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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Challenger Gold Mine Page 6

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Locals say love in a flowery way

VALENTINE’S DAY…Local florist Mel Vanzati will be swimming in flowers this week as she ramps up for the busiest time of the year – Valentine’s Day – this Saturday.

ROXBY DOWNS…Valentine’s Day is the least romantic time of the year for Mel Vanzati, owner of Flowers in the Bush, the Far North Region’s only locally-based florist. Mrs Vanzati will make more than 1000 Valentine’s Day bouquets this week – which works out to be about a fifth of her total yearly orders. She will distribute as many as 400 roses in the Roxby Downs region alone, and will go from a one-person business to employing five people – one of whom will simply answer phones during the Valentine’s weekend rush. “It’s great to see the ideas that people come up with and what they send to each other but I’m not feeling very romantic by the end of it all,” she told The Monitor this week. “Sales for Valentine’s Day are four or five times bigger than on Mother’s Day – our next biggest event. “This is the sixth Valentine’s Day I’ve spent in Roxby Downs and the whole family doesn’t get a break – my husband Carl delivers the flowers and our three kids are put to work packing the car, stripping and wiring the flowers. “One year Carl made a basket of flowers for me out of the discarded blooms – which was a nice surprise – but the day is usually far less romantic for me than for the rest of Roxby Downs.” While Mrs Vanzati boasts Roxby Downs’ only locally-based florist service, other local businesses will offer fresh flowers for the big day. For Desert Décor owner-manager Taryn Chick Valentine’s Day is a welcome boost to the annual post-Christmas slump in sales. “If it wasn’t for Valentine’s Day, February would be a very quiet month,” she said. “This year we’ve expanded into fresh flowers for the first time but we always get a bit of a rush on our adult novelty products at Valentine’s Day – things like fluffy handcuffs and body paints.” Roxby Downs Foodland manager Darren Pedler told The Monitor that his flowers sales double during the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, as do chocolate sales. “It’s probably one of the best times of the year for those items because we get all the late-minute sales of flowers and chocolates for people who’ve forgotten about it until the last day – and then there’s your Valentine’s teddies and baskets which you don’t see other times of the year.”


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Beautify the Beer Garden Fund Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 1

NEWS Letters to the Editor

All letters to the editor must be signed and dated. Faxes and emails must include a contact phone number.

See and be seen With sunrise occurring later and later, as the days shorten, drivers should be aware of visibility. More and more people are driving to and from work as day breaks. The dangers of driving without having your headlights switched on are immense. The law requires drivers to use headlights between sunset and sunrise. Parking lights are not sufficient. As day breaks, shadows across the road mean that vehicles not using headlights are extremely hard to see. This increases the risk of head-on collisions. Surely, if a car travelling towards you is difficult to see, it goes to follow, that your car must be difficult to see. Think about being seen. Protect yourself and others, light up before you drive to work and get home safely. Bob Stainer, Roxby Downs.

The Community Board - your voice on the Roxby Downs Council - is eager to hear what you feel this community needs to grow and improve over the next 10 years. Talk to one of your community representatives, or email your comments - communityboard@roxby, or send your letters to The Monitor –Your Community Newspaper, and be part of the solution.

Specialist services essential for local health Community board focus - community health The Roxby Downs Community Board met with local health workers to discuss the needs of residents in the Far North region. Olympic Dam site health coordinator Mark Bush noted that the general feeling of the community is a concern with regard to a lack of ongoing services in the obstetrics, paediatrics and specialised areas within the health sphere. Psychological counselling was also a highlighted area as well as the high turnover of nursing staff, mainly due to the transient environment of the town. Community health nurse Kathy Wooldridge informed the meeting that a female general practitioner would be commencing in March and also a female gynaecologist would be visiting, starting from next week. Local pharmacist Nick Backhouse agreed with many of Mr Bush’s comments, and said he had noticed a positive difference in mental health issues since Doctor Gorton had been offering specialist services to the township. “Ongoing services of this nature would be of great benefit to the town,” he said. In a community with so many young men, Mr Backhouse said men’s health was another important issue as many men tend not to visit a GP. He and Mr Bush also called for more smoke-free public places to invite a

safe, family atmosphere. Nurse and naturopath Michelle Beever addressed the group about a growing local interest in alternative therapies, and called for greater cooperation between orthodox and alternative practicioners in the area. Mental Health was another key issue at the meeting, where community health nurse Colin Roughton said too many local people suffering from forms of mental illness were reluctant to ask for help before their needs became acute. Continuity of services was one of the key concerns raised at the meeting. To play a more active part in local health, coordinators are calling for community nominations to the Outback Health Advisory Group. The committee is targeting voting members from throughout the Roxby Downs, Andamooka, Woomera, Olympic Dam and Pimba regions. Residents with an interest in joining the committee, or who would like to learn more about the group, can contact Janine Connel or Kathy Wooldridge at Roxby Downs Health Services for more information – ph 8671 9020. The next committee meeting will be held on Monday, February 16, at the Roxby Downs Health Services seminar room, at 7pm – all are welcome. Nomination forms are available from Roxby Downs Health Services.

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Page 2 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

Roxby Downs Pharmacist

Men’s health - a bumpy road I’m no mechanic fellas but I’d like to advise every bloke not to leave it too long before opening the bonnet of their car and checking there’s a bit of coolant in the radiator and the odd spot of oil in the engine, maybe even going as far as a general service. While I’m willing to bet there aren’t too many lads who need this reminder when it comes to their car, we certainly do need to be hounded to see the doctor. My experience is most of us blokes won’t trust the wife to drive the car much less change the oil or check the coolant level. Despite this we are more than happy for them be the sole defenders of our health. We send them down to get our scripts filled and if we are ever “desperate enough” to seek help for health problems we wait till they’re going and get them to ask the doc for us. Truth is nobody can look after your health for you, except you. Too many of us blokes ignore our health, content that we feel OK most of the time, while working our guts out 12 hours a day. We’re too busy to eat better and it’s too hard to stop smoking. When we finally decide it’s time to go, usually when a leg is about to fall off, it’s not surprising that we only get bad news. There’s not much the mechanic can do when you fuse the engine on your brand new HSV because you’ve never checked the oil. So, when it comes to your own health, don’t wait until you fall to pieces to see the doc. It’s less expensive than a car service and if you do it now the news is more likely to be good with smooth driving ahead.


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Gu est Editorial

y Valeentine’s Da

Local residents sending out the love Page 14

the Weather at a glance... Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period 27th January, 2004 to 9th February, 2004 Date 27/1/04

Minimum 19.4°

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Editor of The Monitor Your Community Newspaper In the first two years of my children’s lives I think I spent more time at the local medical centre than at home. I knew all the night nurses by name and my kids had a complete collection of pens emblazoned with the names of pharmaceutical companies. I’m pretty sure I had a better relationship with the girls behind the counter at the pharmacy than I did with my own husband - I know I saw them more often. My fridge is still a pharmacopeia of infant remedies - Demazin, Destatin, Saline, Ventolin, Nyquil, Panadol (all three kinds, colour-free, infant and the handy hospital suppositories). And now, despite all the nights I spent sleepless over dust mite-induced coughing; for all the times I slept in a damp fog of eucalyptus or de-gassed litres and litres of lemonade for little gastro-churned tummies - they seem to have survived. In fact, except for colour-coded bandaids and the weekly (dare I say it) precautionary dose of nit-killer, we seem to be extraordinarily healthy. Frankly, four years of no sleep takes a toll on your body - team it with a hefty workload, a few too many community commitments and a nice addiction to caffeine and it adds up to one pretty unhealthy package. And what’s a little scary is I’m not the only one doing this to themselves. It’s become such an accepted thing that if you’re feeling ok then you’re probably not doing enough and it’s time to go back to work. My advice for those stretched-out mums and dads out there is not new or even witty - just look after yourselves. Make a deal with some mum friends, swap kids for a day a week, or if you have a child care alternative you’re happy with - use it! Not just for work, but for play occasionally. Or if not, pack up your Dymedol, Fenurgen and baby Nurofen, and buy yourself a box of Radox. Put the kids in front of a video (with M&Ms if need be), steal the portable Barbie CD-player for the bathroom and have yourself a little you-time - now.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

NEWS Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961 PUBLIC NOTICE

Leggy locals at Woomera watering hole EMUS...A growing family of emus has become a regular sight around Woomera and Pimba since Christmas last year. The group of leggy natives visited one of Woomera’s most popular watering holes last week - The Eldo Hotel.

ARCOONA STATION...More than 1000 submissions regarding the proposed national radioactive waste repository at Arcoona Station were made public this month. The public can view these submissions, letters and petitions on the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency website - Additionally, a public forum to discuss the proposed repository willb e held on February 25 and 26 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Five hundred seats will be available to the public, in ‘Hall E’ of the centre, on a first-come first-seated basis. Repository proponents and opponents will be invited to present evidence and arguments at the forum. ANDAMOOKA…Tai Chi classes are currently being hosted by the Andamooka Fitness Group at the APOMA Hall on Monday mornings at 9am and Thursday evenings at 5.30pm. Cost is a gold coin donation. For more information, contact Judith Inglis – ph 8672 7370. WHYALLA…The Department for Primary Industry and Resources SA will have a new and very visible presence in Spencer Gulf next month when a new purpose-built Fisheries patrol boat takes to the water. The $110,000, 6.7m boat is being built in Adelaide and will patrol the valuable upper Spencer Gulf fisheries region. Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Paul Holloway says the boat will contribute to the protection of the giant cuttlefish spawning grounds and compliance with netting closures, aquatic reserves and snapper catches. The vessel is expected to make its first appearance at the annual Whyalla snapper competition at Easter. OLYMPIC DAM...Local conservation initiative Arid Recovery is currently undertaking its annual small vertebrate trapping. The conservation reserve is a hive of activity as staff, students and volunteers work from dusk until dawn setting and checking traps and recording details of animals captured. Many of the volunteers have travelled to Roxby Downs specifically for the trapping, which is an excellent opportunity to support our environment while getting up close and personal with the amazing variety of animals that live in the Roxby Downs region.

Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on 11th of February 2004 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister 28 November 1999. Pursuant to section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which section 33 of the road traffic act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to section 33(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 2pm Saturday 20th of March 2004 until 1am Sunday 21st of March 2004 ROAD: Richardson Place Roxby Downs EVENT: Fringe Festival ADJACENT / ADJOINING ROADS: Burgoyne street, Arcoona street, Norman Place, Tavern Road. Roxby Downs Pursuant to section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road, from duty to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption.. All of Richardson place and Adjacent/Adjoining roads to be closed to all traffic from 1.30pm Saturday 20 th of March 2004 until 1.30 am Sunday 21st of March 2004 Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238:Pedestrians traveling along the road. W. J. Boehm, Administrator

Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961 PUBLIC NOTICE

Breastfeeding group celebrates 40th birthday FAMILY CELEBRATIONS...The Roxby Downs chapter of the Australian Breastfeeding Association met to celebrate the organisation’s 40th birthday this week. Pictured, front, group leader Carolyn Webster with sons Matthew, 17 months, and Damien, 4, seated, Taja DuPlessis and Raven, seven months, Jo Drummond with Breanna, 3, and Quade, 9 months, Wendy Barnfield and Laruen, 10 weeks, Joyce Salisbury with Zoe, 11 months, and Tarni, 2, back, CYH nurse Liz Drefke, Rachel Bojcevski and community health nurse Kathy Wooldridge. The group meets fortnightly. The next meeting willbe held on February 24, for more information phone 8671 0867.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Stephen Scott-Hoy


Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on 11th of Feburary 2004 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister 28 November 1999. Pursuant to section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which section 33 of the road traffic act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to section 33(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 10am Monday 15th of March 2004 and expiring 3 pm Monday 15th of March 2004 ROAD: Richardson Place Roxby Downs EVENT: Mock Accident Scene ADJACENT/ADJOINING ROADS: Burgoyne street, Arcoona street, Norman Place, Tavern Road. Roxby Downs Pursuant to section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road, from duty to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. All of Richardson place and Adjacent/ Adjoining roads to be closed to all traffic from 10am Monday 15th of March 2004 and expiring 4 pm Monday 15th of March 2004 Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians traveling along the road. W. J. Boehm, Administrator

Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 3




FEBRUARY, 2004 SA Water Swimming Age Championships Saturday, February 21 Roxby Downs Swimming Pool Ph – 8671 3026 Friends of Arid Recovery AGM Wednesday, February 25 - 7.30pm Roxby Downs TAFE Ph - 8671 8282

MARCH, 2004 Clean Up Australia Day Sunday, March 7 - 10am Lions Park, Roxby Downs Ph – 8671 0010 Shave for a Cure Saturday, March 13 - 11am Andamooka IGA Outback Fringe Festival Roxby Downs Friday, March 19 – Sunday, March 21 Ph – 8671 2001

JUNE, 2004 Marree Picnic Races June 12 - 13 Marree Ph – 8675 8344

JULY, 2004 Boogie in the Bush Roxby Downs Race Course Pete Paisley – 8671 0878 Register your event and you will get coverage to over 2800 homes and businesses. So let us know ‘what’s on!’ on 0408 267 358 or email

Far North regional police report A vehicle parked on ‘the lot’ at Olympic Way, Roxby Downs, was interfered with on February 7, 2004, with the driver ’s door being forced and wiring to an alarm system tampered with. A 28-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for Driving Whilst Disqualified on February 6, 2004. Also on the same day, in an unrelated incident, a 40-year-old Western Australian man was arrested for Assault following an incident at ODV Camp 1. A bus parked in the carpark at ODV Camp 1 was interfered with on February 5, 2004. The theft of a Pentax Digital Camera was also reported on the same day, from an office at the Olympic Dam Mine. A 57-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for PCA (0.154%) after being stopped at a RBT Station on February 5, 2004. Police and CFS attended a chlorine leak/alarm at the Roxby Downs Swimming Pool on February 1, 2004. The management of the pool also attended and isolated the problem. As it occurred in the early hours of the morning there was minimal disruption to the

public. A 39-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested for Disorderly Property and D a m a g e Property also on February 1, 2004. On January 29, 2003, a report was received of a fire being set (piece of paper set alight), in a door of a room at ODV Camp 1. A 19-year-old man from Roxby Downs was arrested for exceeding the speed limit, failing to indicate, failing to display P plates and disorderly behaviour on January 29, 2004. Also on January 29, a 42-year-old woman from Andamooka was arrested for driving disqualified and exceeding PCA. A report was received on January 28, 2004 of the theft of garden gnome from a yard in Arcoona Street. A 53-year-old man from Olympic Dam was reported on January 26, 2004 for due care, failing to exchange particulars and failing to report accident. Local police report that the theft of personal items from on site at the Olympic Dam opera-

tions continues to be a problem. There have been several reports recently of lockers being forced open and items stolen. At this time police are struggling to gauge the extent of this problem and ask that anyone having lockers interfered with or personal items stolen, report the matter to the Roxby Downs Police Station on 8671 0370 or on-site emergency services. During February, Police throughout the Far North LSA are involved in Operation Buckle, targeting the non-wearing of seatbelts in vehicles. This week, six infringement notices have been issued in Roxby Downs for this offence. Over the weekend of January 10 and 11, 2004 money was taken from the Woomera Fitness Centre. The offender regarding this matter no longer lives in Woomera and Police have obtained several statements and the report has now been sent to Murray Bridge CIB for investigation. A 43-year-old Port Augusta man was reported driving an unreg-

istered and uninsured vehicle and breaching his learners permit conditions on the Stuart Highway, Pimba. Currently, a special operation is underway in the Woomera/Roxby Downs area. The operation is targeting drink driving, speed and seatbelts. The program is designed to reduce road trauma and increase road safety and means there will be an increased police presence on the highway especially by Traffic Operation Unit officers from Adelaide (highway patrol). Volunteers at the Andamooka CWA Opshop have reported the theft of a Davey 350P pump and fittings, valued at $500. The pump is believed to have been stolen between Friday, January 3 and Sunday, January 5, 2004. The CWA was again targeted on the weekend of January 15 to January 17 when a large amount of water was siphoned from the organisation’s tank. Police are seeking any information regarding these offences - in Andamooka phone 8672 7072 to assist in these investigations. Or phone BankSA Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000.

World-class working dogs at Wilmington WILMINGTON…One of Australia’s finest working dog trainers, Greg Prince, will conduct a series of dog schools this month. Commencing February 14, 2004, there will be a series of two-day working dog training schools at Page’s Working Kelpie Stud, Wilmington, to turn good dogs into working dogs and owners into handlers. According to stud owner Ben Page, many people have owned and worked dogs over the years, but have never had the opportunity to learn how to train them. “And many good dogs may have been great dogs with the right training,” he said. The aim of the course is to give handlers a clear set of directions and techniques that will enable them to train their dogs for any farm situation. Students will learn simple methods to control their dog without frustration or swearing. The courses are practical – bring your working dog or dogs of any breed. For further information about your working dog phone Ben Page - 8667 5484, or listen to ABC Radio 639 at 5.20pm, Tuesdays.

New faces at Woomera Area School now showing Friday, February 13 - Tuesday, February 17

Good Boy Rated: G An intergalactic dog Pilot from the dog star Sirius, visits earth to verify rumours that dogs have failed to take over the planet. Stars Molly Shannon and Liam Alken.

Saturday and Sunday 11am; Sunday 2pm; Monday 3.30pm.

Welcome to the Jungle Rated: M A mob boss’s “retrieval expert” is sent to the Amazon to retrieve the boss’s son, who is currently looking for a priceless treasure. Stars Sean William Scott and Rosario Dawson.

Friday, Sunday and Tuesday 8pm; Saturday 2pm

Friday, February 20 - Tuesday, February 24

Cheaper by the Dozen Rated: G The Baker’s, a family of 12, move from a small-town Illinois to the big city, after Tom Baker gets his dream job to coach alma mater’s football team. Stars Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt.

Saturday and Sunday 11am; Saturday, Sunday and Monday 2pm.

Something’s Gotta Give Rated: M. Friday, Sunday and Tuesday 8pm.

...for up-to-date movie guides every time! Page 4 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

ABOVE...The new and friendly face at Woomera Area School’s front counter is Jane Scarr, formerly of Roxby Downs. TOP LEFT...New teachers at Woomera Area School, Scott Blakemore and Deb Kruk, with equally-new student Bonnie Jarvis. LEFT... Woomera Area School teachers Kirsty Edmonds and Kelly Faust, and new student Matt Wasley, enjoying their first few weeks at Woomera. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Story time for crafty kids

CRAFT TIME...Sam Yates and son Timothy, 2, at Toddler Storytime at the Roxby Downs Library. TODDLER TIME...Sally Cormack gives Jack Dalgliesh, 3, a helping hand during Toddler Storytime at the Roxby Downs Library. ROXBY DOWNS...The long-running Toddler Storytime program has undergone a series of changes under the management of various volunteers but continues to be a popular service for dozens of young local toddlers and their parents. The current program has enjoyed support from as many as 40 children and parents during the first couple of weeks since term began. This year, 2003 volunteer host Caroline Sawyer has handed the program over to Sally Cormack, former director of the Roxby Downs Kindergarten and a mum of three. Mrs Cormack has set a series of themed activities and stories for Term 1 including a fairy tale theme for Wednesday, February 18, and nursery rhymes on Wednesday, February 25. Toddler Storytime runs every Wednesday, during school terms, from 10.10am to 10.50am, in the children’s area of the Roxby Downs Community Library.

From miner to motellier and back again ANDAMOOKA...When Stefan Bilka first came to Andamooka in 1968 after escaping the war-torn Czech Republic, he described the small community as a “real wild west town”. “When I came here I found some countrymen who took me under their wing - we worked with pick and shovel and we got by. “Where Roxby Downs is now we used to go and shoot rabbits and there was no policeman this side of Woomera.” Today, despite the many changes to the town, Stefan still enjoys the close-knit community, but nowadays he enjoys it from behind the bar or from the kitchen of the Opal Hotel-Motel where he and wife Diane are part-owners. However, after running the popular pub for more than 13 years with wife Diane, Stefan is ready to return to his first love opal mining.

OPAL MINER...Long-time Andamooka resident Stefan Bilka is ready to step out from behind the bar at the Opal Hotel-Motel and return to his first love - opal mining. Negotiations are under way to sell the Opal Hotel-Motel, and while no settlement date has been set, Stefan is keen to pack up his apron and head back underground before the end of next month. The Opal Hotel-Motel originally began life in 1966 as the Andamooka German Club, but since then has grown to be the focus of a vibrant and active social club. For Stefan, Andamooka has always been his

home of choice. “There are very few places like Andamooka in Australia - believe me, I’ve been most places. It’s the people who make a town and while the face of Andamooka might have changed over the years the heart has stayed just as strong.” “My wife says she wants to go to Adelaide - I’ll miss her,” Stefan laughs.

Andamooka shaves for a cure BOY TIME...Crafty dad Darren Miller and son Bayrai, 2, put their heads together during Toddler Storytime at the Roxby Downs Library last Wednesday.

CANCER CURE... Andamooka IGA employees Belinda Godden and Karrie-Lea Price practising for the annual ‘Shave for a Cure’ on Saturday, March 13.

GLUE GIRLS...A sticky situation for Nolene Barnett with Abby Alessio, 2, and Michelle Slorach and Ella, 1, at Roxby Downs Library during Toddler Storytime. HANDS ON...Meaghan Kiely and daughter Phoenix O’Toole, 2, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty at Toddler Storytime on Wednesdays at the Roxby Downs Library.

ANDAMOOKA... Andamooka IGA will host a ‘shave and sausage sizzle’ for the annual ‘Shave for a Cure’ on Saturday, March 13, from 11am. IGA staff will colour their hair and shave their heads for the Leukaemia Foundation fundraiser. To donate your hair, or cash, drop into the Andamooka IGA before March 13.

Paul G. Doubé

BARRISTER & SOLICITOR Specialising in Family Law – Personal Injury Claims and attending at the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court circuit for all traffic and criminal matters. Next visit: February 17, 18 and 19 Call Paul for an appointment on

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

8351 5911 or 0417 896 345

Church Times St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month St Michael’s Catholic Church Woomera Sunday 5pm all denominations welcome Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm Desert Springs Church Phone Pastor Bruce 0427 663 033 or Gay 8671 0573. Sunday 6.30pm at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.

Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 5

Dominion Gold Operations Challenger Gold Operations took the first step underground this week at what is currently Australia’s most remote inland mining site. The Challenger gold deposit, located 740 kilometres north west of Adelaide, was the first and is still the most substantial gold deposit discovered on the Gawler Craton during the Gawler Craton ‘boom’ of the mid 1990s. Challenger is situated on a pastoral lease approximately 60 km west of Commonwealth Hill Sta-

tion. Road access is 110 km north from Glendambo on the Stuart Highway, then west for approximately 165 km. Dominion Gold Operations, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dominion Mining Limited, was the first company in 1993 to enter the Gawler Craton to explore its potential. The Challenger deposit was discovered in May 1995 following the RAB drilling of a regional calcrete sampling programme Underground development began this week

with the main portal ground support followed by portal establishment early next week. The $33 million underground mining contract covering the life of the current reserves has been awarded to HWE Mining. “We actually started open pit operations in April 2002”, Mining Manager Ian McNeil told The Monitor this week. “Overall we expect to average around 6g/t from the open pit, with processing of ore from underground scheduled to start to-

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Renovations & Alterations Carports & Pergolas Providing a complete service " General Repairs " Fencing " Carpentry " Cabinetmaking " Plumbing " Gasfitting " Electrical " Carpet/Vinyl " Painting " Refrigeration Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & Automotive Proud to be associated with Challenger Gold Mine

Ph: 8671 1234

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21 Gosse Street Roxby Downs SA 5725

Ask us for a free quote! BLD - 173944 Page 6 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

wards the end of 2004 facilitating a smooth transition from open pit to underground production. “We commissioned the CIL treatment plant in October 2002 and poured our first gold bar on 12th October. During our first 9 months of operations the Challenger Project produced 37,979 ounces at an average cash operating cost of $341 per ounce.” “The underground development is expected to underpin Dominion’s future as a gold producer as a gold producer with the potential of extending the life of the Challenger Project until 2007. A recent ‘wildcat’ diamond core hole has demonstrated the potential for continuation of mineable grade for over 150 metres vertically below previous drilling. This could extend the Challenger underground mine life by at least two years to 2009.” When underground production begins, Challenger will utilise a Tamrock twin-boom jumbo, Elphinstone 2900 boggers and Bell B40C trucks. Initially the ore will be extracted using an uphole retreat mining method followed by conventional stope and pillar methods.

– Challenger Gold Mine

CHALLENGER...Overlooking the Challenger Gold Mine, 60km west of the Commonwealth Hill Station. Challenger made the first move towards underground operations this week when decline development was started on Wednesday, February 4, this year.

INTERQUIP ABN 89 089 703 248 Pty Ltd

Congratulate Dominion for the Successful Challenger Gold Mine project. Interquip are proud of their involvement in the supply of the primary crusher, secondary crusher, vibrating screen, conveyors and the radial stack for the Challenger Mine. Interquip – Suppliers of secondhand mining and processing equipment. Email: Website: Phone: (08) 9359 2666 Fax: (08) 9359 2544

Orica Mining Chemicals – Suppliers of mining chemical reagents for the gold and base metal industries would like to congratulate Challenger Mine on the extension of its mine life with the move underground.

Sandvik Materials Handling



Sandvik Materials Handling supply and install the following: ! Components " Prok Idlers, Idler Frames and Pulleys " Skirt Systems

challenger gold operations

! Environment " Belt Cleaners " Impact Beds

on its latest mining milestone. The beginning of the Challenger Gold Mine decline development.

! Service " Belt Repairs " Belt Splicing " Shutdowns " Pulley Rebuilds " Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Rubber Lining Services " GORO Belt Fasteners " Supply Splicing Kits " Supply, Installation and Servicing of Rubber and Conveyor Belt

! Systems / Modernisation " Reporting " Preventative Maintenance of Belting, Idlers, Pulleys, " Cleaners, Spill Curtains, Chutes, " Structures & associated components

Sandvik Materials Handling Lot 9 Charlton Road, Olympic Dam, South Australia 5725 Website: • Email: Telephone: 08 8671 2907 • Facsimile: 08 8671 1283

Proudly associated with Challenger Gold Mine

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New faces at Andamooka Primary School

PARTNERSHIP...Local student Dylon Fraser, 17, and Roxby Downs businessman Garry Baker are reaping the benefits of the school-based apprenticeship program.

NEW STARTERS...Some of the newest starters at Andamooka Primary School, from left, Jacqui Algate, 11, Erika Carter, 12, teacher Nina Andrews, Johannah Callery, 10, Chris Aldam, 12, and Darcy Brown, 12. NEW FACES...New Andamooka Primary School teacher Jemima Pile, formerly of Victor Harbour, spends some time with the school’s newest and youngest student, Reception student Nakita Ducornez, 5.

Strong start for working youth

New start for teachers and students at parish school LGA...St Barbara’s Parish School welcomed its youngest and newest students this month. Learning Group A, led by teacher Lisa M c C u i s h , comprises, back, Lily, 5, Naomi, 5, Ciara, 5, Jack, 5, front, Sophie, 4, Tayla, 5, Phoebe, 5, Grace, 4, and Ebony, 4. The class can expect a regular influx of students over the coming terms, with a total of around 20 children expected to join LGA in 2004. Last

TEACHERS...New teachers at St Barbara’s Parish School - Bianca Pape and Eloise Knuckey.

names of students are withheld in accordance with school policy.

NEW FACES...Two of the latest additions to the St Barbara’s Parish School - teacher Amanda Schrodter and Alister, 8. Last

NEW STARTERS...New faces at St Barbara’s Parish School in Roxby Downs, teacher Denise Trewartha and student Louella, 6.

names of students are withheld in accordance with school policy.

ROXBY DOWNS...More and more Far North teenagers are taking up the opportunity to test out the waters of full-time work before leaving school through school-based traineeships. Roxby Downs teenager Dylon Fraser, 17, began a school-based apprenticeship with Garry Baker Building, but this year he dove right in to a full carpentry apprenticeship. “I was one of the first school-based apprentices in Roxby Downs,” Dylon told The Monitor this week. “I was ready to leave school but this gave me the chance to find out if building was really what I wanted to do and what trade to specialise in. I’d recommend the program to anyone who’s ready to start work and leave school.” For Garry Baker the scheme offered an opportunity to give something back to the community, as well as the chance to give Dylon a realistic introduction to the trade before he took on a full-time apprenticeship. “We pride ourselves on a very high standard here and we’ve been able to work with Dylon towards reaching those same standards,” Mr Baker said. “We’ve got five apprentices now and we’re happy to look at more in the future.” “School-based traineeships and apprenticeships are a great career start for those students who aren’t going on to uni, Business SA New Apprenticeships Centre regional manager Paul Brock told The Monitor this week. “This is a nationally-recognised program but there’s more benefits than just seeing your name on a certificate. I go back to see these kids in their working environment and in just three to six months they’ve changed so much - they’re more mature, more responsible, and in almost every case their school work has improved too because they’ve got new goals to work towards.” School-based traineeships and apprenticeships offer students the opportunity to continue their studies while easing into the work environment. For businesses, the program offers employers the chance to build on a future recruitment bases and develop work ethic and skills in future employees. The Commonwealth Government also offers a range of financial incentives for employers. For more information, contact Paul Brock - 0408 810 929 or email

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Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 7


This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Council



Power Outages – Forward Advice Annual high voltage maintenance procedures will be taking place in the town between 25-29 March 2004. A full schedule will be published in The Monitor newspaper and updated on RoxFM. Local Website Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at Completed Works Replacement of evaporative air conditioners in Stadium 1 have now been completed. New floor in the Auditorium has now been completed. Water and Electricity Accounts Water and electricity accounts for the December 2003 quarter have now been issued. To avoid a late payment fee, please pay your electricity account by 24 February and your water account by 27 February 2004. Upcoming Events Outback Fringe Festival 19-21 March 2004. Street party, Comedy, Theatre, Children’s performances, Workshops, Live Entertainment, Visual Arts, Film Festival and Fringe Bazaar. For further details contact Megan Barker, Festival Co-ordinator on 0418 870 012. Annual Report Copies of Council’s 2002/2003 Annual Reports are available from the Council office. Community Board The Report from the Meeting of the Community Board held on Monday February 2, 2004 is now available at the Council office. Street Lighting Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Fire Danger Season Residents are reminded that the season runs from 1 November 2003 until 31 March 2004. The general public is also reminded that the setting off of fireworks requires the services of a pyro-technician. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154 Council Office Hours - General Monday to Friday.—9am to 5pm

MAIN STREET VISION...Landscape consultant Viesturs Cielens and architect Ben Feijen will work with contractors Landscape Construction Services to redesign the Roxby Downs rotunda area and median strip.

Vibrant redesign for Roxby rotunda Commencing in February 2004, Landscape Construction Services - the contractors employed by the Roxby Downs Council - will perform landscaping and construction work at the pedestrian crossing on Richardson Place. The scope of the works include: Additional paving of the area, modification of the rotunda, additional shade structures, painting of existing structure, additional garden beds and additional banner poles. The new and vibrant design has been created to link the Cultural Precinct and school areas through to the central business district and mall area in a friendly and inviting manner.

“Physical structures can often be a catalyst for community development,” landscape consultant Viesturs Cieleus told The Monitor last week. “We want to make Roxby Downs a must-stop destination for visitors and a more inviting public landscape for residents - to bring them out and together right here in Richardson Place.” During the construction period of approximately one month limited access to the pedestrian crossing may be encountered. Council will endeavour to keep the disruptions to a minimum, and if necessary, install temporary alternative crossings. Council apologises for any inconvenience.

What is Clean Up Australia Day? Every year hundreds of thousands of Australians help clean up their local environment on Clean Up Australia Day. It’s easy, fun and every one can take part. Individuals and local groups can either clean up a site or volunteer to join an existing site. So why not do your bit for the environment, get involved and Make Australia Shine! Why do we need to Clean up Australia? We are the second largest producers of waste per person in the world. 6.9 billion plastic bags are used in Australia every year. Of these it is estimated 50 million plastic bags end up as litter - killing countless marine animals and wildlife. Cigarette butts make up 58% of the litter found in public places and leach dangerous toxins into the environment.

Incorporating ROXBY POWER (Electricity Supply) ROXBY WATER (Water & Sewerage Services) Richardson Place PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870 Page 8 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

20% of the rubbish collected on Clean Up Australia Day 2003 were containers which could have been recycled. Over the past 14 years volunteers have collected more than 190,000 tonnes of rubbish –that’s 4.5 million household Wheelie Bins. Information on Roxby Downs Clean up is below. Register at the Lions Park: 10am - Sunday, March 7, 2004 Areas to be cleaned up: • Dunes between Tutop Street and Stuart Road • Dunes between Myall Grove Caravan Park and Dunes Estate • Olympic Way between Axehead Road and Burgoyne Street

Please contact Council to register or be there on the Day Sausage Sizzle BBQ after clean up at the Lions Park

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CRICKET FRIENDS...Local cricketers Andy Ingold, Joe Payne, Chris Pillar and Simon Turner celebrating friend Wally Broome’s birthday in Woomera this month.

GIRLS NIGHT O U T. . . T r a c e y Michels, Lucy and Meg Prior, Hanna Ryder, Mel Dunn and Rachael Prior out with friends at the Roxby Downs Community Club on Saturday night. FAMILY FUN...The Tidy family - Steve, Nikolas, 3, and Theresa - out with workmates on Saturday evening. FAREWELL...Greg Worthold, Rod Evans, Glen Michels and Dwayne Martin enjoyed a night out in the Roxby D o w n s Community Club beer garden for Rod Evans’ farewell party. L A D I E S NIGHT...Old school friends catch up on the weekend, from left, Hayley Burwell, Sarah Martin, Jo Pobke, Lisa Martin, Mandie Arnold, Kelly Martin and Peta Conley.

BIRTHDAY PARTY...Darren Lloyd,Joey Blatchford and Trish Lloyd in Woomera for Wally Broome’s birthday this month.

Seen your face in the newspaper?


PHOTOS FOR SALE These pics and more are waiting in our office for your perusal.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Valentine’s Day Specials now available

Roxby Traders Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm Saturday 9.00am-12.00 noon Sunday 9.00am-3.00pm Public Holidays 9.00am-3.00pm Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs

You can’t beat Ph: 8671 0322 Fax: 8671 0338

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Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 9

Page 10 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

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ASHLEIGH...Christy Olditch and Geoff Mallinson, of Roxby Downs, welcomed the birth of their daughter Ashleigh Rose Mallinson at Whyalla Hospital on January 25, 2004. Ashleigh weighed 3300g (7lb 5oz) at birth and is a sister for Tierre, 4. She is also a granddaughter for Robbie and Sue Mallinson of Roxby Downs, and Chris and Cally Olditch of Townsville, Qld. ELLA...Roxby Downs residents Belinda and Ben Ramsey welcomed the birth of their first child Ella Susan Ramsey on January 5, 2004, at Calvary Hospital. Ella weighed 3680g (8lb 2oz) at birth.


JAYDEN…Jayden Grantham will celebrate his fifth birthday on the February 19, 2004.

TA H L I A … Ta h l i a Grantham will celebrated her second birthday on February 2.

SHELBY...Shelby Fennell will celebrate his 11th birthday on February 18, 2004.

ALISTER...Alister Harley will celebrated his eighth birthday on February 13, 2004. KELSEY...Heather and Daryl Hayes, of Roxby Downs, welcomed the birth of their daughter Kelsey on January 27, 2004, at Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, weighing 2940g (6lb 7.5oz). Kelsey is a sister for Karrie, 4.

KIERA...Roxby Downs residents Sam Parker and Jamie Hoyle welcomed the birth of their first child Kiera Jane Hoyle on January 22, 2004, at the Flinders Private Hospital in Adelaide. Kiera weighed 3799g (8lb 6oz) at birth.


ZANE…Zane P a p a n d r e a celebrated his first birthday on February 1, 2004.

KANE…Kane GoldsworthySpeirs celebrated his third birthday on December 30.

A M Y. . . A m y Hollobone will celebrate her fifth birthday today, February 12, 2004.

EMMA...Emma Yianni celebrated her third birthday on January 31, 2004.


Ph - 8671 2683 Fx - 8671 2843 ...or drop into our Richardson Place offices in the council building.

Adelaide’s Leading Retailer of Nursery Furniture and Accessories Prams, strollers, high chairs, car seats, toys, games, pedal and electric cars, play equipment. Trading Hours: Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm Saturday 10.00am-5.00pm • Sunday 12.00 noon-4.30pm Public Holidays 1.00pm-5.00pm

70 Franklin Street, Adelaide • Phone: (08) 8221 6006 Email: OFF STREET PARKING AVAILABLE THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 11


KINDY GIRLS...Enjoying their first week at Roxby Downs Kindergarten, new starters, from left, back, Hannah, Madison, Meg, front, Ayeisha, Lucy and George. Last names of students are withheld in accordance with kindergarten policy.

COMPUTER KIDS...Keyed into kindy four-year-old new starters Brodie and Zach during their first month at Roxby Downs Kindergarten. CRAFTY KID...Working on a Coca Cola cup creation, new kindergartener Braydyn, 4, in blue group at Roxby Downs Kindergarten.

PLAYDOUGH...Not afraid to get their hands dirty in their first week of kindergarten, from left, four-year-olds Will and Joel. Last names of students are withheld in accordance with kindergarten policy.

TABLE TALK...Enjoying their first month at the Roxby Downs Kindergarten - four-year-olds Hailey and Indiana. Last names of students are withheld in accordance with

PLAY TIME...New kindergarten starters Declan, 4, Lochie, 4, and Bailey, 4, at Roxby Downs Kindergarten last month. Last

kindergarten policy.

names of students are withheld in accordance with kindergarten policy.




Tutop Street • 8671 2486

! Totally Tavern – Every Tuesday, 7pm till late ! Beer system has been upgraded “Coldest Beer in Town” ! Weekly promotions and give aways ! Win a Jack Daniel’s Fridge

Totally XXXX Tavern Esky mirror Weekly give away give away Specials Jack Daniel’s

See in store for details

See in store for details

Members only

! Weekly pool competition ! Happy Hour – Monday to Thursday, 7pm till 8pm, $2.00 beer specials ! Saturday “Punters Club” ! Sports Pick Footy Competition ! All day Sundays – 1 dozen oysters + a Schooner of Beer for $15.00 ! Gaming room – 40 Machines The new machines have arrived! ! • Daily promotions • Showcase Give aways • Earn bonus points on your “J” card Richardson Place • Phone: 8671 0071 Page 12 - Thursday, February 12, 2004



Restaurant & Motor Inn

l offer a i c e p S e’s Valentinfor two at the Oasis

ation Dinner ccommod reakfast a t h g i n 1 ed b tary cook pagne n e m li p am Com entary ch Complim

$170.00le per cou


Valentine’s Day Menu – $40/person Starter Garlic & Herb Bread or Tomato and Basil Brushcetta Entree Tempura Tiger Prawns or Mushroom Caps Mains Loin of Lamb Salmon Steak or Spinach and Fetta Cannelloni Dessert Lovers Stack or Cheese Plate Tea and Coffee

Dinner: Monday to Saturday 6pm-9pm The Oasis Motor Inn • Richardson Place, Roxby Downs • Ph: 8671 0311

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STIRRERS...Stirring up some fun at Roxby Downs Kindergarten this month - new kindy kids Keegan, 4, Patrick, 4, and Sean, 4. Last names of students are withheld in accordance with kindergarten policy.

BIG KIDS...Enjoying kindergarten for the first time at Roxby Downs Kindergarten - four-year-olds Jen and Sharna. BEACH GIRL…Christie McKenna with Perlubie Beach ‘Ideal Beach Girl’ Taylor-Saige Kenny, 1.

Sunsmart toddler sashed

NEW STARTER...Four-year-old Mackenzie enjoying her first time at NEW STARTERS...Enjoying their first week of kindergarten Roxby Downs Kindergarten in Red with their blue group buddies, from left, Gabrielle, 4, and Renee, 4. Group.

ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs toddler Taylor-Saige Kenny, 1, was named annual Perlubie Beach ‘Ideal Beach Girl’ for ages 0-6 last month on holiday in Streaky Bay with her family. Parents Christie McKenna and Chris Kenny were impressed to see their little ‘princess’ sashed at the annual beach festival. The competition was sponsored by Sun-Smart for children aged between 0-6 and is an annual event at Streaky Bay. Each year, children dress up and three judges decide who is the best-suited child for the day. The winners each receive a toy and a sash, while all competitors receive lollies as a consolation prize.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Split Systems Derby Ducted systems offer the ultimate in climate control, efficiently cooling and heating every room in the home. Superior design with a super quiet fan and a powerful motor ensures a powerful and efficient delivery of air throughout the home. Premium Quality Super Quiet 5 Year Warranty

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Wall Mounted Controller

Compact outdoor unit design requires minimal space for installation. Noise absorbing advanced polymer construction is being introduced to certain models for quieter operation and added durability.

Outdoor Unit

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Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 13


Valentine’s Day Messages RED LISTING your ‘businesses at a glance’ guide


Andamooka Health Services 8672 7238 Andamooka Primary School 8672 7018 Beenham Building 8671 1234 BeMeX (08) 9325 2966 Birdsville Hotel (07) 4656 3244 Broadspectrum 8671 2450 Cowell Electric 8671 0018 CFS - Andamooka 8672 7072 CFS - Roxby Downs (Emergency) 8671 0000 CFS - Roxby Downs 0419 803 054 CFS - Woomera 8674 3200 Desert Decor 8671 2638 Eldo Hotel 8673 7867 Elsewhere Hotel, Lyndhurst 8675 7781 Eyebus 8671 2001 Glendambo Outback Resort 8672 1030 Glendambo Mobil Service Station 8672 1092 Innamincka Trading Post 0418 322 091 Interquip 08 9359 2666 Just Kidding 8221 6006 Lavericks Engineering 8671 0404 Leigh Creek & Regional VIC 8675 2723 Lin Andrews Real Estate 8671 2000 Marla Travellers Rest 8670 7001 Marree Aboriginal School 8675 8358 Mitre 10 8671 0322 Monadelphous Engineering Associates 8671 0020 Mt Dare Homestead 8670 7835 Native Animal Network 8671 0573 Oasis Restaurant 8671 0311 Orica Chemicals 1300 555 070 Paul G. Doube 8351 5911 Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta 8670 7822 Port Augusta Public Library 8641 9151 Riverland Tourism Association 1300 657 625 Roxby Downs Anglican Church 8671 0270 Roxby Downs Area School 8671 0011 Roxby Downs Catholic Church 8671 0925 Roxby Downs Community Church 8671 0270 Roxby Downs Community Club 8671 0117 Roxby Downs Community Health 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Community Library 8671 0660 Roxby Downs Council 8671 0010 Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct 8671 2001 Roxby Downs Hospital 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Leisure Centre 8671 0500 Roxby Downs Lutheran Church 8671 1300 Roxby Downs Medical Centre 8671 9010 Roxby Downs Police 8671 0370 Roxby Downs Tavern 8671 0071 Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic 8671 0730 Roxby Downs Youth Centre 0407 719 714 RoxFM Community Radio 8671 2545 Sandvic Materials Handling 8671 2907 Shades of Roxby 8671 0059 South Community Centre Library 8087 3494 Spud’s Roadhouse, Pimba 8673 7473 St Barbara’s Parish School 8671 3207 The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper 8671 2683 Wardle & Co Pty Ltd 0417 816 738 Weston Raine and Horne 8395 2233 Whyalla Public Library 8649 3000 Woomera Area School 8673 7287 Woomera Board Office 8674 3226

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Page 14 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

Honey-Bunch – To my Honey-Bunch. Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for all the love and happiness. Love you Moi!

My Princess – Roses are red Violets are blue Life has been perfect, since I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day. All my love, Matt

Megan – Love you lots my princess. Thank you for another fantastic year. Lots of love your Prince and Little Princess XX

Gus – You are my world and my life with special times ahead. Lots of love, Roxanne

Scrubber – For the good times. Happy Valentine’s Day

To the man in our life – Happy Valentines Day and love always. Blossy, Blinky and Ned

Babe – Thanks for the wonderful memories over the past 18 months. Looking forward to many more to come. All my love Jess

Phill – As our new relationship blossoms, my feelings just keep growing stronger! I luv you. Love Jac

“Need a bird to love this Valentine’s Day?” • Budgie • Feed • Toy • Cage All for $30 Copper Card holders: $5 discount Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

Phone 8671 0730

Shane – I love you more and more each day. You are the love of my life. Thanks so much for our gorgeous son, and for make me your wife! Lisa XXX

Alex – You’re my sweetheart. My husband and my very best friend. To a special and wonderful man. Happy Valentine’s Day With love always Megs XXOO

Pookie – Everyday I love you more. You are everything I was looking for. I’m glad I found you and you are mine, will you be my Valentine. Forever yours, Princess.

Mark – To my best friend, the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day Mark. May you always remember all the special things you’ve done to make me feel truly loved. Thanks babe. Love you lots Kez.

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On Valentine’s Day, Saturday, 14th February, why not join us at the Eldo Hotel in Woomera. Start with a complimentary glass of wine and then discover why our Bistro has such a great reputation when our chef presents you with meals that look as good as they taste. Then be tempted by some wickedly delicious dessert specials. Finish with chocolates on the house. Why not make it a real romantic evening and stay the night. Just mention this advertisement to receive 50% discount for accommodation.

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 15

International marketing power in your own backyard Weston Raine and Horne North East real estate specialists David Murley and Wayne Lawson offer investors and property-owners local knowledge with national exposure. The pair have been operating locally for almost 12 months now, travelling regularly from their Adelaide office, while local presence Penny Coleman offers on-the-ground liaison with local clients and potential buyers. “While we aren’t in Roxby Downs every day we are always contactable,” Mr Lawson told The Monitor last week. “In addition to the local presence, our Adelaide office attracts many investors and potential residents. “Weston Raine and Horne offers an international website with comprehensive information on individual property, attracting investors from around the country. The Weston Raine and Horne team are positive about the opportunities in the property market in Roxby Downs. “There’s a lot of opportunities for investors and home-sellers in the current market,” Mr Murley said. “Roxby Downs is just an excellent place to invest because of the returns on properties. “It’s a tidy town, and friendly, with a strong sense of community. “The town itself is well-presented and the council really keep it nice-looking which is a real benefit in

our field. “And our aim is to be part of that community and offer every property the same attention to detail and flexibility.” “Our logo says ‘we’ll look after you’ and we really do. “We put our vendors first – and that’s very important “Our success has come locally as the result of referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers – both private and business. “We want to be seen to be, not just taking out of the community, but giving back in.” Mr Lawson emphasised that he still sees a strong future for the Roxby Downs property market. “Despite the changes in the market, it definitely has not gone backwards – the market’s still very strong and we see that continuing,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities at the moment and it’s a great time to take advantage of the choices on the market at the moment. “In a town where rentals are a premium it’s great to see so many people selling their private homes allowing investment opportunities and more rentals for the wider community.” “We are not only involved in the residential sales market (including businesses and commercial) but we offer comprehensive property management at very competitive rates.”

WESTON RAINE AND HORNE...The local team of Weston Raine and Horne, from left, PennyColeman, Wayne Lawson and David Murley.

Sell with us.........


FOR SALE 26 Alberrie Street – “Paradise in the oasis”. Lovely 3 bedroom with built-in robes, updated Blackwood kitchen, ducted evap. cooling, gas space heater, ceiling fans, large paved undercover entertaining area, in-ground swimming pool with spa. Currently leased. $206,500.


4 Hamilton Court – “Just a perfect lifestyle”. 3 bedrooms plus study, large lounge and dining, large gabled pergola area, fully fenced inground salt water pool and sail shade, new double garage. Currently leased. Offers over $220,000. “Right out of the blue”. Family home of 3 bedrooms, all with built-in robes, large bay window lounge, practical gas kitchen with rangehood, large rumpus room, ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating, new 6m x 6m gabled pergola. Offers over $180,000. 6 Rowe Court – “Four plus more”. Three bedrooms all with built-in robes, large extension used as study and 4th bedroom, spacious kitchen, dining and lounge. Ducted air-conditioning, gas heating, inground fully fenced saltwater pool with shade cover. Offers over $220,000. 8 Hermit Street – “Neat and tidy at the right price”. Three bedrooms all with built-in robes, gas kitchen with range hood, ducted air-conditioning, gas heating, swimming pool and pergola. $185,000. 89 Stuart Road – “Splash out and enjoy”. Four bedroom family home, two bathrooms, study, double garage with benches and 3 phase power, large rear yard with undercover fully fenced saltwater pool and heaps more. Value buying at $234,950. 33 Pioneer Drive – “A great buy”. Lovely, 3 bedrooms with built-in robes, ducted air-conditioning, spacious kitchen, dining, lounge, 2 pergolas and swimming pool. Bargain at offers over $170,000.


35 Pioneer Drive – “Room to romp and stomp”. 3 bedroom family home with built-in robes, huge lined rumpus room with storage in loft, heat/cool, fully fenced swimming pool with decking and adjacent paved area. Large rear yard, great location. Good buying at $195,000. Lot 51, Government Road, Andamooka – 3 bedrooms all of good size, ensuite, large verandah and more including shedding. Offers over $70,000. MUST SELL.

Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

David Murley 0412 050 200

first” u o y g n i t t “Pu (08) 8395 2233 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

Page 16 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

GET THAT OUT OF TOWN FEELING! 4 Finniss Street, Roxby Downs OPEN INSPECTION: Sunday, February 15 – 4.00-5.00pm 3 bedrooms with built-ins, 2 c/w ceiling fans, main with 1hp air-conditioner and direct bathroom access, large lounge with 2hp air-conditioner, ceiling fan and gas heating. Access the in-ground fibreglass pool via the private pergola area c/w reeded decking, established raised garden beds, fish pond and bird aviary. 7m x 6m shed with concrete floor, power, lighting, partially lined and loft area for storage. Live locally and love it, for $222,000.

House highlight - 32 Hermit St

WELL ESTABLISHED FAMILY HOME 46 Axehead Road, Roxby Downs 3 bedrooms, tiled kitchen, dine, entrance and hallway, freshly painted, time-honoured gardens, in-ground pool, paved pergola area and full length verandah. Reduced to $182,000.

Geoff Chick – 0417 816 738 or Martin Stringer – 0417 897 159 Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable investment. Property Consultant Geoff Chick knows the local market and can help you get results! OVER 13 YEARS OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE

INSPECT...For a closer look at 32 Hermit St, take advantage of the twilight inspection , 7pm – 7.45pm Monday, February 16, 2004.

LINANDREWS Real Estate Delightful Brick Family Home 4 bdrm all with built-ins, master with walk-in robe and ensuite. Large family room, kitchen, dining, formal lounge. Huge outdoor entertainment area. Inspection a must! $258,000.

Marketing Special At Lin Andrews Real Estate, Roxby Downs we are almost out of stock of properties to sell (owner occupied or investment). We are selling 1 property practically every 48 hours.


If you list your house/property with Lin Andrews Real Estate during the month of February we will discount ALL marketing by 50%. Our office is busy, the staff are getting heaps of enquiries – take advantage and save some money for yourself.

Phone Lorraine or Ali on 8671 2000 or 0400 980 338 (Lorraine)

Your Local Professionals Shop 3, Richardson Place (next to Post Office)

A lovely family home at 32 Hermit Street is available through Lin Andrews Real Estate, Roxby Downs office. This three bedroom home is ideally situated within close walking distance to schools and shops and opposite a children’s playground. Newly painted throughout, it has an open-plan lounge / diner and a kitchen with ample cupboard space. The bigger-than-average bedrooms all have built-in-robes, and the whole house is kept cool by ducted air-conditioning throughout. The main feature in the

backyard, is the beautiful in-ground swimming pool, perfect for cooling down in the hot Roxby summers. While a huge, concreted, double shed with power will keep the man of the house happy. For $195,000, this is an opportunity to purchase a well-maintained family home. To inspect, contact the friendly staff at Lin Andrews Real Estate, Roxby Downs Office. Phone 8671 2000 or 0400 980 338. Or, for a closer look at 32 Hermit St, take advantage of Lin Andrews’ twilight inspection from 7pm – 7.45pm Monday, February 16, 2004.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper





BEENHAM, Mark – 40 on February 13, 2004. To our special son, dad, brother, uncle and friend. We hope you have a wonderful day on Friday. We love you so very much. Mum, Dad, James, Matthew, Trish, Simon, Kate, Anne, Ben, Luke, Nathan, Henry, Josh, Bob, Rhonda, Sally, Hudson and Wally. Xxxooo

THE Woomera Districts Football League are seeking expressions of interest for the tenders for the bar and the gate takings. We are also seeking interested people for the positions of the Umpire’s Coordinator (which is a paid position), Umpires, Treasurer of the League and the Commissioner of the Tribunal. Closing date for the above tenders and positions will be March 31, 2004. Applications can be sent to the Secretary of the WDFL, PO Box 330, Roxby Downs 5725.

Brand new 4 bedroom Transportable Home

SIX Emeroo Court…Three bedroom home, open plan living in a quiet courtyard area. $300 per week. Phone Ali at Lin Andrews Real Estate on 8671 2000.

THANK YOU THE State Junior Country Basketballers, Teagan, Katica, Brad and Ben would like to thank the Roxby Community for their support and good wishes for their trip to Albury Wodonga. Special thanks: Roxby Foodland, Paul Doube, Junior Basketball, Roxby Club, Monadelphous, Roche Mining, Roxby Traders, Roxby Milk Distributors, Blue Light Disco, The Roxby Sun and The Monitor. An extra special thank you to Jason, for your time in coaching and your experience. Josie for tirelessly selling raffle tickets. Shirley and Errilee for helping with fundraising ideas and helping out. Roxby Alive for the court time. Gay and Stephen for your support and great cooking at the pageant. Liz and Jack for your support and time with fundraising. Jen Taylor for helping out on pageant night. Without all your help, support and contributions our trip would not have been such a great learning experience and we thank you all very much.

MANAGING EDITOR Independent Country Newspaper The Monitor is a quality country newspaper produced in Roxby Downs, and is distributed across the far northern regions of South Australia including Andamooka and Woomera. Roxby Downs is situated 550kms north of Adelaide and offers individuals and families an excellent lifestyle and facilities. Community owned and operated, the Monitor has been acknowledged for the quality of its journalism and production. This small but vibrant paper offers its editor the opportunity to make a significant contribution through reporting hard news and community activities and initiatives. The successful applicant will be a Grade 4 + journalist and have the experience to build on the strong foundations already established by this publication. There is a rare opportunity for a qualified journalist to edit an independently owned paper that is the main communication source across the region. For further information connect to or call Ray Goldie 08 8227 2777. Applications can be addressed to: Editor, The Monitor, Goldie Strategic Development, Level 1 22-26 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide SA 5000 or email to

Your Community Newspaper


FOR SALE DUCATI 900SS – 1998, 9000kms $11,500.00 ono. Phone 0408 547 461.

Pt Broughton


Blocks of land for sale

EMPLOYMENT – Do you need extra cash? Are you teachable? Go to or call 8219 0151.

2 minutes to shops and school, 2 minutes to beach and jetty, 4 hours from Roxby Downs, 2 hours from Adelaide, all blocks FREEHOLD title, all blocks over 500m², all services to site.

QUALIFIED Child Carers. Little Rascals CCC is seeking Qualified Child Carers, Level 4. Both full time and casual positions available. Call 8671 1866 for more details.

$250,000 ono

Bargain at $54,500

Contact Selling agent Geoff Smith on 0408 331 427 or 8635 2566.

NINE Mulgaria Crescent. Large, well established family home. $210,000. Four bedrooms, main with ensuite. Ducted and refrigerated air-cond, double carport, large shed. Great outdoor area with pergola. Dishwasher and new oven. Contact Steve or Jodie on 8671 0921 or 0417 816 409. SPILSBY ISLAND – Waterfront allotment, breathtaking views, secluded beaches.

RENTAL PROPERTIES FOR lease – Three bedroom, modern, brick veneer home. Long term lease available. Ring Paul for details on |8671 0233. FOUR bedroom home with built in robes. Two bathrooms, heating and cooling. $300 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653. THREE bedroom, rumpus and study. Salt water pool. Heat/cool plus sheds. $350 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653. THREE bedroom, lounge ducted evaporative air-conditioning. Good size yard with pergola. $250 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653.

To Give Away

For Sale

Real Estate

STUCK FOR IDEAS? Do you need something designed and/or printed but don’t know where to start? Give Nicki at The Monitor a call on 8671 2622 for an obligationFREE quote. • Stationery • Business Cards • Logo Design • Brochures and more

THREE bedroom home in Andamooka. Partly furnished. $120 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653. UNIT available, two bedrooms – around $200 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653. ONE bedroom unit, partly furnished in Andamooka. $90 per week. Phone Weston Raine and Horne on 8671 0653.

The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper Wanted

14/30 Burgoyne Street…Three bedroom, duplex home with carport and small backyard. $245 per week. Contact Ali at Lin Andrews Real Estate on 8671 2000.

Private sale – Ph: 8671 0835 or 0427 710 835 ask for Tim.

Roxby Downs, South Australia

BEENHAM, Mark – They say life begins at 40! If this is the beginning you have a lot to look forward to!!! Cheers Beenie. Shanon, Mick and Sharon, Jacko and Kristi, Ron, Beau, Scott and Kath, Kiwi, Brad, Martin and Leonie, David, Mark, Tanya and Damien, Sam and Ray and families.

3.5hp reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning, ceiling fans, ensuite and walk-in robe in main bedroom, bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 built-in robes, floor tiles in living areas, carpet in bedrooms, complete with garage, carport, pergola and fully landscaped with dripper system. THIS HOUSE HAS NEVER BEEN LIVED IN. Many other extras not listed.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 17

ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL fortnightly newsletter This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Area School

A message from the Principal

SA Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association Welcome back to the new school year! Thank you to those parents who have stopped me in the street to have a chat about SAPSASA. It is great to see so much enthusiasm and interest from parents already. SAPSASA sports are available to interested students in Years six and seven. Depending on numbers, considerations will be made for Year five students also. Below are the dates for Term One carnivals. Rebecca Fischer is involved in SAPSASA district netball coaching, therefore this year Carly Nash and Ben Summerton will be overseeing the school netball and football. Unlike last year Athletics will be held in Term Three. Further details regarding these sports and swimming will be published as soon as the information is made available from SAPSASA head office. We are still looking for coaches for Basketball. If you are able to assist with coaching, umpiring or transportation your help would be appreciated. Without parental support these sporting events prove difficult to run. Dates for Term 1 Week 8 March 19 Swimming- Adelaide Aquatic Centre Week 11 April 5 Football/Netball -One day carnivals at Port Augusta Week 11 April 6-8 Basketball Bec Fischer

Instrumental lessons Instrumental lessons have started again for 2004. If your child wishes to learn an instrument please contact the school. Names will be put on a waiting list for: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano/keyboard, guitar and drums. Woodwind and brass lessons are conducted via the DUCT system (over the phone). Keyboard, guitar and drums can be learned privately at school with Chris Barrett and Cheryl Boothey. Lessons incur a cost per student to be paid by parents - the school will provide facilities and hire instruments. For more information please forward a diary note or a note at the front desk to Jenni Nitschke at the school.

y a d e h t r o f t h g u tho

Sister Pat’s

You cannot teach people anything, you can only help them find it within themselves. Galileo

Feb17 Early closure 2.10pm Mar 2 Early closure 2.10pm Mar 16 Early closure 2.10pm Mar 30 Early closure 2.10pm

& Da tes to RRemember emember Dates

Upcoming Ev ents Events

Page 18 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

WHAT IF?...Year 6 students Jai, 10, and Ashley, 11, ask ‘what if?’ in an effort to meld scientific principles and creative writing. SCI-FI QUESTIONS...11-yearolds Brandon and Lochie explore the u n e n d i n g possibilities of asking ‘what if?’.

Asking the hard questions Year 6 students at RDAS are learning to meld scientific fact and creative writing by posing ‘what if’ questions for a series of posters. Some of the class’s most interesting questions have been - ‘what if the polar caps melted?’, ‘what if animals could talk?’, ‘what if mythical animals lived’and ‘what if the liquids in the medical department get so hot that they burnt people?’ Students’ ‘what if’ posters will be displayed in the classroom.

P&F calls for new volunteers Dear Parents and Friends. Welcome to another year and news from the P&F Committee this term. Firstly, our AGM will be held on Wednesday March 3, 2004 in the school staff room at 7.30pm. We would really like to see some new faces as we only have a very small P&F Committee, so come along and meet the other members. We value everyone’s input that can help raise money for our school children. Our first market day will be February 14, 2004. We will be conducting a P&F Valen-

tine’s Raffle for $2 per ticket. First prize will be a hamper full of goodies donated by local businesses including a dinner for two at the Oasis Restaurant. Tickets will be available from Josie Basterfield after Wednesday, or on Market Day from the P&F Coffee Corner, and will be drawn at 12 noon on Market Day. Also, keep an eye out for the date of our quiz night in term two. Thank you. Annette Jackson, For the P & F Committee.

As the school settles down into the school year it is encouraging to find that students and teachers are approaching the first term in a motivated and enthusiastic way. Already planning is underway for SASSA and SAPSASA sports, camps and teacher professional development. The R - 6 acquaintance night will have provided opportunities for some parents to meet your child(ren)’s teacher(s). By Week 5 of this term we aim to have an abbreviated pamphlet version of the Annual Report available for parents through the Front Office. This report indicates the achievements of the previous year. Through this column we are able to recognise the achievements of students and staff. I have recently received certificates for staff who undertook a ‘Learning and Teaching with the Internet’ course offered locally under the auspices of the Technology School of the Future in Terms 3 and 4, 2003. Earning a Certificate of Completion for this 20 hour course we congratulate: Kate Bennie, Sarah Van Dyke and Nina Andrews. Gaining a Statement of Attendance for achieving a section of this course, we congratulate: Mandy Kerby (10 hours), Concetta De Leo (7.5 hours), Karen Grantham (10 hours), Rebecca Fischer (7.5 hours), Marilyn Eastwood (10 hours) and Amanda Partington (10 hours). All of these staff undertook the training and development to improve their Information and Communication Technology skills in order to provide an improved learning experience to their students. There are further staff changes as positions are filled behind staff in acting positions for terms. Emily Lockyer has won the Acting Year 7-12 Assistant Principal position behind Joslyn Fox. Shane Hodgson has won the Acting Maths/Science Coordinator position behind Emily Lockyer. Congratulations to both of these teachers. Our last member of staff will fill the vacant Maths position in the 7-12 cohort. Brighton Mawodza arrived in Roxby Downs last week and took up his duties on Thursday, February 5. In the spirit of school/community partnerships, two of our teachers will continue to offer Soccer to students after school. They will send notes home with students in due course giving times and costs All schools rely on volunteers to supplement the range of skills and abilities available on site. If you are able to volunteer some time to the school we will accept this gratefully. We are particularly interested in establishing a Learning Assistance Program and the Assistant Principal for Student Services, Carol Lindner, will be writing more about this in a later newsletter. A proforma to volunteer will be included at the end of this newsletter. A planned feature of the newsletter for Terms 1and 2 are profiles of two of the new staff in each issue. This will be done by student interviewers and start in the next issue. Kath Macalister Acting Principal

FRESH FACES...New headstart students at RDAS, from left, back, Kiaran Dadleh,Chloe Allen, Lachlan Baker, Jack Flavel, Montana Morgan, Tayla Scholefield, Laura O’Sullivan, Clancy Crafter-King, Ross McPaul, middle, Eliza Grantham, Liam Smith, Luke Rudiger, Ryan McCann, Joel Smith, Lockie Martin, Miell Miller, Alyshia Kaine, front, Jack Fortington, Ethan Dadleh, Hannah McGarry, Kyra Miller, Natasha Woodall and Kimberly Harvey with teachers Bev Zeptner and Kate Underwood. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

fortnightly newsletter ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL

This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Area School

RDAS welcomes new AFS students Roxby Downs Area School welcomed two new AFS exchange students to town this week for a six month stay. Cielo Albrecht has arrived from Argentina to live with the Kenny family, and Connie Ramirez comes from Chile to live with the Arnold family. Both girls arrived in town on Friday, February 6, 2003, to be welcomed by the recent heat wave. Both Connie and Cielo will be studying Year 12 at Roxby Downs Area School until the end of Term 2.

AFS...New RDAS e x c h a n g e students Connie Ramirez and Cielo Albrecht.

Roxby Downs Downs Area Area School School Roxby

Uniform Shop Times Tuesday 8.30am to 9.00am Thursday 3.00pm to 3.30pm Co-ordinator: Teresa Barrand Contact Teresa or Mandy at the Library for any further information on 8671 0660. Thank you to our volunteer helpers: Michelle Crowhurst, Teya Dunn and Karim Gillilard


Parents and Friends Committee invites all


Students take sci-fi plays to the air waves

of RDAS students to a

MORNING TEA on Monday, February 16, 2004 from 8.30am in the staff room. (Please see front office staff if you are not sure where to go)

g you! We look forward to seein

FAMILY DAY CARE Are you interested in: ! Operating a home-based child care business? ! Receiving accredited training at an affordable cost? ! Claiming business expenses through tax? ! Choosing your own working hours? Careproviders are provided with information to help establish their business, and are supported by Fieldworkers who help with the provision of quality care and provide on-going professional development.

VOICE OF CONFIDENCE…Tamara, 11, is at home on the air, working alongside fellow Year 6 radio dramatists.

If you: ! Enjoy working with children ! Are in good health ! Can provide a safe and stimulating environment for children This may be the business opportunity for you! Please register your interest with Family Day Care 86485370 or 86457776

ON AIR...RDAS Year 6 students Makenzie, 11, and Kerrie, 10, act out a sci-fi radio play during class time. The students are combining scientific knowledge and literature in a series of sci-fi radio plays which will air during the Outback Fringe this year.

RADIO DRAMA…Emma, 11, practices her part in ‘The girl who cried martian’ on air at RDAS. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



Expressions of Interest

MIKED UP...11-year-old radio actors Codie and Tegan perfect their on-air skills during one of their class radio plays.

Name: ____________________________ _______________ Ph: ______________ I am interested in volunteering to spend some time at the school. My skills include: • Listening to children read $ • Craft $ • Physical acitivities $ • Other $ __________________________________ __________________________________ Indicate year levels preferred: __________________________________ Please return to the Principal via the front office by 9.00am, Wednesday, February 18, 2004.


Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 19

Et Scientia Et Sapientia In Science In Learning


The school motto, In Science In Learning has evolved with all students part of a rigorous science curriculum which encompasses an Aquaculture program that includes Yabbies and Silver Perch. Agriculture programs are also being developed in 2004 to compliment learning in Science. Science club is offered to all our students once a week and students are often invited to view the launches that occur in the Woomera Prohibited Area.

Students are involved in activities and programs that foster: • Leadership • Participation • Team work and Collaboration • Citizenship • Physical activity and wellbeing

Learning for the Future Information Communication Technologies is an area of focus for our students. An ICT suite consisting of 24 networked computers, A 6 computer Multimedia suite and computers in each classroom allow students to access technology from CPC through to Year 12. Teachers are constantly developing their skills and embed Learning Technologies across the curriculum. Woomera Area School is committed to preparing our students for a changing world.

Learning Partnerships Our students are supported to develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential. Partnerships between staff, students, parents and the wider community allow significant decisions and responsibilities to be shared so that learning is enhanced.

Strategic Directions The 3 Strategic Directions 2004-2006 are: • Student Support • Futures • Information Communication Technologies Targets are set for each Strategic Direction and Governing Council plays an integral part in helping to ensure that these targets are met.

Curriculum Woomera Area School operates within the South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework. Eight areas of study are taught to Year R to 9 students. Year 10 to 12 students choose subjects including Stage 1 & 2 courses. Indonesian is taught via Distance Education for all Year 4-9 students. Courses offered from Reception to Year 10 include: • Mathematics • English • The Arts • Health and Physical Education • Science (including Seafood Studies Yr10) • Technology (Design & Technology, ICT,Multimedia) • LOTE (Indonesian Yr 4-9, Yr 10 optional) • Studies of Society and Environment

Staff All staff are committed to the vision of lifelong learning and contribute to this ideal by: • Working Collaboratively • Working with families • Engaging in meaningful Training and • Development • Participating in Staff Morale activities • Flexible Curriculum delivery • Taking risks • Creating partnerships with other schools

Parents Opportunities exist for parents and caregivers to be involved in: • Local School Management through the Governing Council • CPC Sub-committee • Class programs • Educational programs including camps and excursions • Fundraising • Working Bees

Facilities Some of the school facilities include: • A state of the art Gymnasium • Well equipped Child Parent Centre • Spacious Buildings • Specialist Art, Home Economics Area • Community Library on-site • Large oval • ICT and Multimedia suites with one computer per student ratio Town facilities are accessed by students as required to support the curriculum

Future Projects to enhance learning School Staff together with a supportive Governing Council offer direction for the needs of our students The priorities for 2004 include: • A new CPC Kitchen • A new CPC playground used also by JP/Primary students at recess and lunchtime • An expanded office area • New Multimedia suite • Development of a new Tech/Arts centre • Phase 2 Aquaculture program • Phase 1 Agriculture program • Grounds Improvement

Specialist Areas and Programs Program Achieve which focuses on Student wellbeing is taught from Reception to Year 10 and compliments Social Skills programs for Primary students. A focus on Respect, Honesty and Trust as our school values forms the basis of and reinforces our Behaviour Management processes. Career Education is a focus for Year 9-12 students. A Music program is provided for Reception to 10 students weekly. SACE Music compliments this program for students who wish to continue their music learning into Year 11 and 12. Other areas of focus include: • Aquaculture • Early Intervention • Literacy and Numeracy Test follow-up support

Woomera Area School • Dewrang Avenue, Woomera PO Box 88, Woomera • Phone: (08) 8673 7287 • Fax: (08) 8673 7005 Email: • Website: Page 20 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Footy games for a touch of fun SOCIAL FOOTBALL... Enjoying a social game of touch football on Sunday mornings, from left, front, Dan Cojocea, shannon Aramona, Sebastian Tello, back, Lindy McAskill, Misty Gale, Zoe Grigg, Andrew Murdy, Toby Field, John Lo Grande, Mike Gale and Michael Nuciforo. The group, which meets each Sunday at 9am at the Roxby Downs Area School oval are calling for more locals to join the fun weekend games. If support is strong enough, the group will discuss opportunities to join a round-robin competition in Adelaide later in the year. For more information, contact John Lo Grande 0407 723 941 - or just show up on a Sunday morning.

Social hockey season to begin Business snapshots

HOCKEY...J essica Hamilton, Mandie Arnold and Steve Moss all ready for the new hockey social season. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

The Roxby Downs Indoor Hockey Association held a general meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2004. From this meeting, it was agreed to hold a social season for ages 12 through to adult. This will commence on Friday February 13, 2004 and will run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm each Friday until the end of Term 1. Due to other commitments and people leaving town, a new committee was also formed for the 2004 season: Chairperson Steve Moss, Vice-Chair – Fiona Bilney, Secretary – Mandie Arnold, Treasurer – Bec Surendra, with most other people in attendance choosing to be part of a general committee. The executive would like to thank all those who attended the meeting and have joined the committee, this is the most interest we’ve been able to generate for the actual running of the sport for the past few years. The Committee will hold another meeting closer to the end of our social season to determine how we will accept nominations for our “points” competition. Anyone interested in playing socially for a couple of hours on a Friday night until then, please head down to the Leisure centre this Friday and have a look. Mandie Arnold, Hockey Reporter.

Focus on your business! r The Monitor Newspape Phone: 8671 2683

Advertising in Your Community Newspaper is a great way of telling people about you and your business. The Business Snapshots section - right alongside oru popular Red Listing business guide - provides you with, not only an advertisement but on a rotational basis – editorial space where you can tell the community more about your business and what you can offer them, and all for a very reasonable price.

If you are interested in being a part of this fantastic deal then give Penny Lyon, our local sales representative a call on 8671 2622 or mobile 0408 267 318. Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Page 21


Cricket competition heats up

POWER...Nick Wells (Rogues) plays a powerful shot to the on side in his innings of 60 while Ryan Briggs (Wanderers) keeps wicket. BASKETBALLERS…Returning from a week-long interstate basketball carnival in Albury-Wodonga, from left, back, Ben Hansford, 15, Brad Ley, 12, front, Teagan Coombes, 13, and Katica Cockshell, 16.

Tough competition for youth basketballers

DEFENSIVE SHOT...Ben Smith (Rogues) playing a classic forward defensive shot. The Wanderers’ Craig Hancock is at the ready while square leg umpire Ian Weir keeps a close eye on the play. Both matches on the weekend were reduced to thirty overs because of the heat. Woomera posted a much needed victory at home over a lack-lustre Rogues when they easily chased down a target of 97 in their Day/Night match at O’Donoghue Oval, Woomera. Although they were without their opening bowlers, Worby and Ingold, who are also more than useful batsmen, surprised their more fancied opponents. Rogues went to bat first and played like millionaires early on and paid the price. Barry ‘Baz’ Dadleh turned in a captain’s knock with a patient 31-not-out in the middle order, to save some face after the top order collapse. The home team has had some trouble in the past achieving ‘gettable’ targets but cruised to victory in 24 overs with eight wickets to spare. Openers Chris Pillar 35no and Wally Broome 26 provided the platform for Joe Payne to chip in with 28 no and take the points. Woomera: Broome 26, Pillar 35no, Nicholls 3, Payne 28no. Extras 11. Total 2/103. Weir 4-0-0-26, J Daley 6-0-0-21, H Daley 6-0-2-18 Dadleh 6-0-0-30, Steer 2-0-0-6. Catches: Dadleh, Graham defeated Rogues: Graham 7, H Daley 6, Smith 5, J Daley 0, Steer 15, Dadleh 31no, P Wooldridge 14, A Wooldridge 5, Weir 1, Kaminski 0 no. Extras 13. Total 9/97. Searle 6-0-2-13, M Ingold 6-3-1-11, Nicholls 4-0-0-20, Blatchford 6-0-0-20, Broome 3-0-1-16. Catches: J.Payne 2. Run Outs: Broome, Nicholls. Olympic Dam went three games clear on the top of the premiership ladder after a workmanlike 24 run victory over Wanderers at Roxby Downs Oval on Sunday morning, February 8, 2004. Wanderers won the toss and elected to field in the

Page 22 - Thursday, February 12, 2004

‘cooler’ conditions of early morning, and looked to have the best of their opponents at the first break. Olympic Dam batted slowly to be 2/38 at drinks but exploded after that and slammed on 117 runs in 15.4 overs to finish with 5/155 after 30 overs. Jason Cole batted magnificently for his 87 in 105 minutes that included 2 sixes and 8 fours and Kerr made a handy 28 in only 34 minutes. Although Wanderers were a healthy 2/74 at their drinks break, Bennett (a classy half century) and the punishing Paxton were back in the pavilion. After drinks the Devils tightened the screws with Hoffmann and Turner bowling well and the runs dried up to a point where the pressure was on the Wanderers batting line up with 46 required off the last five overs. They were not equal to the task and fell 25 runs short of the target. Olympic Dam: Schell 0, Cole 87, Nichols 7, Kerr 28, Turner 9no, Leonard 7, Wellington 3no. Extras 14. Total 5/155. Dutschke 6-0-1-30, Spencer 6-1-011, Bennett 6-0 2-29, White 4-0-0-32, Paxton 3-00-17, R Briggs 5-0-2-34. Catches: Paxton 2, R Briggs, Spencer defeated Wanderers: Dutschke 23, Paxton 6, Bennett 50, Spencer 9, Elleway 1, R Briggs 15no, White 4, J Blake 0, Sharman 11no. Extras 12. Total 7/131. Pearce 6-1-2-32, Henschke 5-2-0-12, Schell 3-0-0-17, Kenny 4-0-1-19, Hoffmann 6-2-118, Turner 5-1-3-16, Wellington 1-0-0-14. Catches: Nicholls, Kenny 2, Schell, Pearce. Premiership Ladder: Olympic Dam 9-3-48, Wanderers 6-6-36, Rogues 5-7-31, Woomera 4-8-28. Gerard Secker, Cricket Reporter.

Community support, old-fashioned determination and some slick oncourt skills saw four local basketballers compete against interstate last month. Roxby Downs residents Ben Hansford, 15, Brad Ley, 12, front, Teagan Coombes, 13, and Katica Cockshell, 16, represented SA in the annual country championships. “They all played extremely well in their different age groups in a very hard competition,” basketball mum Stacey Hansford told The Monitor last week. “There were more people, and it was tougher than I expected,” her son Ben said.

All four young competitors were impressed by the amount of court time they received during the weeklong carnival. “The support from the communtiy was great and we raised a lot of money - around $4000 - which mean not only the kids could go, but it made it possible for a lot of families to travel for the competition as well,” Kathy Ley said. The group of returning basketballers will join other local ITC participants in preparing for the upcoming Whyalla basketball carnival this Valentine’s Day weekend, followed by an Adelaide carnival for U16s and U18s in March.

Competition golf to tee off On Sunday, February 1, 2004, a stroke event was played. Tony Holbrook took out the event with a very good score of 38 gross and 31.5 nett. The runner-up was David Gibson with a Nett 32.5. Andrew Wellington was awarded the best gross of 41. These three players all lost strokes off their handicaps for their efforts. Tony lost 3.5, David 1.5 and Andrew .5. The novelty event was the best second shot nearest the pin on number 8. Andrew Wellington put his second shot about three meters from the pin and made the birdie. Sunday February 8, 2004, a Stableford event was played in hot conditions which put off quite a few golfers. Those who did brave the heat certainly knew they had been out there on a still hot morning. The heat did not worry Don Shields as he scorched a round of 20 points to

take the blue ribbon. Rod Banks was runner-up with and equally good 19 points. Joint 3rd place went to Col Fraser and Dougal McLeod with 18 points. Tony Holbrook struggled to cope with his new handicap but still managed to take out the novelty of best second shot on the 2nd, only 1m from the hole, but missed his par putt setting the tone for the rest of his round. 12-year-old Simon Gray came out and played with his Dad. It was great to see a young junior joining the comp and the club encourages any other juniors to come and play in the Sunday comps. This Sunday is a Par event with the novelty a long drive on No.3. Conditions for play should be cooler than last week with a cool change coming through on the weekend. Dust off the clubs and start warming up for the 18-hole season with the Summer Comp. See you on the course. Di Beveridge, Golf Reporter.

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MEDALLIST...Roxby Downs resident Tara-Jane Hill is making a name for herself as a swimmer in her parttime home Port Augusta. ACTIVE SCHOOLS...Swimming instructor Tammy Hill with St Barbara’s Parish School students, left, Lauren Nesbit, 6, and Jessie Schmidt, 6, during the school’s swimming program. This program is an extension of the school’s wider ‘Active Australia School Network’ program.

Active school kids hits the pool More than 140 students from St Barbara’s Parish School in Roxby Downs will hit the pool this term as part of the Active Australia Schools Network program. The program links educators across the country in a network of schools with a focus on sport. “School environments play a critical role in influencing young people to adopt positive, long-term attitudes and behaviours towards sport,” St Barbara’s physical education coordinator James Ralston told The Monitor last week.

“The Active Australia Schools Network represents schools - like St Barbara’s - committed to developing, supporting and promoting sport which is challenging, fun, safe and rewarding. “It’s important to get out and link our sport into the community so students can further their involvment and skills outside of school as they grow.” The network is managed by the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation and is funded by the Australian Sports Commission, providing benefits to network schools.

TJ faces hometown clubmates Roxby Downs resident eleven-yearold Tara-Jane Hill is making a name for herself in the pool alongside the Port Augusta Pirahnas. The former Roxby Downs Swimming Club member, who is now furthering her sporting interests in Port Augusta where she boards with family, has collected a swag of medals over several weekends of swimming carnivals. Most recently, Tara-Jane competed against her former clubmates at the Roxby Downs Open Carnival on Saturday, February 7, where she took silver in both the 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke for her age group.

Previously, she was an age-group finalist for four strokes in the state titles on January 23 to January 26, at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, competing against metropolitan and interstate swimmers from across the country. Her results were even more promising at the January 17 to January 19 Country Championships in Port Pirie where she tood gold in the 15 and under freestyle and medley relays, silver in the 11 and under butterfuly and freestyle, and a bronze in teh 11 and under breaststroke. This tally adds to the three golds and a silver she took home from the Midnorth Games earlier in the season.

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ROXBY DOWNS SWIMMING CLUB...Members of the Roxby Downs Swimming Club, led by coach Stuart Mills and supported by dozens of parent volunteers, competed against seven SA clubs at the local swimming carnival on Saturday.

Home team medal successes at Roxby Downs swim carnival Roxby Downs swimmers performed strongly against some of the Far North Region’s most successful swimmers at the Roxby Downs Open Carnival on Saturday, February 7. Visiting swimmers represented Whyalla, Port Augusta and Leigh Creek at the carnival, alongside clubs from Parks, Henley and Grange, and the West Coast. The carnival presented a unique opportunity for some of the local club’s newest swimmers to compete, and even take home medals, in their own home-town pool. “Most of our club members swam personal bests on the day,” coach Stuart Mills told The Monitor this week. “We often see that at carnivals - the adrenalin rises, they’ve got kids their own age out there ahead of them in the pool, and they pull out all the stops it’s a lot more exciting than time trials for the kids and they push themselves that little bit harder. “Five or six of our first-time junior competitors even took home medals. “In fact, they all did well, and they continue to improve as the season progresses. “We’re looking forward to competing at Leigh Creek and Hawker next weekend, and then the SA Water Age Championships will be held back here on February 21.” Swimmers who place first, second or third in their age division at the championships will then be eli-

gible to compete in Adelaide later in the season. “It’s not just swim club members who can compete in the age championships - anyone can join in,” Mills said. “For more information, they can phone me on 8671 3026. “That’s a real thrill for some of our swimmers, the chance to see their name up in lights on the big board at the aquatic centre.” The Roxby Downs club had a large group of new swimmers who distinguished themselves in the 8 and under categories and some real standout performances by members of the older groups. In the scratch events, the results for local swimmers were as follows: 12 and under medley Relay 2nd – Connor and Jade Morgan, Samuel Wilson and Dominica Jamnicky. 3rd – Alex Bishop, Jacob Haugum, Ellen Peters and Jessica Katzorke. Eight and under freestyle 25m: 3rd Callan Haugum. Male 9-10 freestyle 50m: 2nd Jacob Haugum, 3rd Samuel Wilson. Female 9-10 freestyle 50M: 2nd Jade Morgan. Male 11-12 freestyle 50m: 2nd Connor Morgan. Female 15-24 freestyle 100m: 3rd Karina Mils Eight and under backstroke 25m: 3rd Callan Haugum. Male 9-10 backstroke 50m: 2nd Samuel Wilson,

3rd Jacob Haugum. Female 9-10 backstroke 50m: 3rd Jade Morgan. Male 11-12 backstroke 50m: 2nd Connor Morgan. Female 15-24 backstroke 100M: 3rd Karina Mills. Eight and under breaststroke 25m: 2nd Zachary Sutherland. Male 9-10 breaststroke 50m: 2nd Samuel Wilson. Female 9-10 breaststroke 50m: 1st Jade Morgan. Male 11-12 breaststroke 50m: 2nd Connor Morgan. Male 10 and under butterfly 25m: 2nd Samuel Wilson. Female 10 and under butterfly 25m: 2nd Jade Morgan. Male 11-12 butterfly 50m: 3rd Connor Morgan. Results for Handicap events are as follows: Pairs relay, freestyle 2x50m: 1st Ellen Peters and Tahnee Elliot. 10-12 BBB 50m Handicap: 1st Jessica Katzorke, 2nd Jade Morgan. 100m individual medley handicap: 2nd Karina Mills. Following their carnival on Saturday, local swim club members hit the pool again Sunday morning for their SwimSA proficiency awards, where swimmers push themselves to qualify against set time requirements and receive their SwimSA proficiency recognition.

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