was US$1.48/lb with the company’s Golden Grove mine having gross revenue of $761

million for the year. Gold bullion sales from Sepon were $146 million for the period, compared to $117 million for the previous corresponding period. The average gold price received for the period was U$598/oz. At 31 December 2006 Oxiana had a group cash balance of $670.9 million and no net debt. Mr. Hegarty, said the company had a stand-out year in 2006 operationally and financially. “We have delivered record earnings of $553 million and have a healthy balance sheet with more than $670 million in cash,” he said. “The strength of our balance sheet enables Oxiana to continue to grow through a pipeline of organic developments. “We are looking to expand copper and gold

output at Sepon and zinc and by-products at Golden Grove. “The Prominent Hill copper and gold development in South Australia remains on track for first production in the third quarter of 2008. “This will be a further strong source of earnings and cash-flow for Oxiana,” he said. Mr.Hegarty said the company will also continue to look to grow through corporate activity. “A successful bid for Agincourt Resources Limited will enable a significant expansion of our gold and silver resource and production base. “The outlook for 2007 and beyond is excellent – we continue to see strong demand and buoyant prices for our metals – copper, gold and zinc,” he concluded

A blooming venture Shares in junior explorer Venture Minerals have surged up to 90 per cent following promising exploration results at its Churchill project in South Australia announced to the Australian Stock Exchange in late February. Venture said it had discovered a large breccia system at its Churchill Dam iron-oxide-copper-gold-uranium project, 90 kilometres south-west of BHP Billiton’s massive Olympic Dam mine. On the announcement shares in the company surged 30 cents to hit an intra-day high of 63 cents before pulling back to 48.5 cents. Its share price has continued to grow, reaching 55 cents on Monday, despite the massive plunge in the market overall during the past two weeks.



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NURSE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Continuing Professional Education Scheme for Rural and Remote Nurses National Nurse Re-entry Scheme Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) is seeking applications from eligible nurses for scholarships under the Nurse Scholarship Program: Continuing Professional Education Scheme for Rural and Remote Nurses and National Nurse Re-entry Scheme. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SCHEME FOR RURAL AND REMOTE NURSES

NATIONAL NURSE RE-ENTRY SCHEME This Scheme is for both Registered/ Division 1 and Enrolled/Division 2 nurses whose registration has lapsed and have not practiced for five years or more. This is a national program and targets all nurses including rural and metropolitan applicants. Scholarships are worth up to $6,000 each for up to two years of study and are aimed at applicants intending to undertake, or are currently undertaking, an accredited or approved Australian nursing program or course that will enable them to re-enter the nursing/midwifery workforce in an Australian State or Territory.

This Scheme is available for both Registered/Division 1 and Enrolled/ Division 2 nurses to undertake postgraduate Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses and for attendance at conferences (as presenters or delegates) held within Australia. Scholarships are worth up to $10,000 For further information about these each for up to two years of study. scholarships please visit the RCNA web Applicants must be Australian citizens site or free call number or permanent residents who have a (Continuing Professional Education current practicing certificate and they Scheme for Rural and Remote Nurses) must be able to demonstrate that they 1800 11 72 62 and (National Nurse are practicing in a rural or remote area of Australia. Re-entry Scheme) 1800 11 22 40. These Schemes will open on 3 March 2007 and close on 27 April 2007 hmaC060051

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the strength of a local community when its members turn out to support such a cause. But they do it for other organisations as well. A community of about 4,000 people is run basically by volunteers. All of the sporting clubs, special interest groups, State Emergency Ser vice, Scouts, Guides, Churches, School Parents and Friends Associations, the list is endless. They survive because of the volunteers who give up their time,



overing the Clean-up Australia Day effort in Roxby Downs at the weekend I had time to reflect on the wonderful efforts of the local volunteers who turned up to put their back into the clean-up. The record turn out was impressive. It is an indication of

effort and money to make sure these groups provide facilities and services for all members of the community. Local businesses also get behind them, with donations in kind, the provision of heavy machinery to get jobs done, that otherwise would be too expensive for the club or group to undertake. All of this interwoven commitment soon adds up. Everyone should be proud of their town, its fabric is intrinsically linked to the efforts of those people who work behind the scenes to make it happen, to give it depth and make it live. When you go along to see your child play sport or take part in events, have you ever wondered

how and who makes it possible. Makes it that success and gives you a feeling of pride when you see your child taking part. It’s the volunteers behind the scenes that make it possible. These volunteers and businesses sew the vital stitches of a community to keep it functioning for all others to enjoy. They do their work in quiet, seeking no recognition for the hours they put in, continually putting their hand up to help someone else out. That is the real fabric of our community. It is the heart and soul of Roxby Downs, and on behalf of our community this newspaper thanks you all for your efforts.

Community comment Question – How do you think the Olympic Dam Expansion will impact on you?

“Obviously more babies, the workers at Olympic Dam are young, therefore they have young families. More work = more workers = more children.” Roxanne Frith, new Children’s Youth and Women’s Health Worker

“Not that much. It will be good for the town, everybody will get more work and the more people the better,” Bronte Weinert

“It will be good for the community and good for outsiders coming in, there are a lot of advantages to living in Roxby Downs you don’t get in the city.” Greg McMahon

“It won’t personally, on an environmental scale it will probably have an impact but we don’t usually notice those things until something big happens.” Heather Walters and Grace

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From a Partnership sprouts a Forum


reaking news from the Community Board, the Environment Partnership is to become the Environment Forum! ………Okay…..So what does that actually mean? Community Board Chairperson, Chris Schultz explained. “The forums have greater independence than a partnership,” he said. “A forum is more self sufficient and identifies its own direction. “The members develop their own action plans and they function more as an independent committee. “A partnership doesn’t normally

have a chair, just three or four people who get together to address one particular issue and report to the board. “The Environment Partnership has been operating as a forum and essentially the endorsement of the board is an acknowledgement of the work that has been undertaken and the outcomes that have been achieved,” he said. E xe c utive Of f icer of the Community Board, Michelle Hales elaborated further. “Partnerships are managed by the Community Board through the Executive Officer and operate differently to forums,” she said. “Forums are more independent,

have their own chairpersons and drive their own agendas. “Partnerships operate more as facilitated discussions focusing on a range of issues. “Experts from inside and outside of the community are invited to attend meetings to share their knowledge and help find solutions. “The Community Plan was developed to be evolutionary and the Environment Partnership’s change in status is a natural part of this process. “The Environment Partnership has acted like a forum from the first day and it is timely to finally recognise this,” she said.

New bin enclosures installed

Above: Beenham Elite’s Greg McMahon installing new bin enclosures on Richardson Place.

Roxby Downs residents will have to find new street decorations this week, the council has bought new bin enclosures which will stop the wind and birds spreading rubbish around Richardson Place. “The old plastic bins are not very attractive and the concrete bins have open tops which allow the crows to get in and spread the rubbish around,” Works Officer of the Roxby Downs Council, Peter Keller said. “So council decided to install new bin enclosures which will enhance the appearance of the street and keep the rubbish in the bin where it belongs. “The new bin enclosures take a 240 litre wheelie bin and have stainless steel tops and a flap to keep the birds out,” he said. Twenty new bin enclosures have been bought for the township. Beenham Elite have installed twelve in Richardson Place, the remaining eight will be placed in public areas around town.

Health Forum surprise visitor There was a surprise visitor at health promotion messages and practical ways,” he said. Mr Herbert is also planning on the last Health Forum meeting, information is important to buildJim Herbert, the Men’s Health ing health anywhere and we are bringing a men’s health worker from Western Australia to Roxby Project Manager from Downs in May and said he will Country Health SA. be attending the Health Forum Mr Herbert made the journey from Port Augusta especially to attend the Health Forum meeting, and said he enjoyed the experience. “Community processes like the Health Forum are really important for building good health projects. “Not only is it a great way for health professionals like me to get a handle on what is happening in Roxby Downs, it provides the foundation for working relationships that can develop and support future programs,” he said. Mr Herbert said the face of men’s health is changing in Roxby Downs and that it is important the area is not left out of the bigger picture. “We are working on the basics,

looking at the best ways to get those messages out. “Behind the scenes we are forging links with BHP Billiton so that they can access our men’s health activities and we can support each other to promote men’s health in more

every chance he gets. “In a previous role I did reach Roxby Downs every month, so I know what the travel and the distance is like, I look forward to being involved in the area again,” he said. Health Forum Chairperson, Sue Houslon said it was great to have Mr Herbert involved in the forum. “Jim talked about some of the health issues for men and told us about men’s sheds and how great they can be,” Mrs Houlson said. “He also informed us about programs that may be available to the men of Roxby and surrounding areas,” she said.

Above: Community Board Chairperson, Chris Schultz.

Community Board nominations Nominations for the Community Board closed this week with a number of community members raising their hands to take part. Four people expressed their interest in the two positions. Community Board Chairperson, Chris Schultz said he would have liked to see a few more nominations but was happy the community was showing an interest. “We are hoping to make a decision in the next two weeks so the new board members can attend the next meeting at the end of March. “That will mean the board will once again have full representation and all forums and partnerships will have a board representative, which maintains the links and facilitates discussion,” Mr Schultz said.

Executive Officer of the Community Board, Michelle Hales said it was great to see people putting their names forward to take on a more active role in community affairs. “The next twelve months promises to be a busy one with many community projects on the go. “The board will play a pivotal role in supporting these projects and lobbying on a range of issues on behalf of the community. “This is an exciting time to join the Community Board and I look forward to working with the successful applicants,” she said. The choice of who will fill the vacancies will be made by three Community Board members, one council representative and one BHP Billiton representative.

MEETING DATES Family and Youth Forum Sports and Recreation Arts and Culture Forum Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership Health Forum Business Forum Community Board Volunteering Partnership

5 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 13 March 22 March 26 March 16 April

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 6.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438871153

Ways to have your say Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the meetings? Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration and action? Would you like to come along to a meeting and speak about a topic? Would you like to join a forum or partnership? THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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community@ Michelle Hales Executive Officer or Community Board communitygarden@ PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725

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New producer for regional theatre Country Arts SA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ken Lloyd, has announced the appointment of Steve Mayhew to the new position of Creative Producer. The position is jointly supported by Country Arts SA, Arts SA and the Australia Council for the Arts, as part of the Local Stages initiative which will bring the regional experience to the stage by developing professional theatre practice in two areas of regional South Australia. As Creative Producer Mr Mayhew will be responsible for the development of a thriving professional theatre practice in the Upper Spencer Gulf, including Roxby Downs and South East regions of regional South Australia. Mr Mayhew will focus on developing relationships with local artists and providing opportunities for artists to be involved in mentoring and other professional development activities. He’ll also attempt to create opportunities for artists to access Country Arts SA venues, commission and produce innovative new work and create programs which develop professional practice in the regions. Mr Ken Lloyd says this new position is an exciting development for regional theatre practice. “Over the past couple of years regional theatre practitioners have worked in a difficult climate. This position and the Local Stages initiative will give a vital injection of skills and support to this sector,” he said. “I am sure that Mr Mayhew and the communities involved will build a strong and creative relationship which will result in the development of some really exciting theatre work. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they can create together.”

arts matters

By Rodney Mitchell

Pictures in my heart A fantastic exhibition is now hanging in the art gallery at the Cultural Precinct. Pictures in My Heart is more than an exhibition for the people that created it. It is an important document of a particular chapter in their history. In 1999-2000 many men f le d Afghanistan in fear of their lives. Of those who came to Australia, many were Hazaras, an ethnic minority in their own country. On arrival, many were detained for several months, before being released on Temporary Protection Visas. Some men however, remained in detention for up to five years. The conditions of the visas meant that these men were not able to see their families for several years. Many Hazara men moved to Murray Bridge to work in the meat works, and it was in Murray Bridge, in early 2003, that Dr Wahede, a highly respected member of his community, committed suicide. Following this tragedy, the Murray Mallee Community Health Service started a program to support the Afghan men during this very difficult period. Afghani participants worked with key South Australian artists to create individual paintings and print making reflecting

the memories, desires, and aspirations of the Afghan Hazara refugees. Feelings of longing for family in Afghanistan, expressions of sorrow at persecution in Afghanistan, loss of family and friends, and the uncertain status and future of the men in Australia were explored. Later the focus turned to sharing some aspects of the rich cultural tradition of the Hazara people. Two sets of workshops were developed and facilitated by Fiona Hamilton and Miranda Harris under the management of Lesley Porter. They were funded by the Murray Mallee Community Health Service, the Rural City of Murray Bridge, Arts SA and Country Arts SA. Many others, residents of Murray Bridge, friends and family contributed to the success of the program, which included this exhibition of quality art works. By July 2005, all of the artists involved in producing works for the exhibition had been granted permanent protection in Australia. They now await the arrival of their families and the beginning of a new life.

Photo Competition Here’s anopportunity to have your photographs printed in colour for all to see, and be in the running to win $50 each month for the best photograph submitted. The photographs must be original high resolution images taken in 2007. They must depict the ‘outback’. Unusual landscapes, sunsets, flora or fauna. Macro images, close-ups, portrait or panoramic. You can email your photographs as jpg attachments to ….

Please include your full name, address and telephone contact number and a short description of the photograph. Only two of your best shots at a time can be submitted. You can enter each month if you want. There is no age limit. The monthly winner will be determined by the editor of The Monitor. By entering the competition you give all rights to The Monitor for unlimited use of the photographs for any commercial purposes in the promotion of the region.

I’ve been listening to Michael Saunders’s new CD called the Martyr Syndicate. There are four tracks on the CD and they are all good. It is a tougher sounding collection than his earlier CD. Perhaps our young dance group POD might pick up on it, and choreograph some moves to it? We are in the run up to Come Out. In the regions we have to work much harder to overcome the costs involved in moving artists. In August of every year Carclew and the South Australian Youth Arts Board (SAYAB) ask for applications from schools for help in bringing shows for children into town. There are a couple of different programs. The Artists in Schools program provides funding to schools for arts projects, connecting children and young people with professional artists across all artforms. Playfull is another program that promotes smaller and highly mobile performance companies that can deliver in the bush. The programs are out there, we just have to get better at asking. BHP Billiton’s flagship sponsorship program in South Australia is exciting. “In partnership with SAYAB, the BHP Billiton Youth Arts Fund will help to deliver a significantly expanded arts education program that reaches out to school children everywhere, with an emphasis on regional areas & children from disadvantaged backgrounds.” That was a quote from Dr Roger Higgins, Vice President, Base Metals Australia, BHP Billiton from the SAYAB web site. We have all the action on our side. The Come Out Committee met last Wednesday and we are proceeding with plans to have a kid’s parade along the main street on the 17th of May. We want to add to that with artist’s workshops and special performances. The Family and Youth Forum met on Monday night and discussed ways we might celebrate public parks and playgrounds as part of Parks Alive in October. The Festivals Working Party of the Arts and Culture Forum met on Tuesday and they are well into planning the Red eARTh Festival in August. They are considering an application to Arts SA under the Health Promotion through the Arts initiative to help fund a Festival anticipated to turn over $90,000 over two weeks in spring. Last night the A&CForum itself met and, amongst other things, talked about work/performance space for artists that commit to projects and on-going workshop programs. They also made a decision to go forward with two of the principal dancers from Raw Dance Company who are performing at the Adelaide Fringe and will be here on March 19 to work with the school children and anyone from the community who might be interested. We have an application in with DCITA to bring the whole company here in August. Come to the Precinct Gallery and check out the work of Afghan settlers in Murray Bridge courtesy of Country Arts SA. We have a long and productive history together with Afghans in the Outback Lakes Region. They are always turning up to lend a hand.


Friendly faces of RoxFM Tina Foster

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Roxby is clean More than 50 volunteers scoured the town early on Sunday morning looking for garbage and litter. They filled two tip trucks and four industrial size skips as part of the Clean Up Australia Day. It started on Friday with students from St. Barbara’s Catholic school cleaning up parks nearby. Organiser Steve Moss was delighted with the record haul.

Top left, left and above: Students from the Area School and St Barbaras Parish School participated in Clean Up Australia Day by cleaning up around their schools on Friday, March 2, 2007. Far left: Loading up the skips at the end of the clean up!

Above: Tanya Green came well prepared.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Above: Scouring the Emu track. Below: It’s amazing where trolleys can end up! Below left: Oops - where’s the bub?

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A Golden Opportunity

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Asbestos warning for home renovators HIA consumer column

15,000 South Australian households in stress The continued decline in housing affordability, if left unchecked, will see an escalation in the number of homeless South Australians, the Housing Industry Association has warned. Soaring rents and a higher incidence of mortgage stress are placing unprecedented pressure on lowerincome families. HIA’s Regional Director, Robert Harding said there are now more than 15,000 South Australian households who are paying more than 30 per cent of their income in rent or loan payments. Record low vacancy rates in rental accommodation and the resulting rent “auctions” are pushing lowerincome South Australian households closer to the poverty line. Research undertaken by the ANU’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) indicates that the number of private renting households in housing stress will jump alarmingly by 18,500 or 50.5 per cent over the next four years

based on private rents increasing by 6 per cent per year. While South Australia is in a better position compared to NSW and Queensland, the study indicates that the position in this State will deteriorate over the next 4-5 years relative to the other States and in particular Victoria. “Governments at all levels have access to a range of policy levers that can assist in providing affordable housing,” Mr Harding said. “Would-be investors face an exhaustive list of taxes and red tape which discourage investment in the rental market” He said at least some State Governments are now looking at this issue, especially tax relief, but not in fact the SA Government and urgent action is required. “The implications for public housing are alarming. “There is simply no way that the current supply of public housing can satisfy growing demand, and this was as much admitted by the

LAND FOR SALE- PORT-BROUGHTON Great fishing/boating, large residential blocks 1200 sqm, one with large new c/bond 6 x 9m shed. Sea views, water, power, from

Minister in regard to the “sale off ” of existing Housing Trust stock, to fund on-going maintenance” Mr Harding said. Housing in South Australia is rocketing up the world’s most unaffordable list. He said this is just crazy when the Australian and particularly the South Australian home-building industry is one of the most efficient in the world. With the expectation that there could be further interest rate rises later this year, the alarm bells ring even further regarding housing adffordability. With every interest rate rise, the prospect is not only daunting for home buyers but also for those renting as the owners have to increase the cost of rent to cover their mortgage commitments. It may also be a time of consolidation with the impact of a federal election, tipped for October or November this year, and the way the market will react to that timing.

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Here is a golden opportunity to purchase a majestic home on two titles totalling approx. 3.5 acres of land. Featuring twelve main rooms, downstairs boasts 4 large bedrooms, study, dining room and a smacking 48 sqm lounge with “Jarrah” flooring. The solid timber kitchen has ample bench & cupboard space with an adjacent informal area. Follow the timber staircase to the upstairs living area and you find three more large bedrooms and a study. Further improvements are a huge 80 x 30 concrete shed with 3 phase power, floodlit tennis court. Back on the market due to contract failure With some TLC you can create your ponderosa.

Price High $200,000

Contact Matt O’Donoghue - 0414 836 664



OWNER/OCCUPIER leaving mid April 3 bedrooms with built in robes, gas heating, evap. air-conditioning, gas kitchen. Interior recently painted throughout. Undercover entertainment areas, extensive paving, low maintenance garden on auto reticulation system, 1000 litre rainwater tank, garden shed. Situated on large corner block with room for pool and large shed. Other features include: Verosol cedar venetian blinds, ceiling fans in living room & bedrooms, new curtains to main areas, Asko s/steel dishwasher.

Price: $365,000.

For genuine enquiries only, please phone 8671 0770 weekends or after 6pm weekdays.

Durable Affordable KIT HOMES Your Home........ Your Way ..........

! ! ! ! !

Phone 8635 2566/0408 331 427

2 Yr old – 23 ft 7 inch Caravan with Annexe on Permanent Site at MYALL GROVE CARAVAN PARK Roxby Downs Includes Aircon, Flat Screen TV, Stereo System, Fridge, Microwave, Full size Stove with Gas and Electric Hotplates. Extractor Fan above Stove, AAA Washing Machine, Double Bed, Full size Wardrobes, Ensuite with Shower, Hand Basin and Toilet, Lots of Overhead Cupboards.

Buy, sell, rent


$66, 500 to $82,500


By Robert Harding South Australian and NT Executive Director HIA’s quarterly Renovations Monitor and stoves. reveals a surge in renovation activity So what do you do if asbestos is around Australia. encountered during renovation work? The probability is that this will An HIA builder will advise you on continue as interest rates and the what to do next. If the asbestos is in unresolved dispute between federal and good condition, it may be safe to seal state governments over land releases and leave undisturbed. keep new home prices high. If the feeling is that it should be With renovations come the danger, removed then you should seek profesespecially in older buildings, of encoun- sional assistance. tering asbestos. It is not illegal to do the job yourself, This material, once widely used as but each state and territory has very an effective insulator and fire retard- strict rules for handling that must be ant, is now known to be deadly if followed during removal, packaging, mishandled. transport and disposal and you will It is important to be aware of the facts need to consult your local authority about asbestos. I have been approached before making a move. by older readers who can remember Unless you are an experienced builder back many years when as children they with specialist knowledge of asbestos played around asbestos sheeting piled removal it is best left to the experts up casually on building sites and who worry that this may have ‘infected’ – certainly if you find the asbestos is loosely bound. them. People have developed a range of In general many older domestic buildings contain non-friable, or ailments including asbestosis, lung firmly-bound asbestos fibres which cancer and mesothelioma after inhaling are generally agreed not to be a health asbestos fibres. These diseases have generally only risk if they remain sealed and in good affected those who have worked with condition. Certainly new asbestos sheets on the material over long periods without an open building site should not have adequate protection. However, the exact level or duration posed any danger to casual observers. However, asbestos which has been of exposure is not known, so take every part of a home’s structure over many precaution. It is better to be safe than years should be treated with extreme sorry. For additional tips on dealing care as it may have deteriorated, becomwith asbestos visit ing more loosely bound or ‘friable’. It can also be found in this form in Australia’s premier home and garden insulation for older domestic heaters website.

Durable, Strong and Lightweight Meets Australian Building Standards Cost Effective Building Methods Professional Helpful Staff Designed To Suit Your Budget And Lifestyle

(08) 8281 8488

Lot 1 Pt Wakefield Rd., GREENFIELDS (Enter via 136 Ryans Road, GREENFIELDS)

! Using only Bluescope steel for Australian conditions 50 year warranty

! Termite proof ! Noncombustible ! Dimensional stability

For Your FREE Information Pack Please Mail Us This Coupon: Name:.......................................... Adress......................................... Phone No. ................................... 18nusteel1091106

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, March 8, 2007 – Page 11

ALL ABOUT KID IDSS If a baby needs it, we’ve got it Toyworld Babyland in Port Augusta gives you access to the biggest and most popular nursery companies in Australia. That’s right, you get to choose your entire baby’s needs under one roof. Stress free. What could be simpler? We even organize delivery, if needed. Not only are we a TOYWORLD MEGA STORE, we are also one of the states biggest Nursery supplier’s outside of Adelaide. Our showroom houses over 500 square metres of the latest and best items to offer on the Australian Market, in nursery, toys, bikes and electronics, and much more, and don’t worry if we may be out of the item you’re seeking, we’ll order it in for you. Most customer orders (depending on the item of course, and availability at the time of ordering), taking between 48hours and 2-3 weeks. Our experienced nursery consultants can assist you with your particular requirements. We even offer after hours appointments if necessary. We look forward to working together with you to help give your baby the best start in life. Come in to the store to see our regular monthly and weekly discounts, including product of the week/month as well as maybe pram of the week/month. Huge savings- stock at low cost to make way for new models. Mention this add to receive an extra 2% discount for the month of March. At Toyworld Babyland, Port Augusta, we guarantee competitive prices and

will match our competitors advertised prices. That’s right – ask us today. We also have a 3-month layby system, conditions apply, and we can deliver anywhere in the state. We are also very excited to announce one of our latest arrivals during 2006 to Toyworld Babyland, is the ever-timeless designer nursery furniture from Boori International. This would have to be one of our biggest movers to all northern parts of the state, even to Adelaide customers. We also specialize in the Boori and Kingparrot Mattresses and Manchester to suit the Boori Furniture, as they are larger than the standard mattress. We also have beautiful Manchester available to the standard cots plus mattresses too. You may wish to browse our web site for more detail, or email us to send through photographs,. We also have the newly arrived special My Little Bed, which suits Newborns to 6 months old. Car capsules are a specialty that also can go from the car and direct onto a pram without disturbing the sleeping baby. We are also a stockiest of the Emmaljunga traditional pram range. We have so much to offer at Toyworld Babyland the list is endless, just rest assured we are here to give you the easiest, most cost effective way to prepare your child’s nursery stress free, and with our bulk combo nursery discounts you will be glad you shopped at Toyworld Babyland, Port Augusta.

Above: Local twins, Riley and Latisha Macgowan.

Multiple Birth Awareness Week

Twins, triplets, quads and quints, an instant family in every bundle. Australian birth rates have been falling during the last few decades, but in an odd twist, the incidence of multiple births is on the rise. Roxby Downs mother, Cindy Rowlands, had twins last year and said the first six weeks were exhausting, but she is loving every minute of it. Since 1984 the number of twins born in Australia has climbed by 75 per cent and the number of triplets has blown out by more than 250 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The upward trend has been put down to the rising median age of childbearing mothers and the increased use of assisted conception technologies. According to the South Australian Multiple Birth Association (SAMBA), a woman who is 35 – 40 years of age is three times more likely to give birth to fraternal twins than a woman who is between the ages of 20

– 25. The association also listed the use of fertility drugs, IVF, inherited ability and women who have already had a number of children as factors influencing the surge in multiple births. Cindy Rowlands talking about her twins said, “The first six weeks were very hard, their sleeping patterns were different, feeding time was difficult and the washing had to be seen to be believed, and even though I had a lot of support, I was just exhausted. “But once they got a little older it became a lot easier. “Twins are extra special, they play together and interact all the time, which is fascinating to watch. “They are very different, Latisha is very reserved and Riley is outgoing and happy-go-lucky and of course, you get double the love,” she said. Double the love, Sunday marks the beginning of Multiple Birth Awareness Week, a good time to celebrate double the love.

Above: Emily Parker celebrated her fifth birthday on March 3, 2007.

Above: Kelsey Hayes celebrated her third birthday on January 27, while sister Keitah turned 2 on March 2.

Childhood seminars The child health team at the Roxby Downs Health Service are holding a series of Play and Learn workshops during the coming months. They’re interactive workshops to learn more about the importance of play in fostering children’s development in their early years.

It starts today at 1.30pm covering Newborn to 12 months at the Health Service seminar room. The hour long sessions will be repeated of an evening from 7pm. Others include the 1 to 3 year age group on May 10th and the 3 to 5 years ages on June 7th.

Inside Toyworld.. BABYLAND


92 COMMERCIAL ROAD PORT AUGUSTA SA 5700 Phone (08) 8642 3277 Fax: (08) 8641 0979 Email:

Page 12 – Thursday, March 8, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Above: Alex Tyler and Fletcher Crafter-King modelling the new hats available at RDAS.


The uniform shop now has a They are navy with a small red These have the RDAS logo. The supply of NEW ‘Bucket’ hats. These pinstripe around the brim. Uniform Shop is open from 8:30are selling at $6 each and are in size The original ‘Slouch’ hat is now 9:00am on Tuesdays and Thursday available in all sizes at $10 each. 3:00-3:30pm. medium and large.

Buddies Year 1-2

Above: Mrs Scholefield’s class learning about India.

A small taste of India in the outback The students in Mrs Scholefield’s Year 4 class have been learning about other cultures and how Australia is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds. On Monday 26th February we were lucky enough to have Karuna come in to our class wearing her Sari. Karuna discussed what life is like in India.

After the visit the students were asked what information they found the most interesting, these were some of their responses:- there are 29 states and 18 languages in India; some people do not eat beef because they believe that cattle are sacred; children learn English from when they are born and English is used in schools.

Upcoming Events 8th March 9th March 16th March 16th March 12th March 13-16th March 17th March 19-22nd March 20th March 20th March 23rd March 27th March 29th March 30th March

R-2 Splash Day 9:00-11:30am Pupil Free Day- ‘Success for Boys’ Training R-6 Assembly 11:20am SAPSASA Swimming Adelaide Cup Public Holiday Year 9 Port Vincent Camp Market Day Year 8 Adelaide Camp Governing Council 7:30 Staff Room Early Closure 2:10pm Harmony Day Family Life SA Forum 7-12 Swimming Carnival 3-6 Swimming Carnival

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Mrs Greenfield Reception – Tex Harrison, Jamie Taylor Mrs Cormack/ Christall Reception – Hannah Demaine, Declan Court Ms Lownsborough/Mrs Van Laarhoven Year 1 –Matthew Lowe, Jade Rudiger Miss Hausler Year 1-Isaac McCracken, Amelia Johnson Mr Petty Year 1/2 –Todd Bowes, Khrystal DeMarchi Miss Reschke Year 2 – Hailey Crowhurst, Tyler Flood Miss Orchard/Mrs Smith Year 2 –Olivia Cormack, Caleb Jury Music –Georgia Barr, Coop Duplessis Special Class – Geshan Wijethunge

Dear Parents & Friends Welcome to another fortnightly newsletter we had a successful Market Day on February 17th raising $810 through the stall holders fees, P&F corner and lucky squares competition. The lucky squares competition was won by Kelly Matthews. We will be selling these at future Market Days from the Coffee corner. Our next Market Day is Saturday March 17th. See you there! Our next Parents and Friends meeting is April 4th in the school staffroom starting at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and we are always looking for more volunteers. The money raised during the year goes back into the school which ultimately helps your children. Thankyou, Annette Jackson on behalf of the P&F Committee

Year 3-6 Miss Garland Year 3 –Luke Rudiger, Emma SmithAtkinson Miss Van Der Hucht Year 3 –Tayla Scholefield, Angela Gu Miss Berryman Year 3/4 – Courtney Saunders, Brad Johnson Miss Scholefield/Miss Arthur Year 4 – Paolo Maroma, Madi McGarry Miss Hollitt – Year 4/5- Lauren Docking, Hayden Cradock Mr Bice Year 5 – Angus Grantham, Zoey Male Mrs Partington/Mr Summerton Year 5/6 – Jacob Doherty, Asha Pedler Mrs Jenkins Year 6 –Curtis Stokes, Alex Tyler Miss Coscia Year 6 – Nastasja Nikolic, Kirsten Hollobone

Sister Pat’s

y a d e h t r o f t h g thou

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

3-6 Swimming Carnival Friday 30th March The Roxby Downs Area School will be holding their annual Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival on Friday 30th March starting at 8:45am. We advise that all non-school aged children will be the responsibility of parents/caregivers and are not permitted in the pool. All parents are welcome, see you on the day! Don’t forget water and SLIP, SLOP, SLAP! See more information in the reminders.

7-12 Swimming Carnival Thursday 29th March The Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival starts at 8:45 and will be finished approximately 3:00pm. Any parents able to assist during the day will be appreciated please contact Dan Seidel at the school. Don’t forget SLIP! SLOP! SLAP! and plenty of water. See more information in the reminders. Thursday, March 8, 2007 – Page 13

Governing Student voice representatives Council AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council was held Tuesday 20th February. There were a good number of parents present which was great to see and is a positive start to the year. Congratulations to Mrs Sheila Culf who was elected Chairperson. Mr Martin Jackson Deputy Chairperson, Mrs Luz Stella Do Santos Treasurer and Mrs Rachel Young Secretary. This is Rachel’s third year. We welcome our new members Jo Culf, Luz Stella Do Santos and Diane Stanton. Kim Noble and Shane Thomson left the district during the year however we thank them for their fine contributions to our school. Our Local Government Representative is Mr Bill Boehm who replaced Mr Dave Watson. We wish to thank you for your input Dave. Steve Ingham and Jan Hamilton have remained on the committee to carry out a second year of their tenure. Staff members are Mr Ben Summerton, Mr Shane Hodgson, Mrs Helen Bennie and Mr Steve Marshall. The next meeting is Tuesday 20th March at 7:30pm.

Message from your School Captains... Student Voice 2007 began with classes at Roxby Downs Area School nominating students to represent them in Student Voice. Friday the 23rd of February saw the student representatives inducted in an assembly in front of students, staff and parents. The assembly began with speeches from the staff involved in Student Voice and an inspirational anecdote by local police officer Rebecca Schutz. After the inspirational talk from Constable Schutz, the Student Voice members were called forward and presented with a certificate and badge. The school captains were then called upon to introduce themselves to the school. This speech was followed by photographs of the new Student Voice committee and a morning tea for their proud parents. The induction ceremony was great for the school to see who we are. The support the Student Voice received that day was fantastic, with not only staff, but students and parents congratulating us and wishing us well in our endeavours towards the school. We would like to thank the Parents and Friends committee for sponsoring the morning tea. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and helping each other. Also a big thank you Constable Schutz for taking the time to come in and talk to us.

Last Friday the 23rd of February Roxby Downs Area School inducted its Student Voice Representatives for 2007. A whole school assembly was held with guest speaker Constable Bec Schutz providing an inspirational speech. After the assembly Student Voice

Representatives and their parents celebrated with a morning tea held in the staffroom which was provided by our Parents and Friends Committee. Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their peers to represent them.

Principally Speaking

written by Principal Steve Marshall 7-12 Representatives Cameron McLeod , Myles McIntee,Emma-Kate Ross, Ryan Worby, Anika Robbertse, Jade Bishop, Joshua Towler, Daniel Jackson, Tristan Warneke, Jodie Luscombe, Kristy Sunner, Luke Igham. School Captains: Zak Zeptner and Sophie Wissel.

R-6 Representatives Harvey Micheles, Keely Flavel, Will Weeks, Kirsty Emmerson-Sellar, Oliver Sutton, Sydnie Crilly, Matthew Lowe, Tasma Doherty, Brody Daddo, Mia Coles, Sam Micheles, Scarlett Koning, Ryan O’Sullivan, Millie Clarke, Kirk Foord, Natasha Woodall, Andy Jones, Maddison Cordy , Zac Redshaw, Amber Hassett, Lane Wittaker, Julia Weltner, Billy Weltner, Michaela Mooney, Caleb Vears, Zoey Male, Alex Burton,Shelby Kynoch, Alex Tyler, Steffany Bulman, Zac Ingles, Sarah Van Laarhoven.

From your School Captains, Zak Zeptner and Sophie Wissell

Dear Parents and Community members, Last week saw the presentation assembly for our very important Student Voice Representatives and our 2007 School Captains. I would like to congratulate all elected student voice members and wish them well in their very important task of representing the student body. Special congratulations to Zak Zeptner and Sophie Wissel for their appointments as School Captains. A role I am sure they will find both challenging and rewarding as the year progresses. Student leadership opportunities are a very important aspect of school life and our school Vision Statement of ‘Success Through Endeavour’ certainly promotes and encourages such pursuits. It was terrific to see so many parents at the assembly and I would encourage you all to attend our assemblies when the opportunity arises to find a bit more about how we operate and to see the recognition of excellence with our regular award presentations. Local police officer Rebecca Schutz was our guest speaker and she talked about grasping leadership opportunities as early as possible and the important links that sport and leadership have. As the recipient of the Roxby Downs Sportsperson of the Year award she is certainly well qualified to draw such an inference. It is with disappointment that I report we have been the victims of a spate of vandalism attacks of late and it is disconcerting to know that there are members of our community who chose to damage school property. The school here at Roxby Downs is well and truly an integral part of the community and the very fact that it is situated in the main street goes a long way toward demonstrating its status as a community asset. As a community we need to work together to protect this valuable resource and I would appreciate it if community members could assist in protecting our school. If you see anything untoward happening in and around the school after hours or on weekends please call the police on 131444. Money spent on repairing vandalism means potentially less money spent on students. Community support in helping eliminate vandalism would be greatly appreciated. The Governing Council has granted Friday March 9th as a Professional Development day for Roxby Downs Area School staff to work with Woomera, Andamooka and St Barbara’s staff on the important topic of Boys in Education. As result the school will be closed on that day. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. This is an important topic and the day will be utilised under the guidance of guest facilitator Mr Deane Rohlach a well respected educator in this area. Kind regards, Steve Marshall

SCHOOL CLOSURE Friday 9th March

Staff are involved in a Professional Development Day Above: Adam Blake and Mr Copeland participating in cleaning the school for the Clean Up Australia campaign. Page 14 – Thursday, March 8, 2006

The school will not be open. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



SPORT Friday, March 9th Junior Basketball Minis 4:00pm Under 10 girls from 5:00pm Roxby Downs Bowls Club Night Owls 8pm Saturday, March 10th Junior Basketball Leisure Centre 9:30am – 4:05pm Cricket Wanderers v Rogues Preliminary final Monday, March 12th Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 5-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Tracey Fouet 0400 894 429


ACROSS THE REGION Junior basketball training 4.15-5.45pm Thursday, March 15th Tae KwonDo Auditorium From 6:30pm Contact Andrew Murdy 0418 804 398

March 22 - 9.00am - 2.30pm For an appointment call 1800-006303

comers especially welcome. Dunes Café 9:30am – 11am


Every Friday Playgroup Roxby Downs Kindergarten Phone 86710455

Indoor Soccer Leisure Centre Social matches from 6pm All welcome Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158

Visitor Information Centre 8.30-5.00 Mon-Fri Phone 86712001

Every Week

Leisure & Cultural Centre Movies Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday (see schedule below) Phone 86712001

Swim Club Dolphins Tues & Thurs 5:30pm - 6:30pm Stingrays, Sharks & Swordfish Mon, Tues, Thurs 6:15pm - 7:45pm Sat 8:00am - 9:30am

Roxby Downs Childcare Monday - Friday 6.30am-5.30pm Phone 8671 0911 for details

Senior basketball 7-9pm

Roxby Downs Family Practice Phone 8671 0730 Roxby Downs Medical Practice Normal hours 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday morning by appointment only. Phone 8671 1900

Junior basketball training 3.30-5.45pm

Eyebus Woomera April 11th Andamooka March 8 Roxby Downs March 8

Indoor soccer 6-7pm Tae KwonDo - Auditorium from 6.30pm Contact Andrew Murdy 0418 804 398 Wednesday, March 14th Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 5-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Tracey Fouet 0400 894 429

Visiting Allied Health Service Occupational Therapist Speech Pathologist Dietician Podiatrist Child Adolescent Mental Health Services For appointments phone 8648 5800 Hearing Services

COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board. March 12 - 9.30am- 11:00am Normal weight gains Roxby Downs Helath Seminar Room Community Board March 26 - 7.30pm Council boardroom

Gym Cultural & Leisure Precinct Monday to Friday 6 am-12pm & 4pm - 9 pm Saturday 8-12pm Sunday 11-2pm Phone 86710500


Tuesday, March 13th A- Grade Mens Basketball Leisure Centre 7pm – 10pm

Every Sunday Tour De Desert Cycling Social Bike riding group from 8am Contact Daryl Wake 0408 188 685

Roxby Downs Community Library Monday to Friday 8.30-5.00pm Saturday 9.00-12pm. Phone 8671 0660 for more information.

Council Boardroom Education & Workplace Training Forum March 20 - 12.30pm Council Boardroom For further details on Community matters call Michelle Hales on 86710019

GENERAL INFORMATION Mt Dare Hotel is open every day, 8:00am -9:00pm, 7 days. School Terms 2007 January 29 - April 13, 2007 April 30 - July 6 2007 July 23-September 28 2007 October 15-December 14 2007 Art Gallery Exhibitions 23 Feb – 25 Mar 2007 Pictures in my Heart Various Afghani Refugees Living in Murray Bridge

Family and Youth Forum April 2 - 7.30pm Council Boardroom

1 – 30 April 2007 Youth Week Photography Expo

Sport & Recreation Forum April 3 - 7.00pm Foyer Cultural & Leisure Precinct

1 – 16 May 2007 Come Out Youth Arts Festival TBA

Arts & Cultural Forum April 4- 7.30pm Foyer Cultural & Leisure Precinct

17 May – 12 Jun 2007 A Tribute to Iris Frame Iris Frame

Toddlers Story Time Fun for young children and mums Roxby Downs Library Richardson Place Tuesdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Health Forum March 13 - 7.30pm Council Boardroom

June 15 – July 29 Art Quilts Heather Carey

Environmental Partnership March 14 - 7.30pm Council Boardroom

Playgroup St Barbara’s Parish School Phone 86710925

Performing Arts June 2007 Comedy Festival Country Arts

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership March 8 - 7.30pm

Coffee Mornings for Families Meet and chat for all families. New

FOR THE KIDS - Double edition features today (page 12) and March 15 Full colour discounts and free editorial spotlights are available so take advantage of our offer to promote your business by phoning Heather on 8671 2683 or Gail on 8248 2450

Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct Phone: 8671 2001

Regular Schedule Cultural Precinct Visitors Information centre Dunes café Art Gallery Open Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm Leisure Centre Gymnasium Mon – Fri 6am – 12pm 4pm - 9pm Saturday 8am - 12pm Sunday 11am - 2pm Pool Times January 29 - April 5, 2007

General Public Mon - Fri – 2pm - 7pm (If over 35 degrees - open until 8pm)

Weekends 10am - 8pm Lap Swimming Mon-Fri 6pm - 8:30am Mon-Thurs 7pm - 8pm (2 lanes) Weekends 9am - 10am Swim Club Mon-Thur 5:30pm -8pm (3 lanes) Creche for patrons of the centre Mon –Fri 8.45am-12pm THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Sports Calendar

This Week March 8 - March 16 Thursday Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9.30am - 11.00am Squash 7pm-9pm Indoor Soccer 6pm -7pm Taekwondo 6.30pm – 8.30pm 12 years and over Basketball 7pm - 9pm

Fax: 8671 2021


Art Gallery Program Now Showing Pictures in my Heart - various Afghani refugees living in Murray Bridge Coming Soon July 2006 Story of the Flinders Ranges by Buck McKenzie Are you interested in playing TOUCH FOOTY?

Monday Volleyball 7pm - 9pm Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9:30am - 10:30am Karate - 6pm - 8.30pm

We have a social mixed competition starting soon… Please register your interest with Bridget at the Leisure Centre. Both new and experienced players welcome!!

Tuesday Squash 7pm - 9pm Indoor Soccer 6pm - 7pm Taekwondo 6.30 – 8.30 12 years and over Basketball 7pm - 9pm


Wednesday Women’s & Mixed Netball 7pm - 9pm Karate 6pm - 8.30pm

Please contact Bridget at the Leisure Centre if you are interested in gaining your Austswim Certificate.

Ph. 8671 0500

Outback Cinema February

HANNIBAL RISING Rated MA Duration 121 mins This tells the story of teenage Hannibal and Mischa Lecter after their parents are killed in World War II.Starring: Helena Lia Tachovska, Richard Leaf, Rhys Ifans and Martin Hub. Friday 9 Saturday 10 Sunday 11 Tuesday 13

9:00pm 3:00pm 3:00pm 7:00pm

MISS POTTER Rated G Duration 92 mins The life of Beatrix Potter is the most enchanting tale of all. The story of Beatrix Potter, the author of the beloved and best-selling children’s book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, and her struggle for love, happiness and success. Starring: Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson. Friday 9 Saturday 10 Sunday 11

6:00pm 12:00pm 12:00pm & 7:00pm

Thursday, March 1, 2007 – Page 15

Entertainment *All times indicated are in Northern Territory timezone*

Page 16 – Thursday, March 8, 2006

Roxby’s 7 DAY TV Guide

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Employment and

Workplace Training Every Thursday

Taking your job and training advertisement where no other media can

So who gives the apple?

the third would be a reward tor mentality,â&#x20AC;? she said. Australian Education Union scheme with bonuses paid out (AEU) SA President, Andrew of a federal bonus fund. Ms Bishop defended the plans, Gohl said South Australia saying performance pay would is already rewarding its best help attract more of Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s teachers in a constructive and brightest and best to the teaching sustainable way. profession. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This model fails to take into â&#x20AC;&#x153;Australia needs performance consideration the many complex pay for teachers,â&#x20AC;? Ms Bishop factors aďŹ&#x20AC;ecting studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; abilsaid. ity to learn and their speed of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Currently, teachers employed learning. by state governments are conâ&#x20AC;&#x153;We reject Minister Bishopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ ned to rigid pay structures. proposal as potentially damaging â&#x20AC;&#x153;They can reach the top to the quality of education in our salary level within nine years of public schools, and detrimental starting. to the eďŹ&#x20AC;orts to attract and retain â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, on average, at 30 years quality teachers. of age, whether they are any good â&#x20AC;&#x153;If Minister Bishop is serious or not, and then their salary is about attracting and retaining capped. quality teachers she should be â&#x20AC;&#x153;Teachers are a precious talking to the AEU about the national resource and like other range of ideas already identiďŹ ed professions, should be recognised by teachers. and rewarded on merit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Minister cannot have her â&#x20AC;&#x153;We must move cake and eat it too. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Either she properly funds b e y o n d th e l o w salaries and artiďŹ cial public schools, which her own salary caps that are governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s figures show imp o s e d on the deserve an extra $2.9 billion in profession, and sup- federal funding each year just to Just over half a million workers were ported by education meet national standards, or she ready and willing to work more hours unions in their one- keeps her nose well out of it,â&#x20AC;? he in September 2006, according to ďŹ gures size-fits-all, lowest said. released this week by the Australian common denominaBureau of Statistics. Underemployed workers are either part-time workers who want (and are ! 4WDs available for) more hours of work than they currently have; or full-time workers ! Buses who worked part-time hours during the ! Trucks reference week for economic reasons. The vast majority (483,900 or 89%) of AUSTRALIAN TRUCK & 4WD RENTALS PTY LTD underemployed workers were working part-time. Part Time Rental Sales They represented 17% of all part-time Agent / Detailer workers in the labour force. Most part-time workers did not want Olympic Dam to work additional hours and so were not classed as underemployed - 2.3 million Hertz Trucks is seeking to employ an enthusiastic of the 2.9 million part-time workers and motivated individual as a Part Time Rental (80%) would not prefer to work more Sales Agent / Detailer located at our Olympic Dam hours. office. The underemployment rate (the You must hold a current driver licence with the number of underemployed workers ability to drive both manual and automatic expressed as a percentage of the labour vehicles, truck license advantageous but not force) was 5.0% at September 2006. essential. PC literacy is essential and flexibility is a When combined with an unemploymust, as a seven-day shift roster is worked. ment rate of 4.8% for the same period, This is your chance to work in the friendly team this gives a labour force underutilisation environment at Hertz Trucks. In return we will offer rate of 9.8%. you full training, a uniform, good income and The labour force underutilisation rate benefits. has continued to decrease from 12.6% in September 2001 to 9.8% in September Interested applicants should submit their resume 2006. with references and marked â&#x20AC;&#x153;Confidentialâ&#x20AC;? to: Other facts about underemployed Branch Supervisor - Hertz Trucks workers as at September 2006 included Blinman Road, Olympic Dam SA 5725 women making up 57% of all underemEmail: ployed workers and over one-third (36%) th Applications close 16 March 2007 of underemployed part-time workers were aged 15-24 years, while less than 10% were aged 55 years and over.

Half a million workers are underemployed


Roxy Downs Youth Acitivies Service provides information programs, events and activities to enhance the developmentof young people aged from 10 years to 18 years. An opportunity exists for an enthusiastic, innovative and self-motivated person or persons, to develop and provide in a team environment, these services to young people within the community of Roxby Downs. Experience in planning and delivery of activities to a diverse range of young people, as well as strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. A major part of this role during 2007 is to develop programs and events to foster awareness of the services provided to the young people of Roxby Downs. Do you possess a relevant qualiďŹ cation in Youth Activities delivery, or have previous experience in youth program planning and delivery. Previous experience in working with young people at an activity based level is highly desirable. This role does require out of normal hours and weekend work. For a copy of the position description or for more information, contact Alan on 0438 010 088 or email Applicants must forward their applications to Alan Male, Manager Roxby Leisure, Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs, SA 5725. Written applications addressing the position description close on Monday, March 12, 2007.

Shop 9 Richardson Place Roxby Downs 08 8671 0662

Work would require the installation of new mains supply, lighting, power points, fans and sub mains.


Full details of the speciďŹ cations may be obtained by writing to: The Secretary, APOMA, PO Box 246, Andamooka, 5722

Are you a peoples person and team player? Are you a self starter and self motivated? Do you have excellent organizational skills? with A strong belief in a high standard of customer service?

Applications close Thursday 15th March. All applicants will be notified of the result by Thursday 22nd March.

Roxby Downs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; South Australia


Expressions of interest are sought for the rewiring of the Andamooka Community Hall.

or phone 0427713155 during business hours.

Leisure Services OďŹ&#x192;cers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Youth Activities (part time)

Previous sales experience is preferred

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5HF<A8FF47@<A<FGE4G<BA GE4<A88F;<CF 54F8@8G4?F B?L@C<674@ EBK5L7BJAF $%@BAG;9<K87G8E@

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An apple for the teacher used to be a common way for a student to curry favour, but if the federal government has its way, it may be the teachers who are buying the apples for the students. In a move that has been slammed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Australian Education Union (AEU), Federal Minister for Education, Julie Bishop has proposed a plan which would see teachers paid according to their performance. Three performance pay models are being considered and will be presented to the state education ministers in April. The ďŹ rst would see teachers assessed by the improvement of their students. The second would have teachers rated by peers, principals, students and their parents and


Please submit a current resume to the above address

All correspondence held in strictest conďŹ dence. THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper

by the 15th March 2007

Thursday, March 8, 2007 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Page 17




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Council Snippets Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Fire Prevention Please contact the Roxby Downs Council for any questions relating to the fire danger season, fire bans or permits. Adverti sing on C ouncil Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Residents are reminded that you must notify the Council within 72 hours if your dog is moved to different premises, the dog dies or is missing or the ownership of the dog is transferred to another person. Failure to notify the Council of any of these changes can attract an $80.00 Expiation Notice. Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Rates Third quarterly instalment notices have been issued, and the due date for payment is 16/03/2007. The remaining quarter due date is 18/06/07. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the Council on 8671 0010 for any payment arrangements or enquiries. Fines will apply to all overdue accounts. Water Reminder Notices have now been issued, please pay by the due date to


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Marree making it on the track

Cricket’s premier night The Roxby Downs Cricket Association is breaking with tradition this year for its premier awards ceremony. Normally trophies are presented after the Grand final at the cricket ground along with the Premiership Shield and winners medallions. The shield and medallions will still be presented after the Grand Final, but the Association is hold

a gala awards night at the Roxby Downs Community Club tomorrow night at 7pm. There’ll be a sit down 3 course family meal for $25 per head. The night will open with an official welcome and during the night the Roxby Cricket Association Team of the Year will be announced consisting of the town’s top 12 cricketers.

Cricket results

Woomera’s season came to a fruitless end on Saturday morning at Roxby Downs when Wanderers outclassed the Redbacks by eight wickets. Jason Carroll did the damage with the ball in two spells that netted him six wickets for only three runs in 7.1 overs, five of which were maidens. The only real resistance came from Wally Broome 35, Joey Blatchford 23, Chris Pillar 17 as the visitors could manage only 86 runs in 33.1 overs. The Swaggies had little trouble in taking the points as Scott Humphries in only his second outing at the crease for the season blew the cobwebs out of his batting in readiness for the finals with 55 not out. Scores Woomera 86 Broome 35, Blatchford 23, Pillar 17 Carroll 6/3, Paxton 2/9, Bennett 1/16, Thomson 1/20 Catches: Humphries 3, Briggs 2, Rochester Stumping: Briggs lost to Wanderers 2/97 Humphries 55no, Briggs 26no Thomson 10 Budden 1/31 Searle 1/35 On Sunday Olympic Dam made hard work of their five wicket victory over finals aspirant Rogues finally getting over the line in the thirty-eighth over. During certain parts of the match it looked as though the Devils were set to humble their opponents but Rogues refused to give in and made quite a match of it. They recovered from 7/92 as Allan Woolford claimed four wickets, to post 9/167 with Paul Trotta playing the proverbial captain’s innings of 70 runs batting as a makeshift opener. Olympic Dam’s attacking line up had put 125 on the board for the loss of only three wickets until Woolford and Botes were out for the addition of just two runs and tight bowling therafter saw Rogues back in with a chance. The ever reliable Craig Nicholls who remained unbeaten for the whole season and Darren Leonard 28 not out, were able to survive and reach the victory target with a little more than two overs left. Scores Rogues 9/167 Trotta 70, Girdham 29, Goldfinch 14, Kaminski 11 Woolford 4/25, Casey 1/22, Stutley 1/25, Harris 1/29, Botes 1/32 Catches: Nicholls 2, Casey 2, Woolford Run Out: Leonard lost to Olympic Dam 5/174 Prior 39, Woolford 33, Leonard 28 no, Botes 23, Casey 16, Nicholls 13 no Geraghty 2/23, Clafton 1/20, Goldfinch 1/35 Catches: Wyatt 2, Trotta Run Out: Trotta THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Trophies to be presented include Player of the Year, Fielding Trophy, Batting and Bowling aggregates and averages along with the Junior Encouragement Award. The Association has thanked the Roxby Downs Community Club for its long standing generous support. For bookings call Yogi on 0409677619.

Maree is a small community situated just north east of Roxby Downs, but it has a big heart when it comes to supporting its local youth. Just over a year ago this remote community was struggling to find a sport that could involve all students. They decided to adopt track and field, as it is one of the few sports that didn’t require large numbers or needed teams. Previously, few students had reason to leave Maree and certainly hadn’t travelled interstate on a plane. In the space of 12 months, the school has not only made huge improvements in their athletic ability but have travelled to Santos Stadium and competed in the Powerade Games where they were very successful - especially in the throwing events. Following the trip to Adelaide, the entire high school (eight students) travelled on a plane for the first time to Newcastle, New South Wales to compete as representatives from South Australia at the Indigenous Track and Field Championships held annually in November. Here they met indigenous athletic heroes Kyle Vander Kuyp, Joshua Ross, Nova Batman (Peris), Patrick Johnson (pictured), Benn Harradine and Robbie Crowther. The school was so impressed that they

Tennis results In the final round of tennis for the summer season, the Echidnas finished strongly to get over the top-ranked Platypuses in a tight match, 4 sets 42 games to 4 sets 37 games. With the Wombats unable to field a team on

Saturday night and having to forfeit to the Possums, the Echidnas qualified for the Grand Final on Saturday March 17th, where their opponents will once again be the Platypuses.

Round 9 2 March, 2007 Echidnas 4 sets, 42 games defeated Platypuses 4 sests, 37 games. 3 March, 2007 Possums 8 sets, 48 games, defeated Wombats 0 sets 0 games.

Premiership Table at end of Minor Round Points


Games won

Games lost


Platypuses Echidnas

12 10

42 42

354 345

318 293

111 118

Wombats Possums

8 6

29 37

255 322

356 309

72 104

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

went back to Maree and began spreading the word to other schools in the area. As a result, personnel from Athletics Australia and Athletics South Australia will be visiting Maree this month as part of the Athletics for the Outback program. And a coach accreditation course will be conducted by the South Australian branch of the ATFCA (Australian Track & Field Coaches Association) to assist local teachers and community members in the delivery of athletic programs. The local community have really embraced the program. Rob Love, a teacher at Leigh Creek Aboriginal School, said the Marree Progress committee is right behind this and they’re already well into the planning of the event. ”At the moment Oodnadatta, Leigh Creek and Hawker Area Schools will be sending students to compete. We are looking at 60 to 80 athletes at the moment, which is huge. So it is looking like being a big deal up this way,” he said. ”All four communities have agreed to send people to participate in the level 1 coaching course. In fact, there is probably too much demand for places at the moment so the idea is working.”

Ladies golf a hit The Roxby Downs Ladies Golf committee will hold a coaching clinic later this month for women interested to learn the basics of golf. Professional ladies golfer Helen Sanderson will come from Adelaide to take the coaching clinics on the 17th and 18th of March. It’ll cover the basics such as stance, swing and club selection. One of the organizers Julie Darling said ladies interested in attending the coaching clinic are asked to contact her (Ph: 0409190384 or email jda42829@ as soon as possible. Places will be limited so those wanting to attend should make their bookings early. “For those ladies wanting to play 18 holes competition golf they can do so on the main competition days which are run by the Roxby Downs Golf Club,” Ms. Darling said. “For those who are not up to playing 18 holes just yet they are invited to come out on Sunday mornings at 10am to play 9 holes starting on Sunday 1st April (except when the Club competition is held on a Sunday). “Beginners are very welcome, lots of the ladies interested have never played golf before, so it will be fun,” she said. OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: Thursday, March 8, 2007 – Page 19

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

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SUN SETS ON SUMMER TENNIS The Roxby Downs summer tennis competition is nearing its zenith. Vice President of the Roxby Downs Tennis Club, Roger SchoeďŹ eld, said although its been a season of interruption to normal schedules, the quality of tennis has been superb. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had to re-arrange the competition this year because the main courts were being rebuilt with a new surface. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It meant we were restricted in the type of competition that we normally would play,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The singles competition was deferred for a year, so we played doubles and mixed doubles instead, which proved very popular. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had problems with time, because we would normally play under lights during the evening, but we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have that luxury this season because of the rebuild, so the setting sun turned out to be our time limit.â&#x20AC;? Whilst the club is planning for its big day on Saturday with the grand ďŹ nal it is well advanced in developing a competition for the juniors. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll wait for the new lighting to be installed by council before we introduce the juniors competition, that work should start within the next couple of weeks,â&#x20AC;? Mr. SchoeďŹ eld said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been holding a series of coaching clinics for the juniors already, and they show a lot of talent, so the competition is going to be exciting. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have players aged 50 still gracing our courts, and the tips and direction they can give our juniors will be immeasurable,â&#x20AC;? he said. The club is very strong in numbers with four men and four women making up a team, and all the singles players standing down for the year because of the revamped schedule. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our competition is quite advanced for a regional town, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d give some of the bigger townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a shake in any competition,â&#x20AC;? Mr. SchoeďŹ eld said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The summer competition is fairly sociable and strongly supported by people just turning up to watch, have a drink and a chat after the games. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But we do have some real competitors amongst us, they like to play to win. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With the last few weeks of competition on the new surface, along with the extra court, the standard of tennis has lifted a notch. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The surface is playing great, with a true and consistent bounce, which is very important because you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to worry about it skidding through, or hitting a bump and jumping up at you. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So everyone is more relaxed playing on the courts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in for a great winter season coming up which we hope to start in June,â&#x20AC;? Mr.SchoeďŹ eld concluded.


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Thursday March 8, 2007 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Page 20

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In country areas the only number Page 2 Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs See our weekly special xpectations are rising for the release...

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