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More debate on waste dump T

he ABC last week continued the debate initiated by Rowan Ramsey and supported by Roxby resident, John Read, to site the national low-level radioactive repository at Olympic Dam. The Roxby Downs ecologist and long-term resident says the South Australian Government is hypocritical for supporting the Olympic Dam mine and its expansion, yet ruling our hosting the national nuclear waste repository. According to the report, a national study had suggested the area to be the most suitable location as a low-level waste repository. John Read says, while it has led to debate, many local residents are not against the idea. “I rather provocatively challenged anyone to explain why the waste repository should not be located adjacent to the tailings dams and have received only support from local residents.” He told the ABC that, with radiation, environmental and security measures already in place, it could turn out to be an economic master stroke for the Roxby Downs community. Mr Read says the SA Government is willing to talk up expansion of uranium mining in the area but is hypocritical by not wanting to store the waste here. He told the Monitor after his ABC interview, “If Olympic Dam is boasting about developing the world’s largest Uranium mine, then it is hypocritical to deny a site for nuclear waste. “Many of the fuels and chemicals used and transported to site are more hazardous than lowlevel waste and the tailings dams contain far more low-level radioactive waste than stored in all of the hospitals, research sites and temporary storages around Aus-

tralia”. “If we can manage the uranium mining and we can manage the tailings then hosting a waste repository is just a dutiful thing to do,” he said. “It takes a courageous step for the company and the State Government to say ‘Ok, we’re involved in this game, we’re going to take responsibility and offer to host the national repository’.” He said that unlike any town or rural community in Australia, every resident of Roxby Downs has moved here in the knowledge that large levels of radioactive waste are stored locally. “As long as everything is stored securely, residents should be no more opposed to a nuclear waste site than the BHP Billiton mine.” Mr Read is a former BHP employee and like his co-workers who could have contributed to the debate he was prevented from contact with the media. The media typically provide the public with limited information and disables them from understanding the whole of the situation. “The other week, The Monitor spoke to only sixpeople about the waste site before publishing a damning headline. Six people plucked from the street and not provided with context or background can hardly be seen as a representative and responsible survey of public opinion,” said Mr Read. “Millions of dollars spent researching the best location for the national nuclear waste site found the Roxby-Woomera region to be optimal. Hence it is wrong for us to ignore the facts, shirk our responsibilities and force the repository to a less optimal location and upon a community who do have the understanding and accept the low risks and negative perception associated with low levels of radiation,” said Mr Read.

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Racing to Roxby for the 14th annual Cup It was a case of all hands on deck last weekend as the Roxby Downs Racing Club comittee prepared for the forthcoming Roxby Downs Race meeting on August 9. Once a year the track comes to life with the excitement of horses racing and the carnival atmoshpere it provides. With more than 2000 people expeted to grace the course there is plenty of work to do in the lead-up to the racing. A feature of the racing carnival will be the 1800 metre Onestell Outback Cup and a strong field of runners will line up. The six race program has drawn generous support from sponsors with a prize purse of $35,000 that is sure to attract more than 50 horses for the day. Pictured at left on the weekend is Idelle Diment, vice president of the Roxby Downs Racing Club sprucing up the ladies’ toilet with a fresh coat of paint. Below is Sam Keightley (left) with the president of the Roxby Downs Racing Club, Stuart Cormack looking over the track and the finishing line.


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REGISTERED TAX AGENTS WILL BE VISITING ROXBY DOWNS 5 – 9 AUGUST 2008 For an appointment please call 0407 399 945

It’s always a delight to hear people say coming to Roxby has been the best thing they’ve ever done. To me it promotes an authentic sense of positivity amongst us. There are always positives and negatives wherever we live and work but personally I couldn’t think of another place I’d rather be. (Well…besides Italy). There were obvious changes we all needed to make upon our arrival but for many there were enormous changes…and that especially applies to those who have come from overseas. Leaving family, friends, country, culture, familiar surroundings etc and coming to an outback town in a foreign country would have been a massive decision to make that would include huge changes! Changes I’m not sure I or my family would like to make. Roxby Downs is a unique community of around 5000 people that celebrates and enjoys 59 different nationalities amongst its residents! Yep! There are presently 59 different nationalities living and working

together in Roxby Downs. But regardless of where we come from we have all had to say goodbye to our families and friends. We all had the difficult task of informing our family and friends that we were leaving in order to live and work in outback Roxby Downs. Some have dealt with the changed conditions of outback South Australia better than others but when we arrived there was something we all hoped for. And that is, we all hoped to make new friends. We all enjoyed healthy friendships where we came from and we all hoped to enjoy good friendships here. Having friends around us is a wonderful experience but it’s also a necessity because healthy friendships provide the social networks we all need…without them our health and well being could be jeopardy. Why? Because healthy friendships enables us to relax and be ourselves and it’s a relationship that’s built on trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, laughter, intimacy and fun. Enjoying the love and support of family is of vital importance to us all

but friendships are also an important part of our vitality. Someone once said, “Friendships lift hearts and lengthens lives” and I like that because to be able to relax and be ourselves with a friend is a precious experience. Of course, loved ones can be best friends and work colleagues can enjoy friendships away from work. Those who play sport together can also build healthy friendships and we all know the vital importance young people place on friendships. All of which reminds us that friendships are often diverse and a whole lot of fun! For me, to meet with friends is all about the chat not the coffee. It’s true! Yes! I’m known to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and yes I’m also known to be very hard to please when it comes to a good hot coffee! But I’d much sooner the chat than the coffee anytime! I say that because like you… my coffee always seems to be much nicer and more enjoyable when I’m having a chat with loved ones or friends. Make the time to meet with friends…it’s not only wonderful and enjoyable but it’s good for you.

School art on display Year 3 to 6 co-ordinator for the Roxby Downs Area School, Georgina Arthur admires the work of her students hanging in the Roxby Downs Art Gallery. The art works done in the second term are from students in reception to year six using all mediums with different types of art including a section devoted to “What RoxbyMeans to Me”.

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Working in Roxby Downs? We’d love you to join us in Orroroo 350 kms from Roxby Downs

We’re only a small community but we’ve got a big heart We are very proud of our hospital and health services, exceptional educational facilities, shops and supermarkets, pubs, cafes and sporting facilities. The mighty Roos, our fantastic footy and netball clubs are consistent flag winners in the district. Only 3½ hours from Roxby, a new lifestyle for your family is well within your reach. You will find our real estate prices a great catch. There’s a number of very affordable established family homes and building blocks now available. Compare the value of living in Orroroo. Go to, click on House and Land and be pleasantly surprised how affordable living in Orroroo can be • Roxby Downs $395,000 • Port Augusta $200,000 • Whyalla $205,000 • Orroroo $115,000 source: SA REI Dec 2007 Need more information on living in Orroroo? Call Tony Renshaw at the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton on 08 8658 1260 or 0428 581 582.


Small Community – Big Heart!

You can live in Orroroo... Work in Roxby Downs Page 2 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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Paving the way forward Roxby Central shopping mall will be the hive of activity in the next week or two when work commences on the installation of new pavers. The $85,000 to $90,000 upgrade of the walk way will see existing pavers removed and replaced with high quality honed pavers. Mr Richard Stabile, Divisional Director, Property Management Savills Australia told the Monitor there will be disruptions in the mall during construction. “These will be kept to a minimum where possible and we ask patrons of the shopping centre to be understanding during the works.” He said the new pavers will greatly improve the aesthetics of the mall and will be easier to clean. As indicated previously, if any community or sporting groups can use the existing pavers, the company is more than happy to donate them. Mr. Stabile said, “This will be facilitated through Outback Landscaping.” Roxby Central Liaison Officer, Alison Speirs (pictured) said the new pavers will improve the look of the mall and with different colours there should be less marking, making it easier to keep clean.

Record output for BHP production from the Escondida mine in Chile - a joint venture with Rio Tinto - would drop 10 to 15 per cent a year from next year as grades declined.

Although uranium production at the Olympic Dam mine improved to 4144 tonnes this year, up from 3486 tonnes, it has been reported it is still not producing enough to meet the contracts signed by former owner, BHP produced a record amount of copper, iron ore, WMC Resources. alumina and manganese in the June quarter and a 13 per “Third-party uranium purchases decreased earnings cent annual rise in petroleum output as new oil projects this year by $US187 million, although favourable copper came on-stream at a time of record prices. But in its associated commentary, BHP said copper price adjustments added $US225 million.”

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HP Billiton last week reported a solid quarterly production report and accordingly should keep it on track to report record earnings of about $US15.7 billion ($16.1 billion) - smashing the Australian corporate record it set last year despite rising costs.


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Surfing into books By Sol Pizanez

She was just 22, a surfie chick just married to surfie guy travelling around the Western Australian coast on a long honeymoon, looking for waves, living in a Kombi van and working sporadically as a berry picker. Can you guess who she is? Meet Kirsti Sim, now surfing books at the Roxby Downs library. Kirsti mans the library’s reception desk, helps working with reading, dancing and singing for infants at the library. Originally from New Zealand, she came to Australia with her family when she was only five after her father was appointed to a position in Adelaide where Kirsti grew up. Now 32, Kirsti has two beautiful children: Jay (5) and Kiahna (7). “When my husband, Derek and I were travelling around WA surfing I started feeling ill and didn’t know what the problem was. Then we found out that it wasn’t a problem: I was pregnant with Kiahna!” Kirsti said. “I stopped surfing immediately because I thought ‘what if I get eaten by a shark? So we went back to the coast near Adelaide and I started working as a pharmacy assistant,” she said. Kirsti has lived in Roxby Downs for two years now. She has worked as a pool life guard at the Leisure Centre and is a volunteer in the Strength Families Program which helps and supports families in Roxby Downs. A year ago she started working at the library and will soon begin a Library and Information Services certificate. “I am a book nerd and just love reading. I read a book every night before I go to bed. It’s one of the most relaxing things I do every day. No one is awake; I don’t have to do the washing, the cleaning and school lunches. It’s my time,” Kirsti said. Her first impression of Roxby Downs was slightly daunting. “We arrived in town and spent the first night at the motel. It looked like a ghost town to me. There was no-one around, almost 45 degrees, and flies everywhere - and far too to quiet. It was a bit scary,” Kirsti said. Now, Kirsti loves Roxby Downs. “I love the social life here. The kids are always made welcome, there are a lot of things to do and people are really friendly. I’ve made a couple of really good friends here,” she said. “Our children also have lots of friends and love the Area School and their teachers,” Kirsti said. Pictured Kirsti reading her favourite book, The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons.


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New arrival for former Roxby residents Kaysha Rose Dellow, was born on July 8 in Stawell, Victoria and is the third child for Barry and Rosalie Dellow, former residents of Roxby Downs. Kaysha is a little sister for Cale four and half years and Kai three years. Baby Kaysha is the first granddaughter for Tony and Vicki McGauchie (Roxby residents) and first niece for Laurel and Tori McGauchie, Mark Dellow (Roxby residents) and Kerry and Jay Stringer as well as a new cousin for Anthony Stringer (former Roxby Residents).

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Applications are now open for the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Foundation Financial Literacy Grants. The program provides schools with the opportunity to develop student programs that create awareness, skill and understanding in financial literacy. All Australian secondary schools are eligible to apply for the grants. “The confidence that financial literacy provides young people will set them up for future success, so we encourage all Government, Catholic and Independent secondary schools in South Australia to submit an application,” said Barbara Chapman, Group Executive, Commonwealth Bank. This year’s program will have $1.75 million available in grants. One hundred grants of $3,500 each will be awarded to secondary schools to help develop the financial literacy skills of students in Years 7 to 12. The Commonwealth Bank has been supporting relevant and engaging financial literacy education programs for more than 70 years. For further information program, visit the web site Applications close on 17 September 2008.

Consulting Mondays and Tuesdays in July and August from 9am, flexible hours at The Roxby Downs Caravan Park, Pioneer Drive Cabin 51 opposite Reception.

For appointments telephone IAN GODFREY (08) 8642 5000 • Mobile 0419 825 254

Administration Assistant Located at Roxby Downs (6 month maternity leave position) Career Employment Group is looking for a well-organised, self-motivated Administration Assistant to assist our Apprenticeships and Traineeships Consultant in our Roxby Downs Office for 6 months. If you are passionate about making a difference to the youth of your community and want daily job satisfaction then this job is for you! The successful candidate will have extensive administrative experience and be able to demonstrate proficiency in all areas of the Microsoft office suite. The candidate will be required to work autonomously at times whilst enjoying working with and supporting a close team environment in a well-established progressive company. Frequent contact with our valued Host Employers and our quality Apprentices will require the successful candidate to possess excellent communication and negotiation skills. Very attractive above award wages are paid whilst working in a supportive environment that fosters professional development of its staff. The hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am until 1.00pm. Please send a letter of Application detailing your interest, skills and your current resume to: Ms Shelley Jonker, Deputy General Manager Career Employment Group Head Office PO Box 490, WHYALLA SA 5600 General Enquiries to Mrs Saski Lawrence Phone: (08) 8671 3033 Page 4– Thursday, July 31st, 2008

2008 Financial Literacy Grants

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l a i r dito

E Know you can never smoke again! The last thing a smoker wants or needs is to hear the edicts of a reformed smoker like myself or some other do gooders telling them they ought to give the filthy habit away. The new push for a Roxby Downs Quit Smoking campaign does have a lot of merit and is a good way to look at the reasons and get some tips on how to do it successfully. It has all the necessary professionals to give help and advice and it will benefit those who want to give it away. But there is the key to it all. You have to want to give it away. You can’t just cut down or ease into it. After 30 years of smoking I am always going to be a smoker. Just like an alcoholic – one cigarette and you will be back feeding your addiction. So the key to giving it away is you have to want it! Realistically there are so many reasons to give it up but you already

know them. It is less acceptable these days to smoke; the cost of a packet is almost too high to consider; then of course are the well documented health issues for yourself and those around you. Giving up smoking is not easy, but the local quit program can help and for those who sign on, the benefits will be immense. Take it from one who gave away nicotine “cold turkey” and one who hasn’t had a drag for 15 years – the first week is the worst! Get over that and you are well on the way to a far better future without the smokes. After week one you will need will power– but just remember you are just like a reformed alcoholic, one suck on a cigarette and you have to start all over again. Why do that when you have gone through the hardest week of them all?

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Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam

Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide

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Check this out! Sir - I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago praising the efforts of the unknown care takers of our local path. Yesterday I went flying through there to go collect my son from kindy just after 11am. On my return an hour later, my friend and I were discussing how the broken glass had returned. As we rounded the bend there was a tree across the path! Cheeky buggers have too much time on their hands. Could not believe it! I had JUST been through an hour earlier. It was like we were walking into an ambush. Hey guys, I have an off road pusher, but it doesn’t climb MOUNTAINS!!!! Theresa Tidy, Roxby Sir - With the new minimum wage rising for the lowest paid workers $22 per week, how is it with a booming economy and surplus terms of trade is it that they can only be afforded such a measly pay rise? When it is they who are expected to work harder for less pay when things are tough, it is they who are expected to wear the brunt of the government’s economic reform package by losing their jobs to help rein in inflation to stop the economy overheating. Whenever the government wants to make adjustments to the economy it is the low paid who have to make sacrifices. When the latest tax cuts were handed out it was the wealthy who got the most in real dollars. Their tax cuts were 5 times that of those on the minimum wage. The fact that it was the same in percentage terms is irrelevant because of the worldwide credit crunch, demand based inflation with rising interest rates it is a burden that is inflicted on all. It should be shared by all equally. Not only do they get more money but they can also use that as capital to borroweven more money. Because of their vast asset base they also get to borrow money cheaper because they are secured creditors. This puts a huge demand on products and services causing demand based inflation. The wealthy are slaughtering the economy. They make so much money that when profit margins are tight that businesses cannot afford to hire anyone else. Where is the opposition while all this is going on? The only thing they object to is young people paying too much for their grog. We need family Parties. Brendan Hall Non Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) Hamilton.3300

Effective August 2008



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Monitor NEWS The

Career Speak - Eddie Vahldieck

Above: Eddie Vahldieck Eddie Vahldieck started in the Hospitality Industry at 14 years old working as a barman in a family restaurant and continued to do so whilst at High School working at nights. At 16 years old and straight from high school, Eddie worked as a “Bell Boy” for two years at the Adelaide Grosvenor Hotel. “It was then that I decided I wanted to travel and work abroad. Hospitality is a great industry for travelling and working so I decided to formalise my practical training by doing the two year full time hotel and restaurant management certificate at Regency TAFE. This would then give me the formal qualifications I needed to gain good employment overseas,” Eddie said. At 20 years old and with a TAFE Certificate in hand, he moved to Sydney for two years and worked as a waiter at the Sydney Opera House and Waterfront Restaurant at the Rocks. After that Eddie went to Frankfurt, Germany,

to work as a “Chef de Rang” - the French name for Senior Section Waiter - at the Sheraton Hotel for a further two years. “I was able to travel extensively through Europe when not working. Once the travelling bug was out of my system, I returned to Adelaide.” In Adelaide he took up a restaurant management position firstly at a restaurant in Glenelg and then at the Oyster Bed Restaurant in Klemzig where “I met my lovely wife whom I am still married to. She was a waitress and I was the manager. She has never worked with me since then,” he laughed. Then Eddie moved into the hotel industry and was the manager of the College Arms Hotel for over four years. “Looking for a change in scenery, I then moved to Queensland to take up the manager’s position at the Loganholme Sizzler, which was the largest Sizzler in the Southern Hemisphere,” he said. He worked there for over three years, when his family wanted to return to Adelaide, where Eddie managed the Tonsley Hotel, Royal Hotel and the Marion Hotel. “Having worked Friday and Saturday nights, public holidays, Christmas, New Year for 25 years, I decided to take up the position of Food and Beverage Manager and specialist lecturer and Regency Tafe. I stayed there for nine years,” Eddie said. He gave in house training courses at the Hilton and Shangrila Hotels in China for restaurant and bar management to their food and beverage department managers, where he learnt Chinese language. Now, 49 years old, he is working as Project Manager for ESS at Olympic Dam/Roxby Downs and has been in that position since November 2006. Eddie promises to be a most enlightening speaker at the coming Careers Speak Forum running in Roxby from August 11 to 13.

ANDAMOOKIAN DIARY By Heather Hounslow I keep hearing about “single men’s quarters” being built in the near future in Andamooka, but nowhere does it state “single women’s quarters”. Does this mean that only single men can come and live in these buildings as opposed to married men, or for that matter, married women? Can we, us mere females, enter these premises, or will alarm bells go off, with heavy iron gates clanging shut, and sentries at the ready with machine guns, while spotlights come on focusing on someone’s mother arriving with a batch of scones and a fruit cake. What will happen if the guards discover a single man in Room 65 is really a “married man”? Will he be shot at dawn or sent on his way in an armoured car to the border at Woomera. Who is going to cook, clean and wash for these poor, unloved single men? WOMEN OF COURSE! But how do they enter the elite premises? Do they have to wear sugar sacks and a paper bag over their heads with eye slots so as not to excite these poor little motherless darlings? This is a mining town and now talk has it that what happened when gold was discovered many years ago in Bendigo and many other towns, and men flocked to the goldfields women followed and opened up “houses of disrepute”. Sure, that would solve the problem of women not being allowed to enter the “single men’s quarters” as the good time girls could take them back to “the house” (or shed, but not to my shed). Now let’s put another picture forward. Olympic Dam – is employing a considerable number of women, and I believe will continue to do so. Does that mean that somewhere along the track, “single women’s quarters” will be built? If so, then can we expect a group of men to set up a “house of disrepute” all of their own.

I would like to undertake several TAFE courses, should they be available, that I think would become quite useful should all of the above take place. First of all I think I could study to become a Marriage Celebrant, Justice of the Peace, Midwife, Florist, Child Minder, Dressmaker (even though I can’t even thread a needle), Limousine Service (I know of a few buses that still go) just to name a few. Do we need John Wayne or the Magnificent Seven to ride into town to sort out the fisticuffs that are bound to happen, or will a newly appointed Police Officer be able to maintain control (that’s if we ever get a PO). I say we get a Sheriff complete with shiny badge and leather holsters to ride through town on “Trigger” (or was that someone else’s horse – the Lone Ranger perhaps). Then we get together a posse to back him up. Trouble is, that is going to take a lot of water and feed for all the horses, not to mention the riders. Speaking of water, how on earth are we going to supply water to all these new Andamookians in their brand new quarters, let alone for the horses in the stables. Does this mean a new crime wave will eventuate whereby water thieves will creep into people’s properties with their buckets and help themselves to the contents of our water tanks? What about the water tanker drivers going about their business and being held up by a gang of outlaws who steal their tanker and gallop (no, tankers don’t gallop – just horses) anyhow off they go to their dongas and fill up their tanks and those of all their rellies. I am beginning to realize that the first two courses I should undertake are Horseriding and Shooting and definitely forget about the Dressmaking.

Do you want to quit today? Marla Oodnadatta NRM District Group

Notice of Group Meeting #6 • Oodnadatta • 19 & 20th August, 2008 For an agenda and inquiries contact the Board on SALNRM011128

ph: (08) 8648 5977 or the Board’s website.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

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See the Eyebus when it visits. For bookings phone:

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that cause lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, fertility problems in men and women, increased chance of a miscarriage for pregnant women, low birth weight babies and increases the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to name a few. Also children exposed to cigarette smoke from their parents are more likely to adopt this behaviour also the passive smoking increases their likelihood of developing asthma, respiratory disease and middle ear infections. Ex-smokers will tell you about how awful that they felt when the stopped smoking. Tense, irritable, unable to sleep and headaches are just a few. These side effects are caused by receptors in your brain wanting their ‘nicotine fix’ when you light up. A way to help reduce this is to use a Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT. NRT replaces nicotine from cigarettes and delivers it to you in a safe way avoiding all those dangerous chemicals associated with cigarettes. Gradually over time the receptors in your brain disappear leaving you no longer craving nicotine and therefore smoke-free. QuitSA (, Roxby Downs/Woomera Nick and Kane with the Quit Today smoking kits available. health service and Building Healthy Communities want to help you to quit smoking. We are giving a $120 subsidy for nicotine replacement for each We all know that the nicotine from a cigarette when you ‘light up’ is a highly addictive substance. According resident living in Roxby Downs, Woomera and Pimba to the US Surgeon generals report back in 1998, the ad- who sign up for the program. This 12 week ‘Quitline dictive qualities of nicotine are as addictive as heroin or program’ gives you subsidies for NRT and telephone cocaine. When you stop smoking the withdrawal from support and counselling to help you through this time. the nicotine that gives you the cravings makes you want Studies have shown that NRT and telephone support counselling is the most effective way to stop smoking. to have another cigarette. When you ‘light up’ a cigarette, the nicotine released Join at the Roxby Downs pharmacy and speak to either stimulates chemicals in your brain that give you a relaxed Nick or Claire or phone Kane Mc Inerney(CHN) at the feeling. It is this effect that you get addicted to and makes Roxby health centre. Sign up and begin the first day of it hard to stop. But did you know as you are smoking the rest of your life as a non smoker. Places are limited you are exposing yourself to many dangerous chemicals so do it today.



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Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at the ofces of Lin Andrews Real Estate, 3 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on 3 September, 2008. For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional ofces at Clare and Port Augusta (also visiting Whyalla) Page 6 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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Roxby Freestyle event on again

Girl’s night out raises $1,150 The proceeds from the ‘Girl’s Night Out’ event have now been presented to the Roxby Downs/Woomera Health Service . The one night event raised $1,150 for prostate cancer research thanks to all the sponsors and to the 67 women who supported the cause. “The donation will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to innovating research, improving skills and training of people who work with men that suffer prostate cancer and making a support group for them”, said Kane McInerney, Roxby Health Service community health nurse. “Prostate cancer is really hard to detect and is the most common cancer in men above fifty. Close to 3000 men die of prostate cancer, equal to the number of women who die from breast cancer annually. We know that smoking causes lung cancer, but it’s unknown which are the factors that cause prostate cancer”, he said. The event took place at the Roxby Leisure on July 4. “It was a success, the evening started with canapés and PICTURED: Mandy Masters, Roxby Leisure Manager of Cultural Services, handing over the donation to Kane champagne, followed by the ‘Sex and the City’ movie McInerney, Roxby Health Service community health nurse. and a nice chat with coffee and Parfait after the movie”, Mandy Masters, Manager of Cultural Services Roxby Advertisement Leisure, said. The sponsors donated prizes for raffles to raise money. The winners of the evening: Raffle first prize: Sue Anne Scobie. Door prize: Renee Hill. Quiz: Teya Dunn. Best Stilettos: Dianna Woodwood. A special thanks to the Roxby Downs Tavern for keeping the women refreshed with champagne all the evening. Thanks to all the sponsors who support the Prostate cancer research: Roxby Leisure, Roxby Pharmacy , Life Changing Massage, Roxby Tavern, Eazy Peazy Kids Parties, Hourglass Jewellers, Enhance Fashion, Outback Landscaping, The Thirsty Camel, Father Brian , Car Wash , Lunch on the Run , Woolworths , Subway , Telecom Shop , Newsagent, Sportspower , Mitre 10 , Autopro , Olympic Dam Food Catering , Roxby Downs Chinese Restaurant , Veterinarian , BlockBuster , Hot Rox , Roxby Downs Post Office.

Remember last year’s thrilling Roxby Desert Moto-X Freestyle spectacular? Well it’s on again and will be an event not to miss. Visiting Moto-X riders from Adelaide will add to the program of local riders and will bring the crowd to their feet with the things they can do on a motor bike. Last year a crowd estimated to be over 500 packed into grounds and organisers are expecting even larger numbers this year. The Spectacular is on Saturday, August 16 with the gates open at 3 p.m. and riding from 4 p.m. Watch the Monitor in the coming weeks for more details.

If you think Climate Change won’t hurt our economy, think again.

First combined Guides meeting a success The Andamooka Opal Girl Guides held their first Roxby and Andamooka community barbecue on Monday, July 21 with a very pleasing turnout of children and parents. It was the first meeting of the new combined Guide group and during the night the girls were selling biscuits, a lucky door prize and a Father’s Day raffle which will be continued until the next Roxby Market Day. Thanks were extended to Peter Kelly and Angie for cooking the barbecue and to all those who made the night such a wonderful success. Julie Wright, one of the Guide Leaders said, “It was a good night filled with fun, music and laughter.” The Andamooka Opal Girl Guides meet at the Andamooka Community Hall from 5 to 7 pm each week.

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Australia is already a hot and dry continent. Climate change will mean more severe droughts – reducing our water supplies, threatening agriculture and risking higher food prices.

Scientists warn that climate change will cause more severe bushfires, storms, cyclones and floods. This is already pushing up insurance premiums.

Major tourist attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu Wetlands and the Australian Alpine areas are all threatened by rising temperatures – risking thousands of jobs.

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Monitor NEWS Vox Pop - What our readers think about the loss of the bus service to Roxby

Darren Pedler Corne Walkinshaw Tom Beever “It’s terrible for those that can’t afford the plane “It is a disgrace for those people who need “Personally I am worried because having no to visit doctors in Adelaide and are too old to bus service will severely disadvantage many ticket there is no way to get out of town” drive.” people”

Dave Masters “My concern is about the movies network. We will be affected losing the bus service because we get the movies from everywhere Adelaide, Victor Harbor, Port Lincoln by bus.”

Youth reminded of rules


ollowing last week’s photos of the boys being boys at the skate park, Roxby District Council reminded kids of the risks they take by not wearing safety gear and especially helmets. Municipal Works Manager Mr. Peter Keller and Perdita Cooper Youth Activities Co-ordinator said most of the kids know the rules and they are made evident by the sign at the park. “They are taking big risks by not wearing helmets and they lack awareness of what they are not allowed to do at the park,” said Mr. Keller. It is made quite clear on the sign at the park that only skate boards and inline skates are to be used, as the park is not designed for bikes or scooters. Mr. Keller said the risk of injury becomes too high with bikes and scooters

Peter Keller and Perdita Cooper want kids to realise the dangers and the rules at the skate park.

You will be jumping for joy with up to 8.50% p.a.

competing with skate boards. Perdita Cooper told the Monitor that most kids want a larger facility and a half pipe designed for bikes is high on their wish list. She said that the Youth Activities Group constantly reminds kids of the need to wear safety helmets and protective clothing to prevent serious injury and any function they run at the park enforces the rules. The skate park has been open in Roxby since April 2007 and is well utilised daytime and now night time since the recent installation of lights. The Youth Activities Group holds regular sessions at the park, and Mrs. Cooper said they have the big screen, movies and music as well as a pizza night to encourage kids to attend. “We usually attract around 30 kids and they have a great time.” The next night planned is Friday, August 8 and everyone is invited to attend.

Greyhound in talks to take over bus service


“We realise how impor- daily passenger service from tant Roxby Downs is to the Roxby Downs, Woomera South Australian economy,” and Olympic Dam to Port he said. Augusta and Adelaide in the “The new service will South, and Coober Pedy and ensure a daily overnight Alice Springs in the North. freight and parcel service “Roxby Downs is a boomin and out of Olympic ing town, but we understand Dam, Roxby Downs and travelling around Australia Woomera. Greyhound’s may not be easy for people After working closely service will also mean a living in remote areas. “ with South Australian Government and the Premier Stateliner Group to provide Ph: (08) 8671 0177 a new service to the mining town of Roxby Downs, the Fax: (08) 8671 0180 date has not yet been confirmed for both passenger and freight services to com- “It might be easier to list what we don’t do” Machining mence. Greyhound plans to pro- Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to vide daily runs to and from produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a Roxby Downs and Pimba on choice of a wide range of materials. Fabrication the Stuart Highway. Chief Executive Officer, Any metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your Robert Thomas, said the needs. new route will be a break- Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel through for the company’s work. Trailer repairs and modifications. Steel Supply operations in the State. Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc The route between Roxby in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, Downs and Pimba will al- ideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and low travellers to connect designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. to a daily service running Mechanical Services North and South between Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment Adelaide and Alice Springs, and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning servvia Port Augusta, already ice and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. operated by Greyhound. Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater Mr Thomas said Grey- products, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and hound is happy it can allay Chicago pneumatic air tools.Come and talk to the boy fears that South Australia’s ngineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) Come and talk to the boys at Precision resources sector would be Engineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) about what we can do for you ! cut off with no service to about what we can do for you! Roxby Downs.

reyhound Australia announced last week that it wants to take over bus services to Roxby Downs and will start the daily run hopefully by the end of the month.

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The 14th ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP 2008 Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

It’s almost Race Day in Roxby

They’re off and racing at last year’s start to the feature race on the program. Trainers are expetced to support the carnival following the increase in float rebates making it the largest in the country SA.

Get out your glad rags and hats for the 14th annual Roxby Downs One Steel Cup day at the local track. Everything is in place for the Race Week Carnival in the desert with the Barrier Draw at the Roxby Downs Community Club on Wednesday night, August 6, to be followed by the Ladies’ Fashion Night also at the Club on Thursday night, and then on Friday August 8 the Kempe Calcutta when the Outback Cup Field will be auctioned at the Club. On Saturday the Alliance Airlines Roxby Downs Race Course will be a picture of colour and atmosphere when the crowds estimated to be well in excess of last year will flock to the course. Everything, or almost everything, will stop in Roxby for the Outback Cup meeting and according to a radio report in Adelaide recently big crowds are expected to come from the city. Former Melbourne Cup winning jockey John Letts told a radio audience that the Roxby Downs Meeting is one of the best country meetings on the calendar and one not to miss.


• Open Pit Mining • Backfill Operations • Drill & Blast • Civil Construction • Shotcrete/Fibrecrete • Crushing & Screening • Haulage • Load & Haulage • Ore Handling • Quarry Management • Mine Camp Construction • Earthworks • Road Construction • Mine Tailings Dam

Ph. 08 8352 9000 Fax: 08 8234 1320 email:

Proud sponsors of the Outback Cup 2008 For employment opportunities, please go to our website THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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The 14th ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP 2008 Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs



t may not be the Melbourne Cup but it kicks off race week really well at the Roxby Downs he Club will also host the Kempe is the nearest thing you can get in the Community Club. Calcutta when the Outback Cup field outback. will be auctioned. n Thursday night the action continues The Roxby Downs Race Week will bring a You can buy a ticket and go into the draw for with the Ladies’ Fashion Night also at plethora of fun and entertainment starting on a share in the prize money associated with the the Club. It is a chance when the ladies Cup placegetters as a percentage of what they are Wednesday night when the official barrier draw can look the part on race day by selecting auctioned for on the night. of the Onesteel Outback Cup and the PHP Billiton Copper Shield will be drawn. It is a fun night and their attire from the display at the Club. Then on Saturday all the action is at the track


with racing commencing at 11 a.m. Admission to the track is $10 for adults with concession for seniors and children under 16 can get in free of charge. There will be local, metrpolitan and interstate racing, SKY bookmakers and the Transmission Australia Tote. There will public and members’ bars as well as wine and food sales at the course.

All the glitz and the glamour of horse racing coming to Roxby. See the horses and their jockeys parade before each race and the winners return for the mandatory weigh-in.

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“Still servicing the Roxby Downs Community” Proud sponsors of the 1800m Outback Cup

Page 10 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Is it all in the name or the colours worn by the jockey?

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The 14th ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP 2008 Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs


Fashions on the Field

t pays to dress up for the Roxby Cup and this year is no exception with outstanding prize money for those adjudged the best dressed in the eight categories. The ladies have the the chance to win $500 in the Exact Mining Women’s Fashions on the Field for the “Miss Outback” title. Second place will get $200 and third place $100. The Hercus Australia Men’s Fashion on the Field title for “Mr. Outback” will see the winner take out a $250 first prize and second place picking up $50.

The Alliance Airline Fashions on the Field for the “Most Elegant Lady” has prize money of $200, $100 and $50 on offer. Then there are the Fashions on the Feild for the most creative male and most creative female. These two categories are sponsored by ITT Flygt and Kellan Training and there promises to be some amusing dress codes in this section. The Kempe Fashions on the Filed for the Best Racing couple has a $50 prize as does the Weir Metals Best Hat for Ladies and the Transmission Australia Best Hat for Men. So it is well worth the effort of dressing up for the Roxby Race Day.

Greyhound free Trackside Travel

Pictured are some of last year’s lovely ladies after being named as winners in the Fashions on the Field.

Again this year Greyhound Australia will provide a free bus service to the the track from Olympic Dam Airport at 10 am. There will be a pick-up from the Camp 1 Olympic Dam to the course at 11.30 am and 12.30 from Roxby Town Centre. After the races return bus travel is available at 4.30 to Roxby Town Centre, 5 pm to Olympic Dam Airport, 5.30 to Roxby Town Centre and 6 pm Roxby Town Centre. No alcohol is permitted on the bus

BHP BILLITON OLYMPIC DAM Supporting our local communities is important to us, and that’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Roxby Downs & Districts Race Club to bring you the BHP Billiton Copper Shield 1200 metres.

Proudly supporting community events THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, July 31st, 2008 – Page 11

The 14th ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP 2008 Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Punters’ Marquee sure to be popular once again Above Former jockey John Letts with Denise Ogilvy of Orroroo and her daughter Regina Qualmann of Roxby Downs.

Now in its third year, the Punters’ Marquee this year sponsored by Weir Minerals is sure to be very popular with the crowds. Last year the marquee attracted around 200 people who had the pleasure of free beer, wines and nibbles all day long , as well as free entry to the course and Club Membership. All this for the price of $100 per head is great value. Tickets for the Punters’ Marquee must be purchased prior to the race day and can be done by contacting Natasha on 0411 049 925.

Float rebates highest in country SA In an effort to attract horses and trainers to South Australia’s northern most registered Club Race Meeting, the Roxby Downs Racing Club is paying the largest float rebates at $160 per starter, winners excepted. This is a goodwill gesture by the club to help offset the high cost of travel to the town for the race meeting. As well as the float rebates this year the leading trainer will receive $1500 and the leading jockey $1000.

Free Children’s rides

The height of fashion? Well you be the judge. Here Joshua O’Brien and Boro Again this year and thanks to the generosity of sponNedelkovic made some attempt to win the best hat and become the best sors children attending the race meeting with their pardressed males in the Fashions on the ents will have free rides on the Bouncing Castle, Merry Go Round and the Supa Slide. Field last year.

Shop 4 / 14 Tutop Street, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 RLA # 208715

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Roxby Races 2008

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Special Race Flights from Adelaide - Roxby Downs

Sale Fare $98.00* one-way Tracey Ryan Administration Property Management Support

Sandy Sumsion Business Manager 0400 366 619

Adelaide to Olympic Dam Airport

Olympic Dam Airport - Adelaide

QF2606 Sat 09Aug departs 0700 arrives 0830 QF2608 Sat 09 Aug departs 0800 arrives 0930

QF2609 Sat 09 Aug departs 1800 arrives 1930 QF2617 Sun 10 Aug departs 1800 arrives 1930

D SPONSORS OF Th PROU e roxby races

Bookings Telephone 13 13 13

1600M - Race 6 If you are looking for • Free appraisals • Property Management • All Sales Enquiries in Roxby Downs and Andamooka,

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Page 12 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

* Includes surcharges, fees and taxes. For credit card payments a fee of $6.60 per passenger applies. Bookings via the Qantas call centre 13 13 13 will attract a booking fee. Fares cannot be changed and are non-refundable.

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Monitor NEWS Robertson’s Rambles Cooking in your own kitchen I recently invited a dear friend for dinner and suggested I cook her favourite dish, “Bobotie”. My friend is South African and so is the dish, thus I was walking into a foreign cooking territory. I was excited about cooking something that I had never made before, but knowing my history with cooking, I may as well have pulled out a scarf and blind-folded myself as I knew it was going to be a hit-or-miss moment. As I donned my apron (and scarf ) I felt a tingle inside that I experience whenever I start something new. The sensation was reminiscent to the feeling of going on holiday, starting a job or embarking on a new relationship. It is the nervous anticipation of something different. I suppose if you were to compare any new cooking experiences to a relationship, they both begin in the supermarket. In terms of a relationship, the supermarket is like the meat-market: you compare prices, products and quality. With a list of essential ingredients, you peruse the aisles selecting the products that fit the specifically outlined criteria. Only the best ingredients are selected so as to ensure top quality flavour in the end product. Upon selecting your ingredients, you then take them home. Home is where the crucial preparation is endured. Home is where your culinary skills are put to the test. If you rush in and don’t follow your recipe, you could very easily ruin the end result. You combine the ingredients as the recipe outlines, but the fragrance, appearance and feel of the dish is unique, different and exciting.

The faint fluttering of butterflies may be felt in the recesses of your tummy; this could be hunger or excitement. Although strange, it is new, novel and fun. Once the preparation is done, the crucial baking phase of the recipe ensues. You have seen the recipe when raw. You have contributed your efforts. The dish is now left alone to develop its own conclusion from the preparations... for an hour in the oven on 180Celcius. As I waited, my friend arrived and I told her how I had followed the recipe. We compared notes and laughed as we assessed the situation and forgave the missing ingredients from my “Bobotie” recipe. The hour passed along with a bottle of red and it was time to introduce my new fandangle cooking to my friend. Being from South Africa, my friend knows how “Bobotie should appear”. She knows that if I have been good to it, it should be good in return. She knows that the recipe is served best hot, but also works when cool. I knew that if it was a success for my friend, I would cook it again for more friends and eventually my family. I pulled the traditional South African dish from the oven and brought it to the table. It looked perfect, smelt divine and when I served it up, we couldn’t be more impressed. The recipe had every potential to do quite the opposite in which case, it would have been a matter of returning to the cook book and selecting another recipe. Like a new recipe, a budding relationship requires just the right touch.

Feeling a new pulse in town By Erin Robertson Pulse Dance Studio, affiliated with Roxby Downs Pulse Gym, will be opening doors to any “wannabe” dancers next week at the Roxby Downs auditorium. Jessica Finzel, who has been dancing for 15 years, will lead students into the world of hip hop, jazz, funk, contemporary and the most recent street style called krump. “It’s more full on style of hip hop it sort of takes all aspects of street and pop culture and rolls it into one… it is sort of like battling through dance without physical contact,” said Jess when describing “krump”. To join, registration forms are available from Mensland, Sportpower and the Leisure centre. Terms will run parallel with school terms and classes will run for 1.5hrs. Tuesday classes will consist of jazz, funk and contemporary and start at 5pm with 6 – 10yrs olds, then 11 – 15yrs olds at 6.30pm and open age group from 8pm. Thursday classes will include hip hop and krump and commence with 6 – 8yrs olds at 3.30pm – 5pm, 9 – 11yrs olds at 5.00 – 6.30pm, 12-15yrs olds at 6.30 – 8pm and open from 8 – 9.15pm. The first Pulse Dance studio term will start in week three of school and will cost $95. All terms thereafter will be $150. Both fees include Tuesday and Thursday classes. “It includes all your costumes, your makeup, your insurance, your everything, music, everything,” said Jess. “It will be a professional dance studio so you come and you dance and you learn the dances and hopefully at the end of the year we will put together a performance and show the town.” Pull out the old blue suedes and feel the rhythm at Pulse Dance Studio.

SPOTLIGHT ON YOU Q. Full Name A. Stu Cormack Q. Nickname A. Plugger is probably the one that has stuck and is printable Q. Where are you from? A. Coonalpyn, Meadows, Roxby - South Australia Q. How long have you been in Roxby? A. About 16 years Q. Occupation A. Supply Coordinator Q. Favourite food A. Steak or Sausages with Chips, Eggs, Onion Q. What hobbies do you have? A. Local Horse Racing Club Q. What is your idea of fun? A. Watching TV or Working out at the track Q. Winter or summer? A. Summer Q. What is something you consider you do really well? A. Not to bad at consuming XXXX Gold

Shop 4 / 14 Tutop Street, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 Ph 8671 3355 Fax 8671 3366

RLA # 208715


Q. What frustrates you? A. Not finishing things Q. What is your favourite quote? A. She’s coming right for me Q. What would you do with $10million if you won it? A. Buy a Land cruiser tray top off to Kingaroy to drink beer and eat fresh beer nuts, as well sponsor a race on race day. Q. Who would you least like to sit next to on a plane and why? A. I Don’t fly but - Graham Warren as I couldn’t stand listening about the Crows Q. What is something about you that not many people would know? A. I was actually a St Kilda supporter before Port Adelaide entered the AFL Q. If you had one wish, what would it be? A. Get paid to work for the Race Club full time


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Lot 383 4 bdm, extensive garaging


OLYMPIC DAM – A copper/uranium mine, Olympic Dam processes ore and refines products of international standing – all on the one site. Nearby Roxby Downs is a modern, fully-equipped township of around 4,500 people, boasting top-class recreational, civic and educational facilities. This is a great place for families and professionals to live and work.




BHP Billiton has an overriding commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.




Lot 300 Govt Rd - 2 bdm, 1 bath $220 p/w 1/339 Govt Rd – 2 bdm, 1 bath $195 p/w 2/339 Govt Rd – 2 brm, 1 bath $195 p/w If you are looking for • Free appraisals • Property Management • All Sales Enquiries in Roxby Downs and Andamooka,

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Monitor NEWS

Oodnadatta Campdraft and Bronco Branding 2008 The Oodnadatta community held its annual campdraft and bronco branding on Saturday July 12th with competitors and visitors from all parts of the state to compete or just enjoy the day’s activities. The Campdraft section saw William Clarke of Allandale take the prize money in the Junior section and the Juvenile Draft went to Ben Crozier, Anna Creek, with Georgie Black, Allandale taking out second place. These placegetters are all away at school in Adelaide, so it was good to see them around for the holidays. Corey Ferguson of North Moolooloo, Copley was successful in the Novice Draft, taking first and second places. The Novice Bronco Branding saw Oodnadatta local Greg Warren, with his team of son Greg Junior, Eddie Nunn, Macumba and Colin Greenfield, Billa Kalina popular winners of this event. Eddie Nunn and his team of Greg Warren, Tom Curnow, Coober Pedy and Colin Greenfield once again showed their

skill and horsemanship in taking out yet another Oxiana Singles event at Oodnadatta. The Patsie Williams Memorial Doubles event went to visiting catchers Bully Booth Murnpeowie and Corey Ferguson, with their ground crew of Bill Drew, Leigh Creek, Chris Reynolds Commodore and David May, Snowtown. The new Chute Dogging event was won by Reg Hunter Hamilton and Jimmy Leslie, while Waylon Gowens, Anna Creek, was the only participant to master the art of steer riding for the entire eight seconds. During the evening life membership was presented to Andrew and Donnagh Clarke, Allandale Station. Andrew and Donnagh have been active members and taken on executive roles within the club over a number of years. They have moved to their property in the South East. We wish Donnagh and Andrew and their boys all the best for their future, and welcome Rodney Fullerton and Narelle Black and their family, who have taken on the manager’s role at Allandale.

Above: Greg Warren Jnr, Boyd Tope and Reg Hunter getting their best secure.

Above: Randall Crozier, Anna Creek watches while his team rope the beast.

Above: Corey Ferguson won the Campdraft.

Above: Oxiana Singles winners- Eddie Nunn, Colin Greenfield, Tom Curnow and Greg Warren pictured with Oxiana’s Fred Murray.

Above: Cameron Williams Carrieton and Daniel Williams Arckaringa were second in the chute dogging.

Above: Bill Drew, Corey Ferguson, Bully Booth, David May and Chris Reynolds after winning the Patsie Williams Memorial Doubles. Page 14 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Above: Onlookers Jill Greenfield, Billa Kalina with Kim and Rosie Skeer from Beachport. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Police News


At Midnight on Friday the 25th of July 2008, Police attended a noisy party at ANDAMOOKA and issued the occupant with an Environmental Protection Order, to cease all noise from the premises for a period of 72 hours. On Saturday the 26th of July 2008, at about 6 p.m., Police conducted a mobile breath test on a driver on Stuart Road, ROXBY DOWNS. The driver blew a positive result and was issued an expiation notice for exceeding 0.05mg of alcohol in his blood. On Saturday the 26th of July 2008, a male was arrested about 10 p.m. for breaching his bail conditions outside The Club, 21 Burgoyne Street, ROXBY DOWNS. At about 7.30 p.m. on Sunday the 27th of July 2008, a male was arrested for an aggravated assault on a family member at ROXBY DOWNS. Police are concerned in relation to the number of serious assaults that are occurring due to the abuse of alcohol and the increased influence of illegal drug consumption occurring within the area. Members of the public are to be reminded that the abuse of these products whether legal or illegal, has serious impacts on the individuals concerned, job maintenance, family members and the local community. If an individual chooses to abuse, this abuse has a ripple effect into the ROXBY DOWNS community and beyond. For support in this matter, please phone the Drug and Alcohol Services Council on 1300 131 340.

To advertise here Phone 8671 2683

ACCOMODATION ADELAIDE Accommodation Semaphore from $70 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646.


PO Box 388, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Accounts Administrator ODPE is currently looking for an experienced person, with sound accounting and computer skills, who is seeking a long term position in a small office environment. Your duties will include although not limited to: • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Updating and maintaining database • Debtor Collection • Generating invoices • Month End reporting • Payroll and associated duties including PAYG, super, maintaining of employee files, contacts • Work Cover requirements • Financial reporting • Reconciling of credit card statements • Bank reconciliations • General Administration • Monitoring data for KPI requirements Knowledge of OuickBooks Accounting Systems is desirable though not essential. It would be desirable that the successful candidid will be required for immediate start though this is negotiable. For more information please call Phil Lacey on 8671 0177 or email your resume to

Proposed Amendment PUBLIC INSPECTION Pursuant to Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1999 Council wishes to advise that following initial public inspection of Council’s proposed bylaw No 2 – Dogs and Cats made under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and Local Government Act 1999 that Council proposes to amend the initial draft following submissions received from the Dog and Cat Management Board. Proposed changes are required to put into effect the intent of Council’s Animal Management Plan which was adopted by Council on 28 August 2007 and following extensive consultation with the community. Proposed changes are minor in nature but are required to clarify the intent of the initial draft bylaw to ensure that the any proposed detention of cats is of similar provisions that currently relate to dogs. Copies of the proposed amended bylaw are available from the Council Office 6 Richardson Place Roxby Downs during business hours. Please phone. Phone 08 8671 0010 or email for a copy. A copy will also be included on Council’s website www. as soon as reasonably practical Persons wishing to make a submission on the amended bylaw must do so by close of business on Friday 22 August 2008 Council will give reasonable consideration to all submissions received by this date before formally considering the matter Bill Boehm Administrator 31 July 2008

YOU ARE INVITED TO Julianna Horvaths Andamooka PETRO ART Exhibition

Friday 1st August @ 6pm Drinks and Light Refreshments provided on the evening

Exhibition running From 1st August until 17th August




DIRECTORY Senior First Aid 1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs

Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

TAXATION/ACCOUNTING Are you a..... Small Business Owner • Carpenter • Plumber • Tiler • Electrician • Concrete Contractor • Paver or other Trades Professional For your work completed on time or your money back

8642 5244

28 Jervois Street, Port Augusta

$150.00 per person

Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the benets of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555

Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842


BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

All welcome. We’ve got something to offer


We offer a range of activities in a fun, non-competetive learning environment. Catering for all age groups, we offer the following classes: CURRENT CLASSES • Latin Dance & Zumba • Mixed Dance • Cheerleading • Music & Movement

COMING SOON • Self Defence & Defencercise • Classical Ballet • School Holiday Club! • Drama, Circus, Little Sports

P-0458 167 408

Sunday Worship: 10am

Monday: Prayer - 7.30pm Tuesday: Mens Fellowship - 7.30pm Wednesday: Ladies KYB - 7.30pm Wednesday: Bible Study - 7.30pm Sunday Kids Church - during worship time

Corner Burgoyne St and Tutop St

Uniting and Angilcan sponsored. ph: 0409 68 67 68 A Protestant faith community

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What’s On across


HEALTH ROXBY DOWNS FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday morning by appointment. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE Occupational Therapist -Speech PathologistDietician - Podiatrist Phone: 8671 9020 CHILD ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES

Phone: 1800 819 089

HEARING SERVICES 9:00am-2:30pm Monday to Friday Phone:1800 006 303 PRAM WALKING GROUP 9:30am Friday Meet outside the Dunes Café


EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 2:00pm Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 BINGO (All proceeds go to the community) 7:00pm Tuesdays At Tuckerbox in Andamooka CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT - MOVIES Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (See schedule back page) Phone: 8671 2001 TODDLERS STORY TIME 9:30am - 10 30am Tuesday Fun for young children and mums Meet at Roxby Downs Library

PULSE FITNESS SPIN CLASSES 6:30pm Monday &Thursday

PLAYGROUP - St. Barbara’s Parish School Call Jakki: 8671 2323

DOCTOR’S NEW SPECIALISED DRUG Phone: 1800 700 270 (Number for Medicare Use)

PLAYGROUP - Roxby Downs Kindergarten 10:00am - 11:30am Friday

CRISIS CARE COUNSELLING Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services:1800 655 716 Crisis care line:13 16 11 For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7

COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board Community Board, Forums and Partnerships see schedule on the Community Matters page For more information call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 ROXBY DOWNS ROTARY CLUB 1st and 3rd Monday of the month Meet at the Dunes Café. ANDAMOOKA OPAL GIRL GUIDES Andamooka Community Hall Mondays from 5 pm to 7 pm Contact 0427072710

GENERAL INFORMATION SCHOOL TERMS 2008 Term 3: July 21st - September 26th Term 4: October 13th - December 12th MT DARE HOTEL 8am – 9pm Open every day PRELIMINARY NOTICE ST BARBARA’S PARISH SCHOOL FETE Friday 19th Sept 5:30pm-9:00pm Market Stalls, Entertainment, Bar facilities and much more. Everyone welcome.

ROXBY DOWNS HEALTH SERVICES COFFEE MORNING 9:30am - 11:00am Thusrday Meet at the Dunes Café RAPTORS CYCLING CLUB 8:00am Sunday Social bike riding group Meet at Stuart Road roundabout DADS AND KIDS 9:00am - 12:00pm every third Sunday For Dad’s and kid’s of all ages Meet at the Lions Park ROXBY DOWNS MARKET DAYS August 16th September 20th October 18th November 15th ROXBY DOWNS CHILDCARE 6:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday Phone: 8671 0911

CHURCH ROXBY DOWNS LUTHERAN CHURCH 9:30am every Sunday during School Terms FAITHWORKS CHRISTIAN CHURCH An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday 5:00pm at Roxby Downs Catholic School Library SOUL FOOD Sunday August 10

If you have an event or a function for the What’s on column give the Monitor a ring today on 8671 2683 or email

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Zone reps enjoyed the competition

Pictured: Wayne “Woody” Turner, Daniel Rogers, Ryan Schell, Tyrone Price and Wayne “Codger” Burton at the SA Football Country Championships. From the weekend of the Miners’ Cup match played at AAMI stadium saw Daniel Rogers (Olympic Dam), Ryan Schell, (Roxby Miners) and Tyrone Price (Hornridge) were selected to play in the SA Country Championships in the Riverland on the weekend of 5th and 6th July. Representing the Northern Districts Zone were players from areas such as Roxby Downs, Port Augusta, Whyalla, Port Pirie and surrounding areas. The Northern Zones were up against five other zones from around the state. Two games

were played in Berri on the Saturday, with the last game being played in Barmera on Sunday. The standard of competition was extremely high and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Congratulations to the local boys who were selected to be a part of such a large competition. A thank-you must go out to local selector Wayne “Woody” Turner and trainer Wayne “Codger” Burton for their efforts with the Northern Districts team.

Miners win soccer grand final Congratulations go to both teams for a highly skillful and closely fought match, won in extra time by the Miners. After taking an early 2-0 lead, UGLS looked good for the win but were pegged back and went into half time 3-2 down. A tight second half brought only one goal, to Tristan Baldey, to level the match at 3-3 at the final whistle. This took the match into extra time, with the golden goal winner going to a great shot by Dan Ferguson, giving the Miners victory, this after propping up the ladder for the first half of the season. A great turnaround and evidence of a tight competition. We will now be holding scratch matches until the beginning of next season. These are for anyone to come along to, try to get as many people as possible to come as we hope to increase the number of teams in the competition next season. Scratch matches are held between 6 and 7 on Tuesdays, and between 6 and 8 on Thursdays. The cost is $5 each to cover the cost of court hire. There will be a meeting with all team captains soon to discuss the coming season (rules, dates etc.) and anybody else interested. The new season will be started sooner rather than later.

Part of the successful Miners Indoor Soccer premiers are:- Back row Gonealo Lara and Andres Fierro. Front Juan Castillo and Vladimir Chikovskiy. Absent and who played during the year were Andrei Goranov, James Sinclair, Daniel, Rodrigo Segovia and Isaias Gonzalez.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Andamooka Football Club 20th Anniversary Andamooka Football Club Reunion night of nights


The Andamooka Football Club “Team of n the 19th of July, the Andamooka Hall was filled to capacity when the the Century” was announced and included: Gavin Zani, Kit Williams, Matthew Watkins, 20th anniversary of the Andamooka Ron McIvor, Steve Velling, Mick Glazbrook, Football Club was held. Pieter Sheppard, Chris Kemenyvary, Steve Attendance exceeded 300 people and the evening focused its celebrations on the past development and future of the club. Buses were full on the voyage from Roxby Downs to Andamooka and shirts were coloured in the traditional blue and white. All attending were treated to an exceptional array of food and beverage as they listened to many speeches on various elements of the club, including past, present and future. Toes were set tapping when the “Bad Bad Boys” kicked into musical gear. Guests swirled around the dance floor to a well chosen selection of songs.

Ainsworth, Martin Lloyd (Captain/Coach), Austin Monfries, Henry Andryszczak, Robert Kraack, Paul Clancy, Kim Mitchell, Ricky Grantham, Mick Uhlik and Darren Lincke. Team of the Century reserves included Tony Richardson, Andrew Ingold, Luke Sander, Joel Roberts, Garry Briggs and Victor Buza. The night was a success and included guests who travelled from as far as Adelaide and Melbourne for the spectacle. Guests from other football clubs including Roxby Downs FC and Hornridge FC turned up to support their opponent in the 20 year milestone, reinforcing the strong sense of community.

ABOVE: Cheyne Johnston, coach Corey Lynch and Dwayne Mordunt.

RIGHT: Avid Roos’ follower Wayne Walker.

Sarah Gittoes, Tracey Ryan, Mel Bell and Elsie Wooldridge at the Andamooka celebrations.

Asha Montgomerie (left) with other party guests Daniella La Forgia and Jess Finzell (right).

Andrew Moss, Caleb “Archie” Shane Matulick and Nick Jones enjoyed the anniversary celebrations. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

ABOVE: Back for the reunion were Henry Andryszczak (team of the century) Clarrie Hoover and Graham Warren.

ENJOYING a big nigth at the recent Andamooka Football Club 20th anniversary are Kit and Rowie.

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Monitor SPORT

Premiership Table after Round 13 A Grade Team Green Devils Hornridge 1 Miners 1

Pts 22 22 20

Percentage 171.53% 168.50% 163.19%

Hornridge 2 Yellow Devils Miners 2

10 4 0

79.48% 48.55% 45.99%

B Grade Team Pts OD Devils 14 Andamooka 14 Hornridge 3 12 Miners 3 10 th Results from Round 13, 25 July 2008 A Grade Green Devils 61 defeated Miners 2, 29 Miners 1, 85 defeated Yellow Devils 26 Hornridge 1, 61 defeated Hornridge 2, 46 B Grade Hornridge 3, 43 defeated Andamooka 34 OD Devils 27 defeated Miners 3, 17

Green Devils and Hornridge 1 share lead By Delinda Cuthbert As we approach the business end of the season we are finding a renewed passion from all our teams as they begin to realise what they have been playing for all season. Still with time on their side, each team has the opportunity to compete for that minor premiership, to give them the added advantage of playing the semi, a win could see them head

Percentage 121.14% 103.45% 94.88% 85.54%

ANZ ADELAIDE THUNDERBIRDS JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT CLINICS FREE skills sessions Run by the Thunderbirds players WHEN: SUNDAY 3RD AUGUST 2008 WHERE: ROXBY DOWNS NETBALL COURTS TIME: 8 -10 years 10.30 am - 12:30 pm 11 – 16 years 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm Sausage Sizzle lunch

THUNDERBIRDS CITY TO THE STICKS NETBALL DINNER WHEN: SATURDAY 2ND AUGUST 2008 WHERE: OASIS RESTAURANT START TIME: 6.30 pm (pre drinks) COST: $40.00 (including three course dinner) Come along and enjoy a three course dinner and listen to the Thunderbirds guest speakers: Kristen Hughes, Kate Beveridge, Georgia Beaton and Nadia Mapunda. Tickets available from Sportspower Lucky Door Prize (please retain ticket) Be quick limited seats available Sponsored by: Mensland, Sportspower, Tandales, ODC, Roxby Downs Pharmacy, Mitre 10, Roxby Hourglass Jewellers, Maxine Voight and Delinda Cuthbert. For further information please contact: Teresa Barrand: 8671 1291 or 0438 821 503

What’s On s p o rt s

MONDAY KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults INDOOR SOCCER 6:00 - 7:00pm VOLLEYBALL - Leisure Centre 6:30 - 9:30pm TUESDAY LADIES SOCIAL BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 8:45am - 10am COME-N-TRY-SOCCER - Indoor Courts 3:30pm - 6:00pm SENIOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 7:00pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm WEDNESDAY WOMEN DAYTIME BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 9:00am - 10:00am

THURSDAY NIPPY GYM - Auditorium 9:30am - 11:30 am INDOOR SOCCER - Leisure Centre ** 6:00pm Social matches KARATE - Auditorium 6:00pm - 8:30pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm FRIDAY JUNIOR HOCKEY 5:00pm - 6:30pm SENIOR HOCKEY 6:30pm - 8:30pm ASSOC NETBALL 6:30pm - 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNIOR NETBALL 9:00am - 1:30pm FOOTBALL 8:15am Mini Colts 9:15am Junior Colts 10:15am Senior Colts SUNDAY

KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults

SOFTBALL - School Oval 11:30 am - 4:00am

WOMEN’S & MIXED NETBALL - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 9:30pm

TOUCH FOOTBALL - Town Oval 6:30 pm

Roxby Desert Moto-X Freestyle Spectacular Saturday, August 16 gates open at 3 pm riding starts at 4 pm FOOTBALL SATURDAY, AUGUST 2nd r o x b y d i s t r i c t s v s o l y m p i c d a m 2:00pm c o o b e r p e d y v s h o r n r i d g e 1:00pm * Contact Reinhardt Viljoen Phone: 0428 843 921 - ** Contact Kenton Maloney: 0408 797 158

Page 18 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

straight into the Grand final and earn them a weeks break. With only two weeks of our minor rounds remaining our competition is tighter than we have seen in recent years, a result that is welcomed by our association committee. The committee’s efforts in creating an A1 and A2 division as well as the regular B Grade has provided some strong competition throughout the season and we are starting to see some good competitive matches and individual improvements in playing ability. Our A2 teams have all struggled throughout the season against our stronger A1 teams, however after this weekend’s games it is evident that when playing at full strength these A2 teams are not to be taken lightly, the competition provided by these teams was very impressive. Our B Grade competition is also very even, if you could predict a winner from this grade even at this late stage of the season then you would be doing well. Green Devils have reclaimed top of the table honours after their victory over Miners 2 on Friday night. Although at the end of the match the scorecard was significantly in favour of the stronger team the game portrayed a different reaction. Miners 2 quite possibly producing their best game of the year have transformed greatly from that team that commenced the season. Special mention of Shana Forrest; goal shooter for Miners who played an excellent match, her skills obviously improved from the season start. F Green Devils playing well were expected to lift to a new level against the A2 team, Devils constantly surprised by the improved ability of the opposition. Hayley Summerton played another consistent match for the Devils, running hard down court and working hard in the defensive circle. Summerton combined well with the returning Aimee Lee Elson who was strong in attack, driving hard to the circle and strong feeds to the Devils shooters. An enjoyable match to watch the final result Green Devils 61 to Miners 2, 29. Miners 1 played an impressive game with a huge 85 goal haul over Yellow Devils, 26. Yellow Devils with only seven of their regular team took on the stronger Miners team and played it out to the end. Miners maintaining their line up with few changes took the opportunity to bolster their confidence in preparation for the final weeks. Miner’s goal shooters Meaghan Kiely and Jess Finzel played a brilliant game with the combined efforts of Elyse Weir; the trio were steadfast in their efforts and outplayed their opposition at every opportunity. Yellow Devils unable to match the tough opposition were able to score a decent 26 goals and held Miners to only a 16 goal last quarter. Miners with yet another A2 match next week are gearing up to take on Hornridge 1 on the 8th August, the final match of the minor rounds.


ornridge 1 successful over Hornridge 2; were strong out with a good first quarter result of 16, Hornridge 2 only able to score the bare 6, perhaps a reflection of an inconsistent warm up or unsettled nerves.

With a first quarter defeat Hornridge 2 playing catch up produced a better second and third quarters matching their opposition, both teams scoring 29 goals apiece. However, the damage already done, the A2 Hornridge side went down again in the final quarter, the overall result 15 goals in favour of Hornridge 1. Naomi Bowley was Hornridge 2 best on court, trying hard in the defensive circle for her team. While Meg Elliot was excellent in the centre for Hornridge 1. Final result Hornridge 1, 61 defeated Hornridge 2, 46. It is hoped that Hornridge 1 will be back at full strength soon, with a tough end to the season Hornridge 1 face up to Green Devils this week and Miners 1 on the last game of the season. Hornridge 3 determined to get to the top of the Bgrade ladder are relentless in their efforts. Andamooka perhaps blindsided by the Hornridge 3 improvement, were defeated in the final half of the game. Only two goals separated the two teams at the main break, both sides making some necessary changes, a positive move for Hornridge returning Dearne Mason back into the Goal Keeping position; Mason an obvious asset to the team playing well in defence, turning the ball on many occasions. Andamooka’s Renae Hill was again a driving force in the centre court in the absence of Amanda Whittaker, Hill although consistent in her efforts was unable to help her team improve in the final half. Hornridge displayed the winning passion and improved their half time lead by two goals at the final break and then again by a further five goals in the final term.

week, saw Louise Reid from Devils rewarded for her brilliance in the defensive circle. Miners 3 unable to match the height of Reid were inaccurate with their attempt at goal, Reid was there to rebound and intercept with ease. Fill in Mel Chevalier boosted the young side switching to aide in both the attack and defensive circles, her efforts unsuccessful in helping her team Miners 3 to a win. Devils managed a five goal break at half time, a difference that the young Miners were unable to catch. OD Devils pushing forward with an easy win, final margin of 10 goals. OD Devils 27 defeating Miners 3, 17.

ridge 1 at 8pm, with both teams sharing equal points, only percentage in favour of the Green Devils the result of this match could be significant in deciding the minor premiership. Winners of our continuous raffle this week were Rhij Penglase and Clint Stephenson, congratulations to our winners.

Scheduled games for Friday 1st August; A Grade 6.30pm Hornridge 2 vs. Miners 1 8.00pm Miners 2 vs. Yellow Devils Hornridge 1 vs. Green Devils B Grade 6.30pm AndaThe game of the round mooka vs. Miners 3 for 1st August is sure to be 8.00pm OD Green Devils versus Horn- Devils vs. Hornridge 3


D Devils and Miners 3 played out a low scoring match with only 44 goals combined for the evening.

A defenders game this STARS of the future. Above is Miranda Syvertsen and below Meg Prior playing for the Shooters in the Under Nine Saturday morning netball competition.

Junior Netball Results 19th July 2008

11 & Under Bullets 22 d Lightnings 3 T-Birds 16 d Shooters 11 13 & Under Lightnings forfeited to T-Birds Bullets and Rockets played but no official score was recorded. 16 & under Shooters 40 d TBirds 28 Lightnings forfeited to Bullets

26th July 11 & Under Lightnings 15 d Shooters 3 Bullets 19 d T-birds 15 13 & Under T-birds 28 d Shooters 25 Lightnings 50 d bullets 21 16 & Under Shooters 32 d Lightnings 20 Bullets 51 d T-birds 48 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Win at last for Hornridge Magpies At long last Hornridge has something to cheer about after holding on for victory in a gripping game against a very disappointing Andamooka. Magpies’ coach Darren Male was delighted especially after the week before when his players were outclassed by Roxby. Not the case last Saturday and although off target in the first half they were behind about three goals going into the long change and looking as they were going to capitulate to the Roos in the second half. Male must have got stuck into the boys because after the break it was a different side on the park. The third quarter was very much all Hornridge as they hit the ball and the body harder than the Roos who seemed shell shocked at the change of pace in the game. A cameo performance by Les Ryan with two early goals and the Magpies were right back in the game. Another to the Magpies saw them edge in front but from there it was a shoot out with the Roos and Magpies going goal for goal. Strong performances by Couper running free across centre and half forward took many telling


marks and for a lot of the time was unopposed; Touhy, and Price did well. By the end of an enthralling third term the Magpies led by a slender five points and the last term was a dour shootout right until the end. Andamooka struggled in the hard ball gets and were often second to the ball but did try right until the end. Hornridge hung on for a wonderful five point victory which undoubtedly will give them renewed confidence when they meet Andamooka in the finals when they will be looking to repeat the dose. For Andamooka they either have a premiership hangover or the celebration of their 20th anniversary year has been too much for the players. Corey Lynch has a big job ahead with the club having a bye this week and then missing another week due the Roxby Cup weekend. Facing Roxby District in the last minor round game will test the Roos and it find if they the form for another tilt at the flag. On current form they will not be contenders and although it is not wise to make early predictions for this year’s flag, Olympic Dam is the team to beat and will be hot favourites come September.

Coober Pedy overpowered


n the late game on Saturday, Coober Pedy made a great gesture when en mass the boys apologised to the Andamooka team for forfeiting the previous week and dampening the 20th anniversary game. That over, the visitors from the North were no match for the Olympic Dam powerhouse, which too often brushed their opponents aside as the streaked forward from almost every centre bounce. The young Saints team had the speed and the skills but too often fumbled or gave the ball up when pressure was applied. That said there is latent talent in the side that is sure to develop in the seasons to come. For Olympic Dam the 138 point victory was not a fair indication of how good they are, but that question will be resolved next

week when they line-up against arch rivals Roxby Districts in what many consider will be a preview of this year’s grand final. The big money is sure to be on Les Myles and his boys if for no other reason than the Roxby Districts team is coming off a bye and still has some niggling injuries to key players. This match will be the only one at Roxby this weekend and deserves a big crowd. In the other game Hornridge travel to Coober Pedy where the Magpies will be keen to keep that winning feeling and harden themselves for the forthcoming finals. The Hawks Mark Netherton gets the tap over the Bulldog’s Jed Kenny in last Saturday’s Senior Colts game. Inset: A Bulldogs mark in the forward pocket and there was little Alex Wissel could do to spoil.

Think Pink Golf Day The Spotless Think Pink Golf Day went off without a glitch on Saturday 26th of July at the Roxby Downs Gold Course. Twelve teams turned out for a pink inspired day. Costume ideas were bold and brilliant as the women competed in the name of raising money for Breast Cancer research. Several men volunteered their services and were auctioned off as the caddies to the pink women for the day. Each team was comprised of four very pink women. The Front 7 was won by ‘Show us your Chips’ with 30

points. They were closely followed by “Nod Off!!”on 30 points. “The Poppets” came in third on 33 points. “Professional Pink Golfers” won on the Back 7 with 29 points. Coming in second place were the “Pink Vixens” on 31 points and “Pink Mix” were third with 33 points. Von Hombsch and Jane Jones won the Longest Drives for the day with Libby Ward and Ann Shields taking out the Nearest to the Pin trophy. Spirits remained high for everyone involved, which was reflected in the $4000 that was raised for Breast Cancer research.

Football Results from round 13 26th July Hornridge 11 goals 10 points 76 points defeated Andamooka 11 goals 5 points 71 points. Best players for Hornridge 1st T Price 2nd N Raines 3rd D Hann 4th T Gum. Goal scorers P Watkinson L Ryan W Giles 2 goals each T Gum S Maroney B Grimston T Price B Cooper 1 goal each Best players for Andamooka 1 st M Touhy 2nd S Hall 3rd D McDonald 4th T Ripley 5th J Bowden. Goal scorers A Monfries 5 goals B Pennifold 2 goals M Uhlik J Bowden L Delbridge M Touhy 1 goal each. Olympic Dam 23 goals 14 points 152 points defeated Coober Pedy 1 goal 8 points 14 points. Best players for OD 1st D Rogers 2nd S Montgomerie 3rd D Summerton 4th S Chapman 5th. G Latham Goal scorers D Sum.merton 5 goals D Rogers T Ormond-Allen G Latham 3 goals S Montgomerie S Chapman N Shinnick 2 goals each M Freeth C Green S Peek 1 goal each. ROXBY DOWNS JUNIOR FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION INC JUNIOR COLTS

Bulldogs 10 goals 10 points 70 points defeated Hawks 8 goals 7 points 55 points. Best players for Bulldogs 1st J Dawson 2nd J Mason 3rd M Hanson 4th D Kenny 5th N Dunn. Goal scores E Zeptner M Hanson 2 goals N Dunn A Hambleton J Christall D Elliot D Kenny 1 goal each Best players for Hawk 1st K Palm 2nd A Harley 3rd S Kay 4th J Daly 5th D Bulman. Goal scores A Harley J Daly 3 goals R Moroney 2 goals. SENIOR COLTS Hawks 17 goals 8 points 110 points defeated Bulldogs 4 goals 4 points 28 points. Best players for Hawks 1st D May 2nd M Netherton 3rd E Sach 4th A Warren 5th A Wissel. Goal scorers A Warren 6 goals J Dawson 4 goals T Schott D May T Golding 2 goals A Ryan 1 goal. Best players for Bulldogs J Kenny 2nd C Hocking 3rd D Male 4th J Beenham 5th M Blackie. Goal scorers M Blackie D Male D Craftell T Wilson 1 goal each.

Roxby Downs Golf Club Inc.

OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS 16th & 17th August 2008 36 holes for Men - A,B & C 18 Holes for Ladies - Single category for Ladies 10 a.m. start Major Prizes ~ Scratch Winners, R/Up ~ H/Cap Winners, R/Up Entry Fee: $40 Men & $20 Ladies Novelties – Nearest Pins, Long Drives Further Enquiries: Robin Passmore Phone 0437 613 344 or Email:

Wilma Mungar, Tonja Goddard, Lorraine Whitlock and Leanne Viljoen pretty in pink as they prepare to tee off.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Accommodation Roxby Downs Motor Inn Ph: 08 8671 0311, Roxby Downs Caravan Park Ph: 08 8671 0013 Roxby Downs Myall Grove Caravan Park Ph: 08 8671 1991 Thursday, July 31st, 2008 – Page 19

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here are many achievers in Roxby Downs, but little is known about our very own State champions. What makes it even more unique is these two are from the same family! Deanne Hancock and her 14 year old son Ty won their respective classes in last month’s Australian Karate Federation’s State Open Championships. Held in the Adelaide suburb of Virginia, the hotly contested championships saw Deanne victorious in the Veteran Women’s Kata to finish in first place. Ty winning first place in Kata and second place in Kumite for 13 to 15 year old boys won him selection for the AKF State Team, with the honour of competing at the National Titles to be held in Perth on August 8, 9 and 10. State selection is nothing new for the teenager after his selection last year and bringing home third place in Kumite and this year aiming to become the Australian Champion. Three of the Hancock family have been members of the Roxby Downs Shotokan Karate Club and while the three have achieved the level of brown belts, Deanne will have the opportunity to grade for her first black belt at Shotokan week this year, at an event held in Sydney. They love Karate and have been training together for about the past nine years and play a key role in the instruction of 30 or so juniors in the club. Deanne also became involved after her daughter and son started and hasn’t stopped since and also thoroughly enjoys the sport and getting kids involved. Deanne told the Monitor they were fortunate to receive sponsorship from the Roxby Downs Pharmacy which helped them enter the State Open Championships, a gesture very much appreciated. New members are always welcome at the Roxby Shotokan Karate Club juniors 6 to 12 years at 6.45 pm and adults 12 to 80 years 6.45 pm Monday and Wednesday in the auditorium.

Page 20 – Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Training courses in readiness for summer Roxby Leisure is gearing up for the summer season with its annual training courses to be held from the 12th-15th September. In an effort to secure qualified aquatic staff, Royal Lifesaving has been contracted to deliver Pool Lifeguard, Austswim, Bronze Medallion, and Senior First Aid courses. Updates for each course will be

integrated into the training schedule. A separate training provider will deliver Pool Operators and Safe Food Handling courses, at a date yet to be determined. All Courses are available to the general public as well as staff and must have a minimum of 10 participants.

Should you wish to register for any of the above, please complete an enrolment form no later than 15th August. Forms are available at the Leisure Centre kiosk. Spaces are limited so get in quick to avoid disappointment. For further information, costs or pre-requisites for each course, please contact Bridget at Roxby Leisure on 8671 0500.

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