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Therapy coming to Roxby

about to drop on State Titles

Woomera “invaded” One fo the vehicles being tested here for operations in Afghanistan

By Celeste Lustosa


ore than 100 German soldiers set-up base in Woomera from February 17th until March 2nd in order to test new armament to be used in Afghanistan by the end of this year. Among the equipment being tested is the Boxer armoured vehicle; the Weisel reconnaissance vehicle and the Mikado mini-unmanned aerial vehicle, which features an infrared camera for surveillance. The largest plane in the world, the Soviet built Antonov, was used to transport the vehicles to

Australia. “We have soldiers from all over Germany here,” said the German Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Heydt. The field trials conducted by the German soldiers also include live firing but Mr Heydt says this is no secret mission. “What we are doing here is not a top secret mission or anything like that. We are simply doing trials on equipment, like the car industry does whenever they release a new product. “We are fighting in Afghanistan and we need to ensure our personnel are safe on the ground

with this equipment,” he said. The choice of Australia as a testing ground was because the armament needed to be tried under harsh and extreme hot conditions that are most similar to the Afghan climate. “All Australia, and especially Woomera, has the realistic climatic condition that can be faced in Afghanistan.” After the trials are finished in Woomera, they will relocate to Townsville to test the same equipment in hot and humid conditions. The trials in Townsville will happen from March 10th until March 19th.

In a month’s time all equipment will also be tested in extreme cold conditions, in Norway for when it has to be used in the same weather conditions. Lieutenant Colonel Heydt said that the German soldiers have been very welcomed to Australia. “We want to thank all Australians for their enormous hospitality. I have never met such friendly people like here,” he said. He also finished the interview saying he hopes his next visit to Australia will be for a holiday, with no big tanks or armament involved.


Hoon driver complaints Teenagers; your Over the last week Police have issued nine expiation notices, seven of those for exceeding the speed limit. An Andamooka woman was received a traffic infringement notice for contravening a condition of her driver’s licence and driving down a one way street in the wrong direction. A male was cautioned for reversing when it was unsafe to do so. Roxby Downs, Woomera and Andamooka Police are also concentrating on road worthiness of vehicles as such a number of defects and defect cautions were also issued for failing to maintain vehicle standards. Roxby Downs Police are continuing to receive much valued support from members of the community reporting hoon drivers. Police are currently obtaining statements and investigating reports of hoon driving in the Alberrie /Finnis /Irrapatanna Streets and Pioneer Drive vicinity. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Roxby Downs Police on 86710370. Traffic complaints have also been received in relation to people speeding along sections of Stuart Road. Members of the public are

reminded of the 50km/hr speed limit in built up areas. On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, a Roxby Downs male was reported for driving without due care and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. He also received a 12 month immediate loss of licence notification and had his vehicle clamped for seven days. He will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date. On Saturday, February 27 2010 a female adult was reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. She received an immediate loss of licence notification for a six month period and had her vehicle clamped for seven days. She will also receive a summons to appear in court at a later date. Police are concerned at the number of reports they receive in relation to children/teens climbing on the canopy’s covering playgrounds. In particular this week they have been called to the Pine Crescent, Lions Park and the Gregory Street playgrounds. Parents are reminded to ensure their children are supervised when using the equipment or playing in playgrounds.

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By Dr. Andy Kilcross, FliipSyde Youth Health Services

rights explained


ften when you’re going through your teenage years it can be hard to know what your rights are. For example, if you’re thinking about going to see a doctor or someone else about your health what are your rights as a young person? At FliipSyde Youth Health Service we’re often asked questions about teenagers’ rights and so in this week’s article we’ll try and answer some of these commonly asked questions for you.

though legally we can’t discuss specific details about what their child may have told us (unless the teenager gives us permission to do that) There are a few exceptions to ‘The Confidentiality Promise’ and it’s worth your while knowing what they are (see below). Q. When is a Doctor or Nurse allowed to break The Confidentiality Promise and talk to someone else about you? A. If you tell the Doctor or Nurse something that really worries them then they may have to tell someone else about it. They’re allowed to do that in a few special circumstances which are: 1.) If you tell them that you’re planning to harm (hurt) yourself in some way. For example, if you’re planning to commit suicide or end your life. 2.) If you tell them that you’re planning to hurt someone else. For example, if you decide that you’re going to threaten someone with a weapon such as a knife or gun. 3.) If you’re under 18 and tell them that you’ve been abused. For example if you’ve been touched inappropriately, hit by someone or forced to do something that you didn’t want to do. It’s important to say that these situations are rare and most of the teenagers who come to see us have every right to a completely confidential chat with us. Remember that the Confidentiality Promise is only ever broken to keep you and other people safe.

Q. If I go and see a Doctor or Nurse will they tell my parents or other family members about it? A. Everyone has the right to see a fully qualified health professional (such as a Doctor or Nurse) what ever their age. You also have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. So, if you want to visit a clinic for some help or advice then you’re totally entitled to do that. The law says that usually the Doctor (or Nurse) has to keep your information confidential. That means that they’re not usually allowed to tell anyone else about it. Sometimes the Doctor or Nurse will suggest that you talk to your parents / carers or family about your health but they can’t force you to do that. For example, if you’re going through a tough time then it can be really helpful to share your worries and stress with someone else, but at the end of the day, it’s usually up to you whether you want to go ahead and do that. It’s also important to note that parents and families are very welcome to Q. If the Doctor or Nurse has to come and have a chat with us about break The Confidentiality Promise general questions or concerns, al- then who will they talk to?

A. They may speak to someone like FamilySA or the police. After all, their jobs are to protect young people from harm and so they’ve got your best interests at heart. Q. If I’m under 16 can I go to the Doctors and get a prescription (a form which you can take to the pharmacist for the medicine you need) A. If you’re under 16 years old then your Doctor will have to follow a few special rules before they can prescribe medicines for you. In this case they will need to get permission from either your carer (the person who looks after you) or, if you don’t want your family to know, then permission from a second doctor. If you’re 16 years or older then usually the doctor is allowed to prescribe you the medicines that you need without getting permission from anyone else. Q. When can I get my own Medicare card? You are entitled to get your own Medicare card from the age of 15. Just get a form from the Medicare Office on Commercial Road in Port Augusta or else go to their website at If you’d like more information about your rights then check out one of the following options: • Your family Doctor (GP) • FliipSyde Youth Health Service (tel. 8648 5720) Next clinic dates: 11th March, 25th March, 8th April and 22nd April • They’ve got some great fact sheets on rights and confidentiality

Watch out for your mobile…it can be stolen!

By Celeste Lustosa According to Roxby Downs Police, robbery acts have been more frequent since the Clark Shaft shut down at Olympic Dam, as jobs were lost and people suddenly found themselves in tougher times. But Police point out that this has not become a major issue in town, but incidents have increased. “It has become noticeable in the reports that there has been an increase in lost items that don’t get returned to the Police or to the owners,” said police spokesperson, Peta Giles. She says that many missing items would soon be brought to the Police or returned to the owners before, but that hasn’t been happening. “What we advise people to do is keep an eye on all their belongings, not leave mobiles or any electronic devices on unattended tables; to lock their cars and property when they are not around as well,” Ms Giles said. There are also measures you can take if you have your mobile stolen, such as: • Ensure your mobile phone has a personal iden-


tification number (PIN) activated; • Engrave the mobile phone and battery with your driver’s licence number prefixed by the letter ‘S’ for South Australia; • If your phone is stolen, contact your network provider, quote your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and they will disable the SIM card which makes the phone useless to thieves. Then report it to the Police; • Your IMEI number is unique to your phone. Press *#06# to display the number. Note the number down and keep details in a safe place. Some important acts to prevent your computer from being stolen are to close blinds and curtains if your computer is near a window so it is not in clear view; always program your computer with a password to restrict access and if you have to leave your laptop in a vehicle, store it in the boot and use a cable lock to secure it. The message from the local Police is to be aware that things have been stolen and you should protect your property.

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Rod Ford leaves R a gap in this community

By Celeste Lustosa

oxby Downs Sergeant Rod Ford has been fighting organised crime for years; the last two in the Roxby Downs region, but now he is moving to Port Pirie, leaving a big gap in our community. Rod and his wife Helen have enjoyed their every minute in town but want to be nearer the family who live in Adelaide. When Mr Ford started his duty in Roxby Downs, criminal investigation was a new concept to many who have not experienced it. “I came to Roxby to set up a new investigation position and so far there had only been infrequent visits from investigators from Port Augusta,” he said. “Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera, although all part of the Roxby policing district, are unique and different in their own way and issues in each of these areas are also distinctive and I guess that is what makes these towns special attractions to visit.” As an investigator, he said he was able to come across interesting challenges here. “You have to create partnerships and get the confidence of the community that you are here to prevent the offences before they happen. “It is certainly a diverse job.” Supporting the uniform police is also a big part of what Rod Ford does and he says the local uniform police have been doing a great job. “During my time here, I have seen many little offences happening all the time but thankfully no major ones, which I think can also be credited to the fact that the local Police are very present.” Mr Ford believes that people’s behaviour changed with an increasing presence and hard work of many officers but also the perception of being in a remote area and ignoring the rules of law abounded over the years. “During my first 12 months here the instance of drink driving and assaults at or near licensed premises was one of the highest per capita of population in the State and now it is on par with the lower end of the scale.” The town’s favourite investigator also told The Monitor that “there are a number of very experienced and diverse police in the Roxby District and they don’t just sit and wait for a problem to come up but also get involved in workshops, lectures and community planning.” Mr Ford pointed out that both he and his wife Helen have made many friends and had wonderful experiences during their stay in Roxby. “The longer you stay here, the more you get around the area, the more you see, the more you appreciate what’s


around here. “We have definitely met some interesting people and we had two amazing years that I could not only get involved with my work but also in some of the community matters, through Rotary.” Rod Ford has joined Rotary since the club was initiated in the Roxby District, around two years ago and he said it was a great way to make friends and give something back to the community as well. “My wife and I are very appreciative on how we were received in this community and we have made good friends that we will definitely be in touch with.” Apart from being just a couple of hours drive away from the family, Rod cannot wait to be able to follow his footy on TV and as an avid Crows supporter he has his hopes high for the coming season.

Doubts over digital telly

ederal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey has raised doubts about Communications Minster Stephen Conroy’s January 5 commitment that, “All Australians, no matter where they live will have access to all free-to-air channels including the original three commercial and two national channels, as well as new digital services such as ABC2, ABC3, SBS TWO, GO!, 7TWO and ONE HD.” Mr Ramsey said he had recently received a response from the Minister in relation to matters raised by a constituent. In the response the Minister says the television licence holders Southern Cross, “have for commercial reasons, elected in a notification to ACMA, to broadcast on a single channel. The effect of Southern Cross Television’s decision is that it has half the capacity available to provide additional services than it would otherwise have,” Mr Ramsey said. “If this is the case Southern Cross would be incapable not only of not supplying a raft of new secondary channels, but much to the disgust of all those in the broadcast area, viewers will not even be able to receive the third commercial channel the rest of Australia takes for granted. “The government clearly promised that all Australians would have access to a full suite of free to air channels.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The lack of the same program choice enjoyed by the city has been a major point of contention for many years. “I understand the commercial realities that may be driving this decision by Southern Cross and so presumably, would the Minister. If that is the case he should be negotiating with Southern Cross to ensure they deliver the service he promised. “At the time of the Minister’s announcement I welcomed the news, but with the proviso the Government actually deliver what it said it would. If the advice from the Minister is correct this would be a major failure. “I have also recently received a letter from the Minster in response to a list of questions posed by me surrounding operational detail for the many different areas of the Grey electorate. “The response sheds very little new light on issues such as which of the “self help” transmission facilities will be upgraded, will communities who have had historically poor analogue reception and no “self help” transmitter have access to the satellite signal and which time-zone will the programming run on?” Mr Ramsey said he suspected this was because the government simply does not have the answers and was struggling to meet its self imposed time table. “They should never have set a date to turn off the analogue system until the digital network was up and running with all the deficiencies addressed,” he said.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 – Page 3

Dental Therapy coming to Roxby By Millie Thomas


fter years of having my older sister pull out my baby teeth for me, and mind you, against my will, I have been scarred for life.

Dental care for children coming to Roxby


- Environment Forum 9 March 7.30pm - Roxby Road Safe 11 March 5.30pm - Arts and Culture 24 March 7.30pm


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in The Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Par tnership please contac t Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the www. website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email:

Living on a station North of Peterborough had it’s shortcomings. This could be a large part the reason I have not been to the dentist for nearly 10 years. To save other children from the same horrors I experienced in my youth, Roxby Health Services has employed a dental therapist. Dianne George has a diploma in and has been practicing dental therapy for the last 22 years both in private practices and with the SA Dental Service. A dental therapist in a nutshell is a licensed dental auxiliary who specialises in treating children’s teeth and oral hygiene. Dianne treats children from the age of four to 18 years old, but is licensed to also treat adults, with the only exception being she cannot perform teeth extraction of any larger jobs. Diane has five of her own children and comes from Quorn, just south of Port Augusta. She will be commuting to Roxby every Monday and Tuesday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and some Wednesdays (as advertised). Dianne will start work on Monday March 15th. With three kindergartens, two childcare centres, four schools and the highest birth-rate in South Australia, safe to say Dianne’s services will be well received! Other oral services that the Roxby Health Services provides are a visiting orthodontist Dr Steve Bajada, who has been coming up to Roxby monthly for the past 20 years and Drs Harry Craven and Wayne Lowe, our resident dentists who operate during office hours (8.30 am to 5 pm) Monday to Friday. For all bookings contact the surgery on 8671 9031. So unlike me, the children of Roxby will not be haunted whenever someone approaches their mouth with a pair of pliers, as Dianne and the rest of the oral health team will provide for a relaxed and comfortable experience.


Celebrate women By Celeste Lustosa

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s, which was a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th ever since. Hundreds of events occur, not just on the day but throughout March, to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera’s women are invited to celebrate this special date together with a breakfast on March 8 th at 8am at the Dune’s Café in Roxby Downs. “We are very excited about getting women from the Roxby District together to celebrate the date, and not only do something for Roxby residents,” said the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre Cultural Services Coordinator, Bernie Kinnaird. Tickets cost $35 per head and are available at Roxby Leisure VIC and Kiosk, Community Library and Roxby Council and the price includes a contribution to assist in the development of Women Support Services in Roxby Downs. An Adelaide chef will cook a delectable three course breakfast served with a complimentary glass of champagne. But the event will bring you more surprises than one delightful breakfast as our region does have amazing women and three of them will be sharing their life journey with all present at the day. The three speakers for the day come from different backgrounds and have very different lives, but all three are amazing women that you will be pleased to hear and learn from. Since we have many more special women here, a mural will be created and displayed on the day, as a celebration of women’s strength, courage and diversity. “This mural will showcase and highlight the courage and diversity of women in remote South Australia,” said Mrs Kinnaird. Amongst the information that will be shown is where the women that live here are from, what brought them to Roxby Districts, what is their strength, what was the most difficult thing they have done and what they think the future holds for them. “The mural display will be an opportunity to let women know that whatever they must have gone through in their lives, they are not alone and maybe some other women in the same town as them could have gone through the same things and understand them.”



s you read this, the odds are someone will take their own life, probably a male, more than likely to be aged in his 20’s. By nightfall, more people will commit suicide than are killed on our roads, and by year’s end, statistics will be drawn up putting the official number of deaths by suicide somewhere approaching 2,000. But no-one really knows how high the figure is because shame, insurance and non-reporting of deaths hides the real number of those who end their lives prematurely, by their own hand. Suicide is the number one cause of death for men and women aged 15 to 34

Page 4 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

in Australia.  For men it remains the leading cause of death up until age 44 (ABS Statistics) Leanne Powell, CEO of Lifeline Country to Coast SA said that ‘everyone can learn skills to identify suicide warning signs’.  ‘With the support of BHP Billiton, Lifeline is able to provide the Roxby Downs, Andamooka and surrounding areas with access Suicide Intervention Training Skills’. A free workshop is being held on Wed 10 March 2010 from 9.30am to 4pm at the Andamooka Emergency Service Training Complex.  Registrations can be made by contacting John at Lifeline on 8641 0633 or email

Mrs Kinnaird also said that this year’s celebration is in preparation for the IWD 100 years next year. According to her this is also an opportunity for the men next to each woman to look after the house, the children and give their woman this moment for them to enjoy. “We are hoping women come along and enjoy themselves, relax and listen to what our speakers have to say.” Interesting facts: • Gender equality is crucial for the development process and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals but, despite the progress that has been made, women represent 60 percent of the world’s poorest, less than 16 percent of the world's parliamentarians, two-thirds of the world’s illiterate and they are still systematically subjected to violence. Yet, the stories of many women show resilience, strength and courage. • In 2008, seven out of 150 elected heads of state and eight out of 192 heads of governments were women. Overall, only 16 percent of ministerial posts worldwide are being held by women. • Women comprise more than 50 percent of the world's population, but own only one percent of the world's wealth. Seventy-five percent of the world's women cannot get formal bank loans due to lack of permanent employment and other goods to offer as security. This is why governments, private sector and all of society have to reduce gender inequalities: it is a crucial step to reduce poverty.  But women have made strides. In Turkmenistan, women are transforming their crafts into thriving enterprises through partnerships.  In the Ruhiira Millennium Village in Uganda, medically-supervised infant deliveries have risen thanks to UNDP’s distribution of health kits. • Violence against women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions. At least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. The United Nations Secretary-General renewed the call to end violence against women and girls.  In crisis and post-crisis situations, violence against women is further aggravated and continues to be a challenging concern. Every day, some 50,000 people, mostly women and children, die as a result of poor shelter, polluted water and inadequate sanitation. • The world’s poorest and most vulnerable people – 60 percent of whom are women – are dependent on their natural environment to earn a living and feed their families. In poor regions, women and girls are responsible for tending fields, grinding grain and collecting water. An estimate suggests that women in sub-Saharan Africa spend 40 billion hours a year collecting water – equivalent of a year’s worth of labor by the entire workforce in France. In Kenya fetching water may use up to 85% of a woman’s daily energy intake. But when women engage in a cause, there is no mountain high enough. In Nepal, women climbed Mount Everest  to raise awareness about environment and gender equality. • Almost half the HIV-positive people in the world are now women, but in Africa, where the epidemic has stretched the furthest, young women are three times more likely to be HIV-positive than young men. Gender inequality leaves women with less control than men over their bodies and their lives. They face barriers to the negotiation of safe sex that include economic dependency and violence. In Ecuador, UNDP and the Ecuadorian Coalition of Persons Living With HIV/AIDS trained 400 leaders who are engaging over 50,000 people in prevention and activism aimed at reducing discrimination, with a focus on women living with HIV.

An initiative of the Environment Forum

G reen tip

Top 5 tips for smart gardens for biodiversity

1. Plant some native plants in your garden. 2. Replace some or all of your grass. 3. Replicate natural bushland by creating vegetation layers. 4. Create safe havens for wildlife. 5. Get out and enjoy the local bushland, or participate in a local friends group – check out the Arid Recovery stall on Market Day to find out more.

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NEWS Redman meets with BHPB Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond has now met the head of BHP-Billiton at the Olympic Dam mine in outback South Australia after claims that she had refused to do so. Ms Redmond has also unveiled the Liberals’ mining policy, which commits $2 million towards a feasibility study for a deep sea port at Port Bonython, near Whyalla. The Liberal leader says she never refused to meet BHP Billiton executives, as had been suggested by a company spokesman. A feral cat in theoutback can eat up to nine small native animals a night.


Curiosity may kill the feral cat

new report by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre highlights the devastating impact of feral cats on Australia’s unique wildlife.

Scientists are hoping to use the weakness of one of the nation’s most destructive pests to control its numbers. The review of cat ecology and management in Australia provides a stark

warning that if they are not properly cared for, domestic cats can also contribute greatly to the feral cat problem. There may be more than 18 million feral cats nationally, according to estimates by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. The centre says feral cats are often hard to bait with conventional poisons. Professor Steven Lapidge is trialling new traps which arouse the natural curiosity

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

of cats. “This is a tunnel that emits a phonic of a sound and bright features that attract cats to it,” he said. “It requires them to walk through a tunnel and if they set off certain sensors in a certain configuration, then it detects the shape of the animal. “If it is a cat then it will deliver a short spray onto its belly of a toxic substance that puts them to sleep.” The trial will begin on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island next month. The RSPCA welcomed the Report saying good, solid research into cat ecology is not only desperately needed but long overdue. “Cat management needs to be strategic, holistic and humane. It starts at home with the humble domestic moggie that is a loved family pet, and ends with tactical programs to manage what are in many cases, self-sustaining feral cat populations,” said the RSPCA’s Chief Scientist, Dr Bidda Jones. Thirty-five vulnerable and endangered bird species, 36 mammal species, seven reptile species and three amphibian species are thought to be adversely affected by feral cats. They pose such a risk that predation by feral cats is listed as a Key Threatening Process under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity

Conservation Act 1999. Cat impacts aren’t limited to predation. Cats also compete with native animals for food, water and shelter, and are the only definitive host for a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis — a devastating condition that severely effects several species of native animals, that is also transmissible to humans.

SA ELECTION RESULT MAY BE LATE An increasing trend by South Australian voters to use early or postal voting options could delay the results of the State election on 20 March. The South Australian Electoral Commissioner, Ms Kay Mousley, said that the percentage of voters who used early or postal voting options, had been steadily rising.This trend had peaked at the Frome by-election in January 2009, when 25% of eligible voters used early or postal voting options.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 – Page 5


Student Voice - Yrs 7 - 12

Student Voice and School Captains elected


he Student Voice Committee and School Captains for the Roxby Downs Area School have been elected for 2010.

The Student Voice Committee is a range of students from every grade (from reception to year twelve) and gives students a chance to give their opinions on hap-

penings within the community and more directly their school. The school captains for this year are Makenzie Frunks and Josh Towler and both students are excited to begin making a difference to their school.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away


By Millie Thomas

ere in Roxby, we may think we’re remote, being over 600 kilometres from Adelaide and 265 kilometres from the ocean, but in comparison to Birdsville, we are as central as can be. Birdsville is 1,161kilometres from Adelaide, surrounded by the Diamantina River, the Simpson and the Stony deserts, with no skyscrapers or ocean in sight. It’s hard enough getting cold beer up there, let alone fresh fruit, and let’s face it, in an area as remote as Birdsville, beer takes priority!

Despite all this, fresh fruit was ordered from Mount Isa to cater for a nutritional breakfast for the community of Birdsville (population approximately 120) and driven up by a local resident to Bedourie. From there Skytrans delivered the fruit to Birdsville. The breakfast was held on Saturday, February 13th, a lot of effort went into promoting healthy eating! Robbie Butler, a local at Birdsville said, “I’ve never eaten this type of food for breakfast ever, I’m gonna have it all the time now!” which just proves, that efforts made were not in vain. Photos supplied by Lyn Rowlands

Dave and Sam preparing breakfast

Having a chat over breakfast Page 6 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


News in brief

RACING BOOST FOR GAWLER ECONOMY Minister for Urban Development and Planning Paul Holloway recently approved the final rezoning for the Gawler Racecourse that will bring significant economic and social benefits to that community. Mr Holloway says the rezoning allows Gawler to use the upgrading and realignment of the track into Adelaide’s second metropolitan racecourse to drive investment in new community, recreation and tourism facilities. “This rezoning creates huge opportunities for jobs in the area as well as providing wonderful new facilities, not just for racegoers, but for tourists and the local community,” Mr Holloway said. The Gawler Racecourse Development Plan Amendment allows the redevelopment of surplus land as a Neighbourhood Centre and the expansion of Gawler High School. The DPA paves the way for the establishment of a new, multipurpose Recreation Zone to support the training and racing activities of the racecourse, as well as new community, recreation and function facilities, open space and tourist accommodation. LABOR’S RECORD SPENDING ON COUNTRY HEALTH Health Minister John Hill says Liberal promises to spend a billion dollars on country health aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. “Ms Redmond’s Liberals are waving a blank cheque in every country town they visit, pledging to spend money they claim they’d ‘save’ by scrapping the new home for the Royal Adelaide Hospital. “However there is no ‘billion dollar saving’ – in fact there’s a billion-dollar black hole at the centre of the Liberals’ proposal to rebuild the RAH. “A detailed briefing on the Opposition’s proposals for two patient tower blocks – costed by them at $700 million – shows they would actually cost $1.4 billion and take until 2025 to complete.”

More like Mr X please



ome of us in the media had the pleasure of meeting Nick Xenophon in person last week. It was refreshing to hear just how passionate he is about ordinary Australians and their fight for political justice. It was obvious from the outset of his talk to some influential newspaper leaders from across the State and Interstate, there is far more to this man than the stunts he has been known to perform to draw attention to issues. There is far more to Mr X than the platform which shot him to prominence in State politics where ‘No Pokies” was his catchcry. While this is still very much on the agenda and his hopes are high to get changes from the Federal Government, other issues like the Federal control of the Murray Darling Basin and the truth in labelling laws are very much in his sites.

His work and the respect he has gained from others within minor and major parties will see him introduce some reforms in both these areas. Verhmently opposed to the lifting of importation rules on beef products from countries which recorded outbreaks of mad cow disease, Mr. X warned that Australians will soon not know exactly what products will contain this beef. He said while Labor’s Simon Crean said there is a very, very slim chance of anyone being affected by this meat, Mr. X drew the analogy that is like a restaurant hanging a sign in its front window telling clients there is a very, very slim chance they will get mad cow disease from eating in the restaurant. How many people will go through that door? He is fighting to protect the lucrative Australian beef industry and has won bipartisan support from Nationals and Liberals especially in Queensland. This politician tells it like it is. The Murray

Darling Basin reform is “doomed to failure” unless the Federal Government is prepared to use the power it already has to invoke the Federal take-over of the system now and not wait for 2011 and then for states to comply years later in 2015 and in the case of NSW 2019. He’s right that will be too late to reverse the damage. Mr. X the man you often see in one and two minutes grabs on television news has much more substance and more strings to his bow than just a single “No Pokies” platform. While he has the balance of power in the Senate we need to use his skills to fight for a better deal. The last line of his first speech in the Senate in 2008 epitomises this man’s passion for the voiceless voter. “I would rather go down fighting, than still be standing because I stayed silent.” Australia needs more Nick Xenophons true representatives of the people.

ACTIVE CLUB GRANTS AVAILABLE Applications are now open for the second round of the State Government’s 2009-2010 Active Club Program. More than $1.3 million will be up for grabs in this round to support grassroots sporting and active recreation groups. Minister Wright said funding is available for a range of projects aimed at increasing participation in sports or active recreation such as improvements to playing surfaces or facilities, equipment purchases, lighting upgrades, clubroom upgrades, and the purchase of irrigation systems. Applications for the Active Club Program will close on Monday, 10 May 2010. More information is available about the program by phoning 7424 7708 or by visiting the Office for Recreation and Sport website P-platers crackdown The South Australian Government says it will double licence suspension times for P-platers for some offences if it wins the March 20 election. Premier Mike Rann says P-platers who drink drive, for example, would lose their licence for a year instead of six months. A new category of inexperienced drivers would be created covering people who have been on the roads less than two years. Tougher penalties would result if they speed or drink drive. Mr Rann says a crackdown is needed because of the high number of SA road deaths. SA lookout for cane toads Environmentalists say Queensland floodwaters reaching South Australia along the Cooper Creek could be helping the advance of cane toads. The toads are reported to be establishing themselves at Windorah, only about 200 kilometres from the South Australian border. South Australia’s Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board says the poisonous pests thrive in warm, moist conditions and could be heading downstream in the floodwaters. The Cooper Creek will be surveyed to find out if cane toads are moving downstream.



0408 267 358

HOT C I TOP If you were face to face with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, what would you ask him?

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LAST WEEK’S HOT TOPIC: cured on rural roads. Surely that “What is the best way to reduce tells the story. Cut the maximum the road toll in SA?” speed limit and cut road deaths. Victoria has 100 kph we should There is no easy “one fix do the same here. It’s speed that law” that will solve this prob- kills. lem. Sure you could raise the licence age to 18 and put drivCrash victim. ers on P’s for two years but there is no certainty that would Until people realise having save lives. Blaming roads is no a driving licence is a privilege good if drivers don’t drive to and not a God given right, then the prevailing conditions. Per- nothing will stop the carnage haps the only positive thing is on the roads. to take driver education to all high schools. DC, Roxby Downs

To the secret shopper open your eyes and look in the shops - what a pathetic excuse. It’s not like there is much else to do. R e letter 2 the editor BM 24/02/10, from Jodie Brind, about netball on 17/02/10, Time the netballers realised I fully support Jodie. Locals their meagre input hardly pays should come b4 out of towners! for the running of the centre. Bed We r expected 2 support local E Buys brings a lot of products business so come on! here that are otherwise unavailable in town. Sounds like good Kathy Hoffmann business to me. Secret Shopper Pity there isn’t as much thought put in to caring about How about some aircondithe cons for local business as tioning in the gym after 40 deJR, Roxby Can we have the election to- there is about netball. Toughen grees last week 2 hot to work morrow, so all this political crap up princess. out. In 2009 66% of all fatalities is over! I want to turn on the telly and 53% of serious injuries oc- or radio and not hear Rann or LT. Overheating new member

Redmond promising the world. Pete, OD

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Now is the perfect time for first home buyers to enter the market

The end of the bonus grant spells great buying opportunities for FHB’s First home buyers who missed the opportunity to enter the property market in 2009 are in the prime position to make their first purchase, particularly in the new home sector, as the FHB market returns to more “normal” conditions in 2010.

Roxby home of the week Stunning home inside and out   his stunningly


presented home features three bedrooms all with built-in robes, galley style kitchen and formal lounge, plus ducted evaporative cooling and gas heating. Outside are well cared for gardens front and back, a bullnose verandah and deck across the front, deck and verandah out the back where you can sit and look into the sand dunes beyond. There’s also a double carport and double garage with plenty of storage and an office built into the back of the garage with access to the garden. All you need to do is move in. This family home represents very good value in the Roxby Downs market and is priced to attract buyers at $430,000. Call Craig Sumsion today at Raine and Horne in Roxby to arrange a private viewing.

Page 8 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aussie founder and executive chairman Mr John Symond said the Reserve Bank’s recent decision to hold interest rates stable following its February meeting, and subsequent comments from Governor Glenn Stevens point to rates being kept at relatively low levels for some time. “The RBA’s move to not lift rates in February is hugely significant and is great news for Australian homeowners,” Mr Symond said. “It has given confidence to Australian consumers that interest rates won’t skyrocket.” Mr Symond said now was the best time for first time buyers to enter the market as last year the FHB sector was out of control, as the boost to the FHB grant spurred overly eager buyers to pay more than market value for their first property purchase. “In many metropolitan areas, prices for properties in the first home buyer range were inflated due to increased demand,” Mr Symond said. “Over-excited first home buyers were paying up to $50,000 more for a property just to get their $14,000 grant.” “There were stories coming out of the property market of queues of people lining up for open houses and real estate agents not even allowing prospective buyers to view homes unless they had proof they had their finances approved. This was a crazy situation and one which can only lead to inflated prices.” Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the heat has come out of the FHB market with the percentage of FHBs as a percentage of owner occupied purchasers dropped from 28.5 per cent in May to 22.1 per cent in November. According to RPData, median home prices fell slightly in December by 0.3 per cent as the seasonal impact of the summer slowdown combined with rising interest rates and fading first time buyers finished off a bumper year for property growth with national values up 11.5 per cent annually. Mr Symond said Australians looking to buy their first home were now well positioned to enter the market, and are still entitled to the standard $7000 grant, but other incentives are available and may vary from state to state.

“For those worried they may have missed the boat with the bonus grant, I believe they are now the ones in the best position to negotiate a good price on their first home,” he said. “If I was a first home buyer I would have waited until the bonus grant had ended, because now is the smart time to buy.” Mr Symond said new homes are where the real bargains are as builders are still offering special deals and incentives – as are state governments – to entice buyers to build their own home. “As there is a shortage of new homes, builders and state governments are falling over themselves to get new buyers into that market,” he said. “There are many fantastic initiatives on offer, but I caution potential homebuilders to do extensive homework when entering into a contract to build a house. “ “You need to know exactly what is included in the costs, such as floorcoverings or landscaping, as you don’t want to be up for any extra expenses when the house is finished.” Mr Symond said purchasers of established homes also need to carry out a number of tasks before they commit to their first property including: extensive research and due diligence on any property they are interested in purchasing; and, ensure they have a realistic budget and have factored in whether they can cover their mortgage following future interest rate rises. He said there can be traps for young people jumping into the market without the discipline of saving and having a financial buffer to cover their mortgages if their circumstances change, such as starting a family and losing an income. Mr Symond said the best thing a potential first home buyer should do is to see a mortgage broker in order to assess their finances and find the right loan for them.

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Support to the community comes first By Celeste Lustosa


ome big businesses invest lots in the community where they act, but the SCF Group, involving SCF Containers, Simply Containers and Tank Containers Australia, decided to give back to the community even before they expand their business in Roxby. Simply Containers is part of one of the largest container lessors in Australia and it is located throughout the country, with depots in each mainland capital city. SCF Group has also been recognised taking out the Australian Business Award for Innovation for the third consecutive year in 2009. The company already sells products in the Roxby Downs region but has plans to expand their performance and product range here.

“We are very keen to get involved with the community and help before we start showing off our products and expand our business,” said the company’s director Richard Sykes. SCF Group is particularly supportive of the West Adelaide Football Club and has also sponsored the Miner’s Cup in Adelaide last year, which left doors open for further and bigger support for our local footy teams. The business representatives met with Woomera and Districts Football League (W&DFL) president Barry Mitchell last week in Roxby Downs to discuss possible sponsorship and projects for our community. “We want to expand on our support on the local footy and we want to host a barbeque or dinner for the clubs that are playing on the opening and final rounds of the next season. “We are also discussing the idea


Matthew Daddow, Matthew Harris, Allan Brand, Barry Mitchell and Richard Sykes at last week’s sponsorship meeting. of getting polo shirts for the best and fairest players of the season, which is also a promotion for our company, of course.” Mr Mitchell told The Monitor the expectations over the company’s involvement with our community are the best possible. “It is still early to say what can come out from this talk but we are cementing our relationship with Adelaide footy and we are very keen to see what proposals we are going to get from them,” he said. Mr Sykes also said the company is being rebranded and they want to send the message of what the company is about before increasing their business here. “We need to get our name out there and many people still don’t know we supply products to Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam and this region.” Mr Sykes also told The Monitor that the company’s main focus is in youth playing footy.

“Last year we promoted a Sports Evening in Roxby Downs, where we had speakers talking about the pathway to become a professional sportsperson in West Adelaide,” said the Business Development Manger for SA Country, Allan Brand. Mr Brand also said that the event will happen again this year. “We will also have school clinics here for students from reception until year 7. “Apart from that we have a five visits proposal for sports training courses, under the AFL banner and footy carnivals to support for the Roxby residents,” he said. As far as business goes, the company is obviously making its way to get a bigger share of the market, but is certainly taking the best path possible to achieve that; best for business, best for the community.

The team at Chives would like to thank the community of Roxby Downs for their support within the first few months of opening. Stay tuned to hear about up and coming lunch time specials and new developments within the restaurant.

Closing the gap on further education By Millie Thomas Living in a mining town a long way from no- awarded to those who face the greatest barriers in where, our community is often deprived of edu- accessing further training or who are in the most cational opportunities that are so freely offered need for skills development. The long term unemin the city. ployed, the young who have not pursued tertiary Although we have an abundance of appren- education, single parents, Aboriginals or Torres ticeship offers every year, it is those who are in- Straight Islanders and the socio – economically terested in other fields that are quite often left disadvantaged are also strongly encouraged to behind, or are forced to move down to Adelaide apply. to pursue their careers. Currently, there are two courses on offer (which Community Learning Places in Roxby Downs are both taught through Tafe), Certificate III / IV is a program that supports community members in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in in the Roxby Downs region to gain or build skills Business (Frontline Management). through increasing access to vocational education Applications can be made by going to the places available in the region. Roxby Downs website http://www.roxbydowns. It is a partnership between the Education and com/servlet/Web?s=1902997&RD_Community_ Workplace Training Forum and BHP Billiton Ol- EducationForum the closing date for each round ympic Dam that offers two free training places in are March 5th 2010 and April 9th 2010. each available course, per year, providing underA successful applicant is one has completed a privileged citizens to further their education. certain degree of recognised prior learning such Residents who have full time employment are as SACE Stage 1, or a course of the similar. Details ineligible to apply, and those 15 years or over who of entry requirements or general concerns can live or work in Roxby or the surrounding areas be obtained from Michelle Hayes at the Roxby are encouraged to apply. Priority placing will be Downs Council, THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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Cai Hewitson goes for six at Milo Cricket


rence, Cameron LawNick Seal, , n lto u Theresa Bo l, Ali Kimber, Jocelyn Sea Katie Seal Yolande Law, wrence and Saski La s 40th celebrate Ali’ y on Saturda night.

Wilmien Kok catches the ball at Milo Cricket

New arrival!

Regina and Tyson Qualmann are proud to announce the arrival of their third child, Samuel Thomas Qualmann, born on February 23rd, 2010 weighing 7lb 6oz. A little brother for Madison and Cameron



Garry, Jasmyn and Sharleen Lloyd help celebrate Ali’s 40th

Billy Johnson and Bianca Arancelvoic proudly announce the arrival of Angus Spark Johnson, born December 3rd 2009 at Port Lincoln Page 10 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

h Ali Kimber, wit n husband Be celebrating Ali’s 40th


an Declan O’Sulliv ll catches the ba rs whilst his brotheilo and another M s Cricketer look on

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Stu and Kym at broadcasting dio Woomera’s ra RR 5R n statio

Flo, Jasmyn, n, Lachlan, Jocely ley, Front: Charlotte, Keee, Amy, Oliver, Kad , Trinity, Jasmine, SaffronIsaac Kaydan and Ali’s hang out at 40th.


Jessica Andres, Burckaharet, d Flo Monserat an i’s Polanco at Al 40th birthday on Saturday night.


d Erik, Nadia ang Daniel havin in nk dri a Woomera



Jahmayn, Sus,reth, Ga Agaese, Marli, bo and Kim Tahu, Johnah, rated Friday Andrew celeb OD Footy night at the Club

ris Teya Dunn, Chward Bre Gordon, Milly Eastgate and Amanda ’s hen’s for Amanda day night on Satur night.


Kim Reinmann, da Aman illy M Breward, e to be) Eastgate (Bridnn held and Teya Du n’s Amanda’s he ay night on Saturd Night.

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Elbe du Plessis having a go att the Milo cricke Carnival


Michael Es n were Lauren Faga rence’s w married at St LaNorth in h rc hu C turday Adelaide on Sa th 27 ry Februa

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Red sand and rock and roll


By Millie Thomas

e live in a town that is sometimes thought to be devout of culture (not to be confused with cultural diversity) and always devout of a lengthy history (past twenty odd years). Whilst community spirit is rife and the pub will never go out of business, there must be more to this colourful mining town than meets the eye… The musical minds of Roxby are numerous and diverse. From alternative metal to jazz, we’ve got it all. From releasing a debut album, to being involved in music for 30 years Roxby has an underbelly of musical talent just waiting to be released on the wider world. What may strike as odd is that even with the abundance of musical talent here in Roxby, the local school doesn’t offer a music program as such. Music has been proven to be a fantastic form of expression and therapy for psychological, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties as well as a great alternative to passing time, as opposed to other common habits amongst teens in Roxby, such as drinking. Antacid have been around for years. The boys – Dom LoBasso (lead guitarist), Jay Paulausakas (drummer), Shaz Foster (lead singer) and Nudge Simmons (bass) started this Alternative Metal band back in 2002. Long serving residents of Roxby, all having lived here for around the 10 year mark (with the exception of Shaz who has been here 20 years) the group has matured and developed progressively as a band. What is admirable about these guys is not only that they are all self taught musicians, but have just released their debut album “Alone and Lifeless” and are pulling ever more consistent gigs in Adelaide. All with permanent jobs out on site and young families, it’s a wonder they find time at all to pursue the development of the band. Safe to say, the children have learnt to sleep through the noise, with Jay’s daughter Ayla (seven months old) quite happily snoozing away during an afternoon band practice. The band, which is now eight years old, has started to release their own music. “We just started doing covers so we could build up a fan base. We would play stuff like Grinspoon and Silverchair and Rage Against the Machine, but amp it up a bit and put our own twist on it,” said Dom. Times have changed now, with their newly released album, the band has to concentrate promoting their particular brand of music, not only here, but down south as well. “The Tav haven’t been booking us and the club is doing renovations, so that’s basically it. (In Adelaide) We do gigs at the Cranchor (Crown and Anchor) and have one coming up at the Squatters Arm’s. We’re making contact with the events manager from the Enigma.” So now it’s up to us as a community to support our

Page 12 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

local talent. Time to turn Antacid’s “Friend base” into a “Fan base”. This is an appeal to local Roxby businesses to join the Antacid bandwagon and feature their new album in your shop front, Rox FM play their songs on the Sunday night Metal Meltdown, and to the wider population of Roxbians just go to their gigs. And if you are interested in booking a band such as Antacid? “Although we’re focusing on being more professional by releasing an album and putting ourselves out there, we still do it mainly for the enjoyment. We get a kick out of playing and we do it for what we think is appropriate… if it’s free drinks for the night so be it!” and such is the rock and roll lifestyle… On the other hand, Alternative Metal is not everybody’s cup of tea. “Who’s On First” is another local band which has been around for years. The core of the band, named after a famous Abbott and Costello skit, have been performing together since 2004. At the moment, Yvette Mooney (lead vocalist) Andrew Winterfield (Harmonica), Rob McElhinney (lead guitar) and Iain Wright (Bass) make up the band, and draw musical inspiration from all walks of life. Rob has played guitar for years, and now teaches others, Yvette studied commercial music and worked with bands such as Roxby’s famed Wall and A Capella group OckerPella, and Andrew not only plays the harmonica but also the trombone, which he has played in CONCERT BANDS / ORCHESTRAS.**must check This band performs purely for enjoyment. Their style, Yvette describes as “acoustic guitar, voice and harmonica. Acoustic with a lot of blues. We only do covers.” Whilst in the past they have performed at numerous “Big Warm Welcome” (held monthly) and Red Earth Music Festival events (2007), and more recently at a 24 hour mega swim event in Adelaide, which raised funds for the research of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Yvette maintains they’re not pursuing gigs. “We play when people want to hear us; we’re not chasing work, more of a hobby band.” The band must do a considerable job, as with word of mouth their only form of advertisement; they are booked yearly for BHP Christmas shows and it seems that at one stage or another Rob’s talents have graced everyone’s ears. The only drawback with being a local band in Roxby is the transient nature of the town. “These things seem to have a limited life span because it’s really hard on a band when someone leaves,” said Yvette. And we all know from listening to bands such as INXS or even Creed that a new band member can completely change the sound and image of a group. “It’s nice when opportunities are created for other types of music, but then everyone has to go and support them,” said Yvette. So beneath the rough exterior of this town, below the mining stereotype that has been forced upon us, we do have an underbelly of culture, an artistic realm.

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Local Radio Station reaches the stars By Celeste Lustosa


oomera’s local radio station 5RRR presented their listeners with a great event at Woomera Observatory. On the day, people’s attention wasn’t necessary to the sky but to the amazing stories and a

presentation on the art of announcing on local radio station 5RRR, hosted by Mix 102.3 Programme Director, Stuart Endersby. After an introduction on Mr Endersby’s career path and his passion for the radio, he showed everyone present some demographics and marketing facts,

Woomera’s Board chairperson Paula Mackenzie at the 5RRR radio station Woomera residents reach for the stars at the Observatory

New teachers grace Woomera T

By Millie Thomas

here is a lot happening at Woomera Area School this year. Renovations are just finishing up the school’s floors in the staff room and offices, administration office and most of the main corridor.

Woomera Area School welcomes new teachers Jenna and Bryan

This was a huge job, with the proposal going through last October. The foundations of the floors had to be replaced, so this meant a complete and utter overhaul of a lot of the building. Also, two brand new teachers started work at the beginning of the school year. Jenna Birkin graduated from Uni SA Magill last year. She grew up in


the Port Neill / Tumby Bay area on the West Coast. It’s probably not possible to get a placement any further away from the sea! This is her first placement and she will be teaching the reception to year two class. Jenna has a 12 month contract, and hopefully she will decide to stick around the area for a bit longer! Bryan Wilsdon is also serving his first placement at Woomera Area School. He completed his studies at Uni SA Mawson Lakes last year and will be teaching Physical Education to the Woomera Area School students during his 12 month contract. Bryan comes from Murray Bridge and it seems he will be a proactive resident of Woomera.


Moving right along for Woomera winner

ooking after people is all in a day’s work for local resident Peter Edwards, who was awarded the SIRVA (Allied Pickfords) Employee of the Year (Australia) for 2010 in a ceremony at Melbourne’s Crown Casino recently. Peter was selected by his peers from a field of 12 ‘Employee of the Month’ winners, who were all flown to Melbourne for a sumptuous lunch and the final announcement, with a lovely trophy and prize vouchers being presented to Peter who says he felt ‘very humble listening to the other nominations which were more worthy than mine’. A well-known sight around the village in his bright orange moving van, Peter has been working for Allied Pickfords over the last three years looking after their number one client, BHP Billiton, moving residents’ belongings in and out of Woomera and Roxby Downs. “I was nominated by ‘Rowie’ (Peter Rowe) and Lou Healey in Adelaide, for opening up the new area of Woomera and Roxby Downs and going above and beyond the call of


as well as tips on how to promote and brand the station and how to involve listeners in the programme so that they feel part of the proceedings. Basic formatting and forward planning ideas completed the afternoon and then everyone enjoyed a barbeque, drinks and lots of chatting. During the school holidays, Woomera’s radio station has a programme that enables children the opportunity to complete various certificate training courses. Many adults also get involved as DJs and getting their shows on air at different times of the day and night. DJ trainings are held at the station on alternate Wednesdays at 7.30pm. For more information, contact Kym on 0408 737 680.

duty”, says Peter. “The job was a very interesting new adventure for me. I was here back, looking after the US military, and this time it has been beneficial for the local economy also, as I’ve been able to employ locals to assist me. I really enjoy the job because I do everything from start to finish, from quoting the jobs to trying to win them, to the planning etc. It’s everything that I really enjoy.” It will come as no surprise to those who know Peter to learn that one of his favourite aspects of the job is meeting different people all the time. “It’s almost as much about the social work as the packing”, he admits. “I have to say that awards are fantastic to have, but without the people who support you to do the job, awards mean nothing. I’d like to thank all of the Allied Pickfords’ staff in SA who help me get the job done, and Bruce, Lou, Rowie, Amanda, and the people of Woomera and Roxby Downs”. It is typical of Peter’s nature that he is also a very busy community volunteer; currently serving a second term as a member of the Woomera Board, he is also instrumental in many aspects of 5RRR fm radio station, the Thrift Shop, and is ready for any other challenges that get thrown his way.


Indoor Netball • For those men and women from Woomera interested in getting active and playing some indoor netball, games two nights a week, for men and women could take place at the school gym at 8pm. • Age limit for playing will be 16 and up, but children are welcome to come and cheer for their parents. • f you are interested please contact Amelia Martin on 0437 389 213 or Sophie Bayley on 0439 536 689.

IMPORTANT DATES ≈ Next Board Meeting: Monday, March 15th, in the Community Centre at 7pm. ≈ Eye Bus: Tuesday, March 23rd, call 8674 3226 for appointments. ≈ Observatory: Saturday sessions are available by booking only. Please call the Community Centre on 8674 3227. ≈ Golf: 7.30am tee off every Sunday, at the Golf Club, Tech Area Road, unless otherwise advertised. ≈ Craft Nights: Tuesday nights at 7.30pm, at Woomera Community Centre. For further enquires contact 8674 3226. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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ith so many to choose from and so much on offer in the popular SUV/RV and 4 x 4 market, it’s hard to weed out the performers from the lookers. Many buyers looking for genuine 4 x 4’s don’t want trucks but do want performance coupled with creature comforts. Others are just looking for enough room to carry kids, dogs and camping gear safely for the holidays. With that in mind there’s a lot to like about Mitsubishi’s Challenger 4x4 the new baby in their SUV stable. The base model is the LS available as a 5 seater with a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed auto transmission. The LS can take 2 extra seats but only when teamed with the auto transmission. The XLS which is only available with the 5 speed auto can be configured with 5 or 7 seats. Both models are powered by the 2.5litre 4 cylinder Hi Power Turbo Diesel that powers the Triton – giving 131kw of power and 350Nm of torque. All models have Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD system – with four distinct driving modes allowing on the move shifting at up to 100km/h from normal 2WD to high range 4WD. The viscous coupled centre differential instantly transforms your rear wheel drive into a sure footed all-wheel drive. The next step locks the centre diff. and now you’re really 4 wheel driving in high range. The final slot on the 4WD lever drops you into low range 4WD with the centre diff locked and you can crawl through just about anything. As well as all this the Challenger also has an electronically operated rear diff lock. Climate Control, and Cruise Control are standard but our test car, the XLS also has Sat Nav, Bluetooth, Reversing camera and sensors plus a luxury look interior with wood trim and leather facing on the seats. To test our Challenger XLS we hit the highway and headed for our favourite dry lake. It’s great for testing out 4x4’s offering a range of different driving conditions including steep descents, gravel roads and

Page 14 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lots of sand. After 150kms of freeway and highway cruising, which the Challenger ate up with ease, we arrived at our lake. Once a popular fishing and camping spot surrounded by pine forests, prolonged drought has turned it into what the locals now optimistically describe as ‘wetland’. We didn’t find a lot of moisture but Challenger drove over the dry rocky pine forest floor very capably. 220mm off the ground with 17”alloys, rock climbing was a breeze. Around the perimeter of our lake we explored some goat tracks - lots of gravel, corrugations and holes followed by deep sandy creek crossings. The Challenger didn’t miss a beat and charged ahead confidently. Finally in low range 4LLC we crawled down a steep grass embankment towards what once was the water’s edge. Again this was a cinch, so any launching of boats in difficult places would be an easy, stress free procedure. The 4 x 4 performance was even more satisfying considering we just had standard issue Bridgestone Dueller H/T road tyres under us. Challenger falls neatly into the sporty SUV department, but unlike many others claiming to go anywhere, Challenger can, and like its work mate Triton, is rough and tough. It can go where others can’t and give you a great ride at the same time. It also has fantastic pulling power. With 2,500kg towing capacity it can accommodate most vans and boats with ease. All in all there are very few negatives - a fairly noisy engine and lack of side curtain airbags limited beyond the two front rows, this SUV really does what the brochure says it will and more. Prices range from a touch over $44,000 to just under $59,000 and represent excellent value, particularly when you consider Mitsubishi’s 5 year/130,000km warranty plus their 10 year/160,000km warranty on the drive train. On top of that there’s also 5 year roadside assistance. Yvonne & David Williams Test vehicle supplied by Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited

Mining News in Brief

strata says tests show no excessive lead levels at Mount Isa

Swiss-listed diversified miner Xstrata does not believe that its Australian Mount Isa mine had exceeded the regulatory limit for lead concentrate, but rather that data from an air-quality monitor might have been incorrect. The diversified miner responded to the Queensland Environment and Resource Management Department’s request for answers about a possible lead leak at the operation, after it came under fire for potentially exceeding regulatory levels. Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones said the department, as environmental regulator, was preparing prosecution action against the company. Xstrata explained that an independent analysis of air monitoring over the period from October to December had indicated a potential exceedance at one of its five high-volume air-sampling stations in Mount Isa. Xstrata said it had acted “immediately”, and that it had informed the Department of Environment and Resource Management that it planned to investigate the matter, particularly in light of other monitors not returning similar results. As part of the investigation, Xstrata Mount Isa Mines has been verifying the results obtained from the first laboratory, as well as reviewing any meteorological or operational data that might be linked to these results. To assist in verifying the results, samples were sent to two further laboratories for testing and analysis through three different methods.


io, BHP competition ruling delayed as ACCC seeks more info

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has delayed the deadline for its findings on the legality of the proposed iron-ore joint venture (JV) between diversified mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. Under the terms of the JV, the two miners would jointly develop their Pilbara iron-ore projects. BHP and Rio, in June, signed a nonbinding agreement to establish the JV, which would encom-

pass all current and future Western Australian iron-ore assets and liabilities, with BHP expected to pay Rio $5,8-billion to take its interest in the JV to 50%. The deal was expected to result in more than $10-billion in synergies. The ACCC said that it had now requested further information from the JV parties, and has suspended its own timeline. A new proposed date for its findings would be listed, once the requested information had been received. Newswire Bloomberg reported that the two miners could also face an in-depth investigation in Germany of whether their Australian iron-ore joint venture could curb competition. Germany’s Cartel Office extended its probe of the deal, putting on hold any decision for at least four months from the time the deal was notified in January, the agency’s spokesman Kay Weidner told Bloomberg. Weidner said the decision deadline is May 25 and it can be extended until the office has sufficient information from the parties.


io opens $901m Robe Valley iron-ore mine

Diversified giant Rio Tinto on Monday announced that it had started production at its $901-million Mesa A/Warramboo iron-ore mine, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The opencut iron-ore mine would initially produce 20-million tons a year, increasing to 25-million tons by 2011. The mine would employ about 220 people, drawn progressively from the existing work force at Robe River’s main deposit, Mesa J near Pannawonica, and new employees. The total high-grade reserves across the Mesa A/Warramboo deposits are estimated at around 249-million tons, with a total mine life of 11 years. It would sustain production of the Robe Valley pisolite ore at 32-million tons a year, as production from the Mesa J deposit decreased. According to Rio Tinto’s website, Robe River is the world’s fourth-largest seaborne trader in iron-ore and sells primarily into Japan, Europe and Asia.

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What do you want from the political parties this election?

“There should be more affairs and nudity!”

“ There should be more money in schooling and health and dental should be claimable”


Dave Miller with daughter Caitlin


Marianne Pederson

“There should be believable policies” Paul Eberl

“Politics around the state are all pretty much the same. I’m not really interested in them” Paul Sunners with son Peter

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DESERT Dirt Go Kart Club would like to thank Jack Mcguire for his great commentary at our season opener last Friday night It was a great night’s entertainment.


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Catholic Church Service times March th 6 Readings & communion 6pm 13th Mass 6pm 14th Mass 9am 21st Readings & Communion 9am 27th Mass 6pm 28th Mass 9am

Phone 0417 831 994

RED SANDS (Roxby Downs Branch of Cancer Council SA)

AGM Wednesday, 17 March, at 7.30 pm 46 Maireana Circuit New members always welcome!

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n 1941 Universal Studios released a film called “The Wolf Man” starring Lon Chaney Jr. It was a hit, advancing acting, makeup, and sets. The Wolf Man is the only Universal monster to be played by the same actor in all of its 1940s film appearances. Chaney was very proud of this as he claimed in interviews that the Wolf Man was “his baby.” Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro was chosen to play this year’s hairy creature because many said that he looked like Chaney. The movie starts when Lawrence Talbot is taken back to his family home after his brother disappears. He learns that something with brute strength and insatiable bloodlust has been killing the villagers and that a suspicious Scotland Yard inspector named Alberine has come to investigate. The sets and the makeup have a really fake yet interesting look to them. And the atmosphere was sort of tacky like Universal’s old films. Towards the middle of the film, you see

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NEWS Lawrence Talbot transform for the second time into the monster. He ends up running from the Scotland Yard inspector atop London’s rooftops. The music and cinematography are very well done in this sequence and blend fantastically together. In the 1941 version, Lon Chaney had to perform with only makeup on and nothing else. He had to act, show emotion, and find depth in his character. Here, in this definite modernized version of the story, there are only a few valuable shots of the Wolf Man in makeup. Benicio Del Toro doesn’t have to act much as the fully transformed creature. It is controlled by a computer now, not an actor. So you don’t get that true, raw, elegant character performance as much today which is unfortunate because this is part of movie magic. Great actor Anthony Hopkins is in the cast. And Emily Blunt’s performance is one to note. Overall, this is a just ok movie. The pacing is what makes it poor and it’s very predictable. But it is very interesting when the Wolf Man transforms and when there are guts flying on the screen.

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Men 23/02/10   Benchwarmers 53pts def Chocies 36pts C Kenny 15pts and E Zeptner 13pts, T Golding 10pts and B Kelly 8pts   Jets 40pts def Hornridge Lakers 37pts D Stetco 18pts and N Backhouse 8pts and P Rhodes 18pts and W Ball 6pts   Wolves 39pts def Olympic Dam 34pts T Paull 12pts and L Devlin 9pts, C Green 16pts and S Montgomerie 10pts   A Women 25/02/10   Devil Mums 55pts def Miners 39pts N Montgomerie 14pts and D Cuthbert 12pts, C Weir 12pts and C Sims 9pts   Hypo’s 39pts def Bulls 32pts M Rhodes 11pts and Z Male 8pts, B Petherick 10pts and M Crawford/S Kay 6pts ea   B Women 25/02/10   Phoenix 30pts def Neons 17pts C Casserly 10pts and H Hick 8pts, E Syvertsen 7pts and K James 4pts   Cougars 42pts def Eagles 27pts H Rigden 14pts and Leah Rasheed 8pts, N Smith 8pts and K Reid 7pts     Premiership Ladder including 23/02/10 - Men   Benchwarmers        18pts    1.40% Wolves              16pts    1.50% Jets                12pts     .87% Devils               6pts     .90% Chocies               5pts      .75% Hornridge Lakers     3pts     .73%   Premiership Ladder including 25/02/10 - B Women   Cougars             20pts    2.33% Neons                8pts     .77% Phoenix               6pts     .79% Eagles                2pts     .67%   Premiership Ladder including 25/02/10 - A Women   Hypo’s               18pts    1.82% Bulls                12pts    1.02% Devil Mum’s          8pts     .89% Miners                2pts     .55%    

Mitchell Gillam drives past Patrick Brind while Daniel Bulman is in hot pursuit

team Lakers basketball am, Rory Ad n, so Ty Front L-R : , Joel n, George, Hudson Middle L-R :  Aaro Bianca Back : Jenny and

Basketball results

J. Lawrence defends D Smith as the Hornridge Lakers try an offensive attack to the ring.

Back to back for the Wedgies

The triumphant Wedgies cricket team with the shield for the country Championships. Back row from left they are: Toby Ferguson, Alan Woolford, Brad Cox, Charles Botes, Adam Willis, Darren Leonard, Jason Carroll, Joel Nicholson, Craig Wilson, Jason Schell. Front row from left, Adrian Boulton, Ryan Selkirk, Graham Warren, Adam Warren, Phil Stacey and Craig Nichols. After five hot days of cricketing action the Roxby and District Association team the Wedgies, returned with back to back titles in the State Country Cricket Championships. The team played five games in five days in Ad-

Page 18 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

elaide and won all, with the last game against Weetula, assuring them the title. Congratulations to the team who have displayed great sportsmanship and did the Far North pround in their defence of the title.

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Swing and a miss!

Rain stops play but Rogues end minor round on top

Roxby Rogues travelled down to tackle Woomera on Saturday night with a win cementing the Rogues in top position at the end of the home and away season. In overcast conditions Woomera won the toss and elected to bat. Pillar and McArdle opened the batting for Woomera and after surviving an early chance in the slips both openers saw out the Rogues opening bowlers for no loss of wicket. Platten and Trotta relieved the opening bowlers with Trotta claiming the wicket of McArdle (18) in his second over. Pillar was removed in Trotta’s third over from a blinding catch from Steer in gully for 18, with Steer coming out on top of the verbal and psychological power play between himself and Pillar since the start

of the innings. Staines was the only other Woomera batsman to make double figures with the final score ending on 92. Trotta was the pick of the Rogues bowlers ending with three wickets. Platten, Allen and Hayball all ended up with two wickets each. Trotta and Hayball went in to bat for Rogues with the game plan of getting the runs quickly before the rain that had threatened all day arrived. Trotta pushed the run rate and after the third over the score was on 14. Blackie had Hayball trapped LBW for two in the fourth over, at this stage the rain that had threatened all day broke and play was called off at the end of the fourth over. Rogues ended up with 17 runs, Trotta ended with 12 not out.

OD opener, Phil Stacey has a big swing and a miss in his innings of 29.


Moroney’s century sets up big win for OD

lympic Dam scored a huge 149 run victory over Wanderers on Saturday morning on the back of a fine century from their skipper Wayne Moroney. Both sides were without several key players but the Devils came out on top after Rein Geraghty skittled the Swaggies top order with 6/18. The match began well enough for Wanderers when Moroney and  Phil Stacey could only put ten runs on the board in the first six overs. The bowling of Ryan Paxton and Sean Quinn was accurate and probing and was backed up by keen fielding. However the batting gradually got on top of the bowling to be 89 without loss at drinks. Wanderers broke through shortly after the break when Stacey holed out in the covers for 29 at 1/89. Moroney and Seb Holbrook took the score past the 150 mark with some fine stroke play until the latter went for 19 caught by Quinn off

Dylan Male. The Swaggies attack finally got their man when Moroney (101) was out to a well judged catch by Craig Hancock to give Male his second wicket. Moroney’s century included two sixes and nine fours and with the finals approaching it is a good time to be in form with the bat. The fielding side may have had thoughts of a quick end to proceedings but Darren Leonard and the hard hitting Brayden McEvoy had other ideas. They added 44 runs in quick time to take the score over the 200 mark with McEvoy well caught by Paul Luke for 19 at 4/210. Leonard was run out for 45 near the end which came with 230 on the board setting a formidable task for the Swaggies to take the points. The start of the Wanderer’s innings was cautious and uneventful until Geraghty broke through in the fifth over to have veteran Rob Paxton (3)

caught by Shane Moroney in the mid wicket area. From that point it became a procession as the Devils held their catches and Geraghty snared another five wickets to finish with 6/18 off eight overs with the new ball. Craig Wilson (9) well caught at mid off by Holbrook, Luke Dunk caught Mick Hoffmann, Jason Carroll caught Dion McEvoy, and Quin  lbw were all soon back in the pavilion. The score stood at 5/19 and when Adam Warren held a great running catch to dismiss Dave Hansen at 29, Geraghty had his sixth wicket. The lower order showed some resistance particularly Dylan Male with 21 not out to be easily the top score for his team. Brett Thompson (8) and Ryan Paxton (2) fell to Stacey and Hancock (9) was out to Stacey catch off Hoffmann. After hitting three lusty fours Luke was last man out bowled by Stacey for 12 at a final score of 81.

Scorebook . . . Olympic Dam

Stacey   c Quinn b Hansen ........................... 29 Moroney   c Hancock b Male ........................ 101 Holbrook  c Quinn b Male ............................. 19 Leonard   run out (Carroll) ............................ 45 McEvoy B   c Luke b Carroll ......................... 19 McEvoy D   c Male b Quinn . ........................ 0 Warren A   not out ......................................... 1 Geraghty   run out (Carroll) .......................... 0 Sundries ....................................................... 16 Total .............................................................. 7/230  

Bowling: Ryan Paxton 6-2-0/33  Quinn 6-0 -1/43 Carroll 8-0-1/38  Wilson 2-0-0/15  Dunk 8-0-2/46 Hansen 8-1-1/33 Male 2-1-1/13  

Wanderers Wilson   c Holbrook b Geraghty .................... Paxton Rob   c S Moroney b Geraghty .......3 Carroll   c D McEvoy b Geraghty . ................ Dunk   c Hoffmann b Geraghty ..................... Quinn   lbw b Geraghty ................................. Thompson   b Stacey ................................... Hansen   c A Warren b Geraghty .................. Male   not out . .............................................. Hancock   c Stacey b Hoffmann ................... Paxton Ryan   b Stacey ................................ Luke   b Stacey . ........................................... Sundries ....................................................... Total ..............................................................  

9 4 0 2 8 10 21 9 2 12 1 81


Pillar ct Steer Trotta . ........................................... 18 McArdle ct Tutthill Trotta . .................................... 18 Bell Bowled Platten ............................................. 1 Staines ct Tuthill Hayball ..................................... 15 Blackie ct + b Platten . ......................................... 1 White Bowled Trotta ............................................ 8 Searle ct Tutthill Hayball . .................................... 1 Cousins ct + b Allen . ........................................... 5 Allchurch LBW Allen ............................................ 3 Ingold ct Tutthill Boulton ...................................... 4 Payne Not out . .................................................... 1 Total ............................................................ 10/92


Trotta not out ....................................................... 12 Hayball LBW Blackie ........................................... 2 Boulton Not Out Total ............................................................ 0/17

Rouges Bowling

Anderson 8 1 0 15; Boulton 6.4 1 1 18; Platten 8 3 2 26; Trotta 8 2 3 13; Hayball 3 0 2 3; Allen 2 0 2 3

Woomera Bowling

Payne 2 0 0 10; Blackie 2 0 1 6

Bowling: Geraghty 8-1-6/18   Holbrook 6-0-1/19 Stacey 6.5-2-3/22   Hoffmann 5-0-1/22

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Flag about to drop on State Titles

Local drivers hope to feature well in the first round of the State Titles here on the weekend.


“On Saturday we start scrutineering from 10 to 4 pm and then town is privileged it gets once every five years or so when the club he flag is about to drop on the Round One of the State hosts the titles. Titles this year when Roxby Downs will host more than practice starts from 12 to 4 pm,” said Deb. Racing under lights over the short track will get underway at It also affords people new to the town and new to racing to see 80 drivers at the popular Red Dunes Raceway. 7 pm. and race on one of the best country tracks in the state and under

After months of preparation work by a small, dedicated band of volunteers the track and its surrounds are almost ready for the three days of action packed racing that promises to draw large crowds from the Far North and Eyre Peninsula. Club publicity officer, Deb Beenham told The Monitor that over 80 entries had been received at the time of going to print with crews coming from all the other six clubs in the Association. “It’s not a bad turn out for the four classes to be run.” She said for many of the drivers it will be the first time they have raced under lights so the club is offering the early birds a chance to practice under lights on Friday night, March 5.

“They will be racing two rounds under the lights on Saturday lights. night and on Sunday racing starts at 12 noon when again two . rounds will be raced on the long track. They will also have a few classes for all comers as well,” she said. Deb said about 10 of the local drivers will be racing in the title events which promise some of the best racing seen at the track in years. Being round one of the State Titles drivers will be keen to cement their chances for taking the coveted number one badge at the end of the series. For Roxby Downs to attract the best in the association to the

Don’t miss this opportunity to see some great racing this weekend, March 5, 6 and 7.

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M ore than 100 German soldiers set-up Page 3 Page 20 Page 4 One fo the vehicles being tested here for operations in Afghanistan about to dro...